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115 - Hatfield-McCoy Feud

Timesuck with Dan Cummins

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115 - Hatfield-McCoy Feud

"Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Law now go now feel McCoy few if. Yeah. Murder more murder. Vigilante Justice more murder revenge killings posses being formed a father losing and five of his children's lives to another families violence still hog a family home burned to the ground by an angry mob government, corruption forbidden, love affairs lot of drama in today's tale. The Hatfield mccoys repeatedly attacked one another in the rural tug river valley. Separating West Virginia and Kentucky for over a decade in the late nineteenth century two. Patriarchs Deva lands Hatfield and old Randall McCoy, let their hatred of one another infect I their entire families and then entire region of the country governor pitted against governor West Virginia versus Kentucky supreme court of the United States would end up getting involved few general last for many decades. So how did it all start? How did it finally end? And how much blood was shed in between the origins and the dirty deeds of America's most famous. You'd revealed today on time suck. Have you Monday time soccer's hail Nimrod Hailu Safina praise. Bojangles hail. Triple m Dan comes the master sucker. And you are listening to time suck recording suck dungeon today. In court. Elaine, Idaho, Reverend Dr Joe motherfucking paisley. Hope you loved him on last week's special guest addition of it is the internet. He did some magic today to had some tech problems recording this episode the day before thanksgiving it was looking rough. But Joe he figured out some wizard trick from some wizard forum and got us going. Hope y'all had a one thanksgiving. I know I did record this again beforehand. I'm sorry. I hope I did. How would I know? I haven't had it yet. Or my talking about time gets confusing here. Sometimes Gordon episodes in advance just going to be Lindsey ni- and penny ginger this this past thanksgiving. And I'm guessing we were able to relax lots. I know in this moment that I record this. I'm very much looking forward to that just to chill out for a couple of days and just for being thankful man super thankful for this little world. And how far it's comes. We started and all of your guys support like very, very thankful. Somebody little cool things. I was coming back from Grand Rapids. This this past week is walk into the Spokane airports and space lizard, don't know his name because he was on the other side of security glass who's coming into the airport. I'm leaving he's in little TSA area. And and he just mouths the words, you know, actually, I can't say 'cause it's for space only he mouth a secret spaces or code. I knew what he said I gave him a secret spaces or hand sign. He gave it back to me. It was it was very cool moment that I'm super thankful to have life experiences. Like that. Yeah. Just thankful for man. You guys sharing this podcast with your friends and families and just seeing grow, and you know, Senate in stories of reconnecting with family members. Kevin something new to talk about every week reconnect with old friends making new friends having fun with your with your lovers and your spouses and just enjoying the silly little world that that we've created right? Just basically try to be honest. Try to make fun turn out to shove either a conservative or liberal agenda down your throat and just try to instill re-instill, a childlike sense of wonder about the world some important, man. And so fun just to be like a kid that way and just be curious and excited about stuff. Just just have a Reverend fun with stuff. I've said it before. But it's like, my grandma always said, you can you can laugh or you can cry. I loved it our community can just laugh about almost fucking anything. It's I think super healthy and Superfund love you meet sacks. 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We were gonna start at this past Friday black Friday, but I messed up fucked up forgot s- based on recording schedules win, the episodes were coming out based compared to when I was recording them and didn't realize last week when I recorded that I was recording thanksgiving new world order episode when I should've mentioned it there. But we're still doing to sell for a full week all ends up to same all comes out in the wash. So thanks again for spread in the sock bypassing around new preview videos for episodes. We put on Instagram Twitter and Facebook at times podcast sharing. Those clips tagging friends retweeting all spreads suck. Now. Thank you to the street suck or this time suck street team streets, three sucks. Different time. Suck street team was announced in the private Facebook group awhile back. Some you lovely time suckers now spreading sucked by blanketing very sections of the world with LUSA Phoenix face. My face other time suck our work had somewhat response that and I know I never mentioned that on the the podcast before. But that was intentional. We wanted to mention it in the private Facebook group. I feel responded, and we had way more interest, and we had stickers which again 'nother thing to be thankful for. So hopefully, this three team goes, well, people actually put the stickers that they've got around around their towns and communities, and then we'll we'll buy a whole bunch more serious, and they're really cool danger. Rented a good job on those. They do on everything. And then. We'll we'll get a bunch more people involved. I just love that people were excited to be involved. Yeah. Turns that I did have a great time in Grand Rapids Michigan last week and holy shit. Every show outside of Thursday was sold out. Most an advance. This is this is new territory for me. Thanks to all of you who made long drives for those shows. Thanks to Jeff and Cadillac for showing up so many years in a row now and thanks to a few times suckers for for some green medicine. Thanks to C four in Washington for handed out some delicious edible medicine when I flew back into Spokane the ride it just keeps getting more fun. Yes. Forget I'm going to be only be tuneup. A lot of that as I just kind of relaxed a little bit get some rest over thanksgiving weekend. All be Spokane comedy club, November twenty ninth thirtieth and December first tickets really sellin fast for those shows so happy. Thanks. The spokesman review for interviewing me for those shows look forward to that coming out, and they'll be in Saint Louis December six two nights, wrapping up the flutters tour. Those will be the last ones happy murder tour next year. I'll pose. Dates for that soon got most next year booked, and and then after that state last night Lewis show, I'll switch gears and prep for that. Ted talk Ted talk and coordinated Kroc center, January twelve link for that in the episode description, very excited to think about what's gone on the last two years here. And and think about how to share that TED talks, hopefully will inspire other people to pursue their passions and make the most out of them. Now, let's get suck. And I'm very excited that a lot of fun research in this a lot of fun a suck bunch of McCoy's. A lot of hatfields in today's Bigalow. Meet sex showdown. All right. The time and the place today's tale factors. Largely news stories always seems too few to the magnitude of the hatfields versus McCoy's wouldn't take place in America today. Today's laws current level of media coverage just never allow the combination of vengeance. And vigilante Justice to to go on for as long as it did. And yes in actually there weren't many places this series of events could have unfolded elsewhere in mid to late nineteenth century, America. Either a life was just different in the tug valley than it was for for much of the nation. Dentistry was frowned upon clothing. Optional is were Beatty. Many folks walked on four legs instead of two dogs oranges pets, they doubled his actual legal brides for for many valley. Resins a local pastor saw what was inevitable and thought he couldn't stop vomit -able unions. He might as he might as well make him official name is a God hogs or just for love. Neither many hogs actually help provide for their human families taking up farming logging fur-trapping. Jobs put food on their tables, the line between animal and man became blurred. And then legend has it it actually merged and new races of hog folk and dog folk were brought into the world and the tug valley, and and then those hog folk became known as the hatfields and those dog folk became known as the mccoys and everybody knows duck folk don't miss know-how folk now out a few guk. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry life wasn't that different in the valley. And again, I wonder what the people of stairs the noises here from the suck dungeon. The valley where the famous Hatfield McCoy feud to place was nestled in the rural mountainous region of Appalachia nailed it Appalachia. That's not how they say. It's on the pronunciation guides. But I learned I learned last time we were in this region the country that if you are from Appalachia, you don't say Appalachia, that's that. That's how you know. You know, folk, you know, dog folk go. Yeah. Anyway. Yes. Nestled in the rural region of Appalachia at the border of Kentucky and West Virginia right on the border. There was centered on the valley of the tug fork because big old big sandy river, one of the least hospitable parts of the Appalachian highlands here. The tug fork forms both natural and political boundary. Dividing the states of Kentucky in West Virginia. However, while the river did divide the two states didn't divide the tug river valley community, both the Hatfield mccoys. They had relatives on both sides of the river. The hats family had his largest concentration in Logan county. West Virginia in the mccoys were most numerous in pike county Kentucky with the two clans did travel continuously back and forth between West Virginia and Kentucky which just ended up adding to the feud because we're always in contact with one another the tug valley was is extremely remote one of the largest Choubey one of the last areas. Settle in both West Virginia and eastern Turkey. The first settlers mostly of Scottish descent scotch Irish descent arrived from southwestern Virginia around eighteen. Hundred and if you'll recall from the Andrew Jackson, suck these early Scots are the origin of Boza term redneck and the term hillbilly quick recap the origins of those two terms the term redneck counts from sixteenth century Scotland when Presbyterian rebels rose up against the church of England sign manifestos in their own blood hardcore, then we're red close around their necks to signify the rebellion during the bishops war of sixteen forty in Scotland the term hillbilly comes from the term hill folk Scott's from the highlands of Scotland we're called hill folk and then during another war, the sixteen hundreds of Scots who supported king William of England were called Billy boys after their patron king. You know, William king, Billy hill folk who were called Billy boys, then called hillbilly boys, which eventually was shortened to hillbillies and that name followed them to colonial America. And then both the terms redneck and hillbilly became a derogatory racial slurs essentially synonymous with rough rugged ignorant rural folk quick to fight. Maybe. Slow to take up reading and writing and arithmetic and the tug river valley elements this derogatory description actually did fit for many, and I say that someone with a with the Scottish last name of Cummins and over sixty percent British and Irish I'll answers ancestry. Lot of my ancestors were probably some of these rough rugged on educated people education. It was just hard to come by in the valley. There were a few school houses in the region. But kids only ten school for three months out of the year, most dropped out entirely after only a couple years, and the majority of people in the tug valley were illiterate throughout the early nineteenth century this region remained extremely isolated with frontier conditions persisting. They are even as the rest of the region around them progressed and developed the area also suffer from extreme income inequality. Most of the land was owned by small percentage of the population. In some eastern Kentucky counties up to seventy four percent of the population. Landless a minority population of back country elite dominated extremely Krupp, local, politics and hatfields. Mccoy's they belong to this back country elite the patriarchs of each family, were landowners and kept a considerable number of livestock. They held similar social and economic standing. The hatfields were better off what actually ended up becoming quite a bit better off during the few. Just just you know, a a little clip up above the McCoy's. But both clans were were well off for West Virginia kind of tug river valley standards. And they both had a numerous family members serving in local politics in the judiciary system, both Kentucky and West Virginia. And again hatfields would have an advantage. There seemed to be more of them seem to have more prestigious positions around the committee. But both of them had some pull that fills McCoy's occasionally intermarried over the years, and they're intertwined social familial political relationships created a complex network of allegiances that would make feud more complicated. Add to the violence, another important point to make before we get into the time line of the Hatfield mccoys feud is that feuds were not unusual in this area. At this time, no less than six major feud took place in the Kentucky side of the tug. Fork the sandy river in the wake of the civil war and additional also took place nearby Perry and Roane counties a lot of these were partly due to conflicting loyalties in the area during the civil war and then afterwards, both West Virginia Kentucky struggled with union and confederate loyalty. West Virginia was formed when a total of fifty counties chose to succeed from confederate for and former new union estate officially admitted to the union in eighteen sixty three. However, some West Virginia residents, including the hatfields still had confederate loyalty still had confederate sympathies and took it as a sign of treason, if one of their own supported the union these future also partly due to the clannish hillbillies of his area acting like Clinton ability the scotch Irish area. Other poor rural whites wanna Torian clannish. Just like, you know, the courts after the civil war did not protect African Americans. Equal to widen. Reckons? They also didn't protect all white Americans equally in the racial pecking order of white America, this time know, hillbillies, we're at the bottom. These scotch-irish were at the bottom many found strength in numbers due to their rural backwoods kind of living situations. The law wasn't always easy to find. Was often very corrupt, and they just these families would take it upon themselves dole out and seek Justice and the combination clans Vigilanteism that's perfect. You know, kind of environment for feuds most of the foods manifestations of power struggles between prominent local families like feels McCoy's product of competition for for land, wealth and power. Just just countries, you know, say motivation for countries fighting when another, you know, a lot of those trickle down to these feuds just one family wanting, you know, more more power more land more wealth on I was trying to take it for another family finally view took place directly on a state line. The majority of the half as we said lived on the on the West Virginia side of the tug fork. And the majority of McCoy's of Kentucky side, and if you'll recall way back from way back in the bunny, and CLYDE suck. If you're an outlaw in the early twentieth century crossing state lines often gave you the chance to escape with authorities starting life. You felt a little bolder to go break some laws in a in a nearby states because you. Oh, back to go to different state and get away with it. This was even more true in the late nineteenth century, the federal government, not as strong as it is today, especially when it came to law enforcement, and you know, one state was usually extremely reluctant to push into another state to apres Hindu criminal. And if they did do that local government in that state could and would often push back against the other states officers, maybe not recognize them as being lost recognize him as trespassers. So, you know, in some