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"Welcome the armchair expert i am sitting next emmy nominated monica gladman i'm sitting next to any now none of it in the future shutdowns in third place winner of the super to fail raise any sign of monitor that goes may seem planning you're arms are looking lard oh good yeah large i'm dax shepard girls the girls tries the guys right were on vacation occasions we'll never coming home from vacation not gonna happen and we're just gonna have to pray that some talented people make their way through western michigan to interview are guest today could fulfill that slot because he is from chicago yeah i think he's currently here for real oh yes yeah with us on a family vacation house and also my pd says he's born in michigan but he was born in michigan resident yeah andy rectors man were seeking now he is a longtime friend of mine going on fifteen years he's one of the sweetest human beings out there anytime i have a free our we try to steal a lunch together we've just always really liked each other he's one of these people in a very small handful just the funniest people in real life so so intelligent and smart you know lovely an of course you've seen him on conan for many years now he's a voice in madagascar are the secret life of walter mitty he's had his own shows he's a writer comedian he does it all and he's got a new podcast called three questions with andy richter out today out today so check it out after you listen to this know what go ahead and bounce back and forth of people i totally up to you but please enjoy my good friend andy richter we are supported by hymns hymns is as you know monica wellness brand in firmin's yep they helped men with a variety of issues but the foundation of him was hair loss i've been battling this since i shut the pilot punked i realize i was getting a little thin on top in i saw it out some finance dried in i've been running it real tight since then and i think as you can see here affecting from sixty six percent of men lose their hair by age thirty five so if you've noticed you're thinning hair it's not too late no more awkward in person doctor visits or long pharmacy lines for hymns connects you to real doctors online which could save you hours and it's completely confidential indiscreet get the hair loss treatment everyone is talking about order now armed jerry's can get started with the hymns complete haircut for just five five dollars right now supplies last and subject doctor's approval see website for full details and safety information this could cost hundreds if you went to the doctor or pharmacy somewhere else go to four hymns dot com slash dax that's f o r h i m s dot com slash dax for hymns dot com slash dax he's not sure about have you locked her keys in the car and had aaa come by not fair ages i did recently yeah so shameful but don't you as a fancy car that they could unlock from space had i registered yes i never could deal with the long over over the phone registration of just like whatever i don't like my shit and you know arrogant about it and then there lincoln and i were like forty miles of the city in no keys so anyways called the aaa type thing came out in the coolest thing they slide this little bladder in between the door frame and the roof and then they fill that with air gently pushes you're door out far enough so they can just put their hook in there and open the door and it doesn't bend anything early evers got the pain or anything saying like this is fantastic i need the get one of these bladders do you think you have to get some certification order warner just i bet on amazon we could order of psych a slim jim you can't just by a slim jim will we owned them when i did the car show thing with my family we had a couple jim's but it was not legal wasn't now i don't think so i hope not i i don't think so he's only a tow truck drivers yeah yeah i mean you could make one i'm sure but i think that the possession of the there's probably some sort of law it's like you're not really supposed own cop grade handcuffs oh really yeah yeah had those you can't have that blossom pop out raw scoping one in metal the you know the nancy hardy yeah yeah or kit nancy kerrigan terry wasn't that just a pipe pipe oh telescoping ones at snap out that you see on tv ops used you can't buy those without a law enforcement lies remember in high school we got flap jacks which were legal yes and that's just a leather monica addle it's about a foot long paddle in in the end it's leather and then you end is a ton of lead so it's a very heavy it's either shot like from the shotgun ohio or like a piece of metal okay yeah you you just got hurt other people well in a pan shift there's like four guys around in your car and you come out like go whirling dervish with the slap jack you have some chance of escape yet my wife had a key chains and it was some designer he changed it looked like sort of like sat and cords sort of woven into a ball that thing yeah and we went somewhere like to a concert in the people were checking it out 'cause they're like this looks like and there's a name for like slap jack a apparently kids had these now and they're filled with shot oh and then they have like a little bit of like a four five inches of strength what it's designed to do is make a little mini skull fracture of pose as house to like knock a little hole and you're skull when you hit some but it's a little acute real presided over eleven hammer of of skull you're sitting by the way someone fractures my skull i'm out i'm done with you whatever in break my brain bus then i have to imagine it's a loud sound has got really days you yeah yeah we known each other now for fourteen years long time yeah it's been great i love you i love you such a fun treat when i bumped into you but we both grew up in suburbs that were basically it was the kind of the last suburb then it just turned the farmland yes east of me was kind of cities in the west which just straight up you know kids get on the bus speech had shoveled ship that morning oh yeah i had friends that in season they would come to school and they'd already been up for hours because they had been checking their trap spur nutria what's nutri nutri is a kind of big road and that you make for coats out oh okay and they would catch me in nutria i mean i think they could even sell possum but tied friends it sold pelts right and i had friends were driving since they were eleven years old yeah pretty good on the farm you're kid has to be able to drive a truck app or tractor some minimally mile love yes yeah they've got we'll take some he bails out somewhere i had friends who drove school at thirteen and they just were risking it all just drive pickup trucks school and they wouldn't boast about it but you know you'd see different get into a god damn pickup truck and drive away from the light up a cigarette at my brother has many reasons dislike but one of them being he got caught driving my dad's car to drivers training sure in they made him wait till leave seventeen nugget is like oh what a bummer so brutal and then conversely five years later i worked at a race team in they had a parts truck in i was fifteen and i said dr departs struck yellow pick shut up and my mom for we knew it was fine yeah yeah he was you know you're has he should be a little different rules absolutely that's a little bit of that first kid second kid you're hanoch you're making the wrong decision whole time and the first one segments feels more expendable spreading but you're show worry that you're gonna kill it on the worst one and then you realize oh they're really hard to kill durable yeah you can really neglect find a scrap scrapple food on the floor and yeah so yeah you're just a lot lazier and you're a lot less vigilant about eating dirt yeah stuff like that by that time really don't care i'm sympathetic to people who end up having second families because you're so excited excited about that first one is so exciting you every single checkup every ultrasound all that stuff to me at least was so exciting the second one i was like do we really gotta go get the ultrasound neither of us care bannon through it just kind of human nature sure yeah already a very instant everything's a little less exciting and i think these people who go get a spouse in their first time yeah they must have the fake that i know i mean i'm going through a divorce right now and i mean i certainly would like to get married again again i think about it people have asked me like would you have more kids and i'm like i don't know i don't know for sure but i love babies and i love children's so i would be open to it having my second child the joy and excitement was the same the fear is less the fear not knowing what you're in for sure but i'm sure that for the spouse that it's their first time to have a spouse that's been through before is probably hell maybe convert any audibly helpful to have someone that goes like i've been through this and it's fine and don't freak out when you're doing it together alone for the first time it's more frightening i even kind of had that with bell which was i'm six and a half years old and my sisters i think all those diaper and there's a five year spread between you and your brother yeah wow ge eilly waited she really gap today yeah there's five years between my kids for a long time i felt like my son who's gonna be on only child right you know i don't have the eggs i don't decide right and we also saw my wife's sister had kids little lesson two years apart and we saw how much work that will jagna test and so we kinda were like okay well even if we do we're gonna wait so five years is a nice bread because my son could take care of himself somewhat at least entertain himself you'd have to worry about falling down the stairs that much right right when you said second families it reminded me of something that i read i was a kid and it stuck with me forever and it wasn't golf magazine or one of the gulf