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News in Brief 27 February 2020

UN News

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News in Brief 27 February 2020

"This is the news and brief from the United Nations discrimination against those affected by covert Nineteen Corona virus must be tackled head on by governments everywhere U. N. rights chief Michelle Basch. Alette said on Thursday in an appeal for transparency and information to help combat the disease. She told the Human Rights Council in Geneva. It had set off a disturbing wave of prejudice against people of Chinese and East Asian ethnicity amid reports of xenophobic abuse aimed at Asian people in Europe and elsewhere. She called on member states to do their utmost to combat this and other forms of discrimination meanwhile World Health Organization. Chief Ted Draws at Home Gabrielle. Alexis said the situation could still develop into a full blown pandemic. He spoke to journalists in Geneva. Every country must be ready for. Its first case. It's first-class to the first evidence of community transmission and for dealing with sustained community transmission this four scenarios and it must be preparing for all of those scenarios at the same time. No country should assume it won't get cases that could be a fatal mistake and quite literally. This virus does not respect borders. It does not distinguish between racists or initiatives. It has not good for the country's De de or level of development. The point is not only to prevent cases arriving on your shoulders. The point is what you do when you have cases also on Thursday the UN special rapid tour and minority issues denounce the propagation of hate speech through social media pointing to its direct contribution to a rise in hate crimes. Independent you an expert. Ferdinand day therein called for the poisoning of minds online to be fully acknowledged and confronted. The last decade. He said has seen minorities around. The world facing new and growing threats fueled by hate and bigotry being spewed through social media platforms the UN experts stressed that the more hate speech is widespread the more it becomes part of the mainstream and effectively normalized. This propagation of hate against minorities online must be stopped he concluded and finally to Syria where military escalation in the country's northwest is taking a catastrophic humanitarian toll senior. Un burien advisor Najat Rushdie expressed her greatest alarm at the rising number of civilians killed and the unprecedented number of people displaced at humanitarian task. Force meeting in Geneva. Ms Rushdie reiterated the secretary general's called Frit and immediate ceasefire and urged those present to ensure the protection of civilians and humanitarian access as strikes and shelling continued lab and Hama she underscored that civilians need immediate safety protection and a respite from fighting. Ms Rushdie said that all attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure such as medical facility schools and markets must cease immediately. Liska Fiji UN news.

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The Past Lives Podcast Ep161  Micky Havelock

The Past Lives Podcast

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The Past Lives Podcast Ep161 Micky Havelock

"This is possible. Poke cost episode one hundred and sixty one. I'm your host. Simon found my mission here. The past lives. Podcast is to investigate. Evidence demonstrates survival of the human soul past life memories nadir experiences spirit communication and other incredible phenomena. If you'd like to get a new bonus episode of the podcast every week and access to over one hundred bonus episodes in the back catalogue. You can join the pass. Lives pocus patriot campaign. When you sign up for five dollars a month you'll be able to listen to all of these episodes and for two dollars a month. You can get a bonus episode every month. You can become a patron by going to patriot. Dot com forward slash pass lies podcast or click on the patriot barnum. My homepage of past lives hypnosis. Dot co dot uk also when you book a past life regression hypnosis session with me and you're a patron you'll get a twenty five percent discount and i'm currently charging ninety nine dollars for a session. The links are in the show notes and you can find the show notes for this and every other episode on my website this week. I'm talking to mickey havelock about her book. Dying to see you. A medium describes her name death. Experience mckee is a spiritual medium and intuitive coach. For many years she has worked with her medium. Ship in public demonstrations in private readings. Mickey had that experience in two thousand and fourteen when her heart stopped and she had the communist yet most exhilarating experience of her life. Mickey thanks a lot for coming onto the podcast. Nice to meet. You wanted to tell you about your book dying to see you. A medium describes her knee experience. And it is such an interesting book and you're going to d- topping to your death experience which i just loved. It started off. You felt like indigestion and you say you went into a calm so of failing and then you heard a voice that said colin ambulance as quite ominous. Yeah i i mean the thing is obviously even before this i was a medium so i'm used to confessing if he liked the side so i'm used to Just allowing myself to go into still space and allow myself to connect and I was just insomuch pain and it was nothing i could do with a pain to go away and it was getting worse and i was just a sop myself. Really want to do How can i stop this pain. And that's when. I just sat and just off allowed myself to connect to say. Just help me. What what. I need to do here. And i just literally had back called voice to such. So am i nine and colin ambulance. I that's what i did. I just followed it and They will quite convinced that it wasn't my heart and that it was just indigestion or They considered i also at one point. That wasn't until i was in the hospital Some the paramedics nothing. When they turned up they took everything. The pressure and check told these things required to vince. Since at night. It's may be good news is it's not your heart so we're not really sure what's going on. Say let's take you as a precaution history. How many you go into that swine. I suppose you could say things went back but but that may takes the experience. That didn't seem like things were so bad. How did it stop. What's the first thing that you saw. They when i was actually in hospital And they've already told me Afterwards if i hadn't been in a a. I probably wouldn't have survived. They wouldn't have been to bring me back side. It's quite interesting that i was there when it happens. You know i do believe in that divine timing of everything but when actually when the plane came when i died if you like I just to me. Like i said i mean i. I was with my daughter. I just sit to her. The doctor has gone off to organize an emergency camera on my stripes because she was like we think it might be a best also. We wanna get camera down to see what's going on why you're in so much because it's definitely not your heart style and i remember saying to really care. Ej just to get paints stock so she went off and i just looked to my left. Set a got a tell. You think i'm gonna pass out. Is it started. Income really light headed and it was. It was just like high was very faint and i sit. I think i'm gonna pass out. And she will travel the bed to get me a glass to horsa and when she was on hawaii background. That's been. She realized that. Come into a a massive seizure and then everything happened on monitors and lychee had this seizure power pay and then everything flatlined and stopped the me atri said to her. I think i'm getting just think. I'm gonna pass out. And then when i turned look the other way there was my husband who had died four years previously with considerable heavy and i was just so excited to see him. It was the most natural thing. It just felt so natural that he would be that. And i just remember looking at him and being so excited and just jumping off the beds and into his arms and and just holding him and breezy man and drinking in just soaking in him because i missed him so much for four years on. It didn't even cross my mind that this was way. And maybe i was dead. It just didn't pass my mind and you say he looks court young. How young did he look. Well he looks how he did when i fast diplomat him. I mean we've been together. Twenty s and so i was. I was twenty one. When i met him just turned twenty one. He was twenty six Just about ten twenty seven side. That's how he looked. He looked in his early twenties an just in his prime and Just in fact. The as i remember him with my first ever met him. He didn't look how he did at the end of his life when he was so ellen. France fragile He was young and vibrant and joss to full of light and love than energy. And your communication as you see you could hear him but his lips didn't move. There was some kind of telepathy yet. It it took a while to realize although we were having post Difference to you. And i have this conversation out That's exactly how the conversation appeared to be taking class but it took me a while to realize. Actually his lips weren't moving. His mouth wasn't moving to form the words to communicate with me. It was more of a thought pricess. And i seem quickly realized even my folks. He was aware of everything. I was thinking That's strange wobble because at the moment in a even if we're having conversation i can think something that you would be aware of one thinking and and this is like there is no hiding nothing and it was a bit shocking words. You start thinking copy. Really careful i think. Now i think i ever saw that. I've watched missiles. It was just catch me off guard. Sometimes because i think some say and he'd reply and respond to it and it would kind of get me every time it was like. I think for the second time it happened. I was like oh remember he can hear my folks It just came as a surprise pays when he was bonded to something. I was thinking of and you talk about the brightness and the brilliance of the colors and it seemed like the light was so bright but your eyes refinery. Yeah it's the way it is. It's one of the biggest things simon i found was trying to put this into us And trying to explain it in a way that we can kind of understand it. Should i call somebody else can understand it because there aren't really words sometimes for some of what you experience what i experience to be able to really explain that properly and the brightness the anywhere i can describe it is like the brightest some yesterday. Why you need some glasses to be able to even look towards the saw all in that direction and you'd need sunglasses but hair. It was like this. Brilliant this brightness but there was no there was nothing like livens squid. You didn't even have to squint with that. It it was it was normal and the colors off. They're just iridescent and there's something about the colors the are beyond any color that i've kind of experienced here in this world. I space that just because just more of a depth to them and more of a life. I think that's the way. I would describe it as more of a life to tell us then. The colors the way no heya. Your husband was much younger. But what about you did you feel. You're in exactly the same body when you're alive you. We ryan the same clothes as when you were alive. The two eight pay too much attention to i was wearing down my cellphone will look in a mirror role. I'm so enthralled acting guide. What i can say to. You is the ofi sleigh for how i see lang and my health status the point of all the joys I had so much more energy. I felt young five rent. I felt like. I had boundless amounts of energy. I mean i ran through failed at that point I have run through a failed if someone was chasing me out of run through failed but i- breakfast by the end of it and puffing and panting are trying to catch up breath those numbers back. It was so called describe is like this. Just an abound this month of energy not restricted by this physical body and this physical buddies is what would get us. This physical body is. Would you get tired or exhausted or need to rest. Need to sleep except shah. This was beyond that there was no limitations of over physical body. And so what happens next. So you're in the hospital with your husband and then it single by you described it was suddenly you just somewhere else. You didn't have that. Need death experience thing of going through a tunnel. You would just there now. I never experienced tunnel in a vassal of my this bright light it will buy everything was pry everything. Missouri tested And he just said to me. I've got so much to show you so excited that i literally just took his heart means. I'm kind of like we. We found ourselves in this phil. I found myself in this field with him and and it was strange because even every time we changed location. If you like. That wasn't a judge eight be taken to go for one to another. It was literally just kind of just be taken and the next thing Akam recall any kind of journey between each different area. So something sense. Yeah yeah just kind of. It's a bit like calm. Like if i fool so somebody now. If i was i'm fat here in my home oversee tool q. Ta and then. I think calls my parents. And i just be that they wouldn't be a out says getting come again in a take the journey from its that it was just you just ended up that say there is no recalling any so journey it was literally just. Hey i have something to share you and boo. We were in this field and then you went to some water. New said you touched it and you felt. It's lifeforce connecting with you. Well yeah what does that mean presume. The water alive or something. The best way. I can describe it is everything is energy and everything is jake will. This is what i've learned. We are connected to absolutely everything up. Say and as well as the fact that wet netted where everything is energy so the energy of water was what i was connecting with and it was undestanding it. It was being able to connect with it in such a way that somehow i understood its journey and How it traveled what had gone through his travels and how it has come to be in this section near where we were and how it moved and it's fascinating. Now that i find myself he finds stood by a river or a stream. And i find myself looking at washington a whole different way now because if experience it's realizing that everything has energy which we look at it and think oh it's just worser running from here the bad it has its own energy. Has its own lifeforce An act the does visit chops. Now that you will not the whistle. He might now reminds me of the chapman. Cotton and his name And he did a study a bulte and took fate graphs of drops of water. Looks like when it's in different scenarios or if you surround it with love where she surrounded with hates and an how that worser. So i guess. The kind of they correlate day. I've seen some weird pictures of water on facebook groups. I didn't really know the background to it. Yeah this guy is a common his name but it was the that goes to shug that the water has energy an energy effects. And you know it's i mean now we'll get another round because as we're talking my mind's down opening up and guy The day we all will made for two right. So much percentage of waterside. And it's all affected by nj. But but this because i'm getting off in a tangent if i'm not careful but this going back to my experience it's just the fact that everything has any and everything has its own life false and well connected tool five. We are all axes and everything is just a small path. I'm then moving on. You went to an apartment. And i thought this is really weird. You said you went into a room and there was a a small girl standing by jewelry box and then you realized it was you for now. It's like the king the memory of me as a child. You name will result of looking at it. You know so that we will have our in a child with us right and that passed some within us that is young innocent and Five brennan and hassle that energy and doesn't have any so cast fills. You know that as a child i felt sates. And that was my favorite place to be was you know my grandparent's flocks And you know wasting time. Just being lost in the world of rooting through Joey box and didn't have anything of great value in the but it was it was it was trash up. It was you know All has sparked leads and an. I just spend so much time. That that's what i realized that i was almost looking at a reflection of myself as a child on the timing of just standing there getting lost in the moment and being so present in the moment and connected in that inland. There was nothing that i experienced. Wasn't that showed me something or to remind me of something. And i realized that after i came back avodon experience with myself. As a as a small girl is that it's it's enjoying. The moment is being in the moment. being present. nyman in fat little gull wasn't thinking about tomorrow. War in the next few hours. What was going to happen or what i need to be doing. She was just lost. Did not moment and very content and safe and happy in and an an an allowing herself to just be and so it was a a constructed scene to convey a message to you. It wasn't supposed spontaneous and somehow created by you in your mind more than might be i don. I don't believe anything i experienced. In that najat's experience was fake. I mitch healey state now. That i think i was destined. Maybe half experience to learn the lessons that i need to be shown at that time. we'll have a pathway right. Where will head to learn by ourselves into pskov Here we really are next. You saw your grandparents also younger versions of themselves. And his co. see. I didn't know who them as young people i didn't know them as You know how they presented to me But it didn't matter. Because i instantly knew who they were and the same is one of my grandfather's i never met him simon. He died before. I was born. But i need him. I knew him strike way. I mean i've experienced team as a child myself. Having my immediate mystic experiences. I had visitations on people's faces floating around my ramos. He was very much. One of those but regard lasts a knew who was a new. He was my grandfather Like i said it's just. It's knowing i think in some ways it went to show me one way. We would cost if he liked the veil as they call it. Some people cooler in a the veil between that world and this and as we passed three that sale a lot of our memories or a lot of our what we know that life to be left behind because i think it would be too much to have all events in a in a memory. Now you it would mean that every time got or anything we'd be are yet company dealing with desma much is going. I you grandparents were presenting themselves. Here's how you kind of described it as younger versions of themselves. So you think the the actually their real existence what they really looked like is something completely different and maybe not even human some kind of spiritual entity i can come on i. i wouldn't ni- they. There was a time anything was presented to me as as as human looking does having said. Yeah i don't know. I mean i believe i think that from what i experienced is that we would go back to the times on life because that's where the most happiest so they've obviously going back to a place where the happiest and they don't need to worry about failing bodies ailing bodies tonight. Why would you want to spend all that time in. the afterlife is a seventy year old with aching limbs. Yeah it's not. Play united sitting in the cool barring rheumatoid arthritis and pains. And you wouldn't say next. You went on to a place called the holes of learning. So what was that said. The bulls of lightning. Gosh it's has Is simply for me. It was like a massive library. Just a huge massive library and everything you could possibly want to learn about. Is that what. I found fascinating was it wasn't just understanding An electronic saw and standing science all Anything we would kind of consider the need to launch. It was all so A lot about understanding compassion empathy Forgiveness all the different emotions in array of emotions To understand that as well as you all the technical things if you like who the learning discovery of tricks like a ceo undestanding. I look at how our world has come now. I look back at that and say how. It's gotta come from somewhere right. Oh the technical inspiration. Yeah makes sense alridge. Spiratou is coming from whether it's information we already learned in the halls of learning whilst we with that before we came here that we bring with us. And we get reminding office. Set times in our life all-weather where being influenced by others in the spurt while the influencing us with the information that they had also had a thing where it was kind of like the holes of learning and you saw these books but it was an environment that was constructed. Just for you to show it to you and actually the holes of learning was something completely different and they exposed you to it for short while yeah So i'm looking at. I'm looking as if i'm standing library. Who's just books everywhere. And i and here's the thing that i think. One of the biggest things from my experience was we get shamed things in a way. How pasta understand them. And that doesn't mean that somebody bestirred in the halls of landing and saying it in a slightly different way because that's easier for them to accept unite But the way it was presented to me was was like library books everywhere and You could pick up any concerns and be able to read it. Go through ops. For those that are advanced in being of understanding the holes of landing the physical books the books to pick up an open up to read law ghur required. It was the information was there was all around us. It was Just energy to connect to and there were people that was thought that without super and just allowing themselves to be submerged. Lost in the inflammation was all around them and just being able to fill them. And i know that as i got exposed to that it was just like being hit by a barrel of information coming from all directions. And and just all these thoughts spitting into my head. That was defined. Wow overlaid And which is why muggings. Hey would probably be. Bat will fight. Give me the book to begin with. Because i listened advanced enough to be safe. Take who that information right off the gap like is your husband said. Take some getting used to an evening. He hasn't caught goethe on. I mean he's he'd been there at that point he'd been there for you so and even he was still so my Time to get used to it. Obviously because i think is it's just think there's a lot you know we didn't stop learning. We don't stop just because we go back if you like because that's how it feels home. Stop learning when it stop evolving nightstop things experiencing at expanding who we all a has to be of grapes. This right i. Simon here are some of you may know i have a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and i'm certified in past life regression therapy now taking part in a past life. Regression is an amazing thing past life. Regression therapy can be a powerful process. I conduct sessions resume. If you ever wanted to explore your pass lives in a single session. We'll have an issue to work on. You can go to my website past lives hypnosis dot co uk where you can book a free twenty minute consultation. Each session cost ninety nine dollars at the moment. I'm offering a twenty five percent discount to everyone has signed up to the patriot on campaign. The link is in the show news. You ask them about books about engineering and medical science. And why would you need that there and they said it was copy that they were preparing for the next life was that right is kind of suggests during conection. Yes ooh it's it's hamal like you said earlier you know it's a we learning this. We're learning the situation for someone letting the expansion to bring it back here said that Points and our lines. they're going to be thighs. Memory is going to be reignited or whether they're learning it to be able to infiltrate its builds. Pass that information on Because we will have all spirit teams the what with us which already knew about a medium schick. Is that finally group up team. That kind of what's with you. The helps to guide chichi. And i think you looking back. As i was reading the book writing great writing the book and going through the lessons the i had learned. I think that was the biggest fascination with me was seeing the coronations who understand what is being shown what i've been taught what the point phase things were on. It made me realize how many times i've come across things in my life of thoughts. Baptism our lives. And i thought oh. That's my idea and is so familiar feeling. It doesn't fail my kids. Something new it might be the first time you're hearing something and yet it feels familiar. Some is that. Because i've heard the more ready in the whole of learning so that when they come along they feel familiar lodged in your subconscious. Somehow something yeah obselete leg. And i think. I think if in new memories of hulme lodged in all subconscious thing in the memories of our life before we came here A lodged in our subconscious stories. Isn't there about children that remember their previous lives all talk about experiences that they've hazard that they haven't had in this world and the haven't had in this life but they know it and they have detailed information it's lodged nassir conscious moving on. Then you were in this apartment in this flap and it was in pull. Which is a town hearing dose it and you set you. Look out the window and you could see pulled k. But do you think you in some way actually lower there. They've made a complete copy of just for you. While you were there. I would is a co pay just for me. Because that's where. I felt safest. That was my safe place. That was the place that i would fail. relaxed in safin. This was memories of childhood. The knocked away dot. You know i'd spent so much time. That that s- i guess it was my knowing that this was a safe place so it's created. I tom tell you that. Oh now there are because of everything you know an and there's wretches that i can tell you what i experienced and i know that my grandparents flat was just how i always remember it and the scenes and everything else were in so many ways. Exactly how i remember. The childhood all by the skyline is different. The energy was different On it felt so million safe and it was not she something experienced leitch wrong with my grandma with people returning You know and how they would always be taken to somewhere survey sal safe It was familiar. Fool them for them to get used to the fact that they were no longer in the. Cpi j. the spice in the afterlife. I think some land is a lot of people report in death. Experiences and also think three mediums that they go to a space. That's like a wonderful Some as day in it's wonderful fields and forests and it's just a really nice place to be and it became dona somaliland. I've i've i. I've never heard of the tabs. Some lands s But then you're describing very much Paces i was. That was that beautiful failed and some day feeling absolutely exhilarates it full of energy so the pool the pool that you're in was in that sort of a space wasn't i was like you say constructed just for you perhaps because it was the best way to acclimatise you to that space. I suppose. yeah because a monday common. Imagine my grandparents would still be living in that fly back. I mean to be mad. They even moved from us not when they were here. The last few years of bad life together was spent at a at a completely different fly in so they didn't stay that So it's just interesting. That was the place that i was taken to I didn't stop to ask why i was taken. Just felt safe it foul Comfortable like a big hug. A warm hug night. Well things change thing. Didn't they because you went onto another space and what you say in the book is i looked around. The people were gathered together holding hands and creating the most beautiful energy dot pits be washing over her denser energy so what was happening That was that was the experience. I had my nine. Because you know this was each of my grandparents seem to take me on a journey to show me what they do I'm what they choose today for some of that time At this moment in time and my nance choice was to be a part of this group that was helping People that were suffering with dark energy. And and when i say dark energy this i'm not talking evil spirits and all fat. I mean by a tool but it was just this energy this depressive energy the and this You spirits with the young lad. I was being showed was was just his negative thoughts and dark thoughts and the way the way it brought him down and the sadness that created anxiety to that created. And i just couldn't understand why You know with all this around. Why why would you have that. Why would you experience that and And these beautiful solves that changed to gather row to send push back the love and just send love to these. Lost souls relate the word going through some hard times in life. They just needed that extra comfort. Just you need extra reassurance. On a shorts i just found it. We just found it very emotional and very hot bears like being stopped thousand dhaka's united because you step into you. You have a whole list of negative thoughts in the book. Yeah it's horrible. And just not the feeding ready saad and really upset that my now we choose assaulted nap position and so feel those emotions on a regular basis but it was undestanding experiencing guy at ucf pushing back the love and again looking back on a journey to understand that sexual was teaching. May the how difficult life becomes no matter what gets thrown us no matter how hard the pathway is in amongst all we have to find the love because love is at the core of everything and if we come from a place of loves walls is an a place of fear. Then we'll get through. It might be baby steps. It might take us a little while to get there but we'll get through well may happen But it was just so sad. Just thinking i could never imagine Sinking into the and yet. When i came back and you had to get on with my life here i was in such turmoil that i went through a speights when i had a breakdown basically and became incredibly depressed because i felt so incredibly hives and i felt oldest dog folks and an i easily got sucked into it and got swallowed up by so as launch within that space. I was looking at it thinking. How can they get sucked into that naked to team. And there's all this love around the middle this love being pushed towards them. While i got to experience that for myself. I came back and said she felt she needed to give something. She felt. she'd been a bit of a pain when she was alive. Jack my now was such she. Hot gold and Hopes in the right place her daily. She really had that much for fell to sister. She just kind of safe thanks. She thought i went always coming. And they went always lie and they went was they can have quite a ripping effect on. Somebody's self-esteem unite. I think that's what she was referring to the people that were having this negativity there were life went. It wasn't like they would. They died and they were kind of lost souls in some dock space nine nine nine nine so they were they were they were alive. They were here a wire. I mean we're all alive right but they were here. They were having an awesome experience and it was within the ethnic spirits. They were having that and his fate. Ninety points out maybe told me a the The loud the i was looking at was on the just new at it so again. It's like that information is not connected so everything some of it does need to be explained it. You just know you just knew it. Because it's like i said it was also new and exciting but at the same time older familiar it such this divested of this'll feels older familiar. Because i'm i know this this is returning my know this but at the same time. It's all kind of new exciting money into the time slot. When you pull on your forget they take it away on purpose. Like you're saying you want to have the also the something you say that pa They said to you that life creates a barrier that can stop you from feeling connected. Yeah yeah spirit. The said when. I went through my breakdown have you not. Am i think this is it. We can become so bogged down with life. At all the distractions that disliked brings to us At the same time as movie negative seal those missions place comes through Worrying about things looking at everything and creating around limitations and in doing that we are in connection with everything that is because i'm not sure born instinct is connected to everything we all energy that is connected to everything else. A we forget the hans everything we need to know if that we can just allow those to get us face within ourselves. The is connected to everything and truly know ourselves then. All the odds is we need as everything that we need. Guidance on is that it's all within us. But we spend a whole lot looking looking outside of ourselves looking for the onset outside when it's all within us. And that's where i would. Would you talk about meditation. And that sort of thing rather than watching tv and looking at your phone. Yes actually. And i think i think meditation absolutely helps and it's also that space just to really get to know yourself. I mean with very good. I'll be as human beings to be able to look at other people and go while she should be doing this so he should be doing that or he would be much better if she did it this way or if he did that way or you know. We're very good at dodging other people. And an examining other people's lives and and their choices in life. But we don't really do it. All sounds very often and we date really take the time to really look within and to really understand. Hey why does back triggered me so much. Why is that such What does that have. Such an effect to me war that brings up memories. Will those memories. are apple's fat. now why did i react like back. Why july unit. We don't questionable salves examine all right in life and by getting to know ourselves. We stopped to get rid of the fear that sits around us and we put thoughts become more comfortable with our own connection because he is the more we get snow ourselves me. Do stop to connect of thing. So i'm jay and the mall. We take that time to meditate from we sit within our own energy own power she liked and to be able to set money with our power then to sit connected with the power of everything around us and that just opens a whole another world and all that information is bad there's holes of learning can be tapped into in a heartbe and you know we can put it out. Thousands of we need the announced. This need some guidance. So moving a mighty in the right thing fighting this way you instinct to tell you that. I connect sure that i will tell you that. And that inspired thorpe's come in and then we also these officers the universe if you might response to us but we have to be connected to be able to hear it. Otherwise just wrapped up in was sitting. Minder st watching. Tv in the programs just money on people constantly have to have noise around them. So it's not a tv. It's a radio not radio. It's a cd you will. It's music being played on the phone over. However they play the music so would constantly hearing noise was shut out the energy and the connection of the natural universe. You need the birds. The bees all the magic of the insect sin the natural world survive by states and not listening to something else listening to their own energy. And what it's telling therein kind of engine and instincts of stuff that come through evolution. And they're not to. Everything is coming when springs coming. Then they win some on his way. Rubies telling them that switch on the radio all get everybody get ready that instinctively may because that naked everything i wanted to talk about another part of the near death experience which i've found really fascinating and this chapter you called it flickering flames. So what are they just the beauty of us and the energy that we put out the lights the colors of our own individual and ajay. And then how. This energy colors change when other people come into Pathway and how we connect have energies change the house change color. And it was what. Chang soles that have chosen to dates for an experience. And i'm watching the cells coming back from returning home. She lied and the beauty of a connah's that was surrounding them. And the way they moved with with their emotions and the energy and and then micro say they were connecting to say goodbye to the soul family as they were leaving to go search in the same way as we experience loss and birth here in the opposite way so every time the baby is born hair. We celebrate every time. Somebody paul's there's an returns hung we grieve and you in the sack you the same way. As when a so was leaving to come worth. It was a type of grief but it wasn't wrenching grief Because they knew that they'd see chuck over again and they knew the they will stay connected but the memory would just fade while they were here. And it was just watchmen energy change as they returned and what she the energy of the changing and all the different colors when they came back. And we're back after they paused and it was. That's why i called it the flickering flames because it was just like looking at all these. Don't sing flames of colors that were just vibrant and changing and and and don't think everywhere fascinating to watch and your grandparents had chosen to take take all the work of kind of being escorts escorts bringing them back and then taking them forward as well. Yeah semi my grandfather. Was this very much. The united taking so's and traveling with the michelin lecture. Traffic companion on. I remember question and to say but when when the cell returns you bring them back And you travel with them. I thought that they traveled with loved ones with their loved worms. And then that's when they told me look closer and with a flickering flames within those colors of the dump said was the sole that was returning you surrounded by the nostrums and celebrating with their loved ones but that might grandfather was just that like the bus driver you the fact as the one that was just guiding them back bringing them back kim whilst they allowed themselves to reconnect and Which is interesting. Because i wonder who brought me back in when i was with my husband away returns. There must beam somebody doing that job. Then right i just wasn't paying attention and tonight if verticals didn't you say that you thought when people died there was people to greet them the death to bring them through the grandad such a. Yeah but look closer at the flame. Yeah that's that's what she just described. You know how they literally was when you looked around. That was that of within within those flames. Dog sit around. They rule that that was just my grandfather's being like the bus driver bringing the group back in the fold. Then you kind of go to a time where they were saying. You've got to come back. One point they sits you. Time does not exist here and what happens for us over years. Could be a blink of an eye there but you also start thinking. Why does everybody keeps saying. There's a lack of time and have to go back right at how i didn't know at that point. It was going back but it just became these certain points when it was like okay. We need to move on now. We need to get on this because we we didn't have time for that I remember macy out with my arm. C and saint fantastic way. You're gonna take me. What what do you do. What are you gonna shave me and shows that we didn't have time. It was like such confusion side. There is no time tunnels as estate. Why do you keep saying that. There's no time that doesn't make any sense to me. How can there be notes on when time doesn't exist but i'm benign to me. They knew i was coming home. I was going back that. I couldn't stay but this wasn't a permanent thing i haven't permanently gone high And the i was being returned. Returned to sender. I very much You know i wasn't aware of that. So you know they kept saying bow going back only towards the end when it suddenly became about going back and i was like what's made and that's when i got panicky. Because won't she main hold on i've and he just got you will back. You may not gotta get back. And i remember salute scrambling trying to hold on my husband. This'll guy know what you want to get back. We'll just call you back otherwise. And he was defunct new. You have things. What about the kids and the fightback panicky feeling that i'll know forgotten. The kids have left the kids beyond that. Might you'd lost them in a supermarket or something and you get a hockey all know whether he did and i felt back and at the same time he just shoved bay just shoved my shoulder and and the net santa just stopped too shouting my face and holding my day and i just remember thinking how you want so you said you had difficulty when you came back integrating this into your life. Yeah yeah very much say I i think because the answer is such a it's it. It's so complicated. Because there's this huge paws made that. I was feeding rejected. I was feeling homesick. I was feeding. That i was having to grieve my husband all over again That will all these emotions that were left with me and feeling i wasn't good enough to stay I almost fell. I was being punished having to come back But at the same time on the flip side of that was why. Why would i want to be anywhere else here with my kids and my parents and my friends and at the same time i was grateful to be alive and to have more of an experienced since learned the things i have to learn and be had forgot but at the same time of. I'm quick i was angry with the spirit world and i was is reasonable and triglycerides become confusing. You know because. I can tell you. I was happy to be back with my kids. But i was absolutely miserable. Not be in heaven. And that's the complexity of that is the the the the different sides of the emotion. The i was going through. And it was a push-and-pull completely. I never wanted to show my kids or my parents. Just how desperately sad. I was about to all. Because i felt guilty that i out that way i felt guilty. I should feel kinds of to be here. That i wanted to be back home if you like And i was angry with the spirit world rejecting me. I was angry. That they'd give me my husband back in and take him away. Jack side the older digest here just create this in a wool within signs. And i went three. Just my in hell. Within my mind's my turmoil. I shop spirit while dolphins shut everything else all my connections drifting off i being medium. I shut off. Because i was like no. I'm not going to work for you. I'm not gonna in a work anymore. Thanks very much you jet may. You didn't want me and became a petulant. Child really stamping her feet. And say note not dramatic moment and and three months dolphins where everything material and every saying life to just avoids it and there is no avoiding yet and i think that was the thing i quickly came to love the as she can call. Hold these things you. We have to talk about them. And it's important to find somebody that you can aflaid active and talk that through with because otherwise it just becomes this in a dialogue. That just gets out of control. Just sucks you down deeper deeper. But now you've worked your way through new back to being a medium absolutely absolutely and i've you know what my way through it and it was It was a hard slog but it was going battle the discharge and that's why started surata because going back over the journey started to shame e the lessons of what i'd been told and then starting to apply them and then opening myself up to allow the journey to unfold to radi. Stop to go with ed and em would to discover who i am. What's my own vassals. My place for their own affairs in my in connection with older days. And how does that fit. And then i started say really just allow myself to really couldn't breathe connect with my spirit team And start working again with spread some media but it will say like say to go back over that jenny to realize nothing happens by chance. Nothing happens without reason and we didn't all have to die to have a near death experience to have these lessons if we just take the time. Stop and actually go back over a life journey. And that's not to relive it but it's just to get back into the life journey to get. I understand now that that's why i am like fat. In these circumstances because of those experiences understand who we are what made us who we are. Medium ship changed. Since you've you're going off the life is it like the veil is much thinner and our annual meeting ship is different tanks. Ship is more is the difference between before. I always believed in the afterlife and i was believed in my connection. Now i knock. That's the difference. Does that make sense. Being masks. the best way. I can describe. It is the difference between believing in something i knowing i know now that that communication is absolutely what it is and before i just believed it and i had approved is i believe me now. Why not and it's more solid. It's more It's more it's just not knowing it's a whole different ballgame knowing something rather than just believing it and having faith in something and knowing it so hard to put into words sounds like it something we worked out before we start recordings released might be five minutes apart. You'll have found the corner. Yeah new also the spiritualist church. What do you do there. Yes says the switch. This church i mean. At the moment of this we will closed. there is all about it's having divine services. Am's bring like minded people together and an opening doors to any and all religions if you wanna walk throttles Doors it's about Helping you to understand that. Life continues prevailed life continues being able to shat life philosophy. It's being able to Give you a safe place to come to talk about anything. That's going on in your life to go struggling with it's a place where healing is given on a regular basis. We have abuse where heating seeing but what from the chacha and we have a fabulous committee. The what tightly to keep the doors and to allow it to be that space to be able to say. Hey if you wanna explore this life continues lettuce shea. How and you know. It's just a beautiful place full of life. And you have a mediums coming in regularly clay for instance psychics. We have some great mediums. That wh- from I'll place from all and They come down. they hope workshops. We hope workshops we do Special event evenings. We have great local. Mediums haman am take services so every service is taken by someone different every time and they bring their own uniqueness to everything you nice and they'll bring their own unique gift of medium ship or their unique gift to philosophy and On the road. Unique way of being to show. That life continues. Mickey's been great. Having you on the podcast it's been such a fascinating conversation and your book is going to see you. A medium describes her near death experience. That's on amazon. Isn't it yes Taint through my website. Jeez mickey local people get sittings with you. Assume that sort of thing. Yes jiggling z. Maimon but it's all you know. Everything is done through my website which is again miki have locked up and you can book readings and teachings do intuitive chang which is again. It's more of a coaching sessions to help you to understand him ua and help you grow your own options into release. Those areas of the stop you from connecting to a theme isn't naturally builds a formula rain pathway confidence. Okay with this. This has been great and perhaps you could come on the podcast again. Another time we could just talk about the medium ship. Everything you've experienced with that yes show looks absolutely well. It's been great. thanks for coming on. I q and that was an interview with mickey half look about her book dying to see you. A medium describes her near death experience. A great way to support the podcast. It's a sign up on patron. Just go to patriotdepot dot com forward slash past lives podcast click on the button on my homepage past lives hypnosis stock code uk to tears if you joined the two door a month to you gotta bone step aside every month if you join the five dollars a month tear. You'll have access to a bonus episode every week the back catalogue. Oh one hundred. Bonus episodes and the extended versions of the free one arab suits and also fewer a patron. You got twenty five percent discount when you book a past life regression session with me and if you enjoy the podcast be short. Subscribe on apple. Podcasts spotify over your favorite podcast up to make sure that you don't miss out on any episodes and thanks for listening dan.

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Commitment, not slogans, key to ending violence against children: UN expert

UN News

08:26 min | 1 year ago

Commitment, not slogans, key to ending violence against children: UN expert

"This is Matt Wells at U. N.. News well one billion children or half the world's youngsters of victims of violence ranging from conflict and humanitarian crises to cyberbullying and recruitment by terrorist groups. That's according to you an expert Najat Mala Who Advocates for governments civil society and other stakeholders to put children at the heart of their policies? Ms g began her appointments as the UN Secretary General Special Representative on violence against children in July and recently presented her first report to the UN General Assembly. My Yakub asked about progress in the global effort to protect children. My first report really give brought picture about what's going on regarding you know ending violence against children today to have more than one hundred countries who are implementing pink National Strategy regarding child protection you have almost sixty countries who really have adopted legal framework banning all all forms of violence against children. You have more and more coalitions within many key actors including children's themself you have in many countries also more evidence based information but you have one billion of children. We still facing violence worldwide. It means health of children worldwide. This is too much and to add to this. Many countries are facing many many challenges challenges. You have humanitarian crisis. You'll have conflicts. You have social this. You have migration. You have an increasing number of refugees. You have love all this violence on line including cyber bullying child sexual exploitation line. You have also the enrollment of children in gangs. You have more more. And more armored violence that increasing in many countries and you have also currently all this increasing of criminal organization and terrorist organizations that recruit children and children. What is more important? They are even are not victims or witnesses they are facing seeing violence within Internet and violence becomes socially tolerated and it is why really when we think about ending violence again children by twenty thirty we need to do more and more faster and better and we need to stop having commitment and slogan but really to act and to assess what is going on on grassroots if we were to compare the situation and the Arab region to the rest of the world. Where do we lack behind? It's very difficult. Yeah because when we're speaking about Arabic region it's not any animal genius region. You'll have to take into account you have rich countries. You have the developing countries you have many any region currently who are facing or this increasing conflicts humanitarian disaster huge number of refugees and of Migrant Agra children were really fleeing from violence. You have also problem of social discrimination social disparities you have also the gender discrimination you have a processing harmful social norms. It's very difficult to rank. Violence is worldwide but what is important regarding things is the Arabic region. I was just in our men when we had wonderful congress on violence against children into Arabic region and many things going gun regarding legislation guiding national strategies regarding also communication and raising awareness for changing social knows bits. We need to do more and to translate a really in concrete. Acts is very important but in the meantime you need to put an end to all this conflicts just because it's amazing what is going on currently and regarding what's coming on currently Lebanon social protests. You'll have a lot. I think what's really important. Children and use Are expressing themselves and we need to see them not only as quincy but really as actors of positive change and to take into account realism. Commence to build on what you just said you mentioned conflict around the word and the children on the move. How do you tackle the subject to find a solution? It's you know child protection. Even my mandate is global. And Will Casey Mandate I can do my Lord but what is important is how we can build build links and we can have joint strategies joint action within all the other key stakeholders and in the same time working also with civil society. The organizations that it's very important not only at global level but also at look eleven working with a child led organization and initiative and also using using you know or the intergovernmental bodies that are located at regional level to make sure that children are really puts. I'd say half of all the policies because if really will not put children really at the heart of his political agenda and translated by concrete concrete action and accountability mechanism and working very closely with children and seeing them as actor of policies. We are not going to be successful successful. You have recently visited China where you participated in the war Internet forum in a time where we see cyber bullying and Dan sometimes this cyberbullying is leading to children. You work with governments to counter this S- coach. Yes I was in China and During the World Conference on Internet and I had to participate to session on child protection align and regarding what is going gun we have to never forbids that also Internet provide opportunities for children because they can learn it can express they can make their voice hurts and also can't show that it's possible because they are for me actors change but in the same time they are facing many challenges inches and really to deal with these challenges that would be sexual expedition online cyber bullying hate speech radically as many things. What is important? Yes we need to work and I work closely with government to make sure that the legislation consider this are as crimes and really make reporting on this crime Katori. This is very important is the same side. We need to empower children and makes them also aware and becoming kind of peer to peer protection because they are more more aware about all the language Internet language as adults and is the same type the most important part is ICT companies house. They can have a candle safety in designing protecting child's rights and protecting children texting their privacies. This is very important and and also working very closely with low enforcement agencies to make sure that all these criminals are held accountable. This is very important This year is very symbolic i. At marks the tenth anniversary of your office mandate the thirtieth anniversary of the Convention on the right of the child and the first phase of implementation of agenda. Twenty thirty. What do you call to ensure that children are not left behind since arriver? I I ju I. I didn't stop calling for making children off the agenda. I hope I am going to be listened within the same time what's important this is to ensure not only to having commitments. This is good but to make sure and too. Many children are really bad in political agenda and here also I work very very closely with all key stakeholders to have you know kind of information. What is going on? What are the emerging trends? What are things that are going one and what are good practices but for me? What is really more important east to also assess the bottlenecks and also what is important is to identify? And we start. Having having a mapping of these countries that are really doing their best. You have is a political commitment and they are acting to provides more visibility to govern is them to make sure that they are

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Art Researcher and Auction Specialist, Suzy Sikorski, Mid East Art + Christies (Dubai, UAE)

The Wise Fool

1:13:23 hr | Last month

Art Researcher and Auction Specialist, Suzy Sikorski, Mid East Art + Christies (Dubai, UAE)

"Could you please pronounce your name correctly for me. Susie sikorsky and you. And i met but twenty twelve fourteen when you came to the uae. That right it was twenty sixteen. I just graduated college. I got a fulbright scholarship to leave the united arab emirates and was researching and trying to dig into the old artistry of the country and so we were connected who were mutual friends at the university and that is where our paths started. Okay wait take you back a step something. I love hearing people sort of their backstory their childhood. So how did you even get interested in middle eastern art a but how did you also want to hear about how you got a fulbright. Scholarship 'cause are astounding. Yes so to paint you a picture. I am an american from new york. I'm not from manhattan. I'm not from the free side west. I'm from long island capital of suburbia. Grew up there. Mix between seinfeld and everybody loves raymond my life in a nutshell. I love it. And it's something that i am so proud to say that i'm from there and it's funny when you try to put the puzzle pieces together and backtrack and my earliest childhood. Memories are sitting on my boardwalk and looking at the boats that were parts before entering the harbor and right near jfk airport and not is the closest. Let's say to an international life. That i had my mom would travel to western europe and would bring home stuck down from germany or london but that was really what got me into. The mid east was living in a post nine eleven culture. Very honest with you. You know earliest memories during that time. Post nine eleven. Were very difficult for growing up an area where i mean we weren't in manhattan but you had very many friends that had family or or we all maybe new people that passed from nine eleven and it was in a way of addressing the wounds that this had caused the area where i was from an i instead my earliest maps in the middle east were during this time. Post nine eleven. I wanted to learn about the history and culture of of the region and only started later. When i was in university that i had a chance to learn about. It'll eastern politics. History took Sacred texts the middle east. I took all these different courses to show understand about the culture met people from the region and had just know coffee or lunch is just to learn more of people from morocco. Saudi arabia all over. And i only found out middle. Eastern art was actually existing through my time. I interned at christie's auction house in their postwar contemporary art department early on loved our was learning about i was studying international politics at at fordham university of new york and ended up visiting an exhibition in leyla art. Gallery in twenty fourteen and heard in art. Speaking artists speak and it was the first time that i connected my interest in politics. History arts altogether and it was like this a ha moment that this exists and this is an actual path that i want to take. I was overwhelmed excited sprinkled with youth and your ambition of what you wanna do in life and it like this was it. This is what i wanted to do. The rest is history in terms of being washed up on the shores of the by and finding myself here six seven years later and never looking back. Okay good overview but. Let's take a step back actually one of the things. I'm interested in with a lot of people's basically. How do they get made so. Were your parents creative. Did you have good teachers. Like what was the thing that even lead you down the interest in the creative fields. I would say my mom is very creative. It's not what she does the profession and it's it's very different. She's in insurance but my my mom is was drying interior design fashion. I i was very much. Well acclimated to an interior design. I i though was always so crafty. My father owned a printing company. And i was actually exposed at a young age to all the facets of the printing industry so i was obsessed with bookmaking paker. Imagine as a kid you had full access to any type of paper you wanted. I had a business card since i was five years old. I wanna be a doctor. I had a doctor business card. I had shiny holographic paper colored. And i would construct homes out of paper. I made my inner imagination was through you know being at my father's printing company And being able to go. If i could be assisted by an adult and go in the back and see the heidelberg printing presses and you know the massive cutter i used to call it the chopper and i still don't know what it's actually called. But i used to say the chopper that would like a thousand sheets in one false move and this was my playground often called a guillotine cutter. Yeah guillotine cutter. Yeah it was. And i still when i smell inc. I have memories of my. My father's printing industry printing company. You know i was philip. I was part of the crew. Sure i smelled sherry wine or l even know what cherries watch. When i smell sherry. I think of Church because my. That's what the wind that my dad served as minister. He used sherri as the communal wine. So yeah since. Memories are very strong right now. You said you didn't internship. At christie's i didn't internship. It was very early on when i was just learning about arts. Twenty thirteen of the fall and internet in the postwar contemporary art department. It was my first real exposure to art and it was an amazing opportunity to be able to work with the team there and prepare for their sale. There was a triptych of lucian. Freud that was sold that year. I was sick ironic enough. It's always that moment. I had the flu literally the day of that evening sale that i helped at least be part of the team to prepare for and i was sick. Which was so frustrating. There was a a dog balloon dog from. Why am i drawing a blank. Jeff koons yeah. There was a jeff koons. Orange balloon dog that was sold. It was a really exciting. I helped write a part of the peace to a warhol. Nineteen sixty four flours. So is a very interesting exposure for me. And i i won't forget it. I worked with a team that was at the time. A b- coupla is now at said abuse was was there and she had told me you know. I was at the time knicks between studying morocco or the by and it was almost a sense of just like go for a take a chance travel and i did. I went to sharja for my junior year. I didn't go to madrid. I didn't go to london. I went all the way to sharja and had the most important turning point in my professional exposure to the region my personal life. I mean it was like a whole coming of age in one fell swoop back in sharja. So i'm sarah. I'm giggling in the background. Because you're super young and yet you're talking about like in my career like you. Don't get your careers less than ten years right like you don't really have like career under in decades kind of career completely understand. I know that my. I'm still just a neil fights in the massive industry that there is but i will say being probably this new yorker that i've been working i was out of the womb. You know you're just like thrown in to the workforce right away. And i was a very ambitious student that had no idea about i had no contacts here. I started from ground zero. I started and introduce myself. And i would work at these galleries said every way that i could exhausted myself in learning about the scene through collaborating with galleries art fairs and working with them. To help sell pieces. I would be writing in regional art magazines like harper's bazaar arabia. I started this instagram. At the time. That was just a way to remember artists. Apes i mean for me muhammad. Do not are not joe james of the us and it's like it was a completely different language. I wasn't learning. Our i was learning are back at the time but it was more of a deepening french but our it was very new to me so it was. I really started from the beginning and end being in shenzhen studying abroad even just as a junior in college was extremely important. Because every trip that i did make and i remember it in from my hands these trips of introducing myself to the scene into artists and writing my thesis on. Uae art history. It was like a waterfall effect of every single person. I met help me to get to where i am today. Indeed now wait okay. Go back a step. Because fulbright's i want to get a little bit on that because i've had a couple of guests that have gotten fulbright's i i was aware of fulbright's when i was in high school but nobody really said yes. You could apply for that licence. Like i knew they existed. But i didn't really understand what they were so from what i understand. It's basically a year plot anybody they can apply and and then they just like fund you to go and do research on whatever it is that you have a fascination with for one year or something to that effect is that about right yes so. There is an english teaching assistant fulbright. There's also the independent research fulbright. And so i did the latter. I remember the pre departure orientation when we were all together with all the full writers. We obviously were section within the region. Middle east was one but you have people from all over. The world and many many people were english teaching assistant so they would travel spaces of law at were you either. We fulbright students who basically just came out of undergrad and then you had fulbright scholars that were. Let's say applying this to the doctorate or more well know older more experienced whatever it was so we had the mix but i always gravitated towards those that had their own independent research. And i started this idea right. After i got back by junior i was in sharjah in paris and i started to be connected to many of the different artists in the uae. I naturally have a passion for interviewing artists for being around them in their studio learning about what makes them tick. And i could. I could speak to them for hours about snow. Only their part practice even about just the regional art history and so. I realized this is an interesting topic that i wanted to explore. There was an opportunity to apply for the fulbright early senior year and it turned into the application for the fulbright evolved into my thesis on uae. Artistry i was able to do a few field trips. Tutti way eat to help. Put the pieces together of interviewing these artists. So that was my senior year looked in. It was around the same time of finding out i got. The fulbright was when i was graduating. It was very last minute. Everything was on edge. And i ended up getting the fulbright the same month that i graduated undergrad and that was an exciting chapter. A new door opening. So then you land into by and you were a bit lost this. I met you but you pretty quickly got. You're sort of a sense of what you wanted to do. And you've ended up creating this thing mideast art which is his own online digital platform and in the process of doing that. You also got yourself a job. Working at christie's dubai so kudos on both but started with mead east art so tell us a little bit about what that is. And what's it sort of mission. So as i said in the beginning mid-east starts started initially as instagram. But in a way. I love instagram. Because it was forming this archival documentation in the beginning. I actually started at rid. Emmett us like iphone apps to photoshop art work in my current surroundings. I would put. I remember like i was laying down on my couch. And pudding had the sheffi and her works in the sky and her circular Scroll works like this. Was the initials like this artistic experimentation. It was my own project. Mind you fast. Forward to now where i was studying abroad. Starting to documenta exhibitions. I'm seeing all under the umbrella of middle eastern art. Once i got the fulbright's i realized that the basis of what i wanted to do was interviewing and documenting all of these pioneer artists from the uae and of course expanding to the gulf region. It's a personal interest. I do find. Naturally the cultures are very intertwined. And for me. I loved learning documenting about these early stories of when these art scenes or starting in the challenges and how that happens so many starts was a way to publish all of the research that i was doing with the fulbright it was repository of the short films. I was creating the interviews. I was creating the publications. I was working towards in terms of writing these regional art magazines. That was what many start was. And then it evolved of not only putting all the documentation but also putting critical analysis and applying it grounding it in regional modern art history which was reinforced through my time. Working at christie's part of the fun of like talking catching up with you and talking to you about this is that i i know you in passing ish kind of way. We've we've run into each other for almost a decade now kind of thing but like i would love to hear because the you are a young a successful person in the arts and i look back on my career and i'm like fuck. I obviously did something horribly wrong. Because she's way ahead of me so as a listener to this podcast. I would be like. Oh okay i need to listen to this person because they did something right. Then i me as the host deed wrong. I can only tell you matthew my ethos to how i'm living right now you know where i am. I left my whole family moving halfway across the world not knowing anyone from the region. I have a distant relative in portugal who i could say. Maybe a halfway point but i haven't you know we haven't met. My closest relatives are new york and new jersey and there is some thing a drive in me that is keeping me here and i can only tell you it is an. It's not an obsession but it is my passion. It is what keeps me here. It's having interviews with artists. Finding commonalities in cultures is what drives me. It's what keeps me going. It's what makes me feel this internal child and questioning of feeling similarities or feeling curiosities and exhausting myself in asking questions putting puzzle pieces together. This is what human now. But you said the mideast ended up being something where you could sort of quantify some things store statistical data and things like this. What kind of outcomes of cotton from that. Because for the listeners. I also lived in the united arab emirates for awhile and it's it's a tough region to get concrete data in like you can get stories you can get like. Oh you know so. And so did something. At some point in the seventies kind of like it's very hard to get quantifiable data from lease in the uae. So what have you been able to sort of garner from all your conversations. Why we need in terms of i i would say. I shy less from statistical data as more understanding the overarching numbers numbers. In in. who was practicing art of time. It was such like in terms of how you quantify the research that i was doing particularly. Ua there was very few artists that were practising artists that say in the seven these in eighties and very few women that were practising at the time. There are an those that were like. Dr shuts mckee. Mona judd fucks me. They all have very unique stories as to how they sustain and carry the momentum in their practice own very unique in different ways what interests me the most was understanding what made an artist successful in understanding why they were successful. Whether was the work the compositions that they created what they were inspired by. When i speak with many locals here works. That are more historical classical compositions of. Let's just say miss. The kea such as Race which might not have as much demand maybe as much demand internationally if you look at it putting it. Let's say in an auction setting for now. Mind you we have in the past. And well received many instances. But i'm telling you on a level of human connection when you have someone from the region looking out of work that references they were from their families were from. It's an immediate connection. Immediate gratification of this reminds me of my home and so you have artists that did that. You have had artists that did that. And then you had others like hasn't shitty that were jumping in the desert and using found objects in pieces from the garbage and constructing. These monstrosities that the actually security guards throughout the works. 'cause i didn't know what it was. There was a massive gap in the society of what contemporary art practices were. What performance installation that type of work. But it's a very interesting mix between those that prefer the traditional classical compositions versus those that like installations and performance art. And all of that. But i think that was most interesting. And in my thesis for my undergrad. I really wanted to choose and pinpoint you know. Certain that flourished during particular times and why based on what they were producing so that was most interesting for me of seeing why certain artists gained more recognition during the certain time mohammad qasem based on the changes of of of the landscape of the uae started taking photographs of himself and flags behind a changing landscape of the which was interesting and he was taught under hasson should he was doing a lot in terms of measuring his body or or measuring himself. Which is something that hon did as well but it was interesting for artists to document. The changing landscape in the race also did as well in his work artists. That replaced by nature in by studio space was outdoors. Hamad brahim was part of that five group that was darted in the ninety s and you see many artists such as hasaan that used found objects and would create these almost creature like beings and be out in the mountains and using the material of the land. There studio space was more outdoors. Okay but i always found it the keep in mind so i was there and i was teaching my students and there is. There is a difficulty with the acceptance. I don't know if acceptance is the right word but the nation slash purchasing collecting of middle eastern art outside of the middle east lay. It seemed like it was very much but and don't get me wrong. Every region is sort of the same like americans collect american artists. Europeans collect european artists. Like not i'm not sort of picking on them but there seems to be like a push to try to make them more international Early internationally recognized or collected in the past. I'd say like ten years or so. So that is that working. Is it being achieved in the market. You have different. You have the the primary market. Which are the galleries which you start. Seeing now or recently artists from the region being represented and this has been something since the last ten years of of galleries or more galleries representing artists and participating in international affairs or having satellite space abroad other than by whether it was invaded or in. I don't know in london. Hope near new york and many of these artists gained exposure through that which was important and then you had as i said the fares before pandemic times which are extremely extremely important in helping make. These artists be better known internationally christie's and auction houses. So we started two thousand six. Were really important. In highlighting in cultivating a regional and then ultimately being international house a global market for these artists. It was really some of the first time. Not artists were being given a platform and recognition within a larger markets. Fear we had our separate category of middle eastern art but it was at the at the time. Now everything is more digital but you still. These live sales but it still was part of this larger international recognition. Let's say of the middle eastern artists. And it's definitely an important aspect when you are an artist. Not only to consider local regional but ultimately international exposure. So i think now given online and the digital enhancements thought. It has the accessibility of finding an artist in yemen. For instance is actually easier if you're able to have the right platform to do it for instance as this. Let's say through midi star. I've now been receiving a lot art of artists from areas that i would have never been exposed to before. I've had an artist in baghdad. In elaine actually that because of the online and what i've been able to build this platform it's been able to attract artists and creatives that i would never necessarily have met but i do to get back to your point of building a market for an artist and building. A platform is really essential. I think the traditional gallery model is changing where you have artists that can showcase their works in their own instagram and be able to attract interest in their works or potential sales. Just through that some. That's very hard slog to be your own brand ambassador and run your social media profiles. It's yeah it's an industry in in of itself quite honestly as far as i'm concerned okay now to the thing that really fascinates me christie's i have known of auction houses. Probably since. I was ten years old. Because i used to see them and hear about the. My parents used to get the catalogs all this kind of stuff. How does it work. I have no idea i've never. I don't think i've ever even had a conversation with somebody that works at an auction house. So please start me from. Stupidity the basics. How does it work okay. So as an auction house. We have normal in traditional times the live auction. It's forever wants to be you have mentioned catalogs. Everyone remembers the catalog days of what you have it in the mail. You look through you flip through and essentially as a specialist. I am part of a greater team that works on helping to source works for the sales as well as alternately selling during the sale and so stop with step that part right there source work now. Because i've heard stories and this is why like really have a fascination with it obviously collectors who own prominent pieces and stuff are the ones that you want. Because they're going to bring in the most amount of money and of course in the end zone about money. So that's the that's one aspect but i've heard stories about living artists also participating in secondary the sales and things like this like is it only collectors or collections. That are sort of your sources or do you source for directly from living artists. I mean the senate in the past. And we've heard these examples damian her sin and all of these artists that have actually done it. We don't traditionally do not normally we work with collectors or galleries or it's it's essentially through the secondary or potentially primary market that we do but it's never really driven through artists. So then how do you choose so like. Let's say you get a selection of a four hundred different pieces that could be put into your Auction how do you say okay. These are worthy of being. The auction in these are not worthy of being an auction. Like anything there's trends and there are certain areas or regions that people are looking out right now right now. What is something. People are looking into the global south. I mean it's across the board at by that had highlighted. There's a lot looking into north africa. Morocco tunisia these areas. So you know it's the auctions is part of a wider ecosystem of the art scene that is fueled and reinforce both by commercial non activities. There's institutional show of an artist like zaid's at the tate. Modern it'll be a very important speaking point in aspect as to why people wanna collect works from this artists because it helps ground men within a wider internationally recognized institution which will essentially give value both intrinsic and extrinsic to the work. Why people would want to buy it ultimately if you're buying a work auction house of course you like it. You wanna love the work but it's also attended of its insurance and assets. You want to invest in this to see that ultimately it will be in the long term value. Not all the time i mean. Essentially we are still very young emerging market. That needs a lot of time. But you would like if you're buying a work of art from santa gyp in modern artist. You're you're assured that what you're paying for has strong value because whether it's recent prices but also in looking at an educating yourself and looking at like what egyptian modern art was to the scene how that has impacted informed the foundation that say of modern arab same way that iraq has or or lebanon. These are communities in these very important artists that have been well integrated or that. Were working alongside many important artists in paris in london at the turn of the century in these modern art circles so your role which by the way. Tell me your exact position title these days. I'm an associate specialist in christie's in dubai and they're middle eastern modern contemporary art department we work alongside the post war and contemporary art team. And just recently. We've merged categories of twenty twenty one impressionist modern postwar contemporary art which actually was a language. We were speaking beforehand because our middle eastern team encompasses modern which could be early twentieth century up until today so we speak both languages. I can understand impressionist modern specialists as well as postwar contemporary were well integrated within the teams that are obviously internationally speaking in terms of working to source works only helping in the mid eastern category but assisting other categories for works their sales given that dubai is a hub in terms of clients who might have works from different categories that they're interested in speaking with other specialists so i could also be not only working with the middle eastern team but almost as a conduit between these other departments so many things brought up in there all right so when you okay so let's go back to the. Let's say you okay. So you had the hundred pieces that could have been in the sale for that season. You've had it down to at how many pieces end up. In your general season dependency could be fifty sixty seventy but at the same time we had over one hundred hundred twenty two parts to a sale before i was there but since i've been normally under a hundred yeah it it varies. We'll see like okay because me. I'm all i see are the press releases about the things sell for hundreds of millions of dollars but those are more or less. Those are the rarity in the auction houses. Right i mean it's you know you'll have like ninety things in in a sale that are going to sell for moderate price points and then you might have that one may be two that self outrageous points or is it might getting it. Wrong it depends. You always have star work or two in the sale. That's a highlight piece. You know we. We had our auctions in november and did very well on to works. Broke the record for some alabi for close to half a million. Us dollars and He moroccan artist. Both of those works. Did well and it was a great highlight. Other works it also. Well they could go above the high estimate. So essentially toback tracks you understand when we consign a work we speak with. Let's say the collector work and we re provide a value for that work which should say is hundred two hundred and fifty thousand pounds that we decide to price the work and we put the work in the sale. The work is part of. Let's say sixty work sale and we help market the work we have digital e catalog. We have it but cena viewing room. We help the storytelling now. A the work which i think online has it presented a very unique opportunity to really dig deep in an share further texts and details about the work because when we have the fiscal auction catalog. There was always say a page and limit. We had said here to a certain page limit. Now we have full reign to help share more details about the work which has actually been helpful for us. How those evaluations done. So you know. I mean a collector comes to you. Say hey i want to sell this piece. They could probably say. Hey i paid this much for it back then. I believe it's up to you now. Valued at this but like how do you come to that. I've always wondered like those minimum bids and the know the estimated. The amount of money or do is it the collector that sort of dictates that or is it the experts at christie's dictate that it's a mix of different factors for us value a work. Of course you want to know the purchase price that the collector paid for the work. You want to know the primary market for the artist if it's a living artist or even a deceased artists in terms of what their normal. Their price points are from galleries. And you also want to take into account. Recent sales of what recent comparible works are selling in the past sales across the board across all different auction houses taking advantage. The you know the economic situation at the time or getting a feel for over all the appetite of what people would be paying for of the work so walk me through a day in your life. The life of a. I forgot your full title because it was ridiculously long just bachelor. Thank you dan. Life of an associate specialist at christie's what do you do sit around and have coffee chat with martos. Maybe a few collectors. And i wish the artists part of it but the artist is like after thieves because my normal interactions are rarely with artists for christie's Mideast art life. I deal a lot with we. We work with building the sales reviewing works. We could consider doing valuations. There is a little. there's different aspects to how auction houses function. We have our auctions that we do. We have private sales. We do valuations for clients. Who let's say have a multi category valuation and we provide package valuation for the client. So the normal day in the life is never the same. it's constantly running on international time zones so it can get pretty interesting in terms of of the day to day. I'm constantly plugged into london which luckily is now at three hour. Time difference but london new york even the west coast in the us also even sometimes hong kong. So it's it's a constant roller coaster of dealing with different time zones. Speaking with coins about works you know speaking internally with the team's understanding gaining ings inside of the market meeting of course with gallery owners going to fare is normally and doing field trips to these different areas in normal circumstances before kovin was extremely important the different micro markets or the different regions going to battle. It's going to istanbul going to cairo. Kuwait's behind these are all places that essentially post quarantine were really really important in terms of of gaining insight into. What's happening that that are in these different countries. There is no scalpels my days. It's very much in terms of if i have to first of all i. I run on international clock because speaking with clients and colleagues that are all over the world. This is my life. It's a roller coaster of dialogue. That's you know from london to paris. Hong kong new york los angeles and all between i do a lot of time of obviously a very important part is preparing for upcoming auctions working on different projects that were doing with the teams working. On let's say valuations or private sales. It's non-exhaustive in terms of what i'm sharing to. Its there is. There's so many different products that were doing. but of course auctions. We always have that. That goal of when auctions will be right now or upcoming sale will be in october. So we're planning on building for the october sale right now of course with other different related projects. So that's normal day. In in life there is a lot of different overlapping busy angles at all angles. Okay but wait so you said. Your last sale was in november. And you're saying you're working towards the october so you're so one sale for you could take up to a year to prepare for or longer. Well we had initially. When i started had to sales per year and now we've changed in terms of changing our strategy. What we're doing and having right now one sale per year with different projects that we're going to be working on. I'm going to ask us to question. Based on the idea that i'm ed joe schmo in the general public and i see like let's say the salvator mundi whatever you know selling then there's always this thing of like oh it sold for this much. And there's this sell this auction fee this nature of this auction fee. Now i wanna start with. I understand where that comes from. I get it so like i am not questioning it but i would imagine that a lot of people in the world or like what. The fuck is this like twenty percent. It's added onto the end of the whole thing. Do you have a way that you could sort of. Explain why that exists for people that maybe don't understand it in a way. People come to christie's because we have accessibility to clients that they might not have the ability to sell. The work were marketplace at the end of the day so people entrust their works with us in the sense that we will market it to the right targeted people we will. We will presents it in a very beautiful way. We have our e catalogs. It normally are physical catalogs. We promote discuss the works. We helped give it value so that it's like this reinforcing idea of collectors and all people involved dennis. It's it's like a communal effort to help build the market especially of a very emerging market to build and grow a platform for the market so in terms of why the premium would be added. That's a way of looking at it. Were helping in terms of marketings the work and finding targeted buyer on a specific date during me like you can be assured that by consigning in this it you will hope that the work does sell because of course there are times when the work doesn't for different reasons factors in pray but for less you. You know that at that time that is when the work will sell beyond that assist also like you will have overhead. You have to pay to have designers design these online catalogs. They have to pay your salary that you have offices that you have to pay for an air conditioned and do all these things to your business and if the sale prices the sale price you still. It's like you still have to make some money and you can't take it out of the sale price or people won't appreciate that so i get it. Don't you know like i'm on your side. But a lot of people. I talked to her. Like what is this extra thing i'm like it's extra thing it's just a thing that's there. It's the price of doing. Business is really what it is middle. East art all right. So the first thing that i when i think about your work in the mid east so you're from new york you simply have an interest in. Let's call it middle eastern art. You ended up in the uae. Why the uae like there are some other great historical rich cultures in the middle east. Why the uae Sort of focus of this. Well it was. It was to be honest. I spoke with professor a professor. When i was right before i was about to go and i told her my dream was to work in the market and i actually years ago wanted to always be a specialist at an auction house and i told her about it. I was supposed to live in morocco and she ended up. Saying it's better to go to the by. It's the hub at least the market of the region and you can always go to morocco but in terms of understanding the greater market up. Play go to buy so i did. And that's where i am. But i didn't go to discharge because the only school affiliated with the uae was a us in charge. And so that's how it'll happen. But i wanted to share another aspect of what mideast starts is because the digital component and how curated my stories and how i've cultivated a personality. I find now through the many projects and the curated posts that i've done on the instagram south have a website component. People really feel like they know me. It's probably the same way as you when you listen to your podcast. As i've done you feel like you have a sense of who this person is in for me. People who. I have started to be in contact with recently. They feel like they're like we love what you do. We we know. Exactly what fuels you your storytelling. You're creative in your crofty. And and how i run. Many start is essentially through storytelling. And i have a lot of different posts. That i do. Featuring artists from the modern times and old archival photographs helping to educate inform narrative in an archive of the older art scene. I do studio visit features shown artists in their studio with a quote from the artist by did a big quarantine series during the whole pandemic sharing just artists in their of whatever they wanted to share. I do post that are combining middle eastern western artists finding parallels visually and conceptually in their works. It fuels itself. You know it's like constant archive. That's building on my current research. That i'm doing my time at christie's to get back actually helps build a foundation for my knowledge of our history of the region understanding. Who are the most important artists and collectors who have helped be patrons for the artists both regionally and internationally so this has helped form a basis for me to really be critical and understand what is good. Art both from our world from iran the diaspora. And it's really important has forms a good way for me to identify input feeders out as to which artists that we should really be looking into which artists that were traveling abroad. Well informed of the international art scene but also addressing very immediate local concerns of their respective communities in damascus in casablanca in baghdad in dubai since the sixties seventies you brought up a point that i have been harping on since i was teaching in the uae. With when i had my students i used to. I my students were all male murad. He's so just a basis for those listeners. I always had an issue with the fact that when they put their work out into the public they would define it. They would self defined it as muslim female art and so i had this question because you just said what makes good art and but yet it i feel like and this is not again not specific just in the middle east because people are doing this all over the world where they are saying. I may queer american artists. Or i may whatever you giving these little subcategories of things like. Why is it that like. Let's say in this case because we're talking to you. Middle eastern art needs that additional thing saying not only. Is this good art. But it's good middle eastern art for me when you read and research a lot of these older artists from the region. They did not want to be categorized. They did want to understand. Maybe what forms the basis of art from their regions understanding. How do they blend their experience. In formative years studying in power sir. London and coming back and trying to apply their cultural and indigenous roots within the work that they're producing that might also be of language. That could be interpreted internationally. These were the debates that were going on when these artists returns when they came back to beirut or to baghdad to cairo. It's interesting because i mean many. These artists writing reading were very open minded and did not want to be boxed and put in a box of. I wanna be labeled this way at the same time though why. Let's say with a category like us in middle eastern art. We need in a way to help build cultivate the regional art scene. And you cannot just do it from zero to hundred and throw in these artists that have not let's say had a sustained yet continued market within the region. And so that's why let's say. The middle eastern art category is so important right now to help build on you know. That's that's reinforcing fostered by growing seen within the region. It's tough not It's not a light conversation because it's not. This is not a conversation at this point. It's turned kind of dark. Yeah i know but it's the bill. Why because i'm current i. It's not easy not view. It's not easy like it's not easy but the tough questions are the most interesting questions. How do you take something that is sort of self segregating like it could be anybody. It could be a berlin artist. Norwegian artist african artists sort of self segregate saying. I'm an african. You know what our ugandan this kind of thing so they. I have this issue of like i okay. Let me take it back step. I have this issue that says the arts world is already a niche thing in the grand scheme of the whole world. Then within that niche of just people who either produce or collect or interested in the art then we start segregating ourselves even more so only people either producer make asian art or african art or americans art whatever and then even within that we even get more segregated like feminist art or black art. Or whatever lay an i personally feel that that is detrimental to the art world as a whole because we're already small and the what were segregating ourselves. Even more i would love to see us. Try to simply find a way to be more on merit of like. It's good art period. I don't care if it's good art from europe or asia or africa. It's good it skillful. it's quality the concept search. Whatever but we seem to be adding more layers of separation by giving all these additional like now like i have to define myself as like what a assists man. I don't even know what the thing is. But you know they're all these extra things i feel like. It's hurtful to the art world to continue to do this kind of stuff. But i'm a utopian. Kind of person like i want us all to get along. That's my two cents. It's interesting but i find my post of combining middle eastern and western has really been exciting for viewers. But also me because it's allowing me find commonalities in the aesthetic. Maybe they stay studied at the same school. They're inspired by the same artists. They're speaking the same language. I would literally put these posts and as i do the couponing Tie out always. I would always start with the western artists. I always do because in a way of saying like you should meet him. Not yet tie should meet hint. I want to ground it in a way. It's saying this is admittedly sonars that you should look at declaring. I do a lot with music at the end of the day as i said earlier. I'm an american. And i cannot negate my american culture. And if i'm listening to a song with bob dylan or crosby stills nash it will always remind me of the fact that i am from new york and when i'm looking at a work for instance i i posted a picture of egyptian ernest have been neither and i thought michael jackson right away. I'm not going to try and force myself to think of something else. Because when i look at it thinking of dancing and grooving to beat michael jackson and playing disco in my apartment and feeling like i'm a kid again on the beach with my family. There's a deeper feeling sensation to these posts. That i'm doing particularly the eastern and western. Because for the first time. I feel like i'm part of the conversation because it could be really difficult not coming from the region being an outsider on the On the periphery. And how it's been five years living here now. Most how do i feel relative. How do i feel related in part of this when i am not from the region so to get back to it. It's a very emotional feeling to post these. Which would sounds crazy. I mean you post something and it's it's like a it's like a very meditative process. Were i post it on. And i listened to the song afterwards that i played and it it gets me really emotional issues me really in a different headset. Where it's for the first time combining both worlds and people comment on the song they love it and and normally ironic announced many of the songs that i choose produced right around the same time that the artwork was produced could be in the sixty seventies eighties. So that's a recent avenue or direction. That i started to look into and as i said earlier even with many star it's doing a lot of critical analysis and review of modern art from the region. And so. I did this whole corn series. And i did this. Whole right up on Tune who was actually in jail in the fifties in egypt. And i felt like i was in my own prison cell during the quarantine. I talked about hasson. Should he and his performance works and i felt like i was doing this. Conceptual fluxes inspired performance in my old apartment looking. Not all of the floor boards. And i felt like i was measuring myself. And so what attracts me now. More than ever is feeling a part of the conversation. Feeling like what my sensation and what i sense matters and my participation in this appreciation of the work whether it's through music through writing i- creative writer. I have books that i've written personally sharing this. I sometimes feel like. I'm internalizing an artist deep down because the girl that was creating miniature books when i was a kid is still the same today. If i'm stressed i create books like many books. Nice okay two quick questions. The do you have your own art collection ironic enough only of artwork that artists have gifted me nothing yet which is coming a good point because i do feel like i wanna start. Investing made work on paper something small which i do feel i. I want to invest in a more comfortable because it a very intimate process. It's a very delicate material. That i would like to more or less. The price point is always a bit less than welcome canvas so it has its. It's but there is a sense of intimacy when you have a work paper. I'm i believe that works on. Paper is the sort of the the entry level for starting to collect. Because it's it's more affordable in general you can get something from a bigger named artist that That is a better price point. Yeah i mean. Same of photography versus like paintings or sculptures. Things also works on paper and tree level. Kind of stuff nuts and bolts. I wanna hear okay. So you are a fulltime employees at christie's but but you have this little call it at this moment. Passion project of mideast art. How do you find the time or the funding to be able to pull that off because a lot of people in the world you know they have great ideas but it's being able to allocate or choose to put that time in that energy into it. What's your rationale slash funding model for that the secret recipe. I think since getting my fulbright and being here all my own having to schedule my days when no day was the same building something from the ground up being creative about. It has helped me. I think with the fulbright. And with the quarantine i almost just reverted back to my fulbright itself. I was able to be on my own and being a room and figure out what i wanted to do and map out projects that i wanted to do interviews with artists. I wanted to do mapping out collaborations with different our institutions. Doing maybe podcast series. Or i did it with the embassy in washington. Dc a artists interview four-part discussion with interviewing artists. During this time. I'm very curious. And how i find time and as i started earlier it is my passion matthew and so i will always make time for it. It's not something that you know. it's like another job. It's it's part of me. And the friends i may in the people i surround myself with are part of this our community in one way or another. They appreciate arts. They are artists curators. So there is no right way of telling you how i'm scheduling my mideast art. If i feel like i wanna share to my audience. What i'm feeling all craft a story. There is no. I wish it was easier said than done. And i've tried. It said mondays wednesdays and fridays. I'm going to do this at this hour. And i'm going to know like it's there is so much chaos to the days especially getting out of this instill semi quarantine. But i will be honest. There was a point. It was a rough patch after i got back. My father had go videos doing okay now. But i really sought connection dialogue with people and i started to post questions on my instagram literally. What is missing in the art world or what are your top three works that you'd want to invest in in whatever it was it was interesting question you're on you wanna have dinner with an artist who's deceased or living. Who would you want. And the amounts of interaction people really engaged with the content and it was interesting in. So i'm at this point. Just experimenting with what gap needs to be filled. What's missing in art scene. Maybe it's critical discourse or questioning or am. I doing this right or yeah as the perfect example i mean people the people connection in asking these basic questions that are not being addressed and so i want to help form a community of people both from the region and internationally that are also asking the same questions all right. So what are the future plans. I want to build. Further in mideast star one interact with artists in start speaking in having discussions of artists and artists together and be part of the creative process in actually feel it can part of the conversation when artists are producing their works and being part of their inner process. And helping. i wanna be. I wanna be in studio digitally now when they're pro producing art. I wanna be part of that conversation. Mind you it's a very intimate demand you know studio space is a very private space but i have been blessed with connections with artists that have invited me or feel comfortable with me being part of this very private process of producing arts so going forward i wanna build on these conversations with helping artists meet other artists or helping artists. Collectors are helping artists meet other artists around the world and helping widen their exposure and their understanding and they're building a network in a community of people that are interested in learning about artists from the region. It's all based on the focal point of of the regional scene and then sharing this both in terms of the contemporary practices as well as the modern art history. Which is something that needs a lot of work in tender loving care and helping share and showcase the breadth and diversity of the regional. Modern artistry here. The reason why. I ask. Because i remember at one point there was a conversation with you about like making a book of the history of the arts in the uae. And i and. I'm wondering whether or not since that conversation which was many years ago at this point. The whether it's transitioned. Is it more about videos and recorded conversations versus some sort of tangible book product. Of course the book has been on my mind since the first time we spoke. But i've gone through many iterations of when i want this to published. And when when do i feel my research. My outlook and insight is mature enough to indoctrinated within this book. Right now and as we all are transitions a digital world. I feel right now. My preferred medium is posts online. Because it's an easier way to get it across rather than wait to publish a book. I'm not negating the fact that a book is on my radar. But i do feel right now. I'd be more keen to consider like a- digital e book that's a smaller book verses doing a massive research book right now. I just didn't as i said i just don't feel i feel like every crossing now is opening up ten more questions or in interests that i would be interested in looking at. What if you spoke with me. Five years ago i would have wanted to just highlight my interviews with artists from the uae than it evolved to artists from the gulf then the region now. I'm interested in building. Bridges between artists from asia in syria and syria to london to berlin to new york to like it's changing in terms of what is interesting me and as i said earlier. What's very important. Is that sense of feeling relevancy and part of that dialogue. So could you give me three names of contemporary artists. That you think are noteworthy or that. You're watching these days. Three artists that i would recommend people follow made the abdullah emirati artists space in. They'll be. She does a lot with painting also mixed media and tries to channel the inner subconscious inner fantasies within her works. She's running with a bunch of other artists abi bates fifteen which is like an artist. Incubator grown to help build in bridge. The gap with artists connecting with other artists may jordan nassir palestinian lea- palestinian polish artists. That is dealing with embroidery in. His work is based in new york and is utilizing the palestinian trees stitch. The cross stitch that you actually stitch in his works i did visit with him and it was really interesting to be there instead of paints and paint tubes it was embroidery stitches and fabric and he actually helped fund a lot of palestinian women in palestine and helping to produce these beautiful stitches in fabric in his work so that they're beautiful pieces and there is you know sometimes he explores you know they almost remind me of that ted at nonni. Lebanese artists in the horizon landscape works that she does a a very important modern lebanese artist semi habby. Of course she's one of a modern palestinian artist who is one of the most important in abstract painting and she's based in new york. I've done a lot of studio visits with her. So she's she's an important one to to take a look at marvelous last question. I ask everybody some advice for the next generation. I guess her artist career advice. Keep practicing every single day. Like an artist thought designates time for art making sparingly throughout the week from my conversations Learning about those. It's it's impulsive heart of you being an artist and so in every way i just had a conversation with artists just before this. They scribble thoughts on on receipts. They're thinking about work in their dreams in their daydreaming. And it's it's part of their life. It's like a job you know and so treat it seriously as if it were your job so practice everyday question your and seek critique from other people. Don't box yourself in. There is a fine line between boxing. Yourself in and then showing others and then being of course influenced by others but there is also a very important. Parts of having critical analysis of works from people who assay are well informed. Who could look your work and say a quick constructively critical comments. That will help you think differently about your work. So don't boxster self hyphen marvelous. Thank you very much. thank you in. The arts world is a marathon more than a sprint and oftentimes a lot of things. That seem like they're not so important. Actually are incredibly important leader. And that's what i'm here to ask you for. We've learned that star ratings and reviews on the podcast platform through. Its you're listening are very powerful and influential as to getting us more listeners and more listenership so greatly appreciate it if you would take a second give a star rating. Give us a comment. It could be something nice. He could be something critical. That's fine were good with critical feedback. You hate my stories. A- get it. that's fine. Some of them are really bad but by doing that what you do. Is you end up making it so that we will have more listeners. We have more listeners than we get more guests. We get more guest. You learn more information and knowledge so this wheel's benefit you directly if you would just take a second and give us a star rating or you and we would greatly appreciate it because it will help all of this entire ecosystem so thank you very much. This podcast is supported in part by any ea grant from iceland liechtenstein and norway in an effort to work together for a green competitive and inclusive europe. We would also like to thank our partners hunt kastner in prague czech republic and kunst center any inorganic in norway links to e grants and our partner organizations are available in the show notes or on our website. Wise fool pod dot com.