ways different states where we're almost like different countries. It's another understand a little bit about the context. Take some broad strokes to the two biggest players by foreign today's tale of the patriarchs of the Hatfield and McCoy clients, maybe the most important character in the feud is Devlin's Hatfield have paid have man headed home full about no hall, folk don't take. No for no doll folk. Sorry, Lea leader of that Bill Clinton patriarch of one half of the information infamous feud born William Anderson, Hatfield an eighteen thirty nine Deva lands. Hatfield grew up in. What is now Logan county? West Virginia born raised the tug valley soured and West Virginia Wayne from his mama's sweet Tate's route there in Nevada. Yeah. Hatfields or some of the first settlers in the region and the river serves the boundary between Kentucky and Virginia. One of the eighteen children born to Ephraim and Nancy Hatfield Deva lands half filled and star if I keep repeating some of these details there's so many characters in today's tale. I kept just having to do like mental recaps to remind myself of what in the hell is happening. It was become more important as the story goes on. But. Yeah. Devils while one of eighteen kids born to Ephraim Nancy Hatfield known to be an excellent marksman and horse rider eighteen kits eighteen kits sweet Jesus. Poor poor mother. I'm surprised more women didn't kill her husband's back. Then you're gonna hear about a lot more women. Have a lot more kids. That's just ridiculous amount of pregnancy. I told him to not put a seed in me. No moss. I told him I said, Robert, Bob, McAllister, FitzGerald, you take that devil. Stiff, and you special baby post on that deal flow pregnant full teen, my twenty seven years on this. I'm John look like ole witch lost of fat with the bail. And he went to mount Manny house, and that's when I my husband dead. Said the young William hatfill was so strong and fears that he could take on the devil himself, which is supposedly where his devil nickname may have come from another room regarding his nickname is revolves around him fighting off a mountain lines of bare hands as youth tougher than devil. Eighteen sixty one devil Hatfield a married. A LeVine shaven daughter of neighboring farmer and right after marrying her off to civil war. He goes fighting on the side of the confederacy. He ended up a local confederacies confederacy supporting militia known as the Logan Wildcats with his uncle Jim Vance Jim known locally crazy Jim after the war ended Hatfield settled down with vic- turned to farming cutting timber buying real estate heaven bear cubs for pets seriously and pumping out thirteen kits that I asked I tell don't tell you spill your seat us out of me pregnant, again, you bastard, I have any more babies I'm just gonna let him fall out to push fall out of my poll woman, hold it won't. Close baby's going to fall out whilst I'm walking over to spit on your grave ambitious aggressive had field created one of the most successful timber businesses in the area vigorously defendant, eventually taken a man to court because he reportedly cut timber from Hatfield, Lance. This man was Perry Cline? He'll factor in today's tale had failed won his suit against Perry. Cline perry. Cline would later. Bring national attention to the feud Perry Cline, the relative by marriage, and friend, and then attorney to the McCoy's Randolph. Randall McCoy Devlin's future nemesis core victory. Devlin's had over Perry. Ended up giving the devil five thousand acres of Perry's land making him one of the biggest if not the biggest landowners in the valley. So that's Dev. Lance powerful landowner, especially for this for this area. Important patriarch of the Hatfield side of the food and toughest shit. You know, maybe maybe he did fight off mount line when he was a kid, maybe he didn't. But by the end of the story. He'll he'll seem like a man capable of doing that. So it's talking about his nemesis. Randall McCoy headed a dog vote. Oh, born Randolph McCoy eighteen twenty five. And by the way, getting confused. They were never referred to as doc vogue and hog folk. That's my little thing. I'm run with it the rest of the suck. But I want you to ever be talking to somebody and think. Yeah. Yeah. There was dog born Randolph coin eighteen twenty five in the tug Rivoli Randall later, sometimes known as old Randall born fourteen years prior to devil. He's one of thirteen kids because apparently back then you had to have at least thirteen kids. Thank you, scientists for birth control. Thank you for the sect Amies. Thank you for dismantling, my balls, preventing me from from place in the curse of having far too many kids upon myself. Mccoy grew up in poverty, his Father Daniel had little interest in work. So as mother Margaret had struggled to care for feed and clothe the family eighteen forty nine McCoy, married. His first cousin Sarah Sally McCoy, doc, folk Mirren dog folk on won't do know. How haven't hall folktales the bloodlines like, mama anto? Daddy, grandpa uncle don't poke you'll flesh inside. No one who went kin. Bending ding, dang mingling. Dane. Dilling dang bang building. Bang bang bang to be fair as we have learned before. Marrying? Cousins wasn't just some hillbilly thing. Royals often would cousins even Einstein Mary his first if you'll actually recall Einstein, Elsa, Einstein Albert's his second wife. Oh, it was our first cousin on his mother's side and second cousin on his father's side double cousins. So I guess what? I'm trying to say is random coy was probably genius Sally haired land from her father a few years after they married Luggy for Randall, and they settled on this three hundred acre spread in pike county Kentucky where they had seventeen kids together. Seven teen kits before eventually Sally wised up and put a mouse trap inside her vagina. Oh, damn you scheming woman. You broke my damn Pekka. You damn near snap it in to your mouse trap, which trickery. I'm honestly surprised at anal sex wasn't way more popular back then like like, maybe initially in your marriage as as lady a lady of the tug valley, you don't have any interest anal sex. But then I think like after the twelfth kid, I would think you'd consider it. I'm surprised more women were just like, okay. Okay. If you if you have to keep putting that somewhere, you put it back there, you put it you put my back Dover Jonah, you know, but but if nine minutes later, I'll give birth to some, but baby Damon, I will kill you random car. I meant to say nine minutes, I feel like the Jess station period for a demon. But baby would be shorter than for a human baby. Anyway, about bud babies war. It's never enough actually about bugbears. I could talk about all day long during the civil war, though, McCoy served as a soldier for the confederacy as well. He may have actually served in that same local malicious Deva lances later nemesis. While most of the McCoy's supported the confederacy Reynolds brother as. A Harmon McCoy fought for the union side. And this is important to note because his death would kind of be the start of the future would at least, you know, get brought up later as far as some bad blood as because as a returned home. He hit on a cave. He's ostracized from his community for support in the union. But he couldn't hide, you know, forever. Eighteen sixty five he was shot and killed by someone who objected to his union sympathies is what is believed. It's thought that either Deva Lance Hatfield or his fellow confederate leader. And crazy uncle crazy. Jim Vance murdered this McCoy for for being essentially a union sympathizer. And even though as Harmon had been ostracized from the McCoy family. You know, some sort inside just killing again was the start of the bad blood. Because even though they're not speaking to him. He is still family. Okay. So now a little bit about background rural area back with Justice as a norm clans or the norm poverty is ripe. Ignorance is rampant. Two large families. You know, they've been they've been kicking shit done kids in the tug revealing for generations one in the Kentucky side of the river. One in the West Virginia side, petty normal rivalries between the two probably have been going on for years, and then devil Anse, you know, Hatfield taking a McCoy relation to court for logging on his land, and he won. So it got some land from the McCoy's and roundabout way, then Hatfield relations rumored to have killed him. Aucoin eighteen sixty five for being a union sympathizer. Bad blood starting to develop thirteen years after the death of as Harmon McCoy the feud begins internist with of all things the theft of a hog. 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In autumn of eighteen seventy eight Ronald McCoy leader of the McCoy's visiting Floyd Hatfield cousin Debbie lands at his farm, and they're Randall claimed he saw hog bearing the earmark of McCoy penned up with the Hatfield animals who I see what you doing Randall, notoriously hot tempered, immediately cues Floyd Hatfield of cedar one of his animals files, a formal suit for the hogs recovery. With Reverend Anderson Hatfield, the local Justice of the peace enemy who happens to be devil answers. First cousin. The matter goes to trial in an attempt to keep the verdict. Fair. Anderson had fields jury made up a six hatfields and six McCoy's. Then Bill Stanton nephew of Randall McCoy brother of Sarah Stanton, who was the wife of Ellison Hatfield, sister-in-law Deva. Lance testified that the hogging question did indeed bear Hatfield, Mark. And he said he'd per- personally personally witnessed Floyd Hatfield applying that Mark and damn conflicting family loyalties old at he didn't know which way he didn't know which way to. To to which side to be on this dock vote is supposed to marry how folk now you've got some men connected. Both families bound to piss off kin one side another his full mouth. Surprise verdict. The jury found fully healed innocent of any wrongdoing because Selkirk McCoy cousin Randall apparently gave the swing vote for innocence. Who you don't did? Now, you would trade you'll bloodline. The McCoy's were outraged the verdict subsequently ostracized Selkirk from the family. He's out now is a traitor for supporting the hatfields in this decision. And then he would just be aligned with the Hatfield clan in the future. I mean, these people were serious about man, like so clannish, you know, you fight on which side of the civil war that our families decided to fight you testify only on our behalf. Always you don't you'll find out later. You know, in the story date anybody from that aside, you do any of those things you're fucking out for life. You're out of that is still hardcore. I'll never understand like that. Like people don't like in the world. But if Roe got involved with them, I wouldn't be like you make decision now. You'll with the comments clay, and you told me for Allah people do that all the time back then. Okay. So selkirk. Yeah. He broke one of the first rule speed in clan. Testified testified against kind. In the months following the hog trail hawks witness Bill Stanton. Now he's harassed and threatened by the mccoys for testifying on behalf of Floyd. Remember, he's you know, vaguely related to the McCoy's. But there like man you testified against us. You couldn't keep your mouth shuts. Now, there's like crazy confrontations between him and various McCoy's it included gunfire. You know, he's once once in a while just riding around through the valley getting fucking shot at because you opened his mouth about a hog. But no serious harm was done. Initially. Just just gotta boy as being valuable us just showed one another. That's how settled disagreements until eventually a chance encounter between Bill Stanton. Salmon, Paris McCoy brothers of old Randall McCoy leads to a shootout ending in the serious wounding of Peres McCoy and in the murder of Bill stance. Now, he gets killed for open his mouth about the hulk you try to testify now you try to testify cast Kim from hail you feel stooge. Sam Koi stands trial for Stanton's murder and other the evidence and judicial system seem very stacked against him. It seems very obviously he did this. And also, you know, Deva lands owned brother Valentine Hatfield. Now, the judge this trouser cousin preside first cousin preside in the last trial over last row. Now, he's now his brother is presiding judge in this trial, but still Sam found not guilty by reason of self defense and some story and things decision was handed down per the explicit instructions of Deva lands to defuse tension between the two families to prevent further. Violence. You know, it's like, yes. Yes. You know? He okay. One of our conned was killed but Conde provoke him. Let's stop it. Now, let's get back to making a timber money. Wellspring eighteen eighty some forbidden hog folk dog folk romance is the feud going again ED's ED's actually a whole heap. Afa to the whole whole he fuel to the fire pike county Helder local elections at the home of Jerry Hatfield. That's bring not not sure how Jerry is related devil ends. There was fucking billion Hatfield mccoys in this tale. And you know, the the articles about all these different situations. Don't always talk about how like some random person was to the next. They had the same last name guessing his cousin of some sort. So yeah. So the host the election to the home of Jerry, Hatfield him hosting election. Shindig seems to be his only contribution to the legends fuse natives and come up again, and it was common for for the home of a wealthy person to be used as a local polling place. Elections were big social events more social than they were political as this time in this area. Women make all kinds of food and refreshments candidates would supply ample amounts of whiskey both of legal whiskey end of the moonshine variety. Both the hatfields and the mccoys were fond of making moonshine John's e Hatfield one Devlin's. The son was big moonshine maker NIA. People would come out early the men would votes and then on the fan would spend an entire day socializing with your peers on this election day, the West Virginia hatfields also come over to pike county. Kentucky can visit France drinks. Chad devil Anse himself shows up with his sons, John z and cap, and it was during the course today, the John's e an Tores local, ladies man meets rose, Anna McCoy daughter of ole random coin considered to be one of the most beautiful girls in the county. Oh shit. Got got a classic backwards Romeo and Juliet situation kicking off. Now stock crossed is John's Montague pursue an Rosanna Capulet didn't end well for Romeo, and Juliet and their families, and you can imagine will not end well here done clear, exactly what transpired between them. But after spend the day together, they disappear for the party for a good amount of time. Only returning at dusk. Some guessing they did strongly guessing they did hailers fana- say Vegas. Odds says that Hatfield penis shit car. I know Hanes with the mcco of Jonah that day. Doubt. They took off into the woods, you know, to get away from the wedding party for hours to play a secret game of chess or to do some some catfish fishing Rosanna was anxious at the face in her dad after disappeared with the Hatfield boy for hours, especially. Yeah. She's she's own wit virgin. And she may she may have tainted tainted his with Hatfield boy. So instead of return to her family home. She goes back to the hatfields goes back to West Virginia spends night there and then Jonty expresses his desire to marry Rosanna. Endeavour lands forbids it he's not having it. He's furious. And then we're gets back to rent a McCoy. He's furious as well as half the boss told him his family's Ana Randolph. Ran Lieven sent the three was other daughters to retrieve Rosanna initially. But then she defied her family's wishes remained with the hassles for several months seems she only left when it became clear that Johnny had no real intention of marrying her because his family forbid is what most stories think other historians attributed to Johnny being in the Tories playboy despite the strong objection. Both families John's e continues to court Rosanna at the house of her aunt, Betty Blankenship, mcquaid Kentucky after she returns to Kentucky, you know, and raising the McCoy's further. Also, it's possible there. There's no official documentation of this. But some historians think that Rosanna became pregnant with John's baby. A rental three of his sons, they ambush Johnny and Rosanna one night during one of their little lovers. Get togethers going to teach John z lesson Rosanna