magazines and it was about leach rubino oh sure and it was lee trevino giving an interview he had married and had family and then got divorced and then years later married someone end he had a second family and he was saying this time i'm gonna do it right this time i'm gonna be a dad a pie ali i neglected black did my first kid but what was i do i without trying to be the greatest golfer in the world to it struck me is like fuck you asshole even as well how old were you when you were writing i dunno as a teenager first of all i love that you're eating golfing only that let's get even at the time one of the older golfer yeah i gotta redo this article but now back to kinda rural illinois yes so i was obsessed with weaponry a more you somewhat i just wondered if that's just kind of a country thing metheny repaired again my yeah yeah and then meaning you're sort of surrounded by people with tools and you're surrounded by people hunting killing things my grandfather was a big outdoorsman in was actually the director conservation for the state of illinois for eight years or something because he was in politics my grandfather's family started with land in illinois the previous two of them had been indian land an what i think two generations of my grandfather's people did was sell land okay that and they had a farm but they didn't farm that hard and they sell off a big chunk of their land and then liv on that money car attic was full of huge silver loving cups reprise hogs and price chicken all really i think they just raised prize animals and show them at fares but they didn't worry about making actual bacon or ham zor anything in my grandfather apparently when he was young man who's on a train going to chicken show like a poultry show him prize chickens in the cage on the train sitting next to a man named bill stratton who worked in the government and they became friends at the end of this trip and my grandfather bonanza trip because bill threatened worked for the state by the end of the trip my grandfather was a poultry inspector oh really oh you should poultry inspector you own eight chick yeah you know what you're talking about oh you asking last night for dinner well you should be back here i'll show you how much i know this is worthy eggs come come out either that or whatever let's time the first thing i think of when i hear the stories that modern day both guys would be on instagram no one could ever be on a train meet someone get along so well end end up with a career i or talk to each other for that long but their relationship continued until stratton ran for governor in my grandfather was his campaign manager by all accounts my grandfather was a wonderful man unlike in our hometown i mean by the time he was an adult the land at all and so there was one little piece left that i think he sold the state that became the glenn deep homer that's my when daniel palmer state game farm and it's still there oh that's kinda cool and they raise pheasants to be released into force deserves to be hunted right they raise him at a farm and then they released some catching so are neighborhood often overrun with our neighborhoods have literally a hundred pheasant an infestation running around for a while when i was a kid 'cause after my folks divorced relive with my grandfather and grandmother there is the hatchery the pheasant so he used to be able to go down and see little pheasant chicks being hatch yeah and then you also is kind of like a zoo like a little mini zoo and they had just like in chicken wire cages all kinds of rare birds and they had peacocks free roaming know i grew up with the sound of the peacock they're loaded that how every morning every afternoon we hear a ha ha are they saying he caught a new just kind of sound like that but i don't think that that's why they're called that kristen grew up directly across the street from the detroit zoo and right behind the lion enclosure so she would hear the lions roaring nonstop but also that zoo infested with peacock yeah you know when you're not hearing the lion's roar you're hearing the he caught us go bonkers yeah i mean it's still that sound the sound of a peacock call it's during this daljit ferment it's the sound to me if they're nice summer sunset hearing that sound off the distance yeah so why did dead teach russian he was very much in the music classical music and singing and i think he thought he was gonna be a coral director like a choir director he was from springfield illinois and he started college in depaul university which is in greencastle indiana hated it hated music majors decided this is not from me i think also do he had started dating my mom my mom's older sister was my dad's best friend ahah end this is like so much my family my grandpa gets a job and the governor's cabinet they moved to springfield illinois where they're gonna have to send their three girls they have older boy who's already out of the house and in the navy three girls are gonna go to high school and and my grandparents could send the girls to any high school they wanna 'cause they just pull strings right but they said no they're gonna go lanphier which is like the working class side of town so they're gonna stand the lanphier to the working class highschool so they stay humble but they get driven there everyday in a fucking state limousine my my dad my dad who the reason why folks divorces 'cause my dad was gay the fact that my dad could have ever been in the closet is just shocking to me my modern knowledge 'cause he would go to school in like corduroy suits and stuff when you didn't need to go to school and quarter right right right warlick jacket ties everyday in very well put together and my aunt was very funny my mom's older sister she was like kind of my inspirational relative she was the person that came and it was like let's have fun why would why would we not be trying to have fun all the time yeah kind of that it's a wonderful way the list but she and my dad were instantly drawn to each other which is most like funny boisterous women are drawn funny gay men natural combination and then my mom who's two years younger kind of was the tag along with them and then at a certain point my mom and dad started dating yeah an i think my dad when he was in greencastle going to school he missed my mom to so we came back he was just going to community college knew he was probably gonna get drafted so he joining army he took the tests and he scored ridiculously high in language aptitude so they said you're gonna go to foreign language school which is in monterey california oh my she got in monterey and he said it was the most beautiful place i've ever been in my life and i got there and they kind of gave me the choice of what language i want it to take any like what keeps me here the longest a they said chinese and russian and he said i'll take russian a ha through their first year then were stationed in northern japan intercepting soviet radio broadcasts and translating the which he said he never heard one interesting anything oh said he would hours of can you hear me about what why or how's it going over there find where do you guys having for dinner or half of august never anything will you love stern is a gt that makes those prank calls or a he's like how you doing yeah you just go ahead ranger at a richer chris richards yeah yeah hey man i'm doing fine what you have then there's layers are constantly with some salad in now good good you're doing good things going and they'll do that and then they call her back when someone else and go you talk to my brother housing do you have a good day teknor david pecker they actors who we know the middle of nowhere missouri and he has still has that where like you go to dinner and he can just turn to the next table and just go chatty jet jet jet and no it hannah open for it and i just want you doing talking about stranger yeah yeah yeah and that's not cause i'm in showbiz no no no no that's just that's just shy small talk has come to make me extremely nervous i'm the same way i find somebody will pitch me an idea for something like whether it's at the show or something extra and while they're pitching midi idea i'm trying not to be a dick but i it kills me when people are like they try inside look to me like i'm gonna be will do i can't get shit done some myself new stranger you know you friend of a friend you son of like somebody my mom knows yes well fuck i'm gonna do for you well it's also you have to remember what it was like to be that person who is just round they would do agni thing or even just a tiny piece of something so they're just like scrapping its ground and i do remember that but i also remember too that i remember all the bad advice that was given to me like when i went to film school i specifically remember somebody telling us if you're waiting tables and you see someone that's in the business that you think you get you a job giving their resin made the worst thing they say is no and then the minute i started working no no the worst thing is is it they look at you and they go fuck do you resonate with that so i can remember you're name as the guy they interrupted my meal who doesn't understand how things work ryan you know know you know i mean like i've worked with a guy who is a production assistant who used to call producers weekly to say do you have any work for me and that was what he was it advised to do right and i quickly as they start working everyone knew that guy is like that pain in the ass the called all the time and that also would then write a letter to thank the person for having a phone conversation in which they told him there was no work right thank you for telling there was no word yes and i even told this guy that kind of ask kissing do you wanna work for someone that's susceptible to that kind of absolutely transparent mri history and phony phony bullshit and had nothing to do with your capacity worker your capacity did think on your feet like yeah do you wanna works well the problem