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"nabi hill" Discussed on Maltin On Movies

"I can't imagine doing something like sister to then where you're put into a school situation that there's a ton of young people yeah. I'm always yeah so many of them. Disappeared appeared yeah. There are so many people in that movie on the I mean the whole cast obviously the monks and everybody else but ask me who asked me about anyone be able to tell you what's up with research them sure we all your rappers everybody in their Sir such interesting such interesting guys didn't even the young man who has the big solo the WHO was lead singer. Yes I know you're talking about. He changed his. He's the right my slave name yeah yeah yeah yeah. I think if I know who you're talking about so many people in there that that you would think you're obviously you never stopped working but you had general of Hewitt who tiny part yeah. She's there to be pretty upset thing. She's supposed to be that she's airlines are like and can we put makeup on you know. That's her thing yeah. We're going to have time for this on me yeah and she's one of the ones who stayed well. I think the people that that did St- I think the the people that did sustain a career with the people that were not <hes> sort of <hes> tied to labels IDA musically because there you go we were not. We weren't like you know a scooped up by a label and said you're going to be the next Madonna. You're going to be the next you know I. I don't know you're going to be the next L._l.. Cool J whatever they would compare them to but these kids weren't initially actors they were entertainers and they had great voices and I think maybe I I'm just assuming that they probably got scooped up by labels and they were given one chance unfortunately as as as a music as recording artists you're given one chance in it's all on you and if the record sales don't do well well then you know you're sort of a flash in the PAN. Unfortunately were as an acting if a movie you do as a big flop. It's not on you yeah. It's everything that has a lot to especially. If you're uh the star when you are which is why you know Fuji's Lauryn Hill's Fuji's was it was like catching lightning but for them she won the Lotto. I mean she was a part of Van Band was she was part of a group that was very zeitgeist Zeitgeist Dean and what did she do. They spun it because she was just so beautiful and she had such an interesting unique sophisticated voice for such a for child that they were able to sort of groom her into becoming you know Ms Lauren Hill and it also I think you know <hes> being a part of the whole Marley you know planet. All of it really adds more to the mistake of being Lauren Hill so. I think that that is what what what people really gravitated hated toward but you know you have something like sister act to that. That is sort of these kids were hoping to be a launching pad to a music career of course and music careers are just so short-lived like the the life of an athlete yeah. I you know what I was just one of those like you know singing lessons then ballet lessons than acting lessons and I never really took it seriously <hes> you because I would I would go to New York and then I'd hear these kids live and I'd be like Oh wow well. They really have exercised that muscle. I'm a little rev around the edges but you know it's you. You're not given as as much opportunity to sing living Los Angeles as you would as I would have better. I lived in New York so that's that's the reason behind that get to sing in one of the greatest movies of all time cutting Oh yeah yeah hey has stuck with so many of us absolutely as you see that Liz oh just performed and did a tribute no she was oh just performed at the MTV movie awards and did a tribute to the joyful joyful. Oh that's so cool where she says Liz has take off your rogue. She starts in Aerob- singing then they do the the harmonizing and the vocalizing watch it on Youtube and just have a laugh. That's amazing 'cause it stays unbelievable. Yeah it it it you never you never have been cut till Aguirre's later and I was pregnant very pregnant and I got a call all from the the Lien Greg who directed cocoa yes yes. He someone you guys have to like interview he is do you know him. Li used to be the projectionist Dennis. What in the theater U._S._C. where I teach when he's just so so with the class with with Coq Libra Oh my God which is a beautiful beautiful film? Oh and congratulations thank you get asked me to sing in it and I was like Oh wow what what an opportunity. This is awesome. What was just to reverse just for a moment of how did you get into voice acting because you've been doing that a long time? Ah Yes coco's just the latest most prominent example of that. You started doing that a long time ago. That's a great question and I'll tell you what happened. I was not working a lot. I mean it's like the Pamela Avalon story shirt the you know what I mean I was. I got a little bit parts and indies and stuff but I wasn't making a lot of money you know and my manager had <hes> had a client over at vox boxes. <hes> <hes> a voice a voice artist <hes> agency Z. and she'd said you know you might WanNa try voiceovers and I thought yeah let's let's try it and Lo and behold I just started getting call backs for little boys constantly little boys and I thought Oh but. It it was so much fun because I thought well I get to mimic all the cartoon characters that I fell in love with when I was growing up I mean I was dictated to marry melodies jerk der- or I mean we know I I know like all the dialogue most of the of the cartoons so to me it was late as that's music to his ear demanding. I'm GonNa test me started do do you know what I was just watching it. The the other day and I just couldn't stop cracking up. My son was looking at me like I was out of my mind but Little Red Riding