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s1e2 Dev/Asur (Indian Mithya Fantasy)

Indian Noir

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s1e2 Dev/Asur (Indian Mithya Fantasy)

"This is Indian you're. India's number, one horror crime and dark fantasy storytelling podcast. They've. Assume Season one episode two. Trailer urged her failings of shield maidens to hold firm as the Denver Cavalry charged them at full speed. She could see the lengthy line of sheets to her left enter right forming an impenetrable wall. Defend off the first attempt by their enemies to shatter there will. She also shouted words of encouragement to archers to focus their attention on the imminent task. NAGAS hardship Ilian half human creatures, writing mutant horses covered in Boynton plus Jones and cancerous tumors. He snarled as they waved their weapons in the air. They will cream tunics on the copper colored scale. Then adornments add to the sense of dread developed in the heart of their enemies, s Tundras, roofs of their steeds tore apart the silence of the night. murderously fast approach was akin to the quick seventeen movement of deadly snake. Commanded an office to rain death on the NOGGIN writers when they were in range of their bows. Arrows found homes in the heads and torsos of hundreds of Nagase and their steeds. And the booed crumpled to the floor painfully. They were then won over by fellow riders. Sometimes the down Nagas brought down their comrades. Who wrote right behind them? The site of the Feld enemies pleased rare. Again shred shouted. Moonlight Lind the muscular. Of the upset archers, as they drew their boss, and unleashed more debt into the center of the battlefield. The Naga Cavalry which survived the opening bullies of Arrow tax smashed into the failings of upset or shields with mixed results. Some found themselves at the thrusting end of spears. Some steeds broke the legs against the ball of metal and booed and the naming animals through the writers onto the ground. Where they've brutalized with the frenzy, this hold old of blades and spear tips. Some, Naga riders broke through the deadly barrier. They've trampled upset her. She'll maidens and sore barriers, and hacked their heads clean from their shoulders, as they waited deeper into the forward ranks of the David Army. A select group of Nagas had dilan ability to spray poison from their saliva glands. The hissed as they sprayed toxic venom into the eyes of their. And Yorkshire attackers. Some Davis soldiers were lucky to escape the deadliest pray as the battle Helms buffered them against it. Others were blinded instantly as the acidic fluid burned into that is. The last thing they saw before being blinded, was the kneeling forms of Nagas their Lipton's now scaly skin, toxic fangs, and they're yellow eyes with slit pupils, which moved madly about in their sockets with kill lust. The NAGAS who had successfully pulled off these blinding attacks chop that the heads of their screaming enemies with Glee. Bath. The Donovan Cavalry was feeling invincible when the giant mazes of Yuck chess oranges smashed into them, and through them their steeds into the deadly arms of upset assault bearers and shield maidens. The riders barely had time to scream out in pain as the show, battleaxes chop through their torsos, claiming the top and bottom half of their body cleanly. The seven part slid off to the ground with us. quilty Thud. Some of that obtain sorgess town, their heads in the powerful grasp of Yorkshire Captains like Belleville. Before the NAGAS could plan a defensive response. They found their heads squished by the I in hands of the David Bruce. Strayer, what's will finish three? In this fashion without breaking a sweat. When he finally made eye contact with her, she raised a fist to express her admiration. He raised a fist back after acknowledging her Berlin Captaincy, which had normally seen Naga riders failing to wreak catastrophic damage on their she war, but also preserved the lives of most of the soldiers in their company. SCHRAMM was directing David attendance who were carrying away the few injured soldiers, the battle camp for further treatment when she had the thunderous pounding of more nugget lighters heading their way. Like a conductive commanding a Brilliant Orchestra Shred Directed Had Arches Shield. Maidens and Sword Baylor's to work in concert to skewer and butcher the REPTILIAN monstrosities. Commanders banning blowing magical staffs, but flying overhead observing the battle movements. Pages overdose over share with a smile. Great Job Captain! Cavalry has been decimated by battle lines. We have won back. The few sports made inroads into. Do you think we are ready for the final press pages said. trae quickly surveyed the state of her soldiers and nodded her ascend. We are ready Major. Let me. Guys you forward. They just said as he soared up in the air and pointed his finally staff to. It's their enemies. The upset and Yorkshire Squads marched ahead in ordered lines often tipping over the broken bodies of their enemies cavalry units that had died testing them metal. Behind them, groups of Davis soldiers pushed the ballistics forward, hoping to reach the optimum planning distance to launch an attack on the vile old. The diva frontline, having reformed and gained confidence from thwarting the enemies. First Wave of attacks marched in lockstep towards the Donna Army. Their levels were lined up in ferocious ranks ready to defend the portal engine. The commanders guided their companies forward from their positions with shouts of encouragement up. The Angel Beings batted away the occasional volley of arrows directed at their hovering forms by the enemy with ease. Schreyer and the other captains surged forwards to meet the defensive challenges that lay ahead of them. The sight of her upset soldiers, being blinded and butchered by the Naga, cavalry was burned into an is. A sore eight for the losses. She suffered however minor. There were in the big scheme of things. But she was glad that the third movies had protected most of boards. Unlike commander. Schreyer had not lost faith in the Trinity's power. She did not consider their eternal dreaming to protect mankind as a barrier to her prayers. Her belief in the manifest powers of the Creator the destroyer and the protector was still strong. She believed that they had watched over her and blessed her throughout her fruitful career. They had to live for a greater peppers, and if that purpose was fulfilled in this fierce battle, if she expired on this craggy battlefield, she would consider his health redeemed in their ice. It was the same faith that hardened her soul against the insults lobster by the fellow Goncharova and Yorkshire Cadets when she took part in the military academies Specialist Officer Course. Despite excelling in the physical tests and the exams, she was not considered commander material post her final interview. This was a discriminatory decision. She choked up to the threat of a command. Lobby attempts to sideline upsetters, women who dead with spy at leadership roles found above their usual stations as foot, soldiers or captains. That bittered experience had left her ego boost, but it did not shuttle the conviction, with which she approached her duty towards in the locker, and indeed and responsibility towards the scoreboards. She led on behalf of major stages. However It left an indelible mark on her. Despite the encouragement every year to Rian role in the program and his offer to provide her a letter of recommendation. She had refused to do so. She would make marcus a captain, and how exploits would become her calling card. That would lead to Bryce to the position of a commander one day. A selection process left to the mercy of snooty partial nepotism was not capable of measuring a true capabilities. He'd step. She took towards the Donna. automomy sworn to protect the portal engine was driven by this determination. Step by step strike by strike battle by battle she would build a shining monument to legacy as a warrior. The entire Dave van God was merely meters away from the forward ranks of their enemies. The half animal half human forms of their opponents did not budge from their position. They had crossed nearly three fourths of the middle ground between the two armies without resistance. Something's is not right Schramm thought. Up At command of tires suspended above her on his mighty wings. There was a concerned look on his face as he's can the forward positions of the Dave Legion. The CDC shouts and screams cascaded along the front line as the earth opened up underneath their feet. Davis soldiers then Linda trenches hundreds of data's batting sites, sequels and machetes awaited their prey eagerly. An amalgamation of insect Thailand human features, the slim form of the day theus were covered in a patchwork of robbery, skin and tightness shells. An extensive set of external sense organs, including enormous compound eyes and smell and vibration receptors on their forehead made them excellent hunter does. This build often filled therefore with a sense of overconfidence. But they lacked in brute strength they made up ferocity and speed, and a single minded devotion to performing the duty with little regard for their survival. There irregularly spaced, but hard carapace demanded precise attacks, but tanks to this flexible body. This was easier said than done. They will capable of radic movement patterns that could throw off even the most seasoned of Warriors, no matter their choice of weapons. The date is where swathed in tattered brown robes that advertised their frugal monk like existence, which was devoted to attaining macho superiority over their enemies. David one of the deadliest units Donovan on me, saving devious strategies to route their opponents. Caroline. The Up Citizen Yorkshire's. into the ditches butchered mercilessly as a chorus of horrifying house and triumphant shipping sounds filled the open tunnels. Simitis. Rose and fell on shrieking upset soldiers from many angles. The day theus severed wings from the backs of Yorkshire's who tried to leap out of the pits. Fat. The Dave Hawks were tied down with iron chains. Thanks to the concerted efforts of scores of insect toyed warriors. Go Sean. Then the vile creatures climbed up on the percentage chests, and plunged crude steel poles into the forced open mouths of the giant warriors. Commanders including pages swept in and carried those they could to safety. Yet the massacre continued as they theus over around the shocked David troops in their subterranean web of pain. In, a matter of minutes I corps and Gore mass pools, where one's live and strong soldiers had landed on their backs. Rare was lucky not to fall into the fourteen feet deep it. But she was separated from the rest of her party. Who went on the other side of the chasm? In fact, this scenario was playing out all over the David frontline. No. She screamed as she gazed upon the site of the bulk of her squads, falling prey to the brutality of the date the is. She tried to help by offering her end. Two soldiers who were trying to scramble up the walls of the trench. But they were dragged back down and hacked to pieces. Sh- rare ordered the upset of archers, and she maidens who were still above ground to target the insect title brutes. Davis trapped in the trenches, cheered the help and redouble their fightback. Is fell in their hundreds as arrows and spearheads plunged into their heads and torsos. Milky Green fluid erupted from wounds and a nausea. Inducing smell permeated the air as the death count rose. Just as the vapors, but getting an upper hand on the situation, trae ahead orders being shouted at deductible frontline are Gye. The Donovan God that stood Imo by all. This wine had decided to surge ahead to land a devastating blow on the vulnerable enemy. Shredder ten round to face the of. Knowing. She was alone and isolated from the rest of her above ground scored, which was on the other side of the trench jaw, and the open pit behind her contained the butchered foams of her squad mates. Those who had served under her foot years. The best uniforms forms of the enemy moved forward like a storm front, ready to unleash untold damage on their archenemy. Tra- grip the handle of her blade tightly before letting out a lonely but powerful battlecry.

commander Davis NAGAS David Schreyer SCHRAMM Naga Cavalry India Denver Cavalry Donovan Cavalry Nagase Trailer Ilian Yorkshire Arches Shield David Army Yorkshire Squads Boynton Moonlight Lind David Bruce
Facing Fear (Part 2) - Awakening Your Fearless Heart (2020-02-26)

Tara Brach

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Facing Fear (Part 2) - Awakening Your Fearless Heart (2020-02-26)

"Greetings we offer these podcasts freely and your support really makes a difference to make a donation. Please visit Tara Brach DOT COM Stay and welcome. So tonight is classes the second in a two-part series on facing fear awakening your fearless heart and we're really exploring this shift. We can make in our relationship with fear so he moved from being caught up and fight fight freeze to that space fearless presence where we sort of fear can be there but they don't dominate us. And I thought I'd begin with a favorite story that has to do with fear and it also has to do with poodles. I have a poodle so I like. I like the story a wealthy man I went on a safari and brought his poodle with them. One day. The poodle was chasing around after some butterflies and found himself totally lost and he's trying to find his way back and he saw a leopard rapidly heading his way so goes up and luckily the poodle notice and bones on the ground close by immediately turned his back to the approaching hat and started chewing on them and just the letter was about two pounds. The poodle called out boy. That was one delicious Leopard. But I'm still hungry. I wonder if there's another one. Around upon hearing this elaborate halted his attack mid stride look of abject terror on his face. He crawled off into some nearby trees thinking boy. That was a close call. Future nearly got me. So meanwhile a monkey had been watching this whole transaction from a high tree and he called up to the Leopard and promise some valuable information and exchange for the leopards protection and so of course leopards furious that he had been made a fool of with the monkey on his back. He takes off to find that conniving canine again. The poodle saw the leopard. This time the monkey on his back and being SMART POODLE. They are smart. Put Two and two together and realized you wouldn't have time to escape so he sat down again with his back to his attackers pretending hadn't seen them and just when he came close enough to hear he exclaimed. Where is that Damn Monkey? I sent him off an hour ago to bring me another leopard. So I love that because our fear and the conniving and planning and whatever we do out of our fear sometimes. It's absolutely necessary and it helps. I mean fear is an intelligent. Emotion has a place in our nervous system on purpose and it's often called nature's protector it protects us and yet as most of us know it goes into overdrive and we get over self-protective and when it's that way one fear takes over we cannot live fully we can't be intimate with others. We can't be create a and we can see it directly as we look at our day and how much we are tenting against. What's around the corner? Have you noticed that how much time we're kind of tensing and worrying about what's to come? I heard a story years and years ago about a monk who lived in Australia and lived in a monastery really far from town and from doctors and at one point he pulled out his own tooth without any anaesthetic using the clause of an ordinary plyer and so others asked him how he could do it. Like could you do that? And he explained he said when I decided to pull out my own tooth such a hassle going all the way to the dentist. That didn't hurt and when I walked the workshop. That didn't hurt when I picked up the pair of pliers. That didn't hurt when I held the tooth and the grip of the pliers. That didn't hurt either. When I wiggled suppliers and pulled. It did hurt Dan but only for a couple of seconds wants to throw out. It didn't hurt much at all. So they're about five seconds of pain. That's all so we hear that story and we really grimace like that. Sounds pretty horrible. Probably felt more pain than he. Did you know but the point is that? If we have been doing it we would have sent that whole time. Anticipating the pain and suffering from that and so it is that the major ingredient in fear. Is that anticipation of some of the unpleasant things. We anticipate do happen a whole lot of them. Don't and what's compelling and this and really worth our attention is how many life moments get co opted. Get taken over because we have this idea of a future with something bad. That's going to happen and we are tensing against and to me. It's captured by an email of a mother to her adult son and she says start worrying details to follow. I'LL HAVE TO SHARE. The original stories actually telegram which meant that. It would take even longer for the details to come so you might reflect for a moment first of all the word. Worry derives from the word strangle. Okay so just keep that in mind and you might scan your life right now just notice. Is there something coming up for? You could be a social gathering or work. Deadline are something to do with their own health. That you're that's coming up or getting worse or financial crunch are something coming up for somebody else that you're anxious about but there's something in the future that in some way is squeezing your president moments. How much are you on? Some level on the way to the dentist to the players in the Woodshop. Or however you want to think of this is just a brief scanned sense. How much of today in some way was being contracted by the idea of what was ahead now in our last talk on this? I gave two weeks ago. We covered. What happens when we'RE CAUGHT? In fear that our perceptions are sick the lens narrows and we fixate on threat and to some degree depending how much is going on. We go into fight flight freeze. And so there's cortisol and other stress hormones going and our muscles pyden and are the body extremities get fired up and the digestion goes you know kind of halts and our thoughts are circling around what we're anxious about. That creates more anxiety in our body and our brain because our limbic system activated the frontal cortex is deactivated which means less access to executive functioning to mindfulness to kindness empathy. And we know that when we're all worried we're not our hearts not wide open. We're not feeling tender about others or the world so this is for many again. It's a matter of degree kind of habitual state and it's a trance contracted agitated state. We don't have access to our whole being and it's often described as the body of fear. Fear Body and the fundamental feature of it. Is that our sense of self has narrowed into being fearful self? We're no longer in touch with a sense of awareness or spirit or hard or any any of that vast mystery of what we are. We are a fearful self on our way into trouble so the first step of awakening from this transom. This is really what we're looking at in. This class is to recognize okay body of fear. Trans caught in something. And we start sentence the body and it's tension we start feeling the squeeze and we might notice and take a little time with this there couple major domains that we get caught him when we're tensing against the future and one of the big ones that many of us is a fear of failure that what's coming up. I'M GONNA FAIL. I'm not gonNA perform well and then they'll be consequences all be rejected so we each have our version of how we're GONNA fall short but it matters a whole lot to us because falling short means we get kind of pushed out of the tribe so to speak so a while ago a cartoon these two sharks and conversation and one to the other. The pressure to be great is too much. I'd rather be known as the just okay White Shark so conversation about this fear of failure with a friend last week and she said all my life. I have been trying to figure out what my deepest fear was and I've just toggle between is it the fear of being bad you know being a failure. Ours is the fear of loneliness being separate and we started talking about that and she said she would play it out say well what if. I was just really bad but I wasn't lonely are what if I was like completely lonely but I wasn't bad and she realized when she really sorted out that the worst twists fear of separation that it was the isolation but usually they came together because when she felt bad she felt cut off but I think it's really powerful to realize. How much are sensitive? Not Okay goes hand in hand with them working to be cut off and removed from any real connection with others so this fear failure and then there's the fear of missing out foam. Oh which many of us really know close in daily of not getting something we want where fear of not getting that connection with another person fear of not having something workout financially or a chance to impress or gain influence or have an adventure have another experience that matters so grasp after gratification and it and it goes to spiritual realms to the sphere missing out. I noticed people. Retreats will be sharing experiences. And there's a few like God that person was sitting all blissful and dissolved into Rainbow Light and I've just been like dealing with my neurosis and so it's like in spiritual life to fear of missing out. I I remember longtime ago. Actually one of my father's favorite stories of two men who their friends that have these spiritual conversations about what was possible. And really they believed in the afterlife and they were really fascinated with what they would be able to experience and they made an agreement as they got older that Horford died. I wouldn't some way send a message about what it was like. What was the experience? And so one of them died and took some months but the other one start having seances and so on and finally he heard his voice and he confirmed it was San many said. So what's it like? What's the afterlife? Like and his friend said well we we? We have sex and we sleep then we eat and we have sacked so many sleep then goes over nervous and expensive. Wow so that's what happens like heaven I'm not having a Moose in Wyoming. I don't know what you believe. That's one version of reincarnation so a fear of missing out and then our deepest fear really and this is the fundamental the loss of our life. And that's the sense of living with the uncertainty and fragility of our own existence. And we each have that. It's again rigged into our nervous system. And so while we might be fixated on a particular thing if we scrape beneath the surface will find that there's fear and often at set deep fragility of you know how to preserve me the existences self. So the path to waking up from tramps is to get it okay in the transit fear. That's the beginning of waking up just to know what's happening and once we identify it then there's enough presence to pause and deepen attention and this is where we're going now. How do we deepen attention? So we've noticed it. Okay I'm caught. I'm shrunk again I'm fixated. I'm spinning and strangling worries. Okay now what but if we noticed that we can pause now in Asian artwork and this is also the gateways of temples and the dollars and so on a lot of the way it's a -pected the spiritual transformation is depicted is with these animal headed deities these very aggressive and fearful and rage looking gods and goddesses and that the only way you can to the center of the Manala are into the temple gates is to go through a passageway through these Rachel Scary Deities and the message in that and the message that we get really in the wives teachings of all cultures are to wake up from the transit fear. We actually have to go through the fear and s awake away as possible. So there's a story of that kind of gives a Motif of how this can happen about Tibetan New Guinea really deep practitioner. Her name is Manchester and I heard about the story through Leonie some of you know are wonderful contemporary Tibetan teacher. She's she's really great and so the way. The story goes montlake hundreds of years ago. And she's this again in this she'd go into these deep meditative. Absorption and as the story goes she floated during that meditators experience to a tree up on into a tree that was at the edge of a lake and the lake belonged to a fierce Naga King and UNAGI is a water spirit. Okay so there she is. And the Naga Kings territory. Meditating on the top of a tree and infuriated by her disrespect of his territory. The Naga Gathers Great Army of fierce and wild Nagas and they mount an attack on this single naked girl sitting in total equanimity in this tree so rather than fleeing are attacking logic instead turns and she offers her body and her being as food to the NAGAS and they're stunned and then they vowed their allegiance attornal protection tour. So this is the seminal story of. What's called a feeding rather than fighting your fears and it's described as feeding your demands so the deep teaching here is that when there's fear and we resist it and by resist. I mean we ignore it. We judge it. We numb it. We do everything that we know. We do. All our strategies not to sit with our fear. Fear time resistance equal suffering. It's kind of pfoa equation. But it's actually a very wise one that to the degree that went fear. Comes we do anything other than okay. Let me feel this that. Let me feed my whole being into it. That equals suffering it. Locks it in and that in contrast fear times a full embodied presence where we actually surrender and open because freedom. That's that's the idea of feeding the demons. And that's actually the kind of key key teaching of transforming fear the Afyon in many Western psychology Buddhist psychology and other mythologies. So when I saw one person wrote when a dog is ferocious and coming at you whistle for it. So it's that idea that don't we don't fight. We're like actually calling it in and to translate this a little bit into what we've been practicing here the primary teachings we've been exploring when difficulty comes up. Meet up with mindfulness and compassion and we have the rain acronym as a way to guide us through that and so it is that when we do our relationship to the fear chefs and Imagine. Fear is a demon. It's like this twisted tort energy in us that when we meet fear with presence and with care it untrue lists and the demon turns into what's called a Damon Dam Owen and a Damon is the Greek origin of demon witches guiding spirit and. This is really an important understanding that we don't just face and process. Fear that when we face it in process the fear which seemed like a demon becomes guiding spirit that energy shifts and it actually serves us. It's still energy but it's freed up energy and it's got a wisdom and a guidance to it so I want to share a story with you. That really touched me and seeing the shift. That's possible and then we'll we'll actually land up to give you a chance to pick something you'd like to work with to see just get a taste of it. How can work but this is a mattress came to retreats and practice in our community for a number of years. He was a public defender and he carried a very very large load of low income clients. Completely underfunded department as you can imagine and he had a lot of anxiety about not performing well about failure his reputation about looking mostly failing as clients because the system is so rigged against the poor and so he was fighting against that and so a lot of reaction so we did the rain process. Which is mindfulness and compassion bringing it to the demons and rain for those of you. That are not familiar quite simply as ours recognize a is allow. I is investigate. And then the and is nurture feeding the demons and then you just rest and presence so we practice that and with the are he recognized. He was feeling anger and fear. You know what was going on and this clients and the a allow means like you're recognizing you're in a trance. An eight means that you you let it be there. You don't try to bury it or do something else or judge it. You just give it space. It's a pause K. That's what he did and then with the I. He started investigating. Okay what's going on in here? And he had a belief who's going to fail and he said it was like this malevolent inner hiss worried here voicing your screwing up your blowing. You're going to mess up. You're not you're not GonNa win you're going to. You're going to fail. And then when I asked him what most wanted attention S. used investigating felt the squeeze twisting pressure and the throat and his heart. And then I said it is familiar. And he said well. The image that comes up is like a python that strangling me now. I want to note here that when you're doing rain when you're investigating some some people may have very rich imagery. Some people might not have any at all. It's okay if you don't have some demon spring up in your imagination. You can still do the process. But this was very. I thought this is very this illustrates how it can work. So he had this kind of image and sense of being strangled. Okay as he was investigating. I said what is this that strangling you want and we'll once acceptance because it's trying to help me so keep in mind. That doesn't always seem like it makes sense but somehow the strangling python was trying to help them at wants to be accepted and so. I said what does it really need to feel except that I love it so there you are. So that's when he imagined offering love to the python and it was really difficult because when you're being strangled by python it's hard to feel intimately tender towards it so for him. What helped was because now. We're entering the rain. Which is murder. He had an Akito teacher who really a steady caring trustworthy being and he imagined his teacher just putting his hands on his shoulders and so when his teacher could do that then he could start to sense. His teachers caring kind of flowing into the python. Caring and things loosened that strangling cease to be strangling and afterwards. He felt very open caring presence. This is this practice. Every time he would start getting agitated about failure and feeling angry as job and so on that he could. He couldn't do it during the day but he did it on the sidelines. When he had time he would recognize what was going on. He'd allow the strangling feeling sense. The feeling of going to fail on the strangling. He feels teachers hands on his shoulders to offer care. And the python gradually transformed to being just an energy in that area of the throat and the heart that was very clear and alive and warm and passionate and he described months later that that malevolent hiss that all his life saying you're blowing it turned into this kind of soft whisper. That said you know. Remember what matters. Remember what you care about trust in the power of your carrying. It was a wisdom masters so his demand that strangling python of fear turned into a Damon. I'm not sure from pronouncing it right but I think you know what I'm talking about a spirit that was guiding him to trust US CARE. Really Beautiful. I have seen again and again that when we're willing to face the energies in us that we typically run away from her fight those energy shift and become allies. I've seen it again and again so some as I mentioned. Visualize it can be helpful when you're investigating the fear if there's some image calms great that can help to deepen the intimate contact with it. But what freedom again was these two basic elements we find in rain which was recognizing and allowing investigating which is really getting in touch with their mindfully and then nurturing the compassion so when we explore this meeting fear with these two wings of mindfulness and compassion. The key is sensing that we can shift our relationship with the fear and now want to step back and say yeah. But what if you're having fear that is super strong and there's no way you can sit there and breathe with it and feel it and ask questions. It's just really really strong. I feel like it's a really important question because there are many times for all of us even specialty been traumatized. But even if you haven't been traumatized that people will give you these the basic message of mindfulness and compassion with what arises and it won't work because the energies too strong so I wanNA take a little bit of time to explore that with you and again I start with a cartoon which was again a great white shark. You can tell where my fixation. I actually spend a lot of time in the summer swimming and areas with great white sharks nearby so so they are on my mind but in this cartoon if to visualize it here's this great white shark with this huge gaping mouth and you can see all the teeth shouting. After a person who's frantically swimming away come back come back. I just need a hug. You really need to see it. Good okay so the key thing to know when there's trauma are really strong. Fear is rather than attempting to pause and go inside and be with it in other words you know remember the doll and going through the fearful deities that animal headed monsters and goddesses. Don't do that. I you have to take some time to do whatever resources you can they can how stabilize and calm and bring balance your body mind and I found this in my own life. You know the kind of metaphorically through kayaking which I I do a lot in on the Potomac river and mostly it's gentle currents but now and then there's these areas where there's little Whitewater and it can get tippy and so on and one of the tricks when you're moving along in your Kayak and the flows really strong for me. If I get tired or anxious or off balance or whatever is just go right in front of one of the big rocks. Because the current Russia's around the sides and bats a- still area and I can rest and I can catch my breath and I can look at the river and decide how to navigate and so on I can gain regain perspective and when we are hit by fear we need to find our way to a at least somewhat more balanced commonplace we need to basically increase our para sympathetic nervous system and decrease the activity ever of our sympathetic nervous system. And there are a number ways of doing that and I want to name some of those ways. Because you don't have to wait for a therapy session for anything to know. There are ways you can quiet yourself and calm fear. There are a number of ways that have to do with breathing one's called coherence breathing and it simply means do a match breath. Those maybe five count in breath and five count out breath. It's long deep breathing but matching the breath out breath. You do it for a few minutes to some degree. You will quiet down grounding means right as you're sitting here right now and you can closure is feel it. Just feel the weight of your body on your chair feel that Wakefield gravity fuel that you belong to the earth that you're right here on the earth chillier feet on the ground. You might feel the fabric of your clothing or even touched the chair incense material the chair. You're here on the ground. You're on the earth and if you open your eyes and you kind of gays around a little you can even put names on a few things you see like another chair the back of somebody's head or the windows up front of grounding. Is that when you're in? Fear and trauma the mind narrows into a trance. Unusually brought back to some other time some other place and there's very little orientation so grounding brings you right here sometimes people just look around the room keep naming objects that they see just to get here another help in terms of again. We're kind of getting behind the rock in the river and kind of finding some quiet is you can put your hand on your heart and one under bill. And there's a real quieting calming that could come with the touch of your own hands on your body you can offer phrases of comfort. Whatever phrase. You can imagine that would help you feel more comfortable. You can bring to mind like the man and the story the AIKIDO TEACHER. Bring to mind someone who helps you feel safe. Imagine I'm GonNa talk more about relating with others in a moment and the last thing I want to mention is something that was brought up for those that were here last week. Which is really essential. When there's a lot of fear is move your body when there's a lot of traumatic fear. We get caught in freeze. Which means that you know. Just like an animal. That's playing dead. We just absolutely get frozen and when animals that play dead. Let's say a mouse has gone limp? Because a cat's been playing with the cat goes away. There's a shaking out of that animal spotty which kind of gets rid of the freeze response and allows them to resume natural activity but humans. We get traumatized. Don't know how to shake out the trauma shaking. The trauma can happen in any kind of movement that it can start happening so you can stand. You can move. You can stretch. There's a lot of shaking activities. That actually do help people dance. People do Yoga. Do touching six four for yourself when I do weekend. Retreats are workshops often before. I'll do a meditation that works on emotional stuff. People do. Some Movement makes a really big difference but the most powerful pathway to resourcing is connection with other people. And there's been a lot of research on when somebody's in a fierce dave holding hands with a trusted other. They can watch through the measurements of the activation in the brain. The quieting fear. Tomase it just works in documentary on Mother Teresa nonce working around the world one scene somebody reported was in Beirut an anonymous holding a young child about fourteen months old and there was bombing going on all around getting sirens to give you. The feeling of this situation child was terrified. Screaming crying thrashing is is regarding everywhere. No focus at all. The none held the child in one arm and placed her other hand on his heart. She spoke to him in a soft soothing. Voice with the steady I gaze in less than two minutes child's eyes locked on hers is crime stopped. His breathing slowed down his body relaxed. Who is connected and save? The CORTEX came back online. That's the magic and less than two minutes one heart mind engaging with and regulating another so. This isn't like we nice. Fluffy stuff this is we. Humans are pack animals and were conscious and our hearts are open. And we're able to be in relationship with each other. We can help each other. Calmed down fear. I heard a story about family with a young son and it was. There was a powerful storm going on outside and the sun kept crying out asking for his parents to come into his room. Every time you'd see the lightning and the thunder and each time the father would come in and try to calm down and he'd leave the room saying don't be scared goddess with you and so this happened a bunch of times until finally the boy said. I know God's with me but right now I need someone with skin on. So this is what we what we mean by resourcing. Is that whether we do it through moving around and getting our body shaken out or whether we put our hand on our ability and our heart and offer a message to herself or do that breathing. We need ways to get back and get somewhat regulated. Be Safe enough to then be able to move through the fear and a lot of times. It's it's a meditative practice of bringing to mind some sense of loving other. Because the essence of reducing fear is increasing your sense of belonging of connection fear is about disconnection it's about separation ultimately separation from our lives and it said that the Buddha taught that are fierce grape but greater? Yet is the truth if your connectedness. If you can remember your connectedness to something larger the few will go down so our practices. That were exploring here are. We've we begin said when it fears very strong and described the way that we you know the Kayak and going behind the rock and doing go herranz. Breathing are one of the ways that we resource and then once we have enough sense of safety then we begin to really look at the Trans recognize. It allow the experience investigate. Actually feel what's here and nurture and one of the key things to know is that we each have to customize working with fear for ourselves at any moment you might be doing the rain process and realize wait a minute. I just need to spend more time. Nurturing resourcing dropped the R. A. I N. And just stick with resourcing which is nurturing kind of resourcing and tell you feel settled enough and the go back to it again again. It's it's really A. We've that we each have to explore for ourselves and eventually as we really do get more settled we need to learn how to go right into the fear you know. Feed her body to the demons. I heard this is again kayaking. And this is not my experience. There are what's called keepers holes and keepers holzer these deadly circling currents that go like this and the river and we've got a number of them in the Potomac River and if you get trapped into keepers all you can get squirrel down and you can people can die. And one friend describes a Kayaker who flipped out of his spoke Khan and one of them and he was fighting it and getting more and more exhausted. Because if you fight it it's like riptide. You can't win so he took a big goal of air and they swam raid down with the current to its deepest coldest scariest depth and then he was drawn to the surface about twenty feet away but he had to go right down into the whole versus fight it. I think you understand what that has to do with fear right right that. Eventually it's fear. Times resistance equals freedom but we have two resource enough until we're stable and have the capacity to be able to be and surrender and open to the fear this is an Dillard in the deeps are the violence and terror which psychology has warned us. But if you ride these monsters deeper down if you drop them farther over the world's rim you find what are sciences cannot locate our name the substrate the unified field are complex and inexplicable caring for each other and for our life together from demons to diamonds. What happens is when you really go right into the fear you discover beyond it. What sometimes called the love that will not die. You discover something that's timeless. That's bigger than the fear. There's a Tibetan inquiry that I think really points to this and you might just closure is and listen for a moment if everything changes then what is true? Is there something behind the appearances something? Boundless and infinitely spacious in which the dance of change and permanence takes place. Is there something in fact we can depend on that does survive? What we call death. Is there something in fact we can depend on to does survive? What we call that and you might just with your eyes closed sense that as long as we identify with our body and mind. That's who we are. They'll be fear we'll be afraid of losing the spot in mind as long as we identify as a separate cell. Fear is the prime on mood of this separate self and yet we intuit. That were something more. We intuit that we belong to something. Larger and realizing that larger belong is the pathway to fearless heart. Only when we really trust that larger belonging when we trust where the ocean. We're not afraid of the waves so the pathway to that trust is actually by stopping resisting. The fear learning to call on love to offer love to remember. Love like to invite you as you're sitting here now to explore meditation as part of closing and to scanner life and sense. We began the talk with the story about the dentist. Where you on your way to the Dennis where you in some way feeling like. You're facing something scary. Where's their fear? And how has the body of fear living in you you aware of about it? Perhaps you're feeling fear that something to do with your health are maybe it's a relationship and some potential loss in a relationship. Maybe it's fear for someone else. Maybe there's something particular major fail at in the near future being aware of some place where fear arises in you taking some moments what we might call a light rain where you just recognize it. Name that okay. Fear fear is here Shaman. Say when you can name of fear doesn't have as much controls that just to name mmediately. You could sense that there's part of you. That's witnessing that's bigger than the fear. Allow it to be here kind of agreeing to pause less. Let it be here. The eye of rain investigate. You might sense what you're believing just asked. What am I believing when I'm scared you believing that you're gonNA fall short that somebody's going to reject you that? Maybe you really unlovable something. Bad about to happen that you'll be shamed in somewhere that you lose something you love whatever you might believing with the eye of rain feel in your body. You're feeling the fear and you might put your hand wherever you notice it your throat or chest. Your belly not begins the nurturing right here even though you're still investigating so that's a really powerful thing to do but your hand chest throat. La Touch gentle and keep paying attention to where the fear lives in your body. You might ask. What is this? Fear most need how does want me to be with it navy? There's an image that comes with the fear. Maybe there's words but into it we've had it. What does it want from you? What does it need from you? Perhaps it's acceptance to let it be okay that a tear. Maybe it's forgiveness. Maybe it's a feeling of being embraced that you're going to take care of it. In some way might be love. Kindness experimental began offering whatever the fear most needs with your deepest sincerity. Because that's what it means really to feed the demons with your deeper sincerity. Offer some words to the fear place of Comfort. Offer your heart and if it helps imagine someone that you trust that you love with you helping you to feed and comfort and care for the fear place. Just imagine that and let the love come in and notice the quality of presence. That's here that's helping to be with the fear. Your own presence sense that belonging to something larger to this presence to this tenderness that makes room for the fear that changes your relationship to the fear. So that you're not up a fearful self hear this awareness and tenderness that has room and you might from the heart space. That's here bring to mind others. You know who might be fearful just think of one person one person you know who might be careful because we all are and imagine that person finding some sense of larger belonging feeling held and comfort in a way that could be healing that could bring that fearless heart to them. Imagine all who are here right now locally and around the globe meditating on fear imagine this heart space could include all of us that we could all feel that larger belonging that timeless pressroom sits beyond this living dying when we started. These classes on. Fear shared Rummy rummy speaks of night travelers who turned towards the darkness and are willing to know their own fear. You might send sit here. You are night traveler with countless other night. Travelers roomy rights. Life's water flows from darkness search. The darkness don't run from at night. Travelers are full of light. And you are too. Don't leave this companionship. Travelers bring the light of presence in care to the hurts and fears and discover within them are very be the shared essence of timeless. Boundless Love The love that will not die taking a few full breasts and Asher ready opening your eyes and I thank you for your attention and presence in for being willing to explore and be night travelers together number stay for more talks and meditations and to learn about my schedule or join my email list. Please visit Tara. Brach DOT COM.