is is there are these famous stories that yeah disseminate right like whether it was spielberg sneaking under the lot of universal yet or whatever right so there's there's a couple of stories that get out but maybe i'm proud of is i didn't do that like i didn't take advantage of friendships i have or you know i just personally wasn't in me to do that yeah and so it's hard for me to advise someone to do that and that's simply no not how i thought well in the film business i worked hard 'cause i started out as an intern at a production company and then i was a production assistant right and then i did all kinds of different john papers in e d i was kind of being in props that was sort of where i ended 'cause it was the most fun yeah but i worked hard right and the people that were above me saami working hard yeah they saw me being smart when they saw me noticing seeing how things were done and replicating what worked and avoiding what didn't write how soon after mom and dad got divorced did you learn dad was gay honestly my dad lumped in the birds and the bees talk width and there are some people men who liked to be with men and have sex with men and women alike and they're called gay and that's what i am oh he really yeah yeah oh wow there's probably seven or eight okay when we came home and told my mom dad told us about sex and now babies are made and told us cities gay and she was kind of check did you showed us a book that my dad had bought us and they wanted us to have about how babies were made like some sort of like forward thinking sorted wise i explicit or frank book she's like he wanted me the give you this and i said you guys are ready for it which is you know achievers wrong kids can learn about how kids were made when they're three gifts because there's nothing gross about it will sit there and watch of nature show with their kids and you see two animals fucking yeah and that's fine explain to them right when people really we got one of his work humans whenever anybody's like what do i tell my kids you tell them the truth tell them exactly the truth yes india my daughter just not too long ago we're listening to on the on the radio is the display of the song and i don't remember song but it was steely dan oh sure and she was like steely dan what does that mean and i said what's the name of the dildo in a book about drugs a really and i said yeah yeah yeah and the dildo land the best saw rock transfusion band of all time i hope he added that said in a tight ads group of studio musicians oh maybe the best that yeah yeah but so did you dad have a partner anything no nothing serious and long term i think maybe he did at one point and i was shocked to find out years later to that he wanted to stay together with my mom somehow work it out and i'm thinking i don't think there's working this out so there was honesty in the divorce yeah yeah and i think he may have even had another relationship with a woman afterwards still trying to work it out with himself but they were very very difficult for him yeah and the different a different time and i want you know what i mean my son is gay and he came out to us when he was eleven while i just say he came out to us in when he was eleven and we never spoke about it since that's just 'cause he's hey by the way i'm gay now get out right now alone alone yeah yeah within the last year and we ever need it's all about yes about my sex life and it's like i get that completely but do you think though that he lives at all empowered by the fact that grandpas gain is that help at least know like oh you're dad did he know that at that i don't think he did know that but i truly believe 'cause we have a lot of gay friends like gay male friends the he was always drawn a and it's just that moment of identify with that it was noticeable when are gay male friends would come over he was it's very interested in and rights but we may be going 'cause i imagine if i put myself in that position i go of seems like he's leaning towards gay but then again i don't know what a fucking ten year old boy does know maybe this'll reveal itself something differently at the time i never gave it any thought because i did one way or the yeah because i didn't feel like there was any reason to that point eleven it's he's still in kind of an eight sexual bracket right he's not really well it depends i it's it's different for everybody but it's conventionally like when you're kids in junior how you go okay shit's about start happening or any my sexual creatures from when they're tiny yard short rubbing nonstop and you know you're out there drawing the thing yes i mean otake was having a daughter that would come wake you up and get in bed in the morning with us in her hand on my face and they realize oh honey you're discovering a whole thing it's so much fun actually yeah absolutely the whole world is horny horny it's so fantastic i couldn't agree more twenty only gifts we get a light of being a human a yeah as long as you don't get pregnant you're like let's party or inappropriate across borders but if you're a morning and you're confident i say go crazy yeah no back to your high school prom king i was were you at athlete i wasn't athlete but not is super devoted one because are school was so small you didn't get at a lot of john hughes style little clique oh it was just sort of burnouts end jocks then burnouts were just kids didn't play sports writer and there were sort of the more hardcore ones that really were getting high all the timer i'm doing homemade tattoos with a needle antara martin there was a guy and he seems so scary time he's about three years old and everybody in class and he had an older than his classmate yes yeah okay menthol for sure back so many times on his arm he had giving himself a tattoo like a doobie with smoke rising off of it on his arm and then above it would just said party now are added do what he's done it in south with a pen and because he was brought up and yet by the time he got to the why it was all fucked up so it's almost like sort of like part x a whistle whistle wasn't even an axe it just looked like you start with a like a some sort assembled fell on its side i have a very similar thing aaron stench comb who i went to junior high with and then later he came to my high school he'd been committed double homicide and is in prison now out but when he showed up at my high school i hadn't seen him in two or three years news now six for india reenter pounds use humongous any of that jean jacket that he had written on the back of in marker hard rock but he ran out of real estate around the auto in rock so the seeing the k or slanted abruptly down and i think when you just thought everyone could relate to running out this kid lives literally on the edge of town in these kind of shitty apartments right next to a big gas station kind of half trucks up half gas station one day and it was in the winter he put on his coat and the mask and took a shot gun and went and robbed the gas station and walked directly back to his apartment i i am no all argument to the gas station of that apartment and he was minor way we found out he was back from jimmy without a friend of mine went into another gas station and no one was there like hello hello there is no credit cards pay yeah and he's like hello hello and then this guy that had rob the place in back to be came through the back room is like oh hey man what's up oh down you're back he's like yeah yeah and then on what is it like we did near do you smell morning no no okay good and he was working there eight rob the gas station got out of you came to work at a gas station wow industry beautiful he those both sides of it today to perform oral cancer if you dare we are supported by policy genius monica sometimes being adult blows 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man go into journalism and i went to unify and you of i went to i and it's funny now having just had his son goes through the college application process and applied a like a dozen schools and having other parents say to me how many schools did you apply to and i'm like to you know i got into a man i couldn't afford one you know so i applied dui and then i applied northwestern and i got into northwestern but just there is no way i could afford the northwestern ben that's what he only schools that i buy their size does seem like the perfect mix of like it's aggressive an ivy league ish in beautiful play yeah and it's just a beautiful place scores and there's a town of people that come out of there like julie louise drivers who share last week that you know they're grassland a lot of people yeah yeah it's a really cool place charlton heston oh well all lind i guess that goes home i doubt it i don't think a lot i don't think he may have though but but eastern south carolina and i chicago's being second city okay and when you start doing comedy i imagine you're running high school and so if you only right that was part of my popularity in my identity as funny person in did you do well with ladies in high school no no i mean i was just so afraid and i was the product of at that point to divorces it was all deadly important it was in my mind that i wasn't gonna fuck everyone's life up this damaging this loss in this destruction yeah i'm get it right so i couldn't relax and reach a certain age i didn't lose my virginity until i was twenty one or something a high end it definitely came to a point where it's like if i don't relax i'm never going to get late i just need you relax and have some fun and enjoy this and you could feel it starting to become an actual issue yes looking around and being like i see all kinds of people fucking like crazy inhabited ray being that big a deal and why am i so god damn uptight about this right where you similarly uptight about other things no no you were drinking and show man i am lucky that i came up after cocaine a writer just wasn't that much cocaine around but i did not say noticing right i've done virtually