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Yokoji Zoom Dharma Talk #2

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Yokoji Zoom Dharma Talk #2

"Going to your voluntary incarceration. I'm not sure what core cording anyway today. I'M GONNA continue on for last week where I did. Not knowing his most intimate an idea brought up Actually from the moment con- see macropod tied to Liz. Ordinary mind is the way so I hope that's of interest and obviously with this This is this is the basis of all living and all things that occur are coming out this so remind his case. Nineteen Annesley ASS Nansen. What is the way Nancy Sinatra said ordinary minded? The way jokes you asked. Should I direct myself toward it on not nonsense? Said if you try to turn toward it you go against it jokes you asked if I do not try to turn towards it. How can I know that it is the way none center answered? The way does not belong to knowing or not knowing knowing is delusion not knowing is a blank consciousness when you've really reached the true way beyond all doubt you'll find it as fast and boundless as the Great Empty Sky. How can it be told to bow on the level of right and wrong? These words Joe Shoe was suddenly Moons Commentary Nansen was asked a question by Joshi. A nonsense base was shattered melted away. He could not justify himself even though Joe. Shosh come to realization a have to delve into this for another two years before even realize it fully the spring flowers the moon in autumn the cool breezes of Summa the winter snow if idle concerns do not cloud the mind. This is men's happiest season was kind of interesting. In the first thing that the spring flowers the moon in order to cool breezes summer cobras summa. The winter snows if idle concerns. Do not cloud the mind. This is madness. Feel sees. I'm one of the reasons that I like. This case is the. It's because of this verse of the Spring Flowers. The Moon in autumn two cool breeze of summer the winter snow. She's got nothing to do. Really with our own drama that That we tend to run in the ends in a it broadens out this life from you know what we are maneuverings that we do our intellect to a broader sense of being big connected with our environment nine this cases tolkien about things that generally can be put into into place whether you're in the country. Oh you're in. The city is not talking. Too much about specifics. On that level. Today's things that occur They are the bigger bigger part of our lives. Unless you really feel that the your life is limited by what you can thank you know. A lot of people is really not interested in that environment. Remember once I was coming up to forty three highway two forty-three from banning to Idyllwild and I was riding behind this This this big an add a family in an begun to this beautiful scenery to forty. Three's this scenery this obit Leica. Switzerland doesn't have to be licensed could be like Mountain Center Idyllwild but in the midst of this beautiful scenery. There were the people in the back watching a video. This is very much like practice you know is that we've got this is like non says at the end of this Cohen he said you know if if you really see it this way then you'll see that the you'll you'll mind oil your experience so be like the vast empty sky but we prefer something manageable like a video in the midst of this fastness that is occurring on a momentary basis. Now one of the things that makes things. Tricky for rose in In Buddhism is the fact that we use the word mind whereas in In in America in your mind basically the thought processes is hardly ever used as a holistic thing so when everything ordinary mind is the way usually Just my brain and how it functions when you look at it is that yes we have. We have full the we have seeing. We have the objects of seeing. That's not seem there and it's the same with hearing this note seem and a hearing something and the one he is on the process that goes on along with it and it's the same with smell and taste and then touch is like when you really a tasting something really delicious is it occupies the whole thing. You know you could say it's universal not way unless unless the beautiful thing now usually what what happens when when somebody says ordinary mind is the way is that well. Yeah I mean just the way. The way. Things are the way that I use my mind. I don't need to do anything if you know. And it's all here you know but unfortunately We do need to do something. Even though a Nansen a little bit lighter is saying you know you don't. You don't need to do something. A what we need to do is dissolve. They dominance Process because at the beginning of practice usually we want the will to be the way and quite frankly absolute upset when it does work in white that I wanted to look at this over. No that is I get. I get frustrated when I do say I do a bunch of work. It doesn't turn out in the white that I wanted to. Do you know this more needs to be done on top of it and the human beings we tend to nick's life up with how we think should be Roth than take it as it is and then work with that that basic reality that we have in a momentary basis and again you know in the poem. The Moon says at the end when idle concerns do not apply cloud the mind. This is persons greatest season. The best season idol concerns do not cloud the mind being directly. Involved with with whatever's going on on the momentary basis. It's kind of interesting you know is that I was realizing myself is I I don't I don't like to be mindful. I don't like to concentrate a like the mind just to work in. Its natural way is a heresy. No but I can say this a delayed but you know is that I don't like to do it a if I allow my mind to correspond to whatever it is going on. Then there's no problem now is in many ways when people come to practice. The one of the obvious things will go need to do that. Do I need to do a lot of sitting? Do I need to take on some of the Volunteer restrictions like the precepts. Do I need to say? Let's see do Ken. Hindu any take on the forms of obssession practice. And quite you know in many ways you say no. You don't need to your mind will naturally Correspond to that but these things really help us. As as human beings in terms of tending are inside an interaction to whatever is going on now. If we don't do that then the mind just tends to go into its own. The the thinking mind tends to go into his into its own world of what's comfortable. What he's practicing. What is not practice these lines than become very fixed now? Many people say well I would really like to take practice into into daily life. Assuming the practice looks like sub so many people say well you know I. I can't practice in this. Say something we've never done before but those that is one of the most amazing pots of practices. You find out main less last week. We told tobacco Not knowing his most intimate now bull the same time is that that's what scancen Entering something that's unknown because we begin to look at several criteria one of those his being successful another one is feeling successful and another one is how we looking out doing those things you know. Especially if you're doing something where you have to close on the perhaps enough fashionable in one way or another you know I mean this this many criteria that we add to doing something now. It's kind of interesting when you do something you don't know the mine tends to open up to it to get begin to allow all kinds of information come in from different areas. What usually what? We're not that not that practice Doenitz who tends to open up a female new euros here and then become a little bit more flexible in that way so with this ordinary minded. The way is that that I suspect is the unknown is not the yeah I just. I just didn't say things over and over is the the mind is vast inbound was right from the beginning so then it's important to To really allow that function and whatever it is that would do it again on a momentary basis. So many people again when they when they come into practice is the because we've been educated a certain way and agilis stick ca fashion than we to want to enter a way like separate from from who we are or religion or a set of practices. Is if it's something that you can put on and you can take off. It's kind of interest in. I added dream last night. And in this dream somebody asks me. You know what is the way so it must have been on my mind. I said well that's really not. That's really not the question it's like. How can you escape it? This is important to look at is that how can you escape? How can you get away from this? And it's kind of interesting. He came in a dream. You know and it's kind of interested. I answered that way and he has he. You know in that in that respect sometimes dreams very educational in that way. So what is the way you know? It's interesting it's an interesting questionable. Call onto ask oneself and I mean Cohen in terms of making that real making unevenness even in the midst of whatever. It is the this being done. What is the way? Is it something else on my away from that a mile away from seeing hearing tasting touching smelling thinking a May away from the one who sees the these is you know. I'm from that perspective than you can. See how how Joe how sorry how. Nansen says ordinary mind is the way in other words. You have all of the all of the tools to be completely who you are with everything that you have a right from. The beginning dislike If you ever see a child when they're when when that will save for the next I don't know twenty years. Maybe also is that. They're always practising being themselves in a move move in the hands. China's speak a I. You know like you a kit. Talk Baby Talk About practicing in speaking and sound in like humans like people around him practicing right from the beginning but his is not that it is following some curricula and this is really interested practices not curriculum. It is a rising on a momentary basis and practicing an ancient way but that ancient way is being. It's never been other the nets right from the beginning. It was like master. Rinse is said on. This is if you make work on the outside you'll being a blockhead and it's true it's not doing something. Alice just the same. If you're a Christian God is not on the outside looking through your eyes hearing through these years and I don't mean that in the Nuyorican as just a natural thing that he has been going on since beginning time. It's interesting if I jump around in this case. A little bit is says. Even though Joe Shoe has not has come to realize ation he will have to delve into it for the two years before he can realize it fully very easily. I can say Joe Shoe adds to delve into this for fifteen hundred years because practice doesn't add is probably about fifteen hundred years since he died. But that that clarification of what we are is ongoing. It's like one of the reasons that Buddhism is survived as a religious. It's not personal. And this this aspect to targeting all the one who's attained. The snus has been here. Since the the will came into being by Zumra she would say started off with the first eight man. You know he kinda got even say. It began with an eight to the fish could have been a micro. Everything's practice among the momentary basis. Now the Blida didn't want to become day fight. That was pretty obvious with its teachings. You take these things. I'm trying and if they. They work practiced is they. Don't throw away and this. This is beautiful now. Then people have taken on that position. I'll be awaken. Want to bus snus for from the time of shacking many two thousand five hundred years. I have away contoss an everyone. That's watching now. Can I don't think anyone's sleep? I can't see any of you sleep. Alami see about sixteen. It'd be in a way to thus we take it for a period of time and then he's passed along next generation takes everybody's practiced in the midst of this so from this perspective perspective. A you know then you begin to see what to Joe Shoe saying way where he says. Well how can I move to? Should I move up to the way or not and obviously any of the movements that we do from who we are doesn't really work? You know it might feel good to try different direction for a while. If those directions being used is very important to look you'll limitations explore those limitations see if fed mentally created? Or if they're really true that's a major potter practice stretch beyond that which she thinks you all they have to remember is a law a lot of movement towards something is that we're not quite comfortable in who we are what we had intensive our own gradients and I I you know I put it over and over is that I can't practice because I am filling the blank you know or have got this ingredient in my life. The Tam is very painful difficult for me. But you have to remember is the everybody has got ingredients. These challenges these difficulties. And it's important to lumine those really say am. I am I Hindered by those things. Remember there's a statement by a dog and around this which he said Who could who could be handed by knots? Inwood on nodes in bamboo. And if you see you know if you see a piece of wood you might see. There's not sit. Aye You hinted by now you may like it or you may not like it. But it's irrelevant. It doesn't Hindi you who you are so for. Each one of those again is parts of ourselves that we don't we don't like this. Another part of the Buddhist teach in to where he said that the aspect to duca suffering gull something not quite right and so we want something else. You WanNa be better that now. One of the most difficult things is just too is to really experience. Some feel who we are as human beings really experience that discount for whatever because in many ways that is the thing that helps is to really look at who we are and see that we all ended by those things but if we use displacement activity looking elsewhere and again this is moving towards the way on. What if we look at displacement Activity and safe chilly. Works will say is temporary. It doesn't really sort of change. That which he will make his even more comfortable with who we are as human beings. So this is this aspect. Should I move towards? The way are not again. Come back the one who sees cities is is through. This is this is the most important thing there is nothing lock in that and this is this is the mind of the Buddha or the awaken one that has been with us for two thousand five hundred years and we don't need to look like so awesome thing this is operating again on the momentary basis. So again look at that movement because it's really important. Okay so move on a little bit. He says so. If you try to tend towards it you go you go against it. Now is that true is necessary. I'm sort of answering myself because you're all amid so I've got that going for you right now that level but if I if I tend towards it I go against it again. This way the one who sees savings is the one who animates the meatball pitch. Is He a moment by moment from that perspective? How can you be something else? How can the way be in a different place or time if he moved towards? You move against it. There's no place you go nice kind of interesting if you if you look historically look at your online. Have you ever been anywhere but where you stand ever remember looking back? That was the my realizations when as a trainee was wait a minute why am I looking for something else is always been like? This is never been different. Ever in history does realizations with things disappear. Excetera does no context to judge oneself from there a cold but never has this been any other than the place that Wong standards. So it's kind of Nice you know going on again. This is with Two to adapt. S- I mean Joe. Shuster Young Josiah slice sequentially moved on until it began to teach round round about the time of sixty. This is why say in two years it will be fully realized but even for Joe Shoe that was fully realize for the Buddha. It was a fully realized. You have to remember there. Is that aspect of like the Japanese saying Japanese said check mini? Buddha is still practicing. Today that practice goes on this. You can never say it's complete zero. She in his Incandescent again which ended up being his last. Words played freely in Southfield Filling Samadi. Now play is kind of interesting thing because plays always knew. We don't play something else. It's it's a new so as a new area so Somali basically means the One oneness concentration. So concentrate on one thing if you sewing just so if you're watching a movie just be that moving. Just really let let that move. You let that animate. If you're playing you know just play whatever. It is in any way now with with this thing. Is that with practice than it naturally unfolds. You can't be anything other than you. Are this moment in time. It doesn't matter if you if you regard yourself to begin. A not mind is the same as one who is fully accomplished the end the practice but this that aspect to doubt. That is the problem that said when you again is if you realize what whatever is going on at this moment in time. You're not worried about what's going to happen later. That's relevant what is going on now is the most important thing that doesn't preclude planning but you know this thing you're not moving towards something else. This is how life is involved in this moment in time now and again. I'm just did a painting of this. I'm not address in it directly in many ways. Okay so if I do not turned toward it how can I know it is the way? That's that's a nice question. If I don't turn toolset. How do I know the way? And you can say that Everybody has to do that. You know it's like you have to go through your own internal journey to reach your own son of certainty and in one's own life you know that's why he says towards the end when you really reach the true way beyond all doubt beyond the Dow is in pole. 'cause a Lotta people will just take it while yet. This this is the way then. Doubts will continue to stolen this being. Do I really have it is. Is this truly the way? When it's been internalized The company anything else is nothing outside. That's what my Zim Bureau. She second part of that statement goes yours play freely itself from fulfilling Somali completion. A lack thereof is is of no concern completion electoral. Why do you want take Compla- when in life nothing really is fully complete carry unlimited living too so I may say I realized this much off spine realize this much? Enjoy that in. That's important joy this March but don't look tool to completion at the end. That'll take care of itself is like on any journey nice. Cliches light wrote the data. Jibs become a cliche. You know but in actuality. It's true if you're in the middle of project is this is actually what needs to be dealt with the end can be in the back of your mind but it doesn't need to dominate because all kinds of things will arise out of that if he's not Dow with its directly at this moment in time so you know Nansen Nansen is Is Very Clever. In how DI DIRECTLY WAY? A joke shoe This moment in time is still a lot of maneuvering. That's going on if I do. This then did that then raw than going. You know this is what life is right. Now what is it? You know opening up to that that question allowing information to come in. You're going to be an expert. You know in many ways when you become an Practice dies you know people. You know the I've got that down now. You know the systems that systems No more learning from this is what practice. What is it? That's really begins. Mind doesn't matter how much you feel you attained and it's not comparable with anybody else is the you know what is that now. What is life now in the same way? You know. It's just it's one of the Nice things about Zuma's I don't know what you know how things are being taped and it's just these little peop- you know these little on the screen so line one of you know learning and seeing how interaction can be developed than something you can come out and it will come half a nasty things not like trying to create some comes out. It will just from that candidate direction. Now again with these with these two ahdab slightest More than Light Lady Joe Chiro. He's been the full guy. Bor remotely Senses what's going on with the people around him. Pamelas for the people not to appear to be too good to be an adept and everything just to bring up the question. Everybody needs to know. Amax stinks Full potential whatever is. I know why they're doing it. And so let's just Beautiful thing when you can answer if you can ask a question for grade. That's that's including the whole community in that in that question and then. Joshi may know this but he really doesn't k. Does it does. It doesn't care if he if he has to be an adept is kind of interesting When when he laughed knots while Manson was dead by any state on three years just to do the funeral things for him but then he he went down pilgrimage for. I think it's about twentieth again. He was very patient under his thing. Was that if there is a a young girl. Four or five. I think it was seven. Who can teach me some Allah Empha- Chinese culture that was a hell of a statement and then if there is an old Amanda hundred that needs to be taught now teach him again. Alabama statement that for that culture at that time so he was very modest in who was then beyond that when he settled down eighty then he taught for another forty is and practice from the is but the thing was he didn't do it through fame. Ida which is kind of interesting because he went off into the mountains and Egypt practiced in a small temple and say one of the icons of the Golden Age of San He. He just was in this very small temple and apparently didn't repair so that they say that it was a whole wall miss on his on his temple and then somebody made him this. This really elegant hijacked said you know he had done and then he got just fussing one of the the piece of firewood onto the Janati had that was broken so that was the kind of person that the boss you know again. It's not something to aspire to. This is just. The canopus was each one of us. Has Our own wiser foibles in that way so anyway josue again. He's very transparent as a person in that way and he really didn't need to prove anything with people now is like mastodons said the cold the golden tongue Buddha okay so the way does not belong to knowing own not knowing now this is. This is kind of interesting. The way does not belong to knowing not no you can't really know it. Swanks is not objective. It's not a is not objective is not saying now. There's another pox. This though is that the would know in English comes from an Indo European which goes through knows this which means more knowing in one's on spotty and then to the Not Pop pressure so that knowing really has roots in direct experience not knowing knowing as an object. It's not it's knowing as feeling once bones just in the same way you know. If you play spoiler especially fast-moving spoil Think about it's gotta be embodied otherwise the Bulls loss. The other side has is instinctive. That's why this What is it they will call on old? What's often known is Mondo direct expert expression with with somebody else who is so important. Because you just instinctively respondent if it's gotTa be if he's GonNa go through had the Nestle problem Intensive like if I'm doing dokes that if somebody's pauses Head moves to one side Isley. His is big bonded but it's not just extinct. Just trust you stink bomb. It comes out usually the state now. The reason that that sewing poem is to move away from a thought based system to experienced system which is which is most important. Is that experience? Because we're really good at Beds we are so good. We can split atoms but they instinctive pot is that well is this right. Is this wrong in a rather than just instinctively didn't it? That's through practice doing something over and over again until it really sinks part of your own you know body mind such okay and then when we do this we do this. I think we talked about. Not Knowing is what here is can a nice goes not knowing blend consciousness again. This is human beings is the quite often is if somebody says not knowing his most intimate for instance than we'll try blind council you know that's what he's saying this is not just blanking out is more latency. Ode Potential knows like this this this moment in time but it's open we don't have to go down the same all prescribed ways the we've always done and that's as open as the vast sky that's the beauty of it best each moment in time as what creativity comes from again is if we're just you know country music and we'd play countries if the rest of our lives all you will open that new thought to include other aspects to that may bring in some classical aspects be able to recognize though state and then beyond that see just straightforward expression. Comes OUT AGAIN? This is practices endless in that way and so again. It's not just like some people again is will judge their own practice in terms of how much they think. And it's in many ways. It's ridiculous is the minds of the brain's thing to think that's what it does to think but what begins to happen in practices that you realize the thought is just a part of the whole skein and that you may be thinking but then something occurs. The mine will naturally concentrate. Whatever it is that this is what practice still do. It doesn't need to be dominated. I thought just encapsulate the head of making a prisoner around it simply because little bit more comfortable lives noticed in yesterday we run out of firewood. for Mavis. The realized that it needed to be done. But I really didn't want to be working with the chainsaw. This lie as you go through the Motley of the mind Shayne SAR but then you know just allowing the mind just to go to chainsaw mine which is body to you know just do that. Just follow the the the basic directions that have been embodied the end that takes care of itself and then enjoyment comes that is bought. I know in the past what would happen. Is that mind what all of this is? Not What a person like me should be doing would enter in and then problems would occur from that perspective rather than just allowing the mind to naturally correspond spun to whatever is directly in front and the mind. Does this beautifully? We don't need to be specialists in one or two things. The mind will take him whatever. And that's why it's so important to try entrance. Fees not comfortable for who she millions. I think I've I've sort of gone through the the main part of the column. I'm may be mentioned. A bit of Mu Months. Humor Goes Nansen was asked a question. By Joe Shoe and Manson's base was shattered melted away. Basically if you talk about something like this there's no ground this no graham the way is as it is you come. Put it into a me in any way that where he said Knowing his delusion in this in this case is the is delusion not in a bad way is that when we reflect on our lives. It's something we have to do in other words. Solution is to split the line so when I when I asked myself that question what is the way than this? Like maybe a vision of what away? It's but then by direct experience that is closed and that's direct experience but delusion is what we do as human beings to look at and she useful you know like I often say delusion is highly under rated is that we don't look at how we tend to push it on one side will know. How does this work? I mean just look at society now is that we tend to look at the age rather than the reality of something and has so much power without power has to be looked at otherwise. We're at the effective. We don't look at that image. You know but the practice really absences to penetrate through all image and come to the basic reality. It doesn't mean the images in useful but don't let it the the main thing because like anything else like in our society things fall away trouble happens. People get upset because they believed in image so for so long so yeah used. The image is the full at the same time. Always know the basis you'll weigh and how that functions in terms of one's life there's more to be said but I think you know right now this will go to questions than answers on get staffed the text of. She's a genius. I'm not a genius but I am GonNa do some Saints here all right so to ask a question. We have two functions available. You can raise your hand which I believe you can access by hovering over your name. Participants list clicking on Moore and there's an option there I think also possibly at the bottom of your screen there might be an option To raise your hand. If you're using a phone or tablet there she three dots you can click on that and there's raise your hand and we also have the chat function available so you can type your question. It will probably go to everyone but we can also tension Ralph. She will see the question there. We can answer your question that way. So I'M GONNA change you to speaker mode yes so that. Whoever's asking the question on you okay so once? I didn't see any hands up. Yeah come on also. Hey Thank you David Nas. Give me one second. I'm GonNa David yet but I can carry on yet. I was just wondering Bob. The the difference between say instincts responded from instinct Ambien impulsive because he had her speaking from my own experience. Sometimes I think I'm just responding from instinct baby yet. I mean that's one thing you know is is a major thing with with the instinct intuition Into trusted Lilibet Mall and part of that is is dealing with the movement away from who we are. That's maybe the biggest Pau. What we feel is true in our bodies true instinct. So you gotTA learn to You. Know to to sort of train yourself in that way and see. What is you know saying impulsive action? A what's something that you really feel is true in your body that takes some work you know. One of the things that happened to me was in I was very intuitive. Until you know say around two thousand and then something happened in my own life My instinct betrayed me. Basically and so. What happened then. There was a period of about ten years back. I was relying more facts committed and then and then eventually the those two aspects really started the unified and then the instinct came back up again. You know so pod. It was seeing what was around me and then and then coming what I really felt my bones and making sure that it wasn't what I wanted to see the instinct to you know I mean I don't if you've done any studying now until now well that's another thing is that you know an answer. Quite often will come up instinctively for you which you say. I not so dealing with people on the outside he you know and then you might find. You had come in to to mess with Zach. Quite often cones. The instinctive answers is the one that really is true. So part of it again is is just imminent. That process say what is a is just impulsive action. What really feels true view in you bones? That takes a little bit of work. You know like I was saying ten years. It doesn't happen overnight. Yeah thanks we. Just get some text back. Sorry that could help you much though. No no way we talking from you. Lovable little pull today. Good pay on. Jindo has asked a question. Can you say anything about how knowing is delusion? Not Knowing? His unconsciousness might relate to what we as a society. You're going through in terms of knowing and not knowing what we are facing with a tangent. Now she can put Jindo Dot Com Agenda Dude over here very front and center right on needing you. Hello Okay Agenda so I got. I got the question So yeah I mean we Some somewhat about it last you know last week. I'm an obviously we don't know what's going to happen. And how how? Things are going to affect his book. But then there's the aspect of knowing the The this important in terms of We'll get through it one way or another and then there's all obviously in that. Is that this. That's that's more sort of with faith to faith in the sentence the you know we've been through these things before we'll come through. Magadan now obviously going to say in terms of their SORTA to different levels that to sort of like individual a for my own awesome feelings as I go through life doing things and then there's also interacting with other people in sort of seeing other people in what they're grabbing onto in terms of what they know that. They think they know that isn't really may be true. Or what they don't know in feeling more despair of hopefulness about it being open. What kind of things would be skillful ways to Kinda help? Ease someone else's anxiety or suffering on when they're wrestling maybe a little more Struggling a bit more with knowing not knowing airlines like how can we be yeah? That's that's A. That's a very broad question. Now that's many many different kinds of people. The main thing is to to recognize. Somebody's coming from that position. It's not wrong but but there are the views it's like through through practice. One thing that that is to me instead life tend to take care of itself capable Statement Sucks because you want to be in control in one way or another but the for me the most important thing is to is is living occurs now and those things that I fear in the future that they're not here right now. That does that doesn't mean that. I'm trying to say that those things are not gonNA record. They may or may not but was small more employees. How do I lead must quality of living right now you know? Bring that out to to the full front and just know that it's a you know we will come through this in one way or another. You know alive or dead in. And it's not just about me. I mean that's one of the beauties about this. The condemning is is bringing back that that sense that we're in this together you know we hear that over and over but is you know. Do we really feel. Is that really true? You know I feel it you know. And this. This is obviously the ways that we can benefit of Through Hygiene Volun- voluntary incarceration right now seems amusing to me. You know is that will really help in the people around us but it is unknown. How come you know but I like? I like the odds. Gay Mr Concentrate on this mall. Attend to enjoy alive more On the future however negatively content now is the Myo Mental Health Service through that. But it doesn't help the outcome though that one so intensive tolkien with table at Trying to bring a walk will help them as a human bid and I've got to find out what that starting places sh but it's kind of interesting you know even with delusion it can. It can help people like I was talking with somebody and they were talking about this great conspiracy theory where the aliens were. GonNa come in and help you know. They're going to unite issued And Et CETERA. And it really realize this was really help in this person he knows and so I couldn't really say much is saying well. You know when this has happened a few times where it house naturally happened are you. GonNa. You'RE GONNA modify your view. You know that's all. I could really say that I didn't want to take it away. 'cause that could've done some really negative for for own position. Anything could happen. I mean the aliens could come down. You Know Cure. Everybody may turn into a thing. That's possible it's possible but the odds against it happened in very low. You know what usually happens in history is the fact Some people die. Some people love life goes on but the beauty of what we have is as human beings to see hear taste. Smell thing dies in amazing gift and it's important to hold onto that because that was a nice a maze. You know. Most people won't take because everybody has nothing special about it anymore. But if you find a good way Talladega collect pass it on 'cause I think maybe it's just it says right there maybe from listening to you. It seems clear that knowing narrowing is delusion to think that you know the answer to problem is this is the right thing. That's going to work for every person. Thinking is a delusion in that if you keep it not knowing consciousness blank. It's like open to be written on you. Know it's yeah intensive latency rather than blanket out. Thanks is just how. How is that being paige? An Banal to move in many in many directions has needed. You know rather than trying to hold onto. Nothing's really happening hero. Trying to blend countless thoughts might take me into my darkness is more known this is. This is the ground. Let's stop for build instructions from this. Hey Yeah we have time for one more and are on year as her hands. Both readers one raised on your unseating. You okay put it on the screen she knows. Are you on your go Mojo? Yes I did. I'm styling. My question is not knowing is kind of our our our first line of of defense. Oftentimes what I encounter is well. My question is our feelings. A legitimate avenue Are they a Delete the wrong direction or will they help us In understanding the way in our connectivity with other people our thank individually you know we we have to. Yeah I mean for me feelings. The Wall they are. Sometimes it's really good information and I've gotTA stock from that perspective you know to me is to icon account allowed that to be the groundwork but it's just inflammation it. It's uncomfortable on. I really field able all over the world. You know those. Those are very real Aspects but the other aspect is we'll all come through this you know and I know so the the again the important thing is how do we mitigate the neck negative effects in whatever way that we can As as we move forward this moment in time feelings to really pull you know. That's what we're failing that phone. Yeah 'cause the same the same time that that is embraced by not knowing. We don't know the outcome. You know the outcome on knowing even if it's a bowl snow in can be very helpful can help us get through. But if that doesn't turn now and usually we suffered the end that I saw. I know that if if I think he's going to turn out so that when a dozen then there's a lot of you know question the next to go law. Why didn't it turned out that way? But if if it's an old consist of them actively involved in the open system trying things out until until some then comes through than you know. I'm more flexible with a whatever turns out the other end and that she this. This tons of knowledge is tons of knowledge. Let me just look with the doctors. And the the healthcare professionals and all of the people in various ways the benefits in society all of these people that are risking the lives now with the knowledge that they have and applying that knowledge and extending into the unknown through the gaining more knowledge from now on the amazing thing is the thing that we usually thanks will not knowing is being unresponsive. Not taking on the ability to respond to things. It's just like blanket down and then knowledge is usually highly rated sense. We use that knowledge in is going to be a sad outcome but both those things interact is. An interaction is like for me. When I'm doing something never done before than that's engaged. I find out in a game knowledge through that but always at the bottom is the unknown with nine. Miami rose she you know where he said. somebody somebody said the sentence really doing well and he said. I don't know what I'm doing. That's why the center is doing so well. He didn't know what he was doing. But he was responding to whatever's occurring each event each thing just in the same way Statement of Lumens. Somebody asked him. What was the lifetime teaching of the Buddha? He said one teaching in response. That's all it is when it when it comes down to okay thank you. Yeah I mean the not nothing exactly. I think he's very powerful. You know nothing is. Nothing is so powerful you know again. Not set outcomes comes. I guess I'm just running into a lot of emotion in between not knowing and knowing I'm not not myself but with other people now now remember emotion means simply movement from the senator. Yeah inky that emotional the energy here an experience it here and then it becomes easy to deal with people out. There is no bad issued. What is going on but this thing you can do with it. That and that's what interests me is how can you? That's what we find out individually. Thank you I guess. I guess I meant to wrap up now so again. I'm really glad that you're well safe. And you know I I really look forward to seeing you on the other end in this please. Enjoyable of our own tree. Quarantines away up. Now we're still okay steph steps to do some stuff so just try and get off screen. You're getting wiggling in high school on hand waves so will be back Next weekend next Sunday at eleven thirty If you have any questions you can still email them to us as EMC seat dot org definitely let us know how your experience was if we can improve on anything We're happy to try when around. This is everyone who's here. This is what we've been this command central right now residents hasn't looking mine panacea wing now. We're getting ready to have some lunch and so join us. Virtually Antonelli look forward to seeing you all next week. So bye bye.

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Mt. Rushmore of Break-Up Songs

Mt. Rushmore Podcast

44:05 min | 1 year ago

Mt. Rushmore of Break-Up Songs

"So you've been dumped by someone or you had to break it off with someone who valued greatly and it's tear you up inside now. You WanNa get over the hurt and get on with your life will. Here's a tip. Don't turn on the radio or television or spotify or anywhere popular. Music can be heard because when you're in a state of romantic despair you realize every other song on the radio is a breakup song and that's what this episode of the Mount Rushmore. PODCAST is about. Am Gentlemen Point as always Richard. Yellow and Michael Audi and we are here today to debate the most ubiquitous breakup songs. Richard this was your idea. Why did you choose There is one artist in particular who I was listening to his catalog Doug and realized boy. He's got a lot of breakup songs. Oh a lot of real rough one st okay. So that's going to John Phillips Sousa. Yes The Washington postmarks. Little people do not know the backstory behind. That gets me every time on that one. Absolutely okay well Richard chose the topic and I. I would also say of all these crowdsource topics out on facebook. This one had a torrent of emotional outpour from our followers followers on our facebook page. And it's so exciting to hear all these points of view I'm gonNA share them during the things and it also also like to point out that this we're recording two days after Halloween. Yeah so I'm going to be doing what people oftentimes do during a break up and shoving candy for the entire episode just feel wary fitting very fitting okay rituals at Michael Start. I found that there are just these two sides to break up songs the I fucked upside and that you fucked upside. Oh all start art with the I guess it would be an I fucked up okay song which is Nielsen. Dhaka's breaking up his heart from nineteen sixty two. And it's a really. It's funny because it's like a city it's a real sweet song. It's Kinda goofy but then all songs from like nine hundred and sixty four. Yeah four all kind of goofy and before like the Beatles did drugs our Buddy Anderson Dodoo has that listed as honorable mention. So you'RE GONNA get double points for that one point five points attention. That's fine you to go to a mediator to get you guys back together okay. Well why did you pick it. It's just it's like two minutes long and it's just this Sung about this guy. Who's just talking about this girl? And they broke up and he's realizing how hard it is he just wants to get back together other again. And there's nothing that there was another song from nineteen sixty two that I thought of which is a big girls. Don't cry Oh. Yeah Frankie Valli and the teenagers and in that Song Frankie Valli sings about four seasons not the four seasons. Don't WANNA get the agree email from all the Frankie Valli. A sings about how. He's kind of been a deck things about being cruel. Neil Sadaqa if you even look at a picture of him he it looks like this sweetest dosed Taoist faced such man. She's like. Yeah and it's like it's a song that's like Oh we broken looking up and I didn't realize how how sad I could be. This is awful. I just WanNa get back together again. I didn't I didn't know it was going to be like this and I think that it is not as I swear to God. Richard we are gonNA break up this podcast UNWRAP that candy. More silently silently talking about Louis. The Neal's the Daca who seems as a thorough. Swear to God Richard. If you don't stop barking it up again it's man no. I think that it's one of those strange break up songs where it's like or they'll get back together. Yeah he seems like a nice enough guy. It seems like it's GonNa Workout. Yes but I just I just I like an ice short sweet. Yes Song and the lyrics might be longing but the boy the tune could have been a song about you know. I love ice cream and Taffy because it's like a super happy. I sure yeah which brings to mind everything this Mississippi did okay so Richard what's your starter. Okay so I might as well go with the person who I mentioned and as the Kind of onus for this episode someone who you already mentioned There'd be one Mr Elvis Costello oh wonderful wonderful And the song would be. I hope you're happy now. Okay fizz album blood and chocolate. Oh this is the Thatcher one. No accidents will happen eh by about another dozen of his songs just a very I mean. Even I mean to say it's an acidic song pretty much describing every every every customer songs. I know I'm not going on too much of a limb here But even within his catalog it is quite biting and cynical I don't really know what all of the lyrics Eric scene. Yeah I mean it's again it's a song so I'm not supposed to know what a what like like a matador with his pork swords while we all die of laughter. I don't know what the hell that means. Yeah but taken as kind of a whole. It's the basically the song of kind of twisting the idea of. I hope you're happy now. Because has your with somebody else a lot of times. You hear that in a song and it sort of taking a very like well. I hope you're happy. I hope that you're happy now. Even though my broken on more sort of like sue said sneered like sort of gritted teeth like yeah. I hope you're happy now Sort of the implication being that you won't be at some point because this guy is a total tool. Yeah and you're going to look back. This wish he'd never left me. It's funny there are a there seems to be definitely like A. I don't know if you say it's like a gender split but I've just looking for kind of like these Mount Rushmore type songs these idyllic uhlich songs. It's a lot of the guys are the ones that fucked up begging people to come back and women are singing about how they're stronger and better and I will get past you and you are. I'm I'm glad we have broken up and then at work over the loudspeaker car this. This trend hasn't changed. Where like in our break room to play like pop songs forty and all the guys are singing about how? Hey Baby we've broken up and I just want you to be happy and things were things are great and if you ever decide we come back. I'll be here for you but hey you got you be you. I'll be here over here. Just wait kind of waiting for you. Yeah this this is very much. It's the opposite. This is a fucking you type song. Fuck you The bridge is basically. I hope you're happy now like you're supposed to be and I know that this will hurt you more than will hurt me. So that pretty much sums up the song and pretty much Elvis Costello's back catalogue in two lines his ability to put such a fine point on the sword. Sword of hurt is not normally his strength. Yeah Yeah Wow. That's super cool. Yeah I think if they Elvis Costello probably has just two or three best of albums worth of these kind of his his trade winfield. What's your second choice? My categories again. I fucked up. You fucked up. It's kind of I've I've found the fallen into the these two sides. Yeah Okay and this is more of a premature breakup on my next choice. These these boots are made for Walkin Nice Nancy Sinatra nineteen sixty eight and this is like this dire warning song the issuing to her man at the time time and the songs predicate is just based on you keep lying. You say you're gonNA stop stop lying. You say you'RE GONNA change but you're not changing and if you don't were breaking up I'm Outta here. These boots are made for walking. And one of these. Just as these boots are vocal over you and the minimal research I did about. The song was written by Lee Hazlewood. Oh yeah and he said he was originally only gonNA sing it And then saying that. This really isn't this too tough of a song for girl do and not not your kind of like pushed him around. No this is the perfect. This is the perfect song. Punched him in the face. A woman to sing an perfect song to muddle ring a Ding Ding his thumbs. Did you like the other one he she I think he initially had a longtime relationship to he was known for kind of somewhat of Auburn. Golly Sonny Bono no no in that his let's say his physical attractiveness did not win him. All the affectionate was all his his. Spend gully kind of producer skills and things like that like songwriting that my favorite memory of that song is how an empowering women the VFW in Minneapolis. The that song would come on in the Kerio the Karaoke night every woman in the bar would get to the front and just just sing along that song while pointing every Jerky Guy. There's like three songs that seem to fall into that category. It's that it's I. I will survive Eh. You ought to know by Atlantis more. So yeah those are the three like you get up there. I'm GonNa you know unearth era. I believe this hearkens back by the way to the sung songs that drunken women's singing Karaoke episode. I think there's a lot of overlap between it needs to those two categories. But this song is just like I just. I love the threat of the break-up that it's different than it isn't post break-up it it isn't we have broken up and this is why this is if you don't turn your shit around. I'm out of here. Yeah and I think that we don't hear that all that often. Yeah Yeah. That's a fun. It's a fun choice I I was. I just want to mention the crowd source of answers and how diverse verse answers were and I was really pleased to see that there were no duplicates there were no duplicates of answers in the requests that I made on facebook For folks to let us know there I guess. I don't know if it was favored. Breakup songs in the most potent powerful ones. But there definitely was a you oughta know by Alanis Morissette. That was was in there so that was among them. Are you got all right so my second one. If Elvis Costello is known for the aggressive and asshole break up song this next artist known for the heartbroken. Break up song and that'd be Patsy Kline crazy. Yeah it is was written by Willie Nelson a song. That patsy cline originally didn't want to record She basically heard the original version by Willie Nelson. And I'm paraphrasing raising here. I don't believe this is in the movie by believe she said what the fuck is. This assured Willie Nelson singing. Yeah because you know it's Willie Nelson's crazy and it's all all like weird behind the beaten everything's kind of Willie Nelson defied yeah But here produce our own Bradley convinced her to record the song and by the time she got done doing I take she was in tears. Oh Kind of realize that this is a potent and powerful song about Not being able to let go and I think that that's something that that's a through line through a lot of especially in the sixties these kind of songs about. I wish I could let you go but every time I think about you you know I wind up falling. I fall to pieces. I guess but crazy also falls into that landscape Eh. Her voice just had this aching in this longing to it that I think few voices in the pop world and let's even though she was a country singer I think she certainly falls into that pop country kind of category. That few voices could really match in terms of like did just that bet ache of loss at heartbreak. And Yeah Yeah you wanting to you just want to give her a hug Yeah she seemed to have A little bit of masculinity to her voice right that may be you wonder reason she could take a song that Willie wrote tend to dispatch it. Pretty well yeah I think so. I my brother used to joke around about like just driving driving. Around the you know we'd we'd have a A cruise in Fresno where we go cruising up and down the blackstone boulevard. The main main road and you go do that every weekend and you just dump like usually like whatever hip hop was popular. At the time you'd go back and forth and whistle at the girls and even get a Musab as you know very American graffiti even though it was the ninety S. My brother now used to joke. Wouldn't it be funny if we just got in there and cranked patsy Kline. Yeah at full volume. Ask what the hell would. 'cause that's the opposite of what would pick up. Yeah you know one of the the observations I felt was that I noticed. There was one artist. Double and all the crowd sourcing. There was one artist that had two different choices and that was Prince and some chose nothing compares to you and How come you don't call me anymore? Able ars chose how come you don't call me anymore. And a pop artists singing breakup song seems like almost like the most unreliable narrator. You can imagine because here's somebody who has probably an unending amount of options opportunities for romantic. Interactions Interactions So hearing somebody the mail ones especially the millwood's as as a touring entertainer. They probably have at after every we show this this line of people waiting to give them some kind of affection so the fact though that like a guy like prince probably has maybe one hundred breakup songs in recorded repertoire. You GotTa have a lot of girlfriends a lot of breaking. Yeah I guess I guess Oh breaking up several breakup songs and it does almost seem not in authentic. But so you know it's kind of funny to how much we believe that these people. I always think that's you know that's so interesting. I always think that is such a strange thing about musicians that we take them for face value. We take the things that they say. The songs that are written as if these are experiences they've directly had versus a novelist. Who's writing something who is just making it up? Let's say they are. ACA fight novelist or like you. Don't you don't read. You know that an obviously you don't read hemming a token book. Yeah and say did he. Experience this with Elvis based off. Yeah but it's it's it's like or he just uses imagination and singers. We always assume that whatever they put out is some experience they've had add. Maybe it's not like you know a lot of pop songs to are written by other people than the artists that is singing the song. Yeah yeah and it's like maybe this right some catchy lyrics again and there's just and it's up to the pop artist to put it out there as their experience but like maybe not. Yeah I think ever since reliable narrators that good way to the singer Songwriter Movement as has led us to to believe that they're seeing about personal experience and of course they're not. I'll just bring this full circle. I think patsy Kline was incredible and making you believe she was singing about her personal experience. Even though this system's Willie Nelson writing the song yeah and ultimately the topics are You know we're a popular music doesn't really range that broadly from one. That far outside of happiness sorrow boy girl moon-joon kind of stuff. But I think we're about about to go to our halftime and at this point I'm just GonNa roll the dice and I'm going to mention some of the You very unique answers that I got when this was put out onto facebook and gene Pitney. Twenty four hours from Tulsa from Sam Elegant Hogan's Gina US your brother. Yeah the gene Pitney. Had some really good Breakup yeah choice I want to say my friend. Mary Stanford who is one of the hosts host of the drinking up. podcast is also a very talented Vocal performer and she says I gotta go full musical theater and turn to Mr Stephen Sondheim for the realist. One and that is we do not belong together which is putting a very fine point on the title of a Song Song Some really what I loved about this crowd source was it really helped us get to know our listeners. A lot and and finding out some Songs that they feel very vulnerable up about a list for fair divorce song from Indra Albright my friend a very intelligent and ardent follower of the podcast in one time guest. Dolly Parton Dolly Parton. I always love you love you and Actually Sarah Reeve is. Who is that a little bad when your wife is submitting breaks? Yeah that's A. That's a bad sign. Kelly Davis Vickland operator by Jim Croce and against all odds by Phil Collins and and my buddy frank hade talented author Elvis Presley separate ways. So we'll get some more of these later on you know Saraf also Have Your C e Oh my gosh. I'm not joking I talk to my lawyer tomorrow. My God Marin around my ass just got dumped leave. I did via podcasts suggestion. And with that we're going to go to our halftime and ask you to be like those who responded to our crowd source and get in a dialogue with us to go on our facebook twitter instagram at suggest future podcast topics Those who've suggested in the past have been guests on our podcast against you don't have to but you could maybe and you could also go on our Social Tights and then suggest alternate answers. What did we miss that you I think would be up there on the Mount Rushmore of that topic? This is your time to let your voice be heard you can also let your voice be heard by rating and reviewing past asked episodes of our podcast on itunes or sound clock. No on stitcher or iheartradio or spotify. We're probably on spotify now are we. Maybe maybe I don't know when spotify so you could go and let the world know what you think about this podcast by leaving a review. That'd be super cool. podcast cast or the episodes. I think so. We are back and we're trying to keep it together you know. We just emotionally vulnerable place. Right now. Jolly little sniffles Netflix. It's got a cold. Oh I thought it was. Because he said he's just learned about his impending divorce via yeah. facebook suggested which gives me allergies to divorce. I'm allergic to financial ruin. Okay on they're in unlikes. Unlike the sad can be used in law. I'm just GONNA go posting. What what what a bad day baked booking? What's wrong Richard sending you light light and love? No thanks winfield. Field Your third choice pictures of you by the cure from one thousand nine. Oh from the one thousand nine hundred nine album disintegration. which is like their heaviest now? They're saddest most Most interesting work. Maybe also one of their most popular Maybe wish was a little more popular. I think about that for a second. I think pictures you is more popular. Just Kevin was biggest just like having was their biggest. I guess single well hit and actually Robert Smith is talked about that recently that he couldn't believe he wrote the song and he's never going to write anything. Sorry one hundred percent Friday. Friday I'm in love is a bigger song than and just chart. I think those actually forty on the chart. We're GONNA I'M GONNA look this is now because now I'm I'm deeply concerned. Your cast your guests. Pictures View is like post breakup song. And it's sung hung from this point of view of the narrator Robert Smith whether there's actually happened or not who knows he's been married to like the same woman since this song came out. I'm like it was with her like since they teenagers. You know but who knows if he's had other relationships within that time but the this song on this album is all about him Robert Smith or the narrator. Whatever looking back at this relationship he had with this with this woman and how wonderful it was and how these very vivid distinct memories these very well described images of this woman and specific things and all he has left these memories of her? All he has left is these as the title of the song. Says all the are these pictures of you. And that's all he can hang onto. He's not trying to get back together with her. He's not really lamenting the break-up he's lamenting the relationship in a way he's obviously it's it's a song about missing this person but it's not a song that's filled with like this existential dread or it's not an I fucked up song. It is a look. How good this this was song? Yeah I'm mourning this loss of this relationship not. I can't believe we've broken on which I think is another another. I guess it's within his over of kind of things that he sings about. He's he's he's doesn't come off as a very angry person I think he's you know that's why they call him Gov even though he's not he's just kind of heavy feelings at a movie he's got he's got big feelings yeah. Upper Smith has feelings and care two matches there and I've looked up. I think you have Richard Love Song. Say We're all wrong wrong number two or a bunch of idiots Friday. I'm in love way ahead of inlets. That's I don't that's the hot one hundred chart. Yeah that's the billboard chart. Yeah Okay Love Song Number I do. I do feel like that was a song that he wrote as a wedding present for his wife. Mary horrible also cheapskate us. I mean you know flash forward to next week we are next. Week's episode is the Mount Rushmore of extravagant gifts. I Dunno is the number two song ever written extravagant gift or not maybe would have gone to number one. They were capitalist refund. More zero number one along with the evolution of a break-up and how different stages like sounds like Nancy Sinatra was in the kind of empowered screw stage like like Ginola was. When she did I will survive? Yeah I maybe I should. Maybe I should have listed all with my choices that way. It should have been the Nancy Sinatra I'M GONNA leave. I'm not leaving yet. Then it's the Neal Sadaqa. Hey is pretty good. We should get back together then. It's the Robert Smith. Look how look how beautiful you are and look at these images of you in my head will never never be tarnished. Because you're like this statue to me in all of these wonderful memories and then we'll get to my fourth choice but like yeah. I should've told the story. I mean that's the way you never had a number two single. That's right we okay. I'm excited extravagant gifts. We're going to have that to look forward to Next week and are sorry Matt. What's your third? My third one is now. I had a couple of songs on there. That are Hope you happy now is kind of a rocker Crazy certainly a more on the ballot for I love me some pop music especially some pop rock and hand This one certainly Hughes more modern and then by modern I mean made in the two thousands at least that I usually go for. Since you've been gone by Kelly Clarkson okay this songs a Goddamn Cham- yeah this is this is a banger through and through Written by Dr Luke and Max Martin These Swedish Soft get songwriting Originally backstreet boys backstreet boys and kind of instinct and that kind of world This was actually song. They had written wanting to get out of that world and they originally were skeptical about having an American idol winner. Yeah Sing it because they thought that she might pull it back into that kind of Schmaltzy the world of pop pop pop originally written it for pink actually and she ended up turning it down so you can kind of hearing the song where you can hear where pink probably would have also done a really good job on this Hillary Duff turned it down because she didn't think she could hit high notes. Oh Jim Kelly Clarkson Can listen to it. And there's like there's basically thought yeah. This is the right song for me. She already recorded all the songs for her album. Tom Went Back in the studio to record. This this is kind of a this is definitely mb. Fuck you mode food. Yes definitely in the In the Nancy Sinatra these boots are made for walking kind of world. I mean this is basically we broke up and you know what feels pretty good. It's it's kind of the exact opposite of breaking up is hard to do turns out into songs case at least breaking up. That's a difficult I I just think it's I mean the holes and the other thing about the writing of the song but I learned during the research. Apparently it's they kind of got the idea listening to maps by the at the Ya Ya's and and they said they loved the song but the hated the fact they couldn't just write a pop course like the song doesn't have a real like pop chorus. It just kind of goes between the two parts and it doesn't you keep waiting for it to have this big Catholic pop sort of course student and never really hits it so they decided to write a song that was in that vein but also had a big kind of triumphant sort of pop chorus. At the end of it didn't right like got pop song until maybe it's bliss yeah like until like zero or something like their first couple of albums. I mean especially that first album was not it was like a New York. Two thousand one Iraq right. Yeah exactly what would you. Why would you expect maps to be like a pop that SOC range comment as their Swedish probably has something to do with it so thrown by that and I just I just? There's a reason why a an artist like Ted Leo can do the song and it works well for him. Because I think it's just got the bones of a great really India op song. That just happened to have enough pop sheen to made it palatable for the general world and I it's just a fucking Banger Do you like that when that it happens. When like a good like Indie rocker just generic kind of alternative rock musician? We'll take a pop song and just and and just really do it do a different take into really good service. I remember seeing I want to hear this Ted Leo version. But WHO's talking heads. David Byrne I saw him in concert and he did a version of like crazy in love beyond say song and like the crowd went crazy and it was just like one of those like Oh well I guess Ted David Byrne can do whatever he can do. Whatever or maybe it's just that's that was just a good song for him? I think it's probably a combination of the two. I think that if you've got a really good pop song has to have a good good kind of chassis underneath and so to speak. Yeah so then. In an artist like David burden can kind of reconstructed his own way. But it's still kind of built on this really solid structure. Yeah that that's an interesting topic. Maybe we we put that out later on people want us to if you want to talk about music ever again those covers. We've done covers covers before. Maybe we do on. Unexpected unexpected covers. Woodfield you're willing to my last. One is right in line with that. Kelly Clarkson Song it's we're never getting I'm back together by Taylor Swift twelve. Expect that for you and this is this is I think it was one wife also suggests that it was. It was an unexpected song for her because she was kind of like this. You know teenage country fee nom and all of a sudden turned around and became this pop star at like a traditional kind of pop star out of nowhere and has since gone on to become either the money. The what the biggest popstar going today but this song in particular has that same sort of like fuck you energy. It is is like if you imagine like Neil stock on the other end of like. Hey let's let's get back together and this is all about no. You've tried that so you keep coming in You keep saying oh I'm going to change and trust me and everything's fine and hers is just flat. No no this is you keep calling and we are never ever getting back together and this song. Just it's a good little pop rock song and I just think it really really one catapulted her career in a lot of ways into a different market to its anthem. Yeah and I think those are important important on these female empowerment makeup songs. And I think it's right up there. It almost seems like these Kelly late Clarkson or Max Martin and Taylor shift our script writers and they are writing the scripts that women want to say or sorry. That scorned lovers want to say to the person who hurt them To the point where you would turn that song on. Hold it up to the speaker while you call your ex and let them speak vicariously the words that you wish you could have said. Have you been have either of you guys watched Berry Richard de Washington's last season so Spoiler alert for everybody. Skip forward a minute if you want to hear anything about the second second season does another season the second season now. Oh sorry as bad podcast bad podcasting so basically there's an acting scene where a woman is kind of unloading memories of this fight. She's had this isn't really responding but so she has in her head that scripted and then she finds out that didn't really go down this way and she suppressed memory. Yeah and then she acts it out in front of the class and in front of the class it's raw and emotional truthful. And then when she gets on stage in front of a bigger audience it turns into a very much. Yes Taylor Swift e sort of I'm going to stand up I'm going to be brave and everyone eats it up. Yeah the facade of this made up story of it is what helps her career not the truth how she took the guy back very sorry not strong and just talking about this right now just like Oh this is it. This is that facade song of like. Yeah I'm going to stand up. Benign like you said. I'm going to hold up my phone. But that's yes. This is written by two other guys not her. Yeah yeah that's that's the truth behind it. I think entertainment. Attainment is often in cinema or television where we watch other people be as strong as we'd like to be or grow into that strength drinks throughout the evolution of film or a series or something and that's sure is music music can be that way especially in these songs that we've kind of identified. Hi Dr in the The recovery part of the break-up the stages of denial recovering there in the final phase. Two F do you face so do we have okay. Let me just one more one more. Oh sorry okay Richard before you go. I want you to tell me if you've ever been dumped. No have you ever had emotional in Rome. Antic Pain Oh sure school was though you you just described high school adolescents. Never girlfriend to get dumped. Okay Yeah so there. There was that the the longing. He's winning now. That's pretty good undefeated champ. Exactly that's absolutely great. Well it depending on how reliable exactly exactly maybe record may be changing my on those stories there. Yeah do you how do you feel that impacts your ability to weigh in in a very effective way on this topics. I think you've done a very good job I you know. I think I know what it's like to be spurned. Yeah so I think that. So you can get to break up pretty all those two Unrequited love and break up pretty similar Richard. He hates all your choices. This is the sugar before the I've got one more choice on. What Jeff Hopkins? Matthew Sweet's. Oh Shit okay ensure sure. It's not Michael me from Batman. Sixty six when egghead broke up with this joy bat. Actually I'm so easily you play me like a fiddle with the final all right so my final choice Tom. Is I think maybe the male counterpart to Patsy cline in the sixties in terms of big hit break up song after big. Hit break up song. And that'd be worry orbison okay With crying crying song that he wrote S- based on a personal break-up that he had strange that you chose in two songs crying and crazy that are also so aerosmith songs. Neither of these songs had a leash over stone and live and live tyler or lift. Brian Greene chose only the lonely deep. Bhai Roy ORB Okay Mark. I think he had the Heat Lonesome Roy orbison he he had a sort of a monopoly on this us in the yeah mid or mid early to mid Celje Yeah And he wrote this. He wrote this on he said specifically because he realized there weren't really any pop songs or rock songs at the time that involve guys crying. It was always the girl who was the B. B. Cry Yeah. NBC songs and he kind of wanted to prove no. It doesn't mean that you're a WIMP. If you cry. Which means you're sensitive? Yeah and I find that interesting because we flash forward a couple years to the Beatles a lot of their sort of romantic kind of break happy type songs involve them singing about them crying. Yeah that's twelve. Maybe think the Beatles were the first male girl group because they had a lot of emotional vulnerability or the hearken back to I think motown town and Goffin and king and short hair okay. They they had no carol booby after them but they had a lot of vulnerability. And I don't think that it's a coincidence that they were huge. Huge Roy orbison fans and the fact that in fact their first major UK tour sort of women supporting supporting orbison and that's kind of in the original original beetle media in the UK happened was during that. But yeah it was. They were supporting where orbison and apparently he was just a total minch in like I really great great guy and help help them like kind of sort out. What it's like to be a Popstar and figure all that out? But I think musically as well I think a lot of where. They went lyrically with a lot of their early songs songs. I think definitely falls into that. Roy orbison playbook and again like Patsy cline someone who just had a voice that just eight yeah and and sounded founded sounded of loneliness and heartbreak and the song in particular. I chose it. Because it's I think of all the Roy orbison songs it's certainly the most US symphonic. I mean it's certainly to the point of seeing by the end of the song. It's almost reaching an Aria. Yeah type quality to it especially with the notes that he's hitting at the end it's almost more operatic. It is pop at that point. Yeah so he and I think I don't know if it was after after this recording of the song but Roy had so much personal tragedy in his life to do spurn relationships and and I think he did as children die in a fire. One Excel my God is the guy lives so much. Was it crying only the lonely crying. Okay yeah because growing had that just the strings that are underscoring the end is just so these are just huge huge. Yeah Yeah Yeah okay. Some great choices guys gotTa hold it together for this judging. Just don't I just can't live in moment moment to moment right now. I think I need to do smell shape cleaning sweat pants that have been wearing for the last week. Depends what you've been doing okay. All right so let's make some choices here. They're all good but before we make those choices. Let's go out to our facebook crowd source I and Some thought some fun unusual things things I didn't expect guy like Ryan mcnichols choosing your my sunshine the Johnny Cash version. I thought that was really unique. And my friend Whitney Sweeney Choosing Harry Nilsson's without you who anna it claiming you can belt it out between your crying. jags as being a potent recent better version was a was it that or was it the bad finger version. I know what's when she chose but I was. Yeah Jeff Hopkins. which I don't know I think I'm a I'm a Nilsson Fan so I think I would go? With with him Short Jacob Du Bois on break my heart my Toni Braxton with a with a second by our friend Kevin Dudley. So here's some dudes who are blasting some Braxton. My friend Jim Babcock air supply Just kind of novel then Yeah Yeah Only the lonely. Brian Greene Ah Janet Campbell my friend also chose DRC by TAMMY. Why not and the former? Mrs Manfreddy Sarah as your friend. Also Oh so you that's happening My family member Paulie Bilski Song for the dumped it by Ben Folds Sean Bernard had little Harry connick drifting kind of junior drifting my buddy Gordon Gill brought up a unique angle along this and the whole album trace by son volt. He considers a break up album. Basically between Jay Farrar and Jeff tweedy right so yeah you owe winter. It's an interesting angle on that because I never thought of Jay. Farrar is the kind of the emotional nostalgic one in that relationship ship semi Jeff tweedy was trying to get out from under Jay. Farrar kind of Jay. Farrar is kind of the spurned. One in this. Yeah well I think he's the nominal loser in this goes question. Had such a big career Daniel Defoe. I can't make you love me. Bonnie Raitt nuts. That's a pretty good one where you want to have a glass of wine. Yeah I'm a little cry West Lulu the entire forever blue album from Chris Isaac. I could really support that. Angie NJ grub sorry Rachel grub Angie by the rolling stones of course a lot of choices from Ken Stewart. This year's by gray. How can you amended broken heart by the? BG's Patrick Candidate One more night Phil Collins so those are some great choices. If you'RE GONNA go full album I think my full album album choice would have been blood on the tracks little bobby obser- as the SS friends. Okay so let's get to the The choosing of the of the things and Guys I hope you don't break up with me after I choose the so Just bouncing around here Reagan it's up to do is a fun choice and We'll get gloomier from his hand. Yeah and let's go with pictures of you you because I've been on our postpone king today and let's go with crazy because it's willy freaking Nelson and and that's going to be a type. How about only the lonely by lonely Roy or be mean crying? Sorry crying by Radio Wake you did well by the way that the things that you had double. What was the Whatever Anderson Anderson? You're up is hard. Yeah yeah so he still won by one point I was well for. Somebody's getting dumped. Yeah I think it's I think it's worthwhile for me to win. Well we earn A kind of a one hundred and ninety three episodes into the season and we're all tied up at two forty four hundred nine episodes into this season this season. I'm on episode one hundred ninety. We are but forty something into the season. We're tied it's it's coming down to the wire boys so the holidays are coming to start thinking about your extravagant gifts for your loved ones and you can too. I have a loved one to give anything you know. Apparently Richard is now a resident of the studio studio where we record our podcast. You've got over in the corner. Jeff is okay if I crashed in studio for like six months. Sure Buddy. There is a bucket you can go over there This has been the Mount Rushmore. PODCAST my name is Jeff Richards Michael.

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Episode 7: AJ Lambert On Grandfather Frank Sinatra's Legacy In A #MeToo Age

The Female Gaze

1:02:30 hr | 2 years ago

Episode 7: AJ Lambert On Grandfather Frank Sinatra's Legacy In A #MeToo Age

"Hey, guys. Welcome back to the female gaze. I'm Jesse cats. And joining me today is someone who will surely be familiar voice to many of you, my soul sister and co host of the soul sisters podcast, Dr Golub. Hi, Jesse nice to be reunited. I have missed you. I missed you too. So Alana is on vacation while recording this, and so it was always the plan that whenever we needed some reinforcement. We would enlist our favorite or want to know me. And yeah, so it's great to have you and very apropos because you are a musician, and we've spent many many hours talking to musicians. And so we have very special guest in studio with us today AJ Lambert. Hello, thanks for joining. I thought thank you. I thought you look familiar to me. Why do you look for love that? I don't I wonder if it would be possible from the ban that I was part of parlor tricks that could be possible hospitals that a is that a is that a local it was. Yes, yes. We were local like twenty eleven twenty sixteen two thousand seventeen. Yeah. Possible. Haas three, ladies harmony. Yeah. It's possible. It's also possible. I look like. Yes. I think that might be the case. I don't think it maybe here's just that friends from another life knows. Okay. So AJ is a singer. So we are very excited to dig into all of your new work that you have coming out and new album that is actually being released on the the separate posts. It's very perfect worked out wonderfully. You're also the daughter of Nancy Sinatra and granddaughter a Frank Sinatra have to mention it because we have some questions for you about that legacy and how it pertains to the female gaze, especially because you're someone who has carved out this amazing career of reinterpreting old songs both from the family catalog and the greater catalog, and it's an interesting time to revisit a lot of that old stuff. There's a lot to dig into that. We will be digging momentarily, but first I'm going to ask AJ and Dr to join me around of float your boat and on. All right. Okay. So I've been looking forward to this. I'm such. I just have to say that this is my first time on the female gaze. I'm such a fan done a level. Ana I'm just like I hope to live up to this. Here without you. I cut my chops with you, really. Well, you have you have up to your game exponentially as are so smart, and so funny, and so makes eve set me up to that kick it to you to start us off with float your boat. Okay. What's funny about this week? I had a few few options that I was kicking around all of them are pretty mainstream in pretty obvious. Okay. And so it was kind of I narrowed it down between Roma and Amy Sherman palladino. Oh, if you've talked about one already on the podcast. I haven't heard do the other. Okay. So you can you can do both. I'm gonna go with Roma. Okay. It is amazing. Alfonso krone, like, basically, a fucking masterpiece and the opinion me of the female gaze. I to not only because of the of the story, and basically it's just him wanting to understand and revisit and live with these women who raised him. But the filmmaking of it is like is everything that is. And what is that? Because I did have to like I'm like when I listen to this podcast saying to myself, okay. Female gaze is such this like a more. Like murky thing that I'm always trying to say, what is exactly are we talking about? And with this film. It's like, it's all about empathy. It's all about watching. It's all about emotion. It's all about just training. The camera putting it in one place and watching these women live, and you feel their emotion through that. And it's not trying to with fancy cuts with fancy editing with too much dialogue with anything trying to to. You know, put anything in our heads or or just insert himself. Afonso was the DP. And he just like, oh, I didn't know the camera in a way. So that you're just you're just following their live. Yeah. And it's just it's gorgeous performances are gorgeous the everything about it is like just stunning. I love that. I love that. You chose a movie that was directed. By man, written any wrote about women that he loves trying to understand them. And. Yeah, so and I could go on and she has all the Oscar. I can't wait. I haven't like, and it's one of those, you know, it's like it's like a black and white not much happens. And you think okay. Is this going to be a fun time? I'm going to enjoy myself. And you know, it has like humor. It has all the things. Right. But it's living the life of a woman living the life of a woman right in which is something that I think people don't think people are going to go see. You know, it's like often, I male producers and studio heads feel like that's not enough to sell tickets or to get views because I know it's also a net flex, right? But I want to see that kind. And I think it's proven over and over again that many of us do men and women wanna see those kinds of stories takes the right director. Right. Takes the right man to figure it out. I think you know, on the one hand somebody like for me like as much as I love his movies and his art. I love David Lynch, but he does not get women at and I just I don't like his female characters at all. But then on the other hand somebody like when Tarantino who's like very much in the movie all the time. I feel like if I'm ever feeling down about the state of women all watch winter you movie, and I'm like trading because he gets it. Yeah. Italy gets I often think about how Tarantino is one of the best creators of female characters history of cinema. Even though when I think about tarintino, I don't think about him neces-. Necessarily being this great like feminist icon. But really his characters have Shoshana is like one of my favorite characters. All I think it's because he doesn't make a he he he makes it equal just by virtue of the fact that it's a character. Right. It's a person doing this stuff and the. Doing right. All this stuff. And then the women have to be there to support with those men or the ultimate. It's not the opposite either. Where it's like it's like, oh, we're big. It's like don't make it a big deal where equal like if like if someone says that in film. It's kind of like thank you like, I don't I don't need to. I don't know. That's what bug me about wonder woman. It's like, yeah. So we ranted about wonder woman podcast. I just thought it was. So I thought it was more sexist. I agree. We watching pretty women, sir. Sir. We'll see in about her trying on dresses, totally. And there were two movies out at the same time with that the fucking bug me. It was that on that atomic blonde movie with Shirley's. Oh, yeah. In their like, she can't just be about us. She has also fuck a woman in a male gaze not. And it wasn't like oh part of a religious. Because they have. Violence. It's like, oh, well, we have to have another hot check. And so then. Fucking annoying anyway. Wow. How interesting Quintin. Oh, yeah. Jan watch. I haven't I need does flirt with that proof. Not because they kick his ass like not because of that specific kicking like, it's not even about that their friendships their whole thing beginning and how he cares about the people. He cares about the women as people and not about like, they're women. And like we have them with you know, greyer it's like their people and watch fucking kill Bill both of them. And she's yeah. The best character in the world. She's as a bad ass, but also from infamous perspective, she's a mother and she's looking for a kid, and she reunites with a child, and it's about, you know, the the whole ending of that movie. Those movies is the fact that she's reunited with her child and that was her whole goal, right? It's like real motivation are ascribed characters as opposed to wonder woman where her real motivation, which is the calm about her. Love Chris pine. Yeah. Right. There shouldn't be like less of a standard for for superhero movies. But they're kind of is it's like the motivations in those in. Yeah. Like that are very rarely something that you said oh that. But right to present yourself as wonder woman did as this is a movie about female, and we're going to start. No. But even the movie, I think sets out with those intentions of being on that island. And it's all these women were and there aren't even any men incite. And then when she leaves the island everything is about the love of this man, kind of forgot what its mission statement ones. Anyway, great float your boat. Everyone. See Roma Romano? Yeah. I know me too. On my computer. Yeah. Okay. So my pick for the week is a recent profile which kind of relates to what we've been talking about recent profile in the New York Times of the director, Amy heckling did you read, but I love it's awesome. Yeah. She's amazing. So taffy brought us acne wrote this profile and taffy is like the best celebrity profile like everything she writes, she'll really put yourself in it, which I think is so interesting in kind of describes the experience of what it is to try to unlock these really kind of unknowable people. Sometimes just read her thing in the times about Margot Kidder. She wrote like a like a like, you know, how they do every year. They'll say like the people who die, right? They'll do a magazine piece of and she wrote the one about Margot Kidder, and it's fucking amazing. Just what you're saying. Yeah. To human right, cool. Yeah. So she wrote this piece about Amy Hecker laying because clueless is now coming to Broadway and. Taffy basically is trying to figure out in this piece. What happened to Amy heckling because she had these insane hits right out of the gate. She did fast times when she was in her twenties fast times at ridgemont high. She did look who's talking which actually was about how she taught. No that pregnant with herald Ramos when she was married to somebody else. And then raising the kid on her own. Yeah. She and she and she said so she had a girl in real life. But she changed it to a boy in the movie. So that the studio exects want be like just about your life and your. Forbid write about a real woman's problems. Yeah. And then she made clueless. And then she made a few other films after that. But none of them hit the way those earlier films did and she kind of has felt lawsuit security for all these decades. So taffy try and figure out what really happened in Amy. Heckling is very self deprecating person who doesn't wanna blame Hollywood doesn't wanna say it's because the male gatekeepers kept her out, whatever tough even has this quote by Amy that says you go, well, maybe if I had been more brilliant and thought of better solutions would have come out great. Or maybe if I was, you know, like more of a Schmoozer who knew how to work with people, you know, turning inwards. So then I just wanna read this little bit that taffy wrote because taffy basically is like, no, no, no. This was also part of the bigger system and taffy is talking about how sexism is not always what you think it is. And it can work and much subtler ways that could derail a career like Amy's. And she says sexism in Hollywood doesn't always mean. Not being hired. It doesn't always mean that you are sexually harassed sometimes sexism is a plethora of compliments that make your brilliance constant exception sometime. Sexism is taking someone who has self doubt like many, creative people do and yielding to it instead of propping her up, sometimes sexism is taking the extremely relatable content of a person's soul and not being able to figure out why it would be worth the trouble to release it not taking seriously the women who would find comfort and release in a movie that so clearly understood their complicated emotion suck right? Which is what we're saying about Roma. You know, a movie like that is enough. We want to see that. And it's also that that kind of sexism is the most kind of I wouldn't say most important, but it's so important, and like the trickiest thing to switch behaviors for the other stuff is so much clearer so much more like in your face. And we know how to talk about it. This is like pointing to it is. We do it all day long all the time. But it's but it's just as important, right? Yeah. Anyway, do that with with people all the time. Like, I feel like they do that with cap how're all the time. Where it's like it's not about like, some some people find it where it's like the vulnerability. You know, I'm putting your quotes, by the way. Otherwise known as just being human rights. Right. You know? Yeah. Well, you know, we have to we have to call her. And we have to understand that like, you know, she's got or she could just be a complicated person. Right. There's that too. Right. You know, right. I don't know. Yeah. Yeah. Catered as compelling artistically. I mean, they always mention it like, it's a detriment like overcome. And it's something I don't know. It's just bug me. Yeah. Well, that article was the float your boat the things that are. But is the clueless musical about or be are you that it's gonna exist? You know? I never see any of these movie remakes into musical. So I I don't know. I idea what to expect. I don't know if they ever turn out. Well, remakes as remakes give me exactly for that. Like reinvention of a beloved classic. Can I just say I haven't seen the stars born for that reason? I'm afraid I get that. Because I want to be original which one though, Judy Garland one. Okay. I just I'm afraid I understand that. Yeah. Curious still like are you curious, but you don't want to be ruin that? It's just like do. I wanna do. I wanna ways two hours. And I and I have this fear of. I just don't want to spend like my time is I'm worried I'm worried and people who have seen it have told me. It's basically a Bradley Cooper, indulgence masturbation. That's that's what I hear which could be. Okay. I guess I don't know. I I have not seen either any of the previous rations. So I don't have that like going into it. But I did not find it to be like a, Bradley. I found myself mesmerized more almost by lady Gaga. Okay. So I have spoken too much about this movie on this podcast. So far. A little bit. But I will say it's another float your boat that I was going to mention, but I decided to cut it for time. But now relevant to this Manila Dargo just wrote this article also in the times about how the metoo era has changed the way that she looks at movies house, a film critic, and it's very interesting article cover a lot of things, but she mentioned the stars born. And she made a point that I thought was interesting. She appreciates the fact that in the new stars born the cameras spends equal time she feels on both of their bodies, which fell's unusual and refreshing. But she did point out how of course in sex scenes. The camera is on her face and not his face, which obviously it is. Because it always is. And I just thought to myself I tried to reimagined a love scene in Hollywood movie where you're watching the man's face instead of women's phase. And it felt so revolutionaries to just imagine seeing that. Yeah. Like that the camera is is there to give pleasure by watching a man sex and said, I that would be a better way to be. I like it doesn't have to only maybe it's back in four. But the point is that the camera right now is used to give the male audience pleasure by watching female character having sex. It's like porn that. I haven't seen that. I hear a lot about because date really young people. And I hear the about this thing where it's like point of view. Have you heard about this? Well, point of view porn. Yes. No. We're a VR. No. It's like, I guess they wear a camera like the guy wears a camera. Fuck somebody. So you're like when you're watching porn you get to be fucking the person yet. That's basically what movies always. Just the last explicitly basically the same idea. Anyway, anyway, yeah. Okay. What's your float your boat? I just saw one of the current films in the cinema. Every also a going to bring up a newer one. Which is the wife. Have you seen? The wife. The wife is something I had no idea about it never heard of it. And it was like, you know, one of these things just popped up. And it was it's Glenn Close and Johnson rice price price. And they're a couple who. Can't talk too much about it without giving it away. But suffice to say she is kind of the she's put to be the long suffering wife of a Nobel prize winning author, and what happens to someone who is the wife of someone who gets that much success, and who has to kind of man, I can't talk too much about it. Well, what do you love about it? What I love about. It is the fact that it depicts that feeling of being sort of the prop up and person of a man of a successful man and the behind the scenes that goes into it, and no one ever sees. And in this movie, it's like way more than you think. This is a true story or not at use. I don't think it's the truth. But I wouldn't be surprised. Very true. Jump ahead. But this reminds me of the article that you wrote in fair about your grandfather. And how your grandmother through this birthday party for her ex husband and how you describe that? She's basically the woman who propped him up, and that you don't know if he would have had the success without her and it's fascinating to read how without taking away anything from him. It was incredibly compassionate and loving. Sure. Hanan obviously, the talent. But that that her role is something that we don't hear about talk about and then, you know, behind the scenes to, but it's also complicated in this movie. And I think maybe in their relationship to, but I don't know. The idea that like she doesn't really want to be recognized. And the reasons why she doesn't wanna be recognized. It's really really interesting. It's really really cool. Hey, good movie. Rex guys. Yeah. All right being in your bonnet. Dr what you bitch. Catchphrase? Baiting. I kind of still debating, but I'll just go for it. And I feel like so my in my bonnet is I guess the ride that I took watching Taylor SWIFT's concert of the final show on her reputation tour has been turned into a net flicks concert documentary. Okay. Okay. Must have been a bad ride. If this is your no. The BMI bond is basically, I think it like like speaks to more of how I relate to pop culture. And how like I haven't heard anything. I haven't been aware of Taylor SWIFT's like music since the drop of her. What look what you made me do which like there was people lived at people hated it. I loved it. I hadn't like then explored what she was doing after that. So I didn't know what the album was like so when her when her concert starts, and it's like the biggest stadium tour like beyond say style. And she starts it. It's very sort of like self-important beginning. And then there's just it's just dancers and. Probably she's singing along with with the track. And my my my my feeling was like what the hell Taylor swift. Like, this is not what I know you to be. And it's not to say that an artist should not involve like go for what they what what speaks to them. And and move with the times. But I was so upset by a lack of musicianship. And then I continued to watch. And this is like you had similar feelings for Saint Vincent, right? God. Well, don't but sT Vincent was much more. Like, there was a total. Like sort of reverence to the music that I feel like a lot of this was like I'm going for a big MS MS eighty amac. Now, I wanna get this big and heart of my feeling was like, I think that she has been doing this for many years, but the costumes were just like these these sparkly leotards, and like great, you know, I love going to watch beyond say I want the artist who's going to move into a different genre to be there naturally. And it doesn't feel like that's where she shines where she she did strip down. And she did have the tar into did play the piano, and it was gorgeous. And all I can think about sorry to Ramos up again stars. Born was this like incredible natural talent for music who then is on SNL singing like some bullshit that just doesn't speak to something real. And and an an an adept, and it was just let your saying Taylor swift is selling out like the fictional alliens as port. Yeah. I guess I am, but I might not say in that lane forever. And I don't want want wanna be someone. I wanna say that's not okay to to feel different for you. Then like what Gaga dozen real-life like does because talking. Coming from an actual place of like inventiveness weirdness and a and a place of showmanship actual Taylor dance. Right. She likes. She's not a dancer, right? And so this is a completely false like place for her. She's a musician like Gaga is too. But she, but she is a is a showman. And Taylor is not a showman. I feel so so it just felt an authentic by the end. I was like you go, you know, and there was a cutesy little ending. And I was like I appreciated her kind of like nod to like, I don't know what I'm doing, you know, so so it came around. And also, I think our fans appreciate this in her fans have been on this ride with her. And so they probably feel less like, whoa. What's? Right. It's a sugar coat your be. It was a B. That's fine. Yeah. I'm sorry guys. I'm apologize mind. Never mind. I recommend. I do recommend it. Anyone who is? Wait. Can I say something though, friend of mine texted me this morning has been listening to the podcast? And she said every time you have a guest on and you praise them at the top of the show. They say, no, no, no, no, no. You're wrong. You're wrong. I'm nothing. I'm not worthy of everything that you just said about me. And she was like you have to tell your guests up apologizing, and I'm gonna tell you don't apologize for your joke. I was it was more of a joke. But all right. That's good. Yeah. Okay. My is short. I received an Email over the holidays on a massless that I'm on from my former gynecologist in LA who was offering her patients discount on a procedure that reduces fat in tighten skin tissue in one office. Visit gynecologists. Yes. What the fuck right is crazy and his crew and the timing of it that you're sending this over the holidays, and everyone feels the worst about their. Of the entire year super bizarre. I mean, also so LA I'm so alive. Free level. Yeah. I'm gonna craft the letter. I don't even know where to begin. Scribe? Yeah. I wish I still went to her. So I could stop going that is a plastic surgeon like mass Email, look, I don't send it during the holidays. Especially don't send it then. Anyway, that's a good one. Thank you. Here. Yes. What do you got? All right. Well, I have two good great. I don't know. I don't want to have your telling us that you generally have more Beuys them both visa. Sorry. This was not this was not this week. But my general be has been about the fact that the tumbler thing happened where we've been we've taken out one more aspect of sex work that is that was kind of like a safe haven for women. But also just people, and I just hate that they've done this. And that they've now put it back, however, many years to where it's in the shadows. Again, and people are going to have to find different ways certain people who are using tumbler for for for sex were gonna have to find that other shady ass way to do it and make a living, and it fucking sucks. I hated it. Still bothering me. Can we just keep ahora affected by in my life? And I hate it. And I think it sucks, what is the tumbler? So they've they've restricted nudity and they've restricted content on tumbler. So that people who were using it as a means of promoting services or promote. You know, webcam stuff where where whatever work that they do. And now it's taken away from them as a as a venue to do that. And I didn't even know that this was a big part of tumbler until the bend was reading about safe place for people to use that for their work. And now, it's gone. And it just feels like I don't know. I don't like the fact that you know, it's the suppressive thing that than forcing it back into the shadows. And obviously is going to proportionately affect women, and it's disproportionately gonna affect people who have limited income that comes from that. I just think it's very fucked. Yeah. But my more generalized be about this week is and the sound so lady, and I hate that. I'm in this boat. I'm forty four years old. Okay. And I am dating people on the Tinder. Oh, wow. Very interesting because of this specific age gap. I am forty four and the people I tend today are in their early twenties. Wait, what can you tell me? What your age range is? Is to from legal. Five. Oh. Great. And I love it. It's great. It's fantastic. But there's this aspect of it that I sound like such an old person here. I don't get this ghosting. What are they? Okay. So I'm walking the man. Dude. I'm not talking about like you've been you've had the date or what by the way. I just use it for sex. I don't I don't wanna relationship. I've been married twice. I've a child I don't I don't want any of this stuff. But and that's the thing that I think is so fucking annoying about it is that they think that a woman coming into this like I think they assume that it's like. Gotta yes, she's gonna she's gonna get clingy needed. Like, dude. I just wanna bang. I don't need to see you. Again, you say that profile say not looking for anything Syria, and they sell them, and what you. So you're saying you meet them and get go sit or what? Oh, no. I'm like in. Okay. You want to hear the okay? This is the best one I have to share this because it's so good. So I was in Hawaii by myself because I had it was a long story, but I had to shoot some stuff for video. I had just shoot some stuff for video. So over there by myself with my camera, and it was filming stuff for the thing. That has to come out when the record comes out taking shots of all this beautiful stuff. And I was like I'm here alone for three days. I'm going to see what's what? And I hoped up with the soldier who was really lovely. Because you know, they got a lot of army member, whatever. So and they're always down. So that was fine. And then this guy matches with me, and he's like, I'm here from us straight Millea. This is all on the phone right on the app, I'm here from Australia. So clearly there won't be anything serious. And I was like, dude. That's great fantastic. I'm here. Fantastic. Hit me up, whatever. And he goes fine. Where are you staying? I'm like, I'm staying at this hotel. He said that he goes I'm saying that this hotel is like, I'm some here in Lausanne tells you. Easy. Right. Well, fucking slow. Funny to me. It wasn't funny at the time. But. But. He's like, oh, that's so funny. I was like, and I think what scared him was like are you because I know what he looks like right right in the property that I'm in on the beach that I'm at and I can see them. I'm like are you a greater shirt on the app? I'm like, I'm wearing a yellowing Keeney. Like, I'm looking all hot and everything. And he's like I don't hear back for a second. What the fuck? And then he's like, oh, that's so hours later. He's like, oh, that's so funny. Maybe I'll come and knock on your door after dinner with my family. I was like fine. You know, I'm here by myself. What are we think this family because how old was always here? Nobody actually was like twenty six. I'll go comfort zone. And. So he's like he's like come over after after my dinner with my family. I was like cool. I'm going for a little bit background nine hit me up like amend, my hotel room and fucking Hawaii alone. And I'm clearly down temps that. Yeah. That's it. Yeah. Any funding pussy. He he goes he goes I was like dude, I'm in the bathtub come on knock. No, he was like, well, and it keeps being all wishy washy what the fuck is wrong with you. And he's like it's very tempting like k m he on matched me. He again. Let me just say, this is so fucking hilarious. So the next day I've been unmatched, and I can't like communicate with this writer, right? And he's on the like I walk past them. All. Them. This is ridiculous. That's fucking hilarious anyways. So I had endure that because I'm on this beautiful beach of like, oh, this is so beautiful except there's the goester like this. Literal. He's on. Isn't that fucking weird? Anyway, it's just like a what was he? Or like, why don't be that? Right. We're just say like, you know, what I'm with my family. I thought I could do this. But never mind. No. It's twenty six years old forget about it. But that's the thing. It's like normally I don't care. We're all here to have sex in the move on. I saw anyway. Greg just wanna casual sexist too big of an ask for real. Like. I just can't man. I hope you've had some success stories on their Honey, I'm doing, okay. I believe you have a glow you seem to be doing. Okay. Yeah. Okay. We'll be right back with more on AJ her new music and the Sinatra like see. Okay. So today January twenty first Asia, you're releasing a new album your first full length album. Thank you called careful, you which is the name of a song by TV on the radio that you cover. So I have to say, you're so bad ass, the kinds of artists that you cover all on one album is pretty extraordinary. Thank you. You would have covers of TV on the radio spoon. Like, you know, cool modern artists like that. And then also cover your grandfather like the full reins, and do it all in this very unique way. That sounds like you at the same time. Thank you. Appreciate that. So yeah, congrats. I wanna back up for a second last year. You released an EP called lonely songs which was to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of your grandfather's album only the lonely, and you often perform music live. And you said something that I wanted to ask you about talking about that album. I believe he said I'm so honored to carry on a bit of this tradition of being asong interpreter. And it's so much fun to do it in a modern way. I believe that good music is good music is good. Music. No matter what era is from now recently on this podcast. We were talking about how this holiday season the song baby. It's cold outside became taboo lot of radio stations decided not to play it anymore. Can hated that. So have you? I'm curious. I know, you know, wouldn't right because when you really listen to the lyrics, or even if you really listen to the lyrics, I think we've always kind of known that song a little bit date rape. And then finally talks shitty. Saw. What are you asking over? Because like, yeah. Well, it just. Invoke something for me. You know, and it's not like that to what folks. I just I just hand. No hate that. It's a it's a simplistic stupid. Melody, don't like a I don't in the lyrics like a bonus bona Bona's barf. Okay, disagree. But I'm wondering looking back when you're choosing songs, for example, from your grandfather's catalog are there other songs even countered like that. We were like, oh that doesn't feel right now or like it doesn't feel right for a woman or for me this year. Yeah. Throw throw rock. Yeah. Listen. Okay. So I'm sorry. I didn't realize that you love that. That's okay. I don't mean to step on dreams of your voting. I'm sorry. No. I realize that as I was ranting. Someone's someone's. Until I was forced to give it a I think that there are plenty of those songs. But look they that that's just how the not. I'm not excusing it. But that's just what it was. That's just what they didn't. Even think they didn't think about like, oh, this might be rapier. This might be like sure they just didn't even think about it. I'm I'm singing in a a very interesting situation with this particular thing right now because I have been asked to sing at a kind of like a a tribute to Jimmy van Heusen of songwriter. Who was his not lyricist is is a music music writer, but a lot of saying all his music in this show. That's coming up in February and Palm Springs part of modernism week. It's the whole thing. Right. And some of the songs that they've picked for me to sing are things lake, you know, love and marriage and dots and moonbeams and like. I'm saying these songs, I'm like, I really think that I don't want to sing these because they feel really weird and there's just a ton of them. They're they're everywhere. Right. But then you can some of them you can turn around and feel like you're you're just by being a woman singing, it makes it different one of those songs as lush life for me like the which was on my EP. I feel like that song has to be sung by woman. And I feel like when it sung by a man it, it's wrong. It's not the song. Even though was written by men, right? I don't know for some reason. Attention changes, the whole the whole everything changes, and it happens with almost every one of those songs, right? Like when I do the Sinatra shows where I do the album's we're all do in the small hours. All do only the lonely the entire record of those songs. I don't change the pronouns to suit me because that's not how it's that's that's not what they wrote. And people are like, well, why are you saying like an it's like, well why not like what who cares like like? I don't know. Yeah. Do you take issue? If do you have a certain reverence for that music. That changing the lyrics is sort of. Not the move. I feel that way. Yeah. And actually, my grandfather did it a lot where he would change stuff. And I don't like it. I just don't I don't know. I don't get it. The music is the music and if it's not right? Don't sing it. Yeah. I don't like changing stuff like that. Yeah. I've been on such a kick with kind of female Gezi things. Everything has been filtering through this lens for me for months now. And it's kinda why this podcast started. And then I was I had HBO on over the holidays when I was doing absolutely nothing for a few days, and this Elvis documentary came on, and I all of a sudden kind of remembered a that Elvis existed and be that I used to be obsessed with Elvis when I was young. I mean absolutely obsessed with his music his legacy everything about him. I just thought he was the coolest, and I could never get enough Elvis, and then I was watching this documentary. And I suddenly it was like I don't know how I feel about elm is not that. There was anything particular. Especially in the documentary that they were saying about him that was troublesome. But just that kind of guy that's not my not our jam anymore. Like, I'm not spending time thinking about men like that. But I do think about how I grew up and just and I also watched a hard day's night over the holidays. And I was like I was so obsessed with the Beatles. These were all the things that I was obsessed with as a child in. What did I really take away from that for me? Why are you saying that? I mean, the Beatles Elvis, I feel. Yeah. I guess it's just like these iconic men who I mean, look, I think there are some trouble. Details of the history of some of the Beatles to you know, like. Yeah. Yeah. John allegedly was abusive to women. I mean, you know, of course, when you're a kid, you don't think about those things, and especially when you were a person growing up in the eighties nineties, you are not taught to think about these things. And now, it's like when I remember these men that are so important to me, I have to make a decision like I'm gonna start carrying about that part of their legacy or my gonna just leave. I have that with Woody Allen. Yeah. That's early. Tricky one for me because you're talking to the one of the biggest Woody Allen fans. Both it's really trick hard. I mean, especially with, you know, my family, you know, aspect of that is really tough because I'm close to me, and you know, Rohan Ronin, and it's just I don't feel right? It doesn't feel right. I, you know. Yeah. I mean, it's this article where dean Martin's daughter was asked if the rat pack would have survived the me too. Era and to like, I. All the time like how if we were able to uncover or cared to uncover the Steph from back, then that these guys were up to like, we would have no idols laugh, why everybody to certain extent. And I'm not saying everybody raped somebody or harass them. But I think it was so much in the culture for men to use that power over they. Outside. Outside is the is is a good example of like how just like sort of mid level kind of harmless yet offensive if you wanna look at it in that way, which is absolutely find to do like that was just totally normal and for women to it was just kind of like, this is the way it is like oh brother here, they go again happy about exactly that was. And that's what's also hard for us now to want to go back in and maybe judged our mothers and our grandmother's for like why how are you complacent? And how did you accept to this? And it was because that was the time. And that's what they knew. And and talk about you know, what you were saying about my grandmother. And my grandfather was same thing. It's just like, well, you know, it's six but look at all the good that's happening. He's he's making millions of people happy and lovable like she just didn't. And I remember really specifically when who was it? Oh, Tiger Woods there. That whole thing when tiger was what was the thing with his girlfriend or wife or something and he was some cheating shit, and it like destroyed his career or something. I don't remember the degree to which destroyed his career because I feel like I just saw playing golf, so whatever. But the time it was like a huge thing. And my grandmother was pissed at the wave just like what is making us because she was like, why are you trashing the fans career that in grant, right? It's that ingrained in them to just feel like they have to there is exactly right. And it wasn't like, I don't know. She didn't feel chief. I don't know. She wasn't a week woman. Like, she was a strong, really really independent woman. And she felt that way. So I do it with that older generation. I think you and I got into this bit. We talked to like Jane Birkin one about when. Me too is kind of peaking. And all these French actresses were coming out being like, oh, let's just the culture, you know, everyone's overreacting. And this is what it means. The flirt bolo, blah. I think there's this feeling from an older generation that is like we had to put up with all this shit. You know, and like when you have to to deal with it and make it okay for yourself. I think it's really hard to at the end of your life. Be like oh wasn't. Okay. Right. That say about your back, you spent putting this terrible shit. And I think that's the reaction. I had to that song. Which like if I think about it. I can I'm happy to put it aside completely. But there is a sense from baby it's called outside to every every piece of art and culture that we're talking about from decades past like, do I have to give this up as something that I that? I hold dear. So AJ like you you could have completely put aside all of the musical legacy. Right. That you've inherited and completely struck out on your own. You've decided to do this combinator. Of the two. So then what what do you take from your grandfather's legacy as that kind of guy? Well, you know, the emblem of that era. I don't know anything about the details of his personal life. But I know what you're gonna see the last segment. I don't know. It's like, I'm we're we're similar. Yeah. I don't I don't I don't I don't. I don't woman is man is whatever the hell it is because it's mutual and maybe sometimes back, then it was mutual. Maybe it was like, hey, I get to fuck. Frank Sinatra fantastic. Like, maybe I don't know. Yeah. I'm sure there were times where it wasn't right equal like that right now. But I I am similar to him in that. I can't seem to hang onto a relationship for a really long time. Because of the this is a guess based on how much I knew him. It's a constant kind of what's next feeling like not able to kind of stop. And he was like that too. Is kinda like whenever. If he was home for a while. And like not working he'd be like. Okay. Like when we go like, what are we? And then he'd be out. And he'll be like when we go home. Like, it's it's never correct. It's never enough. It's never. So what is I feel like that's like hand. But I just wanted to again for a second. I from an him. Well, I think in hit. I mean, look he was an only child he grew up poor and his parents adored him. You know what I mean? It's just like he kinda came up as you can do anything your special. And so he just didn't it didn't occur to him that he couldn't do anything. But when the restlessness to to do more, something more and do better and do like, I always like to say an example of that. And this is sad to say. But I really if you think about it. It's really true. I think Ava Gardner is like my grandmother like the two dot over Sion general saying it's like, it's. Her. But like the upgrade why if you picture them, okay right there like dark-haired beautiful women. And she's like the upgrade of what he already had got it because he got successful. And then he goes into the newer model. Interesting. I really believe that's what it is. Yeah. And that's why he was so obsessed with her. That's what I think it was. Yeah. Because he never stopped being a friend of my grandmother's never didn't love her. He does that was just how it was. Sure. Life gets. So gigantic like, I just can't imagine, you know, and being used everyone loving, you your whole life. But what I was wondering if you feel if that strikes you as a more male like sort of syndrome of feeling like I can't be tied down and not gonna just like one. I don't think it is. I I mean for me that only has come about recently. Because I finally kinda know why am you know, I was married to to wonderful people, and they're both wonderful wonderful, man. They're great. But for various reasons, we didn't work out. And it's just better for me personally to not just part of me can't do that. Or doesn't want to do that. Does just not in my DNA, literally. Right. So I just feel it's harder for women to be able to assert that. And not be like. Ooh. Like well. And also to be fair. I have my child. I have you know, I. How do I say that? I had a family and have since moved on to be able to say, right? I don't I don't need a partner in that have that. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So well, it's on a shrug. I think it's a it's an applaud it's well if I mean. To say that's also not to say that she doesn't have my daughter's having amazing father who's with her. Also, we have joint custody of her. It's not like I'm like raising her by myself. You know, she has both parents just in a different sense for so. Right. When did you start singing? Well, I actually started my music stuff is a bass player. So I was basis for many many years out here when I lived out here by lived out here for fourteen years, and I was in a Bank a looker I was in a band called. Here we go magic. I was like I've, oh I played with the homosexuals when they reunited that was like for a minute. And basically, I just I played other people's music for all that time. Okay. And I loved it. I really really loved it. And then I just started to feel like I wanted to sing more. Because actually, I got better as a singer from teaching music to little kids, which is what I did. Right after I have my kid like I didn't work for a little bit. Oh that I was also music supervisor for films and TV and stuff. Okay. So I didn't work for a long time. When I started working again, I was a teacher, and it really helped me with singing. And I was like, you know, what I I want to try this idea where I have a pianist and me, and we just kind of strip stuff down and do. Do you know like old school lounge act, but with whatever songs are good, which also came from my serious show, which is about that that concept of it doesn't matter where it comes from like if it's good like those just see where it goes. So people can find the similarity between, you know, Sammy Cahn Jimmy videos, David Bowie because I feel like it's there, but some people don't I'm super curious how you chew like how you make your selections because it is so all over the place, but yet most of the tracks on your new album are covers of male fronted bands. And so I'm curious if there's a sense of it being. Less. Intimidating more intimidate more of a challenge less four to cover a either a male or someone can temper as it more hard to cover cover someone contemporary or to cover someone like your grandfather who is not around who. Like there have been so many covers of that's that's basically two questions is it harder to do a male, and as it harder to do a living contemporary art, I feel like if it's something I feel like I can sing in a way that's going to bring a different tack to it. Then I'll do it. But if it's just covering it. Because it's a woman who has said what she said, then I don't feel like I can kinda step on what she said. Does that make sense if I can bring a new part of what I love about covering men is that I like bringing another perspective to something the leering all in all I love the two, obviously. But if I can't sing the lyrics to the point where it's gonna make it interesting for me singing, it then I don't bother like I love to cover. I dunno teenage while lifelike David Bowie song, but I'm not going to because it just doesn't. It's not gonna be any coming for me. That specific song. You know what I mean? Yeah. So I kind of doesn't matter to me if it's a woman or man, it's sort of easier to gravitate towards mill. Can like find something. Interesting. Interesting. Your mother. No. And just also to be fair. I I look at this is covering the writers. I I'm not looking at it. Like right autosomal Nancy's like right of the like the like the my my versions of the the songs. My grandfather did are really just torn down. Because I want to get to the song. I love did it. But I want to hear the song. Yeah. I mean like you cover I'll be seeing you on the new now, I think if you are to place that song in a scene in a movie, it would be two very different scenes placing his version of that song. Yes. You know? Mandic like dancing on the sidewalk and his like the Stocker is coming down. Different for me that that voicing that. We did of that. It's very, you know, it's very loud and very ton. And for me it's about it's trying to. It's like impressing on somebody that feeling of like, I'm not gonna forget you gonna like it's like a want you to remember that. I am gonna be here. You know what I'm saying? Like, it's deliberate. That's really deliberate. Yeah. All those things, thankfully, I have these musicians who can articulate stuff because I must shitty musician. I'm just I don't speak music as well as I should. And luckily, I can say can you do that? Like dude that to make an they'll and they'll get it. 'cause they're amazing. Yeah. But yeah, like, I mean, we do live. We do. I'll be around and we do mood indigo, and they're just they're they're they're not the same. All just because I just I I don't like that interesting. I don't I don't like the when the. Yeah. I don't wanna see the names. But like the people who do the like. Like the people who do the like. Where the same like why why are you doing that? Like, why bother why are you doing that? Don't even recent example, I've been asking myself why we decided our Africa by TOTO because rivers is doing a straight copy of the original really, which is great. I love that wrong. Why? But why did they do it? I don't get it. Yeah. Anyway. Well, he's turning out to be kind of a lunatic. Always in them. Yeah. But if these seen is Instagram know, it's fucking hilarious. I lo- level crush on him. I just think he's, but but yeah, I don't get. I don't get that. Yeah. That's weird. Right. Interesting either for the artists, right? And I feel like with standards often pass where we don't try to think so much about the lyrics or the media's oh that's a song that we were always going to hear. And it's meant to be sung all the time. And. Someone like you were, you know, Cecile mclorin who've recently talked about who's really trying to look at it and say what is their different to say with the song. And there's a reason why I'm singing it instead of just just because the way that I reacted to baby it's called outside. It just feels good because I know it that's not why we should be using. Right. That's, but and I think it's just it's specific to the person specific to the singer specific audience. It's not and the audience of worse. It's not a blanket. Yeah. It can't be. I mean, I know we wanna be able to say like, oh, we can't sing baby. It's called it side. But there's reasons like, obviously, it's Rabi. And just I don't know. It's just, but when I do when I do some songs that are from, you know, the in the we small hours record for me, if I'm a woman singing, those things that feels very different because I am not. I don't know. It's somehow flipping it around makes it, okay? Yeah. I don't know. Why? I actually I saw. A kind of musical revue performance before Christmas of people doing traditional carols. They are actually all opera singers. It was pretty awesome. And they did baby. It's cold outside as a joke, and they had a man and woman singing it, and they flip the genders. And it was hysterical hearing the woman being be one, you know, like it's just flipping the genders made it feel complete. I mean, I watched the movie clip in like in the context of all this controversy. And I understood it in a different way. I've always thought it felt it was like flirty and fun and movie clip from a movie from a movie Neptune's baby or nothing's baby. Hell, are you kidding? And that that super API like data. She's actually trying to g. Actually, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her and she's like holding a drink like what's in this drink like that made me like, okay. Whole now understand the intention a different way. But before I thought it was cute inflammatory, and you know. Research historian me back. It before we let you go to do a quick this is the hot takes wheel. So listeners submit topics. And then we have to go around and give our hot take on the topic. What the hot take? It's like your quick initial thought on it got it. Yeah. Think it rickety wheel spin it hard. Ben God, I'm hypnotized to. Okay. Oh, this is a good one. So this is from our listener at Taylor martis. And it's TV show you loved as a kid. But now see a bad example while I have it right on the tobacco talk when he's company. Oh, man. Fuck I knew this was going to be well think about that. Wow. We but. How about lurking? Around deal. They were friends yet. No. But it was all innuendo all the time. Right. And so like his whole thing the whole thing was that he was allowed to move in with the two girls because he acted like he was gay. That's why the landlord let him in. And in the meantime is kind of like e e groping pretend grocery to his roommates all the time. Did the women think he was gay at the star? No they were in on it. They're not because they just need a roommate that fascinating show to revisit. But I loved it as a kid love to. And I didn't even think fucking funny. Just all funny, and they are okay. This is not really exactly to the point. But I've just been thinking about it from our conversation. And I think about it a lot because it's one of my most most most beloved shows growing up as the Cosby show, and it's like tragedy. Yeah. Nuff bad about that. Because it's a great amazing show. I don't know if that counts, it doesn't count it. Doesn't count pick one that counts. Nice. Try. Cosby? Okay. That was easy. Andre solve. No. Look, I'm thinking shows that I didn't really watch all in the family honeymooners stuff like that. Which is just like crazy. Yeah. The families. I mean, I'm gonna go with probably saved by the bell would probably annoy the shit outta me. If I watched it now. Right. Because totally it was like the worst stereotypes lily. Dumb cheerleader. Jesse span. No was the hysterical feminist we so was shop a holic and Zack Morris was supposed to be the greatest thing on earth. Why he had literally no talents? He was good at nothing, which why make screeched do everything for him. He had nice frosted hair. Go it's all you need a nineteen eighty dollars k sex in the city. It's really hard to watch. And I still love it still. We'll watch it. But it's I think sex in the city holds up in some ways, it's terrible with rare. It's terrible is ample with with the main central relationship is horrendous her big. Yeah. But I would argue the main central relationship of sex in the city, this is high. Between her and Miranda. The very end of that is all about how when she goes to Paris with what's his face Bush coffee ever Marandus so distraught and the central tension of the of the show is Kerry and random repairing their French. I appreciate that taken. I will take it because I love watching the show, and I love the guy just save. Thank you. Okay. So eighties new album careful, you is out. Now, are you touring where can see so right now we're going to be in Europe for the next week or two, and we're recording some new stuff that will be on the next record which will be shortly forthcoming now we're going to be touring in the spring as well. Okay. All over the states all over the states and back to Europe amazing. So we're. And where can people stay up to date with that? You're not really on social media. I am oh Twitter though. No. Because your mom is fine. Amazing. Hold down. Fine. Your mom has hashtags this things in her Twitter bios, she's the best. Yeah. And I love how somehow the right wing finds a way to make a make Sinatra a totem. It's so bizarre. Like do. You realize what family are talking? I know your mom higher feet is just trolling Trump and think about my grandfather. Okay. Like his mother was an abortionist like an illegal abortion provider. I didn't know he was first woman to run for mayor of Hoboken. And he was vessel gated by the house on American activities communist with. Well, it's like you're barking up the wrong tree. But even. Why because he voted for his buddy Ronald Reagan who was his friend because he's crazy, and then he voted for Donald Trump. But then he voted for done. He was died a democrat, right? Like it was like, oh, the, but that that was a weird situation, my friend. Yes. Running for and I voted for my friend. Okay. So you have a website AJ, Lambert dot info. And then we've got Instagram, which is AJ dot Lambert. Sorry at AJ dot Lambert. Yeah. Come on your miss. That's the only to. And then Facebook is AJ the Lambert. Nice. Got it you go. All right. Well, thanks for joining us. This. Fun. We're dream gust DARA. Yes. So nice to have you come back soon would love to. All right. That's it for the female gaze. We'll see you next week.