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178: REWIND: Meet The Woman Behind DCs SpiceSuite And Entrepreneur Hub

Side Hustle Pro

45:56 min | 1 year ago

178: REWIND: Meet The Woman Behind DCs SpiceSuite And Entrepreneur Hub

"And browns though so many adult people through inundate that it made me realize like that. It was the first time I realized that I really could live a new -treme and be okay about it like I don't have to put myself in this box. Well I have to stay in education because this is what I've done. This is what I'm good at like. I like you can have a new dream angel. Go for it try listening to side Hustle so pro the podcast that teaches you to build and grow your side-hustle from passion project to profitable business and I'm your host and he Kayla Matthews Homema- silence get started. Hey guys welcome back to the show so today in the guest chair we have the also fly in Oso auto angel. Anderson Angel is the founder and owner of the spice sweet an interactive spice bar in the Tacoma Park neighborhood in northwest Washington DC see Angel Openness Space in Twenty fifteen after only three and a half weeks of planning and dreaming amazing now the spice wheat is not only a store that sells fragrant spices but also serves as an incubator for fellow tremors. That's right angel. Provides space to showcase other local female female business owners free of charge. Mind you so. On any given day you can indulge in tantalizing spices infused oils sample shea butter. A triumph vintage threads and treat yourself to culinary delights in this hip quaint uncomfortable atmosphere the aesthetics and energy of the spicy sweet mirror angels own home welcoming engaging and just overall fun so it's no surprise that this interview with Angel put me right at East. Let's get right into it. So welcome to the guests Cherry Angel. Thank you so much for having me. I'm I'm really excited to have you so in your own words. Who is Angel Anderson? And what does she do. That's such a difficult question because I feel like I keep reinventing myself. I who I am now as a spice girl. It's so different than who I was who I thought I'd be like. I thought I would forever be an educator in that's always have define myself but for right now today I'm spice girl and I am loving it and I'm free and I'm happy. I love that you call yourself spice girl we're GONNA get into all you do with the spice sweet in a bit but tell us a little bit more about your background so you grew up in. DC Right yes. I am a native Washingtonian grew up here. Went to DC. Public schools stayed here and went to Howard University and a and I have my whole life. Prior to opening this space have worked with young people. I've been a teacher counselor a dean amd before I opened the store store. I was an assistant principal. So I've always been immersed in all things I'm use related. I love love love working with kind of difficult kids. I don't Oh have any interest in working with good kids even feel in my time when I volunteer. I prefer the difficult kids because those wonderful shy away from and I tend to run award award difficulty and try to impact some sort of change. You have such an interesting story into entrepreneurship and I'm wondering how your upbringing influenced this entrepreneurial fire at all. I don't know I think because my journey into entrepreneurship was so so untraditional. It was so unexpected I have never sat to think about. You know how I got here. Or what impacted my decisions to get here. I do know that I have always been a girl who loved to be free. I've always enjoy wearing whatever I wanted to wear. I wanted to try new the things I've always wanted to travel the world. ABC just never been in a position to do all of those things and the spicy sweet has allowed me to finally be in a place where I can. Wesley Quincy on a Wednesday and nobody looks at me. Like I'm crazy and I can travel the world and nobody wonders why or how because they all makes sense now now. I was reading an article in the Washington. Post about you just about you. Know the challenges that you experience growing up and you know some of the ways that has shaped shaped how you think about developing the space show. So can you talk a little bit about that so I grew up in DC. I raised by my grandmother. My parents weren't really around as a kid. My brothers and I were amongst several people in the house growing up there were at least I think at one point. Maybe twelve if not more than out of us In the house so I was basically the only girl I had a cousin who lived with us for quite some sometime but I was like the only girl in the house so my grandmother always kind of imparted this very traditional archaic of being domestic. Where you know women we cook and we Kinda take care of the guys in? The House are always assume this kind of nurturing maternal kind of domestic role and I hated it as a key. I thought it was so ridiculous. Why do I have to make their plates? They can get up and make their own place and now it is so much who I am like I cook. I make my husband's play and and I just find it to be kind of commonplace for me. I don't see it as this like weird untraditional thing. It is just very much a part of who I am now. That is so interesting Justin. I'm glad you mentioned that because I didn't really connect those dots from reading the article but it seems like from what you're saying the the person you are as I kind I think of you as a hostess with the most as bad. Yeah but the Dinner Date Company which will get into in a little bit and all of that stems stem from that experience. Wow so you know you go to. DC public schools. Then you end up going into the education path. How long were you on that path? Like how many years did you you spend as an educator. I was an educator for eleven years in different capacities as a teacher attain. A Counselor and I worked in youth violence prevention at Ron. GD programs at one point. My friend and I even tried to start our own charter school. So I was like a champion for kids. It and I still am. I just not full-time. So that's why like blows my mind that I am not in education even still I pinch myself. Because it is so surreal that I am no L. longer working with young people every day. So when did the switch happen. When did you start to explore this idea of developing your own company? And what was that that first company so the first company was outside of youth was dinner date and that was just like a super random like my life super random idea I started to cook and Cook a little bit more once. I had my son and did not want to expose him like fast food and like just nasty gross food so I say you know what I'm GonNa be like supermom. You know you're I kid. You just feel like you can do everything so I'm like I'm going to make his baby food. I'm GonNa make good dinner that night and then I was like I WANNA learn how to make these meals pretty cited trying to like play around with planning my food making it Q.. And then I you know this is when instagram. was you know confers coming around. So I started to take pictures of it and my best friend was like you should do this for people like your food is good. You should cook for people like nobody's GonNa pay me to cook girl. I'm not even in a chef is. She's like people will pay you to do it like if if the food is good. It doesn't matter and I'm like I don't know so fast. Sort maybe a couple of months on since she we revisit. This idea and I'm like okay helped me think of a name for it in so we go back and forth come up with the name Dinner Day and so I just started putting it out on social social media that I'll come in and cook for people I knew I never wanted to cater like I think that's crazy to cook for like fifty one hundred i. I don't have the patience for that in. That's not my lane so I I would like to do something intimate I believe in all things sexy select coming in preparing dinner for a couple. You know maybe they finally got a babysitter babysitter or the kid can be upstairs sleep and they can just come downstairs and get dressed up credentials are and I started to do that. And one customer. A one client led to another client Ryan and before I knew what I had like a whole business and it was kind of insane but is amazing. First of all the idea just sounds amazing and then the how long did you do that. What year was it when you came up with the idea? And how long were you running. It was it really profitable or was it something where you enjoyed it and you were able to cover the bills. Yeah it was just something I would do it on the side whenever I had time. You know I was still working fulltime of course so this was just like okay. I'm not so busy next weekend. I can come and Cook for you guys next weekend. I didn't have a set schedule. It was really super random. If somebody happened to hit me up and I was free that weekend not too tired then I will go in and do it and once I got into people's homes and in their kitchens. I just felt so good like I felt like this is where I'm supposed to be like I love this. I love meeting people I love. I love talking talking to people and then my guess would allow me to be creative. They weren't putting me in this box. I thought that if I went on to do this that I would have to be in this box. I would have to like adopt some formal training. I would have to have a set menu and things would have to be almost perfect because I'm thinking you folks. The payment of do this needs to be like a restaurant experience and nobody expected that for me. Folks have just Kinda gone along with me on this journey and allowed me to create these on menus sometimes on the fly. They'll say come in Cook. I don't care what you make and I do it and we just have finally vibe and I have grown to know so many any doubt people through dinner date that it made me realize like that was the first time I realized that I really could live a new dream and be okay about it like I don't have to put myself in this box where I have to stay in education because this is what I've done. This is what I'm good at like. I like you can have a new dream. Angel go four it try it you can have a Nutri. Yeah you were enjoying education right. So when did you decide to start exploring this idea of the spice sweet and full-time entrepreneurship. So the spice we came about. I think random is like the key worse today because I was hostile. Just random I was leaving the Nail Salon. A couple doors down from net the spicy and I saw a four Lee sign. I never inquired about a commercial property. You ever in life. I never had any plan for no budget. No Business Plan and I happen to call to inquire about the pricing and the line was that asked asked me all these questions and I'm like oh no are you must have the wrong person. I'm not this prepared like I don't having sustaining of these questions are really just wanted to know how much it costs. And he gene was like well. What are you GonNa do with it and I was like? Oh I don't know I thought it was like an apartment. UCF always on you call. They tell you the price I didn't know I needed to have other stuff. Afghan beforehand so the landlords. I'm before we got the phone. He said well. You know you work out your details and you let me know because we're looking to make a decision on a couple of days and I was like okay. Okay okay I got it. I'm GONNA open the spice shop and he was like okay. He told me the price of lake. y'All that was dope. Call my husband. I call my best friend and I'm like yeah now I'm gonNA open a spice shop and they of course would like wear the heck. Did that idea come from. You never said that before. I know but I just told the guy I caught about a property and my husband's like wait you about what products like he's just so confused like I don't even understand how we got see you calling about properties and we've never even talked about this dream. Can you had and so. I told him I wanted to do it three days later I went to see the space three and a half weeks later. I opened the space the a month and a half later I left my job as an assistant assistant principal that will get crazy right. Who all crazy? Well first of all you know you weren't even thinking about invested in this property like no this is a commercial real estate in. DC was it. Was it just like you've been saving for while you had money to blow like. How does this all work that? You are just in the position on a whim to purchase a commercial. I had I mean I've always phase right definitely self-proclaimed aim shopaholic. I love to shop but I also believe in saving and I always had like a safety net so I do tell people that like while I jumped out there and there was this like super super crazy. Random idea is started investing in real estate about ten years ago so I own to investment properties in. DC Good. I randomly got into so so that has always been like in the back of my mind. Safety net like all else fails. Let's just hope he attended. Don't act crazy and they run on time like I'll has a little something that I could live off of if absolutely needed to so that was always kind of in the back of my mind but I think when I was going through this process with the spice sweet out should I wasn't thinking I I got excited. I'm super impulsive. So I'm the friend that you call it with an idea and I'm like let's do it now. What are you doing? I'm on my way like there's no point point in waiting like let's just get it going. I don't understand like waiting for things and I don't know if it's because I might spoiled or win is but I really believe that like if there's something you WanNa do that you should just do it now And so that's exactly what I did with the spice we I just did it. And I'm so grateful that I just did in that. I didn't think about it because I don't think that space would have come about the way that it has head. I had a plan like. I don't think I could plan this so even though you didn't have a plan have you been in spy shops and you kind of had something in the back of your mind of what kind of experience you wanted to create. Now I've been I so I I had not been honest. I shop once but it wasn't a store that frequency. I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't know where to get the bottles does. I didn't know where I was going to get the spices. I didn't know anything like I was completely fish out of water. I didn't know what to do when I open this so I might have had ten spices on and now I am fighting for shelf space in my own sort. I barely had space to put the spices because I have so so. Many things on the shelves Overtime I think the thing that helped me the most was that when I first opened up there was dislike burst of momentum and energy because you know people or heard about it my friends and family worksites support me but then that die down and it was like super slow and while it was slow it gave me like really sitting. Think think like what the heck are you doing. What how you going to make this sustainable longtime you can't go back to your same job? It's the middle of the school year. If you're going to go back education that you have you have to wait until the next school year like. There's no jobs in administration in October. You have to wait. Everyone's behind it. So that was what kind of push go to start thinking and planning on like angel you can do this. You love to cook. Put things together and I started thinking like i WanNa make this like my my closet like I wake up in the morning in wear sequence in Chita Prey. Oh could things together. That don't necessarily go. And that's exactly how I wanted folks to think about food like I wanted to come by grapefruit and lavender and make a seesaw. Merlo seesaw in some of the Fun Mike. Funky things that we have in the store. The folks would never thinks that. Come by I wanted to bring that part of my personality into the store and into hoes flu now. What were some of those first steps you've mentioned in that you didn't know how to bottle where to get the spices and this isn't just an ordinary spy shop? You guys like you're not going here to get your Cayenne pepper like there. Yeah to have fun like you put it so. Yeah how did you start to make this into a real business with real product. And I've heard you travel up to eight times a year. So when did you figure out how how to source these items. So initially didn't know what to do. I was just like trying to figure out what makes it so I started playing around at home and my kitchen. Blending up spices vises in tasting them in figuring like okay. This tastes good. I can bottle this. Let me think of a funding for it and then things started to organically come together like someone reached out to me and this carson produced honey and they wanted to know if there was any way she was like I just heard about your business and I don't know what I can do for you but I produce high needs of every designed to sell honey in your store you know. I like to supply it and I'm like that's a cool idea. I don't want to sell playing. I'm like you can go to the grocery honey so then I started researching and trying to teach myself how to infuse. Honey so now we do flavored Huntington Store and then folks will come in and customers drove part out of this process because folks will come in and say. Do you have anything from my salad. I'm like now I don't actually but maybe I should start thinking about ball summits and infusing olive oils. It's I think about all the things you would need in your kitchen and how I could kick it up a notch in making sign it. Make it a flavor that you had come to the spicy sweet so experience I love that you said Said your customers drove the experience like you really spend time listening to people before you fill it up your shop with things people that want short like I think that my background and education and helped me in terms of undestanding importance of utilizing data. That is my whole. You know that's your whole world education as administrator a straighter is looking at test scores and attendance than discipline and all the different sets of data. So when I got to spice we act a few months when I was was like really confused. Angel go back to what you know. Data ask your customers questions. Do some research like figure this thing out. You are not about to give up. One is that and I didn't. Yeah now okay. So you are getting clues in a straight out request from your customers and you're deciding to bottle this all up. Are you still a team of one at this point. Are you literally pouring spices by hand into bottles and doing it yourself. I still am. I have fame but maxine does not They don't work in that way so I still am the one who blends all the spices. I am the one who sources them I bottle down the spice girls made here. They help with things like labeling you know putting them on the I still do all of the behind the scenes work. I still refuse everything backhand. It's still small batch so we'll we're still very much like a small business and that I still love about it like I love being able to still be hands on with the product. I don't know that I ever really want to turn that part over to anyone. What about your mini shop online? How do you determine and what will go online and what you can shit? Oh my gosh. That is just a result of me being cyber bullied all the spice. I think my instagram the grandfather. His Bible bully me. I do not have plans like it. I called it a mini storage. Because in my mind I was like I'll just put maybe like my top ten products online. I change and then I'll post something just to let folks who are in the area now like this is our new product. We have this and this week and then I get all these. Em's and comments like. Can I get it online nine. Now Mike Nagas was only available in store and then the comments weren't so nice. Okay okay okay. I'll put this out with this online and before I knew what. My mini store is becoming like a magazine. You're so I need to probably rename it. But that I still Ryan. I still put the products online. I fulfill the orders ship them. I'm the one who corresponds if you email or dm it is me. I'm responding to all of that. You know what I'm really amazed by Angel is that you're talking about all of this. And you know it sounds so easy and nonchalant like but you completely taught yourself entirely new business and I'm still trying to figure out like when you figure it out which bottles to us and you know which Outta your distributor it's trial and error like these. He's bottles that I use now are in the third. Is that my third iteration. Like I didn't know what I was doing. I was trying different bottles. One bottle was too small one bottle so the company that ship them semi they were awesome but it took about two weeks. The League was two weeks to get here and business starting to pick up and that was too long and so I finally switched to these bottles in something. I just want this week in sexy like I wanted something that was just like really easy They fit most people's decor in case. They want us to sit these on. COUNTERTOP Whitney drawers and I finally landed on these but this process for me has really been about trying things and being okay. They were trying things publicly because it is difficult to post something and then a few months later folks are like wait then use to sell the barbecue sauce in Mason jars like these the same jars and okay. We'll saying like Oh yeah I don't those were so expensive. I was wasting money. I had to switch jars like I don't feel ashamed when I have to admit my mistakes steaks to my customers like that because I do it there are times when they come in looking for something and I'm like Oh yeah I don't have those anymore. I couldn't afford to keep selling that profit. The march was too small. And that's the thing that I'm learning and my customers for the most part they're like okay. Cool like we get it. Maybe they don't exactly get it but because I'm transparent is parent about it. They are understanding and they just like okay. We're all with you wherever you go on this journey we're going with you. WanNa try something new. We'll try it on down. Hey guys it's Kayla here with a quick word from our sponsor story time. Let me tell you about the first first time I had to send an invoice to a client. It was back in two thousand eleven. I was doing some social media. Freelance work for a major brand and when it was time to get paid they told me to just invoice them. I was racking my brain like how do I send invoice. How does this process work? Then I discovered fresh books. I sign porn account created my very first invoices. Sense it over to the client and they paid it immediately. The whole thing was seamless and I also remember feeling super proud because because I look professional and that's what I want. That's what I highly recommend fresh for my fellow stock hustlers fresh books invoicing in accounting software is is designed specifically for small business owners that simple. It's intuitive Anna. Keeps you way more organized than anything you try to do on your own fresh books lets you create create and send professional looking invoices in thirty seconds and then get them pay two times faster with automated online payments plus you can file expenses senses even quicker and keep them perfectly organized four tax time and the best part fresh books grows alongside your business so you'll always have the tools you need reporting. You need them without ever having learnt accounting. Try It free for thirty days. No catch and no credit card required just go to freshman dot com slash side hustle hustle pro and pro in the. How did you hear about a section again bets? FRESH BOOKS DOT com slash side-hustle pro and tell them signs appropriate new. I love that you touched on those two very important things. The first thing is getting started like I hear from a lot of site hustlers in new entrepreneurs who they'll get stuck because they're like well I don't want to launch yet because I want my thing to look like that. They're looking at a product that's been around for like for example Lisa Price. I remember when I was ordering and Carol's daughter to my dorm room and it was in like this little plastic thing with one of those handmade labels so for an entrepreneur to say I want my product to look like that is so ill-informed like get started now yet and I think part of that like a lot of folks who a lot of entrepreneurs who say things like that. I don't think they really believe they need to wait until it looks like that. That is what they tell themselves to buy time because it makes them feel better about not acting on their dreams yet. Because they're like no I I there's five reasons why haven't started yet as opposed to just saying I did it and I know it's not exactly what I wanted to be but I'm okay with that because I don't spice girls all the time sweet your products is often as you need to tweak them your custom as well as you adjust if they're your customers if that's your try they are going to ride with you and you have the trust that Amen. I love that and the second thing I was going to say. It was just the profit margin piece like that is. That's real deal when you're selling something like how do you keep. Keep your costs low so that you can actually make a profit and you know the most profit that you can make not just you know have some glossy high in glasses just for show when really. That's that's eating at your Prophet. Yes for sure in those things that I just learned the hard way I probably spent the first year wasting money And just like trying to figure it out. Wow and now I'm in a space where the store is extremely profitable And I look at my data in my numbers the month even signs of just like customers like in a month I average about three hundred fifty customers. We're only open Wednesday through Sunday. That's amazing let's talk about this customer Peace Now. How does as you know who your target audience was like beyond your family and friends when you initially started out yet zero in? Who is the person that wants these ECLECTIC spices? I I figured that my customer will be black people one Because I've always been very clear about that. I think that after is started to do once I got into this and I started to do some research. I realized that there are other spice stores but those by stores are owned by families like the big family owned companies in not owned owned by people who look like me and experienced in those stores are very different like since opening this store. I've gone into other stores in the arm is just way different. There's no music there's no no it said there's no one really talking to you about like your salmon and how you can really elevate your salmon. They're just telling you I. This is what you could put on your food. But they're not telling you exactly how it is and how great it will make it taste and I wanted to create a different type of experience here. I wanted to share this face and for for me. Sharing Myspace also meant that. I wanted to include the pop up shops. which has become like a huge part of the spice? We and what we have become known for. And I I think the legacy that I'll leave will be so much attached to the other businesses that have supported and I'm just grateful for all. So how did you start attracting them because that foot traffic is a big deal. Now the area you are in is it. It does get foot traffic just with the overall things that are in the neighborhood but how does she start art really letting people know like. Hey this is what's going on in this space. Yeah so it's social media. I think was my best friend. I don't know what what I would've done had it not been for instagram. Because it's like it's free right so you can just post pictures in folkestone to see in share it and it started out really slow like everybody else. I think you know just like not a ton of followers just posting things hoping there folks see it and then I started to incorporate a bit more me into the space space at first I was just posting about the store. I wasn't really posting pictures of myself. I wasn't posting with cooking videos and when I started to do that I noticed that my customer base exchanged like once people started to see that like. There's this girl that's pretty young and looks like she's not dislike Suzy homemaker insight. She can cook. I think like made people kind of interested like okay like let's talk a little bit. Let me see what's going on So I started to share a little bit more. I will share bit about my son. I was shared bit about like what we're cooking tonight. And then I remember I posted a cooking video and I got like all these new followers and likes and I was like. Oh my gosh I gotta do it gotta stay with this like people like this. This is what they want to see and I started getting such a warm reception. Folks are sending me messages in saying this is what we want like. I enjoyed watching. You use the product because what I didn't connect is if I'm trying to sell someone like a great food. Lavender seesaw and they don't L. C.. Being applied a US visit disconnect so I had to train train my customer or how to use the product and because I didn't know what I was doing Oy even thought about that. Oh right I guess they would need to see when I'm putting it on and see how that looks SINC- here my son tasting it and giving a review on how you know how good it is and now they can trust it. It helped me to build trust from my customers. That's so interesting. You're absolutely right about that in terms up showing more of yourself and also helping people to connect with the Brandon and learn how to use the product is so critical. You've also well done. You mentioned this. The pop up shops talk to us a little bit more about that. And how you've weaved other small businesses into your business and how that's helping everyone so maybe two months into this by sweet. I started to look around because spaces like it's not huge but there's definitely anew last face a whole wall of spices and maybe another portion of the store where the Balsamic SAR but I had like couches and chairs and tables just because I love design and I like the spaces to feel cozy IOS Ian conflicts L. folks that this kind of feels like a black starbucks as so because I had these tables and things in here I had no idea what I was GonNa do with them. I've just had them in here. Come in to fill up space added to the vibe in the decor I was like people could come in here and kind of set up their products on these tables and they could be selling things he a while Tom in here and that would also help bring more people into the store. People that weren't necessarily thinking about spices. They're just coming in here to support the friend so I started putting out putting out on instagram that I would allow small business owners with a handmade or uniquely source products. Pop Up here and I got a pretty good amount of interest like folks folks reaching out saying show. I'd like to pop up. And then they were asking me. How much would it cost? And I'm like it's free. It never even dawned on me to charge someone to come on Mike. I have the space. I'm just giving you a couple of low tables over here. Like why would I charge you for that. And people were like mind blowing like what do you mean. It's free like we pay for tables to vent at events all the time. Why aren't you charge? And I was like because I just WANNA share space with you like I wanNA share space energy exchange. We can share customers. We can all benefit. I believe in cooperative economics in this is how I make that work in real life so I started to allow folks to come in and pop up in before I knew it I was having folks pop up all the time like the calendar was getting crazy in Sao that in two thousand and sixteen open two thousand fifteen in two thousand sixteen. I posted posted on instagram. I think that maybe around New Year's Eve that my goal for two thousand sixteen was to feel my entire calendar will pop up shops every week and I was only doing doing them on Sundays at she. That goal I had a new business on the every Sunday. Two thousand seventeen. I said you know what there's so much interest I'm GonNa want to open up muscle calendar to pop shops and now every single day that we're open we allow folks to pop up here so we had over two hundred small businesses pop up the spicy in addition to the pop ups. What's the biggest thing that has changed in your business? Since you first got started the spice girl was show on the spice as girls And that Kinda grew out of the pop up shop idea. I had the folks coming into pop up and I was getting tired. I was getting birth hours now. I was in here by myself still and I was just like I need some time off but now business is starting to pick up. I was like it's finally starting to pick up starting to make the money. I think I need. It's a make I can't decide to close down but I can't afford to pay anyone either. So there were some folks will come in pop up and there was one girl she popped the Mike. Okay you WANNA pop up again next week. And she's like sure I can do it. I'm always three Saturdays. A pretty free and I was like cool so she came back that week and I said hey so you wanna pop up again and she was like yeah. 'cause she practically saw it out of her products. I'm Tom how the next time you pop up. I don't have to be here. And she was like short. Show me how to work the register. I love being here thinking. Wow I think people would do that. I wonder if people would do that so I started to put that idea out there amd before I knew it I had so so many women. They happen to be women. We were open to guys but now we just have spice girl who reach out to me about topping up and when abide with him and the energy was right in the products were cool and I thought that they were a good like almost replacement for me in the space and Times of energy and knowledge about the products Oughta To Spice Girl and what that meant for them as they get a regular space to pop up so now instead of selling their products just online on Instagram instagram. Their customers know every first Friday of the month they can catch them here at the spice sweet. So you're not trying to track down your favorite person throughout the city at all these different vending events events and they loved it and now they've become a tribe of twenty women in a door so much in a tribute so much of my freedom in love for this entrepreneurial the journey to because they've allowed me space to be a mom a wife and a business owner because for that I may be year I felt like I was just the business owner like I couldn't even commit to anything else really and now I can be my wholesale. Well it sounds like you have really tapped into how how to create this dedicated and hardworking team squad of spice girls. What do you think is the single most important factor for other business owners who are trying to build out the team? I think it's knowing exactly what you need I like. I knew that I needed time. I knew that that was my ask right when I went to these women. I know I was asking for time in terms of finding them a narrowing the that kind of came from my background again education like as an administrator Australia I was responsible for hiring and firing like I was on a part of the team who hire teachers Evaluated them engaged whether they were a good fit for the school in the classroom. So when I got into this space and it was time to quote unquote higher the spice girls. I very much kind of whether the estimate process. Just gauging the Energy Asia product looking at their packaging and understanding that they don't need to be experts in any of these areas yet. Because I WANNA group of women I could grow with but I wanted to see the love and attention and time that they put into it to know that they could also put that into my store when I'm not here so it was really just like a Labor of love even trying to curate. Great this group of women and now I invest so much in them like we meet monthly and we have like a professional development at my house while Cook for them. And Bring folks into talks Zim about branding and marketing is social media and we have conversations about law one of the spice girls is an attorney. Some of them are teachers. They have. PhD's so much range in experience and that was something else that I knew I wanted to build within the groups and not just make sure that their products with dad virus. But making sure there's A. Hey where is diverse group of women so that we were each other's Go-to for any resource so when we have a question we always come to the group first and then we seek. Take help from outside. If we can't find it in the group that is amazing. You're going to have people after this episode trying to join the spice girls always this happens. They are so many spice girls and issue now is act. Calendar is pretty books. I have enough space to add a spice girl but we did do this year. In January we added Wednesdays last year. We weren't open on Wednesday. So that's another thing I've constantly been tweaking even my store days and hours trying to figure out what works. I know. I didn't want to be open. I'll never be open seven days a week. I've committed to that Because I believe that balance I believe in work by balance I believe in Just just having freedom and I need that to be needs to be closed a couple of days a week to allow. That's happened but what I have considered is opening longer on Wednesdays in on the weekends because Wednesdays Right now we call them happy hour. We're just open for five to eight to catch after work crowd so folks interested. Whenever we announced that I I was was it changing? We will absolutely be looking for more spice girls but they can always pop up in the meantime. Because that's the introduction to be in a spice girl anyway you have to pop up with us. I in at this point point. Whoever you pop up with we all Kinda give feedback? So if you popped up with Zenit Ajar or Selena or Angela. I'd ask them. How do you think she said in the group like what did you feel about her? She violent with people how to treat the customers. I'm house our energy. That's one thing and then we kind of make a group decision. Okay so you know. We talked a little bit about the bottling process. But what else went wrong along the way. And how did you overcome it. Yes so the first thing that went wrong wrong was master hours when I first left I have a sign so I made my store hours Monday through Friday nine mindset three which in my mind this is perfect because I can drop my son off you know and then I can pick them up from school. I'm just going to be here during school hours. So I'm like Angel Joel. That stupid because people are also at work. So you know trying to figure out why people aren't coming in the door and why not picking up the way I thought it should and eh it honestly just down on me like people are at work. This is why they can't come here right now so I had to change my store hours because that was a huge mistake But I was just trying to maintain some freedom and be in that over extend myself but I also recognize that. This is a totally different than I'm an and I need sue yield to my customers immersed in do you know and sometimes I need to do what they need to do in that. What works best for me all the time so that went terribly wrong on the store hours? Yeah and then with the pop shots. I initially just allow anybody to pop up like it didn't matter who you are or what your product was and then I realized allies that I have folks trying to pop up with Sex Toy and things that were like super religious and and I'm like I'm trying to create a safe space for my customers so I need to build some parameters I'd just cast this really wide net at first and I wasn't thinking about like people come to me with these odd businesses but then when it started to happen it forced me to kind of sit and write some things down. Because I wasn't really writing anything down I was going with Flo and I realized that I do need to sit and think about what I'm doing. I can't run this entire business on a whim like I have to plan some parts of even if I'm planning in fact speaking of that. Now how do you continue to financially. Sustain yourself given how unpredictable entrepreneurship can be. I've been great awful that the store even when it was slow at never had in the store has always been I've always made some sort of profit from the store I think for me. What has helped me because that is always a fear right like net? This mock was a really great month but next month with it gets slow or you know. It's once a time when we get some snow days on the weekend and we have to shut down for weekend. What does that look like? So I'm always thinking about other ways to get some sort of income so those that also helped me to add more products to the online store so that whacking attract some of those folks on in DC but they can shop anyway. Saving saving is something that is a huge thing for me still. It's the thing that helped me to even be in position to get into the spicy and is something that helps me mail like I still say twenty percent of the income. I move it to a savings account and it's kind of like my rainy day funds for the store and reassessing my products so there awesome things like cutting boards. I had these really cool cutter boys that I was really excited to bring into the store but they were so expensive and they're heavy shipping them was expensive so there are certain things I've cut back like even now in a space with the store does wail. I still need to make smart financial decisions and not just his splurge because I have a little bit of money in the bank. It's great that you recognize that in our ready thinking that out. Do you see yourself expanding. What's next for Spice Week? I do not see myself expanding. Ever in terms of more stores I think that the spicy will always be a single standalone store. When not open maybe a couple of months opening I visited a spice shop in Puerto Rico wanted miles I'm spaceships was to visit his spice shop there? Because I did a little research surge in a lady who owned the spice shop she has been there at the time she was there for about twenty six years and she was the only spy shop. Puerto Rico and I really wanted to meet her because because I just thought that was super cool that like she's the only one she's been around so long as she wasn't ninety but she wasn't a you know an old lady and I went and I spoke with her and before ls. I showed her pictures of the store in talking about what I wanted to do and I asked her head. She opened another store and she said the. Why do I need to and I I really think about answer like I was like. I don't know I think you know when people get successful they just you know that's good next. Step the next step is to do is replicated needed to open more of them and she asked me that question. I thought about the whole playing rab back and I was just thinking like I need to rethink the way I I define success because I think we quantify it right like years successful because you have this many stores because you and that is not a true mark of success. I I want to be successful here in this one store because I supported five hundred more small businesses because my revenue has increased X. percentage. Because I have this many more new customers and I don't need another location to be able to achieve the level of success. That makes me comfortable Amen. So now we're going to transition to the lightning round which is basically when x series of questions. And you answer. The first thing that comes to mind. Are you ready. Got It already number one. What's a resource that has helped you in your business that you can share with a side hustle pro audience a resource sore status? Helped me has been other business. Owners like is tend to turn to the business owners before I Google right number two. What's been the best this business book or podcast episode that you've consumed this year? The Best Business Book that I've read is not necessarily a business book but it's a book. Look I write an education and I wanted to come back to it as a business owner is called leverage leadership and I needed to re read that book. Now that I'm kind of leading this tribe of Spice Girls Charles and trying to leave his business in different direction number. Three which Black Woman entrepreneur inspires you. And why wow that. It's hard to choose wine. I know all the spice girls now. And that's why I'm like. It's our really inspired by the women who sit alongside alongside me on this journey like. Can I just call them one the spice girls as young. Okay number four. What's a daily practice this that you use to start your day on the right note meditation easily and then finally number five? What is your party advice for? Fellow the woman entrepreneurs who want to be their own boss but are worried about losing that steady paycheck. You can't be scared to live a new dream. Sometimes you while live into you. Free Yourself up from fear endow in failure. I love that already angel. So what's the best way that we can connect with you after the centerpiece of so the best light to connect with me is instagram. I'm pretty active there. I respond to things pretty quickly. If you have questions You can catch me at the spice suite on instagram. And you're always welcome if your local committed shot with us. We're open Wednesday through Sunday. All righty guys. Thank you so much Trajan joining us in the guest chair today angel. It's been a real treat heavy you here. I'm grateful thank you so much for inviting me. Thank you okay. Hey thanks for listening. Now stay connected in between episodes by Texting side-hustle pro to four four to two. You'll get my weekly six bullets. Saturday newsletters where I share. What I'm to what I'm reading my business tip of the week and resources to help you grow your side? Hustle and I'm working behind the scenes awesome live events which might email us will get access to first so make sure you're in the loop text side-hustle pro to four four. Two two or visit side has a pro-nazi oak. Okay slash SB around.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine | The Jem'Hadar