everything except for heroin crack enemy tripping there was a time in my life where like you fuck yeah a ha i would be like out at midnight and have to go like work for my uncle you know unloading lockers and somebody like you want some asset like okay yeah and i'm out in fucking hoffman estates unloading trucks tripping balls this thing gang gang gang gang yeah no activity did i take serious enough that i didn't think guy couldn't be buster something during that honesty de only one i couldn't do improv oh i got time once before doing improv and i really never again i guess known before doing improv unlike a second show on saturday one time and i was like oh no i can't use our i had ed now is bad and i cannot be bad at seven oh i i never even like we'd even at the height of all my friends because it takes away the single thing i like about myself which is i'm kind of verbally dexterity as you know like i can talk it's so funny that you just said verbally dexterity it's dead address dexterous yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah i wanna cross the scrimmage kiss you is that hosted by my own qatar yes yes yes but but the fact that i could talk is the only thing like about myself and then i went smoke weed and i get like two sentences out and i'm like they don't know what i'm talking about i'm not positive i know about anymore and opposite for me we makes me chatty and i used to self medicate with the weed for me is a toggle switch of contentment and even into my adulthood come home from a shitty day head out to the garage tinker around a little is and come back in a good mood ready to chat how's your day hey kids what's up in haitian don't smell daddy's bras you know right but that smell used to the kids they used to say you smell like beer had had a beer when we were little and we went out to chela you know 'cause like when you got kids you go out there and there's like the hotel resort with the mini park yeah waterpark thing yeah lazy river yes exactly so we went out to do that but we took him just see morrissey and he knew morsi we like morrissey and this huge wave of pot smoke at us and then he went oh i smelled beer i i sell beer circuit that here i i don't know and you know and it wasn't just before the casual missive we'd now i mean now again we're living in amsterdam now in riyadh corner and bison but when i'm ride my motorcycle home from places i just all every other block i get like some big huge hit of yeah yeah i get so many friends would be like i'm you know that i had known forever and i knew they got high end stuff and they'd say like yeah i still get high but i never i'm high around the kids and i'm just like what are you wasting your we only shit this really catch the boring i have a lot of this watching him do the same thing fifty times in the backyard yeah yeah we have a friend who told us that a couple father's days ago where he's just very into psychedelic in a very thoughtful mindful way that that's his thing and so she said what do you wanna do on father's day in he said i'd like to do acid and be with the kids at the beach he says this day the best day of his whole life wow because he said he was staring at his children and he got really obsessed with like the vascular already like i maintain their veins in that they were really worrying organism and again in himself and it took him to this place where he could just see them as their own people and he said even now the residual effect of that is he'll be getting frustrated with them in losing his patients in he'll just kinda hone in on their veins and it kind of just brings back to that moment of having experienced the yeah yeah really special organism it's either beautiful gruesome that story a little both dead pulling his hair out when i was becoming a comedy person learning how to do this thing that i do there were many times that tripping around the people that i was west and the people that have been making comedy for decades mhm that it was a very useful full thing for me yet it showed me ways that i could be funny that i didn't know i could do in new wrinkles in my brain and i didn't know were there yeah it's hard is apparent to be like drugs are one hundred percent bad 'cause it's kind of like a you know i i'm constantly trying to get monica try different drugs i'm not just before you know what is he tricked into i not and i can't be peer pressured so i have not done any of that but i said please don't leave this planet without experiencing mushrooms yes mushrooms her mushroom very gross that's the one thing you gotta like jam and like we're finally jam in like being on these there's something inherently pizza hugh no i've read that gotta if you janet in the brownie brownie enough and get it in the it's it's still kinda gross but it is really fun but yeah i guess for my kids i'm just gonna be like look man try these drugs please don't try these 'cause if you try these in my experience then you can't do any of them yeah me new coke good chance with your jeans and everything in our history yeah you're you're just gonna lose these options do any of that yeah which is kinda my experience i have to back off kind of all of them now it reached a point with me i felt like it put like a distance between me and my family ahah like i'd go to the garage and i'd get high and then i'd come back in and i would be would be talking to them but they're felt like this sneeze guard needing see through it and you hear it through it but they're not the same connection being made and i'm in its own artificial still bubble that especially which repetitions starts to feel dirty yeah so when i quit drinking my girlfriend at the time of course kept drinking in my thing with her was like i don't want you to change your life because i had the quit drinking and yet at the same time i can tell you when we go to dinner if you're wondering were having the same experience if you have three or four drinks were just having different experiences ryan the thing i'm looking forward to like looking back on her life's on a porch someday it just it's a little frustrating that we had different experiences periences i kind of want it to be shared so in that respect i can't understand being like well i'm having a slightly altered experiencing these three people in that doesn't seem entirely fair well it just to me it felt like i was isolating myself rive problem which is a problem and just general with me yes you're on in their presence where i am right and when you start decades ago well generally people who are depressed we is typically a great is a good one yeah it does like i say you feel content depression is largely league discontent i've been going through a lot of changes in my life and a number of years ago i became very much on depressed not happy not elated but not under the same way that i had been dragging around forever ever end functioning under and having raising kids and having a job and buying a house in all these kind of very grown up responsible things but with just this kind of joy listeners like no taste buds and just it's kind of going through the motions and you know people talking about something bring joy and feeling like i don't know what that is right right and i don't know exactly what it was i mean there was a medication change and it was just life change but it could also just be at age fifty two now like at forty eight my brain just changed her so well you know and don't you think he'd likely overall way in the panic of is this whole ride workout forming miami penny less in really fucked at some point we didn't pick careers where it's like if you were proficient at your career you have jobs safety at you're not really i there's no gold watch like i have a friend who who is a lawyer and he was like mine ferrari's and stuff and all these houses everywhere now just like how could he do that and it's like oh because his skillset he's valuable like he will he's a good maxed out credit cards count on that income probably on his he wants to practice law right you and i can't do that you say there's a whole i mean that that's probably a component to but if you're the disposition of like wanting to get married so perfect in dating and all that it holds that maybe it's just you're you're disposition is a little bit that way yeah and that's why i say i don't know exactly what it was i don't know if there were some chemicals changing my brain more but i it's a combination of all those things is behavioral it's comical and like i say and i did a change medications i had a medication that started being application and ns switched and it made a huge difference rile i'm on maxwell bution for fifty milligrams ahah does the fucking trick these medications they got their drawbacks i i was on one for a while and all of a sudden i became a new look faria or any of it all of a sudden i became like ridiculous premature ejaculation oh wow out of the blue crazy and i of course i just thought like well i'm garbage a piece of shit yeah no i haven't i see my wife is like what maybe ship medication yeah the shrink like yeah he'll try five milligrams of this on top of that oh back the alimony mediocre which is interesting because i've heard that they will prescribe certain antidepressants to actually treat yet reema trap generally and that's what this was this was this gauche of come killer around come jet fuel although if you're wise and we've been together twenty years and you're like popping off immediately i'm a little ladder for a period as chris thinks about yet it's never that flattering it's like oh k on my plate and you're already put near dishes in the dishwasher i guess i'll eat alone i just wanna add 'cause feather in your cap that when conan amazon credited you were really being the tipping point for him to be open but it's a traumatic yes yeah and i think that's really cool this is the tower other yeah owning your own stuff and what it can leave to it's like you could infect people with good stuff through vulnerability in