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"naper waterpipe" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

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"naper waterpipe" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

"Shout it out the room so but before we do that. Hey guys just want to let you know we gotta get together In a few weeks. July eleven. Our wanna nonni. Dj hot source. I'm gonna put the fly out today. He's going to celebrate his birthday at the iron meal. You know it was you know we want everybody to come on out. This is absolutely free. There's no table charged. There's no Ticket sales none of that We also want to introduce bottle service at the meal. So a your komo now July eleven hot sauce. Bob ubidia sydney sydney bedia fighting a good fight. Non-vaccinated black. I'll put the fly out in the group room in the area. Come on now may hot sauce man. He's he's a brother who's my brother. he's a good man. He's a the hardworking young men and we want a knowledge him for his birthday which is actually july eleven. Yeah also komo now sunday. I'm it's located eight. Thirty one delaware draft here things are helping these markets. Don't talk of that. Hey listen. Tickets are moving fast or ready for roxanne sean. that's right. She could be the building. Wow especially ruction sante. We'll be in the building a sunday august. I actually when we come back from costa rica. Time with wizards. One south delaware dr here in eastern pennsylvania. Come out and see the legendary roxanne sean tae hip hop artist but she's also a comedian. If you didn't know that they're going to tell jokes she's also have one of the highest ranking net flicks series from two thousand and nineteen. She's in the building. Your komo now party. Cologne is actually selling tickets. As well bobby collie bedia hosting a whole doing the hosting You did a great job you know. welcoming folks into the club and i really appreciate barbie so probably cologne. Has a ticket hall. has tickets. only ten dollars. It's gonna be two hundred and seventy eight dollars at the door and then doing for the ladies. Everyone on input a month for august. We had the hilarious coca braun. That is. She's coming out on july august. The twenty second on a sunday. She is a larry is ending ladies. You will enjoy this young woman and that ticket right now is only ten dollars. Better get it now. Check this out. Everyone one person. Bobby cologne one person person for now. Roxanneshe dante cocoa brown twenty dollars. That's it well. We we gonna show up phonology at the door. We where you're getting that. Please spread the word. You'll come on now. I am ill august first. Roxanne shaun tait. August twenty second cocoa brown but in a few days from now come on out celebrate with our beloved dj hassles for we shut. Shohei marshall say hello the morning guys. It's to make over indigo hookah. How are you. Would you advocate yes. We we are supporting the community we are. We are probably. I'm gonna make a quick pick stop over there to hookah. I'm going do to you to make up to go. You open up ford. We'll time you open up to sixty six. You will be the building. Sean bobby is sending. Yeah coming to work. Hopefully this weekend off this weekend. You guys doing anything for july fourth weekend. Damn you're gonna what we're going to be open the entire weekend yes. This is a good friend of mine in her husband. He's a some good folks. They didn't have to use do raw. Hide these progressive. Black folks is out in the community and we want to support what they do. Y'all gonna be saying that. All day. I know i had seen them at stacey's barbecue right. Yeah try it. Goes really good now. Tell us about women's. Tell us about your business in brandon. What's going on over there in philipsburg okay. Well inigo hookah. It's the first welcome lounge in warren county so not only is it. The first woman owned black owned hookah lounge. It's the first one ever in the entire warren county We opened up last week. We had our grant and we had a great turnout open. So shut us. Everyone that came out. Supporters shows loves gave us reviews. We appreciate you for those. Who don't know who is who is really You smoke from a she show. She has a water pipe and they came from a arabic. Naper waterpipe tobacco now. We do have tobacco Flavors and we do have non tobacco. Flavors i think barbie. You smoke the non-tobacco last week. I didn't get jammed. Smokey one because i had another event the slide to out i stay alone. We're not come. Next how i want to try to. Yes definitely not too loud. Pure not the one that. I had that i tried. I think it was the non tobacco. I think it was p. It was really to me. Go continuance so not tobacco. Non-tobacco go ahead. Yeah so we have to back on non tobacco flavors. We also have food. We have you know different kinds of wings. I'm from new york's wings beasts like brooklyn fries orleans stuff like that. We do have a jukebox. On friday nights we do have a dj for a couple of hours. But it's just a whole vibe. It's grown sexy. You're not gonna come in and see your kids in near acting crazy so we try to keep it thirty plus crowd coming in. Come the eat. They smoke and they go home just something to do sundays. We will be opened seven to twelve after you guys. Your offer jellab barbecues. You have family. You wanna do give us a call or just come on in and hang out with us a couple of hours could well listen. I was telling my wife or city that you know. I was going to support amigo and acted issue on the com- and She's got work tonight but if she's available where we will be there tonight to support your movement now. What's the what's the address my friend. The address is seven three three south main street in phillipsburg new jersey at seven. Three three south mainstream philipsburg. You can also find us on instagram and facebook indigo hookah. Nj that's indigo hookah and jay. And we will have our Our website up and running this week can make reservation lace order skull. That'll be done by wednesday of this week. can you. can you bring your own drink there. I can't can you can you. Can you bring your drinks. there will be. Why opie definitely is we do not have a liquor license so it is a byu obese. People like well. God bless ya de. I'll be there. I'll be going to be the early there like a little bit after six. Okay.

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