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#249 David McCallum

Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast

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#249 David McCallum

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I want somebody uses fucking brain to not come out of a God damn record. That is that's up Camborne. I gotta talk about a fucking jaw dying. Class like mutes like Mozart to me. Two two putts of that number one. But best fucking dog dying to to you couldn't write that one. That wasn't your good. No, right. Like, a nice pleasant DJ going into and the other thing is fucking ponderous. Gaylon pragmatic possess. Confess to give. Gilbert, and Frank's amazing colossal obsessions. Every Thursday only on Stitcher premium. Hi, this is Gilbert Gottfried, Nisus Gilbert, Godfrey, Jim mazing, colossal podcast with my co host Frank Santo Padre and our engineer Frankford. Rosa that's him and our kissed. This week is an author musician are recording artists and one of the busiest most respected and recognized actors of the past fifty years. He might also be our coolest and most Denver near. Take that one again. Get it. Right. All I'm near date. Debonair dare you'll see him in movies like a night to remember. Raleigh. Billy Budd, the greatest scape watcher in the woods. The greatest story ever told and hear my song and in dozens of popular television shows including the outer limits night gallery. Heart-to-heart the eighteen murder. She wrote Babylon five six in the city Jag and as the medical examiner, Donald Duck. Emailer d- in a long running CBS hid NCIS, but Franken me and a generation of kids who grew up in nineteen sixties hill for ever be known as the sexy and mysterious Russian agent is Korea -ken and as the. The iconic spies series man for Manco in an acting career that again way back in the nineteen forties. He's shared the big and small screen which Steve McQueen, Vida Houston. Feddie davis. Joan crawford. Sydney wate Claude range George Burns. And James Mason as well. As podcast favorite. John. Karen dean, Richard loo Cesar Romero and Vincent Price. These even worked with former podcast, guests, Lee, Mary weather. Bob were feldon and Richard Donner. Right. And I are excited to welcome to the show up for former who sang with Nancy Sinatra lip sing, no voice of Judy gar. Arlen and danced with a late Carol Channing and a man who was one tryst you'd for a mile hord of screaming fans by the central park mounted police talented and elegant David McCallum. Good evening. Dream. Bag line coming from. Go Scotland I have a dream that when I die I like to begin with these occasions with death. I I have a dream that I go in is enormous bowl room and every single one of the characters that I have played over my life. Is there right now, the only one who isn't there is documentary because he still have gone going relationship. Right. But I'm walking around this room in this dream, and these people come up to me and say, why the hell didn't you? You know, and criticize the performance of playing them, you know. Wow. It's a recurring dream, which is so awed. But I also divine idea a really does it pertain to when you played real people like Harold bride and the nights remember also fictional character. I I've no idea where it comes from. I know that in the days of my life had a dream where I was on Shostak avenue in theater, and I came out. Then you walk and you're doing the you go through all the stuff in the dressing room and finally come walking out, and I was hit by cab. And that's what I would wake up, which is typical you know, you couldn't find the right makeup to close. You're trying to find out if there's a name at least is at a Shakespeare play. I mean, what am I doing lights? And so ready on your waiting to go on. I don't know your lines. And then I played author in cameras in the Lincolnshire Marriot's an every night. I sang the music and played that park and from then on in never had that dream again whenever I got out and Josh forever. I was walking on Chaffetz. We have any the Ovatch the camel. And I'd go on sleeping, quite happily. So you don't have the the typical actors nightmare anymore. Mcallen, blew it away. Interesting. Can can I say something I first became familiar with you. And I was a kid watching the outer limits and from then on no matter what I saw you in. I would always go. Oh, it's the big head guy. Yes. The sixth finger six thing written by Josefino psycho, who wrote psycho. Yeah. I mean, when you when you think of the list, and I look at my hand think well them people shaking with which shaken have to keep my grandma proper. But you know, you missed all Sean Connery and may Brit. And you know, I mean, there's hun I've I've worked with hundreds of people and could have kept going with. I've also been asked. I'd I was asked to do a play reading once. I said, oh, and they sent me the script and I sat down we started to read the play up in upper east side. I suddenly realized I done the play and completely forgotten that I'd done it. So many things all of them wonderful. I had one great clunker directed by the Queen soap opera condom her name. And it was said ABC, I guess next. I've studios Pierre on seventy whatever it is. It was called the screaming skull screaming. And it went to you know, what have an I thought. Oh, thank God is gone. It'll never come back again. But lo and behold in this. Screaming skull emerge. So only one clump. Well, one that I really was embarrassed. LV wanted to when you have children, and and and you're growing up, and you have a mortgage and things times when people say we sending you a script, and you read the script and say. Okay. There's no way out, of course, bills coming next month. And you've got to deal with it all your grandchildren now. David and do they do show them any of the work day? Oh, yeah. I ate and they go from fifteen to. He was just five eight grandchildren eight to five. Yes. And in New York, I have six boys all of them blonde. All of them looking exactly like me when I was that age that that that they don't look like me. But I mean, they have that same physiological parents and back when you were nicknamed the blonde beetle know, my nickname, when I was I worked the glide bone opera company is stage managing because as far as an actor was a stage manager, I was a competent plumber electrician. I did all of that. And. List of world shoes, the stage real stage director of the entire line vote opera said you have to learn to handle the flats. And so which is what the scenery was cold. And so we went out on stage. And you picked the biggest money could find it was completely empty, and he showed me how to pick it up and run with it and Taba and take two and tied them together and everything and at the end of said all right Killa that's enough one after noon. I said kill. I was very emaciated in cave chested. I was not in any way and kill stuck for a while. But that's been my own nickname that and may call me the duck man, the duck man, and and Frank just mentioned your call the blonde Beadle. What you aware of that? I am. Yes. The nicest one they said and Catherine who with whom I've been married for fifty two years we've been together for fifty two. I always get Satistics nightly wrong. But it's always quite a long time. Yeah, I'm very early on in our association was a cartoon came out and said, I was the greatest thing is peanut butter and jelly. Born in Glasgow has definitely a compliment. Yeah. Because you were on a, you know, the star of man for monkey a ride around the, you know, the JAMES BOND Matt helm, Flint period. When being a secret agent was the coolest thing. What was in like Flint in like, Flint? Yeah. Yeah. With James Coburn who you worked with from the greatest. Yes. Yes. Yes. And you became like this major section ble is what will when you actually going about eating your toast in the morning, you feel like a sex. Entirely from the outside in from the inside. I I don't think I have ever in my life felt like a sex symbol. But I do remember when I came to Macy's doing man from uncle and was a public appearance because I had several records. I have my own orchestra on on capitol records with HP bomb doing the arrangements, and Dave Axelrod, of course, the great, Dave. Oh actual and we were going to do a public appearance in. So I arrived, and we went into macey's quite a large crowd, and the police came and said, you're not Congo Niyaz them, they'll tell you to pieces it's it's a out of control mob of fourteen year old girls, which is somewhat of a no see more on. But everyday that's what. Well, and so they decided that they had to get me out of the well, we have to be on the floor at executives and at one end was an L. Elevator into which you could drive a car. And so they backed one of New York's finest into the elevator backwards that they packed it in. And I got into we went in they cleared hell squid until we were saying, and he he's tied the car the lights going and everything flashing they opened the door and we flew out into the square and stole right in the square, and I'm sitting back comfortably. He is setting this poem man and desperately trying to stop the cau-. And I remember I turned to it was such a JAMES BOND moment, I said, you know, if you've channels the lights in the siren, this baby mites. Which he did. And it did enough we went, but it was an insane time, you mention being rescued from sense. Yeah. What happened with central park? I just went for a walk and was recognized a lot of people came around. And how were the did the police come to be summoned? Well, they were there. They were already there be. So that I was having a little trouble. I saw an interview with you. And you're talking about coming out of the house one day. And there were there was someone going through your trash that was. In in in that place was cold, California. Yes, it was a lady going to worry. Don't worry. I'm just looking for so veneers. Happen to you. Stories about you having to be rescued by screaming girls. Sounds like every man's fantasy. No, it's it's it's it's vicious one of the worst. One. I was most frightened. And then I'll tell you one that's delightful. But the most frightening was in Louisiana, and I think at Louisiana state university. And the there was a I was finally rescued from say, and they say they put me in the ladies room and two big cops stood outside and wouldn't let anybody into the ladies room. And I'm in the safe. But they forgot that they're a windows a tobacco of the ladies room. And these windows were pried open and the girl started to climb in through the back windows. An I was backed up against one side of the door. The cops were against the other, and I was beating on the door screaming open the door open the door, and I lost a few tufts of hair, which massively still grow. They've grown back. But you know, that kind of thing is not I'm believe, New York expression is not Kosheh. I read an interview with you. Correct me if I'm wrong, you said your aunts took delight in the idea of you being a a sex symbol that they thought it was rather ridiculous Scottish ons of handed in portfolios, you'd have to wait for a little while before checking if I see. I see. That story the the rescue story and the and and the the one from Macy's frightening. Macy's pleasant. Ninety five thousand dollars worth of damage five thousand dollars worth of damage show. It was kind of scary this six in both thing. Well, I was always protected, you know, and the delightful one was in Tokyo. And Catherine I will walking down the street in Tokyo. And if it got around India Kodiak, and was there, a whatever that Japanese is eighty which I don't know, and this sort of mob of young girls came charging down the street at a, Catherine. I looked around time to do anything. It was moving very fast. They got within ten feet stopped dead. And all it was. So great. Nice story. You knew David. I wanna go back. You knew you knew from the age of eight you're talking about if you were stagehand before you're an actor. You knew very young that you want. Hole in in an ins- institute in a goal school in Hempstead. God this. And I had been roped in by the actually I went to him the local attrition, then because I was so small I would crawl through the attics of houses when he was rewiring them because he was too big to get through. And he told me an awful lot about electrics. And he was the man who did the lighting in the local amateur dramatics aside. And Mr. Dyson buses hot said, the, you know, would you like to act and introduced me to the people, and they did one of those evenings where there's a pianist comedian woman singing publicly gusty signed. But she sang and one of the things was one scene from Shakespeare play and it happened to be they want. I think is from King John with the big bully. Jalen comes with red hot polka and is going to put out the eyes of the prince who pleads for his life, and at the end of the scene the entire audience leapt. It's feet. I mean, how could I miss? I must have been something around. I was a young. Yeah. This little blonde boy with his burly person saying he's going to put out my eyes. I mean, I'm cleaning. Anyway with all those people standing there. I thought homework. No. Practicing my oboe. No, I don't need to practice. The who wants to sit in an orchestra. Anyway, I'm home. That's great. And it was absolutely in in that moment. I was so relaxed and so happy, and it's one of the things about audiences that I've learned in my life is the warmth. It's you know, they say, you New York, obviously, every audience is different. When you're doing anything do particularly Amadeus with David suze shoe say is so sushi so aware of the audience each night. And in that moment, I realized that that contacted made that contact I think it was not what I had done. But more that contact interesting that gave me a a young boy who was. A l- very much a loner very much a reader of books very much in in my own world fantasy to a great extent. As far as Akkad academe makes concerned every report card I had does. Well, but could do bet and I knew what was required of Mayon. That's what I did. And the subjects that I enjoyed Dade. And at the age of fifty in I left school, the stamp of approval from the government. I think he's matriculated they called it and went to work and apart from a couple of years in the army. I'm still at it never looked back. I never looked back. Your parents were musicians. Your father was a violinist and the philharmonic knife on when I was born all over Scotland England with Chrysler, and Danny Melba, and those they went and played the holes was and knew great wonderful people that you worked with. And then he became the leader of the Scottish orchestra an about nineteen thirty four. I and then in nineteen thirty six Henry, wood and beach, the two major conductors one with the London philharmonic Yana with the London Symphony Orchestra. They both compete for father's talent. And he ended up with the London phila- Monica. He was with that right up to the war. They the the BBC did a lot of programs all of the factories in places. Join award father would go and do that. And then at the end of the war, Jack Briamah, the clarinet player decided to reform the Royal film, like wanting focused Anna's father to lead, and he did that right up until what seventy eight I think around that. Because he had a feeling beach was about to retire. And he wanted to lies beach him. Is it true? Your your your folks met in an orchestra pit plan. It's wonderful story. And I ain't gonna change it. Yes. School heading ten in Scotland. And what is interesting is. I'm mentioned having ten in NCIS mention something about I come every factly. What it was? I got this wonderful fan letter. And he said, I just have to write you because you mentioned heading to the movie cinema if father played in and he said, I just wanted you to know that when I was very little I would go to the theater and sit in the front row, and I used to reach through to the pit way of father was and talk to him. Wow. And he encouraged me to buy a violin. And I just wanted to thank you because I've enjoyed playing the vitamin oh my life having sat in that theater. That's great dad. Inspired him. Yeah. Six degrees of separation were they playing a silent film. That's that was. Yeah. Yeah. My mother worked in. The same venue. She also was into ladies orchestra. The photograph. A witch is phenomenal of that period with the clothes and everything on a seaside town to boot and the met they married, and then mother really didn't play that much off to that father was a great friend of Mantovani. So he did a lot of the men who on records and shortly before he died, he recorded softly, as I leave you which I thought was well placed and you're in the movie Freud with Montgomery Clift. G Caserne meant that used to be on TV will time and Houston, and what was Montgomery cliff like he became a very good friend. I love Monty Monty was a dip dip person. And really sweet. And but I was in a situation where you had a. Classic sadist masochist relationship. John was a sadist Monty was a masochist. And at one point in filming knows Beaumont when the twins Montgomery Clift myself in a dream sequence are on a place. We love rocks and the studio was covered real rock. And I fall over cliff pulling on the umbilical cord Monte along who stumbles and what we were shooting. John had to grips on one end of the thing dragging Monte over these rocks. Ma Monty was covered in blood thumbs swollen way up and I walked off the set. Well, I said I will not have anything to do with this. And I went by Jesse when I said, that's it. I can't take this. And so that this sort of stopped, you know, nobody was shooting anything, and there was a knock on my door, and Larry pox came in every parks. Well, and Nari pox was the one. Who persuaded me to go back? I then discovered what Larry parks did during the McCarthy hearings. And he was a good one to send me and say to hell with the principles come on back. So I went back and Joan came of. And I said to John who is much Tolan than I am why why are you doing this? So and he put his arm on my shoulder and said, it's good for him. David. It's good for him. Now that to me is a moment in my life that I will never. Wow. So late a bit later. I was in London. This was all taking place in Germany and Monte came over, and we were on Wall Street and having dinner together he said, I escaped I got away got away from John and he came over. And it was a moment of a phone on the table, and then phone rang and Mitchell d said it's for you, Mr. Clift, and he picked it up and held it up like this. And you could hit Jones voice, say hullo, Mon the. Wow. Why do you think what was his motivation? Why do you think he thought it would be good for him? Was he trying to get him in character? Just trying to be a performance abuse of inform out of this Freud kneeling, and I no way I can housetrained I can really follow that it was very strange things when Monty had colossal speeches had in the in the big anteater as Freud, and he would he would do the speech perfectly and John wouldn't print it they do it again. And I think they did it all day. And I don't know how many times he did. Well, and so in the studio soul, the rushes realized they just said Monte, Kev. You know, somebody takes Monte kept messing up, and we'll actually wrought him McDonald was the one when the court case came up. I think somebody's sued something for somebody for something. And Roddy called and said, would you give testimony is absolutely this is ridiculous. But then when Monte finally the wasn't there about I heard that Elizabeth Taylor ho his his great friend, and and Burton and others. Monty was having hard time. Yeah. And they got a movie for him. I think Brando had something to do that too. And they asked Monte who he'd like to direct it. And he said, John go. Wow out that. Yeah. It's quite a story. And I can say it now because they've all moved. Everyone's. Shut every watching the great escape speaking of everyone moving on Gilbert. I were talking about the great escape, and I was watching it last night again. And you're the last of the Mohicans from that one to the local bar little house. We have out here on lanting beach. The having a screening of the great escape, and I say, why don't you make it? A reunion of time. That's great. They say where are we look at it? It's it there must be a bit player. No, no, the guy who escapes with Chani Brunson. Oh, yes. I forgotten Sean, John, John, John, John. I'll look it up. I'm sorry. I should've been stars. I mean garner and Cockburn. And. If you have a moment to go back to death. Obsession. Pathology true. When when Donald Pleasants died, I called his wife 'cause I know new them him very well. And. I said I'm really sorry to hear about the Donald. And she dive it is aside. He was in Germany, and he was over in France. There was so it was so awful. They they how they I mean, they didn't take care of them. Hold on a minute. I say what is it? He say I on he's here Donald here. I'll call you back. And I hope my God. She's gone completely bonkers. And it was a strange moment. And then I discovered it was the coffin being delivered from your. Well. Black comedy. Wow. You you took part of the fiftieth anniversary event for the great escape in Nebraska and 2013. Yes. I thought it was as you just described it. It was in fact a way to get me to do two and a half hours of signing photographs and autographs. Oh, I see interesting to see the original print. On a screen and the digitized versions much better. It what they do know screen is wonderful, Blu. Ray looks beautiful by the way. Yeah. Yeah. You and you in garner became pals too. Yes. Well, it was three of us. That was Jim myself and dawn 'cause I knew Donald and we just happen to be a group at eight to get right, right? Brian these things happen, right? And you said every they quickly formed groups there and each one people that had known each other before it happens on every set. I mean, it's at you known, sir. Richard before he wasn't, sir. Richard at that's I'm rich when they said give a knighthood they meant his brother, David, but that may be pucker full too, right? But I think David Attenborough is. I mean, Richard. I'm David is domino Richard to riches at unlovely, dear person, and one thing we have in common. I guess is. We both do a lot of voiceovers. And and you you said you had a great line about why you like doing voice overs. They did. Video game. Yeah. You said that it's it's a great excuse to overact. Oh, yes. Well, that's other. Uh-huh. Done a couple of cartoons. And you know, you you really can lose if you want to and you're sitting around with people making most extrordinary noisy. It's quite wonderful. Do you? Get your grandchildren. You show them. Those the Batman cartoon women's television. Today you in Batman wonder woman. Right. The that was your voice wasn't. I said, yeah. Probably. But today I got today the final version in June. We were Normandy the beaches, and I never been and Catherine I went there, and it is an extraordinary experience to go to the beach, which you know, this table, this vast space, and how the beaches, you know, my beach used to be fifty yards long this funds half a mile out to sea. And it was an interesting visit. And at the end, I was there actually to be the owner a spokesman for the World War Two foundation. And the foundation asked me general Davis asked me if I would rate the there was a very famous moment in World War history plan to hawk where they basically stormed the beaches on d day. They were they were really the people that made possible to get up to get rid of the guns. Going to be firing on Omaha. And I said you show you get back to the week. Glad lad from go to do. And he said, no, no, we really liked to do it. I got it today. The Finnish version without the credits. But it it is it is good for you. And just such an honor to be able to have done. That narration something out of we Catherine I work and have many many years with the Marine Corps scholarship foundation. And they've raised a well over one hundred million dollars to send the children of marines on the Coleman who who work with them to college to help them, and it is a phenomenal. I did the fiftieth reunion as MC here the hill, and I've done on the west coast quite a bit. I've done the emceeing evenings. And it is a great honor to be involved. With the marines and into been given the opportunity in a very slight way is the payback able to be part of that some question centers. I'll get to later, but a couple of people wrote please thank David for all he's done for the for the Marine Corps, which I will. I will mention when we get to the listener questions up. We'll keep it. Good for you. That's admirable. What are you folks? Think when when you told them you wanted to act, I I assume they had being a musician in mind for you ready been playing the oboe of a number of years with the Karonga player from the Royal Philharmonic, and Leonard brain and Leonard had got me to the point. I was in senior kisser a one day totally lost in the orchestra. I was no India. I had not been practising enough and. My father said we really want, you know, when you finish school to go to Paris, and we will pay send you to the Paris conservator to study, the oboe, and that's what I said, I really don't want to that. And he said, well, then you back up and leave and go find yourself job. I mean, basically while that was not quite such terms. But that was obviously and also what I wanted to do. And so I present this is four four. Go ahead. Go did your parents see your success? My father thought it was a terrible idea to be an actor until my name was in thirty foot lettuce in less the square moving. He came around. My mother's philosophy was very simple with children you feed them. You cuddle them you answer their questions, and you leave him in Tyler loan. Let them work at. You know, we were to a great extent with homework. You know, the people being homework home when the kid and the father sit down and do the homework the ideas, the kid does it most the school inex- stay and the teacher says why didn't you do finish it? He has to deal with force, of course. And my mother's philosophy was Lee Malone. They'll be fine. What was the what was the movie where your dad actually got to see an early British Ville it was making me? Remember? Robbery under arms repeat offense. Yeah. Yeah. NPD who else? Oh, became a very good friend over the as they did not a couple of things with pita and competed, and I won sat down and say we about collective collective nouns. Which is this Cushing Cushing? We're looking when I was doing thing. Call shooting up children in school. It was great. But pitas, we were talking about. Collective nouns. You know, and he said there isn't really a good name actors. What do you call a group of actors? So the next day he came in. He said, I've got it. And I said what is it? He said, it's grumble grumble. Grow grumble Leveque was that the juvenile delinquency film, the violent playground. I watched some of that it's on YouTube. It's some sort of a blackboard jungle. You're you're you're very dated date. Yeah. But interests, but interesting Schwyz was weapon, I was angry young man kinda kinda film of belong. So that Sean what happened to me? I was in repertory at Oxford University, the play house and. There is quite a gay community at that time at Oxford and all of those wonderful music musicals, those salad days all of that music. And if you know, it, you know, what I mean is very light and pastel shades on older men, wearing pink shirts and things. But I'm there was a photographer. Kenny parka, and he would photograph all the undergraduate. So whatever you call them in particular environment. And he said, I won't do a picture, and he took a picture of me. It was exactly at the time of James Dean, and I have both of them on the wall the dean picture and the picture me. I mean, it's he copied it. And that's the picture that went to Clive Donna, not dick Donna Klein honor. And it was Clive on his first movie was it was called the secret place with Belinda Lee. And. Be about. But that imitated in that photograph in that James Dean is what got me into movies interesting. Yeah. Because they thought you were and then years and years later, I was in Italy doing a film gold like to with a lovely director lovely man, we had six feet of snow in Yugoslavia having a great time. And I don't if you know, but when Belinda Lee was living in America. She was in a car driven across Nevada, and she was dating talion count. They ran right in the back of a truck, and she was beheaded. Oh, my photographs with a top of the head at the side of the road instant death of Belinda Lee and wh- sitting in the snow with Paolo. He said, oh my God echoes. He worked with Belinda. And I say, well, how do you know her? He said I was. The driver of that car, all my. Oh, my Lilly. He ducked. Yes. She was probably asleep. Terrible. It. It's amazing to me. How things, you know, come around six degrees. There's a lot of that. Sure. Of that we do a show like this. We were telling you when you came in. We've had two hundred and fifty guests and the way people stories overlap of that's we get different two different stories from the same story from three different perspectives of people that worked on the same the game called telephone is it. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's a fascinating concept. The whole idea of six degrees. Gilbert wants to ask you, those those outer limits questions. Yes. If if if you remember anything about playing the minor the track the reg the rather tragic minor limb. Yeah. Yeah. And that lovely. Jailhouse off right. Who died a few years ago? Yeah. An Edward mohair and had been my, hey, yeah. Known to American audiences most for the for the ghost and MRs Muir series. And didn't he do my fair lady on vote? Eight must have because he's just perfect for. If he didn't he should he should have. But just I just wanna ask you about the this. These are two questions from you. Remember, our friend, Gary Ronnie Gill. Oh, yes, Harry's you Ronnie did the audio commentaries for some of the outer limits releases. And he said, please as David that he delivered some of the series most elegant and poetic speeches and given the swiftness of TV production at the time. Was there any time for rehearsal, and did you work on that dialogue yourself? I came up with a couple of things we was short. Yeah. And in one of the scenes in one day, I was thinking through books as that very thing. Reading encyclopedia Britannica and twenty seconds at all. And one of them was a book of actually of Bach about preludes, and I happened to see it. And I think in film, I don't if you see that on the flaking, but the music may game was impressed me slightly. And the next day when I heard it was short. I said, well, he seen the music, and why doesn't he sit down at a piano and play the piano. Right. That's great Saint. And so that was the scene that was added as a result of me seeing that little that was one moment. But my my I can't remember the exact, quote, my son still quotes, my eldest son with Catherine your ignorance makes me ill. Some scathing thing raise yelling at the at the police. It's a credit to you as an actor that you manage to make that character Annette absurd situation believable. Sympathetic when shooting last seen, you know, when when this the thing, and he she opens it up as back chamber. Yeah. And I say to you knew any more interesting if it was a recess monkey no, well, something and somebody suggested getting some catch up just having a pool of catch up on the chair. But whatever member in that, it's the most highly advance scientists any invents a machine that could turn you into an advanced human. And when you see them as sheen. It's a lever. Forward and back. Yes. So you can make someone into a caveman. If you want vans. I am such a sucker. I don't. At one point David's in the chamber when your character Gwilym is in the chamber. She's pushing it backward, and you see him growing hair. You see them going back to being permitted man to far. Poured again, and you tell her beforehand. Now, if you push the lever forward, I go forward if you push them lever. Please the it's wild and the early days of prosthetic makeup to when you're walking around with your talk in the morning. We it took until eight to put it on. And I could work till eleven twelve and then it had to come off. He was so heavy, but my father when rather than saying here, I am in the flesh used to say here, I am in the bone because he was somewhat not cadaverous but very very strong bone formation and even eat a lot. And when I put that whole thing on hold on. I thought oh my God. It's my father. The cheek bones, and the whole thing it just so reminder, not the, you know, the top erected by James Goldstone, a little trivia who directed a man from episode. Yes. Yeah. Rapid fallen light to work with. Wonderful. Creative. Simple. Never a problem. And all of it covered over by the fact that he was studying either to write something or to make a political speech because he was very fond of the Kennedys and worked with them. And he I think he was also at the university taking one of those letters that you get past your name, then have eluded me in my life. He became a PHD MP, actually. And so he would very much become out on the set. He who ever he heals new his words perfectly acting one. Oh, one which in many cases is gone by the board, which I'm horrified to see. But he was all prepared and I love to choreograph scenes with the director. So I had worked out you. We know what I stand. Here you stand there, you do this and that knee went along with it. We just very Copacetic and great we had we had a good. Time and Leo's wonderful. And we had all these charming lovely ladies came by all the incidence said a very nice thing about Robert when he passed. It was very touching. You said losing him was like losing a part of yourself. Yes. Too. Sweet. It's true. You know, the older I get the more people going here we go again. But you know, what are the things I've noticed if I go to somebody's funeral and people stand up and eulogize them. I sit there thinking, I didn't know anything about this. How the hell why the hell didn't I know about all this about this person when they were alive, you know, suddenly they have a military history. You don't highly decorated or something or they were there's always a lot. No someone. Well. And yet there's parts of they never they've gone. It's a mistake steak, and it was one we'll see this was girl for Mongol, which you are non no. And where they had Boris Karloff in drag. Yes, miss. What was it mother Muffin? Yes. Have you ever met Boris Karloff? No now. No, I knew. Oh god. Love the name. You mentioned him. It's Vincent Price. Yeah. Yeah. Vincent Price had a house north of Malibu. An apartment or maybe has Khan remember, but he invited his whole up of dinner lunch. One sunday. And I I knew him quite well night, lovely, man. He's a great villain. He's in one of the best episodes. And and speaking of of cooks, I I realized the other day that at some point in my life. I did a show with Danny Kaye, and Danny ks dressing room. And we with Danny Kaye for a while. He was an obsessive cook he cooked thing. We heard about heavy just quite wonderful. He's in that. We've talked before we turn the mic zone. We're talking about Carol Channing who you were in a variety show with we just lost. If the age of ninety seven house divide believe Danny Kaye was on that was on that special. I think it was George Burns and Danny Kaye. And you I don't remember that he came being on that maybe it was the Andy Williams one. But it was one it was one or the other because I was watching them. Last night. It's funny. We were guilty, and I were laughing about the days of variety shows. Yes. When a hot actor like yourself at the time or Adam west would be invited onto these variety shows and mostly in character. Yes. When the first Andy Williams show, I did they had the Tijuana brass. Yeah. And we would doing but um pump. Boom, boom, boom. You didn't realize that was me back. Good old clothes big. Boom, boom. And then they'd pull me out of the you know, that uncle agent in disguise. I was explaining Gilbert today, the Andy Williams special you pull out a device that that that that Korea can is working on which allows you to simulate anyone else's voice. That's that won't be Judy on suddenly, you're you're singing the man that got away. Do it with Andy Williams, and it's surreal. I. In for anything a wonderful piece of tape because hun hullaballoo. Yeah. When I hosted hullabaloo, and double some that I'm seeing in dancing away. Just quite amazing. Who is this guy? I've heard you say that you look back at this stuff, and you don't doing Julius Caesar in central park. Yeah. I mean, I count imagine. Now, you can't imagine looking back upper Felton said back then and it's funny to mention Barbara feldon Kush show this secret agent. And she said Kush us known at that time Abe free week. She was doing another variety show. Yeah. I I have to China. I'm sure I did others. Well, prevent we'll get back to. But since you brought up music. I have to ask you too about the big TNT show. Isn't that wonderful all the hell did you get involved with that list of names? I have it here somewhere. Let me find it. It's on one of my cards funny show. It was it was Ray Charles and Joan Baez, and whereas I get the same billing. The master of ceremonies and the. Oh. The band rate Charles. It was the raw nets. It was the birds. I contain a turn contain attendant friend, David McCallum. Needed to say my children have the post on fem are in the hunt. That's wild is cheeky. Yeah. Now, I know you had a music career. But how did you get involved with that? Well, when we the men from coll- was a big success. They came and said we want you to sing that simple. And we'd sing a song will release it. And I said, I don't really want to sing. But I'd like to Reichen orchestration. So what I thought I would do is to take not 'electronic just straight woodwind and take a quartet of ovo, basically OBE accordingly. Anything and four French horns to do in the string section but used four French horns and take the top forty of the time and make it Rodham mode sought in drawing room, you know, the sound. I've never heard I'd love to do it. One day. Anybody listening? You never know it at the same time. I I was then given to David Axelrod. I met Peggy Lee and Lou rolls all of us and the people he was working with. And he said less use HP Bonham who was doing the that time doing the arrangements for the Supremes. So here I am his glitter. Artie of the music business. I'm not gonna say I want to do Mozarteum stuff. Flo flows. So I when I went in the studio the first time, and I think it was satisfaction. And you know, they blew the studio down I read it was going match thing. Like what I had imagined? I can imagine. But everybody was saying, oh, this is so cool. And so great that I'm thinking, well, go the flow as you say, it's great when we do research into the guests career and the little surprises. And I knew a lot about you. I knew the Titanic movie. I knew the great escape, of course, hyung-chol, but I did. And I knew you had a music I need a couple of albums. I did not know you conducted the orchestra Elliott the big TNT show at the old Moulin Rouge in Hollywood. And it's just I was here. I found the card. It's Ray Charles Joan by as backed by Phil spector on piano, Roger Millar king of the road king, Iran. It's Donovan the birds Turner. How 'bout that? David, mika. Gentlemen, the orchestra that clip. Speaking of music of you singing with Nancy Sinatra will you sing trouble? Yeah. I think that's fun. That's fun. Yeah. He's still get little checks from Africa. You. But there's another moment of token, conducting orchestras, I did a thing called mother love. She have mentioned for British television. And as part of it, I play travelling worldwide conductor, and I they said at one point we need you to conduct an orchestra. I said fine. Ball quintet or something? And then they said today's the day and I'd worked with a conductor. I know how to conduct my father told me all about that. And he told me all the things that conduct. Do they don't like. And he told me when the band goes on automatic pilot, which I thought was one of light infantry. And they said today's the day, and I went down to the whole VC Symphony Orchestra was there, and I did a piece of Mozart which used the beach recording of the half nece infamy. He's very specific tempos and and then in the rehearsal. I did the Prokofiev classical symphony. So I- conducted both of these one in mufti and the other in full, you know, white tie and tails, and when it was all over somebody said, you father would've been proud of you. And I thought I was such a nice thing to say, they all new money was and the orchestra, and I turned to the principal cello and said, you know, did what I could. And he said better than what we usually get. Which I have lived on. Fries. I don't know if it was the cellist. I wanted a tribute to anybody. I I heard them say that conductors is like a nica to stream. Well, were you stunned that in front of seventy people, and you lift your hand up in the and you bring it done in single beat particular view doing Beethoven's fifth because that's what you have to do one of the auto wants to start. But. You know, I've sat in the pit with Vittorio gooey with. Oh, so many many conductors ov- over my lifetime and watch beach him a lot this something. On the other end of that. Which is quite extraordinary to me is when you have seventy or moma's, Asians. And when it starts it's as if there's one person there if you listen to a great Chicago symphony the Vienna philharmonic. It you gotta remember it seventy people. And if you listen the precision, and I remember watching with the raw them on the woodwind section. They could Choon them minds and their instruments to a quarter of a note. You know, we can hear note and a half. No, he's a little out of tune. But they could actually hear something out of tune that I could not here at all and the dexterity of which they played those instruments and as a team to macula, it's it's I know off that kind of ability myself, it's it's why it's wonderful to watch golf. I mean, I've been on the T it Rivi a- watch those quite short. Guys hit the ball 365-yard outta they do it. It's just watching expert people do the thing they do it such a pleasure and a couple of years ago, the movie baby driver came out and David McCallum composition turned up on the soundtrack. Do you know what I'm referring? I think it was written by David Axelrod. Oh. I was at the edge. Yes. Oh, okay for but from your album, but it's on the album, and I take credit all credit. Enough istan. I stand corrected. What do you want to ask this man about you want to ask about I want to ask good taste, the Frankenstein movie? We have to ask you about the Frankenstein. The true story. Prettiest Frankenstein ever like a Sarah's. Have you as the mad doctor? Yeah. And reclaimable Clavell Lavelle. Anyway, I've seen it in years is the only thing that I remember about that. I think who directed midway the first one oh gosh. Anyways, director shacks might Dax mind. Yeah. Anyway checks might write it down to treat a lady we love. Yes. He he was a lovely bed. I gotta find something. So went to the prob department the studio we working in I found a parabolic Mira which was about that big a good three feet in diameter. And if you held it up, the distortion of your own face was quite extraordinary, and I thought perfect, and there's one scene where I walk around the room with some speech that needed a little something. And there is this face in the mirror. That's all. And the other thing I love in order to have a hospital some. Somewhere this Mary's hospital in London which had been closed up the attic since the mid eighteen hundreds they decided to go and see what was up there. And there was the hospital exactly as they just close it up beds everything and the while frozen in time blues boo the dust off. And that's where we shot a lot of this stuff in a hospital. And this one point I think it was in France where I saw a leg off that sounds right and. Tin can on the ground, and I got a piece of wood. An a soul put the guy on the bed. I never actually saw what I was doing. But I actually cut through the wood. And when it fell off it fell into the bucket with a clunk, and the it's exactly in in the movie. It's very interesting revisionist take on the Frankenstein story. And it's like they tried to bake the Frankenstein story, and the brighter Frankenstein into the movie because doctor Polidori the basin character. Oh, yeah. A very good friend reysen. Yes. And when I was at Glen born the Ablett's with the directors and years years later in James was living in Malibu, he called me out one night. I come over and have dinner, and I went over and the young Abe, but was there, and he was telling me all about me when he saw me as a young stage man is his stage manager property Mosser glide below well. And he said, I remember you doing this and doing that doing that. He was a really nice moment to be reminded of those moments. One is your favorite David with with a little bit of your impression because I think he'll I think you'll get a kick out of it. From this branch on your own Chevy memories. Show Pendleton or Leo funds worth. It should dish in need Chiro. I think pretty pretty good brand. This is Richard Burton. I could've been a contender. I want to talk about a nicer remember too. But I'm just going to ask you about some of these people because I found this interesting. We talked about all the people that that showed up on on the man from. And you said that someone asked you interview where you starstruck by people like Joan Crawford, George sandals. And you said all of them. Holy. I mean when I was in my early teens. My father would take us to the Odeon local Odeon cinema. And if he came we sat upstairs in the front, and if we went our own we went downstairs in front, which is dreadful because big screen, but with father, it was fabulous. And I watched you know, all of those people, and particularly all the gangsters possess ski, and and Sheehan aloe and all those incredible people and on the men from own cool. They all came by showed up, and I didn't have a a note enough at autograph. I heard you say that you regretted not having an autograph. George Sanders had to come sation we've Bob and I one one day when we were working that he was going to kill himself when he got to a certain age. Wow. And he did because he didn't want to grow old. And and when Joan Crawford came along and the roses everywhere, and it was the wrong color because I think it was the Coca Cola. She wasn't she. Oh, yes. Yeah. All of that. On the assistant director said get the girl. I said Darrell don't say that. Why didn't you say miss Crawford? I don't think the goal is the right thing to say this week. I'll just so many many many Elsa Lanchester Elsa. Lanchester Vincent Price. George sanders. Joan Crawford Moreland himself. Oh, Jack Palance, Jack pal. Nimoy four guy. Wonderful atlanta. Yeah. Tell us about you. Jack Powell Palance exactly the way he was on the real deal real deal. Yeah. It's like Keenan Wynn. And who is that wild one? Why the drunks all the great trunks over you worked with rip torn there's one really I didn't know that. Yeah. What was Keenan Wynn? Like Keenan was dear I was in Florida with him doing around the world under the sea has the lurid. Most wonderful posters. And there was a moment when the sun man came to me on NCIS and said, I found this posted he showed it to me on his computer. And it was the big one of around the world under the sea. But I think any talion, and so he gave me the number, and I called the people, and they said it's just been bought sorry. And then at the end of that week, they said, we have some there's a birthday of somebody in on the set, and I smelled a rat. I didn't know what it was. But I went down the whole crew and everybody from the offices was done at Mark Haman, presented me with that post one voted and gave it to me lovely, and I still have it always still up there. Yeah. George sanders. Herbert Lom MAURICE Evans. John carradine. These are some of the people that you worked with them on John Kerry, what a roster of people tell you about. Anybody you know, we would. Anthony Hopkins said it was beautifully. They said, well, how do you prepare unroll say what are you know, I've been doing this rather a long time. I read the script, and then I learned my lines. And I try to look my best and I go along and I do the bit. The simple description of something which. Some people can make so complex was Iliad curiosity named after a prostitute in in the in ever. Ever. Meet the gentleman. True. What was Alea's middle name? Oh, have no idea just thing. Nick of it Nicovic. Love that. No on a trivia site. And I hope it's true. We'll have to double check. But that Ilya was the prostitute. And the film never on Sunday. Wow. Mellon either? Norman Felton, Lena, McCurry, very good that the I guess Norman Felton or or Sam RAV saw that and like the name. That's that's the story that I read could be be s. As this entire evening has been a. None of it's true. It's true. Let me ask you about playing Harold bride and a night to remember, which my wife, and I wash and Gilbert, and I were talking about it. I think it's the best movie about Titanic personally won. If it's wonderful film penned, commend, what would is all the actors of the helm of working in London that time they're all in the NFL Moore and Alec mccowan Dennis desma. Well, and everybody turns up. Yes. And if you haven't seen it, you should watch it because historically, it's a wonderful document. I had a little tiny red car in those days. And I drove out to the studio of the first time I was called and pinewood you have the studios, and then the back there's a lot which is, you know, fields. But they built the whole sent a section of the Titanic at a forty well, thirty five degree angle and. I'll have to work on me I angle and if. And it was all lit up and you come round the corner. And there it is as if it sink. It was a night say looked as if it was sinking into the ground. It was an image. I have you know, you have those images or stay with you forever. And then I did the whole thing when we were in rice lip Lido in the water never for more than five minutes. It was only ten degrees warmer than it wasn't the Atlantic. So it was very very cold, and they had nurses and things to try and keep us, warm and everything and. I learned years later that Harold bride was so upset I don't know why telegraph operators to bring. Was sent to that. It was CQ de come creek distress. And they sent out SOS, but he went to Scotland through crofters cottage way in the north of Scotland and became a recluse. And the only reason I knew it was it was a little note in the paper that said he died. Being that it was based on the true story, the Titanic and that you were freezing water was there like a motion oil. Problems with the actors after that any of them get really upset if they did they kept it from me. I never knew anybody who suffered nuts a job of work, and they take great care of you. And some survivors did come to the premier. I went to all. Yeah. We had leeann reunions of all survivors same with the coldest story that I didn't was all about the escapes from this prisoner of war camp. The survivors of that used to go to the visit pub just by King's Cross, and we'd all meet there. We'd all go kept going. It was like my mother used to play in a quintet. And then she played in a quartet. And then she played in a trio. And then it was the. It was unaccompanied. This is the way these things I think the last survivor, your, what was your opinion on current Titanic film? I've never watched it all the way through. I've tried to watch it. But to me, it seemed to be more of a. I'm not saying the word denigrating. I'm more of soap opera is more about sort of a love story between Amanda woman rather than a documentary about what happened. Yeah. And having the images and remembering and meeting all the people that I met. It just I I'm not good at it was at the largest pro British production of the decade. I believe and the loan. The biggest film that the Rank Organisation had had made will. Yeah. Just today building that set. Yeah. Must have been tremendous. Yeah. Yeah. And then another boat picture. I did was Billy Budd. Oh, sure. Well, ask you about Billy Budd with Ustinov and Melvyn Douglas, and all those people my favorite play about that movie was the cameraman who operated the whole movie whenever the ship was going this way, he went up and down that way, whenever it went this way, maybe shooting, you know, whatever the angle he actually with the wheels on Moi head would do if you watch them you've interesting, whatever that direction that shift is going you're aware of it. It's it was a superlative. Give people he's operating. I have a question about Billy Budd actually from from one of our listeners. This is from Luke he says, it was an actors film does David what was the environment. Like was there sharing and generosity among the actors or was it competitive? I've never in my life been in a place where actors were competitive that's good to hear. I wouldn't know that's good to hear. But what I know was it was we were in Alicante, and we had pita, and we had the boat and wasn't really any way you could get off the boat because he was a tea clipper empty inside. But there was a boat hanging off the back the dinghy off the back, and I climbed down, and it was very hot and we had five layers of clothes. So I went way too. A little local Taylor, and I had him make Dicky's out of everything. So I wore a t shirt and the shirt, and then my entire wardrobe had zipper Phil, I could take it off and put it on his fully dressed through that having to go through less, and I've dropped down into the boat the back, and it became my dental dressing room back there. I had. My own space. Oh, that's great. Because for the first couple of weeks when used enough was telling his stories, and we were all in hysterics 'cause he's one of the funniest manual of work with by the time. You got to the third. We just beginning to edge. Then it got to the point where you had to escape. No matter what. But I also had the great pleasure of meeting. Robert ryan. And I told my common, you know. Mark felt that it was a great company to him. I said that Maga reminded me very much Rover Ryan, well, but of a wonderful wonderful act, and such a gentleman and Robert Ryan was always like the meanest person in the movie his characters. So he was a NOP assist of that. Oh us. It was a charming fully. He was a gentleman. I mean, the easiest way to say it borgnine who always played bruisers was actually a gentle soul. Everyone liked him. Yeah. And so you say every one of the actors you've worked with has been a pro like not the bit a couple of actresses who would suggest that they take up other work. The screaming skull play. No, no that was dick cabbage wife who's in. It wasn't that very chair week ago. Good, man. Yeah. He still has the actor's nightmare, by the way. He has the talk show host nightmare where he the guest is there, and he doesn't have the cards, and he has no questions and he's totally unprepared. Which is interesting. Yeah. Here's another question for you from a from a fan of this is from Beverly car who is a big fan of yours. Does does Mr. McCallum have a favorite classical composer or piece of music? There are too many too many to pick. You know, you gotta start with moats on and then you would move onto Haydn obviously in Papa Haydn. And then growing up I went through severe phase of Malla broke ni-. I have the same attitude towards Beethoven that Glenn Gould had found interview with Glenn Gould ones who was explaining what he dealing with Bach. And he said Beethoven, then did he give at least lip stations of bomb pump pump? It was very funny a little heaviness sometimes. But I I was property master line ball and we did moat saw and because he found two so it begins. Yes. And yes, I would say motza JD D says what is the story behind David's rather? Bizarre nineteen sixty six single Mike carousel is there a story there. Carousel. We're going back to far maybe here with some of these. There is a single them. Beside. I think was communication now. That was the that was the side. So I've got a unique -ation is wonderful. It's a takeoff of leader of the pack. Oh, okay of leader. Eric. Man. I gonna sing where my going in this world. I mean, there's also wonderful sort of silly lines. I wrote, and they put all this these women we love you the whole day through all. I've had a checkered career. I'm going to read a couple of quickly of these names. Steve McQueen, James Mason, Monty Clift. We talked about James garner, Richard Dreyfuss Claude rains you were in the greatest story ever told. I never was in the same never seen with him, sir. Richard Attenborough Roddy McDowell Roddy was a good friend for quite a long time. And Ronnie was wonderful because he he kept up a correspondence he wrote everybody, and they all wrote back and that was his life with these letters. I've we've heard so many sweet things about him among the two hundred people that we've that we've interviewed and Bette Davis. Davis ya. Yeah. You're a member anything about the watcher in the woods was was a a movie, which was neither science fiction or the other. And and the movie sort of went in one direction and the end suddenly twisted around went science fiction, and I never felt that the two came together. But it was an interesting project you worked with both Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Yes. Yeah. George. The name showing Connor van Sean Connery. Yeah. They what was that cold? Hell drivers. Yes. Directed by someone who was blacklisted during again, Runamuck coffee. Oh, gosh. Yeah. I found it. Interesting enfield. What's that site Enfield's field? Yeah. I found it fascinating. That Robert Vaughn wrote a book about the blacklist about the Hollywood blacklist. Yeah. That was one of his his interests. Yes. Yeah. Yes. What an interesting, man. And I think that I just pop a memory in my head with George Sanders. I think his suicide note was I'm tired of living in this cesspool Orem bored. I'm bored. I like that someone else had this cesspool one. But I'm I'm just bored. Well, I have no intention of committing suicide and bled. David. But I. I have known people very close who have know. And he's a straw early. Interesting subject in many ways, the means how it happens and obviously who had happened to. But at the same time. You know, what's having most wonderful over the years his depression? We've become to grips with that. So much more than we used to. And I've also been very where we came back to the marines. The number of suicides, you get within the military, which is a terrible problem. But it's. Being a pathologist for sixteen years virtual virtual pathology Ducky Mallard. I mean, I know how to cut them up and Dyson and all that and perhaps them, but at the same time when it comes to the the lab, and all, you know, getting on a microscope, which is how you find out how the actual defecate and everything unless it's obvious. I've studied that. But I wouldn't be able to do it. Have you been present for autopsies or perform though? Yeah. Performed, but but you've been untouched, but I've been yes. Fully gunned and cloth. Fascinating. What is course like the suicide among marines. I don't know what it is. But I think depression PDF's d has to do with it. They getting a handle on it that a societies. And you know, when I go to the Marine Corps functions. Very often. Then people come up and talk to me and give me their con. And very often. It's a foundation arm association that deals with PD and is there to help. And that now is tremendous. My wife's father was tinian. You will as ipad. I mean, he went right through the Pacific, and then her brother was killed denying. So we have that involvement with Marine Corps, but back, then, you know, you came back from wars World War Two, even and, you know, the no organizations at toll to support these people, and you know, you arrive back you've been on Wall Street before you left or you've been in college. And you went to work, you suck it up and went to work with devastating psychological effects. And nowadays. I think that whole thing has changed. I think now very very aware of what it what it does to people. Which just wanna get this in buddy, Spencer? When our listener says, I'm a big NCIS fan. But I do wanna thank David for his support of the Marine Corps in the USO. He's veteran as well. So I wanted to get that out there. You're doing good things. David for people. Yeah. Well, we had a big family gathering long ago at Christmas. No thanksgiving, and I was asked to say a few words, and I ended what I said, whether very simple thing, I said just every night before you go to bed say to yourself what I done today to help some money. Oh, more than one person. I mean, just do something for somebody else and your life will take on a whole new. Meaning that's a great way to live. The only way. Gilbert, what else you have for this man, by the way, I want to bring up to death of a dream. I wanna bring up since we talked about Titanic, and we were talking about your voice overs in your narrating, you'd you'd narrated that wonderful Titanic documentary, which people should see. I'd forgotten. But it's very good. It's very good interesting. Yeah. It's it's it's the best. I think it's the best documentary my documentary when I played Beethoven and actually did it in the voice of bait. Did you ABC? Oh, one of those way was the name of that. No idea. Did you have trouble in the beginning? Because of your Scottish accent. I went to a man called Rupert Bruce Locke who was the singing coach of Covent Garden because my father was in the pit, it'd come garden. So he'd met a lot of people and he introduced me to Rupert Bruce locker because I had a Glasgow accent, which occasionally I can turn on Wedneday. But my mother said, please don't do that. Anyway, he taught me he eliminated my Scottish accent. And we did it using the French language, and I had to learn SCR reams of receiving and things in order to speak French, and then go from French to English without his more the cadence then vowel and consonant Russians ever get in touch with you and say you sound nothing like a Russian. No, I was censured in Pravda. Really? Yeah. There was something about American television. And this it's also you can't quite get a handle on. I guess it's part of Ilias mystery is Izzy from is Georgian is a Ukrainian is he is he Russian very little bit of everything Nevada very beginning to a one or two references to who he was and I talked to Sam Rolfe, and it was a conscious decision to never reveal anything. About him at all idea because I said, then everybody can have their own image. I was smart. Yeah. And he's part gypsy too. I think he's very comfortable around plays the violin. Yeah. Yes. Enigmatic was the word that they used to describe that character. Yeah. David. This was fun. We thank you for schlepping in the cold. And taking a stroll down memory lane with. And you know, I'm thinking is that when this is all over, and my son Pedo, and so few my daughter, I mean, they can get a copy of this and have it for posterity. And how I wish I could have my father sit down and do amid everybody in the world. Of course, how to be able to sit down and just talk about the past well to that end will you will you write a book or or, but it's novel when it did very well. And I'm trying to write a second one at the moment, which is not easy because I said the the bar too high with the first one, and it will see I meant what you write a memoir or autobiography about all of these the only thing I could do is if someone came along and said, I wanna write your memoir with you. And and do we've literally done here. I have a book with a year from when I was. Born and said he three right through until he is not and whenever I find a Leto or anything, I wrote pretend the book. So I have a crazy diary of my life's too help me remember things. And so using that as a basis someone could say, you know, I'd like to sit down and just talk through. But I could I wouldn't wanna sit on a write my own. It would not be an autobiography okay anyone's listening. This is it this is my biography guys. Known as the Godfrey Frank. That's it. Now earlier today. My wife was on the phone with you. And I on the phone. And I just remember I say, hi, David skill Guttridge. And you said, oh, did you have a good lunch? Yes. Yes. I what doing with. It was three o'clock. You had a warm sound in your voice. Nice little bit of a little bit. I think it was a cabin could smile. And I just come from a wonderful lunch, the Marine Corps scholarship foundation. So I thought well if I had a good lunch you have to. I don't know. You learn I going to say getting. Today. You for me with Gilbert's work as end up better off. You are better off. Here's a quote, David. You said I never wanted to be famous. I just wanted to earn enough money to have a nice life and enjoy acting and you've accomplished and well. Oh, I got a few projects. You JC sort of military contracts and common companies that I've sort of become involved with and people working in cryptocurrency, and and various other things which I think is the future by tremendous crip, particularly cryptocurrency, I think it's a matter of time before we well wide rid ourselves of all these little bits of paper and coins and at the same time, the the whole business of military procurements, and I've been quite interesting interested in that and involved in that. So I keep going off at ten. Jess, you're a man of many interests. Yeah. And enjoying every single one of them. And I love to cook you love to cook. As well. Enough to eat maybe cookbook and throw in some Matic dotes. No, Danny Kaye. Daddy, k yeah. Cooks. I've known. Yeah. This was fun for us. Thank you for doing it. I hope you had fun. I well, I've until he about me. You staying on NCIS for awhile sixteen years now. Well, yes, sixteen is. And I've just was with the talking to the rights as the last couple of days of what I'm should be doing three shows that I'm about to go out and do on the twenty eighth of January. And they've got some very interesting ideas. United States Duckie's he's not getting old. He's he's like me. He's he's interested. He's vibrant is you know. So I don't want any of this heading towards walking around with a Walker. Doing this make him exciting and make something happen for is still enjoy playing him. Enjoy playing is not coming in and saying he's been kinda open. It's an autopsy is this. This is I mean, come up with some interesting things, right? Make him a character. The people want to become interested in and I said, he's not alone. I mean, the guy's been retired basically for a year or so he would have a cl- some friends, and they will be involved in his life. So I'm hoping in some way that can be brought into it. So if you guys listening. Let's any chance for Gilbert. Tonight. A play cadaver on the show. Part naked. On that steel cold that autopsy rooms very beautifully air conditioned. You will freeze your. Thank you, David. This was a kick. And so. You're so sunsets. We say farewell member those movie. Sure. Sure. Jili? Yeah. This is been Gilbert. Godfrey amazing colossal podcast with my co host Frank Santo Padre, and man who will forever. Be known to me as the big guy. Outer limits willin. I want to thank Christa rose to for helping with our research and for Frankfurt Orosa. Our engineer for booking David well known Frank very long time. I'm sorry to hear that. Yeah. All right. And he's a great guy is I thank him for inviting me here tonight. Thanks, david. Thank you, David McCallum. Her pleasure. Hilbert, Godfrey's amazing colossal podcast is produced by Darah Godfried and Frank onto Padre with audio production by Frankfurt Orosa web. And social media is handled by Mike Patton, Greg pair. And John Bradley seals special audio contributions, by John beach special. Thanks to John Photiadis John Murray and Paul Rayburn. Hey, hi, Mike Sweeney. Jesse gaskell? We're both writers and producers here at Conan and every week. We're going to take you behind the orange curtain and give you the dirt on what it's really like to work on the show. We're talking petty office dramas celebrity green room gossip and highlight clips and the salacious stories behind them. Yeah. Because we never signed nondisclosure agreements. Did we I'm sorry? What's that? We're fired. We're fired already. Well, it was fun. So listen to inside Conan an important Hollywood podcast. It's like thirty rock, but less funny or like studio sixty but more funny. Hopefully, please yes, Coenen highlight show that also features a cliche free look under the hood at the whole bunch Lada. Yeah. The inside scoop on how the late night it gets made. So if you're a fan of Conan and malicious office gossip but more the gossip more of the gossip inside Conan and important Hollywood podcast is forgive inside Conan, an important Hollywood podcast is out. Now finance in your podcast app. Subscribe. So you don't miss an episode.

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#19: Elsie's Forever-ish Home Update

A Beautiful Mess Podcast

36:22 min | 10 months ago

#19: Elsie's Forever-ish Home Update

"You're listening to the beautiful mess podcast this week. We're getting a progress report on their innovations going on in my new forever. Ish Home as you know. The renovation process is filled with the good the bad and a few surprises teams. Play every time. I'm also telling the most embarrassing birthday gift of my lifetime. I'm pretty sure it's never to be beaten. This episode is sponsored by the Home Depot. We'll talk more about them later in the episode okay. So let's just jump into this one. I'm so excited to talk about this. Because you know I liked argument renovating. It's all everyone. Yes yes and Elsie announced that they are. They bought their forever home. This is from episode twelve and will link it in the show notes which are at a beautiful mess. Dot Com back slash podcast? So if you don't know what we're talking about a little bit you might go listen to that first so you bought a new house and you've been starting the renovations so you're just GonNa let us know what's happened because I feel like there's always something that goes wrong and then triumphs. So we need to know the triumphs and we need to know the heart hardships. Yes Okay John. In my notes to say the high the low and the surprise yes okay. All those things in any renovation Sometimes surprises good and sometimes the surprise is terrible. Oh my Gosh Yeah Anyway Okay. Okay is not easy no matter what so. I'm just going to say that in the beginning because I feel like each time. I share updates on instagram about our innovation. I get a lot of messages that are like but why is it going perfectly for you and it's gone so horribly for me and I'm like a lake knows the nation is perfect and yeah I'm not. I'm not the kind of person that talks. Like every annoying thing that happens online. I just don't like doing that but it annoying things happen everyday. So don't worry about it. The things we have accomplished so far so the flooring was a big one so we decided we went back and forth on whether or not to put carpet or would in Jeremy's little studio rooms so the basement before it had carpet and it had little sections of wood that weren't usable because they were so small it didn't go under the carpet through the whole room it was just like little tiny sections of Parque So we decided to rip up the whole thing in just do one wood floor through the whole thing and we considered putting carpet in Jeremy Studio rooms but team talked me out of it because he was like. These are such small little areas. That you're not really going to save much if any money on the carpet installation. So why don't you just do it all the same? And it seamless and then just put rugs so and. I'm glad we did that. And the carpet. You were thinking about that to save money or you're thinking about that because of sound quality because Jeremy Records definitely both it does save money but I guess not on such small. Little Rooms It could if we would have done the whole half of the basement but you know also carpet. Yeah in a studio does make sense would is not necessary. It's purely just more beautiful is really the only advantage about it and in this case it all matches which is an advantage but yeah. I don't mind shopping for a big rug. We have lots of big rugs in our home that we can reuse so in the end. We decided it's not going to be that different. So we've done would through the whole basement and it is almost completed. I cannot wait finished. And did you do real hardwoods or did you do? The Wood Laminate engineered wood so the upstairs of the House had real hardwood and it was the smaller. I don't I don't know exactly. Why out in Chile? But yeah very small. Little would which is more common in mid century homes so we matched that so the whole house will match which that's really the only reason we did. It was just for the sake of matching because we've talked about that previously on other episodes like that it's like one of my pet peeves when there's like four different styles of wood and obviously like we did have this one moment where we could have saved a thousand dollars by making the would a little bit wider in the basement than upstairs and no one really would have noticed but we decided in the end that it wasn't a significant enough savings that you know matching. It's just I think I heard my own little podcasts voice in my brain being like do it right. Yeah plus our brother. He just bought a new house and moved to Saint Louis this past year and he was texting US actually over the weekend because they're redoing some of their floors and he was like do you have any or recommendations or what have you guys done in the past. Did we give him tips? Or what yeah. Yeah a little long. Yeah and also I one thing you in those tax that I thought might be worth sharing right here on the podcast to is so hardwoods. Real hardwoods tend to be not always but they tend to be a little more expensive than the wood laminate engineered wood. Which is what I have in my home but hardwood you can refinish so if you want to Redo the caller five years from now twenty years from now you will be able to unless you're floors get destroyed for some reason which would be strange. Because they're very huge advantage. Especially if you like a pretty extreme floor clear like I like pretty extremely white wash more and I will never be open to super dark floors in my home but maybe the next owner would so it is a huge advantage that you can refinish them for a relatively low amount of money compared to replacing them right and it's less wasteful so therefore better for the environment that people don't have to rip out a whole entire house full of new floors just because they don't like the color right. Yeah but I will say I have. Wood laminate or engineered wood often like those words are often used interchangeably but there are different types. Anyway to fall I have them in my personal home. I also had them put into the bottom floor of my Florida BNB House. And I really love him too. I do think hardwood is great for all the reasons we just said it does tend to be a little more expensive but if you kind of know the look you want. I think would laminate engineered. Wood is a great option to if you're going for wood floors so anyway just throwing that out there there's advantages to both. Yeah and I definitely think that engineered what is beautiful. It's just that if you're going to be moving soon and you don't like especially if you are into like remember when you buy your house and you had like the high contrast would where it it had like light and dark tones. I wouldn't put engineered like that in house. Because they feel like the likelihood that the next person's GonNa love that look so small you know and it can't be refinished so it's sad how the you have to just rip out the whole thing. Yeah if you don't like the look anyway okay. So we did our floors we are. Let's see we're building a studio in the basement. So about half of the basement has been walled off and become three rooms. It's going to be Jeremy Studio and this time we have put a lot more Time money energy thought everything into soundproofing. So I'm going to do big blog post when it's over about what we did for soundproofing because we definitely did like a hybrid between like you can spend one hundred thousand dollars on just soundproofing studio It can be very expensive. We definitely did not go. That route are CEO's going to be under twenty thousand. It's like I would consider it a budget studio but that's also a lot of money in a big commitment so yeah. I think it's kind of in the middle so for someone who wants to make a home studio. That truly went off. I would say it's like totally soundproof. But is as good as you can get on a budget. That's the kind of postal be writing. So I'm excited about it. Because it's much more soundproof than the one we did in our previous home so it is working like in the steps that we took. They're not crazy expensive but they made a big difference right and just in case someone doesn't know everyone will know but also as husband. Jeremy is a musician music producer. So yeah so it's real time job. Yeah yes he records five days a week or more you know in the in the studio and he works from home fulltime and also we do record our podcast Right which is kind of fun because I all those years. I didn't WANNA do a podcast. And it's like my husband has a music studio in our house young. That was one of my points low anyway. Yeah it's a big bonus that you also get a great podcast a really good podcast studio to good really okay. So we've done a lot of electrical stuff so we have in the studio. It was kind of like gutted so it has have like new ceilings new drywall. So those lights obviously like we got to pick exactly where they go and stuff but I also added a bunch of lights. I took out a couple lights and I moved Like in our entryway the light was centered from one angle but then when you were standing facing the door it was not centered on the door and I went back and forth and then I was like no no. I can't live with this so he basically moved the life. Insure one foot over. But in the half maybe And now it's centered on the door and in our hallway. Lagos the bedrooms. We added another lie in the center. So there's like a row three instead of two-third are really far apart so some things with the lights. I'm really excited. I love lighting. It's one of my passions like lighting rugs hardware. It goes on and on ceramics lightings definitely one of my passions so I totally know what you mean though about moving a light fixture like a foot and feeling like because I have in my dining room which only missed the show notes Yeah But the light fixture above our dining room table is a little bit off and the previous owner of this home added these like wood paneled ceilings again. I'll show you folks. Kinda hard explain so we would have had to like the wood paneling in addition to moving the light and we didn't know if we'd really be able to match the look so it's just like basically. I bought a light chandelier that I loved. That had a long enough chain that I could have. It hung like it's mounted in the place. Where normally would go and then it's hung Senate over our table if that makes us. Yeah and it's not my I'm I like it so much better than it not being hung over the table. But it's not my number one choice but just the way our ceilings where. I didn't feel confidence in like moving. The light fixture over but I totally know what you mean about one foot and I can't believe we went to all that expense in trouble to do it but it's like it's really annoying when a light fixture is just hung where it just functionally and visually isn't as good as it could be. It's frustrating Yeah it's definitely worth it. I have respect for electrician's though because yeah the like crawling in the attic and all that there's some weird stuff you have to do okay so oh painted the kitchen cabinets. So did you see on instagram. Last week I'm GONNA pass a before and after in the show notes so we weren't sure we were going to do this because it was kind of an extra expense that I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend it or we could. Diy or we could do it later in just save it. The cabinets that the House came with were very nice but they were super dark wood. Which is not. I'm just not your style. It's not my style and didn't didn't match the style of the home so I really wanted to. Just lighten it up and it went back and forth and thought about doing like a color or an ended up just going like creamy white and I love how they came out. It was a very big difference and yeah the painter who did our homo link him as well. He is helping me write a blog post now about how common mistakes when people. Diy painting their cabinets and how to do a truly hard drying cabinet paint. That will not get sticky. Will Not you know Rub off? It will age. Well yes so that. I'm very blog post because you know like there's just a huge difference like I've painted my cabinets with Latex paint before and yeah like pretty much Wallpa- in the past and it wasn't perfect didn't last same way. Yeah I was surprised you went with the white because I know you had been thinking about pink. I think you were thinking about maybe yellow and meant I forget all the colors but you had some other color and they weren't like a crazy bold pink or a crazy but I still i. I know you're not sowing your long term plan with your house. Your kitchen is going to move into an addition. Isn't that right so this kitchen won't even really exist many years from now not super super soon but you know few years from now so this is kind of just like a phase one thing you did to enjoy the space for these next few years or whatever so that was part of the why. I was surprised you didn't go with a color because I was like. Oh this is the chance to have cabinets. I love the white. I what I wanted to do. The pink was because league. Well I'm never going to have a pink kitchen unless I do it now. This is kind of my hands but just just couldn't pull the trigger on it and I will Show picture in the show notes but Kelly Menthol from studio diy. She has a pink kitchen. And also I kind of felt like her pink kitchen satisfied like the pink kitchen need. I kind of wanted to see it but I wouldn't call I've seen hers and it's it's gorgeous and I think I just didn't want to use my statement on that because you know when you use up your statement piece for room and this is an open room. This is a living room kitchen. Breakfast Nook Combo Very Long Room where you can see all of them like. You can't make another wild decision. I mean you can if you want but I I will pick and choose like one or two statements per room so that was ultimately why. I decided I was like. I don't think I WANNA use my statement on a cabinet color and also the other reason is because the granite color. That's there it's pretty much just like a dark beige granite countertop. It's fine. It's not pretty. It's not like inspiring. It's not a a counter I would choose and I kinda just wanted it to become invisible and this paint color helped with that. It's a better grant color than many that I've seen before right like high contrast black and blackened beige. That's my least favorite granite color and I'm sorry if someone else out there. How's that credit color? And I'm saying that but when I look at homes that's the color were I'm like what do I do with this because I I am not a big lover of contrast in my own personal home. Designs Yeah all right. Let's just take a quick break and then we'll continue this as you know. The Home Depot is our Goto spot for all things. Diy and decor. I've been sourcing so many things from them. Recently as we complete our phase one renovation for example last week I ordered a bunch of doors doorknobs and rented a power. Washer to clean up our deck. They have everything and really. Do help doers get more done? Their website has everything. You need for home. Updates same-day delivery options as well as in store pickup. Their mobile APP has enhanced search image search and product locator tool to help you find things in store which is super useful. They're also includes project color. Find the perfect pink color for your next project. Look at Color Palettes to get inspired color matched to any space. Save your favorite color and purchase either in the APP or at your nearest the home depot store the Home Depot. How doers get more done. Okay so he did they cabinets. That was amazing. That was the oh one more thing about it okay. So when they were doing it they taped off and they did it all in four days but I still. I was so glad we did it before. Moving in. He's it's still a lot of lake past hume's in your home. Yeah and it did take up a whole room of the cabinet doors. Were like laying separately and It was as efficient as it possibly could have been and I still wouldn't have felt like I wanted to do that with our kids in the home. So he can. Rabi do some of that outdoors in the right time of year like if the weather permits but outdoors is also tricky. Because if there's any wind you could get like little pieces of grass or other things you know. It's just very tricky in the garage. Were probably the best place they these. Painters actually took all the doors to their studio. Oh did them in them? Brought them back a few days later which was amazing. It was so awesome because our base our whole garage right now is Covered in wood floor supplies and SAWDUST. And it's it's not ready to be a painting site so anyway okay so the cabinets were huge thing and then one more thing we've really been working on and that is diy ing novas bedroom so this is going to be our first room. Reveal and worried about halfway done even though we haven't moved in yet and I showed on Instagram. A little peek of this vanity. That calling me. It's like vintage inspired little kid sized vanity with lights Lamb some guy named Colin has really outdone himself this time. Yes Oh it's a false. His wife was telling me that he was sending her pictures all day. 'cause he was so proud of it which is like the greatest yelling. I'm so glad so that has been really magical and we have okay so I gave her choice for her bedroom. I was like do you want your bedroom to be inspired by Dolly Parton or Nancy Sinatra and she picked Nancy Sinatra. Oh Novi Classic but so and I don't even honestly really know what that means. I just was like I like these. Well I think in the Dolly Parton admitted to a little more rainbows but Yet in it. No He's going to be Dolly Parton. Then yes okay. Hold on just a little bit fun. Yeah Novas like the biggest Nancy Sinatra Fan. So it's really cute and yes I'm just kind of trying to keep it like sixties icon inspired with little glam touches. Were doing a elaborate moulded ceiling. Moulding on the doors. I can't decide behind her bed whether to do wallpaper wall or just an accent. Color Wall So I'm not sure about that. They ordered her some sconces from Oetzi. That are all linked them in the show notes. They're so fun like do they go on that accent wall. Yes logo on both sides of her bed while maybe it just a one colored accent Walden because they'll stand out more. I mean it depends on the Patriot. Bill yeah if I had to place a bet and what you'll pick. I would bet on wallpaper. Well sister is so fun but is a little granny And Jeremy was like two he used the word matronly and I was. Like you know didn't uh isn't this to dumpy. Danish. Yeah thanks for renting that for me So anyway we are doing doing. Glam kids bedroom. Ra so I guess. That's all the updates I really have for now So my high low in my surprise the high for sure so far. I'm excited to see the floors done. That's probably most excited for but the high has definitely been the cabinet paid and I cannot wait to get the the hardware in the mail there a little late because there was a Chinese New Year Situation Right But I cannot wait to put on the hardware and I really feel like it tied the room together like the way the kitchen was before it felt like this separate very dark different feeling very contemporary to the rest of the house. It was obviously a brand new kitchen. That was a very traditional style not amid century. So I kind of tried to tie it together. A little bit with this lucite hardware so because it's always gonna be bit traditional because of the cabinet style and we weren't willing to spend the money to like get new cabinet doors or anything like that because it right not a long term thing but you know just painting it and then adding a little bit of kind of glam touch using. Glam a lot in this episode and. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Your House is sounding very fancy. It's God though but Anyway I feel like it's going to tie it together and make it the most mid-century it could be glamour yeah Yes and then okay my low point I guess in. We got the bill for a couple of bills. Yeah those are low point you know sometimes like our electricals like it was like about twice as much as we thought it might be and it's not the kind of thing where you're it's like you have to do it. Yeah it's necessary. It's in the time is now and it's not like buying a new rog or something where you're like okay. I'm going to wait for Black Friday sale. It's like I'm going to do it and I'm just GonNa you know. Swallow the pill or whatever. Did you do a construction loan at all or you just kind of like doing this phase one with money with cash so we did get a little white. Yes a relatively small loan because I to just feel like stress free right so we're playing. We did. We took out a small owned from our bank. And then we're planning to pay it off when we sell our home because we are having to mortgages right now and we didn't sell our home before we moved so it just kind of took the stress off and made our situation a little more comfortable. Which when you're a mom and I feel like that's my first priority is always just keeping things comfortable for family makes sense yes okay and then the surprise ooh okay. Nothing crazy has happened in our renovation. It's not our first renovation. So maybe we would think it was crazy if our first time but relative to how bad I know it can go. It hasn't been that bad. It's been normal like there's been a few things that are more expensive overall. It's only two weeks behind right now. Which is really good for scale like it could be way worse as long as we get to move on time because of our you know schedule with our children and daycare and all of that school and at a certain time like we don't want to be a month later or anything like that anyway. Okay so I guess surprise is that I am feeling this like love for Toronto all the sudden where I know I thought before I was not into it and I learned that I am into it. It just has to be like a certain look but I ask you this. Do you also love spending a ton of money. I love that look. You know the answer to that but when you see the prices I'm always like never mind I'm good with anything else right. It's beautiful though. I think Oh. Joy is putting some in her house. Joy I'm calling. Ah blog name but it's beautiful. I love seeing updates from her home that she building. It's amazing to link to her in the show notes Her new build is very. It's very inspiring. Oh It's beautiful counting the full tour. I've been waiting for so long. Like two or three years. I know they're building it. They're doing it right yeah. I guess they haven't had like an insane surprise yet. But I'll keep you updated if anything happens because there will be something that falls out of the ceiling or whatever. Yeah I feel like you're now inviting the universe to give you a surprise. I said it but then you didn't have one so I don't want anything disastrous to happen but surprise. I booked the exterior paint for the spring. So that's the thing I'm dirty say the thing I'm most looking forward to probably already said like five of them but you should have floors last time so okay. Yeah the floors. I'm really excited about. That's in the immediate future like next week right and yeah in a couple of months. The exterior paint job is really and B. A. B. F. D. Okay so let's move onto the reader question. Yes Okay so this question is from Katie from Long Beach. Katie spells her name with a C. Sending A K. A little bit different point that out. I think it's cool. Yes what's your design process like when you're designing a room from scratch? I'm moving into a new apartment and have the chance to start over which is really exciting and overwhelming. I'm wondering if you have any tips or tricks for me all right so if I'm moving to a new space the first thing I'm GonNa do is evaluate what I can take with me what I have from my current home that I still love. That would work in that new space. And I'm going to dry out a of everything that I can bring with me. And then the second thing I would do is plan the color scheme in our last episode episode eighteen. We talked about this pretty much. The whole episodes. If you haven't heard that one definitely go back and listen to that because it's like a four step program of how to make a mood board But yeah just you know even just a sketch. I love sketching out rooms and like picking like okay big mere here side table here rug you know it. It makes me so inspired so Yeah I think keep what you still love. And then find what you're excited about and don't feel rushed. It does not have to be done one or two weeks after you move in. You know if you're the type of person where you want it to be a certain way. Give yourself time you know. Wait for those black Friday sales like do you know the long game because I feel like I'm personally like happier with my rooms when I decorate a little slower. What do too. I'm very slow on decorating. I do think if you are a slow decorator though which I am. It's good to kind of I don't know if Katie from Long Beach has a partner or roommate. But it's good to kind of let them in on your plans because I think sometimes that can be a little bit frustrating for a partner. If they're like hey. Are We ever going to decorate? And it's like yes but right now I'm saving all my money because I'm GonNa buy us this couch or whatever so just kind of let them know But anyway hear the three quick things I would say to. Katie is so the three things are one knowing what you're allowed to do. She mentioned moving into a new apartment. So I'm guessing. This is a renter situation. Although there are places where you buy your apartment so I'm not really sure but in case it is a renter situation thinking about you know. Check your lease or talk with your landlord. He what you're allowed to do. Sometimes there are kind of like rules and then they also will let you break the rules when you ask nicely or explain what you're doing so you know. I think through some of that stuff. You don't get your heart set on something and then realized that it's not going to be allowed so because that's just heartbreaking and then the other two things are budget and timeline so budget you'll probably know what your budget is so that's fairly straightforward although. I do think there are ways to kind of change that or manipulate that you can sell things you currently own if you feel. They aren't working and that can help fund the new things you know. There's there's options there but the big one I think is time line. If you're going to be living in this apartment for a year versus five years I would decorate very differently because I would spend a lot more time and a lot more budget on something. I'm GonNa stay in longer whereas if I know I'm not going to be there very long. Then I'll probably just focused on the things that I'm really excited about and also focused on the things that I can take with me but that's just me. I think you know. Sometimes we don't know how long we're GONNA stay in one place so that can be kind of like tricky and the most important thing though is to and hopefully this has come through through our podcast so far but the most important thing is to love your home we spend so much time in our home it elsie and I both work from home. But even if you don't your home is your place to come back to after you work or to take refuge in when you're feeling down or to heal yourself when you're sick like our home is very important so it should feel happy and comfortable and functional and beautiful to us into our families if we live with others So that's really the top priority other than that. It's just other budget and what's allowed in time line but don't get too hung up on what you see on Pinterest. If it isn't going to make your life happy I love it. I Love America Story. Oh that's right have another segment. I'll cease to incur embarrassing story. I know this one and I'm very excited. Oh my Gosh I have been waiting my whole life. Tila story all right so let me set the scene I am in. I believe fifth grade and I am having our local skating. Place was called Skate. Crawl in Springfield Missouri. And it was the place where very many children's birthdays were had and I was having my party. You know you get your little room in. Your parents decorated a little bit and your friends from school. Come and my theme of my party was the lion king so it was whatever year that was in the nineties. I remember I got like a Simba and Nala doll like a plush toy for my birthday and I'm telling all this because like the really like shows you the age I was in. I was definitely like in my awkward phase where you're transitioning between like a young child and maybe a teenager but not quite yet right toys but you may be all Sochi other teenager type things. Yes and if they're two words to describe me basically my whole life. It would be late bloomer so late. Bloomberg like oldest child. I was like playing with my brothers and sisters. My brother and sister. Yeah with their toys. I was watching power rangers until I was in Highschool for fun with my younger brother like I just was not like a excited to grow up quickly child. I would've like you know taking a chance to like have an extra few years of elementary school if it were offered to me at that age so okay. I was opening my presence in our little room with our cake. And you know our streamers all. You're watching my friends. Yeah friends there with our skates on and I get the the lion king toys lots of I gotTa Rafiki Daw. The Disney store was a big thing in those days So yeah everyone's shopping and they're those that are mall in Springfield but we don't anymore so sad anyway and my grandma had this tradition of every year For as long as I lived in Missouri. She did this she does. She still take you out. She took us to yes and she gives me a book birthday shopping. So she takes would take you birthday shopping every year. I don't get to do anymore because I don't live in Missouri. We don't go shopping. We just get lunch and she gives me a book. Sorry I didn't hear US okay. Okay Doris she's not any better than you so she took us to lunch every year and I always went to Pasta House. I always got fettuccini. Alfredo and Went shopping. And you know he'd pick out a few things and then she would take it back with her. Wrap it up for you to you on your birthday. And it's a very specific way. So I was opening her gift that I had picked out and there were something extra in it which was a book and I turned bright red and the book was called your changing body and it was a book about puberty and she gave it to me at the Scape Party in front of all my friends when I was getting Lion King Toys. So yeah did you have to like hold it up like did your friends. They see it or I feel like I like left it in the box and try not to let anyone see it and then for the next three years. It was always in my bedroom. 'cause I had one of those like that was a bookcase and we my friends and I would always like read it when arriving sleepovers because we thought it was hilarious. I think you're a little entertainment. So giggle yeah totally yes yes So anyway that's my most horrible birthday gift of my life. Don't do that if you're trying to inform a child about puberty maybe do it privately that they're scape party well. She had good love my grandma but she can be a lot sometimes. She's very straightforward. Let's thoughts for all right. Thank you so much for tuning. In this week. We are so happy. Next week will be our twentieth episodes. I can't even believe if you're enjoying the podcast so far. Please share it with the friend. Nothing would mean more to us than if you share it with a friend and we hope you have a great week I.

