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"namath park" Discussed on New Jersey 101.5

"Forty eight h Torres on New Jersey, one point five. Jersey one point five inch, whether it's going to be a hot and humid start to the weekends of a little cooler by Sunday could be stormy at times far from the wash out, though, tonight, warm humid, just a few clouds, lows in the mid sixties inland, low seventies at the shore as warm and humid, Saturday, some gusty afternoon and evening storms. Possible is in the upper eighties of the shore is hot as the mid nineties inland. So really roasting Sunday's high in the upper seventies to the shore, upper eighties inland, and, again the opportunity for a few late day thunderstorms. I'm meteorologist Mark sibito, New Jersey made possible by seaside heights, seaside heights is the place to be for free entertainment all summer long. See the Crosby Stills Nash and young, Jimmy banjo eleven on the beach beginning in seven thirty PM for all of its, visit exit eighty two dot com. Ocean grove at seventy nine seventy seven Nando eighty best traffic and instant weather every fifteen minutes on New Jersey. One one point feed. Joe hang. Past that. Now. Chain? On that. The news. Pigeon. Descended. Bank. This is. Done. Die. A stand today Owen? Making us. These days. What's up? Event. Sure weekend. Soundtrack is New Jersey one, a one point five. Again. Ow. Again. Joe? Forty seven welcome to another big. Welcome to another big jersey weekend. The Friday this to the big show, the absolute biggest radio program North America. Weekdays, we talk weekends we rock. Thanks for making us part of it. Hey, join me next Sunday. That's a week from this Sunday, July. Seventh as we broadcast this show right here from one of my favorite places, beautiful Namath park racetrack in ocean port New Jersey. We're going to the home of the sport kings. Thoroughbred horse racing will be there for the twenty sixth annual classic car show over one hundred and fifty classic cars, and they're beautiful do plus, we'll have some big fun giveaway stuff. That doesn't belong to us. We'll be there next Sunday, July seventh from ten to three gates open eleven thirty Postimess fifty cenex Sunday, July. Seventh beautiful mama park racetrack ocean port the shores greatest stretch. What am I favor? Let's have some fun. Well, please, please allow me to share this wonderful thought of the day with you. Love is grand. Divorce is a hundred grand. Thank you. Here's fast. Is backing up. We got some construction now from exit thirty four Warton reddening towards twenty eight and rocksbury. So that is definitely causing some stop and go traffic, if you want to hop on forty six said my workout better for.

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