fearing that her dad is going to kill Jonny borrows, a horse from a neighbor rides to West Virginia to tell the hatfields. What's going on doesn't want her her dad to kill the man? She loves Dev lands. His son cap is brothers Ellison and Elias along with Jim Vance crazy, Jim and family, friends, Tom Chambers and Moses Christian right off to reclaim John's e and they overtake them 'cause rescue Johnny without any violence at this time. This does Mark the end of the relationship between John and Rosanna and also marks the end of Roseanne is relationship with her father Randall who now completely disowns her. Oh, E Jones aware fall out. Del John's e did not follow in refuse on name. If that will not be but swollen my love. And I'll Longo be a dog folk Makola, shall I hear more she'll speak at this. Tis. But that name that is my enemy, thou all self thou. Not to hulk folk Hatfield stock. Cross loves bang bang. Bang bang, bang, bang, middling wing, dangling thing. Despite trouble. Jonty not quite done chasing McCoy women. Don't Rosanna, but he's gonna go after another McCoy. Now this dude he ends up having a quick courtship. And then marrying Nancy McCoy who is rose and his cousin daughter of the previously murdered as a Harmon McCoy that guy that union sympathizer. And they get married on may fourteenth eighteen eighty one and so many so many constant interconnections here, and I'm gonna repeat family like how the related because if not this story gets real fucking confusing real fast Harmon again the union soldier disowned by the McCoy family. Rumored to have been killed by Jim Vance rumor driven Kilmore, the devil and himself. And now that guy's daughter is marrying, the devil is son. Now, if if you wonder why John Zee would be so foolish to be fair to him. There was not a tremendous amount of single women in the area even less that weren't closely related to him. Well, cousin love and clearly forbidden also not necessarily first choice. So so maybe he kept chasing McCoy women because there just weren't that many other options or going back to education levels in area. Maybe he really was just fucking dumb. Despite all this romantic drama things settle down following Jones wedding for little over a year. Nancy's brother Jeff is frequently crossing into us Virginia now to visit his sister and her Hatfield family for a while without issue, the hatfields spending these amount of time impound pike county with no trouble. No, big trouble. And then the relative peace will end on another election day, August, seventh eighteen eighty two this election also held at the home of a Jerry Hatfield. So I guess he I guess he reappears in the story is. His house is used to get the West Virginia hatfields again cross the river to visit their family and enjoy the festivities among the West Virginia contingent. This time is Devlin's his brother, Ellison and Elias and their cousin another Elias, bad Hatfield, bad lies, endeavour, Lance. You don't get nicknames like that for being the friendliest? Most hospitable fellas in the region owner, how many other like, you know, bad Hatfield nicknames have been lost to history. I wish I had a whole list of all of them. I'm David Ames and is my cousin bad last and this mild. This is my other Candice. My uncle crazy GM this. This is my brother here, this is evil. Ellison. This my nephew here. This is strangling Sam I'd also like to introduce you to my second. Cousin? Terrible. Timid my second cousin once remove this is rape. And Ricky don't stand too close to him. This is my brother throat punching Paul keep you on him as well. He's troublesome. He's is my third cousin twice removed. Scoop with the rush to spoon eat it in front of you pop Lago. Rob grape in between his taste Terrence. And he insists I will account emphasize enough. He insists on being addressed by his full nickname. You will say it in its entirety. Oh, he will display to you. Exactly. How he got that nickname? Yeah. Anyway, as the nickname suggests bad less had a reputation for his hot temper, bad disposition after long day, drinking this election party. One one old rannells many sons Tolbert McCoy accuses bad lies of own him and outstanding debt for a fiddle. Of course, as fiddle only thing, it would be a banjo this story, which bad lies vehemently denies argument breaks out quickly settled by bad. Lies is more even tempered brother deacon Anderson Hatfield that judge despite efforts to keep the peace arguments continue throughout the day until a passing comment from Ellison to Tolbert sparks another fight right now, we got Hatfield McCoy fight happened. A little fistfight starts off as a fistfight. And then Tolbert takes out a knife attacks within slashes with his stomach. These people are fucking animals knife to the stomach over a possible fiddle debt as about the most backwards type, squalor I've ever heard of damn you saving Hoffa. I done told you I get my fiddle Nichols. Wrapping up your Dame hall goods. I will spill you'll feel goods all over this. If you don't give them fatal Nichols. Elson fights back to of Tolbert's brothers. Join in now three on one. Ellison's being attacked by three McCoy's. I'm sure everyone just sitting around laughing watching this drink moonshine. Ellison grabs a rock to defend himself and ends up getting stabbed twenty six times twenty six times. And then it's finished off when Fara McCoy shoots him in the back farmer. Another son of old Randall so should ask relates big time. Now, allies bad lies Hatfield, grabs a gun tries to return fire shoots at McCoy, brother. But they take off into the woods. Can't can't get a shot off. Can't get an effective shot off. Then they get captured. Shortly thereafter, by two justices of the peace. Joseph and Tolbert Hatfield and constable Matthew Hatfield, so many fucking feels feels like there was about a thousand hatfields the tug valley the bullet wounds. Ellison gravely does not does not kill him right away. And he's taken to a friend's home. The western half fields notified of this. Alz Valentine wall. Hatfield Ellison's, brother. Assembles a posse to head to Kentucky the next day. Find those dog folk McCoy's exact some righteous vengeance upon them the following day. And August eighth the Hatfield pasta on the way to receives words McCoy brothers have been arrested by local authorities. So just confusing to me. Yeah. So I guess he's just as the piece where where related to them man, and I have gone over this so many times to try and separate the families. There's anyway, I guess what's important in this segment of the tail is whether or not these these these local law officers were hatfields or not local officers get him. But then some some hatfields possibly some other hatfields think like no we don't want this to go to the court. They form a posse. They get these three McCoy San's in some vigilante kind of take down. Right. And then they take them back to one of their homes. So they take take us the of them. They have them in West Virginia. They put him in an abandoned log schoolhouse. They're real under under armed guard and that night, Randall's wife, the boy's mother Serra McCoy her daughter-in-law Mary butcher arrive. Beg to see their kin Deva Lance relents the women get to spend. A fair amount of time with them co-boys, supposedly Sarah pleads with devil Anse not to kill her sons, he promises her he will return them to Kentucky soil alive, but then the following day, August, ninth devil and his brother. Ellison dies endeavor, Lance enraged, he's grieving he decides he is not going to return service boys to her not after killing his brother. She returns again to see her son. She is denied, and then the McCoy prisoners are bound and March to the tug fork where they crossed the river there returned to Kentucky soil where the hatfields some had time to some bushes. Cross the creek DO back to the West Virginia side, and then from across the creek opened fire on the bound prisoners fire. Well over fifty shots there. They're, you know, very dead. The bodies of Tolbert farmer and bud McCoy then discovered on the riverbank next day by relative. Yeah. If any of these points, I have to do a little bit wait what? There's there's a a lot of a lot of tales out there about these guys. And it's a very fusing tail even when you do it down to the truth. And yeah, takes a lot of like, wait what have to be very clear. What what am I saying now? So if you're keeping track let's do a recap because this shit is getting confusing. If you're keeping track of significant hostilities, let's go over the important points before we move forward in this tale as a in McCoy thought to have been killed by some hatfields likely by either Deva, Lance or crazy Jim Vance in eighteen sixty five and as a Harmon McCoy is Renell McCoy old Randall head of the McCoy clan. It's his brother the brother that was ostracized by the family for being a unit soldier. That's eighteen sixty five eighteen seventy eight Randall McCoy accuses Floyd Hatfield cousin of devil Anse of stealing one of his hogs Floyd found innocent. But the trial may not have been that fair. Shootout over the hog dispute. A few months later leads to Paris McCoy. Son of renovating wounded and Bill Stanton, relative of both the hatfields and the mccoys, but a man closer in community ties to that feels getting killed himself in eighteen eighty John's e Hatfield one of Devon's is sons hooks up in the woods with rose Anna McCoy one of Randall's daughters. Ran will end up his own in her over the romance eighteen eighty one Johnny Hatfield courts in Mary's rose. And as cousin Nancy McCoy daughter of the just previously mentioned as Harmon McCoy eighteen eighty two three McCoy, stab and shoot devil ends as brother. Ellison Hatfield posse forms leading to the to three of Randall's nine Suns Tolbert farmer bud McCoy getting executed in a display of Hatfield vigilante Justice. So so far it seems that random McCoy's getting the shittiest end of the feud stick by far his brother as Harmon. Likely killed by Hatfield possibly by Deva. Lance other brother Paris wounded in a gunfight. His daughter has. Okay. Yeah. My god. I have to count to keep this my head. Yes. Another Paris McCoy. Yes. Wounded minute gunfight his daughter her reputation soiled by an unmarried carnal union with the son of Deva lands. His nephew Bill Stanton killed in a shootout with hatfields three of his sons killed by vigilante posse led by devil. Lance, brother. Nephew three sons killed a daughter and niece seduced by Hatfield five dead. One wounded to virginity taken. Meanwhile, Deva Lance has lost one brother and his clan has been accused of stealing a hawk so very lopsided. Hong folk hatfields way up dog folk McCoy's through the summer of eighteen eighty two. Okay. August tenth age eighty two both Ellison Hatfield and his now dead McCoy, brother. Murderers are buried shortly thereafter, judge, George Brown of pike county Kentucky convened a grand jury to determine the identities of the killers of McCoy. Brothers as for ten days of deliberation. The jury with neither Hatfield Norma Koi on it. Returns indictments against twenty men, including Deva, Lance, his brothers wall and Elias his sons cap and Johnny a number of other well now Hatfield supporters and that and that those three murders just would keep coming up like the the legal repercussions. Keep this going for a long time because you know, they're just continually not brought to Justice despite the indictments no arrests were made in the murder of the McCoy sons in the four years afterwards. Mateen eighty to eighty six and that goes back to what we said earlier about you know, states being very reluctant to to pursue supposed- fugitives of Justice and other states, the Hatfield mccoys would occasionally take a little potshots at one another during this time. So the food still on they shoot each other from time to time. But no one's killed members of both families do continue to cross back and forth over the state line between Kentucky and West Virginia. Deva lands involvement with the feud less. Since his son capstein kind of takes the reins as the leader of the Hatfield clan. At least in terms of their conflict with McCoy's all random Koi, still bent on vengeance in the death of his sons, he hires an attorney he's related to by marriage. That man Perry Cline that guy that, you know, got acres from way back when rep and he and he hires Perry to represent the McCoy family and their quest for Justice Perry. Cline brother-in-law of the murdered Harmon McCoy Reynolds brother in equally has a personal vendetta as well against the hatfields at some point during the time period things start to go wrong in the marriage of Nancy McCoy in John's e Hatfield apparently Nancy was a notorious gossip who found the details of the feud fascinating. Yeah. Why of course, she did. She and her Sister, Mary Daniels frequently discussed the details the feud this convinced the head feels that she was a spy or the I guess both of them were spy her sister. And that they're informing. Hatfield secrets to the McCoy's not trust into women's husbands to punish them accordingly for this. This is insane cap Hatfield again when a devil and sons and Tom Wallace, a hassle support burst into Mary's home one night, hold her husband gun point. And then lash I Mary than her daughter with a cow's tail just whip 'em like a couple of mules again is people fucking savage cap. And Tom Wallace warned the women to stay at home mind their own business going forward. Neither do the story of the assault rapidly circulates throughout community. Sometime in the fall of eighteen eighty six Nancy Mary's brother, Jeff McCoy stabs, and then shoots pike county mail carrier named Fred Wolford, Jeff is Johnny hatfields. Wife's brother son of as a Harmon McCoy. Jeff flees Kentucky to Nancy Thome investor Geneva hide out from the law, and there he learns about Mary and her daughter getting whipped by cap Hatfield. Tom Wallace, Jeff is outraged. Huff Oto whip no dog folk he decided to punish Hatfield associate Tom Wallis. Maybe a little bit hesitant to to go after cap Hatfield directly will Jeff along with an accomplice named Josiah Hurley, they wait until cap is out at his house, then kidnapped Tom Wallace take him to jail in pie feel Kentucky. However, Tom Wallace manages to escape and return to caps house. Jeff chose area catch up to him. But after a short confrontation, they give up and then when cap learns about the assault on his home and Wallace being taken. He files a complaint with local Justice of the peace his relation. Who issues warrants for the arrest at points Kappa special constable, how convenient he gets become officer. You know, so that he can serve the warrants himself. So now he gets to go after McCoy somewhat legally quasi illegally. And he does arrest Jeff McCoy Josie Hurley, but then Jeff escapes, quote unquote, during transport to county jail dives into the tug fork tries to swim back to Kentucky. He does make the riverbank or then captures shoots in from across the river, and he dies. So another McCoy a nephew of all rantel has been shot and killed by a Hatfield hog folk still still way up in this food. All right in the wake of yet. Another killing Deva Lance tries to soothe the the bad blood between the two families on December twenty six eighteen eighty six day of Christmas, Devlin's writes, a letter to McCoy attorney Perry Cline, assuring him to the hatfields. We're very sorry for all the trouble. He would have prevented the violence if he could have and not surprisingly the feud continues. I feel like we've gone way past the point of an apology letter to clean everything up right now. Right. Just dearest random coop opera. Few Slee apologize for the death of another one of you'll feel the dog full kin on know that the past few years have been hard on you with us hatfields continually whooping Apollon you McCaw so so severely in so consistently sometimes I'll lopsided feud. Looks like a big strong man fatten Atanas sickly baby must be hard to think about how how it'll took three. You'll boys to bring my brother down. And then you'll boys will within killed, you know, soon full that. He'll yo Dada Roseanne is still unwitted that's a pity. She was so beautiful. And now now it be hard to find the man willing to make meal out of my son Johnny's leftovers any who saw from clan killing another one of your kin, a deepest, condolences devil. Hatfield PS. We did steal. You'll mother fucking hole in not did kill you'll brother as Haman had feels forever. Probably probably a little bit nicer than that one. But it, but it still doesn't end the feud in the spring of