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How To Get Rid Off Depression

Career Talks with Sawan Kumar

10:08 min | Last month

How To Get Rid Off Depression

"Hello fans welcome back to career. Seven commander asked canoe depression. Suicide rates q. You among youngsters darkest getting depressed boy youngsters it now off doing state capital cowboys number. I can guide me but do depressed. Go suicides us. He's making bullpen. Catherine cuban about that. I won't do flood about how disciplined home guessing adkison. How do i see the world. To be way won. The world will be like us on and as you think few drink gold ring and you can jump in flying health food car and you can. You can become set in finding something you can come goosing by doing something. I had nikki but didn't but these movements me commercials for me. How many have you. Because he's could not assan success attack head on up some good bothers me be included. Job indies ogle. A by john feel inches. Or go. Carry nicobar we do channel while asia eventually commercials. Why would i mean the email today by the kitchen. The sun name. This is pecan depressed. Him depressed yeah. He would to suicide jesse's connected home they give us. The gender had the assan heavy. It's nice multiple tension. Engine would a company north reading which was getting. I must to replace to people all expect. Their hokey parking intelligible yogi of yoga. Success will send on are pretty. I feel advertisement. I'm able to other out. He maintained many hippie are be met gamut love media and problem head and he become become a problem with me though the who's eighth and then this is not the case you have work you will have to see life as stuff you will have to see and understand that life is made. The didn't they who he just could votto. This then out could have worked out for us was killed in a minute as he who's in update who each time that is. How exactly may i need as equally good impossible yesterday so important that i am the poorest and the worst kind of human oss jobe jobe was which is lake region. Do not each and to start. Maybe possibly matto in into dominican this dim minute. Just didn't communist padilla key sub so good to be up that after get neighbors up assigned us on the head could what strong could go najat. Industries of challenges are people of could see copied. Could go hunting healthy beheaded bananas. You could save you. Goofing is a routine cookie subsidies and bungee this could go galaxy. Way agitated nicole cohen. Who's been absorbed by data to up chatting in the poor. Please leaking unknown up. Who knows at pop who to j two to apple had jeez cooking or difficult cuckoo cuckoo challenges the jeb. Ob gyn about critical challenges. You will get on that you. The depression got demolished. Maybe because john up. Nikki near for knife for letty community on next time i guess people build unit the heke opne could heap yuppie underwood again of the little deal could could compare the whole kinda sad comedian. One nevada county field though actual agencies give body missiles. Do we ended up. You will be cut me. Go up efforts to optimize boost in our democracy depression getting low feeling that this fill out head inside. The deal could challenge. Who could be credit will do the world s anitta sitcom about. We'll sit allen's leader who good allen's sovereign. Can you do better than this. Yes i can. I can be added. I have this. Can you be better than this. Yes and can be in this. That is how stop being depressed. That is how you stop thinking of something. As bad as hussein question square is occupied could be gracious two blues these please musette routinely and he had pressed on sad mad bad field canal. Say about happiness with difficulty up losing the kiosk how negative our job unit is in the on. Hey hey hey computers could go with. Could argument to me are the i had to wash. Fire group on a fireproof. I'll be the best.

Catherine cuban adkison assan Job indies ogle depression jobe jobe nicole cohen nikki votto jesse john asia padilla letty nevada county Nikki allen apple hussein
Episode 204 : Podcasting is new Generation Radio | digital talk

Digital Ankit Podcast | Motivation, self-help, digital marketing In Hindi

13:58 min | 8 months ago

Episode 204 : Podcasting is new Generation Radio | digital talk

"Yup. KEEP GUSHING TRICKS IN? Radio. Or Ham, is up near guarding due coupon frontier nookie. Do Relax Suara Husson. You do neonicotinoids. A mud Kotecki. Ford cussing obligation booster report cash Catholic article for Gosh Chicago quickly Kanzi software used I also cushion or many Iran Serbia cashman beyond that or individual type curcumin love text message Turkey instagram get through facebook through or Wysocki through many message key Dick Video Too, distracted such will you chance to a coupe futilely royal? Or? Carnegie to make to talk or Lara. Million I. Think. was me up Kobe. Of NEPAD, could use our because midcoast Blah John night he forecast could use some it gonNA to Q-school Watch Renewal Abu Silber digilent- now you or a we. Blah Blah Berlin are compelling Maroon. podcastone. Forecasting Cerita many. The. Trouble top Jonah Julia. Key Forecasting Kournikova ignored guyq. Up. to TC or is MIA, coup plaques, villages, occupied Yada. Name Alaba Poo come cartoon we come to Lhasa to. Update Start to up capacity. Compendium Milwaukee, but Mike Anaemia. Laptop NATO Mawasi start looking up on your laptop up but she Do Up. Let me just say audacity accepted dispute with regards to all those Irit Canopy of Senate. Seat me up because of to regard because of to two. People. Gus Owner Yup who audacity beauty Carmela or cash. Or was he is a medically rosalind attack software just going through look Ricardo Temple. Up Turkey, India forecasting a be. Enough money. To love. Tabby to opt other portrayal be up continuing to make our town next year two up Pataki my. Tires, plus. To academia. Voluminous Turkey my who already around exotic around two million knowledge a CHICA Z. Map. But as a donkey expediency map, Charleena's leaking do up whoever Tiger Casey article policy to go way kill Salvatore looking. Dong to have. Experience to have Cougar Jonah some not a detail my love was. One. Four questions to APP. You do prescribe thing to Cuba to real hung or does wwl down acapella theology to real world. Sorry me. To Kiss. Could use almond mccranie vitamin but Dong. Andrea. Or? Of, the could cheesy order myopically occur due he Jessica Avenue Cookies, forecast mcparland motivation. We've gone up self-help improvement seldom rumored cheesy but don't give up Gaga's. or He must leave with. Don't you at Field Goal Town Abadaka. NIGGA. Many escape Aleka get all scale according mistake you skateboarding when up Cobas Union but I Do Book Bartow join see cows. Your money whenever Lou again key was commercial curtain. Cumana. Yearbook Policy is summer I remember recently book Barada was. In Moscow. To let me Sport Gossiping. Gossiping Approval Lucan Community Abbas Subscriber Akhi up was itchy. Dominantly the gun could we with auto to please? Could locate apply grew Gal. Up nola little other. To side. Scott we anna say many apple cover key and book me. Knowledge. Look invoke. Abi. Or doctrine even me Dr Buco melodic doctor. Wyle. Educational. Q.. Book Me Licking War could not even. Dr Cohn Manila. Used contact Qatar in. Two White Jj. Up Good Knowledge Could Kerr up o'clock. Took Ikeja key. I got up within. So still set chai. Social Malay- Torah leak in school Karuk. Served. Thinking are not enough money you have to lose until you have to get some. So start taking excellent excellently. Do Blah. Supervisor Desert. Again, go to two years different gotta up outcome Kazaa Time Liberal Lubke work teak. Tie. It could be a key agape goose. To. Failure Gabi they are in. Malaysia would definitely I? Got The to movie deputy Upper Saliva cowgill. All the Knicks Time Yup what I'm GonNa give me to go. Up Nasty. Guy Wasi Jewish dig up Nikki to Rob Wallace Mbeka Ruby. Deputy Rock. To. Rap Process job and loved man deputy Iki polities stigler down when love a leaking drop gook up. To ABC experience details growth many Monta key manual. Malaria Acapulco Smith Excelled Libertad anger or who anger beaver down to cal Jamila but idea we will look for Louis or guarding around. Up Near improve or up his upcoming could in Brooklyn to Ki Yay to Anna key the key a tacky look heart book named Purple. I woke up the leaker my. Was Burrow. ABC Clean. Rounded up. Around. To my knowledge once again, go don't you seek them were plagued down In Germany tacky ESA he glut, the Milwaukee. Of uncuttable John Lewis me, unique gimmick report read counties, ut school grab do. Three important school but it is here Peruse Coma Circle. To the abattoir silk success sexy without lobster per way to the cowgill Luke Chat. Kika. Would order licking Joe Nature those Kobe the Kanagawa Guy. felony. Is at the monopoly money you mistake is famous got skewered you. Laboon achieved the call ups Beckmann McConnell Love Acapella monocoque success guys namely Phillips, we will be the cost to go see doing go signal Pataki is one any mistake the image in in Caen? Manager Polka. Start. Get too many Joel, you are elder. As he does he the Kick scarring Kalki Medical Wrangling College Tika. Leaking skelly. Magnetic. Annika Nerdy Guy Nicola key Yar ago wrangling rental Miradou titled Sunny was When lever by Does hey tool patriarchy. Chick. Key is it looks at them to Satra. Because too many Deka or ninety try to nine, hundred, eighty I put Ryan. Nature. User. Dr Noni. Grow Jato socks to fellow bus, Louisiana Georgina, or fellow Ghetto Signal Camilla. Simplicity, the lucky you do pay minute boom new. Loved Grueninger. Achey you key. Sides you coming in career million income. Unique is he regularly Bingo could who could Only have been a long career to go up coup knowledge gained Communism Electa, Luma Tacky I started going or calcium Gupta's million. He opt Yarmulke to look in a Gallup could focus I do chat to be good up now could cover no aura value or schedule. To Clear Timeline a player Tuckey up ritchie siege. NIMIA. Offers go live. We cannot according. To Way, Megara, keep my updates to. Connecticut not. ECOLAB cut in Google Anna Kiawah bossy topic her then hardened coups navigable Ni- occupies hardin coach. Now, who contained Juki upper long soccer took Colorado. Leaking. Bottle Tuckey, my road town timoth juicy chunks called Documenta don't do is simple lawyer. May Medication. Happy with. Key got up. Sibu. Occupy Squeeze opne. To. DOCUMENT GOES UP Carol. dickey blogging poured casualty. Block Journey Valley pulled. Gain Gay or ski bottom, but Iraqi Myalgia. Ajdabiya or my mall mega many which could lead ut nearby. Or? Broadcast. To pick out malevolently reliability. Salute Cesium skip. Greedier. Cricket Caipirinhas attain some, Ibn Machala to appeal even nowadays a dog we. From from a Ford Gosh type because he got by Swanee. GotTa. Miss. Dinner. Geek Alaskan COA and tumult veloce upkeep US topic mostly was up goofy Carnegie Cuckoo Kotulek dicap- Kahsmir to seamlessly technology for them. Present. Damascene name a book on to my. Report Cousin Vodka. Donor. Key Map with I'm lucky yearbook men Gabu yet she is Copello. Or Koga Beaten Portland we have. Massive. Bubka Mankato Turkey will up June Danny. Dick. Money doesn't matter fascinating. By liuqiu validity LONGUEVAL VOLUSIA winner to look up patrolling or Giudici bridegroom we the worst. Because, he will see recre- looking upset Zip. Code Eleven coup as A. Liberal or ethical to let come up. Up Up Nisar Whiskey guarding say manage Oscars looking upset Manipulate are. Ye Car nitric say up long-term Game Lincoln. longtime. Game. ABC Up Kucher LUMBAGO NAJAT WE'RE GONNA jet to. Trust again can later you have to bill I will have Leonard J key up. I saw Gloria. June. Joma love in order to you create. to miniature Laghi symposia to Logan coup. Petacci. We'll see but any to dependent will Palais Kanye eager you? OR A. Up Cougar manab occurring Lincoln Daytona as junior bodmer wireless for. Long holiday just get in. Boston way people look at them, Potala Kushner career as A. Key HAMCO Palais Pastor. Joel. Fan when Yada who Patios E. DOT COM. who political hit cut of one Fan Mineta Cuna yu-gi-oh was co-pilot Taghi. Gara. Jerus- loose community Joe. Mill. Dow. Happy to rush. Kata for the schedule at a bond who got will achieve USA. Banja. W COPA? Takia. This is right. As a good. Koga key. Boss I ju- nine. To do pay Dr Deke up indycar look at even knotty. Roasting the pills Cuba both are rushing. To Love, you copy looking Europe Kushner to quiz market me which which now at that school at up cutting Boulet Tula Seru me up co Lever Luggy yet eager to as a marriage was dunk gay meadow Garang he could in my may be scrutiny lead muscle. Budapest about well, Hertford. The. Duma. Love going. Up See. What she's GonNa, do you feel you? Feel here on would you will. Relate KUWATA. Yummy took up in Zano or Apple Pataki gas calculated. Say about maybe what course Tonky Edmund Cooper? Buddha. Allah. Tamega. Internet Sakarya Indonesia or Review unfinished aurea to eat. Kudos. to May Kazakhstan thousand, a year would. For my opinion. It's OK Gelo blaster daigle. Jessica May. Be. Beach maker Yasser. Background Makuuchi Lana League to travel with First Pacific are connected. To. Do Boston Mistake Coffee County Poverty yu-gi-oh normal life me. Ordinary people get reversal G.. Radio, or to do Cairo to simplicity water bossy problem not normally in the game. So. Thank you for listening. Thank you very much.

Turkey Pataki Yada Boston Cuba Koga Joel apple anna Joe Nature Dong Suara Husson Jonah Julia A. Key HAMCO Palais Pastor Alaba Poo Lhasa Kournikova Maroon. podcastone Carnegie Jessica May
Mukhauta (  ) | By Aman Singh Only On FM DOWNTOWN PODCAST


21:59 min | 8 months ago

Mukhauta ( ) | By Aman Singh Only On FM DOWNTOWN PODCAST

"Balcony hover lebron or debussy. Newish does don't slog up by thursday at fifty to storytelling podcast. Fm don't me may have got those democracy liquor but fifty. Nick honey man. Up sabella tank. nacho hamad sponsor skies you newness episode with sponsor kia disanayake cahaney ask economic mccarter danica. Gayborhood sorry bobigny acidity judea banja nutty buddy of the sake look good ski avenue seek exited the neon blue which are using blatty or gte janna jack beatty federal money celia banana seeking a man magazine. Pantani ama Mab and katina chat not been a casino cardi been dead montana emily within yucca. Unequally up novichok but madea acres. Zindi geeky cagliari nuclear mood amina who media jessica. This new coach bulky. He's a he made as indicated by d. Must go to donkey buddy. Pasha abadi mostly hud on payday meter hot. Tom orca to luna ibadan. Decoding many of me dated bundy. Orca keke pirker yogi it gedi saas do dictate lamposts. Could they catch. Are muncie dopamine. Jar gadget Donald satay was roles at bill. Hope said that. Sacree gleaming ham divide keeper chimichanga eighty lebas leak title for betty caputo cho dignity. Also taking it not assign is in your mortgage each payback banana cusco. Scott pelley china. Excuse nicoletta commitment Nate nato menus kahad shorter. Who gotta was biden mediator. Deka buttered me kylie hot ghettos lapis. Jalili been at buckley been accused bully. Colton said if it's not get away map nicole competetively by woven kitty. Men human mira. Non booker t. Who chad ganapati take dot get. It may come on now and not eaten up. Genetic giacobino heap elect by state evil keeping the team. Benefited hit his team. Is it. would i miss you miss you. Do muncie commission who seek advice me till idea will meet came with debility. Many mates have no formal titles. Such a bad consi. Phil caribbean as buddy will be mckay item. Any sydney. what radka eat budget a hobo many foreign opposite idea matthew kneeling whiskey. Gula hardcore resolved. Jesse hope sitara mukti are canessa quintiles. Ski calbury monty monty. Bitter kelly cannot dowd. I t care lewke by her. Lack of character is something near me to meet. Peter deniro. bill cosby link katiti market. Amish michelle here. Sorry ideology goodbye. Dymanic community now. Culminate dakota road cushy music class killing the colty. Celebrities are filled up his car. Pelvic in leaper nudity thima Pataudi to re-communicate martin masika cotin on my guy not of necessity by cadillac martha potato but look he man mammal hamilton. Mutual shut the mirror man mirror. Lovers would samir second. Benun wfia but mechanic you table table. The market hippie cosmos could not put a highly johnny johnny boosting the heck rata make which bucci cpu made. It must manu. I'm so happy to see the liberty here. Many of you may market the a who put out. His despot minority continued donor. How dramatic vote. Many head people reporters media. Today we'll see to bahawalpur sunday. We stop gauguin data but these it has but emperor up near me he tie up nick kusei parody sabotage indian hockey. Instagram stood up communicable paintings. Mutiara participatory judy. Who he allergy. Annuities each look indian hoti apple party per barack obama had the john little keep body getty museum. He malinke today. Nari abi indian hockey game instagram's to check out of nikolai of nip dish. Ski a new teacher. Kamara instagram store ahead at the indian hearty but at the barack with jimmy threaten india market huggy tea or military. Couldn't tests musavat. I believe this a see who message like i. The chairman and i do perceive family. Crucial hagi do mumble jessica. A team piracy. Sally metal nasi could highclere kissy mesa. Mond miracle is in the botanic is up. He said he bandler cousy meaty market. Anybody looking easter egg. Evil could imagery effect is. He gets on my boyfriend. Communica behind a banana. Look ezekiel amish. he family cassatt not acne. Shut that they've been cost about you. Thank you t. many up. Kneepads noppadon john. The electricity just deposit jetta gag. Atta i like contrast mckissic hokey. I don't ludicrous. Cousteau hannah monday. Hotbed of to china. Exeter hama i. I'm happy many tutti masuda jerry. Purchase becker dehui. Manute dick vitale. Many kata abdu barak era parish. Hippo tuba tasse dear do shoddy. He hoagie jon. Hagey mass acquisition may look to kushner. Who showed the venetia. The hud beauty of nema came loose. Nejat da i the media ocoee desire to me. Cutty can eaten us on god with i of men. That kitchen could eat bana which but they could such a monkey kisii economy of nodding upper tie. Maybe he's such t is been hit by massive which must sequence coulda heartily man. The backer company miller should cookies dictator. Roche nikki lincoln. Michelle motti shahikot setback. Not circle are delegated past empty monico. She's katiba catechal. But matete gainey sean. Korea data varnish on your accent media as deduct the savage yuki ramirez omni cottee this alka team gb casaus you could suitable korea town and get numb tosa middle-class napata mid. A subset does town board. Sarah looked to be not hump shot but he looked issad immediately. Those ticket demissie marta. But escalier shot charleena. Plata equals liberty with was media. Chronic wish kiki mugabe us working mira monte heaney town allergic kariba strahan he nico para hit. Many many many kill the tulsi could subdued muncie. I like you and i know. Don't be listening. Hotta mohan kit. I don't miss in telecom comedy. Pass kariba something. He will choke a lot to cuny steady listener. Had on april the major entity is he let get zookeeper league ister titled media but so he let get raza tally. Jaggi is quote manipulating lord. Casey hi she appeared a little bit. Nobody he basically hammy patty audible. Been accused gave hostage la gazzetta to medicine. They geeky sub seaman. Who sweaty unfitness up. Corbetta yet amir that is gonna sub much but hustler hit. What's more fioretti yes. It is a decorated as a lagoon. Obscene self he colored p. c. Then you badminton monkey gary military. He media quickly. Chewbacca no homicide makoto worker. Jean hogarth put i school. Donald the bahamas gherardo accuse chuck thing it'll give each beaten had pot. Akili pod comes oh mess was scuttled hitting mcnicholas limited. Nasr naza psomas teepee. Bitcoin meet each. Sat made a juicy. Lucy bajada cheeky. Which party native could go. Jesse where's the hebron. Guess he could be associate way for me. Pertemps could take a rottie to threaten you up nag for miss mateka but it is not michio whiskies. Moldable gosh will you. Ha who is ej do get nicotera to keep it out ticker addity shoddy pelley wattage. Okay not nickel wiki. I didn't ask message. May either you many katie bodies message. Copa zindi geeky code until mid june. Allegra time lucia message. Our meeting is p. nauseated. You ended up. Could jetta hausky etiquette made a duck midtech leafy cushy his equation yes heels kahad pakapahan behind open whom nikki is massad but whose skin amke menaka taga nikki quite yet. It gives the buddy scotla touch leaning equipped with the hard quite good zenia muhammad partly in may mamiya that beach akita not semitic and must be lucky. Okayed chuck that idea take get not by an owner. Could give us with zahida jonah up niazi. He's the him jonah. Madly it the nasdaq in desire millennium data. He may have died equal scenes. Guy who does betty. The mid economy was skiavo. Bernie moncey many politically cuto advisable credit. Can't perth let radha adducing height maturity banca yet boost this cd. Eighty madore gorski galil luggage artist economy with day. I missed you so much was the unless you are. Guscott up bahamian peachy. It never looked duty with air. He as deep you mitigate agency may have portlandia jetty. But i actually need to name. Who's the allow hotel puccio satirized. Enough hanau was cut the arenas bit to come in. I monica the hunt. Donald qatar of paulette gain nasdaq which katie is typically. Monica mcafee latte you a little bit body architecture of the a mayor nestle fifth bite again roy attack media accommodative feebly to literally said tita. Neetu sept taken us. Menacing fifty weaker acidity malacca chewed buna. Atomic muncie looks into a bulldog in two nas need to the to jesse mandalit food sub potosi fast lobby nuts of a convenient map. Mccullough apoptosis assadi minds. He got gary. You would sit dorka. Lougee could confu buffoon heat blanket deep album. Who in he gothic worth nas car. Looney shoddy chani chat of t khwaja tico jamaa. He is dismayed. glut natural. muncie. If mccutcheon liangelo bud lasana zari macos. Behaviorally nausea mahogany hot perugia. A bully hump yard. Kathy inducing his honestly couldn't go at me. I'm don't jiang this obscene in subsiduary. 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Matassa mean peggy medicine body yet but tyke that outdoor school gobble within the much. Huzzah hitting our many boo. That din could go battle. Mccotter bad cuddly. T give me the knowstone he by tim. We'll hussy will donate go. date him. Economy was get bad will match while good passer it. A deemed resulted activity. Midyat michael northerly. Dt university but the potomac monte but manages. Did this himachal. Atta george you to dominic would go. Gosh gosh of soothing to lager but audio does cookie hull. Se hooman hamid when bucky ricky guitar. Cokie that of nature hundred enrica saad he pattaya geographies me could be marina. He it's natural so now up nate. It's natural but the beside going up damaging the samaj nicola new arguing kosinski kissing mesh. Ebony natives danica ghazala nikki maidana. Beman ethos up. Caliendo shot media up near mckinney. Being my bullet denver did cut gustilo. He up naoko. Camp bunker leah committee. Study dorothy up latina san he kalbarri demand now. 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And a hunan missiles karate medicating lydia meet gatti's each otc denia meeting. Noah's give gaza buddy. Yes may may mab uncourteous atif ankle. Secret tara fickle. Almasy me been. Casey mcchord icky to this. It needs to become new. Really hunters. Yuli up murray. Is doug on page at fm. Don't own podcast cool zero voluntarily.

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Krypton Season Two

The Cave - A DC Universe Podcast

23:07 min | 1 year ago

Krypton Season Two

"Hi I'm Brad Dorothy. My name is calling salmon all going on this. Katie sack off. Hey It's Greg Grunberg famous Gareth Edwards. My name is Neville Pigeon Concept Designer in film. Hello. My Name. Is Matt Brewer and welcome to sci-fi talk? Hi this is Tony. Tomato and starting is second season of Krypton on the sci-fi channel. I covered the roundtables at San Diego Comic Con last year as we talked about season two and now that it's finally here. I hear the complete interviews I up. His show runner Cameron Welsh. He's worked on Asha versus the evil dead and also the series. Constantine so taking on Superman's Granddad. Yeah when you got the it was like cool but that was a little frightening to little challenging. Yeah definitely it's it's. It's daunting there was eighty years of of that of that Superman mythology and to be you know it was super exciting. And there's a dream stonehenge myself about it but But yeah it's that's a responsibility there as well and and you know we we talk about that a lot as a group you know could the riders with the cast that it feels like where you know it's been going eighty S. I think it'll go another. You know like there's superman that that the mythology that character continue on so we feel like where of caretakers for the moment we get and if we can you know contribute something to that and then the next big then. We'll be happy we can leave it in as good shape as we. We found it then coming. This season is the character of logo in season. Hope BRAINIAC and so I think where we believe in the spirit of the characters and and we think there's no point bringing logo in and then making that Lovo completely different to what we've seen in the comment that said the boy in the comments is such a character and we have a very grounded kind of a show so we don't want that we don't want that to bump into take people out of the it's going to be too jarring. I mean he. He's not meant to fit the world and kicked on gain away so typically by a little bit with that So I think we'll we still. I think all of the elements that that have made logo. A public derive such longtime. We'll we'll have those things in there but you know you might be riding around on the space you. He was asked. Why is Superman still so popular? Feel like Superman and what what he represents more than any other superhero at the moment. He's kind of what the world needs right now. I feel like that's why but that doesn't really explain why he's being set popular Last eighty years. I guess there's something you know. Engineering about You know it's almost cliche to say is now but the the hope that he brings is. It's I I don't think you can ever really Undervalued I think. That's that's something that we all you know. We we old whether we consciously or not. I think we all need that. I think we think we. I think it feels good. It feels good. When when it's there's something comforting about nine th there's something familiar about the character and and everything that he represents you know we we talk about old time we hope is is not we. It's a big part of of trying to do with the High Greece. Superman brings the hope that we can all be better than ourselves. And I think that's the enduring quality the character now. How much freedom do you have on this series which is one of the things you know that most exciting about doing the show and I think you know this time last year and I remember talking about you know some of the things that we had plans and I think it was a little bit of skepticism? That you know. Maybe that's just Luke Service and alternate you know it's just going to be a prequel and in the end the planet's GonNa Explode and Super Mantle. Descend on the but I mean we kept saying. That's not what we have in in in store for for everybody and I think hopefully by the end of the first people are saying that. That's that's not the case and We we do have quite a lot of we have all the freedom in the world loose especially now that the timeline has has is now we're on a divergent timelines in the woman. I think just It's really liberating and it's like we can throw shackles. But with that said there's so many things in the mythology that that a cool that we wanna play me so we get to get the best of both worlds. We can kind of pick the bits that read that we want use. We can use them in ways that they've already been used we can use them differently. You know where traffic situation that way up. Next is Adam strange himself and SEAN SIP books about Adam. Screen kind of represents awesome the pop references in east troy tires. And what does I like that? It's pretty cool I enjoy it. You know it's nice fees in a way it's spokesperson to humanity because we are on a part of pop culture and he also knows were things are going over. Things are headed possibly Trying to keep it that way that are good about a world trying Superman. The Bright Future At the end of the season we see and Adam assume horrified to see. He's quite possible. Failed in that mission And Superman is no more and the world is a dire place in Detroit. Bottle tripped on. He doesn't know what's happening tripped on beacon. Speculate huge statue exotic Detroit and she's a terrifying knows what's is capable. I think we all knew pretty bad. Here he is on Adam strange last season two. I love doing this show. Because everybody is people love Superman and people up comments until when I'm dealing with interacting with fans with executives with with people who don't even know the show they know Superman people love to read comics and they love mythology and it actually live And helps and people are genuinely happy excited and they feel sort of collaboration when talking to you because they can say. Are you going to go this way? Like they didn't this and that you know they have some tie in their life to that and I dig. I love his different. If you're doing a show that doesn't have this mythology with it. They don't have the same tied to it. They don't have this collaborative feeling like Oh what's going on? What are you guys going to do? And that's Kinda where they go but to have people be genuinely excited and not in some weird creek away in a genuine passion passion place I dig it going to be dealing with going further into atoms journey into the mythology of and we're going to become the Adam strange that people are familiar with the comics but the main thing that I that I'll say is that the ideas that he has for he wants to become He will be going through sort of death and rebirth. Those of those things. Which is which is kind of a through line for any piece of -nology really is death and rebirth right I like a pain. A crucify crucifixion of price to pay. Then a death then reversed and we've seen him go through the pain and he's going to have to go through the rebirth to build again right if you have a city that's that's wrecked. You have to clean the slate if they want to build a new building. They don't leave the old one there. That's rotting they. Tear it down. They till the soil they redo the foundation and then they build up and I think that's the journey that we're gonNA see Adam go through and I think that's a journey that we're gonNA see the shogo through species and is that there's going to be a lot of like okay. We have a bad regime coming. We have these terrible things have happened. We need to destroy him of this and rebuild it we may see a major character Adam. Strange's life introduced. It's my understanding may be introduced and as everyone knows. Alana's love of his life you know the reason for his being such a large extent that I think the whole thing with with him kind of possibly maybe being bisexual or or or sexually fluid for me was kind of a little bit of an Ode to James Dean in the sense of. Why live your life type with one hand behind your back? You WanNa do something you go ahead and you do it. And that's fine and it's you know so that's kind of where I approached that from Where we where I spoke with Cam and the writers we just went that route within and said okay. I'm down with that. I'm down with shaking and shaking the a little bit download causing a little bit of word. Roughly People's feathers as I with it you know. I think that's important thing that we do in entertainment. We ruffled some feathers. That people go. Oh that's okay. I'm used to that idea so bad. It's not this now. It's not a fucking elephant in the room. So I think maybe we will. Maybe WE WON'T. I don't know so what has been the reaction to his fluid mainly really positive. I got the majority I would say probably like you know like sixty seventy percent. Where like that's partly that's really awesome and then And then some than I had a strong basic people going like. Oh He's gay and going like he's one of us and I was like listen. Let's not be drawing lines in the sand and trying to compartmentalize or go like oh he's Descru- and you know through everyone else was like. Oh He's moving between any any and all that doesn't need to be lines here and then there was some that got upset saying the your. This is it. This is terrible because he loves Alana. And you're like wording all the comics and shame on you for you know all the history of this like listen. We all know that when someone writes a comic things change. You picked up the first edition. You pick up the newest version volume of you're like Oh well. He's a different hair color he hasn't they change and they move with the times and I think that's Superman. Didn't fly comics first time again fly. Yeah Gentlemen thank you thank you. It's GonNa be interesting how they played that in season two. There's more Fi. Talk my look at crypt on season. Two in just a moment. Hey everybody I really hope you're enjoying this latest episode of sci-fi Talk. Do you know you can actually get paid for listening to this podcast. I know it sounds insane but it's true. I discovered this new APP called Pot coin. And it literally pays you to listen to podcasts. So here's how it works. You listen to podcast and you pod coin when you listen anger turn your pod coin into gift cards places like Amazon or starbucks or if you're a good person you can even donate pod coined to charity. The more you listen the more you earn. So here's what to do. Download the APP right now iphone or Android and I got a special code for you simply use our Code sci-fi talk and you get three hundred pod coin just for signing up and if you listened to enough of us here you can get a Cappuccino starbucks or Amazon Gift Card on us. Go ahead listening to this podcast and I swear it will change the way you listen to. Podcasts Hi this is John Almond composer and editor of submit returns. Any listening to you. Sifi talk back on my look at crypt on season. Two as we look at the ladies of the planet Krypton and candor and I up is Wallace Day who is niece of Vex who comments on the relationship between Nissan. Jacks I think I think it's about we're selfish. Inca sovereign ship will relationship. Whatever it was And I think that Jack's is an incredibly powerful character. I'm and so on. I think together that GonNa craziest identify frayed best. Strong the brains. I'm and I think that we're GONNA see really really interesting. Relationship developed bad yes. There's a lot of strong women on this series. I mean I think it's an incredible movement to be pleasantly growing up when I was you know what James Bond or mission impossible strong guy leads the kind of stuff I want to do later. Mike. I like secret. Agent stuff is amazing. I never really over. That's a guy just never really hot dot dot notion I guess. Spa Actually I think if I did go out with Moore strong female characters I think I would have would have been To seen it differently. Maybe though it was an earlier age I did think it was possible. I think it's amazing for young boys. I'm bells right now and I think it's a great time to be in this position and so on today things I like about her shows kind of knows and really leaves around and plays the political chicken put up a front and then behind the scenes. He does compromise playing at the first time I ever race. Saw other sites innocent passing was when she was handing sake the of his Paris ashes and Obviously you kind of saw like I tried to play like a glimpse in high of sadness and emptiness and at that point. We didn't know why. Now see we have more deer why But I think I just think it's an incredibly exciting thing to do unto have kind of three dimensional card to the house. Committee has a history of back story and a different sides. Them layers I think is just so exciting and one of the reasons I just adorn. I am relatable. We've been we know people that have been through shit if we have an ourselves in the upper front at some point in life and I think that's really related with trump. Yeah she comments on the fan reaction now which season one under their belt. There is definitely more excitement and enthusiasm and appreciation for the writing the show Cost as you said and Honestly which just we are so grateful for and even just to have any kind of reaction to anyone to one of. What's you know what we've been doing is really exciting because it like it's real this is real life you know. And when you're in a studio five thousand miles away doesn't it's such an alien so far from this while to actually when you were in and you see the funds is so exciting and it's and it's nice to meet the people that really helped create is like say so it's been amazing. Could you imagine if it's a? Sit Down showrunner Cameron. Welsh helped her CD journey of miss. Certain down Probably just after episode three And he had a chat with me and he went your car. This isn't who she is. She's been through this and she you know she she huts and she's a reason to beat like why she has. I think really the relationship with My father darned backs was the one of the first things that just switched and Mrs Minor. She. I think I'm just really excited to kind of flip it because it did almost as you said at the start she was portrayed as a villain and and and we saw that by the end she was. You know she's helping Siobhan. She wants to be part of this. And she's falling for him you know. She's emotionally invested and she's sacrificing things and. I'm just thinking that that was such a great opportunity in such exciting thing for Vanessa to have to go through so it was. It was great. It was exciting buzzing. You could. What would you like to see about your character of nece? I would love to have some flashbacks. Show some of the things. You've been. Take some of the stuff. That hasn't Najat that she has been third. It'd be really interesting to help. The audience invest in her character even more. I would like to see her. Go through some challenges which is definitely on the other on the horizon with However I think that I'm not sure if that will be time to really show much policy that we are definitely going to take on new new obstacles and things that would definitely make up honorable and sponsor bility's and things precious to her stake. We'll see how she reacts and out next playing the Amazing Jane. Assad is equally amazing Anna Out Bomo on her first comic con. My first one I am. I'm loving. Ed this is great. This is absolutely fantastic. You get to do you different jobs all the time but you don't get to come to call necessarily as say the me. It's really nice to do something. That is exciting and new. In a way I can possibly imagine save. I love it right in the I understand. So yeah I mean that's a lot of physicality. Yeah I think there's so much for me to To go with in terms of the writing and the storytelling that is the only way to do is to absolutely embrace it and actually. It's a wonderful opportunity. How often do we get to see a character like this? You know she's a woman who's the nature of an army. She's a mother. Uh She has Responsibility she has the responsibility of protecting an entire city and also protecting the swords legacy as well and bringing a tool to he. She herself is going to protect that legacy for me. I love it because I get to a really strong women who is a rounded character. He faces challenges her decisions and season one could certainly impact her on season two. Yeah I think agencies of one. We've seen Jane make decisions that have that have changed her. And I think we're GONNA see more in season two. She's GonNa have to build herself up from what's happened so she's GonNa have to make a choice about what she stands for what she believes they now because before she believes in honor hurt to his life was at stake and she then had to believe in family and actually love but then that person who she changed her initial belief all has basically shot her. Is she going to believe it now? You know she's hired so many as far as family go. She's been let down so many times in her life. We see how her down now. We're saying the door to let her town is she. Can I have a big enough halls to come back from that? And still and still believe in something positive or rethink light eater up. What is it going to do to her? Is it GonNa make her love or hate there? I mean. I don't WanNa be simplistic as Tom. But she's got to build herself up with all those scars. Now she's got more scarves and the latest one hurts the Mace because not a child here. She is on child's love and brothers. Look I think a child's love is completely different to a brother's love who won and I think that's in a way she can seek forgiveness brother may be forgiven. Her brother is in some ways. A step towards fixing lighter and I think she needs love in some way. Everyone needs love. Don't lay into she. She doesn't receive a long candle. The you know he loves China in Council and the one love. She was her dual action suggested that she didn't say how. How's that to be an unlucky person? So yeah I think her brother. She will seek some from hip breath. I think it can replace the the love of the child special. Thanks San Diego Comic Con and the Scifi Channel till next time this is joanie Lotto. Thanks for listening. Hi I'm Lavar Burton and you're listening to sci-fi dogs.

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Inform Me ( End Hunger, achieve food security)

Inform Me Podcast

49:05 min | 4 months ago

Inform Me ( End Hunger, achieve food security)

"Moan for my house where you do a little pro. I did bill thirty five everyday. I really do bad. The who might be loosened our komo not soon business and lifestyle program. Inform me with gone. I don't mind say we we're not. We can toss jelly and we did do offer meal. I decided to the everyday without since the up around me or not has to do i in my nigga. I don't talk on me. I need my daughters okay. My ally kick well. I remember the wants to professor to imagine asandra when when you don't you don't dictate to happiness. Somebody did this to go down ask list. They don't be better few something you didn't know where you are. And everywhere this one place all of us learn because we the wind south mostly sodomy. And no no i just try to. I try to me joint to work this out everybody this morning strong letter people. I really really happy. See we pass to do here this morning. This tuesday morning. I something to be about because some people we know we know week to and then i guess people were for a hospital. We different things but we thank god every day and also we walk for sheets for now on the listen to us anywhere where you day all over the world because we the extreme life. They listen to us america for canada for a uk's Scotland all over dubai everywhere. We want appreciate all of soil so much well from the onset of when was touched this program we talk say mic me. See how we feed. Take make things better for ourselves. Sumbawa sesame not depend on government. We know say it gets pots very important parts. Governments oppose flee to make the society better for some basic things when dot safe. Remember human beings debbie on human beings not the profit nobody deepfakes and sometimes those we danes. I did not see which does they outside the dog. You feel talk some self. Because of pride and alderson's noguchi come what we're not say because and i'll do the right so we to know go one do the right onto the right. If not for yourself with listen for your children and tell people say. I will do anything possible to michele. See my children and that generation did not hold back any information from where it was onc- which me say day Volleyball on a day important for people to get access to will on okay. For this month. We still want focused on the As digi's twenty twenty thirty agenda for sustainable developments goes way am caucus and also united nation nations. We did united states. So any nation with the foil. That body dista- binding on while we come forward to semak. We see how we take them as a or roadmap for ourselves you know. Sometimes we features the walkout. Does it to do things guys i got. I got you get if blonde day if picnic day. If i did d will fits follow goes okay mic. We use them. Mickey see how it came us on fossils but it game watson good for one country feel good for another country. That's why we said we'll go use our indigenous ways. The ways originator tours where we know where they are naturally for our place for mid-sized who will see how to use them to take follow these. Sdg's way be fact we'll be seen in sorta last week. We started with implementing all its forms on everywhere. Now on is the nan number one and last week we also get somebody one united nation ambassador ambassador six be now we join us to put them out foods and i knew say for the group we get so many things they do in kottayam from east a. They do a lot of things with this as deejays for them. It's states suppose. See how you take walk on the the government as a state government local governments suppose user s sedan mitchell. Young lady sunday. Talk when i detail about this Somebody komiya congress where our physically challenged people do use box. Lynn do things i was out. In fact i was mice. Make i use these. Were flabbergasted which. I wasn't oh of i say they make themselves available to lame source. Things you get so it costs an acronym. 'cause across the kala she say today as jesus that say. Md mdg this as she walked with them. But it's not the walk. I say now lasted in other words. What's what you did. Because she the napa slim fast and you think well what can you. Do you know who talk saying not gap people. You don impact data lives with the transfer of these talents today. So if people say go walk for the facts it few people benefit from a to me for that lady success it before hawk always talk for this program and the best thing you want is not one person nine get information from here and then that person there transformed in mindsets change you constantly say things around you change as a result of within you year from inform me program and redo then for us. Oh i am a success. God you is success academy kick. You is success so now nine go use this one tech. See how we take this successful will start with our immediate environment and then sprayed. I don't talk this. Oh deal more when. I did day listening to you talk. Say a young talk. I go johnny talks all right so now there we did so. Let's go straight to number two. Because i think we talked a lot on on this end poverty sons so mic will look inwards. Look and see how we take to find something to do to take elevate ourselves from poverty and mule poverty. Mindset now mindset. Because if you if you not see yourself you get money no means see you know you get food to chop numb you say you deport poverty now mindsets at every given point in time so we can't change that mindset who was seasick things turn around for each and every one of us oh right now and and as the g. to achieve food security improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. Those people weren't they won't call into the and we'll sit and we'll begin again Because they were because the the apple now go bless you go make this noise wounded achievable for for the country. Right now and on gotcha food security on improve nutrition. I'm promo sustainable agriculture. They'll start with you. You don't see the topic. I don't jack lixin twenty thirty and ongoing and ensure access by all in particularly poor and people in vulnerable situations including infants to save nutritious and sufficient food all year round. I really like the way this matadi be because this team. We don't discuss the issue of good governor sometime this thing daily tom back to mass aspects. Thank god university. Talk and say we are. They happy asked taught as disease because najat the among member nations signed this document so when he lies the if this team in the ness years when they remain by ninety nine years countrymen by twenty feet make these things achievable for this country completely aggressor number and even if they won't stand efficiency we feel unicef. Don't go round you get one news. We'll get money okay. And that they connected to even the drain whatever. We see an off day on to reach the news. But when we look at the issue of food and hunger and food security. If i'd right now. Niger is at peak. Now here rents possible. Government need to take drastic actions to michaud as dejan. Tim goes planning to do on gradually onto you. Achieve the last one in say by twenty eight. now we're supposed routine at least by twenty thirty. They last one supposed completed called them. Yeah yeah fifty going be. He's supposed to be a sustainable. Even if not be me reached. Finish the governor for fifteen years but if not idiots. I take for inside. My pastor wanted go completely. Remainder won't because governments oppose the continuity. We talk bet of fortunately govement not terminating government with your own phone call with this. Now we wrong for the country may be me if you check say first nutrition. Unisem don't call energy very lou. Because a lot of children for nigeria dissimilar sleep field goldman mnuchin. Why do you have in greece when quad dobbs on this issue on children. Now this issue pasta looking for what to add to calm if it using. What are you feel with you. Go by whatever you are buying. 'em can be very sincere but because the other of food modera valuable duly substitutes when you get not the goodbye graffiti sean collins to the odd. How many actually to afford all of that so you don't discover say we see the the go the me. They do things when we never meet up with this. How ever now less combat because they look for indigenous way to solve this problem manned question so far. We don't know say from the governors in would never me talk but what did we go do. Five hundred family heads now for also now lou for okay. I don't mind economic to me to raise too much. Now what do i do. Let me raise the number. I can't afford to take care of without any of them. Say they are dug manucher festival for. You don't have to talk with that to what tim be do with. When i won't put in place to take the up my immediate family not audible hongda. So do you need to go for about me. Are you going to be interested in doing which agricultural practices you wanna take in your look environment to take measure see. Your immediate family is taking care of maddow. Dr warned goofy hip foster michele recoup these. I remember when we're taking care of abound. Farming people did not know see. Pat of people never knew but asked me. I did talk now. If you get the document you go driven from your phone. You can't discover. I'm in a of has become sustainable. Agricultural practice ninety. Ask for this but when you go make sure say ugliest luma contra pump if you lock your at least for your house even if everybody can offer house in somebody's. Ddr to wash menu. what you keep about donna. One and then. I remember team. Every do the political approach to things they different be. The former governor of states do want in that period when in this the rich also coccia e. see all civil servants media good. They do our greek midday good toward we can economy give them was. It tells the Every friday was quality so that i don jr. saturday to go fund to to do family do that thing to does. He practice sam economy to increase their source of income lobby now. When county begin shop people things would happen. Does wealthy do corn. Within ninety days they were bhutto said be. The windy said not allowed somehow increase the feeding ability increase the economy increase in took place within that period and their families were nyabuto if he pays goofy mature. Say inaugu borrow from somewhere. You discover what you do. But i thought that in knock on sustainable for them off on this dead platform because it's been brazen government now. We did talk redoubts continuity. That's why we be people involved when nitto in government s so ensure continuity there because if like this project we did talk. Now set in oaklands now west to now west of taxpayer money you say. They investigated imo states. Sorry somebody goes nba every day you. This does the do i discover. Say a lot of people were having this country because of this issue. They're not defeat. Go bad up periodico check. Give them opportunity to always visit firm. They were not capable to monitor so that they will have their country so due to that period the way to have i make them harder to the economy saudi and so some housewives not hard money to start businesses. Wendy horseback would mostly from salary so it wasn't wintertime people our own if we do adapt projects. People saw it as a political approach. I think it was a political operative on people to sox com this document. Not political approach talks mic. We use them own mop up. Foul ourselves lucas. Okay what on our political not political. We can actually get food security eve. Fest are the nuclear eleven. The family was okay. Okay fest from the nest. One local government try to replicate community has good replicates festival for make sure we gave lands out where we could hear what they do discounting and they're from local metal thing comes okay these communities these communities and this community if half fifty fifty six villages for for my local government and all of them departed discounting the chairman. You walk from bridget me. Hey this one way talks so commodity because if you look. This district. maintain the genetic diversity of scott's plants. And i'm done got somebody wanted to promote jim or ten myself. We're not a good project. i say. Now year before. Come back to the remitted anti indigenous. They're talking about indigenous mata here return back to my native seed decline. I when my papa dry keep as we keep on so now tom. i'm on long. Go by the way they bring for me. So this point won't bring cdo. Betty feed do a little way to do it through the for empowerment to abe and large whitsunday. Cultivate on my own. The end of the sauce going our local government. I'm by a special these tests. Don't the growth. What god. I want to talk because this over elaborate cultural when he this within the bring calm or you go plant this year necessarily noble user. How monte enable in sustainable for them how to walk. Now i'm on the road to my money going. Need it because this new orleans for your use call you don or this or cinnabun guns roses for you it was. I need to go back again by no doubt one. Stop all over again. Which kind sometime we don you draw me go back. And 'cause not take me go fronts. Okay they will say. I need to do my aband- farming from when he after harvests goofy preserve and then reprints to have vested dollar that it cost unable. We'll be seeing if it continue carrying me. Continue the go you understand. So would you talk about them. Improved nutrition and we'll see how inference when they will not know. what did they take. Combine them say. Make the eat. I know how you take the in nutritious the nutrients when you won't give my my body high wanted missing because the what did i discover if i take him instead. He debuted me either. Bring me calm down. So darn lobby. Progress not improvement so it can walk me. we must stick to our metal because this one are burrowed met. Sold after weather bowdoin com. We under nobody saying we're not get the same way that the same System would not not the same thing. So we you do for here. Michael borough we know what they do because then nor did this offer them where they use them there where they are playing but lower your walk for ross where does so stimulus. I'll four four five. That's what we call me way. More gets aero mcqueen minton because we come my sister for last. nah days. People don't age the people around on drove lifespan. Don't drop people the game except those where the and maintain this old system now a lead them conde lusts does. Fbi dot dubbed this new system with a new system now saudi. our lifespan. Don't won't become new one now. Shot one you understand because you see this up shop food when busy shots time go grew come out you don't they give that descend lifespan now. So i don't see they're beaten shop shop. Calmer that don't delete so if we adopt this old system when he beats our for us us we use on do are more about farming. Let's go see we'll get some rights and we'll get you write produce our either right food and we'll get the rights level of lifespan. When god designed for each and every one of us and the good mickey busy when we did this kind for their produce like this ego go bill like with the eat quality food not quantity because he could make we eat right. That's still does. Want me with bela food. Meanwhile in day healthy source right my people sit listen to a business and life programming for me with a lamia moga and co and we'd take the sustainable development goals as intake effect us now. We discussed the related. They will they call the agenda for sustainable development this where this goal so now united nations nine nine in the promotes home safe. We follow on. We'll see our societies. David tile community is good. they better health wise. Everything did well for today. We talk about on ongoing achieve food. Security unimproved nutrition and promote sustainable culture. I know our minds. Go go by mickey find solutions. Are we feed them to to take help ourselves now. We know i say this now. Blueprints for us to use will come find our own way for me this morning. I did the camotes. Look my vegetable. I don't plan to gain now even before the rain starts. Are that it wet. Tom continental us. Hey very soon now. On chop a fresh vegetable mogul town. Just day you sit the big pawed would come out. Swag still plans to get you know things like that. Make me happy when i distilled those since last chop within the they make me. Julie julie you get ahead couple would be again able we get to mongo tree branches. Come on as earth reunites three nine nine four five not allow saw jain and drive my nipple tuesday to two zero nine zero three nine three nine nine four five four beds number. Will you take join our voice to. We did talk. This is the morning remember and ungava achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. Nowadays talk about today. Yeah money. Good money my down. Listen to name okay. Check wants to live here your name your name on my back. Okay ma. Our two one. One mike talk good back. The talks were what we equity coming over. The border wall sounds easy going. Come out just kicking talked about yourself. You don't know where all right so nice. Three nine three nine four five four and for the what's up number more elke about to to to get your monroe right here are google or the right on the mouth from not rooms. Go number as young out now to. I'm i did lose mobile prom. And i walked initial guidance. Because there's nothing to give you any program dog for a walk or something on a good mood won't keep me then. Everybody wants to going to appropriate wreckage sounded. Would we talk. You want to do with the come to you. Know somebody who guidebook back to you. Don't get your number. Thank you all right so nine zero three nine three nine nine four five four and then for the what's up number zero nine zero five five for eight eight. Three one one. What's up an sms. Only zero nine zero five four eight three one. I love with money alone. Okay call by zero nine zero three nine three nine nine four five four and longer to food security and improved nutrition us off new gear on got you want it. Banned your person for these babies outbreak. We won't wanted fifteen. Why bermuda can happy to have took your job now over and which is gonna governor of the o-only talking and now witting with its oxy. Mek we go for our villages. The interiors we stink. Get seats where not adultery said. We're not be gene. Who is today. So what are we zoom. How can improve our to take get better ute now myth. We do organic how you say if you get this. What's clip from your compound from your fam- you not say if you put on for what so come so now nutrients before your fam- rich nutrients nine. That's what's beat for your family. I'll clay tom. Onda your plants not the boehner now. Neutrons edict to destroy detroit to do Sorry brick yuma. I decide to do more check on not around you. All kind of multiple. That's okay don't find him. You help me here addict. Shake every do people decry immune system dodi music themed day. Normally you know they use on your family will just lasagna for to you go grind damn tomato soup you the daddy i discovered we're going on your juice fills on your for water and golic q. So come all you boiler just add to it now win much food for your body says the with a look this now beaumont on the testing your house you could discourse condition why do you. Why quickly go around or cdi around all against his co. wheat where we round mme de sustainable for you make me the not that this was able for you. You didn't make one comment won't win window. Dc foley yuki knowledge apple up on my midwife negoti. Take on some the better one everyday me a you the best way for also live like madam talk. Not blueprint is up like beauty house. You get house planners you can follow him in no mesa. Butyl you left for the measure may to take get structure already. Sometimes they won't be go. See you wanna go correct. The fda matab did come take improve your own natural route. We to take get your nutritional your food and your security all right zero nine three nine nine four three nine three nine nine four five four wasted with what's up zero nine zero five five four eight three one one not the topical. We'll take today. They will anti-saddam fully tomorrow. And then Ambassadorial sixers go home. Puts him out because this not with seen indie india represent so it will give us more information on how we feel. Take us our own indigenous ways to mcq distance. Walk for each. And every one of us we listened and this how to achieve our security Talk about obama. Because would to or now before before our walk down with you from wendy. Go from bring things from the d. coupon when abc. those things gore's the end of the year. St awkward guessing barack now you plant awkward all year round. Because you and your family. Now you want. Save so-fi you feed to what data and if you get if you for opera season and you know you from accra you fit resolve auto crow when you go fifty us on you. The end of the year. I mean true idea when you will feed slice them. Dry them anytime you want. Awkward soup still bring amounts blenda kooky delicacy for my place. Faith now once he we need to go back to what you need to back to see how would take now under preservation. Google anti anti we feed them. We adore indie moment from burma side. Look from your own individual. You and dan collectively now cooperative. Suppose different be that to find to find a Solutions so all these kinds like this. We put some money to get that and then we'll take join radio for tune into the purpose of cooperative defeated for a very long time ago. Difficult okay lesson idea time we will get for calls me back tomorrow on already to call solution day. Our hanso find them. Myth we use on me. I ready to lend from anybody else on the listened to us so the business catch our business news. Okay somebody would be saying what's up message the message get on. Fortunately you descend message to same number where you sameday give you okay so number where you send putting name you say more mccaw betty no putin name the number you send a test message to just now so be day number. We just give you not cycles. Okay mcguire to be february sixteen twenty twenty one from business news anchor. Say they're called us. Don't sue federal off to over diplomacy than what they borrow the money when the call clinton divident carried them because are not more new even does are now. say what. Not because of these you shop alicia go sign that into los anymore. New wendy account. Or debunk or sixty s when we dividend wednesday nevada. You won't carry 'em go forward you the court a trust fund to take natacha so chappel scoop right now share. Who does for nigeria. I'll say who don't are gonna go. Curtsy latasha body monday wednesdays i bank still in by trick nanda. Nothing or use font they ask questions will put president of the country. Muhammadu buhari national assembly governors. All of them. Don't they mme will go. We'll go zucca. Joe see image as the world trade organization. Don't get comedy fest. African defense to and from africa to head wound so ga for good for that seat for for frontward. Totalitarian finally gets the one window on top of we were quite will not volume. But i do want my thank. You wanted to be finance minister. What's different milwaukee. Us are named named scotus. Ca subsidy feed heats a level point two billion net a week. If we know take this one. They come from investigational subsidy when they don't be for petrol every week as they land the country. They almost reach a level point. Two billion naira every week and nestle matab Emirates don't extend passenger band much the issue of vandana flights. Yes flight when they come from. Nigeria to dubai kuttab kuwait's all of those environment shall be environment. Say the tatum similarly lonzo knipling when they come from nigeria. Make this for dubai. Then maybe when they don't check that from the fits allow you move the goal from the own monitoring but as a company now. They say that they're still look. I'm on much. So long was android. This hour to the advani's good take in combat. He s bunk began by the call. Ups bunk. You don't begin. Free massino deficient number registration. Okay for anybody on those wings before but they say the bank the bank when you check the new hope. Ps bank those free registration khulumani. May they say anybody win. Rate so the imos got Account the nudity. You must get accounts priority for accountable. Us okay ben. I'm nejra on nine. Don't top bow out of school. Children kids i retired touch. Top for the holiest ward this one. The call from the minister of humanitarian. Hey ninety talk this on because of these. Mata nine hundred government congo's secure twenty million dollar grants from global partnership for education. Mayday tick feeds. Remove children when these streets when they call out of school. Children from bonn adamawa on ubisoft. It got deal. Twenty million giant of africa south korea suitable finally. Don't begin small. try not travel. I was thinking admit my leg. While he was winning the chance will kick la. I'm looking for twenty seven thousand robot now one cisco cna one for nanjiani race this swamp forests. We draw but depress the up on a noisy data. Twenty two thousand era for one giresse. Rubber now wants to be cough. Wants twin seat dan dangerous. This wanted to four hundred k. G. and eighty a the forty down for four thousand rubber. Now one one hundred neuro guess. Most most dan beans domino grasso or robot. Vince for look on white for nine hundred white hope. Now it's inara. Dan brown beans robaina one thousand one hundred corp now on era five thousand five hundred. Mellow hunt midland robot. One five cop now. One taxi and engine mellon robot wants to cope now. Andre nara grandma's all year down. My never outgrew. Calm down thirteen thousand. Two hundred twenty liter why foley tornado. Three thousand three hundred read all year. Nine calm down red oil not swift thousand. Five hundred fullerton are one thousand eight on. Drake's dan gary nine thousand on several hundred wildland one thousand seven hundred markets for the week might people now with i nine. Mit do our son so a mcqueen okamoto for so we'll talk with gree apply. Am that. Mr will move forward. My name now. Sandra kicked isolated tuna. People would agree to everybody this morning. We forget c. You fit cuts to be writing from your own house on by essential and in google wight to the entire country. I mean ideal all rights. My people go on this team before komo for to study said comforts of the rich depends upon an abundance of plight of the poor poverty mindset mcqueen choose not so the among that class by doing things differently said besson where they do something the same way again on again expect different results in our colocation and we not well We'll come tomorrow. Continue this team so that will put our voice more for this matassa. Well i remember being for mission us. And here ma'am power. Hunan gets to take over the situation. I find a massive if you put yourself if the less nassau or or wounds and our by design. On papas nine. Make things we be so we choose to remove ourselves from where we denounce a better place. If possible you know needs to go. America face for you to become grits as you did this nigeria. So you see yourself you degree to dig rid so we'll see you tomorrow. The my name now. Miami apple guys ooh.