honesty i am one of the first people to downplay dirty air i'm doing air quotes importance of what people in show business do sure it'd be frank about depression and being frank about mental illness and being frank about using therapy the talking cure it has been just evident to me that has helped people yes i can't deny that me being frank about this has had a positive effect on people's live because they come up to me and they tell me as you said this on that podcast guy named john mo as a podcast called the hilarious world of depression mainly focused on tie between depression in comedians a high and i didn't episode of that and i mean i don't think i've ever done anything that's had as much of an effect and then one morning i went to the gym early at warner brothers i'm getting coffee in the commissary this guy would just this like sort of soft southern accident came up to me it was almost crying and he said just you talking about it made me go to therapy and he said i felt like i should do for years and my parents were always so against it and they're still against he said but it saved my life and that's why it's so fucking clowns yeah i know it's being honest i help somebody i couldn't agree more like a christian one time is gonna get interviewed on that off cameras sam jones show she was on her way then she's like i don't know what to talk to you this hour long thing it's all about like you're journey i don't really have ones like mowing you just be honest about the fact that you've been antidepressants or you know twenty years in the yet there's a sparkly growing tv but this berkeley girl also has to really bad thing and she's like you've seen people want and then she did in the similar to yours story it's the number one thing she's grateful she ended up being on him out because way more people have told her oh my gosh i felt so embarrassing that you know it's it's it's crazy the feel embarrassed just seek help if you fell out of a window and there was a bone sticking out of her leg you go the fucking doctor right i get that bone you wouldn't be embarrassed you know we need a jury our eyes that i should suck it up your immune to joy if you get nothing if you know if you have thoughts of killing yourself you can't interface with their own life go get help and people always say two things like well it's easy beyond say you could afford it understand how difficult it can be to afford it but even if you can't afford it there are ways that you could find places the sliding scale their organizations the factors you there's also a gruesome thing it's easy to say do something when you can't do anything but as someone who's been there you gotta do something the reason and depressions 'perfect mousetrap is that at the point you recognize your life is largely miserable and you're also at the point where it's hardest to do something yeah taken action yes it's a self fueling thing what depression there's at least in my mind it's honestly it's like some sort of sucky bus living in your brain and it finds ways to survive and even as you find ways to combat it i've always felt like it's a sneaky beast dna we talk about that regularly which is like your addiction is so fucking clever the weird thing is i wonder if you experiences it's like i will have the same revelation over and over and over again and now habit for the twenty fifth time and i can implement it for a couple of weeks and then i'm always like how could i be rediscovering this thing but it does it goes away you get comfortable then you're kind of guards down but it just keeps seeping back in it's just like exercising you're not gonna do like that final wrap be in great shape and then through you're gym shorts away in like getting back to weed it's not like i'm not gonna smoke weed ever again right but i certainly have to be careful with it i just have it around 'cause by having around it's an open bag of chips getting smarter an in addition dish and disorderly isolation that it would make at also i'm at a point in my life where i want mood stabilization ahah and i don't want on artificial moot stabilization but i do want to be in control of them in as much as i can be it's been a very difficult period of time you're you know i moved out of my house and one thing that's been happening is i have intense waves emotion worst thing i've ever been through and i have to just kind of feels so much of it and just early on i just had days where just sad right and i've spent a lotta time in my life where sadness is like a monster trying to get me songs would come on the radio i turn the radio off rise ads on i can't i can't take that and then the last few years kind of embracing that said and it's not being afraid decry and and just kind of sitting with that and sitting with anger and sitting with recognizing here's this pattern that's been incredibly destructive in me that's that's a neurotic network of behaviors end wiring that as fucked me up forever oh i'm doing it again i'll do it again golly i should stop doing this i still feel the urge to do it i got a little bit more money they ended up and really get to the end of it and be like i feel gross has like a mini bottoms out over on well it's funny how similar what you're describing you deal with depression is what i also deal with with addiction yeah in that i had to learn to except telling feeling my monterey is it's temporary like just knowing this will pass i will differently at some point i don't have to correct it in cut it off in try to ignore it or find something else that i can replace that feeling where i can't just sit in it with some optimism that it'll pass yeah home point and i think that was for me maybe the thing that wasn't driving it for so many years which is like this is permanent i'm gonna feel like this terrible patty anesthetic hopeless for life now yeah because i felt this way for three days it must be now my new yeah yeah you know feeling in it it's just hard to have confidence in that moment that you can indulge it experience it and then it'll pass yeah now i think i've told you this like i can i can picture the first time i saw you like i could paint and if i were a good painter yeah we're at the snake pit i which is a bar here at a bar on melrose yeah i was taking classes at the groundlings and we will go out to the snake bit after the show yeah in you were there in i was thrilled i mean i would cited like you can't imagine 'cause here's someone that i look up to and comedy i'm pursuing comedy he's here in the flesh maybe like like it just starts becoming more tangible yeah yeah and i told you this my first thought and you must get this everywhere you go so it's like any so tall yeah everywhere you go people say they do because you've been standing alone in ten story building your whole life my son is six foot two and his boyfriend is six foot five years everyone's always like they can't believe when they meet my son like oh my god right yeah same thing yeah but yeah i i saw you and i was like trying to be rude simply monitoring everything you were doing like you know he's drinking applying okay cool drinks i'm i drink heavily they're just all up i was duly anthony 'cause i i didn't i kinda got any referee yeah and i was like definitely eavesdropping china's see this three d human being that was at a bar drinking beer and chatting yeah yeah and then the next time i saw you was at arnett house playing poker oh yeah oh everybody's fucking handsome i'm a fucking paid compared game i have grown used to the fact that whenever i see footage of myself self hear my voice see my face i'm gonna go young and i'll do that though i think everyone might feel absolutely everyone i just know that reaction of looking at myself and saying yeah there's nothing i can do about right end right ralian it's wrong and it's nonsense but it's also to it's like you know i'm a human being that lives in the modern world but it also kind of makes me kind of not trust looks generally not would have a lot of attachment to looks or hot and good friend of mine who's talking about like i think this guy is just so hot and that just like when you're talking about hot when it comes down to it the lights aren't on seeing anything anyway and the things the words that the person says you don't see those words and also someone who just kind of generally is absolutely thrilled by imperfection and by human frailty end by spider veins and dimples and a little bit of fat here and there and yeah perfection is to to the uniqueness absolutely just say like i'm an ass man like i liked the acid the person that i love you know what i mean like i know just generally like well all day and where we differ i can in fact my friend eric was just making fun of me last night saying you know when i was single i could just walking on one thing yeah i i can just see whatever i want us right you can just be attracted to one aspect of a person absolute okay just the physical physical interaction right now jewel saxon county area i don't need the whole package at all i don't wanna sound like you like you get why fuck them well it could extended that my interaction could be built around this thing i'm kind of yeah more shipping aspect the fact of the great personality and i'm like good we got great bonds and a great personality already you also have to have the ability and i do not have this ability per say i'm horny in all but i have only fucked my friends a dry whole life i'd never just met somebody and hooked up i'm not saying that i could never do that but at times when it that seems just sort of be in the ether a highest in like oh no i don't know that per i don't wanna oh persons parts in my mouth snow your opposite there look at a national go get that in my mouth going on now i've nothing when you said fans were i i yeah yeah much more attractive what andy excitement say it is much more attracted very off from what i just said but i'm just being honest yeah yeah yeah that'd be on a very big of you yeah but also you're wife