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"nancy hatfield deva" Discussed on Timesuck with Dan Cummins

"Struggles between prominent local families like feels McCoy's product of competition for for land, wealth and power. Just just countries, you know, say motivation for countries fighting when another, you know, a lot of those trickle down to these feuds just one family wanting, you know, more more power more land more wealth on I was trying to take it for another family finally view took place directly on a state line. The majority of the half as we said lived on the on the West Virginia side of the tug fork. And the majority of McCoy's of Kentucky side, and if you'll recall way back from way back in the bunny, and CLYDE suck. If you're an outlaw in the early twentieth century crossing state lines often gave you the chance to escape with authorities starting life. You felt a little bolder to go break some laws in a in a nearby states because you. Oh, back to go to different state and get away with it. This was even more true in the late nineteenth century, the federal government, not as strong as it is today, especially when it came to law enforcement, and you know, one state was usually extremely reluctant to push into another state to apres Hindu criminal. And if they did do that local government in that state could and would often push back against the other states officers, maybe not recognize them as being lost recognize him as trespassers. So, you know, in some ways different states where we're almost like different countries. It's another understand a little bit about the context. Take some broad strokes to the two biggest players by foreign today's tale of the patriarchs of the Hatfield and McCoy clients, maybe the most important character in the feud is Devlin's Hatfield have paid have man headed home full about no hall, folk don't take. No for no doll folk. Sorry, Lea leader of that Bill Clinton patriarch of one half of the information infamous feud born William Anderson, Hatfield an eighteen thirty nine Deva lands. Hatfield grew up in. What is now Logan county? West Virginia born raised the tug valley soured and West Virginia Wayne from his mama's sweet Tate's route there in Nevada. Yeah. Hatfields or some of the first settlers in the region and the river serves the boundary between Kentucky and Virginia. One of the eighteen children born to Ephraim and Nancy Hatfield Deva lands half filled and star if I keep repeating some of these details there's so many characters in today's tale. I kept just having to do like mental recaps to remind myself of what in the hell is happening. It was become more important as the story goes on. But. Yeah. Devils while one of eighteen kids born to Ephraim Nancy Hatfield known to be an excellent marksman and horse rider eighteen kits eighteen kits sweet Jesus. Poor poor mother. I'm surprised more women didn't kill her husband's back. Then you're gonna hear about a lot more women. Have a lot more kids. That's just ridiculous amount of pregnancy. I told him to not put a seed in me. No moss. I told him I said, Robert, Bob, McAllister, FitzGerald, you take that devil. Stiff, and you special baby post on that deal flow pregnant full teen, my twenty seven years on this. I'm John look like ole witch lost of fat with the bail. And he went to mount Manny house, and that's when I my husband dead. Said the young William hatfill was so strong and fears that he could take on the devil himself, which is supposedly where his devil nickname may have come from another room regarding his nickname is revolves around him fighting off a mountain lines of bare hands as youth tougher than devil. Eighteen sixty one devil Hatfield a married. A LeVine shaven daughter of neighboring farmer and right after marrying her off to civil war. He goes fighting on the side of the confederacy. He ended up a local confederacies confederacy supporting militia known as the Logan Wildcats with his.

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