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DC Police Identify 6-Year-Old Killed by Gun Violence

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01:19 min | 2 years ago

DC Police Identify 6-Year-Old Killed by Gun Violence

"Weather alert station through the evening New tonight. Police have now identified the six year old who was shot and killed last night in Southeast D. C. Her name was Nadia Courtney and she was to start first grade this fall. Five others were also shot but are expected to be OK. At a press conference, D c police chief Robert Conte and Mayor Muriel Bowser called for an end to gun violence. So I am asking That we all stand together and say no more. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Niall was killed. Somebody else could be killed tonight. Somebody else could be killed the next night because too many people are willing to use guns of reward of up to $60,000 is being offered for information that leads to an arrest. Keisha James. W. T O P. NEWS I'm Nick Pinelli. This latest case involving a six year old girl being killed follows a very disturbing trend in the area, marking the fourth child under eight years old to be shot over the past few months in D. C. Alone In May, a seven year old girl was shot and seriously injured while playing outside in Northeast a few weeks after that a five year old boy was left with serious injuries after he was shot outside his home near Logan Circle. Earlier this month. On the Fourth of July, There was another shooting involving a young child as a five year old boy, playing in his Columbia Heights

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