eighteen eighty seven Jacob and Larkin McCoy sons of as Harmon nephews of all rantel brothers to Mansi marriage. Jeff God, dang, man. I feel like I need to have one of those detective things like like in their in their war room where they have like all the different people on the wall. And then just lots of fucking string connecting everybody. Spring eights ninety seven Jacob look at McCoy sons of as a Harmon nephews of rental Brotherston, Nancy Marion Jeff cross the river into West Virginia to capture cap Hatfield and Tom Wallis for the murder of their brother. Jeff, the only managed apprehend. Tom Wallace take him to pike county jail after a week of incarceration, he escapes. Of course, people escaped all the time from Joe back. Then we've talked about a lot here in the second. And then a short time later, maybe his escape was convenient to maybe they wanted to let him out to get a vigilante Justice because a short time later, he's found dead in West Virginia. Identity is killer killers does remain unknown. But his death all like all likelihood caused by Jacob Larkin McCoy, either directly or indirectly so small possible victory. Probable victory for the McCoy dock. They didn't kill a Hatfield, but they did kill Hatfield associate in the summer of eighteen eighty seven Simon Bolivar Buckner run on the democratic ticket for governor of Kentucky McCoy family. Attorney Perry Cline reaches out to Buckner. Promises to lend him the political sport of the McCoy clan. Not insubstantial number of people in exchange for his intervention in the various cases and indictments pending against the Hatfield. So he's trying to he's still pissed about that five thousand acres, and he's trying to basically bribe the governor to we'll help you become governor Kentucky. And then you help us squash. These fucking hatfields and Buckner is receptive. The idea and then elected governor of Kentucky in August. Eighteen eighty seven. This is a win for the McCoy's the hatfields understandably concerned about this arrangement. They organized local vigilante group called the Logan county regulators to defend themselves from Kentucky aggression, the regulars right letter to Perry Klein on August twenty ninth eighty seven addressing their concerns about the state of Kentucky's possible interference in the Hatfield cases. This is a real letter this time, not my horse shit, and it does really speak to the power and just the arrogance of the hatfields and the valley, just they're bad. I guess at this time. The name starts off. The letter starts off my name is net. Hatfield, and this is another hatfill were I am unclear. Exactly how he's related to devil. Anse? Not a lot of info on him and nothing no infiltrate find the pertains to his direct relation. Probably another cousin. Get a net rights. I'm not a single individual by good many. And we do not live on toe grid. But we live all over this county. We have been told by men from you'll county that you and you'll men fix into invade this county for the purpose of taking the Hatfield, boys. And now, sir we forty nine in number at present do notify you that if you come into this county to take all bothe- any of the hatfields we will follow you to hill. Otake you'll hard, and if any of the hatfields Kyoto bothered in any way, we will charge it up to you. And you'll hod will pay the penalty we are not bothering you need all the hatfields. And as long as you keep your hands off Logan county men, we will not do anything. But if you don't keep your hands off all men there. There is not one of you will be lift in six months. There is present at this time forty nine of the men who regulated matters at this place is short time ago, and we can get as many as we need in six Alice. We have a habit of making one host loyals keep their boots on. And we have plenty of good strong rope left and all hangman tattoo, not full you. And laid it quietly away until we see what you do. We have no particular pleasure in hanging dolls. But we know you have counted the miles and mocked the tree at dog reference. Israel, by the way, dog woke I made that part up, but they were calling dogs, man. That is a very very threatening letter. Yeah. If you missed out any part of that he is in no uncertain terms. Letting the McCoy family turning fuck with us in any way, we will hang you till you are fucking dead, and we will wipe out the McCoy clan. Perry Cline Wisey does not take this letter to these orgies until the autumn of eighteen eighty seven had McCoy feud, essentially as limited to the families little intervention with authorities and either piker Logan counties. Not a lot of big advance transpiring. But then with the election of governor Buckner the few becomes embroiled in state, politics and this push the feud into its most violent period governor Buckner keeps his promise to Perry. Cline intervene in the case against the hatchets. Despite the letter the governor's. Still try to pursue some kind of Justice against the hatfields September tenth eighteen eighty seven. He makes a formal requisition to West Virginia. Governor Emmanuel Wilson, Willis Wilson. That's unfortunate. Name governor Emanuel Willis Wilson. Oh, what is Wilson? Oh wheel of the extradition of devil and nineteen others to Kentucky to answer charges of Randall Randolph. Three sons being killed way back in eighteen eighty two there, you know, these these still insistent on Justice for that on September thirtieth. Governor Wilson denies the request on the basis of missing affidavit from pike county authorities on on October thirteenth governor Buckner then sends the David west Virginia's governor Wilson is not a stupid, man. He takes his time responding to Kentucky on November twenty first. He finally does right back to to the Kentucky governor stating that he will. He will or the requisition for all the parties named except for lies Hatfield, Andrew Varney. He said neither had satisfactory satisfactorily demonstrate. That they were involved in the murders. Perry cline. Then does despite that letter that he got an earlier does have been bench warrants issued. Then on December twelve I arrest is made so Kirk McCoy that deciding juror back in that hog case is arrested is jailed the next day Klein sends an amended requisition to governor Wilson request only warrants for Deva lands. Johnny cap Daniel Whitten album McCoy. Son of soak so McCoy who's on the Hatfield side, Perry Cline urges governor Buckner to induce. The state of Kentucky to offer large monetary reward for the capture in the arrest of the West Virginia hatfields, and then Perry climates amazing. He didn't die in this tale Perry. Cline extorts money two hundred twenty five bucks. From some of the hatfields promising to use that money to bribe the Kentucky governor Buckner to withdraw. You know, the the warrants and multiple witnesses confirm this arrangement, including attorneys AJ Ocsar, James your could both in present at a meeting between Johnny and and Perry Cline, December eighteen eighty seven. When the deal was made despite learning of Klein's double-dealing Kentucky governor Buckner determined to end the feud December eighteen eighty seven he addresses, the state legislature in Kentucky condemning the feuds condemning the feud assists and the violence. He says the law abiding character of the people of Kentucky estimated by others in a great measure, not from the general disposition of its citizens to obey the law. Ause, but from the violent conduct of comparatively a few lawler's individuals if from neglect or inefficiency, we failed to repress this lawlessness bring the offenders to Justice, we have no right to complain to the false estimation in which we held by people of other states. So you know, what he's saying here is, you know, I'm sick of Kentucky being looked at a bunch of fucking backwoods hillbillies as an entire states because the actions of this one family feud with other family and then in private he probably said Daniel's inferno hillbillies. I wish the grid. Value would spend wide open enough to unlatch a polar to hail safe and pull both how folk and dog folk into its tuna flames. The Hatfield see governor Bucknor's headlines hardline stance me on the feud as both a personal threat. Also as an insult, I guess they also see evidence that the McCoy's are using political actions in the state to pursue them justly despite their warnings. And then later the hatfields hold a council. And decide the only way to end their persecution was to eliminate the head of the snake. Eliminate random coy and all the members of his family who might testify against them. If they were brought to trial and pike, and they were kidding about. That letter earlier Perry fails to take it seriously Perry Cline, the McCoy's failed seriously. And they're like, all right. You guys aren't gonna leave us alone. We're gonna fuck come after you now like really come after you all of the men, including Jim Vance cap, Johnny tomb chambers. All everybody agrees to the plan to go after the McCoy, except possibly Deva Lancy may or may not have. Agreed. He was he was sick. At the time uses bad hells as an excuse not to take part in their plan and leadership falls to Jim Vance many things that didn't want what's about to happen to happen. At least not in the way, it's going to. So it's so it's own its own now. So now in the most cold blooded event of the feud so far Jim Vance along with cap. Johnny bobbly Elliott Hatfield son of Ellison tomb chambers. Ellison mounts who is the the bastard son of Deva Lance's brother who was stabbed and shot earlier in the story. Charles, Gillespie, French dock Ellis. They launch a midnight attack on the McCoy household New Year's day eighteen eighty eight so have a New Year's McCullough the hatfields just own been surrounded. You'll for years just hold onto a ship Natal Yukon, the Voltaire ex you caught in a Brown off the half Fieldstone under the cover of darkness, the hatfill surround the house demand the McCoy meant surrender ole Randall in his son Calvin refused. They take up defensive positions inside the house against orders to hold fire. Johnny start shoot into the house in the ensuing. Gunbattle crazy, Jim Vance, Tom Chambers. Set fire to the house of one Randall McCoy's young daughters, Allah fair shot. As she opened the kitchen door to try to get out of a burning house, by the way, if you have seen the history channel hatha McCoy mini series drama, which is excellent is historically accurate for the most part. She was not a young child as she was portrayed in that in that docu series. She sears. She was she's twenty nine possibly even thirty have sources say one have said the other. So she gets shot coming out of the burn house. And then her mother Sarah McCoy goes to try to aid her dying daughter. And then Jim Vance strikes her repeatedly with the butt of his rifle despite her injuries. She continues to try to help Allah fair and then Jonty. The dude who wanted to be her son-in-law while back in this tale pistol whips the fucking shit out of her to a point. She will never mentally recover, man. Johnny pistol whipping the mother of the woman he dated for months supposedly wanted to pistol up in the aunt of his current wife. The fire spreads Calvin McCoy tries to make a run for the some corn. He gets shot. Wanna rental sons? Oh, Randall he's able to escape into the woods at this point, the Hatfield party realizes not only had they failed at their plan to to kill Randall. They'd made their situation far worse it escalated in shit that they probably in a way, they probably not imagine both Calvin Allah, fair dead. So two more two more Randall McCoy's kids five of its kids. Now have been killed this feud Sarah, his wife gravely wounded with the broken arm, broken hip and crushed skull. Yeah. And she would be brain damaged for the rest of her life. Most of the property was also destroyed forcing Randall to move in with his remaining family in the pike Ville, home of Perry Cline there. The formerly disowned daughter Rosanna goes over and takes care of her beaten mother. God man, Randall is getting the worst of this view. Holy shit. Hatfields of now. Killed four of sons one of his daughters. Kill the pair of his nephews beat his wife almost death burned. His fucking house down killed his brother years back. Meanwhile, the only blood kin devil Anse has lost his brother Ellison this few to this point, you know, the midnight attack on the McCoy farm. This is this is the event of first drew national attention to the feud newspapers all over the region running sensationalized headlines about the event feud in general, January eighteen eighty eight Frank Phillips pike county sheriff's deputy official agent of governor Buckner in the Hatfield matter. Ally of the McCoy's assembles a party of twenty seven men to go into West Virginia. And and chase down the hatfields taking the hatfields by surprise Phillips and his posse do capture cap, and they actually kill Jim Vance shooting him in the stomach and then the head so now devil answers lost a second blood kin doubtful. We payback on them. Half oak. Now, kill Dylan's, bro. The AIn he's throughout the first part of January Philipson his men would occasionally cross into West Virginia for more short rates hoping to repeat this excess and taking cap and killing Jim Vance. But then on January nineteenth Philipson his men find themselves at a much bigger conflict, and they expect it in. What would become known as the battle on grapevine creek Phillips eight. Eighteen of his men many of them. Mccoy's find themselves in a fucking battle almost like a military battle with thirteen. Hatfield men who themselves carried a warrant for the arrest for the murders of Jim Vance. So see like this keeps happening. You know? West Virginia's like all right. All right. We didn't like they killed people in our land that we didn't. Okay. You know? So we don't recognize him as laments. And now, you guys it'd be law in so each side has warrants for the other side each side will you know, think that they had the law on their side when they're fighting. This is just crazy during the battler several deaths on each side, none of them directly related to either Deva lands Hatfield random Koi Phillips did capture. A number Hatfield partisans though in the battle, including wall Hatfield, Tom Chambers. Allies Mitchell, Andrew Varney LS McCoy son of Selkirk, Moses, Christian Sam, Mayon, doc, mayhem and pliant. Mayhem in the aftermath of the battle of grapevine creek. West Virginia offers rewards for the capture of Phillips and twenty one members of his posse. You know, the states considering them to be acting legally in Logan county. So this. It's really gotten big now man, this is this is invive in bringing in law men from each side, you know, is causing a battle. You know, you got West Virginia offering rewards for Kentucky law makers. You know, you got, you know, Kentucky offering awards for what are century? Now. A West Virginia law. I would be a back and forth back and forth. Man. I get I get why the stories captured so many people's imagination for so long. I think most of us have had a dispute with a neighbor or very least had a neighbor we really don't care for. But now imagine to kind of under personalizes a little bit. Imagine you have a huge family. You're super close with and that your entire family hates a neighbor and their family, and then basically your family declares war on this neighboring family. And now magin there say like a city county or state line, dividing your properties, and that local law enforcement actually porch. You waging war on your neighbor? And then that local areas law enforcement's support that neighbor war what you back on you got. I mean, I think about this neighbor, Chuck I had that I'd screaming watch a screaming match with before he moved out. Like what if just may instead of yelling him? I just fuck and shot at him. And then didn't get in trouble at least not right away. You know, even though everybody knows about it. And then he shoots back of me. And then I have my dad and some and some cousins come over and just raise fucking house. Have a shootout says house on fire kill couple of relation beat his wife have to death. This really happened with these people they essentially wage war and fellow citizens in the battle rages wherever decade the battle of grapevine creek finally ended the marriage of Johnny hatfill, Nancy McCoy can't believe last as long. Vanc- then returns returned home to her family in Kentucky next and actually marries pike county sheriff's deputy Frank Phillips the man who've been pursuing all the hatfields in West