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Full Spectrum Cycling #37  On the Road With Big Sexy

Fat-bike Radio

29:58 min | 1 year ago

Full Spectrum Cycling #37 On the Road With Big Sexy

"Welcome welcome to the whole spectrum. Cycling Show are you now now. We got J. O. One time and we we have Tony. Mr Tony Burger Feeder pattern span here tax going on more wind wind wind. uh-huh windy one. Today it has been on the windy side quite a bit. Actually at least we got some sunshine for second one day coming up. Couple big things tomorrow. You Know Isa got your Santa Cycle rampage happening all over. Yeah not too far away. I think I know where my I think my Santa suits back in the back there. Yeah it never found. Its weighed down to the basement until about three weeks ago because it was going to push to the back of a closet guy okay. There's a there's a bunch of a bunch of places doing this the old rampage thing are probably find something in your local neck of the woods either on the seventh or per tapped perhaps the fourteenth eighteenth and of course it's global fat Bike Day December seventh Saturday tomorrow everywhere. Everywhere will it's global There's a link link in the show notes to a page on the fat by Dot Com website where you can find over forty global fat bike day events happening around the world it really. There's millions probably there's millions of people on fat bikes That's interesting probably not. There's probably thousands couple. Hundred thousand wasn't fat bikes. That probably been sold since they started selling that bike. Expansion olden days of the twenty tens. Those are harder to ride here. Yeah that's we're almost out of this decade and into the numbers thirty seven is that right. I think that's right. Is that right purchase right because last week Aaron and he said he was thirty six thirty six show and I might have missed. Mark that out. Thirty six thirty seven hundred thirty seven thirty thirty seven Harrison. That are changed that pattern. Let's look at the changing in front of it's just like magic that Google Google Docs to change that. You can go back and look. That's kind of weird on. That was easy changed. Yup Yup. That's I see I see Jake as little little line right there hovering waiting I worked for a company whose boss show go we. We won't talk about the normal and not use. Google docs through meetings. And everybody would be commenting and it'd be like eighteen people editing at wants to be like bouncing around like what talk is. I can't keep focus because I'm watching too many people at the stack. That sounds fun was the one I wonder what the biggest Google Doc Editing scheme team out there has been with how many people doing it at once and we should break it if you know. There's a Guinness Book for Google Doc. Party yeah yeah. That'd be nice. Actually maybe I bet you that could that could be aimed as it. All Right An- for another show. What's the It version. I think that we got on the IT program because of Tony's findings from light motion and they want you to use their fancy USB SP cable special. They have special Ramos Be Gable. If you're charging I happened in my case have a random five hundred but I don't understand anyway. How that could be the case? Considering you can also charge the Rando. Five hundred with your dino hubs is pretty cool feature it is it. Will it works. It's very well out there that are actually battery powered and also and five hundred Luminous pretty bright for a citi bike light. Um You know it's got three sowed settings one very casual flash which I think is much less annoying to drivers than you know sewer flash type situation I really really WANNA. I Really WanNa light motion and there's a lot to like about some of this stuff. They're doing but sometimes they just make things overly complicated. I'm not sure why it's Maiden America to Merck and assembled in the US symbol now. Yeah they used to be a little more American specific by Probably probably can't uneven foreign parts right. Yeah you probably can't. I think this is a cree early. Can't even get them in. The United States made here anymore. I doubt it I I'm impressed that you haven't cracked off that cover of the. That's because I usually have. It plugged regularly my bike. Okay and it just stays there. Use IT Winston. Gotcha Gotcha Gotcha. Yes I do expect. I'll lose it soon though. Yeah it off. Yeah exactly anyway. Not necessarily lost suggest a speaking lights We got an event coming up on Thursday. The twelfth sweet do fat bike surly everyday cycles. L. Milwaukee urban riding probably want to light on that right. Yeah yeah or to or to. I was trying to charge my lineup. Let's see how that goes on. I've heard a rumor or actually hurt it last week and it's also going to be two for one beers like Husky. It is two for one at Black Husky which we are kind of jumping off spot for the start of the event. Stop by the shop. Say Hey check out a bike. You haven't done so because we're doing this tomorrow. I'm sorry doing this on the twelfth at twelve so call in reserve a bike if At some point probably around forest. Because I think that's one black Husky opens. We'll have Aaron from surly over across the street with the Demo Mall truck and he's going to do all the signing up and whatnot but if somebody really wants to Reserve a size maybe give me a shout. ooh You got a bad back. Donald Duck bike ride there. I'm sorry I just want to get my ducks in a row right. Yeah it'd be Kinda oh cool your bike belt. Oh delightful but I think it'd be a segment of every podcast. Let me just share. Grady sources vary largely negative Oregon. Buddy that's what they soon with six oils. It's on the bike sub. Komo throw a shot up to Jesuit for letting US tests right his His Electric Rally tripper that he has had custom and built that is actually an incredibly enjoyable electric bike. I wrote it for a lack of the river was twenty four without any electric cest. Don't recommend well I. I didn't have the code to unlock the motor. If you're right forgot about that later and then I did a lab with it. And it's you know I I I gotTa Commute Downtown and I think I can cut it almost in half on this bike and still get a great workouts. Anyone says you know electric bikes you just lazy foot which I am. It's there if you want to get hall in. This thing gets up to twenty six miles an hour without much issue at all and it's nearly instantaneous. Yeah so that's all. I got buzzed by the oak leaf. Yesterday and right down by the Lagoon area they call it outer and you know just wing no chance brothers. And you're GONNA see your cooking that fast they can if their there custom-built role heading north towards Brady where it's just that constant uphill. They're reasonably win roof. Which is Kinda Nice you you know? I'm that's that's would be my big poll. Yeah Man Wind Wind especially area and it's really weapon it's it it'll be interesting to say mea. We have to borrow this tomorrow so I start locked up front and grab this for crews take you get to work and back to see how it goes. I'll park on the second floor Jasser. Don't worry but by the time you hear this already done it because your future radio unless you're listening right right now and then you should call in call it and wins and one seven seven two seven two four or five that special bike. We're looking for a call from big sexy today at Saint Point on Nice Nice. What spend what's the start because they're set some sort of new edition? Let's say What is it called? It's one of those alternate ears boomy things boom three or some cool. So that's going to be for a bike riding right into water bottle cage are you're in one of those kind of things and it's super sweet like it. It's whatever boom three. I think it's called ultimate years. There's a couple of other guys. This brand the plus the gigantic plus and minus is like one hundred fifty of them together owed. That's pretty so so you can be as annoying as you want to be in River West Twenty four with that is i. Don't know how that network how how stable it is and how close you have to be to everyone everyone else. We we ride as the annoying kind boy team there. You go my Lord six of us six of those you know. We're we space ourselves evenly apart that we do like a quarter of the course felt bad for Mike so you can inherit the boombox pro. Oh a little bit more fidelity to the ride home pieces I broke the USB port. Soon as I find the base for it I'll give me that which you don't really need but you're right on the base. Yeah and it's got a speaker in mind worked worked for a week. That was the review. I read all of them too. I was really bummed. I can't find anyway but it hip has served well. Yeah that's a good product. And that Allen's got memories he can start music on it Yeah I had. I had to to pros and I I've never utilized that. For whatever reason Cilliers ta the top of the hill courtesy of Mike and Berta we got bessul amber from spreaker today. Oh right I'm Tom. Thank BERTA BERTA. Picked up her. All Mike picked up but brought the dance was quite spectacular. A Happy Feet dance for the. He didn't tell her until she walked in. No Nice she was looking at them and then he said well at yours right there. Dude back nice and It's an ice cream truck. Folks one of those new Berkeley prickly pear colored trucks one of the suffice at Oma. Yeah Yeah it's they look good Najat in the snow. Just ideally. That's GonNa Great. Didn't even think about that. Yeah that's GonNa be it's GonNa make a photo op all day long man. Couple Nice bikes rolling out of the shop lately. And that's one of them. Yeah my A roommate picked up that highlighter. Yellow ice cream truck from a few years back man that thing I pop steel. That's impressed by that. So I guess I don't know they really speaker calls themselves. Milwaukee's original craft brewery. And they're not even in Milwaukee and. Is that accurate though. I mean wasn't Frederick Miller at craft brewer when he started the I suppose you only probably our technically technically typically a decent. It's pretty drinkable. It's been around forever five percent or you know it's. It's can lean into a few of them without a whole lot of retribution. These were you know. They're definitely the one of the ones that you could felt like you're buying a fancy. I like the Black Bavarian back when there's only only imports or Miller where was their original. It's not where it is now. The one that was the sign pillar downtown. They had to move out because I ah by Coakley because they were going to collapse and that it's still standing though the chimney now Speaking of bikes in and all the members they don't I wanNA forget it but you know we get checkout bike index. That Org because there was another rather heavy bike theft this weekend in river west where a car apparently apparently drove through a garage door and then stole all the bikes that were in the garage. Well Dan Abu Street which is a street in case you people on how. I live on So they posted pictures of the bikes on MTV K. And it's incidentally on Monday I got a call from the number was is Miller coors and it was someone asking if I bought used bikes by so I'm Mike now that's interesting dope. I use bikes here folks. We don't sell these books here. We'll say you demo schlick cycle bikes are demo trump. Since I built up the Stella Titanium by Kinda sorta have a send Darrow Demo available on how anybody who's looking for a black medium. Send Ero boy. You're down country rig right there. Yup Guy Draper Post on it and GONNA keep no dropper post on there. Ain't going to get rapper post unless you give them the right price. Maybe yeah you could probably by the post to see I think on the style I'm GonNa stick with carbon one for now and then maybe you know having thing my first carbon post. I'm really starting to enjoy getting you use. I was writing here tonight and like spikes really bouncing tonight for some reason I'm like Oh yeah. Get that whiskey posted on his bike. Suspension without suspension on a bike. It's incredible right on Looks like we got a phone. Call Call Collar callers calling all it in figure out how this thing works there. Now push the button thing and say. Hey Welcome Raya Program. Who Do we have on the line? Big Sexy Korea. I got a heads up from from puck that you were going to call in so we were kind of respect that that dude is bailed bailed me out of a situation I My own broke and they use them last tube in the fifth molasses flat Couple of days ago needed needed semicolon. Bucks I got it all taken care of man staves a solid guy. He's a fellow. I saw you were riding through Tallahassee. A couple of days ago. Yeah I was. I was in Tallahassee last night. Not so good no but okay but you know I it was it was just A. I got woken up three times a night and had to move three times in my God. What damage you know and and and and it okay? There's rules. I understand but you know like I was like every every cop that what we up and and tell me move suggests in a new place and I went to the new place and then they all come to move again and I was like God I it was just frustrating. Knows alright though but have you guys ever seen married with children episode. What are they gonNa Dump Water Florida? I don't think thanks remember but it's been forever. Yeah it's on Youtube. I guarantee it the Bundy's go to dump water Florida that that is where I am right now. Is that an actual place water. There's no there's no beach that that is there was a housing sign the other day. I'm like Oh my God. I have been up to Maine to Maine Vermont New Hampshire and there was no bear traffic. Take time wait a minute. We're in mine. Wow I saw a picture of the bear crossing on the old face the other day say. Hey what thanksgiving Thanksgiving was awesome. Essential and my mother and my stepfather earn coma. Mom Mom spoiled rotten. Of course heather with Jingle Bells and a couple of Christmas bows excellent. How their fees if our listeners? Don't remember Heather's Schwinn tricycle irradiated and Jason's running this thing thing across the country here visiting capital cities of the United Sites. My ninth nineteen my nineteenth state capital this morning warning your Tallahassee more than a third of the way done with them yup well that's the last state Capitol Hill after Mardi Gras. Wow so you're gonNA stick around and I'm getting ahead of myself but I've already got the next journey all mapped Out I'M GONNA HAVE DENVER. Colorado is going to be the twenty fifth and I think Jackson Jackson Mississippi will be like the thirty second or wait. No more than that. I'm only going to have like eight or nine. After after could make summer sweets. How the hell am I gonNa get to Hawaii? I Dunno anchorage. Are you gonNA ride all the way up the road up there are. What's the capital today? Juno or Juno Juno General Right and furthermore. Aw that'd be quite the crew I replay. I replaced the right wheel again. The Right Rim Benjamin girl again It's been my experience at the Rim itself. It's thirty five dollars from the Schwinn but most bike guys charge like twenty five dollars to fix the spoken to it. As I do that I might as well just got a new wheel. Yeah Yeah I don't know maybe when you're when you're on your home for a while you know a good handbuilt wheels always stronger than something machine made and absolutely maybe excuse me me me me me and Mike the bike guy anymore right uptown New Orleans on the magazine. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA put our heads together we we can't make that we'll indestructible. Have you seen the fat traps other shop yet we did. We did kind of conversion Asia on an older Meridian. Unfortunately there's a design flaw in the older version of it and they're kind of bendy but we did a They did a fat bike version of it which actually looks really cool store at it just got to find some way to put some strength into the Into the frame so it doesn't doesn't banned because it was it bent right. It's that one that one real that drives the hotels to you. Got Any weight in the back. It's as taking on much. I think yeah probably probably wasn't designed to go as far as you're going with it. Yeah you're it was it was. It was the coolest thing I forget where I was. I think I was between I was either on the East Coast about the right to go over to the Gulf coast or I was in the tree in the Gulf coast and the East Coast but sends this bike shower at Walmart and there was a brand new swindon Meridian Twenty four inch shorter than had and brand brand spanking new. And this guy's sitting there uphold up. Mike what's up. I mean that was brand new like Yep about three weeks old she is he available for information babies. It sounds it was it was beautiful. It was just like Hetero wouldn't have I put together but juice by class Michigan. She looked way different. Yeah sweet all right man. Well I'm glad that you you got back on the road. Glad Dave could help out Yeah shoot me or linked to your Your Fun me. Tell the pay pal thing again by taxing on put put it in the house. It's mean backslash backhaus five zero four B. C. AK. HR US's five. Oh four I gotTA event Motoo. It's just You know you can go to Heather the tricycle intrical facebook Where hazardous rice-growing facebook? We gotta go pigs linked to that too so I mean yeah I I'm I'm doing I'm doing okay. I'm not suffering in any way shape or form except for winning calms waking up in the middle of the night maintenance moved. Sounds like that hasn't had I know it. It really doesn't I I was talking about earlier is thinking. Maybe they don't see me or maybe they don't care but you know they'll come run my name and make sure have warrants or something like that but But usually the let me be in town has his for having me interested in Just a quick night and Dump Water Florida. I'm on my way to Panama City Beach. I got a friend of mine's GonNa get it needed tomorrow so we're going to be good so nice. Well maybe give us a shout when you get back home and we'll wrap up on your whole trip and it sounds good and then and then then I can give you a call when I'm on my way for my next is you're gonNA be right after Mardi gras super us. I'm going I'm going right. I'm going right up until alley so it's GonNa be fun to twister. Yup All right man. Thanks for the call. We'll talk to you soon. Yeah thanks a lot good one by her sexy laze in. What you do it over there fucking something up just never you mind something to do with my lighting and motion? Sometimes you're right sometimes emotion. Cool Jason Folks Call it in from riding his strike do the state capitals around the country. Schwinn Meridian translated track. I bet you it's the highest mileage Schwinn marine bike in the United States. As I think we should Maybe get that other one running. I can't be that hard I just wanted to make it. Well it's going to be you no like maybe a maybe a pizza would look like a gas tank or something or I don't know because he can't really well to the thing. First of all Paul L. U.. MINIUM and I think once those things have been welded. You kind of not want to do it again. That's like a a a band clamp and three. Yeah something like that a couple of pieces. His music signed in between the new one is advertising anyway. Maybe that would work. I bet on custom would piece cart in the middle because it's a step through frame and yeah. That was the big problem with that. One didn't have the additional support that they have so kick current after we were tearing around in the hallway or that I was like a little more wing. Is it supposed to bring no. It's not supposed to buying What Elsa a I think I'll wait till we can actually talk to Mike but Mike left a voicemail about that fat fat death Lan event. Nice so next week. We'll get him on the harm. You talk about the Cornhole. In fact bike race. I want to know more about about it. Because it's not until the fourth of January so little time and it's in Saint Germain which is up north there somewhere mile bike ride and cornhole toss nine miles. Doesn't sound like that much but nine miles can either be a walking park. It can be hell and then he had to play cornhole. Yeah yeah well that's just like it's sort of like the biathlon thing I guess. Yeah going for. I don't know if you're GONNA do laps. Or that's why we gotta talk to Mike About this. Okay we'll figure that out for next week and we got the surly ride. We talked about that before we got fat or by the lake. Coming up that same January forth weekend Oh no guarantee made reservations at the hotel down sir. Yeah we'll talk about it anyway. We can spread. The love made up to listen to us up there that WANNA go. I'm hoping it's cold enough to have some ice. This shelf down there this time. That would be really cool. It'd be whole around on some icebergs and just do take any watch him sink. Thank Jeffers bike. Also calendar over there fat bike dot com. If you have an event that you would like to list go ahead and do that kind of starting to see a few pop-up on their most stuff doesn't seem to start till after the first really it's the holidays. It's highly we got you here jess races going on. There's a couple of those. I think on the fourteenth we got The plot the MANITOWOC FAT BAX at Silver Silver Toe. Walk Doc Silver Creek. Oh tracks track. That's it that's always that's always a fun. That's the fourteenth. I think it kind of moved earlier in the season. Yeah sounds like there's some good teams getting together to their yeah I kinda saw urging Gomez. Is that what I saw. I don't know what I saw was that they were going to pick teams. They weren't going to ooh assign people teams in advance. But I'm not sure I'd be like the last kid picked like when you were in grade school. I did read something about. If you sign up for the individual race you automatically can be in the team race to pay a separate entry for that. Probably have more about that on Some website somewhere at some point tennis siren going against Iran. Going by who needs beer. I'd I take a beer. Ding Ding Ding Ding. We didn't top of the hill beer. We've had already topped hill. So we're heading back downhill now. You know we're GONNA be getting our first kit for e bike pretty soon. It's going to be a fun build and test going to try to put a fair amount of miles shake down. Make sure we have a kit. That's going to serve our customer base. Well kind of I'm kind of excited for that. That's going to be a fun fun. Changeover to make some exciting stereo dollars. Some beer for you to get going over there. I don't know I was trying to just quickly Um trying to get his technology sinked synchronized with technology poop out the bases moby says on pump out the volume malt Yeah I don't know what else. Hey what else was going on. I don't know that's the holiday season a whole lot going on bike wise. I haven't noticed that it's being how is having to be chump understand jumbo us. Oh someone's getting a a pretty beautiful Jumba die bike for Christmas. Shumba served being built as we say it's not very could also be Hannukah progifter. Something I think could skift to himself. Then it's my gift. I guess it's Jeff's gift to jets go that a lot he's got. What do we got one two three? We've got five five. I have left folks so those Ursa major titanium bike frames. They're not going to be around forever and heck of a bargain there. Yeah Give Greg it everyday cycles Email and see what's up with that They're on every cycles website. You can just take your shop guy. Yeah yeah they're they're great. The greatest built built up there. You can build them a variety of ways you can start with this frame like my neighbor Sean. Did and you can add better parts as you break the party got on it and it might frame should last asked you pretty much forever already much unless you're you know I don't know degenerate. At John's all. Righty well I think we wasted enough of these people's time this week They WANNA waste more time. They should watch letterkenny. Probably Watch Leonard. Kenny is because that's a waste of time to to be fair to all right. Everyone later Tater UH.

Mike United States Mr Tony Burger Milwaukee Aaron Google Cycling Dot Com Santa Harrison Jake Mark citi J. O. Tallahassee Donald Duck Merck
InFocus Interview Show: Best of Edition with Nick Matos, Ben Saint-Denis and John Filson

Photofocus Podcast

33:57 min | 1 year ago

InFocus Interview Show: Best of Edition with Nick Matos, Ben Saint-Denis and John Filson

"You're listening to the InFocus interview. Show brought to you by photo. FOCUSED DOT com an online publication filled with education and inspiration for visual storytellers sick. This episode is made possible by our partners loom loom cube. The world's most versatile light Andro a smart storage solution. Now here's your host Bonelli. Hello and welcome. Welcome of the Delhi. This best of edition of the InFocus interview show. My first guest are two talented digital marketing. Gurus there are part of a marketing team. That can help you gain more customers. Nick NATO's and Ben saint-denis from fuel and Bacon and our topic is how to be found online doubt the second half of the show. My guest is a California based Educator Motivational Speaker in peace builder working to change the causes of social conflict. He makes content to share things. He's passionate passionate about and connect with others who want to use their talents to make the world a better place. He's John Vilson and our. The topic is using Tog Affi to invoke world change. Please welcome nick. NATO's and Ben saint-denis this from fuel on beacon. Hello guys how you doing. How's it going great all right so now? Our topic is how to be found found online. So let's talk about blogging nick. You have some ideas on blogging. Yes so actually. One of the most important things That anybody can do with a website in general is make sure that they're having a tremendous amount of content. That's being shown the king it. It absolutely rules the Internet One of the you know now I would say almost nine times out of ten if you're searching for something if it's not immediately really a company or a brand you're probably GONNA get a blog post as one of the first results on whatever you're searching and so having you know a consistent stream of content in a blog that's updated weekly At the very very very least maybe once every two weeks Having that content really up and in posted is important to make sure that you get the traffic at your website in your brand in your business truly deserves. Let's great well Nick Ronald a good point Trump said make sure it's relevant so if you're blogging. Give us some suggestions like I'm photographer. So we'll be some suggestions is you give your client. Yes so Making sure that You know your content is fresh and relevant is one of the things that we say I and there's different ways that you can do this Their sources like a Google trends which is a a an arm of Google that you can use to search different aren't keywords. which are related to Trenton to see if something is trending more frequently Now compared to maybe twelve months ago in regards to photography perfect You could look for nuances in that field. And see what's trending more was trending less that way. You know what you can post about. That might get more hits Sir Mike. It less hits and that's an interesting way of generating your content because you know similarly in fashion. You know things that are old. Do come back in. The same is true for a lot of strategy in other industries as well and so a potential block topic that maybe was working in popular ten years ago. It might be coming back now and you might actually get a lot of good hits on it now because it could be seen as a vintage strategy or something and those kind of corks are something that's related to content biped it's actually really relevant. Actually some people do and actually gets a lot of good traffic for a lot of websites so there's also other ways of doing this Google Google gives you a lot of great Suggested searches and search a I guess topics and phrases when every time you something on the bottom of the of the page and so looking for If you Google Search Photography I'm sure that the bottom. You might be able to get some good topics that you could probably talk about. Those are GONNA be your ones that are the most relevant those are going to be your ones. That are being most searched at this immediate point in time because Google is trying to make sure that they're giving you relevant content as well so that's a kind of a good way of using these free tools that we have on our side to make sure that our content is as fresh as possible also been. You're talking motion motion tools specific tools for this. What would you recommend for actually going to go back a little bit? Also thinking creatively about the topics covering in the niches. You you WANNA cover like obviously photography's broad subject but you know wedding photography and then drilling down into that even further into something that's more conversational as a topic. You Know Ten mistakes. You don't WanNa make hiring wedding photographer straight great locations in whatever area that you're operating in for a wedding venue like even just hitting other aspects of the same industry that you provide a service for your great. Yeah but in terms of tools autos mentioned and the Google side of it so we will actually get into that a little bit here because researching keywords and topics a huge part of it. And so when you do find a good topic with some search relevancy awesome search frequency. You'll you can actually see how many times that search has been done monthly based on region or nationally nationally. Or however you'd like to target it and you can find those those topics and then you can kind of create content around that topic and use those keywords in your post that will bring your post up in search query for that so it's just putting in keywords doesn't mean it's going to be seen and if your article has nothing to do with those keywords right you have to have it be contractually on the same topic Gotcha so oh and again so. That's blogging now by the way for for blogging. What somebody photographers knows? Nothing about web the web development or web design. I know wordpress is a simple easy way to get online and again I personally. I prefer to hire a company like yourself to say look guys after listened to everything. We're talking about if you feel. This is too much then. Hire a company Penny to get you going to help you out in the beginning but for blogging that I guess a lot of people misunderstand the concept on Sept of it and they think they have to develop this whole extravagant website just a blog right. Yeah absolutely I mean and wordpress oppressed to. It's a it's a sea of possibilities there you can get very lost in plug ins in builders all these different add ons that can be included ended in that but just if budgetary constraints just start the you know the core theme they give you out of the box in. Don't add any any of the the Whizbang plug ins and just start with the simple blog and just start putting content out there. You can revamp your website when when budgetary constraints aren't as much of of an issue when you WanNa work with a company like ours or anybody else but that content doesn't have to go away. That contact could be transferred to your new better website. The key is to start now. Start Art collecting content around your business so that you know the digital world has a clue that you exist in what you do and you have more relevancy as you grow. Grow Your Business as you build your website better. I mean your website is the face of Your Business Online digitally and it's the same thing as putting your Your Business Dennis in the yellow pages Except for a lot is going to be on it and there's a lot more context and a lot more search ability this is. This is actually a really interesting. An interesting theme to talk about because you know websites are a lot like a good bottle of wine right websites get better with age at least according to Google search spots right the the older your website is the longer it's been up and the more the you are adding to it consistently the more likely the search engines. I'm talking like Google Being Yahoo. All these different different things the more likely they are to trust and see your content as a relevant and important and probably the best option for somebody who searching for that related thing thing and so this idea of like literally getting it started and Kabq having your blog posted even though your website might not be exactly where you want to be right now just getting done and in working on it over time that adds to your credibility to the search engines and so these things all come together and make you an make it easier for you to be found online nine. Oh that's great. That's great advice now back to the blogging for a moment. Here's my suggestions especially for photographers. If you're a brand new photographer uh-huh and you're thinking about blogging. Every day or every week at least please don't speak from a position of authority if you really don't understand understand some of the photo shoots at you're doing don't try to speak at a higher level and say well you know when I photograph this wedding I used the these are the tools I used. These were the cameras setting. This is why I chose to do this. Because if you're not at that level yet stick to other thanks stick to other things such as hey I noticed the bride and groom were feeling uneasy during the wedding here. A five tips how to make a bride and groom home feel more relaxed at the wedding and not let their relatives frustrate them or something along those lines because what I find a lot of times is I'll read an article that just on photography but let's say I'm I'm putting a new stereo in my car and you're the first person says look you know I'm not really I'm really not in a position. I'm trying to think the best word they used. Oh I'm really that good at this but I figured hey I might as well give it a try a really. You're not really good at this. So we're going to give it a try yet next or go to the next one you know so. Speak Different position of authority. But maybe if you're a new photographer yet maybe talk with. Hey I found this really cool spot to photograph a a wedding you know and like you guys said which I like is content is king so when somebody types in I need a wedding photographer. Her in Melbourne Florida and you wrote a blog posting about photos taken a photo in this area in Melbourne Florida. Your name jumps. It's up to the list. Yeah I was going to say to that that kind of piggybacks on on the The the thought of writing contents conversational conversational in tone like you. Who is your target audience as a photographer? If you're talking about your gear and camera settings and things of that nature is in your target. Audience is other photographers the Tigers. He's not people looking for photographers. But if you're talking about how to make the wedding experience the best experience possible or you know how to do a modeling shoot on a budget right topics that matter to the people who are actually potentially going to hire you. That's the market you're trying to hit and that's the search that you want to be found for. You don't necessarily want to be found for you know a camera Lens Forum. You know what I mean. That might not be as exciting right. And and truly what it comes down to is just being honest right like regardless of where you're at in your profession regardless of you know You know where you want to be. Even there's somebody who's at the same level you are right now and so if you're honest with your with what you're doing and the things that are that are happening in your space. You have to understand that they're still going to be people who are searching for those same things and so rather than trying to hype yourself up as something that maybe you're not quite there yet. Just being honest and writing on his content you're still going searches for that and you're still gonna get for that and honestly you might get read in the future for that just for that purpose alone and for that reason alone but above all. Please don't dilute don't belittle yourself and don't say while I'm just a one year photographer so I don't belittle yourself but at the same time still stay humble and that act like you know what all all. Hey Hey guys work we find more about you. We are fueled on Bacon so you can check us out of FUEL ON BACON DOT COM. We're we're always available to chat Matas. Yeah I mean you can Definitely do a quick Google search for fuelled on Bacon and you'll grab our Our website We also have a phone number that you can reach us at our office. It's three two one four. Two six zero five five five you can also email us at Adleman at fueled on BACON DOT COM. This is absolutely great guys. Hey thank you so much for taking time out especially on a Saturday over the weekend and helping out our listeners. With incredible information I have a feelings. Have you guys back on again. Talking buckles different tools and different ways to be found online. Yeah absolutely and thank you very much for having us. Yeah thanks finale. Next topic is usually photography to involve world change featuring John Vilson put before we take a moment you'll think our partners loom Cube Liam Cube is probably known as the world's most versatile light it's the smallest lightest most compact professional lighting solution on the market loom cube represents the future of led a d lighting and is a must have for anyone looking to create better photos and video. Check out the new loom cube strobe offering anti-collision lighting for drones at q dot Com. Dro Dro is a smart stored solution that protects photos videos and more from hard Dr failure giving peace of mind for the working pro or serious amateur who have a lot of external drives cluttering their desktop. Save ten percent at Dr- Oboe Store Dot Com with the coupon code photo focus. Please welcome John Vilson. Hello John Tom. Welcome to the show. Good John. Our topic is using tiger. Fifty to invoke world change. So let's talk about first of all your background and filmmaking because this will give us an insight and an example of how we we as photographers and filmmakers can apply our own talents. Absolutely so at my core. I'm a peace builder. Which means the thing that fires me up is helping people overcome misperceptions or resentments between people who are not like them? And I got into filmmaking as a method to be able to do that more effectively. Essentially I started out doing fieldwork in the Middle East and Latin America. Like you said Some of the United States and I really got a good perspective grassroots perspective on why people hold negative views of others and leads to group and social behaviors that are harmful and that led me to advocacy. You can see work in Washington working at the policy level for many years and I discovered something really interesting. The longer I was there which was prior to coming to Washington. I thought these are the people in the government. They're highly educated. They're very smart capable. They must know about what's going on in the world. Aunt I ant. They must just be deciding to have policies that they do but what I realized was even the most powerful person in Washington even even the president can only operate within certain parameters based on what is publicly acceptable to American voters so essentially why was working in foreign policy advocacy at the time. So our foreign policy is based more than anything on the collective perceptions that American voters I have about the world and over time I combined that those realizations with my interest in filmmaking and and communicating in in a visual way because I realized that talking only on the intellectual plane about facts and logic is much less effective than the storytelling or or sharing information through images as your audience knows. So that's how I got into so I left my cushy policy job started crew Croon on shoots as a as a PA.. Yeah Yep and worked mostly on just on commercial things some independent projects objects but We're bit was able to produce things which hasn't transferable skills organizational skills from my the previous jobs that that were were good for producing but no big TV or film or anything like that. And I'm still very much an office in all of those things but I understand the process Having done that for a few years now and that's so my goal then is to make content and help others might content that doc communicates themes that are universal to the human experience. Much like your audience us in a way that can help. People Bridge Social Divides well. That's great well what I took from what you just said was here. You have a passion for something and you you said your self proclaimed you know you're not a pro an expert at it but you jumped in and you had no problem being a PA Production assistant and you learn. And I'm sure you learned a ton of stuff while you were on set and that attitude your background in filmmaking. So it's not ah for people who say I have no talent whatsoever in filmmaking law. How can I do this well? Here's proof you just said. Hey look what find fine people that are doing it jump on board with them learn and then like you said go on and start developing your own. So I thought that was a great a great takeaway from your background absolutely absolutely Najat. I love your concept about supporters. Not Not I love if you're counting. Try that again. John and love your concept about being supporters not rescuers. Now what do you mean by that. This really comes first and foremost from my work overseas working with communities and in conflict zones. I worked EH twenty months in Iraq. I worked almost a year in Latin America prior to that Little Bit in Africa and also an inner city Los Angeles and and what. I took away from that in terms of life. Lessons is simply that there is so much to understand that I don't know and even though oh I'm looking at the world and I'm trying to judge it honestly based on a true information and I can only see uh tiny bits of the larger picture that's out there and when I allow myself to see the world through other people's eyes number one it it helps me connect with them which is magical but number two it greatly expands my perspective on the world and makes me much wiser more effective in my work And just I feel like it invites me to be a better person. And so I came to international development work with that through through that Lens and the concept really which is not anything official is just my shorthand way of of saying you know. Don't don't be a rescuer via supporters. Just the simple idea that the people in a certain. I'm assuming that we're talking about photographers. Chris that are working in since a place. That's not their home or their home. Community talk refers that love to take these trips. Like I'm here in Florida and Cuba was it you spot for local photographers to want to go and like what you're saying instead of supporting. They looked at that as well. I'm going to rescue these people and I love how you're singing backup for a moment. Be a support. Not a rescuer right and it's a it's a funny balance because we are so I'm I'm white. I'm forty I'm from California. I have never I had never been hungry. I do have power that a lot of people in places I might go. Don't have my password. I can travel almost almost anywhere I want to you know. I have the means to do that. They don't so I do have power. It's it's about understanding what what to do with that. In relation to interacting with others and so it's a mindset shift that's from that gets myself out of the mindset of I'm smart and capable and the people who I may be interacting with on the street in place you know in a in a less rich country appear less educated or Ah Poorer or or whatever and so automatically. I'm thinking that they need my help. Not the other way around and what I would like to do was put forward the idea that actually they have so much that I I need just personally but especially professionally if I'm trying to do good work and create a good product in their home. I love that it's funny. You're saying about the people seeing it from a different perspective as you know being here in Florida we had those major her hurricanes coming through and we're we are Mellberg. The Indians came here because it was the harbor city a safe area. In fact NASA build Eld Kennedy Space Center here because thank God typically. We don't get hit with hurricane straight on. You know we've had some bad ones but nothing unlike homestead or some of the other ones. Why saw on facebook? Somebody actually wrote you. People in Florida are stupid. Why wouldn't you just is leave? Just get out of there if a hurricane is coming and I'm sitting here thinking okay. I know I could do it financially. I could hop in a car. Her go somewhere. Stay in a hotel but I know a lot of people who can't do that financially. They don't have anywhere else to go. They have to stay here so I liked your perspective on saying and now learn to look through other people's eyes instead of throwing your you know Preconceived notions on them. And let me ask you a question. So let's say go to Cosmo L. or the Bahamas and I had one one friend. Whose philosophy was you know? Don't make them a beggar society. Don't give them money just for the sake of giving them money maybe eighty instead give them. Supplies may be water. Maybe a hat. Maybe a jacket or something. Like where're jacket with you. Is he a kid doing some cool things and you know you're going to get the jacket away. Take Jacket off. Give it to the child or the adult or so on. What your concept? What's your philosophy on on that? Will I be interested in knowing what people are motivated by when they are thinking of doing that. Is it trying to be a kind person in the in the moment when you're interacting or what is it you're trying to accomplish or is it just how to be able to respond bond when maybe people approach you on the street. You know maybe young kids or asking for money or anything like that it. It is awkward awkward and uncomfortable. And you don't necessarily what to do. It's that way in the United States to I would say money is better than nothing supplies or maybe a little bit better than money. But what's much more much better than either of those rose is thinking ahead a little bit and doing a little planning about. How can your skills and talents benefit the people where you're you're working in in more substantial ways so if we're talking about photography when you're scheduling shoot? I mean yes I think it it starts with who your local contacts are fixers if your well-connected to people that are respected did in the in their own community and understand it can be a very good quality guide for you not just about logistics about getting around getting your shoot done but about what's going on in the context What do people need? There's a lot of things that you can plan ahead of time. That can be Empowering people behind just a quick interaction on the street for example you could offer. You could organize a photography class. People aren't going to have the same equipment and as you but you can talk about basic principles of lighting or composition or the artistic nature of it. Or if you like I said if you who are connected to local organizations maybe they know of projects or service work that local people are doing. That's that's inclusive of people are not creating more divisions that could benefit from you yourself doing photography work for them for for free or severely a discounted rate How can you? How can your work support what they're doing belong after you elite? These are just a couple of ideas I love that and I like your whole concept on you. Know How is this going to effect them after you leave right people. Yeah they they do for their split moment and then they move on right exactly and and again. I'm from an international development perspective. You know if you were to study international development which is basically how do you help tackle global poverty and the systemic stomach causes of chronic poverty. A best practice or principle is local ownership and really not swooping hoping in parachuting in with all the answers and resources and then as soon as you as soon as your funders interests change or you who are unable to go to replace not only can People not do the project but you sort of gotten everybody going and expecting in something which is which involves having difficult conversations and getting people Organized sized I guess what I'm trying to say is there's a cost to people receiving you and working with you and if you don't show up or suddenly stop it creates Negative disruptions and so in international development. You say Y- The best projects are ideas that people blur already working on Even even without you things that are already successful and like I said inclusive of different groups so people based on their identities not excluding somebody because of their religion or their ethnicity or something like that and Obviously organizations that are capable and responsible ensemble and doing good work and then your job is to listen to what they need and see. If there's anything in your skills or resources or just your time that you you can do to be supportive of what they're doing and help them do what they're already doing. Even better according to what they express would make that possible and so the way that applies to visual storytelling and a work in media production in my mind is because a lot of times. We're so focused on getting the product and we need the right subjects in the right place at the right time. We need them to sign a release but otherwise my mind is necessarily understandably focused on on getting the project done on on time but from When I moved into filmmaking from International Development I was asking myself you know there's a lot of there's there's a lot of overlap here? How can the subjects not just be passive objects in your project? But how can what you're doing. Empower them them to tell their own stories. And how can the way you operate on the ground during the shoot. Be empowering to them as well so I think it's a matter of asking a different set of questions and maybe having a more advanced conversations with local partners I rather than just quickly Zooming in trying to get the best shot and zooming up. Now I'm I I would. I would just add. Add to that that I think that's the right thing to do as people and I think your listeners know that but it in case anybody needs any additional incentive have I think it's also much more beneficial to the quality of your product. People know what the interesting things are that are happening. They can tell l.. You where the best people or stories or Things are that or the best opportunities are to capture some a really great stuff and if you are just focused on the technical aspects or the logistics or or getting in and out on schedule you might miss those things now. John Extremely Informative and very motivational. Where can people learn more about? Did you have a facebook page at Filton piece F. Like Frank I L. S. O. N. P. A. C. E. At filton piece That's what I have now. Currently I have a youtube channel. Also it's it's under my name. John Vilson for now. It's it's a lot of the same Stuff I have a content there about basic concepts in peace studies For people that WANNA learn more about what peace building is and some of its. It's basic concepts. I've actually more recently struck up conversations. You know speaking about how can you use what you have. And what you're talented in to Benefit others I being stuck in Iraq without other expats around was really wonderful and Nightmarish at times. Just with how difficult and lonely it was but one positive result was I. I learned Iraqi Arabic really well and Iraqis are continually impressed with my position. So I've made a lot of videos. I was recently talking with them About issues of cultural differences in perceptions and misperceptions between our our cultures So there's a lot of of that content on there too and I always put subtitles so anybody can access them but so that's a place to to learn more about me and my background. Of course I'm unlinked linked in also at Johns Elson hopefully can find more of my work an information about me in the future. That is great and I can't thank you enough enough for taking time out of your schedule today and showing your talents with us. I appreciate the invitation and I love what you're doing and I hope this topic is helpful. The people and I just really appreciate you and the work that you're doing in this space for all of your listening and for me. I feel like everybody buddy. I meet those doing good work. I learned so much from so thank you for that. You were listening to the InFocus interview show. If you like these interviews be sure to subscribe to our weekly photo focus podcast on photo. FOCUS DOT com. Thank you for joining us uh-huh.

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Inform Me (June 12, Nigeria Protest, Police and Army  Role and the way Forward)

Inform Me Podcast

49:44 min | 22 hrs ago

Inform Me (June 12, Nigeria Protest, Police and Army Role and the way Forward)

"It took mon house. You'll says where you see me. I literally bill right with more name. My people to know where this morning our former not business on lifestyle programming meet with a lion young cole on infomercial review Our will not be smart. I know so now. We're injured with san about sitting say polish. Up i live is to do though some people go outside and come back and some deal down we but anyway the shown was going on. Sorry for the delay. Due to technical issues and i know now things the atom so we need to sam in place on. What's in spite of all. The school received com life to and talk within. This money was reminded said this program day for us to take reason. Foucault's i'm for us to think outside the box. Politicians the political lists. Don't put that in spite of whitsunday apple we'll go survive under survive. Golden goose survive past stage will redeem nights now so nine this program before they look to them with already move. If you never knew now you say without the people the politicians for do anything then it owes more than we need them out. One gonna know how would take him. The nicknames apple boss sips. Before i will tell my brother mickey halyna stitz busy. I'd be make statements again all rhythm we talk show with on onto song so rude. Look with the work on them. Go call monterey so is political power. It's a new political pollen atoll built in from the people and it must be consumed by people within political power mean be. That's why tradition apolinar paula. We'd be given by god. Send our best rights. I'm supposed to be enforced by people. God deal move just This week so wasn't which is kinda i'm yesterday. I read something way. I knew how fights to do. Our politicians take the doom our traditional. Rubio's give me insane because they rubbish that our traditional tvs. Yeah ninety governors as long as we came from somewhere genug mike traditional heritage nine salute emotional plus the political office because the political splits. And it's a leaks. People doing slipping through boats when we have traditional less. I again not be as i go spend which conde gets political charging matter less book. Try out as they move. Remove the authentic passing bestselling author on. This is depressive winning. They'll give way gets me moving. Where was it at the feet. Say you represent them repeal. Okay if we have to make sure your interest. Dr political into the data on the show. Me hunt we people. We need to their weiss needs to go back to our roots. I'm beginning correct. All the students always all these. I am on my lab. E mallets mutual goodbye fully corrects them another with traditional listed. Plus me talking now. Now call the real family so because lamma deployed with him at all all right so bill. More people have already this morning with goethe's dunphy bring all of us to get this morning Yes it'd be very very important news topic. Winston won't bring coma up topic win fights. Nobody goes like is a whiff from My deal marco. And i knew we'd be here because we so you did outside the listen to us. I needed help or does the but aggressive good major become invicta concert underway asthma. Jana this money can be i. Said something very very wrong. I'll buy a the group before we enter here movie dumb because this one now leads with somebody writes is one even political gladiators for nine gem. Right they just put together over a long period of time. Ninety right i'm out to been. And john was first published in the sixties as a series of columns and daily times. Somebody and i put those things together if you check them. Please nevada different while you also in the midst of all this if you still. Xl now dot com mindset now ruled qualifers gets even new remodel. Aldi couldn't get all the jets in libya apple. If you choose to creates all suites allow elements. Think you'll forget some. I don't mind the alive. So on dan again when you when you choose to do down your susumu. Blondie you get accoring sites. You go there meet people ready same mindset. Let's not do not clear now. Order and all this i always remember a silicon valley. Some people creates a place like that. Is it possible for us to replicate for us. How all community very possible. Possible benefited all right pilots. The top clubs to see what's an apple. We will talk about june. Two thousand people no longer. Here what's up to about june twelfth. The we're just basu the protest. Which an how. The our security agency stick onto lamp and then We do way forward in the missile lowliest. The notes okay again. It's not family here mcconnell. When i just sit now choose to say a wine foster making for not talking for another talk. Nothing is not a apple. that does the truth. If you sit make me nuts hockey game. Similar to become young people muggle soon. That will blast alarm. So-and-so we'll talk again but if you're not talking on you say you know it never miss it might do woman eddie. Mind not work. If the mind off aunties flows on into little nuttal f- Yeah leg they walk. Yes if your leg. They walk of group. Liz with before you annoyed. Some things could happen on. The ground was an adult. Don't fit our. oh i got up. Say the different places where distant flop not be everywhere The lasts protest protests for tickets somewhere well coordinated said like i say those states say even The deputy governor follows civil society. People walk past donald under oath and allowed by. Hey rise blessed with any. We've seen on tv that on security agents Boats vigilance will lease and all of that followed. And what can you walk out massoud. So there was no casualty. Sorts of then will constantly different words for both jar for lagos wound. Lucy so on on social media believes that on this show gotten more could get yours because you hit the information. Del comas nettie while philosophical. So that's why i dunno. Mitko people have been some also mow. Seems must always from out. So i wouldn't want to bobby. Is it our right so as citizens as people the we have a rights protests said. Okay all right. What can we keep protest. Okay recap quickly this gene arsenic i should they do bring out. People protests or bus protest for the pestle when it protested gets. I'm always there with our recall. Mosleh that if i fall more museum lee on the nfl. Mr psalms one thousand some seven thousand of bought powerbook five zero one thousand five different if they said gonna blink your group glam lingala group the money when italian unity. We uk reduce. I may you take you will will take your name. Mccan places november. Nobody bill saying so that you would send a message as will you know semi doom so some now one thousand two some female group one thousand some mid one thousand five hundred the just harvested from district some two thousand five hundred meg close to divine say we see how much they came on the end. Taxpayers money they involve. Let's first of all confirmed his angle digits. Niger you'll get right to protest to denounce now. Yes whitney goofy protests for three. If you protest how protest oppose not this one mangled bring goes to some set in philosophical languages too because back without a micro now i because to sean. Will we allow him. So we don't let our ca commute we it. Greasy liquid protests. See i citizens by rights by whatever by birds by any format. Will you to be citizens major so you go feed protests a wendy's metric midst of Or denier awesome satay things win the your rights to get when you're person right as a human being had been violated. The people who i love get right to protest nine maycom de presents. Satan precedent protested. Oh yes must've Several states where revolve yeah with here. During the protests some of the protest got to point the his class the much at pitiful streets records the so the present me be president of nature President mohamed bahari dude. Independent janetta poor pissed that veteran seriously. Dude become time of yet. I do up protested venison. I'm really members in nigeria. I'm get involve in deputies to use tear gas it giving us a whole group. Bullets gives them I never remember seeing nigeria police in the depending on june time after the first two years of san yoga. Finish macomer let the mini Who can take you for years. Remember say jimmy tan or that. Measure ami up police the da's and their cdc to go after anybody up to the accent saying he has said smu days shoots at sites. And now i think could be done. This medicare that tidbits a yellow emilia limited bitsy our room. Now i'm as willing to operate sounds and we say yolanda do senior white house looking. Yeah well not a new one. With the catacomb. Few use came to beat the woman went before house. Think as dumb misbehave noguchi. Chain gem used the same take handled the one just been community Men may come. You're about to use ext. Language co rated betio. Manatee the batali so these thyroid wait tables. If i went be house ninety safe. I will be used. What the bourgeois catacomb. Now which apply. See if you were having been right as they may julian to protest name make you feel. Contest is the precedent for precipitously on for elation yukon. Finale get me twenty. Fifty won't go. Finally that writes from the question show so between twenty fifteen and now when when was the magnet done wished down the tape. Boom you talk mic measuring newbie protesting. because they don't discover say every protests is even become the president the lowest in violation of the right of went down to my life of booze. Wendy protests now this cutting me go b f skinner book demand be. I've skipped skinner now philosopher. I'm possibly be pushed for new. A new ward used this thing for pitch seventeen of your book beyond freedom and dignity navigating name of the book use this word you said we can no longer afford. Freedom on surrey. Must be replaced with control. It's me back to this. Yes yes now. He either don't put thompson political. Allies obtained from the people who under will be controlled by be patentable by now. Now the say we come. The logo are fought freedom. I'm sorry to must be replaced with control over control over man his conduct on his cordial. You'll see that in four page. Seventeen of that book beyond freedom and dignity and so what's been notice now is political. Pats windy paul. I'm moody's that actually the freedom of speech freedom of but is michelle guardrail. Men make them use the language. Shoot at aside any. Oh wholesome dodging no look at the statement. Here we can look out for free. Why because freedom is always in a lot of ineptitude of anybody Until ten to fourteen time. Freedom of speech. Interlock for germany's for all of them on. You remember say during this pace on saturday journalist arrested. Yes yes saburo side because can never go for the freedom. That book was written by the f. Skin that were to go now. I brigham number one. cd anyway. I was the don join up now. Let's just look at it. When people are going through hardship i remember. Which country was that Is it egypt and Some of that country's the price of bread was work coz protest the few number price. Just because there was unequally mitt things that we're using producing brit flour bit compiled on shugart whatever. The bread cell has increased price with about about five p saints and the team creek. Teddy heroin problem. I remember the last one apple for egypt. Twenty million people muster presidential velocity sunday and did the walkaway so does not egypt. At least way from history will lucy houston egypt ninety do origin of the presented kissel and as dot countries going to begin viewed on. Its to Witty be to the. I remember if we are to look at it from day it. Listen egypt personnels for wisdom of wickedness on any of that. I'm gonna see me from your gps. No use ami demi. Who's the us cdc. They have all the forces opposed. But what's an apple. The two million people much. I've taught some bis depressed. Bishop villa de precedent same residual. Little resigned resigned which moves the so far. This if you talk president reside in the senate was shots on november december two muscle spatially basile it. The new city miss the elsl because as i finish miracle wait for the entrance to send mr under the cynic lodge my did they will pond bitsy heads. Mickey man make everybody carry dogs wacko unless you must be vital during the day. Follow your workout tick chest now. The question. no besides what's laid you guys get to if niger get right. Appro- tastes what it can be. Room of security agency. Doing protest not to merck is breakdown of law and order sequence. Agencies is for. That's for people on the government firmly enough government would be about gunman to security justice. Monday people get the tax bill security jobs which implies the other people disapprove. The put lives on property dill. Ri- use the give the same people that is being guests. Well even as security agency no defeats on the own. Okay ma you life. I don't have this language. So as it several the fights off the protests where you have a new diverts Positive application on the also. Yes okay. God muslim ideally. They will know it gets a new perspective yes calling the government is utterly. Do you believe that job for them. One look at it if government do with isa kennedy people keep pass away from eveline again velvety that kind of a plan mid dim very busy getting over with claim. It just makes our jobs easy. That's one don't you all get your life is not at risk. Because when he criti high you'd be faced off your face a little too much trouble gone s j of blue light on all of that but if people why does ghosn no secondly into doing twenty two hundred twelve titina forty. Why misha's considered the horse security do should go. Everywhere now it would be fights Corruption monaro defect correction name mukunda. Begi- should go look for the past loans. I'm gonna put his go into hassle. Bandits said did you place it over the deel bic by bundit dippy over police. The show could not speaking not not sure said of it did themselves. I branched off time. So we've diarrhea lardy protests on blue deceitful. Galina from a little bit might be of was be now now because they can allow ford freedom. What they do is they will tell you. The last for that now would nice. Live met opportunity to full anybody wedneday power when they tell you or big lacerda. I'm to somebody tell you. See i expect a one hundred percent liatti with a mic. You go give us. The house is not as minded. Is ed now evanescent weapon. House come cannot be warned. Represent louis away while stanley very different from her. She's sticking to middle homey groupie. That's columbus cutter. Michael cohen diligent assembly. I know what you need. That bill was if you give if you suggest under how. How do you expect us of our monitor's go by him What do you got to do less for us to not. Put them up effortlessly. Let's say i read so distinct on hippos. And then tomorrow against elaine about fundation on bricks dilemma. She argue. i'm you. I put to see reasons. I don limit. She looked and represent the onto your resist. Why book official rookie simpatico come out in one representative yet now. How do you spread in. Nigeria will be one more drippy thankfully to you read as twenty deeds madden about slipped. Now you protest it. Are you told the people never protested give. You told the people that you were gonna give the lumber less evident one me to look into a cinema by december two hundred optional. Legals one new. The vice-president on the guy did to get advance the president then is it was behind him and then you go get warm mainly onto dinner actually to my mindy. Dvd mini Now where does he what. What what's it be. The problem when somebody elect rock besson bow one would take me to another book horsley intel for which we the called the brave new world revisited for pitch eighteen of a book to say in the end delimit you with and let the rank pissing you say in the end day that is the people When dr flee dome auto the control last fits and say to oss. Nicosia sluice but feed us is demanding right now. It's no food president. Let us have something to eat. The first step to shoot on address not asking the president to give them food to it was distribution of pilots. And it was a terrible mistake. People were asking for food. they didn't know diminish no. Because the return priest the roop singh on to seats you have already met from detail alleged on some meathead your freedom and they will not beg for what to get. I'm so because of you. For watergate is always in the form of protests. I'm when people are protesting. What are you telling what telindus live. Master when are you going to us district. Also now. let's put us but that's all that it puts. The worst thing for him is high. These no deborah james. A healthcare bill church. We're not saw eats was woman. Ox has stuns the of change no after submitting your freedom. The guy said oh forget that we cannot afford it. And so what is it doing is to constantly use all security agencies. After the people not said the deputy governor of dusted it was who to me. He didn't go data. Protest wendy to was the faces of those wave of yes. I will tell you why so many people were with esi. Protested did if it did do god. This sometimes forget some people over. Don't walk with before you understand the scheme Underbody time delivery life you feed built up of suit. But i knew sigler deandre your ships nas dictates suit. She shoulda but the secret went beyond burati spa. Because the echo knife stash body was very The omarosa go gone to it. Came out to supportable how moscow we'd be now position right. What did principal of the a distant governor talk to security josie when the deputy county join practiced how the two of them working against each other. Is it possible. Does it take over as anybody. You see the district's the bishop pick as what the goal another did talk every state of a do okay. Now if you deputy jane protests what are we talking about the two of them but the governor states at what no on public matters daddy always bill gates each other new so the protest. Wendy enlisted de gonna go the to to watch or see on the participants. On the obliges the language on the rim the stigma to sit city of anarchistic. Talk greenie district. Attorney was a the. Yoda one was giving blood. I this ultimate talk now is not about before and i also were been listens. Ause it that before. But i now. We're good guests. Business is now. Let us look at it to did your window lie. Meets the civil society. Organizational wasn't deer. When does guys talk. You know who. I am went on. This is december dick run. Don't be pooh though some day whitten. Edsa's all right got better deal with this. So what did the dss from digital. I'm before guys obvious. I doubt oh so. Are you telling me me brings that we have been looking for summer. Saw tun dobrich for us to stop getting to understand when people are used scheme to get involved to get to one. Who don't know dan years. And they go onset mazzola. You knew your enemies. As ritzy you will keep condemn closes. You know you keep your friends till but give you any clues so that you will be in of the situation. That was the game that was split now. Mukelebai deputy mucketty. Deputy good goodyear not be good and he addressed the people and the two of them that the most make sure mixture protect democracy and i end for bad people begin to well we market. They joined us. Reporter protests with is brown. Said how could they go day. Monday did not good security agents debate of who was driving toward the protests win came out mucky did good bear assay lorna which missy when did not as a governor oh but as a citizen citizen of one between his goal and joke if the are gone sitting of new. He's that roj. Would i be dead in your some. would i be dealt with you. You know how almost go to function now. So i suppose google way dr youssef daily to people in this vehicle. I made by the time you finish address them. Why did he stay that long. I'm me about this never came. Buffum glenn housecall midday him day. This is look at comeback to the mata that his own grown majerus gets right window tastes. Niger has gets rest to say. We don't like what is green on bates for the city. President to divino data security agenda on anybody. Taking advantage of pressure on presidencies is especially especially to see. Anybody went do who doin- what you like and they using tear-gas on them know what to be done on. It was lots of inputs. It was not valid this philadelphia's on purpose not plunkett that saint messrs delivered to advertisement only by doing if legs like banner mickey's booths. Yes a sculpture. Lean on people view. What is going on now if people the taste it gets his city president. Not sure said people are no please with the leadership style. You did present. And then what do you need to do. If you really wanna go you loan me to work for the people and also outlet was why you cannot afford good times. i said best. See tuesday a little things you would do behind the ripe protests which is the same way you protested against that government before you know if security agents miller woefully pooh-poohed kundun. Walk for someone. I think the people need to hold by the taxes that they will not be then begin because people occas because look how do how is the goods. Origins appeared as gentle the government. The people elected that is why the paint tax to pull him. Look at how d'amato d you see political is obtained from that people must be controlled by the planet. If depicted elected government and is reported government the edges savimbi with the government were to be sovereign. The people who that is what people don't pay taxes to pay these pigeons. Yeah now you dear jason's a local walking for their people to us me if i family business unless stars on the lookout working for me was my to depend latina. It is until. I'm am cova. The job dude. The this boat went out to do. Do want is going to be well armed for me. Others won't and i pay. He doesn't want to present my each lists. Why megabit linda to money to put out this ever since that is one. I'm so big major. I need to start looking for a way to revoke deep gasoline. Emit and they're the hub director. Do that but people plan without they have the right to do it but before he was the protests. Sometimes what wrong. These does This is inclusive. Do cousy flip easter. Let's see sometimes using brunetti euchre led do is she'd okay zero. She'd let's assume jewish she'd fun bras agree. Legs nigerian stop paying taxes for one month. Let's see how the government roy needs. If what little see you've any stood governor who survived talk. Some businesses law law phone number. Let us look at it. Let's agree i agree. Now the question is this is the fissile by the people can survive we have will solve. We'll be savvy without even in the most of these. I'm old. We did to get to d who among us for he. No government did give them under the heat in the okay to hope for that went out to protest. I'm demo governor piero saw have dimmed the surviving that still do but what. I'm looking at here as if that people choose to say. We want to protest which was to go on. Tax strike concord strike. That people didn't have the problem. We're having dejan. Those people of nigeria have not gotten the same one mighty it I nev- momentum doing it. The country will be forced to return back dates. But you go there man. Contact force collect tax. This this pd hosted loopy just use a decade. You hosted less. If will you since we don't have viewed as the how did point then good to realize that you know sending me taganka my mother bras down man that when my little to blend me is trump emissions had becomes obama. Return gives his impulse and that is where you have immediately within fourteen. Yes because it is whether will tell the makia fodder for my lupus. Ageless when even more men him said. Dow without the alba's doing doing the right thing. So the pit bulls dot dot dot may maters considered. The government is not you know. Say he's uptight from that. People are must be controlled by the writing it not to forehead. Recieve bullet minuted controlled by the people Because the canola for the freedom to let people speak they. people can speak in different metals cabbie. So not just just by what will open talks way busy that he had gone clean and they be. No one will come out there. You say his not. Mind minute i want to tell you. It was viduka avenue of this stuff. I did detect so let us let become. We cannot the wanting that is change is the only thing that is dynamic. Is deleting that is a new. I used to think relig- not cost. They're gone oakland challenge and people people. Okay yeah people are always loved came within that we do. Change is consultant. Maybe listening inform me this morning. Business and lifestyle program on with a talk about but puts and the role of security agencies and the way forward to the people. So my. But i don't nasa god. I was took protest if we like with the the apple and will not fit download. This episode leads us. Glue listen to round. I'm ben you've now wants more information alone. I got permission for said. Sms does iso five five four eight the one one mic. I called that number mess on watts. Up zero nasal five five four. It is known one would always warn. I'd shop polish. Paul yoga demobilised news. Change love yet Walk this morning. Our my down would did markets walker kinda somewhere else all right yeah. to really be fifteenth The months of june twenty two into one your family business news. The come from this angle say man. I don't find my lip by fifty one point nine five percents despite cbs defense mecham best. Buy or do your michelle's wednesday and did they say when dempsey did do marathon elite auto matt anti you before say don't so sibi now. Private business will be federal government business. Hey retina you okay finished mic. i just add this. Not because they were will lead to join. This will not be. There's not federal abouts in being so not not for long dance down the mcneil and top ally heads up. Somebody die when talks. Some money for banking is Assist yes put her bank. Loan remove maneuver. You'll get an for saying give you wink. does miserable demanded from day with federal gelman would become identity. The gluco led to waste that com. Return mbeki to dell pestle knock on anyway or batons new. As and i am as i f. Don't let chief go for sunday today. Ovalles alerts sixty one point. One billion devesh of save for the past many years. No ceremony done when they will breed off or sometimes they do the other vanish the some whereas when new group that is likely to be those projects not didn't happen when they approved in multiple. Say sixty one point one billion. Mehta don't be diverted for some years now. So the need to communist explained to them so they are detachable jason's listed reporter west iowa. Hello whereas neo detergent allowed. Ephedra sean right to petition. Ooh tool the give them theory. He called repetition to made a komo's ad montana. I get is a bill. Let off issues day. Whoa so medac. Nine ninety be shenault. May june bravo two point. Zero two beyond delta's from china in sixty s and remember saddam mani is almost in each rhode. Eighty telecom services. If roy defaced destruction as walk us swings added telecom companies detracting to go on strike correct so separatism back toasted before if you give them too much too much about goto. You should divy fun. To develop president rousseff precedence audiard's social media platform would go off ahead project. We both fall again. Returned by twenty percent. Then the paula megawatts conformed to three thousand one. Hundred seventy two megawatt. I'm yet najat. Dasa get access to sell to fall. Countries liquidating come very soon women. Navy get light again that would generally generate when we will get to the holiday. They claim gloom on the youth team. Ten point five million people out of poverty misleading people when they do coke fat check us nine go out after we play other column as does the mission. He talks ten point. Something nine removed move from temple and five million nine hundred move from poverty but they talk see how a guy that yo- forbidden misleading mussa people if lumber very dane poor five yeah they become the capacity of travels so wikileaks look mcginn official devaluation dumpers. Melania's away from touring see trillion stock markets and so a lot of people don't withdraw. Yeah investment from stock stock exchange. And because of that the market don't drop the safe from twenty trillion nintendo drastically. Dropped two points. When even the controversial dipped eighty eight from the stock exchange to show ahead so now so matab and democratic arrested table this money usdallas five hundred number to bag fifa angelina. Right to sell. Barnes tally several hundred and several marital by seven hundred dollars which inara to sell you six hundred dollars to buy sixty eight nero to sell kenny dadullah. Four hundred dollars or by phone trenton. There to sell south africa run tattoo former rector by tomato to sell australia delays warm adrenaline leffler to buy a wound. Trump had five minutes to sell ghana. It is eighty-five marital. By ninety five hundred or sell camarena. Cfe on tenor to buy it around. Fifty zero to sell banana republic. Cf a nine hundred narrator by narrow twitter self Chinese german sixty two after bike system to sell Okay so you're not say i. I've ever done her maybe afternoon. If to that'll by on let five minutes yourself. Why australia della three hundred netto by an three hundred twenty two naira to self necessarily theoretically be this morning my people. I said we will see you. See five hundred naira if you want to buy darla i'm then the federal government known said lewke as politicians won't buy their subsidy years because what has been. This is not all business over thirty last week. now it's also our that's as the corporate. It's a costume. Decided to them on bed. Conduct took the little so right. Now if you buy for five hundred fifty for five hundred twenty three and me. Why even for us don't be like this for costume is higher. Is five hundred. Fourteen focused on her. Why boot right. -bility change big sell for five hundred the by five-hundred on staple five hundred eighty three before costume hardee's five forty so businesses hatch on this sophomore. For implication was young. Your see why maybe this another reason. Why the cost. The prices of things are so high. Sure she fits by something now. I salaam i thought by as why take you don prize rights amendment possible. So not not government. I understand in Because they know that the people. There's no way you you can leave the country without bundles. Because googlers at night i will take good trade for where there is no way. We gotta go now. We talked to combat in the money to the cities because they will not take from you now. Nigeria people carry della com shop. Modell us based on two big american jewish gun must collect money to see for your pocket and they go to their shopping mall to patronize with your money. Their currency before. Niger precedent the us deltaic with commission. Uscb subsoil here's let people do digits pool of major yet determined on komo gloria. Licey we use our money to finances people when they told us we get right to protests and things will suppose s for mandate things went on the valid rights and he thinks social many roles opposed. Get the kind things went. Every country person make vision for down citizens. I'm even the change as we'd be ready to call. Visitors eve does look how valuable do people get right to protest however get to realize. I afford that before the end up. Protest you to be your duty election Being getting in nixon feeds to witty will impact the cry for during the period of election. You know the lucius reports hunt for ten twenty with pretender by some because of witty continued. D you don't submit your freedom. I'm remember do whole political class in the world and especially measure. Don't talk that we can no longer afford freedom and so it must be missed weight. Most month cacho on the of life but were bad. Some people daddy will soon be. They waited on more. We are more on because dale paint political powerful and therefore must be controlled by goggle. Grievous elephants them to say forms now sent him. I thought for from from anger disbelief. All right my listen to inform me on infirmary do this morning. I lost this our program. Business lifestyle program. Don't us to take see how even forwarded to this extent high with feet sake. create our own. Environmental vein be chaotic mazar. The bible talk possible. Yes very possible so now word we do. Since the dow on now they talk about so not nazi. Get message won't put the one. Check the message bench. It'd be like say listen go. I suggest listen when he defeated the listen closely. I'm not d to take Madamba not data take put my mouth but i not deplete of rice. It's this enough. Melissa that to be the sole that will always start with oracle moth say information will now he and us navy power we get too sick commode for the seats wash where we find ourself so the next time. We'll we'll get okay tomorrow. We'll con- were this tomorrow. Game and so ms. They're safe finger. Floats build your immune system and enjoy yourself. Enjoy your life. Lafayette delivering so one. I did my limb sorry taken charge may not be ideal over.

