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"I'm tracy. And this is Hebrew national hot dogs might hear insta- kosh route growing up was late that saying about whether you should button the buttons on three buttons suit. Sometimes always never sometimes milk with meat always shellfish. I mean, I lived in Maryland, never, pork. I still never pork. Regards to bacon. I am confident. I am missing out big time. But I take pride in my allegiance to kosher hot dogs. They're better. Anyway, or so I've been told I wouldn't know great hotdogs to me are delicious juicy without the dangerous smokiness. I can only imagine the once stuff with poor have my dad would get second avenue deli dog shipped frozen in bulk when my parents and brother were away on Saturday afternoons for soccer games. I would stay at home with the George Foreman grill squeezing the top down at those charged dividend. Into the dogs lightly. Splaying the buns on the grill near the end deli. Mustard a coke, I can't believe people eat them with up. My father told me about the Hebrew national ads. We answer to a higher authority. A more concise statement of American Jewish assimilation. I have not found our hot dogs are better than your dogs because they must satisfy demands not only of your profane laws of man, but our own Sigrid laws of God, Jewishness it works. Infants circumscription could take a page from this marketing strategy. But of course, the implied boast was unprovable because those making it would never eat the other dogs, the slogan combined confidence in the reason superiority of one's faith with an orthodox commitment to that faith. Regardless of reason, many group has refused to copy the American mainstream. But it takes something still known by its. Dish name chutzpah to insist. No, actually, you will come up. I'm really hukou. And this is Persian rice. For all the love lavish upon lumpy Eskenazi darlings such as the big oil cocoa or multiple it is indeed the Persian rice that if it came down to it for it always does could serve as the Jewish. People's most fitting alimentary metaphor, lean distinct, grains, negligible on their own become Castro nominally substantial win together on a spoon or in amount on the train come. What may be herb Bill leak parsley or spice, cumin, cinnamon Cardamom or being Favel green or the black-eyed variety while the palatable repast might lead the epicure to believe that mere lightness accounts for the taste the crusty. Bottom of the pot concoction offers tough rebuttal leaving room for many interpretation. Nhs. For instance, this only with so harden the bottom the such lightness on top become possible and can one make this dish from Mia recipe, Queen Esther would advise against it. If she could it takes serious education to learning by decide of culinary home to create the crusty fluffy paradox without involving the local fire chief, not so metaphorically speaking. Wage crew if you like what you're hearing. You should buy this book, you can find it at Taba. Amac dot com slash one hundred Jewish foods. Now back to the show. We are here with NAMA Sheffi. Amanda Dell they are with the Jewish food society nonprofit that works to preserve celebrate and revitalize Jewish culinary history. Which if we realize is amazing and should be loved and supported by all of so to start you both introduce yourselves. Tell us what your role is at the Jewish food society. And what it is. Sure. Hi, everyone. My name is nam Sheffi, I'm Dave founder and executive director of the Jewish food society. And I think about the society is as the new home for Jewish food. I think that Jewish food deserves a home, and we hope to be that place. I'm Amanda dull, I am the program director for Jewish food society. So I have the amazing opportunity to bring our digital recipe archive to life so through our programming. We really got to bring the stories and recipes off the page and into an act. Title experience that people can have for themselves to see and taste, listen, we're these are coming from all over the world archive generations of buddies throughout time, essentially, yes, we have a website, which we were call digital recipe archives. So basically on the archive, we're preserving family recipes that we have collected by cooking with people and then recipe testing, and then presenting it on our archive Duva fever from from that archive like one that you could say like God that is perfection. I'll turn NAMA for the favorite. I think that's hard. Okay. So I really love the Mexican Jewish recipes the twit of with a lamb stuff lamb shoulder dish from a chef that grew up in Mexico City, and these dishes really brings together is grandma's. Heritage. Foam, Aleppo and hair new home in Mexico City. So it's slavers dis. Tom arraigned and all leaves and Hala Pinos. And it's it's so unique cell's amazing someone reach out to you and say like, you know, here's where my family's from. I have this amazing Persian rice dish that was was made every