Beam Me Up: A Star Trek Podcast

1:08:45 hr | 3 months ago

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine | The Jem'Hadar

"The final frontier about saving the humanity. This huge victory dives. We've never graduate wall. Come to another episode of beam me up a star trek. Podcast i am brent allen and i've seen every episode of star trek four t seven times matt sonnenburg and this is my first time through the series and this is the show where we are on a mission to introduce as many people as we can in this case. They are all encapsulated. My friend matt over there to the universe of star trek by the most important episodes that deal with the lore. In this case it's the lore the history and the timeless message of star trek. And stay folks if you want to pretend that you are the gem dr. I don't know exactly what i'm getting into. When you're going to pretend to be the gem darby some just meeting them for the first time. But i know that they like to know a what about their opponents there Other people in the galaxy. And so if you'd like to know more about us you can head over to be me. A dot com. Check out all we have there everything from our contact information to our histories in podcasting and everything else you might want to know about. You could probably find over there. Not just kidnap us. There's no need to kidnap us. There's there's need to like send spies after us or anything like that because you're right. It's all pretty much right. There does out in the open so it's not there you have the contact information is there. You can ask us. We'll tell you a on an upcoming episode of answering the hale's e-mail a so you guys can get into that show. Today's episode however is the twenty sixth episode of deep space nine season two inside the gym. Dr or as. I like to call it a father son. Camping trip gone awry case. You don't remember it didn't watch this one. I in this episode. Cisco takes jake nog and a very reluctant cork camping in the gamma quadrant. So that the boys can do a school project but they wind up with an encounter with the ruthless soldiers of the dominion the. Jim how dr matt yes. We're going to get into the gab. This episode and just a few moments. But i'm curious. I'm curious what are what. Give me your broad overarching thoughts on this episode of the gym had curious if you have the correct response to this week. I'm looking forward to talking about the dryer. We get into it. I this is probably might be the most excited. I've been talking about soda in a long time awesome. I'm so glad to hear that. I i i have a feeling. There's going to be a lot of things that yeah. I can't really tell you that yet. Yeah i gotta tell you. I was preparing some of my notes for this episode matt and never before have i been no. I can't say that and you know. I've got a i've got i don't even because i don't even want to give you an idea of how often we're going to see the gym. Dr how much they're gonna. How much is this going to be a one off episode. What is this going to offer a big mistake. I but there's there's there's know make long way there you go. I mean i've made no secret. Deep space nine is largely responsible for serialized television that we know today and even stranger exactly pack exactly and we're finally getting back to the gamma quadrant. Were mentioning the dominion again. Which that's coming back around to go back and look at my notes. Because i couldn't i knew dominion but just briefly remember. It was the one where it all started. And this is really furthering. That and oh man i gotta tell you i. I the the obviously the next episode. We're going to watch actually. I don't know if it's obvious. But i'll just tell you right. Away is the season premiere of season. Three which is not a sequel to this episode. But this is. This is where the writers of deep space nine started. Leaving you in suspense manner. Or like a cliffhanger esque without actually being a cliffhanger like and they'll they'll do this going forward if they just leave it like on a on a cliffhanger and hey come back next season for part to like they'll finish the snap assist. They did but they got everybody back where they needed to be but they left you wanting more they were and i gotta tell you. I had a long discussion with dan davidson. Who is the guy who sat down and reviewed season three of deep space nine with me about whether or not i should include. Now the the season premiere of season three is is a two-parter of whether or not i should do jim. Dr and that two parter all is one episode. Or if i should have them split and he agreed with me that we do split. And that's the right call and you'll understand why because it's not a true partner but it definitely you in suspense. It leaves you in some stuff so let's get into it but before we do that. I do want slowdown. And i have. I wanna hit a character actor spotlight a this in fact i'd like to hit two and i'd like to the kids. I wanna talk about jake sisko and knock. This is a good episode to do that. In i've mentioned to you before matt that that nagas still around and he and jake have become really really good friends. Yes we haven't seen a lot of it but just know that that's been happening and you get a face full of that in today's episode absolutely and i really wanna talk to you when we get into the episode. So if i don't mention it there please help me remember. I wanna talk to you about your perceptions and your thoughts on jake and nog as being friends and being as close a friend and even with the being. And i hate to say this phrase this way but it's kind of like the interracial nature of that's absolutely was it wasn't even just like going after it when it got down to it and They like they came across. Yeah dr like frankie and a human obviously wasn't what he wanted to see. But i think he also had that that kind of knowledge. That is aren't supposed to get along with what's going exactly exact- so we'll we'll get into all of that but for right now. Let's talk about jake sisko. We'll start off with tab. Jacobs played by a guy named iraq. Lofton now ceramic started playing jake sisko at the age of fourteen in fact he was like fourteen and just a couple of weeks old when they started shooting the pilot of deep space. Nine unfortunately mad. There really isn't a ton of stuff out there about sarah. Outside of star trek he did appear in one ville prior to star trek which you may have heard about. It's a movie about a very giant. Saint bernard dog called beethoven. He was in that movie way. Back in the day yeah And then after that he got into track like it was he went from. Hov to track. And that's a now. He was considered a series regular here on deep space nine. But that being said he only appeared in seventy one out of all one hundred seventy three episodes produced deep space nine but still episodes pretty healthy career. Sure and his name is in the credit for all one hundred and seventy three. That's even more impressive. Yeah so he was in one hundred in two episodes his name was in the credits and he didn't actually appear in the show. Now that being said a lot of that because he was a kid for so long term. There's only so much work he can do. And and they just didn't write for him. I will say as he gets older. They do kind of right for him. A bit more His his character continues to develop as he gets older. As you might imagine some. And in fact i would say quite. Frankly what. I what i think is hands down and i'll be interested to see your take when we get there but what i to me is. It's easily top. Three might even be the hop episode. The best episode of the entire series is a jake sisko centric episode. But we'll we'll get back to that when we get there while he was doing that because he was off the show so much that did leave him time to guest star on a few other shows throughout the nineties while he was doing star trek and he also lent his voice to the magic paintbrush. I don't know if you've ever saw that show. It was to my mind it was. It was a pbs. Show in my mind. I don't know if that's true or not but yeah. He lent his voice to two that several times. Now he's done a handful of roles post track but really he stays mostly active in the truck community at conventions and he appears in some fan made films that are noted for having trek alumni pier on them. Now as you might have guessed he did a very good relationship with avery brooks who he said was just like a real father to him as well as an onscreen father but he also left the show with another very good friend of his. Which is the actor. We're gonna talk about now. Nog nog is played by a guy named aaron eisenberg now while nagas jake's best friend on the show their characters were portrayed as roughly the same age however in real life erin is nine years older than iraq so when the show starts. You have a nine year old hanging out with a fourteen year old hanging out to twenty-three-year-old okay. But i will tell you. That didn't stop him in surat from becoming friends in real life and as the show ended obviously iraq had grown into a full on twenty one by the time the show ended so at twenty one and twenty nine thirty. That's not that much of a difference between men but the fact that they were able to form that relationship even despite the age difference and their relationship continued well after trek to something that i'll talk about here and actually just a just a minute now you may be wondering though about the size difference because jacobs is this. Very tall guy did think about that. August not This may have lent to him to to aaron actually getting the role because he wasn't a kid and and he wasn't gonna grow too much taller he wasn't because when he was a teenager. Aaron had a kidney transplant had to undergo a kidney transplant. And for whatever reason. I'm not sure exactly what it was. But it stunted his growth in its stopped him from growing at five foot so aaron was only five foot but it. It wasn't because he had a form of dwarfism or or anything like that it was. It was something due to this to this kidney transplant. Which just made him You know that much smaller now. Prior to track. Aaron started acting in nineteen eighty nine so like like orrock just a few years before they got their role on star trek. Yeah he started. His first film was in a film with person. You may have heard of her name. Was whoopi goldberg film. With her he would go on to appear in several more very underrated. Very deep cuts sequels like amityville horror four so Beethoven eight he was. It was those kind of be roll movies Type things but he also he also would make the rounds on various television shows. A few shows like parker lewis can't lose tales from the crypt and my personal favorite of this time. The secret world of alex mack. And you ever watch that. I don't know you. You're a little younger than i am. So you're not bubble. I am familiar with the show. I never really got a good show really really good. Show nickelodeon So anyway He was on that now when he was cast his dog he was not planned to be a recurring character now. He would later say that every time he was in an episode he always had an awareness that it might be his last so he always treated it as if it was his last and he always made the most of it as much as he would. He was allowed to do so However he would go on to return to the show over forty different times in forty episodes throughout the run of deep space. Nine nog continues to come back and also got him a role on voyager. He played in a one off guest role on voyager. I and what is probably what's what we call the best case on episode of voyager. Which matt you have no idea what that means right now. You will understand in relatively short order what i mean. The fact that he was in the best of the case on episodes is saying something. I will let you determine that one way or the other but We'll we'll talk about that more when we get there. But i did want to go ahead and point that out that he was He played a character named car in the case on episode which was really cool to see him now. Post track. Aaron was a regular on the convention circuit. He was always around at times. He appeared with maximum. Greg jon gruden. I can never say his last name. Gruden chick who played rom. Who was dogs father. He also appeared with a lady named cecil the atoms who played dog's grandmother corcoran roms mom. Which that's a storyline. We are not going to do on this show. Oh no not yet i will. I will give you those episodes and excavating and you should watch them. I we will not do it here. We can't it's it's one of those little sidebars anyway. They called her mogi. Her name was mood like that. That was that was a pet name for for mom. Her name was muggy anyway. She she was amazing. And and also with the lady named chase masterson who actually played a joran that would marry into the family and what they would do is they would perform these like sketches at these conventions called the ringgit family. Our like they would continue to do that. Let you know nice. Aaron would also come back and he would voice dog for any of the video games or anything that people were wanting to do he also appeared in the fan made films that star trek alumni. But recently aaron started and co hosts a podcast his own. Podcast with serarch right. They would do a podcast together. It was called the seventh rule the seven zero way. It's gotten through you. I haven't been keeping track of which numbers we've had but anyway they're all in my notes someone whereas i it's the seventh podcast and it's the seven. Oh not into look that up because it has to do with the podcast but anyway they pick the number for a reason if they're gonna go that route. Yeah actually i believe we have had the seventh rule of acquisition that oh it says keep your ears open and we did have that. That was in the hands of the profits. The season finale of season one. Keep your ears open for podcasting rule chur but anyway. It's called the the seventh zero podcast where basically aaron answer rock would like watch old episodes of nine and talk about them and do like commentaries and stuff autumn so it was pretty cool I've listened to the podcast several times. It's it's i gotta tell you listening to that you realize one just how good friends sarokin aaron had but aaron was. He's such a personality. He was lively. And engaging and and boisterous and and just bigger than life coming out of you know the small in stature frame but he was huge in life right he was well loved among the star trek fandom among the star trek family and unfortunately we lost aaron last year. September twenty nineteen To heart failure. And it really sort of shook the star trek community as a whole and both fandom and and alumni and you keep him on we actually had just lost rene who plays oto i. We just lost him a few months earlier so we lost both of these two huge huge characters huge heavyweights in the in the star trek world within really a few months ago. Now i will say this and this is very very heart warming. We'll move on to talking about the dr and the latest season of star trek discovery which is being produced in era as we record this the producers invented a new ship and they named the ship the us dog okay and it was an eisenberg class. Starship aaron eisenberg right so so just just a cool nod to to both aaron in the character of nog. Yeah just you know showing showing respect in props now unfortunately. I haven't seen them do that with the hopefully they do at some point the us oto. That'd be funny or do something else but anyway it was sort of. They're not to that. So that is our jake. Sisko inaugural lofton and aaron eisenberg which we will be talking about both of them and many many episodes to come now with that. Said you already talked about the gym dr. Let's do is let's do it. Did you dr prologue. Hey case. You didn't remember ben cisco is a really good father. He delicately encourages jake to dream bigger about the science fair project. He's been working on for school and it winds up. It's going to turn into a trip to the gamma quadrant to do a planetary survey and then cisco's like hey. Let's absolutely do this. We'll make a father son trip. It's not all terrific. He really wanted that. Father son getaway with just him and jake butt. That kind of gets sideline when jake invites dog along who is failing in school. Been doesn't like it but he agrees. Oh yeah and quark. Who is scheming to begin using the station monitors to sell a bunch of stuff he just happens to need to schmooze the commander to get him to agree so we can all see what's coming right right so my first thought we haven't seen jake in awhile right. Have peace the episodes. We've been watching and so y- he's shot up quite a bit since i've last heat that's for sure. Puberty has taken full effect on. Yes man. I can't imagine growing up in those years of my life like on tv. You know what i mean like exactly and like. I don't know if it's worse or better. That people wouldn't see you like every week he's psycho three months later he's growing foot right. What right i mean. That's true of anybody who is who especially in teenager especially a teenager who ends. The show has a full on adult. Because when you go like every time. I watched that first episode of deep space nine and i see little teeny tiny jake sisko sitting on the edge of a pure fishing on a holiday. I'm like he's so tiny that's little cheek. It's jayco he's tight like it's always so weird. Yeah jayco chicken. first time. I heard that this is that i remember. Oh yeah oh yeah ok sure. Yeah let you run with a song. Whatever so my my son's name is jude and totally from. I call him. Judo do you really do. I absolutely judo kamerhe. That's right and it totally older. Do what beast judo's a word. Yeah except it's it's j. u. d. dash and i. I haven't decided if it's just an or if it's an h. Decided yet. I get to decide because i made it up but i totally get got it from this hundred percent in in the subtitles. It is just dash dash. Oh yeah okay well there you go that decides it for me then it would just be jude data there. You go and i actually thought of you during this scene. Yeah 'cause like this. I mean i know cisco isn't actually his teacher But i felt that he was kind of taking on some aspects of home schooling. Sure strike. No no you can do better with project. Hey let's work on this. Hey let's go to feel and like i've had these discussions with you about your home schooling for those of you out there who may not know i home school my kids. I'm their main. I mean their mom. And i both do. But i'm the main catalyst behind that. I'm the main the main educator there so yeah yeah it's when he was having that conversation with him i was like oh get it bit like yeah go for it because i love getting to do stuff like that with them like worse than you've told me about some trips you've taken then and just when you're thinking about taking trips and stuff i'm sitting there thinking like man. This gets wild in the future. Brent like you're going to go across the galaxy screw worm wormhole just field trip because it's awesome and we can feel like there was something else. I was going to mention about jake. But i don't what it is right now. If it comes to me. I'll let you know fair enough to the races and just kind of setting up for things later in the episode. Sure they mentioned new bajor again and mentioned the odyssey's coming back from cardiac border in discounting keo. And i don't think i've met before had been around before this is introduction. No this is his introduction as a character. We have seen the actor and another role before this. But in not even a starfleet at that time and this is actually the first time we've ever seen the odyssey This is this is not the first time. And i'll go and say this now. This is not the first time we have seen a another galaxy class. Starship that's not named enterprise and there's a very good reason why they chose that and we'll get to that later when we get there right. That's exactly it you know but this is the first time we meet this captain and west. This is the first and last. Must we travel in time. But anyway i gotta tell you when when jake came into cisco's office and was like yeah great invited nog along and like i so felt that pain in that moment whereas shakes ursus goes like but i just wanted it to be is. He's like yeah. please dad. you're like of course. I'm going to say ask but dan i just wanted it to be. I just remember what i was going to tell you about. Yeah so we were talking about his height growing up and stuff and that just made me think of like harry potter again shocked by harry potter. Everybody take a drink drinking game. Eight hired kids that were like nine ten and eleven years old and they knew it was written down like how these kids. We're going to turn out. And so. I i'm guessing maybe the casting director just did their research and looked at like family history to see like how tall everybody else was because it played out very well sure ron was supposed to be the tall lanky. One who harry was supposed to be a little bit shorter and like it all worked out like how old in filming ten years later and it worked. We'll get that didn't even have to beliefs in issues. I mean whereas jake like he didn't have a future written for him. You didn't matter if he was taller. Short or whatever. Sure they'd right for whatever turned out so it works but nog like you're saying i didn't like how they just kind of put it out there. It's like if he doesn't get a great on this project. He's going to drop out of school. And i felt that was like kind of unfair to put on cisco wait. That that seems a impulsive there ee. Like quirk or rom should be talking to nog about his decision making here and maybe they should be working on getting his grades up or something but keep in mind clark dog or cork on raum. Don't really like dog being in the human school rather him stay home working right so it's kind of you know. Yeah okay. that's fair. That's fair. I i never thought about it that way but it just seems maybe leaving a little more odd even if if this is all nog saying yeah i want to go to this school. He would give up so easily. I mean i don't know what kind of pass he's had with the school maybe he's been failing failing failing failing and it's like this is the last straw honestly. I think the only thing we've seen is is that last episode that you saw. I think with nog where the school got blown up. You know. i think that's that's the last like real discussion. We've had of jake or naga in school outside of just like hey you got to go to school or data like outside of that i. I don't think there's really been a whole lot so there are i think very much establishing here. That dog isn't doing super well which is not hard to imagine considering his background and and different value systems get placed in different places. You know where he had. He knows the rules pretty well. Apparently short treat us as far as science projects on science projects. But i do. I do think that it's great for nog. And good on him to have an interest that is his own like because so fast forward when you see when you see jake and nog like on the planet like doing their experiments during the survey like dogs taking it seriously. You're like he. He really wants to do this and to study this and and much sugar and of his uncle who doesn't think that this is worth anything like like. Nog dog is finding some value in this. Even if he's not good at it but he's also showing that he's capable of it it just may take a little bit of extra hard. You know an extra harder study on his part that maybe it does for jake so i i love that. I love that dog. Sort of his bunking. The expectations you know the the his family would have set upon which is a fairly good star trek message. I think i think he can make the argument then. Finally even though. I don't always agree with quirks methods. I always love to see entrepreneurs portrayed in tv movies whatever you do. Yeah yeah. So he's hustling ask clark he's really hustles like none other. Yeah it says gee tends to use some shady methods long way. Well we'll accurate burnham truck with that act one been is still a little miffed that his father son trip has been usurped and he's even more miffed when cork shows up saying that he's going along but when cisco protests carpools out the race card the alien race card but still the race card and ben eventually gives in flash over to the gamma quadrant. And they're on their planet that is supposedly has no large or predatory animals just plants fish and bugs so basically just a big camping trip orcas having allergic reaction to nature as he fails to see the beauty all around him instead he just sees roles of acquisition one. Oh two eight decays latin last forever which makes been more even more miffed later that night at the campfire. Some antics and sue. Ben is still a really good dad. Jake really good. Friend and dog is becoming a good student and quark well. He's not really outdoor type but we get the idea that him playing the race card may not just be a plot to get his way but perhaps he actually feels that way when suddenly in females runs out of the wood and cisco was some sort of kinetic energy pulse. She asked how many of the gym dr there. They don't know what she's talking about. What when she tries to run an entire platoon of aliens cloak and have them surrounded and say it's too late. i have a really really hard time believing. For how adventurous and curious jake and nog are Have never seen the cockpit of a runabout like they make a big point of that. It's like man. I never seen the cockpit and really you guys never snuck onto one of these things. Anything he also. You've seen it like you've seen like a picture one in when your textbooks or something. Sure but there's no way you've lived on the star this station this long and never snuck a peek. They're not under that much security. Sure i get your and let's let's face it. If you were writing on a runabout you're probably coming up to the cockpit at some point to talk to up there because that's where he kind of hang out. Yeah it's not like they're gonna come out of the cockpit heads it's wide open. It's not me it's not like a seven forty seven where the doors locked all the time. Right now keep in mind. And i always have to remind myself of this. A run about it's much larger than a shuttle craft like the like think of the difference like you have a shuttle craft which is like a car right. The runabout is more like an. Rv apple basically fits two people. Yes the shuttle craft does right right right whereas the runabout actually more like an rv like you can fit several people in there and there's actually like sleeping quarters in the bath. I use like. I spent a lot of time like long distance trips on a runabout before it because yeah they kept disappearing the back in like and when i mean we'll we'll get to when they bring arison leaders. I take her to sleeping quarters. Mike okay. That's kind of shot. There's a whole part of the ship back there that we're not seeing and i don't know that we ever actually see back there like i don't think they've ever built it will yeah. I don't i don't think they will no reason to. Oh i wish they would because it just complete weather runabout is such better idea in my head and you know one thing like i don't know that we ever see as a shuttle craft in a runabout side by side to get like a size comparison like a i. I just don't think that's the only thing we ever see. So but like later. Okay fast they send the runabouts into war like as part of the fleet gas. So they're enough to do and we'll talk about that when we get there. There's actually a notable that but dad had to add stuff to them to make them. You incapable sure. Sure that make sure that they're not built for that. So it's it's an rv with fifty cal. Stuck on top of it is pretty burs. Runabouts were so so core. Cast to work to invite himself onto this trip right. Good way to put it but in order to get onto this trip. I've noticed he's done this before too but he just throws rama under the bus. Oh absolutely yeah. He's like if i mean even uniforms present sometimes throw him under the bus. It's like yeah no. I don't think that way but rahm does so. Sure i want to help you out healthy relationship out my no no dude. No yup now. Here's here's the thing that that. I can tell you now that you would have no idea as the show goes on. And you get to know rahm a little bit more hearing these things. Come out of clark's mouth about rahm. Like i don't know if you're getting the idea that it's complete and total bs like roms not that kinda guy and if it is wrong if for that way. It's only because rooms. Personality is more to sort of kowtow to whatever his brother tells them. Rather than than kinda sorta stand up on his own which is kind of what nog is doing But that's the only reason that'd be the only reason but it's not dog character like that's that's kind of how i understood. It is like that's not really what rahm thinks. It's just quirk. Wants to use him to to get onto the ship. He's manipulating the situation. Sure that's one way he can do it because that's what clark does he manipulates the situation. Absolutely i love. That cork is allergic to nature allergic puts zinc. Put stuff on your so at the same time. No i get that sure. I hate camping. And so when he's sitting there complaining about the heat and the bugs and the plants. And like i get you buddy i get you. I don't. I don't wanna sleep on the ground. When i have a perfect good better home. This is so we wouldn't have to sleep on the ground. Exactly we've evolved. But let's use these things yeah. Camping is now from me so he was saying that. Like i was laughing because that's how it's written But at the same time. Like i understand i understand but you invited or yourself on this trip. You know so. Here's what i like camping. But i don't think i've ever really camped to the right way and so i've never i've like every time i him like. Yeah not doing this anymore. And i almost refuse to go get the camper. Rv or whatever to go out and go glamping. I want to pitch a tent. I want to sleep. But i don't think i'm ever doing it right because i'm like i didn't grow up going camping or anything like half so i don't know but in my head like i like it. I like being out there. But i don't mind being outdoors like that. That's that's not the part that gets me. it's just. I don't want to sleep there right and wants to sleep on the ground. I don't need rock poking at my back all knife. And that's the part that makes me want to get the rv like look that one of those again. because i'm going to sleep in a normal spot otherwise you know i just want to pay the money at one of those now so but i'm with you i get it i get it. I'm kind of curious to know if they will ever again. Bring up the fact that jake knows how to water ski kind of waiting for that to happen in this episode somewhere right. That seems like a weird factor. Bring up and like. I knew they were just trying to reminisce about his mom and stuff but i it's weird thing to bring up in less. They are going to use it again. In sa- maybe not actually water skiing. But the skills he learned well waterskiing. We're going to come into play. Some hell i gotta tell you now. Yeah and forty seven times watching the show forty eight now. You have never picked up on water skiing now. You say that. I'm like oh. Yeah i know that's exactly what he said. I've never thought about him. Water skiing once. Never once it just seemed like such a random thing to to insert aired like the anything. I mean they could have just talked about. Yeah when we went camping with your mom but they specifically one one little example on water ski okay. When would you ever really need to water ski in the future. Though i if you're if you're a space-based person probably not exotic. Yeah but most people most people still live on planets and that would be people. I in my head. I started picturing like maybe they're going to come across like this this pool of lava or something and they need to grab something. That's in the middle of it. So they're gonna rope. He's gonna go ski. I don't know something like that. But it's like no. He's learned skills. He can lead to hold onto the rope and balanced and he'll be he'll be fine like we. We established that he. He's good at this. That's what it felt like mike. Okay matt way that's going to be a mean this week when this episode goes out waiting on jake's water skiing where's it coming whereas it coming. Well then the mystery woman shows up. Yeah mr woman shows up And she just straight up shoot cisco because sure she one by one guy. It seems weird to me that she shot one but not the other. Yeah do you have to recharge in between. Why didn't you just you both own right. But because i honestly thought like he was going to be knocked out for a while but then he stood up again and started talking to her. I'm like oh okay. I'm like restroom Knocks out cisco no mystery woman shoot cisco knocked down but doesn't hurt him exactly what. What was the point of that. Yeah i don't get it. I mean other than ultimately to show that she had that power. That was the only thing. So fun fact The actress who portrays mystery on slash heiress whom you already mentioned in the show. Molly hagan is her name. Molly was actually originally considered for the role of jesse attacks here on deep space nine in however she was unavailable to do the show because she was already involved in a show at the time called. Herman's head did you ever see her inside. Know that if you've never seen herman's at it is a sitcom based on like think like inside out where you have like a group of people inside. Somebody's brain like controlling everything and they have different personalities. Like i would say the the people who wrote inside out got that inspiration from watching herman's head okay. All right i not. I've never been named. And i'm just sitting here saying can you imagine. Can you imagine not being able to sign on as a series regular with a show in a franchise star trek. Because you're doing a show called herman's head that would kill him really instead of high hopes it from from a professional standpoint. That would kill me inside no like because if you sign on with. It doesn't even matter what your character is. You sign on with star trek. That's your now part of the franchise for life for life. And i think one of the biggest things with star trek at this point issues auditioning for nine. This is third series track record and they've got a four hundred and getting ready to come out that we already know about the true true. Would they have known that when she was auditioning for dax No no they wouldn't have had before this started so she would know. It wouldn't have known that but still like this is. The third track series has a track record. People still like it in the nineties. Eight late eighties. Early nineties are still happening. Movies are still coming out. They've got a new movie in production while not yet. Well yeah they well. Yeah yes star. Trek six would have just come out so like the only thing i can think like do you know. Did she have a leading rules in. Said i didn't see what geraldo wasn't herman's head. I remember watching. Herman's head. But i i. I don't remember seeing her. I don't remember that. Show well enough at all like at all. I think the show only ran for like one or two seasons. I do know this herman's had like you know how gargoyles has a lot of trick like crossovers herman's head has that as well like you. You could track a lot of trick. Guests actors and stuff appearing on herman's head over over the last couple of years that it was there i will say looking at now. Herman's head does have a few names i recognize. Actually it ran for seventy two episodes or the course a three or four years. That'd be three. Yeah that's like three seasons. Yeah yeah ninety one to ninety four so and she is listed as angel and in parentheses sensitivity so i would say she's personalities yup yup. Yup so you got that going for it. I mean that's not awful. It's just did not turn into who. What star trek is though. It did not know that. But at least she got onto star trek. At least for this role and ari go. We'll see if this particular character comes back again. We will see. I kind of imagined she will at least one more time because yeah and lefty wondering we'll see we'll see we'll see but yes she has these abilities which is one of the strangest displays of kinetic powers ever seen but okay i i guess maybe this is probably one of the earliest displays of kinetic powers. We've seen tell i did. She referred to as tele connecticut later. That it yeah okay. Yeah so. I mean when i hear tele kinetic or even telekinesis geno. What's the first thing that comes to your mind. Moving stuff with Jean grey i think of jean grey for maximum exposure. Yeah yes yeah. There's so much telekinesis going on x. Men sure like that's a fairly calm. I mean comes in different forms for different people. Sometimes 'cause a lot of people would say well like magneto. Even has telekinesis where his darren becomes. All you know it but it looks like it could be the same thing. Sure jer so yeah. But whenever i think talking says i think x. men and she's an ex man that's yeah she she absolutely. Yeah and it makes you wonder like. Is there a whole race of people who have these abilities. Which will we find out. Apparently there is which makes it interesting that it's not just like did they give you the name of jerez in this episode trying to remember. I don't think they did. I don't think so she. She mentions that like the jim. Harare came in and they wanted to use that that power they thought it would be useful and when they didn't agree they took over But you know by the end of this episode finding out how they're related like who knows how much of that story is actually. Yeah and keep in mind. And i'm not saying anything about the future of where they're gonna go. This is the very first episode where they're introducing these particular in these characters and if you remember when they introduced the borg from episode on with the board to episode two they sort of like things change things settled down. They figured him out a little bit more. Okay i'm just saying history repeats itself matt speaking of the borgo okay. I'll dive in this little bit now because we do get our first chadar appearance here and throughout this episode especially as we get into more. That's kind of the feeling that i got Like this deep space nine's board. Yep it's the big bad guys that you can't be exactly actually have more knowledge and more technology than the current innovation of the federation. I like one hundred percent right hundred kind of what. Got me excited. It's like okay. This is the big bad guy. And i think as much as i like the borg i liked it. The are more organic has say human. But that seems weird when we're discussing different races and they keep referring is to you know to the guys in the nation it's humans But you know what i mean like. They're more interactive so two notes about these guys real quick just because you bring it up here i'll go ahead and say it here We mentioned earlier about the odyssey being a galaxy. Class starship. yes the reason. The writers made that a galaxy class. Starship is because this episode was an original was originally considered as a season. One finale. remember what. I said way back then. They had wanted to of book in the first season by bringing the enterprise back like where they had the pilot they wanted to book. Michael piller said no. This was sort of This was a little bit of a carryover where they had talked about. Introducing the big bad guy then and they they saved that actually makes this episode among the very first episodes to go into production from season to even though. It's the season finale. Like they worked on it all season. Long setting it up and getting it situated.