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The Search: Part 2

Rough Translation

46:48 min | 2 years ago

The Search: Part 2

"Support for this podcast and the following message. Come from Virgo struggling to find the perfect vacation home. Verb does the hard work for you. Matching you to the perfect place to stay every time download VR B oh in the app store. Let Virgo find the home that matches you. If you heard last week's episode then, you know, something of the story of the Iraqi, photographer calmer nauseam who went missing on a battlefield and the efforts to find him. This is part two of that story. So if you didn't yet here part wine, we would highly recommend you go back and listen to that. I f Assode to get the full experience and it is an experience. But if you only listen to this episode don't worry, we will catch you up along the way and just a quick warning before we get started. There is the sound of gunfire and some cursing in this episode when Cymru and went missing. One of the people most desperate to find him was a twenty seven year old woman from Holland. So my name is Shawn Tina vantera ENA, you Tina had met comer and in two thousand nine and the first thing she'd noticed about him was his laugh. Yes. Happy times. It was a laugh that made you feel safe, which she knows sounds weird. But that's just how it felt they started talking at a conference. And when she told him that she was making a work trip to Baghdad. He said, oh, maybe I'll be there. And he was we spent a week together in Baghdad. And he showed me, everything, there, whenever something happens in buck dot like bumbling, I would be really scared and react to it even minutes was far away. But then he said like against react to everything that's happening around too, because then you can live. Come run seemed fearless in so many ways he lived through a lot of wars, he'd become a photo journalist against the wishes of his conservative family. And now it started in Iraq to train local for tiger vers to tell a deeper more nuance story about the country stories beyond just bombs and battles. He called his agency metrology and he invited. Tina to visit his office, which was also his apartment. She made all these interesting friends journalists and artists filmmakers, such nice everyone would be there like people could just be free that they could talk about everything women felt safe on there. It was like really a family feeding. It was an odd sort of family. He had an American co founder Sebastian Mayer, yet, his little brother Akhmed, helping out the one brother who believed in what he was doing. Metrology was this bubble where the usual rules of Iraq, did not seem to apply after dinner? The dishes were often washed by the men, not the women, and no topic of conversation was taboo, come on all us knew it was doing controversial things, but he was always snow off. I could go in Tina encumbrance started spending a lot of time together. And then she moved in with him, but in public, comer and would never introduce you tina's his girlfriend, even when they'd been dating for years. So it'd be accepted as a couple, you need to be married comer until her. He did not believe in marriage. Not the traditional Iraqi kind I just said, like I just see marriages shutting to develop at you love each other. There's this sculpture in a park near their apartments called the statue of love, chose a man and a woman fashioned of steel and cloth. And they're kissing, it's pretty chaste as art goes, but it was repeatedly vandalized. And finally, torched by religious, hardliners does nothing left to be honest, like ash a short time after that, and Tina and comrade were walking through that park with some friends, and they passed the statue, which was down just the pedestal of black Ashish and comer and gives her this look and they both climb up on the pedestal. And he puts his arm around her waist. And I said, I remember that I said, okay, let's vague because there's a family passing by, so let's wait families. And kiss. Was it a very long kiss? Maybe four seconds. Four seconds. It's wasn't intensive on. It felt really like okay. This is like real. That he does that in public does mean a lot because she wouldn't take that risk if that's not feeling. Friend snaps a photograph and then he went back to the office and event somewhere else. And then equalled me, like, hey, I want to post his Facebook. Are you came it? It's I think you are so crazy. I'm not sure if this is good idea. But you probably know better. And then he quoted the words that she'd said to him. So now he shouted to develop enough each other. Cymru later post for real for the ring and everything. But that Facebook photo went viral, and this is made a really big conflict in our family Akkhmed is coming little brother, even my brothers. They were saying you have to publish later and say, I apologize for what I did had been religious like his family until comrade pulled him into this world of journalism and photography. So when this, this published so many people said, you are from Muslim family. You are not allowed to do this kind of picture. And then come run started getting death threats from also have two people, a prosecutor threatened to sue come run for in this is the actual charge behaving outside social norms, but come run, did not seem worried. He gave interviews to local international press. This was not just a kiss. He told them this was a protest and then couples started going to the statue. And posting their own kiss photos Ivy trusted him in making divide decisions and not going too far. This is exactly what Tina loved about him. He could step into these dicey situations in walkout unharmed. I felt very safe. He get arrested at a demonstration, and then sent her a photo of him drinking tea with the prison guards. So when ISIS invaded and come run went to cover the battle. Tina did not worry too much even when she heard that something bad had happened. She just told herself that's not stress out because this is come on. And he's fine. I'm Gregory Warner. And this is rough translation from NPR, the show that takes you to far away places with stories that hit close to home last week. We learned what happened to come run on that battlefield after he was shot and kidnapped by. Isis, we took you through the critical hours and days, that followed and how that kidnapping brought together the two sides of comrades life, two sides, that it always clenched his journalists, friends and his religious brothers now to work together to run a rescue mission. They learned how to scandal lead doctor who said treated discredit journals came in and his name was comrades how to win the support of a tribal leader post my hands on he asked me to sit beside him. But the pressures of a search that stretches into weeks and months are different. Because in the first few days, you don't have time to think about the risks of going, full throttle, or the cost of holding out hope. As the search continues, the team will start to confront the wider game that they are now a part of or searching for their friend means people will get hurt. Karen, deafen has been reporting. This story with comrades friends Sebastian Mayer. Here's Karen in almost any hostage negotiation. Your goal is to prove to the kidnappers that the person they're holding is not that important. So you don't drive up the price of their release. But when you're negotiating with ISIS, there is another factor. They don't kidnap people like some Ali pirate would because they want a ransom. You know, they kidnap people because they wanted to make it a public statement going to kill them. The search team has to prove that calmer on is not what ISIS would call an infidel like not someone who would throw raucous parties. Data Dutchwoman ferry charming or drink alcohol or hang out with westerners. No, no, no, no, no. It doesn't help that calmer on best friend, and the guy who co-founded the photo agency with him is an American Sebastian Mayer, because they're going back. Oh, shit skies, western, he's an infidel like we should kill him in, and videotape it and put it online, we needed to make him as anonymous, and ordinary as possible. They're trying to make Cameron look like somebody. He's not like they made a video to send to ISIS TV, featuring worth that come on. Did that ISIS might appreciate like comrade photographed and Iraqi journalist who was killed by American soldiers? They put that in the video. And while they're trying to rewrite calmer on story, this thing keeps popping up that is making it so much harder that kiss photo. The one he posted on Facebook of him and Yang Tina kissing on a pedestal Jacksonville since we enough each other. If you Google comrades name after the kidnapping, it's the first thing that comes up and the photo is all over Facebook. Everyone is posting it as a tribute to this charismatic rebel. They love on, we were thinking if this photo goes to ICES, they will kill Cameron. We were talking with people, please leave. This for Cantina was getting on the phone begging people to take it down. Sebastian is threatening news. Editors comrades blood will be on your hands, one person would take it down. Another would post it. And at the same time arc med is getting furious phone calls from his brother not jot saying, can you get your friends to stop posting that kiss photo. And also wants this photo taken down, but the difference is not Judd wants it to have never existed in the first place for him. That photo is a symbol of Cameron's rebellion that his friends had encouraged to deal with on had the worst friends help ajar, then you'll have your little he always chose the wrong friends. Now dot has a catalogue of the friends betrayals from the great to the petty. He still talks about this one time before Cameron was kidnapped his mom made a pot of Doma for calmer on. Would you will see the Casey, but come on? I took it to Cameron is office. Everyone was there but Cameron the called Cameron and told him about the dole. Mar busy aided before combat comes back pushed Kate. Zoom Deccan LeBron skin always told the people around, you are using you and stab you in the back at you. Gatuma toward the movie this disputed, the nature of fire is when you touch it. It'll burn you. We warned him not to do it coming on. Holy. Okay hazard be double for not jot and his other brothers, comrades kidnapping has become this horrible version of I told you, so the thought that because of Cameroon's friends and because of the metric RAFI, that's why coming on disappears. And then little by little the tension, the underlying tension, that we'd sort of plastered over that started to crack what had been one team became to the family set up their own command center in the family home. They stopped sharing their Intel with Sebastian who was coordinating all their leads on this massive spreadsheet. So how the friends team doesn't know who's called whom. They're missing details. Only one person knows everything or was he never really, really bad situation as the team unravel I wanted to connect them. Brockman med is literally driving between the office and the family home, and who the farmland again back to the friends trying to so the two sides back together. Let's try to the team, a team that needs both friends and family. The family has religious contacts and as comrades family, they have a lot more sway. When the government or tribal leaders ask for help. And the friends, they're journalists, they know how to investigate things. They have a ton of on the ground sources. But at this point there is so little trust that for to stay on. Both teams. He has to lie to both sides. He gets back from meeting with his family, and has to say, oh, I was just at the grocery store, or he meets the bashed in, in places that he knows his family won't see everyone was trying to hide stuff from each other. The brothers have started spreading rumors false information hinting that there are double agents on the French team all this spy ship. And now Sebastian starts with holding things from Akron. Maybe second guess myself made me start second, guessing Ahmed and. Just like without even knowing how. And when we were almost at war with each other one night about six weeks into the search Sebastian arrives at Metron fee and he can't get in. There's a bike lock on the gates comrades brothers Najat, an ATI have locked up. The agency miss it. If you try to break, that lock will call the cops, and say that you are trespassing on private property. No one can get into the office the command center that they are using to coordinate the search and something about this escalation, the absurdity of this bike. Lock pulls things into focus for comment. Like, what are we doing? The only thing that matters right now is that we find calmer on. This is ridiculous enough. So he sits down with Sebastian are move tone says this, but I haven't been telling you everything and Sebastian says, yeah, I haven't either. Because you don't lie again, they share all of their Intel now. And they pledged that from now on. They will be honest with each other through me, a beautiful song, beautiful Kurdish, though. T- ten year. Oh. That night ark Mike goes to the other team to the family home. They've asked him to come an adult called me said might come home. We are going to have a family meeting, and he's thinking I fixed one side. Maybe now I can fix the other. Knees selena. Drives to the family home. It's the night before eat starts, which is the biggest Muslim holiday of the year. It's a day for families to be together. He walks slowly up the concrete steps, he's preparing his speech. Like, let's put aside our differences and just focus on the thing that we all want on when I rent, in my father was sitting on two of my sisters. His mom isn't there, just his dad two sisters and his two religious brothers nudge on ATI. They were all angry face Akmad, sits down. But before he can say, anything ATI, the bodybuilder brothers starts in on him. He says metrology is going to stay closed. Also, you are not allowed to work with the France team. You have to respect our family, and you have to be in this group. They're telling you have to pick a side and Akmad wants to say this isn't about sides, family or friends. This is about the best way to bring calmer on back, which is everyone working. Together and metrology fate that was comrades life. Argument takes a breath turns to the brothers and he says who closing metro Qaddafi, I'm not letting you to do that because Cameron certifies himself and I wanted to finish it. Sacrifice himself from fee. I've had doesn't get to finish his sentence, my older brother Addy came, and he kicked, my hits twice, and you're just pushing me like crazy. His sister's jump in to try to separate the fight, but Addy goes to the kitchen and tries to grab a knife sister has wisely. Locked the kitchen in advance. At this point, the whole family is shouting, except for one person. The strengths thin was my father was not moving. He was just staring at me is father says, nothing the one person in this room, who had the. Authority to say the word and stop this beating are you going to think that he was enjoying? But you're thinking that, yeah, this is a time that I have to be beaten by all the brother. Acclimated scrambles to get out of there. And he makes it out the front door back to the top of the stairs. When ATI gets in one last kick, he pushed me down all the stairs on when I arrived in the last year I was bleeding on everyone. Throw that I'm dead upstairs. He can hear now dot yelling at Hoti you killed him. I was just trying to put my hands in my pocket augment is trying to get to his car on camera hawk. So he crawls to his car, and when it gets there, it won't start it was like a scary movie, I was just checking the window. If my all liberal, this coming again, and my sister, were crying. It was really it was so bad. Ahmad's family wanted, the same thing from him that they had demanded but never got from calmer on the only version of ach med that would satisfy his family was that young obedient Salif boy, working at the driving school with his older brother, not. But that was the life calmer on. I pulled him out of he was not going back. This is Mark duty. No, I have to finish. What comer started? When rough translation returns Akhmed steps defiantly into comer on shoes and an encounter, with ISIS does not at all. Go as planned. That's after this. Support for this podcast and the following message. Come from delta, delta flies to three hundred cities around the world. That's three hundred cities where many people do the same things you do. That's three hundred cities where people in those three hundred cities think they're the only ones who know about that one place and three hundred cities where people miss someone in one of Delta's other two hundred ninety nine cities. Delta is in flying at three hundred cities merely to bring people together but to show that we're not that far apart in the first place delta, keep climbing. When you're paying for college on your own. There's a lot to balance. Tell you get through it all NPR's life. Get talked to the real experts students finding a side hustle that works for you and works for your schedule is usually beneficial signed life gets new guide on how to pay for college. In apple podcasts for NPR dot org slash life kit. We're back with rough translation from NPR. I'm Gregory Warner at the same time, that Akhmed was diving more fearlessly into the search for his brother and also stepping into run. His photo agency Sebastian was yanked out of all this. He was called back suddenly to New York and Akhmed and the headquarters of the search, we're now nine thousand miles away. Karen, deafened continues her story, I met Sebastian about a year into the search for calmer on. He had just moved home to New York to take care of his mother. She had been diagnosed with cancer. He was living with her taking her to doctors appointments. When do you think you'll go back like in the summer or I, I don't know it really depends on my mum's chemo schedule. He struck me, then as a guy carrying around a lot of anger just beneath the surface, he was really chill really funny, but then something would set him off. And he'd get mad like matter than the moment deserved. I used to ride the subway hoping that someone would brush. My shoulder something like that was like, if someone bought me right now. I would vent all my spleen on them. Sebastian was living in New York is Tuesday that every morning he would wake up two commer on spent the boarding. Fielding ton of calls about come run. He talked to journalists he still new in Iraq. You know what have you heard what have you heard afternoons where for his mom after tomorrow, Thursday? She's going to see the doctor, then late into the night in the darkness of the internet 'execution video ISIS released, videos of people, they executed people, they'd be headed or drowned in cages. And he would watch every video he could just to make sure this one wasn't calmer. And then he would get up and do it all. Again. It was hard for me to gauge how close or how far Sebastian was from finding calmer on Sebastian. This is exciting. Would stop me. I'm going to right there because we've had bits of news, even better than this. And they've come to nothing. I do not have high hopes that do not have low hopes. I am so neutral watched Sebastian train himself to just stay neutral. Even when shocking news came in you hear stuff like, oh, ISIS using you to weed out, informants, planting false Intel with people, they suspected were leaking information. You hear that contacts that have given you information have been executed by ISIS like the doctor who had treated comrades bullet wounds and then told them about it. They heard he'd been killed you'd hear that it was actually being turned back on you and you were a pawn in somebody else's game in searching for calmer on. They were helping ISIS. So the level of kilt that you can start to feel potentially is enormous, and you become a little bit hard hearted, even if people were getting hurt they had to keep up their search. You just have to say. If that's true, that's the way it is calm. Run being list is still might only priority. There was only one person in the world who really understood what Sebastian was going through. Hello. Can you hear me? They were on the phone constantly. Let's talk. Now you can tell me everything. Just one second. Talking through the latest leads and then checking in with each other, tell me quickly how how how is your mom doing occupants? Mom had also been diagnosed with cancer. Sitting inside me set up on the twenty. I'll liquid about them. And earning zone spots zone. Easy. But as you should let us know me. Thank you for this. Go that gets you open the door for her, and I'll call you back at this point, the search team in Iraq has dwindled Cameron's fiancee, Tina has moved back to Holland his brothers have returned to their families and jobs. Most of Cameron's friends have to. So when Sebastian comes to town. The office. There's no longer a big team sitting around a whiteboard putting pins on a map. It's just him. And ach met Sebastian can see off mid has changed. Now he has a Rolodex of sources. He's the one tracking down leads since my laptop. He's also taken over the reins of Cameron's photo agency. On this. Visit Akmad has some big news. Tell me what happened in, in, in Kirkwood's, not comrades address. He's not coming home tomorrow, north coming with the good news. I'm looking with a bud, but it is something they can act are really won't fuck med has met with a new source and intelligence adviser to the prime minister and the guy asked to listen to this recording. Augment has of the phone call calmer on made with his ISIS counter the day after he disappeared goddamn. So. Listen to when it got to the part where comrades captor took the phone. Stops. Like freeze said again again for eight times. Okay. Oh, gosh. I'm net. I said to Akkhmed I know who this is this guy before ISIS. He was a head of the mafia is like a mafia. He has identified. Camaroon's captor. This is. Shit when Sebastian first Medoc med he was comrades. Little brother useful to someone who would help out at the agency now. And then divorce now are Mattis, telling him, he has won the confidence of a high ranking intelligence official who has given him this really important information that he has double triple checked. He played the recording for other people, and they confirmed the name, how SU super abuse, commerce, though, calmer on style. We know exactly who he is. But but, but looks like it's. Thanks. Mccall target. That night as Sebastian tried to settle in for bed. He just couldn't sleep not from excitement about the captors name. It was something else ach netted learned that same security advisor had told him, I think your brother is probably alive, when ISIS gets a hostage with skills. They put them to work. I think they might be using calmer on as a photographer. What I got that news at a terrible night Sebastian called me from Iraq to tell me about this. I've managed to, to do from the very beginning was not to project myself into the possibilities of what comrades going through. Whenever my mind goes to that place. Just shut it down. But that was not. I, I did the best I could that night but it was rough. If you're forced to shoot video and photos of horrendous executions, like the thought that Conrad going through that just really upset me. I'm gonna actually if you don't mind, I'm gonna stop talking about this right now because I'm feeling it coming back. So, okay. No problem. One thing that oddly gave Sebastian solace was his job as a journalist, this was when I was at its peak taking over swaths of Syria and Iraq. And he wanted to tell the story of the people that took his friend, he felt like he owed that to comer on our wasn't there for a vendetta, but I was going to show the world, what monsters, they really are. Som Ashton went to interview Kurdish soldiers preparing to fight ISIS. He also interviewed people who'd been held captive by them interviewed a fifteen year old girl who had been taken prisoner and managed to escape. What, what does it say? And she rolled up, her sleeve and she'd tattooed on herself while she was being kept prisoner by ISIS. Mom and dad. I love you. It was she made that on shoes. I mean. Can't you? Spach in wanted to talk to the men who had done these things. The men who had taken calmer on an arc mid had prison contacts. So he arranged interviews with some captured ISIS prisoners. And we were told you're gonna have the worst fighters. You're gonna have the nastiest people in Kurdish, these were dirty peace, the peace three in which means that dirtiest the ringing of the dirtiest fighter for you Sebastian pitched a feature to channel four news in the UK Sebastian would interview, Achmat, what translate. They drive to the secret location where the fighters are being held. They set up their cameras. And they take off this blanket, and there's these kids sitting in front of me. There's not just a kid, but he's really baby-faced. They interview him. He doesn't have much to say the next prisoner they bring in is even younger who sits down, and he is shaking. I mean visibly visibly shaking, and as I'm sitting there I'm thinking shit shit. This is a kid is he being coerced into doing this interview has been tortured. If the original idea of the interview was to get in the head of a murderer of a psychopath and of a monster. Now, I was trying to get in the head of a fifteen year old or fourteen year old boy, and I say. I'm gonna change the direction views he's with her. A lot of people his age, working as soldiers rights, I wanted to needed to turn the cameras off and go home and think about it is what I needed to do. They had promised channel for ISIS monsters, so they dig in. And this is when they meet Ali an ISIS assassin, he started when he was just thirteen years old. This is a guy who had beheaded people. So I had found my monster. From that's when it got really complicated. Well known. So he describes pushing this. Curtis older Ford onto his belly and cutting his head off. And then there's a pause and I asked him, how do you feel? And he goes totally silent. And then he starts to. Whisper. I can't tell if he's if he's praying. The guy is just pitch forward. Handcuff headfirst onto the floor. As he's pitching forward off met has actually already out of his chair and try to throw himself under under to break is fall. He just finished telling you that he'd be headed. I know people and here, you're like I know to bump is, yeah, I know. That's, that's not me. Neither don't wish any any particular harm on Ali, but my instinct was not to, to break his fall. My concern was can I take the camera off the tripod and continue filming him or not? They assumed the interview was over. They weren't even sure they wanted to continue. But Ali said, no, I want to keep going. So the gave him some water and turned the camera back. And then he starts denying everything. So that started as. Well. Are we model will allow then he said, I didn't do it. You know why you making me say these things. And the guy in charge of the counterterrorism is telling me, this is all like an act. This is all Bs. That'd be the prison. Officials saying, don't believe that guy. He is an assassin now. Ali is saying, no, I was faking it the whole time, they made me say this at our, you know what? What who who who do you believe in a situation like that? The strangest thing is if you look at the video of this right before Ali passes out, frothing at the mouth, he turned to the camera. It's quick, but he gives this unmistakable look like the way a kid will, you know, stop crying halfway through make sure that the parents are watching cry, you got this right you recording. Okay off on the floor. No. But if he's putting on a performance who is the performance for what does it even mean? So you just kept going for with the interview, and then at the end, I said, what would your message be to families of the peshmerga killed? Leads to the moon. He tells them again. He didn't do it. Mobile. Starts to cry. Morning. Munaf midnight left the interview after barely spoke. Totally totally totally shot, and we went, and we change the brake pads on my car as I just high. We couldn't go home like we just needed to do something. Anything? Sebastian sent the footage of these interviews to channel four. They said, we can't run these. Sebastian had gotten what he wanted he got to sit in a room with ISIS fighters, and ask them all his questions. But no questions are answered. There is no satisfaction. There's no catharsis instead passion is surprised to find himself feeling sorry for the ISIS prisoners. Was there any part of you that felt like this was a betrayal to feel this way about people that were holding him? That is a question that sat with me for quite a while and. He thought about calmer on, and the work he done trying to see beyond the black and white way, that people portrayed Iraq and I know hundred percent that he would have felt and on the exact same thing after these interviews watched Sebastian change. It's like he had been carrying this sword and he could finally put it down. Those interviews of actually allowed me to. Just offer less. If I had not met them rage would have destroyed me. I think I would have been consumed by it. Sebastian started doing things that he couldn't let himself do before he found therapist. He asked his girlfriend to marry him. And he did one other thing when rough translation returns Sebastian sits down to talk with come runs. Brother, not jet. The one used a bike lock to keep them out of the search any learns very different reason. Things went so wrong. This message comes from NPR sponsor weeks dot com. Rough translation connects listeners to untold stories from around the world with wicks. Create your own professional website to connect your own stories. Choose a template you love and customize it with your own text images and videos with hundreds of intuitive design features. You can tell your story or someone else's exactly the way you want. Get started now by going to wicks dot com. That's W I X dot com slash translation to get ten percent off support. Also comes from smile direct club. How long does it take to get a lifetime of confidence? You can get a smile. You'll love in about six months with smile direct club smile direct clubs straighten your teeth with invisible liners sent directly to you go online and book a free three D scan at one of their smile shops, or order at home impression kid, Vail Email a preview of your new smile. Get one hundred dollars off at smile direct club dot. Com slash podcast. Offer code rough one hundred evangelical 's play an important role in today's politics. But how, and when did this religious group become so political this week on through line, the history of evangelical 's in America through line, from NPR, the podcast, where we go back in time to understand the present? We're back with rough translation of Gregory Warner, except for the first week or so of the search when the team of friends and family were still United come runs. Older brother Najah had been mostly impediment to the rescue. At least that's how Sebastian inaccurate Saad and nudge, it is not the one through down the stairs. But he did throw a bike lock on the gates of Cymru agency. So determined was he discharged out that side of commerce. Life of all the family, not always seem to Sebastian like the most cold and uncaring coming nagging knick win. I don't cry. So it doesn't mean I'm not affected by the situation, not yet, human owa, but. The kind of person that they cannot cry. We're not was a kid. Teachers would beat him harder because he wouldn't give them the satisfaction of public tears. These negative yo says even onions, don't make him cry camera. I g McGrath Cameron more than team about anything else. Not long ago, Sebastian and arc med went to speak with not this. I'm I can't tell you how happy I am that after five years we have the opportunity to sit down and talk about this. They wanted to ask him about that split in the team. How did things get so bad that the family was hiding Intel and making the search harder to new describe from your perspective from your side, why that happened? Why we ended up dividing into two groups. Any Emma Hongqiao behind gunman ah hung as method montecito. We took so many risky stacks to talking to so many dangerous people talking to people from inside. If ISIS organize Asian could another problem not jet says with comrades friends, not just that they were eating all of his mom, stolman, drinking, whiskey and turning calmer on into a heathen doing something worse. They were making public what needed to be kept. Secret hundred commandment of family would collect sensitive Intel and the friends would post it on Facebook. So we were frayed of Cameron's friends putting us in danger because of the information they put out there, but Bush, Zuhdi conman, I wanted to hear knee will. So whatever we did, it was so confidential because ISIS was punishing people cross them and the Kurdish forces were jailing people with ISIS. Contacts. He gives. And we good. Yes, who will he says, after my friend and his wife helped us out? They got put in jail. And when we went back to them, they said, we're not going to risk talking to you again. Would you some woman she went to do Sebastian had always told himself he would continue the search even if people got hurt com, Ron beam loosed still might only priority? But the people at risk were not jots. Neighbors his friends. His family in a country, not jets still had to live in I can understand because lives were at risk. Those guys were like you know what? Let's not tell. Those other guys about what we're doing because this could get us thrown in jail to get our friends, thrown in jail. What that is. But you so we had many news many abyss of information about him, but we never shared it with anyone not with the hammer nor with you guys, not with anyone else. Calmer on has not been heard from since June of two thousand fourteen exactly five years ago. The last really promisingly. They had the name of comrades captor went nowhere. They tracked him down. But he was already dead calmer on is one of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who've gone missing the result of civil wars. Foreign invasions a brutal dictator a war with ISIS. Hundreds of thousands of comrades pass Monica. Now, giant is the only one on the search team who believes that calmer on is still alive. There is no way comment on is ton Beatty. Kamal not count on the mo- arc mended and Sebastian have started searching for comer, on's body. Ach made has these photographs on his computer how shirt looks or how bones look, after they've been decomposing for two years, four years, five years. So if he gets the call, and needs to identify comrades runs body. I'm ready for it has thrown himself into building up. Calmer on's photo agency. He's taken it from the single barebones office calmer on started in two four offices across Iraq. He recruited seventy four new photographers. A really important on and this year. They brought the world press photo exhibition to Iraq for the first time ever, this is basically the Oscars photography, and it was something that calmer on had always dreamed Rockies because after four years. Recently, he was running a conference on copyright law, and he saw a familiar figure in the fourth row. I so someone that looked like my father. I said, no, this is not him. And when I finished my speech he was the only one that he was standing. And he was clapping. I wanted to talk with him, but he left and after that he told my mother that he's proud that I can carry on on cameras dream. Made still keeps in his wallet. The birthday note that comrades sent him all those years ago when he was a young, Sal fee, Muslim in driving school that invitation to undo life buffoon above mature RAFI. It's really really really killing me. Sometimes I hate this, because this is not real me too. You wish you could leave. Sorry. Do you wish you could stop running the agency? I was thinking about it. I was talking about this, this subject with service. John, it's really really painful more than. Says for Cameron and tell you why when there's any paternity. About photograph, I have to go and get it. He has committed himself to a passion project that is not his passion. Our don't I don't think that I will leave metro Gaffey before finding out about coming Sebastian also feels stuck, and this is going to sound funny, but one day he was trying to make sense of it. So he started just typing. Everyone of his conflicting, emotions into Google says he can't remember the exact list and it gave him a phrase ambiguous loss forever in between forever. Not knowing whether to grieve, or to hold out hope, which means that Sebastian and Akkhmed, even though they have told themselves, we are certain comer on is dead. They can still get a phone call message call. They got just a few months ago. They're right back in the search. They have some prisoners with them include the subject analysis. Oh, god. I haven't felt this like felt this way like three years. Like everything coming back. You'll find photographs of calm run and buy com. Run on our Twitter feed. Follow us at roughly today's show was produced in edited by our rough translation team that is me. Just Jiang and Marian mccune. We've Karen Duffin also, thanks to Sebastian Mayer for his reporting, editing. Karen deafen is host to one of my favorite podcasts planet money. Big thanks to Alex Gough, Mark and the entire planet money team for lending to us for all this time. It's been great working with her additional thanks to just Banco Saana Krassikov Jason Bosso bureau, while he Johnnie down Assad. Peugeot, Muhammad, and our interpreter Hussain Ebrahim, the Rory peck. Trust supports freelance journalists cross the globe in it's been a resource to comer in search team over the years young Tina on headline income runs fan say works for another organization that protects journalists in trouble free press, unlimited links to both on our site, NPR dot org slash rough translation, the rough translation. Executive team is Neil perusal Dopson ninety grandma and music. Composed by John Ellis. Eric do remixed, our theme. Mike Cruz scored the episode Nasseri Isaac retrea guys. Erin registers are project manager. Our intern is autumn bonds. I'm Gregory Warner. We are off until after the July fourth holiday, so back in three weeks with more rough translation. Us. One two, three almost. West virginia. Blue teens. Is old older than the tree.

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Side Stories: Cannibal Corpse Rapture

Last Podcast on the Left

49:17 min | 2 years ago

Side Stories: Cannibal Corpse Rapture

"Hey, what's up everyone? The boys from last podcast on the left here telling you about our new special, we filled in Chicago. And it was absolutely a wonderful experience, and you can buy it now for six dollars and sixty six cents. If you just go to last podcast live dot com. That's it. But he helped hail him in the year of twenty nineteen watch. I watch our bodies jiggle upon the stage, hopefully laugh with delight. Yeah. This is a recording of one of our live performances. So if you've never seen this live you've always wanted to this is your opportunity everybody can see live now. And next year. We will have a whole new show. So you will not be seeing what you see on this live show again. That's it. You're watching something that will never happen again. Yeah. Thank you all so much for your support this past year, two thousand eighteen was absolutely incredible. And we are excited to bring you a new show in two thousand nineteen again last podcast live dot com. That's last podcast live dot com. Go out there by for six dollars and sixty six cents and don't forget hail yourselves hail Satan. Bagging. Into escape to the loss. Todd casts on the left side stories. That's one of the cannibalism started. Yes. On us. You know what? I mean. We may be prerecording this maybe. And so we might be I don't know. Well, it's always I mean to be fair. It's a podcast. It's always prerecorded. You know? Yes, it's not we're not in your living room your car near closet. We're not stalking you in any way. No. I don't know what your underwear smells like oh. I don't know what I will say I am thankful that the skies opened up in our Lord returned last night. Oh, what the thing? No full side. And now I get to wash Jesus fucking dirty s fee. Oh, yeah. Day not jerk off with one. An and I'm cleaning them suds Zied magic to-. Oh, Jesus needs to be a Jackie letting while you wash his feet. I don't think that's part of the deal. But you know, what I think will be happy with a good scrub regardless this fucking egotistical pieces shit wants me to wash his feet. I'm gonna come all doing it. That's how he fucking gets it. Okay. This aside store is everyone. I am. Ben Kissel, Henry browse ski Travis morning star. We'll also be speaking somewhere around. He's around guy you what man twenty nineteenth going to be completely different. Sure. Yeah. Absolutely. Completely different. You know, I think it's going to be way different than any year. That's ever come before. Definitely different than the last two. I don't think we're going to lose any celebrities this year. I don't think any natural disasters are going to happen. We're going to have an easy calm. Yeah. Year. Well, I think you're being sarcastic. And that is just fine. I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve. I hope y'all had a great holiday season. And we are excited to be back with you in two thousand and nineteen and we're going to have a great year together. No matter what happens will. Well, enjoy the ride together. My question is do you are you now still like I'm in the mentality? Unfortunately, I'm in the grandfather mentality that every once in a while like it'll pop into my head being like that's going to be twenty twenty who always happy when I was a boy that was future. But now, it's no, no, I totally agree. I feel as if I'm a grandfather technologies advanced so fast in such a short period of time. I think all of us have sort of aged in a rapid rate. I mean, if you grew up in like eighteen thirty to eighteen sixty nothing really changed. Nothing really changed. And now we have to deal with these iphones with Dr driving themselves. I mean, also your job before was you didn't just like rent an apartment in eighteen thirty to eighteen sixty you had to go find land and Bill so things were more difficult obviously in a hole, and I really feel like I know that you are very weary of some of the oncoming t. Ecological editing here. Oh, I know. I know that you're worried about them. But I feel like once they start sucking your day. You're gonna start changing your mind. I think you're going to turn that frown upside down wait till you get that first perfect AI blow job when you sit in settings to the machine of what you need. How you needed to be licked? How you be for the ferocity that noises? It must make you're going to be like, okay. It cannot be perfect sexual experience because I like human beads, you know, social media league going down ninety percentage points, you'll have to silicone bags on a what I imagine. It's sort of like a microphone stand hanging above it. You can grip onto them while it suck you, okay? Yeah. But I would recommend by think especially with the first gen is blindfolds or some kind of like night mask. So you're not seeing. Sure. Sure. Well, it sounds like a bad. It sounds a sort of a sexist polka song. Wait till Boston dynamics gets their hands on some some sex doll. I never gonna have sex with any man, Boston dynamics makes. All right. Well, I'm also the mind too. I really I've never used a flashlight really the will. We know that have used a flush out is Mark the I believe it's still on active duty. I don't know retire tires service yet is it you retired it. Okay. Yes. It did not make it to the pension years. Because if you miss one cleaning of it. Oh that things done. Yeah. Of course, it is. But that's what's fun about a robot. Is it if you build enough flake actually correctly, meet parts of which I'm certain we'll get to the oval to spin those DNA that kind of meets up do can come into like a meat like sack just it? You have not paid attention to any of my news stories about robots days are not there. You're gonna put your private parts. Someone your most sensitive bits into the control of an AI machine. They are going to thought the movie teeth was bad where the woman had teeth in her vagina shanked off a couple of fingers and a few cow when you're Najat. This was literally magic this is going to war. Times worse than that Kissel. What it's not just a vacuum. Right. You're not sickening. You dig into anything that's gonna suck. And this is true. You're going to stick anything that it's going to move instead around it, right? Like, we only Al we it's going to be willing to those horrible back massagers that only cause more pain you can. But also, I don't even trust you don't trust your hands. I barely trust my own. I have very soft hands. It's almost like I've never day in my life. Okay. Here we go. Let's do a story. This story is near and dear to my heart. I do have a connection with the sasquatch with the big foot. I feel I'm. Going to say don't give into these people. Everybody wants to say that you are sasquatch are big your big lumbering fucking eight beasts, but you're not you're a man kiss. No. I know as a matter of fact, we had the woman who interviewed us in Chicago. She just message me regarding my beard on Instagram saying, how does it grow so fast? I'm gonna say sasquatch blood. I got a fast growing beard. I'm not as Harry as you are Henry. But when it comes to facial hair, I can really get that shooting up pretty quick. So this happened in Montana shots fired at a Montana man mistaken for Bigfoot, this isn't possibly how I'm going to die. So. A Montana man had a bizarre brush with death over the weekend when he caught the attention of a trigger. Happy hunter I'm going to say killer, a trigger happy at murder on a big foot the unnamed Halina resident or Khaleda resident reportedly phoned please yesterday to alert them to the strange incident which happened while he was getting ready to do some target shooting on this about two Sundays ago. Much to his surprise. The man said his afternoon fun took a frightening turn when he suddenly realized that he was being shot at and quickly ducked for cover. Now this guy. I'm just going to say he is not following hunter's safety. Not following hunter safety need to wear an orange sash yet her of course, sash it's really good to wear like a sparkly dress. When you're out there because the sequence will pick up all the light. You know what I mean? Because then you look like a genie out in the forest, but I'd like about this guy is that he didn't even bother due to. Report the shooting that day he waited till the next day because he said he was a big enough deal. Well. Because he basically said he don't want to press charges as well. He just wanted maybe cops to go out and find hunters and give them a, sir. A stern lecture about. I love Montana. So this dude. So the bullets were flying all around him. He emerged from his hiding place and managed to speak to the dude who was shooting at him. It was not Dick Cheney. Oh, my God vice making a funny movie, but the Cheney so he's talked to the dude who shot at him. And according to the shooter he opened fire because quote, he thought he wasn't Bigfoot and sasquatch slayer said he came to this conclusion in large part due to the fact that the man was not wearing any orange as Henry do apparently the lack of protective gear and the man's bipedal nature, which is very bizarre. I guess he was walking onto feet. Yes. Yes, exactly that was enough because the guy wasn't wearing orange and he walked onto feet that was enough to convince the hunter that he was going to have a once in a lifetime opportunity to shoot a big foot. But I'm gonna say this, and I want your thoughts on him. What does that say about human nature? Let's say it's a big foot and now immediately this dudes like bidder kill it. Why you gotta shoot at throw off some steaks. Get him some old trapper jerky tried to entice the big foot. Maybe he likes corona I side with you. And it's mostly because there is a there is a massive debate within the big foot community because they this is this is a hot topic. And a people believe there are camps that believe that you kill the Bigfoot in order to study it for science, and there are camps that believe the whole point is to observe the big foot. So we can learn about it. And then we step away from it. And it's in the F two fronts of it. Right. You have one on one side. The hunter the pro-hunting side says this is a possible. Dangerous animal. We also we need to figure it out. How was it? David. Is there one report of a big foot killing there's been a lot of reports of Bigfoot? I'm going to say forced sex. Mostly written down. Yes, they yes, there's a great at their besieged anymore like fantasy. So there's that part of it. And I mostly just think it's men kind of exerting a sort of pre cook rage about the big foot during me insure almost being like they want to kill the big foot. Just because they know just how thick the big Foot's. Cock is and how much more it could better pleasure their own wide. Well, we don't think about it. I think about I think this is also it's a display of the sad state of cryptic knowledge. Actually in Portland. Maine the museum of crypto zoology is going under currently because they're experiencing the lowest admission they've ever had in their history. It's very sad. Because I thought thing crypto underway up. But no problems that interest in cryptic are on the way up, but the paying for content on crypt IDs it's on its way down the crypto zoology museum. If there's more interest in in Bigfoot, or in general, you think they would be a side effect that they would see an increase in business in an increase in rep here currently seeking help to fund the museum. Honestly, I think we should reach out. We should help them. I would love to. I mean, I think that those museums. You get just the right amount of you got your little vape way. If you go into museum like that. We actually had a fun time. I believe it was in Portland, Portland, one of those oddity museums. It was just in the back of a store it's super stupid, but it is so much fun. Yeah. Reminds me expand your mind. It's fun to see the examples of cryptic. But I actually wonder I feel like people might protest if too much about how much they love crypt IDs if they don't want to go out, and they don't want to support them. I found you know, like, it's sometimes the krypton episodes are not as popular no way. But there's the pro side of not hunting the big. We'll know this is the side that I'm on. Because if you have if you have a big foot, if you can get a big foot now, how do you know, the issue here is I suppose, how do you get it? Alive. How do you capture Bigfoot of life? This is a part of the are. We have to be correctable. What is the essential nature of the Bigfoot? Is it in fact, a primate, right? We don't know is it a primate is an actual physical creature, or as many people do believe is it some form of ascended some form of a highly elevated special creature. It's some kind of it's been anointed. Yes, it is special, and it may actually be some kind of either oars at a time traveller in the some kind of injured dimensional being that we don't know. I've also learned from it if we could figure out how to bridge the communication gap. I've also heard some theories it's like a missing link type character that would explain evolution further. All I know is so maybe a dark gun. Maybe you got your gun maybe dark gun. I'm not sure if we have cartoon bear rules. I don't know if it like sandwiches or a series of other. Yogi the bear type treats. But maybe go with that. Again, only know is is that if you're going to start feeding it expected to keep showing up. Absolutely, I think you have to be afraid of again because if your wife's out there hanging out, the laundry. Well, I just so happens to see the expansive gate of the Bigfoot now big as hands are according to his feet, and I'm certain how massive is dog is going to be hanging out weird. It's going to be like a bears, you know, dangling. And no woman wants I mean, not every woman Arizona lid, there's a lid for every pot yet. I'm sure there are some women. As Henry has read the erotica written by women that have thought about this. For every soup. Well, it's extremely true. Sometimes you really just got to get a big old spoon to scrape at the bottom of that soup. Absolutely about how much how much pro big or like, gentle Bigfoot imagery is out there versus anti-big foot, which all Perot Bigfoot. It's always I mean, the last one I saw was Harry and the hendersons, but you know, like, I I grew up in the Pacific northwest and a lot of the museums in little shops and stuff that had big stuff. There always be like an overturned car or a smashed dumpster to sort of say like big foot was here and not fun. It's fun to see that is because the overturned car. Was it belonged to a well known pedophile in town. Interesting Justice as law enforcement finally caught up to him. And realized he indeed was committing all of these horrible crimes. He just he beat law enforcement because he had a really cool transam. And then big foot said, no, sir. You're going to stop terrorizing the children of this town. I'm gonna sasquatch all over. Your s can you imagine? How fun show would be called Bigfoot. Pedophile hunter. And you do the same thing where you do to catch your predator. And you took a whole thing where you have the bait girl. Call the guy and he shows up to have sex with the child at all. It's just about good big comes out rips his arms. We just I wanna see that show. We just have to teach Bigfoot to say the sentence. Do you want any cookies? As well. Wait a second. You you sound pretty gruff for a twelve year old boy. All right. Well, speaking of twelve year old boys, perhaps you love this bad. When you were twelve years old, as of course, I did this next story is all about or it's about a member of the band cannibal corpse. Honestly, how procreate is this story? I love this story. I feel like an all of our lives. It's important to shoot for an arc. Absolutely. You know what I mean? Like where where do you see do you see yourself like maybe out in the hills of Wyoming or the Carolinas? Enjoining joying yourself. I could on brandy. I think I'm going to do something. Like, okay, now, let's take politics out of this. I want a mix of hunter S Thompson. And Ted Nugent. I think I want to start. I don't trust myself yet with extreme firearms. But I think once I sober up. And I'm fifty and I just need to do something to feel any kind of rush because I'm Randy rush any rush because I'm constantly going to say I remember when I could drink in the times Henry head to drive me through. The snow in Philadelphia. I was. You. Up to do. I'm going for solid mix of Jeff Goldblum Alan Moore who and unfortunately after my years protesting it's starting to turn into I'm certain become a pro guy Fieri. Yes. Understanding let's say the name, right? The guy Fieri it. I will not okay. I will not give him the Italian lilt. But I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he has not touched anyone against their consent. Not he is amazing. And you can't sneak up on him because he's got his sunglasses on the back of his head. He's he's definitely saved from Tigers sa- backyard. Cannibal corpse guitarist had fifty shotguns. Ten semiautomatic rifles at a twenty handguns at his rental home before his arrest. Newly released court documents show that cannibal corpse guitarist. Patrick Pat short for Patrick O'Brien. He made strange phone calls to his parents day of his arrest warning about the quote, unquote, rapture and telling them, quote, unquote, aliens have landed O'Brien has was arrested on December tenth and charges of aggravated assault or law enforcement officer and burglary of an occupied dwelling with the salt deputy say he burglarized a house and charged at a deputy with a night. Right. So Brian, yes. But will O'Brien allegedly broke into a north south Florida home in December tenth and shouted at the rapturous coming before pushing a woman to the ground. He ran towards a responding to deputy with a knife. And according to the Tampa Bay times fire marshal's fund, a large cachet of weapons at his home. Now, the interesting. Thing is he has so many guns those are expensive. I'm. I'm just going to say maybe by the house first. And then you can start hoarding all the guns. Joe horn in the rental. That's all I'm saying, I think so. You should own some land before you have over to God's. Absolutely. So this dude O'Brien Pat O'Brien he said fired his own house afterwards. He said explosives to his house, well as very deeply involved seems to be the prepar community. Yes, he seems to be one of the worst prep of all time because he burnt down his own home, which I don't think is in their rule book, evidently straight on of Ilan Musk's holiday guide. He had a flame thrower in his house, a military style flame thrower in his home. So which is by the way, just one of those fascinating things in this country. Part of me loves, of course, a part of me hates when it comes to mass tragedies, and we're going to get to nNcholas crews that horrendous story a little bit later on in the episode, of course, the parkland shooter, but if you can just go into a store and be like, I am the Qatar for cannibal corpse, and I would like to purchase five greatest AR fifteen and a flame thrower, you think that that would be like what was that band again? Not do I feel like if I was the owner of a gun shop who could also sell a flame thrower. I would probably already know cannibal corpse, and I would be like. Unlike would be that's the problem is that it's to metal to not be excited. That's very true. So I will say the new because a real of you seen the LAN mosque fire. The flame thrower. I saw pussy pussy. Well, it's not good. There's it can definitely as we saw on a video that I played on last dream on the left. It's very easy for Christmas. Trees, I know those are not out those are now out of your homes, but it can definitely light up some shrubbery. That's for Shiming. Honestly, you can use it to flaw Mbeya brew lay. If you want some that, you can Carmeli some sugar with it. But a real fucking military grade flame floor. That's how you cause some fucking KFI. That's bear. I'm into this all that part of it. So as Henry said this, dude, Pat O'Brien, he had a knife. He's like the end is near everybody. And they're like, yeah. For you. And he got I'm going to say extremely lucky and this is like people might want to say oh this is about race. I think this is about rockstar privilege now, I don't know if the officers knew that he was in cannibal corpse. But I think they looked at them and they looked at his fingers, and they're like that dude can probably shred. We've better take it easy on them. Because when you're running at a deputy with a knife in your right hand, which is I believe he is right handed. The fact that they didn't shoot him in the head is incredible. The fact they just taste him is a testament to then being a little bit more laid back than they all try. I think they're trying and him screaming like folk gird all these guys understanding that that is Pat O'Brien from cannibal corpse that seems to be he was known in the area. I think these deputies knew who he was okay. He seems to have been pretty heavily advertised as a man that was waiting for the end times. Well, I will say this of number one. First of all, the rapture isn't real is never actually described in the bible. That's one thing. I've been learning recently watching documentaries about the rapture. It was created by modern day, inva-, coal, right, political purposes. But you don't need to warn people that the rapture is coming because if it was real it would just happen. It would just people would just disappear. But I understand that. The first rapture is supposed to be that sign. That's the first sign of the kickoff to the the times of tribulation, which just learn sure episode for the book revelation. So we know that he is kind of prepping himself for the end times. He's got to fight it out his way, I seven years tribulation. But I feel like he doesn't understand that he really could have flipped this into some sort of cult situation for himself. He really could have positioned himself in a way where this could have been very advantageous to 'em an to do their new leg because they're joining slayer on the North American leg of their farewell tour. That's right cannibal, and he'll be able to watch them live. They will be on stage. And of course, slayer we'll be headlining this event. I would love to go to this, by the way. It's so sassy of a slayer farewell tour, everyone that we knew as children are now elderly men, and they are saying goodbye, which is sad. But no maiden. I have a question, dude. I remain feral toward this year too. Oh, my they're also going Lord. I have a question though. Now, he had what did we say about twenty guns in this house? I would assume all see v. No he had way more than that. He had fifty shotguns Chen semi automatic rifles and twenty hand the rapture baby. That is the ramp AB many ways. Good Lord, what a fun basement to be Wellstone. Rapture maybe happened because he was like the UPS guy was coming to drop off a package e went to the bathroom, and he came out in the package was just there without him signing for it. And he's like. Because new. Bureau. UPS driver would baby delivered him another gun. But I got a question. So obviously, he's got a lot of ammunition in the house without a doubt. This dude isn't just having guns for props. This seems like a serious guy you like the house ablaze. Now does this just go up like a microwave popcorn bag just do bullets start flying everywhere in the heat? It seems like the most dangerous house. I have ever heard catch on fire because that would just start going wouldn't wouldn't they basically explode all of the bullets. I am not an I'm going to say this explicitly. I am not a forensics. Okay. But I think the fire would not be able to get hot enough. I think. Because I know for a fact I think well d- at bed kisla one can fire take bullets or Ken fire make bullets go off. I've seen cartoons where it happens, and certainly it's been happening or it has happened in films. If you had a Christmas tree, maybe maybe maybe, but I will say always in stories, and ideas and comments decide stories L P O T L G melt calm because I love the influx of emails. We got about other people with shit incidents since your story about a smooth move t. Bill, Greg because I wasn't alone. I felt like it was the Libyan. I was living the song. You are not alone by Michael Jackson validated. I'm like, not everyone. I'm not the only. Moron smooth move. Sounds good. Okay. And you know, a little bit deeper to the story. So they thought that he was hallucinating because when the cops had him chained up they said somebody was after he kept saying that someone's earth drew me with smoking after me, dude. And it turned out his first appearance. They put him in a suicide an anti suicide vests, which is if thing were the chains, your your hands up to your chest and down your feats who wouldn't do anything, and it apparently he was not on drugs because they said that he'd have to pass a drug test before he was allowed to post bay. Okay. And it turns out he was clean, and he got him out man that is so this Soper it's scarier than when it scarier that. He's sober than if he was on drugs. It reminds me of the Miami zombie case where that dude get went and ate the homeless man space. Everyone said he had to be on crocodile or some different hallucinogen. It turns out the toxicology report came back. He was also sober. So it's it's strange when the brain. Just brakes, and you go crazy legitimately. I'm not trying to malign you Travis. But the sober community is very frightening. You know, because they're always on the edge rose on the ad about popping off. Why went skydiving? It's why I watched the sopranos over and over again. Like, my brain house trying. The wife of cannibal corpse drummer Palmas urkel. It started a crowd funding campaign. She wrote pets standup guy true to his friends family and band and also pet doesn't have insurance any lost everything that he owns. The fire. We started. I love and the fan reaction in the comments to this articles pretty pretty great and one is one of my favorite won't be like on people. We for corpse to make an official statement on this put a bet they won't a take into higher road. Here decide the pelvic Choson often indirectly Davis should supportive for him via the crowd funding campaign, which started about Germans wife. But that's it looked a it's all day. Okay. I love it though. That's great. Give him a little bit of money. He doesn't have insurance. And when you burn your own when you burn your own house down with a military style flame thrower. You should get a break. You should get a little bit of a break. Also this comment. Fuck. Yeah. Paddock C H E film making speakers bleed. See here's the problem of merica effort was attacked men like this and the ones who will be begging for protection. Don't judge Admiral and based on beam pain on hell, Lou quit his country's headed. Hell. I'm paranoid. My damn self. Kick your ass taking no shit, but he broke into somebody's house down his own. It does. Be on the front line of the war gets today. Thawra -tarian regime, but Huda, honestly, I will say I would much rather have him on my side and not on my side. And I in that way, I support him absolutely selfishness. All right. Well, this story is a well a little bit more lighthearted. Although I guess in the last story. No one got hurt. A man is accused this is in Virginia in northern Virginia. A man is accused of rubbing produce on his but at a northern Virginia grocery store a man was arrested at a northern Virginia grocery store after allegedly dropping his pants and rubbing produce on his ass. Nice way you way. Good one, Mike. Sure, your fruits ripe as if you make it smell, right? And straight out of some like, I don't even know the name of this grocery store to be is just comical he was rubbing his bought on produce at giant food grocery. Bigger. I never heard of food grocery in my life. But he was arrested after a witness reported seeing a man picking fruit off of the shelf. I would assume large for rubbing it on his butt. And then put in the fruit back shell. Guy at the name of the dude is Michael Dwayne Johnson. Not to be confused with the rock the rock had not to be confused with twenty seven and you look at a picture over. He looked relatively put together. Guys, a handsome, dude. No. It's just a picture is it's not a picture of his accounting license. Yes, now, I gotta ask the question though. Because of what he's charged with how bad or rough is his, but because he was charged with quote destruction of property and exposure, I don't know if rubbing your butt on fruit is necessarily destruction of property that seems a little bit cannibal corpse, burn your own home down. That's a little destruction of property. This is just rubbing your button, a mango it didn't destroy the damn thing wash it often resell it, I don't know because they said they had to get they had to destroy two pallets of fruit. Yes. The gym because they're afraid of contamination which is insane. The jars of all the giants Stewart heads destroy separate pallets in fear of contamination. But you know, man, this is the thing. But I gotta say this about fruit at the grocery store, if you think this guy rub, and is body is the worst thing ever. I have seen people sneeze. I have seen kids lick and grow. Nope. I've seen the most disgusting things happened in the produce section. You gotta wash your vegetables. You gotta watch your fruit. That's all I'm gonna say wash it up wash. I don't hear fruit to begin with. I have seen people Paul as a matter of fact, my girlfriend breasts do it. She was hilarious when she we were at whole foods. She grabs a loaf of bread. And maybe she's gonna kill me for telling the story. She grabs a loaf of bread slams it into her face in does to smell it. And then puts it down. But she's like that's normal. And I saw another person immediately doing the same thing ever stiff it on the Bradstock. It's gusting. I not ramped. You can't smell it. All right. But again, remember washer fruit. We just always be. Honestly, you should always be watching your hands to wash your hands. You'll see people at these grocery stores. They don't let dogs in they should because they're cleaner than the folks that walk through those dang aisles. Well, said it, but I have seen grab at this stuff. And they look like they look like the the hands of the toll bandits from home alone of the wet bandits discussed. You know, what it is to sick? I was running the story when I was on the subway and I saw man with pink eye. And then grab a hold of the subway poll that always haunts me own you, just just take care. They'll be like we're not in a garden of Eden folk to fucking Burster bubble. We're not here in the lease Ian fields came. This is a key foods in the middle of New York City or Los Angeles is not going to be clean. I still vomited in my mouth when I think about grabbing the subway pole, which I did do that had a lot of saliva and a full Louis on it. I want to move out of New York City every time that happens. It really takes off ten years of me living in this city. You know, what also makes me very upset. Just with the news reporter here, and they will never asked the question because no one ever liquid goes. We're never on the scene for these things. Did he just rub the fruit on his? But technically if it's just on your butt cheek. That's not that it is bad. It's bad. Yeah. But it's not that bad. It's not it's just as bad as your hands picking up. Honestly. So fully covered in shade. Yes. I said, I don't think did. He rub it on his asshole. Well, how would you even get let's say you're grabbing an orange? How would you even be able to because you have to one hand is obviously holding the orange the second one would have to peel open the and then you would have to ill. I don't drink as gets bigger your fucking flax. You really have to pull back like a cabinet door to get in their head resute. Don't have a but your butthole is on the chair right now that is not normal. But you could still no Jit in air to get up closer Bill. It's not like a six inch deep process Fellay. You're open it up a seal. Maybe it was a strawberry. You could do that. But if a bigger case load alignment. You're on your ass over over nonetheless. The man has been charged again, indecent exposure destruction of property. He's probably going to do more jail time than the guitarist for cannibal corpse. But Dobos people also move most fruit guts peels. Yes. We'll honestly this kind of changes the story a little bit just to kind of put a little button on this Johnson. Again. That's the man who rubbed the fruit on his. But was with another person at the grocery store who was not charged. So I think we have a situation where as guys will do sometimes trying to get a laugh from a friend. He went there. Maybe maybe it was a little bit of a dare or you know, when you do a middle of a thing where you you're kind of in the middle of a fight with your significant other. And it kind of goes too far redoing stuff being like, oh, you think I don't like fucking lives. But you'll because this show the it's obviously a fight about something else. Now, you're in the middle of a ranting bite where your pants are down here. Rooting fucking do. Are masculine point. That makes no sense. Yes. Yes. All of a sudden, it just like, you know, screen shot. Like, you may be wondering how did I get myself? This. Your. Sounds like a great deleted scene from veggietales. Oh, well, let's move on to your now. This next story this one honestly, I think that I can speak for both of us kind of. Well, I don't know. It pisses me off this. This story pisses me off. I would say it deeply saddens me about the state of humankind. Yes. So this one we'll we'll discuss this crazed girls. I think the girls they're actually sort of maligning teenage girls, which of course are participated in this. But if you read a lot of different stories about the story, we're about to talk about middle aged men are also sending letters to the parkland school shooter this monster. This creep, nNcholas crews. He's been getting a ask load of fan mail. And this is just one of those stories that it fascinates me that this man is a celebrity in the minds of thousands of young people. And of course, some middle aged men. I will. So conversely blame Facebook because this came out of. A fan page Facebook not saying that it's the, you know, the people have to be there to make things so obviously the people's fault. But just like the fact that like see that Facebook set of subconsciously encourages this kind of behavior because it's these these do believe that they are a subgroup or they are a fan group. These there's a part of the all inclusiveness of anybody's allowed to like anything that kind of spills into a psychotic point where they almost believe like there's the one statement of one girl being like, I reserve the right to love you nNcholas for they act as if it's an expression of their first amendment right in many ways, it is and many ways. Yes, you, of course, you could send these things. But also, there's no seems to be kind of a check onto what exactly it is stress. I have a question. Now, what do you do because I know Mark is used to have pictures of Ted Bundy in a binder when he was growing up a little at the same thing. Yeah. You know? True crime phenomenon is one thing. But I got a question when you walk into your teenage daughters room now when I was growing up they had backstreet boys and in sync, and maybe ninety eight degrees, which is a really nice temperature. As a matter of fact, they are all forty five years old forty five I'm thirty seven. So that makes about you know, reasonable sets. But when you walk into your teenage daughters room, and it's nothing, but pictures of parkland shooter nNcholas cruise down this next day. But does not matter. I'm just going to say though, he's not even close to handsome. He's not even hands. He's hideously unattractive. What do you do when your daughter is in love with a mass shooter? How do you zander's day dad damn boarding school? Packer into a van you send her upstate Milly. You'll come back when you're normal. No, I probably at this point. We just we will have asked for it because of the nature of our careers between fascinated by true crime and mailing love letters to to a serial murderer will simply guess this face of a post this the tenor of this. Hey, everyone, I want you all to know that nNcholas knows about us. And he had the biggest smile on his and he was told that we all support him. He's not receiving mail yet. But it's all being kept safe ready for when he's allowed to read it all t's, okay, Keith the letters coming because he can't wait to finally get them. Oh, again, this man murdered seventeen kids, please. This is absolutely crazy. And I'm I forgot of course, Ted Bundy was one of the first serial killers to really get a lot of female attention specifically because he was one of the more handsome serial killers. Because otherwise, they all just kind of. Look like slobs from the goonies, they were called Bundy files, and they began in a bags and bags of mail to Ted Bundy, of course, serial rapist murderer one of the worst human beings on the face of the planet to ever exist. And now nNcholas cruise, I guess he's getting the Bundy file treatment. Oh, you know, what it is? I mean, people are always going to be in love with bad boys in a way, you can put this kind of a party idiot. But this is different. This is very different. But it's I understand many ways I understand that. Because people have been in love with these kinds of figures for really long time. It goes back to even the old west like kind of the the people talking about the old gun fighters. And all that kind of they're always been these kind of enclaves of this. Right. So it's just very we're just in a world where we can see all of it. Now that is very personal. It's weird how it's flipped to the public exploration of it. I can almost understand you being a little strange in wanting to reach out to somebody else that you think is very strange and. Could quote unquote, understand you. But so you send a private letter to this person. And then you get a response. So that's where the bunny files kind of make sense. And the people were the person is no longer reachable make sense. But now something like this where you go you're publicly group together and praise this person. Right. So it is a very sore sense of community. I guess it's community if you watch his videos the videos he put up before he shot up the school. Obviously totally horrific. He is such a jackass. He's horrible. He sounds like such a little bitch. He's like I'm going be. I'm going to shoot up to score. I'm going to be famous, and it's like, I don't get the sexual attraction. One woman rope or one girl she's eighteen years old discipline? This is what she wrote. She says I'm eighteen years old. I'm a senior in high school when I saw your picture on the television something attracted me to you. The letter was mailed from Texas and tucked inside an envelope. Covered with a hand-drawn hearts and happy faces. The letter says your eyes are beautiful and the freckles on your face make you so handsome. She goes described herself as white with big Brown eyes. She says, quote, I'm really skinny and have thirty four C sized breasts. She a letter with three preschool rated jokes about gummy bears and peanut butter. This woman might need to be, you know, in in in special classes, not that. There's anything wrong with that. But it is not like these people are one hundred percent all and then there's another card. It was a card with a picture of a monkey hanging from a tree. And it just says simply hang in there. Hey, that's nice. We it's weird. Right. Because there's a part of this other letter here that says something along the lines of I know that maybe you need something to talk. Like, hey, Nick, this is not hate mail, nor is it a fan letter. I can only imagine what went through your mind that day. But I'm guessing you've had time to rethink your actions. I hope so you eft up big time. And I bet you know. I just wanted to know that there's at least one person out here who does it want to kill you. You're in a tough spot, Nick. And then it's something I know because I've been there myself killed some people do the no angels thought about it. Oh on about it, you know. So if you need someone something I get mailed to you ask if you need to talk. I'll listen will they are paid his commissary, which is of course, all of the food that you can get all the bonus food it's expensive. They are in prison. They Jack up the price a little bit. So they're paying for his food. They're really taking care of this guy. A lot of the pictures include shots of cleavage. Another picture was of skimpy bec- of a gallon of skimpy bikini eating a popsicle and a tight shot of her backside as she bent over another girl sent photos with Hello, kitty, Snapchat filters. I just I, you know, it's Wayne this is one of those this is one of those. That's I'm gonna call it a head scratcher. I it's a head scratcher scratch isn't this adoration of someone like nNcholas cruise? It's just like a rejection of the status quo. It's like you were doing the interview with Dr Laycock raising a kid in like in under satanism, they become Christian. Sometimes like, yes, see the big the big boogeyman of our modern age is the school shooter. And is is the psychopathic pops off, and I think in the eighties. Maybe it was more of a Bundy like these the serial killer thing, so I think this is an icon of just rejection of the status quo yet of his age had a lot to do with Stephen paddock. Of course, the Las Vegas shooter. Had he lived. I don't think he would have gotten too much fan mail. But but that's the truth. Right. That's a part of it is that because he is a relatively young, man. Look sort of like if you look at pictures of Justin Bieber right now, he looks like a fuck and gutter rat, that's the look that's the look that they want. They like they like that kind of scrubby people like that. Because that's bad. Boy, he's from the other side of the tracks, your I mean, so people are into it. There's a they. So it's it's interesting where they think they are rejecting quote, unquote, normal society. But actually, they're fitting right in right in right into the there that that fifteen percent of humankind has to exist because it always has run. So they are a day. Just kind of keep them mean. Unicycle going a bad. Boy, James Dean, he was a bay. He little fast, and maybe a little bit of alcohol in his system. Well, drive a little fest shore, okay, shooting seventeen people. That's just a douche bag, according to public defender Howard Finkelstein the that reminds me of of ace Ventura finkel- Finkelstein looking at little football. There's a pile. There's piles of letters this is according again to public defender. Howard finkelstein. He says in my forty years as public defender, I've never seen this many letters to a defendant everyone now and then gets a few. But nothing like this again, not all of the letters are from women one card with a cat on the front of it is from a New York man sporting a bushy grey moustache enclosed photos of himself behind the wheel of his white nineteen Ninety-two Nissan convertible. So that is I'm just gonna say this a little bit of a brag would it comes to nNcholas cruise getting the mail, which he currently does not get he is not allowed to receive it yet. But he will at some point. I'm going to say this dude in New York who sporting a bushy grey moustache and who has the picture of himself in nineteen Ninety-two Nissan convertible. He's going to be thrown in the trash. Yes. Just immediately. This guy Nickelodeon one is send him picture just of my asshole. I make him open. Yes. A good shopper. This is great twenty thousand nine hundred and great absolutely wonderful to fascinating stuff here. And of course, Eddie way, I just I think it's always a good conversation to have the low failure of these monsters. It's good to check in. Yes. And she's think about where are we at how big of a fan are we of this? None of these people are so guys by our special is live. We're going to we're going to commercial Milligan tell you the the address is going to go up there. All of it. We worked very hard on it. And hope you enjoy it. And finally, the the first story of two thousand nineteen in karma news, a Texas man is dead after police said he tried to break into a donation. Bin officials said the body was found that a shopping center, stay station. This is before Christmas. They said a woman walking her dog found him in called police. Officers believed the man was trying to get inside the donation been when he got stock the weight of his body then pulled down the lever, and he suffocated so don't steal from donation bins. Be the opposite of that guy. Don't be a fucking asshole steel donation bin. That's sometimes you die in there. That's my the my New Year's resolution give more steel less that that's should be all of our New Year's resolution. Yes, Steele less. Absolutely. All right over what they will so much for listening. We cannot wait to spend two thousand nineteen with you. We're going to have a lot of fun HALE yourselves and say ten ever any stories. You want us to talk about it. We find a lot of this information. People Senate all time people send us stories all the time. And it's wonderful Email us at side stories L P O T L at g mail dot com. All right hurdles Magoo's dilation zones. Emme? Hey, what's up everyone? The boys from last podcast on the left here telling you about our new special, we filled in Chicago. And it was absolutely a wonderful experience, and you can buy it now for six dollars and sixty six cents if you just go to last podcast live dot com. That's it buddy. Helped hail him in the year of twenty nineteen watch watch is our bodies jiggle upon the stage, hopefully laugh with delight. Yeah. This is a recording of one of our live performances. So if you've never seen this live you've always wanted to this is your opportunity. Everybody can see us live now. And next year. We will have a whole new show. So you will not be seeing what you see on this live show again. That's it. You're watching something that will never happen again. Thank you all so much for your support this past year twenty eighteen was absolutely incredible. And we are excited to bring you a new show in two thousand nineteen again last podcast live dot. Com. That's last podcast live dot com. Go out there by for six dollars and sixty six cents and don't forget hail yourselves hail Satan.