Virginia. This is such a fucking soap opera Mary's the man hunting, her husband and husband's family Mary's the man who sought Justice for the hatfields who'd kill numerous members of her family. How crazy is this shit? Mary's a man whose father and or great uncle or yes, she had married. Skews me the man whose father and or great uncle were rumored to have killed her dad's. She had married the man previously. Johnny who participated in the execution of several of her first cousins remained married to him. You know, when when his family killed her brother remained married to him when he pissed whipped her aunt's participated in in this shootout killed a few more of a first cousins. I can only imagine marital arguments. They had I can't I can't take you continually moping about two cabin Nance. You can't keep dwelling on the path. So let's have a picnic. Enjoy a Sunday down by the river. And well, we talk about John's. Well, we talk about which in my kin you'll crazy ass, dad. Plan. Don't kill a mix. We talk about what my aunt did to deserve your pistol whipping, maybe we could discuss what felt like to burn down my family's home. A what my brother said before you'll kin killed him who killed my daddy. You'll father or you'll ankle all all right? That's enough. I hear you you make a lot of good points. May we shouldn't talk about another. Maybe she just qualification something along those lines. Yeah. How fuck do. They ever get married and stay married around this time Johnny's former lover Roseanna McCoy, she dies of some unknown illness, probably a broken soul oul random Aucoin his wife Sarah lose yet another child. He's people are cursed. Newspapers around the region published accounts of this new battle draw more attention to the feud. The wheeling Intelligencer, declares if if one half of the stories of brutality and motor are true. The case would seem to want the authorities of both states in taking hold in ending the trouble, even if it is necessary to call the state troops into action. So a lot of people getting very sick of this late January pike county judge to buy swagger county attorney Lee Ferguson, personally, visit Kentucky governor Buckner to request. That state troops are indeed deployed to protect by county. But Buckner refuses to do so suggesting instead that local citizen reassemble a militia deal situation. Yeah. Because that's been working out real well, the same time West Virginia delegation from Logan county, but Titians West Virginia governor Wilson. To either provide troops for the county's defense provide them with arms to defend themselves. Both Logan pike county. Officials believed that the situation the tug valley has now gone beyond a mere family blood feud and requires greater intervention on the part of the state and the neither state is willing to provide that the events of January eight aggravates relationship between the governors of West Virginia and Kentucky. Especially in the wake of grapevine creek. A governor Wilson, you know, he resists complying with Kentucky's request for extradition of the hatfields. Instead, he suggested Bo states, send independent agents into Logan pike counties to try to get to the truth of the matter then worked together to suppress violence in the tug valley while this joint investigation is a good idea in theory. It does nothing to resolve the conflict. Bows, investors, come to the same conclusion that the recent spate of violence all the violence that occurs. Mostly as direct result of those indictments against the hatfields for the McCoy sons murder eighteen eighty two five years after the fact the subsequent killing student subsequent kidnapping men, West Virginia by Phillips in his posse. Have incited the violence have continued the violence the results of the join investigation marked the end of cooperation between West Virginia Kentucky and opens a new chapter in the feud one what will take one that will take place primarily in the courts rather than an entire valley. And all although most of the violence is over regarding. By the end of January eighteen eighty eight the legal maneuvering legal dramas just begin and we're gonna get into legal drama right afterward. From today's final sponsor times. Today is brought to you by chicken. 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First Wilson's agent to governor Buckner demanding that the release demanding excuse me, the release of nine prisoner hatfields asserting their arrests at the hands of Phillips acting as the state agent had been legal Buckner refuses to requests. So then Wilson files a writs of habeas corpus on behalf of the Hatfield prisoners on February nineteen eighty eight. The cases presented the US court. Louisville Kentucky the main argument west Virginia's case was Phillips and his crew actions agents of the state of Kentucky had acted illegally when they went into West Virginia to arrest. The hatfields. And this Philipson men were acting as agents on behalf of the state of Kentucky. And because the constitution protects all its citizens against unlawful seizure. The case had become a federal issue used as Gibson lawyer who represented West Virginia in the hatfields in these proceedings also challenges the legitimacy of the warrant since the state of Kentucky had waited five years to pursue the hatfields and only did. So after McCoy attorney Perry Cline, essentially bribed the governor to get involved. The state of Kentucky represented by j Proctor Knott. A former governor refutes the argument that this was a federal case on several points. And also argues that Wilson couldn't file writs of habeas corpus for the prisoners as a state agent or a third party. The judge ultimately found in favor of West Virginia and ordered that all nine prisoner had fields appear in his court on February twentieth for habeas corpus hearing the press Kentucky outraged by this decision. Those in West Virginia. Feel Justice has been done the here and begins on February twenty fifth and after debate by both. Sides court recess until Monday, February twenty seventh during the hearing Kentucky argues that a criminal could not try to escape prosecution by claiming illegality or irregularity of his rest officer Phillips had been acting as a private individual rather than estate agent when he wrested the hatfields and the state was responsible for Phyllis men's actions during the course of the arrest was for genu- argues that the arrest is legal because the prisoners have been held in custody for twelve hours before the legal execution of their warrants and that Phillips had claimed the thorny as a state agent at the time of the arrest a bunch of legal maneuverings March third. The judge delivers his decision he feels that. The case is essentially an argument between the two states and refers the case up to the US supreme court harmful versus doll folk mega sway from the tug river valley old away to the supreme court of the US out. Yeah. Wingding then bang bang. Dang, dang dang thing. Mending mainly main West Virginia governor Wilson appeals a decision on March fifth. The judge GRANDE. Appeal which passes to the US circuit court on April fifth here used as Gibson the lawyer who represented West Virginia in the hatfields again argues that the rest of the hatfields in West Virginia constituted, unlawful seizure, steady of Kentucky Turner form of Kentucky. Governor j Proctor Knott knowledge that the arrests were unlawful but claims that it did matter because they were unlawfully rested in Kentucky and the judge in. The appeals case reaffirmed the decision to send the trout to the US supreme court. So now, April thirteenth eighteen eighty eight lawyers for both West Virginia and Kentucky arrive in Washington DC to present their arguments for the case the arguments begin unable twenty third with Virginia, aka the hatfields lawyer Gibson. Stick is original point the whole series of events from caption, West Virginia through arrested incarceration, Kentucky, continuous constitutes gives me single continuous act by the agents on behalf of the state of Kentucky, Kentucky's attorney AK. The McCoy's attorney not declared that had never been that. It had never been shoot me an issue between the two states, but. Rather between private individuals? And if it had been a state issue West Virginia should have filed US supreme court directly instead of going to the first the district court. He's Christ general opinion was that this was correct. And the West Virginia had made a procedural error old supreme court rules that while the initial arrest and induction the hatfields in West Virginia was on constitutional. There were no grounds for charging Kentucky with wrongdoing to the state of West Virginia. So now Kentucky wins the case. And hatfields are now on the run get you through the hot Fokion. Now, get the feds are gonna be chasing you swan. So now several hatfields are being searched look for to be put on trial for the New Year's attack on the random McCoy's home in the spring of eighteen eighty eight West Virginia thirties take legal measures their own against the men responsible. For the arrests indicting Frank Phillips that Debbie sheriff or. Yeah. Indicting excuse me. Frank fields deputy sheriff John Yates pike county and assorted McCoy's for the murder of Jim Vance. Additionally, the offer substantial rewards for the rest of Philips and other men McCoy men on the run now as well. So. A lot of legal maneuvering for really the same results. You still have Hatfield people being chased by authorities on behalf of Kentucky. And you still have McCoy people now being chased by thorns on behalf of West Virginia by the summer of eighteen eighty eight the rewards offered for the hatfields and Kentucky and the McCoy's in West Virginia had totaled to about eight thousand dollars, which draws the attention of various kinds of detectives from all over the country Pinkerton and others descended on the tug valley with the hopes to get rich by capturing some of these people and collect rewards. On both sides. These these new outliers these new, you know. Detector met with disdain sometimes outright hostility. Most of the wanted had McCoy seek refuge in the mountains. Just hide out until things cool down letting their women and kids at home. You know, let them mind the properties Deva, Lance. He himself moves to remote narrow valley nearest West Virginia. Sorry, I'm saying that name wrong. Two small unincorporated area and Logan county that no one outside of the area gives us single fuck about no one has published any type of pronunciation guide. So if you like actually that's pronounced stare you and seven people care about that. Anyway, devil Anse hides there to protect himself from these new outsiders heave and set up a kind of fortress for his clan. Should they need to flee into the woods to defend themselves? He stocks cabin with water food fuel arms and munition in case of a prolonged siege. Nobody will just just building a backwoods hillbilly castle to hide out and shoot it mccoys or any law Thursday, come to give me kind of goof Mandevu, he truly did that nickname guy was tough shit. Not going to go down without a fight the feud itself does quiet down as guys are not captured this despite a ceasefire the newspapers, they try to, you know, keep the feud Goma publishing stories. Delighting the rest of the nation with details. Unflattering details of Appalachian life and culture, which I get you know, it's kind of exactly what I've done, and I stay a little bit occasionally members of each clan or interviewed the hatfields maintained that they just want nothing, but peace, you know, the McCoy's maintain they just want. Some Justice finally on August twenty fourth eight hundred eighty eight hatfields including cap, Johnny Robert Elliott, Hatfield Elliot's Ellison mounts, French Ellis, Charles Lepe, Gillespie Thomas chambers are indicted for the murder of alad fair McCoy ole Randall's young daughter during the infamous New Year's Eve attack. All those years back on McCoy homestead in the fall of h ninety eight Charles gloves. He's the first man arrested for the attack captured in Virginia on September fifteenth Ellison mounts that illegitimate son of Ellison Hatfield, nephew devil, often called cotton top mounts is arrested before the end of October. Also in the fall of eighteen eighty nine nine Hatfield prisoners end up going on trial for. Eighteen eighty two murders of the McCoy Suns at the end of August aged eighty nine so this those two events the retribution killings of the three sons in the attack on the cabin. They just haven't died still be because no one on the happy side has been punished. Before the trial begins. Ellison cotton top mounts confesses to the role his role in these murders provides testimony recounting the events of August, eighteen eighty two. He name's Dave lands. John z cap Bill. Tom Hatfield, Alex Messner, Tom Chambers is shooters describes the murder of Jeff McCoy as told him by cap. The prosecution presents additional nineteen witnesses, including eight more hatfields. The jury fines wall Hatfield brother of Deva lands. Guilty of murder recommends a sense of life imprisonment while appeals verdict and on September fifth eighteen eighty nine his sense suspended for sixty days while several other defendants are tried Hadfield associate Alex measure, doc, Mayon wall, hatfill son-in-law pliant may and other son-in-law tried simultaneously all found guilty all given licenses. None of these people end up serving as long as maybe were supposed to bastard, Ellison mounts described historical accounts as being dimwitted cotton top mounts. Yeah, basically is intellectually disabled confesses again had confessed that role of Alpher McCoy entered guilty plea, and he is actually sends to death. So sadly, the one person involved in this food who really just mentally is the least responsible this intellectually disabled person is the one sentenced to death. He's held in pike county jail until his execution. The rest of the convicted hatfields transported to Lexington on September fifth all appealed or verdicts, but on November ninth eighty nine the Kentucky court of appeals up holds these convictions and sentences although mounts execution originally scheduled for December third it was postponed until February eighteenth. Authorities Kentucky fully expect to have failed to mount a rescue attempt. But it doesn't happen in the days leading up to the execution large crowds began together and pike Ville to witness the hanging, despite the fact that Publix Kyushu to Kentucky this time for his part. Mount seems resigned to his fate refusing to talk eat receive word from local pastor smoke a cigar refused to speak on the morning, February eighteenth, his death warrant is read before before public executions were legal officials had surrounded the site with the wooden fence or shoot me because they were legal. However, they place the fence at the base of a hill. So that people to sit in the Hilton just look down over the fence actually put a scaffold up there. So people can view the proceedings when asked if he had any final words mount said, he was ready to die. But at the final moment, he did cry out. They made me do it. The hatfields made me do it. And then the public execution of cotton top does seem to finish the feud. They've just hung hanged. I guess sorry. They've just hanged and intellectually disabled man, this low point seems to wake everybody up to the craziness of what all has happened doesn't bring anybody back West Virginia withdraws the rewards for the capture of the McCoy's although charges against the digital hatfields. Do remain outstanding Kentucky such as the charge of murder against devil. Anse for that vigilante execution of those three McCoy boys little is ever done about it on February twenty fourth eighteen ninety one word that the feud is overcome from a member of the Hatfield family in the form of a letter to the press cap at field or cap half. Hield? One of Devon's sons writes, this letters to the Wayne County new sane. I ask your valuable paper for these few lines. A general amnesty has been declared in the famous Hatfield McCoy feud, and I wish to say something of the old in the new do not wish to keep the old few to laugh, and I suppose that everybody locked myself. Is tied of the names of Hatfield McCoy and the border wolf air in Tom of peace. The war spirit in me has abated in. Sincerely, rejoice at the prospect of peace. I've devoted my life to arms we have undergone a fearful loss of noble lives invaluable poverty, valuable property in the struggle. We being like Adam not the first transgresses