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"nancy del centro" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"Evidence than direct as we have learned in painful instances and certainly valid in in in this none of those exceptions were part of this testimony it's not the time for colloquy what's here hearsay evidence much poorer than direct evidence can be better evidence than the directive as well the only time that is true when that's all the evidence you have is when it's here so you have no direct evidence but the on this this type of thing you know you're not going to impeach a president you're not going to convict somebody alright and here's the thing that might might just a little yes pet peeve that I have why are these people called witnesses one they didn't want to miss anything I mean I just memes are correct me if I'm wrong but the this is all hearsay the over her they got it from a second or third shortly Hey in with this they want I witnesses to it they weren't here witnesses to it they have witnessed nothing I actually have our own no recollection ever of you would be wrong so I want to the following colloquy is the big world today that actually means gay cauliflower for if you go back to Latin our colleague from the cauliflower in Cui world Richman forty some elements are calling we really in in Congress means when when two members of Congress try to clarify something and they engage in a not a soliloquy about a call or come across in which the they basically will try to it's like model model Congress Sir can we put an asterisk on that one by the way yes we can't read was by the way folks for definition purposes means reporting a rear end in danger so much follow the words indeed I'm here to help out anyway I thought that yesterday on the the avenues as excellent Jim Jordan while John Radcliffe for at least a finite Gil couple times they were able to get stuff they were they were digging Adam Schiff left and right to try to shut him down but did you notice but it wasn't within maybe the first two or three minutes then when it was Republicans turn to to question the to our witnesses yesterday he merely search interrupting and tall and concerts lecturing them on fact evidence and due to coach the witness you don't have to have so the just to let you know the day that they don't have the facts you don't have to agree about what will walk for forty five minutes the the Democrats with Daniel Goldman model ATV or MSNBC about bathrooms or other question was the Republicans every elected they will do their thing but as soon as Republicans started yesterday ship the ship started playing his games okay I think are continuing of Meyer recent observations I think putting shift in charge of the intelligence committee was one of the bigger tactical mistakes Nancy del Centro made never some items are twenty three time traveler weather on the.

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