Friday night. Like, how do you how do people find you guys? And how do you find the recipes? So think it's two ways. So we are constantly actively searching for interesting stories recipes, and by the way, we we we care a quarterly about the deliciousness of the recipe and about the interesting story behind eight so that's like the two main criteria. So we have an amazing team of people collaborators that you know, going after those stories and they can come from celebrity chefs or from grandma's. Or from anyone really with talent in the kitchen and good story to tell. So that's one way and the other way is really people submitting through the website. So we have a submitter recipe form, and we get all sorts of weird and the leashes and great stories our signature event that we do is called schmaltzy. It's a storytelling tasting of it. So it's a little bit modeled after the storytelling style of the moth people tell a really personal story that in some way. The schmaltz is on the pop Gorman people, I commend we've never had a story specifically about schmaltz. But last in the the Foley future, the scholar and cookbook author Dr goal to be in. And she wanted to tell the story about the CIA. So for me, it was really interesting because I I actually am Russian and polish. I had never heard of pechanga once I finally understood what it was. I think the best way to describe it for people that would maybe want to eventually to like gel. Tool. Yes, jello. But it's meat texture is a little bit difficult for people. Sometimes. Okay. So it's kind of like, I also think it could become a gay trendy because it's like a bone broth, but it's just frozen. More more Gelt. So you know, when we got to serve that schmaltzy. We really tried to present it in a beautiful way with some parsley on hardboiled egg, some horseradish some thought gone the side. So that people would be enticed to try it and efficient. Yeah. I think it just speaks to what we're trying to do which is trying to showcase traditional foods and recipes that maybe people don't necessarily know that are not part of their everyday understanding of what Jewish food is. But our concil really delicious and have a story behind it. And the fun. I was at that multi event. And so everyone there's a bunch of story tells and then you go in the new eat the foods. So basically, there was a story Lear lesser 'cause who's in the book ready by kosher salt. He had a story about Kyla. And then after you went over to his station eight his Kyla, and I was it was a maze. Ing it's this like what a Tunisian beans, literally spin it. Yeah. Really what I fit into last night for real. Wow. Jars of those finish. So why is food? I love the idea of it's a storytelling event with food. And then you get to eat the food, which is such a perfect concept. But why is foods such a good vehicle for storytelling? Do you think? I mean, I think it's so such an immediate to medium so sensual. So like, I think everyone's like even Indies through like if we think about what's our memories from childhood. I bet like all of them will be connected to food, right? Like, it's such a vivid sense. And I think like working for many years add as rally consulate promoting Isreaeli culture. It was it was challenging in many ways, you know, to communicate s- music programming and dense and all sorts of cultural project, but food was you know, such in and easy and affective medium to get people curious an interested. I'm also curious you guys have a tote bag that I have I love it. It's a list of foods, and it's like in this, very cool font. And it says schmaltz Laka Sabine Sabine. Let's my par- my question polish shoe, good herring. And so I'm I'm wondering we we get Shala Challah. We get accuse a lot of being normative. And so I'm wondering when you make up Topaz that has a list of foods is it important that like, okay? This one's from here. This one's from here. This one's to be choose what you're representing. And how much is that? How much does that play into your thinking about everything you do with this organization? A lot. And so our mission is to communicate a way more diverse and delicious representation of Jewish food. So to means that it's from all over, and it's global Jews lived literally all over the place. So yeah. So you know, Sabih definitely should be there. And I think that the story of Sabet in particular is so interesting and so- Jewish. So it's in Iraqi Jewish abet breakfast, basically. So it's a spread of pita and tahini and fried eggplants and parsley and Ombu, which is and unripe mango condiment if people wanna find out more organization or contribute recipes to the archive. How can they get in touch? How can they find you Jewish food society org and follow them on Instagram because the best thing is like the photography is beautiful and lush, and it's these like. Old old old recipes put on beautiful food photography. Thanks so much guys. Chef

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