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38: Mixtape Part III  Eastward Bound

Israel Story

47:50 min | 2 years ago

38: Mixtape Part III Eastward Bound

"Hey It's me she's so before we begin this episode. I just wanted to ask you all to go to our site and fill out our listener survey. Okay thanks so much and here we go. It was nearly two. Am when a rainy night a few weeks ago thousands of fully clothed Israelis jumped into into the shallow pool in Tel Aviv's been square they were all splashing around making loud bumper chicken sounds and enthusiastically waving Israeli flags and no this wasn't as you might think some sort of alternative festival or acid rate not at all it was rather a rare moment of national pride Israel. You see had just won the Eurovision the biggest song competition in Europe back in Lisbon Portugal where the two thousand eighteen eurovision took place the victorious Mitha Bows Eli was busy receiving congratulatory phone calls from BBC and liking supportive instagram posts made by wonder woman. Meanwhile folks around Israel gathered to celebrate something that only happened three times before I like. Everyone was yelling in tweeting you made it. Hey I'm she harmon and this is Israel's story. Israel's story is brought to you by Pierre Wrecks and is produced together with Tablet magazine so we've reached part three of our mini series mixing mixed in which you'll remember we're telling the stories behind some of Israel's most iconic tunes stories that reflect the intricacies of Israeli society righty and the complications that are inherent in it. We've already heard all about our national anthem Fica and all about the song that might as well be our national anthem you'll have and today in perfect timing with Niklas Glorious Eurovision triumph we continue continue our musical journey on February Eleventh Nineteen Seventy eight eleven years after shooting Natanz Shalam shells are exploded on the stage of media now mind Jerusalem. A New Star was born at fifty has amiel skinny had dark skin a lack curly fro and a million dollar smile. His name was ease. How Coy DH all right. I'm going and what you want. My Age my shoe size. What what what do you want to say you just open the Internet. You right is a go and and you read everything about me easier but long before Isa had with Kapiti page long before he was an international national sensation with millions of fans. He was a twenty seven year old singer from Tel Aviv who just like Shuli was given the opportunity of of a lifetime. I was so excited. My leg were shaking. You know it was like to jump to the to the main. Course you know I mean I almost fainted that I will be part of the festival and in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight believe it or not the stakes were even higher than they had been a decade earlier on the eve of the Six Day War in that year. They decided that the winner of the fish just develop the Israeli festival will represent Israel in the Eurovision. The Eurovision is sort of like the Olympics of cheesy pop melodies. It was such a big deal here in Israel. Hundreds percent rating of everywhere but in order to get there is thou I I had to win the local festival and the song he sang written by Ild Mono was called a bunny beam and its refrain was in sputter bit sort of like an Israeli Ruby Duby or pig Latin. How does the bet work. Well you take a word like a knee. You put the letter B. In the middle of the words like a knee become in billing which I buy me be a knee or have mobile. Hey Babe Ortega you both about and this is the Song Long About Nubia boy available and the Overto- I love you of course both go bose have a bye bye. I need the APP so that might not seem like much of a winner but lo and behold old is Alvin is bet language came in. I became a national hit and we're headed to Paris to represent Israel on the continent's biggest stage at the time is likes to reminisce. We were very small country that wanted to show the whole word that besides the war I ended. We are the best fighters and soldiers who wanted to show our culture to the word than the you know. Everyone knew that Israelis hob nob now Gila something Jewish you know Eastern European Jews and the I came there and I made like a change in the way they look at us because suddenly he's was I Bonnie Bill Boy Beverly Young beautiful active bringing new do things to the world and it was like a turning point the entire nation was glued to its TV sets as he's got up to sing the donors called maybe when the flag of Israel was undisputed people rides then you imagine cream trousers the girls all in white and he's the good vicious on Israel might do anywhere it is how backup troops rocked and when the vote started pouring wearing gin they were right up there neck and neck with Belgium France and Monaco but then all of a sudden the feed lead cut out. Can you believe when I'm winning. It's ridiculous see the heads of the Israeli television hadn't expected is how to do so well L. so they didn't purchase enough satellite time to actually air the whole competition those rallies who were within range tuned into the the Jordanian channel all to see something pretty odd the just cover the screen with flowers and then I I mean it was so stupid just as soon as the Jordanian broadcasting exempts realized that Israel could actually walk away with it they cut their transmission and declared Belgium the winner so in a world without Internet. Most Israelis went to sleep not knowing what what had happened. It was only the following morning that they got. The News said he got him. At the end uh-huh he's have had one and all over Europe all over the world really he became synonymous with Israel trail. I was a symbol of Israel. You know the MISSA hosts. The Foreign Ministry told me that I'm doing think every day at work of three thousand and buses which it was true. The victory capped off in unusual run for Israel in the mid to late seventies it began with the heroic rate on Ted bid and continued with the first Miss Universe and then we were the champions of basketball and year later was the eurovision. It was the most us the important thing on earth eight was like earthquake as per the Eurovision rules. The winner hosted the following year's competition which believe it or not Israel one again Lou Uh Ladies and gentlemen is why we work with the talented musicians you hear accompanying are stories in any event it would take almost two decades before Israel came out on top once more this time with don international the first transgender winner and her flashing. Oh Aw and then another twenty years passed before a net has feminist him toy had everyone including the prime minister the president and my four year old niece shy Zena clucking chickens not pick cre- me I don't care but you're creative Bam Bam Bam foul so as you can tell Israel in the Eurovision have an ongoing love affair check out this eurovision medley by our very own mix tape band aw aw elite Hey shed me me Uh Ask God had a shot gone again is beyond they ah but no matter how many Israeli hits the Eurovision has produced over the years everyone knows that it all it began with one jumpy song performed by one energetic singer my Mona Lisa Abani everywhere ago until until my last day it will be maybe after I go from here this song stay forever probably do think that the you word abundance will be on your grave. I don't know I'm look at night. I leave as long even after you. Bori today is Allah is sort of a national celebrity little kids whose parents weren't even born born when he won the Eurovision show up at his jewelry store on Dizengoff street in Tel Aviv and ask for his autograph but back then in nineteen seventy eight. It wasn't wasn't so obvious that a Yemenite singer would represent Israel abroad sure we'd already had Shoshana democracy and ease of himself was born in Tel La Vive even as parents were born in Tel Aviv but the music scene much like the entire country at the time was dominated by an canarsie elite. He's was welcome as long as he agreed to fit in as long as he sang songs written by Shkin Z. SONGWRITERS and didn't sound too ethnic. I asked him about it and well. He didn't like that interpretation. No no no no no no no. You're not tilted wrong. There is no Yemen Nightingale and and the skin nausea singer. This is all exclusively for my my language but it's Bull Shit. What are you talking about. I'm Israeli really Israeli single. I'm like mixed salad. You know asking nause's Farrer are these doesn't matter. This is really a rubbish but our story today is about someone for whom this did matter someone for whom this mattered a lot acts one the flower of my garden. Here's your high may tattle. Uh Yeah Uh you may never have heard the names all of the two Israelis he's kind of mix of Elvis Presley Amy wine-house send send Billie holiday all rolled into one he changed the Israeli music scene forever also paid for it with his life we could start with with the angelic gift that thrust him into the national spotlight or the demons that brought him crashing down or even by wondering whether those angels and demons were really only the same figures all along but maybe the best place to start is simply his childhood. I was born in Rishon the first out of ten children. We had a rough childhood. My parents didn't have money these are verbatim quotes from recorded bent print interviews with Saul. We're in the late sixties. Nomi Shamet is basking in the glory of her Golden. Song made it on the L. is back on his tractor in the key boots and gov well. He's actually still okabe a rowdy teenager growing up in a slum in the poorest neighborhood of leash when we lived in a shack in Chicago. My parents were brought here from Yemen mm-hmm. You know why I'll tell you the truth. They didn't bring us here because what Jews they brought us over as cheap labor. They seem team the Shaw Van Mayan. That's how I see it. We tilled the land. We poured concrete. My father claims Straits to bring for bread. We didn't grow up listening to concerts. alcl incident was at ten. Kenniston father was an abusive drunk who had spent his days at the local snuggle. The neighborhood bar at thirteen dropped out of school and started working construction at fourteen he was arrested for robbery but when he started singing the whole neighborhood would gather around always never shy about singing at synagogue synagogue or school events always the communities goto Zamira their sparrow he walked around with the Aura of star and the insatiable drive to make it in in the world to become a huge singer. He knew he had a gift but he also knew that the local radio stations were not playing his kind of news on these hard worker her. It was really strange to our ears. That's Tova clinging Bingo. I was for forty years and music editor at College L. Israeli public radio gentle songs they sounded to me like Arabic Music Nick and we weren't used to Arabic music the year was nineteen seventy seven and the twenty two year olds off thoughts if you can't beat them join them so put out an LP with two songs in which he mimicked Eskenazi singers like Einstein and Shalom Konnov who in turn turned were mimicking music from the US and the UK the Beatles the doors et Cetera so this is basically what a copy of a copy sounds like uh-huh before the healthy was released. It's all made one last minute alteration. He changed his last name from all copy. distinctly. Yemenite name to the SABA sounding founding a golf with this freshly minted name on the cover. He sent his first record out to stations and record labels. It aired exactly actually once on a late night. Program called a needle in a record stuck following this total flop he decided to return to his roots and community he performed in local clubs weddings Bar mitzvahs. Basically any Gigi could find night after night. He collected fans before before too long is all had an underground following and that's what led him in nineteen eighty back into the studio this time to record the kind of songs is that his crowd was going wild he really saying songs like he heard in his house house of and and Arabic music at his home at the ut but this independent low budget record didn't stand a chance in the Israeli music see music editors like to our not slaving those type of songs record labels. Were not signing contracts with singers it. It was very difficult for us. I didn't he will come home. When I was young. Still there wasn't audience for this type of music and and the demand fueled a bustling alternative music scene. It's heart was tel-aviv central bus station. It was packed with stalls selling cassette tapes. This was the only place people could consume such music and the LP's all put out titled. Eleanor became a huge hit despite being completely ignored nordby mainstream labels abso- became wildly popular. He was an underground sensation. cassette singer a title. He didn't care for her to say the least look the mania con completely ignore us so they say we'll give them a slot. Saturday evening one hour of Mediterranean Iranian love. Let's make a ghetto and make sure you're right it is. I'm telling you yes they played ten. Yemenite songs in a row and then they say they have a whole hour. What are they a crying about. It's enough. I'm not willing to take this. It's a slap in the face. Why should my audience have to wait from what say Schatz bats for the Black People's music. It's a badge of shame on all of us. Being a niece star wasn't enough for all. He wanted wanted his voice to carry farther. He wanted to infiltrate the closed. Eskenazi world and become a national name. There was only one outlet available lemonade shielded Orientals huggy Guy Chilies Mojo Schilling. Dot Com is what we call it in Hebrew now as you already heard if you've been listening to our miniseries the country had a big annual song competition but musically music was excluded from this event it had its own show or I might have called it ghetto in the Oriental Festival. Those previous attempts at infiltrating the mainstream had taught him that his his talent alone wouldn't be enough to carry them to the top. He needed someone from the inside. Yeah enter of you Medina. I I have been in bed festival ten times and I I want eleven prices. When you was the most distinguished songwriter he's he's seen so naturally people want my song because they know this. My songs is going through to win and so all contacted view and said hey what time we are going to write for me. As something the festival of you we went to check out the young singer in a small club in Jaffa. It's called the about advice. Duck that view thoughts all had a great voice but was not mature enough. There were little things that bothered him. He used to to put in many elements of something that's not belong the song for example would sing this. Yemenite Song. I deem on the there is no one I can original this this really pissed off of you 'cause he's not honoring the song and TV's not honoring the song the song were not honoring him. The way of you cite zone had great potential but he lacked the minimum of how you say tabooed culture. He was very young and I told him that he must musk's gut the more experience on the stage until he will be ready in two years. I write for him. I told him two years later as I promised him. Have you called Zap. This song is ready. You please come to hear the song and say what do you think about it. The song titled Had Begun. The Flower of my garden is about two teenagers who are in love but can't summon the courage to tell it to each other. It was submitted and accepted now. The the last thing left to do was to arrange the song for an orchestra the called me from the festival. They say you know We're going to send you to Nancy Nancy Zebra this at the beginning. I thought it's a it's a girl is an Ansi like Nancy Sinatra unsee. Show mouthy done this. It's the first time I met a man call Nancy or -LICA- Dash Middle Manja audiard's ability championship. Income Nancy was a new immigrant from Romania where he had been a Rockstar but being a classically trained musician now in Israel Nancy he looked for work arranging music about Muzar and the strangest thing happened so they're asking me to arrange a song for Zahara Gov and until so then I had never even heard Mizrahi music in my life I had no connection at all to that music from Kish because but a job is a job is a job and and Nancy said sure the next day viewings all came over to his apartment in Tel Aviv to talk about the song all of a sudden. There's a knock ah the door I see I z's to really ugly people. Of course I mean they look like two crows because I I am used to European repeat features. I'm used to Romanian. This is a different aesthetic. So what can I say so nancy opened the door and told them club any money out of Toronto folks. I've already donated donated. I shut the door in their face. This I got limited parts of Utah rang the bell again and suggested that there might be some kind of a misunderstanding the embarrassed Nancy showed the two in and asked Nancy politely if he could get him pot or a pan so I said look friends. If you're hungry temporal team the holiest we go downstairs. There's a good Turkish restaurant we can eat and then get back to the music of you explained that they needed to pan to get a beat going. Finally Louis Pardon hand we proceeded to demonstrate the opening. They had envisioned with a Yemenite the minute. This prodigy is this genius. When you started singing. You forgot what he looked like. You just saw a beautiful prince in front of you shot at Komo Zamir because because he sang like like a Sparrow Nancy took the song and the emanate Milwaukee lent started incorporating different elements into its Balkan elements but as Spanish influence. There's rock music in their vassals. Asoka music is going in all kinds of elements were mixed together but no eastern music and is absolutely nothing is rocky in arrangement just so you know because I knew nothing about Mizraki music been a few weeks later on column wet of Nineteen Eighty. Two at banana now mind mind. Jerusalem put on his best white suit planted himself on the stage like a lamp post and started singing totally still well. He didn't have to move. His voice was so expressive. It's the old story think stomach stomach thankfulness Hart bill big he won by a landslide bigger knee broke the boundaries megani became really a big hit and was broadcasted broadcasted also on what Russia Richard Bay like any viral phenomenon. It's kind of hard to put your finger on. What exactly made this song such a hit. Perhaps it was the poppy international vibe that Nancy's Nancy's arrangement introduced. Maybe it was ause voice or perhaps the time was just right either way a few months later the Lebanon War broke out soldiers called in from the frontline requesting the song over and over again saw was invited for interviews in one of them taped in front of a live audience he was asked. Is there anything that characterizes your audience. Kashdan now things all replied then he added Shahajilal Illinois Early Museum saying one person likes Wagner Vagner. The other lakes eleanor can relate to it. You know who've agonists skeptical interviewer responded. I've heard it was the first he start to step onto the mainstream national stage. The next album put out went platinum within a month selling over three hundred thousand copies. The headlines were calling him the king and he lived up to that title today. I am King of the blacks without a doubt as a radio show called pill off beneath that's because of me all the new missile radio slots because of me all the other miserably singers a behind me though always living like Akitas ten thousand time Mercedes expensive close growing up never had any money now that he did just kept living the same way spending whatever he had it in nineteen eighty three at the height of his success. I was invited to the US and spent time performing Isreaeli owned club in La and when he gets to the the US in Los Angeles people gives him but Druk called heroin and he he tested and he liked it like the perfectly shea of a self destructive Rockstar as soon as all hit the top he began his spiraling cascade downward all came back to Israel to a packed schedule of performances but the previously hard-working singer started showing up late two gigs or not showing up at all in the studio who is sometimes doped that he couldn't stand had to be held up to the microphone still the more resolve deteriorated the more the public loved and admired him he could show up drugged to a club late at night. Grab a microphone and people would pack in a radio interview. The late was effete might and other other great. Israeli songwriter who had worked with salt recalled coming over to his give a time penthouse and findings all passed out on the floor. Uh The house with totally empty do and when I say empty I mean empty lots. No rugs nope plants. No Fridge vows shot and then I asked him Zohar. What is all this. Why is the house empty and he gave leave me this answer shop beginning today. I'm only when the flower blossomed in my garden. This house was full of Matin evolve Llamas Sufi when the flower slightly wilted. Everyone left me. Uh She knew apparel killed him. He wants to be famous. He wants to be the beloved by people but he was not ready for all of this was running away to to the drugs from people from love from duty so painstakingly worked his way from singing at neighborhood gatherings to bar mitzvahs dubious hotel lobbies and dingy nightclub gigs all the way to Israel's top stage at banana alma his song bigamy instantly captivated captivated the heart of the nation and propelled him to the status of a rock legend but just five years later he had reached rock bottom zoe was arrested for stealing a purse he was interrogated and it was determined that he had nothing to do with theft oft as he was being released. He stole a pistol that was lying around on a desk at the police station. Following a manhunt was arrested did the gun in his possession convicted and sent to prison on the night of November Fifth Nineteen eighty-seven all started shouting being in complaining. The guard used to these type of withdrawal symptoms ignored him early the next morning. He was found hanging in in his cell. He was thirty two years old as a mouser. Go via a badly notebook allots Mobutu Hermoso Strawberry Shaughnessy not on it was a Friday morning and the Kadisha rushed to prepare the body before Shabad said in just a few hours later thousands of fans gathered to accompany beneath the king to his last resting spot in a graveyard adjacent dushi Kunis la the Mularkey slum in which had been born he was interred just outside of the cemetery fence as Burr Jewish custom in suicide cases. It was the perfect metaphor for his life and his legacy Zahle opened. The Gates yet remained outside. Uh Hi Mate Todd that story was produced together with Judah Kaufman and you might have recognized the voice of our dubber our DEA radio lab friend Robert Krulwich now. If that ending wasn't enough of a Downer Downer for you there is something you high left out of his piece. You see the rags to riches to rags version. We just heard follows. The most is prevalent narrative of solves life. He was a sparrow who flew too close to the sun. That's the account we grew up with and that many any Israelis still having their minds when they think about saw but there's another side to the story and it's one we shouldn't ignore early on in his career careers all had been found guilty of rape and sat in prison for a year at the time of his death yet. Another rape charge was pending for years. There's this part of Zaas. Bio has been suppressed. It didn't Mesh well with his mythological image. There's no doubt that saw played a pivotal HIV. It'll role in elevating measly culture in Israel but he was also convicted perpetrator of sexual assaults and as storytellers lers journalists and just members of society more broadly. I think we're still working through how or if we can separate art from artist and with that we've reached the end of part. Three of our miniseries join us next week for the final installment of mixed extinct which will also be are season three finale. We're GONNA meet the real musical trendsetters of the early days of the state the military bands an encounter one song that really riled up some of the idea of top brass nate dubbed the Middle Deem Hubbub Xavi. Maybe I was very close to Gandhi the head of the Central Command and he didn't like this song he thought it was defeat of Scar Shalom color doing ninety. We'll also circle back to divide glossman whom we met at the very start of the miniseries and hear how one of Israel's most celebrated liberated novelists ended up writing hit hip hop tune when I was stuck there arena traffic jam I saw on the left Volvo of settlers and their students who the guy the driver with a screwdriver and he was peeling off the bumper stickers appeal off the been a murderer having been a traitor been good and then suddenly it occurred to me how strong ineffective bumper stickers the we all treated almost like a job but how do they are in shaping public opinion after all so while you wait in anticipation to know how bins bins dissemination got people rapping about the Messiah you can catch up on the previous mix tape episodes and all our past episodes in both English and Hebrew Hebrew on our site on itunes and on any of the other main podcast platforms think about the flower garden and if we're flower in your garden please help us grow you can do so by spreading the word urge sharing episodes on social media and and this really works by writing hopefully glowing reviews on itunes as always as you can also follow us on facebook twitter instagram all under Israel's story and if you want to sponsor episodes of Israel's story simply drop us a line et sponsor at PR x dot org next episode will be the last of the season and as such we wanNA spend some time over the summer learning about you our listeners that will allow us to understand what you like what you don't like what we should do more of less of so do us a big favor. Go to our site right Israel's story DOT ORG and fill out our short listener survey. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes and will really help us plan for season four. Thanks to dining dotan and Dahlia the creators of the wonderful film trilogy the sad and foretold end of Zoa goes to delete affair who who advises us on all our musical selections for the Mini Series and to Sheila Lambert Ham not be ideal Shlomi Towel Esther were and Wayne Hoffman and this mix tape mini series is all based on our latest live show thanks to everyone who made this tour possible and especially to the wonderful Bosson on this Chrissy Reinhard and Carlos Montero of Palm Beach Florida Yeah Elber Namo and John Mills Winkler in Princeton New Jersey and our dear friends at amherst Massachusetts -Chusetts Valentina Fomenko Rachel shy and Rebecca Steinfeld were already planning our return with mix tape in the fall so if you'd like us to to come perform in your community contact us at live tour at Israel's story dot org this episode was edited by High Mehtar recorded by Tony Hernandez at the off record studios in New York and mixed by the one and only selling all the original music throughout the episode was written arranged and performed by our wonderful mix tape banned the tunnel Chenoweth. If an Arawak together with Ruth Danon Ed in Jamshid and the Juanita Wagner Sh- meets Israel's story is brought to you by Pierre wrecks rex the public radio exchange and is produced in partnership with Tablet magazine are larger than ever staff includes your High Matata chace dot COM maiocco severe Iki Lawn Zev Levi Ari when egg Hannah Barg Autumn Scene Judah Kaufman abby new shots Polo Lamb Yoshi fields and Joel Chupak who I'm Itchy Harmon and we'll be back very soon with our season finale mix tape part four why join us so till then Shalom and I love Yeah uh-huh she then immoral Hulme Ma she was a a common myth uh looking around the only shoe the More God art aw plus

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Coachcast #1208  Voc planta e deveria colher


08:00 min | Last month

Coachcast #1208 Voc planta e deveria colher

"Not the most disciplined consequences and also present in mice a viewer who supervised the cable C Machine the video games Collier Muslims Bose Bose moja paczka and being so obvious amazingphil is Nancy Sinatra condesa. Momento into the mute off with a little girl sings d'ovidio. Kuch Kash de Brazil. I said that it's motive ASL How long did your blue search scatori's the supposed to reduce aggregate tourists hospice was plantain Cafe Bello Cafe? Hello, boqueria modem and also has blown off and set it on a piece of land. And if I call your main box see economies Jaguar was a positive myself as becomes. My sister had a baby pakk foom a vital you vote. Oh, what's his name voltage off? but a Segunda Vida if I get off of, said a pony cake was the quality food before painting. I was going to say is Vin giving commands know it's different between mice mice mice develop was gone do it, but if off Mizuki vociferous or give us additional fees off and original miles because the modem Moon two parakeets the fruit juice, that means you might be suicune cincuenta Cinco De La Cruz De Madera home was the model. Could you always decisions because it does move decision Edge cuz that's that's plenty smoogie see that put the song mask off my data work group name. This episode is visible face off like yourself. I faced the sacrificial sport verses in both if them killas be soon as I think please only was a terrible influence the syllable Supply the submarine. These kids are failures spice rack being this feels it is Bruce, He'll okie dokie Mill for similar to kill as many cups is in multiple transplants of it. We've ended up having to call log. When we just need to get to key winter specials reading body sex, beautifully to the consequences of those artists occupy say father. God will see if I could fish are being accused of Alan to do see this winter causes fear as much as feel is most valid as a religious term quality. And as soon as consequences consequences deal is off I go to sue consequences are consequences deal is nice. I would imagine as soon as the Muslims as a Muslim is Alison krauss's greatest would not consent to have them call you as soon as possible song released Mizuki Mizuki was perky, the former, Boosie review a single month. Think dramas not so Aveda think both people McCoy's Vegeta off. My son dies on the mindset. You know, my name is Josh. I was supposed to bring you to do my job. Fossils Lucky's is so, what is the speed and Instagram home evaluations way people Converse now disappeared off the ground ball to be hitting us what you versus if you were just eating cities that keep moving to steal is Vaughn Foreman. She was off all through school and cicada follow you to be you two people to come by you can have engine area damage or no Instagram music off. We'll be CL. We'll go to casterbridge most part you're reading poker plataforma in Korean through Spotify iTunes castbox podcast. Hey, we're supposed to sneak a Prius at Ella. Mujhy mujha almost gassed you.

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Fame is a Bitch

46:27 min | 2 years ago


"From workhouse connect in a j Benza. Vein, he liked to be walked on a leash and play really dirty kinky sex camps is the guy put the cop and the peacock network. Okay. Okay. Bitch. Hey, everybody AJ Benji here for famous it bitch October fifteen twenty eighteen. Hope your weekend went? Well, mom was okay. We lost our soccer game three noth- into a bunch of kids who were she's priced. Played against a soccer league with a bunch of kids have been dribbling, soccer balls, they're probably year and a half years and. They're from a certain part of the world sought South America where kids are brought up with. No soccer balls in every room of their house, which is a good thing. And I only had nine kids. We were undermanned and we were destroyed three, nothing. So I didn't yell too much. What can you do when the other team just has to extra guys and your team is just trying to hang on any outlook. Busy weekend for person like me who scouring the news for stuff for stuff to say, but I will say, Saturday night mile. Look, I hate to say this, but pedophilia house now gotten to the point that my my fourteen year old daughter Roxy has been affected by it. No, no, thank God not the way. It sounds if that were the case, this show wouldn't beyond today and I'd be in jail. I agree murder. Saturday night. We're having a nice moment. You know, sitting on the bed on the old Brooklyn and sheets, and we were. Playing each other different songs on YouTube to turn on to try to each other onto to new music, all news, whatever music we hadn't heard, you know. And I liked that about my kid. She she's interested in drums all of a sudden. So right away I tell, you know, hey, listen, daddy's friends with Bon. Jovi's drummer Tico Torres. I know that just just letting you know and I tell her, you know, that was a time when Bon Jovi was playing giant stadium and. It was amazing. You know, jersey guys playing giant stadium when it comes to concerts, they don't get much louder than that, but Tico Torres. The drummer let let me hang out backstage with my buddy Rocco and we stood behind his drum kit. And it's amazing when you're friends with an artist on that level, and you get to see what they see. Because you know, Chico's are really mellow. Do not a show of all the coal funny guy who happens to play great Trump's. But to stand behind his drum set and to look out into the ocean of people who love Bon Jovi almighty God, how you know, I don't even know why rock and roll is do drugs. If they're if they see that. Yes. Eight months year, but that's not the only drummer that de let me stand behind them. You know, stereo out of fifty thousand people. You know, my buddy Rocco's really good friends with Larry Mullen from you to Larry did the same thing for us when when you to play Madison Square Garden, not as big as giant stadium, but still to see what these big giant rock and roll star. See every single night. My God. It's ridiculous. Yeah, yes, me, you know, I don't care what drug you're taking seeing an ocean of people move and sway in undulating music. How could anything be better? So I tell my my kid, I, you know drums a great Trump's the engine of the greatest songs of all time, and I play her video on YouTube of gene. Krupa the Benny Goodman Arkestra just like my dad did to me, my dad made me learn. I think I've told this before every single musician in in the the Benny Goodman encore stra before I knew who the Rolling Stones are. I had to no sell patera, Dizzy, Gillespie. Gene croup any everybody who played Tommy, you name it everybody. So I play a sing sing. Sing, which is the bohemian rhapsody or the staring heaven, whatever anthem you wanna think of that was it in the forties and to to see Jin croup is drum solos nasal. Every great musician takes a ride. As they say during that song, she really dug it, gender stood it. And then she plays me one of the songs from her favorite group. Her current obsession, which is panic at the disco and you guys know that. But before she does, she says, well, this is weird that the Qatar is not there anymore. With them go on. She goes, well, you can guess it's what's happening all the time. Now he's a pedophile and she said it. So matter of factly she said it in the same way, we used to say our rock-n-rollers were doing, you know, getting high like no big deal. I go really gone what happened. And she just. But I think he liked the girl who was way too young a fifteen year old or something. I don't know. It sucks. But anyway, and we were right into listening to a song that didn't include him. The point is this is how much it's happening now for her to act like this is the norm Jesus Christ. The point is the band announced Torrington musician, Kenny Harris's gone. That's the way they put it. They didn't get into it. They just said, oh, by the way, Kenny, Kenny harasses Nolan with us, nothing physical happened, but the shit, he talked to young fans, especially to one young girl in particular his bed. Okay, don't get around it. Apparently, there's a sixteen year old girl out there on Instagram, who's acting as if she's the one who he was improper toward. I think it was something like requesting pictures of her, you know, pictures that you're not supposed to see. Well, you can't do that asshole, but does anybody remember what groups back in the daylight poison or motley Crue guns and roses, rat wasp, all those crazy groups in the eighties, they with the things they. Had girls do to get to come backstage and stay with them was one thing, and some of the initiations were so insane. They're almost not suitable for podcast. There were scores of girls who are perfectly willing to be treated like ashtrays toilet balls. Some chicks walked around naked on all fours and actually use the litterbox to truly show their devotion to the band. And when motley Crue started to get really huge, their then manager guy named Alan Kaufman. He, you know, rented an apartment for the band at a little street called north Clark street, eleven twenty four north Clark street. Anybody who ran around Rockstars knows that address. It was a Roach infested sleazy two bedroom pieces. Shit apartment right down the street from the whiskey. Easy on Sunset Boulevard. It was known as the motley house. Nikki six. Tommy Lee, Vince Neal, they moved in and that quickly became the place to be after gigs. You know, it became party central all the time. It was basically an after hours house as well as before hours house. People would pour into that house all the time. It's where it's for guys in newer groups like rat or waas. The aforementioned fucking hair bands used to hang out all the time, and it would get like the spillage of hot chicks who were out, you know, hanging out in the street in the courtyard and the driveway girls they would girls would arrive in shifts. Sometimes they girls with Qatar, cable, start cocoa off, forget about forget about them for a few hours just like Taya chicken LeBron corner was part of the initiation part of the fun that you will miss out on. You know, one Schick would be climbing out the window. Another one was coming to the front door. You know, one story I was told about the initiation was gross would literally shit in a litterbox. We've come a long way baby. I mean, what made you allege? If you years ago will now get you arrested, send your career into the litterbox. Anyhow, the point is a nice, hang with my kid. Suddenly she's telling me a guy in a favorite band pedophile. A friend of mine who died, not too long ago was a frequent guest of that motley house. And she used to tell me shit that went on, I couldn't believe, and those antics. What help a guys legend grow. Now you get caught asking sixteen year old pictures on Instagram, youth fucking through your done, and that's the way it should be by the way. I'm not saying that's the way it should be. Any I said to my kid, I'm sorry, Honey. Now this is this is what's happening now. You know, this is the kind of crap that's going on. You gotta be careful. She's like, I know that it's like it's like really bad and I can't believe he would do that. But it's like common now. Anyhow, saying it makes a father. Nervous is an understatement. Okay. But I started thinking about Jerry yester- the pedophile from the group, the love and spoonful I told you about a couple of shows ago, right? The group that had to song call younger girl. You know that podcast, young girl get outta my mind your love for just horrifying Lear extent. How could we not have known anyhow? Yes, there's been busted and he's off the streets now. Thank God. But you know, we never think of when we see a pedophile get busted with a whole bunch and loot like, you know. He probably was selling pictures or videos to some other creeps. Right. Who were his pedal file buyer, so to speak, who his pedal porn buyers. Why think I may have found one, you know, a ton of musicians, they all know each other performed together or or used to be the same band or follow each other on the road. What have you? It's a small kind of community if you really wanna get down to it. But here's a little ditty. I makes you think of John Millikin little ditty about Jack die. Now, that's not a pedophile. However, a musician who worked with John Mellencamp was caught recently watching pornography as he fled Washington state on a bus. Now this fucking I had ten thousand dollars strapped to each one of his legs, the good news. He pled guilty last week and US district court in Montana. So let me tell you about Eric Franklin Rosser a fucking creep, who pled guilty to excess in the internet with intentive you child pornography after signing a plea agreement with prosecutors in September. This was his second such charge in federal court. This guy was previously sentenced for several federal child porn on. Charges in Indiana, and then he was placed on the FBI's ten most wanted list in the year. Two thousand. Can you imagine being on the most wanted list? You must have a lot of fucking pictures and videos, or maybe done a thing or two most wanted for fuck sake. There was a time roster played a hell of a keyboard on on a John Mellencamp album twenty years ago. But if you, here's how this fucking idiot gets caught. He's riding a bus from Butte Montana to billings last July, actually, the July before this one that just picture light 2017. Another guy notices that there's child pornography on his screen, and when the guy approaches Rosser about of the Russia goes leave me alone. I know I got a problem, leave me alone. Okay, then. So this good citizen calls billings police tells them to get to the buck. Station when they arrive because this guy has admitted to looking at the images of young girls engaging in sexually explicit conduct. That's when they found them walking his bowlegged as I am. You know why they poked around his body and found out he had ten grand strapped to each leg along with fifty grand in cash in his luggage and under thousand dollars worth of marijuana, which he told police. He purchased personal use, dude, the pot isn't your problem. It's the pedophilia should head. So Rosser additionally admitted to violating his probation conditions, and he also made it to fleeing federal supervision in Washington state. He said he emptied his Bank account and fled to avoid going back to prison. Yeah, I get it because inmates don't treat pedophile to kindly in the joint. It's almost worse than being locked up cop. Anyhow, this guy's doing a minimum of ten years and maybe on supervised release for the rest of his life. Following his prison term, his sentencing is set for January seventeenth. Let's be sure to check in on him, but I saw pictures of this guy looks fucking terrible, and I wonder what's worse for your face years of alcohol abuse smoking, maybe drugs. Maybe the stress of knowing you like little fucking kids and nobody could know that's got to put some wear and tear on the old pucker. Right. But speaking of wear and tear I wanna say this real quick the other day on the famous bitch podcast page on Facebook, somebody put up a picture of Justine Bateman and remarked how old she looked and how she looked so much older than a brother. Jason Bateman and thread started to get. Good and long and look, this is not a message to whoever put up. I don't care. I don't care. You guys do what you want and let the discussions begin. I'm all for it, but I saw something developing with the Justine Bateman post. I start to feel bad. And I hope that those of you out there who like to think, you know, oh, AJ doesn't like women. He's such a misogyny. He's always saying shit about wing, let this be proof of the opposite of that. All right. I took down that post about Justine Bateman because it turned into a bunch of people old commenting on her looks commenting on the looks of a fifty two year old women, you know, not or talent as an actress, her passion as director or writer. The fact is she sold scripts to Disney and Warner Brothers. The film. She's produced that have gone onto festivals and won awards. The fact that she served on the board of directors for the Screen Actors Guild or that she's testified in front of the US Senate in support of net neutrality. She's raised two kids. She started around clothing line which was sold in Saks Fifth Avenue and Fred, Segal. She's a fucking certified pilot Jesus. She's been banging around this damn town for thirty six years and she's kept her wits about her. You'll see that too often from child star. All right. So Maori Keaton is done pretty damn good for self, but I took down the post because sometimes we do and say shit about people that just nasty for the sake of being nasty. And by the way I'm guilty this too. So far bid for me to get on some high horse. You know, an act like many different. I think the comments about her looks maybe hit too close to to the bone for me if I'm being honest, because I don't particularly like seeing image of my face from nineteen Ninety-six juxtaposed next to a picture minds face from fucking last Tuesday anymore than you guys do. And I'm sure just embankment is no different. She is a zillion times more recognizable than I am and more famous, whatever you wanna call it. But I do have that in common with her. The fact that we get to be on internet posts and threads all over the internet that discuss our looks and. Whatever else people feel like posting for shifting giggles. And that's one of the shittier parts of being famous or being a celebrity, but let me just drop a name here. Careful don't trip on pretty big name. What I was feeling particularly all swollen about my career going. Well, what have you. Jack Nicholson. One said to me, you know, don't read anything in print about you because if you believe you're brilliant, you gotta believe your bullshit Bennett to not look at all, and he's right. And to this day, he has never read a single review about him or film. He's been in on. It's a lot harder nowadays with social media. Now that selfish every place autographs and fan mail has been hijacked by Twitter shit storm. But I brought up Bateman also because how ironic she became a post on the Facebook page, and people spoke about her disappearance from celebrity when she's just had a book published called theme, the hijacking of reality, and I heard her talking about the book on Jay Moore's podcast, more stories, and she's actually was she was speaking. Exactly about what our post was, but it wasn't because of our post. It was take like a week earlier. The point is that people's opinions about her appearance and after many years of that, she said she was motivated to write the book because at some point she was able to find out what was most said about her in Google searches. And it came back Justin. Justin Bateman looks old. The number two entry I think was Justine Bateman looks horrible. It ain't easy on anybody self esteem when you know that this shit like that out there. And there are times when I've googled myself and I'm flipping through a bunch of stuff. That's true. That's not true. That's innocuous and whatever the fuck. In fact, let me say this right away. Okay. My I m d profile is absolutely fake. Completely fake my nephew, Joey went on that site and wrote this completely bogus profile of me that still there now it's at least ten or eleven years old. There's a whole paragraph that is just insane. We faith during his college days Benza spent most of his time studying and pursuing dramatic theater being a huge hall and Oates fan in nineteen eighty three. He started a rock band with three childhood friends Whitey Chico and Fred, they call the brand, Fred, Ken, wait Benz. A harmonica wizard dazzled many college crowds with his lightning lip work and crashing crescendo 's I've been on no less than five shows national television where people have begged me come on play, little harmonica frost on the way out and I've never corrected. I'm like, no, I don't play harmonica. I'm never corrected. I never changed the writing on the profile. I just like to see how many people just believe what they read any. I'm well point. The point is I stopped googling myself because I kept seeing this one post that says in bold type and caps. What the hell happened to AJ Benzes face. And then people go on this threat to guess what happened to my face any I look good for Justin baby. She got tired of reading that should do, and she wrote a fucking book about it and I can't wait to read it. You know why? Because the older I get the less and less I like looking into Mira, you gotta be the same as me, but now I don't quite mind is much because of my signals. Skin-care wrinkle remover, you know, I've got my routine, but if you wanna skip the whole, I and face serum that I use I than just all of the wrinkle remover go right ahead. And this guy is as well as girls that includes Justine Bateman to see. I can be an asshole to look. I'm happy to say more of you have purchased this wrinkle remover than I thought I'm very impressed. Good for you. Those. Of you haven't go to signal skin dot com and purchase the amazing wrinkle remover twenty nine ninety. Nine just input the promo code fame at checkout. Do it. I'm telling you, you sixty roles will look ten years younger. You fifty rolls sale on a forty. Again. You forty rose by now and hold onto for ten years because you're all going to need it. This is some shit that some lady invented on shark tank. This is Cal tech scientists put their head together and invented this. And you know, because California is the most vain place on earth with the most vain people, we buy it anyhow, get it done, signal skin dot com promo code famous checkout. That's s. i. g. n. a. l. s. s. k. i. n. dot com. That's two s.'s as in so sexy while I'm at it. Let me thank my cream of the crop. My tippy top Angelique. Hello, Audra fortune candy Welsh. Chris Lewis, Chris, star, Debbie Anderson ever from Canarsie. Erica, Myers. Franny spindly Gabby sketch poli janey Fumio my to Catherine speed and Stuart Kelly on us bore Leslie Wyatt. Lisa, yon, yots, Matthew Valentine's, Ryan, Wolfe, and Chris. Elise, and there are a couple of others that I'm about to mention on Wednesday show. Sorry, I just couldn't get the Email hooked into this show as of yet, but you guys will be thank Wednesday because you're you're old dynamite for coming aboard and support the Sean patriot. You know, I. I heard a beautiful story about a guy who's put family ahead of fame and I, it's, it's just it's amazing. Michael boob lay. I've never got behind this guy. I know he's a good singer. I know he's good, but because I already loved the real singers that he, you know, imitates so speak, who's record he cuts. I just, I never felt like getting behind listening to him, cover their song. He doesn't. I mean, I'm not taking away from his talent. He's a great guy and he's got a tremendous voice, but it's like Harry Connick or fucking Peter lemon jello for all you people older than me or just the same age. I get that they're good voices, but I like the original mother fuckers. The guy of Frank, dean is one. Sammy Jerry Vale. You name it, Tony Bennett originals anyhow, would would boob. Wages did blew my mind. Okay. He just announced he's done the fucking guys out. Out is leaving the business done performing no more interviews. Nothing now that his little boy hit a little boy who was born diagnosed with liver cancer and boob lay said he didn't even know how to fuck. He was breathing how he could even move forward in life with this little boy with liver cancer. How not anything he's ever saying not any trips ever taken not any award is ever gotten or TV show. He's been on nothing Mench shit because his little boy could die. Could you fucking imagine that? But how many of the superstars we know who've gone through similar circumstances kept their fame intact and kept moving and going forward as a result, maybe down the road they regretted maybe the kids fucked up or a little too distant from their parents who knows. But boo, Blais done done with everything. He said now that his little son is beat cancer. He decided. Not to do anything that takes him away from his kid. He said, he's never gonna, read his name, imprinted, never gonna. Read a review. Okay. At matter of fact, when the kid was diagnosed, he decided never use social media again, and he'd never has. He said he got caught up in celebrity narcissism and he's fucking done. And I love this story so much. 'cause I know too many people we all do who've gotten caught up in it. And as a result, families have been fractured splintered and ground to dust. So for a man putting his kid in front of his career, God bless, but I've been thinking singers a lot lately. A dawned on me with the podcast I did on Charles as war, and then something I did on Sinatra, you know that the giant ones I've met have such massive egos. You can't believe it. So for boob, lady duty date is amazing. Thing. I'm not saying that having a massive egos of really bad thing. Ordinarily, you can't make it in this town if you walk around and just think you're kind of, okay, you have to think you're out of this world. Great. Maybe not publicly, preferably not publicly, but you have to think deep down at your fucking better than anybody. The great ones are never satisfied with anything. And when they see that their fame is slipping, the talent is leaving. It gets really scary for them and worse. When they see a younger singer gaining on them, they sometimes go ape shit. Gotta get committed. I'm gonna tell you a couple of stories just to illustrate what I mean. And I'm doing it to help myself just as much as I might be entertaining you. Okay. Because we all have days and weeks where we think, you know, I don't have it anymore. Do I have it anymore? What is it? What am I without it? Whatever it is that I have. You know what I mean? We all get uncertain of ourselves. And I'm happy to say I've remembered a couple of stories about great big singers who felt that way and come out the other end smelling like roses. And this last week was one of those weeks when I needed to know that men much much greater than I am and men a hell of a lot more talented than me have felt the same way. And then I want to jump suppose those stories against another talented guy who's taken a completely different approach to fame any outlook. If I had my way, I love to be able to do the same thing with Michael boob blade did imagine being that famous and just saying fucking, I'm gone, but whatever. Let me I get to Frank Sinatra for seven. Okay. Listen to the story. I've told a few times it's been told to me a few times over the years whenever I was hanging out with mobsters in New York. What have you a few of them all seem to know this story. And I'd like to think it's true because it was told to me by an old time name Louis domes. Now, Louis was Genevieve sea captain from the old days, and he was a childhood friend of Frank Sinatra, and he's the guy I was sent to see when Franks publicist wasn't going to let me go see him at his eighth birthday party at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles and with nobody to turn to. I told Frank's daughter, Nancy Sinatra, my dilemma, and she told me, you call my uncle loop. He's going to straighten everything out. Ennio of course, Lew made sure I was invited and then he went his pocket and flew me first class to LA and back. Some of you heard that some of you on the patriot have heard that story because it's a one of my future chapters my future book any. But the night we were talking me Louis domes. He was telling me a few Frank stories about his younger days, and this one stood out and I think he was telling me or teaching me some kind of a lesson that as big a man, you think you are. There's always somebody bigger to be aware of, you know. So there's this story that luta me, Frank used voter restaurant. I don't know if it's in the Bronx Manhattan. I forget where probably Manhattan. And he would go there quite a bit. And whenever we drove up, he'd flip the keys to the valet with his big on Cadillac. When it had the kids pocket close and rip off a hundred dollar Bill or fifty, whatever the fuck and the kids would be all crazy Frankie. Then the tip and they got the drive, Franks Cadillac, you know. But these kids at the valley STAN were told, don't you ever talk to Mr. Sinatra, you take keys, you park his car. When he comes out from the restaurant, you go get the car. You give it to Frank. You say nothing. Okay. Everybody paid attention to that rule. This one kit a tough kid from the Bronx. He gets job there and sure enough. He's on the job. One nine francs shows up and this kid gets to park Frank, Sinatra's car, big old Cadillac. And after Franken, Georgia, two or three hour mealy comes out from the restaurant and the kid drives the big old Cadillac up to the front door. And as he flips two keys to Frank Sinatra, he says, big fan, Frank. I'm gonna give me a call like that one day. Maybe even bigger than this one. Now, Saddam heard this, and he started to fuck and see steam coming out of his ears. I use the drink. He got fucking pissed off when he drank. What can I tell you? He didn't even have to say anything to Franks and actress. Dunes could have another car, grab the kid and stuff them in the car, and they drive off. Now this kid is missing from his job at the valet for two weeks or so, everybody at the restaurant has no idea what happened. They thought the kid was left, you know, on the side of the road or fucking in oil drums they didn't know what happened to him. What happened that night? A few minutes later Franks goons they stopped the car under an overpass somewhere. Very dark deserted desolate street, and the goons walk the kid out of the car. And Frank Sinatra emerges from his Cadillac and starts ripping into the kid who the fuck. Do you think you are you little pieces shit. You're gonna have a bigger car to me. Is that what you think what you don't understand? Having respect about men like me, you rat bastard to you on the stand. I make one fucking coal and I'll have you so fucked up. Your mother won't even recognize you. All you going to do is make one, fuck and call. What are you going to save yourself. And with that, the kid reaches behind his back and pulls out a gun and says to Frank, and when you make that call, who do you think they send now after a few seconds of confusion and pandemonium, it became very clear who this kid was. He was the son of the very important mafiosi who Frank didn't know guy. Okay, Frank heard the kids say that and was staring at the barrel of a gun. He said, I like you got balls you with me now. So one night cut to a month later. So doctor shows up at the same restaurant. It is time the kid is driving Frank's, big Cadillac, foreign. And when he gets out of the car, all the former employees or looking at him and their jaws are hanging open to the floor. And one of them says, what the hell's going on. We thought you were dead and the kid flip them the keys and said, Nah, I worked for Frank. Now, see what Louis was telling me. There's always somebody bigger who can fucking wipe you away and take your spot and Frank needed to learn humility a little bit. That's a good bit about Frank. Now, here's a bad bit about Frank sometime in nineteen sixty five Sinatra's career was doing really well. He was in a studio recording one of his albums when he went to go take a leak while he was in the hallway. He heard another singer in another studio, laying down a recording of a song. So when Frank finishes, piss, he walks back to his studio and he calls his people and he says, whoever the hell is singing strangers in the night down, the whole is done singing that song because I want it make it mine. The guy doing the singing down the hall was Al Martino a hell of a singer in his own right. And somebody Frank obviously felt threatened by for a number of years. Martino had a string of hits. His biggest one was Spanish is and also version of lorry that was really big in the seventies, but Frank was powerful enough and big enough prick back then that he could make one phone call and that song strangers in the night was taken away from l. Martino and it was given to Frank to record in nineteen sixty six and it would be it became the first number one song, Frank cat in eleven years. Basically became a song Frank is recognized for now. It's bad enough that song was taken away from Martino. He went from respecting Frank to instantly despising him. When I did mysteries and scandals, I was so thrilled that my top producer was his daughter, Alison, Martino an alley. Ni- got close right away. And she used to have me over for dinner and her dad would cook for us and tell us stories. And he told me they were years that Franks goons would do all sorts of dumb shit tomb. Scratches fucking car gives car flats, and sometimes the messes rush for him to get the hell outta town. But Al Martino was a tough kid from Philly, and he would tell Franks, go fuck themselves. He ain't going nowhere and he stayed put and he scratched out one hell of a career from self. Not to mention playing Johnny Fontaine in the godfather apart that's supposed to be about Sinatra and you wanna laugh. Frank Sinatra literally hated that song strangers in the night. He told people it's the worst fucking song have heard, and I was there to hear my. Self again, you people who have the patriots. No, this story because it's more my future chapters in my book where I'm at the four seasons lounge at the party at the shrine and Frank singing for twenty or soul of us, and somebody in the in the in the audiences, Frank seem strangers in the night. And Frank says, I hate that fucking song, and you would, too if you sang in a million times, Frank only wanted to sing it to take away any fame that might come l. Martinos way as a result of that song where to go to him. Fucked up fame 'works enough for nothing legend has it Frank desperately hated the godfather. And one of the Johnny Fontane seems written out of the movie and according to marry a Puzo who wrote the book the godfather, the character Johnny Fontane was not based on Frank Sinatra. So after thought otherwise, and was so pissed off that he used to scream of senators and used to threaten Puzo whenever they met in public. Let me tell you something. I Don, I know Puzo full of shit. That part was clearly about Frank Sinatra and the mob getting Tommy Dorsey to release him from his contract for a dollar and later on the part of Jack Walter supposed to be Harry Cohn from Columbia Pictures, the studio that made from heater attorney the movie that saved Frank Sinatra's career and just put a Sherry on top of this fucking story. Many years ago, my father sold carpet to marry a Puto at his home and bright orders. Long Island was town right next to us a little tiny gorgeous incorporated village with some amazing homes and estates, the whole fucking town. Look like one of those ceramic Christmas villages. You put up on Holly holiday time. Mario Puzo like the scotch sorted my father, and they spent a few nights talking about the making of the godfather and there's no question. Johnny Fontane was modeled after Frank Sinatra, my father told me stories Puzo confidentially told him, marry apu's was scared to death to admit, that's the truth for fear of retribution and listen to this. I grew up on the beautiful voice of Italian cinema, Jimmy Rozelle. He played in my house every Sunday. If you grew up a talian and you don't know the beautifully stirring music the songs. Molly fame, Minna all Bello, Skopje dealer. Then you have to get on that. Now you have to Google Jimmy Zell EMT hit this show. All of his songs are amazing, but the one that kills me song that's played at every wedding for all the fathers doing jail time. Yes, talion have song for that. It's called little pal, little pal. If daddy goes away promise, you'll be good from day to day. Do his mother says and never sin be the man. Your daddy might have been when they played at some. There's not a dry fucking I in joint. Now this this since telling stories I had an Anna. Who was my mother's oldest sister and she was the end would sit me when I was a little boy and translate all the Italian songs when I was a kid. I, I couldn't wait for the wreckage the play and to be over. When I lived in Brooklyn, she lived across the alley from us in Brooklyn, and she would look out of her kitchen window and she could see into aunt kitchen and we had a clothesline. We the send things to each other's kitchen on a clothesline, a box of pasta jars. So whatever the fuck it was, we just send things back and forth. It was the, it was the original social media. Anyhow, Anna would translate Malla Femina to me and that song stuck in my head because I love women. I became a a boy love girls. Obviously, you don't my stories, but this song amount of Femina which translates into bad woman is about a man trying to get through to a woman he loved, and the way this song be gains. It's like no other song in the world. Sivy Safaga. Sorry, thought of Ryan. And the way this song begins, it's like no other song about a man and a woman. Sunny sip fought Nantou if you did to someone Jianlin k. fucked on what you did to me stove as sucky so that man would have killed. You DeVos up book picky. You wanna know why. It goes online. The point is he says, because on this land, women like you don't have to stay for a man as honest as me, but the last that the chorus feminine to Seema Munaf cute Kip fuck to John Gioia. He selling the woman. I'd say, what is he saying that I could understand that I was like a little kid. I and she'd have her is closed. Looking toward the ceiling and things would be tapping into tablecloth, and our head would sway searching for the words. And Anna, what's he saying? She say. He's telling this woman, she's beautiful. She's got the face of an angel, but she's a bad bad woman. He's telling you to stay away from bed bed. Girls. AJ stay away. I couldn't stay away. Who can, but at least she told me the point is this when I took in an the Jimmy rebellion person, we went backstage, the Westbury music, fair, nineteen, Ninety-six. I was a big shot back then and Jimmy knew I was coming and I took it and backstage and she hugged Jimmy resign like all old Italian women do, and he was so gracious. And I remember someone in backstage asked him why he sang my way Frank Sinatra's song, his anthem, my way Jimmy have to be seventy years old. When I saw. And he suddenly the spell was broken. He said, why do I've seen my way? Because I sing it better than that son of a bitch sings it meeting Sinatra. Now you should also know Rozelle. He was also born in Hoboken New Jersey, not too many blocks away from where Frank Sinatra was born. So the rivalry was strong, but do you see what fame does to people. I should a lesson for everybody out there to own your shit to do you think is right to be your own person, not killing someone else's doing, but when it comes to a woman like Justine Bateman. And her face being posted on Facebook page. And again, this is not a combination of anybody who did it. I don't care, but think about things like that before you do it, it takes a lot for someone to hang around, show biz knock around show bitch, not these fucking reality stars who think just goes. They showed up in his viewers that they've actually done something worth anything. They've done nothing. They have no skill discernible talent. They show up and have arguments, and they have a level of fame which has never been seen before. And then a jackass, like Andy Cohen makes them bigger than nothing. I know that breaks a lot of women's heart then no body, but for people with actual talent. When you put their face up on Facebook page and people knock their looks. It just doesn't doesn't seem right. You know, and I hope by now, you know this podcast and this host is one of those people. You know. Stands behind what he says and whether you like it or not. This is who I am, whether you want to say what the fuck happened. AJ stays all of these. I don't care what it looks like. I love what he sounds like. That's what this podcast is for people who have the balls to let it all hang out and not to make Justine Bateman a fuck insane. But she's one of a number of people who had the balls and talent and the gumption to step out and do what she thought the so many years and be good at. And she's going to continue to do what she's done. So look, I'm not trying to discourage anybody from posting someone else's face from the Facebook page. We all like to have a good laugh now and then, but let's not knock the shit at it people because they got a little few years old. And if they think if years older then how come they're not using signal skin, Kim, recover move. All right, I'll stop now. I'm AJ Benz, and that was your famous it Mitch podcast. Talk these Wednesday.

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Bob Can't Get the Quiz

Bob and Sheri

1:29:03 hr | 10 months ago

Bob Can't Get the Quiz

"I'll go no option but to sell you all scientific experiments each to Bob and Sheri show with Bob. What have I become Sherry? I don't sit like a lady China. Swear like a pirate and now from the palatial bobbins Sherry Studios Ed's bombing Jerry. I'm just going to warn you right up front that one of about to tell you is so bizarre and so random and doesn't have anything to do with anything and I don't know why I've become slightly slightly obsessed with it but a have and here it is so I'm minding my own business on the Internet and I was looking for something for Cara Mia and I'm clicking and through clicking through and I found myself reading a very short article about how once time Napoleon and that's bonaparte apart not dynamite. The war leader Napoleon. Thanks for clearing that up. He was one of the great movie it was. He was one of the most powerful men in in all of Europe or during his lifetime and legendary military leader and short guy. You know everybody knows who Napoleon as well. There was a victory Torri that his forces had. I don't know which one but after some big military victory his chief of staff decide it to throw a big rabbit hunt to celebrate and Polian and back then a lot of your military officers that was like your air stock or senior charity it was a very like big bigs lower and so and hunting could be very like fox hunting revenue. It could be very formal. You weren't just doing the Mahfud thing where you're out there hunting rabbits. So they they sent out there was pre foot their serfs and peasants in their whatnot and they trapped Thousands of rabbits habits and cage them. Because if we're going to have a rabbit hunt for Napoleon his officers there'd be some rabbits. Sp some rabbits or or if you're in charge of it if you're the hunts hunt master whatever so they were seeding the field. Yeah So they they trapped over a period of I dunno days and days they trapped thous of rabbits and then it was time for the hunt so they open the cages. Expecting what would you think they were expecting. The rabbits is to bolt for freedom and then Napoleon and his troops would hunt them ono. These rabbits when the cages were opened. These these rabbits had had enough. They were like J.. Lo in that movie they had had all they were gonNA have. These rabbits did not run for freedom. They turned around and they. They attacked the Hunting Party. Including the POLIAN. No Kid Rabid Polian Bonaparte the emperor. I'm sorry let me give proper respect the Emperor Napoleon could not bat these bunnies away. He wrote off. He ran in hidden his tent shoe. Big Big can. Have you ever heard this store. Never got the Internet's amazing street channel. I've never heard the story. You know images lot because when you think of there's there's a famous painting in somewhere in Paris and Napoleon on a white steed and the steed is bucking up and he's got that crazy hat on and you go. Wow I knew your short guy and you're trying to get something out of your coat but wow that's very impressive that's that's PR that's controlling your image. That's what he was doing there. You know what he was really good at Howson's of angry bunnies. That's so funny. You Know Napoleon. The police was really good at he was really the original brander. If you go anywhere in the city of Paris you will see the letter. N All over the place on GE's if he had a bridge built they had put an an and and it's still there today if instagram had been around almost oh mouse own day. Oh yeah yeah the bunny hunt with no. No photos would be allowed of that. I bet where for those bunnies first express that that reaction. They'd never been cage before so they were really ticked off. I bet wherever he is now the polling is like we. They're talking about the bunny story. Yeah I was hoping that would fade into obscurity are now. I've never learned that. You know I've never really read a Not a novel. What a biography of Napoleon? I need to do that. It was really an interesting character then. He was put in prison right in Corsica. Well we only know because has we've studied Napoleon. We only know like the Pop Culture Napoleon. He was short with his hand in his jacket. Say That but he wasn't that sure and and the grant fair with Josephine. was that true or not. He'll even knows and I don't think he went around with his hand in his jacket all the time. I think that was probably just a one off for a portrait for portrait and then it becomes brandon. It what's funny about it is he. Did that and if you look at old civil war pictures of soldiers and they're all doing doing it. Get Out of your kidding. Studied it. They've they've picked up on the POLIAN thing and they did it well. Here's what you wonder because I you know as a person who you know grew up on books where animals could talk watership down right. I'm picturing like the night before the hunt. They've got all these bunny rabbits and you know they're all the cages are all stacked and piled on top of each other in a clearing or a barn and the bunnies there was one on radical. Like bunny. WHO said to the other bunnies are we? Are we meet. Or are we bunnies. Are we going to be slaughtered slaughtered. Come Sunrise or are we gonNA fight back you each have great big front teeth as show what you can do with powerful back pause and so this one revolutionary bunny rallied all the other bunnies then. They attack Napoleon or these are just a bunch of gravity concert or I also have to say kids. I read this on the Internet. So maybe don't use it for your college essay. Yeah right until you check it a a little bit. It's Bob and Sheri the affair. PODCAST BOB and Sheri Odd casquette. Download the free Bob and Sheri website. Or wherever you get your podcast. Ask Lavin Jerry Bob. We were contacted by those joyless. Buzz kills at eat this not that to ask if we interested in having one of their editors on of for a healthy Valentine's Day segment and I shared with them that we would we would pass on that But I did click on the link and they ended the CY. As if there's another another one gone you know what she said she was like well. We figure we took a shot that she's very honest replied to me. But I I I went out and clicked on the link and I have to say that the recipes on eat this. Not that for your healthy. Valentine's Day actually looked pretty. Good like there was A grilled ruled strawberry shortcake with Balsamic reduction and little miniature chocolate cake so that all looked good but when I when I hit the website which is just what it sounds sounds like eat this. NOT THAT DOT com. Let me just me just read you. The titles of some of the things you can click on K.. Fifteen foods that stain your teeth. Twenty biggest health scares on the planet. Thirteen foods. Women should never eat the thirty worst cookies in America breath. This is fun. Isn't it thirty eight. Where's where's the this thirty flat belly? Mistakes That Women Make Eight Twenty Salad mistakes to avoid twenty health issues signify. You have a bad diet. Yes you can drink too much water order your most embarrassing health habits and so on and so on and you click on that one your most area saying. Can you do that habits are. Let's pull it up. I just looked at a licking the spoon WOK cooking. Seventy three percent of people do this. If you're boiling or baking in bacteria and viruses will be destroyed but if you're licking the spoon while you're whipping cream or icing a cake. You are transmitting the flu or strap or other bacteria to the people who eat it okay. Here's what I do And I only do this if nobody's in the kitchen. If I'm making my soup dishes a put a big spoon in there and I'll test that that is the soup kind of at a boil is yeah right so so I'm okay right and I have right. Thank you todd. I have helping germs What I love about you bob is if you say enough eventually you believe it? Yes well that is something. That's I'm not the only person who does that. If you haven't noticed an UNPACK MAKES I. I started the whole thing. I started the whole thing. y'All yeah yeah I started the the whole thing I was. I made super my instant pie and To check it to see if it needed anything else in it. I went and got a spoon out of the drawer and put the spoon in their tasted it and then put the soup spoon. The sink a my daughter goes what are you doing. I'm like tasting the soup she goes yet. But that's just more spoons to wash like I'd rather wash an extra spoon. The Double Dip then double dip and then I then I thought Oh. Oh everything that you've cooked for mommy since you were six. You've licked haven't you. Yeah yeah that's right but it's okay if it's boiling right it's okay if it's boiling baking seeking when I had my little nieces over to stay with me for the weekend. Evie nineteen months old omega. I love what. She's like boo for Monsters Inc.. I was cooking dinner for the kids making them some pasta and she was like up up up soy scooped her up and I held her in my arms and was stirring everything and the pasta had drained so I picked up a piece. I blew it off. 'cause she was hungry and popped it into her mouth and she smiled and then she pulled it out of her mouth and stuff that into mind before before I even what was happening. So basically whatever whatever. She's got to write delivery system and I laughed because you know that's the thing like children little kids starting when they're very young are very generous with their food. They'll share it with you if a little kid that you absolutely love pull. There's something out of their mouth and puts it in yours. That's such again. Oh No it's such A. That's a gift that keeps on giving it some kids how to be sharing. Will you're a great human beings. No Way I was GONNA spit it out and be grossed out. There's no way I'm putting that in my mouth. You might be ready for cold and Flu. Season your kids. Infants and young children have a good chance ends of getting the flu. Check for fevers with the exegen temporal scanner. Here's Bob and Sheri hobbies that make you more attractive to the opposite sex. I have have them for you. Know God is all kayaking. It's not all kayaking. No we're starting off. We're starting off with traveling. They are adventurous. These people you you want to attract and not content with staying on home soil. These people may speak to You in another language So that You know perhaps perhaps you can pick up some of that language to. They love to travel they. They are more interesting. I tend to believe that I think that's a hobby that most people like women like the guys who travel a lot they don't like stick-in-the-muds and traffic doesn't mean you have to go to Australia. And just go to your local you know mountainous area and sometimes women unlike guys who travel so much that kill free to be gone. I mean you've that's been your experience another way of enjoying traveling. Yeah when you see when you see me walk out the door Exercise people are attracted the people who exercise a lot the theater these are cultured people. The cinema won't hack it for for them. They lacked the rawness of theater. See Now max into that. He's an actor. He's been many places. Did you find that women found you more attractive when you were onstage when you when you were in a play yes at times yes I would say depending depending on the woman so they thought that you were interesting. Yeah and then I had one woman when I was wished she says I know you like doing this but I just don't think it's a very very manly thing to do. Oh you're out you know what Max is experienced suspend. They're very very into his acting until his girlfriend. And then they kind of resent the time you know women in my life. It's a lot of people's People's experience they were they were really into me Because I was on the Air Asia. Exactly dancing boy. Mary and I went went to a restaurant the other night next to a dance studio and you knew where it is. And there was a woman in there getting a salsa lessons solo with the guy so the guy was the teacher I had to push. Mary quickly. Pass that because I know she was going to go. Oh Lucy Techs also dancing. I just I think I yeah. I just don't think I can you did. When did you take salsa dancing? I took I took dance lessons last year. Jen Wanted Jen. Wanted to start dancing and I said okay so for Christmas. I bought her dance lessons. We took dance lessons for. Where have you danced Well that's none of your business. I think we're going to answer is nowhere. I'm going to keep sounds like nowhere. Order your private dancer per minute. Why didn't you say so? Well I want go dancing but then I never thought of see this J.. Lo wasn't the only one that had a dance. pull out a aw very nice very nice Cooking people People like other people who can cook especially women like a guy who can cook outdoor interests trysts dopey moping around the couch day and night. Get outside for crying out loud. People find you more interesting this one. I don't know photography Talk Rafi. What's wrong with that? Men like women who are into photography for some reason women not so much and I will give you an example. My a silver best friend Jeff. He is very good and he's very into photography whenever I go to visit Jeff and his wife Elaine. She can't wait for me to take him over because she started being because everywhere they go if it's if it's for hikes or whatever he's got the camera and I saw Jeff. I'm I'm not exaggerating. He and I went to the top of Cadillac Mountain Acadia National Park at sunset now sunset dust in the summertime. Take Awhile He. He must've taken and three thousand pictures of this. They all look the same. It's like when people when I say to people look my dog running on the beach though they all fan but the sunset really looks the second jeff because he was changing F.. Stops and I mean. He was doing all sorts of photography. I was changing F- stops to Watching sports you know you're either into it or are you. Not If you find somebody you know. WHO's WHO's into it? That's that's a good hobby. I guess pets. That's a dicey one too. You know it depends on the pet it and whether the person is a pet person and specifically a dog or a cat person or a snake person. 'cause there's Eh Reptile Boulder and bird. People all right art. I think that's a tough one too I. There are some people that they could care less. They they go to the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. And and they say a Jackson pollock and they go. I could do that. I can't stand it when people say that. No you can't well someone that's really into art. Probably doesn't want to be with someone that has. Yeah that's right. Yeah you have to be selective Learning sucking up information like in museums and finally I think this is one that is probably pretty common music although if you get stuck going to a concert and it's type of music that you hate that can be along night and it will not work if you're the person who selected but be gracious if someone else is just this is their thing and they have asked you to go with them cannot just be gracious for a couple of hours. WHO's R- have a revie set Restrained Car Shankar's daughter Plays Piano Norah Norah Norah Jones okay so she plays piano she has a very nice voice. It's very subtle. It's very subtle two hours of Norah Jones with Mary. Oh I she would not like that. I just is not some jumping around on on stage. You think Mary is going to sit in listening for Jones for two hour. Anybody can be gracious live. Music is joy like the anybody I mean. Give some credit I think she would. I think she could And I think that would be. I think that's one I have doesn't want to go to your Like Tore of America's Lighthouses Movie V. Bhai I think she'd go toward Jones. I think she go with the lighthouses. I even live music when you don't really know the artists the so like Bajic all to listen sometimes Bob and Sheri you here they are. He's a moron. He's actually like a complete idiot. Laurent's in the news guys can be such jerks and sometimes they just won't back down and it never ends well thirty eight year. Old Williams Stewart's recently started working at a chemical plant in San Antonio Tonio and he had a full beard when he started but he shaved it off last month. I want a coworker made fun of his freshly shorn face. The next day he threatened to murder his co-worker apparently guy made an off handed remark about he didn't realize they'd hire new female employees and William did did not take it well. He tried to start a fight but somebody broke it up then. He went back to his work. Station said the guy who teased them was the reason there's quote workplace place violence and then trump the columbine comment he also talked about making explosives and using chemicals from the plant to dissolve body and he talked about owning guns before so people took it seriously and they called the cops. He's facing charges for making terrorist threats. Plus take charge for unlawful. Carry a gun. They found in his car. Guy Net the other guy though never should have said Oh. We have a new girl working here. You you know that was that. was combustion right there right. He's more of the day's guy named Andrew from South Carolina. We don't have his last name. He decided that he would try to get as Mary poppins on and climb up on the roof of his house and jump off with a big umbrella thinking he might like float to the ground. Well what happens if we have video. You've got up on the video and we're going to send it to your phone. It got up on the roof of the house is big umbrella and he jumped off. And I'll be damned. He did not float like Mary poppins two straight to the you did appears in the video that he hurt himself. Yeah this left leg. I don't know if it's broken can't tell but It didn't go well. Text the word war. We're on to eight eight eight two six to seven four. Three seven people send Mary poppins directly. Do we'll do anything to get likes six all right next one. This guy Didn't want just great Clinton. He wanted the greatest clip ever twenty five year. Old Guy named Michael. Mackenzie went into a great clips in Bismarck North Dakota last week he seemed to be drunk and he had a bottle of fireball whiskey in his back pocket. I think when you walk into a business this with a liquor bottle in your back pocket always says Howdy As stylist named Samantha. Gun rich cut his hair. He told her quote. I'm GonNa Kill Oh you you don't make me look beautiful. And he threatened to look her up and good or how sick. The haircut did not turn out. Well well another customer overheard this and they called the cops and Michael was arrested for felony terrorized. So high did the haircut. Come out from his mugshot. I guess it looked well the fact that he didn't beat anybody afterward you know far ball. That's the one to remember fireball. The Bangkok that's right. Text the word moron onto eight eight eight two six to seven four three seven and we will send today's Mary poppins more onto your phone coming up on the show signs taking each other for granted a sharable taste of the show the fun size podcast drops every Thursday escapes onto three. I have a quiz that helps you figure out or learn what it is. You truly expect out of Valentine's Day whether you're in a relationship or not and some of the questions they give you something to think about. You want to do it. I know what to expect. You're going to come in here and be tormented pill on. Let's let's let you be the person everyone can take and follow along. We'll we'll get your results okay. I'm in the spotlight. You're in the spotlight. Okay so be honest with your answers. Don't just answer how you think like makes you look good. Okay okay so be be very honest with your aunts and okay because that would be shallow do you you or did you enjoy being single. Not going to give you choices okay. Totally I was content. No I always have my eyes out for my soulmate The third one okay. What are you most likely to use as your phone or desktop wallpaper picture of you and your friends a tropical beach a close shot of a pretty flower or inspire? He quote woke. None of those I have Jordan pond remained with the mountains from this. Why seventh grade was hard? So you have to pick one of these but none of those are on tropical beaches your Jordan Alright saga can. I be specific on Eh Tropical Beach. That's not me okay actually have is probably not going to be on this is why the sat people. When he senator Roger Williams it is I mean we have no idea? What did they got in? Okay I got in if there was a test moderator. He would've what did you say or she would have said Tropical beach or haunt doesn't matter. It's something that scenic on her fault right. Okay what kind of feeling do you like best in chocolate truffle nuts strawberry orange or coconut or dark chocolate chocolate Mousse I like the butter in the pop overs. That Jordan pond. So let's go with Nago with chocolate sack chocolate chocolate Mousse okay definitely and before we can continue. I need you to give me back my charger because my ipad just died and this quiz is something that I'm calculating your actual responses online. Okay this this. This is called behind the scenes in radio broadcasting casting. Where we we plan this out every once in a while they give you an idea of what it's like in the exciting World Bob and Sheri and radio every now and again when we're out in the world people will ask us like? Do you guys like write a script for everyday show. No we do. Not that would be boring. If you guys have a team of people that make sure everything goes smoothly. Do we do. I'm not do you guys ever think to charge your devices before showing up for worst sometimes no we do. Not Do you have have it back. Puts the little apple logo on the screen. Yes you just have to wait a minute. I can't wait for the next one. How am I doing so far as the spotlight talk about you? Were you like this in school. It's multiple choice. Pick an answer from the menu of options. I didn't really listen totally to the directions. I'm just I'm just going to be honest. You know what what were you. What was I thinking being paying attention to the idea that I'm in the spotlight? I was afraid to ask you. The chocolate is this. This is this is this an old computes old IPAD. It's like well it's old in IPAD terms which means it's five or six inches. SAYS SB some upper. Just ask your results then. It won't be scientific. Oh Yeah as soon as this pops up scientific diffic- when I went through this before bringing this to you so you could have spotlight time. The question about the chocolate truffles. I was braced for well. I don't like any of those as you know I only like junior mints are respected Butter Cups. I expected you to argue with me. No every single. The church come stole stole the Apple. It's still the up logo. I think I know what you need for Valentine's Day here. We go now. Oh boy okay. That -Kay what we just did. That was a good team. They call that radio now. Now the Building having a problem here we go. We're moving moving right along. You didn't answer me. Not Strawberry lacouer are orange or coconut or dark chocolate Mousse didn't do Moose. Okay attention and what are you. The folks hope you enjoyed it. It's a feature we're GONNA bring back real soon. Let's let's finish the next one that we you can really charge. We'll come back with more of this. Assuming that they don't cut the electricity off joy still get to the Sherry us the talk back to teach on the free Aubin Sherry APP and leave us a message. Okay spotlight time continues for here. We're taking a quiz with Bob. Then tells you who and what you are what you expect for Valentine's Day now. The quiz was interrupted by my IPAD. Dying but we're up to four percent now so excellent pretty good but what are you planning to wear on Valentine's Day comfy jeans and a T.. Shirt hurt looking dress or bikini no use your own. Well it's winter so I'm I'm GonNa go with the lucky dress or your version of the lucky dress. No we're not going out on Valentine's probably jeans and a t-shirt okay. Moving right along. Are you currently in a relationship. Yes are you a feminist. Yes yes If Mary forgot about Valentine's Valentine's Day or if your partner whatever would you a treat myself to whatever I want it or be crushed or shrug it off off course maybe I forgot to I treat myself to whatever I want that I would not I would. I don't know I've got to pick those are all all lame sort of answers Shrug it off shrug it off all right now. I'm going to give you five movies and you tell let me which of these is your favorite and don't go. I like any them. I think the Godfather you have to pick was like them. Suppose I didn't see them. Oh no you've seen a couple of them you've seen. Yeah you've got mail when Harry met Sally just go with it. Hits or five hundred days of Summer Harry Zone. Do you appreciate over the top romantic gestures. No we know you do. Not You know I like Alek more subtle romantic gestures what what over the top romantic gesture environment associated. You're not a person to dish out over the top romantic gesture but you would appreciate receiving one but it's too late already. Put your answering. What kind of restaurant do you count? You know we know what has the test giver. You really are. What kind of restaurant do you want to Valentine's Day something new and exotic maybe Indian and Your favorite Pizza Burger place a romantic vineyard with outdoor seating and twinkly lights or I would prefer to cook with my sweetie at home. A romantic vineyard vineyard with outdoor lights. Doesn't that sound Nice. Yeah what's your favorite holiday of these choices. Okay I understand. I've caught on all right. God Guy Makes one mistake. Valentine's Day Christmas Christmas Halloween or birthdays. Christmas I know you're thinking Thanksgiving and trying not what I wanted to say. You don't know me your boss asks you to work late on Valentine's Day how do you react you say okay. I'll just push back my plans. Few two hours or I'm heartbroken today needs to be perfect or what. No I'm leaving the third one. Okay What would you prefer to ride in Valentine's Day a sailboat? A hot air balloon or horse-drawn carriage. Why no it's not hot heider? It's not the hot air balloon sailboat What do you think about Romeo and Juliet? The ridiculous. The romantic too over the top way to sum up Shakespeare would have his greatest creations. Hey William I was a little over the title which time you didn't know that she was alive and With the choices again ridiculous romantic or over the top. None of the above. You have romantic for a minute ago. You told me finally had it and you just did it again. Because I'm pissed off at this whole. I think we go some terrible choices. Are you board. The board deserves better. Are you easy to please. Yes this this is long as though he didn't tell me what to do or no I have big X.. Yes I am a on Valentine's the planes no general in general now not so much I did not think so. That's all right. I'm going to calculate your results. I'll post the link for this quiz on facebook so everyone else who falls direction skin and has it charged IPAD. Get the the affair. PODCAST BOB and Sheri Odd casquette download on the free Bob and Sheri APP website or wherever you get your podcast Bob and Jerry of the C. B. We see which is the Canadian Broadcasting Company did a poll asking Canadians. What do you think is the absolute worst love song long ever written and the one that they picked is one? I have never heard before or heard of some of the runners up. Were you know the classics like having having my baby by bowling awful song and the Pina Colada Sada's an awful son Muskrat love somebody wrote about the Pina Colada sunk. Those two people deserve each other this. I'm so glad they found each other a Muskrat. Love these were just the runners. That is a horrible song. And then the winner of the worst love song ever written Is called something stupid. Sinatra and his daughter and it was recorded by Frank Sinatra and his daughter Nancy Sinatra and one of the the people who voted for it said Not only is it the worst love song. It's the worst song ever record it. You'll have a father and daughter singing a love song to each other and it's just kinda gross. Yeah you know. I didn't like it when I was a kid and it was out just obviously wasn't for me. That was superior and Frank Sinatra had some hits after not having hits for years and years and years just like you know the song my way okay and then summer breeze. He he had had a few hits New York New York that's life and then he teamed up with Nancy Sinatra who had an okay career. She did a movie with Elvis Presley. She he has a pretty good voice. She did these boots are made for walk in which is kind of an iconic sawn and the two of them sang this and it went through the roof. I just heard it just by chance the other day I was in a restaurant so it was a great big hit I was number one was top five. I would think I'm pretty sure I've never heard this before. I think he must have heard it yard. It's hard to get away from completely wondering how many other people know what can it believes is the worst love song ever written. Let's roll it. Max Stabs Tavern Line and I think you have the time to spend an evening with me and if we go someplace. Nice to know that. There's a chance you won't be leaving with me. And after we drop into the choir little drain and then I go and smart at all by saying something stupid like cases. That's basically that's not the worst love song ever. It's not they almost talk it. I don't love the performance by either one of them. He's obviously wounded. Greatest songs of all time but Muskrat love is a much worse song. Louis there is. There was another song song on this list that I don't know I mean everyone's heard she's having my baby but the same person. Who did she have? My baby did another song that I I'm ninety ninety nine percent. Sure I've never heard heard called my best friend's wife and do you know the song maybe Mexican find it. Images say the guy who who did having my baby also wrote my way for Sinatra will he maybe should stop there. here's the story of My best friend's wife. The guy singing the person singing is having an affair with his best friend's wife and one of the lyric says. My best friend's wife is the love of my life. I just don't know what to do about it Would what she knew the novel were first. Let me just I will say from four to five. That's that's what you give the. Gal give that one solid hour. That's it won't let me say as a woman wham Bam that's a real dead zone energy wise right. Exactly she's I. I'm surprised that could get any airplay at all. especially we back but sounds like cheesy seventies production. Well the Canadians are having none of it. Well you know I love the Canadians and by the way he's Canadian is he. Yeah I I can't believe I count on you to know all these crap songs. I can't believe you know this this because it wasn't a hit. Nobody knows that spouses. Whoever wrote that song? Wouldn't you have some question Tell me about it. Oh I know why the Canadians know this song. I the reason why because I don't know if it's still well in practice but back in that period. If you were a Canadian radio station you could. Only you had to play like eighty percent bill is. It's still that way. Eighty Percent Canadian artists or twenty or at least twenty percent Canadian artist. I don't think I don't think it was quite that wasn't eighty. It was more than twenty. So let's just say was fifty percent. Well I mean they have some great artists there and I understand that but not like here. The number of artists artists tier right so when they were playing like the Bachman Turner overdrive. And that's a Canadian group to Playing an American Act all right or the Beatles or the Beatles or whatever they'd have to fill with Canadian acts and so there you go that's why that's why they know and we don't. We wouldn't play later because it's John because when I was looking at that I'm like how do we not know about this awful song and Canadians know it so much that it's one of their worst. But you know I mean Paul Nicu's here's a very talented guy Did he write the theme for the tonight show back then he wrote that he wrote My Way and he got his first number for one hit song when he was fifteen years old. I was about his his babysitter when he was younger. Thirty five percent wonder under which came first. My best friend's wife or she's having my baby because if my best friend's wife came I that is quite an intense narrative you're living that's right you gotta have balls in the air. Yeah so to speak up myself. The the tip to Kip Exxon Sherry us. The talk back to back each on the free Sherry APP and leave us a message so so floating around the Internet right now because the Academy Awards are pictures of past the Academy Awards and there's one famous photograph that I think a lot of our listeners probably remember it's been called from time to time the greatest Hollywood selfie of all time I think Bradley Cooper took it because his face is the most prominent and his arm. MM seems to be reaching out like he's still taking a Selfie it's it's these actors at the Oscars and in the picture is Bradley. Cooper next him Ellen Next Ellen is Meryl Streep Than Jennifer Lawrence and then to the right. Brad Pitt Julia Roberts Jim Carey Gary and then a couple of folks that I can't quite recognize but right in the middle of the picture in the back in kind universe. Creepy pose between Brad Pitt and Julia. Roberts is Kevin Spacey. Oh it's like alone. He has he doesn't have the same It's like he photo bombed it it. But he's not. He's just in the picture but his his expression is strange compared to everybody else but he is in the centre back pictures so the greatest selfie ever taken at the the Oscars is kind of photo bombed and ruined it away. He his disgrace. It's something I mean we've seen people come back from disgrace. He has yet it come back from that. I know I'm thinking that's not going to be happening. I really do think I don't see the one young man that was involved with Accusations nations against him has passed away. Anthony RAPP. WHO's the actor? He what he talked about that happened with him. We seem to be so credible people. I don't think that he can come back from that because he was underage at the time. Yeah what am I mean. And he hasn't really didn't one of them. I think we can't tell you I Let me just be clear. Nothing happened but he wanted to have something right wing. Royal right right it's just you know Why do I get the feeling that Harvey Weinstein despite testimony that we can't even talk about? Why do I get the feeling that he'll live to fight fight another day? Yeah got up all these very powerful lawyers. Do you think it's because Kevin Spacey is not making any like like he just has gone to ground but you can still see him on Netflix. Well you you see in all of his old movies the only movie that they cut him Out of shot that movie all the money in the world right but I'll you know he's stolen all of his old stuff and you can also go to. The movie will not go to the movies really anymore more but seats so many films on. HBO and Netflix. Jewel suspects Merican wines. No no no. I'm talking about the Weinstein. Oh the Miramax movies shaft. A there's just tons of them and they will be around forever. I have to say as loathsome as Harvey Weinstein even if he's acquitted. He's lonesome As loathsome as he is there were there were hundreds of people who made those films and I don't think that's should be punished so that's true. It's just seeing his name. I mean if we can forgive Gwyneth paltrow for stuff in Jada up in there and still like Shakespeare in I love. I think we have to allow mad. We really those Sherry. Can we one hundred killing. We're trying. She's on the cover of One of your magazines. Czar is the idea that she's walking on water. Sure looks like I just walked by that the other day anyway in which is amazing considering what. She's clutching up in there. Yeah right that's right that's she's an HR dexterity. I mean do you really feel like the Miramax films should be. No no no no. They're they're you know they're actors and directors. The guy was through so he wasn't really the art force behind those films. You might be ready for colon flu season. Your kids infants and young children have a good chance of getting the flu check for fevers with the exergen Jin temporal scanner. Here's province really care about the stuff that happens in the world every day. Let me ask you. Are you ready to get your world rocked now with Bob and Sheri the world according to Double Am joins us in the studio today in his grown-up business closed. Something awful. No doubt awaits you before sundown today not in. PJ's yeah some horrible needing or just some terrible thing to spit stuff in meeting. Yeah Yeah it's Today I'm a grownup today. Yeah you can tell that either. Somebody's coming in from out of town. WHO's a suit? Yeah you can until when a guy puts a tie on yeah. His ties aren't warned that much. Especially here's business. Long pants aren't worn a lot. Going going Since we saw you last What's up in your world so I I think I mentioned this about two weeks ago. I do get up early. I don't use an alarm clock in it does happen throughout the duration the weekend. So I'm I'm up about three thirty. Have a cup of coffee and I like to go get my grocery shopping done before six. AM So pumpkin. I have to stop if you hear. I got three thirty in the morning rush night early Q.. That's yet still yester- astor you weren't up having coffee you were having last night still. That's right. It is weird no life no life whatsoever. So you're in the supermarket sometimes. Five five o'clock in the morning on a Saturday by thirty six. Am Yeah. I'm not kidding. I bet there's not a lot of line. I bet you have separate through yourself. Yeah yesterday's leftovers and So I go into the elevator and As I go in the elevator I hit the lobby I live in high arise on the third floor and and I get in and I hit the The the L. and I'm going down and I noticed my foot connor slide and then I noticed a stanch and then I looked down. I stepped in dog. Do in the elevator fader in elevator. So who doesn't think it's right to clean up after their dog later and Aerosmith Song and unhealthy knowing you you not only through your shoes away but is that why you amputate your foot like. There's no way you're going to be okay well First thing I'm doing is I'm praying that nobody gets on the elevator between floors twenty three. And you were going to say who you're gonNA say that because you get well it looks like is it. Looks like you did. That's what that looks like. I you know I am disgusted when I'm in the park and I see something that they should have picked up after their dog that's in the park in the U S discussing neighbors. Yes you have the worst neighbors. This is nice buildings so I get down to the the main level. I take my shoes off my favorite para vans and you know because I don't want to track it through the Nice lobby. It was nice of you and Great Doorman the overnight. Dorman has done now said now we got a Black Hawk down on the elevator. They WANNA come down over here in we walk over and I show him. We open the door and there was this pause and then he looked at me. Said wasn't wasn't me. You know I mean this is a did he give you that look he did. He paused and I didn't do that. Oh No believe Ju do though I did eventually. Yeah I did help them clean it up and I'd have to move because I don't think he believes you have to move. This is like a double flusher in the race right. If that had been Bob they wouldn't wouldn't believe me and two years from now now I will be a party and someone will go. Listen I you probably don't know that Bob took a dump in an elevator. That's exactly right. I'm Bob that was someone's dog. That was bob when I say I'd have to move. I don't mean just to another out of state he go. Yeah Oh so. Who Cleans it up bolted? I help that was very good. Didn't it took a shower for seven hours up at the shoes the vans turned away. I didn't how do you clean it up. Because it has the the bottom of this specific. Yeah if you if if you know what the bottom of a vans but still would take it to the car wash like do it yourself car wash right. We need to go at those treads with the toothpaste. I would never be able to put that shoe on again without forgetting. That are GONNA be in your mind so you can't really go outta the goodwill with that and then here I am cleaning up the elevator with no shoes on vader. You know you're supposed to bring. I have Yorkies. You're supposed to put them bring them in the The freight elevator but some people do cut the corners because right elevator can take a long time so right right because people are so selfish it is between stepping in that and then being in your stock feet in a public elevator. I felt like an elevator ride in a PORTA potty. This the worst. What an awful person to have the dog do that and then they just get off leave? Yes that took the shine off going food shopping. Yeah yeah that's kind of lost the appetite and shine shine Ola. Yeah no Bob. You're right you would be blamed for that you would have to move about. Picture would be posted in the lobby wanted. Do you know this man. And then people what people who are in the story would go well well. He's eating all the time where you surprise exactly. Did they have cameras the elevator. I'm sure they could find the person that's looking for the person Donny L.. Is I don't know he doesn't want to cause problems. You should push for that though and that's an idea and then here comes a guy who's in the wwe to ten your problem with my dog. Tony Chihuahua that's right. Well Good luck at that meeting today. Role Roll share a sharable taste of this show the fun size. PODCAST drops every Thursday on the three body. Okay in just a moment. I'm going to tell you a way not to get sick not to get the flu or a cold. If you're traveling it's a it's a new idea. It's very very simple. Anyone who sitting down on a plane can do it. I've just never heard of it before and we'll bring it to you in just a moment here. A guy wearing a full gas mask was removed from an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Houston just the other day he got on the plane and he went into his bag and pulled out a full. A gas mask like a soldier would wear. I the pictures you saw the picture of this guy. They pulled them right off the plane. Yeah he got yanked by. Tsa I say what are you thinking. Because here's what if I'm sitting next to you and you've got a full gas mask on. I'm thinking this guy just came in with some sort of poison gas gas and he's GonNa be okay but the rest of us are going to go you. You just sat to anything nutty on a plane. And that's what that's what the Uh Tsa. Yeah I'm sure but as you look at how germophobic you are double Amu just looking germophobic like you wouldn't want a gas mask if you could go on. Well Yeah I would if I could have one but I don't want junior next to me doing that all right so I just read this a few minutes ago in the Wall Street Journal. I WANNA share it before I forget about it. Everybody's you know talking about the corona virus. This hasn't really nothing to do with this but we don't want to get the flu. The flu is everywhere. My stepdaughter. Has It. We have a lot of friends that have the flu. You are more likely to catch a bad cold or the flu if you are traveling particularly on an airplane When Mary and I travel now she brings these wipes types? We know for a fact that one filthiest things on an airplane is the magazine. The touch. Don't touch those magazines that the airplane has and also the tray and the arm arm rests be very careful with that the number one thing you can do as we all know. This is the wash our hands right. Wash our hands or have disinfected in in little bottles. This Wall Street Journal Article Says There's a Lotta stuff. Floating around in the air may be from the previous passengers. Passengers may be from the passengers. You're with somebody's got something so one thing you can do is take that little air vent and pointed directly at your face because that is at least new air that you're gonNA be recirculating air that's recirculating throughout the cabin with all these terms according to the Wall Street Journal it's not now you know. Maybe they're wrong but but that air is supposed to be pure the the air that you're getting now for me to have that you know in my face for two hours or two and a half for five hours. Six hours is going to be kind of an issue. Dry is and everything else. But I thought it was an interesting concept if it's true what I did on my last flight which was Last last week over the weekend I swabbed my nose with those Xicheng Zinc things Kevin uses neo sporran and WINDEX. But I went with Zych Cam Wiped to everything down and used hand sanitizer every time. I touched anything anything. Yeah Yeah So. We'll see if I if I caught something I'll be down with it any minute now and we have to be careful about people who are traveling with us Mary when she flew to Tucson sent me when she landed ended in Texas a picture of the guy next to her and he was an elderly man and he was clipping his nails so she wasn't too excited about that simple UAE. I know then. She sent the next text. She said he was doing that. The we got to talking. He's ninety five five years old and he was in the New York ballet when he was a younger man. So here's you know a brilliant guy. He's ninety if we don't we don't need to groom on though I know we don't give them a pass. Ninety five ran at once. I can't believe this it's Bob and Cherries and believe this. What if we were all doing something every every workday or school day morning that was guaranteed to leave us groggy and clumsy and not able to think well for like four hours hours a bloody Mary to me? It's waking up to an alarm clock saying really not just I mean everybody wakes up to an alarm clock except for 'em that we work with. It's it's waking up to a a traditional annoying alarm sound like terrible never quite like that. That's awful so what's the point here. which was you'd be waking up to? Scientists said you would assume that that alarm would yank you out of sleep that you you would be more alert but the better way to wake up if you don't WanNa be groggy if you work in a dangerous job you're a firefighter a pilot more. If you're someone who needs to be alert as soon as you wake up like an ambulance driver or someone that's rushing a family member to the hospital or you've got little kids or whatever. You should not copied waking up to a horse that we should wake up to music so before you play anything Max. Kevin Wakes up when when I do which I've told him he because he doesn't have to wake up Cora's early as I do but he's insistent and he he doesn't understand why I have to wake up as early as I do do because he doesn't understand that I'm going to take a shower and condition my hair and then I'm GonNa like pick out something to wear and I'm going to put on Mascara he's like just get out of bed and go. I can't do that and like I'm just not GonNa do that so he he's like you could be sleeping. He's calculated I don't know like seven thousand more minutes in my lifetime. If I would just be like him and I guess Buzz my head and Only wear shorts but anyway. So he's he's he said to me this alarm that you wake up too. 'cause I woke up to one that was like one of the Apple. Noises do have the same one that I had. Data data data da eight at so much said to me. Can we please wake up to music. I said Yeah Okay and he goes but not your music. Unlike what do you mean not my music. That's a global condemnation of all the music. I like he said exactly. I don't want to wake up to your. I want to pick the song that you use your alarm song so I said Okay Okay. Well what's that going to be. And this is what he picked. It's no and that's your door's always wake up to everything. Free to really one Campbell gentle on my mind that makes me so. Here's the trauma. Sleeping bag rolled offenses in Newark spat a lot of people who aren't super protect. Friendly don't know about in your fear iphone. Were there the buttons on the side. That control the ringer volume. And that's all well and good right it but inside your settings partier phone the setting screen. There's another volume slider that's for like alerts and media and that sort of thank and when you set your alarm clock to go off in the morning to a song. It doesn't matter what you did with the ringer volume buttons. It only matters I what that setting volumes. Are you following me so I am. I didn't realize that so a lot of people. Don't because I'd been waking up to an iphone alarm I I always left my alerts up high so that I would hear it inside my handbag so the first night that I set the alarm to Yonder Glen Campbell here. I forgot to go into the setting scream. So he was Belton the highest value possible for an IPHONE UH cranked. You want to see a man's shootout Abed Holler between Your lucky gentlemen my mind and not. She's a brick house. I tell you fun fact about the song it is. The fourth most played song on the radio. You ever in the United States is really. I didn't know that it was Jim Webb the Composer Right Campbell. Right John. Hartford Hartford John Hartford right. He was a musician and singer. So let me tell you what happens when you wake up to beautiful peaceful all music. You are more alert your Less groggy you're more able to focus and you're less tired. I read the same article. Wow I know I I have just kind of a gentle sort of mechanical sound. Now that I recommend this but I get that volume down because there is a Kevin shaped hole in my ceiling where he shot when Glenn was hollering about that sleeping bag behind somebody's couch. I hear this hear the first part of the song. Every weekday morning now makes me tend to leave. So is this song about a guy that just Kinda does he damn well pleases. You know you had a relationship with the woman and he decided to leave and he left a note and the note just basically said you. I know I'll think of you when I'm in some train yard around a campfire with a bunch of People were riding the rails yet. But he's got his sleeping bag behind her couch while it was there but he just picked it up so he doesn't stashed it they're stashed it there but now it's time to hit the road again but he's coming back again that's could be. Maybe not maybe somebody like his first big yet. We walk in. It's a beautiful one. Grammy for Grammy's this song knowing that the watch how bad to wake up to get that volume sorted the only thing I would worry about it is getting an ear warm like the person like all right so I picked this song. Mary wakes up momentarily right. I turned it off but now she's singing in general in my mind trying to fall back to sleep. Maybe she does maybe she does. I was worried about that too. And then I spent forty eight hours with a nineteen month old and now the only thing I can hear in my head is the head shoulders knees and toes song which I promise you. Can Scroll Albani other earworm out. I'll post this up combined it later. It's Bob and Sheri get the Free Bob and Sheri and instantly get the podcast. The on cast and Bob and Sheri Fund size. So do you remember a few days ago. I was thanking you for giving me the courage to just jump in and cook something you know. Don't worry about whether it's perfect if I have the right ingredients and And I said that I did that and and I was missing. A couple of things turned out. Great it did. I'm getting better better making this particular soup But I was. It's really leading into an article that I wanted to share with our audience. But but then I think you went off on one of your tangents or whatever and you know we never got around onto it so I thought I thought we do it right now. These are really simple things that almost anybody can cook without a recipe. So you can cook with confidence. These things most people can. But you don't need a recipe for any of. Hey okay Eggs over easy see but half of the population says yeah I can do that. Only have to think twice scrambled eggs. who can't make scrambled eggs right yet? But are they are they to you try. Are they looking sticky. They a little bit overcooked. Plastic he never tried to ask Mill Ronnie ever tried to add milk to scrambled eggs. And why is that. Did that is not good to do from a health standpoint. It's it comes out better. If you a hard boiled eggs we gotta do is drop the egg in there right. It's boiling but if you cook it for too long. The Yolk screen does get nasty poached eggs French inch toast but forty-one percent of people say I got French toast. I don't need any directions on that. I don't think I've ever made that. I've never really been attracted French toast. Aw It's just you talk about the empty delivery system. That is a dirty filthy live five. French toast is bread soaked in basically an egg custard and the so you could have a piece. It's the equivalent so you could eat the equivalent of two pieces of toast and two eggs in French toast and it doesn't have to be covered in sugar. You what is wrong with you. There's felt yes. I've had French inch. Toast my mother used to cook it and I would cover it with aunt. Jemima less than that's you. Yeah less sugar flow. Yeah that's what it is. It's the same. Things put powdered sugar restaurant soup. Well I kind of disagree there. I mean you can screw it. It up I don't anymore grilled cheese as easy pasta. That's very easy reis. Let me just say if you can't without a recipe present rice you should not handle anything sharper than a Zucchini. You know what I'm GonNa Defend. People people struggle to Cook Rice. Rice is one of those deceptively simple things it is actually kind of tricky to cook rice. I've never heard I'm a defendant. What what what? What would they be doing wrong? You can under cook it so it's a little crunchy. You can overcook it. So it's gooey. Just take a spoon and just cook it. So that it stuck to the bottom of the pan mean senator now rice is deceptive and finally salad. Please don't tell me you don't know how to make it salad. Oh so we'll have somebody else to make the salad anybody can put put together delicious salad right this America we now to make a salad. It's one that that's where we struggle call. Why is there a house plant next to my pork chops? I cannot eat this as it always been that way. Americans always always hated vegetables. I don't think so. I think I think once convenience food came in like probably win back in the nineteen fifties. That's that's when fresh vegetables kind of got gone. I think the fifties killed vegetables. I think you're right about that. Yeah that's right Anyway there you go thank you for giving me the courage to make my chicken. Can you know a couple of things on that list. I think are deceptive. I think poached scrambled. Eggs are harder than they look rice. Tricky I think Boston's tricky. I do you have to do though is not over cooking right. But that's what it employing water and then get a forty just taste once in a while. It seems then to gone with Pasta. You're launch window is so small and flies by so fast for people with heart disease. Asthma and cancer. The flu can hit hard. If you're not feeling well take your temperature frequently with the Exergen. Temporal scanner is Bob and Jerry. I came upon very interesting article that gave me many many days worth of things to think about. It was on a website. I liked called best life. It was signs that you are taking your spouse or your partner for granted because I think we all do especially when you get into a relationship and over a period of time you know you both it kind of comfortable and it's easy. It's easy to take each other for granted. So let's run through some of these and and let's be very very honest with ourselves and with with everybody else about what we are doing so that we can about what they're doing. Well they're gonNA hear it too but see they're they're talking to the speaker. I want to hear it right. No so the first sign that you're taking your person for granted. Is You just flat out. Expect them to handle certain tasks and and you take it as a given that they will and it's been a long time since you said. Thank you for always handled. I'm guilty of a little bit of that. Not The thank thank you part because I'm always very grateful and I say it. And how many problems saying thank you. I am guilty about. Letting her handle things because she's good at it. Kevin and I are both guilty of doing this like I do all the cooking because I really am not keen on Ken Chilean Vienna Sauce Right. And all paperwork kinda stuff like almost all the paperwork And he takes that for granted. Now I take for granted that he's going to build me the house we live in and also anything else. I come up with that I can think of. I think it's a good split. It is a good split. We have a very good split. You know what we do each other for grammar. There's someone who is such a modern woman. It's a very traditional relationship inside of in some ways ours ours is too. She does all the cooking now. Do the dishes dishes and the garbage. And the Kitty Litter box and I love to go. If I didn't love to cook it would be a problem. UNCOOKING is like one of my hobbies. I love scruggs. That's great I don't love going outside when it's cold or hot or wet or or Wendy or policies in or ever and so any outside job. I'm not interested in going. My wife just came back from Tucson. Sonner is owner where she was visiting with my daughter and Christian and she said I just love Zona so much I said I know why because it never rains means at its try and your hair looks great. Yeah her heroics and she didn't argue with me. I'm just the opposite when I'm like if I go out and visit family in Utah in the desert. It's terrible haired as the entire time. 'cause I have curly hair in the more humid the better okay. The arena humid. Day is a great hair day for me so I think that we are taking each other for granted in a couple of ways and I'll be pointing out to him mostly the ways. He's taking me for granted way because I think that's just the truth all right. It's only fair. Here's another sign that you're taking each other for granted You don't really express gratitude for much of anything that's a given given that. This is how we live. It makes makes a person feel so bad that they're making an effort. I mean everybody knows what they're doing to contribute to a relationship but when you never never get acknowledgment and I know I want too much but when you never get any it really it's it's a very hurtful thing. Acknowledgment is your love language. Yeah yeah that's right. Please don't use the term which one lovely love language just reminds me of that guy who wrote with a book about Mars. Mars women on gray on gray. This next one is a big one and I. I know a lot of women that this is huge for. But I bet this is really big for men to You assume that he or she knows how you feel about them. And it's been kind of a while since you actually put some words together and told them I think that's that's really true. I think Women probably long for that because they get less of it. Women are much more verbal. Well I mean I'm generalizing here. Obviously I've been called a talking man so I don't have any problem discussing that. She doesn't want for that. I think as talkie man. It may be mystifying to you. How little talkie other to sit is actually? I've known and guys that they come home from work. They flop on the couch. And you know you're GONNA go in and eat dinner and then the grunt you know I mean that's the way to live with a woman for crying out loud. God maximum. Todd do you. Do you have a need to hear it. I mean yes your person is demonstrating it or whatever but having need to words it is nice to hear. Hear the words yeah. Todd's girlfriend said something about their relationship to me at my house and Todd the look on. Todd's face was was such shock because she had never expressed that to was a complimentary. Oh Yeah Yeah I for me. That's the best type of complement when when ever hear my wife seeing to someone else a girlfriend a relative whatever something nice that she likes about me. I love that She told Sherry she was lucky that I was in her life and I was the only good decision she'd ever made. And then I I stopped all liquor being handed out at the at the party because because I was I was afraid that somebody had ruined her. A little concern type tied mmediately pushed food and drink away and was like I don't know what's happening because usually usually I hear after I get divorced. The the ex spouse then looks over at the lawyer and says this is the best decision I've made in my life. That regards talk. He'd never heard that outside and we're going to do some more of these. We're going to pause her for quick break room. Do some more these and I'm just GonNa warn you so that you can like shake yourself prepare are you are not going to like this next one the Oh beach you are not gonna like. I can't because it's so important as sharable taste of this show the fun size podcast drops every Thursday on the three body. If you're just joining us we are talking about the signs that you may maybe taking your partner or your spouse if you're married totally for granted and this next one you're not gonna like because you do like to get credit And it is you expect to get credit for doing your part well Not on a daily basis this but you know if I if I do something. That's beyond the norm. I think a little credit is through makes you feel good. What's wrong with that? That corollary alerts. Every time I take out the the cat boxer take out the garbage. I'm not looking for a high five the corollary to that is And you also Only really do like your regular and you never go above and beyond not you. This is the general you you never go above and beyond and you wait to be told that something needs doing because you treat your spouse like they are that primary household manager. I see I know a lot of couples that live like this. I don't wait for things to happen and I don't want a tree to fall on my house so I had taken down if there are sticks from a storm. I'm the one that gets out there. Picks him up and brings me to the street to be picked up so I I don't do just the minimum and then go watch something on TV. Am I know a lot of couples and he goes on both sides. It's not just always the woman are always the man but I know a lot of couples where we're one of them is the CEO of the House and the other one Has To be asked to do something above and beyond of any kind the expectation Haitian is all that other stuff gets done. Somehow they sit on the other. One is sort of a grudging employees to the CEO. The other one does what they do. That's all they do. And that's all they're gonNA do. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I've known him situations like that. These are often the same people who refer looking after their own children as babysitting right. Click clearly on this. Next one is like such a major red flag for relationship trouble. You're making career decisions without consulting your partners at that is Unforgivable and I have known of those situations totally totally. How dare you not take into consideration? fedaration the person you're living with. Maybe they don't want to move. Maybe they don't want to move in with your family for a while to save money. You can't do that. What's what's the biggest example of that? Since you've known people who go who go through that taking a job in another city saying yes to it without going home and talking about it that kind anything how could you do that. How could you do that? Yeah I I can't imagine that I just can't imagine with any woman that I've been involved let alone my my wife's saying you know what Sherry and I got a good deal in Dallas and that's where we're going start packing start packing. Can I actually do know a woman casually. Who's I the reason I know her is because her first husband took a job clear across the country and and told her about it after it was signed and sealed? The that is absolutely so Dismissive and they went here. They came the marriage you have. Did she have a pretty good gig. Yeah and she left it. The marriage didn't love obviously for all kinds of reasons but obviously in his mind her her job is not anywhere near as important portent and maybe let's he was making more money. Let's say it was a more important job. Whatever she's doing still has value whatever she's doing has value on it to be so dismissive as that say well? I'm sorry we're just going to have to go. You'll find something set his or her set your spouse's jobs side Really you you might just made the decision to uproot your family right. You didn't talk about right because that has consequences with children. What about friends that you've made by people's parents or whatever now if you sit down and talk about maybe you know your spouse is cool and some of the others? I'll post this up on our facebook. You refuse to compromise. You don't pay attention when they talk. You spend money with a big money. I'm not saying you went and got a smoothie like you spend big money without consulting them you never check in to see how they're doing somebody and he was an accountant. He since moved from where we live but His wife it would not stop spending money. He just went to her one day. I mean upset that they had a good relationship. He went to her one day and said it's over. Do you know what I do. I'm an accountant you. We will not stop spending everything that we have to live with you. another one. Is You stop putting any effort into your parents. Yeah yeah that's my todd buys me all those scattered shirts Lamar's review sent right to your phone. Text eight eight Bob share there. There is a company called Cinema score and it is a market research company that pulls audiences on opening night of movies and gives movies grades based on on those scores. So they'll send somebody right to the movies opening night and they'll ask the people what did you think. And they write it down. And they've been together since nineteen seventy the eight so this is a company that must be doing something right and in all those years. There have only been twenty-one movies that have gotten F. Ratings and I have some of them for you tell me if you remember these movies and And what you think we'll start off with the movie from two thousand and six with Nicholas Nicholas cage called the wicker man. I actually saw it I watched it on. HBO and it was not a good movie but it was not enough. It was not enough. Have like a d d plus wh what was the wicker man. Please please. Don't ask me. I understand because that's what got an F.. I understand because no one including the people who wrote it and started I can tell you what it was Gotcha number two disaster movie which was a parody in two thousand and eight of disaster movies. I remember when that came out I do too. I thought it might have been kind of fun to go. See 'cause sometimes the parody movies are but evidently this was not Mel Brooks and the parody was not very good. You wanted it to be airplane. Yeah exactly exactly darkness. Have you ever heard of that. Yes I don't know that one is another one called the devil level inside and the The billboard thing is a non with a scary looking face I had high hopes for that uh-huh and it it wasn't good this one. I remember it is. There's a picture on the billboard of very handsome actor in a white doctor's coat with a stethoscope around his neck and he's looking up into the clouds with this benevolence smile on his face Richard Gere Dr t and the women when it was Robert Altman film by the way he played I think a gynecologist and the women were Helen. Hunt Fair Faucet and Laura dern there was something about it when it was described to me that just. I don't know why sounded creepy. That movie was such a bomb. It was a total total bomb. The box with Cameron Diaz out remember that I don't either from two thousand and seven. I know who killed me. I I remember that one it is. I was looking at the picture that they have along with the movie. I couldn't tell I couldn't tell who it was. It didn't look exactly like Lindsay Lohan. It was supposed to be a big comeback. uh-huh yeah that's right. That's exactly what she wasn't the main character which but she was a character in there right Let me see mother. Two thousand seven Jennifer Lawrence Stat. What after Hunger Games the People's movie critic Lamar there has never been and will never be a movie that he hates as much as he hates? His review of that movie is solid gold. It is a masterpiece. Todd can you find. Is there any way we can find that. We've got to play that. We'll play in our last break onto his mother because if you've never heard this review you've never heard anything you've ever heard anybody Chris is it really is John Travolta was in a movie. I can't tell who the actresses was called Lucky numbers and it got enough. I remember that movie. Yeah I think it's Lisa kudrow lease that's who it is Lisa Kudrow. He is at such a spotty career. I think he's terrific and very talented person. But he's been in some real dogs over the years and coty movie was savage terrible. You know I don't think that's available to see anywhere. I wanted to see it just to see how bad it was. I've never seen it anywhere not on. HBO Showtime Brad Pitt. I'm surprised killing them. Softly from two thousand twelve and not meet Joe Black where he played the most version of death. I had a first date to that movie because she insisted. If you've never been devil didn't know he plays death death if you've never seen me show black. I know you're thinking well if death looks like Brad Pitt. Yes and he's come to bore you to death and it was like three hours-long seriously from two thousand and two salivas. That is one of the most boring ass. George Clooney is science fiction. Yeah Yeah it is. It's the movie to watch if you feel like your life is racing by because from the beginning and end of slayers feels like an eternity. And you're like where the hell is Joe Black. I need to die. This is awful art. So we're going to play Lamar's review of mother. said he found. Mother is straight ahead. Okay if you've never heard this Don't be don't don't be drinking or chewing and swallowing because you're gonNA choke Lamar hated. This movie will play it for you. Next Baden Sherry can't Lamar's review sent right to your phone text. Thank you Bob. Share just talking about a company called Cinema Score. That takes a look at just about every big movie at its opening and then and we'll pull the people who are at the opening and ask them to give it a score. They've been together since nineteen seventy eight and they have only had twenty one movies that were as bad enough to get an F. breath and one of them was a movie called mother and we were laughing about that because Lamar when he did the review of this movie. He had high hopes and he hated it. I'll refresh your memory. Mothers Star Jennifer Lawrence and Ed Harris and the plot synopsis goes like this. A young woman played by Jennifer. Lawrence spends her days renovating the Victorian Mansion that she lives with her husband in the country. A stranger knocks on their door one night and becomes an unexpected guest in their home later his wife Hyphen two kids arrive and make themselves at home. Terror strikes when the beleaguered wife Jennifer Lawrence tries to figure out why her husband is so friendly and accommodating waiting to everyone but her this movie it was really like beaten up by critics because nobody could make heads or tails out of. It didn't didn't make a lot of sense. Here is part of the Mars Review and a first part of the movie consists of extreme close ups of her and attention twain. Them that you could cut with a butcher knife now when Ed Harris who is billed as man knocks on their door thinking it's a bnb him says says no. It's not but you can come in and stay as long as you won't. Mother is very very passive in a close up. The next day man's wife woman woman played by Michelle pfeiffer shows up and she moves in and she plays all these weird mind games on mother who is freaking out in a close up now. The next x-day oldest son and younger brother of man and woman show up. We have a close up of mother losing her mind. She's going crazy Roese. Then we have a murder a bloodstain wound on the floor that reveals a fiery furnace in the basement as mother sits as a beating heart inside the walls of the house. Now him and mother had a huge argument and fight the cures the and mother gets pregnant which clears the writer's block. The poem is written. It is published and sales out all around the world. which is something that could only happen in a movie? You giveaway a poem much less sell it I don't know how that's working then. The House is literally overrun with adoring fans. And they're tearing the House to pieces. Mother begs eggs him to get rid of everybody but him lives the attention. Pandemonium ensues then out of nowhere. Kristen wig shows up. She's followed followed by a SWAT team. Infanticide a military raid cannibalism and literally a kitchen sink. Now if that two minute explanation whereas you out imagine sitting through it for two hours Oh my God this is high concept. That didn't work. Would you say that it's not. I don't even know what this is. Here's what I will say is rated R for strong disturbing violent content. There's some sexuality there's some nudity and some language language. Let me go ahead and say if you take your kid to see this movie. DSS should be waiting outside to put you in handcuffs. Okay now all the random bizarre existential craziness is what it is but this whole baby thing cannot be unseen and the director. Teheran Baranovsky should have his ashby after her. I don't even WanNa ask what the whole bbcnews Donahue No. No you don't want to know about it. Sounds whom I have loved your entire career. She is now dead to me. She is dead to me and not only did she. Ray descript and still do the movie. She's getting mad. This anti-fraud frisky whatever's Dang name is. This is ridiculous. Gillis this my friends is an example of how out of touch with the real world the self congratulatory Hollywood film industry. Actually the is Aaron Katersky. Says he doesn't care if people love it or hate it as long as they're discussing it and he also reaction and he wants people to remember their our experience. Let me go ahead and say I hate it. It made me want to throw up. I'm through talking about it and I'm trying to forget it even as I speak the score on this scraping from the bottom of my shoot the Laura loose. Quit like I think we have to send off. Make them stay the movie critic that's passion though. The man had passionate on their even. Roger Ebert never suggests that that the director get a weapon. No they get is the first time Roger E I saw with Lamar. I ended up getting Bucky Larson born to be a star which to me is the movie I've ever seen. Roger Ebert said of that that movie. I'm not to say this movie is bottom of the barrel would be an insult barrels everywhere sir. Roger Ebert liked mother because I just checked on his website and he gave it says forced him or the reviewer that is that it on his website. Now that's what we hope you enjoyed that. I've never seen that movie play anywhere. So He's gone. Thank you so much for listening to the Bob and Sheri podcast and the Bob and Sheri odd cast we love if you subscribe rate and review and share it with a friend on facebook twitter instagram. Wherever you go and thank you again for list?