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Edge Computing Open Source with Arpit Joshipura

Software Engineering Daily

58:46 min | 2 years ago

Edge Computing Open Source with Arpit Joshipura

"Edge computing refers to computation involving drones connected cars, smart factories, or I o t sensors. Any software deployment that is not a large centralized server installation. Could qualify as an edge device even a smartphone today. Much of our heavy computation takes place in the cloud, which is a set of remote data centers some distance away from our client devices for many use cases, this works, just fine. But there are a number of cases where lower latency and higher bandwidth requirements are occurring at the edge. A simple example is video. Let's say you want to record video stream, and you wanted to tech people in that video stream in real time based on who you detect in that video stream, maybe you want to do different things. Maybe you want to identify that person and send them a text message to let them know that they're being recorded on video or maybe you want to report to the police that a dangerous person. Has entered the premises. This video stream could be captured by drone or by smart car or by video camera mounted somewhere. So where's the video stream getting stored? Where is the machine learning model running? How do you deploy new machine learning models to the operating system with the machine learning model, how could you cross reference this video stream with other video streams, this is a really simple example. But there are so many open questions as to how to solve such a problem. And since we're at the edge, we have increased constraints on the resources that we have accessible to us. So there's a need for new hardware and new software to power these edge applications this led to the creation of l f edge, which is a new open source group under the lenox foundation. The goal of Lennox foundations, l f edge group is to build an open source framework for the edge. Arbit- Joshi Puerta is the general manager of networking orchestration, edge computing and IOT with the lenox foundation. He joins the show to describe the state of edge computation and the mission of LFM et. This was exciting for several reasons after seeing the rise of coober Netease for container orchestration, we know that a popular open source technology, which solves a widespread problem can have dramatic influence on the software world and win. Multiple large companies get involved in that open source project. It can gain traction quite quickly edge computing has a large set of unanswered questions. But telecom providers like AT and T and large infrastructure companies like Dell EMC are getting heavily involved with the lenox foundation edge group, this represents a significant expansion of the open source model, and it also suggests that further. Investment into open source projects will occur in the near future. Was an interesting episode and it connects nicely with tomorrow's episode about AWS internet of things platform. Hope you enjoyed today's episode. Triple might fast tracks your path to a great new career take the triple bite quiz an interview. And then skip straight to final interview opportunities with over four hundred and fifty top tech companies such as dropbox Asana and read it after you're in the triple bite system, you stay there, saving you tons of time and energy. We ran an experiment earlier this year and software engineering daily listeners who have taken the test are three times more likely to be in their top bracket of quiz scores. So take the quiz yourself anytime, even just for fun at triple bite dot com slash sl daily. It's free for engineers. And as you make it through the process triple by. We'll even cover the cost of your flights and hotels for final interviews at the hiring companies. That's pretty sweet triple bite helps engineers identify high growth opera. -tunities get a foot in the door and negotiate multiple offers. I recommend checking out triple by dot com slash S E daily because going through the hiring process is really painful and really time consuming. So triple bites saves you a lot of time I'm a big fan of what they're doing over there. And they're also doing a lot of research. You can check out the triple bite blog. You can check at some of the episodes we've done with triple bite founders. It's just a fascinating company. And I think they're doing something that's really useful to engineers so checkout triple bite, that's T R I P L E B Y T E dot com slash S E daily triple bite bite as in eight bits. Thanks to triple bite and check it out. Welcome to the show. I want to talk to you about edge computing, edge computing has existed for more than a decade we've had smartphones. We've had factories with computers installed. You could classify. These Peters is edge computers, but something has changed in the last few years that has brought more attention to edge computing, and IOT what are the things that have changed in the last few years. Thank you very much excited to be here. Let me hit on five technologies that are converging that has made edge computing, great again, nor cool again, I should say, and they are in no particular order, but the first one being the maturing, or at least coming off a technology telecom technology called five G that brings a set of very low latency, support claw. Closer to the application says possible, and we're talking five to twenty milliseconds of latency here. So really really fast. And these these latent sees are needed for newer apps. Like Thomas cars or factories that need quick turnaround analysis at Sadr. So that's the first technology the second technology that has matured is the micro services Kuban Edis container type app development framework for for engineers where you can quickly write the apps. Make them portable identify containers that that can store it and move it close to the actual asset in whether tonight, not devise a micro controller or a gateway. The third one is really the maturing of AI and machine learning algorithms frameworks, and basically tools that allow predictive maintenance to happen very close to the device and the. The application. So that's number three. The fourth is obviously the maturity of very custom hardware, so CPU GPO teepee NBA who you know, you name it in all shapes flown. Since sizes that end cost that can actually hit a cut across the technology spectrum. And then the fifth missing element that has matured in the last two years is what I called on demand free, which is the automation of telecom network right today. Everything on the edge was really around silos. You know, there's an enterprise offering often edge. Our our our cloud offering often edge. And now telecom has come in and kind of solve this edge, cloud problem where you're bringing compute and storage who very close to the edge applications, so these five technologies as I called convergence of these five technologies is really really driving a whole new set of application send an IOT devices that that. Really renewed the interest of pretty much all were Nichols. You're discussing these trends in edge computing. What are the applications? What are the use cases? What are the concrete examples that we have seen of edged computing contemporary? So typically, I always classify in applications in to sort of the latency sensitive and non latency sensitive. So for example, if there is a sensor or device or or sort of a offsetting in a factory that is dumping analytics data, you a once a month into a public cloud hundreds of kilometers away while it may be an IOT asset. It's not an edge application. Right. So what we are saying is the applications that are in the five to twenty millisecond latency zone in terms of response time, and they form obviously they are. They're falling into four broadcast categories that we attract. Doing. So obviously, I o t analytics whether it's industrial sensors home devices retail and commerce or healthcare whether it's immersive experiences. So what you'll reality augmented reality. Three sixty video is very hot, right, variable assistance. But the it's a communist devices so things like drones beheco, robots cetera or straight Kelly com edge infrastructure applications. Right. So wireless infrastructure, like virtual ram, passive, optical networks or SD van or enterprise services. Right. So there's a whole new set of applications that emerge because compute storage is brought close to. So these are some examples my favorite example application that I saw when I was preparing for this episode is video is very simple video it video is so high bandwidth it's such a simple one word apple. -cation? But you think about it like we need video on the oil rig. We have our smartphones that need video the connected cars need video the drones need video, and what is video, but this gigantic high bandwidth data stream that is training data for machine learning its potential things that can be run through machine learning classified. Here's. We there's compression that needs to be run on it. There's all this preprocessing that we can run between the edge and the cloud. I really feel like video his is just the perfect prototypical application categories that we can use to say this alone describes why we need new infrastructure at the edge. So you'll very right? I would Augmon with the following. Which is we had a couple of analysts do a survey and research on one of the killer, apps, French okay, and yes, while we have a standard graph that says, you know, video content deliveries the top of the pyramid. And you're absolutely right. There are things like the Thomas vehicles. AR VR is not gaming surveillance supply chain smart, cities, etcetera, they're all on the list. But if I was to sort of summarize the killer apps, they form they fall into buckets. It's nontraditional video. So it's not like. A YouTube developer say, but anything nontraditional so video coming from three sixty video coming from a drone, etc. And it's connected. Things that move but not a phone, right? So things like autonomous vehicles or drones with inspecting base stations and electrical grits factories that that need to connect in a very close and do predictive maintenance, so the two big buckets nontraditional video and connected things that move. What are the challenges of these domains on a technical level? What kinds of new infrastructure? Do we actually need to build and why are the present day operating systems and devices and application tooling? Why are they insufficient? All right. So I to answer that question I have to start off by sort of going back to defining the edge. So one of the things that alleged as as an umbrella project under the lenox law nation is striving to do is create glossary of terms and define the scope off. You know, what what in ages, and it it's anything from a software perspective that starts above. The hardware layer irrespective of the connectivity. So sick be blue to wifi doesn't matter and then stops at the edge data center, which is in telecom kind of a network. Anything that goes into regional centralized data center is not considered as at so assuming that we define the scope correctly of what an edges because that's where you are going to get that responsiveness of five to twenty milliseconds of latency, the three big problems that that the community is solving right now is the following. So there's one of them is a non technical problem night that be we have hopefully a path to solve it. And that non technical problem is the edge community and the development in an open source way is very fragmented. Lots of people are building lots of little things for lots of different verticals that that don't work with each other. Right. So hopefully that problem is solved by taking LFM as an umbrella organization where you can have these communities across cloud across telecom and across enterprise in IOT all collaborate and build out common, plumbing, and. Combinator p is to make it happen. Right. So that's that's the first non technical problem. The second technical issue is the life cycle management off an app or an end device. Whether tonight not device on an application suffer application that is classified as in application and the life cycle management means how do I install it loaded booted a restarted logs logged how do I store assistant date on it out? Do I write down API's that can connect to clouds and monkey cloud. How do I get to making? Sure, it's it's the size of the load is correct. So that it matches the hardware bud is hardware agnostic. So it's essentially the life cycle management or what we call the plumbing of edge infrastructure right in zero touch manner. And as you know, clouds through Kuban at is, for example, orchestration is there. A touch telecoms. They're pretty much. Getting zero touched through projects like open networking auto mission platform our own app as we call it. Right. And to prices are getting two zero touch through suffered ivine data centers. But they're not quite yet because apps are kind of all all over the place. Right. And then the IOT landscape is is not zero touch because you are either sitting in a public cloud ecosystem like an Amazon juror by do or you're sitting in a private cloud or you sitting in some worship of hybrid cloud. Right. So so that's the second big problem that we are solving which is the plumbing or life cycle management. And that's a technical problem in nature. How do get zero touch life cycle for edge applications and devices, and then the third one is for future apps that I believe are hardware. Independent voice. Independent cloud. Independent. What are the set of API's that can be exposed in standardized? Right. Both on the southbound side of the drivers. And the physical interfaces as well as the northbound side, which is really around the cloud and the multi cloud infrastructure, right? And those three are technical like to technical one non is what elephant is intending to solve in previous episodes. We've done a lot of coverage over the dynamic between the quote, unquote, cloud and the edge. And this is a really interesting dynamic. You know, like, what kinds of processing do you do on the cloud? What do you want to do on the edge? You know, what are you going to do about the fact that you want to have this high bandwidth connection between these two places, but maybe there's intermittent bandwidth that the edge these kinds of things, but what I understood by reading about LFM edge, the the Lennox foundation's, edge computing, set of projects which will get into some detail, but the importance of the telecoms, and the fact that all of this processing or all of this. Data shuttling is is going across telecom infrastructure. Can you explain the role of the telecoms when it comes to the dynamic of edge computing? That's a brilliant question. Right. Because the moment we classify Najat. Nation requiring storage and compute close to it with a certain Bamut or of latency responsiveness. You do get into the physical barriers of how bitch travel, right? And so at this point what telecom edge or edge, cloud or smart edge, or what the does just to Manala. Jeez. Right. But really what we're talking about is a set of automated, compute storage and software infrastructure that is reciting either at the bottom of the bay stations or on a gateway in in in the basement of a building or our stadium or a little bit further out in a smart central office in a in a neighborhood. What telecoms bring to the table at three things they bring the location advantage. Right. They bring the latency advantage both because of location, but also because of technologies like five G, and they bring the mobility advantage. And what that means is if there's an application connected cars. Economist driving and fleet transportation being the perfect example, if the application requires low latency response with mobility, you do not an enterprise or a cloud provider will not be able to solve that. I so those are the three things why telecom is such a critical player in the edge compute space. And that's why we see a lot of collaboration between telecom players cloudplayer's an enterprise not players. That's that's the mission of elephants and who. Not to sound flippant who cares about this. Like if I'm a developer. Do I care like aren't I just like either? I'm a developer like building something for my factory. You know, my company owns factories. And I'm writing software for the factories or like, I'm maybe I'm writing software that is doing processing on data that has made its way from the factory into the cloud. But in either way, I I work for you know, a candy factory company. Why do I care about telecom infrastructure, or or is this is are these open source projects, which which we will get into our these open source projects are they only meant for the telecom. No, no, they're not meant for telecoms. That's the whole point the projects are bringing the Telecom's cloud and the enterprise were tickles, the dare developers and their use cases all together. Okay. So the three have to operate, in harmony the reason. Why a developer and enterprise cloud. There are telecom player should care, right. Is what you described as a analytics sitting in a factory going into a cloud. That's that's I am not today. That's not an edge. That's not an edge app. That's not something that you would traditionally categorize in the new world as as it's a word ical silo of you doing analytics in central cloud. You're not getting responsiveness on services, and you are solving the problem locally if the computers at the gateway level, right? So that means you're decisions are local your analytics, our local you're operating with limited set of information that you're not aware, you know, whether another factory in different neighborhood is down or they have similar problems. Or if it's global fortune five hundred at factories all over the place. Right. You're not sharing anything. So what is happening is what you describe was. You know, what we call IOT dot? Or today's way of thinking what we have to get to is. There is a layer of combination PI's common visibility and control that allows these assets to share information, right? If you're connecting say take an example of smart cities, you'll connecting the visual identity of license plates through the traffic lights, and then passing them on to you know, an application to respond in real time. Right. That's the intersection of an enterprise of government and a telecom cloud because you're going to go through through several networks right now. What's in it for telecom? While they provide a service through an SLA, and they can charge for what's in it for the enterprise while they are actually making money on this os. Right. What's in it for developer? Well, their service gets more and more adopted right than and it scales globally. So this is this is why I believe that it, you know, the the interest on such initiative is very high. And you know, you can always sell the prob. In silos, what we have seen over the last several years with the advent of open sources when communities come together and solve the problem. You know, everybody wins. Digital ocean is a reliable easy to use cloud provider. I've used digital ocean for years whenever I want to get an application off the ground quickly. And I've always loved the focus on user experience, the great documentation and the simple user interface. More and more people are finding out about digital ocean and realizing that digital ocean is perfect for their application workloads. 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And of course, computation get your free one hundred dollar credit at DO dot CO slash S, E daily and thanks to digital ocean. For being sponsor, the co founder of digital ocean. Moisy Eretz ski was one of the first people I interviewed and his. Interview is really inspirational for me. So I've always thought of digital ocean as a pretty inspirational company. So thank you digital ocean. I am reminded of how I felt when I started covering the container orchestration space. And this was this was like four years ago or three or four years ago before Cooper Netease, had kind of become the defacto contain orchestrator that everybody was using. I didn't even realize there was a market for a container orchestrator thing. Like a one side one container orchestrator rule the mall three and a half years later. It looks obvious. Like, everybody's like, oh, of course, I want this thing you just answered your question. So well, let's go deeper there. So what's what's the analogy? I mean, you know, how how does this change? So I look I I can looking back now I can see. Oh, wow. Kuban Ed is really changing the equation for for the Jenner prizes and giving them, you know, systematized cloud infrastructure distributed systems, you know, getting solved like what get solved when we take the edge computing world and put an open source spin on it. Okay. So I have to go a liberty on this. Right. So what tends to happen in just like you compared the the cloud and the coup Netease. And I think I mentioned this, right? So what was the problem that could Burnett assault in the cloud? It solved the container orchestration and the portability. Right and affectively what that means says, you know, my apps don't have to worry about. What is underlying same problem has now been solved in the telecom world through automation with projects like own right? And and so now. Now, how do I take the best of those two worlds and put it close to applications that rely on this infrastructure being like literally next to me? Right. And when I do that. How can I automate it, right? So there's a layer of zero touch zero automation. So the projects that we have a using. And specifically this is in the Krino ad stack. They're using portions of Kuban Addis light and own up to create an automated zero touch load that would go and fit into an edge base station data center, if you may that can actually serve these edge applications so affected me what is happening is. We're taking the telecom and the club and the public cloud technologies and integrating them with automation and Bill pod orchestration as well. As automating and pushing it closer to the edge physically. So think of this as an edge. It's it's really the combination of of what you were looking at three years ago or telecom was looking at two years ago and bringing them together and pushing it out for future expansions right at the edge. And how does this compare to the proprietary infrastructure that exists today? So just to give you a my perspective on you know, I I've done shows on AWS IOT Google's IOT stack azures IOT stack. And they've got a bunch of different. I o t offerings, and they're pretty sweet, you know, one common pattern. I see is this idea of a hub. So like an factory you can have this IOT hub thing, which is like a server that's a small device in the factory and all the devices in the factory talked to the hub. And the hub is the only thing that talks to the clouds. You have this this gateway that is the only infrastructure that's actually talking to the open internet. Oh, it it puts a single focused point where you can have all the security, you know, centralized around that hub. And then, you know, talks to the cloud. And anyway, that's that's kind of my perspective for for for the interaction between the cloud providers. And and the IOT installations, but he can you can you contrast that vision or tell me if that's your your that Concordes with your vision for the cloud providers in in how that would differ from an open source world. Correct. So what you're describing is probably forty percent of the current IOT deployments. And I would say I would not classify them as much. Okay. Here's why these applications do not have latency requirement. So they are not applications for sure they do go on a micro controller with a gateway into a Niger or aura AWS cloud where it's a single purpose. Single word ical hub based on participated in the in in all of their conferences. Right. You see? See, you know, an ecosystem of about one hundred hundred fifty member companies if you main that, you know, from all were Nichols strike that would that would solve that specific problem. The other sixty percent, right. That would benefit from lower latency from a proximity to clouds to portability and things like that. And more importantly, let's take let's take the fortune five hundred you have factories in US your factors in China factors in Europe. You cannot have visibility across them. You cannot share data's the are different. It's over to go silo. Wouldn't it be nice? If you have standardized that with a layer of of open source software that can plug into a multi cloud environment. Right. That's kind of one one big use case beyond the other sixty percent of the apps that that are low latency, right? So I just want to sort of emphasize IOT is not the same as a right people confuse the two are over. There is overlap. Don't get me wrong similar in differences latency. It is latency and it is the visibility. And connectivity. That you may need from the ecosystem around you, right? So you know, if I'm operating in complete isolation in a factory floor with IOT support. That's fine. That's that's one of the applications. But what if I have to send that data and crunching injury-time? Okay. It's not like it's it's getting crunched in an Amazon data center, hundreds of miles away. Crunching and real time because there are some issues. Right. So take home edge, for example, right security issues. Pop up, right? Physical security or disaster issues come up or something, and you got to commute communicate back and way back and forth and process it in real time or you have on Prem factory there, the different kinds of hardware virtually is differently. Communicate on the back end with an device, very close. To their enterprise could be an abasement or something like that. So you're right. It's the proximity. It's the latent seats the responsiveness, and it's the portability of the app across across cloud. Right. So just like just like Kuban, Edison containers allowed app portability to inside and between different infrastructure. This is taking it to the next level. Okay. Can you talk more about how? So when we think about the container orchestrator world before it sort of settled out into this really nice world that we live in today, where there some, you know, there's still a lot of confusion like, you know, who do I buy my coober Netease from you know, what are the cloud providers doing? What are the vendors like Mesa sphere or cloud foundry pivotal? What are they offering me? It's still confusing. But it's it's at least more optimistic than it was when it was like container orchestration wars, and you had. You know, these competing standards between may so s- and coober netties and the other orchestrators. So how does that compare to where we are today? Like, what's what's the environment? And and I don't know where where do you think things are going? Okay. If you look at the way, we have set up the project, specifically allege, we always believed in lenox foundation that it's all about harmonising the communities, right? And what that means is harmonizing other open source communities and harmonising the standards in the consortium stat work in this area. So we would go out and formerly legally set up collaborations framer, or you know, unofficially do that. If it's an open source community. So for example, if you look at the Aleph edge today with projects like a crane on energy foundry and others there are working groups in that project, and they're working alongside Kuban notice as well as own app as two projects that one full cloud. One four telecom. And both of those open source projects Cooper notice has an IOT working group that is working with the criminal own app has an edge working group. So I'm not an age, right? That both of these projects have developers that are collaborating with the gin and crinoids stack to to make sure that as they create the load the right level of distribution at the do. I need hardware. Venice. Do I need to know how much memories there? And then I can optimize the load appropriately. Do I do? I note the load all of the modules from own app down at the access and edge layer, right like, including closed loop control data analytics predictive, analytics all of that or do I just lows policies that will sort of I figure out that. I don't have enough compute cycles to crunch numbers here. Let me connected back into a cloud, and like, and again, I'm going to much into detail here. But these these types of collaborations are all formal and happening as we speak. Okay. So. The first set so open source to open source collaboration. With other open source projects the second collaboration that is happening. And by the way, we are setting it up. We have learned the lessons right over the last years, right public war on standards and open source options while initially there great because we're still learning when it gets to a point where people now really want to make this happen. Collaboration is the best way to do it. Right. So what we have set up is we've setup glaciation with like, let's say if there is a edge standard. So in this case, it's at C MAC for telecom. Okay. If there's a consortium so for automotive right, though, now years where we get into vertical consortiums, right? So automotive it's ACC so ACC's is a member for alleges. Well, so this is Toyota is is kind of sharing that in an essentially what it is is it's how do I take advantage of the edge for automotive industry? There's an icy consortium, right? Who is a member of? Of elephant. Right. So how do I make sure that the devices and the drivers and everything that ethics laundry does is aligned to I know including open flog now at cetera. So what we're saying is in my view the market and the industry needs to be harmonized in order to get more adoption because think about it this way, if you are an end user developer of vendor supplier, or a user you're like where do I go, right? Do I go here? Do I go here to like what's the right? Who's going to win? And this is more like, oh, it's they're all going to figure out in the open. And so it's a safe safe choice. And so now, let me invest my resources to to solve salting. And and I'll tell you a little secret having been an open source for so long and the end of the day if you put engineers in a room from anywhere to go any competitors any companies they vote figure out the right solution. Irrespective of geography respective of the way, they were for competition. They don't care about the business aspect, and that's what we hear here. Right, which is developer to developer solving these hard issues, but providing a framework for collaboration, let's give an example AT and T contributed the crane oh edge. Dak and you've mentioned this. If you times, what is a crane cranial are so cranial Ed stack is is is a software project, which is bringing you know, three things to the table under elephant. So the first there to use cases that they are going after there's a telecom only use case. Meaning if you're an agent or entity or Tortola, comma, whatever right if you're a telecom provider, how do I automatically extend my reach and my software stacks in an automated manner to provide edge services in all the edge. Use cases for. All my five G deployments in all my apps. That are telecom Centric, I know BBC BNF's things like that. So that's one use case the second use case that they're solving is how do I work with an enterprise use case that will allow for deployment close to the enterprise, right? Maybe on the as a managed service. So then it's an inside inside the demarcation point of the enterprise are outside the demarcation point. Right. So that's the second use case under the third thing. It's bringing from an ad stack. Perspective is a set of validated. Loop rinse that cut across the entire edge and non edgy umbrellas. Right. So, you know, if you're an blueprint for just two Manati sake is a set of validated. Reference solutions implementations beyond the architecture. That has a specific hardware software and a stack attached to done. These blueprints are aimed to satisfy. The specific deployment scenarios and the use cases. Right. So a Krino stack that technical community has approved nineteen blueprints right now and these blueprints, and I'll give you an example there. There's blueprints for a smart city that would probably start with a micro macaca textural based on say arm or Intel. And then it it. It can sit with five G R wireless connection on a light Buller vehicle, and there's hardware, and then there's a there's an amount of software that sits on it that could be a blueprint for Microsoft Ekier, which sits in a manufacturing floor that that is for universal CPE for IOT appliances, which is a very Turano as very inauguration. There's a blueprint for five G, right, which is the radio cloud. If you may there's a blueprint for Kuban, atis native industrial automation infrastructure right there. You know, you you you you basically are taking native. Container workloads, using subset of Kuban technology, and then putting it on a set of equipment, you know, that that sitting on the factory floor, etc. So that's what a greener had stack is doing these blueprints. You can access the details of this through Aleph edge dot org under criminal there's a process, there's a technical detail. And so what effectively happens is if I'm end user, and I want to sort of say, hey, I have this use case has open source all decision you. They can go at it and download the code get the support and just be ready to deploy. So that's what grano had stack is. This was contributed by eighteen portions of it was contributed. I'd so some of the seed coat, but a lot of the other seed code is being developed both in upstream as well as in the community itself right now on other use cases. So there's there's sixty members right? And there's like twenty eight premium members that are all contributing code and it. It's being developed right now as we speak, and this is being used by AT and T or is it like their vision for what they want. This is the code that they had developed for their own use that they contributed and now it is going to get deployed as part of the prep work for five G. Right. So they contributed back with an intention of expanding the community and then along with that. There's another eighteen blueprints that that are being created rights of the code. They they contribute. It was specifically for for probably two. HP? One view is a foundation for building a software defined data center. HP one view integrates compute storage and networking resources across your data center and leverage is a unified API to enable IT to manage infrastructure as code deploy infrastructure faster, simplify life cycle maintenance for your servers. Give IT the ability to deliver infrastructure to developers as a service like the public cloud. Go to software engineering daily dot com slash HP to learn about how HP one view can improve your infrastructure operations HP. One view has easy integrations with Tara form coober, netties Docker and more than thirty other infrastructure management tools. HP one view was recently named as CR ends enterprise software product of the year to learn more. About how H P E. One view can help you simplify your hybrid operations. Go to software engineering daily dot com slash HP. To learn more and support software engineering daily. Thanks to HP for being a sponsor of software. Engineering daily. We appreciate the support. Not to get into an area that I worry is is either a buzzword or doesn't have enough to do with software. But can you explain to me what five G means is like a collection of things? Or is there hardware as it software? What is five do you actually mean so five G if to a layman is just going to be hey, I had my phone. It says four G now it's gonna say five G that means it will be I have to buy a new phone with a much faster. I'll get more bandwith much faster. That's that's that's the average assumption. And that is not incorrect that is fine. But that only happens to be ten percent of the use cases of five G five G is an is is a although it is at radio technology. Right. So it's over the air technology where you getting effectively a tenth of the latency you getting hundred times the number of devices, you can support in that you are. Getting hundred the bandit. Right. So it's a next generation of air technology or radio technology, right, which just it's bigger better much different. Now, why if we were on linear curve there if you look at, you know, Ford for for for straight texting three g was for like SMS, and and a little bit of the four Jesus for you know, video and things like that. What five G opens up is a set of machine to machine communications? It opens up all the entire IOT communications. It opens up a new set of applications that require a low latency. And so the reason five G is so important is not only as a radio technology. But when you do that your entire data center, your cloud, your back end systems need to be automated, right because it will orchestrations wise as well as life cycle management wise, because if you look at it, you cannot have an operator sitting on a phone saying I want I want to give this sensor or this car a sober. And then that car stays in service for a year. It's not like a phone registering on the net. It is really, you know, things come up things come down. Things are you know, active for just milliseconds not years. And it's it needs the back end and the glue needs to be fully automated. So that's why you're seeing you know, five G used as a proxy to upgrade the back. Back end infrastructure of not just telecom, but even for enterprise networks, right? So if you look at inside, the data center of an enterprise, you got you got right now hardware connections that are fully single single pipes coming out into a carrier who is just a bit by twelve with five G, you can actually eliminate a lot of wiring. You can actually go from device to device and still hit the cost curves hit the hit the automation and things like that. So it changes the mindset for for the enterprises as well. So that's in a nutshell. What what I how how I see five. So it's not just the technology. It's the implications of the technology that are the talk of the town. What I have heard about the CPU industry is the tick tock term where you have this. You have all these different players involved in in the in the CPU days or in the CPU market, and you have Intel and then Intel says, okay, this is the. Plan for how CPU's you're going to advance. And then it has all these implications for other players in the industry, but it really helps to come to this agreement on like, here's what we're gonna do. According to Moore's law, an Intel kind of describes it everybody, and then all the suppliers and everybody kind of falls in line, and they have this tick tock kind of thing it's five G sorta like that. But the three forty five G. Yeah. It could be a good. The only thing. I would add is the implications of five G are way more than the migration from one two three four G. Okay. Two three and four G were mostly linear evolutions for g was absolutely a step up. Right. Because it was an all data network. I write was not it was not just Weiss and data, but five G is is a much more exponential change, right primarily because of the machine to machine and the proximity to the edge that it can provide. Can you explain in more detail wise, five G such a big upgrade? Yes. The reason as I said the reason it's a big upgrade is. Okay. So think of it like what did four G enable as a Mark. I find be got better iphones, and we got you know, better, laptops. And we got you know, faster speeds and all that the market that enabled was mostly social media and videos and YouTube and all that right at the end of the day. It's still linear thinking you could do that with three g but still slower. Okay. Five g you can do all that. And you can do, but what had what enables even more because of the inherent specifications inside of latency and jitter and all the natural characteristics is the machine to machine communications. Right. And what that does is it gives a whole different meaning and scale to connected devices. Right. So here we're talking from three billion phone connections or four billion phone connections to twenty billion connected devices, right? And now all of a sudden the connected devices have each separate use cases in many, many were too close rights, so the fleet and transportation department may use it differently. The homeland security and the traffic departments may use it differently. The industrial automation departments may use it differently. Right. So it has profound implications in many many were two goals as well, as it has implications on on infrastructure that needs to be redone at because some of these data centers are sitting below obey station. Some of them are sitting in a neighborhood. They're not all sitting in a massively scalable data centers somewhere, you know, centralized location. Does it definitely helps? And what's what's interesting to me about L F, Ed, and who is involved is, you know, so you have AT and T who is I guess, you know, they they contributed as you said parts of the cranial edge stack. But they are maybe the flagship contributor or I don't know eighth flagship control. For what for part of one of the projects. Right. Then you have foundry is the other project, which is you know, it was seed coded by Dell EMC, and then you have another project for the on premise, which was which has been contributed by a startup causes the data than we have whole match that has that contribution seed coats comes from Samsung, etc. So those are just seed co seat codes just help you jump start portions of the project, and then the community biz on it. And today if you look at our community in we launched with sixty founding members, which is like phenomenal given just a short time. But it's a cross section of hardware render. So you've got armed Qualcomm Intel all of them participating then you have the carriers rights AT and T entity at cetera. Then you have the cloud like by do ten cent cetera. Then you have the industrial players right dynamic or a Cy soft cetera. And then you have the system vendors suppliers integrators, right? The usual know Dell HP Ericsson Nokia etcetera. So a whole bunch of players are all coming together. And and that's the allegation of of seed code, but more importantly, the community didn't Facebook try to do something like this with their open compute project a while ago. Facebook has a small working group in the OC. So there's bodies of organizations that are dedicated to hardware, right? And as I said elephant is a software only project, so everything that is done in hardware is complementary to so. We will we work with. So there is actually an OCP hardware that will be part of the blueprint that that is going to go into a cranial at stack. Right. So it's a complimentary. Okay. Right. Okay. Cool. So Facebook sort of I think remember if I remember correctly, they opened we did a show about this a while ago, but they open sourced kind of their their server infrastructure, like the hardware infrastructure, and but again, where's the suffer coming from that comes from exactly lending Sunday? Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So what I was gonna say is like AT and T Dell EMC these are. I mean, I think these they've they have had some open source stuff going on for a while. But I imagine they've looked at the cloud native computing foundation. They've looked Lennox foundation. They've sort of seen where the tide is going over the last four or five years, and maybe is this is this them sort of signaling that that they are making a big push towards open source. ES? In fact, not just them, you know, arm ADHD by Dell right H HP Y IBM Intel juniper mobile Ajax Nokia Qualcomm, red hat Samsung, there are there are people listening to this who who have less context on the significance of this. Like, maybe they've only been in the software industry for three or four years. And they're like, yeah. Open source whatever, but you've been in the industry for a while. Explain why this is a big deal that all of these major enterprises are all of a sudden getting into open source. Very good question. I think we could have started with that. But that's okay. Leave leave the best to the end. But open source in the last ten years has significantly changed. The way software is okay. And the primary driver for this is a having control and options with full interoperability. So if you ask an end user, why would you? To go with open source. They're like, I don't want to render lock in I want to change make changes and customize based on my needs. And I want to sort of control my own destiny because I'm slightly different. Right. That's the primary driver for open source. The second driver is it is a complex plumbing problem and not a single vendor can solve it even if they put hundreds of millions of dollars of our I mean, dick, dick, the example of own up. You got five hundred to one thousand people working on it like our networking projects. Right open source projects if we do a straight and developer headcount to business value. It's over five hundred million dollars of our indeed that has been created in the open. Now, imagine a single company are investing that much money on our non-differentiating set of software. It's not going to happen. Right. So that is what has really picked up in terms of y open sources such a big deal. Sec. And then of course, there is a there is a cost equation here where if you're not investing and you're utilizing so let's say a my red hat or IBM. I would say ten designers on fats, right, for example. And then, but there are say two hundred people working on it. So now, I have put in then people's word, and I'm getting, you know, two hundred people's worth a work back to what I need. That's a straight ROI right instead of putting two hundred people. So this is the power of community. I mean, there's lots and lots of papers and and research done on this. But but the key here is open sources here to stay people have realized that the business models have changed the industry's picking up and each vertical industry is on a different path. If you may so cloud started off with open being like the first in mind, but then you have these hundred year old industries right telecom is one hundred and forty two year old industry and that has. Just moved to open source in just the last three years automotive grade, Lennox which is another one of our open source projects automotive is one hundred plus year industry that just moved to an open source in the last two years bangs in a financial tax. They have started moving to blockchain technologies which has now, hyper ledger in part of open source. So you'd see different timing. But in general, it's those values that that that are brought by the by the by the shared creation of intellectual property in a very seamless manner. That is really proving itself. The moment where I realized that open source was gonna take over everything was actually in a conversation with my mom who is had. No does nothing about computer science, but she manages some properties. She's like she owns some real estate and manages these properties. And she was telling me about a refrigerator that she had a problem with. And she's like I want an open source refrigerator. And I'm like mom, how do you even know what that would mean like, and she's like, well, you know, I my refrigerator keeps breaking and the parts are like five hundred dollars for like some niche screw that you need in your refrigerator. And then you need the person to come and install it correctly because the refrigerators like highly integrated, and it's just this thick piece of hardware. And I was like mom. Thank you for making me realize that open sources going to eat the world, including refrigerators, ten re-sign are up for leading marketing here. I know you you've got LFM. Now, you need L F fridge. But the concept is absolutely correct. And if you put yourself and replace replace refrigerator with piece of hardware piece of software piece of application, please of devices. That's exactly the notion. Right. Which is if I'm smart enough. I will repair it myself. But let let's have interoperable parts. Let's not rely on just one particular bland. That's exactly open source. Yes. Well, arpit we barely scratched the surface. I'm sure we will be doing more shows about edge projects, and it's really really nice to get acquainted. I'm sure I'll see you at some conference or something. And I look forward to doing more shows and and covering the development of open source edge. Yeah. No, absolutely. And you know, we are welcome to come over to open looking summit that happens in sit in the bay area, April three to five this year. And you know, that's where there's a whole track on LS are. Our edge technologies. So yeah, you know, it just take a look at elephants. Where's at it's in San Jose? Okay. Yeah. So you can go to Lennox foundation events open networking summit, and you should be able to get details in registered there. Plus look at alleged dot org, and there are Vicki's. And and every documents is in there as well. Sounds great. Okay. Arpit? Thanks for coming on shore. It's been really fun talking to you. Yeah. It was fun. Thank you for the questions. Go CD is a continuous delivery tool created by thought works. It's open source. It's free to use. And go CD has all the features that you need for continuous delivery. You can model your deployment pipelines without installing any plug ins. You can use the value stream map to visualize your end to end workflow. And if you use Cooper netties, go CD is a natural fit to add continuous delivery to your cloud. Native project with go CD on Cooper, Netease. You define your build. Workflow? You let go CD provisions and scale your infrastructure on the fly and go see the agents, use Cooper netties to scale as needed checkout. Go CD dot org slash SE daily. And learn how you can get started. Go city was built with the learnings of the thought works engineering team, and they have talked in such detail about building the product in previous episodes of software, engineering daily thought works was very. Early to the continuous delivery trend, and they know about confused delivery as much as almost anybody in the industry. It's great to always see continued progress on goes CD with new features like Cooper, Netease integrations. So you know, that you're investing in a continuous delivery tool. That is built for the long term. You can check it out yourself at go CD dot org slash S. E daily. Wow.

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Kohlie Frantzen  Advocate for Sustainable Hydroponic Farming

Discover Lafayette

54:58 min | 1 year ago

Kohlie Frantzen Advocate for Sustainable Hydroponic Farming

"This is john swept and you're listening to discover lafayette. A podcast dedicated added to the people and rich culture of lafayette. The gateway to south louisiana we record in the offices of raider solutions a technology company. That offers offers a complete fleet of i._t. Solutions for businesses of all sizes raiders motto. Is you just want it to work. We understand if you're wondering if writer you can help your business. Please visit raider solutions dot com. I'd like to thank iberia bank for its support founded in eighteen eighty seven iberia bank. Thank is the largest bank based in louisiana headquartered in lafayette with three hundred twenty nine combined locations throughout the south. They offer the resources of a national bank with the personal touch of a community bank visit iberia bank dot com for more information and lastly. I want to express my gratitude for lafayette general health health as a katy anna's largest nonprofit community own regional health system lafayette general health is committed to restoring maintaining and improving health the communities it serves for more information visit lafayette general dot com. I'm proud to welcome to the studio today. Cody franson founder and managing partner of helix outpost colleagues going to talk about hydroponic farming something which i've been very thrilled to learn about in this the type of forming that's done in a controlled environment protected from the elements and it doesn't us soil you can grow the equivalent of about three acres of crops in a space as small mall is three thousand square feet colas in attorney by trade and he's transitions into the agricultural world and now he's a certified hydroponic assist. He also has a background in film said. I'm hoping we can touch on coli. Welcome tonight. Thank you my pleasure. Thank you for having me and thank you for having us wonderful wonderful place. I wish everybody listening can see how nice this is. It's a very impressive place. Yeah and i wanted to put an plug to we met through a._s._a. Your son <hes> tolson tolson and my daughter kelly ran the same class and i know you're still putting kids through school. So god bless you. Thank you very much. You got a lot of lettuce to sell. Yes you do so so look. Let's <hes> let's jump into this. I guess i with your background. You grew up in lafayette and your dad's some people may have known dan franson then he was a founding partner in stone energy sure you've been familiar with processes and entrepreneurship throughout your whole life no question russian no question growing up in louisiana particularly in the late seventies and eighties coming of age was a unique experience for those of us that have any memories left of that time <hes> but it was an amazing place to me and growing up with the <hes> with the tutelage. If you will of a wildcatter you you learn to chase your dreams. <hes> this a any kind of adversity that <hes> reliably shows up when i wanted or expected the i've heard about that wildcatter mentality and that's what you're doing now you moved back here after katrina with your family and five and and you've practiced law that's correct many years that's correct <hes> you know <hes> in many ways <hes> leaving new orleans and losing using everything which is what we did we lost resources time treasure talent a lot of that is imbued in what we do today with the agricultural <hes> stuff that we work on it's all related in many ways and looking back that time of our life that was much of a curse ended up being a great blessing because it brought us onto lafayette <hes> as an aside one of the jokes that we always tell is that prior to katrina. I was a prosecutor in new orleans principally involved with juvenile and i'll delinquency. I used to come home at night and asked my wife g were raised four children in new orleans different place to be when you have children when when you're single and she used to say our kids are in school here and the only way we're going to leave new orleans. Now is an act of god so a running joke. Now is why didn't we we save win the lottery say act of god but it really was. It's been a blessing and joy to be back right. So you practice law. <hes> you were familiar with the oil and gas industry and your heart was touched. I guess to get you into hydroponics. If you can tell the story kind on of a i guess a high level overview of what led you to even know what hydroponics is sure about five years ago. I was approached by some friends of mine that in my former life as a <hes> somebody that wanted to go into the film industry <hes> these were folks that i've kept in touch with over time but they they were all friends of mine that were doing films back in l. A. and they reached out and wanted to do an effort to repatriate employees returning combat veterans and as we were driving down a million people overseas <hes> the idea was to give them a vocational path rather than benefits path and the the goal is to put these folks <hes> into <hes> hydroponic agricultural jobs and i was very skeptical <hes> and <hes> as it was explained to me hydroponics <hes> means you know generally growing out of the soil <hes> but you grow in a controlled environment that can mitigate the risks six that can bury most farmers and <hes> you get much more high volume high yield out of the process so so all of that intrigued me enough that <hes> i wanted to know more and i was assured that there was a path to go train <hes> in southern california it was a six week course and i was still quite skeptical because my wife is from rally which is a farm town and <hes> so i said sign me up and six weeks later i graduated from the course of the certificate. I know i'm glad you brought that. I'll have to get a picture of it certified. That's right that's right and that's one of many. I had a lot of paper. Paper came out of that was a really wonderful program. Particularly involving <hes> transitioning service personnel six to nine months before separation from the military so there was a lot of really wonderful paper that came out of it congressional <hes> documents with fancy seals and <hes> just so happens the one i grabbed today the certified hypothesised ripon assist <hes> paper but <hes> long story short. I went through it and came away with <hes> <hes> conviction. If if you will that the idea of hydroponic growing makes a lot of sense that theory behind it makes sense and not just that it employs people but that it correct get into that i mean it's sustainable annable farming that's right and so my takeaway quite simply was going through it basically to due diligence to see if we could actually work on my attitude was if you can teach me how to grow something the thing then you can teach anybody because the best thing i can grow as weeds <hes> flowerbed to prove it marijuana that when you say hydroponics and everybody everybody thinks you're growing lettuce that's right so <hes> my takeaway from that experience was the theory was wonderful. The execution was not so wonderful <hes> meaning the training we got was a lot of theory and theory doesn't pay the rent so a lot of what we study where soil types types <hes> root zones and when you're growing hydroponically you're not in the soil to me. It was a frustrating kind of allocation of time because we're studying things that will have no bearing airing whatsoever on what it is. We're supposed to do and the whole time that i was in this program i was the only civilian and a class of thirty people roughly the general takeaway myself included was i just want to learn how to get trained in something and get a paycheck work really hard. You get the standard operating procedure and i'll do that. <hes> <hes> there was no standard operating procedure because in the world of act. There's no standard. Do you know coli. You went out to california. California is hydroponics something that most states are using or is this something that still vero. There's no question it's evolving and you know as a starting proposition. It's helpful to to think about <hes> technology which really goes back to the hanging gardens of babylon right. We think hydroponics japonica some new hippie technology well. The hanging gardens of babylon was an irrigation project that got plants out of the soil and climbing is <hes> you know miracle right and really what it was was an era gatien effort to do hydroponics so it's an old technology <hes> that of course today has been buttressed or built onto by modern technology so the technology is quite old so he'll outpost. Is your company <hes> now. You've got a partner dylan radical saying that ride <hes> who was a former m._s._n._b._c. host and go. I think going back into t._v. With us <hes> would you explain what a pot is just for people that are listening and may still be going. What what are they talking about. You grow vegetables. I don't i i want to give give them a picture of what we're talking so what you see right now if you talk about pods and growing in pods a lot of people think you're growing inside of a shipping container shipping container saner forming has been kind of <hes> of vogue technology that captures everybody's imagination shipping container. It's got pink lights in it and mandy push a button on an my phone and things spin it. It's very captivating. That's not what we do. <hes> our approach <hes> really is a standardized commercial farm. That's loaded into a container so a container shows up on site. You opened the doors. You unpack it and set it up. <hes> and you leave the container on site. It's modified fide <hes> to be safe storage for food safety rags <hes> and also to be a point of sale for a community so if you drop it into a community you've got away to have food production on site water filtration <hes> satellite communication and power production all in the same spot that can allow people then to come on site right and purchase the food. That's grown there or in fact. Bring their own stuff to market. So what we talk about is really straightforward forward those that are driving and stuck on the chap eliah basin right now we're talking about is a container that opens up in a big greenhouse sets up next to it's that simple and so what types of vegetables we're looking now. I know you brought basil and lettuce. What what do you grow and grow currently <hes> we grow several oh varieties of lettuce <hes> a green oak red oak and a <hes> a butter leaf lettuce and we also basil we grow micro greens tomatoes <hes> and that's that's our our laundry list at the moment <hes> to date. We've grown edible flowers. We've grown spinach. Kale asian blends blends <hes> beats oddly enough which we didn't grow of course 'til fruition but we grew them and transplanted them outside into the soil. I'm trying to think we've grown heirloom tomatoes. We've grown peppers. We've grown cucumbers. They take root like how does that's great. Craigslist says work. That's a great question so fast once. They're in the pod that's right. That's right so when you're growing hydroponically whether it's binding crops or whether it's leafy greens binding meaning your tomatoes cucumbers peppers <hes> you will typically have some kind of a medium so for our tomatoes. <hes> we use. Yes <hes> per light. Per light is a material. It's an inert little like almost like little white rocks and you see him. Oftentimes in potting soil in that is as i understand it something left over from quarrying operations when they're doing limestone so leftover small pieces iraq that we put into a bag and then as the plant takes off it gives the roots something to have structure that's right. It has no nutritional tristesse value or anything like that. It's simply there's a nerd substance to allow the roots to grow <hes> and then the water that's added that has the nutrients nutrients so in that case then what you have is you have plants that are out of the soil. They are in a growing medium in that medium something simply to let the roots bind onto you as water then as trickled over those routes with nutrients to deliver the nutrients to the plant and then on the leafy green side <hes> we use oasis which is a pre cut. It's almost like a sponge. It's a little rectangular material. It's the if you buy flowers. Oasis is that little spongy material. It's often and the vase that the stems are sticking into <hes> we use a version of that. That's designed for hydroponic growing which we really like because its pre cut and it's is very easy to work with. You could also use cocoa. Husk is a common thing you can use soil. <hes> anything that allows the roots something to bind to <hes> is what we use right and so the water come back over my notes while you were talking about that hydroponic farming uses a lot less water than mcgregor forming and you've got it filtered two thousand gallons or something. I'm trying to think what i read or well and letdowns technical but maybe it's not that's that's right yeah and to bring it back to the audiences focus right. We're talking about a big rectangular greenhouse sitting next to a shipping container okay and inside the greenhouse for the leafy greens lettuce. You have a big reservoir water and that water has several hundred gallons. It's got nutrients in it. There's one pump and that pump pushes water and nutrients <hes> around a table and it goes up to the top of the table on the tables at a slight lean so what happens is the water in the nutrients start at the top like a little hill and it rolls down to the other side of the table where it's collected and sent back into the reservoir. It's called a recirculating system so that was part of what really appealed to me and the whole world of of this effort was well gee we can use ninety percent less water. I mean not as commence you know and there is still some water loss. 'cause plants do sweat and it's called evapotranspiration big word it just means plants breathe and sweat sweat like we sit here is still some moisture loss but it's about ten percent conventional agriculture and in the world of conventional china lag. If in fact you're you're putting water down onto the ground with nutrients. It's very expensive water because he's got food in it and gravity will pull that water down and it once it goes below the root zone that water and that that's lost to me part of what really excited me about this hydroponic effort is you're mitigating those areas that that you know these inputs that are ordinarily very costly and don't always get allocated efficiently to the roots may spray it on the crop and they may run the wrong direction in may go away from the roots so in the case of hydroponics. You're constantly delivering nutrients to route twenty four seven and celebrates celebrates the g the growth that's correct the plants and then i also read that you don't touch like you have to work gloves that right you keep everything that is correct that that is correct you know part of <hes> you know as we talk about getting people into farming <hes> there's there's a very lovely fairy tale kind of image that we all have in our minds minds of usually a child sitting on a pumpkin with a dog in a field which is every violation of food safety that you can probably think of dog killer and the kid sitting sitting on the bump you you know instead of reality isn't part of what our approach is ben in. This whole effort has been. Let's really figure out what it really means to be a commercial farmer summer. Let's let's deal with the food safety rags and when we say we're going to crank out something that's going to do all these great things well. It can only work if it's got commercial value and if it's going to have commercial value we're going to have to come in under the food safety greg's <hes> in so in our case everything that we do <hes> is gap certified. Meaning u._s._d._a. has gap which is stands for good agricultural practices. That's about as fancy as you can get right gap certified <hes> <hes> and <hes>. We're very excited about that. <hes> it's it's. It's a complexity. There's no doubt it's it's costly <hes> to be gap certified now. The going rate to have an auditor. Come visit us two hundred and sixteen dollars an hour. Gosh there's only one auditor in the state of louisiana. She's in hammond so when we have a food safety audit we're already six or seven hundred dollars into it by the time she even gets to our farm to set foot on time travel time gosh so if you're in treat board good luck right and i learned about you from zach mcmath a new an attorney and zach we've had on the show talking about acadian of food hub and how technical it is to stay in compliance with the u._s._d._a. and state and other local and so that's when i put all this together about how how safe and sterile hydroponics was sure kelly. I want to just take a second. We're gonna keep on this topic. Wanna thank the advocates here. In acadian they promote vote our podcast they promote news of at twice a week and i wanna thank adam day goal and the whole business team here lafayette acadian advocates so um anybody out there if you want to sign up to the advocate dot com and sign up for their daily newspaper and i will follow on that and tell you that i'm a proud subscriber of the advocate not and <hes> back when he was still there david docu <hes> had mentioned on facebook <hes> he asked how is it that you can spend ten bucks a month on net flicks and not spend a little bit on in your local paper and it drove home to me <hes> that i sit here all day long bragging about local and you should buy local but then i wasn't buying the subscription so i am proud to say that i have a subscriber now and support local local news is important as local foods. I get it every day both online and in my yard dr they probably not a good consumer but i like my puzzles on paper so so let's get back into this. I'm picturing okay. You're talking about the sorority the the water that's used <hes> there's no dogs in their little garages and pumpkins and all that so this is something that people of all ages can learn and i know that here here in lafayette at john paul the great there is hydroponics. That's right farming going on. Can you talk about that and what the kids are learning a no show absolutely that's right. When we started this whole effort might take away from the farm school. I went to <hes> gee this great theory but horrible execution and what our hope was apply oilfield thinking to an egg problem and you know oilfield. I grew up in a everything designed to be set up rapidly onsite. Do would you have to do and then get out. You know as fast as you can to go to the next site. Everything is designed to be standard. Operating procedure on packed unloaded setup torn down reloaded shipped shipped away. That's the thinking that we wanted to apply to this problem that i experienced in this farm school which was one of the best schools in the country <hes> and so when we started it never been done before you know so you can't go to a bank and say hey bank gives us a loan and the bank going to say hey. Where's your cops. You know there isn't a cop so we had to start somewhere and in fact we were gonna start at the head of the school there paul baker walked us around and we had a great site picked out <hes> however where we started ultimately was a was a wonderful sight <hes> in many ways because what we had done was prototype so all of the trades that would do the solar and the plumbing and all that just happened to be around the corner from the school and the other side of it was the school had cafeteria which <hes> the other school did not <hes> because our big concern was g. This thing works. We're about to crank out a lot of products. Where are we going to go with that and so <hes> the other side of that location asian. There's it's close to the carmelites. They have their own garden and in fact i always joked with sister. Amy i said the longer you pray over here. The closer we get to the carmelites and so we ended up there and of course it was close to saint joe's diner which is how we started and that's what i read that that was one of your first iraq tie-ins and are thought. Was you know just like wild catting. You've got a ninety percent chance of failure <hes> and if you're gonna fail doing away helps the school <hes> and unfortunately it has not been the case in fact we've done as what we had hoped to do which was set out to prove that there is in fact a market people go by what you what you grow. How long has it been in john papa great well. It's been running for about three years. Okay it got there probably four years ago and then we worked on it and had lots of false starts and you know things that expectedly unexpectedly presented new issues to learn and so we've been there growing about three years. There's now a campus people that aren't familiar with that. That's like you said ri- by catholic diocese carmelites carmel drive and there's no question it's a blessing thing to be there and small school absolutely k. through twelve and they're growing growing growing and enrollment and everything else yeah oh sure here <hes> wonderful school and <hes> we're very grateful that they would even have us <hes> you know it is an imposition but by the same token can wear our focus has been from day one is how do you get this to the next generation and it's an important thought because when we started all of this stuff what knocked me out of my war and practicing law was i went to this farm school and expected to not learn or anything and while i was there it dawned on me and what was taught to us. Michelle at the average age of farmers is sixty years old and rising and there's nobody coming in behind behind the farmers to pick that up so if you extrapolate that time forward twenty years we don't have farmers. We've seen that locally sure farms how how many people they it's. It's very tough. Listen a farmer and <hes> and then the concern was nobody's coming behind it so a lot of the folks that we started this with one of that was a gentleman named scott corn berg who died <hes>. His company has american hydroponics that we're very proud to work with. They've set up science barges in the hudson river. They've setup rooftop growing huge installations all over the world <hes> all the way down a little ones <hes> and scott's big argument. Was you know if we're going to get to the next generation and we have to put it on their terms. We have to be able to get to them and i've amended that now. My comment is we're going to get to the next generation. We gotta make it at least a sexiest sexiest snapchat because that's what the kids are on these days when they do that arming sexy i mean this looks like a lot of fun. Now looking at the kids ads. They're enjoying no question no question. The big issue that kids are gonna run into today. Is you know they don't want to be with the creepy crawlies. They don't wanna be with the worms and the weeds in the bugs and because i could be on snapchat so that's your opportunity cost. How do you get them to get past najat. Well a lot of what we do. What we've been very excited about with the kids is is by growing hydroponically. They're out of the worms and the weeds and mugs so they start. Everything's table height. You don't crawl around and get into all of that in its high volume high yield right so how high vying like what can you grow in a pod that makes a lot of that question no question we're doing on hundreds and hundreds of pounds a week out of a tiny little spite and that's just we're we're only using a portion of the growing area. You know we have other stuff allocated to tomatoes and things like that so you can get quite a bit out of it and you're always seating. You know every week you see. I'm gonna be seating after we finish here today. My next stop is back j._p. With hundreds of seeds to go plant and are the prices on the east like the cost to grow it. Kelly is comparable to buy organic. I know that they're now labeled organic. Even though they're not growing soil it's where they can be right. We might have to allocate a whole another hour just to talk about organics and hydroponics. The simple answer to that is there's a big issue going on <hes> for people that grow in the soil that don't necessarily sarah like hydroponics being labeled organic and then there's a lot of things that have to fall in place just because you grow something hydroponically doesn't mean you're organic. You know we'd you'd want to look at the nutrients that you use. They're going to be what's called. Omri listed meaning. There's an organic forget. What armory stands for but you see. If you ever lose on the thing it'll say omri listed in the organic pesticides section. They may have to be like a separate designation temporarily. That's what they're talking about. The u._s. has struggled struggled. They have struggled for years. When i went through the training i went to a certified hydroponic organic beza farm and then a couple of years after i graduated ed hydroponics could no longer be associated at all with organics and then the last year to come back out and kind of reverse their position again. I guess it's the national organics board that has come out and they have now allowed it again so this thing goes back and forth whether or not something's organic organic or not but it hadn't been in the soil. It hasn't been sprayed with <hes>. That's right how all these chemicals sure. Produce mets right with so and it's an important thing. I guess one of the things we're talking about it. You know now there were on it <hes> when we say organics right. Most people say is something organic and so if you ask them. What do you mean right. Nobody really knows. I mean as a as it's not a legal challenge. It's it's really what's the definition and if you ask anybody today like if i asked you today what is organic what is that. I think it'd be cleaned without chemicals right. That's correct and that's where so many people come in with this. What i mean is clean without chemicals. I say it's correct that you know what you think. It means but i don't what the u._s._d._a. That's why organic started by the rodale way back <laughter> gosh. I can't remember how long ago it was and the rodale institute is here today and they still do wonderful wonderful work and a lot of it flows from organics which is a process right and it's a process that nurtures the soil. There's a whole universe of living things in the soil. We we really want to care for that and over time. Our agricultural practices have included people that inject liquid nitrogen into the soil and they'll do it over a tremendous amount mount baker age we freeze dry everything in the soil so now all your beneficial worms and you've beneficial insects. They're gone so you're killing the soil before you come down and put down the home of your your crops and then you have to put a lot of nutrients in all these additives that are designed for that process so organics in many ways was designed to avoid all that that's nurtured soil so let me say something organic. We're talking about a process but over time. It's come to be acquainted with the product so today when you see the organic on a label. He says her gimmick. There's the label. It's like a mercedes benz logo right. You see it and you know. It's organic must be the best that's right. It must be the best. It must mean. It's chemical free. That's another one everybody says well. Everybody knows organic is chemical free well. If that's the case they would be no organic. Pesticides section at lowe's reality is can't they're spraying chemicals all over it but it's on omri which is a list of designated products safe that you can use and get the label able and the interesting thing and it's one of my visual aids that i did not bring today and i would invite anybody listening to next time you're in lows go to the organic gardening section and pull back the warning label on organic pesticides and look at all those warnings. It'll kill fish and make your honeybees. <hes> you know not consume it. Don't put it near elders children animals right but it's unrealistic and you can use that and that would be allowable should get an organic designation so head of lettuce grown hydroponically versus a head of lettuce grown organically <hes>. I don't know if you know this. Do they have the same nutrients known if this doesn't derive itself from the soil nutrient density is wonderful back because you're not an issue no <hes> and now where people might get you know if they want to get into the the distinction of the hyper technicality of nutrients than you may want to say. We're using omri listed nutrients. That's another big issue. Let's say that so our experience with omri listed nutrients has been they've been unpredictable at best i and evolving field that's correct one of the areas that i think <hes> we're very excited to at some point explorer would be see how we can use louisiana sugarcane to make our own omri listed nutrients you know but it's like you only have fourteen hundred forty minutes in a day so you can't right can't do it all so i know that you source you. Source your lettuce and other things to whole fate. That's correct so are the prices comparable bull like hydroponically grown sure laddis is at. I think i was getting at that earlier. Is this something that's even higher end or is it a no question emily or cost it depends it's going to depend on your store in california where they have so much grown everywhere and maybe cheaper and different like here in louisiana you may find and that it's more expensive for organic just because to get at here and all of that a lot of that's going to be a function of food industry itself. You know it's really not a distinction so much on organic versus hydroponics. It's really gonna come down to economies of scale in the source of the farm. You know a lot of these farms farms have thousands of employees down in mexico cranking out produce as fast as you can imagine and it comes in and dump trucks and gets onto a conveyor air belt and gets shredded impact and so when you have that kind of an economy of scale you can bring in product at a lower price. I mean that's just the nature of it and i know that she also source for many local restaurants. If you wanna touch on that <hes> i'm very happy to <hes> we would not be here our without our local restaurants starting proposition. It just wouldn't happen because when we started <hes> ah game we started on a hope and a prayer and and we were homeless company serving homeless people. That's pretty much what we were and everything like that. I mean that's really it comes down. We were campbell. It was a tremendous gamble lake a lot at night <hes> and still do still kinda laugh and say man. I could have been an title attorney on this. One working in the air conditioning getting paid at the closing closing not bad and that's no disrespect to title attorneys who also work like crazy. I've yeah i've seen how hard they work as well so <hes> at the end of the day though when we started we we didn't know <hes> and it's really funny and and i will say this now. I've been at it long enough that i feel more comfortable saying it. The farm school that i went to was sponsored in part by whole foods they had a whole foods forager there as part out of the training. There's a thirty minute documentary on it. They're all over it. Let's forager forager okay so a whole foods. You have folks that it's their job to forage they go out and they i find product <hes> at the time <hes> what was told to us was if you go through this program and you come out as an alumnus alumna of this program you're going to be on a preferred word vendor list at whole foods <hes> so that's great how far and so fast four years later you know we're talking to afford you hear sound okay. Look we've done it. We've started in the forger here so there's no such thing we win preferred vendor list so so it's kind of a a come up its message and and it may be you know i i don't. I don't know how to look back in time and resolve that other than perhaps the company was so big that perhaps there was and this one region there wasn't across the country because you're dealing such a large group so in many ways that was a blessing for us because we had to go back and get on boarded traditionally so there's no way that you can look at that and say oh well since you went to this farm. You had some magic wand that got you in far from it. We had to work and go through multiple levels of of an on boarding process that was very difficult <hes> but we're very proud of that because whole foods has a very rigorous food safety plan in place and when you know you're just you're not allowed in the door unless you can deliver safely so for us. That was a huge step. The other side of where we were was also at the at the school that i went to they had a representative from something called pro act proactively national distribution distribution co op up of all these food distributors around the country. Every state has one member of proactive in this state capital city in the pro act representative representative was telling all of us twenty nine military folks and one civilian that if you build greenhouse call your pro act member and they'll back the truck up and you'll live happily ever after okay fast forward a few years and call up capital city say hey went to the school and the proactive reserve said you guys will send the truck and gentlemen over there correct you know and that was also because the gentleman i was speaking of their said hey listen. I don't know who you spoke to but i'm the business office and that was sales sales people lie this business and we can't justify to stop for an economy scale versus a certain size gosh so all that is part and parcel y se we wouldn't be here today without in restaurants because what what what was what we quickly realized was that there is no magic bullet so the only way that we could survive and live the fight to get to the point where we could actually make the case to whole foods and and say listen take us on our merits not on our story <hes> was through the faith of our restaurants while they're really wanting to to sell farm-to-table no questions. There's no question and so for us. You know our first big buyers cafe josephine sunset chef troy up there who is every bit as rigorous as whole foods <hes> <hes> was huge and remains huge for us and then social saint st on blue dog <hes> before that dr rue <hes> <hes> <hes> cafe bread and circus pamplona all of these have been incredible and some of our finest restaurants no question no question and it is a it's. It's a real blessing to be able to go through the back door of these restaurants. You know it's funny before i did all this. I didn't realize it was always a back door into a restaurant now deliveryman i i am i am i wear all the hats certified delivery guy too. I saw that other certificate and so in part we're doing at incidentally really has been when we started. It wasn't just approved that we can have this neat widget or gadget. That drops on goes all the stuff. The reality is if we're going to ask people to grow with it. We have to walk in their shoes. We've got to understand what are these folks going to be dealing with you. Know how do we grow. How do we get stuff and delivered you know and <hes> you really on the very front end of what could happen. This could be just that was leading industry. I know that's your goal and i also the no colleague that while you're trying to sell what you're doing. You also have a heart. Were you want to help people that are in food deserts so we're talking about a commercial endeavor or that also can help change people's lives. There's no quest chiappa dollar general only because there's no other store in the area no question <hes> i mentioned beginning of this show that you know i started in jefferson parish at gretna manhattan at at the juvenile justice the center and my take away when we were going through that i used to talk to the engine indigent defense attorney across the table every day would sit across table from each other and inbetween calling up one case to the next the next to the next we would talk and the things that we saw particularly with juveniles <hes> was that they had so much potential essential it. They just didn't have a shot you know and in these communities look my running joke was give me the juvenile drug dealer they can do. Fractions wins in their head. They can convert grams two ounces. They understand time value of money. They can market. They just don't have a legal product. You know if we can shift and create a better alternative well. They can put all the skills to work doing something that then can build community value you know and so in a lot of these places <hes> that was an exposure that i saw that i would love nothing more than they get back and bring fresh produce and job cities communities they recently had over in mccomb visa a they had a big grant came through and i went to attend department of transportation meeting at mccomb visa and they put up these big whiteboards and and they asked everybody that was in attendance from the community. Let's list the top ten or top twenty things that you want if if money is now on the table and the number one thing on that whiteboard was produce. It kind of blew me away. I was expecting mortgage assistance. That was number. Two number one was access to fresh food because it's easier to get cigarettes. That's an alcohol and a lot of these communities than it is fresh food so there's no question that what we're working on would have import and it would be you know a dream. Come true to be able to deliver right <hes> that kind of value to these communities that need it the most for people that wanna more. Where should they visit. We we have a we have. Our best site really is facebook and instagram kinda. We've learned over over the years that we prefer to be on social media. You can see a daily log if you will of everything that we do <hes> we do have a website that <hes> is very informational almost too much information formation and we're in the process now updating that and streamlining it so that if you look at it you don't get a shotgun blast. It's some of the technical things you were talking about. I think if people can look at those these pictures shirts he'll post or he'll local culture you look a holdings dot com and you can see really overview and much of what we've said here today <hes> but the things about the solar panels and all the all the technical details. I think if they can visualize you know look at the pictures and karrar more. I i really encourage people to go. Look at your side and spread the word about this because it's something mainstream people just. I don't think we're aware of it yet and the potential pencil is limited. Thank you for that you know and the one thing that i guess i would add that is as we've looked at all of this. Our approach has been a standardized approach approach to farming <hes> that can mitigate the threats. <hes> you know the weather the worms the weeds the chemicals <hes> all of those things that we've taken. We've done that in an environment food safety meeting <hes> u._s._d._a. And of course the f._d._a. Has its own rags. They have something called bismah. Which is the food safety modernization act <hes> which is on us. It's coming and he's a great things but they're enormous barriers to entry for new young farmers. If you don't know about it you're gonna find out. What about the way that we did. You know you're going to blunder into it and realize oh my gosh. I got to do all this. We welcomed all of that in an effort to detangle it in demystify that in a way that can move stuff forward and the reason i say that is you know at the end of the day. You're right on that. A lot of people haven't quite embraced it yet and part of what we're seeing today is we are in a state of change. <hes> state of climate change as we saw in new orleans where a lot of people joke that we're the early adopters of climate referees climate ed evacuees rather refugees climate migration is the word i was looking for that was given to us by loyola marymount out in l._a. L. a. and we were talking about this stuff so congratulations where the early adopters of climate migration in louisiana but this help people survive have fresh food it allows us to have something that's that's flexible right because if if you go and you build these massive factory farms and their cemented into the ground one hurricane wipes it out you know and so the reality -ality is if he can start distributing agriculture. You can have a lot of impacts that can bring value to our communities. One of the things that we see here and part of what part of what i brought with me brought a whole box of visual aids and one of them is <hes> is a is a state. It's it's a hundred and fifty one page page document. I wanna rifle that. People can hear what one hundred pages sounds like a microphone and that's a procurement guy from the u._s._d._a. It's called procuring during local foods for child nutrition programs. It's what binds public schools to buy in any school that wants to bind by local <hes> we'll find on page thirty five of this one hundred and fifty one page document just what they need to do. No they have one headline that says using local as a specification nation is not allowed so one hundred fifty pages of this document designed to get around. What's on one page at a document says. You just can't do it so far. Procurement regulations haven't quite caught up so when you say we haven't the reason i said wait into all of that is where we are today. Is we are at a point where the technology is such that we can distribute agriculture and we can bring it local so one of the things that we see here in lafayette for instance we feed roughly thirty thousand kids kids three times. Maybe four the kids go home with food from the pantry and your child nutritionist may not know where that foods coming from too big issue right and it's that way all across the country you know a lot of these folks don't know where the food comes from and if you call the distributor and say hey where's my produce coming from they'll tell you it's shit from salinas. It's like well okay but where did it come. I'm to get to salinas right no so part of what we're looking at doing. The effort here long term would be to allow your nutritionists. If we're going local. They have a key to excite as long as they sign in and checking visitor log for the u._s._d._a. Happy for their inspections. They can come twenty four seven and confirm. We're not using chemicals and they can see our cleanliness. Make sure we're our safety. Plan is being followed to give them traceability and accountability today. The other side of it is <hes> if you look at our educational system right now under c. t. which is career and technical education. There's only one pathway forty seven. That's egg agriculture agra scientists three lease that what it was what it was last time i looked at the time the teachers hadn't passed the test yet. 'cause was new <hes> and one of the things that we look at is is how do these kids vocational careers in these trades and part of the way that they establish a path. Is you gotta show that there's jobs then we can justify. I haven't a career path well but if there's no greenhouses and the way our then you're division by zero so a lot of what we're looking to do. Long term is to solve these issues that can help evolve our communities and our buyers and get them informed to where we can start scaling it out so that was a very lengthy the thing to say. I hope i didn't put you ought to sleep with that. You brought several books. If you wanna mentioned under you brought some interesting <hes> i did a couple a couple of things. I just grabbed on the way here. Recommend people look at <hes>. You know there's a great book that i did not bring called last child in the woods which is probably one of my favorite books at all of all in that research was done by a gentleman that researched and what we've seen historically in our community which is our children have a._d._h._d. Obesity diabetes all these things. I'm in the argument is that we started off as a very agricultural animal right twelve thousand years since the neolithic revolution. We've dealt with the irrigation and agriculture. That's been our identity in the last hundred years. We've dropped it. I mean not just subtly we are out. Snapchat people just disconnected disconnected so the premise of that is that as we have just suddenly disconnected from what's been our identity for so long we're seeing anxiety and all these issues and it's incredible health issues yeah. It really is so that's that's a book last child in the woods. I really look at and i just happened. Grab one called headaches which is it's an interesting story one of the things that i'm very happy to say that we've done is we've taught public schools private schools. We've taught veterans all ages in one of the more interesting things was ahead. A group live oak academy in baton rouge or lavaux middle that reached out online and just had been reading. A book called hammocks alex h._d._d. That's right. I'm sorry that's her name has had the author's name and the focus among the hidden among the hidden and it's one of these near future kind of apocalyptic apocalyptic kind of things and the premise there's you can only have two kids or only one kid. I forgot what the magic number is so the families that have to break the rule have to start growing extra food because government monitors how much food you're buying so if you're buying more than what two or three people should have so in these folks resort to hydroponic growing that that way they can do that and so these kids middle school would just happened to redesign science fiction book and then reached out to us and we had a virtual class. You know we walk them through ruined. They set up their own little hydroponics in their class and <hes> so i'd drag that because i guess the point why barack brought that along was you know kids today do have an interest in all of that stuff and they've really quickly. That's right and so the way that we can start getting back to these kids to bring it. All full circle is to bring it back on their terms and <hes> one of the things that i think is of interest. We talked earlier about kids that don't want to get into the worms in the weeds and the bugs right the traditional experience of raised as bed growing as you throw the seeds down out. It's a lot of work you ignore. It turns into weeds right well. When we grow the way we grow hydroponically clean. The kids always have instant gratification but even with the instant gratification and almost guaranteed success because nothing's guaranteed but over time the kids because their kids and they're hungry to learn they'll start saying well. Hey can we plant acorns can be plant beats plant and then that's when you i know you've got a spark when they start asking hey can we and what sets right so one of the things that we've always been excited about has been the times that we propagated beats because we'll just say let's go. Let's find out so we'll start doing that and beats or a root crop so at some point you're growing these root crops out of the soil. They start getting too big yeah to handle in the hydroponics so then the kids will say hey. What do we do next and then you throw it back to them. You know i don't know what do you think they'll say. Let's go outside and plant them in the soil all right so then when the kids take that outside you find out that then the kids are okay with the worms in the weeds and the bucks now they're invested in their beeped compared for it and they've made a deal at that's right now to theirs and so the reason i get into that is because hydroponics really is not a replacement nor will it ever be conventional growing growing but it's a supplement that can get these kids to the you know the next generation interested in growing and it can certainly have needs in those areas that need it. Mike resource limited resources things like that <hes> my mother-in-law who's a former mayor of crowley used to always joke with me. She'd say you know here in crowley we farm. We feed the world with what we farm. You feed the neighborhood but then because the default he's thank you but within she always qualified it saying but there's a lot of neighborhoods need feeding and that was always our point was there's a balance and all of these approaches to agriculture that none as a replacement for the other but rather they all have a fit so where we have focused the last few years really has been to address address. A unique need to deliver a fit and those areas that need it. It's beautiful and i'm so proud to have you on his show. Thank you very much. There's a lot to cover. It is certainly hoped that haven't scared your listeners. Though i do have one interesting question before we give jason. Do you have questions today. I have one word we know. We're we're. We're overtime but i do have one question asking. I've got one. I'm going to close the show is is there something that you haven't grown that interests you you that you might do in the future <hes> asparagus. Oh that's one that i'm we're dying to grow <hes> our issue with the spirit is it tends to have a long time that you go from seed to actual first harvest and some cases it can be quite long <hes> and our issue right now. Is you know we're space limited so we really a focus on those areas that are restaurants really need right so our next step as we evolve is to find the next location that we can really scale up and do what we wanna addu and that would be one awesome. I like that thank you for being here. This has been fascinating. Thank you thank you for having me. I'm glad you're still awake. Thank they don't even have a cup of coffee. I really wish that my wife and my father would have been here because do amazing green thumbs and they had a ton of questions for you honey that you say i will say this. I know we're over time but i mean if you're editing stuff you can perhaps figure out what you want but one thing that we also have seen in all of this process is when we talk about veterans. We've had war veterans that come out that it's the most amazing thing to see. I'm not a scientist <hes> but i can tell you as a layman what i've observed. There's been a lot of these folks will come and they have memory issues. How would they can't remember dementia but as soon as they get their hands on seeds it cascades back suddenly suddenly they're back on the farm talking about how they grew up in cecilia <hes> propagating camelias in in it's amazing to see that the parents parents are parents. My mom grew up on farms and you eat what you kill and we don't know that today so it is it's a lot of fun for parents to come back to and it's part woah love. All of this stuff to is. It's multigenerational it not only do we have kids that can follow farmers. We can connect them to the to their elders which is both the really is. That's awesome well. I do have one question. I know in your early career way before hydroponics and all these other legal things yes you were out in l._a. And you saw a young brad pitt well. I wanted to get that in. I didn't see a young brad pitt what we did. Was i fell into the film industry <hes> after when i was at l._s._u. Started an oil company and i started with my dad so that would be a whole another story for another rainy day and i learned to hate the oil industry because my risk tolerance was not my dad's however my take away from that was g. I didn't go into banking. I didn't go into insurance aren't got a finance degree. What do i know how to do. I know how to deal with the crew of people. It's always getting injured. Maybe blowing things up sounds like the film industry absolutely so i got into the film industry thinking well gee if it's going to be a ninety percent chance of failure just like drilling at least your worst case scenario is you can go sell to germany in japan and you don't necessarily do the environmental damage so maybe you can get back your budget and that's really how i started in the film industry after l._s._u. You so we did three films three. You never heard of but they did very well. In japan and germany and one of the film's films was written for brad pitt by gentleman named sandy tung <hes> who was a director that directed him in his first show called across the tracks with ricky schroder who was at the time time the bigger star and sandy wrote the script for brad pitt but then by the time he wanted to make the film brad pitt had already done thelma and louise and he was long on <hes> citizen so this was a script that had been floating around we made that and in fact to bring it off. We'll circle some of those folks that are involved in that the ones that reached out to me five years ago and said hey listen really like to put some some veterans to work full circle. It's beautiful. Thank you very much franson with he'll coal outpost look them up online and <hes> i wanna thank you for what you're doing for our community and for the world and <hes> jason sikora thank you for taking us here in raiders solution. I'm here and to our listeners. Thank you for supporting the show. Please share this show. You can find it at discover lafayette dot net or you can subscribe and get your podcast delivered each friday <hes> you can get this through itunes or anywhere you get your podcast on behalf of discover lafayette. I'm jan swift the <music>.

