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"nam chapelle" Discussed on Pardon My Take

"The backed when multiple nfl rookie of the month award since you war began in 1926 he said sure shannon i was born in 96 lol while he was also born in cleveland zalm connecting the dots here coming i think this alcoholism is spreading directly from lebron to the entire season i'm addicted to sheesh that's great i need to just throw that out there in what i am fully addicted to sure sure asia have a shoe sh yeah as think thinking of you're on doing that i feel very bad for the people who are around me the next time i get drunk because yo you remember back in two thousand three or two thousand four were nam chapelle show came out for the first time and everybody will say what the that's what i'm going to be doing from an x like three march aimed girl what was the only one share chokri as hell the drill yeah those just screaming that was basically an entire semester yes so naturally bastion view a receipt for the next couple mathieu shoes shh igc will bronby in my wife tuesday ten year old kid like tried this vino in these kids like datum ten he's like sure sure cleveland's like cleveland's napa valley the midwest are we have put one in his ear whole this is for josh rosen some of a pitch josh rosen is the number one like red flag guy in the draft ruins the the the red flags of you can't see on tape so report came out that according to sources who have spoken with people close to rosen he has been focused since high school on using football to make money and support the type of lifestyle he wants while disgusting that's grosses eyes using guy wants to be a professional football player has so he's using his skills that people will pay for then keep the money he's basically a prostitute my god sounds like to me mild ira this is identical was his take uh i don't know who wrote it puts basically would danny told us day and he just you don't know what is you don't know what josh rosen want this guy is to smart yeah he might be organi for himself i this is my favorite part of the draft process when we get these anonymous sources were like it's you know oh yeah josh rosalia i want saw him at a bar and he ordered.

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