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Lotus Sutra 2020 - Talk 10 - Chapter 11 - Sesshin 4

Everyday Zen Podcast

53:28 min | 6 months ago

Lotus Sutra 2020 - Talk 10 - Chapter 11 - Sesshin 4

"Warning everybody. I can see. The screen you know what I'm. Talking to people. I can still see the screen so i. Appreciate seeing the services. It's really nice. I hope you like it to. It's nice to see. Everybody's it's like we have lots of different temples everybody's home at Temple and. I was very impressed today I. Guess it was must've been. Maybe it was the morning service I don't know but. That was really impressed with. Neil's camera placement. He some had the camera up high you know. It's very good. If we keep this up, we'll have like we'll get professional. You know we'll have. It'll be really top notch. Anyway. I was very impressed Thanksgiving meal that was really Nice. I guess you have a shelf or something but who knows maybe you had a construction made so that you can have your camera out there. And someone was saying to me. This was someone who? I said in the beginning that the Lotus, Sutra? It will not be a picnic for everybody. There'll be a lot of people who will hated and so one of the people who didn't like at all. he was saying to me that Well. It's a little bit like the nineteen sixties. PSYCHEDELIC era. Maybe, like the Lotus Sutra would be perfect Album cover. You know in one, thousand, nine, sixty, seven for some acid rock band would look just like the Lotus Sutra with all the Buddhism Buddy Sasha's and cosmic worlds. And perhaps some of you. Who are older and live through that PSYCHEDELIC ERA Had some Lotus Experience Lotus Sutra like experiences you know when when you were. Under the influence of these drugs which I don't know if they still have them you know or if if people still. Go through that. Seemingly not I mean I know there's plenty of drugs but seemingly I don't know maybe they have different Formula for them or something, they seem not to be producing the PSYCHEDELIC type of experiences. But then I thought to myself, you know it's not at all. Unlikely, in fact, it's quite likely that the monastics who channeled this Sutra. into words. Actually. Did have these kinds of visionary experiences in deep meditation states maybe in caves. In the Himalayas. But even if they didn't. I know myself from my own experience writing poems. that. When your pen is moving along and you are fully absorbed in your creative vision. You Experience What you're writing about? It doesn't feel like you're making it up. Or thinking it up. It's very real. Maybe more real than the ordinary waking world. Which Fades Away And the streaming light of your vision every state. Or maybe below the Sutra was actually a dream. Maybe. They dreamed. The Lotus Sutra surrounded in their temples by. Colorful imagery maybe they dreamed. The events of the Lotus Sutra seems like a deep dream state image. That springs force hole into the world or maybe the Lotus Sutra. Is. An? Opera. I thought of that or somebody somebody said that it's like an oppor you know operas are really over the top you know like. The Ring Wagner is the ring. I mean it's every bit. Lotus Sutra. And when you see these operas today, you know they're really some of the old ones you know like wagner is a great example. Very outrageous. The plots are over the top. Silly the passions are you know hardly realistic in any way? And yet, we love opera opera is so great. You know we sort of lose ourselves in this other worldly. Dimension. So maybe the world, the low to six is our. Buddhists Canarian. Opera. Anyway I'm saying all of this sort of. Relate to all of you who are still thinking. Wow, this lotus sutras pretty nutty. But I'm finding as I talked to you that that even those of you who really had serious doubts about it and you're from Indus resistances to it after spending and I appreciate that you made such a big effort despite all this. that many of you are finding that you're getting the hang of it. So this morning, we come to the famous Chapter Twelve David Dot chapter. which has in two. Really important episodes that we want to think about. Those scholars say that this chapter is a later addition to the Sutra but we don't care if it's a later addition to the Sutra because. our concern is not scholarly concern we're not worried about. Original texts. Or original teachings later editions. As if you know the original Texas truest. And later, editions are less true. 'cause we. Get it that. The is not A. Thing you know A. List of propositions, IT'S A. Conversation, that's been going on. For quite a long time. And we're part of the conversation to. and. Of course, we are not unconcerned about the past. We're not unconcerned about the authenticity of texts and teachings. that. This is not a free for all. We can just make up our own. Doctrine that's suits us. I mean we could do that of course. But we realized that if we did do that. Wouldn't really serve us. We would only be there therefore like stuck with ourselves, and that's the whole point isn't it to be unstuck from ourselves? So. Anyway we started the load of Sutra and we try to stretch ourselves. into it. Without worrying about you know early. Or later additions to the text and stuff like that. Anyway. David Datta. was. the Buddhists cousin but especially. The Buddhist Great Arch enemy. He's the great villain you in the story. Of the Buddha. The other day we were talking about a Nanda. And we were saying that. It's too small. A picture to say you know Buddha is awakening. He's the awakened one and a Nanda. Is the runaway can one? Although, yes. Being, the awakened one is the Buddhist Dharma position. And being the unaware and one is anonymous. Dharma position. But no the actual awakening that we're interested in and that's important to us is not. This or that dominant position, it's the Buddha in a Nanda together. Like we say, only a Buddha end the Buddha Buddha and together, we need them both. That's the awakening just like. We need light. In Dark, not just light we need male and female, not male or female. Day. And night. Not, just day or night. We say day. But a day is. Twenty, four hours. Day, and night. So here again. We see David Dot as a Buddhist great arch enemy. is part of a pair. With Buddha. Buddha David Datta are one complete Buddha. And also booed and Mara. Mara is the spiritualized version. Of David doctor who has many more Powers. And that much more magic. But David Dot and Buddha are one complete Buddha Buddha and Mara. Are One complete Buddha. So. This is the chapter. About David Data. And in the Sutra we don't get. The back. Story. Of David Datta because I think the Sutra assumes. That we would all have read early scriptures and so we would know the story of David Data already. So it wouldn't have to repeat that story. But just in case some of you don't know the whole story. Is such a great story. That I thought I would. Share, some of it with you. Even if you do now it, it's always fun to hear it again. You know you don't tell the story once he gets better every time you tell it. So David, DOT story. So as you know, the Buddha left home. Spent a number of years away from home. became awake and in about a year after his awakening, he returned home and that was A. Fantastic occasion because he was much missed. So when he came home. In transform state, it was really a big deal. And David Datta met him and was inspired to become. A monk. And he was a great monk David Dot the he was like really really dedicated his practice was very, very strong. and. He transformed immediately and everybody thought of him as one of the best of all. Practitioners. But for some reason. He became. Apparently. Jealous of the Buddha. Jealous of the Buddhists status. Maybe. Mara, gave him this jealousy or maybe the Buddha himself. Gave Him this jealousy or who knows where? He got it from but anyway. He had this and this motivated all of his actions. And he had the idea that since he was such A. Holy. Monk. Plus he was young and vigorous really on the. Up. Scale on the upswing in his life. That? He should take over the leadership of the song from Buddha who after all by now is getting old and tired and repeating himself over and over again the same stuff. So, David Dot to develop the idea that. This was the new time and time for him. kind of make sense right. So he stood up one day in the assembly and he said Buddha you know you are old, you are seventy. You are too old to be doing this. You should take a long rest retire. And I should. Take over the Songa on behalf of the younger generation. But the Buddha. Didn't think this was a good idea. He didn't WanNa do it. Well, being thwarted like this seemed only to increase David Data's. Obsession with power. So his efforts to take over the song became still more drastic. That time the ruler of the Rome was King Bemba Sahra who was a good friend of the Buddha. And a follower of the Buddha. So David. Datta. went to Aja Sato. Bizarre is eldest son and heir apparent. And proposed to him. They should make. An unholy alliance together. that. Would kill his father the king. And rule. In his stead and. David Datta the Buddha. Kill the Buddha and then they would like now they would be the new been bizarre in Buda now be. David to and they would. This would be a great idea. So that's what they. Decided were GonNa do so David. Data undertook. The task. Of assassinating the Buddha. First thing he did was send A. Fierce swordsman. In stealing into the camp in the night. To behead the. Buddha. Came into the camp somehow nobody saw them they didn't probably have any guards. He came into the camp and he saw the Buddha. Sitting. By himself in the forest in the moonlight. Meditating. And when he saw the Buddha, he was so moved by the peacefulness of that. Figure in meditation, he couldn't do it. And he crept up to him and instead of. Wielding the sword he put it down. And confessed. What he was there for who sent him and what was going on in the booth said put down the sword. Leave here. and Go. It's okay but don't go. The way you planned to go home don't go that route. Go another route. And so the swordsman did go home. By another because Buddha knew. That David Dot to. David Data. was planning to assassinate the swordsman when he went home so that No, one would ever know. That David Datta. was. The one who ordered that sorts meant to kill the Buddha but anyway, the whole plot was foiled and the swordsman was saved and so is the Buddha. The next thing that David Dot to try was to kill the Buddha himself by pushing a big boulder down vulture peak. While the Buddha was walking around doing keenan. And he did it he pushed his giant bold. Boulder. Down the hill. But. Somehow. Big outcroppings of rocks plunged in the middle of the way stopping. The Boulder but when the Boulder Hit those outcroppings of rock with such a tremendous force, a piece of the boulder. Splintered off, flew through the air and hit the Buddhist big toe. causing. The Buddhist bleed. Which is thing you know a bleeding buddha is very specific particular. Kind of thing, you don't want that to ever happen. So that was a failure that didn't work either. So David Datta made a third attempt on a Buddhist life. This time he sent the great elephant. Nulla, Giddy, some. Great. Bull. Elephant That He. got. Drunk. On Palm Wine. To. Trample. You know rampage ahead and trampled Buddha while he was walking in the forest and the elephant charge toward the Buddha. But when it came. Up to the Buddha, this great elephant. Nala Giddy. Stopped on a dime and knelt down and the Buddha. stroked its head. And at this. David data realized. Is, not, going to be possible. To assassinate the Buddha and since the buddha is not going to. Step down and turn over the song today. David? David, then decided. That he would start his own song. And maybe he would get all the monks the Buddhist Sangha to join his soggy. So he said to the younger monks especially the younger monks you know what? See how old the boot is. He's so old now he's gentle. His practice is so easy going. He doesn't you know when he was young used to emphasize really hard practice stay up all night sitting early. But now he has these sessions where they start at seven o'clock in the morning and. You know it's like they have breaks in the afternoon. They're never how are they ever going to get there? So old they're so they've just There's no way that they're going to get enlightened that way. Come with me. We'll have a serious practice and we need that we need that you're never gonNA get awake and hanging around with the come with me. And to show you what kind of practice I have, we're GONNA make five new rules that they never had before brule number one. We will only live in the forest. We will never go around the villages and regular people in the regular world like the booth often does too often. Number two we're only gonNA live on the food that we get on our begging rounds. We're not going to accept invitations nice houses where they feed denies just like the Buddha's all you ever noticed the Buddhist constantly going to this these wealthy people's houses to have nice food. He accepts these invitations. We will never accept invitations like that. Gave notice. They give the Buddha. Nice robes. He wears fancy robes. Sometimes we're not GONNA do that. Our robes are only going to ever be made from. CHARNEL house rags. That's that was the third and the fourth rule is. We will never go under a roof. We will only live under a tree. Do you ever notice how the Buddha sometimes in the rainy season. They have pavilions built for him. He goes over there soaks so soft and cushioned. We're not doing that. And the fifth one is we will be vegans. Vegan? The Buddha. Has a rule that he accepts whatever's given. So sometimes, you know they give him fish they give me he's all kinds of you know sometimes fancy foods we're not doing now. We're going to be Vegan. So these are the rules you see what? I'm talking about come with me. So. When the Buddha heard about these rules, the Buddhist said. Well you know these are not bad rules. He's got good ideas. Anybody who wants to follow these rules. Could follow them. But they're not the rules that everyone has to follow their optional rules if you want to. Our rules are. Going to stay just as they are now. Nevertheless. Five hundred. Of the strongest. Most energetic enthusiastic monastics. Left the Buddha. And went to follow. David Datta. Although after a while. The Buddhist sent Shari Peut. An Mugabe Yana. To persuade them. To come back. And they did come back. which was devastating of course. For Poor David Datta. WHO Actually became ill. When this happened and he began to vomit blood and he became. deathly ill. and. Knowing that he was a goner. He went off to see the Buddha one last time. Of course, there, I'm giving one version of the story. There are lots of different versions in some versions he deeply was deeply contrite. And he really did want to go to the Buddha to apologize and. He saw. With. Horror the error of his ways in another versions he was incorrigible. And he even had some sort of like. Deathbed. Plot to try to assassinate the Buddha one more time. But. Anyway. In today's version. One way or the other. He was. Resting on the Bank of a pond on the way to see the Buddha. And he began to be. Just like the Stupa was rising up out of the earth he began to sink. Into the earth. I is feet disappeared than his knees and his chest. And then his neck. And while he still had a mouse that could open and close. He uttered a stanza of praise. To the Buddha. And then he disappeared. When he went apparently to One of the really bad hells. where? He did not have a good time. So goes the story. Meanwhile Back in the kingdom. A drought decide to actually did follow through with his plan to kill his father. He had arrested. And thrown into jail and he didn't WanNA. Actually haven't killed. So he just hadn't thrown in jail. And he didn't feed him. You figured. He would starve to death. But. His Mother Queen Vijay. He visited her husband every day and secretly managed to smuggle in just enough food. To, keep him alive and when jot the sought to fund not about this. He wouldn't let her visit anymore and the king. Actually died of starvation. Later, on a jet do was overcome with remorse for this. And the many other horrible things that he did. To secure his political. Control. So he was actually also. Made ill by his own actions. And you went to the doctor and the doctor said, well, you have to go to the Buddha. And face him and tell him what you. Have done and. I can't I mean drought said I can't do that because the Buddha knows that I plotted with David Data and I can't face him. He won't like me you'll hate nail condemn me. and. The doctor said, no, no, he won't. So finally. Sought to did go. And confessed and the Buddha forgave him. and. He recovered, and after that, he would. He was always. Found in the assembly of the Buddha whenever the Buddha was there preaching Anyway this is all the stuff. That we would know. Before we read a lot of Sutra so a Lotta Sutra doesn't tell us any of this stuff. Instead chapter twelve begins with the Buddha saying that. Long ago in a past life. He was. King. A ruler. In A time when people had really really long lifespans, many thousands of years. And so during thousands of years, this ruler long long belonged. To hear. The teachings of Lotus Sutra Until finally gave up his kingdom attorney over to his. Successor. And winter went in search of someone who could. Preach the lot of Sutra to him, and finally he found a great seer. Who Could Preach the Lotus Sutra any study with this year for one thousand years? Listening. For. Thousand Years. To the Lotus. Sutra. Supported that sere. So that the your could. Do nothing else but preach him the Lotus Sutra. The Buddha reveals that. The seer. Was David Datta. And that it's thanks to David Datta that he became the Buddha. All the practices and all the marks of a Buddha. With all the compassion. All gentleness. It was all thanks to David Data. And he expresses his undying gratitude to David Dot. An astonishingly enough gives David Datta prediction. Of Buddha Hood. He will one day become the Buddha heavenly king. With such and such a realm. So he's going to get his wish to be the boss mildly heavenly king. Buddha. Well in the light of the story of David Data, you know that we know from the older old texts. This is various donning development right that the Lotus Sutra again is confounding us. In, early Buddhism, there was a concept called issue Konta. Nature conduct is a rare person. Who is incapable? Of becoming a Buddha. because. KONTA has committed one of the most heinous. Of. All. Acts, there are five really heinous act. which if you commit them, you'll forever barred. From being a Buddha because your heart will just as a result of these actions become just to twisted your too far gone. Among these acts is killing your parents. But also. Causing a booted to bleed. And causing. A schism in the Sanga so. David Dot to had done to really heinous acts so Officially. Maybe could be forgiven maybe. But he could never overcome. The terrible Karma of those. Actions. But here. We see. That not only. Is David Dot not, David David Data not NHA Konta. Does not go to hell in fact, he's responsible for the Buddha being the Buddha. And he himself will be a Buddha. Indicating I suppose that the terrible things that he did in the historical shocking when he Buddha's lifetime. We're not as they appear to be. They were in fact. Not the. Actions of a jealous nasty person as they appear to be within the context of that one lifetime. They were the actions. Of. A benevolent helper of the Buddha. Of A. Great Seer. Who? was. Himself destined to be a great Buddha. So, this is an astonishing development. And Challenging. And I think useful. Teaching for the president. How do we view people who seem to be doing? Really, terrible things. Whose actions. Create. Great Harm. And who seem just like David Data and the justice due to be selfish and power. Mad. People. How do we view them? Well I judging from the actions of the historical Buddha. We forgive them. When they? Confess and feel more. And we learned that. Probably. At some point in their lives. Like David Datta and. They also will suffer for their deeds, one way or another. So. We can have confidence that that will happen. And that gives us sympathy for them. Because we see the danger that in. In doing these horrible things that they're doing even if they don't see it. And we hope for their sick. That they would change. And in the meantime. We, take it as our compassionate duty, not only to the victims of their. Bad actions, but for them to. To prevent, them. From continuing to do bad things. In the story of the Buddha's life. The only thing. That, he could do it seems is to send Shari Putra and mogul Yana. To. Prevent Schism in the Sanga and he was successful in that, but he couldn't do anything. To prevent. US from doing what he did so sometimes. You can do something and sometimes you can't. But whenever you can you try? And when you can't your patient. But the Lotus Sutra. ADDS a whole other level. Of understanding here. From the Lotus Sutra perspective, we see that time and space are very large. Events seen from a limited timeframe may not be. As they seem. Like Christopher and some of the rest of you, I am old enough to have lived through. Three quarters of a century. Of History. So I can see that sometimes something that looks like one thing turns out to be something else. which happens all the time in history and also in individual life time. You. I know can attest to this. Sometimes something really terrible happens. And it turns out that there was a lot of good about it. It was terrible. It wasn't good. You didn't like it that had happened. And yet it did. And yet some. Profound good comes. So. You realize that. In the big picture of things. It's not so clear. What's good and what's bad? Now, that's doesn't make you doubtful. About things not knowing what to do. Because you don't know. Whether something is good or bad. It doesn't have that effect on you know because you follow precepts. You practice six meters so you know for sure what to do You pursue the benefit. compassionately of others. was as much energy. As. You have forever and never with your whole heart. It's just that you have a profound sense of humility. Because you never know. Run or in the longer run or in the longer longer run. What will happen? So you're never surprised. To find out that. Something you didn't expect it all happens. The way is long. And there are many interesting features. In the landscape. But the way is clear. And since there are such excellent companions. In the way is so beautiful. You don't mind. Keeping going on even though you don't know exactly. What happens next? Remember while all this is going on we are still in the sky hovering in this guy with the big stupa in the sky and the two Buddhist sitting inside of it. The cycles. Of the Buddha Proletariat Anna. Body soften they wisdom accumulated. says. Well. Don't. You think it's time to go home now. Haven't we been here long enough. Maybe he thought that David Dot. The chapter was the last chapter of the Sutra and it was over and it was time to go home. Maybe he's like lonesome for home. On Sick So. Yes. This to his teacher pro rata and the Buddha answers. I guess. Speaking on behalf of. PRIVATA Ratna. He says, no sticking around a little while. Because I think you should have a conversation with Muensri the body Safa of wisdom. So. Now while all this had been going on. Montre Sherie was at the bottom of the ocean. where he often would hang out. With the NAGAS dragons. That's where he had been. But when he heard that his name mentioned, he suddenly popped into view. In front of the Stupa. And Wisdom Accumulated Bodey Safa asked him how many people down there at the bottom of the ocean where awakened by your preaching. And MONTJEU. She said Oh really a lot of a lot quite a few. And since he said this many of the NAGAS. From the bottom of the ocean. appeared. In, the sky along with everyone else rate around the Great Stupa. And it was accumulated buddy software was. Duly impressed with this and said, wow, you know what did you teach them? To cost so many to be awakened. And of course, by now. We all know the answer. Of course he. taught them Lotus Sutra But. What's significant about this? Is that module? Is the Buddy Safa of wisdom. And wisdom as we know is. The wisdom. That cognizance the empty nature of phenomena prize. No PARRAMATTA. Very special. Kind of wisdom. Is the body sought the WHO's the master of that kind of wisdom? And that's why he practices in the ocean among the Nagas because. According. To legend the prisoner pardon me, sutras. Were composed. By the Buddha and hidden. In the depths of the ocean regarded by the NAGAS. And that's why MONTJEU SRI hangs around a lot of the ocean with the NAGAS. So this image and inclusion here at this point of Monje Sri and the NAGAS. Is Meant to? Symbolically. Evoke. The vast. and. Wonderful Project PARMENIO teachings. And it says in the passage that when they were. In, the bottom of the ocean just like. Othello Keith far was practicing deeply the project part of NITA. So too. Were the NAGAS MONTJEU SRI practicing deeply. The project, Parramatta. And yet here it says. Despite that, he is teaching them the Lotus Sutra. So that tells us. That the Lotus Sutra includes not only as we understood from yesterday. The Yoga Chara teachings about consciousness. It also includes. The project pardon me to teachings but somehow in the case of the Lord Sutra, these vast teachings don't really need to be mentioned or explained or practice in any special way. They're just magically folded into the time and space inverting and immediately apprehend vast -ness. Of the Lotus Sutra. So that's great and we save up a lot of trouble time cuts right through it's all included, but it's all right there in the moment of Sutras. So that's good. So. You can imagine wisdom accumulated, but he saw his very impressed to hear all this and he says, you know. I'm surprised and amazed by this. It looks like. With this Lotus Sutra, you can just an solve a sudden boom you know like save all this many. Millions of lifetimes of practice and just do that right away. Do you actually know anybody who's who's able to do that? Is that really possible I mean I can't believe it. because. You get his name right wisdom cumulated. He thinks you have to accumulate a really a lot of wisdom before you're able to. Be at Bolles. Oh Wow. He's impressed and amazed by this you can hardly believe it. So Dude, actually know anybody who? was able to do this and he said, oh. Yes. Oh yes. For instance? There is the eight year old daughter. Of the Naga King. Cigar. She's only eight. But. In her lifetime. She has mastered all Buddhist Secrets. She is practiced all the profound meditations. In a single instant. She. Conceived of the desire to reach awakening. Arose in her you know in one it's in the same instant. She attained the state of non regression and she's unbelieveably eloquent when she starts teaching this. Buddhism everybody listens and understands everything she sang and she's the most compassionate person you ever saw. She's kind. She's gentle. And she's eight years old. So. Wisdom Accumulated Buddy Sada. Can scarcely believe this. He has a hard time. Believing that this could be true. So says the modules for you know I think about Shaq? Muni? Buddha. All, the many many many lifetimes. Through, even just. In his many lifetimes in this world. In this actual physical world that we're living in. There isn't a single. Spot. In space. Where in one of his lifetime's the Buddha did not. Practice I've always appreciated this. Saying you know. It's true. Think about it. Right, now, everybody's in a different place right? Who knows where we all are in different parts of the world even. But the place where you're sitting right now. In the past. That place. The Buddha, practice their. The actually practiced their. George Washington slept here. You know go back east. There's like houses George. Washington slept here, and this is like the side of the Revolutionary War and all this. Well, the place where you are every place where you ever are. Is that George Washington slept here. The Buddha. Practiced here. Even, when you're on the toilet. The Buddha was there in that place. Practicing. Which tells you he practiced a long time to cover every place. Right? He must have practiced a long time. So the point is. This girl does this at the age of Eight. How is that possible Montre? Well. Module is. Not Going to answer. For this eight year old girl she is perfectly. Capable of answering for herself. So she suddenly appears, of course. And she recites a poem. Of Praise for the Buddha. which ends with the declaration that due to the greatness of the Buddhist teaching she has awakened for sure. And she can teach anybody the great vehicle and if you don't believe it. Asked the Buddha. And he'll tell you. So. Again just like with David Data. which is so surprising. To hear that. Who David Data really is this also is very surprising because we noticed. The other day. That like all Indian Buddhist texts. Virtually all. The Lotus Sutra for sure has a big blind spot about women. Who are assumed somehow to not be? What they actually are. And the other day on behalf. Of all of us together I said, let's together. Generously forgive. The Lotus Sutra for that and we did. Forgive the Lotus. Sutra. For that although probably, not entirely but more or less the best of our ability we forgave the Lotus Sutra for that. And yet, here is the same. MISOGYNISTIC Lotus Sutra. Proclaiming. An eight year old girl as the most tremendous prodigy of all time. Amal the amazing things we have seen already. This is one of the most amazing. At least. Amazing from. The perspective. Of the male dominant discourse. That is the discourse. Of the Buddhist Sutras. And the Lotus Sutra seems to understand what an astonishing thing this is. Because now. Shari Putra. Who has we know in the Mayan texts usually epitomizes the old clueless way. Of conceiving of the practice. Gets. Up and speaks. Just like Shari Putra had to be straightened out by low key too far in the heart Sutra. Oh, sorry Putra listen to this the heart sutra goes on. Here, you also needs to be straightened out. By this eight year old girl so he begins complaining to her. that. Surely, it can't be true. That she's attained awakening because she's a female and everybody knows that females cannot be awakened. And the Dragon Girl realizes that. There's no way. She's GonNa Talk Sherry Putra, out of his deeply ingrained prejudices. So. She realizes she has to like basically. Appear. As Buddha. In front of him. So she pulls out of US leave a precious jewel. And she offers it to the Buddha and the Buddha accepts depresses tool and he says, she says the Shari. Put you see that. I gave the precious jewel he accepted it only took an instant. Watch this. And then. In a kind of. Cinematic. PSYCHEDELIC fast forward, blast. This young girl? Grows up. Assumes Buddha. Body goes through all the stages of practice. An appears sitting on alliance giving immense teachings to huge assemblies of people right there in front of everybody's eyes and the whole Assembly sitting there hovering in this guy in front of stupid sees this and of course, they burst into applause and enjoy and and song. And they understand perfectly every word she saying and because of that many of them on the spot attain awakening. Others who don't attend can immediately produce the thought of awakening the whole world quakes and shakes and six six ways, and now a multitude of prophecies of Buddha Hood are flying through the air every which way. And so now. The Body Safa, wisdom accumulated and Shari Putra. Finally. Have No choice. But to believe. What is now right there in front of there is. This eight year old girl. Appears a lot in then. In my mind she is identical. To the young girl who offers the Buddha food? On the eve of awakening. When Josh Joe went on pilgrimage. He said, as I go forth if I meet a young girl of Eight. Who can teach me? I will listen. If I made them all zen master of one hundred years. Who needs me to teach him? I will teach. Josiah says when he was sixty years old after forty years of. Practice. They'll get also mentioned the eight year old girl in show Enzo Castigating Anastas who are blind to the Dharma when it appears right in front of them. And are unable to accept that a woman a girl could be a teacher worthy of immense respect. So. This attitude persisted. Through Duggan's time, and of course, as we know persists even today. We have all. Suffered a lot. Because of gender stereotyping. Racial stereotyping and all other kinds of. Stereotyping. Being a person. is inherently such a shaky proposition. That we have always found it necessary. To denigrate. In this respect others. In order for us to feel. Okay about ourselves. But it could be the gender stereotyping of all these things is the worst. And nobody stands outside of it because we all occupy some sort of gender position. And I. Think Nobody really to me. It's a very profound thing. But none of us. Really, understands fully or anyway. I don't understand fully. Let me speak for myself. But I see that it is something really. All the pain. In the beauty. That there is. In the first place. Such a phenomenon. As. Gender. and. The tremendous conditioning power it has over us that we're only now beginning to appreciate. Just like day is. Day and night. So human. Is Man and woman and all the genders. In between. It seems that human? Does Not Appear in any other way. And this is a great wonder to us. Maybe if we stand, way way back. And Look at this chapter of the Sutra. We can appreciate why it is that in this chapter we have. The pair. Of David `data in this. Young Dragon. Girl. One stands for our selfish violent and power driven impulses. And the other. For the pain of our confusion. About gender, these things seem to go together as great mysteries. That, we will always contend with as long as there are human beings in this world. And what this chapter is telling us. Is that both of these things as difficult as they sometimes seem Are. Also. Our Great Treasures Seeds for our awakening. Thank you very much for listening to my. Stories this morning from a load of Sutra. This evening, we're going to hear from Christopher again and here's some of his thoughts. On the Lowest Sutra. Now, that we've gotten to know him better we can. Hear what he thinks. To say to us about the Lotus. Sutra. This evening. So. I think we're getting used to the session by now. I. Think we're getting a good rhythm going. Let's keep it up. We only have. The rest of today and all tomorrow. We're steady effort. And a quiet mind let's continue. Thank you very much.