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Episode 10: Passing the Marker


48:24 min | 1 year ago

Episode 10: Passing the Marker

"Sir Horses around here. Maybe Halsey somewhere come. Can you smell wash it. I'm an artist Garth mullins. This is correct in episode ten passing the Mark Statement. I go to a lot of drug user organizing meetings but I didn't always back in the day I was just trying to outrun dope. CIGNA's now's a full-time job. Twenty four seven three sixty five. There's no benefits and no time off. I was deeply ashamed. I didn't mind if other drug users or my bandmates knew that. I did heroin every day but I didn't want family or co workers to know so I wore long sleeves in the summer and hope nobody would notice every now and then. I'd catch wind of a meeting about safe injection sites or decriminalizing drugs or overdose problem. I usually didn't want to go but I did show up to a few. I remember one meeting. I sat at the the back and pulled my ball cap down low. I wasn't saying very much there. Were maybe twenty people there. There is a big guy in a plaid jacket standing at the front beside a flip. Lipped chart this guy was no social worker type. He was in the life. You couldn't miss it yet here. He was marker in hand leading the meeting. The guy asked us what kind of issues we're facing with the cops and then there was an awkward silence for a moment it seemed like maybe nobody would speak up. But then a a woman murmured they took my dope and money the guy the front holds up a finger like hang on his markers squeaks of the letters across the flip chart cops taking cash and drugs have an emmy do voice said they took my whole a welfare check they kick my ass now. Everyone's chiming in the guys. Marker is racing to keep up filling up the flip chart page he halts and turns to plus everyone helps them. Spell incarceration not me. I'm keeping quiet. I'm not a great speller. And when he's finished writing he steps back. He looks at the page age full of stories of police abuse. He turns to US and says okay. Now what are we gonNA do about this shit people build skills. They're given a space where they can be leaders and it's transformational. This is Ryan McNeil. Crackdown signs adviser. I'll think back to some of these meetings where you'll see a new face or a few new faces who walked into van do for a meeting and they see someone of the front of the room writing down concerns people have and maybe they won't pipe up and say anything of that first meeting but it's validating for them that this is a space space that they can share things. Add for years Ryan's been doing research at meetings of the Vancouver Area Network of drug users. Were van deal and so he sees lots of people like me go from the back of the room to the front. These meetings have given us a community. They helped us feel less ashamed less alone and most importantly they've helped us get shit done. If you look at the history of Van do you can basically track the history of drug use organizing and drug policy reform in Canada so many of the things that we have our because van do organized and they did the work on the ground when we couldn't move from a model of syringe exchange distribution. They just opened up a table and they started to give rigs away when we had political stasis and frankly moral cowardice a stalling the implementation of supervised injection sites. They just open them up when people were dying in alleyways people from van do went out to to check on people to bring him back and keep them alive. Politicians academics and journalists now routinely come to Vancouver to tour are harm reduction sites. And when they do they learned that thousands of lives have been saved here but few learn where these ideas really started as a comment in a meeting written in marker on the flip chart London So let's start by just yet. So I'm Kerry sorry I'm from Komo's and Scotland originally and live to Canada a few years ago cal's in his late twenty S. He wears glasses an in indy band. T shirts we met a couple years ago and got along right away. Golf has the taste. That's kind of appropriate for his age. As I think and then I I have the taste of someone aged. I shouldn't have but it's just that like an adult journey by punk patents. Things like every will pump bundy. He's into I also like so like after I moved Vancouver moved to Newfoundland like we kept in touch a law one of the things we talk about his heroin. Cal doesn't do heroin himself. But but a lot of the people he cares about back home do and Scotland's drug users have it rough last year. The rate of drug related deaths was actually higher in Scotland than either Canada in the US. Even though there's no fennel there yet and that makes us wonder if those no faintheartedness apply. Why are people dying in these numbers? That's this while I was kind of interested in finding out what is was the other thing that may be killing people if it's not fair no I'm curious about this too and I have a high the answer. We'll tell us something thing about our own situation back home. The story of overdoses in Vancouver is not just the story offend no. It's bigger than that. And a few months ago. Callan I got an unexpected opportunity. A group called the Scottish drugs forum sent me an email. They said they were planning conference in Glasgow and they were wondering. If I would do a keynote speech the GIG came with a free flight. An excuse for me in Calico try and figure out what's going on contacted me with this idea that we week over when he'd be asked at the conference I mean I feel like I can cover this of like I feel like I can cover this pray whale and I can help you. Guys not recalled all but when it comes to actually putting together some kind of like video and audio like you guys do. I feel like I'm like I don't know what the Hell I'm doing. And so the bit nervous cal. Flies Glasgow the plan. Is that Leeson. I will follow around a week later after callous found people for us to talk to. I put a call on my like nick. FACEBOOK Told people what was up and why I was home and then once had gathered all the Peon Just setting waiting for Guffman Lisa to arrive. That's when I started to panic about what done you know does any of this have any can cohesion Possibly can follow. I thank a AH AH weekend. I had a complete crisis at would've looked like someone chain-smoking and frantically skipping back through the statement of us over and over again and try to make notes. It's on them back in Vancouver. Doctor gives me a script to cover the time. We'll be away. That's called a carry so I pack up. My passport microphones and Methadone. And then I fly to Scotland but yes it is. It is like fifteen rain and overcast here in August. Yes yeah this is just like an average day some mm-hmm as hundred days a year. fucking love it. Of course you. I lived in London the mid nineties. I used scam the train to Edinburgh or Glasgow visit friends back then. I was doing heroin. Methadone Valium and morphine. Sometimes they get the pure pharmaceutical form of some of these drugs. Dogs it come in a little glass ampule you break it open. Draw liquid up and off you go safe supply ninety style so I can't really remember everything from back then. Although I do remember one time that I fell in duck pond Callan I head over to George Square. It's a slab concrete with some statues statues columns benches and Pigeon Shit. The square is bordered by ornate official looking buildings this is where the people of Glasgow regularly come to protests. And today there's one hundred the people here for International Overdose Awareness Day sexting a yellow reheat either head over those and it took twenty five hundred I by twelve goals and some of the few months of one thousand one hundred eighty four and five. We've got liquid us as well like me like me so we can have a broken. Government has a lot to answer for denial denial with adopting such Jackson and his money Abbott. And we need. y'All get political into non politician in England is using Jimmy Stewart school using drugs to free money addiction. An example time you. Those was a wellness stuff that I've been to Vancouver like his obviously marching through the Dan. Tony Sade an highs. Everyone from Denny's Said's taken The overdose illness van in Glasgow was very much like longtime recovery. And then grieving. Parents Africa's hold as you go to hold an end gonNA check. Do Check one. Check two to one to one of the people cal- arranged for me to speak to was a woman named Donna Boyd. I I heard she was starting a radio show and it was going to be about recovery so we went down to sunny govern community radio stations in a little store front in a working class neighborhood booth number Three is actually the bathroom. Thanks for thanks for talking to us. Thanks asking could you introduce yourself to the tape like this the way you would on the on the air here. Oh I'm even used to did the I'm GONNA. I'm Don avoid I'm recovery. I had turned off an active addiction longer using different substances and Find Your cavalry in three years ago. Yeah so you said you started twenty. Three years ago I guess that'd be the ECHINACEA. It indefinite pedals and buzzing gossip stuff Before the my granny used to give his name Fedora volume digordon right nope in order for the is the drinking at weekends ecstasy. That part is seen over madden's and an seventeen eighteen absentia just not a methadone. This kind of poly drug use is common in Scotland. In particular. Lots of people. Use benzodiazepines with their opioids last year. Sixty seven percent of the drug related death in Scotland involved. Benzes this summer we started to see Benza related overdose in Vancouver to sixty a sixty milligrams m volume fee early teens and try to get back on them and I relapsed. AM The local degrees scraping. Even them changed need Davis get long-tem Benzel prescriptions in in North America. We had this big moral panic about offseason over prescribing. I being the same thing here. With volume in both places doctors started cutting people off to cover their ass and that left people scrambling to get well a toxic drug supply. I feel this new demand quickly and body started stacking up. So you've been prescribed prescribed benzodiazepine. You couldn't get them then you were starting to fill the vacuum that was created by dealing selling Bentos untaken them. Obviously I get on supply and then get Donna. Says eventually she got nick for selling benzes. And we've mentioned time go geal Ma believe his ten year old. Am I thought right if I'm on the GI bill days some productive Kim off my methadone now uh and come back and I was about using weeks. Why is it so important? I hear this from a lot of people like I've been on Methadone for sixteen years. Just take it took it this morning. Get up to my day. I mean we work long hours doing this thing and I I I kind of think well Amman it for forever. That's okay all right but I hear around here. Lots of people saying I'm just GONNA get off it. I gotta get done with it. You know I don't remember you can help me here I am. I'm I'm new naive close-minded thank abstinence. Works for everybody. Everybody's recoveries personal amen. What works for them? That's fine I mean I ah class is anybody else covered. Just know that if I take one thing I don't store for me. It was never enough. Methadone I was always using something else. On top of it was used in Topa. It was to get me saw it in the morning and then using 'em because I never had to know some life life my only speak for myself. Well we're doing the same thing you're doing radio it's like you're looking for that connection that way back in you know and I'm when did you first start coming to the radio station. That was a care manager. Enough US move backup and and I was on. Methadone had suggested accumulated reduce station was another Boden and social worker. was suggesting this is a thing you could do. I close it was. It was a Cuny Redo station. He was helping find things defended foam. Tell us great radio was treatment. Maybe they should get prescription radio right you go off. I told Donna that Callan I really wanted to know why there were so many overdose deaths right now and to do that. We figured we should talk some current drug users. She said she couldn't help because she's not in the life anymore and so we decided to go visit knock endemic instead higher levels cal a thing. We're very good. Could you introduce yourself at the center. So official title or Yeah so my facilitators daughter Andrew mcauley and I'm a senior research fellow. Phil he'll Glasgow Caledonian University and how would you do it. Unofficially a And we got the both now. Yeah I suppose I I go into to use research backing into those three to. There's an for us when we had these headlines off totally. Today's a the numbers are three hundred and fifty per annum at that point and the headlines in the newspapers where one joke death every dean scorned national national emergency national disgrace and that national disgrace is only gotten worse over the last fifteen years. The number of drug related deaths has nearly tripled in. Scotland was Colin does being can pioneer. You would see of harm reduction a ever since the HIV epidemic the needle insulin's provision. Miss Kenner really ruled out year in response to the we've had the national northern program with the forest what a country level program here intensive took policy took a ton back in two thousand seven all of Scotland's political parties the Conservatives Labour SNP the Greens. They all sign onto this new thank called the road to recovery. If you read it was almost create a van Jellicoe document about where we're going to move drug-free society and everybody was going to be a recovery. Lian was going to be rosy in the garden so overnight on what services went from being drug treatment services or drug support services is to job. Recovery CBS's Mitha in Scotland is probably more stigmatized as any other place being in the world the most famous town you'll get over here parked on. Methadone is every time I see the economic part of and say to me. Just so what does that what does it. What are the people mean by that? Because I've heard that a lot people have told me that. Yep You quite often getting out in the media media where people who've been part on Methadone for twenty twenty-five thirty years and the go into the myth don program because they were promised they would be off drugs wchs but the voices that you don't see in the media are people who have been on Methadone for PD TAME. They're quite stable on it. They'll have normal functioning life and acquit hoppy on the myth donor holding the job. But these people at Heddon will the narrative I wasn't until a year or two ago myself cannon and Scotland seem to have a lot in common when it it comes to Methadone in both countries. People are getting dope sick before their next dose and they're topping up from the black market in Canada. That's because of methodists as crackdown listeners. Know in Scotland. It's because doctors are under prescribing. Almost half of all Methadone patients. So how many people are on Methadone here. The most recent estimates suggest that somewhere between forty to fifty percent of those people who are what we call problem drug use or who meet the criteria for a method on Serbia like twenty thousand ninety. Five thousand. Exactly Yeah A and that compels que- poorly to even to to England will. The percentage is near sixty percent sixty six percent and compared to other countries in Europe do battling Scandinavia places like nor we a half a day to fight in ninety percent of the approaches of cluelessly. We're in where's the where the Shitty rate to in in BC we have like less than fifty percent of people on on Methadone or a little consistency yet. All this Methadone stuff. It could be a major driver of Scotland's overdoses. Then there's no oxen people tell us they don't want to carry it because they don't WanNa get hassled by the cops and the ambulance is take way too long to show up Scotland. It also doesn't have any safe injection sites. There is a small prescription heroin pilots starting up but it will only be for twenty people. We had the new SIERRAS pen to the the train station. That was open from seven in the morning till eight which quickly became the busiest. Neil incidentally exchange down there. Yeah just O.`Neil Station. Yeah in that new exchange that was sent to the train station was closed on the swo- daily actress points. The break became the busiest in school and that name was closed down by by the real company because they were worried about drug related instance in the train station so you can see the battle were up against despite having some of the the strongest indicators of drug related town heart. We've still got all the parts of society a killer walking against the the the most rigid harm in the city. So when I'm I work with grew up in with this group the Vancouver Area Network of drug users for a long time and When I go somewhere I try to find someone like like me or activists who are drug users you know who who are in a drug user union or something? I don't know what that is here. Drug Users in general don't when our voice the collective body that doesn't adopt US union that has that kind of a kind of collective. Why do you think that is A? I'm not sure he's is kind of you. Guys had trade union militancy here. That was phenomenal. You'd open shooting war on the streets in the nineteenth century of the city over working conditions and stuff. And so I you ray it almost goes against the has three to have the I mean I would certainly we support embracement or a tamer. Wherever as anti trying to amplify yeah I think if there was ever team for drug? Here's a union to Kenner. Stay in a window of opportunity. The team is probably knew that says like all right. If you WANNA get on next thing we should pro show. Thanks thanks center between Donna and Andrew. I was starting to get the bigger picture but I still hadn't met any active drug users yet and I could tell. The cow was getting a bit nervous about that fair enough. It can be stressful working on this show. We we are at the Glasgow Cathedral which is right next to the Necropolis Golf. You like wanted to come to the macropoulos which is like the big old graveyard at the top of this and you think you have a memory from Heroes Gerrad of Ota or why did you want to come here. I don't fuck no I could see. Golf's frustration it just seemed like quite disillusioned with the whole thing. I mean is the one who would say I'll pull all these interviews or most of them and I was starting to feel quite joey receive radio. Scotty Najat many has them. France has them spain-portugal have the Norway Denmark. Canada has them and drug consumption. Turns out that while we're in the middle of making this episode the country's debating whether or not to open a supervised injection site the BBC invites me. They come on their national morning show. So Lisa Callan. I walk over to their Glasgow building a big glass box in the river. Clyde with a bunch of satellite dishes on the roof the highest in Europe Europe But the Westminster government has so far blocked the idea despite acknowledging the international evidence so what what is the international and evidence we have with a today Garth mullins who is the host of podcast. Crackdown and also a former Komo. Heroin use a component YouGov higher. Thanks for having me. So why would the user go to one of these rooms rather than just. They've got the drugs. Why would they not just use the drug? Whatever they want to draw them to go into this formal setting Because we don't want to die they there's a place where you can be assured that someone will save your life because of all the drug consumption rooms anywhere in the world. There's been no fatalities And they've reversed thousands of overdoses doses just in Canada loan just in the city where I am and that was the use of consciousness to not die. Yes I mean I can't talk forever user but me I didn't didn't WanNa die. I mean Lisa will just say the studio lessening and we were both like shocked and appalled by that statement or by that question golf we know. Exactly what your angle is you normalized structures. Because you've been a long time and that's what you're arguing for and it was clear from the questions with the David I really don't think that we should be making accusations and garth. I would like you to respond. David you did. You did ask for for time to speak in. And I think think I've been pretty favoring allowing you that Goss- which relate to respond sir. I mean my job is really clear. I've been transparent. I would like to continue to be alive. I would like my community and my friends to continue to be alive live. In the time I've been around I've known fifty or more people who've died from overdose. I don't want that and I see that happening here. I don't want that for Scotland either. First of all twenty five percent. The deaths in Scotland come from state prescribed Methadone. That's not true. That's absolutely not true. Look if you were allowed to speak without interruption just talking to let people talk bollocks air okay all right well we'll gossip. We use that language. Thank you very much I apologize apologize for that and David please please. I assure you I am not in any way cutting. We have to take travel at this point just because there please I promise you. We'll have travel aval and we'll come right back to you David. Promise at Victoria's on the travel I think that BBC interview really review the those Percentage people in Scotland. I don't really see drug kills as like Phil Human Beings but then there was a kind of a low of a can of jubilation and triumphant got golf cart to say bollocks on the BBC. My Grandmother was listening to and she was like really really. She loved to get text messages. Like golf and stuff. I'm down to the last batteries here. So US good. Maybe just means we're done with the episode when that big bag of batteries empty. It's windy and pissing with rain. County are in town called Kilmarnock. It's about a half hour south of Glasgow. One guidebook calls Kamarck crappiest place to live in. Scotland is where Calgary off if recent lexa pain by the looks of things but a lot can of crumbling him. Do you call it STUCCO. Maybe yeah what do you call it like pay Budaj. Maybe something like Oh there you go pebbled doubled. Uh It yeah. I like that better. I wanted to show my friend who had overthrown. I like it was the place where like all of my can of form of like interactions expediencies with drugs happened here. We've got these new season health center and I think new sallow and this is where I grew up. There was a big block of like rundown flights. They demolished in the late nineties. So you were you grew grew up in that block. The would have been right in front of this that we were looking M. right we were in the top floor and balcony and view over the course of our in from here on a clear day and stuff. Cows family lived on a scheme. A big tract postwar housing built by the government in the seventies seventies nearly a third of people in the UK lived in this kind of public housing. And that kept rent's pretty reasonable. But it changed under Thatcher. She launched her right to buy campaign. It was basically a right-wing ploy to privatize kind of housing. After that he became harder and harder to find a decent affordable place. Anyway they told my parents you'll be you'll be there for six months on some something bear and I think we will there for seven years or ten years actually so before fully enter co- unquote place but the place. It's just Mantovano. Who is on the inside of the this part of the country used to be all about mining industry cow lived about a half hour from an old coalpit and there were lots of factories? He's they made carpet toilets and Johnny Walker Whisky. But under Thatcher a wave of austerity and union busting decimated the economy and Camara hasn't been the same name sense launch housing scheme and kill monarch more than a thousand families live in a mix of privately owned and council hoses Harmful of those households agreed to be filmed over a year scheme. Follows some of the stories from starstruck. Lovely he that like a whole house all CDs of Kenneth Paul Paul thing of like you know look at this Ad. Horribly deprived post industrial area. They followed a few people. People basically everybody the feature was a heroin user and he would like the Jovan Lake Jackson stuff snake rumors in the scheme that move into started selling drugs and bullet has certainly had enough. We started getting coming down from Glasgow. Yeah Yeah we we did have like you know like I'd be standing at the bus stop. He'll just off the yields and like a car full like so young. Lots from Glasgow would pillow and they'd be like Oh. Excuse me like is Schema for tally. He's fucking hassles and with Marvin. It does eventually catch up with bullet only for the police to catch up with him with three hundred ten Diana Pam and his pockets I think was mess and from the show really as has like showing a life and kind of fill in rounded way for whatever reason Kamala Punched way above its way and temps is a like the musicians. The buttons is purchased over the yields as a very smoked having but as very like so easy to find your people in Italian like that. We would like that would be one guy. And when like when I was young there was one guy who had a house that was big enough to have a bunch of instruments end in some like basic recording equipment and like every weekend we would like all the musicians that wanted to be as just head over there and we'd make like some shit. y'All WanNa on US audio of also like everyone's pure basically in everyone's on it together so you get this kind kind of like egalitarian culture and music and that kind of extends to everything like everyone's just kind of add it together. Almost everyone. There was one group that was ostracized and come on heroin. USERS CAL remembers the local small time dealer. He lived just down the road he was like this guy with like a sort of big old chain and like I think black pool shots ton D- And in this kind of like so just hear the bike and say that he was like digest black. You know this is bald on top with Di di. They're trying to look younger than he was exactly. Yeah if I remember all right eight. Have a sunbathe in the and you could see like the blue light on it. May Cal was afraid of this guy as a kid. He had to walk past his house to get to school and he remembers ambers crossing the street unnecessarily to keep as much distance as possible. It's almost like that would be toxic. Fumes something you know. You're like he just a wannabe anywhere near like. You think those anthrax or neuro something. It's always in Nevada was heads a thing that like. Oh look like well. If he's got a blade on them or if he starts bothering me for something you know it's all seem pretty normal to cal. Until he was about sixteen he just dropped had a high school and was touring with the band and was suffering under the delusion I was going to be and was A. We would have a song that went into can of beg jam at the end of and then like occasionally that John would tunnel into the song if someone decides to like start the opening referenda and sometimes it wouldn't so it was like never on the set list but would sometimes pop up for some reason. This Song Song stuck with cal. Every time they played it he thought about the lyrics. They were written by the singer in his band. A Guy Known his whole life a couple of lines on the well. Well can have like alluding to to like injection drug use and I. I wasn't sure if that was just being used as a kind of like heels an illustration of like you know Louis someone can get whatever But it didn't it didn't feel elect. That felt more kind of like human and fill the not felt like someone was kind of writing it from from a perspective of expedience movie and so countless to singer. What's this song about anyway? And he says it's about a friend of mine a guy. He grew up with. Go ahead and and like heavy goal end two reasons. The singer stuck to that story for years until a whole new tour. The band was hanging out after a gig drinking and the songwriters just blurts it out this song. It's not about a friend of mine. It's actually about me. This is a person that I was like really close to an like someone who I love in. Someone is really close to me and I need to kind of like reckon with the idea that is being. I think I like ushering in just pushing away like heroin. Use My main up until that point so it made like the other like not the other all of a sudden here in cal- story I relate to this singer I get. Why didn't WANNA tell cow? That song was about it. I shamed is is corrosive it's paralyzing and it keeps you from reaching out to the people who care about you ultimately. That's a big part of the reason why we're so vulnerable. This is a problem everywhere but it seems to be particularly bad here in Scotland. There's no doubt this is a big part of the reason why so many people have died from overdose here. It's not just of my one story story of like one guy hiding like as as head when you throw me because he fell like Pasolini shamed on the basis of our relationship as like everybody you go through life in Scotland Endon Ye you find more and more of these people close to you that have been like hiding something in relation to the drug use and like even just trying to like talk to the people about a as as extremely difficult like whoa Zimbabwe's will go up like almost instantly and I wanted more than anything. I just want to know like what's going on with my friends and like and the people around me I don't want people will have to. Hey denizen from me at all backing Glasgow. Callan are having a busy day. There's an event spent the afternoon that we were asked to attend by the Scottish drugs for them. And we're not exactly sure what it's about we thought it was like an obligation and we would just go along to the stagnant titek conference and I think we went back to the apartment for like twenty minutes to dry off from the rain and then realized we had to drag themselves back again and we hadn't had anything to eat and we will just suck in measurable Tron. Church is an eighteenth century. Sandstone block with a spire. That seems bigger than the main bit out front. There's a statue of a homeless. Is Jesus Sleeping on a bench which seems like a nice symbol but also a waste of a bench. An activist named Jason Wallace as county. The front door. So we ameet Jason. Jason takes us down into the basement. And there's like a lot rims We got to end tables and those like a few of his second round tables. I SAYS GAFFE MULLEN IN COW guy. He's over off in Canada. It's it's good to be here. I'm from a drug user group in Canada like a union a AH the first time since we arrived in Scotland were meeting with active drug users. People who are in the trenches of the drug war right now immediately to my left zest. Couple ed. Michele and CASS. Like met for is right across from me is this guy. Robbie roby's wavy ginger under here overpass with a modern coil. Mountains a very small about five five and then in touch drugs and the struggle to this. Hey I'm forty eight and somebody said that I would live here. I'd be the trainspotting generation the juice but eh ripping off. My transplanting is a book in a film about Scottish heroin users in the nineteen eighties dope fiends. In my vintage get called the trainspotting generation here and all of us around the table are part of that generation. We all start to shoot the shit about using drugs and Scotland immediately there's a huge deference and the things that we're being told Harrison problems where like people are getting new communication and those like roby's of getting locked up for like CDs and has methadone prescription gets cut down emails from one hundred get would of course it needs at genes in La to slay. Shen I tell you what they wouldn't give him to us either to open them illegally. I the government's not until we just said fuck you and we open them up like what tense up took rent a storefront and we say the police. You WanNa shut us down. Come on and do it. You know we'll take you to court Monday. They kind of each one with someone Hewlett live is included in administering knockout. No No. It's better to have someone who's a drug user who knows because then you can spot. He's just nodding. He's okay leaves gaping in the kind of energy in the rim of like drug user. Organizing was like really fell in love. Let's can have extreme like adrenaline dumper. I'm late just sweating buckets and like trying trying to hold it together. Could be the fucking star or something. That's really important and could potentially save hundreds of thousands of lives over the next few years is because we don't have a political power we don't vote as a blog or not because we don't have economic power right but but if we can make ourselves irritation tation to them we can make ourselves raising his so we never have won. Anything without twisting people's arms illegally bursting stuffer caress me. Because one of the guys Martin Coil was a little quiet in the meeting. He's a wily the old veteran of the Glasgow drug scene and I could tell he had more to say so. I grabbed him outside of the church for a quick Johnny. I tried I was Manyi. Goes Longitudinal undetectable. Yeah whom he on. This is dirty for me where I'll be out to put over this team. That's exactly what I said. I said I'm home. Yeah actually we failures leg must be what other people feel like all the time. I feel normal. Yea I'm trying to help people in Canada understand what the overdose crisis this feels like. Here what does it feel like drug user as scary a scary. I mean I came back from Las I get offense to to two weeks ago in combined I got one call for not been bucking blackcomb to kill me. Dom Would Emma frame source had died a D speak. TABLIST GONNA vote in Glasgow on an fun a No. I got an often coach. Kill me at another one on offense at least as well the two year clean years to once in Latin Italian. Both dight you without cost Taylor abusing and it's scary because you don't what the drugs again macro-financial I I use talking to Martin and the group felt good good for the first time we weren't hearing about things that happened five years ago or that academics have studied. We're hearing about problems on the ground and they seemed so solvable everyone in the room. It'd be much better off if they just had a safe supply drugs if they just had a decent place to sleep and if the police got off their backs and all that can be one he'll it'll just take a fight. Thanks was ordinary Martin. Thanks giving Ovechkin yeah or more. Are you around tomorrow and just because I was like again rushed from from being like the NBA Knicks stages at something that may be like the style of maybe a drug user union in Glasgow Bentley. Do like actually stopped. The Gal that's like really gives me like appear kind of adrenaline buzz. When an amongst you know Calix off quietly for a second I could feel his optimism evaporating? I'm sorry the thing where when I start talking like that I mean because I'm I'm here with you and it feels like you need me. Legitimized you here man. I know where you're from the people who come up with this is your fucking issue as much as mine. It's like we're all standing outside waiting for the perfect savior like the perfect model drug user with the right characteristics to be this March. Mas this much aware this issue. It's doesn't happen that way. Never does She gets onto by the people who show up in other like non related issues. Do we need greater. Yeah catch the number Sir. My official reason for coming to Scotland was the Scottish Drug Forum Conference and one of the things I was supposed to do at the conference was deleted workshop after the meeting meeting at trump search it was clear what the workshop should be how to start a drug user. You this woman. Livingston has an activist in Vancouver. She just she just got a flip chart like this like this big paper and pen and started asking people want the issues. They're facing golf just like standing at the front room with us. Flip chart and marker and his hand and like he starts talking through a basically a fuss meeting of a drug user union in May go. I'll just pretend that he was in sickness and so he right up that and my writing is terrible. So you'll just have to and I'll translate Rowan. I look out in the room. It's packed act. People are standing along the back and there's a lot of drug users here. I say that in Vancouver a big part of these meetings is talking about the Kinda Shit that we're dealing with in our lives. I I think the first thing that someone says which is probably the worst thing that someone says a lot of these things as the police translates it and puts like Polis. which is what we'd say for police here on the flip chart so listen listen? This is exactly what we're doing right here. Several weeks in. Maybe maybe we we take a few of those issues and we start to write Like a mission statement or a manifesto or something like that. That says what we're all about and and What we WANNA DO AM I? Am I going to here so it was about halfway. And this Guy Gotti who who we'd met the night. Before at the at the chart again he starts kind of like speaking up not always missile garrisons mid thirties. He's got short buzzed hair. You can see a few scars on his head and then goth ex goth is just gets awesome up like well. Why don't you come and cheer Gary Can you? Can you share this. Can you choose the speakers. Aw the Jerry chuckles. Under his breath. I'm GonNa Batter you. Gary basically just takes the center of the stage Syria. If you want to call it that like the front of the Rim people are putting their hands up and guys just like you you you won't. Meanwhile Goth has just kind of moved to the state and it's just like standing by the flip chart. I'm sorry everybody we're going to time in somebody else's room but we've we've written the you know we've all Britain these four or five pages here. We just did the first meeting of what we need drivers doing. Yeah right so fucking Hugo's then golf times over the Marco Rubio's using the chart like Heinz got it as a gesture especially like this feels no real thing and even going and continue this passed Austin baton. All the ingredients of a Scottish Goddess Drug User Movement. Are here ready to catch fire. And this kind of movement is desperately needed. Scotland shows how capitalism in the drug war are a deadly combination combination. There's a Shitty Methadone program fake benzes police harassment anemic harm reduction programs a constant drumbeat of absence only policies sees collapsing industries hatred of drug users and internalized shame. It's GonNa take a lot of work to turn things around. We got the same same sort of problems in Vancouver to. It's not just Feno. We also have a toxic mix of a steady and alien nation. We're GONNA need to deal with all that shit in order to stop the deaths and that starts with the flip chart Crackdown is usually made on the territory. The Musk William squamish and sleigh with but this month we're in Scotland. A lot of people helped us out on our trip. Thank you Martin Coil Gary Robbie Cass babs and Michelle. Also thanks to Donna Boyd. And everyone at sunny govern mm community radio that's at one zero three point five. FM in Glasgow and you can listen online at Sunny G. DOT com. Thanks also to Amanda Craig. Mark mcghee from the band. gyro babies sees Peter mcdade. Andrew mcauley from Glasgow Caledonian University. Jason Walls Kirsten Horsburgh from the Scottish Drug Forum. Thanks to Fallon for the eleventh hour beer and pizza money and deval Doro chippy. Garth mullins the host executive producer of crackdown. Samphan our senior producer. Looser Alex Kim Lisa. Hail policier and this month cal. Murray our producers crackdowns editorial board is Simona Marsh Shelter Caster. Greg fess Jeff. Loudon Dean Wilson Laura Shaver Dave Murray and Al Fowler. Rest in peace to rescue on our science adviser is Ryan McNeil from the Department in a medicine at the University of British Columbia original score written performed by Samphan Jacob Dryden Kai paulsen James Ash cal. Murray and me. Our theme song was written by me and Sam with accompaniment from Dave Johns and Ben Avenue Emer- funding for crackdown comes from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and from from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and our Patriot. Supporters You can follow us on twitter at crackdown. pod New episodes air on the last Wednesday of each month. Thanks for listening. Keep six but that made me want a roast beef sandwich with pace like that piece of the show. Yeah hold on a roast beef sandwich for since I was a kid maybe a vegetarian for so long but now it makes me want one now just thinking about. Maybe someone could do us a Vegan roast beef been listening including the should be in doubt decidedly dion.

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Episode 1153 - Chelsea Peretti

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Episode 1153 - Chelsea Peretti