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Episode 1052 - Bruce Dern

WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

1:10:14 hr | 1 year ago

Episode 1052 - Bruce Dern

"Hey folks cage free eggs. Did you hear me cage free eggs. I mean it sure sounds Nice. But did you know that a cage h free hen only gets about one square foot of space yeah at vital farms on the other hand. All the hands are pasture raised with at least one hundred eighty square feet per hen outdoor access all year round. I get their eggs all the time and they're great. I've been buying them for years. Vital farms pasture-raised raised bullshit free look for him in the Black Carton at the grocery store visit vital farms dot com slash coupon for a special discount good stuff. I said been buying it for years vital farms. Let's do the show all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers what the Fuck Knicks. What what the fuck buddies what the fuck and east does what's happening Marc Maron? This is my podcast W T.F. Welcome to it. How's it going who man I was away all weekend. I if I go away for two days. I feel like I've been on a fucking space mission man. I mean I guess I kind kind of have have. I look I can barely remember yesterday. That's what's happening. I don't know if it's by virtue of the fact of of technology engagement exhaustion <hes> mental. I don't know what it is but each day as it goes by as it gets behind me. It feels very far away. I think it has something to do with travel. Really that's why I'm saying <hes>. All travel is space travel but let's not let's not. I'm not doc in a mentally noodle right away. Come on man there's business to be had to be taken care of. LBJ fell forty two in Toronto on Thursday in September nineteen th at the Sony Centre for the performing arts sounds big right. It is get some tickets well yeah. I'm at the Vic Theater in Chicago Chicago on September twentieth. That's sold out. I don't know why I keep saying it. Maybe just so I can say that sold out and then I'll be at the Masonic Temple in Detroit on Saturday September timber twenty-first which I'm excited about that is actually in Detroit. It's not outside. Detroit in there and I haven't been there before and I've heard there's some cool shit after Detroit. I'll be at the pantages theater in Minneapolis on Sunday September twenty second. I always enjoy going there. I think we'll have a good time. I think some the people who live there might have seen me at acme not to Ongo but it's always different. It's always different with me like last night or the night before last in Seattle allows battling ghosts on stage yeah that happens occasionally. You're gonNA tell me I'm not a space traveler. Are you gonNA honestly look me in the eye and say you're no astronaut. Are you going to do that now. Listen I. It looks like I have more business to deal with <hes>. Oh yeah well basically. It's just wanted to make sure you know that. All of my tour dates can find them all at W. T. F. POD DOT com slash tour <hes> you'll see I've added some dynasty typewriter dates here in Los Angeles for October or fifth and sixth before I had to Philadelphia Washington. DC and Boston the following week now not to disappoint anybody but me really. I do not believe we will be shooting. The special in Boston looks like we're GonNa have to move that because we gotta. There's there's some there's some things we wanna do with cameras cameras that we can't do in there so it's going to be might be a different trip might be different <hes> we might be looking in different <hes> joint different space different option that I I'm. I'm pretty sure about that but I don't think that should second piss people off I mean is that going to be like well. That's the only reason I was going. Man Hasn't been back to Boston and a couple of years but if I can't that'd be on camera the back of my head fuck him. I'm not going but I'll let you know for sure okay I don't. I don't know for sure I wanNA thank everyone. In Vancouver and Seattle for coming out that was exciting right in that is like space travel isn't it. Well let me explain like okay so last week. I'm here doing the things I'm recording. I'm doing my stuff right. Then Friday. I take off. I fly to Vancouver. I get there in the early afternoon I check into I think honestly my my favorite hotel in the world. I don't even know why I can't explain it to you but the Rosewood Georgia <hes> in Vancouver in downtown Vancouver is just the fucking nicest place I've ever stayed. It's got nothing to do with nothing. It's a fairly high end hotel but there's just something about it. I think it's an old place I think it was a renovated place. I think Elvis might have stayed there which doesn't automatically make it a good thing or need. I need like I think there's a fifty fifty chance you have some fairly negative energies in the in the bricks at that place. I don't know what went on there but I think it was the kind of place ace at an earlier time but that being said it doesn't matter there's just something about the rooms are so quiet and peaceful and there's something about the beds and this is even a pay paid advertisement. I traveled to a lot of hotels and there's just something magic about that place. I get there. I feel better. The foods okay and everything else is a nice looking place. I can't even fucking fucking explain it to you and I'm not GonNa say that it's the maybe it's like a in a blanket of warm spirits. I don't know what it is. They're just something about the peace peace of mind and get it that joint. Maybe that's something to do with the fact that every time I go to fucking candidate I am so relieved to be out of the psychic nick garbage that is infusing the very air we breathe in this country just the day to day onslaught torrential orential sideways downpour of of hateful bullshit the never ending juggernaut. That's got everyone a little. A little fidgety little aggravated a little nervous. It's just seeping into our pores so maybe it's got something to do with that. Maybe I should take that into consideration. I think the first time I stated that place was even earlier on into this this fucking evil mud that were walking through on a day-to-day basis and I mean a psychic waste psychic hot. Mud is what we're dealing with so maybe just the fact that I get to Vancouver and it's a nice bed. I'm like this is Heaven Canada. Did you know but it was nice. Charlie mayors open for me. We went out for some Greek. Food talked it out worked out some shit shared. Some stories got to to the venue laid it down and it was fucking great. It was a great show great people <hes> Love Gills Leather. They brought me <hes> Josie. Josh brought me some shoes them. GonNa wear with my suit when I have to wear my suit hopefully maybe when I get to go the premiere of the joker movie which one the big the big the Big Lion Prize in Venice ammonia one scene but it's exciting sums exciting. Men feels exciting to me sort of trust. You can watch still anyway so that was Vancouver in Canada. Were doing the thing one night and then I go to sleep leap in the fancy. Hope Rosewood <hes> Georgia Hotel Wake up have some nice breakfast and I go to the airport and fly to Seattle. Seattle is is the magic city of grayness. It's not light magic. It's not dark magic. It's just gray magic just a bunch of weird poetic possibilities ladies and it's sort of ill defined sense of <hes> social structure in Seattle. It's clearly a lot of tech money out of nerd money a lot of money in general but there's also a a kind of a wild ass progressive streak nice balance of people get all kinds of interesting people but performed at the Moore Theater which is fucking haunted man. It's one of these nineteen early nineteen hundred vaudeville joints and it's pretty it's kind of like complicated inside a lot the trails and paths and tunnels and shed and during the show. I guess in after the fact the lights were fucking going on and off a little bit like ghosts can go fuck themselves. I'm not a huge believer in goes not saying they don't exist but generally are they really frightening. They're fucking disembodied. Spirits folks I mean are they really making that bunch trouble. I mean I'd like to think that the ghosts at the more when they're fucking with the lights in making weird sounds stage left that <hes> they were enjoying themselves offs. I'm going to frame it that way. You can tell me different because if they were trying to scare me they didn't. I think they were just having a good time but there's that that that space is a little little heavy in the gray magic lot of possibilities in the Moore Theatre. There's a few that I did one the Carnegie Library in in Pittsburgh. The place is haunted to fuck like just bad news on it like they don't even want you there. I think that's what it was called. I've never added more tangible. Is it tangible. I want this earl experience of just bad. Yuji than that joint man just sort of like the ghosts are like dude. Were sweep and get the fuck out. You know we've had it with this the people in our bodies that are occupied with souls now get the fuck out. This is not your party. This is our space now that there's that vibe live so the show is great in Seattle L. Sanchez Open for me <hes> they were good thing about that. She told me else yeah just did it. I just did it but that's habit. You can break habit lock in gotTa lock in gotTa. Walk into those pronouns a team <hes> <hes> different than what you bring in face wants to say so the world continues to end wife continues to go on getting hot getting hot folks. Did I mention that Bruce Dern is on the show today fucking Bruce dern that's going to happen. You're going to get that in your head in a minute in it anything else you need to talk about. How about a little of this. It's September folks that means vacations are over. Kids are back to school and work gets crazy. No one really has time to go to the post office. Am I right. I'm right. That's why you need. STAMPS DOT COM STAMPS DOT COM brings all the amazing services of the US post office right to your computer. If you need to send invoices ship out products manage thousands of packages or just send letters from your house stamps dot com can handle it all with ease simply. Use Your computer to print official. US postage for any letter and he package any class of male anywhere you want to send then once your mail is ready just handed to to your mail carrier or drop it in a mail box with stamps dot com you get five cents off every first class stamp in up to forty percents off priority mail. It's also a fraction action of the cost of those expensive postage meters right now. WTI F- listeners get a special offer that includes a four week trial plus free postage and a digital scale L. without any long term commitment. JUST GO TO STAMPS DOT COM click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in W. F. that stamps dot com enter enter. W T F SANO FRIEND UP IN SEATTLE MY OH buddy Laren Laron the Huelva from New Jersey Laron yeah. There's a woman I've known since college. I've talked about her before she's as a profound influence on my life and now we've known each other Jesus Christ. We probably known each other eighty six ninety sixty thousand sixty like like almost thirty five years she knew me before I did comedy when I was a college kid wearing the long coat with the round glasses and the second I and shirts yes. Laron and senior in about four or five years always kept up with her. It's so it's wild wild man you kids you kids which your friends wait. They've had friends for thirty five years. It's crazy. It's it through what's wild. Is You check in with the frequency man. You know it's like I haven't seen her in longtime but we've always see we've always seen each other on and off over time but <hes> but they've been awhile and her husband Vincent came to show and we went out to dinner after and you know it just <hes> there's when he knows somebody somebody that long either you're going to tap into the frequency or you're not like either. The frequency holds up or it doesn't. Do you know like if you've known you know people on time. You know you don't you don't keep up with their lives. You don't know what they're up to. You don't know you probably don't might not know anything about what their lives have been like for the last decade or whatever in any nuance but usually you can tap into that frequency that defined your relationship with that person. There's a connection there a wire. It just needs to be attached and you're like they're they. Are you know you just kind of pull away. The age the you know whatever's happened over time their life and it just kind of it kind of pulls back in enables you to connect to that frequency that you had with that person and it's it's a beautiful thing really it doesn't that-that that-that that fundamental thing doesn't really change that much I mean people change and there's a weight to it that shifts given whatever people go through in their lives but that that weird fundamental connection if you can get it back. It's kind of beautiful. It's a spark of some kind that holds up it sad when it goes away. It's sad when he knows somebody. Eddie from way back and you see him again and you like the wire won't connect. I don't think I don't we can't connect nice to see you but I'm sorry that the wire the wires just not hooking up by a you don't have to say that to him obviously but it's a real thrill depressing when that happens but that didn't happen with Laron. I talk like that because that's that's how she talks. I don't know if she'd be happy. I made fun of her like that but it's not really making fun. I I see it as a homage no mosh to her New Jersey <hes> but she doesn't listen anyway so it's no big deal so that's I think that's it. I did almost two hours both shows and they you know they got loopy. Eh this no nicotine thing two weeks yesterday with the no nicotine and he so we'll loopy the loopy little loopy still still an extra one man and I'm eating but <hes> I think I'm going to hold out. I think I'm going to be all right so look. There's a Bruce Bruce dern movie. He's in a lot of movies right now but I just watched the new movie freaks. It's kind of a Sifi trippy thing he plays kind of creepy <hes> ice cream man that turns out not to be creepy but terms. I can't really explain it to you. It's slightly Sifi Ish but not like techno Sifi. Five more like <hes>. Are Those people real Sifi. WHO's in charge sci-fi <hes> you know Emile Hirsch is in it and <hes> it's it's it's an interesting little indie movie but dern is also in everything you know he had that oscar-nominated turn a couple years back in Nebraska. He plays spawn old man spawned on the spawn ranch and once upon a time in Hollywood. He's he's always in a movie. Bruce dern is but he's one of the legends. He's one of the guys from back in the day. Hey and he's got a head full of that history and it's pretty intact the head full is intact so this is me and the legendary Bruce Dern <music> <music> you've done <hes> you know more movies almost anybody at this point. I've done over a hundred at this point you just did. How do you decide well. I'm having a string of luck in the last since moving moving Nebraska. Oh yeah that kind of made people rediscover that I had some game yeah and now it's just a question of enduring Ya ah eighty three but <hes> if I hadn't broke my hip I'd be racing this week better racing on a bike no of running race yeah. I was a a big runner school and I went to the Olympic Games in fifty six at eight hundred meters. Where was the where was the Olympics yeah. And how did you do <hes>. I didn't make it to the final but that's exciting well. You have to run four races in the top nine in every race. I was in the tab nine and three in the fourth one. I didn't qualify for the final but you still do it in. Your knees are run yeah. It's not my knees. The only I tore my quadricep yeah twelve years ago and then last fall running a race at the Silver Lake Reservoir. I tripped and fell Alan landed on my hip and now it was. I didn't have to have a replacement. I just had to have the FEMUR fixed yeah but it's taken eight months but now I'm just I've been sitting all day during interviews and then to drive all the way over here from Beverly Hills House where we were just sitting in one place or standing on place yeah and red carpet now or a nightmare because <hes> I mean now that I'm lose my balance. Yeah but otherwise I'm fine. Have you been talking mostly about this new movie freaks or they've been talking about once upon time while today it was. I I so yeah. I couldn't do anything in yeah. Well free time watched freaks. I watched it. You guys didn't have my co star. Is A meal Hirsch. Yeah you you guys acted the shit out of that thing right. You're both in once upon a time in America too. I knew did you know Jay seaver. No it's a little before my time. Did you like to ask you to use fifty five exactly really yeah exactly fifty five you. Did you know all those cats up there. China Bernie Safire was my best friend for a long time which ones he Bernie Safire yeah. Oh he was in that Yeah Anson thing. He cuts her yeah. Oh the area Dow soon where the two big guys time and then Jay was a big intel all sixty nine yeah he was gone and then John Peters kind of came in and took over with a two or three other guys jeans you call <hes> <hes> and it was like an group. They're not there anymore now. It's that whole way of hairdressing yeah would the that was as much for guys as it was for girl. Oh yeah yeah it was a it was a big thing. There are these high style salons and they were led by a guy and that guy usually ended up making Brandish Sandy Shampoo right Paul Mitchell Paul Mitchell. He bring had a brand new when when I watched that movie because I sort of nostalgic but did that I did you saw. Did you saw the film obviously once upon a time in America or in Hollywood I mean is that the Hollywood you remember to some degree <hes> well. It was smaller town mildly enough. <hes> what. Lille goes through in the movie I went through way before I ever started movies. Always I was panicked that it was passing me by in the late sixties and that was right down because everybody was emerging yeah. Warren was already a movie star or not a movie or logging. Hamilton was the movies and we were little. We were younger than TAB hundred so we were the kind of the next generation and everybody was making him but Jack in me and Harry Gain Yeah and then and <hes> Jack also wrote yeah so he directed a movie that he wrote and he worked for Roger Corman knowledge and and <hes> Harry Dean Sang because he came to Hollywood with the American boys chorus right so he was kind of a good singer and saying Oh yes song of the truck together and so that was nice. The hardest thing now is the guys that it didn't make it day yeah you know I mean Jack Speer I'm here. Jack doesn't WanNa work anymore and I don't know his his whole theory. Is You know unless it's better then something. I've done why areas point of view of what he's done at all. What does he need to show up to help somebody cowboys. I don't think he misses it. One thing you would like to do is direct and nobody ever offers from anything direct. He directed me in a movie and Dr Take Credit for yeah. What was he like is director. Dan Good fabulous because he was he added added <hes> we did it. Just as five easy piece was open and <hes> we did it in the summer of seventy one and not the summer we went up to Oregon shooed at Mac Court and we started shooting the day after you're Oregon just broke. UCLA's eighty seven game running street that Saturday night so it's crazy Erin Eugene yeah so <hes> they they were just everybody was everywhere yes because I was a runner. Steve Prefontaine was there then he was a great runner freshman in college right <hes> gone to Marshfield High School which is mild twenty miles away toward the ocean but he's already a star he well. He broke the four minute mile in high school. <hes> yeah hello yeah. I don't. I don't keep up with running as much as I should. I mean yeah. It's a big deal with one year old kid. You didn't live long enough not just tragic but Hollywood was yeah. It was very <hes> you know. We were lucky in a way first of all my generation when we came yeah <hes> <hes>. When did you come. I came and fifty eight Broadway and early fifty nine Mr Kazan. Dan Put me under contract. He had five of US Yeah Rip Torn Pat Handle The EPA Stern Yeah Geraldine Page and Lee Ramic and Lee. He was immediately a star. Yeah because Kazan went to Arkansas to make a face in the crowd and grants she he is the pine bluff bluff marching band. She was the head Majorette Leigh Anne Pitcher Outta that put her in that movie and that was her debut. A year later she was in that movie we that <hes> the old judges in judge. Welsh <hes> the anatomy of a murder <hes> and she was introduced. Yeah Ben Bizarre right yeah the other people and so she was a star in the rest of us. <hes> you know <hes> panhandle was it was just a fabulous actor. We gray characters around forever in everything he did. My uncle wrote apply and I know <hes> my uncle never had anything to do with men. Gadget get together but my alkyl is Archibald McLeish oh yeah and he wrote a play called J. B. and Gadget Director started Pat Angle and Tyne Daly's dad in James Daly Yeah and that was I was still in college here. Fifty six my second year at Pan I went to Penn Yeah and and I was a fee nomin highschool and as an actor or as well as I never act just run after I quit owner and the fall of the Olympics in fifty six were in October November because they were in Australia right and that's their summer yeah so <hes> I I came back very disillusioned. I quit college and I didn't know what to do about a started going a lot of movies and I started to say Jesus. I'd I'd like to learn to be able to do that yeah. They do that. Yeah so I found a little dramatic school in Philadelphia and my teacher was it was an actor studio member but had moved back to Philadelphia because he wasn't getting working wouldn't act like the original mattress studio with no he took me to New New York to audition for the actors studio and there were there were three things you had to do. You had to go to New York yeah he he added to try and work for Mr Kazan and trying to become a member of the actors studio. Those were the three things you did one. We finally got out here. We were lucky because we still got to work with the legends right so wait. Kazan came at the group theatre the people's what was it called before. Yeah Yeah New York and then the game aimed. That group became an actor studio right so okay so you when you went to New York. Did you audition for Strasbourg or who I want to New York from Philadelphia Korea. We went right to the actors studio and early auditions and my teacher play department we did waiting for. Dole and which is just dialogue sure sure yeah yeah and so it was perfect yeah as I I was. I never really knew how to act so I had no bad habits yeah so then. I The island because Gordon was a member Gordon was a finals new yeah so both gadget. Shell Crawford with three people around the studio gauges <hes> Kazan yeah it okay yeah sure and <hes> we Strasbourg and <hes> sharecropper right who had founded with Bobby Lewis the group theater right now. She was an old <hes> she <hes> was the first woman I ever saw war business yeah so and Kazan's wife <hes> molly was quite a bright young Vassar lady who was not had not crossed the St physically but mentally she was totally across the street and so she was a big person in that kind of movement but she was also arts and crafts if you're one of her are best friends was Deniro's Dad Oyo was a well known painter painter the alleged yeah and so <hes> few made it right to the final audition edition yeah and and all this so I went in and <hes> I can have. I just didn't audition that night and he <hes> Mr Schlossberg said thank you Mr Dern and Gadgil said to me as I walked back with my friend Gordon Phillips and he he said <hes>. I want you in my office Monday morning at ten o'clock. Okay Yeah you'll find my office here and I said okay. <hes> didn't know what he was talking about so when I went outside I was the last audition tonight. Lease Strasbourg came out and they said you're in the actors studio. You know that yeah. I said I no no. We haven't seen work like yours. <hes> we like to kind of make you laugh are Frankenstein more. That's exciting. I said really well. What am I GONNA do. He said we want you to work. As often as you can hear and if you have to erase names because everybody wants to work you only do to seize week. Tuesday and two other scenes Friday right and that's for forty five people yeah so everybody wants to work because that's what you're there for sure. It's not a place to learn how to act act. It's a play it's a hospital to work on what you don't do well. That's really the premise of the studio and I'm in Erin. I mean there's Eli Wall I can. There's so I have Maryland Story to write out of that but anyway yeah well. She studied privately with Lee Ed and Paula Strasberg. Lee's wife. Yes Susan's mother. <hes> was her confidante and what was her on all locations nations are acting culture and those days. Lotta people had one bionic left one named Mirrors Silva who was from the Moscow Art Theatre. Oh and <hes> he got into trouble with Mr h Cocke about her but I that's another story so anyway I said okay. I want to gadget off as you said. Let me tell you what's going on with you okay. You don't have any bad habits because you've never acted so. We want to start you a different way. Then then we've started anybody else because you have the same instincts that and I didn't realize it I who he was talking about that Mardi Marlin and Jimmy Cliff Pergram so I said well I know Jimmy Dean is I know I know I know who allow them Hi. I'm not a movie buff. I just started going to movies last year or three years ago to really know who the people were. I said well what is it. He said you're not into acting. You just end up being so here's what we'd like you to do the first year ear you're here with us. We want you to only work on scenes. Where you have no dial up here where you just learn time to react and behave you did it for a year so you don't have the obligation of dialogue so you'll learn your instrument will train rain your instrument and also. I WANNA put you under contract so yeah so I worked for him. Well the first play that I did was called shadow of a gunman. Sean o'casey play about the IRA early revolution of nineteen seventeen and it was on Broadway and it was was the first time the actors studio had ever done a play on Broadway the group theatre. Did he ever big time big. Broadway theatre with big sure did like oh debts Shankar producer and he was at a US steel so he's the backed it and everything so <hes> there it was a guy who director named Jack Gar fine. He had done a little play off. Broadway called Ends Aman. They moved it to Broadway away yeah and within three months after being on Broadway all seven guys became major movie stars out of that play the Guido's Tony France Llosa Michael Guiso Yeah Ben Kozara Yeah Paul Newman Yup George peppard and a guy named Arthur storage who was kind of a comedian and a guy named Geoffrey Horne who are Canadian yeah but he was was in that too young man and then they had to take him out of that play because he went. He's a kid that blew up the bridge bridge on the River Kwai. Oh yeah so this was John Gar fine the director a R v I and so Lee came in after seventeen days with gadget yeah just to see rehearsal. Yeah we were still sitting at the table <hes> <hes> reading yeah and Lisa Jack. What is yeah and Jack said well. We're still working on relationships. He said Gadgetry opened on Broadway in eight days. He said you're done on here right in front of eight of us and he said you guys meaning us idea you go on have a lingerie back here and I'm going to stage the son on a bitch between one and five okay. This is N. No this is Strasbourg a oh yeah and the stars of the play were an actor named. Bill smethers others. Yeah Geraldine Lachlan and Susan Strasberg who was leased daughter who had <hes> she was only eighteen gene but for four years she had been the darling of the American theater 'cause she played and frank on Broadway yeah and that made her a star and she add one on summer off from the play and she came to Hollywood got nominated for an Oscar first movie because she's a little tomboy girlfriend in Picnic <hes> <hes> yeah and Kim Novak was the other star so how the play goal so anyway so he puts the play together. We all go home. We all come back the next day and immediately. We just start doing it couldn't give a fuck about relationships. You don't have a relationship with them. After Seventeen Nineteen fucking day and the sad thing for Jack was when we came back from our little lunches went and I'm a gambler saw. I'm veterans force all the time. I'm so I came back and <hes> Jack was outside asking us not to go in right now on C. discovered us and he was well. He didn't discover discover susy obvious right so <hes> we went in and <hes> eight days later. The play opened Mrs Mrs. It was a Sean o'casey. Play and Mrs O'casey had come all the way from Ireland to see it rea- <hes> because it's a great it's about to poets who live with a young in girl and they think that they are. I are a people because IRV very left kind of poets so they want him dead yeah so they just want to catch him matt something yeah well. They have a friend WHO's on stage who has me WHO's on stage fifty two seconds and I come on and I'm all nervous and everything and they know I'm kind of an IRA guy but I know because I tried to be a pulmonologist and <hes> so I said can I leave my bag here and everything and we'll come back and pick it up tomorrow. Yeah okay yeah that's fine so I leave and then the next day they pick up the newspaper and they read read that <hes> Daniel McGuire. I think my name was Daniel. McGuire is found dead in his loft because he was making explosives a yeah and the police knock on the door the minute they're reading that and the Dublin newspaper Yeah and they knock on the door and the bag I left is in the corner her and they go and they who's bags as well. We have a friend and he left his back filled with bombs yeah and so yeah and even though I'm dead and John I'm Mike Lynch pin of the play and Walter Kerr <hes> <hes> there were two reviews news. The good one was from Brooks Atkinson that said you know I'm not encouraging you to see this play yeah because it's is the best player will ever see. It's not but the work from this company on Broadway is work. You've never seen before how the actors are so real unsold so believable and so. I suggest you go see the work itself. Guy Actress jails finally reared its head and this is who they are. Oh Wow <hes> <hes> and so. I was quite excited about that. I mean that got you out here. I had a long time getting to where I've gotten sure and I'm. I'm not stopping. I they say. What are you trier retire. What the fuck am I going to do. If I retire and interesting because the first day I went to work for Roger Corman seven thousand nine hundred sixty six <hes> Peter Fonda Mir Nancy Sinatra. We were stars movies called. Wild Angels Biker Film Yeah Sure and Nancy had just sang your song so that's the song in the movie. These boots are made for walking yeah. Is it drive in movie but <hes> so that's what we were doing yeah. My camera operator who was Francis Coppola Focus Puller was Jonathan Demme Corman the prop yeah yeah yeah the <hes> prop guy it was Joe Dante and so we all went to the University of Cormon sure and we were there for years 'cause he gave us leads and movies and put our names aims above the title and gave us parts that were just written. You know I interviewed talked to Carmen. He's a character is driven so you're doing TV the two right that's all I did. You know I just want our we WANNA. Do is get movies yeah. I'm doing every episode show like all. I went to read yeah. Once upon a time in Hollywood was way back and Easter Sunday Sunday a of <hes> two years ago and I wanNA plus ouster readers just him and me and he says sit out here and read it and I wrote this this thing for you and you should see it do so <hes> I I read it. He said go out on the balcony and in after about an hour of reading I was he said where Brian the script and I said well. I'm at this point. Oh well come inside a second. Yeah I go in his living room. Yeah he puts on his huge movie screen. My episode from Lasser I did to Lanseria real is playing because the guy he's playing with his James Stacey. Yeah and James Stacy was Lancer right and James Stacy was a big television star. Yes this is sixty eight and then I yeah and so what happens is when we did this episode Lancer here <hes> and so Clinton's once upon a time variation creation of it so olifants plays that Guy Timothy all plays the I played license place Lancer Erik Jim Stacey Yeah so so at the end of his scene. You'll notice that he gets on a motorcycle. Yup Olive on does and drives off the set off the lot yeah well two weeks after that in real life. Jim Got on his motorcycle awfully lot and had an accident lost his arm and his leg uh he was laying there. He wasn't dead. He was responsive. Bud You know the people got most on a Saturday is on the streets and <hes> they knew who he was and everything and they you know they had to take them emergency and everything said I need somebody to notify. I mean he didn't in have them cut off there. They cut them off in two hours. When I got to the hospital you know <hes> so somebody had to go out and when the he had done Lancer it was a Disney show <hes> they built him a huge elaborate motor home that he could live even out on the Disney ranch golden. Oh yeah because that's what they shot all the exteriors the episode so he didn't have to go back and forth and I say shout out there and somebody had to go back knock on the door because there were no cellphones and tell his wife what had happy with that and knock on adore and tell Connie Stevens that her husband had lost his arm and his leg he was married to Connie studio could when she was the biggest star in the world what was and it was all about Jim Stacy so Quentin and tribute to Jim he puts that in the movie and Jim's Myra I'm Jim would have been as biggest biggest stars you could be because he was a good looking kid yeah and that was another kid at the same time named <hes>. Oh thousand now Christopher Jones and he had done a series called billy the kid and a movie called wild in the streets which was a Corman type yeah and then when he got a huge part in a movie one did it because <hes> that kid Chris Johns was the star of Ryan's daughter Elaine Yeah and never worked a day again and lost his mind and I don't think he's dead but his wife was Susan Strasberg. Oh my guy everything's connected and they have a daughter Jenny Laura's friend when when he started doing the movies did you had you hitchcock when he did the TV show. I did meet him on site did an episode of that yeah thing that he was would come on the set every day. Yeah what people don't it was an hour show yeah. He did every half hour show himself yeah and we're pissed. Brian Hutton Sydney Power Mark Mark Ridell Bob Butler a lot of these directors under contract at universal then they got pissed off because of hitch because hitch made aged I go on the back lot for five hundred ninety grand yeah and if he can do it you can do it right so they were their staff of up and coming movie directors right so that's all I got seven fifty to make a movie and so that was cheap so they never loved him but so that's where I'm at hitch and and then he put me in Marnie was sixty three yeah. I remember you from like the I saw the cowboys when I was a kid which and that was shot him. He'd never been shot John Wayne. Yeah Yeah I haven't shot. You never been killed rise. You know so they're putting bullet hits. Donna and I went to mark. Ridell and I said look let's do something. He doesn't expect. He doesn't expect and Mark Mark said well. What is it I said Larry on me. Blame it on me and he'll just say to you my while but he's just you know he'll turn on on you but you can tell them knows man. I'll say let's put a bullet hit in his back yeah so and he walks away from me. I shot is in his back and he did not know it was coming. He didn't know they put a bullet hit attack. He went down like a pro scene went on afterward. He got up he he said Mr I l yes Sir Loria from one hundred sixty sixty six grand concourse up in the Bronx New York how far they go off to see a real cowboy and he said well as usually go down to the Strand Theater and we saw you on Saturday afternoons. He's had who gave you permission to put the thing in my back. He said the the guy that pulls the trigger and I said I had duke and he says Oh they're gonNA hate you for this. They're gonNA hate you so so much for this and I said really well in Berkeley. I'm a fucking heresy. Put his arm around me. He said to the whole eighty people you you know where we where we shot him and he said that's why this is in my movie because he understands bad guys are funny otherwise as we wouldn't be talking about a hundred and fifty years later they had senses of humor yeah they were stars in their own right sure and so the the lucky thing for us. When we came to Hollywood we still got to work with the legends. You can't be a legend today. I mean come on. There's not a soul doesn't know what you do after school. So I mean then you didn't know anything I didn't know Clark. Gable wrote a motorcycle yeah. I didn't know any of that year and <hes> so we get legendary awards and stuff but we're oh not legend were yeah. You're in that transition out. There are still around they were still around and I worked with him. I worked to the most enlightening guy we worked with. We did a wonderful movie. You might have seen as called that championship season sure yeah it started met German May and Jason and Martin Sheen Paul Servian on <hes> the Stacy Keach and you guys were the young guys and and Michigan with your basketball and mention coach yeah and it's a true story because that at Scranton central was ice cool yeah and they upset in the state championship they had forty boys and a high school is just a technical trace school where the kids go to learn trade yeah instead of going to jail. They're sent to the trade school right well. They could play baskets and then playing together since they were little limbs so they went and they played in the State Championship and it was world senior at over broken. He never lost a game and for years and they beat him. 'cause they went four corner understo- because the priest who was their coach who's Mitchum yeah he goes up to Paul Sorvino's the center yeah and he said on the tip off break well. L. Snows so he went up well snows. He's out of the game so now we only play five other guys but they don't have a seven foot one inch guy and and then you could play for coroners story so they just saw all the game and they won forty five to forty and what was Mitcham like <hes> he had better stories and we will ever come up. I mean he had you know he had this story about. <hes>. You saw the godfather yeah well that Guy Harry Cohn who is John Marley and the movie rise <hes> <hes>. The guy had the horses off while I was gone right because Sinatra wasn't they didn't want Sinatra and the Godfather right I mean and familiar return it right and so they he went to see him and try to make them an offer refrained refuse so they cut his head off and put them in a bed. Well it's interesting because by that time we're talking early. Seventies Yeah Francis Francis Estar Bagana Vich who was the second unit cameraman on wild angels and the trip another Corman lovie he was is just the second unit and it was a critic from Chicago Lily but he wanted to directly into the movie and so all those guys were all there at the same time and we you don't know we're getting an education right for that. We got two hundred and fifty dollars a day for ten days so you've got to twenty five hundred. Antibiotics Anna box lunch <hes> no lunch period. They just like working in Europe. They walk around with food all day long of a planner so you don't lose lose the hour day and so that was what <hes> that was like so now in my career when Kazan put me on the plane into come out to California yeah he still understands them. You're going to get out. There and you have a very unique talent now because we've had you for two years and you're ready ready to be on the screen. You're not a leading man. I'm twenty five year now leading man you never going to be a leading man so no one's going to know who the hell you are. Oh you're in your sixties. I said Gadget. I'm twenty five years old. He said you've had a career as a runner. You're all over the place in all these magazines and everything I said but I'm not a runner anymore he said but you can endure and this business about endurance and because you have this quality of interjecting things Nicholson named jerseys. There's little things there's the best one I ever did is in Nebraska and the second best one. I do ruin juicy once upon a time yeah okay in the scene and acquitted and I go back away so he lets me but in a few of US movies three yeah yeah <hes> Django I played a bit hateful <unk> general and so he said <hes> <hes> I I go up to him and Kazan said to me WanNa. Put me on the plane when you get out there never ever tell her director what you're GonNa do and take one ever. Don't go up to him. Say I need permission and I like to do this that don't do it. I said how the Hell Am. I GonNa get away with that. He said because the directors got something you'll never have. I said really really what set to do so you don't get it in one. You're never gonNA get it and don't go up and tell them because hate it because it's income I'm from here so that was the first one the second thing is he said when you get out there because of your stature you're going to be the fifth cowboy from the right for a decade live with it and you're but make sure you of authentically unique fifth cowboy from the right anybody ever saw never stop inventing when I got permission to start doing it the first time I did it in a big movie was Nicholson. Director movie called driving. I be yet and I won the national film critics and Jack Directed and there's nobody everyone's so they took it to can in Mick. Jagger's kid cried auto through it so that's why Jackson or shit about but anyway so we walking down a hall I played a basketball coach and the team team is about it's about a small college team going to the final four here and we were that small college and we use University of Oregon shoot it all in seventy one on where they were in their heyday. The day we start shooting was the night after they upset. Ucla broke their eighty seven game winning streak. I'm walking down the hall with my assistant coach and and two little cheerleaders come down one was Cindy Williams. Oh Yeah Shirley and the other one was a girlfriend Mimi Michou of Jackson that was a girlfriend for on they were the two cheerleader yeah and they were just XS in the movie and as they went by I just might fingers were down here but i China just went snap snap my twice. He got the camera and he said that boys and girls is a jersey. He's been doing that for a long longtime but now he gave it to man put in my movie <hes>. He does that yeah but he doesn't rehearse it and he doesn't do it <hes>. He doesn't really know what he's GonNa do beforehand. He's in the moment it just happens and he brings it out and that's the switch on Syria getting a real deal so now yeah we cut two years later and I go to our Alexander. Payne said I don't have a family he knew because he writes pretty good. You need to put turns easy. I don't know yeah and so I come to Nebraska. <hes> okay we go up into my old house after the dinner where she tells her go fuck them so <hes> you know we drive to the old house and go upstairs and we look into a bedroom and it's <hes> my old bedroom and a wife says to will forte and Odin Kirk the two brothers that are living sons and they say <hes> she says this is what he's room and he slept with David. You were named named after him his little brother and he slept in the same bed with them for a year and never got the disease and well turns demand says you remember that. Dad and there's no line as Ikat and we go into the next bedroom where my parents bedroom and I go Alexander. I said Okay you want to learn. I said Yeah. How long were you need three seconds. He said <hes> I know no not to ask you. You're famous. You're not going to tell me what it is but <hes> <hes> I said just don't cut the camera for three seconds later than you've been cutting it and the first take we gonNA take care and <hes> but in the rehearsal you said cotton our on right so we go into the room and and <hes> he's stars like it says he's remember that dad and I said I was there and Alexander said I can't write that it just happens so we get with Quinton on the hateful eight and I saw in a couple of days and he just lets them go here and then finally I put it in and it's where channing channing tatum's about to kill me. He's got the gun and then <hes> he doesn't do it. He said good answer old man and puts his gun down down and I told Clinton give me a second there. He said Jerseys I said yes and so he says that's this quick thinking old man and you're okay and I said thank you because she saving my life. Yeah and I and I won't say the names but two of the combatants with me raise their hands and said why does he get to say stuff. That's it's not in the script here. He says you don't do that. He says we could do that. No you can't. I've had each one in five movies. You can't do that. You don't do that. It's it's not that you can but you don't you know he says well. Why is ready. Set Alexander Payne will tell you the same thing <hes> <hes> no one can write this shit that comes out of his mouth. You can't write that because it's on the moment in the moment yeah what was the one to one the one in once upon a time. Let me ask you. It looked like you and Brad Pitt. Were about to laugh. <hes> like there was a moment while he was because he'd seen you see. We've been working on the same laughing. He didn't expect it. He didn't know what to expect yeah but he knew that you know he he was excited to work work with me and because of whatever it is he thought that I brought and so what was <hes> he finally wakes me up and I calmed him and he's shaking me. I said so who are you. I don't know who the fuck you are and then he gets kind of <hes> independent and everything and a little shaky says well George I wanNA WANNA so forth and so on and I grabbed him and I say who are you and he was stunned that we had to cut there because he said that he just asked me a question. That's in the script but he asked it in such a way. He said that's what he does and Quinn goes does <hes> yeah so that's why here so and so so then. I do that and he says <hes> <hes> he says well. Georgia Dr John just you know cliff booth and so forth and so on and then he starts explaining I said I don't know who you are and I grabbed his lapel and I said but you did something really nice today and it touched me. You came to see me. How was not in there well. It took me forty five years to know that that would be okay okay because you don't do that. Sir But I've never once added director say to me and not use the take yeah because that's that's what it is and it's movie after movie after movie and freaks. There's a ton of them with the little girl selling our ice cream stuff. My career changed with Nebraska Yeah because because it <hes> seventy nine years old Alexander wrote a script for me at seventy five took ten years to get it made because no one wanted to make it in black and white and no one really wanted to make it with me and so he couldn't get it made so he went and he made about Schmidt with Jack Mike and Kathy Bates and then he came back he couldn't make it again. No one wanted to make it because package was black and white with me and so they didn't want to make it so he went and made descendants. Yeah I know he went made sideways. Dan same thing again and other three years anyone anyone made the descendants and then he came back and he said Ah paramount's going to give me enough money to make the movie in Black and white with you okay okay but they took fifteen million out of our budget so I said well can't you make a movie for ten and he said of course again and it's in black and white and that was the first time after people having seen me for forty five years yeah fifty years yeah yeah yeah no fifty. I've done sixty two so fifty five years. Yeah seeing me have a story about me yeah. I hadn't silent running. I hadn't the few other movies but I never had a movie that was like this and I took that movie for one reason and this is why I'm an actor yeah and why I always keep acting and tell I'm trying to get to you know three digits yeah and so it means. I got seventeen years yeah. I like to do the stuff that people haven't had a chance to do because they don't do movies about guys my age right even if they're small roles. I don't care if a chance to be real and be kind of the Lynch pin in a movie. I'll do it while George Spas Kinda Lynch pin because from the time Brad gets out of his car on that ranch. Yeah the movie changes. Yes it does is once. They start following him the West come up to see me then you wonder what it is this going on and the sort of that was the one in <hes> during the other during Z. As he says was <hes> you know you sure it's okay with this squeaky the right air and everything already told them fucking blind how do so. I know so <hes> he says <hes> I said. Hey Bud squeaky loves me and then I kinda drop back in my bed and I said so. Suck on that came because that's all thing and that's a Jersey but it's it's it's not that he couldn't write that. He just didn't write it but that's at that makes the character but those moments that you live for those right. That's why I keep on doing it. Yes if you want to find things that are unique unique approaches. We've always twenty years of never having more than seven lines in a movie period. I'm Jack. I was never built on the screen. I was named build on the screen wild river. My first movie which was four. Mr Kazan starred Montgomery on gumri cliffs Remington Joe Vanfleet and is about the T. V. A. L. Lady would move off our island when they flooded the chicken Maga Dan yeah right right she wouldn't move your family had been there two hundred years no and that's what that we didn't get any credit no he didn't. He forgot he says. I just forgot and coming. Home was the big one. Oh yeah well. That was seventeen years later yeah. No I've had <hes> the movies that I'm proudest of yeah. I'm proudest of a movie called. Smile Yeah Because Wonderful Teenage beauty pageant movie. It's about the teenage Miss America junior minister and <hes> Barbara Feldon is my Costa car ninety nine and two and then I love coming on. Oh yeah now I thought the Gatsby we did was a good version of gas with Redford but yeah yeah Redford Mia may and Sam Waterston pursue with four people and I love Walter Hill. Oh so I like the driver yeah because it's a good movie and Ryan is he's very good. Yeah and everybody knowing has a name. I'm the he's the driver. I'm the detective she's the player he's you know so and so and that's Walter Hill and and people say well. You know what he really done. He never does anything. That's funnier and I should cut. What are you talking about chef aw yeah. Hey your record forty eight hours funding wonderful. What about <hes>? They shoot horses very very good another one that that I was in early. Paul accused great second movie yeah. I had down his nose his third movie his second movie. I've been to it's called Castle. `keepeer appear starred. Burt Lancaster and listen to this cast Patrick O'Neal Michael Conrad Peter Fog Bill Bruce dern Scott Wilson James Patterson jean-pierre in Mardi bomb produced it for seven arts but Gig young won the Oscar for yeah and yeah no yeah. This is a great part <hes> yeah he was one or Yau's. AOL's Bollock pollock was a good actor too. I thought yeah good to see yeah well. It's great go ahead and you've been wonderful homework. You've done in your face your enthusiasm josh out of me so I appreciate it. Thanks for talking. I feel like we can wrote a book yeah eleven years ago in their Club things I've said but probably shouldn't have well yeah and John Wiley and sons whatever we didn't cover. I'll just read aloud the beginning reader because what good is. I didn't change the name yeah. Every name is it's the same great and I've always been a big fan and he now. I understand you a little better well. I you know I say a little anecdote. My daughter Dr Laura. I talked. I talked to her and her mother Diane. I the only family in the history of this business to all have have stars on Hollywood boulevard other families but never mother Father Child <hes> and Zayd Oscar nominations Sir uh-huh and Diane and Laura both nominated Best Actress Best Support Andrews from the same movie <hes> and it's all it's Car Carter rambling beautiful and then again in wild at heart but Diane got nominated Lord and yeah they rambling roses great you know duval and that's great yeah yeah and <hes> so I'm very proud of Laura. She's done good Diane. You know she still has a career. She still works a lot and everything but <hes> I I enjoy enjoy when somebody the only other guy who's done is almost as good homework issue not quite as good as Michael Debar yeah because he has a show similar similar to what she does in England drive time <hes> so you're on the phone and driving to washer urinate o'clock at night and they're on the way to work and and he's very good too and when he first interview I didn't have a clue who they are and I didn't realize he was big stuff. Yeah I mean he replaced sting of and the police and then went on had a big rarely zone and his wife wrote the book. I am with the ban. Yeah Pamela are you must've known on her in the seventies I ju- nor much yeah she was he was she was big. Stuff sure and so is he. He just emailed me. I think she wants to tell us she's around. She loved talk. She's wonderful of the people you WanNa talk to. She is one because she's been there yeah. She knows where all the bodies are very. She's Van. She's good Damon Bright. Oh yeah very I met her at <hes>. I think I met her at the Zappa House. How does he yeah. I didn't know him but I was. It was cool three times in my life. I had lunch once year. <hes> once in one year then it was three years for for the next one then the next year it was so four years we had <hes> three lunch stab years we had three launchers odd. Fossey May and George Carlin Arlen. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah he's sharp George Carlin and ran ZAPPA got it yeah and Fossey got us your you still talk to Jack. Back <hes> occasionally. I mean he calls me. You know a couple of times years as you want to go to the basket and everything and I said <hes>. I don't know the Limo learns or again on over here. I'd go down and see I. I'm sure I'll get a call this year because he wants to see the two you guys together before but I love him. He is <hes> he did something for me. It's the last thing we did a movie. It's very good one. I'm proud up to I forgot called the King of Marvin Gar. Oh yeah yeah and that's one. That's a rape Wilson. Oh Yeah and how's he doing Bob. You talked to him. He's he's an aspen in. He's he's okay okay but he's <hes> it's tough yeah but he's a great interview but I don't know but he's such a good guy and and such a good director and Marvin Gardens a good movie in the movie. There's a scene where we crown. I Live with two women Ellen Burstyn in this girl. Yeah Julianne Robinson and Jack is my brother. Yeah have him come visit me in Atlantic. City just started dream about gambling this before gambling was there <hes> the last shot gotTA. The movie is the wrecking ball hitting the TRAE. Mar Hotel no real because that was our last day of work today they brought it in and <hes> so Jack Sings Things Miss America saw here she is in we give her the little crown and I'm out driving this little golf cart that we're going to drive into the Thyssen Outta Yeah Yeah. The whole place is empty seats twenty eight thousand people all these play indoor football player you know. CW Post used to home games here and so in Atlantic City so <hes> were <hes> he's finished. She's got the Miss America crown. I pull a cart up the golf cart and Jack Climbs in next to me and I'm driving. He's next to me and Julianne gets in the backseat and Alan Bersin Christians running because the cars going. Maybe two miles an hour and she grabs his seat gets on and falls off Jack. I stopped stop the car immediately. He put his hand on my arm and he said are you our friend for rest of my life and he knew do that. What I was going through was just as important as what she was going through here but I was the perpetrator so to speak right and that made me forever indebted to him. I mean I just he's a class act. Also he's as good a partner as I've ever had in movies. I've had some good partners. Island Island off Robert Shaw was a pretty good partner Robert Shaw Cat and enjoy the great actor yeah and this was in black Sunday where I had a blow up the Super Bowl I to kill John. Wayne and two years later blew up the Super Bowl. I mean get away from that and career. Thanks thank you and thank you for having me. I bet shared that was wild. fucking Bruce dern man Bruce fucking dern loved. It loved that talk right. We made it up. The stairs didn't know if I was going to get them down. <hes> the movie he's in right now. Aside from once upon a time Hollywood breaks which opens in theaters this Friday September thirteenth and don't forget when you hear cage free free eggs that means the hens still only gets about one square foot of space at vital farms all the hands or pasture raised with at least one hundred eighty square feet for him and outdoor access all year round vital farms pasture-raised bullshit free nothing more more fun than when the advertiser says you can say bullshit while he's more fun things but <hes> do what you can folks. I'M GONNA play my stratocaster. Radha caster straight in to the dirty old man amp fifty eight fifty seven fifty eight fender deluxe Classic Crybaby Wah Wah pedal. That's all that's happening here. Okay the new wrong long. Wa Wa wa. Wa Wa. Wa <music> allied. Wow why why walk wow wow wow <music> Blah boomer.

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#719 James Alexander of the Bar-Kays & Favorite Bass Lines

Sound Opinions

56:56 min | 1 year ago

#719 James Alexander of the Bar-Kays & Favorite Bass Lines

"Sound opinions is supported by goose island pairing beer and music since nineteen eighty-eight goose island beer company chicago illinois. Listen critically enjoy responsibly early start time. Are you ready to start <music> w._b._z. Chicago and p._r. Rex this is sound opinions. I'm greg kat and i'm jim dear goddess this week. We talked a legendary funk onc and r._&_b. Basis james alexander of the bar ks about his days at stax records in memphis and the enduring legacy of nineteen seventy-one shaft soundtrack house just turning twenty one in one thousand nine hundred anyone who still talking about this thing and while on the topic of the base we unshared some of our other favorite baselines from the four tops to talking head scene. That's all coming up on sound opinions yearling sound opinions and this week we are all about that bass that base greg the you know the guitarist and lead vocalist they always get the spotlight all the attention the guitarist get the solos but there is no such thing as a great man without a great rhythm section drums. We gave the drummer some awhile back on sound opinions and base. You know what's special about those. Four strings is it is the rhythmic foundation on which the entire song is built but a great basis can also really sneak his or her way into your head ed with something that's very melodic and i just i'm so excited later. We're going to give some of our favorite super memorable baselines but first we are going to talk to one of the all-time masters of that instrument james alexander. That's it's just a taste of soul finger. The nineteen sixty seven breakout hit for the memphis soul and funk band the bark as on the base is james alexander nanda the bark as played a pivotal role in stacks records studio system eventually replacing booker t. m. jeez as the primary session band behind label baynes like rufus thomas albert king the emotions isaak's <music>. We're also consistent hit makers in their own right that charted throughout the seventies and eighties with jams like holy early ghost and saddam shop yeah absolutely right greg and speaking of shaft bark as were the backing band on isaak's classic soundtrack released least in one thousand nine hundred seventy. One shaft won an academy award for the best score. It was the first to be awarded to an african american composer and this year the original soundtrack crack was rereleased in a fantastic new box set with almost two dozen previously unreleased tracks featuring the bar case so we started our conversation with james james alexander by asking him what it was like to work with isaac as on such a celebrated recording isaak's was at that particular point he was so hot e had three or four other albums under his belt at that at that point <hes> so when he recorded chef i mean he was just kind of like a pinnacle of his career. We had no earthly idea that it would turn out like this. You know i am a senior citizen house of just turning being twenty one in one thousand nine hundred seventy one. We still talking about this thing. I mean that's a testament to the music a testament to advocate along with david porter. They'd account took us under the wings to come on guys. Let's do something you know we didn't. We didn't have no idea what we were doing but we just knew that it was fun. I cherish shares all moments section shamed shoots right recessions and that's them listening to all these extra tracks <hes> he's twenty two additional tracks. It's mostly instrumentals. Mostly is isaak's performing forming a multi instrumentalist gifted man as you said playing with with the bar case in the studio and creating these incredible pieces of music some some of which was used in the movie <music> <music> perfect the yeah you sort of home that approach with isaac on the road right you guys have played not only sessions with isaak's but you had done alive gigging with him before you got into the studio didn't make the shatt soundtrack right right. Well actually go with isaac. I started as us. The plan nightclubs and i remember years ago. We had a gig together for about a year because he had a ban called isaak's and to do that and i was wanted to do that but we have a standing gig just across the bridge in west memphis offers arkansas and we play from nine to three six nights a week so we learned a lot of stuff doing the doing that time his will use this gigging and i was still in high school. You know anyway and that's during that period. That's when isaac was coming up with those long versions of those jimmy webb songs and things like that right improvising with you guys <hes> by the time i get to phoenix and things like that that became these huge hits on on our soon fares of love bet back in those days. I don't even think he was thinking about anything like that. We would distracting geico could make a little money so we could just try to you know feed ourselves. The sheriff james the a history gets clouded so often even in liner notes <hes> much less wikipedia. <hes> was the story of a lot of that music. You guys recorded was it that it had started in l._a. And then moved to memphis viscous they wanted some of that gresh from stacks. Is that accurate. Do i have that right. Well let me explain it to you. <hes> first of all number one we will own a tour during this time period isaak's was onto and he took us onto as the opening act meaning the bark as he's we actually <hes> kinda like begged them say hey man hey. Would you take us on tours. You know let us be your opening act. We're gonna be recording what you anyway so he he he agreed to it and he took us on tour. So what happened was during the week. <hes> we were in l. A. working on the movie soundtrack and and on the weekend we will back on the east coast doing concerts all up and down the east coast so we will we will fly back and forth this went on for like two and a half months back and forth take a lotta. A lot of people obviously talk about theme from shaft. This incredibly lauded track won an academy award <hes> hayes <hes> isaak's became the first african american to win an oscar <hes> in a non acting category for that song but then you had another single on that <hes> record the did pretty well top forty song do your thing thing which was nineteen and a half minutes long soundtrack. Obviously they edited down but that's an example of what you're talking about. I guess where you know. Let's just roll the tape and see what happens right. This is roller tape. You see what happens to me back in those days. A lot of that went on most of the music that we came up with just came up like that. Hey we were just having fun. You know like i said we wasn't really think about it that hard. You know. We just knew that we could do what we do in this. Hey let's see what comes out of it doc a tell us about some of the music there's an incredible amount of music that was recorded not re- remember the moment the theme from shaft created and how that sort of came together in the studio the thing from chef believe it or not. It's it all started <hes> we we had this guitar player that the he was not into bark as but he was just an extra player that always traveled with isaac by the name of charles pitts. We call him skip uh-huh take it. He started playing this wa. Wa thing you know your best on looking around and says what is that <music> attic jumped in on it and just start creating share from that. I remember him just hitting the whole note on the piano. You know this over and over again. I mean it's just it was so repetitious. You got is to be so boring because for long periods of time it was discussed plan this wa wa and is kidding this whole man. Where's this thing going. Um <hes> <hes> mhm little loaded was going to end up being what it was. That was at the you know several allows working on it you know as this uncanny ability for just coming up with stuff like all the fly i mean he was just one of those unique guys that could just come to the studio. Sit down at the piano in big magic album <music> <music> <music> <music> and and i'm curious how what kind of direction because you know isaac was noted composer arranger. Would he give you some ideas about baselines at all <hes> <hes> james are or were you kind of left on your own devices to sort of respond to what was going on in the studio. How did that sorta evolve with. All the musicians coming up there with their parts. It kinda worked both ways. I mean sometimes he would give out parts and then sometimes just you know just from instinct. The musicians of myself included clue. We will just play something he said. Oh wait a minute. Keep that right there. Don't change nothing. You know what i mean it. It worked both ways. Sometimes he would give out a part in that power would be you know. It'd be kind of wacky so he said okay. That doesn't sound rights. Let me see what you can come up with then he d- okay. I like that better you know it was it went back back and forth like that. I mean you know it. It really was a situation where everybody was just really working together for a common goal. You know it it. A lot of a lot has been written and said about how the stacks records came together that you know steve people steve cropper and isaak's when he was alive. Obviously i interviews with them where they were talking about this idea of heterogenous where everybody was kind of in the room together and bouncing ideas off each other and no no idea was considered to <unk> outlandish. Let's give this a shot. Very different from the way records were being made in the bigger studios in new york and l. a. where it was very much about. Here's the arrangement. Here's what you need to play away right. Did you sort of recognize that difference right away. I mean that just seemed very natural for you. Guys the music that we created was so authentic of it was <hes> it was so rawal think about it right then and they say you know you plan it that spontaneous i mean you you know like our first song that the bark as recorded recorded we was playing this groove at a nightclub <hes> one night and then we went to audition for stacks and we've planned this little groove in in the president of the label said said hey what what is that you guys plan. We say we don't know is just a little group that we made up. He said i'll tell you what this whole what you got and he ran up in the control room thirty minutes later we had the phone call so finger <hes> yeah we will use to just you know just coming up with stuff like this right off the top of our head and just they stand you know is part of a record and the thing about getting older is <hes> as you get old used you start the second. Guess yourself when you're young. You just don't you don't really think about you just do it. They say you know you do it the bark as should mention how important they we're in memphis history. <hes> a lot of people think about the house bands in memphis as being the key to that sound initially booker t. m._g. Were kind of the band doing a lot of the sessions. Sir <music> the bar k sort of moved in there in the late sixties right james is kind of like the key backing band for a lot of the sessions as the booker t and the m jeez things started to break apart. Those guys started to going their own separate ways and then they were like two incarnations of the bark as right. We were kind of like the second string band band to book continuum geez. You know stacks continue to grow you know <hes> the work 'love continuum geez was like great. We started getting the overflow and the be quite honest with you for instance. <hes> you know duck dunn who was part of <hes> bucatini. M._g.'s it was the bass player of the main bass player on mostly a lot of the stacks records <hes> he deliberately did not show up for sessions so i could get some work. That was amazing to me. I mean you know i remember being in a session and <hes> cropper kept saying well. Who's gonna play based on. This record today. Duck is not here and said oh. We got the used. That's my nickname so duck enough and we don't worry well. I can say the rest of the dole. Give like i can't say the rest of it but duck deliberately didn't show up so that i could get in and started doing sessions of on a lot of the stacks records. That's a rare kind of generosity in that competitive a studio musician world. Well you know duck. He loved to play golf offs. Oh so every chance you could either get to the golf course knock. You're going to be around and i see yeah <hes> yup around so he sounded l. Matter you then you gotta be covered right yup. I got your copay in early. December nineteen sixty seven the music world was rocked by news of a plane crash near madison wisconsin otis redding the bark as members ronnie. Johny coldwell falen jones jimmy king and carl cunningham were all killed in that tragedy <music>. You were the guy whose turn it was to get on a commercial flight. That's the only reason you weren't on that plane. That's the only reason i went went on a plane. <hes> everyone else was on the plane in the group <hes> in fact <hes> i don't know if you remember there was one survivor yeah yeah being calling it who just recently passed away. Maybe two or three years ago so he survived the plane crash but everybody else that in the the plane crash and you had identified the bodies i mean what were you like a hot twenty years old right no seventeen. Oh my god man <music> <music> um how did ben who survived the crash convince you to reform. A new version of the bark is and continuing music. There had to be a minute where you lost your friends. You know that this is the worst thing that could possibly happen. The did you ever think i can't continue from this point. Well you know oh. I i tell people this all the time the bark as will a group you know had wisdom beyond their you know years well. We were very young. We always said that. If anything ever happens to one of us who was left must carry on and now you know that's something for us sixteen seventeen year old person to say but that's the kind of thinking that we were doing you know at a very young <music> age but i had no idea that i would be the one to carry on resonated in my mind. I couldn't let them down. You know what i mean. Well with shaft you know becoming one of the most allowed soundtracks of all time in any genre. It's kinda like you did. You did them right right right. I mean i hope i hope they're looking down in san hayes. Jay's job wilda. You know some a pat on the back of something james alexander. What a privilege thank you that was bark as basis. James alexander has always we want to hear from you. What's your favorite slice of the memphis. Soul sound leave a message on our hotline with your opinion and why why at eight eight eight eight five nine eighteen hundred coming up greg niles share some of our favorite baselines and bass players. That's after the break on sound opinions from w._b._z. Chicago and p._r. X. sound opinions is supported by goose island the brewers of next coast coast i._p. A three one two urban wheat ale and bourbon county stout pairing beer and music since nineteen eighty eight. They believe it's always best to listen critically medically and enjoy responsibly goose island beer company chicago illinois. Welcome back sound opinions. I'm jim dear goddess. My partner is he's greg. Kat and we are talking about the bass. Guitar basis never get any love drummers at least are the subject of jokes greg but basis you know these people are always just mad when they show up with two out of four strengths <hes> we are celebrating that instrument on sound opinions. We talked to one of the greats james alexander. We're going to now give our choices choices for some other celebrate basis who we love yeah. Jim talk about an uncelebrated role in in a rock band. You know there's no one lower on the totem pole in some ways as you know that was that was a pine yes exactly but you know when i was thinking about sixty s basis because that was sort of an era of the first iconic bass bass players in in in rock music especially john entwistle of the who jack bruce kareem john paul jones of led zeppelin another iconic name is james james jamerson and the reason i focused on jamerson though <hes> was throughout the sixties and seventies in his heyday. Nobody really knew this guy was he was just an anonymous member for of that great motown house band known as the funk brothers that were rarely if ever credited on a lot of those great motown sessions that they played on <hes>. You know i would argue that if you take james jamerson bass out of many of the songs that he played on were huge hits for that label you take out the spine of that song along u s the song because what james jamerson did was expand. The role of the basis in that era is especially in contemporary music. You know he's he moving beyond the root notes and chords and playing a lead on those songs subtly but very methodically as well as driving the other other percussion instruments in the song kind of being the lead engine on the rhythm and also playing a key role in the melons and look at those songs you know shotgun by junior in your walker going to a go go by the miracles dancing in the street by martha and the vandals. I heard it through the grapevine by gladys knight. Marvin gaye version of i heard it through the game was supposed to track ugh. What are you giving us a box set. I'm going to go with the four tops bernadette our that's the one <hes> <hes> i think a lot of bass players point to this track as the one one for james jamerson to agree. If you isolate his base part it's incredible and mhm what would the song sound like without it. I would argue wouldn't be the major song that it was. Here's james jamerson doing his thing on a four tops bernadette from nineteen sixty seven tax. You look yeah yeah. James jamerson on the four tops bernadette a clinic on on how to play the bass in the sixty eight. It's a classic. It's a classic. We paid homage to chris squire. The founding member of yes bassist who died in twenty fifteen fifteen. We can't do a show about the base without featuring squire now generally speaking. I am not a fan of showoff virtuosic basis. <hes> i a you know john. Entwistle is not a favorite of mine in the who what's different with squire. I think although he super-busy and those parts are really hard to play <hes> <hes> there's always a melody and a rock and roll drive. You know which is not always easy in like nine months time when yes yes is off sailing topographic oceans wins and whistle as the anchor. I think roundabout is his greatest baseline. Now it starts out as a composition by steve howe guitarist and john anderson the vocalist steve how originally wanted a guitar suite of course not just to get to our solar a sweet you know and it has beautiful opening guitar art. John anderson percent of course is the mystic hippie you know this has one of the all time worst lyrics ever mountains come out of the sky and they stand there. Thank you john <hes> what what makes this song for. Me is the base there is this sort of galloping rollicking feel. Galloping is the word i think the only other band that's done the the rock and roll gallup better iron maiden right but but but <hes> squires bass on this song is just phenomenal in how busy it is and yet how absolutely repulsive and virtuosic in fact <hes> when rick wakeman was playing the keyboard parts he so liked squires base that he doubled hold on the hammond b three organ so we got double the bass on this song roundabout by yes from nineteen seventy one they <music> they sir breath roundabout buy yes matt skied. I have to say i always had a thing for yes of all. The prog man's manse. I loved them from day. One and you know chris. Squire may have been a busy bass player but <hes>. I respect that dude that guy could play. I saw a couple of times in concert yeah. That was not oughta recording. That was the real deal. This guy is doing the thing at those bad wing came online unbelievable. I'm going to go from this complexity city chris squire and and james jamerson to a degree to something that very simple but very effective but one of my favorite bands of all time <hes> and one of my favorite britt songs of all time combined here joy division love will tear us apart when the final songs they recorded. He and curtis was only weeks away from death at this point. A lot of people see the song long as sort of an epitaph for him. <hes> curtis was a key driving force in that band and he encouraged the bass player. Peter hook from the band's inception option to really forge ahead on that base to really define the role of the base in that band as more than just a background instrument and in fact on love will tear us apart curtis is action playing guitar and it's just basically a droning record bernard sumner who normally handles guitars playing the keyboard line which is sort of a jumping off point for the electronic music that would later make any order and hook is basically driving the song you're humming. The melody line of the base and peter was the guy for the job. He was playing those melody lines on the base on tons of joy division song. This is his tour de force in many ways peter hook with joy division on level terrace apart from nineteen eighty unsound <music> the oh boy yeah that is peter hook <hes> with the base on. I'm joy division's. Love will tear us apart jim. You've got another pick forthright. I do indeed greg. I talked briefly about this. One earlier. This year where we were talking with jeff eggers edged about his run dmc book right i i was recalling that fruitful period in new york in the early eighties when the new wave no wave scene kind of merged with hip hop and the house music being made in new york <hes> for something really fertile and a lot of cross pollination asian liquid liquid was a court tat that came from the no wave scene <hes> on a small indie label ninety nine records. I remember buying the ep appea- that featured this song when it came out it was weird combination of these really boho new yorkers <hes> but but who loved afrobeat funk dub reggae and the punk that had just exploded and was kind of dying out at c._b._g._b.'s richard mcguire i unaware of anything else he's ever done besides play with liquid liquid but the baseline of the song cavern i think was a huge inspiration not only to all of us know wave post punk irs but to the entire hip hop scene that was coming up of course this base drove one of the first great hip hop tracks crossover hits white lines don't do it by mellie mell visit three in all the while i think i think very strange reaction and it just showed how oh you know we're we're all kinds of <hes> using the same ingredients and maybe doing different things but there shouldn't be these walls between john lewis that was what was so inspiring to me. Here's liquid liquids cavern powered by richard mcguire on bass nineteen eighty-three on sound opinions <music> in minnesota <music>. It's been <music> <music> uh-huh take aw <music> <music> liquid liquid but but but i love it love i don't but that's great stuff. <hes> brings back some memories with that one after a break. We're gonna share some more of our favorite baselines from nine inch nails the parliament that's in a minute unsound opinions from w._b._z. Chicago and p. are ex. Welcome back sound opinions. I'm jim dear goddess my partner. I'm the drummer he's the basis it's great kat and today we are sharing some of our favorite all-time baselines greg. You're up jim. This is kind of an easy one because the bass on this song is so prominent and so i- conic nancy sinatra's. These boots are made for walking. I would like to highlight the fact that the person or persons that played those baselines aren't as widely known as they should be carol. Kaye was a pioneering female bass player in the sixties ariza. The very few women getting steady studio work in the sixties carol kaye was getting tons and tons of studio work all the while raising three kids yeah at home you know she played on records by the beach boys and frank sinatra you could name. She was one of the recommend name the legends that she played with now. What's interesting about this song is that there are two baselines on the song. Carol kaye is playing electric bass. A guy by the name of chuck berg hoffer is playing the stand up. Ah that's the initial line that you're hearing. This berghof was a very fine player. Who's playing on a lot of jazz sessions at the time. He wasn't really a a wrecking crew guy. Guy like k. was playing on all these pop and rock sessions but the combination of those two sounds really makes song. If you really break it down you see how k. is responding to that lead baseline by burg hoffer and adding her own flavor to the sauce and apparently was at the behest of nancy sinatra who wanted that bottom end in for the sun just hearing it in her head while she got she got more mortally she'd want it. I mean it was like two fantastic baselines. These boots are made for walking from nineteen eighteen sixty six by nancy sinatra and sound opinions. You keep saying you got something for me and then you call love but confessed. Hey you've been messin where you shouldn't have a messenger. Dan and someone else is getting your best these boots on the four it and that's what one of the day the boots doggone also <music> yet. Not you keep lying. When you oughta be true them and you keep losing when you ought to not that you keep saying when you ought to be changed and now that's right is right but you ain't been alright yet these booth side and then one day one of these days the mood saga walk-o. That's carol. Kane chuck berghof nancy sinatra's. These boots are made for walking double bass base to base parts provide the sound boots walking all over you. I'm gonna talk about psycho killer by talking heads for me. Thank greg nine thousand nine hundred seventy seven. When this comes out on the talking heads i alam i'm just starting to learn how to play drums and i'm trying to figure out how drums fit together with base and i'm playing on headphones in the basement <hes> to teach him myself to ramones tracks and then talking heads. I i think that the way that tina weymouth <hes> again an unheralded <hes> heroin in rock and roll a great female instrumentalist a champion of the base just like carol kaye you know the way she played with her husband chris france great drummer <hes> so integral to all of those heads songs but here especially the base does something more than just the foundation. It's it's the melody and it's the creeping is of the topic of psycho killer. You gotta understand <hes> what new york was like. When the son of sam was committing those serial killings it it was insane the tabloid newspaper coverage <hes> i just watched the second binged on the second season of minehunter. There's a creepy recollection of david berkowitz markowitz in that. You know there's a fear in the base. There's an ominous propulsion. There's melody. It's just one of those perfect baselines as lines made me realize when i heard it <hes> you know okay. This is what base can do tina weymouth the talking heads psycho killer nineteen seventy seven <music> <music> okay. I'm nervous ervices canceling my benzon real <music> the <music> they start a conversation. You can finish your talking. When you see things taylor tina weymouth folding down the bottom end on psycho killer by the talking heads greg. You got another pick. Yes jim. I wanted to highlight a modern master of the base. Somebody's played on tana on a records in the two thousand as well as being the touring bassist for the who since john entwistle dieting gun guy by the appeal palladino <hes> you know you you talk about an a-list guy that everybody wants their sessions. Pino is the the guy gets the call <hes>. He's a welsh born. A bass player have been playing since the eighties. <hes> you know quest thompson loves this guy because he's got him in the soltron. Ix who are dangelo span band <hes> you know the voodoo and black messiah records were essentially framed framed by that band and the tours afterward <hes> ditto for that <hes> and the sole koreans who backed the new wave of soul music in the late nineties early. Two thousands of people like like erica bye do penal was the was the first call bassist on on a lot of those records a at quest loves behest so he's played with everybody <hes> but the track i want to highlight is from nine inch nails and i think the reason i'm doing that is because it really is a showcase for a great basis. This is a track back from a nine inch nails debut record sanctified but a live version of that now tooth in in two thousand thirteen couple of decades after the song was originally recorded recorded. I can't find a credit for the base of from that original record in might've been trend resonator. It might have been a sample or a some kind of machine sheen generated baseline but pino is doing it live. I in this performance by trent reser is two thousand thirteen tour and i think it's just an amazing amazing. A display of what virtuoso bass player pino palladino is here is a nine inch nails sanctified from two thousand thirteen live unsound and still they do now <music> his bill down rome the pino palladino doing his thing on a live version of nine inch nails sanctified from two thousand thirteen a great baseline jim. You've got one more force. Well greg. I was mad when you chose. <hes> these boots are made for walking because nancy sinatra superfan <hes> but i'm gonna you know there's one that i'm sure you will cosign as the kids say we got to end this show about great eight basis with buzi collins right absolutely boats yeah baby we did one of our favorite interviews ever was with buzi collins. We're all able to air about a half of it because the rest was cosmic or karnal someday. They'll be the outtakes. <hes> you know buzi. Collins is historically important to me. In terms terms of the role of the base developing in all of black music plays i with james brown on some of his biggest hits where i was initially considering picking a brown track but often the basis under mixed <hes> you know in the original recordings even at live at the apollo <hes> you know and then he goes on to be part of the parliament funke delic family with george clinton <hes> even getting songwriting <hes> on many of clinton's best known songs including this one parliaments parliament's tear the roof off the sucker. Give up the funk now. There's any of a dozen buzi powered parliament funke delic tracks. I could have chosen this this one. <hes> you know i i in part because of the chance you know it. A calling for funk transcendence you know and the base is driving us there. He may or may not have been playing bass at the same time with cordell boogie mo- soon <hes> you know parliament's always hard to tell and and funk and alec. There's fourteen people onstage. Everybody's playing everybody's chen its balkan. All it's like the all time base fast <hes> this is one of his greats greats though and he gets co songwriting credit on the song buzi does with jerome braley and <hes> and george clinton of course the whole lot of shaking going on tear the roof off the sucker. Give up the funk on sound opinions paul wall to wall awesome ooh <music> <music> uh-huh <music> the man the base just and get much better than boots. He does indeed indeed. I'm telling you that he's the master parliament tear the roof off the sucker. What do we have on the show next week next week jim. It's very treasures. Is your stem again. We're gonna dig deep pick out some great songs that are flying underneath the mainstream radar that we think you need to hear you can download sound opinions. Where ever you get get your podcast thing. He's the show is produced as always by brendan bannon sack alex clayborn ionic trae us andrew. You sound opinions. Everyone's a critic so give us a call at our hotline eight eight eight eight five nine eighteen eighteen hundred phone so some things sadly hello. This is robert from laredo texas. I just heard just show on the cameos and i heard two references to david bowie and neither one of them mentioned steve on doing the guitar solo on <hes> that <hes> david boyd track. Let's dance one of my favorites. You know gotta mentioned steve array very big here in texas and all over the world love your show. The my name is alan. I live in seattle but i'm from new york city and i don't care anymore but so collins was my take this job and shove it son. I'll never forget when i was on wall street. I was making a ton of money and ida team and i was uttering under my breath. I don't care anymore by <hes> phil collins and one of my guys pulled me into the conference room and he said allen something is <hes>. He's all you've been doing is singing. I don't care anymore by by. Mike collins and i think you're going to quit you job and he was absolutely right anyway. Thank you the months when i was young. I listen listen to the radio. You wait on my favorite song. When i i just as heidi from chicago i just listened to your show. You interviewed whitney. Can you spoke about drummers who sing thing and he gave a very short list and you left out karen carpenter who was a great vocalist and drummer it also unusual because she was a female vocalist. Drummer stolen have a lack of does but she was you know really unique and a uh-huh bye-bye. L. shot saved <music>. Hey jalen greg. It's dan from ottawa canada. I was shocked when i listened over the last couple of weeks. After the passing of david berman and you guys didn't even mention it. David was a the tragic figure and that's why everyone will now forever focus on but he's also a sardonic and funny songwriter and <hes> very intelligent man but very sensitive. That's what's took his life and in the end fact that he just couldn't handle this world but he left so much amazing music. Thanks guys love the show own aw i was hospitalized for broach slowly euro direction where the deer cologne no more messages to share your opinions on sound opinions call eight eight eight eight five nine eighteen hundred we'll be back next week on sound finian's from w._b._z. chicago and distributed by p._r. ex.