Hood which she turns out to we sing this around <music>. We walked singing that rather free. What a perfect part anyway? I mean you get to be silly when you're doing voiceovers started working a lot and that's how you know I was able to to grandma sixty guys for grandma big ice for so called refunding out that that was b-b-bend Sarah I grew up watching on camera very sedate. You know characters last burns and Georgian gracie's neighbor on the Brinson Allen show no she was the star of Petticoat junction. You really know all of this too hard anyway anyway so you got to do it now yes and then and then pound puppies pound poppy I said a and B. Yes and Rengo and and <hes> Oh a lot of them boy at Brandon Mister whiskers and I started doing a little almost you know these <hes> these little spots for you know nutrition attrition announces for Health Health Announcements for children like bananas GimMe Energy just when I need for soccer so like like a little boy little Athena boy running around in fact yeah I remember this when when you reference Pamela Avalon a little one that is those who don't know Nabi Hill she was Bobby Hill on the hill why because they realized that if they hired a real twelve or thirteen year old boy his voice would change at some point yes and it was much more reliable right to hire an adult to do that voice and then they could always do that right. It is played by a girl yes so you were Rivera. Manny Rivera an Ebay for a long time and that was sort of my first big thing where I was you know playing you. You know the lead on this little on this this little Sean nickelodeon playing this little boy and I just I couldn't believe how fun it was. That was back in the days where all the voice over actors would be in one studio the acting what what a fun Gig you can wear your P._J.'s to work. It is awesome yeah and that's like like doing a radio show. There's an ensemble. There's whereas feature film we've been doing a lot of time quite a few lovely. The voice folks on films. They generally record you separately. Individually which I'm sure has its benefits right production. It's good for them. It's a very solitary but it's Scott Bueller tougher for you. I was worse sure now for those who don't know you are the matriarch in cocoa. That is a heck of a role. Oh that was so much fun it was it was just another audition because nowadays you can record your additions on your I phone right <hes> you can record it. Trial changed yeah that's right and when they had sent me the audition I read it and of course you know it's like Fort Knox at Pixar very very very secretive about what they're you know presenting sure and and so I assumed that why is this woman mad about her photo not being on an old friend but she had the D._M._v.. I don't understand just I think she's upset that she said the D._N._B.. Or something I was reading a lot of my my husband was in the other room and he heard me and it took him hearing what the dialogue wasn't he came in. He was like Alana. She's dead a she's dead. It's he was like it's almost like beetlejuice. Yeah I think she maybe she doesn't realize she's dead or something but yeah I think this is this. This might be a day of the dead. Movie is not going to be entered out today. That movie David that yeah that there's a lot of fun and that movie means a lot. Mike God who a lot of and I'm sure that you're Hispanic family. All over the place is thrilled. Unbelievable says it broke all kinds of records in Mexico. It was yeah you became the number one movie and yeah in in Mexican history to be made it was it really did tug on everyone's heart strings and I think it was just it was at such a perfect time obviously because we were you know obviously unfortunately <hes> we've been under such <hes> scrutiny these past couple of years and and for us to to to to have a movie that finally shines the light on the sophistication of the culture is so important because very many very few people know it. It's not just about sugar skulls and it's not just sugar a whole meaning and it's already work with Gutierrez. Yes Rivera who made book of life that was a movie about yes there you go and that was about mass that was just a masterpiece and I think what cocoa did was. It brought everyone could relate to it because it was all about the importance of family and being members sure and everyone's biggest fear do I think is to be forgotten so <hes> that it really did touch a lot of people I'm so proud of them being raised with a Salvadorian Mumia which is why he's mommy does he <hes> defying Sandal bit. Oh yeah the junk lead Jangling Iowa's honest yeah on the floor laughing so hard I came home. I went to my mom and I was like you have to see this movie. You're GonNa die absolutely the Sandal. You had to be afraid really God yes. Oh I I love it. I love it there. I'm thrilled ear in it and especially as I say for your family that gets to be something very <hes> especial so special over absolutely and something I could show my my son absolutely there's another one where we're talking about. These these roles that differ generations and depending on how old you are. That's a big deal and that's going to be a movie where when someone's twenty or thirty they go. Oh God that was my favorite film growing up. I loved it so much. That's how they know. Yeah Yeah Yeah our wild. It's it's something speaking of recognition. You have been on a number T._V. T._v.. Show guest stars innumerable TV series but as regular <hes> characters recurring characters sure you've been on a number of right now. You're on euphoria before he out which is big deal. Getting a lot of you. Were on girlfriends guide to divorce. Yes well for several years. I mean so when you're on T._v.. Show that's kind of hot. Do People's recognize recognize you at the grocery store at the gas station..

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