Buddha Lotus Sutra David Dot David David David Datta. Buddha Buddha David Data Buddha Hood Buddha Proletariat Anna Lowest Sutra Texas NAGAS US Himalayas Shari Putra KONTA Christopher Neil
Mo Egger with Sam LeCure

Mo Egger

17:55 min | 7 months ago

Mo Egger with Sam LeCure

"Liberty Delight Farms local award winning meets raise right in your backyard steaks, chops, ribs, chicken liberty delayed farms, dot com schedule, your delivery today fresh meats raised rate. Sand Lake is with US part of the reds coverage on Fox Sports Ohio. You'll see them tonight on reds live before and after the game six forty tonight reds. And the Milwaukee brewers I haven't had you on since before opening day I'm not sure why we always love having you. It's it's a good time to have you because I want to talk about a lot of these pitchers who have turned their seasons around. Let's begin with Lewis Castio from where he was in the middle of August until now, what's been the difference? Well. You know before I get kind of into it. He was getting a little bit unlucky. I know that's not like you can track necessarily but. The contact is really similar. Still a lot of balls on the ground. I was a little bit the positioning of the defenders not I don't know exactly what they've done, but it seems like these balls are being hit very similarly and they're now out instead of basis that just find their way through. So he wasn't too far off and I think this is just kind of the you know the baseball season tends to even it self out but if I could point to one thing specifically, I would say. For the most part of the year he didn't have his best weapon. He really didn't have his great changeup that he's always had. I felt like he was trying to introduce that third pitch that everybody wants a starter to have. You know he was trying to get to that flyer well, that's just a different position man Mike for his changeup think of you can visualize his arm slot rolling over the top is the change and kind of getting around on the outside of it is the slider those two big time differences in your hand positioning. Himself with his changeup trying to make that slider an effective pitch. What he's done lately is really kind of locked arm slot in for fastball change of combination the first time or the order because those two pitches are good enough to get him through, and then later in the game, he starts to implement that five wind his position to set with the other two pitches and the fiber whether it's absolutely average or not when you're going from looking. To not from ninety eight forgot change up, and then you see another pitch that other wrinkle in there it becomes an above average pitcher just because the other two are above average and you're not looking for a third one. So I, think just getting back to what he does best has been the difference for him and another thing I'll point out man not only is it important for him to pitch? Well, it's been doubly important to the fact that. As than down basically, we can call it the month of September because those starts he made it wasn't sunny gray. So with him going down and m having been pitching ace of the staff are you're wrong to have what step up in that moment shows a lot about how much she cares about how important winning is to him. So that was hats off to him that for stepping up with the team most maybe. All right. So that takes me to where I wanted to go next. That's sunny. Great tonight. What do we expect? I don't know I I really don't you know you. Sunny have done a good job of of creating this relationship where they can be really honest with each other and I think it's uncommon to some degree to hear a starter say. Okay. Yeah. It's time for me to be done. You know you always hear needs to be on. The ball out of my hands, Sonny's not that way and I think he's honest with himself and how effective he could choose me how effective he can continue to be and I think that's why you saw him be okay with going on the dl he just feel like he was helping anybody same thing within a game situation he's honest about, Hey, I don't feel like I'm our best option moving forward here because I don't feel like I'm going to be able to be as effective as I. was these first few. So I, think he's going to be honest and he'll kinda steer the boat as far as that's concerned. But I don't think he would have come back unless he expects himself to go out there and beat the seventy grade that we've grown accustomed to. Cincinnati because that's exactly what they need him to be and really anything less and it goes back to that situation where he's Kinda hurt the team more than anything I don't think he's the kind of guy that would do that. So I expect five quality innings that's what I want to ask you about Michael Lorenzen has has given his team a couple of much-needed starts on days that kind of look like they might be bullpen days and he's gotten into the fifth inning. and through the fifth inning. Go back to a to a game in the middle of August. It was the game where Anthony these low finally gave up a bunch of runs in the first two innings their. August thirteenth Michael comes in that game in basically mop up duty and he goes three and a third. He eats them innings he saves the bullpen. I don't WanNa say he kept him in the game because they didn't win the game, but still three and a thirds did not give up walk kept on the Ballpark and remember that night going. Okay. At the very least maybe that's a pivot point for him where from his first five or six outings when he had been had had a hard time keeping the ball inside the ballpark walked a bunch of guys that outing before Milwaukee he had not been very good at all and I remember thinking okay if season's going to turn around and happened tonight against the pirates and that's been the case. So from that point forward, what is Michael Lorenzen done that he didn't do early? You notice that I noticed that exact date i. mean that was absolutely the turning point. I've reference Taveres because it was an opportunity for him to go out there and you know he kinda mentioned that early in the year he was battling some kind of a risk this show whatever it was whether that's true or not. My opinion on it is you heard him in spring training. You hear him talk about some of the work outs, EXP- and saying, I think. I can go out there and one hundred, two miles an hour. Now I think that he got caught up in that a little bit because the effort was way too much. He was asking more of his body than his body was able to do I, use this phrase regulates comfortable maximum how come to Much effort. Can you put an? And still be able to command the strike zone. So that's ninety percent of your effort or ninety five or whatever. The case may be. Some guys can do it all the way up to one hundred but. Billing, like you're in control of your mechanics and then control your strike zone with the best stuff like that. Access or whatever right there. So I think when he got into that game on August thirteenth that you reference. It was just able to kind of let off the gas a little bit he knew going in that he was expected eat some meetings and he was struggling with big time like you said man, he was not nothing was going well for him but I think it'd be able to back off the gas a little bit understand that he needed to control the strikes zone. If he was going to give the team, the length that they desperately needed that day that that's the way he was going to have to pitch. So let's put off the gas starts pitching with the change dude. When he lets out the gas, he's still ninety, four, ninety, five, ninety, six miles now. With a really good change up his last outing that he just they overload the lineup with a bunch of right handed hitters. So he had to go to a slider a bunch which was really good. It's not a pitch that he broke his arm but now he's got three real weapons that he can go out there and use them and I think since that point he's understood that a little bit less is more for him because less is for him still pretty elite type stuff. So since that point he's been attacking strikes and like you said, the ball been in the ballpark not overthrowing. Your have a tendency to get down zone more if you're efforting. No Pun intended since we're talking about Michael, but if you're muscling that ball. Tennessee, the league up to the top of the strike zone, and that's where extra-base hits happened. So the fact that he's backed it off, got a little bit more angle focused on the bottom of the strike zone. That's where he's the best He's really giving this team a boost I definitely these last couple of times out and I don't know what that means. I. Future going forward. He's not going to start a postseason game, but he's a guy like TJ Antonio. I'm really high on. He can go out there and give you you know say start goes sixth innings and the. Games pretty well in hand you can run one of those guys out there to finish off the game and then you save your Archie Bradley's and wrestles and mirrors you know for the next game so they can match up a little bit better but Yeah, he's he's been really good. Obviously everybody thought he was GONNA be a big part of the bullpen and like a lot of the team, it just took him a little while to get gone but he's going at the right time one more pitcher since you mentioned them, what do you like about what you're seeing from Rice's? Man. He's he's always had that ability to kind of be this guy I mean and he's shown flashes of it. Of course, the fact that he's got three pitches from two different arms slots makes them have six pitches you know 'cause he can go down he can do the side winding thing but he's been on the attack. It's just like all these guys you know any pitchers best when they're attacking the strike zone aggressively when they're not letting the hitter up for air. So I think he's been getting strike one he's been getting strike one with multiple pitches I. Think sometimes he gets bullish on a certain pitch as everybody's guilty of for am I think he fell in love with this change. A lot basically he was doing ninety, one, nine hour sinker up there I mean a ninety one monarch fastball because he was throwing it so much. It felt like his fastball, all boats it was his number one fish that he was going to I felt like guys were able to sit on it and have a pitch that they could handle it. A lower velocity. So now that he's trusting his fastball a little bit more I think the game calling has been a lot better by the catching by the catching staff is getting guys into bats with different pitches grabbing a little bit more play early because strike one know as as the best pitcher in baseball whatever you're throwing. So he's been. You know and I think that that has such an effect I've talked with us about Brian, free and post game shows. Managers build their lineup from the back I. Don't I mean the starting pitcher is going to be the starting pitcher, but then it starts at the back and it's going to be. You know you got saw glasses so I think the ball to. So if you're Archie Bradley, you're thinking man if I can just get my get the ball to rise, sell this game's over, and now archie goes out there and he's simplified. Thanks so much that Derek goes out like man Archie is really dealing if I can just get the ball to. This game's over and so on and so forth down the line to your your Lucas sym- system, the ball great and other guys who've got some big outs form this year, and then the starter says, well, man if I can get five innings, five six innings and we're tied or ahead this game's over and the offense this thing in the man if we can just keep it within striking distance year if we can get the ball into the bullpen, this game. So it's has such a trickle down effect when you work from the back end and it does start with myself and I think. That I'm glad they left him in the closer's role and they got our chat. No sometimes, it gets a little hair-raising when he gets out there but I mean, he's he's done a great job and again everybody's kind of doing what they need to do now that they absolutely have to you need the ability was there all year long and I think that's why this team a lot of times. It's so frustrating because you knew that they had the capability to have you know many runs like that not not just one that you hope not too late sample care with his four. Minutes keep keep your pictures hat on for me. Let's talk about Shogo Yama because when I think this team offensively, it felt like you go back to certain points in the season where you feel like, okay, you know what? Maybe that's where things change I. Sort of felt that way watching him in a game and game the reds actually lost in Chicago. Back in early. September. So I'm I'm watching. Alec. Mills try to sneak a curveball, pass them on a no to pitch shogo banks at the opposite way. And I sort of set out loud. That's what I thought. I was getting with this guy and since that point over the last couple of weeks, we have gotten it from that guy and obviously he's getting on base and he's getting hits and setting the tone at the top of the order. He didn't last night. But that's okay from a pitchers perspective because to me what makes him so frustrating but for me fun to watch is how he hits with two strikes how he weighs what should be really good pitches at. What is it like throwing to a guy like that? And you said it perfectly it's frustrating and that's and that's been the difference for him is early I felt like he was. You know like one of those guys who wants to get their first home or out of the way the season they tend to over swing a little bit. That's not the type of player he was he shortened up his swing and and like you said, he's fought off a lot of those to strike pitches that have double effect number one at buys him another pitch to get an opportunity to get some panel that he can fillet the other way or whatever. The case may be and number two frustrates the picture from a mental standpoint of like man I just do my best bullet there and I don't have anything to show for it. I've got a phone him another good pitch and another good pitch, and I can't come over to the plate and he's taking his balls. You know he's taking the balls and that's why the on base percentage I mean I I knew the Games you were talking about because i. Looked up not a lot of numbers on him. Yesterday. He has been something that I pointed to that win this streak started when they won game one in Saint Louis which would have been September eleventh. They want they end up winning that series and that was the beginning of this run and has been in the leadoff spot ten times. Nine one of those games hasn't scored a ton of runs which I thought was kind of bizarre but he has been. On base he has bought some guys. You know better pitches to hit from being on base because they're worried about their pitching out of the stretch and different things like that. But yeah, it's really frustrating and that kind of fatigue a pitcher mentally which is maybe even more important than fatiguing them physically. So He's done a great job. There's been more consistent at bath up and down the lineup obviously Joe is done. Some things here of late I'm harping on. Nick and Mike Nagas with the Big Three Hook three run home run last night. That's why they signed those guys. They've been stretches like this where not much of this roster has. So you need to look to those guys and lean on those guys during times like this That's why they got him. So nice to see my get the big hit last night and hopefully nick and get A. Little bit more production here moving forward but the consistency of bats up and down the lineup has been better the flow of the ups but better obviously, it looks better when guys were getting hit I mean, let's be honest with you. It's the same lineup they put out on August Fifteenth, but they look slack because they weren't getting any hits but we did the ability was there. So it's Nice to see him they need to keep it going man there's not gonna be any favors given here down the stretch because everybody's planning for something and the scary part is a team. I have a couple of extra games. So they need to they have they have to absolutely lutely win both series a sweep of the brewers team ago along long way I. Mean Look you've you've been on. POSTSEASON teams, you haven't been on a postseason team that was was fighting for a spot in the final week of the season. So to a degree, this is something that is a player as an active player you didn't experience but to the best that you can kind of take me in that clubhouse which nobody's allowed in these days take me in that house and what is a week like this like? I think that it's exciting. You know you try to. You try to control your nerves as best as possible It's like an opening day every day you know you've got your jitters, but you understand that you don't have the hundred and sixty one games after today to to Kinda fight your way through but it also gives you great perspective on how important each game is preparation at. It is for each game and that just because he's games take on more significance, it doesn't mean you win them any differently you still got to go out and you gotTA throw strikes. You gotta catch the ball you gotta score one more run than the other team you got cannot make mental mistakes because that's worth the winds are going to be here is the small areas that get. Overlooked the team that can do those things the most consistently most often win. So you know sometimes that's not always the case, but for the most part the the teams that win fundamental baseball when baseball game so they just need to focus and that's I. think that's a beautiful thing for this team right now is that there's no more process oriented they're focusing on a single game. They single game only because that's the only thing they can have to control its simplified to the teams degree and it looks like it's taken a little bit off of their plate as far as some thought processes just go out there and play baseball, put our best foot forward and win, and now they have the confidence and the results to show that they're capable of doing it so. Best of luck dome comes down the stretch I know it's been exciting doing some winning post game shows and and talking about this great team. So and another thing I'll say we got you most and she probably won't have me back home for another couple of years is this is not a one and done. One. Now. Just because they might lose Trevor Bauer next year or whatever the case is they've got a a lot of this office not all of this offense coming back that bullpens going to be in shape you've got tyler molly he's broken out this year. You have sunny. Great. You got released guest you'll have wait Miley who knows maybe it's Michael Lorenzen or Tj antone the same set up the whimper a couple of years. So you know this is a great experience for them. If nothing else I'm not I'm not selling them one way. They I'm not saying they're going to the playoffs. Obviously, my hope is that they do but if not, this is not the end of this road, it doesn't become a rebuild sell off after this team to win a couple years so good experience for the guys who'd never been in a situation like this to prepare them for what the next couple of years is going to hold. All right I'm just telling you if after Sunday, the season is still on I'm calling you a week from today. So just be ready. Okay. It's GonNa Happen. I'll be waiting mammoth phone. I'm sure you will be if I vote by the way, there's more of you during Games with Chris and or Jeff depending on who's on the call. So I want more of that tell who's ever in charge that's what I want viewer that is TV gold as far as I'm concerned. I appreciate a man. I'M GONNA DO I'll get in a few years and Minnesota Minnesota's happy help out on the road series. So I'll be I'll be in there running my mouth for from Minnesota and hopefully talking about how the reds just clincher about the clench or something along those lines so you'll get a little bit more. And then we'll go into extra see what happens. All right look forward to it. I hope we're talking on on Tuesday thank you as always. Appreciate about liberty delayed farms in racers, town stakes, jobs, ribs, chicken liver directly to your doorstep Liberty Delight Farms Dot. com scheduled your delivery today fresh meats raise rate.

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The Role of Data and Futurism in Sustainability, with Tim Panagos from Microshare.io

Sustainability Explored

02:09 min | Last month

The Role of Data and Futurism in Sustainability, with Tim Panagos from Microshare.io

"Hi everyone and welcome to sustainability explored every week. Is you'll Known this podcast. Navigates in utah through interviews with the most disruptive minds in sustainability turn their experiences working behind the scenes into actionable advice. You can hopefully apply and implement in your life today. We're talking with team. Nagas on the topic of the role of data and future ism in sustainability. He is the ceo of micro share micra share offers enterprises scale internet of things integration for infection control occupancy monitoring predictive clean and you also want to toward team a water usage energy usage carbon output. Even an i cannot wait to hear more. Welcome to the podcast. So that was team analogous on the future of our data and the sustainability aspect of it. I hope you enjoyed the podcast. If you did let us know somewhere you can get in touch with me on lincoln or we steam as well on lanes in team barnabas quite easily findable. Leave us a review on the platform. You're listening on or on our chaser page and let stayntouch more new exciting topics and guests are common to share their knowledge with you. Thank you so much for listening being with us today and until next thursday take care. Stay sustainable bye-bye.

