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"najat circus circus" Discussed on The Flop House Podcast

"So like what's the do? They just have French French don't seem to recognize the cheese even there. So maybe she's operating, you know, under deep cover. I think that could be. Nicole Kidman destroyer. Tennis played by Katherine Waterston, who you may know from inherent vice or being Sam Waterston daughter in case, you wanna visual in case, you're friends with the Waterston family. That's where you would from. Yeah. Yeah. Center card congratulated for billion grind line. So she's goes to a what a street fair, some Najat circus circus, and that's worse. That's where credence is working. And he's in love with a woman named the Guinea who's on display because she turns into a snake? Sometimes now, this is like a magic circus. Right. Yeah. Because I was confused while these magicians were amazed by lady turning into a snake because she's a freak because she she has a curse on her where she's much like Cobra commander in the GI Joe movie where they go after cert- with a build surpassing Torre, right or they go to Cobra whatever it is. They she's turning into a snake over time until one day. She'll be Justice snake. Yeah. I mean, I guess humans things that are not amazing. All the time. Like, I went to the Bertha museum the other week, and there's a whole section of it. That's just farm animals, and I'm like can we skip the section and you're like, oh, let's let's go see the farm animals, but I grew up near farms. I don't like why. Oh, the sheep. The sheep are still cute honk shoe been there done that. I like how it's your frame of reference. You're like farm animals are boring. Everyone agrees with that. No. They're not live in a city. I never see animals of any kind except pigeons and rats. What is this thing a pig? A sheep these fantastic beasts where do I find them? And and museum. Dan's like Brooklyn museum, making me look at farm animals. This is a crime worthy of Grindelwald. I guess the moral of the story was that. I did enjoy seeing the firemen. So I guess go to that. Magic circus wizards. They're going to be stuff that you're excited to see. This is important because NEW GUINEA as a snake is a is a big part of the original Harry Potter books because she is one of she is the familiar and one of the hor- cruxes of of volleyball. I didn't know that. Okay. Yes. And I just thought it was a evil snake? But in fact, it's an Asian lady. Yeah. There was there. I think she's Karan. There's Asia, Dan. No. I know, but I was going to be a little more specific. Okay, that's fair. But I think there was like a bit of a controversy about like, oh, like this this this woman like this hor corrects that gets destroyed and this later book turns out, she was like this innocent Kareem lady, and there was like a bit of like a that's a weird choice guys. Like, let's just I mean, I'm an it's it's also weird because like she doesn't. Do anything at all in the movie. No, she doesn't. She barely even helps credence is just there to as basically window-dressing. I mean, she's the reason that credence leaves his job at the circus. I guess, but why did he ever need to have a job at the circus like it, and the the I feel like they're both under served in like a movie that is already too stuffed. They're both under served in that they don't like we don't really get either their motivations other than credence is basic..

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