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"nancy christine cindy" Discussed on Six Degrees of WTF

"Judy the daughter said that judith did live with the warrants for a few years but she moved when she was eighteen and she had to go she said that judith lived a childhood filled with neglect. And the warren's basically took her just to help her out and give them a place to live. Judy says that her parents were rarely home. They traveled a lot giving lectures. On booked. horrors day were studying. These cases and judith would stay at their house and watch over things while they were away. Judy tony also said that. Jews had a long term boyfriend for most of the time that she lived there. She eventually ended up marrying this boyfriend. And the couple would often spend holidays with the warren's as i mentioned earlier all of the started coming out the lawsuit came up and judy and tony believed that judith was manipulated into saying these things against her parents now again. I'm not going to spend any more time on the lawsuit or of the soap opera drama. I will put a link to this article from the hollywood reporter up in the show on our website. If you want to read more into it. But i'm gonna dive into the some of the cases they covered so we'll start with the first country movie now. This movie claims to be based on the true story of caroline and roger parent who bought an eighteenth century farmhouse in harrisville rhode island and then they moved in with her five daughters andrea. Nancy christine cindy in april and nineteen seventy only to find that. The house was possessed by spirits. Or according to the warren's a really pissed off which named bathsheba sherman now as an aside. I'm going to mentioned. The movie was based on the transcripts of eddin lorraine warren. They wrote down things. The family had told them and also their experiences from their perspective while they were in the house and andrea was very clear about pointing that out as well. She wrote a trilogy of books. Titled house of arkansas. So flight that she self published which are based on her and her family's firsthand experiences so anything that the warren's documented was stuff that the family had told them it happened so they didn't get all the details is basically what she's saying like my books basically tell you how it actually happened. There's been she didn't say that they did it wrong. Or they did anything bad but she just wanted to make that distinction at. I'm not going to recount the entire plot of the movie. It's mean if you're interested watch it. It's terrifying about the story. So i the movie makes it look like the parents moved in the summer. When it was nice and beautiful but andrea said they actually moved in during the winter and weird. Things started happening about three months after they i moved in and then christine perrin said that started with bedroom doors. They'd fly open and then bay against the walls in the middle of the night so it was like someone was just walking through the halls Banging like flinging open everyone's stores also in the movie. We notice psyched. I day or the second that they moved in. What's her name. Lili taylor yes. The woman who plays the mother carolyn. She lays down to take a nap and she wakes up and she has bruises on her. And she's like. Oh that's weird. Yeah it's like right at the beginning of them moving in..

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