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s1e2 Dev/Asur (Indian Mithya Fantasy)

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s1e2 Dev/Asur (Indian Mithya Fantasy)

"This is Indian you're. India's number, one horror crime and dark fantasy storytelling podcast. They've. Assume Season one episode two. Trailer urged her failings of shield maidens to hold firm as the Denver Cavalry charged them at full speed. She could see the lengthy line of sheets to her left enter right forming an impenetrable wall. Defend off the first attempt by their enemies to shatter there will. She also shouted words of encouragement to archers to focus their attention on the imminent task. NAGAS hardship Ilian half human creatures, writing mutant horses covered in Boynton plus Jones and cancerous tumors. He snarled as they waved their weapons in the air. They will cream tunics on the copper colored scale. Then adornments add to the sense of dread developed in the heart of their enemies, s Tundras, roofs of their steeds tore apart the silence of the night. murderously fast approach was akin to the quick seventeen movement of deadly snake. Commanded an office to rain death on the NOGGIN writers when they were in range of their bows. Arrows found homes in the heads and torsos of hundreds of Nagase and their steeds. And the booed crumpled to the floor painfully. They were then won over by fellow riders. Sometimes the down Nagas brought down their comrades. Who wrote right behind them? The site of the Feld enemies pleased rare. Again shred shouted. Moonlight Lind the muscular. Of the upset archers, as they drew their boss, and unleashed more debt into the center of the battlefield. The Naga Cavalry which survived the opening bullies of Arrow tax smashed into the failings of upset or shields with mixed results. Some found themselves at the thrusting end of spears. Some steeds broke the legs against the ball of metal and booed and the naming animals through the writers onto the ground. Where they've brutalized with the frenzy, this hold old of blades and spear tips. Some, Naga riders broke through the deadly barrier. They've trampled upset her. She'll maidens and sore barriers, and hacked their heads clean from their shoulders, as they waited deeper into the forward ranks of the David Army. A select group of Nagas had dilan ability to spray poison from their saliva glands. The hissed as they sprayed toxic venom into the eyes of their. And Yorkshire attackers. Some Davis soldiers were lucky to escape the deadliest pray as the battle Helms buffered them against it. Others were blinded instantly as the acidic fluid burned into that is. The last thing they saw before being blinded, was the kneeling forms of Nagas their Lipton's now scaly skin, toxic fangs, and they're yellow eyes with slit pupils, which moved madly about in their sockets with kill lust. The NAGAS who had successfully pulled off these blinding attacks chop that the heads of their screaming enemies with Glee. Bath. The Donovan Cavalry was feeling invincible when the giant mazes of Yuck chess oranges smashed into them, and through them their steeds into the deadly arms of upset assault bearers and shield maidens. The riders barely had time to scream out in pain as the show, battleaxes chop through their torsos, claiming the top and bottom half of their body cleanly. The seven part slid off to the ground with us. quilty Thud. Some of that obtain sorgess town, their heads in the powerful grasp of Yorkshire Captains like Belleville. Before the NAGAS could plan a defensive response. They found their heads squished by the I in hands of the David Bruce. Strayer, what's will finish three? In this fashion without breaking a sweat. When he finally made eye contact with her, she raised a fist to express her admiration. He raised a fist back after acknowledging her Berlin Captaincy, which had normally seen Naga riders failing to wreak catastrophic damage on their she war, but also preserved the lives of most of the soldiers in their company. SCHRAMM was directing David attendance who were carrying away the few injured soldiers, the battle camp for further treatment when she had the thunderous pounding of more nugget lighters heading their way. Like a conductive commanding a Brilliant Orchestra Shred Directed Had Arches Shield. Maidens and Sword Baylor's to work in concert to skewer and butcher the REPTILIAN monstrosities. Commanders banning blowing magical staffs, but flying overhead observing the battle movements. Pages overdose over share with a smile. Great Job Captain! Cavalry has been decimated by battle lines. We have won back. The few sports made inroads into. Do you think we are ready for the final press pages said. trae quickly surveyed the state of her soldiers and nodded her ascend. We are ready Major. Let me. Guys you forward. They just said as he soared up in the air and pointed his finally staff to. It's their enemies. The upset and Yorkshire Squads marched ahead in ordered lines often tipping over the broken bodies of their enemies cavalry units that had died testing them metal. Behind them, groups of Davis soldiers pushed the ballistics forward, hoping to reach the optimum planning distance to launch an attack on the vile old. The diva frontline, having reformed and gained confidence from thwarting the enemies. First Wave of attacks marched in lockstep towards the Donna Army. Their levels were lined up in ferocious ranks ready to defend the portal engine. The commanders guided their companies forward from their positions with shouts of encouragement up. The Angel Beings batted away the occasional volley of arrows directed at their hovering forms by the enemy with ease. Schreyer and the other captains surged forwards to meet the defensive challenges that lay ahead of them. The sight of her upset soldiers, being blinded and butchered by the Naga, cavalry was burned into an is. A sore eight for the losses. She suffered however minor. There were in the big scheme of things. But she was glad that the third movies had protected most of boards. Unlike commander. Schreyer had not lost faith in the Trinity's power. She did not consider their eternal dreaming to protect mankind as