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New York New York

Fame is a Bitch

27:04 min | 7 months ago

New York New York

"From workhouse connect in. Aj Benza vein. he likes to be walked on a leash and play really dirty. Kinky sex tapes is the GUY. Put the COP in the peacock network. Okay Bitch Hey everybody. Ag Benza. Here with same as bitch this Asia. Podcast for me. I twenty twenty. I was going to tell you a handful of Hollywood type stories. You know Tabloid type stories that I've lined up and then a story came across my laptop this morning by my buddy bird turns and I thought this is. This is too fun not tell and I can interject some of my some of my my past history on on this episode as well so I think it ends up being something pretty cool to hear about and it a lot to do with the city of New York and this pandemic in the lockdown at Cetera. So many of you already know about a little show of support that has turned into a new custom in New York City. It is a very beautiful and emotional gesture that the tugs on my heart. Every time I see a video of it on social media or the news. Or what have you? And it's that nightly moment when the city of New Yorker the city of New York and its and its inhabitants. Lean out their windows or stand on their terraces or simply stop in the street and start applauding. The city's first responders at seven PM when they get off their shift. Doctors Nurses Hospital aged. You name it anybody and everybody. Who's out there on the frontlines? Battling this God damn flu and every night for the last several weeks when the clock strikes seven PM The city erupts in this nightly outpouring of support for healthcare workers and such and now people have added a soundtrack to their applause which is as familiar as the skyline itself It's a song. The city is too familiar with since the New York. Yankees have been playing it on those summer nights when the Yankees went big game in the Bronx it's also the song that revived the sagging career of that skinny Italian kid who grew up across the river and that would be Frank Sinatra. So look we all know the lyrics. It's a song that plays all too often. In the heads of New Yorkers people firmly believe from deep within the dark purple of their hearts that if you can stay alive in our city if you can keep your head above water and above the doubters if you can stay afloat in the dark ocean of danger and opportunity then anywhere else on earth. I don't care where you go be a snap. It's also a song. Playfully reminds all of us. Who DID MAKE IT IN NEW YORK? that we need not worry about going anywhere else because we know we made it in. New York and we can make it anywhere for me sometimes lyrics to song just kind of cement the fact that no matter what forces not my city on its s whether it's a bunch of terrorists or an invisible virus. I don't feel good about not being there. Not being able to help my city back on its feet. I don't care how far away you move from New York City. When you see hurting like that the way it is now trying to put its mouthpiece back in after it got beat up as trying to beat the bell you just WanNa put everything else down and you WanNa be there for the city. That never abandoned us. You WanNa be a part of it and so I sit here in Los Angeles. Two thousand four hundred forty nine miles away from my last department. On Ninety Five Horatio Street on apartment. Who's back windows faced the twin towers so the Tarot is real for me. I'll only not that. I saw them come down but that they were always two towers. That looked into my bedroom every night. It's something that a lot of New Yorkers feel those towers were like parents almost because no matter where you weren't in the city. If you looked up they were always looking down at you. The kind of had our backs for so long. But as I sit in this place in La so far away. I can only imagine how how I'd love to be one of those people who stop whatever it is doing and rush to a window and here. Frank Sinatra's wonderful voice fill every canyon courthouse every vacant block an empty bar. There must be amazing when me and my Buddy Neil Gumbo raced back to New York City. Like an hour after the second tower fell I remember making calls my cousin Phil who were in Manhattan as a building inspector and a lot of his work was downtown Manhattan so he knew that area very well in fact fill believe it or not found a box cutter on the roof of a building across from the twin towers that had Arabic writing on it and he actually turned it into the FBI. It's crazy shit but as we're going across America Mean Gumbel and listening to Michael Savage Savage Nation Radio. Show and all these events all these things are being carried out real time. It was insane but my stomach felt like but I remember calling Phil and you know and just trying to get through to him which was impossible by the second day in the car We recall and fill a lot more and hopefully I just want to know if he can put us anywhere near Ground Zero to help out. If anybody can do it he could do it. And it wasn't until sometime in the third day of our driving we heard about this bucket brigade that was gonna be forming and was for me and it was going to pol life and limb from the smoking pile. Most people on their professional firefighters in. You know anybody else with that kind of training but there were some civilians on that line and I wanted to be there so bad and when when I finally got through the fill to fill? He said he'd he'd do what he can. But by the time he got to the city the next day and I still can recall seeing the angry smoke above the city being visible from deep inside Pennsylvania as we drove and the odor of death and melted steel and plastic. And you know God knows whatever the hell else was in that jet fuel you could smell that until Delfi as well and by that time there are already hundreds of men more qualified than me who volunteered to do that. Necessarily dirty work. I just you know we wanted to get our hands full but With no room on the line instead you know we went downtown. We stayed nearby. We just comforted big strong men and women and and and most of them reduced to tears all the time all day long we collected clothes and shoes and brought bags and bags of stuff to the front line. I mean it was. I never been a part of something like that It was you know to say you'll never forget. It is another another thing entirely but to be there and And when I say I don't mean Ground Zero itself. I mean surrounding areas within a mile or two It was just. The city was never liked. That there was no did just was no racism. It felt like that was out the window and felt like well didn't feel like it was everybody. Was there for each other. Everybody had each other's back. It was wonderful even though when you look over your shoulder behind you the most morbid seen you've ever seen in your life so When you down there you you hug or comfort strangers. It was something of a necessity to do that. You felt you wanted to do it. And nobody was turning away from being comforted. And despite what people say about you. Know Austin New Yorkers We could be. We could be tough to deal with all that Kinda Shit. Most of us are the most compassionate people you'll ever meet and a lot of us walk around with a heavy heart as it is and this just added to it so hugging and kissing someone suffering second nature to New Yorkers and look strong Italian. Who likes to hug and kiss? You know you can imagine what I want. I was hugging fucking fled pulse but you know There are millions of moments like that all over the city of people being comforted to natural thing to do but with this flu can touch. Anybody can come within six feet of people. Let along wrap your arms around got watch people be upset. Watch people be said? It's it's it's it. Plays Your Heart in the way nine eleven. Didn't it's a different kind of Of of hurt. Look before I tell you the story. Let me get this ad out of the way I fucked up the other day. I didn't say a particular word in this read. And you know you gotta say it exactly right so right now let me just say this. A lot of us have cut corners to save money. Certainly not spend more than we need to. I mean look outside of becoming a patron On the show for five measly bucks. I suggest you hold onto your money but if you must shop be smart and do so with honey honey. Is The free online shopping tool that saves you money online. 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Plus it's backed by pay pal so you know it's on the up and up get honey for free at join honey dot com slash fame. That's join honey dot com slash. Okay a lot of you may know. I'm proud to say I do not read The New York Times. The reporters on that paper frequently tell lies in their stories. And the editors who are supposed to vet these stories turn their cheek to the list. Always the left if you know what I mean but I'm GonNa poll a few wonderful bits out of a story in today's New York Times since my buddy said to me. He's one of those friends who puts pals over politics. That's why we get along so well he's blow on red but don't mean Shit when we're together And the story is this with the city in the grip of this corona virus. New York. New York like I mentioned this once again. A part of the city's anthem as it was after nine. Eleven as it still is at police promotion ceremonies. It's such a powerful song that I honestly don't recall what the city felt like without and on top of that I know still have room to hear it another million times and still not be sick of it. It's just really too difficult to imagine that the song didn't almost get made so check this out back in one thousand nine hundred. Seventy seven. Martin Scorsese was making the movie New York New York. You've seen. That Deniro plays the saxophone. I think his name is Jimmy. Doyle movie and Liza Minelli is anyhow. They need the title track. So the prolific songwriting team of John. Candy and Fred Ebb. They've been around forever. They wrote a song and brought it to a meeting with scores. Acn Robert Deniro and lies Manelli to see what they thought and they played a few different songs and scores. Acl lies like them. A Lot. Lies is a Broadway candidate ever Broadway. It makes sense but as they are about to leave Deniro on the other side of the room and he. He weighs his arm to squishy that combine modest. Excuse me Fellas. I'll be right back and goes over and talks to Deniro. Very animated conversation. Lotta arms-flailing couple of Italians talking Kendra and couldn't hear what they were saying but they knew like animated than what they were talking about. Scorsese returns role embarrassed. And he says look you know bobby found the title number. A little lightweight wants to try it again. Once you try to come up with some new stuff so Kanan who are tremendously prolific. And don't need an actor to tell them I didn't like your song. These guys did Chicago and cabaret just a few of the top of my head. They were pissed off. What's his fucking APP is going to tell us that. The songs not good enough now doesn't work that way but it is it is Deniro. It is Liza so they go back to ebbs apartment and in about forty five minutes they write the song called New York New York. Okay and they bring it back and they sing it and this time. Deniro is thrilled with what he heard. So lies is sang. The song on the film's Soundtrack. And it seemed to belong to her. I honestly I can't stand Liza. I shouldn't say can't stand it. I don't really like to hear lies to sing the song she's not a New Yorker. I know she's affiliated with New York at times but she's not a New Yorker she starts at wonderfully but as it bills. She used to do this thing. Wishy waiver arms and get all animated and crazy and to Broadway. If you know what I mean these little to Alain Lebas let us out stop it a little bit too much of a mother in that part of the song so look I think the way she sang it suck it suck them achieve. Mo- out of the song and that Song's got a pair of balls on it and she feminist it in my opinion it's to Broadway anyhow eventually. The song became Frank Song and not hers. Me Tell you what happened at this point. In Time Sinatra is in his early sixties. He recently emerged from this early retirement and there was a very different landscape in America in front of him. You know unfortunately the ring a Ding. Ding days of the rat pack had sailed by and when frank stuck his head out of a hole and began to sing again. He had to adapt quickly to a music world. That was more led Zeppelin and pink Floyd Than Perry Como and Jerry Vale and there are a lot of examples of Sinatra struggling to be relevant around this time. Several authors have written books on this subject alone and they make no bones about saying frank you know fought this ambivalent battle against the new music sometimes trying to make some of these songs. His own or very underwhelming efforts And he was just straining to be relevant again and I told you about the story of him phoning a young manager named Jerry Weintraub from His place I believe in a day and they sat up on the roof and frank said. Kim. I'm Cook I'm done I I I don't know what else to do. I feel like I'm just at a spot and I can't get the hell out of it. My feet is stuck in the sand. I need help. He knew that Weintraub done something. Really significant for Elvis Presley when he was really young so he figured maybe can do some for his career. And I've told you about this story of those two guys being up on the roof And Frank wanted to be king of the hill again. And that was the meeting where While Jerry Weintraub who would go onto make tens of millions of dollars managing recording artists and eventually producing films like Nashville and diner the karate kid and the oceans thirteen movies. You know he starts pulling the out of his ass because he didn't prepare for this meeting. Thank you said come now. And he so he thought real quickly and said you know frankly. I I think I see you sing an inside. New York City's Madison Square Garden Hundreds of celebrities in the audience. Howard cosell announcing your entrance into the world's greatest arena but then he really hoped frank when he said. But YOU'RE NOT GONNA sing on stage Mr Sinatra. Frank's had kit. Call Me Frank for. Fuck SAKE WOULD. Ya Is all K- Frank. Sorry I don't see you sing on stage. I see you singing inside a boxing ring where all champions belong and francs at kid on sold you save now get to work make it happen so back to the saw it turns out it was actually frank's wife Barbara. Who suggested he covered New York New York? And you know. Frank immediately said now. That's lies is song. I can't do that to her but Barbara persuaded him to play at a nineteen seventy-eight concert in ray at radio city musical a shell that me and my mother and father happened to have gone to and I remember looking in the playbill to see the songs in what order he was GonNa sing them and I remember seeing New York Europe and say I don't know this song. Was this come from well when Frank Sang the number that he almost didn't sing. The fucking house came down and when I say down I mean down because I witnessed my mother stand up to watch the skinny kid. She used to cut school to see saying at the paramount theatre back in the forties And as soon as frank walked out on stage that night and said she gets hungry for dinner at eight Boehm. My mother went right down. I saw her knees. Buckle her aspen right back in his seat. Too weak to stand up now also in the House that night is the Sinatra historian and Radio Personality Jonathan Schwartz he the song and Russia's over the Franken says you got a record. This rank Franks's I will say but even Frank Sinatra couldn't deny how the people in the arena reacted to that song so he reluctantly called Liza Minelli and hinted he may WanNa record it and it was only after Liza said to him. It's okay pimple. Frank it's yours. Then he really got warm to the idea so the following year he recording his ambitious triple album trilogy past present and future and There's a lot of cover versions on this CD. He's singer Billy Joel's just the way you are. He Singing Neil Diamond Song Sung Blue. But he still couldn't get his mind off that song and the wonderful fit of the vagabond shoes of New York New York. So now it's September Nineteenth Nineteen seventy-nine in a studio in Hollywood. He recorded the song at last with a guy named Rob Fen trusts. A member of Sinatra's inner circle One of a bunch of people who were in that room after the final take and they're playing back the song and frank sitting in the engineered share and said he was oblivious to all the noise around him but he just focused on that song and one of his Don. You could see how pleased he was. He wasn't laughing. He wishes slightly smiling. But those who knew him really well new. That's as close as frank was going to get to just complete jubilation so the song would eventually closes concerts free years to come. It actually nudged aside my way as the final song of most of those performances And it was last. It was the last song he performed in public when him and a bunch of stars got on stage at L. A. Strike Auditorium in Nineteen ninety-five during his tribute for his eightieth birthday. But then a lot of you who've been on this ride with me for the last three years you know what happened after that show at the shrine. Those of you heard me tell my story before. No that Frank Sinatra then sang for a handful of friends and family inside the closed piano bar of the Four Seasons Hotel at one am yet to stand the night of the show while while these artists is singing on stage and doing this tribute stuff for Frank. He's in this is in the audience with Barbara. Not Looking Happy. Know Frank was a little bit. Let's say not like. He has some Jack. Daniel's put it that way. There were some instances where he was arguing with. Barbara during the show. Somebody tried to help them up step. He pulled his hand back. He wasn't in the best fucking moot but one o'clock in the morning he wants to sing in the fourth season. I was lucky enough to be there after his daughter. Nancy called me because I just been with the concert and now she calls me is about to go to bed. I just took my suit off. And she says three. I'll never forget. Daddy wants to sink and there I was. I raised over two four seasons hotel. Put My suit back on. Obviously an I'm fifteen. Twenty feet away from the chairman of the board said he singing summer win all the way in the wee small hours of the morning. Just frank and Lasette Jack Daniels in his hand and a stool does he get better than that. Didn't even need a microphone guys. It was that small room. It was an incredible full circle moment for me in my life because I'm a kid that was raised on the music of that man who a man who made my father proud to being Italian. Nanni people proud to be an Italian and my mother. He made her as we as a school girl over many years in front of my eyes and then to see him up close in such an intimate setting with his family. Next to me I have a hard time putting into words and you guys know me. I can talk about anything especially when it also concerns me but this was such a big moment in my life. I and I look. There are a lot of moves I had to make to get close to this man. I had to make friends with Nancy Sinatra. Who happened to be coming to New York to pose for playboy and and do some publicity. I was data talk to her. We went out many many times for dinner. I got to know and Love Nancy. I had the battle with powerful publicists and a prolific producer named George slaughter. Who denied me a ticket to this eightieth birthday party at the shrine because I was writing stories in my column that challenged who these people had hired to saying that night. I didn't like some of the people they thought would be up on stage and frank would appreciate. I didn't think frank care or even knew a bunch of these ours or a handful them and that bothered me and eventually I had to appeal to frank's childhood friend. A mobster named Lupu Cello also known as Louis domes and it was low who sent me to L. A. With first class tickets to go to the show but I I had to sit with Lou in the back of his bakery on Second Avenue Been Arrows and had to make my case and low. No little of the problems I was having with The publicist associated with Franken. He told Nancy he wanted to help me. So long as I only wrote good things about the show. I told them I said. Of course I won't even though I'm not happy with some of these acts I won't be critical at all he said what's this about. Who THE BLUEFISH. I said it's could in the blowfish Lou not bluefish and he said blowfish blowfish what the Fox different same shit. I said you're right. That's my point and we laugh but anyhow I promised him I wouldn't write anything critical about the show. Shall we makes the call to the people that back frank and that sealed my fate as attending the show that night so I was thrilled over the years. People asked me when they wonder. Why is it that the song works so much better with frank than it did with Liza and I've heard Tina Sinatra give reasons for it and it's hard? It's hard to argue the point. She says her father identified with the song because he grew up in Hoboken New Jersey. He would look across the river at Skyline. He wanted to be there he wanted to be on the other side she says and I can only imagine what a wonderful thing. It must be to be a part of that ritual in New York City every night at seven pm when folks start lasting that song onto the streets below and interestingly enough some people tried other songs before settling on New York one woman was blasting heroes by David Bowie. Another was playing Bette Midler wind beneath my wings but when that song came out of there with nose people seem to walk right through the notes. it didn't stop in the street. It didn't do the same thing for them. But when New York New York caught on as the soundtrack behind the applause people stopped everything and went about thanking the first responders and clapping themselves until the hands felt numb. And I can tell you right now. Not The song that makes everybody feel like that person that everyone is king of the hill. Top of the heat and when you're standing on a hill or a heat it's a very natural thing if you're a good person to lower your hand and help get. Someone backed up on their feet. Sometimes it's child sometimes. It's an elderly person. Sometimes it's a city in New York. I'm AJ Benza. That was you show for me. I twenty twenty talk. Thank you for listening famous. A bitch is an AJ Benza. Workhouse connect production featuring the endless wisdom insightful commentary and sometimes fucked up perspective of a J Benza executive producer. Mike ACA vino technical producer Brian Vasquez.

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LA County Monitors LGBTQ Deaths, Drag Syndrome and Peter Meijer

Throwing Shade

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LA County Monitors LGBTQ Deaths, Drag Syndrome and Peter Meijer

"Reality with squirrels bars is screaming Mondale his mind to everybody. Oh ooh guess you you're doing it. All I mean no you're doing. You're right Mondo. Guess me it's Mondo almost makes it easier to ever launch your passion project which is really showcasing your work or selling productivity my ex me DOT COM Mondo. The first dropdown menu is a the second dropdown Menus Mondo and the third dropdown menu. It's the my pet tarantula. Tina Angela Address REP exam maker spires lipstick on that crazy. That's a traceless do that's. That's why I love them with beautiful templates ability to customize just anything you can easily make a beautiful website for yourself. If you stack no just kidding costs whereas base twenty four eleven award-winning customer support to help had to squarespace dot com slash. Where do you think I'm from Hell well for me? Just kidding squarespace dot com slash eight for a free trial and when you're ready to launch use Africa shade to you save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain hi. It's me Yeah Hi homosexual Bryan Safi anti-feminist canasta Aaron Gibson is throwing. LGBT issues women's issues and culture playing. Thank you in London. We couldn't have done it without we're back. We're bowing recruiting doing all of it all the king's English. Yes honey my phone. SNL Character Meghan Markle went to the Moto Yoga that Igor that the New York when she went to go see Serena play and so she just went to a class class class and nobody knew it was her no I think she unless you probably went inconspicuously like dresses. Hello Dolly or something I don't know but her petticoat visit very much in the way she probably like right in the class started but yeah it was like no big deal and was there there is no CIA or whatever am I six outside. I don't know the mission impossible six or whatever they're called. Let's their mission. Is that what it stands politics yeah Bangers Mash or something. I think they call them. That's what they're CIA house. No I think you're right. It's my six Interpol. I Dunno Interpol is the band. Oh Oh yeah who we're inter pool. It's cold in the north people so the international police that would that's. I think that's actually write it has okay and then what nerve does the band have to do that. Are you agree because they couldn't get sued by the International Police. You would think it'd be have to be. I don't call my bands. NYPD I call it. Nypd Blue Pant after for the show. Do we think okay who what's his name. Who Played Lieutenant? Dan was a Dennis Rodman Yeah. What's this fuck Dennis Kucinich? Oh God what was what was his name Captain Morgan where Yeah Dan. I don't believe that Jerry area the knee. Thank you Sam I do you know that he he started he was like in CSI New Orleans Orlands or whatever you know he also band called the Lieutenant Dad Man Yeah Dude you know this. He plays in obey. I'm sure it's bluegrass because it always uses lieutenant. Dan Wow and I don't know where they play but I'm sure around. La We could see them any time Oh yeah here it is the lieutenant Dan Band it is an American cover band originally formed Chicago founded by Gary Sinise Kimo Williams and they perform at USO shops shows but I honestly nobody's but he's asking for celebrities to stick to one thing. You know what I mean. Don't cross over please don't you. He plays Bass. Yeah cool yeah anyway. I'd think that's like what if I don't know Jaylo instead of being Jaylo she was whatever character is from the wedding planner a wedding planner. Her name is wedding planner in that movie. That's what I mean like. She is V a wedding planner. Not just any wedding big planner. It's like if Nicole Kidman started like a five part harmony band and they just call themselves the hours sure exactly like it's Kinda Lazy. You're right yeah yeah. If you know what's her name Lou though Lotion Elbow Lady Oh Mrs Potts yes he did Mrs Potts in the pots. Just people playing pot. That's true you know. People really should only have one talent any of you multi hyphen. It's out there. The JIG is up the problem by Aaron the second you wrote that book. I was like well. It's over for me. I basically the same no talk you wrote and for me. I was like okay well. She can't do if she could do two things to me that means you can't do anything. I need to see that on a poster range you can't do anything that's that's anti inspiration. I want those in offices. Do you know the first poster piece of Shit Yup. How's that for the fucking conference room? Do you know that the first poster I ever really wanted. I was at a boy scouts meeting and it's GonNa break my heart it will but nothing bad happened. It's just like funny but I remember like that year Miss Texas assists had won the Miss USA pageant right and one of the guys older brothers in his bedroom at a picture of her in the swimsuit of the Miss. USA AND A and and I was like Oh my God you're so lucky that you have that poster not thinking he would be attracted to her. Just thinking like God she one that's so cool and she's from Texas is like it'd be like actually Derek used to tell me the fair Faucet yes. He got the Farah Fawcett poster because he was not because he had a crush on her yeah. He was just like wow she looks great and she so popular and so he really through his parents off. It wasn't like a actual like I disc- deception no he was just like I love Charlie's angels. It was his favourite show. He's like a lot of Charlie's angels that I love her as she's great and yeah but it really threw them off the scent for a while so it's just takes. That's the problem with teenagers now. They don't have posters. That's true. Everything's on the Internet. I guess you can do screensaver but that's not the same no. It isn't as opposed to it. Isn't I loved Kelly. Le Brock growing up. You're kidding from weird science. Yeah loved her. I I also I wonder if it was because she I mean yes. She's beautiful but she's also really fucking funny. In that movie she is and she's like fit and she's in charge charge and she's bossing everybody around to idiot boys. It's great yeah you're right. She sexually like I mean look is the premise of the movie discuss. Two teenage boys create the perfect woman in their bedroom and then suddenly miraculously in the eighties. You didn't have to tell designs behind it. She shows up in the shower and a Bikini Jeannie showering her. No she's naked. I don't know but the the do they sleep together. Yes feel like yes they do. They never show it. Maybe I don't know anyway. It's a gross. It's it's begging. She did the best you could. Well you rose above the material technically. She was a newborn in the movie shrill. That's probably the thing they're actually taking advantage cared. They don't care but for the premises of that movie and for her being a sexual object in the eighties which is probably one of the worst decades for women. It wasn't really until the ninety s till we got Linda Hamilton and a really good alien late eighties is when we started getting strong female like you know protagonists she was good and powerful night movie and she was calling all the fucking shots and she was also like wise and she was giving people get advice and she you know she beat up bullies. Yeah it's great great. I have to say you know who constantly references superstars from the eighties to this day and I don't think it's kept pop culture since is Judge Judy. She'll look at it someone to be like. Who Do? I look like Christie. Brinkley is so great but it would also be crazy if she didn't do that like she was like. What am I look like to you? Rooney Mara like it'd be like Whoa no too much. Hey don't give me attitude. We'll you better. Call Me H. E. Your sure that's right. Well her her. I don't know h H. E. R. Yeah what I look to you. Kathleen Turner more of the roses she's grey yeah show yeah and I'm five foot eight and Christie Brinkley dopey. Oh my Tummy Kitty yes she doesn't do that. It would be strange if some of her things and then we'll we'll make them young okay. I can't think of one you watch this show every single day. She says something a slip that you can make a slip out of a sows ear. I look up like now here. I'm not doing that. You're not doing sows sows. You're looking thanks. I think it's something like silk from a thousand from big. She's a know that okay so make a silk purse of a sows ear she she says that alive or she doesn't understand fashion. I don't think I think that means lemonade out of lemons or like something out of something could invent it from you can't make a silk purse out of a glossiest. Lci Boy Bro Yeah that would be. I don't know if that's that's that's a sad attempt at that. You can't make you can't you can't make a fucking and grimes out of people who didn't do something weird to their eyeballs. You can't make a purse out of all bird yeah. You can't make the Wolfson ears. You can't make not does out of a Canadian club. Don't pee on my leg and tell me you're alive. Scooter okay. That's it back sir better better but barely other words in it. You see how like what they are. Maryland Yawn from the People's Court sometimes says You oh my mother used an expression. This has been salted gray hair. We're going Oh yeah please. It's your favorite female. Oh come on actual judges oh RPG okay yeah. Do they know each other. I don't know but there's a lie Judea Judaea ponytail now and it looks yeah it looks it looks like she I don't know if anyone's astro directly but it looks exactly the same as RPG's and I wonder if it's a nod to it she would do something like she was a hillary supporter right yeah. I think so. She doesn't really it was funny. She didn't really go into it. I know at the time. She said she was like right right. When trump said he was running she was like I like that? He wants to shake this system. That's interesting to me but she didn't say anything supportive of after that she was just like I think he's shaking it up and that's that's great but she was not a trump what he did back. She made a joke the other day about how necessary the special counsel was the Mullah Report report was on the show. She'd like coated it but that's what she was saying so as if she wanted one for this for the episode. How does she put it? She said she yes. She said something like Oh. You don't think we needed that. You did think we need a special counsel either probably right something like that yeah about like a pet psychic or something like that. Yes where I was like Whoa 'cause. She never does that as it was like Whoa. She did that okay so she's she's dropping hints. She's dropping some hands. You know what you could do. I don't don't know how many how you're editing. Skills are these days I know they used to be fantastic but now there's new programs and with all of them Dobie Premier Dobie Expo Yeah you should cut xbox. I keep up with what's editing technologies. You can play station xbox Nintendo sixty four. I keep up with all of them yeah could you we we like like tennis. fucking show what a joke lo fi fell for everyone fellas Lo fi for even the times and that and and was that the first guitar hero was on we might have been Sam First Guitar Hero Guitar Hero our hero. It was on Guitar Hero Okay Okay. Could you just go to Qatar Center play Guitar Hero Yeah I saw. Are you watching the great British bake off. No I haven't been there's there's the scandal happening. Oh what is it well. There's this kid Jamie who is like a nineteen year old Baker who looks like Vanilla Ice Bananas honest to me and he's apparently no no he he okay first of all. I saw this article the other day that said he was just cast because he was hot which I was like He. I don't want to disparage a teenager but like he's attractive okay but he's not took that word too far. He's not my idea of hot is a very light classic. American idea sure Chris Evans okay the kind of like buff kind of like smooth kind of Turkey but he this kid just looks like Vanilla Ice Straight up highlights and everything and he dared this. I think this is worse than what's going on. In Parliament over there made one of his show stoppers. There was a cake shaped like a guitar because he plays guitar now. I've heard it aw did he play the cake. He played he played. I would've played Britain. I'll tell you why play Britain and Britain lost as losing back in fact I love the I like the old host I love the new host hilarious. They're so weird together. Yes perfect perfect and by the way it's so it should not be so fucking cool that those people are hosting a like a big show exactly it shouldn't be surprised that those are the two people they picked and yet it is man who sometimes shows up dorothy costume now who is in her sixties probably I can't you can't right now and they're both brilliant so funny. Here's my one problem with that. Show when the fuck do they not something they just stand by like sad. Little orphan is that they let I bet they let them at some point eating gluten free I hope not or I hope so. I wish you'd make up your mind. Can't that's one issue. I haven't come down hard if you know of Sandy and Noel are gluten free. Can you please just not even that. I'm GonNa go to your phone at that point that just mean that they were hired because they all that gluten all that glued all not just day. You know there's gluten. Sometimes they talk about the gluten. Gluten is like Jesse baited eight or whatever yeah that's activating meet up fucking killer mode. If I'm gluten free. How would you live wooden? Why did Britain's like why the Brits like baked goods so much? Do you have any idea doesn't well but they particularly do they do but I'm going to be honest with you. A lot of them are not good. A lot of it's all show and no go it looks great and then is it but that's my shitty American flurry taste so that's what I got. That's that's my little debbie coming through here. SHAMROCK shake cuts right. That's me we're going to be shamrock. Shakes live in New York in DC on November tent and night with such latrice Royale and November tenth will be official Collins Brooklyn three dollar bill so go to three dot com slash. It will cost you more than three dollars. That's hey everyone it's penguin random house here Kevin Straight away breaking turn their penguin into yeah. They made me move down here just taking up together now to get oh. I didn't know penguins saying Oh yeah they do. Oh and me for life. You know that bad. What do you think I'm looking for out here a fucking flaying no fucking way? I'm looking for life life okay by you think I went on Penguin Bachelor. This is an APP yet support for today's show comes from Penguin Random House and a gutsy queer coming of age story Juliet takes a breath Juliet is accepted to an internship with legendary author and feminist administ- idle Harlow Brisbane and by the way she thinks that she'll have this whole Puerto Rican lesbian thing figured out in no time except harlow as white and now from the Bronx and she definitely doesn't have all the answers Juliette takes breath intensely explores race identity feminism and family is Juliet grapples with what it means to come out to world her family and to herself it was just a people magazine Best Book of Fall Roxane Gay has called it fucking outstanding and it will have readers cheers from all walks of life buzzing. Oh that's too bad for you as a penguin. Hey Bees are so annoying actor Gabby by the way they were both endanger actor. Gabby Rivera is a star on the rise and rarely noble come along with such intelligence related ability and such joy by the way if Roxane gay recommends it. I'm on it. Julia says completely by Gabby variants available now wherever books are sold time for my deep dive SPS ABS- we should on L. A. A lot. I scared Eric's death because I was looking down and then I looked up. She was busy googling googling yeah. I was just looking up this shampoo that I like. Oh what's it called pros at but you formulated for your hair. Oh cool helped me with my crazy scalp problems. That's great not going to lie yeah. I wish I could lie about it but I can't Aaron Scalp his crazy. It was remember looks like a lizard for a while with slopping like snakes true not that bad but you know we should on. La a lot because I do I might like it more than usual but maybe just barely but very exciting thing happened in. La So la La County is now believed to have become the very first jurisdiction in the United States to monitor the the deaths of LGBT plus people in the area. This is something that has not being done in any jurisdiction especially when it comes to unnatural deaths the hate crimes for instance that at the time people you know when when a lot of times they're those things are not tracked in the right way because they're not being monitored monitored and also the police are not getting training on how to handle stuff like that exactly so this essentially helps track where people in the creek community are disproportionately affected by certain causes of death such as suicide or hate crimes. Do they have ah especially as it compares to the population at large did you did. They have numbers yet. They do starting. I'm sort of they're just starting this just happened but I'll get into a number about something else in just a moment but so this just passed in. La County and so now coroners will gather data on the gender identity against sexual orientation of the deceased listen. It's obviously grim news but it's and it's it honestly shocked the shit out of me. 'cause I just for some reason thought this was happening. I I don't know why it's the first place to this to even be on the books as doing it as to monitoring the gender identity sexual orientation of the deceased and maybe how they died and and how that compares to a to people who are not in not in that community so this information that they gather will be included in medical examiner's annual reports with a focus on LGBTQ suicide rates violent deaths and hate crime incidents. What's so oh but the good thing about this is is that I think these things will be taken even more seriously than they were before and this is only one county that's going to be monitoring it but but county and it does legitimize the problem that we all know exists but that I don't think the greater population success when you have a county this big doing it to nobody else has any excuse not to do it exactly and when you do more so essentially if you're able to track how many we had just gone and how many suicides occur because of bullying and stigma against LGBTQ queue people that in collecting all that data you can use it to prevent further suicides? If you know what to target forget do you know what I mean like what to go after so the Trevor Project which is a nonprofit suicide prevention organization for LGBT plus people will said expressed thanks to La County for this saying this ensures that La county medical examiner's Corneau's will have the training and resources they need to accurately and respectfully account for deceased individuals sexual orientation or gender identity only through routine systematic evidence based data collection. Can we learn the lessons as we need in order to save LGBTQ lives the beautiful thing about this is that this motion was put forward by a Republican and a Democrat it was put forward by Republican Republican Katherine Burger and Democrat Sheila Cool who are both members of the La County Board of supervisors great so in the US us. It's not a requirement for death records to monitor information regarding gender identity or sexual orientation both women right both women but as we all know LGBT youth seriously contemplate suicide at a rate so much higher than their heterosexual counterparts hearts and LGBT plus people are it's thought that they face higher murder rates and that is certainly true this year alone eighteen trans people have been killed seventeen of them people of color and and also one Caucasian trans man was killed in a in a in a mass shooting now what really got the hate crime conversation going. Everyone knows is a or maybe people don't is the Matthew Shepard case that was really the thing that people really looked at because it was so oh horrifying and he was such a and I don't mean this dismissively at all but he really was everyone one son he was the Nancy Grace version in other words. You know what I mean like. He was like the young handsome white straight laced aced kind of small town boy exactly that when you put that face up there that people were like oh I see that in my child or I see that in my it hit home for a a lot of people and that was really the thing that got everybody on board. Someone like dress like Johnny where I feel like we probably I mean definitely I. I agree that they would have taken something else because listen the the fact that Trans Women of color remain the most vulnerable people people in this country and no one does fuck thing about it is crazy so it does come down to a lot of those things now I guest ten percents of Oh no excuse me a quarter of LGBT youth have considered seriously attempting suicide in the past year alone four out of ten with more than half of Trans and non binary young people saying this was also the case of Trans Youth in the US have considered suicide in the past year be honest. Did you want to commit suicide. When you're a teenager? Definitely I actually talked to Sabrina Julie's about this because we're used to scream no in the mirror when we were kids at at ourselves. What do you mean like don't do it? Don't do it. No not not suicide not being gay like no don't don't do that. Don't you're not that no no I. She told me she's screaming. The mirror and I literally like started are did weep because I hadn't thought of that in so I hadn't thought of that since I had done it and it just like overwhelmed me because I was like Oh my God I did Dat. I did that all the time like I would do it. When I come home from school when I wake up in the morning I would just say no to myself in the mirror if I was adding like I thought like that which is so insane as before well? Who did you have to talk to? I mean Rina's she's. She basically just having a relationship with their parents. Yes well then she especially when she had a a baby but yeah I mean her. Her family was extremely extremely conservative religious and just not having it I especially your extended family the double appreciate which is doing on instagram because she's constantly posting pictures and videos of her family and really appreciate that because for someone to have grown up like that and doing that to themselves to be like basically unabashedly queer on on the Internet and now she's on a TV show and much bigger thriving driving your all the time totally so eighteen black trans women killed the eighteenth was actually killed this week. Ah The week that we're recording and the the seventeen okay there now. I just wanted to say their names Dana Martin Jaslyn wear era Ashanti Carmen Claire Llegado Malaysia Booker Michelle Washington Paris Cameron Chanel Lindsey Chanel Sherlock Zoe Spears Brooklyn Lindsay Denali Denali Berries duckie Kiki fan troy pebbles Ledeen Dough Tracy single and Bailey raves and Jordan covert was the White Trans Man who is who is killed in the in the mass shooting and this week be loved slater was found dead and by the way one of the most brutal murder scenes that the Florida police in in Clewiston Florida had ever seen. I don't even want to go into it because it's it's so horrified horrifying but she was burned beyond recognition and that just just happened and is not stopping and so the fact that. La County is now tracking it means that La County is really really wanting to take it seriously. This should be happening everywhere in the country so that we can can prevent it so that there are measures in schools every everywhere just saying like hey. You can't kill a person because of this and hey if you are this. You shouldn't feel what you're going to be killed for being. That California needs to not just do this. They need to make sure that in every textbook that when kids heads are getting sex ED that they learn that this is not a deviation of nor right now this is just deep people are different ways and and they're this is who exists and there's nothing fucking wrong with it because if you don't start changing kids minds now which you have a chance to do with the school system even if their parents are fucking bigots or racist or whatever you can influence change edged kids because they are a fucking blank loving gorgeous accepting slate you know anyone who is young and struggling with coming out or is out and maybe is only maybe themselves are thinking that they might be a member of the community you are beating everyone at the race of being an honest person because you're actually self reflective and you're thinking about your life. No one else's yeah so that's s unit Turner would say that's fucking strengths Everything okay their the buttoning up your shirt because I'm going away and that's what I do when I go away. I always packing away way because I love cemetery away knows that everyone has a different. That's why they make their carry on an array array of colors two sizes. ooh I love to sizes by the way I have the big carry on. I I get so many compliments on it so they just say it's a pretty bag oh and that it looks really classic. Oh better take off my socks so hot right now to material. Get horny your speed sweat. Oh they get so do my feek it so yeah. That's why after Carolina socks my away it's a strong yet flexible polycarbonate and it's got a -nother -nother kind of material aluminum Brian. Oh Oh I sure do it's beautiful not to mention the last lifetime I could go lifetime sure Dale but any part of your suitcase breaks away standout customer service team will arrange to have it fixed or replaced East. That's as soon as possible and thanks to their one hundred the day trial and everything away makes take it out on the road live with it it travel with it. Get lost with it. It's all yours baby. If you decide it's not you return it with the non-personalised item for full refund no if ands or asterix eleven the Asterik you I wanna see for yourself shop everything away stores in New York Austin Los Angeles San Francisco Boston Chicago and my favorite place to love London. Oh for twenty dollars off a suitcase visit away travel dot com slash shade twenty nineteen. That's right shade plus the year and use Promo Code Shade Aide Twenty Nine Hundred Nineteen during checkout. That's a way travel dot com slash shade two thousand nineteen and Use Promo Code Shaved Twenty nine hundred twenty twenty dollars off a suitcase. I did it you should do it. We all should be doing it. Oh you're filthy because getting away means getting more out of every trip tick so I think I found a story that is the Trifecta of what we cover on this show. It's got everything drag homophobia sexism Zim Republican Ding dongs rich people not understanding shit and of course groceries. It's got all so get ready. I'm going to unfurl all this and you're gonna see every single little piece of this as a perfect throwing shade show so drag syndrome which is a drag troupe of Queens and kings in the UK UK that is filled with adults with down syndrome and his quite honestly the sweetest thing I've ever spent my time stalking. I have known about them for about a year and a half ish since they started out and because I have a brother in law who has down syndrome and just love their their their videos are just so free and like having fucking best time so they were supposed to have their U s debut at an art show in grand rapids Michigan home to some of the worst rich people in the world including betsy gross and Meyer Grocery Store Air Peter Meyer. He's one who I want to talk about today not only as part of the richest family in Michigan. He is the they are the richest family in Michigan he I am because they're the richest family and in Michigan they owned a lot of property and one of these properties happens to be where this art festival was going on. He uh-huh blocked them from performing because he was concerned about their give them be able to give informed consent Eh do this performance is what he said. does he wrote to the nonprofit putting on the show he said the involvement of individuals whose ability to act on their own volition is unclear raises serious ethical concerns that I cannot reconcile and also said that he I believe the performance was meant to further and activists message. He said that he made this decision. He'd made that he he made his decision without talking to anyone. Indirect Syndrome yeah does it does. It look like they are elephants at a circus or does it look like we're having fun doing here. Yeah fucking joy if those kids and adults they're all adults if those adults had come tip fuck in grand rapids in fucking Angel Costumes Doing Gospel Doing fucking church hymns wrapped in AK47's he absolutely not he wouldn't give a fuck. The fact that there is a man in lipstick is the problem that's right and there's a woman in a fake beard right is the problem and they see it as what counterculture which I can't even believe that he would even be considered that now it's so try graces normalized it eh to the point where I would like to see where I need to go further. I need more fucking. Keep pushing this boundary. I WANNA see people on drag race dresses spiders wine line on I we haven't we shocks we've seen someone dressed as boats in their own pride parade our God it basically boats yeah keep pushing it he said that he spoke to members of the disability advocacy community parents of children with Down Syndrome members. There's of the Lgbtq community and national groups dedicated to down syndrome. That's what he said announced fucking straight up bullshit because anybody who has ever met with anyone anyone in any of those groups will understand that the the thing you need when you're a marginalized group is too fucking express yourself sand not only that anybody who's met anyone with Down Syndrome knows that they don't just love performing their fucking great at it. They don't have stage fright. They I don't know what is but like just kind of fearless and just accept like okay for example Mickey. My brother-in-law loves horror films. Okay loves Chachi loves like Gore loves that Shit. We do a joke at the farmer's market where I pretend to snap his neck. I Say I'm sorry I have have to kill you and then I pretend to snack step neck and he dies and he loves it. You fucking loves it. This woman at the fucking farmers market was staring at me and he was laughing. We're having the best time and women stared at me and I go I go. Can I fuck and help you Erin. She probably didn't know what was best. The Stranger never met any Idaho. You know what it is. It's always always always always affluent. White people always doing mishit for sure. Why don't you take your fucking whatever you're weird rich guilt for not being exposed to anyone yeah yeah? Why don't you learn something and open Goddamn ears and listen to other? I do have to say Aaron that and I think this for everyone. You can't expose people to horror uh-huh because they do become killers. Oh Yeah I am worried that I'm GONNA wake up one morning and he's going to have a knife to my throat. That's what they do. Tipper Gore she'll tell you her daughter came home with that. Prince CD play Darling Nikki. Wouldn't you know their kids are murderers now yup not they skip sex addiction right right to us. What is worse is that after the performers made statements mints essentially like I mean he crushed these people's dreams wha this is a huge dream of theirs to make us debut and he basically it was like oh no no? I know better than you do. Let me explain to you you're disabled and you're not quote unquote normal and so I don't believe what you're doing is. It's something that you can actually take You know. Make a good decision for right so I'm going to tell you you can't do this thing that you love yeah. STEP APP the fuck off. This especially triggers me not just because I have a brother but also this is the same shit that this guy does to women women to gay people if they're I'm telling you all just mind gay yeah. That's what he thinks. Stick to your fucking whatever you're doing yeah you're diving in your money honey or whatever yeah seriously walking down the aisles of Meyer making sure that the musters buildup up six of that what's worse okay so after the performance made statements and the ACLU filed a complaint with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights against it's Pete for discriminate because what he didn't realize he did guess what you did by balking them. You just discriminated them based on the fact that they have a disability and that's fucking illegal man so that's also like that's how shallow your understanding of what you're doing is despite all that he's not backing down. He's he's actually having a straight up pity party for himself. Being like people are saying I'm sexist. People saying homophobic people are saying I'm I'm. I'm a disabled people. It's just the truth he was worse. Here's what he was worried about. First of all that the fact that these dad AH adults with down syndrome. We're going to come to his fucking building by the way that nobody even fucking knew he owned until this shit right straight up the the help pies situation that they were gonNA come protests. There was in protest when they were announced their income four people showed up yeah of course that they were gonna it'd be protests and that he was going to somehow be liable for it. That's not how it fucking works man. You're not responsible if someone comes in protest at an event and also try it have a bunch of fucking adults come and protests disgusting. Do you have to be to do that. Try Yeah and you you know what's even you know what's actually a a strong Tina Turner strong move. Why don't you stand by them and say yeah? I love freedom of expression. They're having fun. I love seeing and that was the whole point. The whole point of this article was to have adults with disabilities who are into our performance all it was a place for them to celebrate race and this guy fucking gotten away because he's like Baion appealing. It's my applauding. Here's the thing I would like. I'd like to as they say on the Internet own Pete Okay Okay in his State eight by the way he is also running for state estate seat. He's got a campaign right now last year. None of this is on his campaign. He's not like I fight for the rights of the you know everyone disabled like he doesn't do any of that he he's even mentioned the rights of anybody with developmental or mental special needs in a state that last year had to have an intervention intervention by the US government yes last year's US government so the worst version of the US government they intervene because of their low graduation rates for special. It'll education students pete. Allow me to direct your energy to an actual fucking problem and your actual fucking state that you want to be a fucking repin no mention of it they found a new venue in sold out several shows not just one and it's a shame they had to go through that but they're getting so much fucking press and it started a conversation about preconceived notions about people living with disabilities yet so condescending. That's what these dudes you'd think they know better than everyone else because they were raised in a world that said you're the king you're the king of whatever you want to be the king of and and that's what you get when you raise somebody like that yeah with complete and utter whatever you call them Peta stooling yeah. That's not a good word. You put somewhere pedestal like that you tell them. The fucking world is that's how they exert it. They don't do good things. They don't do. Good things convinced they're gods. That's IT and they're really shitty ones. They're really shitty. Ones I want to end with this quote from Drag Syndrome performer Oto Baxter whose WHO's drag name is Hiroshi Bang grace who said we're going to continue doing it. Whether you like it or not. Fabulous ask Quyen. I guess me who turn your dream into reality. squarespace skirts me just me who makes an ever larger patient project with you're looking to start a new business showcase. Your work published content sell products more square spaces the tool for you by the way. Did you hear I had a new roommate. Her name's Mondial. Oh God you know it's a nightmare air with beautiful templates created by your last name is different. We don't have those that day. Claw saw crowded that mean into you can just means like it means like you carry beautiful template scrape by broke last deciders. The ability to customize has to just about anything terrible allergies right now. You're not gonNA believe it but I adopted some hay fever scripts basis powerful. He covers functionality finality. Lets you sell anything online. Just throw it in the garbage now. I'm trying to sell it online. Everything is optimized from able right out of the box and there's nothing to pay species. Yes yes by my hey. Hey Hey dot com binding domain to sample. It was simple by DOT com. I couldn't believe it wasn't taken and you'll he'll get the help you need spaces twenty four seven award winning customers your email that you set up with them. Hey Hey hey hey babe. I Hate I call them. has this krispies dot com slash eight for a free trial ready to launch shade to save ten percent off your first purchase capacitor dot com slash eight avocado shy. We got some issues reviews. This is from hunky brewster who says yes one of my friends suggests that I listened to the pod roughly six months ago and it has ever since I want to thank Brian Aaron for providing the best best infotainment as downside. I've unfortunately audibly laughed numerous times my very quiet office but the stairs are worth Aaron Bryant of the most delightful host also thank for the Nancy Sinatra shoutouts plural because we each last week. I forgot how much of a bought these boots are made for. Walking is thanks for keeping me informed while also keeping my spirits it's Hi Mr. Mythical Sinatra got a really shitty deal she did. I don't think she does. She is a state public probably not I don't know well. Mr Mystical says I'm a forty eight year old heterosexual guy who loves this guy loves this podcast down at the Patriarchy and it will not end screams with laughter and glitter yummy laugh and feel happy to be alive. Thank you and Monta from Maryland says throwing shades pulled me out of some dark moments from the general last presidential election to the specific postpartum depression Aaron and Bryan Fabulous guests keep me informed about shoes that actually matter make me feel empowered even in a white man's dance world even though I hate grocery shopping with a burning passion I upgraded your premiums so I could learn from the best and I've yet to be disappointed also best ads around. I'd buy almost anything from the Mondo. Thanks for the last that's great groceries this on premium so you can go to supreme dot com and use code shade for that you can also listen to history history the sequel errands podcast using the same code and I'm trying to find a good Nancy Sinatra quote well in the meantime there oh by although also so good at throwing shade dot Com slash tour for tickets and DC and New York in DC we have special guests latrice royale icon and New York especially Michelle Collins. It was a friend of the show and I'm going to say it and I gone if you can't find it. There's something I wanted to take the show out west. The these are all the saddest things in the world so I'm not gonNA. They're all so I was at a party three weeks. Prior to the murders at Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate's house. That's one of the quotes under Nancy Sinatra quotes deserves better. I mean in other words. There should be a different different quote like I'm. I'm a great singer. She I think she I feel like I've seen interview with her where I was like blown away by how like kind and liberal and smart and all this she was but also also all those kids vitamin Elliot said that like she and Mia Farrow and Nancy Sinatra and like all these kids a famous people that what would happen is they would have these all night long parties Jamie Lee Curtis it'd be at them too and I forgot that her dad was what Tony occurred was her mother and they would have these parties and the kids would go up and sing first and then their parents Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra. All these people just blow them out of the water. They said it was the most humiliating thing postcards from the edge. Yes that's based on that. Ah Debbie Reynolds Carrie Fisher's same thing okay so I wanted to take out with a lorry laughlin sort of update update now listen. I don't ever want US talking about her to veer on the side of cruelty because I don't. I don't think I'm a cruel person. I I don't WanNa be Shitty to her even though she horribly shitty thing but in her mind really fact that she doesn't knowledge that she's done. It's just that like if she cops to it. I would probably stop but someone sent me in fact I will tell you who it was. I totally disagree with you. I know you do. I'm glad you it makes me feel better. okay so someone sent me a clip of her humanitarian. We've devoted all the Laurie honestly. Felicity Huffman only got a month. She should've taken the plea. That's what I'm saying. It's ultimately probably not my fault so at Abbey Sands on instagram semi a clip of Laurie Laughlin on and full house singing the song what I did for love which takes on a completely different meaning because there's a line in the version does she does where she says. It's original now. It's new full House. Yes this was the this is the original house and had there's a line in that where she says this will kill my career. It's just like prophetic and what she did for love for those children really she's. She's Tina Turner but like anti so mean at dern. She's mean a donor so enjoy this swell in that case the song stylings of Danny Tanner and the Rebecca Donaldson Trio Becky Kiss today goodbye. Maybe we should to do this later. We do what we have to do. ooh I can. You're GONNA regret this. What I do what I did yeah his today by yes my career rare goodbye towards coming which same to doing you regret what I aw I did? Airy me a worm yeah bio of reading and if I got a new book suggestion for you your bookworm bookworm meaning Anini Mimi Julia takes a breath. Hey Dave Song you should get someone else to record when you're listening to hush little baby whenever I read Juliet takes a breath gutsy queer coming of age story which follows a self-proclaimed closeted Puerto Rican again baby lesbian from the Bronx during one summer that changes everything I love a coming of age story and your story Haw who's all I'm GRANDPA worm and I love books. Were you get older. You don't get a shed Juliet. Juliet takes breath intensely explores race identity feminism and family as Juliet grapples with what it means to come out to the

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Sopranos Sitdown S06E16  Chasing It  Cut To Black

Cut To Black: A Sopranos Sitdown

1:13:19 hr | 11 months ago

Sopranos Sitdown S06E16 Chasing It Cut To Black

"And I made down payments. I bought the materials. I lean on that building. Berkeley your thumb up your ass so stop talking about your money piece. suet factors your shitty business. Built a piece of Shit House. It's going to cave in and kill that fucking unborn baby any day. Now you can't sleep and welcome to Tony. Soprano hates his friends and family. Oh I mean Cut to black soprano sit down. My name is Jim Scam. Paulie and I've I've seen every single episode of the Sopranos. My Name is Jacob burroughs and I've seen eighty one episodes of the Sopranos. Our sorry Tony Soprano's it's a friend and family now so it is a lot of episodes to dedicate to one man's hatred of his own family and friends but I think there's a lot of self hatred hatred there as well and that's what really makes you come back for more so this episode season six episode sixteen chasing it. Who put together Jim this? This episode is written by Matthew whiner and directed by Tim. Van Patten dozer names. We've heard before this aired April twenty nine two thousand seven so wow getting up to the debut of gym in them time. That's my other podcasts. That's right I started my podcast like around when this show ended. It's a long. I've been doing stupid shit. So that's right and it's still going right. Yeah absolutely you know. It's way more episodes than the Sopranos six hundred six hundred. It's something six hundred and fifteen so you find find all of that. JIM THEM DOT com. Before we get into it I do want to mention an on email. We got here from mark that said Hey. Jj just listened to your remember Wenn recap and wanted to give you some positive feedback. Yes that's why I'm reading this at the start because we want to make ourselves feel good. Forget the three star Chinese food review which doing his top stuff in my opinion easily. The Best Sopranos cast around. I Sir if you're out there and I like them all. I admit when I started listening I wasn't sure it was going to work with Jacob. Never having seen the show and Being Sopranos Obsessive I thought what what the Hell is wrong with him fair but it really does and while. I'm sorry it's coming to an end soon. I hope you keep going with Sopranos theme podcast as you talk about. Ah talked about. I'll definitely be listening having said all that if I had to guess which one of you is the huge blowhard Douche. I definitely gently say cut to black. That's great what an email us. Oh great thanks market. Yeah we're really need that. Pick me up. We're pretty down and out about our Show is like Chinese food review so you can also submit a review. I know we're coming down to the the final episodes but we have a nice body of work work. I'd imagine much like David Chase. So he's still appreciate reviews. Cut to black or you can go to our shows which feeds they go some promotion at the top. Yeah and I I think I mean. Depending on interest we will make some further podcasts. Discussing More Sopranos themed things and of course the film when it comes out things like that so do keep your feed going at. If you haven't yet we really appreciate that review to help. Even more people go on this journey with us and I feel very privileged to have had a lot of people. Come along with me and been patient with me as I've waded into the world at the Sopranos but let's get into this episode anyway. Well one thing I WANNA call out real quick. which is I guess? It's just something I think is kind of cool. I mean this might not be cool to a lot of people. But if you subscribe on our apple podcast feed I did go back in tag everything improperly so it is broken up broken up by season now so it has like you know our podcast season. One is soprano season one. So I don't know I think it's fun. I think that's really cool. But then I also make podcasts. And I'm not sure how the average person would feel about that but it is really nice so that you can have have it all laid out and like even if you have a favorite episode you WanNa Revisit or whatever happened to watch an episode of the Sopranos You can dip into any of the episodes and we've talked about it and And so now getting back on Topic Sopranos before we get into this episode. I remember I mentioned this before I think. kind of going going into like Maybe end of season three and a season for that feels like Tony gets becomes different becomes harsher. Would you agree with down with that statement now or do you think. Is Tony always been like this. It's a good question. I feel like I definitely feel and again. I've only watched it once so most people listening to this podcast probably have seen it a love more never had time to think about it more but I feel like he's got a much. I think that's correct right. I think he has a softer side in the earlier seasons that they kind of have the confidence to do away with here but then I also think it's like a a post modern Tony that we're getting to a point. Where like he has this rent that we heard at the beginning of the episode at Carmella like saying the worst things things she could here because like he knows how to her but then they also have that moment when he apologizes and it feels more heartfelt than most apologies? We would've seen in season in wanting to as well so I guess I'm a bit torn on it but it definitely feels extra sad that he's gotten this second second wind after the gun shot injury and a now. That's all been broken down and taken away throughout you know the first part of season six and now we're back here where it at times feels even worse than where we started. I don't know what do you think now. I I agree with that. And especially like looking at these like this episode in the one right before. It's like a one two punch of Tony's friends thinking that he's going to murder the him like murder them. Like like you know Paulie like I the audience. We believe that and I feel like the show gives us enough to think that Tony is at least mulling the idea around in his head and with Paulie last week now this week with Hash and I love that also Hash knows it too because when Tony shows up at his house at one point joint with like bobby and he's like you know telling his his girlfriend or wife or whatever to lock the door and he's kind of like I don't WanNa go on a ride. I'm I'm good It's just interesting to kind of see. I guess The like a friends point of view of Tony Soprano and how that that could just change at any point in time on how he what he feels about you and how his use of you I suppose we I mean he's been described grabbed so many times physically like a big hulking bear like of a man. But I think it's like it feels also like the way it would it feel to be friends with an actual bear where it'd be really cool for the Graham and like the the bragging rights of like here's a picture of me with a bear era like here's a picture of me with mob boss Tony Soprano that's fucking dope and then also he might literally each you at any time when he decides away. Why am I hanging hanging out with this human? What the fuck am I doing? And it genuinely feels like that's also happening in his head like you said now he didn't kill Heche yet and he didn't kill pauly so I guess good job Toni but the thoughts definitely there and it feels like it can happen at any time just because cash says like our alvord point. Is it cheaper like where. Where does the math work out? Where would just make more sense to go one way instead of the other and it feels like there's a genuine tension in there and he and Tony surprise the main character? It's like in a usual show. It would be like our main character is the one being hunted. And he's endanger and he's got to get past asked all these obstacles and the story basically in these episodes is obviously you know. He's got his gambling addiction which we'll get into but generally he's like he's the wonders wonders almost killing his own friends. And we're like man. This is a lot more engaging than if he was rut literally like on the run from the cops. Yeah absolutely so yeah I mean getting the episode like you mentioned it opens with his gambling. It opens right on that. He's playing roulette and it's interesting because it's something that feels like it's being dropped in almost out of nowhere but also feels completely natural. That of course Tony would gamble and he asked the type. We've we've mentioned in the past. Ask that he gets bored and depressed and then usually crime like cheers him up so it would make sense that sometimes. If you can't do crime he would be the rush of like Mike just gambling money. I think there's two factors where you kinda go. Why would he be this stupid? Because he's the one who's usually on the other side earning money off people making stupid decisions like he doesn't this episode but then I don't know I guess it's it makes sense as well like you said because they're in this culture this gang culture or mafia culture and it's all cool and when he feels like his life is empty like it's he's chasing it he's chasing the rush. I mean even says it in the episode so so to me. It doesn't make sense even though you're like watching it going Tony You you. If anyone should know no where this ends we'll and it's it's it's interesting like the soprano is obviously a serialized show but it also nope never felt like it was too much into setting things up like consecutively two episodes because they have the scene in the previous this one where he does talk to Hash and he's you know asking for a loan but it just it doesn't feel like it's a set up for anything But it but then it Kinda ends up being in one and especially going into the gambling site because all I can think of is back to the happy wanderer when he takes. What is it like Eric or whatever? His is dad's car and gives it to meadow and then he's yelling at her and he's like a grown man made a wager he lost. He made another one he lost again and two story And it wasn't there An- another thing like his dad told him like. Don't ever gamble Anthony or whatever like it does feel a little bit like the audience. We want to give Tony more credit but you know hey we all gotta get our cheap thrills wherever we can get it so good for him. Yeah and I mean this is is jumping ad but when I was watching the horse race part I was kind of going like no matter which way it goes if his horse wins or whatever. It's still still bad for Tony. Because if he wins he's pulled further into this sort of Russian this addiction and he's GonNa spend it anyway so or obviously loses Z.. Loses a lot of money and like that's the thing that he should understand gambling storyline in TV show. It never works out. Well Uh so must be a hell of a rush that I've or a hell of an empty life that leads to to this behavior. Well especially here at the beginning channing. It's like he wins on twenty three and then he's like let's let it ride but I think he just plays twenty-three again and it's like dude the odds of getting twenty-three initially a pretty rough but then like I guess he does do a thing he does twenty-three but everything around it's you could play like corners and like `in-betweens and stuff so I guess to be fair he is playing a little bit smarter than just twenty three again but it's like I don't know I guess I can't relate even on here in Vegas. I'm not a big gambler because I hate losing so so much I can't really speaking of. Yeah we mentioned Jim and then dot com. Yes listening to the latest episode or a week ago. Now where you're talking talking about doing blackjack gambling and I'm like this is completely Tony Soprano live. Would you start doing this after watching this episode after seeing everything negative you. He starts talking about gambling now on money on the Roulette at. I don't know what's going on there. Jim It totally is because of I watched this episode. I guess I WANNA little at least vicariously live like Tony. Soprano where yes. I'm trying to get supporters of my show to give extra money on the Patriot on so we could take that money and go put it on the roulette on the roulette table so put it on black. Don't ever say that. TV doesn't sway your attitude. I suppose I yeah but you understand Jim I mean do you do you watch. TV At a critical manner. And you do know that the gambling in this episode is not good right. It is a bad thing that he's he's doing for himself. And also it's compounded with recently watching the movie uncut gems. I'm sure a lot of listeners out there seen it or heard about it with Adam Sandler Kgo eight twenty four movie and it's the same idea almost as this guy caught up in the rush and just the thrill of gambling and losing losing and winning and not making smart decisions and again. It's not painted in a way that you're like. I want to do that but I guess in a way it is. Yeah but you watch both of these and all of a piece of that. I'll go for that. Sure it'll work for me. Yeah of course I'm different. I'm a real person is interesting. Yeah I mean I guess that's the thing if if you are willing to go down and put it on black then. We can't really blame Tony. Even though he also knows better. You definitely Cellino better so I guess this is what happens when you have ready and available Islam machines and blackjack tables and so on absolutely so we also early on in the episode. Get View of veto junior in his makeup like doing antics and a graveyard tipping over statues his ad such which is basically just an introduction to say man? This is one troubled kid. Yeah completely understandable. This poor kid. He's acting out because you know is I love that they. The veto storyline. Like hasn't gone away really. We are still seeing some some aftershocks and some effects of it because not only did. This kid loses dad. But there's just this shame I guess that that's being put upon him a not just from like the adults in his life. which is like this clear like? We're disdain for his dad but then and we saw little bits of it when he's at a wedding party where the his cousins and stuff we're picking on them and then he's getting picked on in school snow now. He's like a goth dude knocking over cemetery stones gravestones smashing bottles. And you know setting up a nice little storyline where Tony still has to deal with this. Because his mother Marie comes visit Tony because they WANNA get a fresh start and get out of Jersey. Exactly they want to go to Maine and what I've learned from television and movies. Is that if you go. I think from television and movies. If you go to Maine everything will be alright. It seems great. That's New England right. That's part of New England because yes let's see that's what we learned from veto storyline picturesque and Gilmore. Girls up there. And you'll be fine like so even though he's probably technically right in that. There's no geographical solution to an emotional problem. Which is definitely not something something? He came up with himself. He just loves repeating People's lines and if it isn't in one of the previous episodes of the Sopranos it's part of his life that we haven't seen that he's just repeating that is probably technically true but also I'm kind of like would probably help wouldn't hurt. Yeah I'm like this boys camp thing. Where he's he's GonNa get emotionally destroyed? I assume or it might work but probably not well it the because as it does play out with that camp it might work. It'll it'll work in the way of turning them into a more like on the outside. Maybe he's more disciplined and obedient. But he's GonNa be more of an emotionally fucked up deranged deranged person. You would have to imagine. But yeah and it's just Kinda like I get Tony's thing here because he he was still on the side of like live and let live but now he has to deal with the blowback of this whole thing When meanwhile you got Phil You you know? Just Kinda who's a little bit more related than Tony But he doesn't want anything to do with it. He's not gonNA put up the money. So Tony's AH stuck with the bag now yep and he basically complains about this to Silvio in a in a quick scene as well setting that up. There's a lot of scenes in this episode Tony's gambling and I almost feel like they bleed together for me because I think the next one. They're they're watching a game and there's some guy shouting in in in the being like really excited about the win Antonis. I Dunno Tony just keeps losing things basically and he goes in and smashes shit up behind the scenes as well showing again his his his very emotionally stable live life every day is a blessing sort of thing. That's that's it's pretty far away at this point. Yeah I love because Tony's mad that the guys have because this guy probably had like twenty bucks on the game because Tony's he's got thousands on the game because he thinks it's a sure thing and I forget exactly which bet it is. I know it's probably one of the Horse Bets. Like when sometimes when he brings something up as a sign nine and then he'll look at Soviet and Soviet gotta do that like so. We'll just name like definitely does that at the start to when they're are playing roulette he's like you gotTa let it ride world. It's like no you don't or even if you put around something that's actually likely to come up at least fifty fifty fifty right you got it you just gotta on your on rush or whatever and you can see this suspicion as well when they're playing blackjack and and the dealer they change is the dealer and they all leave the table stuff like that where it's like you like to say that all it's a sure thing 'cause we have inside information but also it's actually all just based on your weird. What's the word superstitions? Yeah yeah then. We have Nancy Sinatra singing singing to fill out. He's the boss. It's such a great show of like how powerful fill is. I guess how powerful the Sopranos is to just sort of get real people to do these sorts of things. They should take the next step and have real life politicians in the sopranos rubbing shoulders with the mobsters though. I don't know if they've done that yet right. But it feels like that's the next step from having like real people in entertainment around like like the Guy who was in the movie you know and things like that sort of people are kinda down around but but not fully fully out of the game. Yeah because I think like the movie Casino Oscar Goodman who was like. Yeah well I guess it was before he was mayor of Las Vegas. But he's in it like I think because he's a lawyer I think he he was really a lawyer but yeah they do weird stuff like that. But it's gotta be weird just if you're Nancy Sinatra playing yourself on the show. You're kind of saying like yeah I'll like you know. Suck up to mafia mafia people like yeah. I'm like kind of famous or whatever but I I'm going to worship the mob as well. It is really funny because because it's also like you're doing that but then you're also like the Sopranos Super Popular Show and I probably loved the show and it's good writing and everything. So why wouldn't I want to be on it. But then there's also the legacy of like actual actual dealings in the family and stuff like that so it sure is interesting and even and more so when she basically calls filling Toda Gay so you in greater why who wouldn't WanNa Cami on the Sopranos. Tony Soprano Gay. I'm just saying I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I'm just saying I would love to. Yeah so then Tony talks to fill. I guess talking about Marie and veto junior junior and how you know hazing that your nephew. Aren't you related. Because that was like the big thing to like why Phil was so offended. was you know what he's like she's my cousin or whatever but now it's kind of like he's downplaying like Oh yeah. No second cousin once removed whatever he says because now it's like who cares there's And then Tony also doesn't really want to be in this big because it's a celebration of being the boss now Antoni is also looking for an excuse to kind of duck out and he does he leaves and goes to see Hash. Feels like we haven't seen Hachinohe while so it is nice to see him again but again. It's another one of those moments. Initially where Tony and Hash always of these things where they both want to like let out their their own things. Yes and not with each other except now we have the overarching doom of this two hundred K.. Loan and you know what's going on with that how you how do you ask the boss or your friend for money. Money that he owes you. I do love that Hash has previously been like Tony Stand in therapist. I and even though he does go to therapy right now. That's still kinda like he's there just to bullshit and like what is he taught. What are they talking about before before he's talking about Carmelo or what are they on about? No it's just people in the family I over him and Phill whatever he wants to talk about. What's going on in his life like you said and the Hashes like ours lonely at the top and like this thing? We're Hash what I could go to. That's outside and it's just great that at this basically leads to Tony considering if he's GonNa Kill Hash because Hash gave him money because he was a good friend of this thing and then he even brings it up in like the the most like the e he brings up a great way when he was like. Oh I just thought that's why you came over like because of that thing but don't worry about it like I'm sure and then Tony immediately starts going like handing him the big and all this stuff so it just. It's such a flip from they have this personal personal relationship. That's very positive and disconnected from his mafia life and then suddenly it flips only on its head whereas if this was happening with pauly or whoever if not that he would lend money from Paulie but if it was he wouldn't like that flip wouldn't be that far because he's already thinking about killing Paulie is like outside outside of all of that so it makes it even more dramatic that he would suddenly like start basically hating him and making all sorts of jokes about him being being Jewish and it's basically only because his girlfriend dies so that's fun. Yeah well so going into this then because Hash starts to like as the episode as this thing like festers and like like you said. I think it's great point that it like immediately changes is the dynamic and Kinda kills their friendship in a way but as this festers and has kind of talks a bit. About how like you know. Maybe Tony isn't quite as well off as it may seem like he's got a lot of assets but does he have money on hand like is this two hundred K.. Like a big a deal because I think we talked about this in the past because sometimes we'll see tony or even the other mafia guys like go ape shit over fifteen eighteen thousand bucks given like that's a lot of money but and I guess every dollar counts. That's why they're good at what they do. But is this a big deal. Is it more just the principle that Tony is annoyed. He has to pay the money or is it kind of a big to do to get the money I think he I think it is a big deal and not just annoyed that he has to get the money but annoyed that he had to ask for it in the first place being ended that he asked for it in the first place Yeah I think it is because like you said he the show is. That's what the show seems to be telling us that Tony's actually in a lot of trouble trouble and I believe it with the boats and the expensive Sushi and all that stuff remember and like built a house with Carmella and all of this and obviously he does have money coming in all the time slowly but like vetoes gone and they kept talking for all season about how great of an earner he was and I think even even yells at someone for for not being as good and so on so yeah I assumed it was like an actual problem. that he doesn't have any money and he keeps spending money as soon as it gets it. Yeah I agree. I do agree although he does pull together. I mean I know we're jumping around but I mean I guess he has to make some moves with some offshore offshore stuff or whatever. He has pulled together that hundred K.. which any bets? Because he was yeah he was going to give it away though. Oh so it's obviously. He's not that much in the whole that he can't even imagine giving away one hundred then. Obviously he doesn't do it either and as soon as he gets any money he gets rid of it and probably starts owing money as well. So that's the gambling thing isn't it. That's why I can believe it and I like I. I read some book about like real life. People that dimensions like how gambling can affect you and you had the power of habit I think is quite popular book about. Just how how we how positive reinforcement can just build your habits entirely and how how casinos are designed to make you spend not like a little bit more than you thought like you can be an infinite hall in no time I am at all so it's only as even more access to that sort of thing so I definitely believe it. Yeah yeah and I mean they get into. I've always I watch a lot of crime I'm or Ma Ma Mafia movies and stuff like that and I mean I have like a basic understanding of the big but I don't quite know it's basically what like got like on a loan like you're paying percentage like obviously if you can't pay it all back in at once you're paying a percentage on the loan because you're paying in installments augments so like when he's paying the three grand. That's just like a big saying that he'll get you the two hundred K.. Later like it's not like anything's coming off. The principal symbol at this point right. Yeah it's just the word for the interest as far as I understand it so to keep yeah and it says Term came from English usage by Yiddish slang so which itself was a loan word from Russian. But yeah basically. It's just none of the actual two hundred K's being paid off. It's just you know. Will they would charge. A certain percentage per week or per month so sure Tony's going to pay that on principle. Yeah and he does give them a cleaver hat and he makes come. I'm the guy was she got the DVD and it's great. That's great call back and then immediately after Tony Leaves Hash goes goes in and starts complaining about which I get because there is that. It's this photo the way I can compare to what I used to deal with breath when I worked in In Oregon a pizza shop back in my young days you'd have to friends come in picking up like a bunch of pizzas or whatever they ordered and you'd have to deal with the sometimes where they'd be like a let me pay dollar. Let me pay. But it's this weird passive aggressive where I feel like they each want the other guy to to pay but they want to argue about it a little bit to make it seem like well. I'M GONNA put up a fight but I want you to win and I'm standing there like okay just figure it out. Someone unsown cash down on the counter and other guys like taking it away putting it back in his pocket trying to give card because they have to do this passive aggressive dance where sure. Yeah I mean heck shouldn't have to ask her beg for the money he's owed and Tony shouldn't have to you know play 'em like a Schmuck and act like he's doing a favor so you know I I like the back and forth and how he he can't say anything Tony himself pulling he has to come in and complain about it immediately once he leaves these days. You definitely have you just have one person. Pay and the other person's sends the money with an APP so hopefully those conversations conversations aren't plaguing the pizza places of today. Hopefully it's all at based now it's one of the few benefits are digital age. I'd say absolutely Then what Tony's complaining about Jews money to Melfi I believe yes the most receiver the of course he's going to take your bullshit Tony though she but yeah he's like talking about like you gotta give it to them what it comes the money. They know what they're doing like he's GonNa have of any of this nonsense. I don't remember where the scene goes. Oh though is you know it gets into. She starts talking about how he misses appointments a lot. And that's right he he he brings up how he had since the shooting. He hasn't had like panic. Attacks like yeah I guess it is like these are hints that I mean I guess. The show's winding down on. There may be looking for a way to wrap up this therapy thing because I mean they bleed together a little bit believe Levy says something like this is an oasis in my week. He says there's lots of benefits and yeah that would be this seem so and then she's like. Is that why you're here. Because you know Melfi from the earlier seasons when we're getting more into her personal life and how she was probably a little bit damaged herself often dealing with that and struggling taking Tony on a patient. That's kind of all gone now. She just POPs up in these scenes and it is tony looking in for an excuse to Kinda chat around some of his thoughts and some of his actions and at the very least. We're seeing hints. That Melfi is getting hip to that. And and there's not even like the the illusion of like therapy and growth happening here. Yeah as it's very good points so she just asked him to decide what he wants and let her know in this scene so then we have colonel showing off the house which actually looks nice now. It looks like it's finished and it's done and I guess it's there is. Is that the guy who was kind of hanging around before you know. Yeah seasons ago. What her cousin or something something and yeah? He was helping her with business at the time. Or didn't he kinda get her into this whole specosts type deal he is he was. This is the guy who was like. It was Kinda cool for him to hang out with Tony surprise when he was kind of in the gang like he was the guy hanging out with the bear and the picture for the Graham and all at right. That's the guy. Yeah yeah thanks. Yeah Yeah Yeah. He's buying. The House. Nepotism works out for everyone but Carmel is a bit worried. If it's this scene. She says to her dad that would be later. Maybe but he. She's worried still about about the lumber or whatever and that's what Tony obviously brings up later. Yes yeah it is kind of a nice statement on like I mean. Tony does callers caller shady businesswoman. Which I think is a little harsh but also the fact that they ended up having to sell this house a family member? It does show that you know. Maybe it didn't quite quite go as planned. And maybe there's kind of a deal going on but at least they're they're moving the house you know. I guess that's good But yeah there's still that lingering angering trusting your stupid father who I mean. I guess he knows what he's doing. Even if the inspector initially said it's bullshit she says later or that she got six in profit that six thousand dollars to rethink like when all was said and done. Maybe I think she's saying six hundred but I could be wrong. That would be good because a lot better than six thousand yet. Because I can't imagine the very least you'd have to make like sixty grand like I can't imagine Carmela Soprano being happy that she got six grand yet. I guess I. This is something that is definitely apparent in the episode. If if we watch it you have to imagine Lloyd with the Gaudy houses that they work with and especially going into more like east coast. I don't know like Jersey. Real estate per se. Obviously it's gotta be cheaper than New York by like I grew up in Massachusetts. And you know it's easy for homes to go for over a million million and especially if it's new designed mansion so I guess odd the the wikipedia article at least claims that she cleared six hundred thousand okay by selling the SPEC house with substandard materials cousin and his pregnant wife. So that's obviously a lot better. It makes more sense for Tony excited about about taking half of that well especially at the end of the day you could've taken her bullshit and may over a million dollars when you think about. It weighed taking her BOCCIA. Oh that's Tony Tony's actual line when he's all pissed off that the jets one and he's like we could've taken your bullshit and put it over a million but but it's half a million already. That is also good because yeah that's why I was like his because he's acting like it's nothing but then he also wants it and she's kind of like yeah it Kinda worked Out so I literally would have believed it was six thousand or sixty thousand or six hundred thousand. I didn't really know it's hard to tell but it's real estate so yes hundred thousand. I think that's pretty. Well done even if Carmelo did have a lot of help along the way yes absolutely good job Carmella. And that's our little nest egg for when Tony eventually the past catches up to them. We'll say for moving to that scene later but that is that felt like a genuine moment from Tony. At least when he's like I don't like that you're are always talking about what I'm going to be dead. How you're going to be like folks with me when you always assume that I'm going to get shot? Her in President Okay. 'cause I'm trying to live my life here. Yeah absolutely Then we have Phil and the Puerto Rican war veto junior. Uh hanging out at Silo Sundays seven a Nice Nice Big Sunday and he just I liked that fills giving giving like this is classic toxic. Masculinity it's nice. It's very modern very twenty twenty Because it's showing that he's just like you know you gotta be a man you got your family's dealt with enough shame like be masculine. What's wrong with you But then he just kinda answered him like looking at his watch like anyways. I said my piece A Finnish that fucking Sunday because there's no eaten in the car even though we all know that Phil eats ice cream cones in the car because when Tony Chason down for that like like ten grand or whatever that time he was eating an ice cream cone that's a great point and it's weird to remember that now. When fills the big boss as Nancy? I gotta to give I mean I gotta give shout outs to the Sopranos members because people have pointed that out many times on the group so I I love that little detail. Very good Those Sundays are ridiculous. By the way two of those and don't give any child two of those silly but yet he. Tony basically gives the same advice later but a bit like like he does it better but he still can't says like you're the man of the house now or whatever so yeah. I guess that didn't work either. Since two shitting in the showers which I thought was a power move at first but guess not. Yeah it's kind of like okay. I'm a freak Weirdo fine. I'm going to be a Weirdo. Now get the fuck out like I'm GonNa do what I can make you get away with going to play the part and hopefully you'll leave me alone but obviously it's not gonNA quite work that way. So we have a nice soprano family. Dinner where everyone's congratulating Carmelo. They're sitting outside talked about a lot of support and yeah. Yeah I guess this is kind of to set up what's going on with. Aj and his girl. 'cause she's kind of looking a bit like because it seems I mean it's the mob thing right. That's why she doesn't want to marry him like that's so this is kind to reconnect with that before we had him about storyline. Yeah I think it's a little and it's a little of like she's probably realising that she's maybe I mean. This is like a thin read by me but I feel feel like maybe she's also realizing that. Do I really like this. Do I really love. Aj or do. I just love that like we. Just hang out at this nice house and there's wealth around not that. Aj himself as wealthy. It's not completely changing our life. But I don't know I feel like she's also just seeing how like I guess the privileged they are where they don't understand and I can understand as far as like these. These people have no way of relating to my life for who I am including AJ to appoint. Yeah and you know and some people would would read that as like well hell well. This is my fucking lottery ticket I better hold on and don't let go and some people are like I don't know if I can be part of this. So we'll see how elect plays out and those are two ends of a spectrum where both are like. I don't know if you could just genuinely loved him. You wouldn't or loved if you genuinely loved him. It wouldn't matter either way if it was like I'm holding on to this because of the money or I can't do this because of the money for genuine feeling they're all that would be to the side anyway. So that's part of it probably. Yeah I guess I mean I don't know if this was I'm sure like because she's a character is introduced fairly late in the game. There's not a ton of time time to really like play this out but I think there's enough there and then we. This is where we have. What Carmella is up in the middle of the night? Because it's raining and it's like oh no what about that and they haven't even moved in yet worrying about it now but yeah she feels guilty about it. He does not is basically basically the point there. Yeah Yeah and then we have. Tony's uncomfortable shows up on. Es to make some it's it's interesting how brazen in Tony is in front. Of like. I would imagine I would almost give them credit that you try to hide some of this stuff in front of his crew but I guess what are they going to do. They're going to get whatever he does. Is there gonNA go along with even if personally they might be like. Jesus the bosses fucking cracking up. But I'm sure they're used to it at this point because even though he kinda tried to hide read his anger by going the backroom and smashing things. They're going to walk in there eventually by. Gosh it gave me an area. I guess the Buffalo Losing that game was a bigger bigger deal than he acted like because he smashed all this shit in here But yeah because he's the on like sit down Shylock. The rents the rent. It's Oh I know get me wrong. It's kind of hilarious. But he does a rubbing his fingers together I'm looking at him and he's like it's a joke it's like well is it gives it a joke though he's rubbing change together it's rough. Yeah so that's I think that leads to the next scene with Hash and his son in law. I think this is the guy who got really injured. An ally right because he got beaten up and then Tony took care of that so allies like he's great and Hashes like yeah like when you when he likes you is basically. Yeah well. It's great because I mean. I guess Tony should kind of get credit for taking care of that but just the fact that they're somewhat affiliated creative. Tony Soprano is why he got hurt. Now that Tony was the cause of it but just their affiliation in general is why he walks with a cane now so yeah so at least he walks unlike beans e so you know look at the bright side and then we're talking about like yeah these Italians like you you you know you back them in the corner. That's like an animal mull. They're going to attack So it's it's just nice to everyone you know. I guess your tribe if you will where it's like you know US Jews. We gotta got to being together because he's Italians are fucking savages. While they are in a lot of a lot of time they are in this show to be honest so we're back casino and they're playing blackjack but then they see a horse by the name of meadow. I guess that's why they got on it because it's a yeah Medellin your meadow gold. God and then I think yes Sylvia's you gotta play that but it's just because his daughter's name is meadow right. Yep Yep yeah it's a sign and right 'cause has that does make sense and now I've maybe I've mentioned this before but I have worked horse racing a number of years as a finish line photographer which which is a very Unique job where you're actually checking to you know you're taking the finish photo and making the lists of all the winning horses all his bullshit and on my list that I would make There's just numbers right. The horses are numbers and numbers behind them. And the name doesn't mean anything and I'm sorry Tony I'm sorry to break it to you but I mean an good odds not gonna lie so you know not not not as bad as putting it all on twenty three or whatever but still a pretty bad move and everyone's kind of like who who all know when it happens and again Tony just acts like it's no big deal even though it definitely is yeah. It's definitely a big deal and then I almost read that Bobbi bet on a different horse. But I don't know how true do that is. Because there's this weird like interaction where he kind of is like looking at his papers but I maybe I'm just digging deep on something. There could be the he saw like you know. Janice Jackson ice in what racers. Who knows Jane is Jane? Hi S- yeah so anyway I just wanted to bring my own perspective there And not only that. That's not how that works some sorry. Yeah Tony but you never. Sometimes it feels like God's talking to you and the reason why you named your daughter Meadow Twenty. Some odd years ago was for this point in time. When you're in the casino at Batavia downs and you see meadow gold in the race and it's like this is it? This is where everything turns around for you. I do love that. Silvio is always got it back and they do kind of like a nice little like Though like slow down like as it's like Oh that didn't work and Tony has like a quick six slow-motion moment as he's reacting but then he has to be the guy. Yeah no big deal but clearly because they just talked about it. I thought maybe it was close to a panic attack because he asked about how it doesn't happen anymore and it's like slowing things down. It's like it's got that vibe. But then he says Kinda like what no big deal again pretending it's fine but speaking. Yeah betting on the wrong horse the next scene is with. Aj and his girl. And I'd I swear to God I knew from Justice Dome face this. This is exactly what was under that thing like when when he comes in and like your dessert. And she's like I didn't order anything and he's like I ordered for you. I'm like I paused. It and wrote down there was a wedding ring in that desert. Like I thought it would be like something with food and the ring. They just went with the ring but I just it was literally the stupid look on his face. The let me know and it also let me know that it wouldn't work out which is just what happens even though she initially does get persuaded. Yes yeah well you gotta give you know people hate on. Aj A lot. But you gotta give it up to Robert Mueller. He knows the dumb face to make to say to tell the audience. There's a wedding ring under there And I believe him as well when like he like. It's unfortunate but I believe in what he's saying you're too like like acting wise and everything when he's talking about how you know he's the night manager at the pizza place now and like in a year he'll be day manager or whatever and then they'll own a chain restaurants strong and clubs or whatever and this is all he wants and I believe him yeah or that he believes that at least so. It's a bit sad. I actually even believe eve. It'll happen at the very least Tony still around because it's not not that I'm saying he'd do hard work and work his way up but he's working at what like beans these pizzeria which which Tony has a vested interest in so I mean he can make things happen and maybe set him up with the crazy horse or whatever AIDS club used to be and you know the next next stop Hollywood who knows. Yeah but probably not after this. We'll see so then. We have Tony going going over to talk to veto junior. And like I said I felt like his speech was fairly similar to Phil's how did you feel about it. Did you think it was better. Yeah I agree I agree. I think it was similar but better. He does use the goat and pity for yourself line which he loves he brings up that he has weird shit. I think they bring up that he he did something to developmentally challenged girl at school or something so or they couldn't prove it but they're almost positive that he did but then why doesn't like physical at a certain point. He grabs it and by the face and tells them I think that's when he tells them that he goes about saddened. And that what is it that you know Have it here that he basically says like I'm not some fucking social worker. If if you don't stop this shit like I'm GonNa fuck you up at here says like someone should have told my dad. Stop with the Weird Shit and when he uses the you go go about Pity for yourself but he kinda just goes like what am I supposed to do about it about off however everyone is and I think his conclusion is yeah fucking man up. which was a great moment before that to where vetoes juniors like? You called me Carlo Junior once. It's like yeah I mean. Of course you know all these kids are really but you know here. He is because there's some money on the line so and AH give Tony a little credit. I do feel like he does feel some personal responsibility. And that you know at the very least with how veto played out he he was a good earner. And you know Tony didn't necessarily want it to go the way it did so yeah he does have that part of them. Still there Then we have The they're celebrating the closing on the House. And I like that. You know he's very happy for and it's all genuine. But then he quickly diverts into the jets how they got an inside scoop and I think he brings up. Mike cut and it's like oh it gets it's so Krinsky it's it's almost like a scene from the office in a weird way the way he is so transparent in the ways trying to get to it because I like that he brings up. Put It on the jets and it doesn't sound like a joke in Karmiel laughs like. Yeah I mean. Wouldn't it be weird. But he's dead serious. No No we put it on the jets. Of course we let this ride. No you're you're totally right about the office comparison just because of his. He's he's a bit manicure because he's like yeah. This is so great. We should do this though. Because he's he's like in a whole right now he's chasing this thing and and he doesn't realize that what he's saying is actually already really hurtful and she turns away the apologizes and they hug it out but It's not GonNa last sorry so then we have hashing the scene. We mentioned where Tony Rolls Up to sort of invite him to go and do some. I don't know fishing. What are they doing? Yeah we're forget where they're going here they're going to Go to the boat fishing or whatever but the boat is always like we're GonNa go to the boat casino or is the his boat. I don't know the boats. No sorry they're going to the show and Edison. Okay yes alright. Yeah what is the boat. Show I it's probably just where rich people go to look at boats votes. What's the new boat stuff coming out stuff? That was already saying he shouldn't be doing because he's probably not that liquid and he shouldn't be like looking for either new attachments for his boat or replacement. Boat I love the scene in the car after especially the moment when Carlos almost making a point where he's trying to reference a twilight zone episode but Tony doesn't let him finish like I just love the idea that they're setting it up. Where like like if you know what enough you know where he's going but Tony just cuts them off and it's like yeah maybe you should start sucking cock because vetoes on three times what you you were watching? TV Land because vetoes pulling three times. You were in construction. I feel like this is a potential like Subtitle or slogan shows. What you know our podcast? Maybe you should start sucking cock and stop watching. TV Land exactly evacuate. What's what's really interesting to me about? This too is like it feels like bobby like I don't know the fight made Bobby and Tony Team. Closer in a weird way and especially on maybe partially bobby hid under his belt. Because it's kind of like fuck. Walk him what's He gonNA do. What can he do? He feels a lot colder. Yes makes sense with what he's gone through. I guess and yeah the fight like Mike. Imagine a few episodes ago going like. Yeah Tony's GONNA WANNA up maybe kill Hash over nothing and bobby and hammer just going to be cool. Grows go to the horse races against all right. It's like the Weird TV or movie trope of like when the bully comes up to you just like punch him in the face and then he'll respect you like even though Tony was it felt very dangerous after it like. There's this weird respect now and yeah it was just I like the. It's like little moment but just how comfortable bobby is and especially telling Tony like a WHO gives a fuck you know you're the boss Antonis even rationalizing well like I would look though. I didn't pay him because in these he's acting like he never thought of it or something Not Paying them the money interesting I how would this play out. I wonder yeah. So the next thing is the very Good dramatic we're GONNA win awards Seen Where they have the big fight but it actually starts with him seeing in the newspapers which I think if you're betting money on a game maybe you like watch the game but I guess he's just finding out from the newspaper which fucking magically got up there? I guess because he doesn't go fetch it where that newspaper came from. Well I guess could have gotten I assume sal vitro brought it up. That's not gonNA assume I make sense but yeah so he actually one right Eddie He. He won on this but he's really angry because he didn't bet enough if I read it right. Yeah I think that's classic gambler thing where It's not so much because even Carmelo brings up like you one. What are you talking about? But he looks at that he lost her six hundred grand. Like that's the even so if you want whatever he put on it. He technically lost her money that they were supposed to bet and I liked the scene even starts off. Hand held like which which is kind of very different from when we're usually here in the kitchen in our sitcom kitchen scenes but even before like really jumps up. The the argument part and Carmel is walking in the room. It's like hand-held already like with the newspaper and with Tony's reaction and That's what this where he says the line and like yeah. We could've turn your bullshit into a million dollars and he won't let it go because then answered poll he has to play on her insecurities about the baby and the family and the Shitty House. And how like her whole thing was always about. Not Having Tony's blood blood money in a weird way even though she wants money and technically this is still coming like everything Tony says is correct. He did still put up the the the source money for it. He's still leaned on a guy to get it approved but it was her thing but now it's not her thing and potentially could even worse. If something bad does happen Guy Addi limbering up about how you know. Well then I actually get a cut from when you do stuff and he says you already took your cut from the bird feeder and like don't fucking deny it again and that part is true When he says like forty grand on the stock market or whatever and you know and he says that he he asked for his apiece? But there's nothing I guess get stock market it away. I guess it's gone. The money is gone. Yeah I'm trying to remember if they if that was ever like fully address on the show how things played out I remember one stock split and then something else happened but yeah I just remember her for like two episodes reading books about the stock doc market and then she's all into real estate so I don't know what happened. I'm sorry law-abiding everyone who has watched this ten times. What they have done like between remember when in this episode just like little drops of stuff? I mean this is the great thing about TV and watching something. That's been on for a few seasons. I always get that the great flutter in my chest when they bring up something from like season two. I'm like yeah I remember because it's almost like you share the memory as well and this being the you know the final few episodes I enjoy this little like lip service to things and kind of confirmation that I mean we knew Tony knew she took the money but even like a step further kind of knew what she was doing with it so and that that bitterness intention has just been growing this whole time basically yeah and in the big fight scene like when she's throwing like Ceramic Sadam and shattering all over the floor at. He's yelling that when I'm gone. You can live in a dumpster for all I care. This is when I'm also really thinking about his zen attitude of few a few episodes ago last part of the first part of the season. And all and you're like yeah. You did a good job racing. That it's kind of like a reboot of his mental state date for your like. Oh Yeah let's actually make him happy so that we can make him horrible again and not happy at all so you know. That's fun to think about in these scenes and it's is also like because Carmella Antonio been pretty all right for a fair amount of time so this is a real reset on that as well. Yeah Yeah and and complete it call back to their big blowout in whitecaps. I mean maybe not as harsh as that but you know almost around the same vein Yeah and then. We have yet in veto junior shooting in the shower I did. I never had showers in school. Luckily it takes showers in school. Yeah Yeah but not these I it would be a bit more separated than this. Usually like. You'd have like more like cubicles but not closed off cubicles but like they're closed off on the sides at least some similarly to like a urinal where you'd have separating things things but they're actually like full separating things if that makes sense. Yeah I mean like we changed Jim but I mean I guess it's because I was in a small town. They were like we're not paying water water bill because we didn't have showers. I can't imagine taking a shower then going to another class like what the fuck is weird. It's a weird thing. How long is your gym class though? or how long would have because I get the impression and again. This is one of those things I don't really know even though I watched one hundred films and TV shows in the US. I get the impression that classes are pretty short. It can fit in a lot of classes in one day in school in the. US In comparison. Does that make sense. Oh yeah I mean I guess because yeah we'd have at least Seven periods I think. So they're probably like around forty five fifty minutes or something like that right so we might especially if you get up to like high school level. Your gym class would be more like one and a half hours or something. So you're actually like getting into it and like we would have maybe like two or three subjects in today sometimes so it makes a lot more sense like you might have gym class at the end of the day an average shower and go home or you might just have one more class after that. It's not like you're going to run around the whole all school after that. So that's yeah we've never had eight things in one day ever. Yeah pack in Bro. He sits in the shower. Our so it's the things that aren't the Tony and Phil talks aren't working or I mean and maybe in a weird way it was working I I mean I guess he's coming from Jim's we didn't have make up on but I mean does that make up on his hairs down. Maybe he's just trying to put his head down and get through the day but of course like like you know people won't let them weird way like he is trying enough. It's bad enough. All the internal stuff he has to deal with an also like everyone is picking on on you because of your Gay Dead Dad. So that's not the best so maybe made would help because people would know about that there but yeah I mean the next thing I think Tony does decide like fuck it. I'm going to cause. Like Francesca the younger sister and everything. What if she ever done and like tragedy and he says he's GonNa do it and like also is like I will never forget filled in? Hell whatever yeah then is Paul e or whoever's like Oh. I'm Never GonNa Forget that you did help. Damn what a great guy and then like two scenes later. He's like you know what I'm GonNa let it right. Well because because the the great thing is he can before he gives her that money could bet it. He'll actually make it back. Be Able to give her the money and probably give he could solve all his problems. uh-huh with this one bat pay cash off the everything's good so I get I get where he's coming from. Good for you Tony. And when he is collecting that money any said something like I don't know this players out of the game or something and Soviets too good to be true. Yes he's still doing it every single by. Ah Great Yeah so in between there we have. Aj getting dumped kind of. Yeah Yeah. He's things a bag with his clothes. Result cited for the Latino Day parade like. It's so it's Kinda sweet. He's got like the flag on his car. he's got the babies. ABC's all excited and then yet blank rolls up. Which I assume at first? She's with some like you know. Kick ass cool dude that's Aj's replacement but they do specify that it's it's our brother and yeah calls off the engagement and you know no parade for you. Aj and no engagement has has great to stand there as well after they drive off in like. Oh all here excited to celebrate this thing and now I'm not even a little bit part of its. Yea All. Yeah Yeah that is genuinely. I mean he was there with his girlfriend's child. It's not like he was there like Just to use a year he was there as a genuine participant and excited about it. And then it's like well not only is your girlfriend gone fiance and the child you basically basically raising their for the past year or however long. It's been this whole cultural attachment thing. You can forget about that as well. You're fucking Guinea. Yeah you go get Outta here you you walk out of the neighborhood so yeah poor Poor AJ and then. Yeah then we have the scene. We're talking about about 'cause Tony's getting some money out of the safe I guess he move some stuff around to get that money for Marie but they get some news about Philadelphia like it's a sure worth thing can't pass it up and that doesn't quite workout so we got to go with this camp for troubled troubled kids. That's gotta be that way to go which I I don't know if they're I mean? Obviously I'm sure they're still thing but I do remember being more of a thing at the time like on like Maury Maury Povich show shows like like these daytime shows. They have here in the states. Because I'm sure you don't get the Maury Povich or Jerry Springer I mean Jerry Springer you must know but for now it's like Dr Phil they would have the Dr Phil says people to the fire. I know that is the farm. Like this. Is the farms probably a nicer version of it but yeah there used to be more boot camp boot camp type versions where it was more like a military style. I mean even going back to bill and Ted's excellent adventure member. They're going to send Ted Ed to military school. I just remember Malcolm in the middle of how the older brother just wasn't around because he'd been sent off to military school. Yes that that is what I think of when I think of all of these situations is Malcolm in the middle and how the older brother was in the military school. And I mean I guess in the to rationalize nationalize one of these places. Even though I don't think it's the best option. Usually they would be used in the in the case of like when a kid is is like fuck you fuck everyone robbing places and you know doing actual crime and terrorizing neighborhoods for whatever reason given. He's probably a better way to help that child but they would be like all right fine. Let's kidnap them in the night and take them to take a ranch and beat them down. Beat you beat him beyond emotionally. Yeah so I want to ask about the scene here with Tony. Carmel up because it's a really nice scene heartfelt from his side where he's being honest and I'm kind of wondering what's brought this on because I can't if this was after he found out about hashes girlfriend. Oh friend it would make sense. But I don't really see what's triggered the change in Tony besides just losing even more money. I guess but he is like he's talking about how he's losing right now and weirdly he refrains the the shooting and says like if you think about it like I should be dead so I think I'm down but I'm actually way up and he actually just uses this gambling terminology to talk about how he actually still lives in a positive place which is weird. Because as I've just been saying all episode about how distant he is from that but he does take that here and SORTA talks about how if he can think about it that way about being up in that away then he doesn't have to gamble anymore I guess but I can't really see a turning event for him besides like to change from this downward spiral that he's been in previously. Besides I guess the big fight with Carmella and everything. Yeah I think it's maybe a combination of natural when you're I mean even though he's the causes ause of that fight I'm sure there's that cooling off period where you understand that you were an asshole and you were wrong And then maybe baby compound that with thinking he does have a short thing and it wasn't a sure thing just baby proving the fact that it doesn't always work out that way Also also the fact that he was gonNA help someone like he took money that he was gonNA help people have a better life with and fucked it up like he really like personally he fucked that up and had to go the the camp for troubled kids route. I think some of those things do put things in perspective and the there is that there is a piece of that. Tony still there where he can kinda he can see that and he can realize it. Yeah That doesn't make sense and there's a I go ahead I'll just GONNA say. There is a quick shot where we see the Muslim guys again at the mosque and Tony's remembering he's remembering bring those news updates about the the contained containers. Yeah he's thinking back Tony on the farm and he's like Oh yeah I remember. How's that was the thing I cared about once? Maybe that's what maybe that. Got Him off gambling now. That could be part of it. I guess I I think he's watching something like that on. TV as well before come rally comes in as well. Yeah I don't know he's watching George Bush or something I don't know but So so there's great lines here. Where colonel says like? I hate how you're acting like. There isn't a piano hanging by a loose rope over your head. Every minute ended up every day and all of that and I don't know he gets into a big picture wise saying that he's actually a way up right now and even though it doesn't really end with a tender moment it's still like you know the different mindset for him and then we got the Hashes dead girlfriend. So that's fun too. You know what Tony's actually watching Ching some sports thing at first so I think he lost another bet gets Carmella comes in the room and quickly changes the channel and then it's George Bush but But yeah and then we veto taking a camp and then yeah then Nada has his girlfriend dies and I I was. I didn't want to bring it up earlier but I'm glad we're on it now because. Let me tell you the running debate in Sopranos fandom where some people think that Tony Secretly Killed Rinat Oughta to get back at Hash for having to pay the two hundred thousand dollars. What do you think about that Jacob? I think there's a lot of really really dumb people out there and whenever you have a popular show like percentage wise some of them are just gonNa Watch it and percents dry some all of them are gonna be on the Internet. That's what I yeah. I mean the thing. I'll give them a bone where it it is a bizarre thing that happens out of nowhere and it's it in the fact the episode ends on it and Migraines gone but you didn't really have migraines at least that's why I was such a good excuse. The Hash is a great liar. Liar because it's real great lies of grain of truth. I mean I guess playing off the fact that that hashes telling her to like lock the door and stuff. I could see the rationale but like the insanity to think that he you know would be able to sneak in and like do a covert part murder and in a way in a way like to. That's what I know. We bring up breaking battle out. It's kind of hard not to but it's something breaking bad would do and I don't mean and and I know that sounds like an insult and in a way Kinda is because it's hard to forgive them with that cigarette pickpocket thing that happened when it was like Hueller whatever took the cigarette and that's how the cigarette like I don't WanNa get too many into the details but they came up with a bullshit. Oh shit excuse on that and breaking bad would have you know walt would sneak in and do a like a little prick of a needle and no-one detected it actually made it seem like it was natural causes or something but Sopranos is never given you that idea that that's the type of show this is so oh yeah it's it's it's insane but I've seen it quite a bit where people get into the discussion on if Tony Killed Renata here I mean that's absolutely absurd just from from several different angles like the character. Angove Tony is busy with other sheds and doesn't care about that. He's like he's way into other other stuff right now. He's busy betting he's like even even if he did like characterize it makes no sense but also tone of the show is is in makes absolutely no sense because it's bras exactly the type of show where some will survive you know multiple gun bathroom battles basically and then just fall over and hit their head in the wrong place and die they'll slip on ice and die It's exactly as diaper show where you'll just randomly like it wants to show you that. Life is random and meaningless in you know in in certain aspects to help you think more about what actually matters in life. So that's why it makes absolute sense that this would happen a EH. I will admit it feels a little bit not not contrived necessarily but it's kind of convenient but it's in the last few minutes just to Kinda end the storyline like that's the whole thing. It's therefore really to sort of make both of them go. There's there's bigger things in life we don't eat to be fighting over these hundred K's and I honestly have a slight suspicion that maybe this was supposed to happen before. Tony has talked with Carmella because it would make so much sense ends to have it as a motivator for him to say these things to Carmella that. Hey I'm still alive. I'm up big picture. Wise like that would make more sense of. It happened after after this but whether it was done in the editing or in the writing I still respect the way that the pieces fall here possibly more because that would kinda that would make the the event of her death feel two convenient because it would have driven the plot so I kind of like the way it plays out. Yeah Yeah I agree and so so yeah there is that kind of the RETU- why Tony finally just gets the money together and pays them. Because it's like well you know the where alive What do you do you? Do you think Tony already made that decision to just handle this debt here. When he's I think it's just because yes Hedged his girlfriend died and Tony doesn't know how to show genuine sympathy and this is literally the least he could do like. It is money that he actually owes them. So it's not actually doing him a favor but at least it symbolizes putting the bad blood between them behind them because he's not going to be fucking around with you know the vague and his Jewish comments anymore. Yeah yeah and it's great because it is it is to the point where now the money is meaningless to both of them them like like he doesn't care about this two hundred K.. At this moment right now. But you're right it's the least you can do. And then he can kind of walk out like Hey. I'm a good guy okay. I paid them back and money. I owed them actually so good bad wraps up the episode for we're we're coming up on it coming up on the end. We set it all at the start. Please do lever view on Apple podcasts. Or your podcast of choice Get US on spotify wherever you get your podcasts and you can also go to shows what you know. L. Dot Com for our other shows such as blank meets blank where we make up a TV show every episode or real history where we discuss historical films and television and what was actually going on in the world time and of course Jim in them dot com for talks about how Jim is slowly descending into a whole all of gambling himself. I you're doing great altro but I mean the disrespect. We're doing right now by not enough. Got Got to put it on the Goddamn body count. I mean of course renata cows I mean character out the episode so sorry I didn't need to get that on the counter so we are at seventy three deaths seventeen walkouts but there's still a few more episodes ago so you know who knows where this Mako so we are and based on Malfa Solta maitum. Tony might be doing the ultimate walkout of actually leaving therapy before we permanently Do the thing you know what thing you do. You know what I'm GONNA say I think there's one thing left to say. Yes before we cut to black.

