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"nabet seinfeld" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

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"nabet seinfeld" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"To Lowe's theaters for me and guest anytime I want okay all right so Akiva you are in there also a party you went to wasn't that Mars right into a party. I thought you went to like a party and those crickets. It's didn't you have a the worst moments I just felt like the unlike eh looked like a geek at a freak. Show what I've become as my I went at the college and now I'm eating bugs on the street so people can be like grossed out by me. I feel you told some party because he had like very few obligations for that that that deal when you went to used to party with your magic eight ball I'm actually calling shenanigans. You also had to go to a party with your magic eight ball those executive -secutive yeah I want them to go to a party for the new K Y Jelly warming liquid that they were in New York City to go there walk around around with the magic eight ball so but those Jordan accidentally asked a really good question because unless you heard that story in the same episode Jordan I mean I've heard the story because I've listened to all the all all the Nabet Seinfeld episode. I did not remember that particular story because really made it a trap in both those stories were things he had to do by. Okay okay so this is for the win rob. This question about Akiva Akiva came up with a game for rob to play on the May Twenty Second Nineteen Ninety eight episode. WHO's podcast if you take the the rules of the game from was A? Aj Mass be Mike Bloom and Liana Boris see Jordan Kayla's De Adam Corolla played a game on the podcasts. I have no idea by the way all four of these on the May Twenty Eighth Nineteen Ninety Eight podcast yes twenty seconds or Mike Piazza Trade I mean. I don't think that there's a I'm GonNa say it's Adam Corolla. Let's hear clip number three okay for the game or no. We a little game with you. I'm going to read. I think you play this actually on the Adam Corolla show Oh and it was a game where where you had to read the plot the plots of movies and rap at the guests the movie was so rob congratulations you win the game. Let's not not not ten to eleven not since the veils and wait one. That's always the bills and these comebacks weight off. My six genie wishes. That would have been crazy yeah that she is nine or no because now she's you know absolved. Let me put it this way yeah. She was mad when she had three genie wishes some but she will be mad that she doesn't have any anymore. I feel it'll be far more mad. They had zero gene wish yes that's true yes all right so now all right so rob is out of the gene wish bed and I go oh man I had some good ideas for forcing a gas now after four years wish to two ish I will say I will say I have wanted Komo twist for a while but I was curious to see who you're going to get on the show. We'll give sort of neutral for you should give me some softballs at the groove on on should go with one but no okay we will hear from Akiva later on this season on this week in survivor history now before we go to Kayla's you stay in for the mailbag Yup okay all right. No are we kicking off the ordinary saying for the mail bag I could stay. He did a good. He worked hard and we gave him a very short turnaround did a good job okay. Thank you great great job on the Quiz Jordan things yours great job okay before we get into the mail bag GonNa do the Ed Reed on the side of the a mail bag and we're gonNA take a moment and a thank our sponsor the affirmation podcast one sports net powered by bet online dot. Ag Jorda referenced earlier and I am on fire winning all these games and quizzes. I am in the first place atop the leaderboard ahead of shack and all the other podcast one podcasters. Let me tell you about my picks for this week taken again the chargers key. That's a lock of the week Yup. That's seventeen point spread versus. The dolphins got the rams versus raiders. You mean the rams got. The cult's at home with the rams are playing the raiders. Is that right. I got the rams who they playing thing yeah. Maybe the raiders I don't remember yeah. I don't know I have my picks. I don't have the week for game I of the picks before then We've got also the chiefs play an alliance and then that Thursday night I've recordings on Tuesday sick. I'm taking the packers Italy the eagles they're they're playing short. Yeah and there are nervous about the jet game. They're thinking ahead to that. Look it. They don't WanNa get mono so they're very very very concerned. The jet game coming up of course that five thousand dollars. We'll go to the winner of the a season long competition to the charity of their choice so pretty soon shouldn't put that on the Wheel Charity Megan they give the five thousand dollars to yeah. I mean you know we could say we'll take listener submission. Okay I wanNA write so your number one in the rankings. Nfl College football it's all heating up this week with big games on the schedule..

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