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"naperville naperville high school" Discussed on WGN Radio

"People both in naperville in from all over who wanted to do something and the sunday at the dairy queen on where lee road in naperville eighteen seventeen where lee road there is going to be an event uh to raise money for uh queen owners favorite caused which is you know to help with youth suicide the race nation hope for the day and um uh it's just gonna that it's amazing what they've done they've they've got the mayor of naperville is coming out they've got a boy scout troops a bunch of trump's doing now i exonerated got singers from the naperville naperville high school and all these kids coming in and it just it blew me away i mean it is just awesome these people came together not a fuse organizers but then the whole communities as kinda said okay let's do this thing and so they're having this event it's from eleven a m to one pm in naperville in the parking lot as dairy queen but who cares a tom skilling's going to be there for wgn stumps killings going to be there he's gonna talk a little bit and exist in the raising money there also trying to raise awareness there are also showing their love for karen maloney who's the the dairy queen uh and also used on for the community over the years and it just like i said i mean it's those kind of things in those moments when you see uh just sorta drop everything and say okay here's the thing we need to fix it and he kinda they open the door and people to sort of russia and his great and it really just it it it not just for this event but just in general it it it.

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