is also to like so much more than her physicality i can say with all honesty one hundred percent her personality i made me pursue her yeah how she look i don't have a tight like i could see like somebody that's short in think like oh that that little thing and then somebody that's really tall like wow that's why i don't know i mean so it's kinda yeah it's on the famous 'cause i'm heroic and you know you should win number no ward i know now quickly back to you're career stuff a i watch a bunch of interviews with you know when you were coming my favorite of which the larry king interview you did yeah first of all one of my favorite parts of a so you are in jeopardy needed fucking spectacular wouldn't you win sixty five thousand dollars at yeah probably the best celebrity appearances at the highest i think maybe now i dunno i was on the first time and they've doubled the money but like the first time i was like thirty two grand which is huge that so you won twice i did win twice so my years in between an end the second time that was the beginning of a celebrity tournament all right and i won that first one with wolf blitzer which he really ended the lab which with honesty i took no joy in that he only reason it's worth pointing out i mean just say is that the generic stereoty is the comedian versus the journalist's yes you you're just a mere like oh wolf's gonna walk away with this that's it that's your assumption but the thing is is that it's comedians michael mckean won that tournament i wasn't able to come back and i really wish i kind of had although it is it is terrifying being on the show yeah being on the show we were gonna go out there and you may fucked up and look like a total fucking idiots yes also too i have eighty hd but if pressures on i tend to focus better i noticed it from golf when i've been playing in these charity charity things and the cameras on me i tend to hit the ball well and it's very much the same thing in jeopardy the pressures on and i could just owning yeah now the golf thing to me falls into the category of just talking to someone about this have you throwing up first pitches yes so mean to i'd never played baseball small i had have my uncle teach me how to throw a ball before i did at the tigers game in a fucking let it rip really went for it and i did good in i looked like i know how to throw a baseball field yeah just after the fact i realize there was never a story about how good i threw that baseball no there's no upside no it's not gonna make headlines you part of the whole now had you quadrupled it okay yeah yeah yeah it would have been everywhere like above a buoy first pitch yeah yeah who is basically is it's just all downside yeah yeah there's no upside arm but back to the larry king interview about jeopardy but one thing that he was saying he just can't same side kick nonstop andy i was thinking to myself that would be a title i would never be very peace yeah it would always be triggering term i don't care you don't care i don't care and i haven't cared since day one since day one is day one because i just feel like if i was a sanitation engineer i would not care that someone called me a garbage man right because it's what you it what it is sure and that's just the name and for me to attach some sort of negative connotation to that name would also mean that i would be attaching a negative connotation to my place in the show to my contribution in the show my place in the universe reverse as a worthy member of society we do that i don't not in that particular ends okay i went into that show knowing my value in not being ready to surrender my value and it's gotten only better in larger as it's going on i'm not in possession of a tremendous ego i mean we all have egos 'cause were in this business yeah but i certainly like i say i know my own words i'm a sidekick that's fine that to me that word doesn't mean anything okay grass just what you call the guy that sits next next of the the hosting a talk show we invented this show the conan show nobody knew how to do that nobody knew how to make a talk show we're all new to it you know it's a pizza but we're gonna make her own sauce were gonna make her own cheese right gonna taste different you know yes like i was not gonna be the following yes man ryan matter what right i don't care you could call me whatever you want i knew what i i'm very interested in this column do you ever feel like sitting on the couch knowing you have things to say yeah but then you have to keep quiet do you ever leave feeling i didn't get to do me a possibly early john there was more of that and i talked about this launch on inside conan podcast that there was a early point in the show early on like there were times when i would have a a note for conan that i would tell roberts michael so it would just because it's hard if we're in a scene from meta go you're rushing ending you know like right you need to have a third person say that because you don't wanna bruce mcgowan between who of yeah an so robert woods would talked me more about my place in the show and when he came to me and said do you wanna be the side kick and you know how about you start going to and remotes 'cause the first fourteen remotes something were my remotes and that was in reaction because letterman and we did so many remotes they just felt like the host shouldn't go do remotes i was also just like another tool in the bag it could have been utilized more to fill up more space is on the grid in terms of like filling out the schedule of the comedy robert early on had told me go for it you're not out there just support you're out there to be funny if you know he had faith in my abilities and so i did that and then after a period of time a number of months or so he actually said to me you know how said that i i gotta take it back we've got a dial it back a a before i could even as you said it's not that what you're doing is in great which is a little confusing format too much yeah i was just talking to a friend of mine that's putting together a new talk show and they're thinking of their ideal first guest and i would name somebody and she said they're gonna overshadow the host they're gonna be too big right you know running so i was taking up space and i just taking it up ably mutt but that needed to be drawn back yeah i was hurtful really hurtful i was hurtful will be like you're doing a good job at stopped doing it but i understand it as a producer i understand i understand there's only so many seconds in a minute and if i'm gonna talk for you know twenty five of you know that leaves the lot fewer for other people do that was sort of the beginning now if i have something to say that our show is much more loose and were older and and also to i'm fully own the notion that none it fucking matters right none of it now that takes that takes some years and i sat all it's you know oh that was bad who fucking cares is tomorrow you'll do another one you know the thing i've always been incredibly impressed with you we've done that show together at least fifteen times there's something in your perfect at knowing when to come in and when not to i i find that very hard to navigate and i'm always incredibly impressed that almost every single time you do chime in it's a win yeah i know my that's way harder then they have a ton of time in for like thirty percent of it'd be really good but you gotta be like shooting like eighty five percent well thank you but the secret to that is is i pick my pitches you know there's a batter at the plate and i stand there and the pitch will be coming in and i'm like oh that's a fat one step in front of the batter and swing at it and like oh i hit it like yeah because i the real hard breaking balls you know i kind of let those go by but it's a lot of we'll powers and or like kind of self control it's experienced could certainly every line you're thinking something oh yeah oh listen the funniest things that i have had the contribute on that show i never got to say absolutely point but as in at eight okay it doesn't matter if you can't care what what percentages in there and caring about that yeah you don't feel like it affects here's self worth no no because if you if i'm overall contributing enough then it's okay if i if overall i feel like i'm of the value to be organization then i'm okay if it goes by goes by you know things go by and there again it doesn't matter none of it matters to you and i mean i've told jake jilin hall is on the show he's like one of those people to that i can tell he watched the show as a literal child and he's very friendly in very nice and we're talking about something after the commercial break and i was walking him over the curtain or talking and then he went and he very serious you went like so we stay good a ha and i said honey it doesn't matter if they sell any more checks that movie from the moving now doesn't affect anything that fucking matter is really true love you're family that matters yeah okay so you're podcast yes it is called the three questions with andy richter that's me in is it literally three question admitted three questions but it's basically sickly a vague jumping off point yeah the questions are where do you come from where you're going and what have you learned you know the the kind of conversation that i've always liked the have on talk shows is in the commercial breaks hey you know amy adams do you drive yourself to work right now just that kind of things on gotten does she did you ask i don't know how he wasn't a for instance but but so that's kind of what this is it's like you know what were your parents like not just like what their jobs were but tell what were they like let's talk about it and has i'm very conversant in the language of therapy i've been in therapy for a long time it's a very useful way did talk to you know just to kind of an ongoing dialogue of self discovery while i was you know crazy impressed when we had john got my non andy text me goes i've done the gutman wardrobe