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The truth is your reaction times slow way down when you're high, you're not only put yourself in danger but everyone around you talk about buzzkill stop kidding yourself. It's not okay to drive high, and if you've been using marijuana in any form, do not get behind the wheel. If you feel different, you drive different drive high get a Dui. Locked. All right let's do this. How are you? What? The fuckers? What the fuck buddies, what the plucks tres, what's happening I'm mark mayor, and this is my podcast WTI? Welcome to it how you doing how you feel and everything. All right. What are you cooking? What do you cutting chopping what's happening where you cleaning? Where are you running to? What are you are you? Where are you running? You can't run away. You can't run away I see I know that I'm helping you get through this but really I hate to break it to you. You'RE GONNA have to turn around and go home. You'RE GONNA have to loop around and go home. I know I know man I I know it's the same shit every day I know and it's tempting to keep running to keep driving. To keep flying if you're doing that whatever you're doing. Just as long as it's in movement and not near Dangling from the end of a rope unless you're doing the rock climbing thing. But you know what I'm saying. I'm sorry but you're GonNa have to go home you just going to have to. Speaking of that. I just did. How I just shit my pants just coffee dot co op get the W. T. F. Blend I get on the back end at an old timey pug. As just from the old days. From Mike Back when Chelsea Peretti was first on this show, we rarely do repeat gas but Chelsea Peretti is here she's on the show today. The first time she was on was episode thirty nine. That's more than ten years ago. That's when I had to do those just coffee ads just to get by just to make a few shekels just to make four hundred dollars a month a month on ad? Sales. Man I mean we had her back because I love Chelsea and she's very smart and very funny and I just I like talking to her but she's also got since then since then which crazy goalless into that first one and with and just the Ark of it I mean she's she's been a writer on parks and rec she played genome Brooklyn nine nine she got married to Jordan Peele. They had a kid. I mean fuck man. What is change I guess that's what happens in ten years if you. If things happen in your life. I I what happened in my life, but I'm I'm here alone childless. But it was great to talk to Chelsea. It really was and you can hear that shortly. I am I'm back from New Mexico I think the last show I did was from New Mexico. And? It was great. It was really. Worth. The trip I'd Kinda like to still be there I didn't have to come back but I came back because I live here and I wanted to see my cat. Wanted to talk to you, I wanted to to try to get back to whatever semblance of a life I have. Here. In California. since I've talked to you. Well let's start with this. When I drove to New Mexico I stopped and met my friend, David Durant's pharmacy for some waves Ranchera Green, Chili Red Chili on the side, and on my way out in New Mexico I stopped and had that exact same thing again, before I left only alone and I was reflecting and was sitting outside eating the Green Chili having the Tortilla with the butter on it and just sort of like enjoying the. The way you can enjoy in the age of plague outdoors mask down because I'm putting ship my mouth I'm just sitting there. Maybe. INSTAGRAM photo of my food I. Hear someone you know Kinda coughing a little bit behind me and I turn around and there's a woman vomiting into a planter and that was my cute exit women vomiting into planter time to hit the road new. Mexico audio's audio Mussa's gaseous gotta go bar fo in the planter. Yeah. That was an interesting way. Interesting beat to leave on but but it was a good trip. What I didn't tell you. Would that was I found to be. Uplifting and strange way was I visited the grave of Dennis Hopper. Dennis hopper is buried in Ranchos Day Taus In the Hey seuss Nazareno cemetery, which is. Off the beaten Mike Lowell ranchos. Off The beaten path but this was this cemetery is not even. In the back of a church near a church, it's just sort of off on this dirt road. It looks like a dirt parking lot. There's a large swath of dirt road through the middle of it on either side there are graves and this is a I don't know if it's the Pueblo Indians or the indigenous people. I don't know if they're it's it's definitely a Mexican cemetery ish. I'm not sure what the history of the cemetery is, but it's one of those cemeteries were every grave. handcrafted the the the crosses the there's no there's not many stones or wooden crosses usually they look handmade. There are pictures and artifacts left on the graves are stones and mounds and and things that people bring to at each one looks like some sort of a almost like a collage of sorts. It's a very earthy intimate uniqueness to each grave. A very deep human touch it's it's almost as if you walk past graves and you can you can almost feel the bones and I think that's sort of a Mexican thing really like the day the dead trip this sort of respect for the dead and the the celebration of the dead. There's definitely that vibe there and you go and you kinda find you can look around you can see I found it online how to find it but You Hopper was is an important personally I was always. deeply obsessed in enamored and impressed with Dennis Hopper's work in with him as a person I found and be a a sort of fascinating decent hearted wild man. One of the Great Drug Warriors one of the Great Crazy dudes one of the originals. But but he had an interesting life and he he loved Taus my Buddy Steve is married to his daughter. So I double check with him to make sure it was degrade but I went there I talked to Dennis and there was something about it just picturing in the ground there in this beautiful site is lava rocks in a circle around where the body would lay. I believe there's all kinds of offerings that people have left there and I just I knew he was in there there's no distraction knowstone no real kind of Maudlin. Kind of way to it was almost as a little mound of celebration to the body decomposing beneath it and I pictured it and I felt it I felt the spirit of hopper and it was uplifting to me. So uplifting I went twice. I. Went the next day. My Buddy. Devon. He had come up to Taus from Santa. Fe to hike with me I hiked all three days up into the beautiful Taus wilderness I was afraid at first. But then I just started about Lynn, thought about one of my freight of being by animal following into a crevice and having to. Cut My arm off with my hat you know. I. I I was nervous. I. Did it all I went back to the grave and on my last hike, I found some river rocks could put him. I felt bad that didn't have anything and have anything with me and if anything cool. Never Guitar Pick with me that could leave for Dennis, man and have no cigarettes leave. For Dennis Man and no ban Dan I could leave for Dennis Man I'd have no like Harley Davidson Paraphernalia I could leave on Dennis's grave man I didn't have an eight ball or half Graham or small vial blow or crank or anything I believe Dennis's grave man. So I went and got some rocks. I left him there. I talked to him again as happy to see him twice. This is great. I was so happy I was and I love the the sort of. kind of weird will cool. Cel Bre Tori Cemetery, a lot of fucking heartfelt handcrafted respect on those mountains. MAKES IT, real human Close could feel the bones man. A Doug it. Some weird dreams are happening I guess I could tell you about him. Had A drinking dream which means I'd better start going zoom meetings I. Don't think there's a threat of me drinking but I, don't know what my brain is doing there must be some discomfort. because. Somebody poured me a very large scotch on the rocks and I wasn't a Scotch Guy I think I was just starting to get into Scotch when I quit I, mean I get. I like Scotch but that wasn't my. But in the dream. Man. I. Have my both hands wrapped around a big glass of Scotch on the rocks. Then there was another dream where I was on some sort of large high rickety, old diving platform single structure. Just. You're shooting straight up and I I just seem to people I know die you know fall off and die. The, disappeared into the water and I don't even know how I got up on top of it, but it was all rickety and I I knew that they had fallen and died and I was like, how do I get down and I I remember in the thinking like can someone just come get me can somebody help me can somebody help me and I was starting to panic because it was kind of wobbly. and. I'm like I'm going to fall and I'm GonNa die now look on the left side of the platform is like this red ladder but it doesn't look like it goes all the way down or up and I'm there's some force or person or something behind me. That's just sort of like you just gotTa do it. You just gotTa fucking do it. You GotTa Stop freaking out and you gotTA JUST GO A. Step at a time and get down and then I realized that's right. No one's GONNA come. Help me. No one's GonNa come get me not going to be airlifted off and I'm GONNA fall if I keep freaking out or I'm GonNa fall on purpose if I keep freaking out. So I just Turned all that shit off and made my way down the ladder. That was about. How will fascism effect? You guys you? You put any thought into that like you know. If. Trump wins are you guys? Do you do you ever think about like? Well, you know I, don't know how much authoritarianism will affect my immediate life. Mostly we're finding most people are selfish. Aren't. Hey. Man. It doesn't fuck with me I'm good. It's like the mask thing I went on a hike yesterday and it was crazy. Eighty percent of the people fucking no mask and you know the chances of getting it outside or swim. But you know you you have one and then when you walk by people, you put it on. It was great being a New Mexico. It's fucking mandated there. Everybody. You don't have to fucking go through that thought process. If you see somebody without one, they're real fucking jerk because they're breaking the law and they don't give fuck. Here? I literally think people are like, no, we don't have to I mean you know I don't want to I. Think it's okay. But what a what a nice thing to be in a fucking state that mandates fucking masks because people are too fucking stupid to give a shit about other people or take care of themselves to get through this thing. Let's end with a nice story. a few weeks ago. I. Told You when I was hiking with Al. Magical. there. Was A guy walking down. He had bunny in his hands this sad sick wet bunny. and. He was concerned about who's going to take it home and nursing back to health. We saw that guy again and asked him about the bunny said it got better and he brought it back up. How often does that end? Well, the injured animal you bring home. The bird with the broken wing, the bunny with the fever. But you nursed it brought back in a in hopped away. Does it happy story All. Right look. 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F to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain that squares base dot com slash W., t.f offer code W. T. F.. A.. So what are you GonNa? Do you're GonNa just hold the phone this and I've done it before I'm not to crowd. You don't have a thing. You can set it on I'm going to start to worry about. You know what I need is like a velcro thing on the wall and then it just the one on the back of my phone and I can stick it to any wall. Any Wall in any room yes. I have a have a tripod that I stick it on. That sounds archaic. This is Velcro it do you have velcro? Are you getting a? Oh No, but I do think that actually would be cool. Every room you put a Swatch Belco on the wall and you have the receptor piece on your phone you walk into a real boom, your phones on the wall facetime People Cook Right I. Think it's a good idea lo fi. Yeah. So what what how many coffees have you had? I'm on number two, but this is a black. Up Coffee Yeah well as opposed to what creamy sometimes I'll have like an outlaw. No regular milk though, right? No I don't do regular milk that much anymore only if I have it for another reason. So you concerned that I was not drinking coffee. I had a moment of panic that I'm GONNA call and like want to talk to you about copying Aussie I was I was drinking tea for over a year. And then I started to sweep coffee in the afternoons and now I'm back in but. I don't know if it has the same effect as it once did when I was younger something like I I, get like drink a cup of coffee I feel pretty good I'll drink another cup I feel. All right. But then then just Kinda queasy. Yeah and over and kind of I don't get the fuck and high a used to. Man I really hate when people who loved coffee turn their back on it in this way like I had this weird I think that's like I'm slightly clairvoyant when it goes to copy and I just had this feeling you were going to have a different altered attitude about it I. Love It. I. Like anything that makes me feel good I just I like I pulled my fucking expresso machine out. I have an. Expresso. I, I know I. That's. The real headline. I've had I've had an issue with that my whole life, my expresso machine do you do you make? Do you make Espresso at home? You know my husband was once a Barista apparently and we got this whole. Big Expresso. Machine. Oh. My God I. Know this is going to be one of those things where like. How grammar involves and then they update it's make it official grammar or Like I'm going to have to say it's Expresso and we're GONNA end. They're gonNA site the shift in a on on this conversation. So whatever he never uses it. A good one. What kind of really like this really fancy one is the kind that looks like, does it have a big kind of pressing Oh Yeah like kind of hoax on the counter that kind. Big. Eagle. On top of it. Right right. Those are fancy. It's kind of intimidating but you don't use it. So yeah, I. Mean I. Don't know he's he hasn't really been making it I don't know how to use them but I guess I should learn if you should pressure him I, mean you have the time now I mean what's the? What's what do you guys been? How old is that kid? That's the thing he's three Oh and it's it's just really a particular nightmare to have a toddler when you're sheltering in place because she's a dismantling her like this, I was looking for my headphones to do this and I'm like, okay at found the headstones after a long hunt. is probably like pretending that were a jellyfish or something, and then a Mike the Court has gone and that could just be anywhere anywhere. So. You know when you're trying to keep your house clean and this is just like just like. Lighting fires everywhere and you're just following after them panicking and it is. It's a boy. Yeah it is. Does he talk? very much. so He's extremely verbal. Not To toot my own horn, but he's the child of two extremely artistic. No honestly, I think he would be a great child actor, but I would never let him do it. The has he expressed interest in anything other than. Destroying things he hasn't expressed interest in acting, but he just memorize everything like where I'm like with your brain. Cocoa Hollywood you've got you've got a genius until they're like five and then you re they level often Yes. Listen we'll see. What we should do interview again when he's five, we did an interview in two thousand and ten I. Know I really felt like I wasn't ready for prime time at that. You know that interview was kind before I. Feel like a had anything going on. Are you kidding we did our big pilot? That's right. It was that. I was I had just ascended we. We've done artist defined show that we were guys. I've completely fully fucking forgot about that and dumpster diving was a segment on it. That's right with the free the free and we brought in picks paintings. You brought in a painting that Leo Allen Data of you he felt bad about it. I don't know where that thing is. It probably got left at the fucking studio. They gave us twelve dollars to do this this pilot and we didn't even really have a concept for the show. It was just called W T. F. and we had like two segments you and I did some. Co host thing, and then we had piano to be like doing those jazzy ike hosting monologues. That's In hindsight. Doing that we could have been much more like sitting in a corduroy share. Yes. Staff share you know, and then we had panel though I remember there was a panel and I think Kyle Kinane was there and I don't remember who else. And I don't even remember what the topics were. It was just like this show or I don't fucking know I've still like though actually feel like shoot went well, I. Don't have like a sweaty feeling when I think about it now I think the shoot went. Well, it was over at that comedy. Central Theater space was a good set. We have good people working on it. It's just crazy like the older you get how many little apartments of history you completely forget like Oh yeah it's crazy crazy. I mean I can't like there's there's whole chunks in my life. Where am I tell you what I do remember you said, do you WanNa? Play my wife or my TV show and I go sure then I never heard again. Do you remember that Marin back compartments did I really were you willing to do that? Maybe I you you're already on your way. On my way out of your show. You seem to have found your way into legitimate show business. I was still fucking around. Comedy Central Pilots, and IFC whatever you. Don't complement rejection. I don't remember what happened with that I. Don't remember like you see this rejection was actually a major compliment to was. We'll stink you I assume that you had bigger things. Remember Man I don't remember what happened. Do you know one time? I'm Bobby Dale gave me his old phone for some reason. and. Like in it, there was like text between him and Eugene. Merman because they used to run this show called, invite them up and they were debating if they should have the honor show or not. And like Eugene was like she's kind of harsh than they didn't put me on the show and I was like oh my. I don't know why that just came to mind I. don't even know if that related to anything but you're Kinda hard. That's hilarious this. Yeah. What happened to Bobby Tisdale you know he Has a talk show on instagram lag called the wards of Merkin. I believe. Supreme Much what you would think happens his now. He has like eighty kids all daughters. Know. How You're here. You guys are in La here barely. Every day I wake up at Mike. Salk. Here we go. Again. It's like groundhog day. It's like there's no way out. It's crazy. No, and in sight it's crazy. Curry the how are you guys dealing with the house Jordan doing with it. I mean, if you in the House Yes. Yes. I mean. I I don't know how anyone is dealing with the main challenge I think for as. I mean, I have major NBA of people who are unattached and. No child because they're just like I watched the criterion collection films. Today, I did too yielded classes of my blocking each in. My son's attention span is literally six minutes. So you have to break every single endless fucking into six minute increments. How can I entertain someone with the attention span of a goldfish? and You bring all these paints and stuff. He does one brush stroke it's over you know and then you're like, okay only eat more hours still bedtime. It's a fucking nightmare. That makes you. Don't have a child. Why told I was telling? Brendan that like like lately, when I've gotten a little bit grammar depressed or hopeless, I just think a you people and I'm like. Fuck. And I sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee alone emissions full cut a peaceful I mean I can't even I'm begging my son to have a cup of coffee go Kim Mommy. Before I read you twenty bucks can have coffee. It's like I can't do voice acting without my coffee. It's looking. Hard. And the thing that's even more excited up I have no right to complain because I know that I'm one of the luckiest people in this fucking country. Right so you don't even feel you get to have ownership over your angst in your grief you know. It's just a horrible time and there seems to be still many suicides right now like are there. It's just wondering about that. Do you know feel I feel like it I keep feeling like you just keep seeing I don't know if there's a statistical increase, but it seems like there is there any way makes sense sure because yeah, you feel alone and then it's like in this time you really are alone yet no I You know it's part of my morning ritual thinking about it. I'm glad we brought it up and don't do. I don't do I. Don't think about it seriously. But there, there is a moment with hopelessness and I've done bits about it where you do you just sort of like as long as you've been, it's about I have done. That's about it but but there's a moment where you like how does this end I'm getting older and there's like is this really the way we're gonNA live for the rest of time I can't even leave the country because we're pig people and no one's GonNa, let us in like. The one fantasy I had was like I got my passport and now it's like who cares no one? People. There's no escape. It's so crazy. It's so funny that make America. Great. Again was the whole slogan Mike. Early. Like we could have yet further of a rock bottom. We're this giant pariah. The entire rest of the planet is like they're like, what's wrong with you people what is happening? It's kind of refreshing because America's been so egotistical, you know like it's kind of professional. This is how it feels when the entire world thinks your shit armor shoe. Through so many people in this country that are like fuck them. This is we are still great in like I don't even understand what they're doing I can't. And then like do you, how do you have people that you know that all of a sudden revealing themselves to be fucking idiots I mean that's the way. Everyone. That's the worst surprise about this. All is that I would think if I was asked, how do you think socially things would feel in a pandemic I would think people come together right they support each other but instead I'm just scrolling through instagram like you guys don't fuck in masks on everyone's hanging out without mass fuck you. My kid hasn't seen another kid in four months in you're at a fucking party like I don't get it. You know people you know, right? Yeah I mean I don't. I talk to people and. Their their mindset around. You just realize how truly stupid and how little people think you know. But the thing in Hollywood is everyone's got some weird quack doctor advising them like no, no I've got a guy says I can be mask three in it's fine UV rays and I'm like, okay. But like everyone I know who's like kind of doesn't seem to care when I go will what why aren't what is your philosophy like they're always I. Don't WanNa Freak out. You know I don't. Read. That's that's your medical I don't know. No one has a good answer. He doesn't wear masks. Were they not wearing masks like I'll I'll like I'll go like I'll sit outside and not wear a mask. Sure you're alone or are you saying you'll sit outside with other people with other people with one person six seven feet away sometimes. Now I mean the whole thing is supposed to be six feet apart in masks but I think a lot of people I see like sitting outside and St dividers and stuff in the grass in our sitting four feet apart without masks. So I mean listen everyone has to deal like I'd rather someone does that risk than kills themselves because they feel. So alone, we all basically are like taking calculated risks at this point to battle potential depression and. we hit a weird phase. We put a weird phase where the psychological effect is starting to be. Weighted more heavily than just the fear of you now contracting rioted right there psychological effect of the impending election or non election and and just the diminishing hope and the fact that nobody seems to have a policy in place to stop this fucking thing. It's like there's no one source. I mean everyone's just like is saw this doctor online that said this. State. Rules are at this point what closed. I don't fuck. No. I got a friend who has a record stories. I can open mic what I mean yeah. That seems pretty non-essential. I. I think retail outlets are allowed to be open. Yeah. That's weird and why did they? It felt like we were doing really good and like, okay let's open all the businesses right and then there's a million cases and I guess there's just so much pressure from business owners to be like open up we're gonna all broke but like again there just needs to be more of a stimulus like canceling rent all these things I just don't get it. You're just going to evict all these people and Mike. Make all these. Closed, down that's the plan. It's crazy. Man I not smart enough. I'm not smart enough. No I think you're impulses are correct but. It's not it's not smart enough to world is fucking insane. I. Like the You assume that you are smart enough and you're like, no, you're sorry you're very smart. I actually take to I'll go down to dodger stadium and get Cova test every two weeks because it's kind of a fun day out you. Yeah. and. So is it the nose one? No, it's the cough into your mouth one. You you go. You just do like cops like ten times right and then he swab and then you put your car you're alone you can play your own music. Good music to cost too. But it's like we we will rock you will you exactly? No, but you can go do it I mean like I don't know why I've gotten into the habit of it but I've done it two or three times where it's like, why not do it every two weeks it's not causing anything and there you you can sign up on Sunday for Monday and there's plenty of spots and then you get your Tuesday. I've noticed that a lot of people who get a test they're like, no no, I tested negative. So then they'll just. Day. It's like, okay if you took an HIV test your. Negative so I can suck anywhere anyone raw for the rest of my life like I know dude it's not it doesn't work like that I think what the benefit of it is. Because like I'm pretty fucking safe I mean do you go like when I got I got hold one of those and ninety five masks. So if I go anywhere. Out if I go into a store, I'll wear that mask and a plastic guard on my face. I'd love to see it. I. Put pictures on Instagram. I'll send you picture. a while back but but that's how I go into the world if I'm going to be around people. I mean, I have not entered a business in four-month really. Yeah like I don't know anyone who's been strict and like obviously it's a luxury week. We don't we get sued delivered. We don't go go either. Now we we got we haven't been in any businesses. You know and as information has increased, it seems like it's like about the duration of time that you're inside and all this stuff. But I feel like you have seen a number of news stories about people getting an at grocery stores or whatever, and we've just been super reclusives. and. As Like what's that doing for your relationship? It's awesome. It's. It's so romantic. November I mean it's it's pretty hard because were cooking were cleaning. We're doing childcare. We're trying to do our work step as well. Now, this for the show that's going to happen again maybe. Right. Exactly. Like it's hard to know what they're what goals even have at this time for work. But but yeah, it's pretty exhausting. Let's go back to a simpler time because I I listened to some of the stuff that we talked about in ten years ago. Yeah. What was it? Well, one of them was you talked about a a few of commitment and that you know how you you. Mac sounded relationships after like a year or two like this now. Yeah. You were like pretty set on that. Yeah and what changed all that Chelsea. Well I do think a lot about the whole expression like you haven't met the one Intel. You've met the one year right but I also think like I what I did through therapy. Sobriety variety of things like I think I did work on my shit a lot and so. I would be attracted to not saying I wouldn't still be attracted to like Shitty guys right but it would. It would just last less long each time like the amount of time I'd be willing to give over to someone shitty would be shorter and shorter Intel. I met someone who wasn't Shitty. Wow, okay. So like the habit the instinctual habit of gravitating towards monsters or Shitty p-a-k Yes Yeah Your Dad ally. That he started you you got onto yourself and you could. It's almost like it's almost like using like you get tired of it. You're like, why am I still doing this? Yeah I'm like Oh here I go with this quote unquote mysterious guy where it's just like a guy who's a fucking mess you know what? I, mean. and. And I think it would used to when I was younger. You're like, okay. I'll date for a year like anyone you meet pretty much like I got a year to give anyone like anyone who likes you you'd like me. Yeah you're like, okay. Let's commit for a bit. And then it's like when you get older, it's like a year is a big chunk of your life at that point as a ratio or something I can never do a year and always lasted longer man it takes me it takes a lot of Rom. It could take a lot of drama and a three to five years to extricate myself from something I should've stopped in a month. That's I. Don't have. That problem. That's that's the whole different problem with bad. But I'm alone in child let's see what that problem does. How did that happen? God. God wanted. You. Now, are you still doing like strict dieting and stuff I feel like you were always on that kind of MANOREXIC vibe when I'm I'm still a manorexic but like things of taken a little bit of a Turnham. Okay. But but like like I was doing really good and then you know I had a tragedy and horror. During. The say thank you and then. I had put the cat asleep and then like after a certain point God that sucks I know after a certain point where I'm like what it doesn't look like I'm GonNa. Be on camera for a while and I'll tell you what is mom I'm such a shitty mom like when you said you to put your cat to sleep I was in my head I'm thinking I'll get you a cat. Cat like throw. I. Have Another one. Okay good. Okay sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you but I'm like, let me fix it. Let me buy something. You don't have to buy a cat they're all over. You can just pick them up the street. And you get one new one anytime. So but like all I'm saying is that like I've had I got a real in because I've been eating kind of garbagey. But like what's what's your go-to garbage treats God damned. If I could eat ice cream every fucking day would but fortunately, I was your flavor. A Ben and Jerry's peanut Butter Cup. Be here like a grown person say. Peanut butter ice cream with like big pieces of peanut. Butter Cup in it, and then with some vanilla put the no in there. But I've also got my cholesterol issues. It's a really difficult because you do. Yeah. Genetic. How bad and I'm never I've never eaten worse I've never been more massive in my life. I was just telling my mom there's really no excuse for an adult to ever eat ice cream. Like being awake. That's the only experience. But it's it's brutal I feel like any time it's mealtime. It's like a parade is coming through in a small town you know. It's like you're sitting around with nothing going on and then it's like. The food has arrived where you get your food from I. mean we were cooking every meal for the first two months. We didn't order one thing and it was crazy. Really, exploring are cooking abilities. Then once we learned like surfaces weren't as dangerous, we just started ordering once you do that it's impossible Mozart you can order pizza dough and all the fixings from them. Yeah, and it's so good. The sauce is so good i. haven't done any delivery like after linearly after Lynn passed away, people were sending me Shit. So I knew it was possible and that went on for like a month or two. I don't do it. I. Don't know why don't do it is one you you call one company they'll deliver anything is that how it works? You sound. So out of it, you said you call one company. APP It's like. I have like five different food delivery APPS be part of my problem I sound like an old guy stood on the phone. All you call, you call the company and they give you the food and I. No. Not at all. Yeah. Yeah, you gotta get all these different APPS because different restaurants work with different APPS, suits not one APP will get you all the places you need, which apps do you have? Listen you name it. I've got I mean, what do you use me write it down because now I'm starting to question my process. I'll text you everything. Oh Okay I'll have to write it down. Got My. That's also that's also an ancient device a pen. Ready to write. Believe, he pulled out. So So. Yes. So back ten years ago you said you thought you're going to be alone forever now you've corrected all that. That's crazy. You know what's crazy I my mind has found a way to still maintain that fear where you're like. Every time like. Jordan leaves for like he'll take our child Mars. They're going to die in a car crash. And I'm going to be alone. You know it's like I think because I'm a child of divorce I. Don't believe that marriage is this shield of invincibility. Of course, it's sort of it's like anything can happen in life. So I don't feel guaranteed to never be alone and they don't the other thing is you conceal alone no matter who you're surrounded by so. I. Think I think my brand is secure. You see good I mean seem like seem depressed I mean. You're just worrying listen. The first four months of this I think I had a pretty good attitude and we're kind of reclusive anyway. So it wasn't even it was different, but it wasn't like crazy different. But I, think once it hit for months in there no end in sight I definitely started ceiling more depressed now I feel i. feel that now yeah. Yeah. I feel like all I wanNA do is like I want somebody to fix it and I WANNA leave. Yeah. That's that's what vitamins and. Commas platform needs to be, we're going to fix it and you can leave. US. Yeah. It's crazy for comedians because like you're so used to traveling and then it's just like nope and you can't do sets. I keep wondering about all these comedians that when I was younger, they're like you gotta do resets. Doing I. What's it? What is tell do? I don't know I mean what is it? What those people I know what they're doing they're doing fucking shows. I've seen them on instagram people will I don't know about how but there's media that are straight up Right, now, I fucking like a couple of guys went out and got coverted in Indiana the guys in question. A couple of. Guys. You know those guys, but it's those guests. Yeah. But I I don't know. I don't feel like I'm not missing it that much I don't know why is that? We're no oh no not in the slightest I mean I've always had major ambivalence. But I didn't really I just it was a habit I did it and I and I always like doing it It was just my life but I haven't I. Haven't fucking missed it at all. Really it's weird. I think I need to break or something and I feel like my special if that's my last special my last one fucking. That was as good as I'm going to be really okay. Now that is a huge huge feeling. That's what I'm always like seeking is like I wanNA feel I put out something that expressed myself to the fullest, and then also feel like I can rest. You know you don't feel like you have well, no. Because I WANNA make like a TV show or I wrote a movie that I wanNA make or like. You know it's like something like that where it's like Oh. You and yeah. I have control over it and you're not just. Relying on an audience of Weirdos to justify whether you're good or not. Yeah I mean just like more like your full sensibility like, yeah I haven't hit that place. So if I die right now, I won't be that site that's weird because I I. That's exactly what's going on. There was part of me that was in. It's right now where Mike I could be done. I saved a little money. Wait a minute. No. No. No. Like? No. Like Chelsea encouraging. Off I'm like, absolutely don't do it. I don't know I. Know I was going with the retired retired. This isn't Hanging from my closet door fantasy. I'm in Ireland in a in a cottage that okay get beautiful beautiful Yeah I love that for you know. He's a feeling where I'm like, what else? What else? What else do I have to do? I've done it a granted I didn't do it on a level where everyone in the world knows me I'm not that famous but in my heart I know, I, did it fuck it Yeah, that's pretty good. Have you been writing a movie? I wrote one and I I'm pretty into it. In. Then this pandemic happened. So like it was kind of like around things were happening and then this pandemic happened. You know I had zero desire to try to work these first four months. This is only like just now where I'm like all right. Well, this is going to go on for this long I gotta figure out something creatively to feel inspired and Just have goals in my life but What Are we in month five, zero month. Rin I think so but honestly, I feel like I've been saying for months for a while. So yeah, maybe it is five because it went it would started like in the middle of March, right? So Api June July August. Yeah. We're at five months or so young ahead I'm not I haven't felt the pressure why obviously I went through some fucking chip I haven't. Felt pressure to create really other than talk to people and talk on the podcast but and this is something. Working to. I'm definitely working and occasionally I'll do the panicky. Umana live instagram. Yes the random. Just sitting around going it's time. Let's do it. Talk to me yeah. Have you done those. Yes, definitely, it's social media is just such a crazy world where you can just like, okay, I need a shot of attention. And then you just can go get that shot and. Then it lasts you for a while because someone said something messed up in the comments and then you're like I, don't need this touch ID. So. Aren't they going to run OUTTA Shit for us to watch I already, you'll pretty limited. I've watched a few things but you know. We, really like Love Island UK and they have like eighty eight PM at the season's that's it's holder meet down. Pretty good. Did you watch I may destroy you Oh, my God I haven't completed it but I think it's so brilliant and what a trip man I mean I think her show is such a masterpiece because it's funny and it's cool looking engaging but it truly makes you go to an incredibly deep place especially, I mean and not to say men don't. Suffer sexual trauma as she shows in her show to and and straight men due to And so yet definitely made me like revisit trauma like. have to process it again. So I think that's that's such. An amazing service to people in. And Incredible. To create something that has such an intense impact on people. Yeah it's like for me I just wanted to watch it. 'cause I found her to be so engaging and I it's feels like a different world to me generational early and also a race wise like I I literally. All I can sort of see is in feel as to humanity coming through it but in terms of the context I know nothing about that world. Now. About being black in England about think any of it and yourself short I think you know a lot. I'm just GONNA. But nonetheless the issues and the humanity and the Kennedy all comes through and I can't stop watching it. I watched all of them. It's so good. I can't I gotTA finish it. It's definitely like so fucking intense and just talking to other people you know everyone I talked to about it. It's like it brings up summit ship for people. It's wild with else you've been watching anything fun. Yeah Dave's was fun. I Love Search Party I love Love Island on even know what these are really a search party. You would like search party a lot. What is that? It's kind of like this mixed between comedy in a thriller. Okay, and And it's it's really good. Are Your are your age your people calling you? Offering you things and setting up meetings like show business going happen. Not Really. To General Meeting. Why? Why? We have. You want to tread water the. Entire Season of a TV show that they've now pushed to twenty twenty one maybe who my God Oh, my God, there's nothing. Like that when I really think about that I'm so glad I have this job of doing the podcast but like the thing that I have to do them contractually obligated to do their like some time and twenty twenty one. Stand ups not coming back. I don't want to go to fucking drive ins or like parking lots. I think Dr in sounds kind of fun honestly like it sounds better than regular. But can. Keep. The audience in case in metal and glass that keep them. Have you pace yourself if you can't hear them laughing I just I presume they're laughing. I'm not good at that I don't know I mean yeah I guess maybe it would suck I mean I don't know I just think like the context of doing stand up for people in their cars would be funny and then you could riff on that or something. Sure sure for awhile, and then you just standing in front of a giant empty screen. Trying to. Bring out through the air unclear if it's heckling or support. Exactly. I've been watching old movies. Of course. You have. You have you the criterion channel three. No I said I'm jealous of other people because it was just giving time a likely. Honestly I'm not even convinced like What's in the Criterion Channel? I mean, I'll tell you what I. If you think you should have watched if you studied film at some point in your life, right? That's what I'm afraid of. Lake I liked on golden pond yet I don't think that's on there. Like how old are we talking? They go back man I don't know there's a whole. There's a whole bunch of movies under Western Noir. God I. Don't know I don't know I can't like the old movie pace is just like I feel like I'm like trying to act like a smart person watching it and I'm like. Just, the something go go built. Like I. I'm just too used to faster moving things like it's hard. So you guys aren't socializing at all at all on on facetime and zoom. Yeah, we're not a you know occasional backyard masked hangs on. But. The thing that I it's I could do it. It's not killing me. It's more Mike Kid not having seen any kid in four months where he's going to get weird you know. But I try to comfort myself like if we grew up on a farm or somewhere rural or remote like it's not like he'd be going to classes every week like these metropolitan kids how did those farm kids turn out? Really WANNA farm well The difference is those farm kids are like feeding chickens Mike have a horse that's their friend I mean. He's not getting the upside of that. He's just in a backyard of La home. So that I don't know I don't know I'm just worried. He's GonNa get Weird I. Mean he said yesterday I don't want the Mir anymore. I want other kids oh no oh God. Like Oh my God I mean these things just like really they really hurt your heart new think of like I look at my old photos of like. All these birthday parties classes in museums and things like. that. We always were doing to just give him. He's like a little sponge. You WanNa, give your kid tons of new experiences and things to learn. He he was just soaking it all up in all the Senate's like you can't touch anyone. You can't see anyone everything's closed in. It's like. It just feels bad. Have you talked to other parents? What are they doing? You know what other parents they're like you're luckier kids young. It doesn't have any impact on them at all. It's like every parent wants to say I've got it the worst Brian Kids. But I agree like how? How about my son said, he doesn't want the Mir anymore. He wants other kids you think that might be in psychological issue. There's no way around it. There's no way that he does he have friends that you can talk to resume or nothing there I guess he's He's not into zoom. You know what he does when I get him on with another kid he goes by. The apple doesn't fall arch. And there and they'll be so excited to talk to them. They're like minded by and hawks away. So I don't know I'm trying to constantly look at the statistics in the research and see if there's ways for him to have school, a small school situation or a play date but we just we don't know any families that are being a strict as we are and You don't have like a pod of people. No, I. We know I don't have a pod and honestly all the pod talk is so stressful it's like. I'm not trying to pod with someone who doesn't know how to cook. You know what I mean I'm not cooking for everyone. and. where I'm not trying to Plod with someone who like I can't communicate constantly with about things like right it's a pretty big trust that you're putting someone in if I can't ask you like. Questions, it feels safe I'm not gonNA pod with you. You know so. So. That leaves no one so. So a pod means it's actually some sort of agreement that you're all going to do this together. The pod thing you're supposed to have. Agreed upon rules that everyone in the pod agrees to and I mean even like. Ostensibly in writing. That you all hold each other too but I don't know anyone who has that attitude. And the encouraging thing but then I saw conflicting news recently was like the idea was that young children don't transmit it or contracted as easily. On. I saw something complaining that and that's how it's been this whole time just endless. But at least Putin found vaccine. That's encouraging. Yeah and it's only a matter time before trump. Invites him here to make factor it. Maybe we're just going to become. Sister. Brother. Sister Nations and We can. Freely go to Russia if we want, it's all going to be the same government sometimes like are we just going to here like? A loudspeaker and Russian and we're like it's happening. Time. Now we have to and we get that APP and translate things. Exactly, hold it up to the sky so. I watched the what is how did that movie happened the Spinster Movie? Spinster happened. My agency just forwarded me an email with an offer to play this role. That's what I thought. It was an indie film. Right yes. No money. Yeah and. And you know they said this we kind of like the script. This guy's never made a movie before. No. They didn't say one comment on the script. They just forwarded me an offer for my first lead role in a film. With no comment at all about anything and no, and it was directed by a woman she has directed like think re other movies and far sighted Nova Scotia. I mean to be a non descending. She's a huge fan of yours. So I just WANNA. I JUST WANNA preserve. That is she Yeah I did I didn't there wasn't a lot of paperwork. There was no I think big press package about the movies listen I don't I don't mean to make you feel about it I just WanNa. What's her name five Andrea Dorfman and She's eighteen. Yeah. Actually I don't know if she's from Nova Scotia forget but she she's lives there and that's where all her films were set. To Ellen page from Nova Scotia. I know she's like sort of been a a great confidante roll things Nova Scotia to what happened. So what was the process? So you just eat so they sent me this I said Oh. That's cool. I think my son I don't know I just had my son. So he was young I went I requested that they send me her other movies and I watched them by you know this is cool. This woman feels very artistic. Nova Scotia is like this beautiful backdrop in all her films and it looks really cool and and I was like. I want to do this. Go to Nova Scotia bring my baby. I brought my awesome nanny at the time. made it. All Possible And and. It was like a month. And we did it was like a fourteen hour trip door to door shoved. Yes. It was in Halifax in some like some of the out outlying areas. And it was pretty cool. It was written by a woman directed by a woman and The DP was a woman. So that was also appealing to me that's great and also well, that makes a lot of things because I was like, how do I not no one of these actors. Because it was Canadian young. Canadians? Yes. I thought you were really funny and I think that. It deals with a sort of. What's funny is that like looking back at the interview, we did ten years ago. Would have been that person. Exactly well, that's what people are like. Was it so hard for you to play this person I'm like, no I feel like, I was a stone's throw from being this woman. Yeah and like I said I still do My worst fear is out. No you lose everything that I feel lucky. I feel too happy and I it's like I think this is a thing if your child had had some weird things going on, you're like always waiting for the other shoe to drop you. What's going on with their folks you talk to like they're still around right? Yes they are. my dad who like was a kind of a reclusive guy himself like now that covert is happening is I have to go to a store every day he's like I got to get out of the House version store every day. He's in the bay area. That's where I grew up. Right Oakland. There's they're both still up there. Yeah. Stores everything is going to stores every single day I'm like you're such a contrarian like. Before this like his wife with I beg him to leave the House and go do stuff and he was just like always you know in the house. MOM which she doing. She's while everyone's everyone's stuck right but I mean, are they keeping keeping it together? We'll they're not no. They're separate entities I was one but I mean are they personally that's been? Oh Yeah. I, mean I listen they seem like they're doing good. My mother was going I feel like my mother starting to come unhinged a little bit 'cause. She. Okay. But I mean her her boyfriend was annoying to begin with and I just can't imagine. You know like. Just the thought of them to you know when's echina- break-up does he listen? No, he doesn't listen at all and he never showed us your mom. Not Your podcast. Oh. Oh no I thought you meant as a person no. Mama listen but he doesn't listen John doesn't listen I mean he he gets mad at me sometimes because he-here's things about what I said but he just never he just keeps talking my mother is always found what? The two men that she's with that I? Knew She just finds dudes that are like, you know spin around and she just watches him spin around and the entire engagement with this man is going John Please John. Right, John Right. You know what's so weird is that every children's book like so many of them have a female character like that like the Nag or the person who's like stop having fun and I'm like, wow, we really start em young that prepares them for every fucking comedy that Hollywood makes yes. That has a similar role or a woman. Well, she's not really a najat she just. Wants him to you know stop ranting and raving about bullshit, right? Right? Yeah. He's he. He just cleans things compulsively. That's his hobby now has he he's never come on the podcast because that sounds pretty entertaining. No but I've I've sort of made fun of him on the podcast because you know is just the way he talks you know. Everything, he says, you know is qualified by all he. He's gotten into that phase where he tells the same story maybe two or three times a day and and then he always says it was a different time. That's A. He has he has a catchphrase I'm refrain. Yeah it's the different. Time Mijo. Yeah. My grandmother used to always. Terrible thing. It's terrible thing. She would just say that. And what about you like? What about Jordan's family? Are they nearby what what's that? I mean 'cause you know they're all East Coast Oh. Yeah. So you guys are all separated cereal's like zoom call all the time. Yeah, we tried to do this like. Sunday I guess Trivia. uh-huh. With our families where we do a video chat and we do Trivia. Gear some toward younger people in their interests in some towards the older people it's weird though it's really makes you realize how biased trivia is just like. If. You if you have trivia questions about the fifties like the parents, the older parents get them. Yeah. So. It just feels like Trivia is pandering to people in whatever bubble there in I guess. So I guess it Trivia doesn't mean it has to be. You Know Day. There's this idea of like things that you know from back in the day. Is Trivia Trivia 'cause like this it's like a false objectivity. Idea of Trivia. For. But Trivia can be like you know what? What is the biggest continent I don't know. Is that Trivia or is that just? A history buff. I don't know. But so many people on this call twenty no no and the sad thing is like we just keep. Keeps getting messed up like a naptime will be a or. Whatever it's just it's like actually kind of hard to keep it going but we were trying to do it. We'll see. So what about all the like? What about comedian friends? Do you talk to people? Yes motion Tasha. Sit in the back yard with them. Yeah I've done that and I heard you did too little hike or something or or was that without magical me now go twice a week. Yeah everyone I talked to is like I just saw Maron. You'RE GONNA definitely have covered by the end of her. Your patient zero but no Yeah. Motion to Tasha have this new setup where they have like a movie like their TV. But it's on the other side of the glass doors so I can sit outside and watch a movie. But it sucks as a comedian, you have to like shout your Jonas through the glass. It's like the opposite of effortless but like in terms of Like I can't I can't write anything. Are you writing anything? I keep telling myself that I'm getting ready to start writing something. The the geared issuing I. Really WanNa ride another movie. But I don't know. I don't no man. Are you going to therapy still? Or do you ever why do instance therapy on my porch? Oh that's she comes over. That's that's a house call. Old Timey, she's doing house calls. I'm about to figure out if I can find a trainer that'll do fucking house calls Oh my God I know. That two people I'm. I know I I bought this tiny exercise by the Clinton Brunson suggested. And it put it in a shower in my house because there's don't have a spot for it and I don't want my son getting into it. And I've been trying to ride that every day pretty depressing though just writing a stationary bike inside of a shower why go out I go hik-. Is it am I doing wrong thing inside a shower? No. What do you mean issue? because. There's one shower that we don't use that much and it's like we don't have a huge massive house in like we don't have like a logical spot or an exercise by. Put it in that shower and you're in the TUB. No it's just a shower. Okay. Are you getting outside enough. The climb in, it's a bike in a shower would not understand. No I I would like to hide I. Haven't really hiked. It's hard to find the time because we've been sort of just I really bringing glasses of water to my son. As any mom will tell you much of your day is spent bringing beverages to your child. That's right. I mean I talked to Burr and he's you know he's got a new baby and. A new now are you having? Well, that's I shouldn't probably satisfied. then. Don't. As well, you worry but I mean there. Are you like like, are you having? Broad future concerns for the kid? Yes. Yeah. I definitely am. All these kids they're going to be impacted by this. How can you not? It's like prior to this everything I'm doing I'm trying to nurture my child's development and how could a year in which this child is like a sponge and you're saying you can't see anyone you can't touch anyone you can't get close to anyone. How that affect and shape. How they see people in the world, how could it not impact them? You know so fucked up about it, my brain keeps hitting this. There's no one to make us feel better like you can call somebody and be like, how's it going there Oh God what do you think same as you like what? I saw someone this girl that is actually. Doesn't matter this girl that's helped me do my merge. She did this post about how you can't really expect anything from your friends in this time you shouldn't. Expect anything from your friends and I was like. That's kind of wild like you know in some ways. I'm like. Yes. You should be able to expect things from your friends but another ways I'm like you know it is true. Everyone's like. Struggling everyone is trying our hardest to hold it together. Exactly and And their family take care of their families and just get through each day. So like yeah, they might not be the best friend right now are able to focus on their friends right now but on the other hand. You know as as people are suffering from depression on all this stuff as a friend like I would like to see their if I can't you know so people and I try to like. Text people or check in with people that I know are alone. And You know stuff like that one I can. I talked I talked to my friend Sam, every night. That's cool. He's got A. But like I'm the alone guy but like every night. We talk and it's good. And my friend Tom, you know sharp wing. I don't know who I he'll come over and eat with me like once a week outside. Yeah. I think those things are so important right now often like those. Those are like those risks that I have to take. Even before Lynn, died like you know I knew that like if I don't take care of if I don't do a few things I'm GONNA lose my fucking mind. So there are certain things where it's like I can't deny myself that or I'll start talking to myself. Everything will get bleak I'll get I'll fuck magical thinking and it'd be bad. I mean, it's so good that you're seeing a therapist especially because you're having to process grief and all that I mean to do that all alone is just a nightmare. Yeah. Battling I'm differently talking to people. So are you moving merch? From Greece to Birch you like get off my green. Yes I am moving merch I think, my first merch pack went really really quick and I think the second one is a little bit slower but. Still doing really good. I, don't whether it's you what are the merch what's to Merch? While you know, you know I have a whole comedy concept album about coffee. I like the record. So so like with each ep, I don't really believe you like I do. I wish to it. I thought it was going to be a comedy record, but it seems like there's some pretty earnest twos on there. Yeah. There are there are. But then I thought that was funny. You know like to have a really ernest song on a concept album about coffee but anyway. So with each EPA. I. Dropped Different Merch. Related to the. So that's that's the merchant. I've never done merch before this in my entire comedy career I think it's a good time merch because people that do have a good time for. People who do have money sitting around buying shit online. Exactly. It is weird like it's counterintuitive because you think isn't everyone fucked up right now broke but I feel like those who have anything like I need some shopping therapy I need I need a Trinket to hold in my home. And give me some sense of something happening right and it's delivered. It's exciting. There's a box they dropped a box over the fence. Exactly. I don't know if you ever went to sleep away camp but I went to long ago when I was younger. Up in. The SIERRAS. And you get the whole fund of the camp was getting boxes from your family there. Yeah yes cookie. That's what I feel. I'm giving myself when I shop online. Yeah it's. It's like Christmas every day. Now this fucking presidents fucking with the post office. So he's taken that understand it. Now what do we got if the post is no, I ordered six pairs of Chopsticks yesterday how am I know how I? I need them. Now, what are you we chopstick? A lot of. Sometimes. I get Sushi and and I only have one pair of chopsticks and I thought what if there comes a time where I'm going to want to have people over and they want their own set of chopsticks? Sad you should set the table now and let it wait until pandemics over. Several settings which shop sticks and some choice sizable sum old dusty chat. Preserved over. Like when is this going to end? That's the thing. I I don't know. I don't know when or how. Do you think trump will win. You know dude I can't even fuck in. My fear goes a lot deeper than that. You worry about your kids I worry about like all the desperation, all the CRA- all the people that are going to be addicted and desperate and angry and. I worry about that too though I know you do. But my my what goes the next step, which is where the you know you know trump is back and he says, look I, know you're angry do you want to wear a uniform that will entitle you to? Kill your neighbor's so listen I think of this to everything that's happening makes me think of all these things? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, that's why it's such a lot to manage and now. All I think about it like can I get to Ireland? Is there a way that that can happen I mean my old same old? Thing with Ireland. It just seems like the place like who fucking cares you know what I mean. Like I just realized you mentioned Ireland like eight times. It's beautiful. It's small. It doesn't seem to causal out of trouble in the world. It doesn't seem like anybody wants to fuck with it and the people are nice and now I feel like I. Don't know the history but doesn't Ireland have like a crazy? Yes. Yes I mean. There's there's there's the is it possible? Your ideal of course it. I'll go to Canada I don't care. Candidate. You know but I don't I don't know what the other options are. Really want to go to Mexico I don't speak the language you know who I am part of this country. But it still holds appeal went Hawaii. Then, year on an island. Yeah you just sitting out there. Yeah. Yeah I've been to Hawaii many times after about ten days. You're like I gotta get the Fuck Outta here. But maybe that's because you're on vacation I know somebody who went down there. I know somebody WHO's hold up down there and he's going to stay down there till January. Has has that person feeling? He seems Pierce Brosnan? No, it's a comedian. He's I don't feel like, yes he's wedding on that. He's down there. So that's cool. I like a secretive person. I I. Love I love holding secrets yet for we all do it. But Yeah I don't know where to go. I don't know what's going to be open to US I. Mean it's as New Zealand now having Kobe again like they were. There I think I think the the the sort of what it would i. it seems like New Zealand is idealized fantasy idea and it's only really practical for people that are billionaires to me. It's like you know like the people they're letting in the ticket to get into New Zealand is fifty million dollars. I making that up but I mean doesn't doesn't seem like it's available to us and anywhere you go. You've got a quarantine for a couple of weeks like even Ireland. So you think that we have a similar. To Small House coming. To New Zealand and by a bunker I don't I definitely don't. Are the bunkers needed right now no. No that's a whole other level of concern. I do find solace in the fact that the United States is very big. And I believe that there still at this point, a lot of people that are good hearted and decent minded and I do think that a lot of our apocalyptic fears though justified I don't think they'll happen overnight. and. I still isn't it funny that when alien life comes up now people are like, maybe they'll save us. I always felt used to be so scared of them in our like pizza. Please help us yeah. Well, that's right that that was the one. Was it independence day that was the best part of that movie. Where all those people were on that rooftop saying we love you save us and they just get killed. They did get EILLY. Hippies with signs once they know the aliens are here and they. Torture them. Maybe I should watch independence. Day. Sure. Why not I think it's independent. I I'm pretty sure it's independence day I think that's a bill bill. PULLMAN plays the president and I think actually Randy Quaid saves the world. Who are your favorite actors? In really in general. Yeah like you do. You think like really moves you. On a regular basis actor, who am I excited to see like? Will you cry to a movie I? Feel like you would I do cradle on different movies? All criterion not other criterion ones you know I was trying about the pacing. Sometimes, sometimes, it's difficult to get I've been watching a lot of Mike Lee Movies in the pacing on them is pretty good because he's great they're British. Dark He does a lot of improvised kind of work the movies like secrets and lies or yes like it's all British kind of working class heavy hearted shit but it's great. Yeah. It's some of the. Actors just sort of like how the fuck do they even do that I know but I don't know whom I. It's hard for me to really think about my favorites but I enjoy. have been watching sometimes go on Youtube and I'll just watch old don rickles clips on the tonight show and Shit. That doesn't count as a favourite us. Fun. Do. You ever watch those old comics some of them are so fucking running. So fucking. For Much I'm a real fan of timing. You know what? I watched the other night on the criterion. California's sweet and was a good. It's a it's a Neil Simon script. And it's like four different sets of people at this hotel in Hollywood it's that's it's Alan Alda and Jane Fonda you know in one area and it's they're great. And I would watch and then but then there's sort of Richard Pryor bill cosby and their wives in another one and it's real slapsticky and weird and there's Walter Matthau in Elaine may or another couple in that gets a little weird and then there's Michael Cain and Maggie Smith. And the young. Maggie Smith. And but the stuff between. Alan ALDA JANE FONDA AS BEAUTIFUL Brave Act is good. She's grim. All. Right. Go deal with your day. All right. Listen Thanks for having me. It's actually like so weird that this is how we've caught up after all these years after all this time that we haven't really had a long talk or anything, but be happy too. Yeah. Me Too good to see. You got some good laughs and it was great seeing you and. I saw you I. I remember it I held your purse when you went on stage. Thank you. That's always been a conundrum for me. I'm glad you. Could Trust me with the perse Forever all right. See you later Jordan I will. I, love. Joseph Ready how fun was that? That was fun I. Maybe I had a good time. Chelsea's movie spinster is available now, vod digital platforms I'm going to I got clunky. Guitar piece I'll play for you right now. Okay. All right then. Lives. Monkey. Don't forget simply safe's Scott everything you need to protect your home with none of the drawbacks of traditional home security. You can set it up yourself and under an hour no technician required and there's no contract no pushy sales guys no hidden fees no fine print. All this starts at fifteen dollars a month head to simplisafe dot com slash W. t.f and get a free hd camera that simplisafe dot com slash W. t.f to make sure they know that our show sent you.

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GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 619: NCAA Empty Stadiums, NFL Free Agency, and Giannis vs Lebron

GSMC Sports Podcast

1:09:57 hr | 1 year ago

GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 619: NCAA Empty Stadiums, NFL Free Agency, and Giannis vs Lebron

"This is your alternate stop for everything. Sports the Golden state media concepts or podcast. Should I say more from the NFL MLB THE NBA MMA? It's all in here. Golden state media concepts sports podcast. Listen Dan Ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the sports podcast brought to you by the GMC podcast network and we have an interesting show to say the least for you today. Here today on the Thursday edition of the GMC sports podcast here with your host. Josh Strickland I knew. Say that More Times because I feel like people don't get in their brain. I Dunno so this is going to be an interesting show all right so because we got. We got breaking news right out the gate. I'll discuss that and a little bit. the weather. It's seventy five degrees right now. I mean I know y'all probably don't care about my weather. Updates my South Carolina weather updates but it is crazy down here guys. I mean it's freaking seventy five degrees. I wore like I thought it was going to be like cold rainy. Because that's kind of what it was yesterday and then I walked out side this afternoon in a Hoodie and jeans and I was like. Oh God seventy five degrees so hot. I'm sweating so that was unfortunate for me but I had an original lineup here. We were going to talk about. So we're going to talk about Info Free Agency. We're GONNA talk about a lot of football actually. We're GONNA talk about the NFL free agency. We're going to talk about a tunnel being cleared. Then we're going to talk about Tom Brady and his new business venture and we're going to talk about Monday night football and the Monday night football the show and then we were gonNA have bracket madness at six but now bumping everything down because there is breaking news for me. At least. It's probably not breaking news for. You is kind of old news for you as you're listening to this but I'm recording this Wednesday and breaking news for me is the instability tournament will now have no fans which I'll get into that a little bit more in a little bit but because of that news I'm pushing the bracket madness out. Sorry everyone I know. That is your favorite. I know those your favorite but we're bumping that out and we're going to talk about We're going to talk about the MVP race between Yoenis Lebron or these. This oppose it. Mvp race that the media wants you to think that there is so we're going to get straight into it so the NC double a. They haven't decided to close the NCAA basketball tournament to the public. Which is very interesting. Especially since there were conference tournament's going on right now in these conference turns having fans in attendance the ACC tournament for example and Greensboro currently. I mean they've already played four four or five games in that tournament and they have all had people there now a lot of people but they've had people there and so this is crazy right. I mean we talked about on Tuesday. We talked about the effects the coronavirus and what what some sports leagues are thinking about doing to combat to the corona virus. And and make sure that not only their players are healthy but the fans and I guess the media because they they kick the media out like immediately like what's the first thing we can kick out the media. Were kicking the media out which I've seen a lot of people on different sides of that fence. I've seen a lot of people complaining about it which is mostly media people. Then I see a lot of people that say. The media people are being babies about people who don't work in media so as a person that's sort of working in media but not really like I don't go to games or anything like that interview people. Anything like that but as a person who kind of works in that sphere on the outer rigid sphere. It is kind of unfair that for some reason fan like thousands tens of thousands of fans could still go to the game but these media members can't ladies ten to fifteen or I guess Max. Thirty depending on the caliber of the game can't go to these games or they're not allowed any like close proximity to the players or anything like that which is their job. So you're literally the fans they don't have to be there. The fans don't get paid to be there. The fans pay money which is probably why they get to stay there but these guys they they get paid to be there and you're literally stopping them for doing their jobs so the that but back to the NCAA tournament. They announced that the tournament is completely going to be shut out although I just saw an update on twitter that says sources the NCAA is believed to having discussed to be having discussions regarding shifting to smaller venues for both the final four in the elite eight. The phone four currently is being played in Atlanta in the Mercedes Benz Stadium which is A. He can't stadium having that gigantic stadium. We talked about this on Tuesday. Have Najat Gant stadium having this big time games and it's just completely empty. Which would be in Saint? So let me read the official. If I can find it I had it pulled up. And then I clicked away from it. The official statement here the intimate continues to assess the impact of the covy nineteen which stands for Corona Virus Disease Twenty nineteen in consultation with public health officials and our cove in nineteen advisory panel based on their advice and my discussions with the Board of Governors have made the decision to conduct are coming championship events including Division One men's and women's basketball tournaments with only a central staff and limited family attendance. While I understand how disappointing. This is for all fans of our sports. My decision is based on the current understanding of how cove in one thousand nine is progressing in the United States. This decision is in the best interest of public health including that of coaches administrators fans and most importantly our student athletes. We recognize the opportunity to compete in an NCAA champ. National Championship is an experience of a lifetime for the students and their families. Today we will move forward and conduct championships consistent with the current information and we'll continue to monitor and make adjustments as needed. So that's the official statement from the NC Double A. And I've seen multiple things going on here I've seen reports that the NCAA or even thinking about not televising the tail end of the tournament. Which which is just a crazy thing for me to think of because the NCAA tournament has been broadcasted. Ever since. I've been alive. I've never like I've never i. I've never listened. Why have listened? I have listened to sporting events on radio but I've never listened to sporting events unless it was like spring training or something like that on the radio because it wasn't on TV like that doesn't happen or doesn't happen anymore. I mean does not something so I'm wondering what what how that would work. Would it just be the play by play tweeting? What's happening or like the very minimal media personnel there. To just live. Broadcasts it up periscope or sell or twitter or facebook live or something like that. I don't know that is a crazy thing to think of that. Obviously I don't think it's going to happen because they not only they're going to lose all the revenue from ticket sales and stuff like that but there are also going to lose on TV money. Because I'm assuming these TV guys will want to have access and broadcasted and also if we're all going to be quarantine. I'd rather us have the tournament to watch for a couple of weeks so that'd be nice but it is crazy. It is crazy right now that we're GonNa have the biggest tournament and it's supposed to be a wild term it to where Dayton can be a number one see. San Diego State has a chance to upset big time players and make far into the tournament. Leeann supposed to be a crazy tournament this year. Which means it's turning out to be a crazy tournament or thinking about it but it is going to be empty. There's going to be very little fans. It's going to be family. There's going to be essential staff people there. Which of course you kind of need that. But it's going to be empty and it's not like ballgames it's not only bowl games. Most Bowl Games are already pretty empty. This is like big time games. That people go to like the Dayton the Dayton region I think would be like it would be you know Hieaux. That's the Ohio region. They would be playing games in Ohio. A lot of people would be there for that but now it's not so and then I mean Karl universities all over the country are now switching to online courses or an extended spring break for students. So I mean that's been going on all over the place even in places where the corona virus hasn't really spread as much but they're doing a lot of precautionary stuff to kind of get it out of the way and I understand if you're tired of hearing about the corona virus. You understand that it is if you think it's a blown up pandemic by the media but at the the bottom line is I'd rather us be extremely cautious about something that has not a big deal? The Nas not caring about something that could become a big deal. I'd rather us be extremely cautious win when it might be a big deal than us not caring at all and it ends up being a huge deal because a lot of people could get affected by that and I understand I've made I made the argument. Not even a week a week ago. Actually last Thursday that this is not that big of a deal. I feel like this is being overblown and I still do feel like that. Honestly I do but there are people that are smarter than me. Make more money than me and are very much closer to the situation than I am and they are making these decisions. So I'm not going into full panic mode. I don't want anyone going full panic mode I don't want a fear monger or anything like that but it is concerning that this is happening and I'd rather be on the cautious side then beyond the non cautious side and get hit extremely hard by this so that is Europe Day. That is the breaking news. Ncaa tournament will have no fans and they're thinking about moving final four and a lead to smaller venues so they can have fans just not as much which would be really interesting to one. Venue choose actually but we. We returned from break. We'll talk about NFL free agency. We'll talk about matching teams with the top hundred players that are available and free agency so we will be right back. Are you looking for the very best? Nfl and College Football Podcast. Then check out. Gsm see football. Podcast get the latest football news. Both on and off the field from the NFL draft trades to the rumor mill to the NFL combines they got you covered that's GMC PODCAST DOT COM Slash Football Dash. Podcasts GET UPDATES. I'm college rivalries Indian sites and much much more. It's football talk the way you want it. This show in sleeps and breathes football. Don't forget to like a month. Facebook and follow them on twitter visits. Yes MC PODCASTS DOT COM for more INFO. Nfl Free Agency is of course still happening. Technically doesn't start. It actually hasn't started yet. It starts in a week next. Wednesday will be the day of reckoning for a lot of people at four o'clock. Pm So next. Literally the next next Thursday episode you listen to it will be mean reacting to some of the early Some of the early signings some signings. That happen because they totally didn't have any any. They didn't have any contact with any team before. Four o'clock next Wednesday but they signed at four. Oh one or something like that. I Love I love when that happens. When like right at four you hear that like so and so signed with this team. They weren't originally with. And everybody's just like Whoa. That happens so fast and I'm just like I mean they probably. We're talking for like the past three months but it's fine so I found this article of course on the athletic the athletics fantastic by Shield. Kubota Kapadia. Nfl Free Agency predictions matching teams with the top hundred players. I probably won't. We're all hundred players but I'll definitely go through at least top ones. Give you my reaction to what he thinks or what she thinks everyone is going to. So yes a he. Sorry I checked that. I honestly didn't know but we're going to see and he he's. This is an attempt to match players with teams based on need scheme fit cap space and how organizations have historically operated. So let's start number one is Dak Prescott Dak Prescott of course. Is the cowboys quarterback. Right now he is expecting a huge contract coming into free agency here and he. He's this guy has them signing with the cowboys. He'll be twenty seven at the start of next season. Never missed a game. Due to injury he will either be franchise tag or he'll get an extension so more than likely. Prescott will stay in Dallas. But if he gets franchise tag than you see a lot of issues going on there but I mean besides the old guys which is drew brees. Tom Brady Philip rivers. This is the biggest quarterback on the market knock ally Ryan Tannehill Man Cancun's not on the market. Technically but yeah Dak. Prescott is the biggest quarterback on the market at the moment. He's young he he has he. He had one of the best years last year. He was up there He's up there in the top rankings at quarterback in most the quarterback rankings So he had a really good year last year. So cowboys need to pick him up. I Dunno Jerry's been kind of indecisive on this drew brees saints. It's Kinda obvious. He's not officially under contract for twenty twenty. But he said he's either with the saints or he's retiring so they're going to get a deal done one way or another. It'll be kinda crazy if they don't get a deal done especially with all this drama around Tatum Hill. Teddy Bridgewater stuff like that. Tom Brady. Of course nobody knows he has the Patriots at the end of the day Bill Belichick and Tom Brady will have to sit down and discuss this and I mean there is a high possibility about him go into the Patriots. We will discuss. I actually discussed the Tom Brady thing later on in the show. Because there's some interesting information that that happened. That kind of changes my my view on a lot of the things. So we'll save that for later but Philip Rivers for the buccaneers here or he could go to the buccaneers. The colts have all always have often. Been linked to rivers bought rivers. He was a turnover machine last year but he played well previous two years. Buccaneers have excellent weapons with Mike. Evans and Chris Godwin and their though the offense their defense played pretty well their fifth inefficiency last season Bruce Arians size he's had enough with James Winston and rivers finished his career in Florida where he moved his family. So He's basing this pretty much off of the fact that he moved to Florida which is a fair thing because I mean rivers never moved from San Diego when they started playing a lot playing in Los Angeles never moved from San Diego. He did not want to move from San Diego and then when he decided that he doesn't WanNa be starters anymore. He moves in San Diego to Florida. So he is definitely going to sign with some Florida team in my opinion. Either the dolphins or with the buccaneers not the. Jaguars don't think he's going to sign with the Jaguars. One of those two teams will probably get Philip Rivers. The dolphins will get them in. Having has a stopgap guide for for the next quarterback they get or the buccaneers game. Bruce Arians. We'll get a okay okay. Older quarterback and they can focus on trying to find a new guy next year or the year after that. Mark Cooper is the first non quarterback there. We're GonNA talk about Amari. Cooper is the current cowboys wide receiver. This guy hasn't going to the cowboys they had the second ranked offense a fifth ranked passing offense in the NFL. Last season they achieved that offense efficiency and it should be a goal of eighteen to look for that sustained. Success Cooper will only be twenty six at the start of next season. He was the number one wide receiver for the cowboys. He's the type of player of the cowboys. Should be looking into a long term deal. Even means shelling out twenty million dollars a year. That probably makes sense. Amari Cooper has said multiple times. He wants to stay with the cowboys but I mean he. He's looking to get paid. He's looking for that payback payday. Everybody's looking for that paid him into the cowboys. Make sense to me Staying with the cowboys make sense to me. And I think if they get a mark Cooper then they should keep Dak. I mean that's just what smart I feel like next up. Chris. Jones defensive tackle for the chiefs. So he'll be Hughley franchise tag org a long term extension. He'll stay in Kansas City. No matter what chiefs could tag and trade him and get a nice hall but his pass rush. The pass rushing. Divas tackles are hard to find and he'll be twenty six at the start of next season. He had thirty one sacks over the three seasons and are tied for tenth most so yeah he could say what the chiefs they could easily. I think there are at least GonNa tag him. Probably either tagging trade or they're just GONNA tag them in general but move onto another defense alignment. Jv UNCLOUDY this guy hasn't gone to the titans which is interesting to say the least cloudy of course was with the. Texans got traded to the seahawks this past season. He saying that the titans produced a sack or qb hit on eighteen point eight percent of opponents pathways. Last last year they ranked twenty fourth in that category so cloudy skills or best maximizing creative defense scheme where he can line up in different spots and create havoc offer that plus Mike variable is familiar with cloudy from their time in Houston so that alone is a big reason why this might happen. Mike Variable knows him from Houston they worked together in Houston and yeah. That alone could bring him to Tennessee to play for the titans and the titans they made it to the AFC championship game depending on whether they get Ryan Tannehill or they try to go for. Tom Brady is yet to be seen but I think if they get Ryan Tannehill back or they go out and actually get Tom Brady. They will be set up pretty nicely to make another run at the championship game now. Of course you have that other Guy Derrick Henry. That's kind of a big hole in that offense that you kind of need get so. I've always said this the Tennessee. Titans off season depends on Derrick Henry. Because there are plenty of quarterbacks out there where if you don't get Ryan who you can actually probably get a better quarterback teddy bridgewater who could end up being a better quarterback Ryan Channel. You can get Tom Brady. You can get and not Philip rivers but you know what I mean. You can get one of these other. Quarterbacks are out in a battle you can get you can try to get Dak Prescott if you really wanted to Andy Dalton and dones basically Ryan Tannehill I mean I'm just saying the titans their success definitely depending on whether or not they get their Henry back. Speaking of the titans will stick with the titans. Ryan Tannehill this guy. Says The Times will franchise tag him. He became the second player in the Roy area. To complete seventy percent of his passes an average over nine yards per nine yards per attempt in a season but it was only in ten games so the titans are going to be wary. I'm making a long-term decision. That's why I'm saying. Derrick Henry is their main their main Guy Right now and Ryan. Tannehill was just Kinda there at the moment. So Yeah Let's see let's see James Bradberry. He is a quarterback he could go to the Redskins Ron rare of well from their time together in Carolina in Washington needs. Help at cornerback. Going to the redskins would make a lot of sense. Corny Cory Littleton linebacker. He could play for the giants he would make sense for a number of teams including the Redskins and the raiders but the giants have money to spend any bill one of the least talented defenses in the NFL. They add playmaking three down. Linebacker with would help a lot. The biggest question mark in quarterbacks and this will be the last one I talked about. I might continue this conversation on Sunday because I didn't even make it to twenty so jaimes Winston quarterback. This guy is saying he could go to the steelers now. Having the first ever thirty for thirty season thirty touchdowns thirty interceptions that makes it not a commodity right now but he got lasix surgery so everybody saying oh you can see now. Maybe he can. Maybe you can actually play well but it all depends on Ben Rothlisberger Ben. Rothlisberger is thirty eight at the start of the season win. He's suggesting Winston Backup Rothlisberger. Which is a very interesting thing. Very interesting concept. That could happen. He could back Rothlisberger in Rothlisberger. Who's been very injury? Prone lately could get injured. And then James James Winstons Joe Pittsburgh. I know a couple of Pittsburgh friends that would not like that at all but when we return we'll talk about a tunnel of being cleared of all activities. These check out the show. That's built on the m a from. Ufc Two extreme cage fighting. They got the fights covered. Check out the GSM. See 'EM A podcast. Get the latest news on past or upcoming fights. Join us as we talked to in about some of the biggest names in the past president. Future when it's the fight game there's just one show checkout. Gsm See podcasts. Dot Com backslash. Mame Dash. Don't forget to leg on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. Gmc PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO. We've discussed free agency. I mean you can talk about this. Nfl Z. Four hours and hours basically already have on this podcast. You have the quarterback the Plethora of quarterbacks going on you have all the other big name players but this definitely the year of the quarterback for the NFL free agency this year that also includes the NFL draft as there are plenty of quarterback in the NFL draft. That could get taken. You Have Joe Borough. You Got Justin. Herbert Josh Heart Love from Utah State. And then you have to tackle tackle of all of tunnel of A. I can't say his name right now and I don't know I said it perfectly fine whatever So he injured his hip had hip surgery last year. Finishes last season with the Alabama Crimson tide. He of course led his lead his lead the Alabama Crimson tide to a national championship by coming in the fourth quarter his freshman year then sophomore year went to the national championship loss to Clemson and then last year they probably could have went to the national championship. Began to be honest but then he got injured and that kind of ended it all. They actually almost made it back to the National Championship. To be honest. Whoever that other guy was I forgot that I forgot? The other guy's name to was a big is a big name going into this drab. You're hearing you're hearing rumors going around about the about. The redskins potentially taking him even though they already have Dwayne Haskins. There's rumors Mel Kiper. Hasn't projecting going to the Detroit Lions? Which would be interesting because they have. Matthew Stafford already. Matthew Stafford hasn't really declined play it all. He hasn't really shown any reason why they wouldn't get why they would pick quarterback in the first round but the big issue to was. Is he clear to do anything? Because the fact of the matter is the hip injury got was the same one that Bo Jackson that ended Bo Jackson career. Now of course to be fair Bo Jackson's career ended because of complications from surgery. And other other kind of stuff like that. But in this day and age people don't read articles they look at the headlines when they see to same injury as Bo Jackson. People think oh no. It's over that's why I initially thought when I saw it happen on twitter all I saw was that looked like what happened about Jackson and this is of course before he went to the doctor. And we got a got more info on it. But when you look at it when it first happened era going through. Everyone's mind is like that. Look like what happened to Bo Jackson. That's not good so these. Nfl teams of course are weary of it and of course to has other medical issues that went on. He hurt his ankle. He hurt his knee. He's hurt his shoulder before. I'm pretty sure there's a lot of. There's a lot of injuries into his history. And I'd I I mean I don't WanNa say that he has the injury bug or he's he's he's injury prone or anything like that but the fact of the matter is he's then he's been injured. Elliot's once the two years. He started quarterback in college so in all teams are weary of it. But we got news a couple of days ago to has been mentally clear for all football activity after a four month. Scan on Monday came back all clear so his season ended in November when he suffered a posterior wall fat fractured and dislocated hip. Which by the way. That alone sounds awful. That alone sounds terrible so he will train the Nashville start throwing running rolling out and doing drop boxes week once he gets settled in the city. Which is still recovering from a devastating tornadoes. That part of the article is not relevant to what I'm trying to about national. Hope you're doing okay. So he will participate at Alabama Pro Day on April ninth where he will throw for NFL teams and he will take a conservative approach. To Pro Day it will definitely drop back and throw to show teams that he can in fact drop back and throw which is important thing. He intended the scouting combine last week. Where he underwent medical examinations interviews his main thing. I heard him on the Dan Lebatardshow. He's or Golic and Wingo one of the two. He mentioned that his main thing going into the NFL draft is just being medically cleared. All he cares about he cares about his medical. That's it. He's not worried about any. He's not worried about not performing the combine. He's not worried about interviews. He's worried about his medical. And then as good. There's a good reason for that because as medicals are the main thing that people care about. I mean everyone knows. I'm pretty sure all. Nfl coaches respect. Nick Sabin at least a little bit. I'm pretty sure that if Nick Sabin says this kid is one of my one. The best kids I've ever coached. They're going to for it and they're going to jump on them. They don't even need interviewing born. It is clear that Nick Sabin and to kind of had you know. They had a certain relationship. That Nick Sabin didn't really have with other players. Same thing jalen hurts so I mean Nick. Sabin must be wheeling right now because he had to really good quarterbacks back to back that he really loved like personally and characteristically he loved everything about him and now he's Kinda stuck with whoever it. Is that the bag. I forgot his name is very generic. White Guy may prove Alabama. So I don't know what it is but but yeah so nick Sabin if he praises. You've Nick Sabin praises you. Nfl coaches are going to listen to it so to whoa. At pro day he does have to show that he can throw and he's capable of throwing. That's a good first step. I mean of course. The season doesn't start until September or or preseason starts in August or whatever So you want. He's still has plenty of time to recover. But if you're a team and if you're like the redskins so we have dwayne Haskins who drafted drain Haskins in the first round last year. Should we take our chance on drafting to this year? Because we might like to a little bit better. We don't think Dwayne Haskins the quarterback of the future. We got a new coach Ron Rivera. Doesn't Dwayne housing's going to be the quarterback of the future? We need to get a new quarterback in here. They need to see that too. Can at least throw right now. And that's important thing so he's cleared for all activities. He has one more medical check-up scheduled before the draft. You'll have an MRI on April tenth. Which will be an important. Mri and they will check to see whether there is cartilage growth there Alabama team physician. Lyle Cain Dr Larry Kane sorry said. He was elated with the results of the scan. If you had told me four months ago that the scan would look this good I would have been a static which I mean. I guess he's static. I guess he's a static. I guess so there. I mean to seems to be perfectly healthy but we need to wait until that day on April ninth which is still a month away so he gets another month and he's he's training. He told sources say that he's been training. He's been telling people that he's been training in Nashville throwing running rolling out doing dropbox so he is ready. I feel like and he is a pretty good quarterback now of course. There's a stigma against left handed. Quarterbacks with will always be there. There's a stigma against left-handed people just in general in society which means unfair to left-handed people. But I mean you know. Them'S THE BREAKS. But especially left handed quarterbacks though so two already going against him then he has his injury history against him as well. So it's going to be interesting to see how teams react. His Pro Day is going to be extremely important. I bet a lot of people are gonNA watch it just out of curiosity. I might tune-in depending on what time of day it is what I'm doing during that time. But on April ninth. That might be must watch TV because you want to see if two is good enough to get drafted at two or drafted at three now. Let's talk about this draft so you of course have the the rumors that the redskins might take them at two which I said there seems like they're bathing wife. Wouldn't you take chase young? You already drafted Duane. Haskins at least stick with Dwayne Haskins one more year. And if you suck then tank for Trevor Thing for Trevor Lawrence. I mean that's what I would do. Of course no team wants to take but give Dwayne haskins solid like five games or so to see if he's worth anything see if he improved at all from last year if he does great good if he doesn't then tank pretty much where. I'm getting there but so you have you get chased young. You get a huge defense lineman now of course they already have a pretty solid defense align in Washington. Then then you talk about milk hyper which I mel kiper. White projecting a number three to go to the lions. Why on Earth would the lions to tunnel of boil to say right taint? Why would I don't understand that one at all? I think he will fall to. The dolphins dolphins are either five or six or four. I forgot I forgot what the order was but yeah I mean I think you'll fall to the tha the dolphins and the dolphins will get them and yeah I mean I think the Dole. It makes more sense for the dolphins to get him. I don't see the lions are going to get them at all. I don't know why. Mlk Ever saying that unless he has an inside source saying that he that the lions are going for. I haven't even heard anything about that so I don't fully understand where that came from up next. We'll talk about the newest installment of the Tom Brady. Saga are you looking for help for your fantasy football team check out the GMC fantasy football podcast. Get today's best advice on how to start to sit even who? You should draft from sleeper picks. Red Hot LINEUPS. They got it all covered for you. That's GMC PODCAST DOT COM slash. Fantasy football dash podcasts. We'll cover traditionally dynasty few. Pr Even when you need fantasy help. There's just one showed up. Don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. Gs MC PODCASTS DOT COM for more info and it's just the NFL free agency show man. I'm so sorry we're in the middle of NBA season. You gotTa Corona Virus. Going on March man starts next week but to be honest. There's not a lot of basketball stuff going on you have the conference championships. Conference Tournament's going on right now but they played their first four games like none of the top seeds played yet You have all the smaller conferences that played but I don't watch them so I can't really talk about them so I mean yeah I mean there is some talk about basketball right now. I mean the NBA usually talk about big matchups. Which I mean I'm talking about the NBA in the last segment of the show. But other than that. There's not really much going on in the NBA either. Everything's kind of drowned out by the corona virus stuff. That's going on like for I mean I was. I watched the mavs Spurs game last night. But that didn't really. That didn't really tickle my fancy. I guess I mean Luca Danni lost or the mavericks loss. Just Lucas dodges. But I mean not that didn't really interest me and then you had the warriors facing off against the clippers. I think the warriors are now eliminated from the playoffs. I'm just saying none of that. Really interested me last night. There's nothing interesting in basketball. Tightening Lee is happened. I mean I'm height about conference tournaments and stuff like that but I'm not hyped yet. I'm not hyped about watching the actual tournaments. I'm hyped about. Who's GonNa win hyped about the championship games? But none of that will happen until Saturday or Sunday. I think so. It's not really much going on right now. Like I mean I'm about to pull up. I mean yeah. There's not a lot going on in basket. I mean there's a lot going on basketball. Just not allowed to talk about in basketball. Is that makes any sense at all. It probably does not but that's just how we're going right now so Tom Brady was finally get into the topic that I'm talking about Tom. Brady Tom Brady. Tom Brady Tom Brady Brady Brady Bunch. Tom Brady is of course the biggest agent on the market right now now. Either you agree with that or you. Don't he is definitely the biggest three free agent for people that need tickets fans and a quarterback Ben. That's one team. That desperately needs all three of those and I think they their chances of getting. Tom Brady skyrocketed after. I read this news so Tom Brady is deciding to do what every athlete is now trying to do. He is trying to get into Hollywood every actor. I mean not every actor. Every athlete is trying to get into Hollywood now Kobe Bryant. He won an Oscar. Good for him will Bron. James moved out to la to work with his production company and stuff like that and then he ended up on the Lakers big name. Athletes are using their big names to swayed. Hollywood into giving them things for some reason. I mean I guess they have the money to invest in it. I think people just like the name power. Yes but is read this news and I immediately thought. Oh that changes every thing in the QB market in the Tom Brady discussion. Tom Brady is launching a multiplatform. Hollywood production company called one ninety nine productions now one nine nine productions of course is a reference to his draft the the number in the draft that he was drafted at. He sat on Instagram. That I believe in the essence of teamwork and I have no doubt or one ninety nine productions team partners will create inspiring content to share with the world. Now of course my first thing is like what? What is Tom? Brady GonNa make like? What what what is because? I'm going to be honestly. I know nothing about Tom. Brady's actual personality like I know he's super competitive and stuff like that but and then I don't really know anything about personnel. Nobody likes dislikes. I just know he likes winning. Any doesn't like losing. That's all I know he's got the TV twelfth thing going on on that. What does he like. What is he? GonNa make documentaries on. They're going to develop documentaries feature films and television shows on what I just anyways so their first project is called unseen football. It'll be it'll be. It'll be through a partnership with director Joe and Anthony Russo. Those are the guys who worked on avengers endgame and finish the war and stuff like that. So they've made huge productions They're big names in the movie world. At the moment he released a statement. That said. I'm excited to work with JOE and Anthony Russo and their team at a GPO films don't what that stands for but who's creative vision and unrivaled. Storytelling has revolutionized the Business Brady said in a statement according to deadline dot com. I'm humbled to have the opportunity to partner with them to bring unseen football to the big screen and tell the story in a way that has never been done before I believe in the essence of teamwork and I'm no doubt our team will create the most magical experience for people to enjoy. Okay well now. Obviously I'm not stupid. I know Tom Brady will have no hands on aspects of this production coming. He's basically just kinda funding it. I guess he's just I mean I guarantee you. He's not making any decisions. Joe And Anthony. Russo will be making all the decisions. Tom Brady might be footing the bill or he might be just the face Barbara. He's not doing anything movie wise. So that's why that's why my original point of what is he going to bake doesn't make sense because he's not gonNa make anything the Russo Brothers. GonNa make stuff and Tom Brady just GonNa tag his name on it. And if he wins an Oscar he's going to like. I want an Oscar. And that's just kinda how it works. That's how production companies work. I guess so. What would unseen football? Be What would that be? According to deadline unseen. Football is a three D adventure documentary that intends to take viewers into the invisible realms of football. What the future will be directed by GOTHAM CHOPRA? Chopra the executive producer of the popular facebook documentary series. Tom Versus time that Shadow Brady throughout the twentieth eighteen season. So it's a three D. football documentary. So is the camera. GonNa Helmet and we're going to be like playing football or I don't understand this concept concept just doesn't make sense in general to be but You know sure we'll go with it. Whatever but what does it have to do with Tom? Brady's free agency. What does this have to do? I mentioned that this changes everything. So how's it change everything? Well there's a team in la that needs fans need exposure need a quarterback there's one team in La that needs all three of those things there's one team in L. A. That made the Super Bowl couple years ago. They have a decent fan base. They have MIC quarterback. They don't own Tom Brady. But one team in L. A. Just got rid of their franchise quarterback and they desperately need fans to become the because La is not taking him at all the L. You could argue. La's not taking to the rams at all but the chargers play in a soccer state is the charge by the way completely ruined the surprise. The chargers play in a soccer stadium that they can't even fill with their own fans and people just overall don't like their ownership because he abruptly left San Diego. They're going to be playing these same stadium as the Los Angeles Rams which is in technically Los Angeles and I'm basing this completely off the fact that the same exact thing happened when Lebron James Lebron James started a production company. I think something that and he wanted to move to. La He moved his family to La like his son. Guide transferred into some high school in L. A. Stuff like that and people were like kind of a done deal now and that he went to L. A. It's kind of what's happening here now. People are expecting this because Giselle said she hated. La which at this point. I mean they have like five houses around the world. I don't think it really matters which housed there at Out doing her own thing so I mean obviously she has to say and everything because she's the wife but I mean it. It doesn't make that. It's not that crazy to think that the chargers have a better chance now because of Tom Brady going Hollywood right now. My top three for Tom. Brady. It's going to be the. La chargers San Francisco Forty niners because the forty niners just made a lot of sense. The only reason the forty niners doesn't make sense because they have Garoppolo which means they would have to move Garoppolo and then of course going back to the Patriots. I think the titans are out the titans around blocking years. I've seen a little bit of. I don't think the bucket and I can't Tom Brady at Tampa. It'll be funny because everybody from the northeast moved to Florida to retire but I don't see that happening but when we return we'll talk about Monday night football in ESPN's doing there including some trade talks. We're make really bad jokes pretending. Espn is a team in the NFL when we return to College Football. Beck's looking to get the latest news on your favorite school team Diaz. Empty College football podcast. Is Your ticket to all things college football to win us as we talk all. Its bill from the National Championship. The college rivalries the bowl game to the heisman trophy so which converts is the best. We've got you covered for the big ten as these the big twelve the PAC twelve. Adc and everything in between download the GS in the college football. Podcast on Itunes Stitcher soundcloud. Google play or anywhere you find God gas just type GS MC in the search bar so this is an interesting story just to talk about. Because you don't really hear about you don't really hear about broadcasters in the drama behind broadcasters and I know some people are kind of like I don't really care which is fair. Because why would you care about the broadcasters but a lot of people do care about broadcaster like Joe Book for instance is one of the most hated broadcasters in the world for some reason I mean he doesn't okay job I understand? He has a perfect broadcaster voice for Baseball Football. On the other hand he just doesn't get excited The best thing I can say is the two thousand seven Super Bowl win. The giants pulled off the huge upset against the Patriots. And the Joe Buck on the David. Tyree check catchy was just like oh my what a catch. No emotion at all in his voice and the end of the day people do care about broadcasts people do care what broadcasters say they do they do care. This is a thing that people care about and that is a fact. Now I dropped my pet now. We have an interesting thing going on Monday night. Football has been kind of past two years two years ago. They had the bugger mobile. People didn't really like didn't like it all last year. They had just regular boost which worked out better. They also had they had written in there two years ago. He did a terrible job then this past year it was better territory. And you had booger McFarland. Which is not the best. But it's better than they did two years ago now. Espn is noticing that their ratings are down there nosing that they need help and with the emergence of Tony. Romo the emergence of these new fangled people who know what they're talking about going on in broadcasting. Espn is trying to catch up so recently. Spn's been trying to get paid manning to be the color commentator for ESPN. Monday night football which I believe would be a fantastic higher because pain manning he of course knows football he knows the INS and out of the game. He's basically he basically be like Tony. Romo he knows how to present himself. He's been on us and now like twice. I think to present himself. He has show his own his own show on. Espn plus the connection with the ESPN is already there. Which by the way that show was pretty good pretty good show. If you haven't checked out pains places check it out stuff like that. So I mean he has. He has the connections to get this done is just whether or not an. Espn is going to pay him enough for them to do it. And with Tony Romo. Breaking the broadcasting market with his seventeen million dollar contract peyton manning probably going to ask for at least at least fifteen. I believe so and who would be pain. Man's partner would be desk story would be someone else someone else. Espn brings on. Would IT BE SEAN MCDERMOTT? I know a lot of people didn't like him. I thought he was okay. Or Sean Big Donahue something like that people in like him. That was okay well. Espn affords the ESPN was trying trying to trade for Al. Michaels from NBC. They're rumors that are going to trade rumors. They're going to trade someone for Al Michaels which is always an interesting thing to me because this actually did happen a couple like ten years ago or something like that where ally calls himself got traded from. Espn TWO NBC. He got traded from. Espn two NBC's so Disney could get the rights to all the lucky rabbit. Which if you don't know who Oswald lucky rabbit which is a perfectly reasonable thing to not know Oswald. The lucky rabbit was Walt Disney's first cartoon and this cartoon eventually led into mouse but the only reason it led into Mickey Mouse because alls bald. The lucky rabbit was owned by Warner Bros. Or owned by NBC. One of the two and when Walt Disney went to make his own company he no longer could use it because of copyright issues and stuff like that so then he moved on to make making mouse which we all know that was a terrible idea and it failed horribly. Obviously but Disney traded Al Michaels for all the Lucky Oswald the lucky rabbit and this is because Disney wanted to make a video game and they also wanted all the the vault of that and the worst part about it. All lucky rabbit's not even on dizzy. Plus which makes no sense to be. Why is he not on Disney? Plus you traded a whole human forum and you're not even gonNA put him on dizzy. Plus what are we doing? Disney what are we doing anyway? So they tried to trade for Al Michaels. Nbc politely declined said. Hey we're going to keep Al Michaels versus contract. Which I think is two more years at five million dollars. And then Michaels is going to ask for a truckload of money because he is a living legend in the broadcasting. Biz and his partner. Tony Romo. Who's only been doing this for like three years. Got paid seventy million dollars by CBS. Now of course Tony. Romo was thwarted by ESPN. He was quarterback. Espn TWO ESPN. Do Do Monday night football. And when he did not sign with. Espn ESPN is now going after. Peyton manning now of course peyton manning has officially signed with the ESPN so there's a chance that ESPN with on a trade for Al Michaels though with on a signing a big time too. Big Time signings big time. Free agent signings. They'll be kind of stuck with the same old broadcast that they had before. So does that mean. Espn is a terribly run. Sports team think about I think about a lot of people left. Espn some. There's a lot of loyal people still there that are going to be there for many more years but my two rico left. Espn a couple of years ago. He was the voice of Monday night. Football Jon Gruden left. Espn to become a head coach. Again he left ESPN to go to the Oakland Raiders. Head coach again. My to Rico left. Nbc's can do Masters Coverage and all that good stuff and the Olympics and he is effectively Al Michaels successor over there at NBC. So you're telling me. Espn can't get these big time. Name's Colin cowherd left China. Now that but that's not that big veloce. Some people skip pay. Let's left now. Of course they made some good acquisitions Katie Nolan. They made Katie Nolan. Acquisition from Fox made some other ones that I can't think of at the moment but I mean. Espn is kind of terrible terribly. Run Sports Team and the moment they flunked on trade. They couldn't get a trade done. They have all the assets in the world and could get a trade done. They couldn't sign too big free agents. I mean they're still. They might signed pain. Manny but I mean. There's some rumors that paid. Manning would only sign with ESPN. If Al Michaels was with them which would be so interesting. That's true. I can only imagine paying manning demanding Al Michaels being the booth with them and it makes it a lot. Funnier if you imagine Al. Michaels hated painting which does not I don't think so. But if he did that'd be the funniest thing ever that'd be the best painting prank you ever pull. I guess to make Al Michael. Sit in the booth with you. That'd be funny to me. I don't know but this whole this whole scenario is just kind of funny to me because you don't really get to see behind the curtain for broadcasting stuff like this which if you WanNa learn more follow Andrew March and he is for the New York Post and he specifically does sports media. He talks about Sports media contracts and stuff like that. There's also the media podcast which is a thing you can listen to that. Of course after you've listened to us the sports media podcast go more in depth on media and he has interviews with actual sports media people in just over here talking to myself pretty much but those are interesting if you WANNA learn more about laying the actual inner workings of sports media and stuff like that. I mean I listen to this because obviously I want to be in sports media but it's very interesting to say the least but it is interesting. That espn they kind of had bad ratings. There are also rumor that he spn might try to buy out Sunday night and Thursday night football and just have Sunday Monday and Thursday night football which I think would be terrible. I like the fact that each I like the fact that NBC's NBC has Sunday night. Monday night I think Fox had Thursday night just so it's kind of fair. I guess I think Thursday nights like on. Nfl Network or something like that half the time. I don't know I don't really watch Thursday night. Football is usually trash so but I think it'd be interesting if all three big networks forgetting CBS. To It'd be interesting if all the big networks had their own had their own primetime show for NFL. Just because it's nice to have competition competitions always good and Yeah so when we come back. We'll talk about more about how competitions good we'll talk about the MVP race between Lebron James and Janas antetokounmpo taking place of my bracket madness. Which are we'll talk about that on Sunday but when we return. Mvp Race Talk. Check out this build around the women. Ms In victim Obscene Delatour won championship. We got the fights covered the golden state media concepts women's anime podcast. The latest news of coming flights discussions of previous matches join us as we talked to in about the biggest names in women's mixed martial arts past present and Future. When it's the women's freight game you know where to listen to the golden state media concepts women's MMA podcast. This has been a hot topic issue for the past couple days especially after this weekend when Lebron James and the La Lakers went to Milwaukee. Now they didn't go to Milwaukee. I don't think they played Milwaukee and they beat the bucks then they went to L. A. Stated La you should say play. The Clippers beat the clippers. Now they lost the mets last night Tuesday night. But you know no biggie. Keep hitting my Mike. I'm so sorry. No biggie. They lost the nets last night. That doesn't matter Lebron James. Mvp talk is ramping up again and let me tell you something. It is always a thing. There's always as long as Lebron James is in the NBA. There will always be brought James and the MVP talk because of the fact that matter is he's the best player in the League so he's going to be talked about as the most valuable player in the league every single year but is he actually the most valuable player in the NBA this year. Which is the important distinction. Now I have we compare stats all day and that's what I'm GonNa do. I'm GONNA pair stats but I have a big a big reason why. I don't think Lebron James should win. Mvp I'll talk about that towards the end of the segment after we talk about staff. We're repair stats here. Quick so I have Lebron James Janas antics Lupo. I can't hit these names today. I usually can be able to hit. Tunnel and enter canoe. Poke perfectly fine but today. It's just not happening. Lebron jeans I as Janas here the stats comparisons just for you to know. Lebron James Play Sixty Games. Jaanus played fifty seven so far Lebron averages thirty four point nine minutes per game Janas average thirty point nine which is kind of skewed because the bucks destroy their competition over on the east so yeah there are a lot of times. You honest. Just doesn't play towards the end of the game so I feel a little skewed there. Lebron has a point four nine eight field. Goal Percentage Janas point five four seven. Lebron has point three four nine. Three point percentage Janas has eight point three zero six. Three point percentage. Of course Nyerere. These guys are necessarily expected to have high percentages so yeah. Lebron has a surprisingly low point. Six nine seven percent free. Throw Percentage Janas has also a surprisingly low free-throw percentage of point six three three would. Why are we discussing these guys as being the best players League when they can't even make a free throw that's it doesn't matter? Lebron has seven point nine rebounds per game. Janas has thirteen points seven rebounds per game. Lebron has ten point six assists per game especially since he plays the point guard a lot of time he runs. The offense in Los Angeles for the Lakers most of the time. Janas only has five point eight assists per game. So he's usually not the assist guy they have other people for that. Lebron has twenty five point. Seven points per game. Yana says twenty nine point six per points per game. So here's my opinion and I'm not talking about my biggest argument against Lebron. I'm just comparing these two straight up right now Lebron on has the stats to back it up. He has the stats. I agree with that. He does have the stats. He doesn't fact that but at the end of day when you want a bucks game the entirety of the bucks runs through Jaanus now. Of course they have other guys that contribute a good bit. I'm not saying they don't contribute at all. I'm saying they contribute a bit and they are integral to the bugs being as good as they are but at the end of the day. That team runs through Jaanus. Lebron on the one hand they have Anthony Davis they have more people there to pass the ball around to to get things done just in general so my personal opinion. I'm going on and I've seen arguments for Lebron and I understand you want Lebron win and Lebron is the best player in the NBA. But that doesn't mean he's the most valuable but never means babble and it's it's terrible it's the Gregg Popovich. Is the bill belichick conundrum where you are the in the League every single season? But you're not GonNa win best coach. You'RE NOT GONNA win co two the year every single year. Because that's boric people are going to vote against you just for the fact that you want it last year or you wanted the year before now. I think Lebron's only won like three. Mvp or something like that. Which only three years. Which I don't know how until Ron is one to be honest. Let me look it up real quick but Lebron James. Winning only a handful of MVP's. I'll say he's a four time. Mvp I APOLOGIZE. I short hand. Holy cow VP's won the MVP award four times now. I'm assuming all four of those years were when he was in Cleveland or I think he'd probably had one in Miami. You might have had one in Miami. I can't readily look for that right. Now what yeah? He might have had one in Miami But most of the time. They're in Cleveland when he was literally running the show by that is all Lebron. It is literally only Lebron. Now here is my main argument against Lebron James. And that is his teammate. Anthony Davis now. What are you talking about Josh? What are you talking about? Anthony Davis I mean yeah. He's a superstar. He's a top five player in the League. But why why why? Why are we talking about? Anthony Davis what are you talking about? What about well. Let me tell you what. I'm talking about Davis. Currently leaves team at points per game and pretty much. Every defensive. Category Healy's Lakers every defense category including blocks steals and rebounds. Anything Davis played five games. He averages three or four point. Three minutes played which is about on par with Lebron. He has a four point. Five eleven field. Goal percentage point three three five three point percents which is not better Lebron. But it's better than I expected him and he does not shoot three three pointers as much as Lebron would point four five free-throw percentage would of course nobody really cares about free when we're talking about. Mvp conversations but still throwing it out there nine point four rebounds per game and Twenty six point seven points per game lebrons not even the most valuable player on his own team. He's not even the best player on his team currently this year. I'm talking about this year. Statistically if we're talking about overall of course it's Asinine the think. Anthony Davis is more important than Lebron. And you can look at plus minuses. I've talked about this before you can talk about plus minuses where Lebron when Lebron's off the court that plus minus is all the way down in the minus for the Lakers whereas when it's Anthony Davis just Anthony Davis doesn't get better but when Lebron's on the court there is a significant change and that's because the offense runs through Lebron however you want me to believe Lebron of all people who's not having one of the greatest of all time hate break T. He's not he's just not he's not having one of the greatest of all time. He's he's close to a triple double averaging a triple double. I'll give him that. He's close to that but he for the most part he's par for the course is basically what he's been doing his entire career. He's getting more assist. And that's because the offense is running through whom he's playing point guard a lot more but he's scoring less points than it usually does during his career. He's getting less field. Goal percentage is philo percentages down as free. He's three point. Percentage is down free throw percentages down. His efficiency is a little up player. Officially rating is twenty six. Compared to his career average was twenty. Seven point five. He is not having a career year. That's the bottom line. Also just looking at this basketball reference page. It says is one of his nicknames as L. Train on WHO's calling mel train but anyways but he's not having a great year and now here's where this argument comes in. You're playing with all an all star team mate who was producing just as good if not better than you are and you are expected to win the MVP. I think people just want him to win. Bp because it's Lebron and. I saw that some people are saying that he should win. Because of the China Debacle. He had to deal with that. Any deal. Kobe's death which by the way we're not bringing Kobe's death and I know I brought it but I'm not we're not that's not part of this. The China thing sure. We could talk about that if we're going to bring the China thing into the discussion of MVP then. Lebron loses just based on that because his response to the whole China debacle was terrible. He sided with China and a lot of didn't like it. He didn't side with his fellow players. He didn't side with the rockets or anything. He sided with China because he had a lot of money in China. So we're GONNA bring China into this. He loses it just because of that because this response is terrible and he didn't talk about it again until kind of died down a couple of months later so there you have it. I'm going you know we still have twenty more games left to play twenty two or something like that so there's still a lot of basketball to play but I'm going Jaanus because Janas has less on his team less to work with and also the offense is not run through Jaanus. I mean it does. But he's not the point guard but anyways that's the show for you as gentlemen. Thank you for listening to this Thursday edition. I'll see you on Sunday. Make sure you like like rate ends of Dr. Wherever you get your podcast and follow me on twitter at Strickland. Josh and I'll talk to Y'all on Sunday you've been listening to the golden state media concepts sports. Podcast part of the Golden State media concepts PODCAST NETWORK. You can find this show and others like at. Www DOT g s MC podcast dot com download. Our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud and Google play just type in GS MC to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music from sports to entertainment and even weird news. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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#106 Amityville II: The Possession (1982) with Kim Wilson