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Stories Philippines Podcast

23:06 min | 7 months ago


"Task. mean. Say Banking Corrina assigning Marisha at nothing young Baheen. Bunny well On. The whole. New. Marini Buddha. Gun Lavaka Debu and Geller snap at the Mansa boy nothing battle. Huggins, Sir thin young but he them. What in the opinion on your plan Lebanon's. Hit on Quintana Marisha. Nineteen years old. At Kenyon Hangs Zona, he needs to buy land. A may not sound a nasty. Sustained a mean. Now GonNa Buncrana. Some opinion and then we by C.. May by communal looming Lumina. By your new my own little. Doing summer, but then coming Babacar Shawn McGowan partied the Union. Close complaining about Hong Kong not necessarily. By the coming bell. So by then months-long Peggy the naming the LOA. We were born the same year. Jin. Watt inward nickel December now, Manisha. Patio, coming Hindin Cowboy findlay. Bearish embry. Among teenagers excited gummy. Tie Yet. Misappropriation that semester break Barrett Ryan arming luck number hot the BUNA probing. Shannon prince charming. As guiding Maga stolen mean. Bid? We were disappointed Jaromir Simone. I'm a probation ACAPA baton known I- boroughs married now taken. Magazine Agha's how I mean. A number by. Nine. The tender age of seventeen. Be. So we decided night enjoying lung namely I'm glad to tell. Being Illu glendening iming by Muscian. Doing neglected. Being. Look being must then on sunset See Zone. Lamma Hellas looming by. In the. Upper Gas Iowa, and like her two sisters now on its own, our own a iming Mama. That night. Bonello city does beginning see aisling. The adding Smith in the. Next year cherishes I mean Monaco belonged got on a Sunny Lantos zone. Thing but own ancilla. Now I mean he magnum I in defendant light. Musae young nagging behind I mean. Hung Jeremy Wright Gwen through Amina Mojos? I'm an insurance that imagination. Now equal was immunity soon in your Anton calls asylum in. Selah mean and also. Mason Goose alumnae Sobat. Hi. Sabin veto. And it apart in unison. Syrup bracingly Hindi. Some good city has. Bag wouldn't. Bothering Hindi Nagas to Hainan Boban Gibney did I submitted don't calls US aluminium. When? Anyway Antigua Solemin UN live. SEIS. The. NASA. Tonight, mean cyber nearly you're not. My Me and Mandy you. Become. Elegant. Bearden. LMU. On. May. New. I owner narcan wisdom moreau Morita unlocking my popping us our move in the future what up Galindo's lemming unions except on unless those younger be gammit Andy? Sunken de la. At. Macbeth that will to say you. Eat, Ice Doberman. The home side. Where cinnabon amion. In the army. A an own then you. Finally. The meaning Moonshot. I did zone known the PARENT HINDI EXCITED SACK in window. I. Smith. Bagua. synagogue. theon. phenomenally. Aaron go by this at the DINU. Acceptable Narita. The. Wind. Surfing. Berto. At in new he single laughing Makamba Colo beat the WHO. NAP on, US our hallway. Peseta fidgety daughter. Got The one and. biddle, not Bunsen Kuma net dealing city your source titas on. Wiring may nine umbrella. Onion C. Isn't bagging a Negbi Gain Sonya. Now Hainan. Moment that. I wanted to confirm her action tnn Macfarlane Amnesty. which was around eleven p messy Gordo senior citizens pagot no been again and I'm gaining dinner. Colorado Morita. Sabina. In going to hold the the. Global Medical Nineteen. Home Michelle deny lambs at the medicine. that. She starting fifteen a very soon. By. Lock. Magassa. Sobbing, LemMe Amygdala Gunky Hasn. T Machado. makeable bad alumni lung merimee donkey Kim Sallow Ben. Data. Bumba goes academic Anabel Legal Gus Camino be. Copied more. Dona. NASA. Lunar. Bali. Will push some log. I WANNA DITA. The. Signing my whole of. Son. I, let me. Never go by you and I interviewed live life new. Miami Bureau some bit. Better mocking McDonnell born on Angolan verse Asian. Ninety noncha-. There's nothing much to tell. Boom Hindi McGrath's our data. An uncle. Say did Coburn among Ito. Data Mundane among. Merimee Bombing Alarium Manca hooks in you. But oh you. Tango. Dami CD dozen Dow on my be I'm in Manila. On Indian Amina Lamb combat niece while I'm a long, it don't seem to. Gone Nakai Asi Dita's soon. Only Molly Bombay Len. Magus our Morita. hong-nae young market. Data. In these are good. No hockey book. Now Eight, the hunting ammonium reaction young halong. Today at noon Maguire to CD Tyson meet. Selah lacking Nathan less solemin. Do Not WanNa glaucous lobe. That Basu? Meaning Having Been Market Byron Mike Hungary Hsun equipment to eternity. To me guilty, I suppose googlers dumping gun. Negotiation on come I. Know? BUSA Celia Saratoga. Beyond Bianca? A YOU GONNA sign by the pound he adding you. GotTa. COMB. Keenum came data silo. I don't eat them what the. Hindi go marrying Irawan CEO barrel now, the whole. Marissa. Now. Giora. Ninety Nick umbrella he brazo. Now. Putting Mondino Casa angry research regardless those having to be. I less those he hatton badly entity dozen you now. Yes. Arab no solemin. Be Z and go on Gabbing Yong's in Warangal marquee than. Adam Marisha. But ORLEAN and data. Dial. The whole mingay on a bong. Bing. Hindi Qamar Morton. Marketer you now see them was lemon. Tunnel. Conclusions Finkel Oben. Being Violent Ornella Hissel Amina. Yagnik an owner button coral sacking. Allowing UNITA. Uncle Home New I. Only among elaborate elaborates at the won the Super. Nina while apple I'm GONNA laughing even I e by. On DC. Go on you more. He Megan be. Looking at. Negotiating and Gumy. Today. Gog and Huma Humor Lhasa. Boop don't associate, nominally. But bless nominal Pinto. Can Orlando iming big landon meriden in Saharan and aluminium? Nuggety. Bunk Mama standing. Surreal Lyric, lixion But I am ill at tanning and can be alleman how NATO Salamanca my zeal being lower. LE-. Go. Along. Yeah, knowing you can win Tonita. LEPE. Bairro to needs to. Be Knock Sanity, does know. Lee Lay new. Go on beleaguered. Really. Below Mooney NOCCO awesome. Lei Yot. City zone have been moments. You means means lead. By the young punk in go back. NAPPING in. Two thousand. And adapted Milano, doncaster can win. Hindi never happened the Landman. Google data. Back the. minute. My mcgettigan TO A. Good. Long? Shamir. CanNot Question. He Normal Soleil. To NATO. And dotting. Messiah he up by. Nowhere, Landon I. Along But by. Dumping a mom yet that Dingman Yati. A Fed. So responsible. Does own an ongoing at the. Fan. How. Worried the word. is a non alum unle. Pizza. stop-and-go owned elax. Who? A man I think it'd be. Second yesterday. The lowering to. TAC- new. Hysterical panel. Morning at Eleven Marissa. Hundred Lemon move. Opposing Anatomy. Bikes that uncompetitive more. Having being you. See, bunk water to Homina to look nearly Pero in the mental or not look. Not, Kim Demo who Stole my landman. GEIGO entity. Dozen. Atty. Me By belic. Bassey Lisa. Normal. and. Seeming. Bashan. Now. We say, South Carolina. Balloon He. Waga. kebab elegant. Alum on the not snowing had. Hulan miniature. Sangari SAM. biddle key Lena you know. Mallika. What I e Bungoma Bolic's normal on copied go. At on mugging dozen pizzas zones, Newman guy going. Then alanine along. Out, Kumaratunga Salmon. Doses Georgia Tomino protection. Molly Persona Laura's. Hiding holman in name Walesa quarter. Now and Piquancy me. But IT GONNA NOT ORDINARY CITIZEN billion. billion. Yes. In Bagel shop on my door and Nina Newman that one. Monier. Who who walked DOA Home Popeye Celo ATMA vk lamb. And that the host asking again. Hit up in the hit up on. Ben. MC BODLEIAN INA Hindi my buddy. Why neg? Houma hanging the Hassle Ogden Choir, Dot Com Sarah WanNa. anti-gun solemin. Zone. MIAMI, I may not any Golden Abaza. Selah mean. OPPAL say. To me. Now in the east. Also lead gens and narrow data. Pinto. Lung Goulette Kozak NASA Keskin. Those necessary Hagan Pitas zone. He night though happen NASA polygram Bugno slamming. Nomadic Alamo home. La Knock. ME ANY NEW MKX. bunks Hasn. Molly Kin- Donahue. Where the worried Beaten the. Horse at the. Keep Zoned. gashing. mcmullen. Mata. See. Wayne Asli. About going to show. About we. Still sounding. Bairro Ninety Babo Guy. Eat the. neethling are who. Are you heard that there Wanting him he never share. I. Don King Dean Nari Nick. Known Cope. ADAPT NASA lemming Ito. Known. Be. Lena. That didn't get US spittle TITA. INDIANA. Whole. Without a doubt but. Dad. Lumumba's community lead that Saimaa? Salmonella coming looks billion Quaranta concern narrow in him being naming Anatole CanNot Wassen Uncle meetings. Don Now. Can you didn't admirable. But it's just an e look. Anymore laconically, Mamata and I'm going only Nestle. Announced the Gaza normally. Be Zone. Was Haina. Malays Nina Eastern quarterback. Freeman antiquing cinnamon and willing area. From going along quantum wound up a legal undermining mainieri. Who Lannemezan, Latin dance and again up. Hiding. Titas on. The thin-and shackled San Shannon galling. See now being young. Venus Minya set the. Famous alumini. The Noli Namiki Nago. Dawn. But malignant melanoma hat Pero Merimee berina tunnel. Miami putting. Google. Cheap. Go. See normally lack mean. A nutty. The Hannity that soon at the. Four months later. Nabala. Not The but I am Titas zone suck wattle. Sabi been a moment though it'll. It'll. Kina by. Some how. Do the whole. Night then of course asking Saudi Lee. Making Guy Ngaire. Separate go, up and. mean. Saloum on bygones. Iran Mahabir by known as Idi now, something long. Hindi napping. Daily in Dino I'd say anyone Hamilton Titas Zone nutty labor. Finnigan Thong that MEPU- Gamut I? Bugging not to. Lean is coming boom up Amelia's aluminum buying you when you. Don't have to born. Diary and thousand. Diarrhea Been AG- Moulana Luma Alanine. Nabli Donen lo-lose Eissa Bela. I answer Hawaiian Dole and looming slamming antique Weipa guiding among us. Any staff. LEMMING EON guy McMillan medium I communicate is. Cumulus both and of course the landman. See. A young is selling a Miss Nancy. On signing. Book Banning Diary Not Thousand. The more I read. The more I become scared. Battle, my sandbagging diary NASA jumper Moog on acting. Not Owning, recently, Stein among a lacking somehow in a gun owner ignited inside the zone. Money Lacking Helena. Nagorno a building Berlanti after. Battle in Mineola. At Long Island lacking necessarily. Strahan. Hasa adds a dieting zone. and Unlocking Ian. Lonely lacking miniature little. Barrow Sadoun Diary. Goulette the Horse Aling. onison. Me Mina copy snappier astronaut article more or less scenario. You but among the Battle fepblue article a PETANQUE CALL HATS LCD Nagging San Heenan but gummer gaining motto. Article. Selah laugh know who looks abandon set by one. Lower Dunkel lacking ned the guenon. Under Construction Buildings Aeros. And Cutler Tom, Corson and Bella is a rather pagoda highway. Uncut lonely lacking by I. That lonely lacking girl Nokia said Pizza's Zona. That long laughing I I entered long lacking ago owner togue Nigerians Tita zone. But Longley laughing nagging bowling laxly mean subdue. Men. Pita Zona. Nagging. Me Wine Exact in casino only lacking nap heat that. Dita's zones Selah mean. Combat. Nick Bishop Shung can. Big while I'm going. Coincidences Islam Lap. Won't. Bicycling mind at the lesson madness and. But. It will make an alignment supernatural. Adding it does aiming. San. Bruno Bicycle. Down by a funny someone. I may boy ALUM COMB boy posted element go on. A. Lien boy. Zone. Morale firearm my blog. Si- in at my beginning but let. Makita Goobweyn Nigerian, some Manga elemental now. Man. Amy, my story, Nice had. A similar salmon facebook page stoli's Philly been spy guest. Or Deka I e need. Stories be age by guest. Jamile DOT COM. Mother a modeling NIAN adding description. Handgun similarly. MIAMI. Salama. Story.

NASA MIAMI Adam Marisha Pita Zona Nina Newman Google I. Don King Dean Nari Nick I. Smith Quintana Marisha Hong Kong Misappropriation Boom Hindi McGrath Marini Buddha Don Now Jaromir Simone Shannon prince Shawn McGowan Huggins Agha embry
Claude Dartois, de Koh Lanta  l'OCC / DLTDC Original

Dans La T?te D'un Coureur

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Claude Dartois, de Koh Lanta l'OCC / DLTDC Original

"Search rec- addict desert in you'd bali genetic commits cattleman sunday. Kwa ethic was. Civilians equity julia. More of persons who are cooks appear in the was it knocked pogue gracie if some may toss you. Send the jerk with victoria commoner. Shani put on. The present of sedition was yearly louviere. Sort of course on tuesday for chrissy lamma along the multiple you participate keystone terrorists are mean exist. Does to factor to seek capital is not yours illegal. New course mellows. More catatumbo sunday croissant. Soviet era is doesn't agree sambre defector pets morally limbs on komo also forget is unique. Siasi deputies deputy c. To promote fair is used to live on protocol on the imaging head program objectives. So predictive sampler who promised to korea provides april at our of loss on challenge. You still have a restaurant. I was on one hundred. Twenty eight point data the cleaning fair with who took his on. Keep t the stipulated benico put off news. But yesterday didn't include a community service teams of talent to win diverted shekels even offend might secrecy. For every year we fed the pacific critic. Toots let have new podcast and cooler on the tour two point zero or is it appears to the ice of day day point fair it posted near the also. Don't crude dot were unbelie. Matic the columba especially the appeal include homemade device. Eternity studio she spoke at pat mcclure. But gas some fish who don't go on talk about saddam war on the on have you any don mossi. We don't shirley for benja they actually pull me Us your daycare when he told me today. Shower ramona says device steph damage. There should please. The creative technology podcast. You could possibly more steady you or guillaume to wish. You should be uncle up. Remorse yakult crude pilot. Who defines really passing. Don't give up on what all crew is. Your host sean. Spicer for tablet thumper plant-care the by on the atkins have are appropriate or i think restore interdependence who are rebellious fever and extract. Which least the mets. Not beyonce chat on funding to provide keystone paul. We don't crude kind of national poor to present hooker genome the participation. If judy live jose to city deepa twitter this woah chose bookworm a questionnaire victory capacity motel zik report or manashian yards idea as personal use grew by example and all of the and the oldest bossy scores disbarred marijuana responsible new job onto paul marshall Dish publicity about what you poke phys ed kern said yonder fully pip london's body for initiative more on the shores go shaving does amendment and has been spotted and more to deputies. There should be finola discolored. But that's what a deal. Damore more we auto show school. Mr. yeah excessive hormone or to smoke lulu cushman on canals. That capacity desai is usually whoville in ohio but nausea. With all truth. People always seek eve of cross on. Tv too young for damages. Lucia newt was actually passed policy moment. The porno clue the pitch. You joined the medic the koran touch it if you notice that hope. He's on the media's on demand on the lamp. Sukey coonass. Bob fosse more young to kennedy events on participant. Nearly party on defense keep achey lovers. We inequity deserter. Raleigh teaspoon of villon which organ of collective and if you're not only from users approved deem unity coup really strategy us here on defendant or twenty different assemblymen. Ppp yup manatees. Typically unification underneath put extra more exotic marriage reports eliminate linear hoover commodity pie. Poor simcity tip over today as a our opponents. Komo train raincoats. Coups vacuum all westbrook. Sound a the moshe bone example supposed on built discussion basic bookwork via foster more for physique more For some positions will see the most admonitions physics at the less yours. Don't go there should beyond a Couvert couvert shagrue Skinless ilunga pubescent physique. Non but that goes jackson abuse. But that's all explicitly oscar six it is sequel and to play them on a new previously exclusivity tallies up taller dunya walkie-talkie escooter improved technique to show v kamal savant show on buffet. Twisters deal for premier level chillers and got. Here's the muscular gorgeous. Sit down the top one or more of well up on. The ignored nauseous. The gentleman abilities of watson at the up with budvar and upon this woah again. Salvi a routine score school voice going up all this success. Success pasco comes from manhattan. Who are sending me. Muna deci- constipation by choice. Twenty s pure distance lead. You don sauce. If not more power to a twenty decided for me in your capacity me spoke with adama polo launch lead. The vets in multiple the vast vast. Ski the wasser hogan didn't she's going to tap into a six motion exist. But the one on the roy moore canoe to our formative associate polish spokeman onto our assistant godefroy on a canoe to love our museum in lebas an sixty two calendar on foot near cupola. Don't valid pushy. Was your. I put me on that. Your may mayor lizard for lizard. Vote is extremely to cheer. Leo amanullah tutu deborrah cisco said would you feel those informative. Notre hallam yasser birsh butter platforms induced young and a happy mobile failed with a nearby neighborhood. Detroit that's what you volatility allah Spot janka Ns logical qubits. Go want to here. Don't want people who lack of on the similar. Bob cousy peeve home which is to people who come to complete the only films fossil so twitch on stage montgomery. Which don't get a publicity macho man exclusivity samplers vega your tofu. Booklet squad by his arm for a squad at pressures designs print Short visit geico squad offers print just for the gospel maxima mukisa. Abc a to punish our continue and we'll tell take listed on the memoriam sam workers ron weber. Share that concern. Then hamas dos The daily is happy deport. The bhattacharjee exit awesome some muscle in. Don't tell a new richer. Facia morgado over giacosa the spot efficiently. Metabolize mcdonagh's Bukuvu kelly improved with sean peres. Komo scott affair pool julie sassy prescott empty devos of spot if you're an opposite She got key company calorie the version stick more peaceful import buzz appreciable reject infected take on spotify on azure oscars demoralize. He's ordered or show. Weekdays on pure malaga by attrition markovi between Put the put in. Put the g. mortgage solution on spotify dion presumed attitude. Israel were the first marriage Pash of course. I wanna spag lou me-medical in formula the no of course up to mutate Is the most sociable with shawnee leconte meal and gabby true to receive communication if you see even more air play. It in their michigan up on personal crew. Is that the passage. You have the participation as it in japan with liz pollock entry passi. Podcast casteel is your to pocket. Put a hotel republics from quit transit way a kid who were gusting move casting the premier found mideast. Moscow's all the lefkas along it office on the city near see matinal fetes in lead they for similar for long the undersea power. I suppose muslims let me present them. What metaphor madonna vaunted choice for some more ciller. If you can't you besides you join for. Smaller shorter makes it. Don't want to watch. Okay akin bill. That i felt let on our privacy's if we were dustin entities extremely tovia hike. They're not get tortured situation And lush panel aikido penalty to the person that did what don't necessarily but they are spotty city monarchs democratic with the caz accredited. Wayans la mer another four years luge devante. I walked in. I don't kill them on tape of. Ap at what israel at dawn potus osceola polk one wipe by but one spatula metal novelty pescucci buckle Dodgeville due to the assistant. Well novels Account on separate spooky clued dan. They not particularly a metric advocate. Your costs to tunisia guinea could onto his talk show. Shirley approve over a rear john. Twiggy may netcom say Near exterior secure more levick. Twelve passer a rescue put by duke. Celtics kitschy commandos newport. Who new policy. Paul sailed danilo meal to amend echo sauces topics Taught you can august. It is on fights electoral issue throughout the meme. Tom be equal. It was your portfolio of vanita pressure. The to a michigan shoe barn politician or got good levy toffee knowledge super protons at the plan dog. Either to on speed the shuttle's in my foot when enough with by quickey live on the would was'don't say it again is more of a metal won't your the sipa simpler more. Getting hip plan were which was year to present pasa was it or post lipoic To participate you could put your learn lawmaking on social media. Kiev developer kit. She a leader. She'll do it or you dominion personnel. Kiss only keep land. You couldn't talk. Target buys schiller in passer and it will be or silly on have you. Don't don't kill note. she'll to is on. The italian put who blake veep pianosa. Sepulvado lies on thirty should missing mystic prophecy motor ticket for busca much. It's come cottam d- Native over as i am was present Foster moral imperative rental at taunton. Bicyclists don't buckle the vs. I wanted to value. Not luckily diplomats is the more likely to steer plenty of often to unity. Still addict woman. Derartu sophomore is when i teach to. Russia is excused. Roar says what jemima know. i came guests guest vocal. Tien discipline schwab his ethics into passage. Marginally of young popularity debut. Looney timothy costs your hood to participate. Kill distorts east equality in the cost Structure course federal dibitetto more likely costa the costs of course not no cost to was the semester Sit talk will ask of course get the school boy pieces on pepsi. Yeah melissa draws neon as has debut you the pleasure much choir mystery the palm. One clubs is some in connecticut. Patrick weiser now. On more measures measures a spice bar johnson Shamir this the baltimore. And of course a p sam. We're says one spotted there Win lose diplomacy an issue sieve. Most of the button. Well-fed mr buddy. Johnson who were appointed the schwartz twelve for to go on each sentence by ti kept per jeep almost upon us baltimore polish food. Komo papa which was santa. She didn't wanna studio what i meant. Sean palmer more new set. I'm only historic. An acoustic can win the last minute. Effect on palladio. Hawker nick d Cities also they deserve this much assisted. Lewis new honor. On the awkward proponent amid hole and the plaza washed veto funding. Well manoa loosley dacuda salt. On the mideast superior mos misuse misdeeds shimon all the nagas kush befell looking dementia met local subjects. Which is also the toward our bodies epigenetics. I told you cooler song. No the keep a polish the budget for paranormal. The walking imbalance to the point. Where you can. It'll jacquemus from in matthew twenty met members if adventure lameta found won't always usually pure admission we don't is because each on mahatma steve. I'm ten manos magazine. She's at what haunts should you buy. Some some some some montana that a to be which i don't see the with is much more on school. Specter bum moshe maggi. Provide them was called bruce so tokyo mets. But don't also don't point it goes causing to to get. Bonnie won't taunt sank. Thought that could could diploma today. Special special number jazz to rebel by a quarterback. You're net profit on us. But is papa. Cinnabar's unauthorised hoosiers gone avenue and the female illegible tune vacuum pessimism vita utah. Copy me on for such papa as if you need me to hormone vinnie. But what do nauseous humidity. Also loo tomatoes kind of stepan. Bbc implore sponsor a key gospel like against you gentlemen more the buzzer worshippers did more for passenger. Michiko did on math as you got. Also assess the digital prosperous mu memo on taito da. You re engagement thomas of silicates. You'll experience lead equival ready. Stocks are small key food martin's use product dishonesty savar gomez but by continue dion persona of panel on cuba led to java c cooler Perjury mrs. wuhan hopped up separately of your only bosca. Choose to relate to tribune deke. Quasi what sports trump footsore description. The tecos thomas diem shoe is monaco. Scientific hopi speech bubble. What was taunt sixty minute. Volonte kuti is romi not want dante who don't curse it performed more so san francisco to prosecutor In sacramento bytedance commercial compulsive polka-dot of security up in plymouth wildlife portion if gajate of alpha and. Let me let you stay. Lean on your real family. Tenderly fighters mischievous coors sean lear show squads or sought highly unusual wedding. Shebek wasser to two shows a cynical aplenty storms. I live defer sequential motion. Jeff get kotov. Uber comes as a stock on. Us also pretty flowers sample mea and premiered on komo. Acid mccoy splendid by. And it took you to match of at the tone way Lacrosse is too much ablation. Goes to show up at your yet. Meet bahrain a mountain top. You'll get as specific barry fan but the persian delta nipple do noy up upward guadalupe chicago off by officers north. Industry vaunted nobuko. Pg in phoenix talkie more ben plus or you would add use your nfl. Scouts shot this invent nausea per cell called asoka. I'm gonna say a curse vista specific community today. Shonky aquatic more and are on tour the with multiple. What proportion it haunts view the other. Molly moore point the film entrepreneurship yogi. Must've japan. I includes pops into shufu cooper needs to do so the simple put to forty percents porno southbound kush malpass good let let to have aquino until the sultan juicy kill opo kid of what i don't care bianco mentality under the talk of psyche. Keeps postponing the commotion disease. Barbara bush fairy pair them to faucet. More with the memoir. Janka could. is there a tony. Shalhoub tony fiorina turmoil. Shimon the confident mature hunter. The undressa system used metaphors. Are you on a tiny e. Some good custom care. Protecion suppo- executive posh. Bruce sativa dakota electoral. Today are over again. Don't don't want joining. And saddam venetia. Kitwe bruce don't see former up houma tom. For example. let's say on a level just shoot. Eli costs sir. Local sobe chea objective vocal And i kept almost tariff on tirelessly rooster keep keep up premiered Edge on on the and as soon deserve Mail normal is still dunker. Dot in georgia too to sushi's ospel and we'll get the table could linger deparment as with the momentum foster amount of where i'm for solo gern some coastal pusat immune from one tiny the or juku along three hundred fifty people. Do the participate lucic. He came because they don't care what you say you timber. Or she's proportional weakness by lucy cooler. Secular met harsh fellow request. A victim does the twitter sadhu. Possitive sanita nervous exact to send. Don't call on one. The massive outbound purina to metal really leaky. I accept it. Could be governor porn could hope fhimah schools by saying coup macrumors to prepare a ometeotl buffs. Nemo point coups kid get to tell monte feel about the hoover firm's foster miscued 'assises servers fabric with the squatter course of today's your opponents on won't get them you know more or civic whether it's schemer also on donna dishonor plan. I prefer moore's something likud Occur as you nine this on this this will go about you. The best of nala fastballs via could officer maloney caprice sausage fiscal year for some all To roy michener in them up. I pinch sausage. nivose yourself. Public producer sought to no inaugur spot. Y pg i put your local there. She said the company on the trip. Yup momma. It's not. We're sick and win. More tyner sis holler scottish premier fairfield. They can enjoy to fall much but participator across a gap. How that's how. I got hollowed vip volleyball. Study that with funded across a remember. You could use your hormone to solve the montana to serve promotions asia on sewer the books as upper class more like film. It has a new. Do them value. Boise's a on stuff know missy. Siham supremacy appreciate. You could show some honey cottam proteins to to disapprove passenger more procrastinator outages acres. I speak this choosy. Sabuku prefer assist your monthly from tax amendment. Pretty cheap brew on some of the lost department toll buskers twas autism. Maximum Attic unveil the here would let us you Loop loss used were michelle must go on papu orcas not longer since kilometers. Would i feel oscar. Socio ties daje with the schools. You can watch medicare by lesser wings. Fail y'all dawn. To step up your folks on staff sees etc efficacy ridiculous Inkosi minutia visionary consortium for bass fishing shipping vocational. She don't enough Poignant stay calls the pathetic so retain cost screwed up your door. More says episode model lodges more per year lameta media. Listen your facility. Twenty could do great. Because that's what i would join the knicks. Oh can't get guillemette. Launch walks comes to as mushoo power swab or school Shell doku finola toward a more longer to do. It will do that. Lucy c. hot hatay high-powered pathetic to furlough community who says get your boss upon their socially to meet missile liquid trailer. Jon voight gospel. Upper komiya a dagnon on santa fini bush's telephony ocasio thomas she why would be to dissolve. The policeman us semi-finals jocular sheila fish associated with scares me to ruin the monja. Mississau- point the taboo gis gionta could taty used to satchel raise. We got stronger. As you're a quilt museum lizzy for a poet down muscle. Statistically come on goes go for like worse off most syllabuses lucky for me. I die yossi veto. Commute door is skewed only practice. Federal more skibo kooky most Sunk the ave motion chose excuse volleyball. Dopamine kudo As spanish about issues may be your boo stroller truly stores to talk to by shadow subscription national johnny. Cole's shot if you've got your suit of all yet. West commend coochie is the kilometer which were what opposition to a war souflias cooked uniquely to sell six chip mutinous and elizabeth of the colon who co starred independent who the approval for would you would you need a genus so Should lump sauce measure. Talks have bad the path talk about twelve under the new those up. A democrat that you wrote difficult resolve in a limited has been alenia compartment. We do what we could die. In increased costa rica's trauma tip or luton crew. Did it take them. Oh god it is so. I think it's an active panel and you on who come also see paseo at choice. Coup transcend mini her organization. Which shoot at on komo komo pursue goal you have so may also got them for for for two minutes of what they saw a gun demo the this may forgive him fat. Thanks bye bye. In podcastone on pluto affected Volume of new posco's. Yeah if he's on a year you could do it more. Deaths kyonggi each with your show chauffeur. Scorch morgan disown. No call the spicy too. But we care for the chew and cement on the physical. Lula's fair on a fifty fellow for has been on the show Lapolla nuku is you this on. Want pasta de la plagne y visual reviewed the laugh at develop consume avid dacosta. Proceed where the cut the by. Don't finale static Going to sit in better social donuts canea porcupine legit more cheesy initial patankar new mobile shoes. You start when they meet the glass for fell new And cool nfl. You to oscar pariah committee and the motiur upheld so all central china falomo mobile took classic. Guam boy ourika against marco. Himself fallacy. Ceos accreditations mike i'm lou. Marathon is of course in defin- camp. Shalom said spice financials song called defoe took about. Ucf to sit down with the need off. Bill do desert was deposit on the metro. Move kia keeping a pill were designed it was is if you do the whole. I'm push a prudential mahatma. We see dish was more of a to undecided. Most yelich shaky sheer men take a strong Back on saturdays on a small senate boss could you vs miss you. Much ahead more possibility. The litto avaj deserted what counts british shares. Or is this your She should be more. We look van on psychic. Just come on. Plainville mayor missing cost. Kito could mountain or pacific enforce little poem years on the phone crew on mbr creole new keystone sich approval of near a an event cycle and i asked them to preserve the dynamo person when they could therein during this politic. What would you shampoo nestled. These van siclen legal turn deniro say create the deduced zone Josh episode tells on. I am at notre genetic bus. Good unusual you inconven- okay Risk of what. I pay for simone washes. You said The stem stem is phone scholarship. hope he get behind gather opposite voiced beyond that can get to produce wanted to fulfill that does offer a has more east on these unspecified government going equal. I appreciate turkey. Leoluca complex the lower at mayo. 'cause on bail with celeste. Rana's trumpcare memorial has keenum motion but as the missing spot for basketball niche via recent donors. Pasta cereal donor opinion to just pessimistic. Echoes bicycles jensen beach. Pass acumen. I should nettie books. He could promote don canoe crucial issues until he make tuition dot com. If up on includes. Ask your sources. N-normally course on passively ear lunatic Memo by simply policy mahato Literature that you poor producer. Tom exit facia more rocky. Nervous system was fair. Michigan fail on more except for faucet on promotional v. I when i marry some good von chaos. You're on the present quiet papa. Zia in sutton farm decisions. The humidity scovill up of was also memorial. Chicago report fiasco. Panasonic piloted for our classrooms. Go to saudi boo. They will call new komo separatists me but also is it in conference committee debar latino famous failure in his to serve hama sousa one depot sequential pundits with your mortgage but for whisky fu pool mayor for up to elaborate to step up the first score to may assist the new way open. Just by myself includes massey. Baku aminu politicians jerusalem perfect newport speech security. Stop adjustable your attention to salute was.

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281. Errores al nombrar tu podcast o al buscarlo? Basado en hechos reales

Al otro lado del micrófono

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281. Errores al nombrar tu podcast o al buscarlo? Basado en hechos reales

"Nephew podcast casper. I load to let me on fumed up a india whom project they came in utah. Demobilised samana. I'll also macron up your ear though lobby minniap- the can have you can get both guys number the geico. You made a poor steinfield for up large hondo. You're gonna end up shorter for staff doc. Sushi foregone no midwicket among our case not mature contralto pedometers who dope on my holiday nausea. Racial don't understand your gay co-star antonio valley federal noise needs get into those wing debris middle's our own didn't get blisters tower. I sat down and they lost. Podcast cap imported alan scandals. They're both entercom yellow seen in tacoma. Eds espn escapes me. But within a both guys la forte. Numerous does not race podcast. No matter whether for calico. Joe in both north of woolworth's interior to podcasts radio laura mortgage a pork sally little commies. Numerous choke him now. Areas poster particularly down. Rapper more chicago. Cassie newman gotta dr podcast. Normal latoya study alaska's be both normal serial. ma is focused number of the signing as kuala podcast pasta's the leader of the young match world. Nobody if he says yes. Normally i'm around fabricate numerology theo chokepoint normally nice to the newman wait for video allah video. She sean one. Eight agreement. Elephants video known podcastone mexicano. No minority e cannot numerous address or caputo nominated africa. Now noonday think bought fisher or cabrera allure mental for numerical. Nbc's or as normally porchet doodo for the ball. No matter your or squatter perkasie. Normally when we know for not for that you know for you hamas yours okay. Numerous antitrust poor cammo. I saw nominal guarantee quattro esta perea normally co ostrich genius north and they say ostrich perkiness logo mine for mother. Numerous import came in. they hope. Forget now assistant neutrally. No matter pneumatic course has darby for we. Second him. That already farida nominal. Why didn't that mighty that bangala oestrus eat. No and they bought a theme chaos by spot in the Being discovered as indian okay. Boca raton burkett in la podcast. All this sorta look good. And then look i above the london moisture porchet in la fourcade all up a labrador. Both all the in this guy's always talk scandal. Jeremy okay. I'll fee import important to lower postcard. Keynesian they worry about here. We re meadow fill autumn. Harder enters the mayor of the our logan on ninety and oklahoma. Both guys that message in fully economic engine and meal apple podcasts. Neela i don the komo forecast that undestroyed. She shielding spotify and panel indian. Okay there at the and contract. Podcast in your india guitar around labrador employees romanski not even allowed as part of the automobile. Got older but we both both Party raleigh north on my hardly meal on komo komo park or cables that gala salute rose. Which is what dot com. Nobody's called apple. Both gus malzahn ruthie. Loboda both guys. In whom four k hamal brahma distinct pork de la belle are both gasoline get by that about rapport bestow in the universe will tell copies of baramulla niimi both guys back when she got ask when i started with young or initial Body almost matt holliday romantic. Burmese has escaped discovery. La given intermittently issues. Halloween modules gas nor persist. I'm we get gladys tap dossier implicit apple pie. Podcast question miserable or nausea was threw out all no number and quality time. Per if he's because she had you have i saturday's follow the these federally and be done with twelve th but while carrying a combined elementary or they whiskey always feeling coffee. And ron dane. Corker marina dot com virok cafe this money at easter stimulating talk show or competitors in other more capital or the entered komo port. Your nature ramos has the podcast communica nonchalantly sempersolaris make of it well. Cafes see nagas ankle murthy in mythic warranted wallace e bushiest affordable the meat and fish oil property parameters seabra. Finish your thought. Data police academy in yellows nostra absolutely the now. That's what i meant. That i'm more or less than it can address the horror comedy need. Tecom barham your threats. Compressed won't opinion commission but you got is the microphone. Yoda be equal mccullough today. Racy on the stage for sort of out. Amazement lo- crawford.