we in our logo manuel but but i limit press that's anytime someone puts in actual effort into to fronting the things that they're going through i'm just it's impressive well you either you either wanna do it or you don't wanna do it you know and it's like what i think i have always brought to the table as a friend or a husband or son is i'm not afraid you wanna talk about something let's talk about it you out afraid to deal with things i'm not afraid to hear things that might be uncomfortable let's talk about it because it's just words and it's just feelings and we will be okay ride and there are some people ball the to say it's just words and it's just feelings is like no they're not they're monsters yeah there's things that could kill me until you sam out loud that's weirdly the power or that you find out that you're nothing or that you're bad how do you know that you'll never be loved and like all those things you're just like largely patently absurd like everybody thinks their garbage you're a piece of shit right there now now now now were all kind of implicit leanna a valuable yeah absolutely well yeah absolutely yeah so a three questions yeah with andy richter it's tuesdays comes out on on july eight i think is when it starts and that's on a monday it comes out concurrent with episode of conan's podcast and then every week thereafter it'll be out on tuesdays wherever you get your podcasts good 'cause i don't wanna compete with you on monday will be released on goliath or seven my day that we yeah i think that's date yeah so anyway map yang against yourself self weirdly people listen to this another oh my god that was that was only two hours so much more time yeah well i'm very excited to start listening to your podcast because i always enjoy talking to you and i have made a point over the years tried to grab lunch every like six months or maybe it's in bed with time and so hard when you have kids i'd i'd argue almost impossible yeah yeah well andy richter i love you so much to you so much for having me three questions with andy richter you find now with with andy erector i think so okay look what is it mattered yet again unsown cocoa and you're walls all right well a mall talks to buy everyone stay tuned for tomorrow or if you dare this episode with andy richter was sponsored by cash app armchair expert is brought to you by the cash app the number one finance app in the app store cash app is the most powerful way the sims band in save it's connected to the free cash card the only debit card booths just 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of children in foster care a true win win please download the cash app today purdy please now my favorite part of the show the fact check my soulmate monica back but bang bang bang bang jack jack jack jack but those seinfeld back back back back jack jack jack ticket you're facts oh wow i never thought i would do instrumental and i love this may start the whole new genre roundabout damn thing yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah i don't know enough about it i hate to admit that seinfeld i mean i just i did watch it you know one of the so funny that we both have a big strike against forty one from north forty yeah someone asked me if i were this somebody asked me at the when the live shows up my favorite friends episode was a very hard question for you people shouldn't put me in a position like that yeah i do you like better matt better i can't decide right can't choose sophie's choice which goes back to what's funny is yours very critical my supportive but you you can experience some of them have tons of pedestals yeah yeah an you like ben in matt the most but it's two people oh you know what i'm saying yeah yes and you can relate i i i guess you're making me say they're not really my favorite people nobody even understanding that they were you're number one crush but they were both you're number one cry worry about my number one crash right to people were you're number one garage yes yes that is true dry oh good job even in this humid a tropical and verner yeah for the listeners i dug around in my ear little bags i have an edge end of structuring some wack some debris as it is proving the validity of twentythree in me hyman holds up oh really hold those things ever with me 'cause i have a mix of dry in when you seem to think so i think it's still at lax that has dried out okay well then what's the difference well how do we know years wasn't what the dried up now campy okay you're never guinea went on my show i definitely get wax out there to even after the shower wow that's incredible yeah i'm getting a mix i do think i have a co dominant gene not of course turn it into being unique fowler enter the code dominance is desirable in the west dry winery wants all things i guess probably like when the environment calls for my ears switch like if i were in a very arid climate it'd be producing a lot of wet tip the balance that yeah but here in the stadium climate i'm going home dr canada dry dry you're this is andy rectors fact check lovely man andy richter specter yeah he said are slim jims illegal he thinks they're illegal ryan idell yeah i don't think they are maybe in google and you combined mhm burn my google and i was able to purchase but there is a lot of conflict about it on the internet so they are legal it'll say it state by state which could be state by state but you can order it online you just have this week you're first one i was gonna bring that up to note slim jim popular sandwich a big boy yes you know what this is better meinhof mingka's i just learned about slim jims on this episode right and then we went to the big boys belie a and b wise born in this hot menu item when she asked me to get which i did this one yeah that's right creation role with ham in swiss cheese tomato lettuce and tartar sauce they smash the bread when they put it on the grill comes up then in chris be nice it's a it's my favorite big you know i would i would bounce back and forth between the big boy hamburger regional double decker hamburger can swim jim no i liked it you don't like the big boy i've just realize you've never had a big boy either how now it's similar to a big mac but different oh yeah what about it is different 'em the taste oh yeah but thirty julie ono visually it looks very similar and they both have a thousand island spread in cheese and meet in a sesame seed so i wonder what makes the tastes different sounds like all the ingredients sound exactly this looming yeah it's interesting because they are identical and yet they taste different wow chris even cassie crissy's and get all those all those things but more like mcdonald's and burger king that's different one royal fried yeah wendy's in in mcdonalds you know it's a piece of beef on a bond that's true but a much different launched anyway so that was definitely baiter mind hop 'cause there was a new word and ended up here again almost immediate yeah probably will continue to roll why well then baiter mine office frequency biased frequency illusion delusion yeah oh i love it i've been saying that now you've taught it to me he used to be that i could never remember and now i'm remembering marina around town and i love it stayed in line office feels great to say okay so did nancy kerrigan is one of those telescopic rods who were saying you said that he said no she is just a tight end she is the police but time right a telescope yeah this is fun 'cause you know andy early in the conversation point not said a word wrong which is really embarrassing show and then maybe you got to full himself he's right about everything and i like i like no i'm too oh if i'm remembering correctly i don't think the word you said which was verbally you said dexterity a m i don't think that happened until after these things oh okay so regardless i'll continue to keep score my good friend andy you know i guess the stakes are heightened 'cause he's jeopardy champion oh that's true you probably get a police yourself 'cause if you crushed it jeopardy you might go through the rest of your life certain you're thinking you're right about that yeah about a pie about slim jims that's true because you were talking about northwestern oh you know we were talking about how many people went there and i said i did clear i think he did and he said no i don't think so and he did oh wow why burying her andrews really like a fashion bearded sorry i but also we gotta learn we gotta learn and we got a call if we do we can't protect people we love if the wrong no no that's what happens with hero worship powering again or another on so you asked did dan savage good university of illinois champagne you're like i think he did cause i think we were just talking about it i don't know if andy said no he didn't but i think he said oh i don't know he's a no maybe just a no i can't remember but he did he did go there okay right right yeah that will give that one i neutral position on okay you got thirty five thousand on jeopardy or something he won sixty eight thousand dollars that was another one of my facts were blowing through these facts sixty thousand it says on repeat it again me now we can't really fully trust it no but richter currently holds the record for all time highs one day score ooh on celebrity jeopardy what a what a honor i'm so joel light on oh when the feather in his cap yeah bragging rights oh god yeah i would constantly you hear me go all well what do i know i'm just a ruptured older jeopardy so please arts batteries then yeah who should we believe you know i don't know the guy who won the most amount of money ever on jeopardy or someone who's never even been on jeopardy nutria issue so he was saying you know some his friends would crown spring nutrient make coaching staff in southeast blue already animal yeah yeah yeah i thought you were talking about like it was plural nutritionists nutria also called coin to oh wow call to according to coat oh my god is that equate to coat it's beautiful it's