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"As a gateway to opportunity camera huge is one of the organizers of this annual event and while many came out to march in support of national voting rights legislation local voting rights also mattered to people like Keith silver who carried the stars and stripes on his shoulder This is more than American flag this the D.C. state would flag We got 51 stars on this flag The march across the Douglas bridge was led by descendants of Martin Luther King We're not tired because we know the toned of democracy rings louder than the tones of division On the Douglas bridge John Doe in WTO P news The legacy of the reverend doctor Martin Luther King Jr. and the women who championed the cause of civil rights were honored today in Prince William county It's an annual oratorical competition in programs sponsored by Delta sigma theta sorority This year's theme her voice her mission Student makaya Freeman honored Rosa Parks We're still fighting to be treated like people and not the enemy So today if I ask you what did Rosa Parks do for you but will you say Namai Thomas spoke about Angela Davis And we need to remind those who forgot know that yes It is the youth and women who are the true shows of this nation Local and national civil rights leaders also spoke Kyle Cooper W TOP news Coming up in money news so called dark stores are offering much faster delivery times It's 1123 One of Beatrice's properties needs a new superintendent Is not someone with handyman superpowers and a concierge alter ego Does anyone know any good electricians in their parkville Indeed can help her hire great people fast I need indeed Indeed you do Instant match instantly connects you with quality candidates whose resumes and indeed match your sponsored job description Is it.

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