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PSG and Bayern Head to the Final, Womens Champions League Returns, and the Europa League Final | Stadio Podcast

Ringer FC

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PSG and Bayern Head to the Final, Womens Champions League Returns, and the Europa League Final | Stadio Podcast

"Hello, welcome back to study podcast that ring our see I miss. Conga. I'm right Hon. Ryan. How you doing steady away thanks me say, Oh, you did I'm good I'm hydrated looking quite high of a lie. Particularly Watch should be hard. Technically I think it's just because I've had my first. Fully, relaxed four nine I've not been on holiday, but I've just taken priority of like. Don't gone everything don't go wild the workload the next those are the last two weeks and Yom I'm just feeding fresh relax. So you good lovely. Yeah, it is good. Lovely well I'm glad lafi showed. Do we have any today maybe checkout? Bringing soccer for not coming piece of yours Oh yeah. Which to office question on manager Sartorial Choices. So let actually link straighten. Yeah let's go. So basically, we are going to recap the semi finals of the Champions League we Kinda feel everyone's saying them and they won. Super. Super. duper dramatic. So we put questions, we thought we'd let the the questions kind of shape where we got lance maybe begin with rb, Leipzig, PSG because I looked into twitter to find a number of people and everyone did. I love you. Just talking me. alcoves Mond. Anything to do with Nagamatsu anything that anyone has written about Nago Zeman suit. I was tucked in which I'm not GONNA lie. It made me feel quite wholesome. It was just. My Work here is done. It's crossed over. This feels like feels like when because you've been talking about this for like. Ages, right. You've been talking about what managers with age isn't so much I just it's just fascinates me it's always fascinating. This is gonNA. You're GonNa hate me for this comparison because come being trivial Me Up here it's like when Black lives matter protests peak. On instagram getting all these responses to my posts don't it could be like that. And like I said to my friend says I'M NOT SAYING ANYTHING, new book, my posts getting way more engagement before like this is just my niche interest. This is. The move to the ring a helps to help us to spread the gospel of the manager. Nonsense but and I WANNA shout out Holly Baleen who. Just re posted a picture of Nagas men suit sang paging studio, and we responded from the Studio Account Saying, Oh it's on the agenda. On the agenda. So to be fair, you've been telling me to write something about this for ages ages for ages and I was like PEOPLE READY CASH Husband ages. And I would always just say, oh, I don't really think people people don't really care by just ow width thing no one cares no one cares and then when I saw the explosion of football journalist with hundreds of thousands of twitter followers going in on like Sartorial theories I was knocked in. Austin off. This written gets rid now it's us. It does be done has to be done three done. On when you listen to is it might be up is going up. Later today we're recording Thursday morning Berlin Tom it should be up the afternoon Valentine. So the ring dot com slash soccer Tennessee brilliant piece. Accident that's very kind of you. It's a bit silly but. Lost one hundred percent serious that there's one hundred percents series. Yeah. You can't prove that manages sartorial choices have a you know a plus minus points lost compromise it. They do because here's the thing. Even us on we dress certain ways events when I teach poetry or literature in schools. I think. So carefully about why I'm going to wear I, think ready Catherine I basically wearing is basically a. Rodent thing came from because it's like the dress code is Benevolent Stern approachable on. Cool. That's the whole dress code. Someone is going to be thinking about it for a long long time and that's usually inaugural because this was. A. I think is wild night. She wrote this piece that this became the big hours of the evening in a game where you hide one club financially backed by drinks brand massively circumvented fifty postponed rules in Germany. and. Is One of the least popular clubs in Germany because of that against aside, that is essentially owned by a sovereign state and is essentially part of this massive sports washing problem. Yeah. Let's move onto on the pitch stuff This one from Sin Clinica on twitter she said, is hard to define the stylistic beauty of took. Oh at what makes his team attack and play in transition in this idiosyncratic way now I'm a fan of Oh. One of them ask Ashley before Emery took over and the thing that I love about Thomas took is that oversee he had some problems at Dortmund fell out with a hierarchy wasn't particularly happy with Lifespan Mississippi and on the bench and all of this kind of stuff and. I get that. I get the. Everyone. Has To get along with everyone. The why really like about someone so-called is that he seems to Be. I think it's easier to draw comparisons the club because they had a very similar career trajectory started at mines move from Monster Dolman. Then Barth moved from Dortmund's ruled by remember reading pace about took a once about how. He has this really amazing way of being a really good. My manager really good replies on a human emotional level really seems to get them. Both so how he he's to? Carnivore boy I read this and so my my data's might be a little bit for. So apologies if sorry I read somewhere that he used to I'm not sure if he still does but I think it was at Dortmund. He used to make training sessions. Overly stressful because he realized then or his aim was that when players would step into a macho environment, it would actually be less stressful than his training sessions. So they would find it. So they find it easy or did you think about it is an amazing? Oh my God it's so stress but again. Yoda is interesting. It relies so much on our is in Klopp took quite different. It's weird. Given that they come to the same club. Imagine, two more different managers. Say, that makes sense as as as. You know that I think what requires in both cases. Confrontational is unbelievable amount of by into methods. And I mean you. So this starts jumped you saw this with tacos departure from Dortmund I think he has. That few people didn't realize. You famously didn't get along with so most yes and that was one of the main reasons. I think it would be people fear of the senior players at open just one really into a toll you've seen that with his struggles. As well, actually he really he had a real tough first season trying to figure out that dressing room. It's very quiet. Now, it is very quiet, and also because he's proven himself, his proven the methods and he's actually doing is wit it's hard to assess co he's a brilliant job. Tall to assess that it is really because how? How do you assess it with someone who's going to so much money in endless sources? How can they still perform but he's before to answer this question about what he does. It's funny how he always has within his attack. He's called a link man unlike known as it bid on link the Playbook de Maria is important to him as Muktar Ian was. A NEW CONSORT PA. A lot of people that front six but de Maria is obscene essential. Committee Ajay tweeted a site is dimmer actually underrated I. Think you said this quiet lawlessly since I mean yeah I mean you look at all those big performances de Marie is like Watching sitting Netflix's movie recently, and there's this kind of like avenging warrior whose basically lived throughout thousands of years and like. Charlie's there on plays and she's basie like just. In these tapestries across history and de Maria is just like look through like. The History of Champions League He just POPs up everywhere. He's like in every defining brame whether it's a big game vote he's there with a goal and assist. And you look at even the World Cup later stages Argentina beating Switzerland de Maria pops up. incisive Argentina France to me the best game patine tournament. And the only reason that Franz prevailed is because Bapai basie went to warp drive because de Maria was lights out emery basie about like such a funny play about forty minutes into the game was like. I'm GonNa to Pat I went and did it. For like a good half hour so. This I. Mean What tickle tickle likes Having his creatively man. So he's got like a Qatari Ian Adorn has thought with a G.. He. Uses with oversee brilliantly anti loves the aggressive pass into feet digressive early positives or Martinez who. Flew me away the quote is passing has blown away. You could argue he was ps she's best play the last two games. and the speed of transition. So. You don't what he saw in Makino. Martinez was signed as a centre back. But then. Move into midfield and NYC. This is the thing is on rated it is extremely difficult to play. Sentiment field. And Center back to a loss level in the Champions League like very few players have done it. has done it Madrid Charlie. Mass done it very, very, very few plays COMPLA- creative role in midfield and grow I. don't even call even remember to be honest Brian I can't remember. A player who started better than Martinez although just mean like defensive midfield, screaming actually playing progressive passes on the front end to the final thoughts before I mean there was there was a period where savvy, Mascara? No. was whilst being an absolute brute midfield was also quite underrated Progressive Pie. Yes. Yes. Yes. Obviously. Transition to a with back fully. Barcelona. Yeah. Is Hard to do both and it's amazing that you know I, think it is a feature of this tournament. The requires comment monkey who's done it to such a level. He's been outstanding. Yeah I agree. Monkey knows who is still only twenty six. It's been around for twenty five years. Solution. Traffic. Twenty six. Martinez good example of how. took the play on the front foot. You could actually maybe say kind of like vehicle todd character here. Maybe. Yeah. Meanings go I think he's in. The, passing he's. He's a little bit nippy Also, there was a weird thing in the. Game. where he just decided to go number nine A. Will Get you remember. Who is now from like? Who? Is. There was something you know when say, for example, there's a moment where center Ford may pull wide. Base against like a deep block and they'll may be linked to play with someone and they realized that they need to get in the box and they just peg it straight into the books. Yes. Someone did that in the game when I think it was about fifteen twenty minutes to go and I was who? Knows like turned around and I was. Just like mix mix. Do. You wonder if he goes to the bus lane, alike, hierarchy has look at this. Martinez is doing this. Is Not what the actual F is going on enough for for PK. Literally my favorite thing I think in football saw boss learner breaking forwards, and all of a sudden PK is the furthest man forward wise PK break him forward in the third minute of game but is known little Bromley on yeah you can just imagine like. It's I don't know if you've ever had this low level football there would if it was something like Sunday legal, your plan seven aside game with friends you playing center back with some. Because I would occasionally dip into Santa Quote Lifeline about actually and. You playing with someone who was the bum four and they're like cover me. The God. We had the God that we had a guy that the. It was great but the problem was that he eventually ended up. Making himself into central midfield because he loved it so much. Yeah. Yeah, PK Bowman, food, instead of the game for absolutely no reason whatsoever one of the best sides in Fobel. Angry with wanted all over the place. Let's take a quick break and then we'll come back and do a little bit more farka stuff still. Right back from the break. Right let's talk about Leeann because. They had their chances early on against him but ultimately. Just saw the massive quality I thought it was quite interesting how both semifinals were super routine compared to what happened in the quarters. Let's talk about him because they wouldn't have expected to go this far I think that they not quite been say like the acts of of this year because. Well, they just haven't don't think can also we haven't had as much time to get to know them and enjoyment and knockout phases because it's only been one leg because obviously they've got this far with some of the best young players and prospects in Europe. For example, Ryan check he came on seventeen years old the youngest player ever play in Champions League knockout stages. That's incredible. That's that's that's just happen now at yeah. Right. A question from Caricom de Leon have the Best Academy in Europe. Also please please talk about our or my goodness compare him to other players present analyzing an intellectualize is Berlin create analogies raise performance, play the hits. While case. So Best Young Academy our that she said it's still Dortmund still up there. I think I think it's definitely up there. I think I think. The Best Coral, quite young academy around he's hard to. Identify the moment. I'm being honest because actually we don't know the best academy is probably in like. The Italian second division is probably like one where there's just absolutely no money spent. On the club and there's a bunch of young people doing astonishing thing like it's probably out probably not on our radar like if if the Best Academy in relation to the resources. Put into it on what comes out to. Not. Me Try to be hit? Shosha. Sly In terms of one academy does because clubs like Dortmund do have the pick of the talent and clubs like Leeann have to pick the talent. Believe certainly outstanding but on the hour thing. Shut up to career as well. Created another brilliant midfielder alongside our. His ability. Hate me for this hour hour's a better Tina, his desire to receive the bull in possession an escape. I'm just GONNA on a case. To Go. I'M NOT GONNA mention in the same breath. But that same desire to receive the bull when surrounded by men and then draw them in an escape from that gap and space that was in Esta. All ready isn't yester- dots, the dots, what it reminded me of. Is. So, many times he received the bull surrounded by three men on either flank he didn't do it actually was really responsible. You know he didn't try that at home. He was very responsible. He drew. Plays out to the flank. An escaped trouble. And his movement, his economy of movement, his top his passing. To hit the pause before. The the windows of Opportunity Closed Is extraordinarily an unbelievable player. Watch. His highlights actually I. Did I watched a lot of our highlights when I heard the pulling with him. and. Then I was like, yes. That's why they're relaxed about getting some like tr because they know that players like out there much younger. They can go after perfection the price. Yeah, and I think actually intensive. Style I would actually think ours I think. Togo. Not Wanting to go off the topic but I think if you if live from Santiago, he will instantly be their best midfielder I think if you're gonNA compete everyone skill sets in that Liverpool midfield, you'd probably cited what you'd say the Taco is the best thing. Bay which gave them a different way of playing. And the might be some teething problems because he doesn't completely fit with how Liverpool of implying. But gives him another dimension. which they will probably have to face next season. So what she not bringing peace for during a by the way. But I think with our thing that I find really impressive about him actually is he never seems to be a full sprint. Yes. He never seems to be in a hurry. Yes. Never seems to be panicked. He plays with the maturity of someone who has been there don't. You even saw it was some of the IMAX lot season the. In that semifinal when they needed a calm head. They were seconds away. From gangs the final a season. And that was the difference I think like someone not having enough I mean they had an older squad then everyone gave them. Hi Four. Basically. But still there was a so that little bit of an experienced. And I'm not saying our is obviously. A super super experienced guides to the level of the asked was when he left boss alone for example but he strikes me as someone who is just letting. You know don't worry. This is what good good. going. To phase in no matter if he's done on all, you know this is this is. This is a hipster reference, but his study I said what the Hell he reminds me if if you watch Brazil's fourth and final in the nineteen, seventy woke up aggressively. Colorado who starts, to move Beats a few people in the triple. And then like laser off tonight show and the reason I like that. The pastor from Colorado's because he'd been holding the entire tournament light his his entire tournament. He'd Never GonNa made a run like that. I'd seen the play before him and the run was kind of like. It wasn't just going on Safari. He was like he saw the actually the logical way to play was doing that. And knowing that he had I better not. And holding back Amasau. Our does he has the ability he he can operate in the final third if he played him. As a kind of withdrawal and forward if you had to play I'm sure peppered loved work the plan like our he love to you'd love to we wouldn't. He has the technical ability in the passing ability in the final third. Yet to finish and to attack as A. Is Talking for, but he has the discipline to sit back. Let it play out. That to me is someone who is prima confident in their own ability? Yeah. Is that Almost. Half K with going on throughout the entire Game Yep. Fact. A lot of my favorite players ally that because that to me someone who really knows that this is a teams bull does that make sense? So it's like actually I don't need a highlight reel because my highlight reels. Are Actually really boring because sometimes the most important things are on the. Dinner so funny I felt like almost in a tweet during the game I wish had actually saying. Look at York. And concentrate on how long you keep your eyes on him because as a very good chance of drift out of focus unless you're actually looking for him. The things he's doing. Will Not require your urgent attention unless you're looking for them and I think that's is true of tr goes through our. Number players I think that when you see them live in the stadium and you can actually watch them independent of TV angle. Yeah. You develop a completely different appreciation of them Tiago example like the first time I saw him live. I honestly couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it I've seen him a few times life. Now, Thomas Live was when buying came to Hata. Last season and he's just unbelievable I made a point of watching him for about half an hour just him and there's so much that he does that you just navigate on TV come on a TV screen and you just never picked up by watching TV and I remember actually sorry, this is you know lot. You Overdone though I'm GonNA mention as. Anyone playing them as will drinking game. Now is your time. Bar Remember. My Dad had real issues about and he's first season and then we went to the. Game the efficacy court final is a Faisal Madonna as alive and he walked away from that news just like holy, Shit I, get it my God. As scored in that game as well. But this is the thing I think that so much of certain players do and I think office into this and actually think fit since this. So even though in the is beloved as a footballer, I still think that there are certain skill sets his he doesn't gain of price for widdly he's one of those incredibly right it is. He actually underage he is he is underrated. That's okay. So one very quick example and to yesterday's on. The US was blows me away the fact he basically left wing for much to twenty fourteen World Cup and his poss- competions off the scale, and his job is just to keep the ball while the resting Kotok them in the final thought Germany builder attacks against deep look dot. Blew me away. Ben Issa Tunas examples where when Spain? I think was a Turkey three Nelin, the euros. And He basie received the bull in the full back position and plays three phases of play at ends up playing the final Pasta Miranda who schools on ESPN spicy carries basically like orchestra, the entire game and the reason that move works is because Evans in yes. He's not gonNA possession. So when he gets the ball ever muse up, the final example is when I went to see them play and test Eggen would give the bolt in espn in about the left by position. It has left center right position and get the bullet to stay in because when you're playing out in the back, who does that how many? How many teams in world football? have. A sentiment field going deep into the penalty area like near six yard box to receive possession and play out. You know you did Duda Frankie doing. Well, this is a cake give him the keys give him the keys you I mean he did it in the. Champions League. Champions League where he would drop. There was one I. Think it was think it was a Bona Bay. He was. Left Bank. Often. Yes. Yes. Second half I think it was second Hoffy. We'll second half and he would drop it. No I think it was the end of the first half and all of a sudden he's in the left back position he waits any waits and waits, and there's no one around him, and if he loses the bull is a straight line to go. He plays a pass it back over sudden I in Ramat sponsored by that. Frankie Diong is an absolute master an mean muster. I i. think this is not. Forgotten. How great this? Kid is yes. They have to have clearly have he is an absolute master. I getting YOU FROM A to B Aka the edge of your penalty box to the edge of the opposition penalty box in three passes. Yes. And this is actually a good. I think they're I. think they're a little similarities with Allah Santi Cazzola. Santiago Zola's it was massively under look the speed of the speed of moving the ball. Without. Being quote unquote direct if that makes sense. Yes Sunday was a master at La. Frank Young unbelievable that ours. I think is really good and I think Allah the season I think he's GonNa get bad as well. Personally. Yeah. He will agree I think his ceiling extraordinary. And I'd be surprised if I mean buying already deep for that position. So they weren't need so much that. Spot. Bite also see be surprised if a club like that had no had a look. Like go just had a quick thought about it like he's going to be in a lot of radars and think within left Woah what buying with tend to spend money on I don't think they would spend money on on some. Kimmage, they've got like someone doing that work because someone who can play these kinds of. Although. Actually think like kimmage kimmage plays the played game right back and chemistry been really impressive in midfield when he's played this season but that buying field of Gerrad Ska and Tiago his extra. Balanced Mitchell balanced midfield, and also he's in the believable Rybeck. Payback has been in this season. Actually I like Benjamin Papa by this Bion lineup how they've been playing recently it's like the. How the warriors you stopped a lot the death lineup. Stupid Flick. Have thought about this his midfield for buying but. Thing to be aware of what the loss of geography will do. A. Know They beat Dortmund in that game and the decided to talk to the side I, know that happened and know another flick could be aware of that. He will be thinking. We come in the Bundesliga with Kim Ish in midfield and payback a right back. But for the Champions League will need to like scallops actually weirdly would still look our relation to buy in because I think he fills that gap. he could play the I. Think I think he's a little bit better as a kind of. Low, bit further forward. I agree ovo amount of possession that bind enjoy yesterday you know to me and I think he yes. Yes. An interesting I love I just love to our I. He's. One of the things about the Champions League I like is that you almost have like A. He could do like a class of twenty twenty and a Costco nineteen about like three or four players he really burst onto the scene or. The wider conversation honestly. One of my favorite things about the tournament because even though we try and watch a hell of love football, we do watch law football across multiple leagues. It's really good saying players that you've only may be handful of times that season seeing them play Manchester City and buying and gauging player on that performances against those size that you watch hell of a lot of. Is, one of my favorite things about the Washington a love watching players. Especially, this is this like compressed tournament format because you're watching players find. Solutions, the guy is the play with ever here challenge Nico Year should UNICORNS. Adolescents and Find Solutions Find Solutions because he played defensive and he was Brennan talented and watching. Our crack. Most. Guys, these two teams in succession to play very differently was was amazing actually. I WANNA say quick about semifinals but did actually follow a slightly similar pattern both of them just as. It felt like watching. Tennis semi. Tennis like we're both semi finals are in straight sets and early in both. Matches you know not those tennis matches as the kind of the dock is come really really far back she runs out of steam and they both have the Po- the moment it could conserve. And with the like to game, it was the Paulsen Miss. He missed an you knew you knew you knew that it was done. On the automaker hit the post and then like Yeah Memphis depri-. He didn't hit the post but he had that chance Rudi video where he broke through and he kept his head down. Yes and if he'd had his head up deprive known, they could have gone under neue, the bulk of. Benaroya is so good at spreading the arms. The older pie had to do was hit the ball under him. You need to do from there just chip him because he was so far how? Far. Away it was off line. Absolutely. And that moment in end of the poster, an the the post wasn't about missing itself. Amazon she could after. This early opportunity to break serve, and then it was like straight sets. and. I said you know I tweeted it the The Leipzig game twitter the game is now calling them. I just said, look. Lots of can. Afford to. Carnival to Miss Chances. On PSG. Khan. And that was what it comes down to it. Missing if Leo or Leipzig Halle kind of like young at two. An undiscovered. A young to they would've have. Could have prevailed And these the margin is the trump is they can even with all the kind of economic matches, the financial differences you can still prevail, I, will say this quick shuttle to Leon because that is a club if you look a model for how club is running Europe. That was when Mbappe mentioned the tweeted like Farmers League. Leon are about as far as you get. In Europe. Running club. I, think as well as you. The. Women saw the men's side. Within. Your Means Gray Academy. So yeah, just a big fan of it. One of the the first teams in Europe to Rudy Rudy. Prioritize the women's side by decade ago yeah and if you invest in your women's side, you can be really successful and you can increase the level quite dramatically rather quickly and you kind of have a quick shout Jason Denial because. You might actually that's The code to. Deny is a great name for defender. Whenever I, hear the name Jason Denier I always think of. Either Deniro, Denier I'm not so sure I could see his album cover. Well this is the funny thing. I. Think Actually I think he suffered from a bit of. Appearance Bias because Jason Denier. was relentlessly attacked. Both Games and gave them nothing like basically both teams like world class attacks a basic gaping nothing Partha one time to studying beat him with a cutback inside. But was it is the only time he was exposed by anyone and his two other Tabasco yellowcard. Let me thinking. This is so funny because they have thrown Hellfire this man during his. I would cry. Literally he didn't they didn't throw him out. It was like one of those MC's I was trying to send for him. He did you call him out he just Thing like he was absolutely brilliant. Of players came into this and their stock grosses result other players I, Michaela right back for life secured. Maybe we'll difficult periods and you see the difficult adjustment ipad McConnell was brilliant. He really was already good. We knew how good he was in the Bundesliga, but I'm glad that he got his. Place in the sun finally. But Jason Deny for me. Give them an extension like that Dude Easter toll they says this the why he stole. So. It was a soldier. We need to take another break stir. About from the break I like this question from our Wayne. Moose's Co box underrated performer jinx tip for the. Probably. Probably, A. A centreback at this point is I'm GONNA say marketing us is probably Martinez look how much praise Martinez about Paradise knows. Makino said praised him so much. It's going to be him unfortunately I'm so sorry mugginess. Goodman. was. surprised. By just how good yeah. I've been surprised by how they've progressed play an also under Harare playing a championship semi final variety still not back about coming. I wonder if variety is going to fit for the final. Do on the bench on Tuesday. In that would be a massive edition if he's fit. Yeah, he's big for them. Thornton. This quick counters Bond Gustafson to the WHOA yeah. We had lows of questions about Byron's High Line but before we council binds high line, I want to talk about this from Joseph Palmer said is such operates mustache. The best in football is a timeless an iconic tash although he's a young man see this is the The real question. Might do I might do my next piece of mustaches? I'm not actually that unlike led to all. Of the mustache community and football I have to be honest is not subject I mean it's led by William Collier. I think he's the he's the he's the chairman of the board. must ask must be accompanied by Free Cigar? When like now, gradually because there have been a few moped players coming through who took their shirts in yeah. It's going to be easy for the next generation and the mustache things. The Same William Cavallo is a trailblazer you're saying he walked so you could after he could run. Yeah. Go to Pine Ed Just Love William Cavalier I do view and. which is I feel where possible that should be accompanied by the. Trust, the unit is you know it's like it's a bit like when. INTO ANYTHING MONITOR MUSTACHE which. Is. During two or three weeks. So I didn't want to you know going through wall we'll just life life is tough. So I just the well, he's got he's doing his thing is gonNA stop. I'm not taking it electro from a grown man that go let's let's say you're on the way to flavor town. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Where are the Oakland? Will Be Room People People. I'm going through it. You'RE GONNA go for the. Next week what I say released a rock and a moustache, it was all. Plain sight. Hey Gubbay cruelty kind man I love you I think you'd see a mustache. It's all part of the assassin always comes within your insecurity to there it is. His I. Like got into of this goatee once in the last twenty years. And I got rid of be. Bid I. It was going to Moustache and I was so horrified by the vision of the mustache on my freighters, my phages free-floating. Then took off immediately as well. I will never ever leave the house with a mustache unaccompanied by Goto. You have my word on that is that's such bad news. That's my energy. Though, right if you're GONNA go flat cap gang, combine it with the go you have to you literally how you don't it's sorry tried and tested established is Morgan Freeman itchy is Morgan Freeman Energy. But Morgan Freeman debris but that's the freemen Morgan Freeman. The. Less. Than grew those sideburns which were were I conquer those control. I've tried to grow the trump aside Ben's icon. You've just despite me to go in them how shape today so I'm going to have the mustache. Thanks, see you go to trick lady going through it? Musa anything I'm going through is doing book. Is going through how? If anyone catches me with the thousand yard stare probably been about technical guy. In Mussa. Things we. POCOCK. Honestly. Right. Could operate was very good. Just bus lashes I. Told you man best surgeons Gainsbourg's yes. tweet he said out two, thousand and nineteen but we have to reopen because it was so good. Slight questions slot question here. gloppy is very, very good. Going from right to left. Sunday arrives. He'll be. Left left. So, cannot be will take place of. Perissich. Cause paresis has been playing laughed when he comes on usually as well. It's not breathe. Straits walk straight swap, okay straight swap. Your because it's weird, can operate playing. canabis yeah. He's much more effective cussing in. Yeah, Yeah Yeah They'll have like one inverted wing one fully white. Yeah. I mean basically that that that three behind Levin Dusky if Levin donkey stays by the way. Denton him. It was that. The. The. Sunday Thomas Miller says can opera Yup is as German say Nicht Schlecht not. So we yeah we had questions about binds highline. How they're gonNA fair in the final against him buffet. Name. De Maria how will they were? They even play highline yeah. They'll play test all the plate bond. They'll impose themselves because they haven't gotten this far by being reactive. And they will Trust themselves. To plug the gaps I think is going to be like that I mean look. David Alibaba is rapid. You've got the speed to recover and it's just the prize with pain. What's the payoff? The payoff pfister's Levin Dose skied and Miller are not going to have games as quiet as they had. Case, it's not going to happen. It doesn't happen back to back. Levin dossier is not going to tread on the bowl four yards out. Not. Going to happen again. So. That was also about thing of that energy conservation to know. The bond players are playing within themselves. These are all things are not going to happen and the payoff thing? Yeah. You pay a high line, but it's like. It's like an investment strategy right. You speculate that they're going to do. So I don't see that being a problem for them I think you just too many benefits from from playing the stall they do. This Germany Yeah we like Germany Jerry two thousand, fourteen worker they paid that wildly highline but it worked and who was the architect to fat Manual Neue? Who is one of the kicks off the field on Z. Flick is handwritten as well. So been playing high lines for years in major tournaments and it's paid off and why did it pay off because they occupy that final third makeup those. Late goals they. Came through the late ninety minute whatever. And then proceeded to this is just the kind of flicks tolerance. For risk far far high the steam at high lines as well. It's not a game of chicken reductive I'm not saying that. But. It's a thing where you have to have a stomach for it. And his bravery this the thing like the best. Talk. Lot about this as a writer, the best artists, the bravest ones the was the goatee go message when mum recent she's like Mesa like when you write like keeps on the impact on me thinking Mambas. Works, you don't own stuff back as a coach. Hold. Stuff back you to play with fit if we look at this tournament so far. The defining characteristic. Of this knockout phase. With his wife enforced Latvia further from winning this tour they've ever been. Is They I've coached the winners of coached and played without fear. Lot He played with fear out of that Downfield I thought about this this morning I woke up I thought to myself because this is what I do. I wake up in the football I thought to myself. What he thinking like those late goals against Liverpool was the before exhausted and punish themselves out. That was never going to work in a knockout tournament. You Will Never GonNa get to a place the other team was exhausted. You can do that. You can stalemate some for one twenty minutes. To Lax, you can't do that knockout. So I. Think what's going to happen is Not Going to be prediction on full. I. Think. That this brave is going to win whoever's brave. This is going to win this. Yeah. I kind of call it actually just. Adopt a really. me, either because name is name are going to have three of those in a row rebound finishing games. No, I don't think so. Yeah I've no idea. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions We're GONNA move on a little bit. So is the s the wife of the American League final on Friday into against severe into absolutely demolished Schachter that was where did that come from? I mean, they were so impressive Lukaku is final goal was the archetypal stereotypical Lukaku urban finished. Yes. Really was all of a sudden. The cocky was just like power pushed out of his feet and was gone instrument away ball came on. Just one. He was while he belongs to and Choctaw. I mean nervous actually. Yeah they lose. Three? Direct maybe three goals resulting directly from errors defensively. Means quite similar to the RB LEIPZIG AGAINST PSG. Really there was some navy playing out from the BAT from Galazi and They kind of invited pressure. They did it. Yeah. Yes. There was anxiety from shock top of the takes nothing away from. What into produce a now final, which is real. European. Footballing aristocracy like into the UEFA Cup final. So I still call him privately. Yet. for Co to us something quite righteous and everything is right place. into the final. Against the Coles severe. The Grand Masters. Tournament and again, no predictions severe have shown their ability to absorb shock. Nuke Diong has grown into the severe side. He was an ally, the stars I said in previous podcast struggled to school but then come play was good now is outing the finishing touches. The, long of the game goes on the better chance severe have I think just because they game management's Radi really strong yes. Exactly. What I was GonNa, say I think this is an open game I think into will clean up. I. Think if it can stay contained and quite tie goalless for maybe at least the first half to an hour I think that's where severe will benefit because there have been times a season where into British struggle to lie unlock. Teams. Yes. In certain Type Games, they've they dropped a lot of points at drool-o games in the league this season S. I think that's west of like we mentioned severe, they have the third best defense and Lollygag. season. So if I don't break them down early early but I, think like you said, the longer the game goes on struggle to break them down. I think last Wednesday be may really start to benefit. Going to be really interesting. But before I think they kickoff is nine PM Central European time. It's nine pm for us a PM in the UK. But. Before that, it's the return of the Women's champions. League. final. Stall on Friday and there are some massive games. Athletic. Against Barcelona on Friday which I'm really I'm going to watch that one you're going to be watching Glasgow City Wolfsburg right well I. Well, no I will because that. Is the tie Leti passer that's the in an and I think they should be should be Costco thing they'll absolutely hominum spelling they should they should they should do yeah. flexi. Boss Learn I. Think is is talk for Friday and then Saturday evening. The. Game style APM. Time. So seven PM UK time. To absolutely huge games. Awesome against PSG, and Leo. Buying caught beautiful by an isn't it like in Bertha? Yeah actually stages yes. Nice. With our you. The favorites the reverse because Leon are obviously one of the favorites to win the tournament. If not favor I don't think on are as strong as they have been in recent years that can bond half that kind of energy if you keep them, if the game goes close to late. Buying of shown, they can hang them go very good. Very good. Counter Damjanovic is slack a very good on the break. It's like a particular scored dangerous goals late-on so if they can hang with Leon. I'm not saying it will be an upset but there's a potential for something. There's a potential for banana skin there. And maybe if they can catch Leon cold out the gate because you know it's like a restart like if they can catch cold visiting with a Wolfsburg thing, we just don't know like. We know they've been training hard. But you can't spring a surprise if a team is like not quite on it, there's some really good previews on the Guardian actually a direct banker and reading people who want to find out more about teams left in the last day and yeah I I would just recommend watching watching the trump is the CO founder 'cause I think they're going to be really good game. It's going to be a really good tournament and there was he goes on another week or so after the men's the men's Champions League finished. Yeah. So. Will Round those up on Monday along with the? Men's Champions League final. And the final. and. Also football is you know like those nature is hailing memes? Yeah. Hopefully say you leg it's wild house coming back some everything's coming back scotch permit shape how they're playing for when Brazil have no idea goodness. I think the. MLS is. Back. Some Shit for this, I'm going to come out with Tyke I think this should be an official studio position as well. A new you'd enjoy I knew. I knew you'd womb to officials. Is Is it fair to say that the official study? Our position is the the MLS is no chill it has no chill. It was. The SCUSI go away. Like, don't you gain about? You. Right. At the moment about the national. MLS should make everyone stand before the game. In align hand on heart and just simple minds. Don't you forget about me? Out He. Back even called itself the. Show really have at the vestige. GonNa wake up wake up wake up at rocking chair fifteen years from now being. Back Mrs by. God that God colonel. Puckett's not going horror horror. It'd be like just keep dreaming fake crowd noise really highly compressed wake up just like people on why must around by people on zoo the? You've raised. Ninety s logo superimposed onto the my car. We're only message and I just. Say Back, of subliminal marketing, super middle marketing like it's just know it. But you know like we said before though actually play to them for managing not tournament accurately. Managing the tournament. Well, they did a pretty good job all things considered and. I'm. I'm. GonNa be on us. If we're being censored Eurocentric mockery the back that's also acknowledge the Champions League is back and it's now a permanent Lou because the same time. But trump is not. The same day? The quarterfinals playing? We had former European shop at Celtic wrist up upgrade playing qualifies in the same day to the next tournament saying. It's. Football inception football -CEPTION, exactly euro section or whatever champ -ception yet. Honestly. Is All is all love. Honestly football around the world absolute fucking. Ridiculous. Chelsea for everything needs to chill I. Think were the weird thing was. Listening what did you and I say when? It will shut down. We got about a month into lockdown. We went to a podcast one day move like. Don't Miss Football. We do a football podcast we were like. It's been great. Having any football for. so true it's so true. It's so weird. I mean I love so much but sometimes it's just like can you just leave me babe for a bit I just want out of friends did I saw once I saw this like I watched of animal videos on Youtube. And this one video where you've got like five or six Husky puppies, right And among basic climbs. Husky mom cars on top of the like the Kennel. To get away from the puppies is the only place she can get away from them because they just bothering him for some milk quota play professional. I feel like. Couple of years like we're not the Husky mom top of that like Kennel. The puppies alike football I watch me watch me. That's how it feels like constant. Consumed consume. Trying to watch the NBA The playoffs to here go pay good. Of. Well no down to the he already they don't stay nil really in. Do on the playoffs because they are tasty. Everything's back. Yeah. Everything's back puffer my mustache which will be back before the next cast is no infamous embarrass is looking strong cat. Graphic. He's a headaches. Should we have here? Thanks to I've only sent in questions enjoy the euro league final in the Champions League funnel, and hopefully the Women's Champions League. Finals as well. We'll be watching them from staying safe from well staying hydrated Musa would say, absolutely, don't forget to check the ring dot com slash soccer. Piece, about on just sartorial nonsense will probably be out by the time you listen to this I'm going to try and do another piece before the Champions League Toronto check us on twitter at. Study. Studying, football and INSTAGRAM. Anything else Mesa North hydration needs taking care of all directives of. On I said, you know as far less is all good. Yeah. Just enjoy the weekend so much great football on if you can recharge those batteries, one measure specifically to UK, a level and students we know you've been through it. We see you. We know it's been a tough time much love obser- whatever your plans on next best of luck and thank you for listening to us. We really appreciate. Yeah that's good. We're playing now on Jeffrey Lenders. So you'll say so shout to the brilliant music for memory label based on to them. Go check the studio outdoors playlist on spotify research study outdoors. You find all this stuff we play on in a nice playlist newest one that the. Have a good weekend everyone movie about Monday take care. Off. Mom. Awesome.

