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"nancy sue wilson" Discussed on 850 WFTL

"Nancy Wilson has passed at age eighty one. I one of the great song stresses of the great American songbook. What am I listening is called us earlier on the program? But I was waiting to see. You know, what the verification on that was and in fact. You know that tone. She had that bell clear tone. And so Nancy sue Wilson an American singer whose career spanned over five decades from the mid fifties. Until her retirement in the early twenty tens. How glad I am. And her version of the guess who I saw today. Those songs were off the chain. Yeah. It's tell you. What did I say early on when we started the show that, you know, I don't get many Christmas cards, and like all I do is Mark people off, you know, people that I listen to people that I watched. Sure does the the the crowd accompanying you get smaller and smaller the longer you live. So there another remarkable jazz legend. Gone. I'd love to hear the band. Up in heaven, right? Three time Grammy winner Nancy Wilson debuted her first single in nineteen sixty one. I was eight years old nine years old. Something like that eight years old eight years old and that year, but time just marches on March in a little more slowly for Robert Muller today. He's got a deadline in forty forty two minutes from now a fifty two minutes. Beg your pardon fifty two minutes from now he's going to have to fork over a whole lot of documentation to the judge Sullivan, by the way, who doesn't happen to be a conservative. But nonetheless, he stands up for what's right? And we'll find out what he's looking for in those filings. But I suspect it's not a good day for the mullahs prosecution team and definitely has been a good week for the president. That's that much. I will say, but he will survive all this Muller, not so much, but he will the the video that somebody sent me I guess Melinda. Sends it to me of a Brussels train station is actually frightening. If you think we have a problem with immigration right now. This is a major train station. In Brussels has been turned into a defacto migrant camp. Sam van Rui who's a Representative of the Flemish nationalist populist party. Because of course, people get sick and tired of this in Belgium. They're sick and tired of it in France. They're sick and tired of it in Great Britain. They're sick and tired of it here in America. He says the whole ground floor of Brussels north is a dirty dirty and unsafe open illegal camp, they play football. It has become of them. And no one does anything about it. The correspondingly four police officers were injured in Brussels north last week when migrants violently attacked them following a request by secure rail personnel to clean up their mess. Thousands of illegal immigrants in the heart of Brussels. The capital of Belgium, n Europe and the government does nothing about it. According to Belgian journalist Tom l'allemand in the station, they harass women and causing incredibly nasty smell because they leave their waste and even feces everywhere bus companies avoid the station because it's too dangerous and the government asks their officials to do the same LaLa noted in a recent report for sceptre that winter weather has prompted migrants. Move to the shelter of the train station, Brussels. North from nearby Maximilian park in which hundreds of migrants are known to loiter and sleep during much of the year, Brussels. Government employees were recently warned to stay out of the park. After officials fell victim to a slew of robberies and attacks simply from walking through the park. I just point these things out to you. Because it's coming soon to a train station near you..

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