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158: Hot Chip, horror satire In Fabric, Mark Ronson


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158: Hot Chip, horror satire In Fabric, Mark Ronson

"At farmers insurance. We know the sound of perfect hot air balloon landing and a less than perfect one. Covered quick for more. We are. Them. Underwritten by farmer's truck. Fire insurance exchange center. Affiliates products available in every state. Hello, welcome back to big mouth, home of sophisticated pop Chester since twenty sixteen. I'm Andrea Harrison with me. It's Sean patently. Iron-willed Nancy Sinatra to my worn out and MAC liaison. Hello, sean. How's your week been? It's been busy. Thank you. What's it been busy with your general? Finally, just put those fundings. I was talking about before online so you can get first one in the second one be valuable. They, they can get bro. Dash art dot co dot UK. So the first one is the scene, fry Victoria would Allen Bennett all real interviews. I have, you know, this is folks goals, this is like to Kilfoyle stuff, isn't it? If you were like saga magazine or something. So saga on. Rock and roll song. Wearing it as teenagers. Yeah. But you got what was your favorite moment this week as you enjoy the woman who older, Mariah Carey birthday cake? But Mary Curie one. Instead, it's not wonderful. And they did a really good job. It was crazy. Mary Curie, and then it's got the pink cupcakes round. The which I you know, juxtaposition, fine marie-curie glitter. I think once get James Joyce, on male ty- cows, once because you could get anything you like did I thought that was hilarious fails. Yeah. So, you know them out yet, but I just wonder if there's a discipline physicists and were going, who is this, what when it was by K coding glitter standard like reading, and things like us, physicists, light Maria Carey to absolutely. I think the Marlins be careful when you're ordering your cake definitely Sunday pitcher older post Malone cake, if you'll get Shane macgowan, with is terrible Nashes looking at you. A service announcement before we meet our guests next week. I'm recording the show in the mud and dust of Glastonbury so Sean gets week off on the shoulder with on Tuesday, rather than Saturday, as it usually is, so hold tight for noises office, special guests can grow up him and the true festival spirit ham ham ham, schon whose office guests funny. She mentioned the first of our guest is Richard Benson form editor of the face. Writer for wired another magazines and author of the fantastic books the farm, which is not about the retrain. Hit my Anka's. It's about. Dan's life, and I coach and the valley, one hundred years in the life of a Yorkshire family is all a far cry. From wrangling the likes of the verve, closer, Vinny or the Fujii's for the cover of the face as he did in the ninety s but life does roll on welcome back to big mouth, Richard. How you very well. Thank you. Thank you. Who's the biggest nightmare to get on the cover of the face gods? Must have been a fair few wasn't the, the biggest nightmare. When I think about face covers wasn't about getting somebody onto it was about what we did when we had the photograph, so we had the nightmare once that people often have magazines where in a quiet time of death thing was December with the cover that we had fell through, and we have to get some very quickly and we had a concert with Charlene's Battacharya, Texas fame, who was at that point. Recording with method man. And we said can we do her method mine in the studio, we'll photograph from in the studio, and we'll just have to the best of it. So we did the only get we thought saved the automobile January cover Bill. We cut the pictures. Back and method man was so stone in every single, he's is actually closed. So if you see their cover of I think it's January nineteen ninety nine if you look closely and, you know, you can see these Bettman's, either actually Photoshop Tonto. Any kind of clue in the name method man that he might not necessarily be preside, and bushy. Tailed house night night. Hindsight is a great. I should have spoken out much shelling. Was a little bit fills around the edges. I would you mentioned it the other thing that you can see visibly in the focus that he's basically leaning on Charlotte. So he's like a front. What do you make of the new face? Have you seen the digital seen it? I thought it looked, you know. Fine. They look kind of expecting would and I felt that I've never known a magazine to launch that hasn't six months later slightly just to the self itself out. So I think that this was not sane who negative about where is now particularly, but I, I the sense looking at it. I thought it'd be interesting to see where this is by the end of the year. Really, I've been with the print edition slot because what they do in a print on in, in the summer. Some, some. Yeah. Yes, summer. That means it's a fifteen year period where the face didn't exist. Do you ever think they would have done, what people like anyone house in Stockton, those years out of the face? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, that was that movie because I think that the reality of that magazine may be all old music magazines is that, you know, when in peaks and troughs, so you need to the ATS because the, the, there's a kind of a Lulling the culture, I think that it was covering towards when. ATC when a bit flung than rave, and everything happened to the came by and I think they closed the points. What would it be early two thousands just before Amy wine, household, and stuff in Camden strips, all just bef-? Well destructs had happened by that. But I think there was a real flowering of British pop culture just after the face at close. I think if they'd kept going longer, I did a corporate environment, we couldn't, but it, so I think that there were a lot of people looking back that they would have been really interesting, interesting. So thank you. Stomach goes out, thing Popstars and talent shows. Yeah. Ulcer retains a big mouth this week is Hannah Verdier. She's an escapee from the smash hits reform school. You're dealing goi- now. She writes about TV and podcast, the guardian slides Brown envelope across the table. I how you doing, welcome back. Hello, good to be here. You are on the telly beat. And we thought the next season of killing gave was pretty good books. It's been getting a bit of a kick. And I was like, what's your take on the new is this the time to admit I haven't watched the first one. Yeah. What sats from ninety? Oh, I didn't even want to last episode of the last one, I lost interest that happens. I know it does happen. I what about the Handmaid's tale because that is another one that sorts of as being, you know, it had season two issues, and that season three is upon us. What's your take on on whether going with that one? I think I know because I just think making a show out of a book, it's just where can you go with it? Yes. I mean they created the world. So source of perfectly in the first one and the great thing about the book, is it doesn't try to sell you. The entire story of that universe. It just shows you this don't even little corner of it. And the big things are happening. Elsewhere. And yet, they have tried to sort of turn into a grand overarching grownup hunger games with, you know, logistical content. Kind of thing, it's like they've sort of over reached themselves of. Yes. Sometimes I'm, I'm confused by when they're driving long single onto Gwen Stefani. And I think this isn't quite how I picked today in my head, but then it never will be as as, as the watcher on the wall of telly. Well, all you enjoyed it the minute, what's the best still for the moment? I'll the best stuff I am watching years and years. Well, in fact, I'll come to that later. But also, I'm enjoying really bad. TV on Netflix. Rennie's Elway in like a reverse live indecent proposal called watt. If so bad. It's knowingly bad but it's good. What is it gives it gives the quick sort of a reversal of, indecent proposal, basically say, she's coup going around? So, so is like Queen cougar. And he's got some money to invest and. She wants to invest in a company but only she can have one night with the company owners husband. I think that might full file of, of, you know, company policy HR. Health and say healthy. I know I just the can do that these days, but she does he pulls off. You're gonna wreck your insurance, some terrible legal. Minefield. Is likely the anybody who wants to listen to any other podcast. We believe you're just pumped past bang. I have cast by goose it is my weekly Email bulletin about podcasts because I still think there's a lot of people that say, oh, what's the next week crime when I can listen to? Or where do I even get them word why on? So it's people who've heard it all and people who are just starting out. How how much how many biscuits throughout to give people at the top of the list every week? Well, you know, you're on my, my content plan. Let's just say that nice. What's content plan for the show this week? Well, hot chip mom and dad favorites back with their seventh album of bleep e melancholia and Hans near beats when Alexis Taylor and his colleagues fit into the contemporary, pump landscape and is a full of ecstasy put the radars into rave. We offing announced down to the bone for in fabric, very unusual indie horror movie from Peter, Strickland, director of Burberry and sound studio, and the juke of burgundy. There's address, it's a cursed, and why doesn't Mariana Giambattista just give it to sue Ryder like any normal person would the answers will terrify you and producer to literally, everyone even asked probably hear Mark Ronson finally releases his much previewed album of side, bangers late night, feelings, it's got Miley, Cyrus literally and Alicia Keys on it amongst others, but is then moderate than pop enormous nece. Don't forget, you can get every addition of big mouth a day early my supporting on patron pledge five pounds amounts to help us cover up. Studio bills, the mid price of a pint and you'll get the show as soon as it's ready. Plus the exclusive extra bit just for pets him backers. This week, we're adding to our database of the albums that ought to be force fed young people for their own good, and the ones that ought to be rendered invisible. And unmentionable like stalling did withdrawal came very much like that new puppy and back on the ten pound months to also will not get a free big mouth mug to perfect for a woman Cup of tea while you try and work out. What's new net flicks such patron big mouth to find out more. Let's start the side binders of big mouth with hot chick cynth- wonks connoisseur ravers over emotional, big gales, blouses and all round. Good thing in my book since sightings domino, records and polythene in two thousand twelve experienced a bit of a creative second wind than our festival mainstays, and they dependably mixed the poignant and the avenue it just as New Orleans east to will he wants to sink into a baffle of ecstasy. We're gonna find after this track spell. Richard Benson hit would have been pure face countinent back in the day, wouldn't they dancy chiens with art and fashion connections, British pay? They would have been face cut. Maybe I voted thirty. I'm yeah. And I am this album for me really did for the very difficult to take him somewhere else. And when you thought the they may well have, you know, exhaust their ideas after about twenty years in the game I thought they ate reminded me of a little bit of some, the band's who will also face countinent like boulevard and promise creams come together. I thought you the album is he felt like they'd gone that the follow up on gospel, haven't they together because something more emotional, uplifting. The thing that interested me about this and I'm interested to other people thought about it was the. If I was kind thinking, if you're hot chip, you, you do you have a problem like what do you what do you do? You make new album for me. If the was any she that they had, it was that, you know, the consistently do our ten albums the Everson. Good ever. So technically accomplished never caught is exciting. It's a live show. Is is there a challenge, not to get a little bit more emotion and looseness in into the records? I thought with. If that was something they thought about that. I definitely think that they did it with this. Yeah, it is very kind of it's very emotional. It's not necessarily, but he kind of up by the lapels and screaming, you face it has that, that tone of, you know, it is the seventh album that all in their forties. Now they've been around the block, and it's got that sort of locally mix of experience in Mellon Kelly, the fits really well without see out the house, the approach to, to choose on is a very housi- replicas lows four on most of that lovely, so thing of mass of a hugely isolated baseline that just drums away, while Alexis is very particular voice, which is the benefit and it is, it's quite idiots. He's not a leather alone. Diva by any stretch. It's an indie rock voices name is kind of, you know, deliberately sort of thin on demonstrative and kind of approachable Hannah are you a fanny a hot chip person? Yes, I can't believe is a seven thousand because I still think like that new Bundy like he's my age that I always put on my two thousand nine hundred playlist, but like Richard said, I did think of the beloved during that which made me so no Celtics there, one of my favorite bands, and I really liked what they did with it. I was quite interested to see that two of the songs echo and spell to the really good ones. They started out was Katy Perry record and they they're writing for her. And I could see how she could have been the leather lung diva and made those in something completely different. And I'll be really interested to hear those demos, if she did get on there. I'll be interested to hip, I think I prefer hot ships against this, because the White House, basically colonized American pop music, about three or four years ago. Didn't it that all big? Yeah. Basically EDM with Junes. And with proper singing of that's another lingua franca. To me, it's like just to professional in to, to sort of sleek and clean. You want the great thing about hardship. Is they still felt like a punch away those in, in a homemade studio with plugs and sold Ian's? Yeah, they certainly do, but I think they've just got it right on this. I wouldn't say there's, like, there's not a ready for the floor. There's not a standout single so much part from Hungary, tub maybe yet, but I think it's an album that you really need to listen to. So it's not background music. I think that's what they said about it. They said it's not like escapism. It's you sit. And listen. Let's the holy grail of sort of house based music has been can you make the full complete listen to it at home, as well as when you're jump record on a loads of people reached for that's brass rings where over the years. And everybody was screaming delicate. I think they've done it a couple of times already all Chit record econ, listen to completely and get the full benefit from will this, I think is probably the best one. Yes, it's one of those things where you put their of them's on everyone was put someone in the office is a safe bet that everyone will like his. Absolutely true. But I think yeah, and I think his voice is great. You don't need to you don't need to be the diva on sums like this. And I think it is just really works, Sean, which goes for the, the ecstatic and the opening opening truck, Mr Lewis totally guileless and happy is it harder to make straightforward? No subjects guy, Leslie, happy, honest records, then. So the sounding deep by being dog and weird for its own sake. Yeah. I think it's a difficult task. It doesn't he know. Everybody's is thinking, we don't want to make Brexit music. We'd be depressing. Is there any way that we can do this just going into a minor key or something? And the that that it it's, it's happy music, then you've got these as you say. Very sad. Very deadpan vocals going on. I found it difficult to connect to though. It's very free GM Yankee, which is man sounds quite like is reading a shopping, this, don't listen singing over techno beats, I like that. But I thought they should've gone glossier or. Immoral with it. I found it, too polished, I found it to impenetrable in the end, it was those the glistening hot shit record. We've made it and it's fantastic, but there wasn't any points of entry for me. I just didn't. Maybe it's not Dodson. I'm not sad. Dots. Right. Right. That. I think we're point with dance music is very different. We all post buying are aren't we post. We need to, you know, the needs to be the other layers to it to make it something different. So it just didn't know where it fell or where I fell with it. That's what I like about it. The fact that it's by its own emotional, emotional music, isn't very emotional. Delivered in a low key way with, with the voice that, you know, I know as a fellow big blouse like. Alex's voice. Is that divide the world? It's not it's not a way saying is that there's no clauses in spandex in the wings is there. I it's very so right. But it's quite thin, but I don't mind that, because then you've got Bernard, Sumner and say it has not new order in. Isn't it that juxtaposition really works? What works I sold them all points, east a couple of weeks ago, and there was second headline at the chemical brothers. What you just send Richard about, like, you know, the idea of a bit more Mullah live. They really are like not to the extent that they do sabotage by the beastie boys. I really want to see ethically with no kind of ironic twist. No kind of like a we've made it into a house breath odor. Oh, we've turned it into a sub ballot. We're doing in the country saw, they just do sabotage by the beastie boys and they go book, not. So I'll ever get as well. And to see like them in the, the current stage outfits, which is sort of inspired by the album, cover that Jeremy deller art work and greens and blues, and all that kind of thing hopping around, looking like the cast of. I don't know children's television program going nuts to sabotage was actually Ithaca, one of the greatest things I've ever witnessed on the live stage. But also like that truck. We just listened to spell which is Brown knew that was sort of at the center of the set on this crowd admitted if it was going bizarre because he is it hits all of the I would say that's moving my head for the last two days. So this is a problem with that track though. I don't know whether he's saying failure curse feel your curves. It's easy either. Now. So it's a curse AC though. Well. The question about addiction, but by the words, and is it a full of ecstasy? Or is it a bath full of ecstasy? Well, you know what is it about this on some of the subbing sights on Facebook, if it's full it should be one word with one L? It's bath is a bath full, but actually it doesn't matter, you know. Full of pills. I think if you say a baffle of exit that feels more like a nice relaxing, warm bath, which is kind of winning takes a bath full of now. Hang on. If you say he's a bath full of ecstasy that sounds like the relaxing thing, if it's as a buffalo of XI's that was something you may say get sounds. Yeah. Going for the mall, sort of evocative know thinking. Come on the radio. There is quite a midlife head going on the song positive, 'cause you're washed up on your hated your lied, your rated you've lied. You, you're you despise contaminated defeated isolated. Okay. Thanks, alexis. I'm I'm carrying a lot of. There's there is a you say decide dot music isn't the Bill settling. He's having a crisis. That's hidden. Yeah. She's like he's expunged it with this record a we his psychotherapist. He has a hipster. I think it's I think it's probably expunged house mention Jeremy Taylor, did the cover all on the stage outfits and it's, it's, it's like his, I'm close to work. It's all raps together, peaceful mixture of color, and, but also vague fuzziness around the edges. I really liked that. I think it'll work between together, the strange glowing nipple thing makes me feel bit funny, and not in a good way strange blowing that he had, like, was that point ceased where I saw a picture of him. And he had a yellow overcoat. We, it's sort of like ten. Jacket. Well, you know, whatever twenty-first-century so we basically liked it didn't we? Oh, yes. Oh, yeah. Midlife dodd-frank midlife crisis. Right. Okay. Time for change of musical time, we always ask our guest of bringing a tune full the listeners that editor's recommendation, if you will. How Verde apparently you've got a ho- open coming act that you want to promote people ahead of that. But she's quite new to the scene. Her name's Madonna. Okay. Right, here, I gather cease from America Roussum thing, she's got new album out, and she's a new character. Madame x the like and the summer chose news. Crazy. That is another one could God controlled his amazing on this album, which are tightening has been with a single so far. But this one jumped out at me, because it's the kind of thing, it really seats voiced and a voice handle it with different on it equally. It could be a little mix on, I think I just think she's dealing with because he's probably try a bit harder now than she used to Jesus a little bit on the back foot. How'd you think she's dealing with it? I think she's always had to try harder. If we look at her output over the is I think you look at hanky-panky she's had album. She's a down Ovum's I think sticky and sweet was a bit of a difficult period. But then when I think I saw on the tour and nothing. She did it came alive. When she up to the ba- formed, it live to be with all those della dumpers, most people's career, high isn't it? Okay. But everyone always says, she's down the dumb. She'll come with something different. And I would say she's got so much flak for being sixty. I keeps being repeated and repeated repeated just give her a break. It don't do about other artists. I was so conscious of not mentioning the sixty thing or her age, because it doesn't who cares horrendous. I think the amount of ageism. Absolutely. Let's listen to this. This is crazy by Madonna at stop the ages, and people. Wait is going to be the vast nut. Our you. Slim along timely. Thing that, how was not an will Yun now. I'm just way too much. Hansel Amazonas student. Just. Good. But if you think I'm foolish, and you will only fool me once. Is long? You. We've coming up in polish, and you keep on trying to do it baby. On you because you. Now, if you look, big mouth, you'll enjoy another of our podcast, be, though, with Dali loudspeakers where we celebrate the stories behind the great recordings in collaboration with Donny who make incredible audio files. Speakers based on top performance. I'm beautiful Danish design. There's a new episode out now, featuring former Mojo at it's a poll Trinka talking about the history of the strato Kosta, and big mouth, regular Kate Hutchinson on the pros and cons of borrowing from the music of the Middle Eastern Africa. Here's a snippet of poll choosing. His favorite production of all time said be they with Dolly on your favorite podcast app to get the full show and don't forget to subscribe, what is your choice for the best produced song time. You choose a really simple song was his shipbuilding by Robert Wyatt. And I think that's a specially beat full because Elvis Costello did his version was kinda Quentin nasal an enrollment Wyatt. Sworn was so laid back on, there's not too much on is mainly just Pinot and, and string bass and then robot Wyatt's very fragile voice in. It's very hard to. To blend. Those sounds together and have them will come through. And this was really right in the middle of the punk era. And is somebody he was sold as a new wave some writer in that the song was written by Elvis Costello, but it's just so sonically perfect kind of very straight piano, and string bass in the try, you cannot, you just feel the air from the string bass when you pluck a no. You don't just get straight sine wave. You actually get hidden hit by Japan. You comes through in the records. Very beautiful. A new winter. Jeez. Boys, both Justice. Spread. A taste of the be their podcasts. They're set your favorite podcasts dot will be there with Dali and don't forget to subscribe. Right. It's Richard Benson stanza. Choose at for is what we got for all about this is are a record by a kind of breaking through been Grima, Torino, equally artists called most stock. I'm he an on this record. He's got Dave, and Jay who's, and he's, he's really he's great. I think he's a bit like as almost an kind of late nineties Eminem in the is doing that slim shady thing a little bit. There's a lot of persona of slightly pleasant person. And he doesn't really do interviews in in person himself. He just all these publicity photographs or just him with that massive. So Parker thing where you can receive face through a load of through the Gallagher basically. Yeah. Yeah. I, I think you'd probably. This. The truck is called stinking bridge and, and it's, it's just it's like one of those big summary record where you can imagine him onstage at festival, I just got brilliant, sing along call and response chorus and it's you know as as funny and it just feels a little bit like north London. Two thousand nineteen. It's I think to a large reservoir of hip hop songs about money. Yes. It's not an original subject has to be sent an equally. Unusually features a man who was not successful. Now we successful and you know is enjoying the fruits of now. But some, but I am yet he's found an original twist say, and there's, there's a genius. Oh man. But I love this one that's ever. Listen. This is most likely stinking rich. One is more for China flowers, Bokan through the books price could that lineup goes another goes online? Let's open up about if no one's touched. For some jealousy. Some cancel outfits that will come to you, cancel your houses. Will you? He was a bad was not about getting. I would give fuck up back unique is the enemy is kind of telling me, I'm not out, moving on quite comfortably. The strangest movie you may see in the next few weeks in fabric from director, Peter Strickland of the burgundy and barbarian sound studio notoriety as high concept as it gets haunted, dress kills people. But beyond that, it takes in everything from hammer horror HAMAs to retail Sutter to scoff folk in horn tala. Judy is any good will you fear? The ladies outfitters department forever. More is a bit of the trailer. Purchaser horizon. Just look in the hesitation in your voice soon to be an echo in the recesses of the fears of retail. The thrust is your image onto what you project. Lenny, Lucien, just guy date, attempt nominee wear, this kind of thing. T- to accompaniment. You. I think some things the death threats tell me a skit for tress. Cryptic. Two PC's. Nice in the sales. Just address. In fabric, AK get possessed by the dress. This is very much in the dishes of hammer and psych Amana, even the titles and typography is knowing teen seventy two and its executive produced by our faith, Ben Wheatley. The setup is divorced. Bangkok Sheila is looking for a man in the old fashioned way. Postal dating must be set sort of in the eighties. Maybe we're never quite sure she's surrounded by nagging. Visions of sex, not least with her son becoming increasingly active striking girlfriend played by Quinlan Christie, but in parallel storyline. There is a strange setting up of a winter sale in a department store that looks a little like Dennis weekly savant. Hannah Verde, we ever one of the eleven o'clock, hammer horror movie on the suspect night. Oh, definitely not. This is the I don't watch horror. I don't watch my concept stuff. I'm a trust TV person, but I watched this, and I must say absolutely loved it. I think it was beautifully stylized. I loved Myron Giambattista and I thought she was amazing. And so, watch -able. Am I loved the gorgeous seventies color, and the sexy mannequins and the feeling that you could buy a better life with the dress, and then you can't? And then it's gonna come for you in the night and your hands off. Yeah. I just I was mesmerized by a really was. It's from Paris less Bosa CNA, isn't it? Yes. What did you think of it really sets up atmospheric? We get an idea. This is very much. Not two thousand nine nineteen nine. This is a seventies eighties social. Yes. Almost time walk, but very much true to that. Yeah, I think it's hard to put a time on it that she's circling ads for a new husband in a newspaper. And also the mannequins pubic hair kind of gave bit include. The timing of it. I think she actually really refreshing. I think that was one of my favorite. Nice a weird. But it's exceeded spoiled say, what are the cool things about it is the stole that she visits is staffed by these bizarre. Women who looked like monster is. They are. They're essentially sort of Transylvanian matriarchs with insane giant had, like, so they got of you know, we've got gotta elven was Dracula. And they have this, this sales process is just brilliant. Isn't it because these speaking, this beyond stylized, instead of saying, this dress will suit motto. This arrangements of fabric will create a prison Matic resonance for your future romantic, and then and Maron Jumba because I gotta in small. All of this, as well as being Gloria horrible. It's really funny, isn't it? Yes. Vivian saying. Some of the quotes now online, which is good. I mean, the, the main amiss luck more is the main shop assistant. She says did the transaction validate your paradigm of consumerism, and she has voiced she's straight from Hama European women isn't she? Yes, she has. She's actually, I believe a Romanian actress because she. But berry in such can be as well. She's amazing. She is amazing Michigan. What do you make of this? Do you know I, I dislike problem with this, but it was as probably Mike problem rather than the film's? Yeah. So I was watching the scene that I think you are leading to the pubic hair. Spoiler to save is a very strange film by the shop assistants have solve sex with, with the mannequin right denting. Yeah. Yeah. I'm I'm about point. My I was working on a computer that put my wife walked. Rich. He's for words. Literally. Boy. So then what talking about they said, I'm going to be honest. I, I don't know if I'm going to talk to this on a show where the with, with women on this seems to be a scene of the something to do with, like the objectification of women sexual in two thousand nine hundred I don't know what I feel like it's not for me to make a decision. I, I didn't like but I, I didn't I thought it was a book. He doesn't know what to say. So, so I'm some hates tell you that I don't know what to say. Malone thinking that was I'd have is a strangely warps least sexy seen. Am I wrong? It's very well, I think I think I thought it is, both Obst because it's a film, absolutely suffused with sex, isn't it? And then it's about the sexual desire of retail isn't it the women who worked for the shop, beckon people in at the start of every day, literally and physically beckon people in enormous cost a spell to get them to buy these. Seventies clothes old might there was an absolutely connection between fashion and sexism dressed stressed to be sexy. We dressed address date barriers. Joe, Joe buck CC's older woman. She's like a great performance conscious of the fact that maybe she's not peaceful. She was, she's being outstripped by, you know songs, gutless astonishing girlfriends, whose, whose mazing amazing horrible. Amazingly played. She plays. It's a fitness both about sex, and can be sexy, but also very weird and disturbing at the same time. Now, did anyone notice fun fact Barry, Adamson, second date? He is brilliant. Barry Adamson from out of pop fame yet, from former bad seat. What are you, what a great took invoices goes, well, actually. She did not everybody round the table fall in love with him. And wants to get on. Address. That's why like. Voucher. If we show the put. In this film are incredible. Deals are incredible. And if you go save at the city me, you won't be able to do what I was able to do with at least kind of digital screen, which is freezes at the moments where we're looking at the newspaper from page or a small detail in the catalog because the capital of plays a huge relative and you see the dress has been worn. Previously by the brilliant said. Competences as an name. He was in Bogan. He's in a lot of a lot of Strickland's movies or at least one of those movies, and you say, little tiny dealer, the Catholic is it color to regret. Paper from pages as well. I've got these incredible detail. Like one of the, the club is plays a role in the storyline Zinzan's. It says Tuesday, Mr. meet night. Oh, an older than us all in the, in the fictional town of Thames Valley on Tam. In the real world. No, you're not critic thing of all the phones are ancient bake lite jobs built the sun appears to be from now with this modern haircut. And then. Busca. I mean you know he could get away with being late eighties eighties. The what are the interesting things about it is you think you're entering the fantasy strange world of this demonic department store for the more you see if the Ri supposedly real well, that's rounded. It is bizarre. I mean we haven't talked about Jillian Barrett. Steve Steve, Laura as the. The Bank were marriage overseas. Which is itself, a circle of how others act Julius circle of Hal behind them as they're giving renders performance review. Yes. So it's not just a subtle, it's not just the performance the department. So he's a gateway to hell. It's where it a very strange world. I which to me I could work out. Whether while I was watching tells don't expected, you know, with today's bullshit, and music or whether I was watching kind of Dennis Wheatley does inside number nine, I loved, it brilliant, which is really, really cleverly it, it didn't the filmed as well as he, he unsettles eaten so people speaking in different registers. So the shop assistant almost I've got fashion, speak or saw psychology expert, speak that you've got the what seems like naturalistic Diallo with, with, with, with the family, then you've washing machine guy who speaks like attack technical of a catalog or something like that. Cool run speaks as well. Yeah. And, and. What you buy, it's kind of a mixture of dream psychology and naturally meme, so, by the time you get into the last third of the film, you, you, you don't quite know where to place now, and the central dreams, politic, because they keep saying in this very strange arranged this, this very strange phrase. It gives our had a sleeping dream. Airing kids, quite, twin peaks in that respect. I really, really loved this film for the first half. I just thought this is my street, and it's really similar to Beverly left Lynn, greasy, strangler prevention. There's a whole swathe of UK filmmakers, making really bizarre films for no money. I think the movement it's really, really good. But it fell apart for me when it took it out of sheila's story, who is Mariangela, but teeth and took it someone else's story, which run speaks and his first of his life with the dress nice thought it could have stayed with her, because it was much stronger with her, and it's almost the narratives as two stories, and I thought, well, we can sit for me. I would have rather, it would have been her story all the way through the great, but it was a little bit Peter Greenaway in that respect in that, but messing with the form of cinema as well. Your intake yourself. I think I know why I am. I'm in the middle of the second neck. You know you somewhere else and that not only has the dress, kind of corrupted the sort of private lives, and, and sort of comfort of the this, but it's also corrupting cinema is breaking the phones of pieces. You know, don't matter. Yeah, it's bettering the thing I thought, I liked, but it's just great that individuals scenes images of the dress, just hovering in places where it shouldn't hover at also the kind of film treatment the immensely, kind of, you know, degraded videotape field of it. And the music by caverns of antimatter I would go and see Viggo Kevin's events about your wanna stereo up. Okay. Just as intensely oppressive idea sort of old technology on old culture in decay. He's, he's really interested in music isn't he wrecked directly. Yeah. Didn't it was the did you Kuboki was was the blackout the horror? His I is this up on Sundays, Sundays, and is it I. I think so. And then was under the first one was nest with wound to maybe I don't know what you housing. So I think he's, I think he's done collaborations there in a sound studio is about sound isn't it needs about this of oppressive world of a guy of Foley artist do, basically sound sort of figuratively begins to destroy him? But yeah, I mean, it's, it's really musical in that respect on musical in the album's God, since you know, this is it. It's like very radio. Three late junction very broadcast. Very warp records, very Brooke films. Who are you know, they associated with warp so on giants. It's also very blue gem I thought very much like featuring plenty germ thing. Yes. See you, sir. Yes. Blue jab. All you being served was going to sue. I was going say it was the only one who kept thinking of you being the old guy on FM. Oh, you're being served. It's, it's middle European vampiric Transylvanian. I could watch this film over and over. I'm get good. Lord. Good lord. I know what's more of his other films because I've missed missed them. I also thought this is what it would be like if you made a length fish of the tomorrow, people title, sequence Jeb both of the listeners that thing animated black and white pictures doing strange little throw. Got me. Would you recommend it Hannah? Definitely one more thing about Sheila I was really reaching for her. So if there's a sequel I won't wash I want. Yeah, every hour of her life. I'm feeling it while the beautiful thing about it. Is it explains nothing both closed and completely open ended? So you absolutely I want to see a sitcom say in this store. We haven't mentioned the young young, Mr. grace, captain peacock, the who looks like something out of impressionistic German sediment, from the one male member of staff stocks around, like Dr Bussereau all shock headed pizza with his long fingernails. That is kind of and his spoiler here. He's deeply uncomfortable. Nice. Depiction. If only you could see Sean pitching, the top of this, right? Yeah. He's a strange, I would say about recommendations on because of that saying, I would not recommend it to anybody who might be internet dating now and is looking for a good first date move, Jeff. In any sense, unless unless listened to Halloween. Yeah, I work for somebody I'm giving it I'm giving to films up to. Long fingers. Janati navigation. Let's move on. Right. Finally Bucknell changing mood, finally Robinson has been through the mail since the death of his partner, Amy wine house, eight years ago, those produced everybody from doing leaper and ceelo green to Durant around and queens, the stone age and always worked with lady Gaga is credited with actually change in the direction of pop. He has been prayed to self self-doubt crisis of confidence in the guardian. He told friend of the puck yester- Alexis treatise that he couldn't even make one of the biggest things of the century uptown funk without fainting vomiting, and starting to lose his hair his album, late night, feedings has been a long and painful time coming. What's it like we're going to just go after the title track? Call three many capital late mode. Feelings. Ask myself questions. It tells me. Does. Cates. Now how did it? Yeah. You especially Cain the week over this. What, what, what do you love about this project in particular? I'm ron. Oh, oh, where do I start? I just think the whole concept of the, the saddle boom, I'm really appeals to me, an especially coming. So you Stephen after uptown fungus. Well, I think he said that was hard to make this was easier. Yeah. And I love the fact that he's got everything, and then he's been through this heartbreak and he's going to write about it, but will say the way that all the songs have been kind of tempted out, you still see with Miley, Cyrus nothing breaks like a heart. I remember the first time I heard that I was like, what the hell is this? I think I might hate it. And then it was a grower. And then he's really single by single in a in a very eeking outweigh. And everyone, I think for me gets better think when I heard late note feelings, the one, we leaky Li I think that's amazing. And then the community Cabello wasn't find you again is to not liver two and a half minutes. And it's, it's just got everything you need. Like a modern pop song. It's incredibly super crafted, isn't it? The, the kind of sound world is really Catholic put together. It's kind of it's, it's quite a second time in the show fuzzy around the edges. It's kind of in sort of intermediate focus very midnights e very kind of breathy vocals. It's not that, but he of clicked clean thing. He's been known for in the past. Not at all. I wonder if that reflects his mood Buso, he doesn't always go for the biggest east go, mostly female voters on here. But it doesn't always go for the biggest and I don't think ever since he started. I think here comes the first, which I was reading didn't sell very many just weird great records. I feel like those when the biggest albums the I own strangely, but he's got like king Princess, who is one of his and Yeta, who's, I think going to be big go just at the right time before she gets totally edge share, and yeah. And I think yet the people that he's chosen but for maybe my Leonelli CK's aren't the most famous of people, but they. Their voice is really, really suit. The songs I got the feeling from this, it was a sort of a Frank Sinatra in the wee small hours of the morning for the Bengals generation, this is sitting in your in you sitting in the hotel room with glass of whiskey on your own. Because of the welcome. There's nothing that and I want to. I mean I wonder what it sounds like people who were massively happy. I did have that thought, like if it's a heartbreaker record. What if you don't heartbreaking? What's that sound like fortunately, I don't know. But for the rest of the world know you might you might be like, oh, stop buying on about there. It is quite your rock, as well as shame shamefully sleek and clean an big, and it's quite an achieve record. You know, there's nothing ramshackle of Al this. Yes. Dour who'll coming in with it. Absolutely richard. What did you say you will have you have you been have you been following Ronaldo's career and thinking about what is signifies a her because? When when Amy wine houses released, a second album, I interviewed her phone from an I spent a fair amount of time with her and him in the recording studio. And, and he seemed like it was up very difficult plunk where you could begin to send something was going to go horribly wrong 'cause she was visibly Messier it she was all off the hook. You know and had dance was around. He thought if really if it's him between her own disaster, then then that this doesn't look good. I'm the one person around who you thought it's good that she is with was once I've said, I, I thought it was a very nice bloke, and very aware of the business, but we without seeing me cynical, lebowski. So he kind of knew what she needed to, and he knew what you needed to do with, with records to, to make them work, which I think, so when you come to this album, you can say. It's not cynically, so. But he's very thought through is yes. I mean he's about it. He's, he's in this tradition of the great sort of New York London Jewish songwriter producer for whom it's a craft what also it's a legacy. It's a thing that you'll part off, you know, that you can look back on everything from ten pound alleys through the Brill building all that stuff. It's a tradition. And he seems to understand that and take it. You take the business of making pop throwaway things very, very seriously. Yeah. I think he I think he really doesn't. So that's why you get the pacing on the Israeli even though it's. The funniest got different thing than something to. So distinct I e. I wasn't say a little bit like almost like Spotify playlist route than the Qahira an album at times. I did I wouldn't it that I don't know relief by the end of felt like I've been on a journey with the right way to make a record now. Because people listen to playlists. Yeah, I, I had the same when the Madonna album Pasha, but I thought the these fields like a collection of songs is a big jump between songs in terms of casing and until bless not necessarily a bad thing. It's just I think maybe that's where we're out now with, with albums. So with this, I thought that the stuff that really stood out was was the least the less expected. So when it became a bit more surprising. So when you got that this, this really funky track with, with Yeta that kind of comes comes in the middle and not, not not, and then an officer the Miley track which comes out, which I think he's amazing. Again, you know disco who me, well, that's the that's the strangest thing, isn't it because, you know, because Ronson I've in sort of reactivated sixty soul with, with, with Amy White House, in, in the mid Nolte's is kind of been Paul of this going to Britain turning country and pop music again. Doesn't as of what's the Taylor swift kind of got to the very edge of it. He managed to bring it kind of bring your own. We lady Gaga. Shumba recold. Well before I listened to it, I wrote down marks and Spencer has music, just to remind me of what I thought before I listened to it. And then after I find him really difficult to warm to because of gloss because. Yeah, this is heart rate record, but he is so untouchable. And he marries supermodels, and he has this, let me know he has happy show. Yeah. Dayton. See any needs. The red dress. Him to see that fan. I think he's, he's gone out with a supermodel. Am I still finding many difficult to warm to oddly resonated with me that mercury Rev record that goes talked about a few months ago in the getting the female vocalists into a moat because obviously has a problem with the molting and he you know, he he's not a singer? So there he's always got the creative block of how do I get what I want to say out through other people and it can mean that you get very, very cold album because you've got singer saying one thing, and the musician and producer doing another? I still find it difficult to warm to. He's some of the tracks are great. And I say, I prefer the mo- hip hop stuff, something leaps out and isn't that cocktail jazz stuff that he does end the marks and Spencer of New Jersey is a difficult sell for me. It really is. Because he is just so. So glossy in so pages of Harper's bazaar, I know I, I really want to him. And I think he brings out the best in the women involved with he's writing for the more encouraging them to write for themselves. But also in terms of you said, Richard about Spotify. He does that really wise thing of a playlist of short songs. And also he doesn't bother with any intro. This is my new obsession something straight in there. You wouldn't get a blue Monday intro, you wouldn't go. Don't see is for us. But for this generation now he's, he's too, and who's listening to this album. He is hit. Exactly right. You're gonna end up with salsa twenty seconds long. Exactly. Ringtone world, but that's not for us, but he's not probably making it. I, he's, he's hinting exactly what's in right now because this is talk a lot about modern about what pop music site right now. And he sees himself as a kind of an older guy, making pop music for older people. He sees as know music, but people in the thirties and forties. And he's moaned on about the over compression of everybody else's pop and the fact that the song right is production line of the fact that it's got nothing to say in his own weird way he's a captain real music. He's having these the Mojo of pop music songs show. An instant does, of course, make it but I mean, I'm thinking about I was thinking back to Motown windows is into this, and that such, I mean, I know his borrowed quite a lot from there over the years. But it it's just instant an also you don't have to is into a million times, the first time I heard late night films. I was like, oh my God. I love it. Union busy lifestyle. Killed the things I. Twenty-first-century Barry, white meats tropical house, things like that. I mean I like the fact that the, the, the vocalists are the not brands that just ways and you don't know them, yet that kind of feel like you'll host to the world of into the world of Rondo, I do think it's sort of disintegrates a little bit towards the end into just jerick big ballot. And I did wonder I mean, I think it's presenting a kind of a world of feeling rather than actually saying anything very few these narrative songs. But that's the way it pop now, isn't it now is your songs are old people like me like you under proper story does. Yeah, they're not just kind of recollection of swatches of failing and generals, and that's absolutely fine at it is a little bit more expensive music. But then can we really criticize Muslims business? Visit what meal the sandwiches? You know. I liked the feelings. I think. The whole story. I just like how he's feeding it to that. That's over that issue, not is yes. Getting off a feeling having to tell the story he's having a go. I don't think I would rush all. As a matter. Of course, the whole hit record is to me, kind of because I am miserable. Middle aged middle age Ravea. Doug gave chips it in the spot for me. Both both making stop buying a music pursuits. Pursuits. It's quite interesting because divorce album. It's not really a break upheld divorce albums bitter and spiteful really. I think. Really? No terrible in like it's. This is for another time. Can we do? That's a good idea that will be sort of somewhat tempting fate. Stay tuned for that one listener anyway. Yeah. I'm giving late lot failings at cautious, you know up. I gave them the film a couple of thumbs up. Yeah. I broke out. Broken out. Worldly. We liked it. The it's quite good, but I think that's its problem broadly. I quite liked to play find you game five times a day. And, you know, I might listen to it twice a day in its entirety of got no strong feelings. So. So here we go. Right. We're almost at the end of the show, and that means closing time chef how will I guess we try to take buck runs his mind off things as they share a lukewarm sexual in the beach? Yuck. What are you what, would you be taking run since my with? Oh, no. Okay. Yeah. Years and years. Oh, yes. Russell t Davis is absolute nine pm masterpiece wraps up this week with a finale episode, that's just stayed with me. And you might name from Cuevas folk, you might know from cucumber, you might even know him from doctor who, but he's set up. His Manchester firmly in a story of how their lives change personally politically over fifteen years into the future is cracking cost is go, Russell tovy Emma Thompson is the prime minister, eventually hosmer spoiler, Jessica Hynes and last night's episode came just after the Tory leadership debate, and there's a, a lovely monologue. Unreal. The matriarch the granny comes out with about why didn't we do anything trying to change the world fifteen years earlier? She just comes out with beware. These men, the joke is the clowns they will lead law office, all into hell. And that's kind of stayed with me. Because future is, of course unrest. Emma Thompson is we've rook this very populist. Prime minister and there's death comes for immigrants is just a world of hell. But you can kind of see how a move in there. That's right from this week. That's not good. A chair Mark Ronson. Oh. Oh, okay. We'll go to Plumbly but it is, it's definitely with. But yeah. Richard. What's your closing song, Chester? Well, I won't share Ronson of either. Mike closing some chatter is based on the Noel Gallagher's interview a few days ago where he rated people who were complaining about Brexit even though he himself didn't vote and it was kinda clear from the tone that he was taking it was. Using the traditional no position of, you know, you so the get get you don't know what he's like outside London, if you get it get, and everybody in Britain's the losing Mehta Vail. Yes. Exactly. And that just feel this is I think we we've I've mentioned that on the show before. But they the these kind of. He's a very common thing that happens that way you get people who live in London who are free cozy nice lives in London. But he'll constantly telling people that they need to get out of London to understand what's really going on the rest of the country, I think, Nigel Farraj seconds, typically, example, where he organizes a March in the north side in the northeast. And then, you know get gets back to Linda vicinity Ken, you Tony policies, Diana, the, the Brexit party, and p Klay FOX is a lot of this. I didn't get the constantly, Tony that if you live in it within twenty five, and you do not support Brexit, you don't know what the rest does it from the city of. Yeah. Joe Harris actually does get out and won. This round goes to witness and scab. Those talks enough in fines things that don't really fit Fitna agenda, this, this year for a product, I've been work. I love being outside London. Quite a lot in, in Yorkshire in an area the Brexit, and I find the people's ideas about it quite mixed. I'm not quite a lot of people who approve, but he just because Simone is an area votes. Sixty four to leave something like forty percent of the people that are going to probably going to be against it. So it's a nonsense. Say what I didn't vote. It popped up and said, there's nothing worse than somebody going. I didn't vote. I'm going to tell you. Liam telling you this Danny Dyer of pop music. He's telling you, you know. It's a one genetic Shaun, what's your clothes aren't telling well, Facebook launching their own currency, which they tried to do before it failed. But there's a new one called libra, which sounds like something a woman might have to go by. The time of the month. Offers Bono's millions album, whether he'll be investing in libra him. What will be spending on is Lieber going to be the Spotify currency, it may keep by Maria Carey songs, and not Estevan a newborn. I can say that name. Lee breath. I think of anything worse than saying. Yeah, I'm gonna go to a data giant that he's trucking my every movement, anything I do and say and everywhere quizzes. Find out what I read. Yeah. I'm monitoring me and profiling and using air to discover what where I talking market things, then going, you know what I'm going to give you charge it. My spending as well. So you can see what I spend my money on as well as you can actually tell wash my moment what it was about trying to predict it. I'd also what if I want to buy things that are not necessarily going to fit, you know, the, the precepts of a feature government, which decides it say interested in knowing more about about the population. What if I live in what am I in India? Or Malaysia China. Bobby live in Australia with an authoritarian government. This idea that Facebook wasn't set out with an ideology, and this is a big problem about tech an ideology and forward thinking they're claiming that libra goals. It's going to be for people who you know, are unbreakable don't have Bank accounts is going to help people in Jerry's for people who stuff notes under the mattress. I'm so suspicious. It's a yeah. You can type that onto anything you say, all of this stuff, and we are all in it. We have, you know, Spotify, we have Facebook accounts, you know, we have Twitter all of us. Here at complicit in this thing in as much as we don't want to be I just think I hope it's an enormous disaster as well. I think just as well. Tech as well but it's much happier. I'd like I'd like that. When the Pakistani politicians did the press conference on a very serious issue. That'd be left to filter on. The streaming periscope was gonna make this Facebook live Snapchat. So the, the they call it. You remember what the policy announcement was beginning minstry series policy knows what's going to in Pakistan, and they've got cat is cat knows his cat whiskers stick it on. And I thought that tells you pretty much everything that says everything you need to know you don't need to work years and years. It tells you everything about society, where we are today and yet don't get libra, just put account filter over. Snoop one of our companion podcast. Romania one wanted, the listeners of Facebook said the only thing that's making the Tory leadership. Postings bearable is snap shot filters. They were holding the photo TV giving a Dominic Robb, googly eyes and making Jeremy hunt. Look like a Viking, making Michael go f- look like. Human. Is so yeah. Give it a go. Anyway. That is the end of the show. Thank you, sir. Richard Benson for coming in, and I won't podcast you're bigger punk ass bangers part from obviously. Oh, yours. Yes. Oh, there's a new Malcolm glad without season. Four, I think is revisionist history where he takes exempt get into law school today. Yes. Good for him, Richard. What's your next writing excitement? Let's your less exciting thing. I'm doing a book moment about nature. So I'm going to, to Bristol to talk to lots of people who are doing nature in an environment. All right, and your nature while it's the. Yeah. And these guys are gonna stick around for the extra bit where we're gonna be choosing more albums ought to be on the national curriculum on mobile ought to be taken out in the time stream entirely. In the meantime, thanks for listening from me, Sean, and producer. Sophie, black. I'll be here next week at live from Las and rituals gonna have a week off. We'll see. We'll see together in two weeks time. Billion wrestling podcast. There is a shining store with great interviews at Dallas since music and back Q on total engagement podcast by forms. Listen.

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Ep. #48 - George Gilbert, Tony Sands and a surprise visit from Rexann

Beach Talk Radio

58:37 min | 1 year ago

Ep. #48 - George Gilbert, Tony Sands and a surprise visit from Rexann

"The. Podcast network. Those voice of Florida. Good morning, everybody. Welcome to each talk radio episode number of forty eight. We are live and four. Action next show today. Tim is going to be today. Joy this year. We also throw sales. We have lots to talk about next week show very special show next week. So dear take it away. That was quick introduction today. Yes. Thank you for joining us today. George gilbert. Thank you so much for having me. Yes. We're so excited to have you here. And you ended up coming on after Ed saw you perform down here not too long ago. Is that correct? Yeah. That's correct. All right. So tell us a little bit about your variety show. My name's George Gilbert performing as the pineapple, man. It's a trap comedy a tropical themes comedy magic show. That's just all about. Good vibes and having fun. You'll see me do anything from sleight of hand. Magic juggling and just kind of humorous buffoonery in playing with the people. Now, that's something that my husband engages in a lot is buffoonery. It's not all Louise humorous, but you know, we have lots of that going on. So where else have you performed besides for Meyer speech all over the country and in Europe abroad, Canada all over North America. And that's pretty much. It Europe is fun because you get to go. You get to do a lot of countries. Okay. Yeah. I just do fairs festivals and some street performing, and what is your background? How did you get started in this, and how long have you been doing it? Well, my background. I was born in Baltimore Maryland. Okay. At the age of zero. And I thought you were gonna tell us the year like, okay, an eight years leader, I turned eight because that's how linear time works, right? And when I was eight years old, I got a book from the library about Harry Houdini. And that's what sparked the whole thing. Houdini was the big in space, and then it was like magic specials on TV like David Copperfield and stuff like that going to see him live, and it's really weird. Because like when you're a kid, and you say like, oh, I wanna be this. When I grow up I wanna maybe a contains like every week. But for me, like the first thing I ever wanted to be was a magician. And now that's what I'm doing. I mean, I've had real jobs. Right. But this is it this is my life's cut out for me. So so how old were you the first time you performed I was say. The performed professionally like where whereas it was like this is what I'm gonna try. Well, no as as a kid like when did you start all the time all the time for friends and family, just all the time? So you were like your parents, free entertainment. Exactly, we we have guests over Georgia's gonna do a magic trick for you. And so is there other than reading books is their formal training that goes into this profession usually other other performers and entertainers, we can learn learn from each other other magicians, especially in in magic the art of magic. Okay. That's very important to have a teacher. So it's sort of through internships or mentor ships. Okay. Yes. You know in the. I mean nowadays it's like everybody thinks you can just kinda like look on YouTube and learn right thing not necessarily true like the real secrets are really passed on through through internship like you said apprenticeship, right? And so who were some of the people that mentor you? One one of my mentors is a man by the name of Jimmy Jimmy talks a lot who is a kind of like a clown character, but very good magician. There's been other guys like magician by the name of Eric Evans. Jim Shalini rest in peace. Who is a student of a great magician by the name of Toni slighty ni okay? Sliding sliding. And so what are some of the what are some of your favorite tricks? I mean, I know you're famous for the pineapple trick which is a slight of hand trick not to give everything away. But mostly sleight of hand, I do allusions to actually have a partner working on a big illusion together. Her name's Brittany Stephens, aka Britney, sparkles and Britney is with us today. Yeah. Lean in here. Brittany. You gotta get way in here. And so Brittany what do what kind of Luzinski? Do you do tell us a little bit about that? I'm actually professional circus performers. First time doing allusions and what I'm converting her. And what do you guys have planned not to give it all away? So it's. It's a very fair. We just pulled her in so prep time take on old illusion. So remember how I said Harry Houdini. He's like my big inspiration kind of invented this illusion called the metamorphosis, okay, which is getting a woman getting inside of a box and changing places with the performer, and I kind of have like a new take on the we're gonna we're gonna try to do not to give any surprise. You don't want to give too much away where are you planning to debut this possibly or have you? That's the thing is we're building a we have a small community here, and we're trying to build our community. And we're trying to let people know that we're here. So, you know, we can we can just let people know that they can book us, you know, whether it be a hotel corporate event of private party. We're here. So no, no set plans yet on on where we're going to. I know you say about letting people know that you're here, but I've seen some of the crowds that you've drawn. So a lot of people you you pull them in very easily at least in the street performing arena. So I think a lot of people do now now is wondering have you had any really difficult people in the audience sort of like when someone's doing a comedy show, and they get someone who they just can't. You know, get through or have you try not to really focus on that. If somebody's being difficult. They're just kind of focus on on the rest of the audience and play to the audience that I know is having a good time. So I don't really focus on. We haven't had that did negative. I just take the negative outs and move on. Now. What about have you ever had any snafus with any of your tricks or a quick -ment? Is that a? It's gonna happen. And you just I'm sure you just roll with it. Yeah. That's the thing is just a human and things. And and it's it's comedy really do magic. And I tell jokes, right? So if I do a magic trick, it doesn't work. It's a joke. I'm sorry about that one. So I knew website it mentions that you attended there's lots of things on your website, which is George Gilbert variety, show dot com. Correct. You and so it mentions that you went to the world championship of street magicians. And that was in Germany. Yes. Yes. So tell us about that. That's that's that's a lot of fun. That was just recently last August, and they have a festival where they get all of the kind of the best street magicians around the world, and and they let me be there too. So that was pretty fun. The. It's great because you get the see all the different the different styles. Performing like the Koreans have a much different style from us and even the Europeans in general have a much different style from the American performers, but we all get the come together in just we have that that come rotary. We're just doing what we love. So. And so is it isn't a competition. Does somebody it is a competition? I think I pretty much forfeited the competition last year because I was so jet lagged that I missed one of my performances. You can't do it. We'll see. No. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, it's very fairly judged by other magicians. And but yeah, it's a great festival. It's really great for kids. Who are you know? I know I saw some of your shows on YouTube and the kids were you lifting them up and having a good time. What for kids who are interested in magic? What would you suggest to them? Read books read books. Stay off the internet get off of YouTube. Don't don't. Yeah. Definitely read magic books. And also like I said, we are building a community of people who are interested in magic juggling circus performing variety arts. We actually have a group on Facebook. And we try to meet up everybody once a week at a local park somewhere. And if anybody's interested and learning urges hanging out, you can actually Email Britney. What's your Email Britney Britney circus at gmaiLcom Britney circus gmaiLcom, she is kind of like the glue of our community like she's like on point, you know, organized and everything and just she inspires all of this year. We we're we've been trying to convince her to perform with us for a very long time. And we finally convinced her to perform on the beach. Now, there's a problem at the moment, you can only get a street performers permit. If you had a permit before and she never has. So so I can jump in here because I kind of know what's going on here. I know that there is another street performer that's meeting with the city council, and because there was just an election. Maybe it wasn't a top priority. But the person that she. Or he was meeting with is. Now, the mayor. So I'm sure that it's still on the agenda and that they're working on it. I know that they're trying to weed out some of the vendors that were I think this is the right thing far remember back. It's been actually quite a few months that they're trying to weed out people that say, they're street performers. What their vendors, and they're setting up as vendors and they're getting street performers license, so they're trying to work through. So that it's more folks like you guys and the guy that's ends up there and doesn't move for eight hours and not people that are taking advantage of that. I don't know what the status of that. But we'll find out after today's show. That's for sure. Because we I mean, it's a great show. And I don't think I've seen a crowd around speak performer bigger than yours, and it's every single time it's every single time. And that's that's what's great about it and people post videos from time square when they see what's going on there. So I think maybe I'll deaf. We will ask about it this week to see what the status is awesome. Thank you so much. Is there a limit? Do you know if there's a limit on the number of street performer permits? Okay. Well, we'll have to follow up and get some clarification on that want to say I did want to ask one thing too. Because I know you're not going to which what the hair. Pineapple. Oh, okay. Did you bring a magic trick with you? Do one. All right. You. Need to hold the mic for you. While you perform, oh, he's always got things at his pockets, which is see this on the radio part of it. But if you're listening on radio show pockets and stuff if you're listening on the radio, it is on Facebook. So you can always go to our Facebook page playing poker. Nancy nice and close George. Right. He's filing the cards. Brand new Decca cards. Very nice. You could be a dealer in Las Vegas. The way. You're shuffling, those very nice often heard of seldom seen is a one hand cut in shuffle and seldom seen because it's very difficult to do. I don't even know if I'll be able to do it right out. We're gonna try it is very windy out. Here doesn't work. Straps. Split into even packs every other card start the finish riffled very. Very nice really a magic trick. It's just talent right splits ability dexterity thirty. Very bright outfit. You have onto where did you get that? Like, I'm sure you had to get it. You couldn't you didn't buy it at WalMart or something special needs special here. Would you like to see some two decks of cards are one? This is just just one. Okay. All different on this side. They're all the same on the back. Bright, just like people same in the front. Same in the back. All right. What do you would you like, I don't know here? Would you like to take you can have anyone you want? Okay. Just reaching out grabbing a card everybody here. We'll make card everybody special. Yeah. Rex is here. Very nice. What happened you could see the car, then he can see it? Okay. If I see the card I've seen the trick before. Nice. So what? Yep. Right. What on it? Were you want just some kind of that way? You know, if you see hurt again, let's recap this isn't work. Well on the radio we'll have to remember that. But no problem at all. We're doing a magic trick care everybody. I'm not doing it. We'll take the five hearts, can you? Hold out your hand. Yep. Five hearts going on hand. Thank you hand up there lifted up. All right. Wow. That was crazy. And it is the Queen was crazy. That's awesome. Very nice. So the card was a five of what was it five hearts, and he flips he did something and then the five martyrs gone that was it. I was looking at wrecks. And that's what happened and then the the beach talk radio. Strange. So. She says I've never been told I've been distracting so well backstage, by the way, just so you know, wreck is a new council member. Just she is. Very nice. Yes, we're thankful. She's on the council now. But we won't get into any of that. So what time are you performing today? George show at eleven thirty. Okay. We're going to be over here on the side of the the information booth over there. Okay. That's because the the band is set up here. Otherwise, you'd be in the main stage air. Yes, we're going to have live music. I think it starts at four o'clock. And you're you probably ASA ready. But how how long is the is it performance? Good question to Eric you. So it's about twenty twenty five minutes from start to finish from from calling people over to to the finale trick the world famous pineapple trick and people can come on down. They can watch you for free and you work on tips tips. Right. A free show just pay whatever you feel. It was worth at the end. And if you don't have any cash, that's fine too. It's for everybody or credit. Save money from the people next. Don't do that. Actually spits out to magic trick. Right there. Very interesting to watch. But it only spits out twenties. So that works out good for me. Do you have you have the routine down? I mean, go through some of that right now. Through some of the routine that you're going to do like, you know, it by heart. So go ahead and start going. It's it's great here. Go ahead. I don't know what. Because I don't have my props with me. So go ahead starting starting to give a little preview of the show. Come on. Okay. So okay. I'll just my name's George Gilbert. I'm a variety performer originally from Baltimore Maryland what you're going to see today. Sorry. My big finale trick the world famous pineapple trick. And I have a catchphrase in my show to every time. I say world-famous pineapple trick the audience together in unison yells. Hurry. It's a little more important than that. So coming up in just a moment the world famous pineapple trick. When I watched you perform, the you would never think that you come across as a quiet person. But for some reason, I'm getting the vibe that you're quiet or nervous. I'm of a more reserved person magician. You're a public performer. That's crazy talk. No breaks out of the shell. All it's a character thing. It's my show and playing a character. And in reality. I think I'm much more reserved the yeah, how many performances a week? Are you putting on now? I probably do. About a dozen and you're open to doing more, absolutely. Give them a call go on the website book him and at your event, tell everybody wants more where they can find you. Well, you can always give me a call at seven two seven three three three zero zero five five Email, George at George Gilbert, show dot com or visit George Gilbert show dot com. It will be sure to post that after the show. So everybody knows where to reach them. And also if you wanna learn again, britney's kind of the leader of our community here, and you can send her an Email Brittany circus at g mail dot com. So much Britney T T T A N Y, George. Thanks so much. Good luck today coming on. And before second-guessed, we'll see a frictional come on down and hang hang out with us. Thank you, very much you guys. Thanks so much. Thanks, a lot wrecks in see brand new council member. We appreciate you coming on. Let's switch Mike horn in mind that at all two minutes. I wanted to say thank you everybody. Right ahead. Thank you. Everybody knew county number. Good time already. Yes. You are off to a great start. In fact, Thursday's meeting we were actually joking and laughing during a council planning meeting. I saw you had a meeting was Monday or Tuesday the first meeting first meeting was Monday. And then we also had an all day thing going Thursday. We we had a planning meeting in the morning, and then we met with some of our advisory committees in the afternoon got a lot of -ccomplish d-. And like, I said, we were laughing joking. And having a good time. It's been great to watch all week. I saw all all the ceremonies on Monday. When everybody was sworn in. And that was nice and. And then on Thursday, I watched as much as I could. But I have to say they do go on a long holiday, and that's what the planning meetings before. And yes, and we need that's the only time the council people are allowed to talk to each other. So sometimes it seems like it goes on and on because, but that's because something new comes up that we haven't had a chance to explore with each other. And that's the only time we really can talk issues. I was watching when they were talking about something that had to do with mooring. And I have to be honest with you had no idea what was going on there with the boats and the boats, the people the town of Fort Myers beach actually has a mooring field that we run it is off of the south side of the bridge. We're talking about expanding possibly to the north side of the bridge because we have a lot of people that are mooring there. And it's not regulated. And they're not getting services and things of that issue. So we want to provide that for them if that looks like it's possible, and we're still exploring it. We don't know if it's possible yet. So NATO was voted in as a mayor. Yes. And you I know that was a plan that you kind of hatched. I had I had always planned to nominate her. I think she's an excellent mayor. She's got the perfect personality for it people love her and important and Ray was voted in as vice mayor was unanimous on both of those what happened to a need voice. She has learned Jarvis. How how do you get elected mayor on the day? You have laryngitis couldn't hear where she was saying crank up the volume to give her credit. She was she was in their holiday in spite of the fact, she couldn't talk gotta tell you so show. So Anita gets elected mayor voted in may not elected mayor anyway, and so race it's next door, and, you know, raise a wisecracker. So he says, oh, you want me to take over right away. As you know, not a chance, I'll let you know when I need your help. I believe is the exact quote. It was all in good fun. It was it was the meeting was the meeting was great and everybody's getting along and things are getting done. Yes. An an addition to that we had a huge fundraiser for the friends of the Mt. House last night that go. Yeah. That was the we raise I believe the most money ever at amount house fundraiser, and we started an endowment fund. So that's fabulous. Everybody had a great time that was held at the Women's Club. And I give kudos to the women that are revitalizing the Women's Club. Because now all the nonprofits on the beach are beginning to use that facility for for different functions. So there's just a lot of positive energy happening on the beach. Now, I know it might be too early. But do you know what's going on with the street performers with the with the deal is with that? That's been something that's been going on for a long time. Actually, we talked about it before when I was on council. I'm not sure what the newest wrinkles are. I know one of the things that was an issue before was what is actually a street performance because we'd. Had people start doing it that are actually performing they're making things and selling things I love I love the crafts that they make. But it's really not fair to the people that are paying rent to have the businesses on the beach that they're in competition with someone who's not paying to use the space for a selling purpose. Right. So we'll get an update from I know Anita was meeting with one of the street performers or they're going to plan to meet to talk about. What's really hurt? She's the point person on right? Great. Great. So what's coming up with the council the issues now that you're their chance to study the seven really haven't there. Yes, I'm going to run for reelection come up that's been a week already. Have no idea what I'm gonna do. I was kidding. I can tell you one of the things that we did talk about is moving our election for March to November the Lee county supervisor election has been going around to the different localities and saying look, you can save yourselves money. We. We pay over twenty thousand dollars to hold those elections. When no one else is having an election. We have to pay them to come out and set up and do all that stuff in the past it made sense. But now that everybody haven't March because people are here. But now everybody votes by mail. I think more than fifty percent of the people vote my point. So having our election at a different time doesn't make a lot of sense that does mean though, that we have to pass an ordinance to change our charter, and it affects our terms someone said, and I haven't had a chance to look into this yet that it chain that we might need to change our terms from three years to four years to coincide with that election cycle. So that's all just being looked at right now. But if it is possible to do it will save the town money. Well, I think also you should throw into that batch of ordinances you're putting together the mayor should be elected because nothing against anybody. That's been the mayor, but come on, the mayor should always be elected. But that's just my opinion. More people will vote in November. I think that's a great idea. People will the all the other things that are. Going. I believe the Benita has already started the process of getting into that because they had a different election time. Benita springs had a different election time as well. So I I'm I'm thinking this is a good thing to do so far I'm in favor of it. Based on what I've heard. So that's that's one thing. That's we've already talked about a little bit. What's the vibe? You're getting for have the season has gone or the spring break has gone. There's been some videos posted on Facebook by the fights at the lining KYW. But that's just an annual thing. Happen when you get large groups of people together from what I understand the sheriff and security KAI have been taking care of things pretty well. There have been some problems. But I think there's always going to be when when you've got spring break situation going on as far as businesses concerned. I've been noticing a lot of traffic on the beach pedestrian, and otherwise I think that's great TDC though, actually showed that hotels were down a little bit. I think so maybe people are coming in staying with relatives. I'm not sure what that exactly means that I'm going to be looking into that more because I'm going to start going to TDC meetings. Are you familiar with what TD okay TD is the tourist Development Council? The tourist Development Council hands out the money that comes from the tourist tax that is placed on the hotels. So there's a big pile of money comes in a lot of it goes to advertising bring people to the beach area part of it goes to pay off the debt for the state. Him. And then a portion of it goes to providing things for the towns that had a lot of tourists on them. So the town of Fort Myers beach gets tax dollars from that to the beach clean to to build new things on the beach. I believe we got funds to replace the restrooms at Newton park from that tax. So the people who live in the town aren't paying for that. It comes from the tourism tax great, do you know when they're going to start rebuilding the sidewalks rebuilding this doing this redoing the sidewalk this area. I believe there. There's a special group that's looking at revitalizing this area. Not just the sidewalks revival area in general awesome. Well, sounds like you guys are having a great time. And it's always cool to have a council member. Just stop by. I think you for everything for just torn up. No, well, we assume she ate your donation. Oh, thank you. She came down here for was to drop off food that you guys are doing. Thank you. And sounds like you're feeling better too. Because I know you are around election time, you're sick. And I'll tell you that thing that was going around just really knocks you out extreme fatigue. Awesome. Well, thanks a lot. Yes. Thank you very much for coming on. We appreciate it. How cool is that that Rick Sanchez shows up and she joins the the show during wanna take a couple of minutes. All right. Some special friends that showed up. Okay. You special friends? So you leave me alone here or you're gonna come on over. And then and they are coming on. And then I'll go set it up with Tony, and we'll continue on all right, Dan. And Nathan welcome to the show have a seat with Kim. How are you going to pass off the microphone? No, you guys didn't plan on this. I didn't even know you're gonna be down here. No, I didn't plan on this at all. Some of my friends. This is Dan and Nathan end Nathan I've known these guys for a very long time. And I've known Nathan since he was a teeny tiny. And now he's grown up into such a handsome young, man. What brings you guys down? Here today will Abby is on the beach doing cleanup with her wealth. It group night and grew bunch of girls from FCC you okay, down here for a beach clean up till around noon, and this is part of her community service for her scholarship for her trip to to Peru. Nice. Oh, she's down here working on that this morning now. I know you didn't know it which is why it's so completely coincidental. But we're doing a food drive for the food pantry at Buckingham. Oh, well, no. I didn't know that. What can you tell us that you know, about Buckingham exceptional student center Buckingham exceptional student center. My one son who is now fourteen Jason has been going there. He was three years old. It is more than just a school. This is a family. Yeah. These people are absolutely awesome. The teachers are are just beyond words. You can't really describe him as just teachers. They're they are family, and they take care of these children like they're their own and the therapist and all that are there which and we have to brag on them. They're the best there is so well, we appreciate that. I I know I kind of dragged you over here and just wanted just because of the coincidence of doing the food drive. So I appreciate you guys coming on. I'll let you get back to your day. Thank you Nathan for coming on. We're walking getting our exercise while she's doing that didn't see going all the way back home. There you go while we we appreciate her work on the beach in the cleanup to and wish her luck in her endeavors, and he's gonna leave you on. That's all right. I'm gonna keep talking. It's fine. All right. All right. Thank you have a great day. Look good today. All right. Thank you for joining us. That was completely coincidental by Nathan. And as I said, we're doing a food drive to benefit the school, and we pre shape all the donations that have come in so far that was so nice. What was that about? So they drop food off. They have a student that goes to that school. Very nice, totally coincidental. So and then they were they were surprised when you left me hanging here. But I filled the time, but you know, what happens leave you hanging. Hit the restroom because. That's right. Turn it over to you. You think I can handle it? All right. We'll see back in a little while here. All right. Tony sands is joining us now Tony from yesteryear. Entertainments got a big show coming up on is an April, seventh eight seven April seventh and Tony first of all tell us about yesteryear, entertainment. Jerry known who is charge of yesteryear, entertainment, does one of the fantastic jobs. He had a great great lineup of entertainers that he brings down during the season throughout the season. And I'm fortunate to be with cherry for several years and pleasure working with him. So Jerry, actually set this whole deal up, and we're just anxious to do the show. How did you guys meet we met through through people who were in the entertainment business friends that I did shows within Jerry a few years back in became friends, and then working together for for like three or four year and Jerry also works down at the rush fresh cash catch which is by Junkin new down on the other side of the beach and your show on April seventh is what it's a what is it's a one man musical of Mr. fr. Thank sinatra. So we did is it's it's just not a guy coming out and doing Sinatra songs it took me three and a half years to put this together, the whole musical. It's a whole life story of Sinatra from the early years when he was with the big band Benny Goodman band to the main event back in nineteen seventy four where he came out of retirement, and we have six different scenes, it's actually like a Broadway show, and we go through the whole life story of Sinatra. And it's very interesting now how how come such a big Sinatra fan. You know, good question. I get that as many times from different people, and it all started from the home when my parents, and I was young child nine ten eleven years old. My parents would play Sinatra. You know, it was a big thing on the weekends Friday with Frank Saturday with Frank and then they had all the album. So once they started playing the Sinatra music in the house, I really really viewed his music and. And was really just surprised away. He phrasing. And just as music when he when he when he actually. When he actually sang song he painted a picture for me at that young age. And I knew what he was singing singing about. Now, you don't they don't make them like that anymore. Now. I mean, one of kind guy, and it's just guys like me, you know, keep no music to get you know, keeping music a lot. That's what we have to do. Because it's great music. And we, you know, it's it's funny at a lot of our shows, we get a lot of younger people, you know, in there. Early twenties who say, you know, I I love Sinatra. And you know, my parents, you know, introduced me to them, and that's why we're here. So it's a good sign. So let's let's hear a little bit. Sure. Why not let's hear what we're going to see on April seventh at the most club guy hitting you hold just wanted to make sure it's nice and closer Viking here. Loud and clear. Yeah. We could do a little thing from a great song called you make me feel so young. Now, will you do a little talking into the song like explaining it the whole thing? So would it is everything's narrated on on the on the recording. And I come out and narrations already put in and I'll come out, and we'll do like narration of Sinatra soon saloon songs. So the narration would come on and say Alasia, gentlemen, you know, it was in this bar in Las Vegas, and John Wayne was there and John asked me, what is your favorite song Franken, and I proceeded to tell them, and then we go into sewn. It's a quarter to three. No one's into place, except you and me so set them up. Joe got a little story. I think it should know and on and on. So the is there music playing you have a little band. Absolutely everything is done with the tracks. But they're all regional tracks from this and entre play list. So it's easy for us to do the full orchestration, and you know, gets costly with a ban. And then we have to bring up the prices, but all the tracks are right on Ed, and we had never had complaints in. It's just a hour and a half full of Sinatra's music and his life story. How many songs total are you doing the show? Good question. I, and I I get that asked a lot. I do approximately twenty two song in the show. So it's it's it's the history of Sinatra narration Sinatra the life Sinatra, and I come out and do twenty one of his great sets. And how many shows are you doing a year? God, I do probably proximity this Sinatra shy probably do about fifty or sixty shows a year. We're doing all along the east coast. I'm in New York, New jersey. I'm here in Florida, January February March doing the shows I do a lot of fate or work with it. And hopefully, maybe some day negative New York with him. Biggest place you've ever played. Oh, my God Tropicana Lennox city. No way. How many how many people at least fifteen hundred nice. So where do you stay when you're down here? So what I I have a place on the east coast in Delray avocado there. So I'm traveling at I do a lot of drive probably put about fifty thousand miles on my car per year. So I I'm on east coast, mostly mostly, you know, are big fans are on the west coast. We do we do fantastic here on the west coast. So it's great to be back and your family family originally from Philadelphia I'm born and raised in south Philadelphia, which was a talion neighborhood in south. Really and. We had some great singers. We had let Bobby ridell Frankie Avalon, Al Martino. Mario Lauzon list goes on and on some great music. Great great music, and we gotta keep it alive. So another one you make me feel so young. Yet make feel like spring has sprung heavy time. I see you grin. I'm such a happy in the jewel moment that you speak. Right. I, you know, the only place you can really get music like that. Now Sirius XM siriusxm they have a great Sinatra station. I always had that on and not only Sinatra. You got Tony Bennett. You got you got all those great singers that sang back in the fifties. And sixties, and I'm glad they have that out and Tina Tina Sinatra and Nancy Sinatra promote that very well they ever been to any of your shows, you know, what their had on the cow around on the west coast. And okay, some dad would like them to see. I really do. They heard about it. That's a good question. I day might have you know, who knows who's talking? It's it's, you know, your biggest your audience is your biggest advertising and people come to show, and they love it. And they spread the word around. And next thing. You know, you got you got them coming back with their friends the following year. So you know, I've been out in Reno. I did the show in Reno. And that's the furthest. I got out west with that day like the bring it out to California. But right now, it's, you know, it's it's going great here on on the east coast, and how many years have you been doing total? Oh my God. I've been singing since I was eleven years old. I've been singing since I was I would say thirty five. I I started in small split Sinatra this small bars small like. Cabarets and just a piano player or what have you? And then I got discovered in nine and two thousand six and an Atlanta Atlantic City, not Atlantic sea from the Tropicana Atlantic City. They discovered me in a bar in Philadelphia, and they took me on. And I was there for three and a half years at the Tropicana land city and had a great time. When you say they who's they actually was somebody was a vice president of finance came in. She came up to me. And she says, you know, gee, I love your voice we like to get you work in at the tropic Hannah. And this is when they opened up the new quarter. And she says, I'm gonna get my semi entertainment agent down. He came down like what he heard and next thing, you know, working to Tropicana for three and a half years. Wow. Days a week. So do you think the the younger generation appreciates the the kind of a entertainer Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis? And that you know that group, you know, really was I think, you know, like, I said earlier, I think they really would really enjoy him. They heard of them, you know, it's played in the house. And you know, like how we get people who come to our show eat little say, well, you know, what I seen that. I heard that song. Fly me to the moon on a commercial. I really dug it. So I started looking up who was they find out Sinatra. They get into the Sinatra music next thing, you know, to come and see they're coming to see the was very good year show. So yeah, I you have to you have to bring it out. I it's all done in the house. I mean, whoever whoever, you know, whoever your mom and dad is if they play that kind of music and it had a young age and listen to it. I I'm sure they're going to love it. So the most club is where this this April seventh show is and from what I understand. That's a perfect place for something. Like where you're putting on. Correct exactly to a great room. I mean, the moose club. They do a great job with getting everything ready. We're gonna have. Appetizers. They're going to have nice seating. There's you know, Ed is not a bad seat in the house. And we'll hopefully we'll get the fill it up. But this is going to be something new here so on I'm really excited about it. What would you say is the kinda music now that's anywhere close to Frank Sinatra? Yeah. And there's some good artists out there who are really keeping his music alive. And you got Michael bay, and you have a Harry Connick, and you have a lot of great young singers. That are that are keeping his musical Ivan. And guys like me, what do you think of these these shows these this talent shows on TV that are trying to find talent? Sometimes every once in a while. And one of those shows somebody pops up that things like that. But it they don't ever seem to win. Yeah. Yeah. Well, the closest one we I think, and I got the meet him in a great great great young guy Sal Valentine, or he was he he did Sinatra. I guess about two years ago. And he's he's good. He's keeping his musical live. His appearing theaters. He's bringing a live band areas. Don't what he has to do. And like, I said the more the Mary how did you get to meet them? We have a Sinatra a group of guys who do as keep the music alive once a year in New York City, and it's at Chili's Gylys is a famous restaurant in New York in Manhattan that Sinatra usual, usually when he was alive used to go there, you know, whenever he was in New York, and we do is we rent the same room to Sinatra. Sadden we ordered go to single cool. How many people show we have Sal was there? So we have like twenty guys from the New Jersey New York New Maryland at all that area. They come up and they come in. When we talk about Frank. And you know, what a great asset. He was in great music. He did. So we have a good time. The all get singer song to know singing. So so the show is going to be April seventh. What are the tickets? You know, how do people get tickets? Tell us all about the salutes going to moose lodge knights sixty four and that's San Carlos boulevard and doors going to open at six thirty two show is going to start at seven seven thirty tickets are forty dollars in it includes a great appetizers, we'll have few appetizers at their you know, you can either call Jerry Nolan and his phone numbers. Two three nine eight one. Oh, four five eight seven or you can call me. And I'm always there to answer the phone at two six seven four await one six one five now. And I think this is probably the best way to if you want tickets, you gotta do is go online, and you can do everything. And I think it's probably the best way going line. Get your credit card ready. And all you have to do is go online and type out B as in boy p t. Dot M A forward slash four zero nine six eight eight five and it'll take it. Right. The Brown paper tickets, and you can buy the tickets right online. All righty. And there are other shows that yesteryear puts on as well. Right. She's not just this one show the full shows Jerry put it has a great lineup. He has a a great Holly foward who does a great impressions of Tina Turner and Joan rivers, and then he has a wonderful d Morton. He's he does a great job. And he is Don Rickles impersonator suggest has a great lineup. His great talented that he's going to do the show throughout the year right here in Fort Myers, beautiful for Mars awesome in. So thank you so much for coming on again. It's April the seventh April seven seven thirty at the most club, which is right on the other side of the bridge before you get here to Fort Myers. So we hope you have a great turnout and big show. And and anytime you need anything. Just let us know fact said you've been thanks so much for coming on. We appreciate it and good luck on April seventh. We'll stay in touch. All right. Tony. Thank you so much. Thank you very much for coming down to the beach. We appreciate the drive down to the beach. And you share the information with us about the show coming up on April the seventh at the moose lodge and the wife joins me back on the show for our final segment of very busy show today. Busier than we thought and you wearing a blanket today why the blanket because we're sitting in the shade. And in the shade. It's. Wendy today. It started out fifty three degrees. This morning. Warmed up since then. Yeah, it is. You know, I feel like such a Sissy too. Because you know, it's not really cold. But it's not even ride your bike the other day if I decided after last year that if it wasn't seventy or higher on not getting on the bike because one time I thought I was going to be a bad ass, and I got on the bike when it was forty five degrees, and I wrote from gateway to Benita beach, which was about thirty five miles. And then I sat in the racetrack cried like a little baby because it was so cold and waited for the sun to come out. So I sat for rescue that. No, no. I've never done that. I've never called you to rescue me. You called me and said you want me to come get you. And I said, no, I'm gonna sit here until the sun comes out because I'm noticed this. Well, that was nice wreck Sanda stop by and get an update. And you know, you always wonder wreck sent was a regular on the show before the election. And you always wonder if people get elected, you know, all of a sudden, you don't set that. I know. That's right. Both Ray wrecks in of come on. And Ray came on like days after the election where he could have just said flip off I'm in. I'm the king and. That's right. He's the vice king came right on. And we appreciate it. That was your on the shrimp festival. Then wreck San came by and stop and drop some food off. We're going to need to take two trips back to the truckload all that food. We appreciate everybody everybody. Now, what is the where's that going to go? So that's going to go out to one of the schools that I work at and it's going to add to the food pantry out there, which is was started by this SRO, which is the resource officer deputy, Donna started a food pantry out there and that kids can come in to the food pantry. You can look online the one of the TV stations did a story on it and kids can come in there. They can pick food from what's available and take it home on the weekend. Margaret audio. I'm freezing right now. I'm shivering. That's how cold on him. And I can't believe it. Why is it the song on us like it is every weekend? All of a sudden on us is so. Weird. Well, you know, what I is this our first weekend since choice weakened when did the time change. I mean, I'm I think I'm going to have to put us here on. That's how cold I feel right now, I'm jeans on a long-sleeve shirt on and freezing. But anyway enough about me. So let me tell you. You know, my mom went back. We had a fantastic two weeks. We did a grand tour of lots of things in Florida. It was only two weeks. It feel like a month. So one of the things we did was we went down to Everglade city and did an air boat ride. Have you ever done air boat ride? I didn't know you did that. And no I've never done that we do actually live in the same house. Yes, we did air boat ride. And it was fantastic. We got to see alligator an an alligator we got to see dolphins, and you go super fast through the mangroves, and they're like whip it into these tiny little areas, you're like there's no way he's gonna fit fit that boat in there because you're taking video I did video how come I haven't seen any video? Or are you having posted been busy and super vacation all week? You didn't work this week. You didn't really do anything. Went there. We went to the octagon. We went to. You and your mom in the octagon went to the act. It's not that that's an wildlife sanctuary and that people should really go to it's right off thirty one. It's fantastic. It's not for profit. There's tons of saved animals. They've saved these animals Tigers ligers bears a lighter lion tiger. It is not. No, I'm not they have it's big. It's huge. They have all sorts of of of wildlife there and the stories they posted the stories about how they got to the sanctuary, but it's very nice and everybody should go out there and support it where is it again at thirty one. It's off. Yep. It's off thirty one right across from where bad one of the entrances to Babcock ranch's. So she had a good time. Chad a good time. But while we were on this air boat ride. So you're going to be on this air boat for do they go to an hour. No. And they go fast, but what should? You know, what should you do before you? You're gonna go out somewhere like on a boat to drama me. Now, go to the bathroom. So who had oh we were on the boat. It's hold your ears kids kids three people from Germany in the front. Uh-huh. Germany from the front and while we pull into stop the mail. That's how do you stop in the Everglades the day drive the boat in and they do a spin out or a burn out on the water. Let me finish. And so he says wait, you're gonna wanna hear this. He says to the driver he starts motioning and conveying that he has to go to the bathroom, and we're in the middle of the Everglades grows. There's no restrooms out there. So the air boat drivers like well it happens. He's like, ladies look that way. And he let the guy go to the back of the vote and take care of business. I was like, okay. This is way. More not the lady had to go. No. Yes. We know you're going to be on a boat. Go. Like forty five minutes to an hour in the core. The core. Holy moly. What is going on out here? It's got to be seventy degrees. Dear dear freezing. It's wonderful down here at the beach. You're in the shaves nice down here at the beach. So anything else that you wanted to talk about as far as you and your mom vacationing together, which by the way was my idea to invite him. Yeah. It was a good idea. We actually I think we almost hogged when she left. Well, we lost. I know, you know, you take a break for something for two seconds to say goodbye. So she's back in Utah. And. When is she coming down? Again. Do we know yet? I don't know. But I know she and Chad Lincoln are making plans. Estevan the man for what for the ship festival judge back in whereas Nebraska somewhere where it's cold mostly with all our Shrager, notably showing off our gear up there in Nebraska, wherever they go out with their hats and their shirts, and my mother left with lots of shirts that are lots of swag. We only have to left by the way, folks, and you can have one for thirty dollars or fifteen whatever you have whatever works for you. And so next week is going to be like, this was a surprisingly awesome show this week with all the performers. I don't know if you heard Tony sang a few songs, you'll have to go back and listen to them. I didn't sing with them. I didn't know what he was going to say, I do know all the Frank Sinatra songs, but I didn't sing any of the songs that he's saying next week. We have Chauncey gos- on people. Yeah. You know that is that's a big wig right there. He is not only of the son of the former CIA director Porter Goss. But he's now the chairman of. The southwest Florida management committee or board or is it what district. Yeah. So he's a big deal people. He's a big deal. So we're going to talking water next week with Chauncey gos- at nine oh five he's agreed to come on. And then Beverley Milligan is coming on thirty talk about heart of the island. It's a brand new organization, and you know, what they talk about the heart of the island deer. There you go. What else is going on in your life that you want to share with everybody, not mice? I just I I was so pleased to get to see all the fantastic things that are around Fort Myers each and Fort Myers in general. Yeah, we tease. Tease man get to enjoy all that stuff. But you gotta get out. And take advantage comes to town. Then you get to take her out on all the sites. Did you go anywhere else that you missed that? You wanna share with people besides shrimp festival Miami? Oh, you went to Miami Miami. That's right. Yep. Went to Chuck Laskey, which is on the tip down there. They got hit by the hurricane real bad. But they look like they had recovered. Did you go anywhere cool to eat? We went to the shrimp shack in Fort Myers. Shrimp shak. Yeah. And of course, we ate here at Pete's a couple of times, and that was super fantastic, by the way, speaking of Pete's wanna give everybody a gene update that's been wondering where Jeanne is now gene fell and hurt his back and he's been in the hospital for a week. You went to see him in the hospital. It's kind loopy in the hospital. But we think that's because the painting better now. So it was funny to say he was leaned over to the side a little bit. And I said we gene sit up straight. And so he went I am sitting now. And then when he said move to your left a little bit. And then all you saw. So he says he fell off a ladder. But we're not one hundred percent. Sure. If that's true, you might have fell over louder because we don't think that she would be on a ladder. But anyway, now, he's he's in rehab place. Right, right. Where's he in manor care manor care? So they're taking back right back. So he'll be his daughter was here said that he got physical therapy the other day, and that the physical therapist said he got him up and got him walking. So cool taken a few steps he's on the men and we wish him. Well. We'll keep you recovery. We'll keep you up to date on the gene thing every week. We really miss people coming by and saying, oh, h or hidden saying away till miss that that much being here. But I don't know if I'm picked it up. Now, if I see somebody wearing a shirt, I'll start at honor of, gene. Oh, you don't you. Don't even I don't even know they end the basketball tournament. I have no idea. I don't pay any attention to that. So no, I don't know. All right. All right, folks. Well, that's an hour and other our down so next week Chauncey gos- there's going to be here and Beverly Milligan, and we're also working on the turtle eighty eve trying to get even excited. So that'll be fun because they talked a lot about the turtles at the council meeting last week. And I still don't understand when you're not supposed to have lights on out on the beach to make sure the turtles they talked about disorientation. Do you know what that is? Yes. Because the turtles need to go into the water. They don't wanna get drawn onto land. That would not be good. Oh, that's what happened. There was like, I don't know seventeen disorientate or some kind of number of disorientation where the turtles freak out, and they go the wrong way. Right. So what happens when they go the wrong way. Do they die? I imagine. It's not good for marine animal to be one of these water because that's where they live. They hatch in the sand and. They run into the water, and they're gone. Well, they don't run their it ever. They do turtle ambling. So they hatch in the sense on how who lays the eggs in the in the sand. The mama. Turtle. I'm guessing she comes out of the water and lays the eggs in the sand. Has like how many how many turtles come out of an egg? One turtle at one eight. So she lays like, I don't know how many eggs eggs because apparently there's like a big number of turtles them. So when they to the waters, they survive or the fish, eat them. I good food for all of them. So I don't think fishy. Turtle so many where do they go. I mean, there's thousands and thousands of turtles, right? Do they have any video of the turtles running into the water main? How far can turtle that big in the water? I mean, how far can they go? I think it rides on the currents. And they just like so the wave comes back in and then they ride back out in the wave comes back in they right back out. None of the fish twenty minutes there in Hawaii the fish eat. The turtles is that. What you're saying? All right. That's why we need you to come on. 'cause she doesn't know anything about turtles Bye-bye.