real claim that look like they're not that imitation coit who isn't it oh my got it's beautiful i love that to a great person came in she had the most beautiful court to oh you e q we beautiful there is such a stupid on on on appeal but i really kind of a huge issue where we're at a p u asian food in the air moral we called appeal asian food it was not called that blueberries enclosed if you're sad that were saying that it's because we had to wait forty minutes for the warriors chinese food we've ever had in are live at the airport like at eight fast food yeah it was in seattle unfortunately i love that airport look i'm not gonna say that don't say why 'cause it's a beautiful airport no no we digress for one second said her new favorite airport in the world is saint paul minneapolis minneapolis apple early fuck you like the grow it just had a roof on it it was have then we got delayed we were delighted to be so excited we were sad that we couldn't get delayed even more 'cause there was some live music that what's gonna happen that we were missing him we're at a farm and people divorced and they had innovating near the rob natalie got into purchased some trees you chiropractic worked on their it might there he was because minneapolis houses the mall of america rate they got set the bar a lot of tourism coming in for that mall they do and they want to basically give you a pre mall before you go to the mall and an advertiser mall at the teaser they've done a great job oh man view asian asian not the sewers to you was at the seattle mall more what am i all the airport on judge them as mall the mall ever adver anyway i'm sorry seattle i'm gonna say i loved year city i love to go there per month i really really really liked it i'm not crazy about you're airport i had you agents and then i've into the bathroom the bathroom was stinky end not because of the normal bathroom reasons it just with stinky oh it had a non p u poop no more to now now they're unique to the sea tac airport near water everyone you think we get a little cover fire saint peter's asian food but this is the only time i'm gonna concede the erosion no okay yeah i don't have the sad yeah i'm asian yeah i an asian now you're from the subcontinent you got a whole different thing i don't like that lumping it's like right after romania recalling three chord that landmasses seems confident the asiya well there's also people have tried to sub break it up and the eurasia which makes more sense i just don't know that i feel like you know afghanistan and it's it's just it's all tricky to afghanistan technically i think i think it is well it's bordering pakistan that's definitely definitely in asia right i don't think it is at all well that's why we have middle east now we say yeah yeah we like mettler afghanistan pakistan even but you wouldn't call india middle east no i know all subcontinent okay give it its own name as it should have no that's nice one of the oldest civilizations in new orleans valley fair yeah very old civilization old unwise immature muscle well yeah although were learning eric topol posted a thing that they're studying elite athletes in there's some got by on stuff going on they have a different got by 'em which i'm holding out that i might still be an elite athlete crap slowest the biofilm lebron maybe i should just put lebron's poop yep you're buying transplant little brown yeah he's gotta have that by seems like such a great guy and he seems positive and he's doing a lot for others who might get some of his mental health yeah so he said steely dan is the name of the dildo in a book about drugs i did not know that in the boroughs book yes william boroughs novel naked lunch it's named after thee be dildo steely dan three from me oklahoma oh emigrate instrument yeah i'm gonna give my toys names like that oh you should yeah rubber on just get the respect they deserve to know robert ron dermer perry fancy fancy new premium anyhow i read like a tiny accept seems like a really interesting boroughs izzy original beat writer nell worshiped him right medicare oac and all those guys ginsburg in a i heard a great podcast about it i mean he murdered his girlfriend in mexico and got away with it oh yeah he was a junkie he pulled guns when they're all fucked up and shoot apples on his head and he tried to shoot in apple office girlfriends head and murder no until they got away with it and there is a two part podcasts on a christian i listen to i mean that dark life she had married but you know he's gay in the forties were known as the thing is parents were reddish out while he was sleeping with men on but i don't know that he was well no i think he's gay and is openly gay in the books he just a dark dark all the drugs or just say oh yeah you got a girlfriend which is interesting yeah kind of a beard i guess maybe that's why kilter couldn't handle it and heading in and out of there yeah yeah wild lifestyle who've oh you tell the story of aaron stitch comb writing hard rock on his arm in the not really leaving enough demand the batter raw a lot of value understand jackson oh on his jacket oh i miss her that whole thing anyway but yeah even leave enough space which reminds me of john mulvaney is special comeback kid he opens with that joke about like he's writing a birthday sign a like everyone's been there it's so funny because it's so true everyone's been there someone i need to spend some time getting into everyone i like worships on i think he's so good at what i like about that joke specifically in a lot of his jokes are there so obvious like it seems like like seinfeld jokes kind of i guess i don't know not seinfeld's routines yeah not enough about that but they're pretty great they're like the situations everyone's and he's talking about taking a cabinet the city in at the drivers constantly reevaluating his position on the road and like this is the way he's articulating this experience we all have long time is like it's just really funny yeah those are definitely my favorite but where it's not like some outrageous story it's like turning a light on something we already knew you know right cool ehrlichman scientific breakthrough we've all coaster anger and just realize you didn't you had it wrong that we've all done it sounded like that's fine when you set wrong wrong wrong guys in here look they have their hands all over you get their hands on some of these slip into his voice enough i think maybe it's just your voice let's just be clear i do not do a good vince vaughn at all it's a two but i but i do it consistently wrong you know we we found out on this trip i could do bernie sanders a little sixty five percent that was a fun discovery yeah how tall is andy six one okay you're talking about him being tall at how most people say me yeah i don't know you'd be so talk 'cause he's always say next opponent but then we didn't say how tall he was i just wanna tell everyone six one yeah you wanna tell what happened to you in the elevator in a chicago you gotta elevator everyone's quiet and you've got out and the doors were shutting you heard them say oh she's so much shorter unreal what she's so tiny and then at that live show are guest basically basically said that to like i look smaller in person that's what kept her said no no no that's what 'em andrews that but that was in chicago because we got you got the elevator he told the story went saw kicking her and i said detector who's also six to do i said do people endlessly tell you you're taller in real life and said yes and then they just told you you were smaller and realize what we decided that probably most people who get recognized are either smaller or taller than persons thinking they must be like consistent for everyone but it makes sense if you're just looking at pictures and stuff how do you do you can know what tom cruise gives it the worst though because that's how is he he's like five seven or something right yeah everyone knows he's short let people know that but that true and people know that i'm small but i think when you're seeing it it is different yeah andy does seem much taller he does yeah that's mostly just 'cause you've seen him in tandem so yeah okay so we talk about peacock sure end he gave the sound of a peacock and i was like oh my god that sounds like peacock it sounds like the word all right then i was like oh maybe not named peacock because of annoys that so then i looked it up and that's not true but i found something else interesting the collective name for peace talks is peace foul they're actually not called peacocks the males are peacock focus cox yeah yeah i but no you go male birds cartwright like roosters yeah yeah but peacocks are male female piece foul view equate to female teeth out that's very hard to save almost say palin drum at all like that when i'm looking at it anyway female pete foul is called up he has an opinion so peacock p hand and the baby is called the paycheck oh bj you take away all that's great i mean i'm really glad we gotta talk about view asian food and pay ties and kuwait to raid some airports slash malls well as i'm gonna talk about seattle apart i guess i'll end on this albuquerque airport not so good oh you know what else i'll bring it home burbank airport not and great right but you know what's funny is in your analysis what year rating and airport based on is really funny it's not the same as mine mine is convenience of getting in and out of out of her like i have never waited more than six minutes at burbank airport from the ticketing counter to the gate of course i pick the burbank airport for travel any day if i could but so close to her house but your evaluating it with the mole metric i am all metric burbank narrow year well zero more like george zimmerman physical fitness point five five yeah okay i'm sorry airports if they're gonna get home or bank airport the george zimmerman for everyone knows that all right i love you i love you let's go swimming okay

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