a barrier to her prayers. Her belief in the manifest powers of the Creator the destroyer and the protector was still strong. She believed that they had watched over her and blessed her throughout her fruitful career. They had to live for a greater peppers, and if that purpose was fulfilled in this fierce battle, if she expired on this craggy battlefield, she would consider his health redeemed in their ice. It was the same faith that hardened her soul against the insults lobster by the fellow Goncharova and Yorkshire Cadets when she took part in the military academies Specialist Officer Course. Despite excelling in the physical tests and the exams, she was not considered commander material post her final interview. This was a discriminatory decision. She choked up to the threat of a command. Lobby attempts to sideline upsetters, women who dead with spy at leadership roles found above their usual stations as foot, soldiers or captains. That bittered experience had left her ego boost, but it did not shuttle the conviction, with which she approached her duty towards in the locker, and indeed and responsibility towards the scoreboards. She led on behalf of major stages. However It left an indelible mark on her. Despite the encouragement every year to Rian role in the program and his offer to provide her a letter of recommendation. She had refused to do so. She would make marcus a captain, and how exploits would become her calling card. That would lead to Bryce to the position of a commander one day. A selection process left to the mercy of snooty partial nepotism was not capable of measuring a true capabilities. He'd step. She took towards the Donna. automomy sworn to protect the portal engine was driven by this determination. Step by step strike by strike battle by battle she would build a shining monument to legacy as a warrior. The entire Dave van God was merely meters away from the forward ranks of their enemies. The half animal half human forms of their opponents did not budge from their position. They had crossed nearly three fourths of the middle ground between the two armies without resistance. Something's is not right Schramm thought. Up At command of tires suspended above her on his mighty wings. There was a concerned look on his face as he's can the forward positions of the Dave Legion. The CDC shouts and screams cascaded along the front line as the earth opened up underneath their feet. Davis soldiers then Linda trenches hundreds of data's batting sites, sequels and machetes awaited their prey eagerly. An amalgamation of insect Thailand human features, the slim form of the day theus were covered in a patchwork of robbery, skin and tightness shells. An extensive set of external sense organs, including enormous compound eyes and smell and vibration receptors on their forehead made them excellent hunter does. This build often filled therefore with a sense of overconfidence. But they lacked in brute strength they made up ferocity and speed, and a single minded devotion to performing the duty with little regard for their survival. There irregularly spaced, but hard carapace demanded precise attacks, but tanks to this flexible body. This was easier said than done. They will capable of radic movement patterns that could throw off even the most seasoned of Warriors, no matter their choice of weapons. The date is where swathed in tattered brown robes that advertised their frugal monk like existence, which was devoted to attaining macho superiority over their enemies. David one of the deadliest units Donovan on me, saving devious strategies to route their opponents. Caroline. The Up Citizen Yorkshire's. into the ditches butchered mercilessly as a chorus of horrifying house and triumphant shipping sounds filled the open tunnels. Simitis. Rose and fell on shrieking upset soldiers from many angles. The day theus severed wings from the backs of Yorkshire's who tried to leap out of the pits. Fat. The Dave Hawks were tied down with iron chains. Thanks to the concerted efforts of scores of insect toyed warriors. Go Sean. Then the vile creatures climbed up on the percentage chests, and plunged crude steel poles into the forced open mouths of the giant warriors. Commanders including pages swept in and carried those they could to safety. Yet the massacre continued as they theus over around the shocked David troops in their subterranean web of pain. In, a matter of minutes I corps and Gore mass pools, where one's live and strong soldiers had landed on their backs. Rare was lucky not to fall into the fourteen feet deep it. But she was separated from the rest of her party. Who went on the other side of the chasm? In fact, this scenario was playing out all over the David frontline. No. She screamed as she gazed upon the site of the bulk of her squads, falling prey to the brutality of the date the is. She tried to help by offering her end. Two soldiers who were trying to scramble up the walls of the trench. But they were dragged back down and hacked to pieces. Sh- rare ordered the upset of archers, and she maidens who were still above ground to target the insect title brutes. Davis trapped in the trenches, cheered the help and redouble their fightback. Is fell in their hundreds as arrows and spearheads plunged into their heads and torsos. Milky Green fluid erupted from wounds and a nausea. Inducing smell permeated the air as the death count rose. Just as the vapors, but getting an upper hand on the situation, trae ahead orders being shouted at deductible frontline are Gye. The Donovan God that stood Imo by all. This wine had decided to surge ahead to land a devastating blow on the vulnerable enemy. Shredder ten round to face the of. Knowing. She was alone and isolated from the rest of her above ground scored, which was on the other side of the trench jaw, and the open pit behind her contained the butchered foams of her squad mates. Those who had served under her foot years. The best uniforms forms of the enemy moved forward like a storm front, ready to unleash untold damage on their archenemy. Tra- grip the handle of her blade tightly before letting out a lonely but powerful battlecry.

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