Horror Soup

1:21:16 hr | 3 months ago

#106 Amityville II: The Possession (1982) with Kim Wilson

"In mediums my little dvd together. We will find the riding. Greedy the harry sooner than you will find his but getting is surprising that pk kids. Sometimes it's so wrong it's rat sometimes you gotta fuck in the middle of the najat. Sometimes you see something in the hallway that gives you a in the bumble. The nabet amityville to the possession. That's my intro. Oh and there's incest year. Uh yeah like that. Fuck yeah dude. Fuck do advil to the possession brought like every bit of angst. I had about this series like it just grabbed all of it and it threw it out the window and i was like you know what amityville twenty eight episodes. Let's fucking this. No kayla's aligarh. I don't know what you were unconvinced. You got like wasted and watch this. Because i don't know what you took away from this. Let me sit up my scenario. I got home from work. I took a thirty minute nap. Got up from that thirty minute nap. I watched amityville completely sober. I was completely uninterested. Because i was starting in amityville movie and then after like ten actually after five minutes after five minutes when i realized that burt young was the father. I was like wait. Hold on you're telling me. Paulie is here to bless me up for a little bit. Say you big rocky guy dude. Bali's like the best fucking character so cool that's fair. He was like the funniest muggy guys. You i i love. That guy is pretty much what he wasn't this movie and that was so i was like wait. Hold on okay. So we were young in the building. This is cool and then fucking diane franklin. Suzy from television she pulls up. I haven't seen television. Yeah dude that's a fucking horror movie too and it's like okay so i'm kind of following. There's some good shit going on the mom kind of annoyed me but then I i was very confused right off the bat because as we said there's some insects going on them but I didn't know there was incest for like thirty minutes. I thought there were. I thought like this brother was moving into this house with his family and then like his girlfriend was living with them right. I thought that was the girlfriend. But that's not what's going on but we'll get. We'll get into the incest pretty soon. You know that's fine. I have some stuff. I've read about it to we'll get into. I have some stuff where kim thought of. This movie had a five thousand dollar budget when it's clearly said five meals. Caleb no look at this so which which means that. She had to look at the budget like three times before she turned around to look at me and then she turned it around. And i'm like kim. Is that a comma or period right there. Because i don't think anyone will put three zeroes after You know you know to symbolize sense. I've never seen that. she's like. That's a karma right. Well it to be in my defense. So are you in the right state of mind to say that. This movie is good to be here. Okay you know what calm the fuck down him you. You are supposed to be here. You can technically you're already you're already like set in for a few of these anyway and it just happens that i gave you a little break and i let the people vote to just solidify. Hey do you guys want. This is the vast majority want. This is the people that emailed and you know what they want it. And you're supposed to sit here and you're supposed to fucking like it. You're supposed to enjoy and you know what i always enjoy it and right now you right now. You should have enjoyed it all right deep breath. I lost my cool there. Guys of sorry sorry was not the right. Seen abide bide. When i watched this i still not. I don't know if i'll ever like it. But sorry i really took it out on you guys but fuck you guys is just so ridiculous problem with this i mean do you know who do you know who wrote this. Know who wrote that. I didn't caleb. I checked out two minutes. And i was like i don't want to do any research on this shit kevin williamson. Because if so i'll like it immediately. Yeah of course you would know so. I didn't know who wrote this or directed this until after when i started looking some stuff up. But here's the thing. I was watching this the whole time. And i was like why some of this feel lot like fright night. Tweet tom wait no. It's not tom holland. But tommy lee wallace. The guy who directed frank nine. Yeah wow and. I felt like a little bit of that in there. And i also i kinda wonder. I don't know for surf. You did or not. But i kind of wonder if he did a little bit of special effects on this because of the very end. When that dude's face. I thought a fright night and it turns into like the core of the earth if shattering and then he turns into a little war man. I thought i was like this is fright night night. Okay you read my mind. The one positive thing. I have to say about this actually to positive. I've say it was funny. The like posting. I have besides. The humor was the special the makeup special effects in the body horror. I felt they knocked out of the park and it did. Remind me a frightening at the end. 'cause they're in the vacant house either in the basement and turns green turns into a bat and flies out shit. Yes like that. It gave me a lot of those which makes sense. He might have had some some of his hands on the special effects and stuff like that because that was that part was good. I'll give it to them on that. I was like wow for early eighties. They did a good job with the the body or so. What else did you want out of. This is an and it gave us humor. It gave was good. Kills good body horror like obviously there aren't going to be more than four kills in one of these movie like kind of just tradition. So there's like four kills in this. I'm just gonna say it. Now there's four kills total. It's the family but the cool thing about this too is that they killed the family like pretty early on then kept the story going and like they also. I thought that was really cool too because in that they did a dream thing where it's like. Oh at first. I was pissed i was like this bullshit. Like there's a fucking dream. They didn't actually kill him. Yeah they actually killed them. It's the one time that you see your dream sequence in your let down but then you're like oh shit. That did actually happen right. I was kind of confused that at first but to me why was let down i think is because there was that long gap. I feel like he often too early. Because in the movie was just floating around possessed in the priest was like trying to convince people that he was possessed and trying to trial house. Like i didn't need an hour and fifteen minutes of that. I wish it would have been like maybe three forty minutes of that. No i was just gonna cut. You often say it was only thirty forty minutes because kim yes it felt like two hours no there was at least over an hour of him with his family and doing their thing and then toward the end of it. That's when they fucking well not toward the end but toward like i'd say that was probably i'd say forty minutes left. I'd say forty minutes left of just him on his own and him. The priest doing shit which i will say. The first twenty minutes of that were was very fucking boring. Yeah it was just very slow at times and it didn't. Yeah i can't appreciate. They killed people. There's things i can appreciate coming off of the first one that we watch with like no kills very boring. But it's like i need something. I need a wow factor. I don't think you need a wealth. I think there was while factor in this the fact that this dude was like possessed and let go and cry like i don't i don't think him being possessing going crazy anything to interesting but the fact that like toward the end of the movie he all the sudden. Turn into reagan from the exorcist but like male version. That was pretty cool to me. The voice was identical. I n sequence was the best like the last like five minutes during the actresses and was was fine. No kim you're so so like you're right about that so you're right about that but you're so wrong about everything else. Like the first hour at least like our maybe. Our ten minutes of the movie was awesome or actually know the. I note the first ten minutes or like seven minutes ma- and then the seven minute mark after that up until like an hour ten minutes was awesome and then twenty minutes it sucked and then the rest was good. Okay so let's serve from the beginning. What did you love. Let's skip okay. The first seven minutes was met. It's just the family moved into the house yeah k. after that seven minute mark. What really started to. Wow you wo- because pretty early on like they just move into the house and within like three minutes of them moving into this house they find all of the windows nailed shut and like she was just pouring out of the sink and they're just kind of like okay. Well this is a little bit odd. And i was like yeah. You know what that's what should happen in amityville like i don't wanna see them walking around for a while like hey family i love you so much and like setting it up already know. It's a loving family. That's moving into an amicable house. I don't need to see all that but in this one right off like very beginning just like. Here's some fucking blood coming out of the sink and oreo windows are nailed. Shut deal with that. I okay. There is one scene early on so they move in is day two or whatever. The mom calls the handyman over to the basement. Funniest shit i've ever seen in my life. I actually started what what happened. That was really funny. I would love to because it was the most insane thing i've ever seen. This dude goes to like a small room to investigate. Because he's like. Oh there's a little room down here. She's like oh the fucking retailer. Tell us about this. So can you go check it out. He's like yeah okay. Sure and then he goes down in there and then he like kind of crawls in there on his hands and knees and he finds a bunch of like literally just shit all over his hand like a million flies is like oh what the fuck so he just goes to wipe it off on his pants. I'm like why are you doing now. Don't white that there there's actual flies in shouldn't shit and then a bunch of actual shit to starts pouring from the reef like globs of shit giant things it just starts pouring all over him just like giant ps and he just looks up and the what you think that he would do in. This situation is just turned around yet. Out no no. He just sits there yes. It's like the first the first Amityville when the priest and the flies stadium. They're like screaming and crying. Nah shit falling on this man's face. He's just like oh. Oh oh yeah it was like a perfect amodu that because it was just this guy based bit but there's actual shit falling on him and then they're like web start like popping out in front of him at a bunch of shit is going everywhere and he's just looking around like us and then it's the it's the greatest thing ever. It's so funny the wife is like a just get out of there and then he's like okay and then he gets out and i'm like that's all you need. You need to tell you right. I thought of as something that happened. Totally yes she lives like. You should leave that. He climbs out and he has like giant patches of brown shit all over his shirt and she's like what happened in there and he's like oh there was like stuff on resealing she goes. Oh here. take this napkin. Go go clean cell phone. No have better all over fucking shirts. But they were both just like okay. Thanks jeevan says like what was it. He's like it was shit. Oh i'm sorry. And i'm like what if i was working. There wouldn't be like i'm sorry. I just said chad be like bitch. I filled with shit. Because of you imagine clive whole was based on first of all like say there wasn't globs of shit on you yet say you climb in first of all. I'm not climbing in a giant hole. Names basement say whatever like. I have a risky job. That's my thing. Why did he even do that. Maybe you're trying to fucker. And he was like well. You know maybe climbing down here. She'll kim she was ninety years old. She all know she was like same ages. The last lady. I don't know about that. No the last couple was like it was like a young george and kathy looks like the dad was younger in the first one but the wife of the same. I think the wife was younger in the first one. The dad was older. Maybe what are you talking about kathy. Let's was youngest hell on the first one. This lady didn't like that old. You're makers decrepit. She could get her fuck on if she wanted to. She was a hundred and thirty years old for those you can't visually see. Go look of a picture of the mom to let us know if you if you think she would have some sex. No please do. Because i know for a fact that tommy lee wallace for sure made her like oldest. Hell like she somehow looked older than burt. Young did in this. No he by far looked older. No no no. No no no so. She's somehow looked older. I know tommy lee walls did that. Because he also made season of the witch and he. And that's the movie where you know. The fucking main character is dating a girl. That's like fucking fifty years younger booking how she knew you're shit off your head. Keep alvin movie through the vets. I hate you know okay. Whatever she's old whatever maybe he likes women anyways. I'm not saying that the problem just saying just fucking true. No you mean you don't like old women you just set it just fucking kalem. No do i do you like ladies. Hit a dm okay. So he goes into this old ladies. Whole are her and okay. Say you're down on this whole. If you saw flies alone you would leave many flies. I'd be like what the fuck i get out. Let alone there's klopp's globs are shit falling on me but kim. It's so paranormal that. You don't see anything until right when he gets in there because the house knows this is monster house. This is definitely monster house it is. It does pull some fuck shit from the outside. Looks perfect then. It comes in hot. Do it comes in crazy. Actually the only part that. I no i did like about i. I wanted to not like it. But i somehow did. It was poltergeist but better. Yeah minus the burial grounds at the end in the pool. Well no i. Just i just mean the stuff getting thrown around in the house pretty much like when things were actually moving in bedroom spinning and should i was like this was literally two guys but it's more fun because this movie is way more fun. It came out the same year. Yeah it did and poltergeist. Came out like june of nineteen ninety-two in this out. Like september well battle of the films while we know which prevailed clearly. Well here's the thing. Though i almost was going to say like was ripping poultry guys but then when i look into. I'm like it. Looks like they. Start project Production around march because it came out in september. So i'm like. I don't think they even did like definitely already working on it or like in the editing or some shit like that at that time. Yeah no way. They probably didn't even know it was like in the works. And less poltergeist came out and then they just edited those scenes like with the bed spinning. And like you know the shit getting thrown around stuff getting drawn the walls after after the drawn on the walls thing had to have been in there because there was already. I'm sure that scene with. Burt young was already shot. But who knows maybe the bed spin eq. Maybe you're right okay. The bed spinning is a big mush poltergeist. So maybe they did. Maybe they went back and added but we can. We cut to the bedroom. Well fading yeah yeah to football. I think i have some more stuff in from the beginning. But let's do that all right. Let me hear what are okay so after this gets shit dumped on what happens next. He leaves and then. Now let's just you're right. Let's just go right. Nothing happens so bert bert comes. He's okay all right. Let me just backtrack. So you know every amityville you know. The story is the dads starts to slowly get not slowly but like you can tell you start to get angrier and angrier every day. Burt young comes in angry. Like he's pissed and he's not even the one that's possessed like in the beginning you're like oh he's already getting possess holy shit and then you realize he's just a psycho like their second night in the house so all this weird shit keeps happening like the windows are nailed shut and bursts thinks. It's his kids like the little kids. So he's freaking out and there's like to fuck did you guys blah blah blah. so what. They're getting ready to go to bed one other in bed one night. And how did they find the painting on the wall. They heard something and the parents came to the little kids room. And there's just like fucking graffiti on the walls kim. They didn't hear something. They heard the most noise in the world like someone robbing their house. Just rock destroying things and they come up and they somehow like. It's the weirdest thing. Because a father i don't even think he comes in. He comes up already paranoid because they're freaked out about something else that was going on in another room. And then he here's more no matter what they saw but they physically saw something that basically confirmed there was ghosts and then the father like he looked like he was freaked out in genuinely concerned and then he runs in the room. And then like we see just paintbrushes. Floating pre poltergeist. Just like painting something on the wall and it's a fully like it's like like vincent van gogh. No child could have drawn this especially their age. They're like five. Isn't that much time. Also like yeah those noise like two seconds before like there was no way and it said like pigs in the handwriting was beautiful like maybe get out pigs but pigs. I don't know what the fuck else had said it was like some biblical out die. Father get-out pigs. Kids would not have written this. Okay yes or some shit like that and then he comes in and he still looks like worrying he kind of looks at it and he walks out of the room and he looks around because a windows. Open to some like okay. He's worried now. He's over being addicted father. He's trying to figure out what's going on. And then i started literally writing down in my notes. I was like all right. He leaves even though. I thought he was going to beat the wife and children and then literally he comes back into the room and i had to backspace everything that i wrote because he comes in and he beats the wife and children well yeah he comes in reminiscent to the first one and he's screaming at the kids like. Why would you do this. You fucking kids and the wife is like yelling at them and he's like shut up and he keeps yelling. I'm she's like stop slaps the shit out of her way kim but before that he starts on buckling his belt. And i i okay kim. Here's the thing. I was so like manipulated by this character that i actually thought that he was used as this point. I know i thought he was going to pull out the bell and he was going to lock the windows because i thought he was a good guy right here because i was like okay. You walked wells like he's trying to protect these kids from the goes. He's good now and then he just goes right to like. Try to beat the kids. The wife's like no don't do it. He slaps the fuck at her. Yeah he starts pulling off his belt to spank them. Which if any of you guys got spanked remember those days belts were rough so scary and then the the wife do not be not even slept seems like same with james brolin the first one like pushes her fucking drops her to the ground and then keeps going like. It's nothing like whoa what you do that to your wife on. It's not even like date twelve in the house. it's like less than thirty six hours of your slap. It does gender your wife dude. I almost even feel like this was the same day honestly. It might have been. That's why i'm like it was. Yeah it's definitely two days. Max so i didn't know this but i'm reading through some of the stuff in in something says that this was marketed as a prequel. What people are debating whether it's a prequel or sequel. That's actually a good question. Because i didn't even think about that. I can see it being because we know amityville is not real so it's not like there's a true story and the original story. Is the brother killing the whole family. So it kind of seems like a prequel right right and it actually would make a lot of sense. Because i was the one thing i was like. I'm shocked. They didn't bring up anything about you. Know the one trend is like the house had some sort of history to it like a burial ground or some sir torturing. They didn't bring any of that up. There was like no history as to why. So maybe this was the prequel and this was like the start of the why this definitely had to be a play on the original story too because they even had like you know the lutts dude like the brother that killed everyone going to core and like you know trying to say that he was crazy and whatnot blah blah blah. Except in this one. You know in the fictional Movie storytelling of it. He's actually possessed versus just a psychopathic killed. his family. Yeah and the pigs and like it could have been a prequel it would. It would actually make sense if it were a prequel because it didn't stick to any really plotline to the other amityville villes. No and so. We're kind of like doing its own thing. Yeah and something around here too does say the It was kind of like the characters were kind of based on the actual family. But that also. I don't there's a well but it's been a while since i've read something about it but was there. I feel like there might have been something about the brother or wanting to fuck his sister like. I don't think they actually did. But i think like there might have been something about him wanting to unless unless i'm just putting that in my head now no you might be right. I don't know and he just died. In fact the real ronald defeo died this past week. Sixty nine years old in prison ios. Say just like a week ago. So very fitting. I don't wanna say shout him because he was a murderer but it's very fitting that he passed and we're covering all these movies. I like how you said all of them. It's a really setting in for you. Is now thought that that was a joke. You know why he probably died. He probably somehow heard that we were covering all this. Like jesus that sounds terrible. He was like he's like. I can't take this shit anymore. Dude it's as the director Oh by the way his name is not miano dummy on the way what. I liked that right. It's dummy on dominee. 'wow fine okay. See name it says. His original cut was shown to test audience and to the test. Audience and several scenes had to be cut out for various reasons. One of them being the negative reaction of audience on the scene where anthony ainley rapes deliverance. And the scene. Where sunny and patricia have incestuous sex and says the seat was added into the script by dom ianni who wanted to really upset the viewers. Holy sheds wow that is. That's a little rough there but yeah. Oh i'm glad you left out the anal rape. I know he was the fact that it wasn't even that doesn't even say that key. Rapes her it specifically. He ainley rapes her. Right that's very specific like does. Yeah how do you even portray that part in a movie. Like how do we know which hole it's in like if you're doing it in a movie. That's that's got to terrify. Gonna go that far. I don't wanna know so. He really really wanted to upset the audience. Like just for no reason he was like he wanted to steer this away from every lambda though he was like. This is the dark amityville. This one wasn't a straight to video right like you went to theaters right. I'm pretty sure. Let me double check. But i'm pretty sure this one was one of the theatrical. Yeah i think it was. That's fucking crazy with back. Then they showed incests in the theaters. I it blew my mind. The dow is even like a plot point in this. I mean it doesn't blow him on that much that was seen. I'm sure people piss. Yeah this was a theatrical. The third one was the last theatrical at least for a while until two thousand five. Yeah ryan reynolds. This is how you guys. This is not dog. Should these first two event. It makes ryan reynolds evansville. Seem like okay. It does though it does make. It seem like it's a decent movie. You have to say that maybe nothing happens but like like theatrically. You have to be like okay. It's at least engaging. Kim it's this one is. Oh are you kidding. Me kim this elevates this like makes this revives my love for the two thousand five. It'll who are actually dude. This has burt young. It has body horror as incest. It as an insanely see incest. A good thing. That should not be your bullet wounds. Caleb goes it has. Incest has anal reaping. Did say that in. It's a love that it has body horrid has is one of the things one of the top tag light has has incested. Has burt young. I mean it does have a lot. But that's pretty crazy. That he was his goal was to shock the the The audience. Because i feel like the answer is was shocking. I felt like i was so mentally checked out. I thought i was genuinely confused. And i was like. Oh like this is clearly as an incest. Is it one of. They must be married to each other. They must be dating like we talked about this earlier. You thought it was like his girlfriend. And then i was like wait. No that's like the son and daughter like the fuck. Bizarre is diane franklin talked about her infamous in sexual Seen in an interview she said. I never had a brother. So luckily i didn't have that association. Or the weirdness. I feel like that is like it's still weird. I really that's the thing like all those The porn actress would save. You interviewed them like the ones that are in the step. The stepsister points. They're like oh. I have a brother so like to me. Like yeah like it's still fucking weird. I love about that. And then diane went on to be a porn actress. That is crazy. No it's still weird. Yeah so fucking funny dude okay. So he slaps his wife just solidified that wife-beating back in film was just like sure we'll add it like it's definitely in film now but it's definitely a big to do like it's like a big moment right if a wife gets like her ass kicked in a movie. Unless it's like a film depicting time age from way before you know what i mean. It's like whoa. What the fuck. But no i think back then they were just like yeah when she yells at you just like slap her to the ground and then keep going with your seen like what i mean. We've talked about a million times. It's just that whole why. I oughta time in history right. Oh my gosh the why yata philibert young very much. Like just kind of radiates why i oughta and any role he plays when he. He's like opening line in this movie. He's bitching he gets out of the car and he's like fuck this house. I'm like whoa like is he already possessed. We didn't even talk about the end of this scene. Though because after he starts like beating the kids the sun grabs a gun and unlike you know threatens to kill paw and the moms just kinda grabs the gun and puts. Now she's like. Oh my god what's happening to us. I know what i'm like you guys. It's not you guys have not been in this house. That log like took it to another level with the possession. That's why it makes sense that this would be a prequel because like i don't think it was that built up of a possession. I think they came in out of the gate and shit was poppin off. And that's it didn't every other movie was like the slow progression of like intense possession with the husband. Will i will say it's different in this one because like you know. The slow progression is for the sun. Even it starts early on like right after he tries to kill his paw because he's sitting there in his rope he's listening to his headphones and all that he takes them off and they're like why don't you pull the trigger. Why don't you shoot that man. The voice was pretty cool. It was a lot like the exercise was like wide. Did you pull the trigger. I was like what i'm saying. Dude i liked it. You liked that voice in your ear. Yeah i would. I could actually really fall asleep to that. You would just been treated veteran guys headphones like why. Didn't you order that pizza kilo. I would love to just listen to that like on surround sound around my room. Just like it's like my. It's like my way all sounds yeah. It's like a mixture between like the cheshire cat and like every other like demonic voice and film. Yeah yeah that's a good good call. Good call cheshire. Cat thuc scares me. I don't like that cat. I don't trust that cat. And i love allison wonderland but fuck the cheshire cat. I think that's probably my favorite part of our wonderland. I like the little caterpillar. that's like who you ask me on a podcast. Using fucking stupid little vapes. I like that little caterpillar. he was cute. You know what. I don't like the fact that i bought this vaporizer and when you hit it look this. It's wash just just stupid ronin. So sick it's so sick is literally the gay thing in the world. That looks like something you guys 'cause for those that can't see kayla beep and this fucking thing lit up like started flashing every color of the rainbow. It legit looks like something. You'd get at a book fair not i feel like i feel like i'm a kid. That has the light up sneakers. like i. just click my heels together and then i'm the coolest kid around the fucking block. I'm like dude. I didn't even know it did this. They were just like oh yeah. It's this little disposable plague you as a little thing that you could see the juice so you know it's done or whatever i'm like all right. We'll try this thing. And i buy and then i hit it and i kept like i didn't notice until the next day because i was like. Why is this like why something like kind of flickering like in my mind. Every time i hit this and i was like. Oh it's not in my mind it's in my fucking eyeballs. Look at it. And it's just flashing every color of the rainbow for like fifteen seconds after you hit it. So i'm like okay. So if i'm doing a video or something and i'm hitting this fucking vape. I'm just a. I'm over here looking like a vegan. Rgb gamer girl. Like with my paper are like it's already. It's already lame enough that i'm sitting here. Smoking a vaporizer with my fucking nicotine addiction. And now it's rgb like fuck you. I think it looks like one of those pens that you buy at the fucking book fair and then it break in like twenty four hours a shadow to the school last book fair because those things out all my god. Remember what you'd go there and you would get like little comex books little knickknacks fucking remember when you would go there and your parents would never give you any money for and then you would like to steal stuff. My parents do the same shit every time because there used to be what. How many like one. Maybe like two a year. I remember like they give you like the catalog before. So you knew a book. Fair is coming up. I go home. And i'd be like dead in everything was like fifty fucking sets. Parents are just lucky. She's dead. Can i please get some money for the book. I debut. no what you need and they'd be like fine. We'll give you twenty dollars which was like a fucking lot for the fair and i was. I like every pencil possible. And they break like the next fucking day just about pencils pens. I but sometimes by posters i bought a brett farve poster once their lewd. I remember like cool like light. Obio ios with like you know two thousand cartoons on One year actually got books and it was shitty investment. I was pissed. Dude i got captain underpants a few times and it was a great captain under i. I went through this. Yeah i was reading these weird books. I like montas phase. I was like. I need to but we book in the catalog and i actually had. My parents buy this whole series for like eighty dollars. I never fucking read it you know. What's so weird. kim. I just said like captain underpants right now and you're like oh yeah that's cool and like it blows my mind that all the things that we really really thought were calls. A kid are still really fucking cool. Now it's like somehow he just had like really good taste as a kid and it just goes through. Because there's like some things that i watched as a kid that i'm that's fucking stupid but all the things that i really feel like i really really i go back to them and like every single one of them for the most even just good taste. It's time era. Because i was watching the last blockbuster document that just came in net flicks legit started a fucking cry at the end. Because i'm like that was the greatest time of life like you guys have. I could live at like blockbuster like those. Dvd resell stores. Like i fucking would. I'm not even that oba kids. These days will never fucking know what it's like to a blockbuster and the fucking nineties no idea just none. Here's the thing. Why do you think james built a fucking blockbuster base that. It's funny that you mentioned that a blockbuster documentary james is actually been in getting in touch with that guy lately. He's been talking to him on tiktok because james actually. I don't know if you own if you told you. But he went viral on tiktok. Kinda recently. Not like super volvo. He went like many viral because he showed off his basement and he got like yeah. I think he got like six thousand followers and like a couple hundred thousand watching the video. That's fucking awesome. Yeah i mean. I think a lot of that. Shit like those series like series of unfortunate events. Incredible i would still go back and read those fucking books like. There's a lot of schaefer childhood like nineties early. Two thousands that were just sick and it can't be repeated because back then you could get actual tangible things and now not as much not to shit on the younger people but it's not the same we came. We didn't talk about the priest. Was there while he was beating those children away. No maybe it was for that but it was for the children beatings. 'cause a few children. Beatings yes there is also a senior the pre-start puking i hold on hold on. I hold on before we in the priests. I do have to one thing that not one thing. I keep saying one thing one of the many things that bothered me that was similar to the first one was still the early eighty sound audio like the sound effects. Were so bad. I kept having to turn down the volume because it would be like. We're overbroad. I'd be like jesus like oh so you mean like pretty much like like there was no compression of the audio pretty much like it was super quiet and super loud. It's the quality it's the early time it's a lot of horror films in that time. It's like i just didn't realize it. Also what was up with. The edward scissorhands seem song. Oh no isn't that in every amityville. It's like the la la. That is not an edward scissorhands literally. Go watch eddie edwards scissor. I was like why is even though. Edward scissorhands came out after it is the opening scene. Yeah then kim. That's the thing that edward scissorhands took it from amityville. That's an amicable movie. That's the that's my. I know it's like it. My i know is another amityville that starts out with the la. okay kaitlyn. how many have you seen at least like seven. You know you have it okay. How many of them start with love. La la la also without. But i feel like they're like i've heard that inevitable movies multiple times. Not are you kidding me. Wells of you heard that before amityville nowhere. That's what i'm saying. It's weird dare. So what do you mean. It's weird that it's there. Where book tame it the source. You idiot no. it doesn't fit in the horror. Movie is what i'm saying. It's not even like. I'm not saying that it fits. I'm saying this is the fucking origin. Upc's shinno no. It doesn't fit the origin it. I'm not saying that it's not the origin but it should say new orleans fine. It's the fucking origin. But it doesn't fit. Are you idiot. Don't say why the fuck is here. Why of course of course it's it's warm from here i'm gonna staff keilor's so bullshit you're so look look you work for me. You're going to sit here and you see here here. And you're gonna do your fucking job kim all right guys here this. This is fucking work abuse. Abusive showed up your fucking ass. Watching other amityville. Api they'll shove it up my ass. But i won't watch another bill. How about that. yeah you will when. What's the next one's. It's about time. But i think that sex. What's yeah three. D three d shove it up your s in three d. motherfucker. Okay my question about three days is actually in three d. I think so. Yeah it's a. I can't watch three d. movie what you don't have to watch three but when you go to the wikipedia it says theatrical three d such bullshit fucked three d. move wake him how about. Let's do let's do this. Let's both watch it in three. D no no. I actually get headed like. I can't even do three d. movies because it it kills me like it gives me a headache. No same i really like. They've fucked my head up so bad but if we do it for the sake of this i'll do it no no talk about the three d. effects. No okay. finding you won't watch it in three d. and watch it in three d. I'll talk about which parts where three pine deal. If i think if i watch three i would actually die. My brain would actually explode. I'm probably going to have to watch it and like five. Different days of i do it because it really does. Just fuck me up but we'll see realistically. I'm probably not going to do it. But i'm gonna say that i'm gonna do it right now and we'll see what happens geezer here right here right now. Okay we don't understand it. But i remember we're oh he slapped the wife. The priest is in there can. We're at the beginning of the movie. We've been like our still. Yeah okay. Can we just go to the priests. Now let's go to the table ripped into shreds. See i i. This is where i start checking out. He gives his bible rich and shreds. This is when he first comes into the house or is he was the first time. Take it away. Oh is that are you got. I have no literally for the next thirty minutes. I'm like this is fucking stupid bullshit. Really that only happens right there because every editor bill you need a priest to show up to your house and then for them to be like i'm leaving and then for something weird to happen so they know to come back so it happens with him. Is that the father starts beating the kids. Then he's like don't hit your kid and he's like fuck you. I'm gonna hit my kid and then he's like all right then i'm leaving. And then he leaves and then he goes outside his bibles rick shreds. So he's like. I got gotta come back. He comes back. There is the scene that is at least five minutes long and it consists of nothing more than the sun walking backwards away from a spirit. That's following him until he starts going. Oh no no no. The fucking camera is zooming in and now on his stomach and every time it goes and he's like no i can't and also the audio it's hilarious. The fact that they they zoomed in out on him probably seven times and every time he's just and he's when he's like running away from the spirit like obviously we all know it's a spare but technically i guess if you watch this as an outside perspective and this is your first movie ever hypothetically then maybe you don't know it's a spirit and this guy's just walking backwards you're like what the fuck is going on but this guy is just walking backwards. He's looking around. He's like oh and he's like falling backward. This spirit is just trying to make it into him so bad. You likes this. That was hilarious. I didn't laugh until. I don't think i laughed until or cracked a smile again until the end scene. But what about when he start. He's like they're being stomach stomach and then he grote. He grows like this growth on his forehead tent everywhere. That was also actually. Okay actually the back. I did smile when the pre started puking remember that he was like in the bathroom and he was just like spit out like was that. When was that when the draw of soup way way. But i still want to talk about the scene more because it was even board that scene. That was awesome. You're like dude. After he gets his zest i felt nothing so after he gives possess so much happens like he grows this fucking like growth on his forehead. He's like he starts to morph around and then the bed starts spinning poltergeist style. But better than volta guys and then the lights start flickering and i think a like flew through the air or something because everything in the world has happened at that given moment like there was a tornado inside of the house for a second. Isn't this right around the time where he decides you know. I'm gonna fuck my sister He's gonna fuck his sister really soon. You know there was a weird dynamic that too because like in the beginning of the movie you know. They're talking to each other. they're kind of like. Oh you know you look pretty ugly. And then she's like. Oh would i don't look good. He's not my type. Then i'm like okay. So maybe they're just like boyfriend girlfriend messing with each other or that's like at. I know very beginning of the movie. I thought it was like an old friend. I thought it was like an old friend. And he moved back to town and he was like up with her or something like his best friend. I don't know i really thought that that. I actually thought that that was their daughter and that was her fiance. I don't know why there was really no queues. I assumed i really did. It could have easily been something like that too because that was my second guess either he was the boyfriend living with them or she was the girlfriend living with them. Yeah i guess. Maybe i assume that and there was there was literally nothing in the movies events. There was nothing that made me that. I think it's because all the other feels like the kids were younger for the most part. So i was kim. Oh they're older. I was like. Oh maybe it's the older daughter and her fiance like living with them. But no kim. This is what it is in. Any other amityville. There isn't incest so you don't automatically expect incest as the last thing you're expecting so you come up with any other explanation. Even when it happened was like that's not his sister. Like that's and i was like oh up until right after they fuck. I did not know whether or not they were brother and sister. It wasn't until after at okay. We'll get to that right now because there's a little more that builds up to that so the girl like she looks at him after. He's in her name's patricia and he's his name is sonny so patricia looks at sunny. And she's like you look terrible but he actually looked the same as always. Maybe even just look sweaty. I think he might have even looked better than he did in any other seen. Oh did look creepy. Because he looked pale and sweaty. but as the he didn't have like the tumors shit on his face yet. I don't i don't think he looked up. I don't think he was a good looking man. So i think it's possible that even look better in this scene compared to other scenes so i don't know and then She started talking. She's like it's strange. I don't think mommy wants to make love to daddy anymore. I think he forces her and that was like wait. I'm sorry what first of all why do you know that. Yeah why do you know that. And then like this is where an. Obviously now. That i've read that. Imdb part that must have been something about. She was trying to. They probably cut the scene. Yeah we'll know they did. They said that they cut the scene. So i mean. I think she either like had to have seen it or the mom heard or she overheard something or some shit. I'm sure you know in this movie. I'm sure she was in the other room and she overheard something she she was like. No no don't do it. Like i want to do it or something like that. You know and then it happened. I'm sorry but if you're that old and you're still saying mommy and daddy go fuck yourself. That also makes me wonder how old she's supposed to be in comparison to the brother because not only is this incestuous. I think this might also be a fairly big age difference. Yeah after i realized that was his sister. I just tried to stop thinking about it so it was like. I don't like that and they showed her boobs. Which like she's supposed to be a certain age. I don't like even though she probably wasn't a dole when it happened. It's kind of the kids discussion. Like even if you're playing when i don't like that. Yeah it's kind of like i. You think they're of age and they're just like dating or some of that so you don't care and then she starts saying mommy and you're like wait. hold on. so how old is she then. Pretty much okay. So let's build this all out but pretty much then this happens and then you find out. They're brother and sister and then you're like okay. Now i don't know how old she is and now i don't know how to feel about any of this. Even aside from the incest right she says that whole thing about you know daddy forcing mommy blah blah. And then he's like all right. Sit down on the bed. She's like okay and then again the way she's like they're acting toward each other to be dating right. I thought it was some kinky foreplay shit. I was like oh. They're just kinda trying to hook up. It seems like they've done this a million times and she's dislike ready for it or whatever you know and then so yeah and then. He's like posed for me and then she starts posing he's like you suck so beautiful the sabalae and then he's like take off your nightgown and then like pull up your hair. And then he's like you have a beautiful neck and then you know that's hot. And then after a while she decides she's had enough she's like all right. I'm done because You know i'm not doing this. And then he's like. Hey a gut your panties from the drier. And she's like but why and he starts so as soon as he said poetry. And i got i was like oh therefore shoora married couple. I was like the because she just goes show. Okay there's no hesitation on our engines just like yeah okay and then she pulls it off. I don't. I don't wanna spend to the sexually bothering me so it woke but right after that like okay. Well there's two. There's one thing that happens right before. The father comes over to bless the house and then blood starts gushing from under the bed and then from his blessing stick or whatever the fuck it is and then he also has whatever it is you want and then he also has blood on one hand and he refuses to drop his bible so he has blood all over his hand and he goes to the bathroom and like well he i. He covers his mouth with the blood hand. Instead of dropping the bible and using his other hand covers mouth and then he goes to the bathroom and he starts washing his hand. But he's not. He's just splashing more blood all over his face. And whose blood is this. This is re pukes he puke. I didn't see him puke a split second. It's like keeps going. You remember in sharp candy. When there was like that little spoonful of rice pilaf puke. It was kind of like that like it was a baby. Puke come on give me some puke like they did in the first one where he's like see. I don't like that. I don't like puke. Well i don't wanna see it. But i need i need like the sound effects like you know. Make it seem real. I like the sound effects even less than i like. I like his little blessing. Stick could you imagine if priestess carried out of blessings like blessings blessings hit show house pitch not that priests curse which in the skips in blesses the house sprinkle some glitter in the corner and he's like blessings blessings stick. Spirits are gone. They all they all hands. And they're like bless. Nick that's ecstatic. Who was sound like your new mix tape it is. I don't like it at all the go. Go mix that again please. i like that. I like that and then vents or just like the have the new year so anyway the brother and sister fuck and then the father blessed the house and then there's blood and then you know what i visit other reason. Why like this movie. The father goes to his people to ask if he has permission again exorcism. Why do they keep asking for permission. All these movies. I'm like i've never seen a priest have to ask for permission. Don't they just fucking do it. You have to go to like your fucking people and you have to like pretty much your church. You have to ask permission from the church and from the higher ups and whatnot. You have to get like there okay to go to jail every exorcist no changes. You would've told him alexa that his his big burly lab just like he's walking exercising a demon. He's just laugh. Who go out of their james. You're listening to this. Let us know if you've done one of those. He has access to ask the higher. The what do they call them. The bishops cam you do. I'm telling i'm literally telling you right now. Do oh are you a fucking archdioceses. No but i'm saying. I know that you can't just wake up one day and be like. Oh i'm going to go fucking performance exorcism. But you're not you're fucking priests which you've lived here in built your career off of switcher made for who the fuck you asked for permission. Go go exercise shit so anyway. I liked this movie because when he goes to ask for permission. Which kim said does happen in a lot of movies but what happens in every other movie is they're just like oh yes. Sure dude go ahead. Do it have fun but in this one the guys like wait a second like. Is this necessary. Like do you believe in ghosts. Will the last remember they weren't. They were against remember the first one they were like. Do not like win against the cardinals. So maybe it's like an old thing where they didn't want them to back in the day. Because i feel like modern horror to do an exercise like he's just fucking going. He's not asking anyone. The previous shows up. But you always get the questions in the old ones. And i like that in this one. It's not just a yes or no it's an actual question is like all right. I'm not just saying no but do you believe in ghosts like do you actually believe something is happening like. Answer that question for yourself before you go and do this. And i like that. He just put that question out there. Because i feel like. I never see that. It's never like someone sitting around like they're questioning goes pretty much just a hard like fuck you in. This guy's actually asking the real questions he's like. Are you okay with getting possessed. Yeah i've never seen that like. It's like wait. Just assess your situation. Caleb if you get possessed that's your problem. Exactly that's your problem. We started using that. I need to get that clip and put it on like a soundboard just like i need a shirt with him on it doing that so yeah. He asked his friend his buddy. The bishop for permission. Caleb really liked to the scene. I guess i did. I really did. I guess i was just shocked. Because i felt like the the whole movie like the rest of the movie. He was just doing his own. Fucking thing the priest maybe just had enough at that point. But that's what i was like. Do your thing that i actually did like this priest. I really knew what the fuck was doing. I feel like all the other priests don't really know what the fuck they're doing. I feel like this. When knew what he was doing. The whole time will. I liked him. But there's also a few weird parts and they actually called out in the movie they'll call it out later and we'll talk about it but I wanna talk about the part that's going to be. The reference to that link are following. Yeah the confession. So you know what i'm talking about. Patricia goes to the confession booth and she pretty much just say. Hey so fox someone and Yeah i feel kind of weird about it. He's like oh it's okay you know you'll find some later that you love blah blah blah. She's like oh. I love this person. That's my a friend. And then i was like the way she said friend. I was like way and i still didn't know who they were at the time. I was like wait. They brother and sister. And that's the that was around the time. Realize i didn't know i still completely realized like i didn't want to believe it. I was like. I don't think that's what's happening. I started going on. Imdb found out like five ten minutes later like from the movie. But around that time i went on imdb. And i checked to see their last names. And i saw the same last names. I was like oh my god. That's what i had confirmation. I was like oh no who pretty much just admits that she flexible. And he's like okay. Whatever and then let's just move on. Because i'm gonna i'm gonna wanna reference that later and it's going to be better reveal so the birthday scene consists of sunny putting his face near all of his family members faces and telling him that he loves them but then ends with him rubbing his sister's back and then the mom noticing she notices and he looks at her. And it's like don't you say shit bitch that's a look. He gives her nose so weird to he went back and he hugged. His father and the whole family starts clapping. They were like look at them. They hugged dash traumatic. Like that is a problem. What the fun like would you. Your whole family has to give a standing ovation for you guys hugging like there's probably an issue right. Oh my god they touched. Yeah yeah the mom. I didn't like that. And then he looks back at the family like the dad walks away and stuff and they're all standing there like you know holding each other and i think this is why this is what i'm going to say. I confirm that this is a a prequel and not a sequel is because that picture and the image of them all standing there that looked a lot like the image of the family standing like the true crime picture of the real story. you know. And they're like oh look at this picture like 'cause it happened on christmas day and it was like. Oh this is the day before. And i could be wrong. It's christmas day. But i'm pretty sure it was and then the day before they were like taking a picture and there was like. Oh look how happy they look. Maybe that would make sense. Yeah i mean the mom noticing but they never revisited the fact that like being the system. I guess she didn't have a chance because he after but I don't know like i. I don't know what i would i would. I would say it'd be like what the fuck y'all like. What was that. Yeah what and. He looked at her like glared at her. Like you know what it is like. Like what i guess to be fair. She is also getting beat by her husband consistently. So that's so. I guess she's like yeah. I guess i'll let my children fuck each other. I don't know about all that is well boys. I can't judge them. I've got enough going on in my life. We so hold on. I'm going to go back to confessionals like i know. Neither of us are religious silver for any listeners. Like if anyone is religious and specifically catholic like i. I have a lot of friends who were catholic and traditional catholic. Like our confessions like real. And did you ever give a confession. Because i feel like they try to make it seem in the movies like it is but it's like i'm like do people still do that. I don't know if they do. But here's another question that i have aren't confessions. Supposed to be like secret and the whole point is that you don't know who's on either end you not supposed to reference it or talk about it because this patricia goes up to the fuck impreza one point. She's like hey dude has go. And he's like hey. Can we talk about what we talked about in confession earlier. And i'm like wait. Can you do that like can you referenced that. I don't think you could do that. No it's supposed it's supposed to be with the lord You know what movie what bad ass movie starts with the confessional seen. I still know what you did last summer. Just saying oh it does all. She's like father. I've command he's a jeweler did last summer. I'm like hell. You put a bomb shadow to us. What you did last summer shoutout. That's a great movie. If anybody is fucking maybe. I'll fall asleep to that shit tonight. Will anyways if anybody is catholic and has an answer about the congressional. I'm actually curious genuinely curious. So please let us know. Can we talk about more insist. I'm over like i could do without. I need a pallet cleanser after all this success but sure if you really want to dive in well it looks like the brother and the sister gonna fuck a little bit. More just goes up and she's like. Hey you called me. And he's like no. I changed my mind. I'm done with you. And then she's like what the fuck is wrong with you. And he's like you're a bitch so she runs out of the room screaming. Don't ever talk to me again. Don't touch me and like they did touch whatsoever. They're very far from each other. But it was like it was placed ever so conveniently so the mom could hear that statement and go like. What are you what happened. What did you do with your brother. Don't touch me looks at mom. Yeah look she basically just like said it to him and then looked over in like shook her mom's hand. I'm over incest. And i'm glad that it was over to be honest at that point. Well right then and there. It was done. It was a half. The movie is done right then and there it turns into a different movie and then after i think after that maybe he was like well. Fuck this. i'm gonna kill them. Maybe that's really killed them. Basically i mean. She tries to call the prison. He ignores the call. 'cause he's like i'm going on a skiing trip or something and then yeah and then we go back to the house and then burt young gets killed. That just isn't good and then the mom gets it and then the little girl starts screaming mommy and then she gets killed and that was actually got a brutal to because we don't see her get killed but you go back to fucking What's his name again. Sunny standing over her and her feet are twitching on the other side of the bed. And you're like oh fuck well. This was that was the one that was shitty actually killed him so like every every medieval the one of the men wakes up with the rifles are slowly walking runar. He starts doing that. So you're like oh it's obviously a dream or some shit. He can't actually fun. Kill them kill them. He the fucking dad caps the dad. And you're like oh shit than caps. The mom then scales goes in every room in caps. Everybody and then it. You're like oh shit. He went through with it but then he like wakes up. And it's like a dream the pre. Yes oh sorry the priests well. We kinda references in the beginning of the episode two. So i'm sure people following the priests. His friend wakes up raise funds. Like you're dreaming. You're dreaming but is not actually a fucking dream. Well it is a dream but it was like the demon like getting in his head and letting him know what happened. Sonny actually did kill everybody. And you're like oh shit actually went through some kills and there was weird tension too because when he goes and sees what happened like they start revealing the body in the showing the pre some of the bodies which is also kind of weird but whatever ignoring that they show him the bodies and then he sees the little girl first and then you see the dead as little girl and i was like oh and then it goes over to the dead patricia and then he kind of looks at her like fondly. And you kind of like okay. Well it's probably because you know. He knew that he could have answered the call and saved her. But it seems like there's something else going on to which they lose to also in this scene. He's about to go in the house. Did you see that there were little red is in the window like i think it was the cops like brake lights. No i didn't catch that. Those were all the fun things that i saw in the movie though i was like. Oh this is cool. I didn't catch that. The only pig thing i caught was having to the painting of the pig on the wall i missed. The red is probably like the ish. Marker like our ten or someone miss that and then you see. Sonny's like crying next. The cops no. It's alright kid no big deal. We'll get this handled champ. And i'm like don't you just think that he murdered for people. He being so nice to him right right there like shake it off. Sometimes families die families all get shot in the head one by one by you. It's fine you know things happen every day. Yeah and one survives. We'll get you a new one though. Yeah it also seems like. They don't think that he did it. But then you see going to gentle getting questions. So i know you think they do did so is even weirder than they were being so nice to him. The priest is the only one that's like. No he fucking killed him. Yeah everyone else's like. Oh yeah. he's fine totally fine. And then at one point he goes to visit him in jail and he's talking to him. This is the most ridiculous thing in the world. I don't know how this works. He was like hey Kiss the crucifix in beg the almighty for forgiveness and i felt like that was someone going like. Hey kiss my ass and ask for forgiveness bitch. I kind of look. What are the steps of an actress is like how does it work. I don't know what that was though. Because he he's specifically said in that scene that he was not able to exercise and because he was in jail he tried to get him out of jail and the guy was like him. No you're not taking him. He's in jail. Yeah he to all these actresses and they just would not fuck and let the guy the poor priests. I ended up feeling bad for bathroom. He's like. I just want to give a fucking exorcism. I feel a little bad for the priests but also. I don't feel bad for that dude. That was in charge. Because he's just going like yeah. No i'm not letting this person that murdered his entire family out of jail. I'm like you're in the right dude. You're doing fine fair. If i'm there and some priests was like can you let this dude out that just murders entire family so i can give him an exorcism. I'd be like no fuck the entire. Fuck off yeah true. Also why couldn't he technically give it in the jail so you have to be in a specific setting. We've a lot of questions about exorcisms. Well he said it like. I don't know how accurate this is. But he said he need the church because he had like you know more materials like other stuff like more pretty much just like i see it as the difference between me doing a podcast somewhere else versus at my house. It's like all right well. Most of my stove. But i'll have all my stuff but if you needed it that bad to good point because he doesn't like harry being picky on nude the perfect house. But i don't know anything about exercise and so james boy specifically need to take him back to the specific house. So maybe it's something to do with that. Maybe maybe you have to be in the setting. Yeah to relieve the possession so then like eventually you know the cop at first or whatever he is like the. I think it was like the all the fucking chair for some shit. He deficient or originally didn't agree to let sunny out but then he agrees to let him out. He's like all right. Just knock me out and then take him out and it'll be fine. He knocks him out because he sees like they see save me and blood disappearing on his wrist so sunny's like in the hospital. This point like change the bed in the previous talk in the sheriff or whatever he's like please just let me take them the house extra. No he's like he's not all right and then he's not. He's like groggy. Going in and out and in the sheriff's like he's fine he's like no look at them and then lasers are flooded artists. Me in the sheriff's like oh shit he's not find and then it just goes away like disappears on his arm so he's like. Yeah you know what. I guess you could take back to the house. So he takes back to the house. And then sonny's like i don't wanna go to the house. So he spun some fire between him and the priests to escape and then the priest tells some like he goes in the house and he starts talking to like some hunchback ghosts with terrible attire. He's like go away. Guys get outta here. And i was like wait. Who are these little ghosts and that is not explained it all. There's just some little back there for no reason. Maybe it wasn't even a goes. Maybe it was like a homeless man squatting dude that was fucking hilarious quasimodo here. I'm trying to exit. Be assholes He tells them to go away so they respond with an ocean of bubble bloodbath in that a tad bit of wall blood and then like an inside tornado. Beautiful way of putting get. That's what happened. Do that is exactly what happens. You're not wrong. you're not wrong. Another question to. Why do people like that are in a bad situation and movies always park terribly and leave their car on but then they walk their destination with absolutely no sense of urgency no sense of urgency in like the keys in the car and every take the time it takes no time to park normally compared to not parking normally. Unless you're like parallel parking. Or something. That i get it but like they're not they're always just pulling into someplace like it takes me no more time to park normally than it does to park terribly and then leaving your car on but then just like getting out of your car and staring at the house and slowly. Walking up makes no sense to me. I think too is like if i'm in such a hurry. I'm like. I know i'll need my car to get away at some point. Remind mind is. I'm like get out and shut the door and keep going. Keep your keys. Hand don't like but nothing makes sense so that also leaves potential for someone to just fucking take your keys. And then that's what i'm saying. Then you're fucked then you can't escape it makes no sense so then We're pretty much the end of the movie It's sunny is now a psycho demon and he has puke breath and mouth. This is when the special effects kick in and it does look cool. This is when it gets fucking awesome because like the father's like tell me your name he's like you know my name very well. Father and then slowly turns into patricia and then goes now. It's time for your confessions confessions. You wanted to fuck me. Didn't you told me your name. Tell me your name. And then he's like in the corner and it's like they've been screaming against dead silent. He's like you know. I remember that time you wanted to fuck me literally you. Yeah and you're like way. What the he. The sunny turned his face patricia. Like all dolled up with like you know me patricia. She's like you dirty little guys. I'm not exaggerating new dirty little priest. When i was telling my confession you wanted to sleep with me looking dude. She looks like a pinup girl. And then she is a leg pulling the like the megan thee stallion. I'm like what is going on right now. You can't help it to laugh and the priest is just like he's like you're lying. I didn't wanna fuck you. Yeah but he was also kind of like shit sure cutter right what she was saying because he looked back he was like wait. How do you know that. I wanted to know i would never. She's like you. Did you wanted to fuck me. And you're like wait. What i just love that. He's like what's your name is like you know me now. It's patricia dolled up. You're like what's but then he starts yelling patricia disappears and now it's sunny again. Does he hit her. You went over the though. I think the father acted his fucking azoff when he was summoning. The demon away. You gotta give him that right. No he did. I didn't mind the precepts pre sexually did a good job. I believed the hell at like when he was sitting there and he was screaming at her telling the demon to get out and shit. I was like his his facial expressions. The way you screaming everything. I was like holy shit like i believe. I believe this guys actually exercising. Someone right now. Yeah and for eighty two like. We said like they did make sunny. Look like a fucking demon like he looked a lot like the fucking mom in the conjuring after all the fucking makeup like it was just as good like he looked possessed at first his the side of his face just starts cracking and like glowing and bleeding. I was like holy shit. That's fucked up. And then his entire face crackles open. It just looks like if you're looking at like the earth like some land and it started like cracking at us. Yeah like if she started tariff warming in front of you like you know like a fast fast clip like a three times speed or some shit and you saw it all cracking open and that was happening to his face and then it all breaks off and he turns into like he turns like a slug alien. Like here's the alien from extra. It kinda remind me of the thing at the end like after the second head pops out gu's going everywhere and it's like an alien. You're like whoa. It looked amazing him. I wanna know what special effects they use in that because even when they had his face. Bulging al i was like that's pretty six special effects for nine hundred. Eighty two dude. I'm telling you like it was on. That scene was on par with everything that happens in fright night And i would say was even better than fra because fry was great because it was crazy but it was kind of funny right because they like the green fucking smoke and likes live. And i don't know though dude i think fighting. I might be one of the best horror movies of all time. Oh no no no horror movies. But i mean the end the special effects. Some of them were kind of cheesy. Because like. I don't think they were dude. I think. I think some of the were the and i love for friday. Night is literally. I agree one of the greatest. It is hands down in my opinion. The greatest vampire horror movie. The greatest vampire movie of all time easily. I felt like they did a good job. I was actually shocked by the special effects in this. Not only does. His face opened up in. Does he turn into a slug the entire house explodes explodes in the turns into ash. And you're like wait. What it goes from fire to like black smoke and then sunny just starts floating up like fucking jesus santa god and then he's okay again and he can't speak. He's like what he's the look on his face. It's like what happened and then all is on. The priests french shows up in is like hey and freezes like get out of here now is like what about you do. And he's like no get out of here and then he gets them out. Sunday gets arrested. He looked scared us. How and then pretty much. I mean we already know what happens there. You could tell by the way he was like get him out of here. The previous fucked. And he's like lord lord of my life. Please do not forsake me. And that's the last line movie. Oh what his skin starts morphing. He starts coming into the two men the possession. That has four kills. This was fucking great dude. This is awesome is bullshit. I wait for you to see. It's about time even after this conversation. You're going to say this was bullshit like you don't see yeah thing about this. No there are things that i always said. There are things that are parts that are good but it's still a terrible movie. Here's a thing. The first amityville had good acting. And that's where it stops and it had a store and it had a story that star smart a lot of stuff and that's it it. This one had fucking burt young. It had booze yup had incest. It had awesome. It had awesome practical effects. Incest says had awesome practical effects. Your possession dude like this one was such like had fucking. It had value the entire movie. There was like something going on pretty much every single time. Except for like there was a there was a slight. There was a slight lull toward off an hour and fifteen minutes. You guys toward the third part of the movies like the first one. It's almost two hours long. I'm like why the fuck is this movie almost two hours long it shorter though. It's an hour forty three but also too long but kim the creditor like seven minutes long so it's only like an hour thirty five. It's fucking terrible. I thought this was really good. I loved it. I think it's bad this make you guys like the ryan rebels to me is like wow what a great fucking movie like after watching these two. I'm like oh man man i mean just. I had seen the first one that i've been years. I thought i saw this one. But now i'm like i don't think i did like i. Don't remember anything about this movie Yeah it's about time we'll get there. It's only gonna get worse from here. I do agree with that statement. But i don't think that this bet that this is worse i'll give you would agree with you. There may be a gym or two final on the way. That just so fucking funny. But i don't know if we're not on the right track for me. We are kim would you this. Jeez dude i mean a half star half star. Are you kidding me. No dead serious half fucking are you. Gave the uninvited a half star uninvited. A fucking spree star movies suck my ass. You like the uninvited. I don sodas coming out this sunday on scream and we all shit on that movie and you know what's crazy kim. That movie remember. When i told you that i'd never seen that had you. I've seen it five times. At least i the second. I started the uninvited. I immediately realized what movies. I just didn't know the name and that's the worst ever seen. No here's the thing. The uninvited is not a good movie. The original tale of two sisters cream film is phenomenal. Yeah until two sisters is good. That doesn't mean anything about the invited there. Several it doesn't it doesn't but the uninvited still is solid. It's it's more entertaining in this. Come on no. It's not yes. It is no in speaking of series of unfortunate events. The the girl is the the violet from sears. Unfortunate events them remake the movie. Jim carey anyways. Yeah the is fucking great and also you. You have no business sitting on the nfl. Because i was listening to the other day and she said some movie was so fucking good and it was. It was a dog shit teen slasher from the early. I was like okay. Even i could admit that that's a fucking was kayla. Would it be so mad. If you're look what i am saying. Is that me nash. Annalena all shit on the movie. And what i'm saying we all come from different perspectives. And the reason. I'm saying the uninvited sucks and his dog shit. And i'm using that as my shut up because the reason i'm using that as my reference is because i don't agree with ninety percent of the movies that elena likes that's true you don't i i'll agree with you that the advisers dog shit. I just think it's way more entertaining at least than this. I still love it. But i can. It recognizes a bad movie. But come on your bullshit because this is easily or three and a half four star movie. No you're fucking high you guys. I promise you're gonna watch this and be like this movie's fucking shit. No all i will give this four stars easily. Mike i will. Now you're going to four star. I just said it's three and a half four stars. I will easily. No let me rephrase fucking bad. no shut up. Shut up shut. Get me started up. I will easily give this three. And a half and i will give it four fairly easily. Kill fuck you. And i gave on good gems like three and a half by the way. Fuck yeah your piece of shit. It's all it is your office. No you're stupid forgiving. This a half star. That makes no sense. If i could give it no star a fucking would. And i can't you gave verse mta. Ville like either two or three stars in the fact it gives us this s. Yeah in the giving this this. A half is the dumbest thing i've ever heard in my life Do you. i'm gonna go rewrite the ryan. One run five fucking stars and we're at a fucking novel and be like this. You're literally just doing this to attack me and it's absurd. I am all right kim. Do the fuck mary kill. Who just do it. The slug version of sunny. Your brother and me. Oh my god are you kidding me. Hey this is an incest movie. You get incest. Fuck mary killing that. I don't like that all right. Well that's what you get all right. Well i'd have to kill my brother. Because i can't fuck them or mirror. 'cause that's just wrong and i love and visit but we've we've already spent twenty six years so at least i could live with that kim. I'm not gonna lie. I didn't even know if you had a brother at. I do i have. I actually have a lot of those. I have an older half brother. Yeah abso fucking lutely. Not and then i would you know what i'm gonna switch. I'm gonna fuck you. And then i'm gonna kill or i'm gonna marry the slug slug slug guy. Lie not tell you something new. Because i'm over your bullshit. Yeah i knew you were going to say that. I knew you were going to say that. You didn't wanna spend the rest of your life with me after this conversation. I'm over you moving the fuck on. this is bullshit. He's lane it was like this is so because we were we were actually talking about. How fucking terrible. This was when i was laughing out loud. And i was like. It's actually so bad kayla. With bad she sends me shit all the time that she's like. Oh caleb look. And i'm like what the fuck are you talking about elena. This is a ridiculous agree. Because i that's my john roswell like i usually fucking love those movies but this would was real bad. I was like ooh cry wolf. You're an idiot i do. I love dry will idiot. What a great movie man. I finally went back to that. Cry wolf episode. And i deleted the original the one of best me and i put it. I put it at the end of the conversation with me. And you i was like okay if you listen to that after me and kim talk about it then that's fine but not before. Yeah your ringtone is still halfway there by bon jovi. Now you're an idiot okay. i'm going to a couple of patriots. I'm gonna do it without kim. Because fuck him. I would like to thank edwin toppy You're a good piece of two loppy offering you a baby. Put you in my pan. Look y'all up bad boy. Thank you to brooklyn mckay. You mccain nutmeg gay. But that's what i say hop in my apart. Hey hey thanks guys. You guys are kim. You're such a piece of shit but scientists out actually no size out you hold on. Let me say some things Patriot dot com slash. Four soup that's bows episodes. Shit social media. Instagram or soup twitter horses. Sox that's just mine letterbox reviews a horse hoop. Caleb a sinus out happy. Happy m event amityville through league. Give me how jill like. Some bread in chips saw tasting nice. You've done really well. Consist of tastes just like swallowtail stood out to you. We're having with up. Give me her nose clubs up. Give it a s. Keep me well fed. It's just smell good. Wake veget- is just the Belong up clubs up. Give me sleep feed me. He dropped wrapped up the harvest. Ooh let me be caught your private out the drinking from watching watching Not sue let hottest even look after him so.

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