now propose to rest in a spirit of peace. That's kind of a funny line goes near at the end, though, we'd be like Adam not the first transgressors 'cause they always do that with these apologies in this. Well, how about it? But just record. It was it was those other people's fault regional economics may have also had a hand in the end of the feud by eighteen nineties the region of Appalachia of the brink of an industrial boom, coal number companies are expressing an interest in developing the area. However, these companies had been put off by this air of lawlessness in the region, and this provided further incentive for state officials on both sides them to clean up the racks. Let's let's violence start making some real money. The new. Governor of West Virginia. William a mccorkell saw industry is a way to prevent further violence saying this discord in the mountains was never ending because no new laugh on. No new blood was brought into dispel it. A railway destroys a feud manufacturer area. I know kind of fucking word Manufactory. There's a real word Manufactory absolutely wipes out neighborhood animosity and public improvements. Bring in new conditions. I guess it is meant Manufactory. Bring up any spell red lines and everybody lives happily ever after not quite despite the mutual desire both families in their communities to end, the violence things did not settle down entirely in the valley in ninety the hatfields still had fire in their veins. Check this shit outs man after all this. They're just you know, what was a half field. Always a half hield November eighteen ninety six cap Hatfield in stepson. Joe glenn? Visit the nearby town of mate, Juan West Virginia for winter elections, they encounter John Rutherford. A man who kept shared a little grudge with the two men opened fire soon as I saw one another is Christ's Rutherford is brother-in-law Henderson chambers and Rutherford's nephew all gunned down capping, Glenn or captured tried for murder in April eighteen ninety seven and then cap is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, and Glenn please the same charge. Both receive one your senses, they they shoot down three dudes over a grudge in broad daylight. And. Out you. All right. You get a year since we don't care for that was civilized now. And then campus caves from jail just three months later, clearly feels still have some in the obviously still corrupt tug river valley political Justice systems. Yeah. And then after a scaping cap resettles in the area somehow doesn't go back to jail, right? Just can't g supposed to be in jail for killing those few men. Nah. I don't I don't. I don't call them. Nothing. Okay. I'll our at my momma stike saw about that camp. I'm mostly when thinking about someone else recently killing several men in broad daylight. I guess I'll leave you be. The following year. Eighteen ninety eight John's e is finally arrested all this time later for his role in the McCoy brothers execution. Eighty two sixteen years later. And also for the his participation in the New Year's day McCoy homestead massacre eighteen eighty eight ten years before he's captured by a posse led by local law men, named Humphrey dock Ellis dock. It must I guess is. There's so many of the same name. That's also it's fucking terribly confused about the trying to figure out tale. So many people have the same God damn name. 'cause there was a guy named dock Ellis who participated in the New Year's day McCoy homes at massacre. I believe this is a different kill us. So. Yeah. So so John's is convicted for participating in both killings. But then he'll soon be free because that's what happened back then also eighteen ninety another son of Deva lands. Johnny's younger brother Elias, m hatfields commits another murder allies too young to be involved in most of the major feud events or even to remember them in eighteen ninety. He was only twenty one years old intelligent had a head for business like his dad like pappy who's well liked like his daddy. Like pappy had a head for business. He wasn't well light like his pappy. 'cause I don't think I don't think you'd call him. We'll light of he also had a hair trigger temper and his brother Johnny is captured all those years later. He swears vengeance on this dock Ella's fella who may be couldn't find anything. But it may be the same guy that did participate in that New Year's day, which makes all the more ridiculous. And that stuff would happen back. Then one guy would be part of a posse involving killing somebody else then years later that guy would somehow become a lawman we'd be like go after capturing and arresting dudes who are part of the. Same fucking posse. He was part of on July fourth h ninety eight at a local independence day celebration dock Ellis, speak speaking or scheduled to speak publicly during the days events that morning, he boards, the train draped in American flags and independence day decorations in the tiny town of Yager West Virginia with intention of heading towards Wilmington or Williamson for the festive occasion along the track. The train makes scheduled whistle-stop at gray yards. Approximately twenty miles east Williamson across the river from place called Skinner's, the same time, the train belching clouds esteem team slows to a stop graveyards allies just happens to be crossing the river has the picket heading to pick up mail to post office, Coleman, Hatfield historian and grandson of Deva, Lance Hatfield later documents events in his own writing, stating the dock Ellis consummate politician intends to step off the locomotive and shake hands with pastures who've preparing to boat as doc Ella steps down to a rough wooden slats between two passenger coaches. He just happens to come face to face with last Hatfield. Who's older standing on the boardwalk talking to travelers? Hello, alas, doc Mona's. He tries to start step the show at temple Hatfield. Hello, doc, allies replies with a wide grin. He places his hand undock shoulder stopping him in mid stride. So doc, you think you can come take me cross Kentucky, easy, as you did my brother after a few tents seconds alas. Decides was not the time or place to get revenge and turns away mumbling you son of a bitch. And he starts speaking with another travel in friend Ajay peril. When all hell breaks loose, doc. Ella shouts. I'll show you who's a son of a bitch as he lunged for the doorway of the passenger grabbed his rifle leveling added last seen was about to take place or seen. What was about to take place peril through his armful pushing allies back which just as doc squeeze the trigger and the Winchester exploded in gunfire travels on the boardwalk dove for cover scattering as gunsmoke build the shot. Just misses Alaska's head and he instinctively pivots while. Job and his Colt. Single action from his belt and returns fire. The shot was definitely next round. Hit a middle cuff link on docks reaced in the forty five bullet ricocheted upward breaking dock Ellis. His neck blood spotted from the entrance wound. Doc, Phil would dit on July twelfth allies turned himself into the Williamson courthouse in his arrested and then jailed on murder charges relating to death of Humphrey. Daca. Plead is self defense before license court case can come to the conclusion to its conclusion his brother cap, second son of devil intercedes. Decides gotta help his baby brother break at a jail and escaped possible. Life in prison or the hangman's noose in the middle of the night on August eighteenth while lies weights and the small cell cap slips through the backstreets Williamson on horseback. Leads large buckskin pony up behind him, according to family lore. Kep carried heavy Riggins with him. And once he arrived the jail he secured one end of a heavy rope cable to a saddle horn. Tie the other to the iron bars covering the jailhouse window, and then just he Spurs his horse in the force Yankee iron bars free, along some chunks of masonry around the window casing, and then, you know, allies pushes some more of your sides Jimmy's out to the opening in the two just fucking takeoff. They flee the mountain state that night bounced around various nearby states for about a year. Then just come home. Well, when allies eventually returns, the mountain state, he's immediately arrested and later convicted for the murder of doc allies, he sent to the West Virginia penitentiary mounds Ville, but as quickly paroled by George W Atkinson governor, the governor of the state in a man with ties to the hatfields tug Ravelli. Of course, Jon also gets off easy. Lieutenant governor of Kentucky. William Pryor thorn, request his request for a pardon. Shortly thereafter, the hatfields still have a little bit of Poland in Kentucky as well. Cap. Ends up becoming a lawyer shortly after that setting up a practice in Logan county, which then would pass onto his son Coleman and his daughter. I lean in the line. An I lean skews me little trivia, it would become the first female attorney, Logan county. I wonder if he used that jailbreak story to win over any clients when you hire kept half, you you oughta get off or you broke out is a half way. The first decades of the twentieth century, the Hatfield mccoys largely steer clear of trouble. They steer clear from a labor rights that would trouble Mingo and Logan counties from nineteen ninety one to nineteen twenty one with the exception of one big part of family lore. When mate Juan chief of police Sydney to gun. Sid Hatfield, it's his nickname. So they still got some fire. He's actually adopted hatfill but half out on the less. He's at the center of the mate Juan massacre, violent confrontation between miners and guards of the Baldwin felts coal mines which nine men are killed had in twenty others. Tried for murder who knows exactly how many Hatfield himself shot before eventually found not guilty and released which doesn't set well certain people later on trial for conspiracy charges nine hundred twenty one to gun sid Hatfield gunned down himself killed on. The McDowell county West Virginia courthouse steps retribution killing most of the other Hatfield mccoys did well and the changing landscape of the tug valley taking on. Professional careers, in fact, in nineteen thirteen Henry jury Hatfield nephew Deva lands elected governor of West Virginia, passing significant social legislation working to settle many of the labor disputes plaguing the region at the time of his election. Seventy three year old Deva lands is still alive. And well, so he gets to see this Kenna his elected governor at living through all the fucking crazy. Feuding Deva lands. This time was a prosperous farmer with money invested in the local coal and timber traits. Randall McCoy still alive in nineteen thirteen not doing as well as devil ans-. No, McCoy's are really kicking ass and state politics or crushing it and local colour or timber either to make ends meet the now eighty seven zero random Koi still working still making money, but working as a ferry operator in pike Ville, he dies on March twenty eighth. Nineteen fourteen. Succumbing to burn injuries. He received after fallen into his own fire fell to a fire. He'd made cooking his homestead tease after all that. He doesn't get to die peaceful death burned up his own fire. Probably trying to cook himself some shitty meal if a long day work in the ferry the guy was cursed his wife Sarah had died twenty four years earlier room to died in the mental hospital. Never fully recovered from that pistol whipping Jones put on her Deva lands died of pneumonia. Seven years later on January six nineteen twenty one. His funeral was the largest ever held in Logan county, his death attracted national media attention, supposedly his last words, were I one fucking one. How come out top dog fo? Yeah. Yeah. Fuck rental McCaw. He didn't phone no file pushed him into the flames. I made with my own mind. I'm the devil, goddamn devil, the devil. Don't die, and I will haunt them cost forever. That's probably not true. But it definitely takes us out of today's time suck time. Good job soldier made it back there. Ooh, that was exhausting. That was an exhausting suck. Hope it got all the the names and places. Right. I rewrote this edited. This talk you to work off of so many times this past week so many relations so many people to keep track of this story. But essentially, I mean, you get the gist just to families not letting shit die for so long. They suck. It really did make me truly truly think about the consequences of just not letting shit slight. Like, I've written a lot of stand up over the years. A lot of stand up comedy essentially about vengeance. Spent? You violent thoughts what I'd like to do to somebody to teach them a lesson for some minor infraction or perceived insults and today reflect on this food. I just think about how maybe that's not always the best way to live. I thought about this this moment I shared on a plane with a stranger a couple years ago long pet peeve of mine about how people are getting off a plane. They don't unders- like some people don't seem to give a shit about. Just etiquette etiquette breaches and general obviously fire me up. But this one in particular is when you know, if you travel, and you don't know this. It's very simple. You let the people out in the row in front of you before you get out. What you don't do is just push your way down the aisle pass people trying to get out of there. Just fucking route. I don't know how people do not understand that. And it's driven me crazy over the years, and sometimes I will just openly like all right, man. That's cool. Just what can do what you wanna do? Don't worry about anybody else in the plane like grouchy moment. I'll just openly say shits once I threw my arm out of the islands. Like, no, that's not how this works. You wait for the people in front of you. And you know, maybe that's not that's not the best way to do things. And then I was bitching about this one time. Openly bitching about someone who just pushed past me and some other people. I I was sitting in first class I fly so much. I get upgrade sometimes can can sweet if you fly a crazy amount every once in a while. Yeah. You get these upgrades for free. And this guy was probably somebody who paid his first class. He was dressed as someone who's probably had a lot of money in my mind, at least seem very successful common poised, and I asked him if he ever just kind of snapped in these people, and and he just kinda looked at me like I was saying, and he goes, no, it's not worth it got too much to lose. And then just didn't talk to any more, and I feel like an idiot. And I just thought you know, what the fuck am. I doing, you know, maybe maybe saying something isn't that big of a deal with maybe I shouldn't do my arm out in the aisle. Because then I was thinking like I thought about what he meant you know, like what you can lose from just overreacting. What if I throw my arm out, and then that causes somebody to push past my arm, and I pushed them like escalate into something physical. And then while it's being sorted out. What if I banned from flying that does that can't happen? That's would seriously fuck my. Career up. What if I I can't exactly drive from lane Idaho to Buffalo New York in time to also have my family here in run this podcast and make it to my next. It's just not feasible to drive the way my kind of two routing ghosts. Or what if we took out to get him further? What if a fight breaks out what if I intentionally actually? Unintentionally intensity end up hurting somebody on a flight becomes it's federal thing. What if I go to fuck prison, you know, lose my career lose a lot of money all because I just couldn't let shit slide. How stupid, you know? It's tough, man. The one hand you don't want to let the world walk all over you. You know, just be a doormat for everybody. But on the other, you know, you gotta think of joy you want to overreact and throw your life away needlessly to escalate a situation, very scary place. A lot of lessons to be learned from this Bill McCoy feud. You know, when did you just cut your losses? Windy, you just walk away. What Fran McCoy had went to the authorities after three sons kill with hatfill posse. I mean, the only reason that posse went after them is because you know, during some stupid fight at an election. His sons had stabbed the shit, and then shot Devlin's brother in cold blood. They weren't innocent. But Randall couldn't let it go. He wanted what he thought was Justice. And it just kept escalating you'll end up getting fucking house burn. Down ended up getting his wife pistol whipped into a mental institution. What's that saying cooler heads, prevail? I think there is some truth to that. It's a lesson. I need to remind myself often or is a lesson that when you're facing a ruthless appoint opponent like Deva lands. Do you need to be more ruthless and things like what if rather than go into your thirties? What a friend of a storm devil devil ends house with his own posse and burn that to the ground. Or would that have just escalated the same way probably is less than to know your limits, you know, should should random choice. Should he have learned that devil Anse was just a superior opponent? That's what it seems like to me dig into the story trying to piss off the many McCoy some who I'm sure looseness podcast, but you know, maybe devil out of rannells league. He had more men more guns more ruthless. Maybe should recognize. He was outmanned. He was out mean, I don't know. I think the lesson you can take away the very least to think about your actions thinking about the consequences of your actions. What reactions could they cause what chain of events? Could. They kick off are the consequences of those. Potential reactions worth the actions, you're choosing to take think before you act. Always a always probably good thing to do. Yeah. Maybe maybe there's some important lesson. Just missing let's find out by checking in with today's idiots of the internet. User fast. The latest news published a video called Hatfield mccoys what really happened on July twelve two thousand thirteen two hundred thirteen thousand seven hundred seventy views hundred seventy five comments the description reads, the nineteenth century rivalry between two Westview new clans has become the most famous family feud in American history. Correspondent Rita braver spoke with the senators from both sides to help navigate the stork battles countless MS and tall tales to find the truth. Yeah. Because there is so many rumors online about stuff, Dr madcap are rights. I have a feeling in today's world McCoy family would all be hooked on meth. Crappy. Yep. Probably possible at the very least, I think actually Metheb use would have been kinder to the McCoy family. The devil lands was. More of an observation than a lesson drawn from his tail, but but an interesting one user Joshua wit posts, a great captain obvious comment typing fucking love when people do this types, the hatfields lived in West Virginia and the mccoys lived in Kentucky. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Josh. Thank you for writing that in the compensation. Thank you writing for with the narrator just continuously says in the video, why do people do that? That's like watching a trailer for mission impossible road nation and then commenting Tom Cruise Tom Cruise is in this movie or even better this movie called mission impossible rogue nation better. Still under this YouTube trailer for mission impossible rogue nation comedy. I just watched the trailer for mission impossible rogue nation. It's on YouTube. Yeah. Yeah. User lost nine four one three three types. Good blessed. The confederation may it rise again, especially idiotic. Of course, someone wanting to see the confederate states rise again is someone fucking terrible spelling got only has one oh dip shit. User, berry BART's wants us all to know, he enjoyed this video riding thought the video was good. It's nice berry that he decided to write that lukewarm compliment like how you also made it clear that the video might not be good. You know, you just think it is. Yeah. I thought thought the video was good. You not throwing a hard facts and trying to push people to art is your opinion. Nothing more. You seem sweet berry. Probably not a riveting conversationalist, but sweet user Remmy J posts related or not. You are not them. You are what you are. But if the main points in this post, and I have a feeling that Romy J would think she was a lot smarter than Barry Barnes if she met him. But I think she'd be wrong, she seems like one of those pseudo-philosophers thinking they're thrown out profound shit, but it's just like a fucking series of like, okay. I guess I guess you needed to write that. And then bury bar is back back in the comments. Few comes down the thread typing, very love the history of this family. Oh berry. We have a lot of nice people in your life that the love you inspired the dumb shit. You must constantly say, what do you think of dinner bear? I thought this meal was good Sheila. I very love your tuna casserole. Use a Riley has me second guessing how ancestry works posting. My great grandmother was a direct descendant of the hatfields doesn't that mean? If your great grandmother is a direct descendant of family within aren't you fucking direct descendant this? This is really like I've thought way too much about this. I had to look up the meaning of direct to send after reading Riley's comics. I wait a minute. It's stupid or is this or is he right? Here's definition a direct descendant is someone who can trace their lineage by child relationships all the way back to a desired ancestor, non direct to send it has to go through a cousin or by marriage or some other non child relationship in order to find the desired ancestor. So I would think the way I the way I'm looking at it unless you're opted. You are the direct descendant of your cram, right? I mean, your grandma gave birth to either your father or mother and your father or mother, married. Someone produced very what? Ever have relations somebody and produced you so you would be the direct descendant of anyone that you ran parent is direct ended up. I don't know. I still feel confused whatever Riley has may be contagious. I'm sorry. If I just infected you now swell. Brooklyn McCoy wrote. This just I was tired. When I read this it really fucking rotated me. She wrote this made me cry. But I forgive them fucking stop. It Brooklyn stop you cried you cried like literally cried and felt the need to to publicly forgive. What for how you've been wronged because ancestors of yours died with your last name McCoy, I'm guessing over one hundred years before you were born you forgive people who kill them who also died in all likelihood over one hundred years before you report the feud was over in eighteen ninety one hundred twenty eight years ago. I just it's always annoyed me when people try to glommed onto tragedy that I don't feel. They have any ownership in right like like nine eleven terrible tragedy. But there was people who I feel like went way out of their way to get a tension for themselves when they weren't real related to anybody who died they weren't related to anybody who is related to somebody who died didn't know anybody who. Known anybody who knew somebody that died, and it just felt like like look at me. Look, how sad I am look at how much of a caring person. I am. Yeah. I just never be close friends with somebody that melodramatic. What's what's going on Brooklyn? Why are you crying? Why are you set? I am. So. That. I just I read I just read about the black plague. Very tree in some of my grandparents died horrible deaths every day. They your your grandparents died in the black plague. My great, great, great, great grey, laid fifty more Greg Graham. Yeah. I'm gonna grab my shit now and fucking leave and never talk to you yet have a nice life drama Queen eight percent of the posts on this thread are of someone leading the rest of the commenters know that they are either related to the Hatfield mccoys. Just a lot of comments of I'm Hatfield, I'm McCoy, which is why I think Chris official wins the section of today of the internet today when they post simply I'm not related played Chris if you see it in the in the threat, it's so great. It's like twenty comments just like, I'm really to this. And finally someone's like, I'm not related. I don't think I'm related either. And that's enough for today's. It's the internet. Okay. So turns out and learn much and say, it's the internet examination. Maybe we should had paisley back in today. Maybe he could have added his insight. I did learn that, you know, I do really think it's ridiculous. When you when you weep over shit that happened to people who you never knew who died long ago. Maybe I'm maybe I'm wrong that way, maybe I'm just a cold blooded monster. It's possible. I have been accused many times over the course of my life of not being empathetic enough to people through. I did joke longtime ago about how I could never be a counselor. You know, which was supposed to be pass. Just because I'm not. I can't entertain people's, you know, winding like some people can't it comes across some people. Complain of their problems comes across to me like shut the fuck up suck it up Bill chuckles, and since I can't think of any additional lessons. Let's look back again on the ones we did. Learn today have some fun with some silly new info in today's top five takeaways. Time away. Number one, the two instigators of this feud were Deva lands Hatfield, and Randall McCoy patriarchs of the Hatfield mccoys families and ironically, both would famous feud. They started number two random coil it the long life of misery. He lived at the age of eighty eight south five kids die in the feud. Saw his wife beaten nearly to death Deva Lance head field to me is undeniably, the winner of this feud. Yes, his nephew would hang his brother murdered and other relatives would be sent to prison, but none of Suns with die in the feud eleven of thirteen kids would outlive him. Even though he lived to be eighty one ten years before he died, two kids Thirty-three-year-old allies. Thirty one year old Troy would die in a gunfight, of course, in the gummy West Virginia nine hundred eleven killing the man shooting both of them over a disagreement about whom got over who got to sell liquor to whom Gumri the half brothers. Leisurely? Started the fight fire. Still fire running those Hatfield hog folk veins number three. The feud began in earnest over accusations of hog thefts and eighteen seventy eight and ended with the hanging of an intellectually disabled man in eighteen ninety and in between hog theft. And what seems like a very ill advised hanging. A lot of other people died. Number four, number four is Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, ding, ding, ding, but Dane, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Number five new info in nineteen seventy nine the hatfields reunited there feud with ROY family, the two families joint for an entire week of special taping of the popular game show family feud hot folk dog fo for cash prizes, and how great is this pig kept onstage during the games that whoever the winner. You know, got got to have the pig as well. The McCoy family won the week long series three games to while the hatfields one more money eleven thousand two hundred seventy dollars to the McCoy's eight thousand four hundred fifty nine dollars decision was made to augment the McCoy family winnings to eleven thousand two hundred seventy three one dollar more. So than say had won the most games, and if Deva Lance was still alive he would have been slided enough by this incident to to kill at least two more mccoys. Bye. Feels Amoco's have been sucked. Hope it did. It justice. Yeah. Mandela Lance not a man to be trifled with whole shit man and random Koi, not a guy who could let shit slide. But. Yeah, deadlines man, he's saying he seemed scary some of the serial killers that we've sucked on the show. Thank you. Again. The tire entire time suck team the high priests of the harmony village camp Jesse guardian of grammar dober- out sick this week. Hope you feel better. Jesse Reverend Dr Joe paisley times, high priest Dugan the guys at Biddle danger brain spaces merch wizards axes apparel, Queen of the suck. Lindsey cummins. Speaking of access. Yeah. Again, we get that twenty five percent off sale store starting cyber Monday lean to the following Sunday. Hope you take advantage of that huge. Thanks to first time suck researcher. Devon Stewart for kicking some ask Devon, I hope I did Justice your research. We get more help from Devon on at least one more suck going forward. Hopefully, more after that, man. You crushed it in an Email with Lindsay Devon wrote. I thought this was fun to share. I talked to my Hatfield friend about any good. Stories while he didn't have any. He did share. What I think is a pretty interesting piece of information. Apparently, his Hatfield ancestors were only distant relations to the Appalachian hatfields and didn't even live in the region at the time the feud occurred, despite this his grandmother who is only that kind of Hatfield by marriage still takes the relation very seriously and still insists that the hatfields were in the right in the dispute, I found really funny and really telling giving the ferocity of clan loyalties, and how they propelled the feud Yam and feud continues in some people's minds, I guess at least an argumentative form. How folks still not taking from Dr? Uh-huh. Thanks everyone for for enjoying the time. So private cult curious Facebook group, and and those finding the the discord group, obviously on dischord linked to both places in today's episode description getting their mingled with some like minded meet sags don't start no feuds time because like a fun school than those are the places like a fun recess hail number. Hale number. Next up topic wise, he space selected Pinkerton detective agency nineteenth century American history continues. Maybe more Banjul. I dunno might not might not might be Pinkerton, America's first -tective. Chase down a fair amount of wild west outlaws law dogs, the Pickton's actually inspire the term private eye. The Pinkerton agency I made his name in the late eighteen fifties. For hunt down outlaws, providing private security for the new railroad business as the company's profile grew conic logo, a large unblinking eye, accompanied by the slogan. We never sleep gave rise to the term private eye nickname for detectives eighteen fifty six more trivia twenty three year old widow Kate Warne walked into Pinkerton Chicago's office requested jobs detective founder, Allan Pinkerton was hesitant to hire a female investigator, but gave in after Warren convinced that she could quote worm out secrets in many places to which it was impossible for male. Detectives to gain access true to her word worn proved to be an expert working undercover. One. Bust in thief, by cozying up to his wife and convincing her to real reveal the location of the lute during another case. You gotta suspect to feed her crucial information by disguising herself as fortuneteller. That's awesome. Pinkerton would later worn is one of the best investigators he'd ever hired following her death in eighteen sixty eight he even had her buried in his family plot. So you want a little more than just trivia, you want some jokes on story. Listen next week or watch on YouTube time now for time updates. Times. All right, once I I date new World War. One invoked from World War. One of says time sucker Sam little who writes, dear master, sucker and night errant of Nimrod. My name is Sam beneficier commie long before time. So I can like many others. I was thrilled. When you started it and loved it since thank you very much. I listen to my job as letter carrier for USPS. And I'm pretty sure the people think I'm insane on account of me burst out laughing every ten minutes or so hail Nimrod. Now. I just wanna say waiting for the World War One for a long time, and you have so the crushed it. That's nice. I definitely gave it. My all. Short miss lotta stuff. But especially interested in an important part of history that often gets overlooked, and you really did a Justice the hope you and the rest of the time community learned a lot from it. If I may I just wanted to share some other interesting details as to why the US finally entered the war, and I did not know this stuff censor. Thank you for sharing. This many people think that was the sinking of the let's wanna. I don't have input phonetic there. I think I kinda got that. Right. That big ship that finally drove us to it. But as you know that happened in may nineteen fifteen and it would be almost two years before the US declared war on Germany. It is also important note that the US was sending weapons and munitions to Britain via civilian ships. Germany knew this and did warn the US to see sending supplies to ease. Tensions Germany began to restrict the amount of you use the war dragged on they were preparing to restore unrestricted submarine warfare, which all but confirmed US intervention, and it was the Zimmermann telegram that really drove the nail