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"nah tali" Discussed on The Bible and Coffee

"An inkling that you might want to run barrels. Are you might want to right. There was the fear. Yeah and so in that you know that thought process. Everyone wants to be that even if it's for minute absolutely and and then some try and fail and then some get deeply ingrained into it and love it it is. It has been part of my husband's off since he was fourteen and he misses it deeply. And he's helping a kid right now and it he loves it absolutely loves it but the fact of the matter is that that is no different than what paul is talking about to these people that are having dinner party and they are eating and drinking because they deserve it and those radio people that come in later we'll get the crumbs off the tankful well and we're not talking about going to a big rodeo in a big arena nauseous tighter just talking and the small towns you have access to everything out rodeo and so so that being said i can relate to this honor and shame because people are man. I would love to run barrels and then arado horse are able to. I can't tell you how many people like i want to come around. I wanna come ride. The truth is that they do for a minute. You know But in the same token no one ever says like man. How awesome is it to rot an animal that god created that is so powerful yet obeys just the simple command of your your. He'll are your toe or your highland bid in their mouth. Just have been and some of them playing that have a bit day. How awesome is it because they were built for war as a lot of power there so how. No one asked that question you. No one asked that question because we don't make those connections. And so i think with you know we go. We go to church where there are people that come in wearing motorcycle cuts that come in with hats on their head that come in in bhutan. Gene jane's there possibly someone that may still be dropped from saturday. Nah tali likely and when you give them the front of the table thinking man. We don't wanna do that. We don't even want them. We want them to say you know when you get your act together then you can come in and this whole honor and shame thing. Jesus says the only way you get your act together is when you're sitting at my table and you see who i am. Yes so until we can reverse that. I don't know that. God causes our god and that's hard. It is hard hard to reconcile. It's hard to walk through. It's hard to speak about him. And why did you give me the hard question. Well and and let me just say it. It makes me wanna do better it does. It makes me one. And that's one of the reasons i wanted to do. This book is that if he can convict us. And you judgy people right tommy horribly. It can convict. I want people to to read this. It doesn't mean you have to agree with them but read it because the holy spirit will convict you even if it's your own personal or if it's as a collective it will convict you to do better towards others ticket to show that yourself across. So i'm gonna. I was gonna say we both pick the same one that we just nagy. Just now here we go never to as a bearers of the name of cross our conduct is not our own private business gets any. It is the business of cross church together. This is clear. When paul discusses the immoral man in the in corinth pau brings and. that's i corinthians. Five one through eight. Paul brings full weight to the matter by indicating it was a community problem. How does this chapters discussion in honor and shame inform. I corinthians five okay. This is the story about the man who was sleeping with his father's wife. Rot yes okay. And they excommunicate him and we always count look at those. That's vote the rule for church discipline within the problem was he repented and the church wasn't forgiving him and bringing him back into the fold and you know and i- judgy me. I have been wrought. They're saying part of the problem with the charge is that we don't want to have any discipline and you know now that i'm now that i'm looking at things a little bit different. I think that discipline is important in the church but i think that the discipline is something different than what what i've been seeing so for me. The problem with discipline is that we're not addressing a problem thereby forcing the person to other change or leave or refusal. Even be excommunicated or whatever we see as the need. I think it's pretty safe to side that there are times when we feel like an example should be made of for the benefit of the church. And i'm not saying that that's not true in that there aren't times when that might actually need to be done clearly needed to be done here but but wait a minute because this is the one where hall tells them. I'm writing to you not associate with anyone. Who calls himself a christian. Who is sexually immoral or greedy or an adulterer verbally abusive or drunkard or a swindler. Do not even eat with such a person. For what do. I have to do with judging those outside. Are you not to judge those inside. But god will judge those outside removed. The person from a minute pause telling them that to remove him well he is not the not. The routes are okay but still kind of the same principle. He's not only saying he's got to be removed from the church. But you also have to do that outside of the church you know. We semi gets excommunicated from the church. But he's the.

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