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"Artist Spotlight" Remembering Comedian Singer Impressionist Fred Travalena

Doug Miles Media

37:58 min | 5 months ago

"Artist Spotlight" Remembering Comedian Singer Impressionist Fred Travalena

"And, it is a great pleasure to welcome back. We haven't talked to her in quite a while, but she's been a great friend to us here at our show, and of course husband Fred. Traveling was as well. We're going to be spending a few minutes kind of reminiscent a little bit. The lowest traveling and we're also GONNA play a song that Fred wrote euros remember a great comedian, and of course, impressionist and singer, but also a composer. He's written many patriotic songs, and as we right. Right here on the fourth of July, weekend will play one of those a little later on spirit of America, but a great pleasure right now to welcome back lowest traveling out in California today, joining us by telephone for a few minutes and lowest I know it's been a while done this on the air. We've chatted a few times on the phone, but great to have you back and how he been. I'm fine. I'm fine. I don't go anywhere so I. Don't plan on catching anything and. You know when you don't drive. You don't have to go to the grocery store at seven o'clock in the morning, I don that maybe three times in four months and gone to a chiropractor or five times, but other than that I'm Ben fast. Yeah I know California's gone through a bit of a tough time Florida. Now they say is a little more on the uptick again, but we're all. We've all been through it at the same time so I guess that's one comforting note. We were all in the same boat. Yeah we are. It's really hard to understand I. Feel like I'm in a disaster movie you know. I was in Hollywood the other day at Red, Star on Hollywood boulevard and it was nobody. was there nobody no cars? No people walking on the street. The stores are boarded up or pay a taped up AH for lease. It show sad. What what country? My aunt I don't believe it. And even the the freeways, you get off a freeway and and the dirt and the paper and the trash and. What this is not our country. This is not how we live. And so it's kind of upsetting very upsetting bill. Cysts said to see in You mentioned the traffic. My wondered California's famous for their traffic is. Lighter now obviously because people aren't driving as much, I mean that's that's probably the only good thing, right? Why. Very light up until about two weeks ago. And then go to draw two maybe three weeks go. And people started driving on it. on the freeways again and but a lot of the side streets are empty, but the freeways to and fro. I. Don't know work. I don't know where they're going. Maybe they can't go to the beach. The beach is closed. Now, I don't know where they're going. Oh, the beaches are closed out in your area. I know they re they re open them here in Sarasota Florida or most of Florida about a month ago. Laws you stay distant from people so the California beaches are closed. Yeah. They're all close. I don't know what their people are going to do for for the July I haven't even heard from friends or family. about getting together, not getting together. Just everyone is silent, myself and children grandchildren I. Guess they're GonNa be together by themselves because. I'm not going to be with them and I I'm so sad about that I. Love my grandchildren. Before went on about zoom. I guess you do a lot of zoom calls with your with your relatives. Right friends. John that were the whole family most of the family member to join us. And it was not just a hoot for me. One other cousin of Fred, who is older than I, am and myself, and then the rest of them were our children who are in their forty. You know and. No no grandchildren, but just children. But we had so much to talk about and just just see them and see them laughing and smiling I cried when I got off the zoom, it was searching. Do it again, so maybe we will soon. Yeah, I guess another good thing that's come out of this. We wanted to end but I mean the the technology is at least made it where people can see each other cross thousand miles. So that's another good thing coming out of this so. I mean look at national television. That's all they're doing is they're all at home and they're talking to us from their house. That's like I found. Dean Martin. She has online face facetime. That She sand her living room. With a Martini. And she talks to. Me Like. She's talking right to me. Because you looking into my eyes. The military I I saw from week one I watched it pretty much I think you mentioned an email. We had back and forth that. You saw that we're both watching at the same time. It shows a great Jeff. She's getting like two hundred thousand people a week watching that which is like tremendous for Internet. You Bet weight, Rachel. She goes on the road again. She's going to be. Inundated with the client people coming to? That'll be wonderful. I've not not new Edina at all. I guess Fred was on Fred ever on Dean show. I think he was on the roast, wasn't he? Yes. He was on there on rose, but he i. don't know how we met you know I think Fred opened for her. Introduce Church, something somewhere and we just in front and. I. E Mail and text all the time, but probably won't be very much anymore. She's busy with that many people you know. This is just a good friend Came we had on radio longtime ago, Sarasota, and very night and her and her husband. Great Great Friends They do a great job kind of keeping deans like you're done with Fred Keeping Dean's legacy alive. Dealing! And there's another show I. Don't know if you've heard of the Jim. Caruso show in New York. About one. Party he has a a show every week every Monday night and Mostly unknown people, but he has a couple of known singers and they're from. They're doing it from their homes. And? They're all talking and singing to us. It's it's a hoot. That's one of the things that's come out of this you know. Senior chain. A little bit I know some of the Broadway people of I've seen on Youtube. gotten together and I think did a tribute to Stephen Sondheim and One did a tribute to Jerry Herman where maybe fifteen twenty different performers do their song from their house wherever they were very well produced too I thought they were very good. Yes very good the The and I was going to tell you we were talking about zoom and videos. DVD's I am still downloading. Fred television shows. to DVD's. Now Technologies says low as you should be putting it on. A disk or something something something else, but. I figure when I'm old and gray, and I'm laying in bed with my legs up and can't walk or something I'm going to sit there and watch for traveling from now do. The. Last time you were in the process of that. These are all his performances on TV over the years you're you're putting together. I mean. So awesome, not only the game shows, but his TV specials and impressions on, and then where he's saying where pride started out as just an impressionist in comic when he did television. And then he decided to come out and sing a song like on the tonight show. Twelve bars or something whatever the case. And one thing led that he got good response and he kept doing it. and then it got to the point where on every show, he's saying as song of his. which was a hoot and a half? So! That's why he then decided I'm going to continue writing music. And and try to distribute it the Christmas, CD which is eleven original songs about. New York at Christmas time. Is a hoot and a half and Steve Allen they had coffee or lunch one day, and they were talking and he was telling him about. Was Telling Steve About. The D. and how he had written eleven original song. He said Freddie. One Song about New York is enough not eleven. We always incorporate in our Christmas shows we do our big band show several Fred's Christmas songs in that and I tell you. You almost thought. He wrote back like in the forties. Has that type of feel to it? You know that that kind of big band style I mean he really had an affinity for that type of type of song. And Boo Blade that. Does a lot of play right now. But again Fred Boob Way Harry connick they. Learned from the guy from Mr, Sinatra. And that's how Sinatra you. There was not a record as a BRA A. Transmission of any of his songs that you did not understand the words. People use to fall in love. By Frank Sinatra's music. Put Fred like so much about him, and he said I'M GONNA. Try and things so that people can understand my granddaughter. Things along with the radio in the car. I still can't understand. I know. I don't understand the words to any of the songs today. That's why I listened to the symmetric channel mostly on Sirius that pretty much my musical radios, the Sinatra Channel Sirius satellite. How by the way jets wanted? Throw out another little thing. I got on seriously radio Frank Sinatra. Series Last Sunday and it's going to re air tomorrow for the July. And for during Nancy's live on this you show okay the door. Nancy Sinatra course. The daughter does show a couple times a week, right? Yeah. And they played. Spirit of America. And Chuck Granada Granada. talked about it and I was so unreal that they're doing it I, really am. At the at the plus. Check that one off? I people like you I have to tell you. I set up my patio. With red white and blue. And a picture of a poster of Fred I thought. Oh. We sit out there and I could sit out there and talk to you the next time we'll do a face. That yeah that'd be great. Yeah yeah speaking of Sinatra I. Know We talked about previously, but Fred did one of the best, if not the best Frank Sinatra impression, which very few people could do because Frank Sinatra had that kind of hard voice to really imitate he could imitate the style, but not the voice, but Fred was able to do the young Sinatra and the middle aged Sinatra, and the old Sinatra very very rare that you get somebody that could do that. Yeah he was. Like I I. Was Two years old is father would like Frank Sinatra music and reading bedtime stories, which were from the newspaper about Frank Sinatra. and. Go Up within he took pride in it. Mr Sinatra stood on stage one night when there was somebody. Down Front. Singing along with him. And Stop The music wait Whoa Stop Hey you. Nobody. Nobody does that except Fred, Travel Lena. And they started the music back up again. Well, we didn't. We weren't there, but somebody told us that and we were just. so and very thrilled at. Frank would say that about friends. However today Bob Anderson. Right. I don't know if you. Let them yet I watch a lot of his work. does does a show tribute to frank right. He does and I think he's trying to get it on, Broadway. He's been. Vegas, about a year, and then he said he's trying to get it in new. York, I don't know what the status of that is obviously nothing's on Broadway now, but. I heard that he was about to open in March. March or April, he was supposed to open on Broadway okay and of course. happened. and there again I talked to him and talk to him and talk to him because I love him, and we know him, and and he's a very talented guy. I like his his real voice. Tony Bennett saw him and said. to him. You don't have to get in makeup. You, sing them without the makeup. And of course Fred did the four five Sinatra's in on television. So hours to do the makeup of each one, but anyway I I said to. To Bob many times. Read transcripts because read wrote a script about the life of Mr Sinatra called, and then I sing. And I, it could be about Joe blow for all it matters if if the family gives me trouble one day, but it's a story line about this man and when he was born. The screaming and the hollering and the crying. And Martin. The father said to his wife Dolly I. Think we've got a senior. Put that in the play But it's and it's all original music. Fred put a couple of Mr. Sinatra, songs and like New York New York. Drinking again things Nancy I think we have three songs in it. But the rest of it is all Fred Music. Original and it's the Mama. Everyone who reads the play and listens to the music loves it so I'm looking for a producer and a director but It's been eleven years I promised. I would get it up on Broadway, but during this timeframe I've kind of put it on the back burner. Keep working at it one day I'll get it up. And like I say it could be Joe, Shmoe. It doesn't have to be about Frank Sinatra, but I'll guarantee you. Everyone walks out. He's going to say. that. Storyline lines reminds me of. Yeah, but it's a great place. Was was Baba receptive to maybe doing your play instead I know he does basically a concert version of Frank Did you talk about that or Now he he wasn't interested. He wants to do his thing. So, okay, go, do but do it. He has never even read the script because he was so engrossed in what he was doing and I begged. borrowed and said please please but now. I would like to have Harry Connick do the acting of it and Blue Blade you the singing of it. That'd be great. To be one person. But those two guys are wonderful, also obviously you and fred new frank, relatively well I mean. Did you get to know him. A friend offstage as well Frank Sinatra. Not Really Fred Fred could go back. We did go backstage all the time, and they would talk and I would do some impressions other than him. we found out many years later. We'll after frank path. I think about in two thousand five prejudice a concert. And emcee. For and Barbara Sinatra. For her children's Hospital. And afterwards! We went over to say goodbye to her and thank you very much. And said you know I was such a big fan of Mr S and. I. This is a privilege for me to do this. And she said I know that. Tried to. What do you mean you know that? And she said. Because, you did a piece of artwork of Mr Sinatra. of My husband and it tongue beside his bed. For All these many many years, and he saw it every morning and every night when he. Saw! Where is that artwork today? And he did. He did it when he was like seventeen or eighteen years old. And it was a picture of one of of His face. From one of the album's and I know the album name and I can't think of the right now. but evidently was a piece of really good artwork, so I don't know her dog his. Her Son A Barbara's son has it or if he? Auctioned in offer, what happened to it, it's. Nice, tribute there. I. Wonderful I wished I could've seen it never got to see it and and my boys wish they could see it, too. But Again my friend was a very good artist. Great Artists. Yeah. I might have been better with frank just to kind of enjoy his work from what you hear, maybe maybe not to get too close to him otherwise. At times. The rat pack, and they all knew each. They knew what they were. But yeah I'd say hello at any time. To be a little difficult, so might have been better the way you had it. Just kind of have the nicer memories. Oh God. But. That's but that was fred and. That's why he wrote the play and the music for the play. Right and he wrote twenty. I think it was twenty six original songs for the play now. You're not going to get twenty six originals in any otherwise it would go four five hours. And but he kept writing and writing and writing. he'd be out walking the dogs and he'd come in, and he's like one day he did. They said honey I got it. I got Dali Song. Dolly Song Dolly. Who What? I didn't know anything about this. He would be open a studio front hours. And come down and have a smile on his face. You know, but never said what he was really doing, and he was writing this script and music for it. So it's a piece of work. I wish I could get to the girls, but they've got another play that they're trying to get. Tina Nancy. Yeah. We'll see what happens there to. Be had. Yeah go ahead. I know they control the Sinatra name pretty tight so They have their own. It's going to be challenged. I guess the to do it. Yeah well, and that's what I say I can. I can say it's Joe Schmo because. It doesn't have to be a story about Frank Sinatra. Be Anything about anybody but the They just they won't talk to me and that which is a sad thing because they talked to. Fred and I before. Before passed. And we talk all the time I would call Nancy, or we'd be at an event and we sit with them, and it was great they were. Nice girl. But. Well and now mommy. Nancy, seniors gone. And He made over one, hundred, one, hundred and one. I believe when she passed last year, so if you had a nice long life and I guess pretty decent health till the end, but yeah, she was one hundred one. She didn't get crazy and upset like like her spouse can't. No. I don't know she was. Special woman to put up with a lot of stuff. Let's say that. God. Yeah! She never remarried never, did he? Regain junior three years ago I. Think it wise. That was sad, but I know losing. Good people really heard. A lot they talk before he went on. Just two big names obviously Carl. Reiner earlier this week and the ninety eight good Rondo, but then hugh downs, a great broadcaster, Ninety nine and a lot of great obviously names that people are you and me grew up watching TV You know they're not being replaced. Let's say that. Now, they won't be well and I watch. The golden girls. At night they they just keep running and running and then God where they find not. Not to mention there beautiful clothing that they wore, but they're. They're. Powder back and forth was unbelievable. Only one left there is. Betty White Ninety eight I believe is right. Yeah, doing doing pretty well understand. Though I come. I saw at event she was. Chicken on talion shoes and sharp as a tack. Yeah! So. Yeah that happens was one of the last sitcoms I guess you could say Seinfeld everybody loves Raymond. But that was really well written. You Know Oh. Yeah, OH, yeah! You Bet bad consistently well written I think I. Think what loves Raymond that went off after my last one that was really well written. How what's on I, don't watch him anymore, but nobody they don't write sitcoms like that anymore. They, don't they certainly, don't it? There's nothing on television data well now I pretty much. Cut The cord myself. You I do a lot of youtube now. Look at some of the great shows from the past. On Youtube. My son's keep putting little segments up. with good and of course if I get something really funny. On on the tapes they take a couple of minutes of each thing and put it up. So, yeah Call for traveling on Youtube. You'll love it sounds something recently I did not hadn't seen before. Maybe it was up there before, but but friend was on a great show. I remember as a kid. It wasn't very long the copycats where you had all the impressionist together, and and Fred was on that show at least a few episodes of it and I think he did a whole thing on the Beatles remember that. They did. They did only. Seven copycat shows. All they did and they did it in England. That's where they got deal and whoever produced it? and. They did seven of of the seven. Fred only did four. And but he was remembered like you today. So many people remembered the countable watching those two. Summer Replacement Show I'm not sure, but I remember watching that. It was a summer replacement show. And they had hoped desperately that it was going to take off being. Bryant would they did on? Breaks Little Franco-russian. George Kirby Marilyn Michael Contract five of them. Right. Wonderful all the time, a lot of great music to low musical impressions, not just. Comedy I'm in the music was. Right on it. Yeah. But then they dress up like the characters shift. At! Fun. So, but no and they never did another show like that anywhere. That didn't take off. You caution mentioned that the game shows Fred so many of those. He was found to the the guy they bring on. Whatever game show a lot of pilots up? Martindale put up a lot of pilots A-. gameshows Fred was on several of those to you. Put Fred on that and hopefully the pilot will have a better chance to sell them. He was the comedy comedy. Star on lot of these shows. Yeah. And the sad part is they never since have had a lot of impressionist I mean we mentioned Bob Anderson. There are a couple of others. I don't know them by name Some people told me but. I i. don't see them I. Don't know who they are I. Don't know where they're working. would you sad because of course now they do impressions today, but well. There's no voices today to do impressions of the actors and actresses of today actresses today that there's really no distinctive voices. Let's be honest. Tom Cruise. Why is one of the last one is put in and his voice? Wasn't that really distinctive but Yeah Fred Fred did all the president? He did have Obama down. but he didn't do it in. In his act. Because he passed away before. He got a chance then, but at home he was practicing it and working on it. but he did all the President Trump Jack Kennedy all the way through. He would have had a major heyday now. With. What's going on and the good part about Fred though and I'll say this out loud. He could do comedy. He could do president. He could do whatever. Impression! And he never used a bad word. He may have in the in. INNUENDO. A happening. But he never said a bad word. Today. There isn't anybody whether they're on television or radio or. Movies what? That's what that's what it's about. How many bad words! Awful I walked out of comedy clubs because I won't listen to it I. Just won't listen to not needed. They can be funny without using those words. So. Yeah so, that was one of buses. He He. Speaking of the presidential thing, he did a thing where we had him on, and he did his act. I imagine you mentioned from Kennedy Thr-. Excuse me through I believe. Bush to. All of us in one minute and a half. Denham them all back back back. It was great. I know. And you would. You would wonder how how how do you change voice that fast? It wasn't a change. It was mental. It was all in his mind and he could do it. And of course at the end, God has strange ways of. Acting and performing but at the end. Or Fred couldn't hardly talk. into his voice. Yeah, when into his voice, vocal cords. So that was strange I say that all the time. How we made that was what made him happy? Always tell myself though I mean. Obviously you know we don't know why things happen, but up in heaven I imagine that talent doesn't go away. It's still there so. It'll you'll. You'll see it again. We'll all see it again, but yeah I know rough. But he was class. Act to the end I needed some videos on youtube like you mentioned where he just kind of talk about things in the news and i. d you know he wants to fill in the wall then but he did a lot of those at the end of his life, so that was that was a great thing to leave leave behind. It was. I'm very fortunate. That I had somebody like him I really am. He was just. So talented always coming up with new things. and. I mean to be an artist to be impressions to be coming to be a singer to be a songwriter. Music of he never played an instrument though that's the only thing he couldn't do. But he could act. And He was a hoot and a half. I was very fortunate. Hours myself just to have them. Come on radio I believe he was doing a show nearby. Maybe Sarasota Davis, clearwater I forget, but we called up, and and fortunately was you know very kind to come on with me two or three times, and then, of course we you that way afterward I know you did the event in clearwater for many years so I felt like I was a friend of Freddie I. Never met him in person, but just talking to him on the phone. It was great to great to meet him that way. Oh Yeah. It's great. Good. Let's talk a little bit before we wrap up We're GONNA. Play the song as we close out one of his patriotic songs obviously were in the fourth of July weekend. Is as I talked to today? Spirit of America talk a little bit about that song, and then we'll kind of wrap up with that. Okay. America. He Originally and broach. Right after nine eleven. What happened in New, York and I I don't know. He just sat down and. Within an afternoon. He wrote their song and it's about our flag. And, it's about the spirit. Of America and what people? Should be paying attention to one of the lines I think one of the lines look again at New York Harbor. There's still stands Miss Liberty. The spirit of America, in other words, she's the spirit which is something else. I WANNA. Tell you about I saw a television special. on the fourth of July in nineteen eighty, nine. And they were filming it at Governors Island. Where Miss Liberty. was renovated. And President. Reagan was. T LIP! He pushed the button for the torch to be lit. And the the celebrities on that show Frank Sinatra went on, and he gave a little speech prior to singing. And in the speech the last phrase that he said. I'm so fortunate to live in a country. That has no walls. But he's not around the day right and then he's. The the House I live in. I cried. cried. What a wonderful! Anyway they used to have one beautiful and wonderful things like that on television. And people writing songs so anyway Fred Road, this song spirit of America. He also wrote one called pictures on the wall on the wall. Because right after nine eleven, there were pictures everywhere of all the people we lost. By a very big patriot he supported the USO. We traveled and good things for them. went to Sarajevo to do a show a couple of shows over there in Europe. any veterans event cheer in America that he could attend, he would. He helps support. the National League of families. For the POW MIA's. And we put on a big concert. on the grounds of the Washington monument many many years ago. But So he was involved and it at my house you should see my out is red, white and blue for everywhere. Let's do believe. Oh Yeah. Not Enough people do that either I mean I. I've had it up for this whole week. Flags and I feel privileged to live in this country. And I hope, can you? You know we have to. We have to make the children understand that they're fortunate to live here. that's what scares me. That they they don't have school and. Are they learning other than rioting and then that. when I say something. You can say something to write a story in the newspaper. Or tell. newspaper. or choose me a television or radio person about it, but anyway. Writing and destroying it. We've got to get away from that. In My. So the spirit of America, it's interpretation of his country and our flag. Lawyers Travel Lena. Great to catch up with. Let's definitely do something later this year. Maybe around Christmas time we'll do a kind of a tribute to Fred's Christmas music at that time, but hopefully by then This'll be cleared up. We can only pray for that I think it will get better. I know we'll get better, but one day at a time, right? And again we remember. Do you are so sweet to continue helping me push mister, traveling music and I so appreciate that because you believe in, and that's great was one of those great entertainers that I grew up watching TV, and like you said unfortunately, not getting a lot of them You know people have today doing that, but let's remember Fred and his great talent and whatever we can do here to do that, but Lois great chatting with you and we will talk to you soon. If. You can hear the spirit of. Old Lorries flying every way. You can hear the sound of freedom and Huck Louds Majesty. It's the spirit. RECON? And Fire and sacrifice for all the world to see what is. Among the rubble heroes. Folks like you and me. Look again at New York Harbor. Still stands Miss Liberty, and the spirit of. Rick. Raise all glove. Razor. Claim. To the SCAR. It's the spirit. Album. In the. Hard fought battles in strange lands for liberty. evil. Men Normandy. Died for you and me on those zoo bought be for US Open freedoms all the dog. To the spirit of a man Rick. On every corner. On the rooftops of our cities, large and small. Smiling faces of all races. Religions here. Mattis. Certain. Where Americans live free, young stand side by side. and. The for you and me. You. Ask. And true democracy. It's the spirit of. Alabama

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Carolla Classics: Blacksimile Origin, The World is Your Oyster, 2010 Ace Awards

The Adam Carolla Show

1:18:19 hr | 1 year ago

Carolla Classics: Blacksimile Origin, The World is Your Oyster, 2010 Ace Awards

"Thanks for listening to the adam corolla show on podcast one. I let me tell you about truecar. <hes> every car comes with stories. How do you put a price on the stories well. I'll tell you put a price on the stories you go to truecar that's right so do you have the luxury package. Did you buy it after the big promotion. How many miles are on it. What's going on well. You can't put a price on all the stories you can put a price on your car which truecar find out what it's worth just go to truecar. Enter your license plate number. Watch your car's. I details come popping up then answer a few easy questions. Does it have navigation. Does it have a moon roof. These things are all going to factor and watches a eh bump up. The value is at high mileage might bring it down a couple of clicks well. You'll know what's going on. You figure out exactly what your car's worth once you're finished. You'll get a true cash offer. Sent you an minutes which you can take your local certified truecar dealer the cash it out or you traded in so when you're ready for better car buying experience when a trade in a car when a cash out a car you always go with truecar true cash offer not available in all areas welcome to corolla classics for august tenth two thousand nineteen show we highlight the greatest moments of the adam karol show over ten years years of podcasting doing right here manage chris locked mon- executive producer of the adam corolla show along with corolla archivist superfan giovanni. Let's meet you. That's you joe. Thank you for holding down the fort last week. You degrade over. I am super bombed that i missed all the willing to eat it steph because one of my favorite recognize and has the craziest pallet anybody i've ever met. I picked those two torturing yeah twas joy <hes> listen to that all right. Let's get some clips okay so this week. We did a little bit of black simile gina had it. We had the run tomatoes games. It's friday and gina confused. Tom tiny lister and friday with terry crews who didn't begin acting till about a decade later and i was the first one actually observed this so i sent an email to you adam and brian moments after the episode posted right we got to that point and then <hes> anonymous twitter got all the credit now. Now we knew is you. Adam saw your email to and on air. Anonymous twitter got all the credit. You probably wondering what is a black similarly now there you have two options. You can go on urban dictionary. Check it out right now or you place in this clip in two thousand twelve. This is credited as the origin of black similarly in the urban dictionary entry by ed ed millan hausky the guy who does all urban dictionary adam. He's also guy that made up the actual windbreaker with adams number on the back for the penis measurement windbreakers. He's hilarious he credits. This is the very first time this has been set. It comes with almost no fanfare so i wanna say it's not the origin of black simic's. It's almost like they've all heard it before but i think adam's just being super cleverness words in says it on the spot and actually is the origin according to ed so if you open earlier appearance let us know. I don't think exists adam cruel show nine ten. It's a featuring dave damasec. Jay glazer rosen brian bishop september twenty twelve. Check it out mm-hmm. I miss the thing i miss about mile high and the old mile high in denver is the guy in the barrel yet naked in the barrel. He actually had a i. I remember reading about online he he's hung well. The fifth time is cock came out of the bunghole. They had to had to retire the barrel or he had to put some shorts on on which officially refused to do so anyway they parted ways. They agree to disagree barrowman narrow barrowman. I like it when we're so uncreative that we just go. Who shall we call this guy. Well is wearing a barrel and he's dude. I got you how about barrowman. There was like rainbow rainbow head. What do we call like. What are we natives. Let's give them a cool name. Is this rainbow head barrowman. I contend that when these guys once they've established published themselves you know twenty five thirty years of walking around mile hind white boots in a barrel by the way now he's barrowman find. It must have been a tough sell the first weekend he tried to barrowman routine just going through the turnstile block and everyone getting stoddart you can't you're you're naked. You're wearing nancy sinatra's boots. I can see your cock and it's minus twenty two degrees with the wind chill up here. This is not acceptable. I'm but i'm a big fan so the jets have <hes> what firemen pete or whatever his name is yeah. I want these guys. These guys ed. These guys are going to die and i want them out there. I want ed it depends on the firemen had this guy to pass on the barrel. I want the rainbow guy after he tried to abduct emerging. Oh they don't relate that the cat there was always a black cowboy at texas stadium. There was always that middle aged black with the moustache and he would always take the viking. There was a viking mascot the big willy beer and he take the viking pennant and he would wipe the sweat off his yes with it. I was every time it's like this. Sixty was like a it was like a mixture he was like don king meets the the sixth village person and it was a fixture and all i'm saying is is hey listen find a reasonable blacks emily and put him in that outfit and sent him out there. We don't do a dna check. I i wouldn't go wait a minute that guys like four pounds lighter than the other guy. You know i'm drunk. The season passes for g to talk. That's a callback. They knew black cowboy. I want barrowman back back when when firemen ed goes away he's gonna buy went rainbow head back. I went all these guys other people's problems. That's other cities to worry about. We have to worry about. I'm a bald bryan beneficial. He's got the obvious name. He's got obvious nickname ready to go number one fan bald brian. He's the horns on the side. That's right for the origin of black similarly in case. You're wondering now geos a pretty upset that he didn't get credit for the black similarly but i gave them a little credit. For this next split adam karol show twenty-five i've twenty two featuring wind fichtner dr bruce gina grand brian bishop. This is from march of two thousand nineteen this year. <hes> pete davidson was having a bit of royal romance romance with <hes> kate beckon sale as mostly being carried out over instagram and <hes> there is a very <hes> mysterious series of postings about when she first met him verse how she ended up up in hospital and i sent an email to chris that wasn't really intending to be rail and everyone so happy it from march twenty nineteen william fichtner and pearl show twenty five twenty to check it out all right so it's the worst <hes> speaking of the worst kate beckon sale and pete davidson seemed to confirm their new but making out at a new york rangers ranger's game ignoring the throngs of fans taking all right. Let me tell you something here's cleal tongue ignoring okay when ariana grande a dumped him mm dave's areas like oh. I feel so bad for him. I feel so bad for him. He's heartbroken heartbroken. I said now because here's a way chicks work once they find out you're with a hot chick back then they start lining up like at some sort of hot snatch bakery and they'll just they'll poland tickets to get to your hawk and i know it's been said many many times before but i said don't worry about him. He may be heartbroken but every chick who saw him with her. It's going to go on mahachi and now i gotta be with with him even if he spindly has incoherent tattoos and as the twenty-six funniest member s._n._l. That has a cast a number a number of cast members captain thirteen. He's still twenty six and he's going to get a lot of hot snatch and look at him now. Yeah i knew it. I knew this would happen. You'd have estate. I call it. Oh you know who else he dated. I don't feel good to be right now now. He dated who's all little very very attractive. Larry david's daughter. Oh yeah i saw a lot of pictures with them it together at some point so according to people dot com before arianna by the way l. it must've been avenue struck up a romance at the golden globes at an after party and have been spotted on several dates ever since make out at the rangers ranger's game with their tongues with spotlight just right there. What are they doing the no they know what they sent a message. Get who we sending thing this message to favor that pete davidson asked kate beck and sale to show the rest of us. He is fine. I don't know the rangers didn't even win see yeah. They shouldn't be celebrating that they're telling the lone. Islands just say like who is she who is on her side alleger that she sending a little message to look. He may be going. I'm going to send this message are grandba- fine. What's she doing. She's got kids. Write a letter. Does she ever before you can have a kid his age lifespan. I think you already have kids. I mean how many kids are. How old are the kids definitely married before. We need to make out with your tongue in public. Now we ever really now has a twenty year old daughter twenty year olds. I've got to get her now and she was divorced in two thousand sixteen twelve years what what's the daughter oh boy into saying she wants to payback mama podcast do it with a child yeah very young eric. Okay told also you got to hear this theory so superfan. Giovanni semi this over a month ago about capex. Tell pete davidson writes. I've been following her instagram posts. She ended up in the hospital with a ruptured ovarian cyst days. After being spotted with pete based on rumors about pete immediately started doing the math according according to a podcast pete used to come on the show and the shawshank show the whole gang on the on the podcast his horse dung they researched ovarian cyst and sometimes sexual activity can cause rupture so not only pete davidson boning cape back until he destroyed her vagina with giant it. He sent me beginning of february and she stuck around. He's got the giant dong build the giant deng. Build guys are gangly really the great john holmes pacific as super gangling gangly guy with a china dong as i understand that the ovaries vagina are not the same thing as i understand that get preuss back on the floor and the right there at the crest now what's worse if you're beckons sale. If this rumor or there's the whole <hes> remember the whole fair foss. There's old fair faucet thing thing anal cancer. She did die of them. Yeah rectal which is from getting like wreck or whatever i didn't know that and then there was the whole great <hes> oh god. Let's see michael <hes> jackson jordan tyson yeah you gotta keep going on this to assert romancing the stone douglas. My mouth kim's like zero. Don't miss merchants good name. I'm just just saying this kind of stuff floating around out there now <hes> so this is an opportunity to put put your entire leg in your mouth. I love what you guys can do that. He's he all right. Let's move on long all right so i guess you're wondering these are the kind of emails i get from geo- so once in a while that one is weirdly very detailed geo you should be me and the legion of skanks podcast that was was the unnamed podcast. It was also theorizing the same theory i had simultaneously. They didn't instruct anything but i kind of confirmed based off their interactions with beat because he used to come on the show and pulled on his pants on the podcast. It's just matthew put tuned to together all right before we get to our next clip couple of reminders first off. If you want to request a clip email us classics at adam corolla dot com we do a lot of listener requests on the show tweet us at giovanni giorgio at chris locks mono- ana instagram facebook. Whatever find us let us know what you want to hear on the show. We love doing it for you. Guys also this saturday. If you're in monterey for car week golden state theatre adams doing adam curls unprepared along with adam ray and then friday august thirtieth adam in portland doing a live car cast with mario inch ready at the world speed motorsports museum so come on check those out seattle live press the flesh with the ace man now jio. What's our next one well. This is comes from rule show. Twenty-three eighty-one featuring traci lords robbery dr drew gina grad and brian bishop. This is before traci lords or drawer studio just rob riggle. This is from july twenty eighteen and i had been our cobbing some old love line and i found a clip that that contain a drop that was used a torture adam for years that makes them selling canadian about the world being your waster than anderson loved the play. Adam swore is out of context. We can never find the origin origin to prove it because we didn't have the episode after almost nineteen years i found the episode archived at cut. The clip emailed it as soon as i found it and they played at the next day and it was great two thousand eighteen world is your choice ter- it's my pleasure. We got lots to talk about with rob. I got stuff to talk about too. Good day gina granddaddy eighty. You and bob ryan big dude angry dude in each yelling. That's as well. There's a lot of yellow bat. There's a latino alabama right. We finally lots <hes> lots breaking in the corolla world hair. We got the <hes> some closure to drop drop that is probably close to twenty years in the making and was a famous drop that but <hes> well engineer anderson used to drop all the predate me i think it does although oh you you will remember the drop but i feel like that was it was more of an anderson thing than it was brian thing and it was one that made maybe sounds hokey and corny and stupid and it always bothered me and anderson always play it knowing it would bother me and i always said it's out of context. There's more context to it. I it's pretty corny and sappy and i just don't roll that way although if you talk long enough on the radio every night you don't have a script i i suppose you could say some corning sappy but we'll play the drop as it was brian will remember it from two thousand february two thousand over over eighteen years ago. Here's the one brand and the loveline fans remember remember. The world is your sister. I mean because that's all the world world. Is i remember for years after that. That's the only drop you'd respond to buy out of context well. It is what i said was not edited or cook but i said there's something more to it. I was doing something out of context making fun of somebody. That is not me so. I was like there must be something else to it but i couldn't really do remember. Where were you. Were going with that. I have no no concept we would sit there all night blabber all night and anderson brian whomever would grab these things and they play him some time later and you have no real idea what was going on at least i drew didn't seem to have any recollection of it either. There was all andersen back in the day. I it was a low lowly call screener and the engineer who would do all these sound effects the one that i suggested for him that i was very proud of because it went on for many years you were talking you. You were talking construction. Talk on love line on the on the love advice show that we had construction and carpentry talking gold a boring bit which would use a bit for a drill. You sure too boring and i'm mike boring did get that trump. Got it every once in a while then when you heard about something boring bed that didn't bother me. I felt that was clever but this i felt i was misquoted and it may be sound corny and sappy and i didn't. I didn't like it because it wasn't dr laura we're trying to accomplish over there and a- it always bothered me but i never could find out what the origins of it were context was was before the digital world you will literally had to go get tapes and go back and listen to them or something like going back and checking all right well dig to the archives physically dig through the archives would never been labeled like this is to one so i moved on because that's what i do. I do what bob seger turn the page uh-huh could song song so i turn the page and move on and eighteen and a half years years later i get an email from super van giovanni who has the show who stumbled across the show when he's doing all his archiving suzdak won't turn the page that's right so he finds the origin of it and he plays it and when you hear it you still go <hes> but then you'll realize i was referring when i said that's all the world really is or something like that. I was talking about what i was talking about before hand so we'll play the whole oh good play the whole thing now in contact what this content contents thank you listen everybody <hes>. I don't know why in this country we don't put a premium on psychology is the biggest most important thing you can do for your life for your family. What have you all that. I'm on enroll here the media when you figure out how your life works what your past was how it how how it <hes> permeates your life today how it affects your decision making today <hes> the world is your choice ter- i mean because that's all the world is break it down. That's what it is yeah. All it is is psychology but not your that's interesting is an artist cherry. He's saying that i do feel fulfilled. I have a much better picture <hes> for piece of history for the love line fans. Oh good because you're not wrong on cloud. You saw me when i entered. This place weren't touching. No one knows how you feel better than i do. I don't know if you're familiar with this or if you've i heard it but do you know what brian did to me. Of course it's hurting you. Listen to our episodes several tests so you're familiar with the song yeah but let's hear it again. I know how you know so i say things all the time that are taken out of context but nobody cares. Brian lives for it. I'm quoting someone a new news story. I'm making a joke about something. I'm giving a for example. I assume someone's name ryan collects them and when he and i did the show together when adam outta town <hes> he surprised me with this little love letter yeah ooh. Anybody didn't set this up with anybody. I dive centre. Todd brown's gonna play. It said i haven't heard this yet. Eh it smacks of annoying annoying little brother sergio where we were going to do this little thing i retired one of gina's out of context drops for fear that it would come to drop the drop by the way no one. No one in this room built that thing at all you. You're the one no. I understand that i deal with notified. We play klay today. That said i was going through the drops that we have collected over the years and they were just too many so i put genie talked too fucking much snow. You dick unbreathable. I have a really ugly voice that people assume super hissy little country l. a. face with an oakland booty you you old miss them. Maybe they should change their name to mall of brad hesitate nigga i assume would you like me to make banana cry. I love blackhawk doc. I didn't want to give you b._j. Because i gave one to someone else earlier today so what about nambla yeah i'm giving jobs in the men's room a clansman am i yeah. I don't like seeing brown men with white women. That's just your garden variety ju- talk at least who nazis are sexier than hippie. I'll have a hard boiled egg and soft boiled clitoris. You will watch my micro peanuts. Whether you like it or not penis baba you can read this. The bitch fell off if you can read this. The bitch fell off if you can read this. The bitch fell off luganda stronger. <hes> gigli kellyanne de la la broach auto mall tomato fest me how chi-lan suggest muscle car bowed dim nestle re- reason reason trends show. You like to see some nude photos of little girls eight hundred. I got a devil tattooed on wanted an angel tattooed on another tip. I just don't swallow a lot p._c._p. And molly and alcohol and no sleep plan dan. Let's buck on this. I'm gonna stick my hand so for your far up your facet. You're gonna have to brian fish the brain bishop. Everyone is wild in context. I believe that was all very hateful. Yeah that was really delightful. Isn't it advertisers a fun guys nice job brian. Thanks dare you compliment him on. I took the golden ginger pretty and we're back now. I love that drop. The world is your choice ter- i remember anderson playing it a lot. <hes> threat love line and i went to the final reporting levine and they were playing on a bunch too so it never died not before <hes> love light did love died first before the explanation of where that actually yeah. There's actually a funny little tidbit on the old love line v._h._s. tapes that i got from anderson which were from the security camera at the very end. You've seen him standing over the board. Cutting little clips of adam andrew andrew embarrass them so we could see him cut the drops in mealtime and how he would edit out <hes> ex- extra information on either side of it seem less insane so he would just narrow it down to things does he could later embarrass them with them. Like a old chinaman's beard adam describing the hair <hes> downstairs who's cutting that one for about three and a half minutes after an episode either just watching this is what he did in real time yeah you gotta admire that kind of the liberace's potentialities yeah i i would agree now. Last last as we can gio you played the two thousand twelve as awards and it was a huge hit. Everybody loved the first huge hits so much and then sunday show played blade the rest of it and it went great so let's do it again. In fact will probably going to be doing this all week instead of chopping this up because it's so short and also the chopping it up. It's necessarily just a way to extend it over two episodes so we're leaving this one in full ace awards twenty ten <hes> the giovanni chopped and screwed edition cut off some intro can off. Some closer cut out some ads all original production from mike lynch. Mike dawson the guys. These ace awards are hilarious when i listen listen to it again. I was like oh my god. This is so funny. Now fans are debating. If twenty twelve was the peak adam corolla show so all longley playing the chopped and screwed additions of of the ace awards and then you can actually have a real debate on which was the best year hasn't happened yet. Maybe it's two thousand nineteen. If you're a new listener find out what happened will always drops clips and songs long. It's a great interaction and it's a great flashback. I can't wait to share with you. This is admiral show four sixty seven featuring brian bishop. Just adamant brian is teresa had departed at this point pointed hadn't hired a new news girl. This is from december twenty ten as awards twenty all right. Shall we <hes> do a couple as awards. Yeah start that let's let's get started with that. What do we got. This is best musical performance. <hes> okay go performance. The nominees for best musical performance are all brian. Dan four isaac hayes and joan osborne mash up what he says yeah again. I'm gonna it die. I including november the in maryland rice cope wrapping her saw us this morning with my son changing diapers view on go to school and you wanna go to school. Let's get the diaper. Lets us. You know you brush your teeth have a bathtub. It's beautiful up there for jama's got your gama's. If you wanna go to school seriously you gotta take off your the the diaper. People don't wear diapers with josh gardner. Untitled entitled folks saw road the song rows in college. I was a freshman and they're really been away from all miss. My girlfriend run a lot. She still had three more years of high school but i had my guitar. I heard there is an open lake night at the coffee house. So i went down there. Just wong at you know and this is where i came up with. You need love. You better on need love. <hes> view winter need the sweater pose. Take turns out. The dean was at the show. I got suspended for the whole semester. My parents who really is a play the tuition in full <music> zilei great garner. Everybody arctic well the best musical performance. Let's figure out who won this baby and and the winner is he's i. I wasn't sure if i was doing that or not. I think one one isaac. He must be surprised yeah you are. You're a big fan of joan osborne care. I didn't know that i didn't i didn't know if you guys cross baz before. Good yeah yeah so you know it's ironic that <hes> she's singing about. God being one of us and you being dead naw thing. Okay good so you won that trophy will go ahead and get that right out here. I don't know this is uncomfortable isaac. I'm not sure how we get you the plaque or the trophy of the cert yeah all right. You don't really need it where you're at anyway right. No now taken harp less than sitting on a cloud having having sex with princess grace wa isaak's and princess grace on the same cloud. That'd be awesome yeah. Well congratulations big man. We really appreciate it up next. I believe we we have a best impression. The candidates are the nominees for best impression in our dana cool as you houser all the book our bodies ourselves. Many many people won't know is that women have a bomb in their front and they throw people with no fuel. It's called a vagina china. I'd banished no is that they have like a man. They have what i could only call front bomb. Something happens where they boop like a little do frank stovall as sylvester still. Oh if i said to him you know year ago what's up with frank. What do you think he would say. He tried wouldn't say anything if i got him drunk and said what's up with frank blooberg a- as ether ragging asked him what's up with riot. He'd be dana as paul stanley from kiss. They never bothered luke. Paul stanley speaking voice which is really like don't child teaming. Julia trapped on the ferret realty museum paul. I know we've been he was like a gay guy from flatbush on moms your mom's friend right demon. I had half a copy here and now it's gone but the hell back i would have bought two. I had a coupon. The great day rule and the winner and the impression russian category is frank stallone american indian accepting award <hes> boy. We got <hes>. We got some good stuff coming up. We've got best fight coming up best reenactment coming up. I realize you can pretty much. Give the award to whoever you want because there's like there's no like you know envelope. <hes> recorded announcement. We can give it to her. We want all right yeah. Whatever makes you laugh the most. I guess sir what have you you know what you're right. You're right. Should we <hes> you know. Let me give a quick shout out to <hes> one of our fine sponsors. That's right pinnacle. Doc college always wanted to work in the music industry <hes> technology now on your side namely pinnacle college. They can show you how they got. Computers tres music software and applications. They will teach you how to do it when get in. Maybe you wanna do this. Maybe one of sit in the next ex- room with dawson and the we's yeah pinnacle college. They'll teach you <hes> the necessary how to work. The software apple logic pro tools q. base again. I don't know what q basis but <hes> they'll teach at t._i. Classes start january thirty first. I think our own dawson's going over there on the twenty four. Th is that right dawson. I think that's when school starts for the audio engineering program. I'll have to double check altered. Old dog like dawson's can and still be taught a few new tricks for our good friends over pinnacle collagen again. Let's focus people forget about five years of putts and around humboldt state and coming back with a nice buzz and a suntan dan and a scar for a hacky sack injury contact pinnacle college at pinnacle college dot e._d._u. Or call eight seven seven zero six sixty two zero six eight seven seven zero six sixty two. Oh six good people good program. Let's get going and we'll become renaissance huntsmen tomorrow all right so we keep moving with the ace awards what's up next the nominees for best reenactment act -ment are adam and bryan cranston as charles manson and tex watkins. You had to be weird like at some point when charlie pulled texas side and like charlie's like look once you gather up all the super sexually usually active hot nineteen year olds who don't mind polling trains all week last weekend along with us over here once you get him some steak knives and send them up the hill some high profile murdering tax must have been like <hes> charlie. We have pretty good thing. I wonder what you kill everyone on a hill for stealing state knives. No no no no no no more orgies no more no no no no more killing now. Oh a killing them. All got said no not sexually. I did what they need to do is get some knives together okay. I'm gonna stay here. You're staying. I'm staying here. I'm didn't i bring the oldsmobile around nineteen year. Olds were formerly having sex with no no no no. I'm in the car. Call go up to the hill and go find like sharon tate's house stab stab everybody. I have one of them stars maps magazines i had but again these sexual party is over for a little while down here. We're going to start a race right. Hi adam and troy as joe and jessica simpson you could see her dad haven't talked with her when she was sixteen or fifteen and a half foot my other studying on my tips the clock okay now. You've got this huge jets his big juice d. supple apparent massive aerials and there will be plenty boys. They're gonna wanna get their hands nee now for aw beautiful milky milky white heaving jugs of yours okay. They're gonna do things called the motor boat. The shelf called t.f in that i- honey get dry race board. Got the sweat out how old how tips off the pointed this. You'll give it up. Don't give it up for none of them and some point some guy coming along playing the blues guitar skinny white guy with a cool haircut whereas when the speedo crucial jobs don't let him touch it. Don't you let him get near. Those big. Heaving inflated aided milky suppled softer the touch. Okay let him do that. You keep your purity for chris. Guida boys ban all right. Can we have the cash. Yes you have interests picked adam as ask angelina jolie hitman i'd be great it man for angelina jolie so be like all right <hes> half now and then <hes> a half after i rape you hit. Then ship does say that out loud right. I mean sorry half now then half after exit right this rape definitely look i. I damn it sorry. I was just raping so it's on my mind <hes> sorry. What are we talking about again half now half after the game killing really so that's right. We know raping your that's for damn sure but if they were to find out if they were to find some seamen i do feel like that. Would you kill yourself with the win. Angelina jolie was hiring a hitman to kill her yeah that was i think that was the story she she was some story that she was going to commit suicide by hiring a hitman to who <hes> to get her yeah. Well you know <hes> i gotta agree with this one. Although i do love me as joe simpson but <hes> the winner me and bryan cranston yeah he does a hell of a tex watson helluva no better ten dolences to the runners up adam corolla grohl anatomy. That's right when they tex watson the musical you know his phone's ringing off the hook right now when i've been looking forward to for oh wow this is best <hes> fight health. Can this be the nominees for best fight are dr adam and donnie in clips for live shows. I've given you the speech a million times on the live shows. I was gonna pay the bills and your disagree disagree. You disagree by not riding gown things when i say hey here's what we need for the live right here right. Here's where you go. Yes service of you in your role with that easy when he's broadcast in the world and i'm gonna schmuck all year your service room room in san jose. This also does hold it. He goes hey. I'm watching m._s._n._b._c. <hes> turn. The son got it all right. I'll see at the movie theater going down then were walking updates and says hey no not then when we're walking no oh i say turn it to channel seventeen m._s._n._b._c. Yes just about two minutes ago. They showed a clip. That would be awesome. I need to grab that. Let's say you didn't say clip you said and watch the show seems kind of interesting. Please hang up on yourself right now. I will throw a boot through that. It's still watches show. It seems kind of interesting risk. That's me that's what i do with all the clips i went for the lives. Young adults and the doctor bruce's phone donnie. He told me what i might get an emergency calls. That's kind of exciting. Y y you you know what he does is. He tries to do funny. Oh that that was a bit engineering. No no no don't johnny don't do that and i was normally yell more but then you'd say she the yelled and addo and donnie in secret being recorded audio from the film vault. I don't think the last conversation we had was you want to be asked on their shop. I don't believe i've ever said i gotta be honest. They call it. Then you gonna fuck semantics walking the fuck out of here. They were doing a show. You asked me to be on under shop okay. I didn't say guests on their show. I don't i'm fucking walking. Are you fucking. We know you asked me to be on the show. I'm saying the word death but you asked me to be all the shove did you did you will then shelf the walk up with demands. Ask wow bad n._f._l. Low like hasselhoff when his daughter shown them tape of him with the <hes> hand floor yeah geez man who were sitting on the couch. I'm comfortable is tough yeah all right. I'm not proud out of that but that was <hes> you know the winner mean donning the film vaults argument yeah donny done done it again call san jose and said there might be something interesting to check out well first of all. I'd like to say everything was taken out of context for for this. <hes> this award show <hes> it really gets defend myself correctly. You're fine. You're fine yeah. That was the the film <hes>. Let's see that i thought you wait a minute. We started the show i said. Can you do the film ball right out the facts of this right <hes> we were doing. Let's not out of all this year. We didn't adam corolla shell <hes> as a way to promote the launch the film which is coming to me like a week. We're prerecording because i was out of karan. We were supposed to be guest on the adam. Adam corolla show and there was some confusion as to who was on who show right and i did probably say <hes>. Can you do the film vault yeah he said okay. I'll be a guest on there. So when we started the show i was just sitting there and brian was staring at me and i was staring at brian and then people are sort of pointing the finger and i was like well. I'm what do you want me to do. I'm i'm a guest on this show and all right anyway. I'm tired dining. You're doing a fine job with the network. Can i thank you very much. Thanks very much. I go back to the mini bikes. What's <hes> what's next she would you want. Let's do one more for do another. <hes> little live spots with the way the top podcast on itunes two thousand then i saw that and <hes> why not by the way it's a great podcast i meant to ask you. What's your favorite episode. Mind line with had d- definitely have to be the best film fights never did that. You should do that totally. You totally do that one. Did you should come on our show or vice versa. Yeah friendships love that all right. We'll take a quick break. We'll be right back well. We're we're back with the ace awards and still plenty of show to go. We have the most awkward moment. I'm curious. Guest of the year ran to the air. I'm all okay. I'm curious about all this like if you'd said to me <hes> you don't know what the rain through the year is but give me one you think might be give me one of the top five or top ten or something something i i have no idea i would have no idea guest to the air would have no idea every year <hes> would do the ace awards. I look forward to the most sneakily under the radar. The previously awarded montage uh-huh rapid fire best of the year all funny bits. You know what i mean. It's funny refresher of ozone best musical guest as well. The next category police in a ceremony held earlier awards were handed out in the following categories teresa strasser for best out of context clip. I was pulling this earth for one thing and one thing only sucking foot long cock adam corolla for most gracious victory to jamaicans demons for each running through nineteen ninety <music> <music> for most ironically named guest the most interesting man in the world but it's not due to foreign what we we did to thanksgiving by shoving a bunch of golden raisins in it cooking trao. Just put the turkey in the oven. Let's get some stuff in and call the night scaring bring jonathan but you you're with me. There's nothing was there anything broken about porn. No i'm just thinking about one good morals clause in alabama all right. We'll take it easy with your weight. As a morals clause sells beer for a living if you have a morals clause sandwiched between two foxy kicks security expert for fast new character this morning on on peter tilden showy interviewed this israeli who used to be the head of security at l. All is he was so angry about not essay and the people that they hire to do the security in their entire system and an angry israeli very hilarious. You know jeop- from shit five times as angry. Is that jack shit. They're off air flippers burger flipper say i stand there. They pull over the head of the women they look into that is data's nothing. He offered to help down l._a._x. And they said no thanks wind down through l._a._x. But my have been told me hit song of the year rich banks for coming on the tits drops on her chest like paratroop buyers all instead just finishing up who do poll out joe dick lebeau man coming it on the caller of the year randy from craig's list randy i'm here. You're selling rue mcclanahan book. Yes i am and <hes> you live in hollywood. Yes i i do all right. It's my hypotheses that says it again. It's my hypotheses yeah that this is a gay rooms all of these things. It's just an attempt to meet dudes on every new adam. My feary is that you grip even window. You're great and i can't believe you didn't talk about it on the man show writer in my right at first off. You have to be gay and second lewis. You're right. I think adam that you kind of tuck it under your mattress next year flaker all that kind of thing when you pan leave when you need to use the bathroom do keep that you just open up room planet fuck. It doesn't matter what chapter it is the beginning of the end mike. I'm adam corolla the man borough almo- the facts. I love your view again. Get it going for five dollar <noise> but i will give them a discount. I will sell it for four dollars because is jimmy. Kimmel has his own show called. L. have rarely do i get insulted and save dollar. Wow that was all previously awarded awards. I like every part of the award. Show yeah me too. It is that in memoriam thing and it said i don't know why something satisfied about it all right moving on with the ace awards <hes> dawson. Would you like to reveal the next category. This is for best musical guest. These actual artists who came in the studio and performed the nominees for best musical gassed are hanson it took uh-huh phillips deal sure and when we go so far <music> and they're gone <music> neil they get to the part about coming on the oh aw what does four minute waits breathless charm <hes> range. It costs really listen to us a little trump silvers right about the wing ball that going winners so funny. My dad turning like a big musical. Ham is really at this. I'm doing some math by the time he's a hundred and thirty five. He's gonna can be ready for knotsberry farm. Yeah that's demand. Benjamin button fund. It's really weird because i must have been the seventies or something the whole time. I was growing up with him. He played the trump at once in a while. He never saying it was like it was like got away from him and then all of a sudden he turn like got into his seventies on the horn found him again. Which makes you wonder like what's going to happen to us. I'll send i'm gonna wake up seventy one ago. They got a harp. Go <hes> gimme that harp. I gotta play that harp. Wonder what's going to happen. Well anyway the winner. The best musical gas a legacy jim karol everybody all all right boy. What are we got to accept his award personally but he's at the clippers game except for the lights are on yeah yeah. He's he's courtside. <music> likes the clippers guarantees never been to a clever game. What would you if i said <hes>. My dad was sitting here telling me how much you like the clippers as last time he did this show. What have i said this brian. What if i said this <hes> <hes> you give me one hundred dollars l. to my five thousand dollars. I'll give you my dad's been to a clippers game fifty to one shot would you would you would you take those odds. I would take those odds based on the odds and also because maybe someone look like a a work friend. You know there could be a client story. The story accidentally ended up there after like a jazz club one night. He was coming back in the sports. Arena could be story there. It's like the time he knew. Dr drew's last name when we <hes> when we did my terrestrial morning show i brought him in and <hes> i did this thing with him. I said look. I'm going to give you a five thousand thousand dollars. If you can name the radio station that i was on for the last eleven years that was day one of the show by the day one of the show and <hes> he came up with some of the name to be fair to him. He couldn't come up with the one oh six point seven k rock part but he came up with like cape row iraq or somebody. Somebody couldn't come up with a number where it was on the dial that much i knew <hes> i said i had five five or ten grand in it for him. He could come up with the name of the puppet. Show that i did on <hes> <hes> i did on comedy central and by the way i think coincidentally jimmy was wearing a crank yankers shirt at the time which we thought might trigger something but it didn't come up with that and then i think i said i'd give him like thirty five hundred dollars if he could come up with dr drew's last name and he said pinski okay and i said what because there's one thing i know it's people and their consistency and i and there's loveline fans. Who might we know that you know what i mean. The casual loveland fan may not know that's not out there every day and i said how that maybe it was five grand. I was so sure he wouldn't know doctors. There's last name and <hes> he had arranged a meeting or somebody with him a consultation or something with with him days earlier and looked up his name or found out his name just so you can never count on these things. That's my point. I would have given fifty you don't want on the last name of drew except for who would have known about my dad living out in pasadena drew working out in pasadena and some sort of consultation on medical thing two days earlier right. Thank you drew all right. <hes> shall we get to <hes> what would have or next <hes> most awkward moment. I'm confused curious as to the nominees for most awkward moment are theresa and brad garrett for oral sex discussion. If i'm ranking i wouldn't even put giving before receiving really that's all we'll you know i i find it. Interesting <music> give pleasant guilty. When you go like empress shell spector for phil spector discussion. I i mean the media portrays him to be some type of convicted of murder so you're saying that he's not nearly as as eccentric as we all are laid to believe it was just all folk tales and stories and that wouldn't happen with larry miller instance <hes> the guests and create the wall of sound and change the way music against today either but that's another that's completely separate subject that being sort of nutty nutty whatsoever. I'm not trying to put him down. Sounds like it s but what i'm saying is he obviously cultivated this. This is sort of the tension like their hairstyles for his hair. I'm not saying he's here to talk about. The right guy produced their release new material almost thirty years and dag dag insults theresa's book. Hey tell me about terry's carey's book all. I know i feel like a lifetime eleven seconds off your first off the process work. Do they approach you for a lot of this was your experience while pregnant right around my my brother's i brag about being you know what that is an amazing idea. I'm this is supportive september. I've never heard what concept about a woman writing about wanting would happen when you're knocked up good luck with that wow and the winner the most awkward moment dag theresa's drive draft yeah bag for still specter without luntz. She was unseating kooky by by the way whenever you know i was just watching something on <hes> john lennon john lennon wanted to work with phil and all that kind of stuff and you know they're just interviewing people and they're like well. You know working for phil was tough because he's nuts and he's you know he keeps a gun and he's always waving that gun around and like by the way. How many years can you wave a gun around. You know what i mean before. How how nutty can you be. And how long long can you wave a gun around before somebody gets a bullet in the mouth and it was so weird thing where it was like i mean it was it was just they sort of glossed ostovic during this retrospective john lennon but it was like yeah it was understood that if you worked with phil you had to deal with him and his gun and people for kind of freaked out by it but it was like no one would take it away from him and i it's kind of a weird society we live in and if you think about it or maybe it was is like there's lots of rules but on the other hand the crazy guy's got a gun and no one's really going to say anything about it so it was pretty obvious that this guy loved gunplay loved crazy hair and he was just clearly just out to lunch. Don't love anyone thing too much because you end up creating a lot of circumstantial evidence against yourself like jay. Leno is implicated in running over somebody who the dues embarrassing yeah it. It wouldn't take a lot to believe that yeah and it's like his <hes> his yes <hes> defense that it could have been any stanley steamer in burbank is not gonna hold up real good us all right. Shall we move onto the next category. Wow <music> guest of the year excited for this one. The nominees for guest of the year are stephen at nine personnel in that van was the one who stood up to everybody right and was the warning want to have a chance to say hey our actual in the middle of the first song once or twice throwing them down. I don't leave. Let's go back there and do you can't do that and our playing. I remember when we were going to concerts. I'll harder to work to save up the money to buy tickets to go see our favorite pan. All those people just did that for us. We can just do one sophomore and then go back out there. You're like paul revere during the raiders would have done that on my real fuck. I hear i'm leaning on a lamppost shot. Two lines just keep getting getting harder to find cherokee basis and then steps right off the hell. No i was raiders dressing fool outfit uh-huh we were young and we all it when you're young and have grown up with nothing and all of a sudden. Here's everything i mean when you with the drug scene back then we wouldn't have to open our mouth. I honestly i think it and we're gonna look down day and there'd be drug sober now or make i. I did drove thirty the years again. Just take all the way. I'm always so it was it was it so you're saying back in the day. When you guys were touring landing in your lap that real we do say that the shows weren't as good is they put a band because of the draws the near the end of my plan and i threw every for twenty years. I blamed you know science and is now so search for letting me down i they let me down but then when i started working out in droves and you know listen john working with them i i realized that they didn't let me down. I mean i took everything and threw it all away. I know high rises over going down by fire in hand. Those buildings fell at the rate of gravity in ten seconds flat so we're close to so i had heard at that when the impact of the plane knocked a lot of that stuff off of these beams and then when when the jet a fuel started burning the beams melted but to that you would say what holds spot who's behind you ah we'll never know from a type of his behind. I think they're just certain area of government which probably participate later moves per part what way turn a blind eye or actually participate well. I mean and putting them down by themselves. So you're saying that there were explosives in most in the building at the end of my second season of mad i was taking thirty day. I stopped showing up to like table retail schedules. <hes> intervention there was buying showed up and said get it together. Yeah there's a poster of him and then i threw on my bike and right and they you know the schedule connie chung sketch and i felt fine right right and so this friday comes about those shoot diskette connie chung he put me in the makeup and i'm sitting in the makeup chair and i start shaking like to the yeah i thought i was like i felt my organs thirty day for cowl a couple of years a couple years so no drinking too on top i am the set and audience and the lights turn on kgo action and i go good evening. I'm and i was gonna say chronic sean and i'm saying dang it. You really have in my pants while you can see it. Come down and stonking really cut right we wearing wearing pants or a skirt dressed up as showing. I'm getting a horse and i remember dick. Lucia executives looking at in gone. You're gonna to do this. I don't care you're finishing taking five in a sketch taking hours any line by line and so a packing up my dressing room. I remember none of the cast of the vitamin edible with the last show of the season. I remember crying off a lot like i just fucked up when your career the provocative moving disturbing and the guest of the year steven adler from guns and roses it's like that all the main story and <hes> nice to see him sober any consolation to the runner-up ed asner his <hes> rant wasn't fact sinked up to some footage from up up and it's on youtube and it's fantastic from this show yeah yeah some of the conspiracy theory and the old man awesome fantastic where where we at big finale big finale rant of the year. I'm excited to hear this one. Who's gonna win. The nominees for rant of the year are united airlines. You have a policy fine. You have a policy elsie and we broke that policy. Though i would argue everyone else's being anywhere from twenty minutes to thirty minutes and you being nearly double that is a little little excessive but that's your policy forty five minutes and you know what we showed up forty three minutes instead of forty five minutes or the cough deserted with with no bags genuine yeti but yet we did it in technically donnie screwed. The pajamas preregister did not check us in in advance but here's the other other thing. There's no reason for your people to be rude. There's no reason for them to throw that attitude at us. All we were trying to do is is we're trying to fix fix a conflict and with a simple. Thank you or even a sorry or let us we can do or let us at least open the computer. No you're fucking horrible. Employees always mccarron completely and utterly flatlined no eye contact. No i feel your pain. No nothing just shitty got off the puck and service the people who paid to patronize your business. You will not hear the end of this. This will not be the last of it and we will punish united in one way shape important especially the two ashli who were fucking counter time warner cable. I woke up this morning. No internet it had been shut off. Why was it shut off well. The bill was late and then it got paid when linen hold them and said hey. The bill got paid. Why did you shut it off. They said <hes> yeah our van white. You're on the list to be shut off. The guy physically came over and shut the internet off. You know last night at some point now. Here's the beauty of it. Oh you want a guy out <hes> boy. Let's see you get the window from one to four o'clock. I fucking love that window. Get one to four. You're lucky i i know you're lucky except for they fucked up they fucked up the bill is paid the bill has been paid for several weeks and they said are bad now sucking on table and win an alex and the m._t._v. methadone joke you know when prince basically announce a few weeks ago that the internet was <hes> oliver so m._t._v. one of you this thing which was what were we going to do to occupy ourselves without the internet. Here's as i finally come up with call me old fashioned but i say we replace it with family time and a little something called good conversation just kidding being i guess we just have to start doing massive amounts of methadone okay so then i get the email back from the gate at the guys and i go. M._t._v. wants us to tweak the meth joe. I then replied. Fuck it. You get nothing now. Here's the deal with these ass wives first off. I guarantee not linen alex to go look up. Methadone was guaranteed. The asks why retarded m._t._v. didn't go look it up. It's got a complete context. Yes we're weaning you off. Aw this substance you're gone right. It's a fucking judge fucking comedian what the fuck is wrong with ever legally the here's the deal. Could i tweak it. Yes we'll. I tweak it year. Jesus christ the falcons all you fucking funny people that whatever created fucking bones showed up your ass shut the fuck on aw yeah little that's built up from a fucking career having super unfunny many people try to tweak your stuff. We'll make funnier. I can't tell you how many notes i got riding sitcom pilots where the note was be funnier. Make it funnier really uh-huh. Oh god this town is fucking horrible and the thing that pissed me off about one is it was called methadone and i got the i got the email that they don't like the meth joe as if i was talking about methamphetamine or speed methadone is a drug. That's prescribed bribe doctors. Math is something that helped me. Took my right <hes> when your own people don't know the difference between methadone and math okay rant of the year the methadone joe. Thank you all right well. How do we <hes> bring this home. I want to thank mike lynch and dawson dawson. I don't know what his last name is. Point is that these guys worked overtime. Put this baby together and <hes> one day. This is going in the smithsonian if that's right right next to archie bunkers chair and i am a nurse retarded theories boy. Does he hate this country. Ed asner hates this fucking country this holding a mac either. They're now while i'm sure he's poison him a little bit do but <hes> he started off with this weird kind of <hes> yeah sure the americans could have <hes> rescued skewed all the jews that were now schmitz in forty two but we decided not to like all right but we still we still fought the good fight right then <hes> later on that got into the towers come down. It's just a good old fat good old fashioned hatred for this country so <hes> works very nice defend his <hes> his award awards for next year already got some stuff plan for next year <hes> all right what days what date is this show where where friday <hes> all right weekend coming up everybody. Let's take ourselves a little extended break. You guys enjoy enjoy yourselves <hes> over the holidays and over the weekends and until next time the sound corolla for ball drying isaak's san mahalo in the two thousand ten ace awards so good so memorable and i love hearing those because even within the words are just so many moments that i forget but love again yes. I thought maybe it was cheating. We're putting the words. Chop them up. Jews portions they s- awards but the production is so good. They're so tight and there's so much in there. It flows back to back you. Just forget about the show and it's like oh. This happened that year. Oh that's what adams ranting about in two thousand twelve okay. It's it's a lot of fun at as a you know the foremost expert a story of the show i went back and listen to it and that it was my highlight of last week so i'm like we have to pray and you know the ace awards take over month to produce front to back with the cut the cliffs we have to pick all the nominees we had over the year and we have to put them to the music and dawson to the great job mixing them and everything so they are tightly produced tennis awards were difficult because because it was only half a year shows at that format <hes> there was a producer changeups a couple times and some of the old a._c._s. crew morning show came in some of them laughed therese came into gig she had to go. It was a lot of turmoil for the show essentially but they were able to construct a really good worship peaky all right. We'll be back going back tomorrow. Now just reminder you have to subscribe to the corolla classic speed to get sunday. Show which it's going to be fantastic. I promise you this so just go search for curl classic hit subscribe and enjoy sunday show also heads up. It's dark mark week at cruel studio so there's going to be no new adam corolla show so what we're doing is. We're airing five corolla classes throughout the week monday through friday. You're getting and more corolla classics. If you enjoyed this show we stick around. We're going to hang out with you all week two weekends and a week nine episodes. It's a million episodes back to back to back to back to back to back so thank you again for listening. We'll see you tomorrow. Manage chris lots monitor that superfan giovanni honey hollow <music> just because it's called higher education doesn't mean high tuition costs have to the norm at strayer university. We have the radical opinion that education should be affordable with our graduation fund. You can earn up to twenty five percent off your bachelor's alerts degree tuition making it all the more possible to succeed in today's world welcome to the future of education strayer university out with the old school square university certified to operate by chef critics agree nora and the lost city of gold is the family film. You've been searching for got it. It's packed with action full of surprises and will not your boots off. Pay a lifetime door. I in the lost city of gold rated p._g. Now playing trump and guns. I'm tim maguire the a._p. News minute president trump says he is optimistic gun. Law changes are coming to the people at the n._r._a. And i have already spoken to them on numerous occasions numerous. Frankly we need intelligent background checks okay. This is inequality question. Republican or democrat prosecutors filed terrorist threat charge against the twenty year old man who said he walked into a springfield missouri walmart wearing body armor carrying a loaded rifle and handgun to test his constitutional right to bear arms. One of the companies whose chicken processing plant in mississippi was raided by immigration asian agents. This week says it will hold a job fair next monday. Illinois-based cooked food says it will be recruiting. New workers. Federal officials are alleged to cook and the three other companies that own the seven plants rated willfully and unlawfully employed people who lacked authorization to work in the u._s. I'm tim maguire.