it. I'm sure he came across as well propulsion, your research German foreign actually did not the not the specific Zimmerman. Telegraph German Foreign Minister, Arthur Zimmermann, attempted to strike a deal with Mexico vowing to reestablish the territories loss to them in the Mexican American war. The message was intercepted by English. Codebreakers shared with their allies. Mexico also rejected the terms on may first nineteen seventeen. It was released to the American public and one month later the US declare. War. Here comes cheeseburgers and freedom, you Jerry, bastards fascinating stuff and like with most pivotal moments in history. You gotta ask yourself. What if what if the US decided to remain neutral until the end what would rush today, if Lenin and the Bolsheviks did not get support needed to take control of the provisional democratic government? Would there be more or less suburban Mexican family restaurants, if Mexico did declare war who knows thank you so much for listening? Thanks again for this great podcast Duma bestest for the suck at work, my friends and family was bummed of mister show in providence. But I hope YoM OB back, y'all. Road novel be. Sam Sam I didn't know about the telegram new the gist about the submarine stuff, and at any government, US obvious. He was getting obviously getting pissed at German u boats were were thinking some of their people supply ships some of their merchants supply ships going out there. Now, a scary ghost story of date coming in from Phil foster love, these this is from that in the rain demon allergist suck. Hello master soccer space, fill in the real world beefsteak on discord. And I have a short ghost story few that all these other ones manage to drag. Short ghost or few that all these other ones manage to drag out of place in my mind, where I hide scary shits when I was around twelve of my sister was ten she kept telling us that she would see multiple all black shadow people her room at night. Yeah. You know, I freaked out shout people. She was say that they would not notice her at all. But seemed like it was some kind of social party than one time. She told me about something that is currently making my skin crawl one night. She saw one of them Ben down to one of the family cats, the shadow person and reached out to pet it and the cat reacted the shadow persons stroke, the cat, and if you've ever petted a cat from head to tail the always have their butts raise up, and she said that happened. I have no reason to doubt it, but but man freaky thinking shadow people might have been petting our pets. Also, you'd better invite Joe motherfucking paisley and on the internet until your podcast together starts, softly crying a corner, and you'll have to live without having making a fellow bearded man or you have to live with having made Filiberto men cry. Suck suck master Ville fos Bank, you fill man, you're crying today. You're crying out here in this, man. We'll have well paisley pop back in for the two internet until we can get our podcast up. Hilarious Email from Kate Rittenhouse K wrote. Dear great time Selker. My name is catering house. I'm a nineteen year old college student trying to become an electrician mega for you. I tell you. I was listening to your Woody bit. With my headphones in during my business break room, or with my headphones in my business break room while I was listening to my boss. The corporate boss was in the break them having a meeting with my boss, and some of the higher ups were another employee friend of mine comes in and rip the headphones outta my phone normally the podcast with pause. But this time it did not. So would he your what he played out loud in front of my boss and the higher ups? My boss looked at me with anger, and I was terrified that. I was going to get fired. When one of the higher ups looked at me like I was crazy. And then from said his big deal. Shocked I clocked into work. I was so shocked I clocked into work and Clinton got to my post. We're gonna ever twenty minutes. And then my boss called me into his office. I was scared was gonna lose my job. And then I went into his office. And my boss is smiling. He said the man who laughs local merchant of sorts that they've been trying to get a deal with and it playing your podcast got help. Get us the deal Abbass was so happy. He gave me a raise. As you. What the podcast was said time saw can week later. My boss talking about Shakeel. Are you fucking serious? I mean, you don't you don't say you're kidding in this message. I want this to be true so badly, and I'm I'm assuming it is you say, so thank you master time. Soaker Cade Rittenhouse that is fucking amazing. A lot. I love how this is spreading. I I have heard other messages from people we've got people have like, you know, some kid in the classroom or teacher, maybe saying that he's a sharing something from time in the classroom like at high school classroom, then in some of the his saying stuff like we all needed that or hail Nimrod, and that kinda shit crazy now another World War One update, a sweet some sweet marine info coming in hot from time. John house, dear suckiest of all suckers. Thanks for being awesome. A bit of years since crazy with capital F of long wanted to see and was surely sad, the Massachusetts show had to be canceled. Yes. Sorry about that as well. But I we do have I'm ninety nine percents. Sure of Boston date on the books. I just ask Lindsey about that today. And I'm yes, I'm ninety nine point nine percent positive. I'm going back to Boston in the first half of the earned for a couple nights instead of just one then you wrote peer pressure intended. Yeah. Okay. I listen to your World War One sock. And I had a few things. I thought you'd find interesting. I Pol the last two paragraphs preach. Oh, yeah. And I did like cut those out just because it was a little bit longer. There's more info. And yeah, the the two paragraphs were just referencing where to get information and John did share some really good things. Yes. And that maybe the the one American news is maybe they don't always share the most unbiased information. So. Yeah. Is there such a thing with man trying to find info? You know, you find what you think is unbiased might be unbiased someone else will think it's by still it's just it's so hard, but John did share at the end of this. And I didn't I'm not gonna read it now, but he did share like the AP has their own app. So rather than get like AP articles through other newspapers, you can go directly to the source. I mean, they are what America's biggest media to Shen. I do think it's very least most time they really get things. Right. And I have enjoyed that. So thank you for adding that to my research repertoire, okay? Anyway, the battle of Belew would is a noted battle in Marine Corps history. Some consider the battle the broad initial claims the marines and developed mythos surrounding them that we know of today during that offensive. We lost more marines in that battle than an all or wars before combined still the marines pushed through and captured ground be hand to hand combat incredible sharp shooting during that offensive to noted things happen. I Dan Dailey two time medal of honor recipient and outstanding suck candidate was in charge of unit was pinned down by intense fire rather than retreat. Or stay put he famously yelled come on you son of a bitches. No, come on you sons of bitches. Do you want to live forever? Bad ass, man. Second story emerged in the battle of belly. Would that said the marines were so fearsome with their sharp shooting, the Germans nickname them devils dogs? Do remember come across that another Succoth thing while some claim this was actually American propaganda? I prefer to think that the as the marines of World War One commenced bad assery, the spirit of the original devil dog bojangles imbued them with right? Just power praise jangle. He's back there. The day before Veterans Day is November ten also known as the Marine Corps birthday. I did know that. But yeah, thanks for reminding me to share that the most famous of marine generals are in World War. One was General John a the June who right after World War One decreed that the marines would forever. Celebrate their birthday on November tenth with birthday message cake the celebration is carried out today regardless of presence in combat. I won't bore you with the whole details of the ceremony. But no that ten November tenth is a glorious day and has got some ties we're one another famous. Marina one was Smedley Butler, aka the would be king of America. He was a Major General who to medal of honors during his career for general bad assery and his talked of in the same conversational tone as chesty puller. He also wrote the book and coined the phrase wars a racket anyway during the great depression, the US during the great depression, skews me US veterans of World War One wanted advance payment of bonds. They were promised to them the bond. Whoever couldn't be paid until the nineteen forties. Dude economics mumbo jumbo that. Of course, didn't matter to disabled vet struggling with PTSD, poverty, and this led to the creation of the bonus. Army that marched on Washington to demand payment when the bonus army formed it was potentially powerful fighting force. Someone wanted to use it that way as these were all hardened fighters of war veterans years later, a bunch of industrials actually coined decided that they wanted to perform a military coup on the American government to stall a fascist government and recruited Smedley Butler to manipulate and lead. What was likely the bonus army to overthrow the government bother told them that they could go fuck themselves reported everything to. Congress congress not investigate much given that the industrials for some of the most powerful men in America. But this is now known as the business plot and was time that we were dangerously close to a very bad situation. I may have some details wrong. But this would be great suck. 'cause it's actual conspiracy that actually happened. Love the podcast year, Semper fi bojangles. John house. Thank you, John. And yeah, I didn't share anything. I got a lot of details out there to people, and I appreciate you write in and. Yeah. And finding good media is important because not all not all news fake, news metex still a lot of investigative journalist true seekers out there. You don't wanna go to place. We just can't trust. Anybody wrestling out from Haith major. A new world order wrassling update who says he says all you ham and Egger Jubran. Motherfucker kidding sucked. Him as prime. I hate to correct you. But I feel I must in the new world order suck. You stated at the wrestling NWF faction in world class wrestling, aka world wrestling federation, when an actual fact they were part of world championship wrestling, which was purchased by the world Federal Way by purchased by the world. Wrestling federation owner, Vince McMahon, definitely a fucking space lizard, luminary wacko in two thousand world class championship. Wrestling completely different wrestling company. The former pro wrestler in me wanted you to know. Yeah. You know, I think I feel like I just misspoke in that the way it was kind of written. A lot of articles was it was tied to the WWF and the w CW, but I probably did sports rate as they were the same entity. But yes, yes, they were not thinking, he's writes, thank you for allowing us to smell with the suck is cooking each and every week, and I'll. See your candy ass. Next time, you're Portland, Oregon for no Roe barb wire. Bed of nails barbed wire. Board rain some tax time bomb death match. Please don't think you're sending that in. Now, another World War One update from Canadian or some Canadian veteran loves us me coming in from Canadian sucker, Melissa king, Melissa writes. Hi master sucker. Just finished a World War One episode as conduct from the true, north strong and free. I couldn't help. But notice the distinct lack of Canadians mentioned the victory at Vimy ridge was only one example of the epic bad assery that was Canada and the great war. The Canadian war effort was ultimately what led to Canada bean recognized as a state and the signing of the armistice was the first time that Canada sign a treaty on its own behalf. I did not know that thank you for sharing that the storm trooping. You mentioned is what gained Canadians the nickname of stormtroopers because even though even through piss soaked rags, we were bad ass. I love worshipping at the feet of Nimrod Halen run while cleaning my igloo. Well, cleaning my igloo and taking my dog's let it out much lovey, Melissa Kate. Thank you most. I love katie's man. Yeah. I kind of get back up to Canada getting I gotta figure some shit out with Canadian government. And I gotta get back up there. Now. Shoutout requests from Connor Forbes says, hey, there suck master November. The as with McGraw friends birthday was also the day the campfire started in northern California. She and her family lost everything sees like so many others in the communities of paradise and Michaela suffice to say she had a pretty shitty birthday. Yeah. I bet and I thought maybe reached out to you and asking to have her shouted out on the south would be a cool way to make up for it. We're both faithful suckers space lizards met you at Sacramento back in may her name is Madison, and she would be. She would absolutely melt if you mentioned her realize, it's probably a long shot. Why the hell not sincerely faithless basis or Connor Forbes Connor thank you riding in man. And yes, Madison. Happy birthday sorry that you had such a terrible terrible. Terrible last month. And hope things are getting better. Hope insurances fixing stuff hoping to good spot. Now, hope you safe and then last message. Another. Shoutout, actually. Yeah. Yeah. This is last batch sorry last night another shadow coming in from Ken. Hey, Dan quick. No from Grand Rapids. Michigan. I was able to catch your show Dr grins last weekend. Friday, PM wife, and I were supposed to be there was friends of ours. But the wife of my friend wasn't feeling well, so she was at the hospital getting tested friend was at the show, but then had to leave before you took stage because he found out his wife needed to have her gallbladder removed immediately. Everything went well through surgery, and she is on the men. I love the case you by the way that she went to the hospital for possible surgery. Like you baby. I'm gonna see you after the fuck is show guys. He comes. Man. Thank you. I'm not one of those first shot. I have never emailed anyone for something like this. But I know my friend would think it's cool to get some love from you sending prayers good wishes to his wife, Amy that she'll be back up and feeling better. My friend's name is Abe Abe, Amy, and he is a car carrying space. And I like like, I said huge fan of yours. Thanks, the time Dan Gratiot in Grand Rapids. Thanks closed with one of my favorite bits jury duty the world needs a little more chicken. Joe Bob playboy Bach. Ken. Well, thanks for sending that in can. And a man. Thank you so much, dude. Yeah. Huge. Thanks. So dedicated the you are still coming even though you your wife wasn't feeling good. I'm glad she's feeling better. Now, Amy how fucking dare you get sick during my Tim show, but you ever fucking do that again. But other than that. I think you're great. But don't ever get sick. You guys just in general it really chaps my ass when you guys get sick. And when you don't feel good when things don't go, well and your life. I don't care for it. I like it when time suckers are only kicking. S so knock it off have everything be great always. Okay. That's that's what I'm the happiest when you were all also the happiest but seriously, I hope you're feeling better soon. Amy, and thanks to everyone who sends him ashes, man. You know, if you don't hear your shout outs because we don't care promise. Sometimes we get a lot of them coming in. Sometimes it's random timing of when they come in compared to when I'm prep in the show. But we appreciate all the messages. Thanks for being the best meets acts on our for. Sure. There is no real debate is definitely around planet. Love you guys. Thanks time. We all talk to you next week time suckers, don't get dragged into an over a decade long murderous feud this week hope again, you had a great thanksgiving this past week and keep on. on second. Thing thing thing. Thing main mainly Ning maintaining, the ain't meaning meaning Joe ping name. They know only low name they wanna live. Yeah. Yeah.

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