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205: Plan B

This American Life

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205: Plan B

"Support for this american life comes from squarespace providing designer crafted templates mobile friendly and e commerce ready for a free trial of your new website visit squarespace dot com slash american and enter american think it dream it make it with squarespace and from indeed if you're hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using in an online dashboard find out more at indeed dot com slash american. There's a short story by the fiction writer ron carlson in which a guy who loses his job after after ten years at the job his bossom okay go to plan b. and the guy says this was plan b which is i think how goes for most of us we had off cheerfully toward play. The planet turns out to be completely different from what we thought it was going to be and so we switched to a backup and then the backup plan because i live while back i was giving a talk to about one hundred people and knowing i was going to be talking about this on the radio. I ask them to remember back to when they first hit adulthood. What is it that the allies is would be like what was their plan back then and i ask them okay. How many of you are still on plan a out of one hundred people. Only one person raised her hand. Just one the youngest person in the room just twenty three years old. Everybody was like plan b what about plans c. d. the NF today on our program stories of the backup plan b believing the backup plan which is most of us from WBZ BBC chicago. It's this american life. I'm ira glass a broken today and five acts good in the story of how you decide as your backup plan to kidnap the child of the most famous entertainer in the world and jonathan goldstein stories valley took telemarketing job just tied things over for awhile then kept it for ten years finding to his disappointment news better telemarketing anything else in his life. Stay with us. It's another tequila sunrise. John hodgman tells this fable of giving up one dream for another much more ridiculous dream a few years ago the company that owns jose cuervo tequila purchased marina cay a small all eight acres speck of an island in the caribbean and they renamed it cuervo nation they applied to the UN for independent statehood. They encouraged US citizens to defect via simple ritual of drinking a shot. They even tried to field an olympic volleyball team. The whole thing was a bold experiment and advertising via nation building but since those heady early days of independence the nation's patriotic fervor is calm somewhat. It's now used as a place to send contest winners and a promotional lure for for members of the world press which is how i found myself headed to cuervo nation last june for a series of very educational tequila tastings and how i met the nation's most prominent citizen and ambassador to the world he stood at the dock waiting for us as our ferry chugged over from tortola shaven headed teed sort of looked pike anton levay. Were it not for the speed of mirror shades and read superhero. K. satan has spring break through a megaphone he alerted what is that we are now. Entering the parties as we disembarked he began scooting maniacally around us with a tequila shot balanced on his bald head daring us to second down without using our hands. This was cuervo representatives. Were there to teach us about tequila cuervo. The man i was told was there to party with us. His job was to party and just as i began to grasp the frightening yet thrilling ramifications of this fact act where bowman's spotted me. He pointed to his shot ground head opened his arms wide and chased me on the dock. Wherever man's real name is ryan mcdonagh. I learned this from the cuervo reps who i think were a little annoyed that i was asking so few questions about their tequila can so many questions about the man who seem to be. They're trained to kill a monkey. Actually i was told the term is party catalyst and when he wasn't on the island ryan was going from bar to bar all over the northeast embodying the untamed spirit jose cuervo meaning what i asked asked them meaning he does interactive promotions designed to introduce consumers to the responsible enjoyment of the various brands of jose cuervo tequila meaning what i asked them and that's when ryan ran up to the table with a toilet seat around his neck and a plunger stuck to the top of his head dude he said check it out plunger on my head and then he ran down to the beach and shut down his pants and then he sang a dirty song and made us do shots what's and teams and then he collapsed. The earth embarked like the seal. It's sort of hard to explain what he does. They told me and that's exactly why he fascinated. Take me i mean considered the plunder. We're at me. I might have come up with a toilet seat around my neck tour. That's a natural but then to extend the metaphor to take the imaginative leap to the plunger on the head. Oh that's genius by the last night i was there. The cuervo reps realized. I was lost 'cause they left me with the bottle of cuervo especial special and went to bed and ryan. I got to talk it turned out cuervo and i have a lot in common both lived in new york like me. Ryan is thirty years old old originally from the boston area like me. He went to an ivy league school and spent most of his time. They're drinking and feeling out of place. Yes the man barking like a seal bill. That's a princeton man and that's when i realized that apart from some small matters of faith and several thousand sit ups on ryan's part we were the same so we both came out of college with an english degree a thirst for booze and the absurd faith that someone would pay us simply for being drunk and charming and in a strange but undeniable undeniable way for ryan that turned out to be true and that's when i realized i was jealous of how does one get to be a a party catalysts dude. He said that's what everyone wants to know and my bag of stuff a bag of tricks. What kind of props guy in my field needs got. My helmet stuffed monkeys. I got laguardia airport. I've got <hes> three three of them. It's six months later and i'm ryan's apartment in brooklyn. He's agreed to take me with him to a couple of bars out on long island where he's doing whatever it is he does and he's showing join me a few of the things he'll bring with him. The speedo i have i throw that on because it's just shocking shock value rubber chicken plunger aw right on the ball head that it was never ryan's dream to have a job wearing plunger he wanted to act. It's a cliche lisa. I know and so did ryan but he had done some singing and musical theatre in college and this was his dream specifically. This was his dream. There is nothing unlike a day nothing. There's nothing you can name that is like day. Ryan ended south pacific in summer stock and dinner theater but it really wasn't coming together the way he wanted to from the beginning he knew he needed a backup plan so he started looking for a job in and finance after all. What's princeton degree good for if not making money. He interviewed at six companies but but he only got a call back at one. I think everyone else who applied there from princeton dale offer jobs so i called and they were not gonna offer me a job. I'm like why why not and i was really really upset and thought i could change his mind or somebody's like well. It just seems you know. People seem to think that you are you'd really rather be acting <music> and i'm like why don't you leave that up to me. I need money to act. He needed a day job but the day job wanted him to act act so he was stuck in new york working part time at a mail order bible company and part-time upper east side bar now ryan enjoyed a delicious beverage from time to time and when he drank either after his shift or sometimes during everyone pays attention to him he'd make jokes and balanced shot glasses on his head. He owned the room. I mean i've always been the type of guy that like people would invite to parties to weddings and people would offer when i had no money and i was hanging out with my buddies from princeton new lawmaking lawmaking bank. They're like going out to the bar. I'm like i don't have any money. I'll pay for your drinks. I want you to come out and it wasn't even so much like i was such a great friends. People i was just a funny ass drunk people wanted the funniest drunk around and just you know bar backing out always goof around and unusually get get a little drunk and and dance with people anyway the DJ there as on DJ company and he would do weddings and parties and stuff like that so oh he took me on and so ryan joined a shadow industry of party professionals the kind you might meet on resorts on yachts leading serve side limbo competitions funds were at reunions encouraging people to dance people whose job it is to four sist- interact to touch one another to have fun because apparently this is something we've forgotten how to do brian paid his dues working bar mitzvahs organizing group games dressing up woody from toy story complete with a big plastic head d- over his own head and then he got the call from jose cuervo they were running a tugboat called the untamed spirit to for short booze cruises out of san diego and they wanted him on it. His job would be to entertain winners of various jose cuervo promotional contests and turned out. They pretty much enjoyed the same things that thirteen year olds what's did minus the big plastic head and plus tequila and ryan can drink to the envy of all my peers <hes> oh really you know i <hes> and eventually the opportunity came to do it. Fulltime and the tough part about it was that i was going to have to give up acting any pretense i had of being an actor was gone because it was like you know what i'm not doing. It sounds like let's make some money doing something that's close to acting and <hes> so i i went with brian had entered the party's own lucky night here monterey as we got jose. We're going to house tonight and the fire department my like that from you guys. It's going good commentary claro samples in other words shots. You don't have to pay for monetary sports spars on route twenty four in uniondale long island hoster universities nearby but this part of uniondale is not so much college town as it is a college strip a- blacktop aktop spoke of suburban sprawl with monterrey's on the corner next to a guns and ammo shop next with starbucks inside it's dank and cavernous with banners advertising fifteen cent wings and five dollars pitchers. I will learn many important things tonight. The perhaps the most surprising is this people in bars whereas apparently need cuervo t shirts and many shot glasses in order to live and to get them they will do unimaginable things right now. I got a teacher and in my speedo and we've seen that yes although i'm gonna come to you. You got a nice clothes. Getting let me set the scene brian standing at the back of the crowded bar. He's torn off his black breakaway sweatpants to reveal a very tight speedo stuffed with t shirts and then how shall i put this young women crouch down in front of him. Take hold of the shirt with their teeth and pull the woman talking about. I hadn't bargained for this if ryan's not giving girls t t-shirts out of his pants you serving them shots off his head. I level with their bras. Were asking them to lick his scalp or just rubbing up against them. Maybe it's because he seems more mischievous than predatory or maybe it's because he comes with the sanctioning strange demise celebrity of the well known liquor brand but ryan is able to do say things in the name of cuervo will get you arrested in most circumstances and his antics aren't just tolerated. They're adored attention to my head address. Your candy canes on cuervo nation. I would have described him as a kind of corporate gesture but as i watch women gleefully early french them and then wander casually back to their boyfriends a better word comes to mind he's a seder the half man half fees concert of diagnosis god ov drunken revelry and not just because he's got a harry back like from me from me like southwest taking home domesticated it and if you haven't guessed already this is the other reason i'm fascinated by ryan's job while the rest of the bar grind dances and flirts and watches sports and the thirty odd. TV's at monterrey's. I've somehow managed to put myself next to the single screening inexplicably tuned to PBS specifically ric burns's documentary of new york ryan on the other hand is out there moving in a world of coach commerce and pleasure and liquor and sex are all intimately and uncritically entwined and everyone is having a wicked good time. It's a world in which i normally don't travel and ryan my ticket in when he runs out to his car for a last minute t shirt resupply. I realized that this is my chance to try my hand and i get a tray of shots from the woman who's been helping ryan and i start making the rounds shots. You want to try one one of these therapists tequila from my friend symbol on shot. Oh yeah okay. Let's go and i do follow her but when we find her friends and they all just stare at me. Maybe it's not clear. Why say do you want free tequila and they say no thanks driver. I if there's one thing that should not be hard to give away in a bar. It's free drinks and yet as i go from corner to corner. No one is drinking off my head known as is pulling out of my parent's part of the problem is i'm not ryan. Maybe i should shave my head and loosen up a little but beyond that but i don't realize realize until i'm out there doing it is as much as i love to drink and as much as i love jose cuervo tequila and as much as i'd love another free trip to cuervo nation. I feel weird pushing. Some big companies message that slamming down shots is a great game. The drinking always equals fund which even ryan knows isn't exactly true because one thing i haven't mentioned yet and probably should have is that ryan doesn't drink at least not anymore. <music> swallow his job so it's not odd then. I'll have some more little no. It's not a crime. Sometimes we all need up jason wannabe blender. That's been around too tasty. Margarita bouza dickey part of ryan's <unk> act is writing new lyrics existing rock songs the describe the pleasures of drinking clear of a or give very precise directions on how to do a body shot. Here's an example unquote shots with or without training wheels. Cuervo doesn't hurt you know heels. It's a little unnerving to hear knowing that the person who wrote these lyrics. This is the same person who quit drinking more than a year ago in part because he was afraid that it might kill him. He was kicked out of a hotel in florida for throwing a table off the balcony and saint louis he blacked out in the middle of promotion and a cuervo nation. He got so loaded. He cursed out an elderly guest he was supposed to be entertaining. It was an older guy lina sixties and they were like professional contest winners and he's talking at dinner about like all these other contests you want and how like this one was nicer than this one and in boulogne. It sounded like he was complaining. A little bit about something and i was like why don't you shut up so free fricken trip old man dan okay. Why don't you take your professional contest winning attitude and shove it up your in the next day. I woke up like i know i said something off. In the problem for ryan was that in most cases that is very bad to be caught drinking on the job but in ryan's case it only made the more successful the wilder drunker he got more bars wanted him back the more back and what amazes me is that at the time ryan was deciding to get sober cuervo asked him to sign on for another one hundred promotional gigs over the course of the coming year and ryan said how about one fifty. It's every weekend almost half. The years spent in bars tequila on his head to kill us spilling down his face. It must be like eve working in the apple factory factory. That's owned by snakes. How does it feel as someone who doesn't drink anymore to be confronted on a nightly basis with people who might be the drunken hurting meeting former u <hes>. I just don't think about it all that much because <hes> there's nothing i can do about it either way and i don't know i think that's it. I mean i can't make any judgment. I mean there's there's nobody that i could tell you like that. Guy needs to stop drinking and know it for sure. I can certainly say that guy reminds me of me. You know that that happens a lot <hes> but when it comes down to the dow it's up to them. It's just it's not my call. <music> ryan's one hundred fifty day bar hop for cuervo is almost over his current contract is coming to a close and he's now working working on a new project. I'm sonic shape. You'll get with the panasonic sonic shaving. This is a television television ad for the panasonic sonic shaver max electric shaver in which ryan plays a character called sonic man. He got the gig from someone who saw him doing cuervo promotion promotion and a lot of it's the same he jumps around in public costing people yelling at them convincing them of the superiority of this particular brand of shaver by hopping into fountains from getting sprayed hose but if it sounds as if there's no difference i think of this first people do not generally drink while they're shaving and second ryan actor now an actual actor with national exposure a good agent making decent money so the backup plan is brought him back to his original plan and i'm happy for him but also kind of sad. I'd put it this way. I still kinda wanna be cuervo man but i don't think i'd ever wanna be sonic. Man the fact is ryan's leaving something behind the booze obviously and that's a good thing but also the bacchanalian power of the booze danger. The contradictions made clear bowman. Oh man more than a day job but a kind of inspired extension ryan himself which is to say kind of art is on the head. I wonder now that he's the actor he always wanted to be will ever get a rolling as good as the ones already played. Throw this chimera throw this brought onto my plunger. Throw the frisbee. Another plunder got you got you got that story and this week's entire program first broadcast back in two thousand and two since then coronation has caused down ryan now lives in long beach california with his wife and five year old son. He says he's been sober for eighteen years now and he has gotten some as an actor. Yes plan a kicked in kind. Wait just wrapping up work on an indie film that he wrote and acted in called last night in rasi john hodgman as a new book coming out in a few weeks called medallion status bride rise would limit the inside song tao. Turn it inside out. Find nothing but to why talk here's the situation that many of us have been in and confused about what to do you start you become friends with somebody from work and then you run up against this problem which occurs action of some sort and a new plan and i've been to one of our producers started kind at her last job with a woman named robin we had just met and we'd go out for like drinks and stuff after work. We really like each other and we wanted to like. We like kind and decided we were going to be like new really good friends. You know but you know we. We didn't know anything about each other. So we start to tell each other things you know the problem was we were just so busy never enough time to tell each other the the big stories my life and at that point your friend came up with a plan b she did she got to the point where she would start to tell stories and she get really frustrated by how much headed tell then choose like. Just i'm just i'm just gonna tape and so <hes> i at one point i was going home to LA. I'm from LA and then right before i left for LA she like just like here you go. Here's your tape and i started listening to it and like it was true. She likes started by saying okay so now. I'm gonna do my ex-boyfriend montage all right. I'm not gonna starve when i was a kid but i am going to just give you a little background history with a guy thing. <hes> i'm gonna try to stay close to the truth as possible drag up cigarette. That's right there all right. It is all ex-boyfriends all the way they affected her and how it changed her and and and just like all the little detail thrown in it very thorough and in very complete and i definitely get a sense of of the boyfriend with ken and ken was hockey player he was not the smartest guy in the world and he could only describe our relationship in hockey metaphors like robin is like when you're skating toward the goal and you think you've got it but you don't and it's like a puck that hit you want but you i mean the whole the whole goal of it is so nice and touching that she wanted me to know this about her and then she put his time into making this like catalogue offer life so that i could could could know her better but tony and i would go to all these sort of like prestigious art openings and he would always get drunk and start raving this. I can do this better order. This is and he would walk around and just he he just couldn't understand contemporary art work and i really can't either so i could kind of understand <hes> and and these we go to these installations where the whole room would just be like one big deng ball and he would like scream. This is really because it was you know and then on on side b she starts she has a list of the other things that she wanted me to know and they're really really really small things and they're just like like i had this dream once and i actually you should know this. This is like i get afraid when people are choking and restaurants and you like dislike tiny like a couple of sentences and you've got to listen she kind of checking it off as she goes along but anyway the one i didn't have which i wasn't allowed to have a dog so i would steal the neighbor's dog muffin and i had this really think i told you about the dream where where a woman had eighty two household objects lodged in her body and i'm still trying to figure that one out and throw up story great don't feel like talking about it the teeth story and then after that she takes her on a tape recorder and then she gets other people to talk on your tape. Yes she walks around. It has people say hello to me and she says we use say happy birthday to my seventy five year old grandmothers darlie and complete strangers total strangers. It's just you're just like random people on the street from my grandmother's rally for his seventy fifth birthday say hi starling starling thank you yeah. I know you're in a rush. I can see you're running high starlet of i okay thank you and making it's made for my grandmother's seventy fifth birthday and her name strategy. Could you just say hi darling. Stall your eight year. So did this do what you wanted to do. I think so for sure yeah it. It totally felt like the perfect solution to the problem of making friends as as you get older you know because like it's really as you get older. I'm not that old but like the thing i miss most as an adult is is time is like time is so valuable now and you don't get to have the same conversations that you did. When you were like in high school where you'd be on the phone with someone for like eight hours a night or you'd like to stay up all all night long until every single thing that ever happened to and there was even less that had happened to you because you were like fifteen years old and it was just like so much talking so much bonding bonding bonding bonding ending and as an adult you just don't have the chance to do that very much and the now now now. We're really good friends. You know like since then like i mentioned all of her references you you know like i. I feel like i've known her much longer than i have it but but it isn't isn't kind of the point of being friends with somebody that when they tell you this information that it happens in a conversation conversation that that's the background for the friendship that that actually is a chip yeah i mean i mean some convince sure but but as far as like the pass stuff stuff i feel like it's not that big difference sometimes because like it gets to point where you just have all these kind of bottled stories like i got just boyfriend did this. I have this boyfriend he did this and it meant this meant that and it's like why not put those stories on a cassette tape tesla and listen to all owens sterling kind coming up sock sock puppets dialing for steak and kidnapping as plan b in a minute from chicago public radio when our program continues support for this american life comes from squarespace. 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Bring you a variety of different kinds of stories on that theme today. Show plan b stories of people ditching their expectations and living inside a backup plan as most of us. Do we have arrived at at three three of our program three when kidnapping is plan b even now i think barry keenan has a hard time thinking of himself as a kidnapper. You grew up in southern california. Malibu went to high school with children of movie stars and other super rich people and if you could say that he had a plan for his life he achieved a lot of it by the age age of twenty two it was the early nineteen sixties he was the youngest member of the los angeles stock exchange. He had successfully put together some real estate deals. He was making a lot of money but it also i started drinking heavily and became addicted to pirka dam and other painkillers it course if you're drinking and taking strong painkillers you get very numbed out and <hes> on a good day you might have an hour a rational thinking quote unquote rational thinking and then also the market had a big downturn in in <hes> late sixty two early sixty three and my real estate deals went sour in a period of six months i went from earning about <hes> <hes> in the neighborhood of ten thousand a month nineteen sixty three dollars to <hes> <hes> trying to sell the transparent window shades door to door to stores in the middle of the does and it's nineteen sixty three. You're how old at that point twenty three so you've gone broke your twenty three and then you come up with this plan b. Well well one day. I decided well. I have to do something radical and in my demented state suddenly it came to me the the way to solve my problems was to get some money somehow and it would have to be illegally because is obviously incapable of raising money for my real estate projects and securities projects so i came cross kidnapping was seemed like a good idea and i put a business plan together and went to my <hes> wave kidnapping good idea and you put put a business plan together. I was very business oriented and it was. I never referred to it as a kidnapping. It was going to be that was the plan of operation was kind of like an underwriting a securities underwriting but i had to go take somebody's kid in order to raise the money to invest in business propositions and then of course in order to being being a good catholic the only way i could get rid of the sin was to pay the money back ultimately y- as you say that kidnapping seem like a reasonable option wasn't there any any part of it that kind of horrified you know because in my <hes> in my drug induced state you might say <hes> it <hes> it i knew i wasn't going to hurt anybody and therefore it wasn't going to be a crime as far as my moral character was concerned and as as long as i was willing to pay the money back and was absolutely not going to hurt anybody. Then seem like it was okay so it's who you decided to kidnap well. I went down the list of all the wealthy people i knew and who had kids that i knew there was vicky douglas whose father was CEO of douglas aircraft that was eliminated because she was a girl. <hes> jim mitchum knew me too well and his father robert mitchum <hes> you know he was rich one month and then broke the next <hes> and <hes> then arthur lake whose father was <hes> johnny weissmuller on all these these people that had famous parents and you know i went down the list then finally i thought a nancy cordes nancy sinatra the oldest daughter of frank sinatra and <hes> so then i of course junior and of course i say junior and i'm referring to frank sinatra junior frank senior in your son and had you met him before i had seen him i mean <hes> new nancy in high school and and junior high and <hes> have been to her home several several times and knew that the son who's away at boarding school was sort of distant from the girls. The girls were doted upon the junior was always sort of like out the picture. How much ransom money will you're going to ask for <hes> two hundred and forty thousand that i made a list of all the money we needed both for investments and the help my parents listen. <hes> came out two hundred and forty thousand dollars since i was going to have to pay it back. I didn't wanna raise more money than i could easily pay back and you i decided you wanted to you're gonna take the money and then you're going to do what to make it back. I was going to invest in real estate projects in west los angeles and in the specific stocks i was gonna invest in chrysler at the time which was in the toilet and <hes> of course made a spectacular comeback and various several different in stocks and some real estate which ultimately became marina del rey the world's largest marina and <hes> i in fact if i you know by some miracle it ever gotten the money and ended ended effect invested. It turned out the way i had it outlined to my business plan so the investments were actually fairly prudent. It just was the concept concept was a little off and so it's you were going to take this capital. You were going to invest in this stuff and then you're going to make a profit over. I guess a couple years right that'd be about it was a five year plan and then at the end of five years you were going to give the money back to sinatra you'll send the money back to frank sinatra and just imagining the reaction action that he and the FBI would have when the ransom money starts coming back to them and ju just explain how how the plan of operation was going to go how the whole thing would come off where everybody would be at the end how how was an index <hes> in a three ring binder with <hes> indexes and <hes> one of the sections was the benefit to the sinatra family and and <hes> we'll bring father and son closer together and at the time sinatra was being investigated for his connections with the mob and money laundering through the cal neva lodge and <music> sands casino in las vegas and i thought well this might even help them there. You have it how his image yes help help because i felt that if the public would perceive him as worried parent rather than a <hes> a famous singer hanging out with the mafia would this cast them in a more favourable image. That was one of the things that i listed in the benefit to the sinatra family. You know the thing that plan berry is is that <hes> in a way. It's utterly logical. It just proceeds from a premise that's so crazy <hes> saying people don't wake up one dayan decided to go kidnap the most famous entertainer in the world who has known mafia connections and so you're going to have the FBI and the mafia after you the the same people don't do that particularly thinking that they're going to benefit the victims as well as their own family on ashbury kennedy tummy what happened when he tried to put put his plan into effect and do the kidnapping he's at such pains to get the truth of it across to me and to prove especially that the blame for the crime falls entirely on him and onto pals at he enlisted help with kidnapping at the story is filled with far too many details takes far longer than we can spend here suffice it to say that it was a comedy of errors ars in december of nineteen sixty three the twenty-three-year-old keenan and a friend nab the nineteen year old frank sinatra junior was performing lake tahoe. Keenan accidentally left his gun in sinatra's hotel room. He didn't have any cash to buy gas or the getaway car. During the getaway his buddy jo climbed out of the car into a snowstorm and knocked himself out by running into a tree branch ranch when the cod frank sinatra senior demanded ransom snatcher offered them a million dollars and they tried to talk him down to two hundred forty thousand because that's what it said in the plan. We sent frank to a gas station payphone to get the next instructions about how to get a son back so you know frank sinatra is not senior and the FBI go racing down the carson city thirty minutes away and in about fifteen minutes. John started calling for frank sinatra to the gas station and the mechanic at the gas station who was busy and by himself. <hes> kept answering the phone and this caller was asking for frank sinatra the most famous entertainer in the world time and the guy got very angry. When this caller was calling back time and again for frank sinatra he thinks it's funny franco encore thinks it's a prank of some sort and so as soon as she hung up from the third time after letting john habit with four letter words the he before he even gets back to his car in screeches to FBI cars and frank sinatra senior jumps out of the car and says my name's frank sinatra had any calls and you can imagine the the reaction that that poor mechanic had so finally one more time john callback and this time frank answered the phone and john's told them what the next step was going to be buried did it did it occur to you that the person who you're kidnapping and their family would be traumatized and frightened no because the way that the plan of operation was designed and the way i wrote it out in the script it was always supposed to be just between frank sinatra senior frank sinatra junior my group of people and the FBI the the mother and sisters were not to be involved the kidnapping and and <hes> based upon what i knew about frank sinatra senior in the family and so forth. I did not think that he would let his wife know if he thought the kidnapping was going to be resolved in a matter of a few hours i wonder if the fact that you constructed such an elaborate web of logic with <hes> your business plan that made the kidnapping seems so reasonable and even good for this and actress. I wonder if that prevented you at the time from comprehending ending what you were putting them through. You know absolutely i had it so rationalized and justified. I had god's approval in this thing was being divinely blessed. I was the sign that it had god's approval. Why couldn't dot god talk to me. Particularly when i go to church and light a candle and be still and would here you know oh god talking to me and say telling me what i had to do and he was very definite about nobody can be hurt and <hes> had to pay the money back as you got in older and sobered up and gotten wiser. Does god's still talk to you own. Oh no that went away when i got sober and also got psychiatric edrich help so <hes> you know when i hear voices nowadays. I don't pay any attention to him. After successfully getting two hundred forty thousand dollars hours in ransom money and returning nitra juniors safely home barry keenan accomplices were caught canaan was sentenced to life plus seventy five years but was released after just is four years because a psychiatric evaluation found that he was legally insane at the time of his crime. He returned to the real estate business. We was wildly successful became a millionaire a few years ago. He sold his kidnapping story to the movie studios for several times more than the original ransom now should his papers indicating that all of his profits from the sale would go to charity and end says it he agreed to a movie deal only to set the record straight about a lie that he told during his trial back in the nineteen sixties back then he says he spread a rumor that the kidnapping snapping was only a publicity stunt staged by the sinatra's and not a real kidnapping under the son of sam law which says that convicted felons cannot make a profit from from selling their own stories. Frank sinatra junior challenged keenan's contract with the movie studios in february two thousand two the california supreme court ruled in keenan's favor favor clearing the way for the movie to be made but it never was studio columbia pictures. Put the project on hold and then in two thousand and three showtime. Oh time made the story into a film with william h macy and david arquette very keen and got no money from the deal all of me. Why not take <hes> me. Can't you see i'm no good without you. Take my lips. I want x. Four fate must've career years ago living in canada. Jonathan goldstein had a job selling the montreal gazette newspaper over the telephone the normal kind of plan b that most of us have had at one point or another and when he took the job he did not realize that it would become a ten year chapter in his life when you're a little kid. You never decide that one day. You're going to be a telemarketer the marketer. It's not something that you plan. It just happens like the way going. Ball just happens or the way falling down. A flight of stairs just happens one minute. You're at the top of the landing and the next you're at the bottom and you'll be damned if you can remember each one of the individual steps that lead you between the two all during the time. I was working at the gazette. I found it nearly impossible to bring myself to tell anyone. I was a telemarketer when people asked what it was i did i did for a living i simply say that i was a salesman and when they asked what it was that i sold i would say dreams and then i would look at them for a moment physically then i would say that it was only joking and then they would say oh and i would become uncomfortable and then they would become uncomfortable then they would stop asking me anything as you might expect. The hard thing about working at kazan was that there was just so much rejection. Even though you're calling almost two hundred people day ninety eight percent of whom wanted to see dead you still had to bring a certain hopefulness to each each call a feeling that this one the call you were making right now could be the one who is almost like trying to hypnotize yourself into believing that something is certain to say gravity avenue didn't exist and the next time you drop the apple. It won't fall to the ground but it will float up into the sky like a helium balloon. I would often pretend the people on the other end of the line were sock puppets to soften the sting of their hang up. I went shared. This thought with a girl who had just started working there. Pretend there's a little sock puppet on the other end and i encouraged all cute with code. Button is holding the phone in his mouth. She considered the logic of this moment. How does he talk with a phone in his mouth she asked and for this. I really didn't have an answer. Uh in the pitching room we all wore these headsets that were connected to computers. As soon as we hung up the computer automatically dialed the next number so that we were always we speaking to someone without respite our boss was a man named ray and if you may two or three sales a day then you're doing okay and raiwind screaming you generally. I found the repetitious job comforting. You're never at a loss for words. You always know what you're going to say because what you were going to say is hi. My my name is jonathan and i wanted to know if you're interested in reading the gazette newspaper one time a woman who answered the phone would not believe i wasn't a friend of hers named christopher. Stop playing around christopher. She said but i'm not christopher i responded. Will you cut it out christopher. After several minutes of this. I had to hang up on her. I knew christopher was going to get it for that. From my very first week at the gazette i was surprised to discover that i had a natural gift for sales <music>. Whatever i was and whatever aspirations i had before i started working there. I became an instant gazette legend sometime selling up to ten subscriptions in the course of shift. I got on the phone with people and make them want to listen. I joked with the men in flirted with women. I generally cajoled them bundling them up in my good strong telemarketing the arms and tossed them up into the air scream delightedly only to land back down with a brand new gazette subscription i would look around me at the other sad sacks and the pitching room and wonder how they could go on to scraping by with their two or three sales day telemarketing had been my backup plan but now i found myself faced with the uncomfortable fact that it was what i was truly good at. I got myself a lucky ballpoint pen and spend half days pay on a fancy attache-case put my leads in even at a special way filling out the order forms that involved clear capital letters and xs never checks in the boxes marked visa or mastercard. There was a bell on raised ask for when you made a sale ale and when i'm at a sale i had a special way of hitting it with the balls when my fingers that made it sound as crisp and clean as i always kept to the one tap for sale rule aw i respected the bill not like some of the other guys who rang the crap out of it like they were five year olds writing their first two wheeler in the office manager was ending. Billy billy was fat mouth greek man in a skintight hawaiian shirt. One of billy's jobs was to keep us inspired with pep talks. Billy would explain to us when he first started working at the gazette he was sitting right where we were and that now now he makes as much money as a plumber and in fact we all had the opportunity to make as much as a plumber. I'm going out and eating a big fat steak tonight. He would say just like the way at the end of the day. A plumber does eventually as happens to to all the mighty. I fell even now. I can't explain it hubris. My diet perhaps started taking myself too seriously and lost my sense of fund and who knows but whatever the case i suddenly found myself so desperate for sales that at the end of a shift still with nothing i would order the paper to my own address and then cancel salaam following week. It's a very real thing the stink of desperation it's an actual odor and people can smell it over the phone line your jokes. It's become a little more hurried. Enforced your confidence a little more false. Your pauses more awkward. I soon found myself gazing longingly at the filled out order sheets clutched watched in the fist of the new office superstar. A seventeen year old. Who's phone name was candy who'd stroll past my desk coming taking care of business now now. When i came back from the bathroom during my shift ray would ask me what the hell took so long. The toilet was for closers in a few weeks ago. I got home and found this on my answering machine when the telemarketer realized that that there was no one there to pitch to he stopped himself but i want you to listen again and notice the long pause before he actually puts the phone down yeah. He says hello he inhales and before he puts the phone down. He pauses as someone who sold over the telephone close to ten years. I can tell you that the pause between the hello and the hangup is a moment of reprieve you start to talk. You realize you've got an answering machine and then before you actually hang up you steal a moment you take shelter in those few seconds before you hit the hang up button and the onslaught of automatically dialed phone numbers begins anew delivering the voices of people who will very soon hate you directly into the earphones of your headset and straight into your brain rain i played the message over and over listening to it not to better here the chaos of the pitching room but to try and imagine what was going through his head ed and at the same time i tried to remember what went through my own head during those positives that moment in a horror film with a guy who's having his head held hell down in a bathtub of water pops up one last time and goes before he is pushed back down around forever since the numbers were automatically dialed. You never knew who is going to pop up in your headset. One time i got my friend mark zalin occur on the phone. A guy who i hadn't seen in years mark was in my junior high phys ed class. He used to get so excited while playing hog ball that he clutched the ball to his chest and roll around the floor drooling. I tried to keep them on the phone as long as possible. Never saying who i was gleaning whatever i could about his life. I could hear his kids playing around trying to steal the phone from him and all throughout was shocked by how unfailingly decent he was with me. I felt like the anonymous stranger who shows up on christmas day to test a family's kindness. Mark didn't buy the paper but he didn't rush me off either. It felt good to know that mark zalin occur had grown up to be a really nice man. There was also one time. I got my grandmother. After several minutes of talking about how weird it was that i had gotten a number out of all the numbers in the city. She told me that she you just learned that morning that my grandfather's cancer had come back. I looked across the room. Were billy. The manager was eating french fries and someone else was ringing the bell on raised ask after i hung up the phone with her not a second later. Another call popped into my headset hi. I'm calling from the gazette. I said my grandfather would be dead within the year and then one day. I got my own number. I can't explain it better than to say that. Having that happened is sort of like rounding the corner running into yourself at first. You don't quite recognize that it's you you look a little shorter and less handsome but then all of a sudden in one naked instant here face to face with yourself. I was telemarketing dog that it caught its own telemarketing tail while the message that i left myself because he just can't resist leaving yourself a message when something like here i am god this is awful. This is horrible. This has to mean something but of course it didn't mean anything and then for the next several seconds. I listened to the silence on the other end of the line my own line as i worried about the rapid-fire calls would start again the moment i hung up when when i got back home i had exactly two messages on my machine. One was the message for myself. I was surprised by how the background noise was behind me and how much smaller i sounded than i'd imagined all these years. The other message was from my mother. She was imploring me to go back to school and become a speech therapist. Johnny goldstein is the host of the podcast heavyweight. Who's new season in starts. September twenty six five the occurs at items. It's not just human beings who fail to achieve the fate that they thought that fate had in store for them miss. Everything does most everything eventually ends up somewhere that it was not designed to go serving a purpose that it was not meant for even if that purposes just landfill we ended up program today with his brief inventory from jay robert lennon of inanimate objects who have left their planet far behind and now inhabit a permanent plan b a bottle of pain reliever brought on a business trip that proves at the moment it is most needed to be filled not with pain reliever but with buttons and accomplished forgery of famous painting that was thought to have been lost in a nineteen sixty five mansion fire which now hangs in the largest gallery of a major american art museum sneakers hanging hanging from the power line with one half of a boy's broken glasses stuffed into each show a minnie mouse doll you found by the roadside and brought home intending to run it through the washer and give it to your infant son but which looked no less forlorn after washing and was abandoned on a basement shelf only to be found. I'm by your son eight years later and mistaken for once love toy that he had himself forsaken leading to his first real experience of guilt and shame they love letters seized by federal agents in an unsuccessful drug raid tested a lab for traces of cocaine exhaustively read for references to drug contacts sealed in a labeled plastic bag doc packed along with a plush bear holding a plastic heart into an unlabeled cardboard box itself loaded into a truck with hundreds of similar boxes is when the police headquarters was moved and forever lost polaroid's of a thirteen year old female cousin in an icicle preserved in the freezer by child which when discovered months later is thought to be evidence of a problem with the appliance leading to a costly and inconclusive diagnostic exam by repairman agape porno magazine thrown onto a ball field from a car car window and perused with great interest by the adolescent members of both teams two of whom meet in the woods some weeks later to reproduce the tableau they have seen leading leading to a gradual understanding that they are in fact gay an incident the memory of which causes one of the two when his well into a life that is disappointing emotionally professionally and sexually to fling a gay porno magazine out his car window as he passes an occupied ball field on his way to what will be an unsuccessful the job interview a biscuit crushed into the slush of kentucky fried chicken parking lot the orange toboggan whisking her to her death a resume that betrays its author as utterly unqualified for the position position for which she has applied but which because it smells good leads its reader a desperate experience undernourished middle manager at an internet based retail corporation operation to invite her into the office for an interview that although it further betrays the applicants complete unsuitability for the job provides the middle manager with a physical impression to complement the good smell which impression is intensely exciting forcing him to hire her as supplemental secretary much to the bafflement chagrin chagrin and eventual disgust his extant secretary who during her employer lunch hour removes the resume in question from his files and personally delivers delivers it to the CEO and with the CEO when he barges into the middle managers office and finds the unsuitable supplemental secretary standing beside him crying silently only with address half off while he sits in his reclining office chair sweating profusely and holding a plastic letter opener in a threatening manner and the house plant that will not die fifty pairs of old blue jeans found secondhand clothing stores and brought at great expense on a trip to eastern europe and the former soviet republics where rumor had it old bluejeans could be sold for a lot of money but where this was no longer true as so many previous visitors had heard the same rumor and done the same thing creating glut of old blue jeans which were not even all that stylish there anymore and causing the entire trip to be ruined by the necessity of hauling around these huge suitcases full of other people's genes which smelled kind of bad has if those other people were currently wearing them the urine sample produced for the cancelled doctor's appointment and forgotten in the back of the fridge my eyeglasses covered with thickening layer of dust that i never ever seem to notice that i simply adjust to until at last i clean them out of habit and discover a new world sharp and filled with detail who's novelty unclarity. I forget about completely within fifteen minutes. Your signature rendered illegible by disease. Uh j robert lennon reading a story. The curse it items which is in a collection collection of stories called see you in paradise. His latest novel is broken river. Life is still grand nine. It's just <hes> k <hes> happy. <music> sure respected was produced by star. We kind of myself without rembert wendy door jonathan goldstein and diane cook senior producer taste shows julie's snyder additional production on the reruns of the show from jessica lesson hop catherine raymonda stone nelson and matt tyranny. The rod carson story that i mentioned in the beginning of today's show is called a plan b for the middle class from the book of the same name our website this american life dot org this american stupid public radio stations by PR x. The public radio exchange this american life comes from gog anita spirit circus wild carnival entertainment live beer and fresh music benefiting local nonprofits fits circus stops in seattle chicago petaluma california tickets at logan need us dot com slash beer circus see things you can't unsee z. Thanks as always co founder mr troy mallette tia who drops by the office now and then to remind the staff of the secret to his success to anybody's success. He feels his personal the motto cavewoman. I'm ira glass back next week with more stories of this american life next week on the podcast of this american life. Okay picture this a local democrats club. It's also a bar filled with democrats watching a trump rally on TV. When all of a sudden somebody said oh oh my god that's russ. They spot their own club president at rallying it was like the wizard of oz. You're really a republican run democratic club disagreements. Maybe cannot be fixed over a few beers next. We're gonna podcast during your local public radio station <music>.

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Rock and Roll Heaven: The Rat Pack- Frank Sinatra

Rock N Roll Archaeology

2:05:40 hr | 2 months ago

Rock and Roll Heaven: The Rat Pack- Frank Sinatra

"WHO's in their vote amount? Of Water election days. Now. Biggest Swain here from deeper digs and rocker archaeology John, are you registered to vote. I know I am. Headcount is a nonpartisan organization that works with the music and entertainment industry to get fans to vote. Top date or check your voter registration status, go to headcount dot org or you'll find all the information you need to be ready for election day. At Headcount Dot Org, you can also check your registration status because I don't know if you know this, but millions of people get purged from the voter rolls every year. Everyone should check their registration status every year. The deadline to register to vote in some states is as early as October fourth. So you want to check before that. You can also request an absentee ballot, get INFO on early voting finder polling place and see what's on your ballot. Headcount is a nonpartisan nonprofit that tours with musicians to help concert attendees registered to vote. But you don't need to leave your house to register to get voting impo just head to head Count Dot Org. And I'll see you at the polls. Ya. Brain from new. Star. You're listening to the rock and roll heaven bypassed with L. D. and will drill. Can you dig that baby? GonNa rock and Roll Heaven podcast free talk about the lives careers indesit famous musicians I'm your host El D. along with me this week is will with real. And TJ to the do. Are you microwaving your whiskey. Until it is. Yes. I was GONNA say. I've I've tried putting things in microwave before they weren't supposed to be there and Learned not to do it again. Contrary. To popular belief kids it doesn't take two minutes to eight crispy cream dot and if you if you put chocolate covered peanuts in my life, it doesn't neatly melt the chocolate also that you have almost a dipping sauce salted nuts you they explode actually. Turn into an explosive device. Yes. And the other the other thing is it does it just like Jack up the stakes on a on a hamster rice to have them do it in a microwave? A man. How is how is your week day? It was dandy. been looking looking forward to this episode mainly. Accurate pretty much. Sit back because this is will the thrills episode and just. You know. Oh. Maryvale. Hiring, it should be pointed out that will throw in are not just. or not just being a gigantic. There's a reason that we're drinking whisky. Yes it is the magic ties into today's episode at funny enough actually though. We're a three hour time difference between you and US. And It's ten am on a Sunday when we're recording this. So basically, what's going to happen as wills may get drunk enough over the course of this episode that I'm. To be able to take him to Michael's the craft store I I prefer the term getting into character, right? Suffering for your cry off. This is my art. So just catching everybody up in the like what happened in the week trump gut cova date this episode, and then. Unfortunately, a couple of people became eligible for this podcast. I got your tax. Yeah. Gripe. The Great Mac Davis and Helen Reddy. Yeah. Yeah. Oddly I referenced Mark Davis on our Joe Dizzy episode. Yes. That's right. Yeah. As a guy who did some sort of comical. Songs. SORTA like defeated because Davis had a song called it's hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way. Out Me and before. And before anybody knew him as a recording artist wrote a couple of big X for This guy named Elvis. Think I've heard? Of the AD. I mean I might. Might, have seen that man my heard it. I mean that Elvis was pretty forget. Pretty forgettable outside of those songs at night, Davis wrote for him but. When has a hack? He's not going anywhere. Lewin read some. Some some singing truckdriver. Yeah. That'll that'll that'll catch on? All right. Well, speaking of someone who did catch on. Talking about this week. Well, like Tj I'd be looking forward to this episode. It's one that's close to home for me this month we literally yet literally, we have been covering the rat back we started with the late Great Sammy Davis Junior. We moved onto the late Great Dean Martin and now there's only one place to go and that is the man at center of and all the late great rex notre. Yeah I feel like honey. To be on this podcast you have. Literally to ride Syria, to be on the Guy Green late and great online, and you'd have to be a musician who is dead Amir solar certainly. Yeah. They were dead. Zombie rat active I got well no, no. Notice twenty twenty. Would you put it past twenty? not this feels like a thing that's probably gonNA happen. On Your wife and kids the right backs coming back. Your wife, kids and brain. Booze. Right Right This is this is a pretty significant episode This is A. Pretty significant signature in the history of music. Really Popular American. Music absolute and can I just say on wills behalf again, we say this like every single week. which is that Frank Sinatra. was. A mainstay he he is still today regarded as one of the greatest artists of all time and. We are but a a mere small podcast and because of. Time constraints and fact that you know we have jobs and We only scratched the surface of these people's lives and frank. Sinatra alone I purchased I believe four books. Yes. Yes. Based on his life. And that's just Portions of his life and talk. About you're talking about a guy who literally a fifty year career. In multiple industries and multiple facets of entertainment and was among the biggest stars and all of them so. We can donate six hours just to his relationships easily know just to his not even touching on his actual arrears. So a quiz understand that when we do this, you know we have a finite amount of time to be able to record this. We might leave out something that you guys think is really important but please note that we we understand that we respect people's lives. So if leave out something that you think is important of cleese forgive us because. If we put everything in, we'll be here until you know twenty, twenty, four talking about frank pretty much. So. What a better place to start then the fact that if you Google Frank Sinatra I'm sure you know the picture that comes up everyone's seen it the famous photo of Frank Sinatra in a full suit exit a helicopter with a drink in his hand. Effort, it was taken in the nineteen sixties. Sinatra actually used a helicopter to commute. He would commute from his palm springs home to the airport at LAX to Warner Brothers Studios and back. So it was basically his ride to work. And be the most common caption for this is the meme as cool as you think you are. You will never be as cool as Frank Sinatra getting out a helicopter with a drink. Jason Point. Speaking of that drink I know TJ you're joining me on this one I happened to. Frank signature cocktail and. Moving along at home. There's a three simple ingredients and easy to remember how to make this deal is count down three two one. Three cubes ice. Two fingers jacked. One Splash of water and there you haven't. Signature. So. This is a what the second person. We've done an episode that had a signature title. That we Actually, Sammy had grapefruit. He had the will jog salt dome. Took, of course, Jon prime had the handsome Johnny. I like yeah but at least Most of them are pretty simple. Oddly. It's real complicated my my signature drink chocolate milk. To the point that like prime said. Even don't use really really good vodka because it'll kill the says of the Ginger Ale Ceraso. You. Use a some cheap ginger ale. Okay. Botka, and a drop ways of limited from six inches above the glass and that's that's pretty much it. At three ice cubes couple of singers the jackal slash water. Like Dean said like Sinatra Loves Jack Daniels in his Song I love Vegas. You can also order this drink my recommendation be the way my friends, Scott doesn't he walks up to the bar and says, Jack on the rocks punch in the face. That's alternative to which he did many times in Las Vegas which is also relevant to frank. 'CAUSE WE'RE GONNA get to that. Now. Understand my perspective here I said this was a close to home episode for me because I am from the Great State of new? Jersey. And in New Jersey there are two people you have to, like they are responding. So springsteen and Frank Sinatra Not Tara. Reid you're okay if you don't like. but Bruce and frank you half the like. Even if you don't like them, you would never say that you would say it in private you would never say in public you would just not admit it. So I was lucky to grow up in a household debt embraced Frank Sinatra. My Great Uncle Charlie actually introduced me to frank because when we would visit him, he would play Sinatra Vinyl. Oh Yeah. Cute it's what I was. Convinced Twenty, four seven. That ever played by Uncle Charlie's house. So I had an early exposure to this and I have to agree. I don't think we can be as cool as Frank Sinatra. However, we can look at that picture and say, okay, how do you become that? Cool So how do you get to that point and that's what I'm GonNa look at today. We're going to dive into the life of the man we know as the voice old blue is the chairman of the board and of course, hoboken's native son. Francis? Albert Sinatra. He was born thirty nine years after what I'm about to tell you usually don't do a rewind here, but I think it's important to understand frank. His upbringing on the context of that. So we're going to rewind eighteen, seventy six. For Mel a veil in. Contracts that we know so well. Yes. Oh. Wow. So yeah yesterday mirror song it. Yeah. WE'VE MAGDA REVERSE is over. was actually do not able to cover on this podcast. Yes. So from eighteen seventy, six to eighteen, ninety, four more than seven point six, million Italian immigrants made their way to the US. Newt is now here's crazy. From Eighteen, ninety, one to nineteen, fifteen, the Italians were the largest group to immigrate to the United States. The other two were actually Ireland and Germany but Italy was number one with a bullet and this actually led to a burst in the italian-born populations specifically in New Jersey. In fact, this number from nineteen hundred to Nineteen Tan. Rose to seventy three thousand. American born Italians in New Jersey alone. I'll and. This is, of course, the area that Sinatra grew up in, you know places like Owning City Jersey City North Bergen hoboken were densely populated and sort of separated, and you had these Italian neighborhood springing up from these are numbers of immigrants that were coming over by nineteen twenty four. The Italian population was solidified is the largest foreign born group in the entire state while yes. And it was this wool that came over from Italy that included a large percentage of unskilled laborers. In fact, at of those came from southern. Italy. Sicily. The lower end of the country over eighty percent of them were entirely unskilled and half of them were completely illiterate which means they didn't speak English but they also couldn't even write Italian. Awhile you these were people that were pretty hard precedent got the state just to grab whatever they could and part of this group was, of course, Francesco and rose semestral. Who emigrated from the province of Palermo in Nineteen Oh three and brought their family which included five children one of which was Anthony Martin Semester. See You may be sitting here. Going will want early you telling me about these semester. Reason is the name upon arrival to the US was changed to Sinatra. So the interesting part about this is no one really knows why this happen one theory is that it was a movement at Ellis Island because even in some cases. A chain name change on the spot where even changed in error by the clerk and it just kind of kept. But it's important to note that the semestral name. was that of Frank Father Anthony Martin? Now there's another more. Shall we say insidious reason for that and if we go over to the province of Palermo, we look at a small village called Macara, afraid which was a birthplace of one known as Salvador Lucciano. But I think you. Know him better by Moniker lucky I believe L.. D. is one of your favorites. Figures in organized crime now yes. So lucky was born in the same village as the semester family. Luciano's lived on the same street as the semester, a family and they both left Italy for the US in Nineteen Oh free. Okay. Can I just point out like through all of this like mom stuff that. Our cat lefty who we are convinced is the reincarnation of a mob boss who never comes in here when we're recording is now sitting with rapt attention, you looks like the Godfather Right now. Yeah. I feel like I should be in his lap and he's telling me. And I bring this up to sort of address the elephant in the room I don't think you can mention Frank Sinatra without mentioning. The. America. And you know for me unhealthy knows this one of my passions is studying the history of the Mafia. And learning about this. So to me, it was very fascinating when I saw that they came over in the same year from the same village. As we go forward, there's a lot of supporting theories that lead to the idea that lucky would Yana was sort of an ever present spectre in France life in career they as. They provided excellent sanitation services I. Don't know what About them as a thing that would intrigue you. Well, there's much to be intrigued about In fact, one of Sinatra's contemporaries a singer by the name of Al Martino. Many people know him best as role as Johnny Fontaine in the Godfather. Now. In, an interview with entertainment Martinez said something to the effect of paraphrase here that interaction with figures in the mob was unavoidable. We were singers we worked in nightclubs, bars, casinos. We got contracts with record labels who owned all of those entities Makia was the Mafia. Yeah. The mob and so frank actually corroborates later in life he doesn't intervene. He says a lot of guys were around that had come out of the prohibition era and ran pretty good saloons I worked in places that were open they said, don't know they paid. They came backstage. They said, hello, they offered you a drink if saint. Francis of Assisi was a singer and work in saloons. He would've met the same guys at doesn't make him in anything now this came doug inference an opera. So please them as we go forward I'm not claiming anything a lot of this has been refuted by not only Sinatra parties on both sides their biographies have conflicting views on this. So all I'm telling you what I uncovered in my research. So let's get back to any that name semester. Oh, that's just I mean Basically, sinister just rearranged a little bit I like. Yeah. Nests through like a one of those conjurers that you they like the turban and the the long fingernails, future and the crystal balls come with the through. I'll tell you your future. So, this is the family from which was was born Anthony Martin. Now, not true was living new. Jersey and at the same time when they semester US came over the Garaventa family emigrated from Genoa Italy, which is in the northern part of the country and they had one daughter she had blonde hair and blue eyes her name was Natalie Marie Italian Murray. And she quickly adopted nickname Dali which stuck with her her entire life They say that full grown Dolly stood only about five feet and weighed anywhere from ninety to one hundred pounds. So she was she was little. So in United States. Anthony. Martin and Ali meet. Now the guarantees were posted for a number of reasons. One was the fact that Dali's father was a tradesman he was a lithography her. So, you had class war of trade versus not non-trade because at the time you know Anthony Martin was basically working boxer he was you know in a factory he was load skilled labor also there is many people know this a dissension shall we say between the northern Italian southern Italians so that carried over to the states where there was basically internal GIS between these two groups at the time Martin who is actually fighting under the name Marty O'Brien because there were certain boxing clubs that wouldn't allow Italian immigrants to fight. So basically played himself off as being of Irish descent. He. So weird because there's like that same bias against the Irish And they both came out the same group of unskilled laborers who really had to get a ring and punch somebody like that was an option to make living. So Martin was actually considered a quote not very good boxer. In fact, he actually fought to of dollars brothers on a couple occasions. Neither side will say who won. However when this happened, Dali would often dress up as a boy and sneak into Martin's matches. So Dolly is a character we're going to get into her in a bit because you will see and I would argue that she was one of the most influential figures in frank's life. was his mother Dolly. So long story short boiler alerted. Tell us that Dolly was Ma aren't. So spoiler alert. Valley's family did not approve of her union with and three. So what did they do with doing those days alone? they actually lied on their marriage certificate about not feeling their ages but were they were from Dolly. So they were both from New Jersey and not immigrants elite and they married on Valentine's Day nineteen fourteen. Settled in Hoboken New Jersey and one year later on December Twelfth Nineteen fifteen a welcomed their first and only child Francis Albert Sinatra now it's weird in this day and age to one wait a year to have a child that was almost unheard of. And to that, he was the only child. So frank clocked in at a whopping thirteen pounds at birth holy while now. How much does you a? Star weighed seven pounds thirteen ounces. CNN weighed seven pounds, twelve ounces. So. Franklin's will be how is it? How is it that we're so different in sizes. I don't know but so but frank was basically like if there was baby football, he was born and offensive linemen. I mean. I. Hope He. Sounds like rex Dolly. Well, you say that I. Think he played they played for the hoboken. Ke's. To your job, you're not entirely wrong pregnancy was extremely complicated. The birth was actually very complicated because at that time they brought midwife into doing at home and frank was removed with the infamous forceps. which actually gave a a facial scar and the nickname scarface later in life friends and he was the technically would be one of the first ones because he would be to hone been unequivocal varieties and I'm sure I'm sure there was no other reason to call him scarface not. But. The interesting thing is you look at pictures of Franken you'll your August start looking at picture for the scar. You won't find it because he used makeup frequently to cover it up. He was embarrassed. And you won't face masks even French. I can change my tune a little bit. Yeah. So during his upbringing, like I said, Marty had a bunch of odd jobs. You know he was chauffeur he was officer he was shoemaker's apprentice eventually the Sinatra's actually tavern where Dali became known for quote, bouncing trunks on the street with her ever present Billy Club not. Hugh beat people with stitches people sticks. I Love I love. Yes i. lost the five foot tall ninety pound mother was the bouncer she was going to be one of the bar. Yeah that was great. So, this is the world frank grew up in, and now if you're doing some quick math here, frank was born in Nineteen fifteen. Add some numbers takes you right into prohibition. So how'd you operate a tavern during prohibition? You turned it into a funeral parlor well, you need to hook. In this case, they're hookup for bootleg liquor was a well-known gangster named Waxy Gordon, who was an associate of, but but UVA. Lucky Luciano lucky as again. Lucky. Back who waxy is have never his actual. Bombs drugs mopping. Okay. But he was a bootlegger and he kept the Sinatra supplied in an era when they would otherwise not. Sodium his lack of leg hair. His candle making ability is. Yulia Gordon. Now Dolly worked on the tavern but again, she was a complete character her main source of earning a living was working as a midwife. However, she parlayed this knowledge into a night job performing illegal abortions. At, this time you had a very large population of Irish and Italian immigrants. So the predominant religion was Catholicism. Rain so if a young lady found herself pregnant out of wedlock, she could be kicked out of her home. She could be disowned I, mean, it was severe. So ex- excommunicated out imagine again. Yeah. So Many young women opted in this situation to do illegal horse in which case Dow was happy to oblige with the help of local doctors. But this earned her a very unfortunate nickname hack in Bali. Yeah. That one be for him not well at least mood hanger Nali not she viewed this as a public service because she pointed out what I just told you these young women would probably disowned wind up on the street and who knows what would happen there. So she viewed this actually sort of a noble charge, but right illegal that's point it even though even though it led to Pippa call her old mates Cook Pretty. Much. Yeah. Dali was very active in local politics in this day and age political bosses would often establish what they called neighborhood wards in immigrant communities and the idea was to give something back to the community. So you could earn votes. So it was very quid pro quo arrangement so if you were. Part of the immigrant neighborhood in you needed, say a pair of shoes for your kid or your store needed a New Light fixture you'd go to your neighborhood ward the neighborhood ward would take it up to the congress person and a congress person would basically make sure you got what you needed in exchange for your vote come election day. So Dolly was one of these neighborhood wards as well. So she was constantly doing political rallies she was constantly getting people together in the neighborhood she strongly reinforce idea of an Italian community in. So, I guess, sort of left Franken the wind. He was a scrawny kid and he didn't have any friends because a lot of people were frankly afraid of his mother. He also had no beheld how? He was a skinny skinny kid when he was thirteen pounds at birth. He's funny. And he didn't have any brothers or sisters which was odd for again a family like that. In America, most immigrant families moved to have a number of children. Especially, those of you know Catholic roots Frank. Later in life said this quote he said I had wished I had a big brother to help me when I needed it and a little sister that I could protect. Own ended up spending a lot of time on his own. A lot of his time was actually in the tavern doing his schoolwork and whatnot. So he would see people like waxy coming and going and his mom throwing people out with a club This was the world new. Frankly, wasn't good at school. He didn't see the point in it. He really wanted to get away from those career paths like delivering papers, working factories. He didn't WanNa do it. He likes to things you liked the girls. and He loved close. So the Sinatra's are actually pretty well off frank hat and this was sort of unheard of in this day a charge account at a local store, he would basically go. Get. Whenever he wanted the end of the month Dollywood pay the time. And speaking of paying the TAB clue. Short break. For our advertisers and we will be right back dude. were. Right. Thank you guys for taking out the sponsors. You really help out the show by checking those guys out and we're GONNA be jumping back into frank while. This is very Dali Center. She's such an important figure. She was extremely loyal to anyone who saw things were way and extremely hostile, and it was very much a you're with us or you're against US mentality she wanted to control frank's life but same time she wanted to nurture him. So it's kind of an odd balance between the two of them. But she did teach him basically freezing. So Frank walking out of his seniors had sort of three viewpoints on the world. One was that he was part of a group of poor Italian immigrants who had to stick together survive. To politics and money were forces for change on a grand scale. And three, the rules didn't apply to. That's really what frank took away from all this. By the age of fifteen frank decided he had had it with school. Singer. One of his biggest influence was actually bing crosby. Resign our that was miss episode last year. Now. It's interesting that being sort of this reputation of being. Being sort of you know family white Christmas Kinda guy when the fact was he was he was a player in the thirties he would drink. He would woman is he had his popular radio show. So he was really celebrity about town and frank loved everything about this. Another one of the musical influences he cited was actually Billie holiday around which makes a lot of sense because you look at frank spotting work, he does a lot of songs ability. This is the this is also, this is also the odd case in terms of this podcast where the person is not raised it doesn't sound like an musical home with a mom who might piano and a a dad who could who sang in church or anything like that. Completely nonmusical actually. Frank was he did apparently played the Ukulele now in regards to this. I quote the author Don Clark who wrote the biography of Frank Sinatra all or nothing at all when it came to his Ukulele playing Clark said it was quote best forgotten and glowed. I'll leave that out there frank was trying in the early thirty s to really gain any experience he could. He would sing for free. He would go to radio stations to school aided weddings, social clubs basically, anyone that would have with Dolly's hill. He actually secured an audition for local singing group called the hoboken four and they went on to national tour in nineteen thirty five, and they won a talent competition on what was the popular radio program. Major Bowes Amateur. So. It was notable for frank but the reality of it was and this is what you like of the Fogo four frank was the only one who took it seriously so you think they ever thought of Sherman than I haven't called themselves like the four Hobos. Think, it'd be a different singing group. To say, the band kind of fell apart and Franks. Well, if I'M GONNA keep saying I'm going to keep working. So it goes back to the clubs the wedding calls and all that stuff. So we bring up an important topic here and I think we all have an opinion on this and that is Franks singing. Now, there's a very divided opinion I think he's the worst singer using us the worst singer. So the way this is funny because. I can't say yet he's the worst singer in the rat pack. That's because number one sammy? Davis was such an. Incredible vocals and dean had that like sexy swagger where? Frank to Ghana the persona of kind of like pre johnny cash kind of talking through his own. But the thing is it's still Frank Sinatra and he drops panties like K. Mart so I'm gonNA explain to sort of how I view this and I think we're going to be in agreeance here when Frank was actually interviewed about his singing during his era, his quote was while I wasn't the best singer in the world they the bands were the best bands in the world. So I kinda through his company outfits under the bus In fact, it was noted that Frank worked a wedding where the bride asked him not to sing in them later kicked him out. You know not the worst thing I've seen it a wedding. Bands out of the leading Tony. So. What did frank has it will use the rat pack in context right here I. Think we can agree that they were all three great performers and if they were Olympia ads there'd be gold silver medal bronze out there Let's start with what I think. We all agree with is Sammy was probably gold medalist in every angle door definitely saying dance he did impressions he was funny serious I mean he he could do it. Was the consummate performer. Dean in this is my opinion here was the comic. He had a with like a razor. extr incredibly funny guy and underwrite an underwriter Douglas. I. Would say. Perfect straight man to which makes him even funnier. So what did frank bring to the table? Well, frank had the intangible yet quality frank was magnetic. He was he could trauma hair right off the top of your head. He was also, he was also A. They wouldn't have called called this back then but he was a bad ass. Well Yeah had quit. He he was. He was the kind of guy who had the persona of being dangerous. So you had you know men fearing women love him kind of thing the bad boy bad boy. But but he had his level of French just used charisma and he would walk into a room and he'd own the entire room in in a second. It was borderline almost mine been frank could really get people to do whatever he wanted them to do. So that's the way I look at it the rat pack. Sammy. The performer Dean was the comic and frank was the the we said Sammy was the goal gold medalists Dean was the. Silver and then frank was bronze like they has Ireland at out of the strating here is they're all top notch performers on that level of Olympic since when it comes to. Vocals we were kind of just talking vocals there. Right. All of them had areas of strength that I would say the others necessarily didn't have. That's what that's why as a group, they actually exceeded what any of the individuals were. If that makes sense, we don't have any in my opinion don't have an equivalent to them. No, one has ever. Done with they have done. And you you've got these like super groups like cowling bilberries is in the highway men and things like that. But they weren't on the the the radar light rat pack. Was it the thing is, is this group you when you I think of them you don't even really think of necessarily because unlike the will breeze and the highway man and people like that. The only album you can find bothering them is a come is compilation. Albums that were put out way way after the group had dissolved or whatever they guessed it on each other shows and they may have done some stuff together in the studio but it wasn't like you know the rat pack volume want here's our first album that it was a different kind of a deal. It was they were almost like an event more than they were a musical group right and we just don't think we've ever had. Anything that even remotely comes close to touching what the rat pack had. No, we don't and I know we're a good ways from even getting to the right back but it's just it does bear medicine unless we're on thirty years. The. Back. Right on. So basically, and you bring up sort of Franks talking songs while there is sort of another layer to that Frank at this time was actually working as a singer and a waiter in be rustic cabin, which is in his hometown of Englewood cliffs will is not there anymore addy solved yet. We love you dude Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, and he started taking lessons because the one thing is frank was serious about singing. However, you try to measure his vocal talent he was dead serious about doing. And through his mother Dolly who secured on the job, he also got a connection to an australian-born opera singer named John Quinlan who lived in Hatton and Quinlan was the one who really gave frank away to quote, use his voice, and this is where Frank Really mastered the storytelling of a song. Again, you can debate his vocal prowess. What you cannot debate is the way he would emphasize certain phrases the way he would be soft when he needed to be the way he would increase in volume when it. was necessary. So he was really song storyteller and this really came out of his training with Quinton fact by nineteen, thirty nine, he was working frank was the rest a cabinet and he was hired by a famous trumpeter named Harry James Now James had been with a nother actually probably know the Benny Goodman Orchestra Yeah and James was starting to strike out on his own. He had sort of outgrown Benny Goodman at this point and he is starting his own outfit. He saw Franken thought he'd be a really good. So Frank joins James Band and in six months. They released ten commercial recordings while yet ten recordings in six months these included songs such as from the bottom of my heart. My Buddy Caribbean ribbon. And the song we're going to get to in just a moment which sort of puts Sinatra out there on the map, which is a song that was actually a flop when it first came out in nineteen thirty nine but it reached million dollar levels of sales when they re released it in nineteen forty-three and it's probably one of Frank's most recognizable songs that song from nineteen thirty nine is all or nothing at all. Right. Here we go. Or Another A. Low Appeal to me. If you are hard. and. Have good you. then. I'd Rather Rather, have nothing at all. At All Know that If it's love. A no in between. Began then cry for something. No I'd rather. Rather Please don't bring your lips close to my cheek. Don't use smile aw, I'll be lost beyond recall. Senior. Touchy Makes me weak. My heart hit. Role. In Fall. And if I fell. called. Would be. Big called in the another told. Well you see. I've got to say no. No? No. And if I fell. fell. On that a all of your cau-. Don't you know I would be caught in the. Tunnel. So. I just got to say no. No. All right. That's I mean that's classic Sinatra. Like. There's the you really can't like at anything that hasn't been added before to. This is Sinatra. It's good. It's good. nope. Sure people. Moving on. Course one of the songs launched Sinatra fame. He was with the James Band that point. And he quickly gaining a reputation in fact, after only seven months now bear in mind. Frank had a one year contract with James. After seven months, he gets an offer from the Tommy Dorsey. Van. Now, there's two stories about how this played out. So what we do know is in December nineteen thirty nine Frank Sinatra left his contract partway through with James? Bond and when Tommy Dorsey according to one account Harry, James said everything was fine. You know it he was very gracious and they were happy to see him to create pastures. The other side says that Harry James was visited by two gentlemen who told him that in no uncertain terms it was in his quote best interest to allow frank out of his. And if you can't guess what do you think those to work for? I'm guessing he what diligent? Yeah. Let's say I was like in the it's like the scene in the Godfather right where they have restoratives. Yeah. But we're going to say I was I was GONNA guess it was Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Junior. Now, it'd be something. Yeah but. Those weren't that. Interesting. But those are the two sides the story. So which one is true I don't know what I uncovered in the second one. Let's just be honest. And you if your point about the godfather out is that was based in truth the Godfather didn't come up with that there A. Yeah. This was the nature of business now. I? Want I wanna say it was it. Was Paul Anka or Frankie Valli that had something similar to that the Frankie. Valley. Frankie Valli Okay Number Jersey boy yeah. So. Thank God. He said I know how frequently still hot we saw Franchi. So nineteen thirty, nine Frank Mary's his childhood sweetheart maiden name, Barbados. But of course became known as Nancy Sinatra. They settled in hoboken onto have three children, Nancy Frank Junior and Tina and many people know of course Nancy Sinatra is she went on to have a very successful career as recording. An actress? At her boots were made for Walkin assure and that's just what they'll do. But She actually started with her father in a film a father daughter combination. Guidance Father, her her ex. So Sinatra was taken immediately Tommy Dorsey not only his professionalism but his stature as a musician bear in mind Dorsey was working with the big name, the business including buddy rich at this point. He also liked how Dorsey would maintain his breath control while playing his trombone. So he actually worked with Dorsey to expand his lung capacity and vocal production capability. And actually, at this point, he moved into more ballads and sort of came kind of crooner. A Dorsey work with famous arranger is such as Axel stored all all western inside Oliver who instantly began working with Sinatra and saying, okay crooner. Let's make our arrangements fit. So Sinatra would sing oftentimes on his own. They had a Kosan Connie Haines she would actually join him for duets and Dorsey vocal group called the Pied Pipers. And this led to songs coming out terrible name. But yeah well, which. Cam. Memorable sides were released this point like I'll never smile again without a song. Oh, look at Nina and of course, the Billie holiday classic I'll be seeing you. So an issue happened in nineteen, forty two, and that was that Sinatra was more popular than the band but he was fronting. So he wanted out only problem is he was under contract and he didn't have anything else better to go to, and this led to apparently a very acrimonious split between Sinatra and the Dorsey band. Also the idea of going on his own was very risky. At this point, you major living kind of as a band singer. So if you went out Solo, you were kind of in the wild west. So it's an interesting wants to leave Dorsey didn't want to allow it and went back and forth for several months actually when finally late nineteen, forty, two Dorsey, let's out and frank onto perhaps his most historic game changing performance. It was at New York's paramount theater. At the end of the year was December of nineteen forty-three. Almost thirty thousand people showed up to see a solo frank. Sinatra. Wow and this was also that throng of screaming young female fans the bobby-socksers came out in droves. So bear in mind this is one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, three this is before Elvis this before the Beatles so frank was really breaking ground as the first pop star in. America, in the forties was then he earned several nicknames, Frankie Boyer, the Sultan of Swoon, and, of course, the one that was popularized and carried with him throughout his whole life the voice of Blue Eyes his oboe is. Now in nineteen forty-three, there was a strike the American Federation of Musicians went on strike against the major labels and Sinatra couldn't be as prolific as he had wanted to. He picked up recording again in one, thousand, nine, hundred, forty, four with Columbia records, and he really began churning out products, releasing dozens of sides in less than three months. So get when he was working, he was work this Columbia recording session produced hits like if you are but a dream, there's no you I fall in love too easy and the ballad written for his wife Time Nancy, which on a reluctant song, put your dreams away was another recording session in this era from nineteen, forty, three to nineteen fifty two was known as the Columbia era, which became one of Sinatra's most notable in actually the first double disc CD I purchased of Sinatra was. The Columbia years we like a greatest hits. They did like the Decca years or the sun recordings like those were. That's how you light lump a timeframe together and be able to create those like a compilation and with an artist like frank you can do that because they have so much going on. Yeah. So during that time, he worked primarily with Axel store all who I mentioned earlier as an arranger who had also left Tommy Dorsey and forty two, and he left with the sole purpose of working with. Sinatra. So he knew when he was leaving, Dorsey he was going over to frank's camp which caused a bit more ruffling feathers. He arranged songs like you go to my head, these foolish things and that old feeling in nineteen, forty seven, which really became signatures of what that Columbia era was all about during this time actually the Frank Sinatra Rub elbows with his idol crosby to develop a relationship were often seen taking playful shots at each other one of my favorite quotes from Crosby at this point was Franks the kind of singer that comes along once in a lifetime why did it have to be my lifetime? Funny. There is a great I've talked about this podcast before but the podcast you must remember this actually has an entire section on Frank Sinatra and bing crosby's relationship. Could you just not? Did do just that and it's a great base. I would suggest like if you want a little bit more on being in Frank. Go Checkout Crane along words episode on you must remember this about Franken being it's it's actually really like installing I was painting the bedroom while you were gone listening to this podcast and I forgot to paint a whole wall because I was so enthralled and like I said, this was three sentences in my episode here because I had so much to cover. So there's Like hers is like an hour twenty minutes. So yeah, I mean. Again. We can only scratch the surface. And as I mentioned before frank was really an all around entertainer. He actually got into movies around this way to he did a number of musicals actually with none other than the Great Gene Kelly. He anchors away in Nineteen forty-five takeouts ballgame in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, nine. Perhaps. His most notable was on the town, which is actually considered one of the best musical films ever. Yeah. Well, she did like that he would. Glasses. So good news we've seen an uptick for frank. Now, it's about to come crashing down starting at about nineteen, forty, eight frank went into a five year slump professionally, and personally it is later years frank would go on to say that he attributed this dip due to a number of factors but the main one was that his musical style didn't really fit what was happening at the time. This was sort of the rise of the Rock and. Roll era nearly fifty but we look a little bit deeper in. There's probably more than that. So one of the major things that dog Sinatra at this point throughout his whole life was his exclusion from military service in World War Two now frank had it punctured your drum and psychological issues which were fairgrounds to be disqualified from certain. However, the rumor was that Sinatra paid a doctor forty thousand dollars to officially declare him unfit for service allegedly allegedly allegedly. Now. They did an investigation into this. In fact, the FBI kept an open file and Frank Sinatra for well over forty years. And they determined that these conditions he had were actually fairgrounds to be dismissed, but the perception was still very negative. A lot of people were convinced that you know our boys are fighting overseas Franks just here stealing older women, which is not entirely untrue. which is a fair characterization. Frankly yeah. But I I think the the crux of it is that he was pegged as weasling his way out of service when in fact he wasn't really eligible anyway. So it it got very dicey there. However, your goes on Listeners Oregon. So a lot of negative press stemmed SORTA cropped up in nineteen, forty, seven and nineteen, forty, eight in February of Nineteen, forty, seven, the Hotel Nacional de Cuba hosted. What was really a Mafia conference that was never labels it was scattered laugh. Yeah. I was spearheaded by which mobster lucky Lucky Luciano He gathered everybody in February of forty seven. Some of the main names included. Now, if you're like me and you white mafia Mr I read this started young salivating. It's Albert Anesthesia Vito Genovese. Frank. Castillo Joe per floppy Tony Accardo Tommy Luke Air Yeezy, Sam Giancana, and the infamous Fischetti brothers. So it's a mob meeting and sorry the Mafia killed JFK I'm holding to it. Hold on. Get to talk about it, and of course we do. God. I think I'M GONNA I'm GonNA quote not feel well at some point and check out of the conversation and then maybe come lighter. The. Supposed purpose of this summit in Cuba was to deal with one notable mobster I. think another one you like here l. d. with Benjamin Bugsy Siegel? Yes. So Bugsy was given the charge of opening several casinos in Vegas and what they figured out was that he may have been shall we say extorting money well embezzling? Money. So this was sort of a summit to figure out how lucky was going to deal with. Now, you need to explain what a summit is. Well I'll be brief because entire podcasts on this loan. So lucky Luciano is credited with founding what's known as the commission, which is the governing body of the mafia basically a five heads of the five families and you hit you see two names listed in attendance with Tommy. Lucchessi of course Casey family and veto Giambi's so basically anything that happened within the mob had to be approved by the commission like the Banana family wasn't while they may have sent as heck. Yeah. So that's important to know that sort of Luciano is credited with establishing hierarchy for. Know. There was a columnist at this point name Leanne Mortimer. Who started running stories that Frank Sinatra had traveled to Cuba on the same day as this meeting. This is true. He did go to Cuba. was seen with figures like lucky Luciano and mob account Meyer Lansky at the hotel. Nacional. That is true. What was left to you? Suspicion was the idea that mortimer accused Sinatra of traveling to Cuba with an attache case containing two million dollars for them all. This led to Sinatra one punching mortimer in the face which he actually did in the subsequent proceedings Sinatra was quoted as saying if you can fit two million dollars in an attache case I'll give you the two million dollars because they're very clean the other very small. Very small. So so this is actually didn't lead to anything in fact, it was later revealed been mortimer was collaborating with the F. B. I. Attempt to compromise Sinatra, so they were trying to like catch him off. Guard. Yeah but nobody from the FBI had to get punched in the face. Left to to the poor suffering scribe. But needless to say, the case was thrown out and Sinatra never actually was indicted on anything but an interesting footnote in June of that same year, a bugsy Siegel was assassinated in Beverly Hills Hotel so. A Beverly Hills. So again, I'm just you what what we've out here. Also, in fact, by this point, Sinatra had been singing roughly one hundred tracks per day is estimated. Grief his voice was starting to suffer he was experiencing vocal cord hemorrhage. So. Fifties early fifties were not that kind to Mr Sinatra his marriage was on the rocks he was married at this time of course to Nancy Bado trump in. Well, how do I put this? Frank was less than loyal in his marriage. In fact, indiscretions were widely known in publicize, which was very tough on Nancy he would often have affairs with coworkers with women he. he even shall we say supported local business by eliciting services from ladies of the evening Aram night later like same stress as you mean. Sure Yeah let's go with that. Needless doesn't fix this button. This all culminated with frank publicize relationship with actress, Emma Gar. We may know was an Oscar nominee noni actress she was in Magombo Nineteen fifty-three night of the Iguana Nineteen fifty four and hails from grabbed town North Carolina. And North Carolina. Sure. But I'm also the expectation was Nancy would basically stay home take care of the kids tend to house while frank did essentially whatever he wanted. So Menton. So I'm just wondering how you said he's cutting a hundred tracks a day Yup what what became of those because I mean that would equate to tens of thousands of of solid examined. The his catalog is big. It's not that big. Oh Yeah. I. Mean he required last night never saw the. That's let's. Say The song is three minutes long that's three hundred minutes A. Voice was thrashed is the boy yeah. Right and of course, prostate drank and I'm imagining drank a lot and I'm imagining he sloped because everybody did then he's everyone. So I mean. That would be because his singing style is not necessarily one the taxes the vocal chords it was a very relaxed. Deliver it's just the overuse and drinking and smoking, and the probably not sleeping very much L. started to adult all those played a part. I'm sure sure said not sleeping plus he was traveling. He did go to Cuba that did actually happen he was touring. so He's probably exhausted. Vice say these split was inevitable and Nancy Barbados Sinatra divorced frank in nineteen fifty one and he catapulted immediately from that relationship into one with regard. In fact, they married in one, thousand, nine, fifty three. So that tarnishes image a little bit to. A however despite all of this Nancy Frank remained close. Through the rest of Frank Life why Yep? So again I think I please he's better woman than name. I. Don't know. So his subsequent marriage to order was really a disaster. It was just bad on all accounts at the time also, Columbia Records President Mitch Miller Convinced Entre. To produce some tracks at work really in his wheelhouse there sort of novelty tunes known as kind of a hack by nineteen fifty, two francs contract to Columbia was up and suffice to say they did not renew it as a result frank was dropped by his talent agency his marriage to eva was on the rocks he had really lost everything and was considered a has been they actually padlocked the door in his palm springs home because he couldn't afford it ironically in spite of Miller's weird. Requests to do the songs and nobody really cared about there were some contracts came out as period mad about you was one of them nevertheless, birth of the blues, which is a great in rate song and one of Sinatra's I think highly overlooked classics nineteen, Fifty, one I'm a fool to want you which all of this came out of the guard. He was just channeling all this pain and heartache. In fact, at this point, he was extensively just following around she was shooting a movie in Africa. He just show you learned at that point in Nineteen fifty-three gave had quietly terminated a pregnancy. Yeah now that yeah, he was he was Iraqi battled depression I mean he was quick to temper any very mercurial individual. He was hot cold. You'd love somebody one minute hate him an act. So he was very up and down at wonder I wonder because you know at this point in some genres I'm thinking of country and pop and rock and stuff you know the the schedules they were required to keep like okay. Well, you're playing in. Jacksonville Florida Monday, and your playing in Houston Tuesday, and you're driving yourself there. So. You with the point is that you do you what ended up happening to people like Johnny cash a lot of people back then is he ended up on pills because you just because you literally didn't have calmed asleep. Yeah exactly plus bear in mind it was alleged again alleged only that frank would get calls from certain individuals who would say you're playing this Gig and he would have to go right again. So. This happened. Because Lions the Lions Club came Colin and you can't tell exactly. Yeah. So, this was a very dark period and frank's life. In fact, he was prone to depression throughout his life again, he grew up lonely as a child. He really didn't like being out of the public. I he enjoyed the spotlight he needed. A this point in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, three. He was actually spotted at several local hotels. He was unshaven unkempt and just be sitting there at a piano kind of desperately plucking it. With. No coming just notes strong together. So he was, he was a wreck at this point. And sure enough. We would have ended there but I would say there's more to the story nineteen fifty-three also saw the biggest comeback Sinatra's career arguably because many people forget this. Frank Sinatra is an Kademi award winning actor and that role was private. Maggio in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty threes here to eternity. So when Sinatra found out about this movie, he saw the part which was a here's here's the description the scrawny down on his luck son of Italian immigrants with a chip on his shoulder a real reach for Mr sites they really had to stretches really destroy those acting muscles that one oh yeah. That's like Courtney. Love playing a strung out hair attic on people vs Larry. He was a shoe in for this one and he went to the President of Columbia pictures the time Harry Cohn was. and. We said his name right this time zone Harry Cohn who in. Turn. I've seen a Harry Cohn. In a in talking to Sinatra. Wow. This is what happens. Tracing One When asked about the role and I said I'll quote do would for nothing which really meant he was getting skin Didn't look that up in is getting a standard scale performance was universally praised actually earned him an academy award and he became one of the top film stars the Nineteen Fifties and sixties at this point. Sinatra. Also signed with Capitol records in over the course of the next nine years built up what is widely considered his finest work, which is capitol records. But how interesting that what revived his career wasn't? His entertainment of entertainment venue of choice not as I one, eighty one, it wasn't. It wasn't. He had a big comeback musically to start with. Yeah Right. An Oscar may help that you win an Oscar and maybe more people want you door. So it's actually at this point with capital the frank is credited with one of his imprints music industry. He allegedly created equal concept album with capitol records, which is sort of a series of LP's built around mood or a theme which required new arrangements. Fortunately, he knew a lot of rangers and have worked with a gentleman billy may on this one which he relieves songs I think more people know which are come fly with me come dance with me where are you? No one cares and I do have to make a retraction here because this is accurate first CD's NFL. Correction in retraction here, the first double CD said I purchased was the double set of the Capitol Years Collection for Frank, Sinatra. Different upbringing mine was garth double live not sign yet but I'm I'm I'm older than both first one was used your allusions one and takes. A. Mix of ballads up tempo numbers that they were arranged against around Sinatra's strengths. So these albums were top notch of course, and his Sinatra's collaboration with riddle Nelson. Riddle and other arranger was really one of the. Landmark moments of Capitol records at least so they claimed. A riddle was a former big man trump bonus to actually did arrangements for Ella Mae Morse Nat King Cole. And he actually scored a few of Sinatra's capitol sessions in fifty three and going over its nine fifty four. Initiated collaboration that would last over two decades. So riddle became sort of Sinatra's go to arranger, and later in life Sinatra called quote the greatest arranger in the. Song break here. So all the albums for Capitol really under that Sinatra. Little. Riddle. CARABA collaboration a great songs like swing songs for lovers only the lonely but the one I'm going to pick one of my all time favorites a little more tender a little more heartfelt and that was released nineteen fifty five in the wee small hours of the morning. In. The wee small all. Of them morning. While the whole. World is fastest. You and think about the girl. and. Never ever think of. And she. When your loan only hard Less. You would be. Phone she would call. In. A small. The time. Moose. When your lonely. Has learned its lesson. You. is if only she would call. In we small Turn you Moose. Oh I mean that is that is such a gorgeous song and I was I was saying when it was playing that. The interludes reminded me of when you're watching the classic film and they take that like. Ten seconds to show just before they kiss an ESA music swells right when they're kissing. It's just it's so inning matic of that time periods. Gorgeous. Feel the his his emotion just you can feel the heartache and the and he did a great job can hang that you know the story it was during these capital years of course that the songs really became about Sinatra's voice you know riddle was an amazing ranger and he really tailored what he was doing to fit Sinatra's voice which point had matured a bit. It had grown not only in depth, but in power because he learned breast control and he was working on mastering. So he was less of a crooner, he still was, but he's more of kind of a big band leader which later and kind of an interpreter more of story songs than before probably. Yeah. Absolutely had the nuance down to like. You said that that was the thing he had early was what window back off a little bit. When to give it everything had such that he had a time to kill necessarily Buckley but the but the voice matured a little him probably matured a little and so he became kind of a better interpreter of songs as rating them as little stories to be told if it kind of same like yeah absolutely. I think that's very prevalent in this song you know in the Morning, you. Can you picture this I mean, you'd get the image of what this guy's going through now. Many. This was of course much this was biographical. His marriage to Ava Gardner was falling apart at the scenes and it was all but over at this point. So, about this, really tapped into that heartache and frank always said about his singing he said when I'm singing I'm being honest. So it was sort of that card on the sleeve type approach. Needless to say, the marriage did not survive in nineteen, Fifty, seven, they call it quits. He went after some different kinds of songs at this point more upbeat I think he was trying to get out of some of those balloon notes that he was hitting with more ballads and the slower numbers. He did songs like I've got you under my skin. He did one more for my baby, which is just phenomenal. That was a great song. Yeah I saw. and. Again, this illustrating a more variety, a bit more versatility united how frank could take on moods discontent bows different range of issues really a force of nature you know musical at it. He was and I it. It says a lot about him that if you're talking about now late fifties and he was still relevant because by now you're into the Rock era with. By Music Historian fully the Rock era by Nineteen Fifty, eight I think you said. Short fifty seven, you're you're fully end the rock and roll by this time so that he remained relevant in popular at after having had a swoon in terms of popularity and in terms of is commercial. That says quite a lot. Yeah. Oh and one more thing he was accused of this point of being a heavy communist sympathizer. So that was another. Underscore year that was a adding to the fuel to the pyre nobler fairmont ball's going on frank is also working in movies. He's an actor he did suddenly nineteen fifty, four young at heart in nineteen, fifty four, and in nineteen, fifty five, he performed guys and dollars which I think most people recognized. But he also appeared in the man with the golden arm. Got Him in another nomination for an academy award. So while he ultimately didn't win, he's still got one win in one nomination, which is not yet. The joker is wild was a nineteen, fifty, seven film with Sinatra. So was pal joey, and then in some in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty, eight, some came running was political thriller, but however I think his most notable. That everyone is GonNa recognize was released in nineteen, sixty two. That was, of course, the Manchurian candidate short and one whose title has has become. A part of of the the Lexicon Oh. Yeah. Absolutely. And how often have you heard was such and such other just amend Cherian candidate for whoever whatever? Yeah. Any it just introduced so many ideas which were used later films and I mean, it just became like you said part of the. Part of the common parlance ashore. So with the exception of Bing crosby. Idol no other American entertainer had achieved such a level of respect and popularity at this point as both a singer and an actor you kind of one or the other a really Sinatra by. This time and and how interesting that he ends up at not long after the period, we're speaking of grouped up with two others who did the WHO look much in that same vein were. Popular at at a bare minimum proficient in more than one level of entertainment exactly which further launched I think their careers because linking up with frank he was the man of coin. Were able to. Remember when you said the Dean episode, How many films they did, but they were churning amount you know there was tons of them. Now it is interesting to note that after the Manchurian candidate however frank started to find the filming process tedious. He would do movies, but he stopped taking it seriously. In fact He created a clause in his contract that he would not work at five. PM. They were shot at five pm rolled around frankly just leave. and. I assume go drink somewhere. Yes. Yeah. He just gone. Off. That was a you know frank wasn't working pass five. He does wonder films like the detective in Nineteen, sixty eight and just a little flash forward here his final film was nineteen, Eighty call the deadly sin. So we'll start as a big starring role. There was at least one I can think of after that but Oh, I, think I know what you're talking about. The immortal. Classic. Cannonball run to yeah. Well, there's really with Burt Reynolds which was which was notable relationship in fact, birtles a lot of stories in his autobiography about interactions with Sinatra one all share later but we're not we're not there yet. So during the fifties and sixties Sinatra Sinatra appeared on stage and in films with you guessed it the ripe. So this is where he started waking up with Martin, joy bishop in Lawford, and of course, the sooner. Now, a Lotta people forget this and I was one of them that Peter Lawford had a direct connection to the Kennedys. So round, this time you know Sinatra is making Vegas cool again again, he's the image you see in a helicopter sued the drink and bear in mind he's well into his middle aged. At this point, he's not a spring chicken, but he is sort of creating this culture of cool with these other members of the rat pack and ultimately drawing you know. To the seats in Las Vegas. So in a way, he built the Vegas scene. You know because these are people who they're not going to go to Vegas Sinatra's they're they're gonNA show up and it gets Sammy and they can see dean and it's it's all a big deal. So it was really what they called the height of swinging sophistication nineteen, Sixty S. And as mentioned before, we do have a direct link to the Kennedys, which of course, stirs up some controversy. I know L. D. you had made a comment earlier, go to expound a little bit on that in the next few minutes. So we all know that Sinatra was thought to be affiliated with. Of the Mafia one of which was a very prominent gentleman by the name of Sam Giancana based in Chicago who is mentioned in the episode about Sammy Remember. I, think about Dean as well yet needless to say frank had a lot of valuable connections in the entertainment industry and a direct connection to Kennedy. So it's his connection to Giancana and the Kennedy family that makes this period. So important in the history of Frank Sinatra but of the entire country. So in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty at the behest of the Patriarch of the Kennedy Family Joe Senior Sinatra became a liaison between Sam Giancana and the Kennedys don't have many of you know this. But this is talk about in the book I heard you paint houses which turned into the net flicks bill. The Irishman. Shman, which by the way is a one hour, a decent movie and three hours or something that they actually just showed up and shot of it's it feels very disjointed. macular book is Great Film Not so much. Sorry. Score says He. Can't run time because I'm sure he listens to this podcast. On. Has got a little one star review. So, Joe Kennedy was known actually for his connection to the Mafia during the bootleg. So that's when he linked up with the American mafia and it was speculated that the mafia was very interested in backing Kennedy as a presidential candidate because he supported their stake in. Cuba. So someone like Frank Sinatra would be a huge asset. He was basically a walking billboard for the Kennedy Campaign. So there is a prevailing theory. That Sam Giancana broadened Sinatra as part of a gambit. To one get Kennedy into the White House and to keep tabs on him while he was there and it was really Sinatra's connection to Peter Lawford that led down this path. So as we all know, Sinatra was quite involved with the Kennedy campaign. He was openly campaigning for Kennedy and he also recorded like I was saying last week he recorded high of version of high hopes as a campaign song four Kennedy. He did the inaugural party for Kennedy Remember. Just say one thing about this is that right now people are with such a heated political landscape that we have today people are so apt to try to shut celebrities down and go you know you just you know I wish you would just. Sing or just act like I don't need to hear your political views now but this stuff was happening I like sixty years ago. So it it's just interesting now that all of a sudden celebrities voices don't matter and it's interesting how quickly this turned. Now there's also a theory and again, this was there was evidence of this in certain books. Then it was refuted in others that frank introduced JFK to then a girlfriend of Sam Giancana who became romantically involved with both Kennedy and GM Giancana so but but but Kennedy was married a yes he was why you're and you talking about I don't I don't like. The, I resent the allegation I resent the alligator. So again, this is what I found. Now, one thing that did happen is the quick. The hastiness shall we say to Hook candidate campaign to the Sinatra? Family. Fame Wagon. Literally fell apart after Kennedy, got elected for for a number of reasons. One thing Sinatra actually did was completely renovated his palm springs home to welcome Kennedy after he won the off. So He redid his tennis courts he put in New brooms. He's been millions of dollars renovating the House the Night Kennedy one here's the story the night. Kennedy. Wins the election Peter Lawford goes alone to Sinatra's home in palm. Springs. And basically says Frank Jacks DOT COM. Of course JFK. Sinatra losted he went off on Lawford some reports say he physically attacked another say Egypt screamed at him. But he basically through Lawford out in allegedly never spoke to him again. Outside of professional setting and thus and thus ended law for its association with the right back. Yes, which led to that relationship falling apart but it also led to Franks connection the Kennedy's falling apart because within a few years guests who headed up the investigation against organized crime. Robert Fitz Gerald. Kennedy. which completely went against anything. Connor had in mind when they were backing the Kennedy. Horse for the presidency. So. It is alleged at this point that the Kennedys broke ties with Sinatra to protect themselves and that Jean. Broke ties with Sinatra because he had quote failed in his duties and out isn't a little weird that both of them were assassinated Yup RFK case. Super. We're yes. I'm not going to go into that because that's a whole podcast on his own Synopsis Ideas. Right. Now, Sinatra actually throughout this quote, which is very reminiscent. Don't the one I shared earlier from Al Martino in regards to association with figures in organized crime. So doctor said if you sang in the joints, you're gonNA know the guys that wrong that was his thing and he said he always went on to do business with what was. Reputable businessman that's how he described. But this association with Sam Giancana was highly publicized. In fact, frank became a majority stakeholder of the CAL Neva Lodge Casino in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty. which many of you know the geography of Lake Tahoe it's across the borders of California Nevada. So, this resort was right on the border line and Sam Giancana had banned from the state of Nevada. So it is theorized that Sinatra became a quote heart owner to keep the casino operations running and therefore attained a gaming license from the great state of Nevada when all of this went haywire though it's interesting how Sinatra. Was Suddenly, shall we say turned in his gaming license? He basically gave it up and lost stake in the county casino which was to him a huge blow and a little footnote here for those you know your Mafia history Sam Giancana went on to nineteen seventy five. In June of that year, he was scheduled to testify before the Church Commission which was a C- a group investigating the CIA plot to assassinate Fidel Castro again in con- is to do his testimony it's viewed as out he's at home cooking sausage peppers on a stove. The Chicago Police are providing twenty, four seven surveillance and yet on the night of June nineteenth a lone gunman entered GM house and murdered him in nineteen seventy five. That would that would you know what? I have nothing to say about that. Very. suspicious. So. Hitting back you Mr Sinatra the sixties were obviously a big era for him in nineteen sixty. He founded the famous reprise record label, which was his own venture. He brought Sammy along means we kind of brought everybody with him with that. This usually thing about this as it happened concurrently with his capitol records contracts. So capital actually let him go start reprise records record with capital and do his own thing until the end of his contract which concluded in one thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, two. So this was A. Active period for Frank Sinatra in just three years from nineteen sixty to nineteen, sixty, three Sinatra recorded furiously and released something to the tune of fourteen albums of new material. Yeah. Obviously Nelson riddle his favorite arranger full-time was a Goto. But he brought in other rangers such as Johnny Mandel Neal Hefti and Don. Kosta who also brought in some notes about his recordings. In under three years about fourteen albums, which is pretty crazy. So these albums were released. You know what a rapid pace and some of them were hits and some of them were MRS basically the overall quality was a little uneven but some real classics came out of this. In nineteen sixties, he released two of know which were September of my years, and then he partnered with a Brazilian Songwriter Antonio Carlos you'll be. For the Francis Albert Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim, album appropriately named. They, make it longer get right. But nonetheless, these are considered Nike Sixty Five, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty seven to be two of his most notable albums, and during this period was another song which has special significance to L. D. and I. It's been done by many artists over the years including seventy Davis. Rod Stewart's Michael Blue. Blais has a good version but. His name weird like a burglary Michael Bay on collection. But nonetheless, nineteen sixty version done by Frank Sinatra is the most notable in my mind. So without further ado and I think I think if you look up. Linley in will get engaged does. You'll hear a fantastic rendition of the song done by Mr Will the thrill. Yeah. Well, like I said I kind of to Sinatra School of singing. I. May Not Be the best vocalist but I have inflection and I have intention and you drink and I drank yet So here it is a classic needs no further deduction. Just, the way you look tonight from Mr Frank Sinatra. Some days. Flee. When World is cold. I will feel alone. And no way you looked. To nine. Yes you're. Leave. With your smile so long. And your cheeks so saw. There is nothing for me. But to. You. and. You look. To nine. Where the were. Your. Grow. Taryn. Oh. Rig Go. Rhino. Such is my who Lovely. Never A. Jeep. That, breath listen. While you please the ranger cow. Way. You look. Tonight. Van Rigaud John. No. Maher. Lovely. Though, you ask change. He that breathless John. You please the rain. College love. Just the way you look to night. Joh-. Look. To. That is such a great song. I love it. It's Really, I was first introduced to the song you know probably much younger but my. Actual. Memory of being introduced to the song was my best friend's wedding. Wasn't this version specifically. They never actually played. But the the band plays it and they play like an interlude in film I. Don't think they actually have the vocals or anywhere in the movie until the wedding scene. Ruben I could be wrong well, as I said earlier, this has been done and well by many artists frank was not the I certainly won't be the last just his version and so just I think it, it embodies everything that's on is and he hits the nail right on the head. When Alex the late sixties nineteen, sixty, six, where Sinatra Assan, to marry again this time at age fifty, he married at twenty one year old actress named Mia Farrow. In fact, at the wedding, his good friend Dean Martin Fulton aside and said Frank I got scotch older than this kid. Comedy to last. So this union predictably did not test you know pass the test of time. Frank, wanted me to quit acting and just stay home and MIA did not want to do that because she was actually wising to prominence as an actress, a nineteen, sixty eight. The starring role in Rosemary's baby for most notable omission probably actually one of my favorite horror films of all time. I really love the horror epic films like the shining and Rosemary's baby things and she tastic in but you could actually see the change in her physicality because can I can I say as far will let me get to Capitol Hill say that their marriage did not was very rocky from. The Start and Rosemary's baby was kind of the breaking point because again, frank never wanted her to do the movie to begin with. So she goes does the film and it kept getting extended and extended running over schedule. So it just got to you know boiling point and then ultimately happened they'll be well I mean what's interesting is a Rosemary's baby just a little back on the film was considered a curse film. it was going to the Dakota which we all know was where while the exteriors were filmed at the Dakota, which is where John Lennon was assassinated but he served her divorce papers on set. Frank apparently made multiple appearances onset including one to issue her papers finalizing the divorce. Yeah, and of course, you know it was directed by Roman Polanski who the next year would suffer a great loss in his life. He was mired in his own controversy which we've talked about. In our Brian Wilson episodes. So their marriage didn't even last two years. It was closed out in sixty eight with the final presentation of said, divorce papers and frank did what he did. He just went back to work. You know he had chart-topping successes throughout the late sixties including strangers in the night perhaps his most notable. Bats life in nineteen, sixty, seven in the ultimate Sinatra anthem in nineteen, sixty nine, which was my way as a decade went on though his output was hindered. This one of the reasons was because people as you point out Tj were into rock, and now we were getting into sort of counterculture sixties, movement, AK, the woodstock generation in they really weren't subscribing to Sinatra stock market. Another thing that was happening was his voice starting to get worn out yet again. Due. To as one reporter, put it chronic years of abuse from cigarettes and alcohol. Weird though in effect your voice. Yeah. Yeah. So I want to do the musical Cuban in a moment I'm going to table with a little bit by one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, nine, the musical Meta had changed and Sinatra was basically left on his own. He even said nobody's writing songs for me anymore. He was still cool by the Vegas Standard and was sort of the know middle-age version of what it meant to be. Cool. But now you have this up and coming hippie culture which is moving against that And again, at sixty sort of closed out Sinatra felt a bit out of place. He announced retirement in nineteen seventy one he said I'm officially retiring. That's it. I'm done. But diff- retirement only lasted two years by nineteen seventy-three. He was back in the studio in here's recording again, and he's trying to rehabilitate his voice in that time in Nineteen seventy-three Sinatra Meta woman who would become his fourth and final spouse and he actually met her through in mutual connection Barbara Marx Blakely was a former model in Las Vegas showgirl and if he can't get by last name was married to Zippo marks. and. So Naro, of course, man about the show Biz business I think he was the Kevin Bacon of his time suzy can have anybody for Frank Sinatra. So he was actually friends with both Barbara ends up and there was an understood chemistry between them but they refrained they remained friends until ultimately Barbara left Zippo to be with Frank. That was around ninety S. I know right. And? Frank was needed to say reluctant to get married but. As Barbara put in an interview later that she basically said, marry Mir on walking. So it wasn't ultimatum and they married in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, six. She was forty nine at the time. Frank. Sinatra was sixties. There's hope for me Ginseng apples still I would say that there is yeah. So I do want to point out one thing before we do our musical interlude here that a notable guests that this wedding took a break from his campaigning and that was a former president Ronald Reagan. Reagan now. He showed up. which we figured out that rate you what was the the little piece of Trivia that you gave us TJ will shoot up in our day. Martin episode there were two inaugurals at which Frank Sinatra performed. We've already discussed one of them. That being. John, F Kennedy's, and then at Ronald Reagan's and what's interesting to happen is he felt so burned by the Kennedy ministration that he basically switched political affiliation started backing the Republican horse when I also figure that they're they're probably had been some association along at the years since Ronald Reagan had had previously been an actor. Yes absolutely again, they knew each other through Hollywood and when it came time to endorse that the North Reagan's a candidate frank was happy to. Because again, he felt so jaded by what happened with him, the Kennedys. So I think it's a good time to interject another song here that sums up everything frank has gone through up until this point, the ups, the downs, the changes. As he says in the song, you know ride high in. April. Shot down in May, and that is from his nineteen sixty seven classic. That's life. All right. Here we go. That's life. That's what all the people say. You're on. April. Sean down. In May. But on. Shane to. Back on top. Back on top JU-. Pun here's see. Some people get. Their kicks. Stopping on a three. Man Again me. This fine. Keeps. Up Call Up. Up. Upon King, I've been up and down and older and how. And I know one thing each time. Fine Myself. Flat on my face. I pick. Myself up and get back. That's life. Camp Ni-. Kriton baby. Talk just ain't GonNa buy it and then thing in. One single. Jumped right on a big bird. And then I fly Pan. Up Pirate up. On Anna King. and down and over and Each Felt. On my face. Myself. Pat. Man Is. On now. There's nothing in common. Roll myself up. Here No. Big Ball. But you can hear the maturity, his voice it makes me WanNa go around punching people. I know it gets it. Stirs you. Violent. I. But you can hear this versus early recordings, the breast cancer role power behind the voice. It was still there at this point and bear in mind this is now his second resurgence. Came up in the late thirties and forties. Wayne. In the fifties then he came back in the sixties Wayne again, and now he's coming back in the seventies. He's remarried By the way Barbara will remain his spouse until the end. he's got the records and albums coming out. So he's almost becoming bigger than he was even before, and the thing is with this song at when we're when we took a musical break out look will and. I realized that the song has stayed in the Public Zeitgeist. because. It was featured on an episode of one of my favorite cancel TV shows which please bring the show back was NBC's Smash Starring Katharine mcphee Jack Adam Poor Leslie Odom Junior Solo Oh. Oh Got Megan Hill. Like all like massive musical talent, but they actually featured this song heavily in one of their episodes something like it it he's got staying power even to this day is a giant in that song is just you can apply to any decade doesn't matter I mean you can apply to this year. So franken back on an upswing, you know through all, he actually turned some of his. Shortcomings vocally into those strengths again soon abreast control CD emphasis sage's. Own Fine. The loitering your failure like s frankly get it continue to well into the eighties. You know he realistic released a three disc trilogy in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, a ballad collection called. She shot me down in eighty one and LA is my lady in Nineteen eighty-four. Now, what's going to happen here is you're going to see sort of shift ask Frank. Starts turn his focus more on live shows versus performing, and he's in his sixties at this point. What he's going to ratchet up the live performance aspect. So he is, of course back in the studio in the is late as the. S He leaves Capitol Records obviously for reprise we noted earlier but he comes back to capital in the early nineties and releases to popular albums duets one and two in which he started performing with really everybody and millions of these records were sold millions And they are actually Sinatra's final recordings. Now I said earlier frank, really moved towards live performance at this point, this is the late seventies. And he announced his retirement, but then he came back. From nineteen seventy, seven to nineteen, ninety, five, frank performed over one thousand concerts. Good grief I'm going to say that in. One thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, seven to ninety, five Sinatra performed over over one thousand occasions. She's crackers that's a lot insane, and again he is in his sixties and seventies at this point. So thousand, it did a thousand performances in eighteen years you pretended. Yeah while. In his sixties my. In a six teams. and. Sadly, that's so that so so even at his age, that's I mean he's playing. On average more than once a week. And I was he can't do it forever. I don't feel I don't feel like he ever stopped. Like he just kept go like he would. He breaks it breaks, but then he come back and do it harder like reporting. You know three hundred minutes of yeah. Hundred takes an like you said, you know he had I mean, this is a guy who started recording. I, guess in the forties and he put out a couple of. Thirties, fairly big hit albums in the nineties that I do. It's album I. Don't I don't remember the second one as weld we honest with you but that first one was huge. If as I recall like a top ten, might he bano did a mental under my skin? Amount One among all the still remember that weird version though isn't it sort of but but the fact is he was recording with Bono. Recording. With the biggest names of the damn who wanted to work with frank because who would Nile he so that but he had you talked about the staying power L. D. but he was still relevant and popular, and and when you're up there in the early nineties singing a song with with Bado that probably introducing you to a new audience. Who maybe then go back and discover your older work and things like that. This is now three generations that he's touched I'm just it's astounding. But like I said nothing last forever in one, thousand, nine, hundred, five frank gave his final public performance was in Japan it was the end of tour and according to his wife Barbara. She said that everyone kinda packed up, got on the bus to go back to the hotel in normally there's banter and sort of you know conversation about the night and what they're gonNa do and she said it was dead silent. Silent did they know that it was his last one ann