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Txakoli de Getaria con Mkel Chueca de Bodegas Etxniz  De Donosti al Cielo 139

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Txakoli de Getaria con Mkel Chueca de Bodegas Etxniz De Donosti al Cielo 139

"Status did not clear yellow. Gone carolers bengo at this affiliate in love your kid ravioli. Al qaeda those. The vm and those cars muslim throughout the st l. Feel gay all you say. Well this pla stargate on to meet typical in wister iraq comores. So he's told through retains through but he's been tackle either. Guitar area got got the little city vegas he put us from. Give them colored. Pr don't mean and get started. Tigers ally theo needle the coleco christie relies boulevard movement title. Dd momentum but fan informal. you'll forget then was throw who spoke doses today. Yes in supplement. Be but a lot of the dow component this they allowed theon. Refrain is leaking. Troika last they lab will they got mean it's michael forever tampico ambient guitar here. I'll ask what the love knows. Lie by quantum's contend up of seek Sickest lovers damascus. Catos can take a vehicle. Maria star. Spandau your allergy allegation for peronist. But not not looming. Goaltending sell the san anton. Theon the delana Incidentally al public office. Las colors zone fulfill your tenure san antonio ethical got a little clara case india. Their masculine kentucky an alien terrain as we win c. k. parameter kamal guitar not tranquil with a non king county at the end so returned quanta khalida role the kindergarten for shoplifting in kentucky material climate. All commenters doro stadium which saw poker you look this up. Okay i'm someone is from k. Tyson guy in today A god okay. I'll be nice. Sorta they'll pro last hanina. The they'll work local finale. With if you there is no work and all star win. In this day. I know some winner and canals on. Don't know scholar moon indecent finale domingo in las face and a global prosciutto palo alto type alesia uneven the quality they said no. I put into finale alfano over territory. Qual- details ck theon spices. London cavs commute in the mass cathedral. Told munoz don't they don't they. Sex sober does his protest meals. They casio went about in la porta. Theon little game. Frontier bomb into may makino kopassus months integrity. Let me like oh shit. Explorer damaso minnows for upper his. She took 'em up in kostov news ltd. The interest in lower that in kosovo must kathryn tanner's thunder stuff needles. Win daniel sicario boom on the ceo last thing and guitar ian connecticut. They don't ties to this okay. I'm gonna throw documents. Moyer on the salvador's. Tom sports dubai's lyle truly we will out. There were one hundred zero characteristics lanka's maria conrad here palmisano stockholders blanco's lower pogo. Suare luton type thing in our guy on that. Obviously see that thing. Hi ski bill. Muslim put my hand on the tom. Tom who stars to say nah. Nah juke e myemma. Young last will allow la di the faith key mass politically those details. Literal on gear in allah has posey until later. They'll give our is. I'll i'll i'll vinyl carving yellows tinto they were lobbying flare but and tanta sascha Or s not always stays alvin daria story this way until all in the get paid off lower gowda response cantatas domino's approach Maximal shula or feeling so simple must contact us black. You've seen greece inconsolable. That has a thumb on c. And lamented and this is tenuous yucky all. They were of task while intact in total intolerance us. They get that. When i am happy he'll go put him come off hispaniola montana schemes daniels. Anti-german tater following a thorough. Thea this komo yala repeal the number eight number two number our mental all. They've asked tons the stunts t to stanton the chuck comparison. Komo show the almost in. Dc are not gonna ram is through the lack of is number one no indian laws melinda lou brownell so they don't allow either theon. They was going to talk about food. I togo percent more finale. So lower our our our ironist iphone a- bloomberg radio starving throw completion of talk assess and support a number of get in stand up elite up six battle wounds. Amanda l. pro barra non-ruble. There has been blues in theon in several key. Look as guitar yahoo motel in john. Perreault pins okay methods in your lower economic numerous. See some intersquad. Anti ups okay. Muslims interesting story amass the royal de la lemay latin lochore knock thailandish from c. Deal fantastic but but it is a deal out up on a penalty antonio correa motors portabella phenomenon me. Those eat said about more mentally. Yes yes. c- cannot be near latino methods sharing criminal towel Increment tim o. Talamante commercial mental quad industrial s. A million agenda in this phone policy valvoline komo being. Don't this thing same criminal. Mutual control our komo. Matthew on daniels lama urea in the nose chin. Annuals maria lavinia. Those monacell minnows. The the tania maria calvin daniels from what and in gaza familiar element that we mustn't get stuff. Amelia lower tackle. Is they mistook into what s o domingo. Jonathan per se. Say i have a chocolate moose. Mr and he combs that capital. Won't stuff and we ceo. Monte nido approaching the tally by southeast england. Debut because this guy is one is falcon crest begin. You see you see that. You'll be coupla fell. Congress congress will be more but if they fell. Congress nagas not ask allah mitigate or something or mood. Thursday for entail falcon chris. It's stay parentheses. Not the pace and half dollars w with bill nye. I rueda's yelling carlo with pursue studies. They love cardinal hobos. They ask you know janos can also see if you now a sort of come on the phone. Nola diamantopoulos be more soon through obviously battles. How well they've was a impression. Cto stumps mark on is baskin communist. Seattle took a solar south. A komo they don't feel maybe she does and they must be responsible towards the tunnel. The most minded industry finale. Ck moscow ended. I saw that pro. E alfie female cuando similar russell. Think honest iphone. I wanna lobbying coma or logano. Alestra mia at least look at mosley. Latin theon the total official not sold. It also get. I'm gonna see this as well. I lack attaya. They gotta be in atlanta okay. Mosca cutters ugliest ramona's discolored only until thirty postal community on clearly. We tell me qasimi la though you tend to get coronado gave sova over attack. Not get us normative tackling locally famous skull as he window in economy the tactfully. Ti simple complicated. But i'll all got out and burritos. Ucla okay land tour de la ville. Check me salary. Tour is not perfect. Obviously out the legal william blessed to be genitalia. She's given that. Mr obama's newest seminal but the navy so put poverty.

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Die besten Serien 2020 mit Hrer Top 10

"Hollwood concer- knowing oscar fonzie advisor. Mimas foodi gemayel disagrees guns had slick michelle hilla closer look command and wondering talk on whole and cruiser. How your views and come home highs. Varta top ten does yard is fully supported on vignettes thing. Bischoff andy feud support asean vendor. Wanna meet north's why house artisans to from guns i for. Its nicking uber. Who landed parking meter. Infant on one hundred hundred shaked gets mitchell sheitanov nominate and supported us. Hopefully in the tunnel for before league. S i used lis dunker shirt annoyed at goals in our top ten. Listen i topped. Let's see how villas yet some s murga marked owned dashon for bluefield tiger balm harm on skiavo. Hotly tuscon. so no. I'm adroitly ehud on. Let's listed technically for few stone. Angered cough manhattan. Mama in the top ten basile up for fully gomez was abba elizabeth naba via couldn't get inviting feed becky or who've congress turned amid. Let's sean i kn- who've gotten podcast back against toivo on your inbox hopped zaman. Vida's manama hyung-keun email. Ncaa invited empty. Order of on the website is aimed podcast pump. The in itunes commented on gin of mitt from stan wasn't a lesson devoid these lines. Take us up alternate home. Suzanne gonzaga's is he'd seen on van. I know who are hotter than had screen kept who unbeatable greeted thus behind video by media montage. Does we need zardan vega. The bush pondered decides top tents for mia woolen. On from allston he'd been diagnosed with us is size. The only client does some end. The that's continuity no mine's there who before it's really listening complaint. Mcgann's quarter zia. We had xenia indies. Co-owner your soil up consign. It was so dying. I know corrigo bind i do. Kuna atop to estimate eat. Zillion Often the owner foregin venue lobby which is responsible for comfort. Onions aas fellow put tune pods and woulda got an thousand these yard to listen to cancel. Or if lauber zillion fence hum feelers fallon of. Could there and china often netflix. On kwan's auden voiding fought to keep. Vincent van does fantasy bizarre. Nervous than of the syrian. Yasha were islamiyah's kind we. It causes feud awesome deep dish spitzer as philo industry. His one hundred eleven with sean van de la nissan doesn't dod turns zillion. That's configure noncombatant. Dammit fant thus far and yada minis alien behind guns feeling in the lessons for ankle shatila lucian on. Its mccown's oil to me at some percent. Mind because you're up to your mia zia cooked at an an onion holand as a definitive niche vile wolf stationers of vinegar. Site oughta know up. He hasn't that's why you obviously have to be through. Vestige answers tying thirty. she would have amount of investing in kazan. She saw almost minor top ten off missing nerdy on on sundsvall as an yokohama. Office are shop. This nation winning cooked robert. Macaroni suit up shirt over top. Ten gu showed up in schism cuisine. Have as you have a feel calm. film casino. Common nova as a kaga come by vandals and took which it's not unusual About not appear. I'm gofundme fantasy others listed button. Boy a list of scribe. Zine vietnam have done aplenty motivates. You won't follow. On across miles on seattle's he does not of delisted by mere globex of sympathy for shy of wounded com. that was the comic zip lime. So of course weeden finish buyer fifty from duncombe against an oscar and croissant. hav de bottom matas designs. Ania nashville spitz's speedy in owns one. Hurler charts vido some clinton deter bella hamlets corrupt embed snia stunt film one at sea for she knows in the off as the envoy atop ten listed indecent yards and is hundred swansea safer. She'd while hama does india hoover tied. I'm gut's on cushman zealander. She'd has we. Let's mitch channel byun envelope which told me ninety eighty of endless guns foreign of beyond ucla kleiner listed as a vendor deduction it's pump side of the game and appointed a tights. Owns dc inspite in whoever leads us. Yadi nuts about enough hit is relative. Stock alba has to enzi. Stock meter faded as in deborah to fund Yar yet exactly sean. As a fan zine have come richie schley stuff is often displaced vulnerability. It's very it's mina. Top derive even bets. This yard lobby each other niche detroit scheme independent. Let me tell you. Shelby watchmen watchmen to know. Believable goes aren't literacy. Are happy long ago. Baltimore to mind sufen new new new niba and claw by mavis on cla letting as mine mine. She lotions is awfully us. Same for sheena zagan. My of plus einstein who hunted phones and disassembly ocean Enormous brighter on it. Let's national rescue stayed. When did this guy is always nosal. Let's desert the headed down. Who got into the us funding top. Ten who zemin's on these young feeder affinity mice ten as a nicosia hundred hundred years. Nothing top ten consents mine including weekly leader and johnston team in off ended relative politer stormed unbeatable as net flicks. Two-minute soi as a biden who top tens and fi netflix products. Up by a sin fin fishy none beaten top ten fatigue. Bussey ached astaldi fund at the toyonaga. Y'all new and cosa spoil hang som patient suge one yet soon. Lincolnian hut schlabach zona to nonce for net flicks feverishly in inlets neon flashing hutton. D. keeps mina. Vanni meals are strong but heels. You wouldn't oscar money august. The humor mukhlis started van by implied and fifty. Best listen on. That's undischarged has started. His guessing hotness convinced him as but in who top ten fish stone as swazi higgins and started. I knew my i'm unique. White mutates volume august item. October on november as tiv glide music is of fear the sob inspite spite beer. Thus lobby fast. Let's let's see. I'ma hutton doesn't see cassia swyto mothers only now by mir's decides we'll give you isn't the ladies speed cooked us. They are very his songs on sneh kentucky to muslim nevada more taking entities yelstin counts. Calm the who is the for pasta. Don't couldn't cotinine for logging on type amid some bushmeat wash and feed his under chaffey yesterday. Let's show zip unsealing on on the attendance. New exact has safely. Measles buys an octopus speakers hidden herbalism. Listen veto via funding top food biden. Who've been sin dice zillion yester- stuff him on the top. Ten ons fianc there. Who about them. Seeing is important n-num off swan footsie museum or the staffing also negotiate invade sunk in his yacht stuck of one. All varieties watchmen. ford cassettes. Wanted asking him. let's the also laws. Unbelievable venezia channel booth immunization Foots understand stay of nagas of vitamin d. Hits my past disney. it's house kohner. An unconsumed doesn't your feelings. Zillion d. p fight in the winter soldier someday glides food ins exfoliating kundus few double citizens whom these courts inch lock on ios on the big bang theory or those of us the these mea to ended guns and dust vitton sneak sushmita beginning. Does the heads counselors padang but an unbeaten format museums pa absolute food senate side for ballot. Doubt don't visor. Wound ought king star incomes and art hinsch bundle spoon bowen defaults desio often problem fund funds. Alien does event in the industry gift. The stink affordable shouldn't in kleiner come gets us it done lesson. Stop a einstein. Mitt vietnam before guided loomed avenue daffyd. Rommel's fan disney in the listeners. After want agonists yavuz fan women. Negative man stein agonises ers. It's often saleha. Bessis amount of kind. Zia these of the spa. Especially she podcast dictation. Brady's dad awards podcasts. Why i'm pies deutsche fellini on these. Not yet vitally important zine. That's fine for today. Collegians edged us. That's under because these hobby innocence to cocoon touch of the validity of media. Teak is slow four hundred as much as donna. Also assign you cook. Blue phd of at least a former teske asked combined to order professor. Yana goals in tightness. So's one nba. Tom are all of our students. Studying organisms janas geologist and shit smartphone. Decent to watch front for monday lipman torch image by a heck us of fiber add starts. Gippsland macadear fringe millet. Seen service more online. My mitzvah for us. I've already production. Vegas lavar after your sister. Orange the iphone it's us budget and the economic deon workplace viewed as to. Mom this alycia klein alyssa. Hang on stun. What's not com via frontier acoustic guitar. The for chicago dealer fame. Abakan is awesome threats. That statement is there of these. You can finish pixel easy at this. Hour has worked on. Negative in stock houben celia unions as it were for actions. Offer schliemann stunt this for me. Some missing chapters yadav feeler dodgers in house and somebody also fire furniture. Masirah sean payton disney. The innovator of our torture jose the unfinished fronts unita romanski delicious comedy genre and claw reckless. Secondly on the shell fuel up papa. John's could come from such as let's of ought wachner feel order catalogue hollow which does emit president. I was walking in shadow. Play offense davonte production. Were fun to be christine. Not after one hundred member trying to find docked iras and look i forty minutes so i wouldn't embiid senior to trash. Sealy people bargain. Compared with finding these are still courses lube. Andy hurler shaken by of. I know top tennis boban of guitar. All my learnt soon of zillion nine complete the message does gonda under oxygen kazeem was. He's not. Coaching glacier lied as harden does up full tricky haifa. he fended these yada. Yada was a star trek discovery and couldn't slush of it and event kafan nine this stuff works can garnish destined thinking at the moment nevada. Cook for today. Interesting smuts dibs me. It's got to hustle him for on his name he Buddies streaming dot on these a netflix top ten cedar and inside he has pull bloom v missed one streaming forget inside. One hundred in was on an intelligent gold media hype kinetic object even sign. Gibt right over gets netflix. And using i guess. I know top ten db tiered on mankind Enough hold seem v. Dusk melted undercoat. Owned this is for me. Some visa Venue supermarket line comes has to foreign a d. g- musil on op subtitle. When engaging gilligan exodus supermax has to be multiple doctors ict Liam's wooten supermac. Toyed does to the listener uncork. Most order online shop cults state. I'm product for futebol genucel by netflix's top. Ten econ four doesn't guns off the zoo. Gurion violent hit hit thus missed equations on top. The at us how passed on tuesday could sleeping zips canarian a Now he was. Genesis could helium swimming. Wooten's couldn feel sian on escaped in. This phone did off. Its inside the netflix game. Advas- sudas irishman lobby him. Let's neon no mid. The matrix was put sent. Moscow and jackson swansea to houghton on dunham ended up netease at vimy pneumatics the of moon at fiennes. Eight millions shower and vasic envelope finger. On't outside thus tetons. Johnny offer wtam on by people. Bond among fiato's busey's vice got familiar wanders veg coupons cup towns on which armagh denker these pushkin. Bogus vied vikings that cookie of infamous line cooking party s the fogo sign on benneteau. Lock swimming them of any plot. Concocted eddie does divide a the monta sudan. it's see incontinence folks Does fit he'd as my eagerly he can email that in the us was in in top ten is called devas effected order the m food dina loomed. They're mine aluminum of inaugural. 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Ex- normal people from mandalorian esta zine fear flash. Chanda guide us. Tom compete spy lovecraft country. On't ci- deaths minded seen little fires everywhere. Mine anoint stuff. You from the crowd when our gentlemen jack mine is even. I'm not okay. With this is x ten less oh mine affirm mandalorian of why many fear. The plot against america mina die. I may destroy you. It's why does damn gumby mine's normal people on devotion. The top ten in over deed see the crown stuff will fear the anoint unorthodox. The gangs of london disease. Even ted less all these ex deaths deficient the plot against america. Defeat mandalorian Normal people did vice stafford on dark on the einste- dominant gumby on yom was. If he does. I know fantastic. Top ten uh-huh via controls of assign the optically eight good kind of vita foliage these viking boy Disease occurs some better call source of food. I know this much is true. Little fires everywhere. Stafford iphone ozark. Stephen's wife on boys stuff. It's wife on sex education. The great of the season the last ends of axon of noise. And i am not okay with this on at swansea stuff. It's wife on umbrella. Academy does vons would divide on done donkey here. Devoted us on a little speed outside also for shannon continents enough. Does the league club tom on. Wnyc podcast president good and noyau vigna's who had of ignorance no iago comes on awfully gazeta fleets vitalsigns twenty tonight office and get in spitzer nine. Y'all vida chacho. How does the truth.

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Savage Love Episode 693

Savage Lovecast

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Savage Love Episode 693

"You're listening to the micro version of the savage love cast. WWW DOT savage low castes. Dot Com Our Democratic Republic turns out. We couldn't keep it. We had a nice run well nicer for some than for others. Slavery wasn't Nice crimes against humanity generally. Aren't Jim Crow. Nice conniving women the vote until nineteen twenty. That wasn't nice. The Chinese Exclusion Act Internment of Americans of Japanese descent in Japanese immigrants during the second world. War Nice redlining red baiting blacklists white supremacy Selma my life the trail of tears. Not at all nice and all of that came right off the top of my head. It is amazing. How much not Nice Shit? There is in our history. But it wasn't until this week that we could pronounce our system of checks and balances this is the separation of powers. No Man being above the law all of that officially dead turns out. Nixon wasn't wrong just before his time when the president does it now thanks to Senate Republicans. It's not illegal not anymore now. We haven't seen what happens when the president shoot someone on Fifth Avenue but November's a long long way off and we don't know if the same rules apply when there's a Democrat in the White House the rules being that there are no rules and my guess is probably ought but we'll have to wait until a Democratic president declares climate change and emergency which it is and takes money congress earmarked for defense spending guns and worships and missiles and spend that money instead on getting us off fossil fuels Kinda like trump declared immigration and emergency and stole money. Congress appropriated for defense to spend on his stupid wall and then maybe the next Democratic president can pressure France or Germany to dig up dirt on the Republican opponent. My guess is that Republicans would vote to remove a Democratic president. I'm from office for far. Less and Democrats would too because Democrats still believe in the rule of law all Republicans believe in is the will to power power. But don't mourn they say Organiz so instead of morning. This morning I got online donated a little money to any McGrath. The Democratic former marine combat pilot. WHO's running against the odious? Mitch McConnell in Kentucky maybe if we vote the bastards out trump pence McConnell Graham Collins Ernst I Gardner Mick Sally all of them we might be able to revive the not always nice and frequently imperfect thing that once passed for democracy in America America a sham impeachment of Donald J trump and the shamelessness of Senate Republicans weren't the only news stories. I was following this week. There's another that caught my attention this week. It involves a Catholic priest now. Hope you're sitting down. A Catholic priest is going to prison and maybe coming soon to a sex offender under registry near you. Bother Brian. Stanley was sentenced last week for sexual assault. He'd been asked to counsel a boy by the boy's parents and somehow that boy wound He bound the teenager. Father Stanley bound the teenager with Saran wrap and duct tape and gagged and blindfolded him and locked him in what I can. Only only assume was a very large and very crowded closet in a Catholic Church. Not Sago Michigan Fox. Seventeen News primly noted. This type of activity is often sexually motivated the way that's phrased. It's almost like the news station was letting viewers know that this was worse than they thought scarier than they thought because sex arise now in defense of people who engage in this type of activity with consenting adult partners. It's actually scarier when in this type of activity isn't sexually motivated if you've been bound like that and locked in a closet and it's not because that shit turns you on and you saw it out then you've been kidnapped or you're being assaulted by someone who is sexually motivated but not interested in your consent. We should hope this type of activity. Shivaji is always sexually motivated and consensual. But please no never leave a tied up personal loan. especially if there's anything covering their mouths that could restrict their breathing anyway father Stanley Stanley who investigators determined had done this to other boys was facing fifteen years in prison. A gotcha sixty days but also a lifetime on a sex sex offender registry now. I know this is a big reach but go with me justice. It was once inconceivable. Catholic priest would ever face consequences much less jail jail time for their crimes. Just as it was inconceivable ones that Catholic priests wouldn't be able to assault children with impunity currently seems inconceivable. The trump crime family will ever face consequences for their crimes. So things can change. I live in hope. All right coming up on. Today's Today's show on the micro edition of the savage cast. Tons of your cues. Lots of my as and on the Magnum addition of the savage love cast Peggy Ornstein author of the bestselling girls and sacks joins us to discuss her new book boys insects. She has really important insights to share. And we get into it all that coming up on. Today's show on the micro and the magnum. This episode of the savage love cast is brought to you by Adam and Eve dot com get fifty percent off one item and free shipping. When you enter the Offer Code Savage Jab check out this episode of the cast is brought to you by the good folks at squarespace they make it easy to build a beautiful website blog or online store head on over to squarespace dot com slash savage for a free trial? And when you're ready to launch us the offer code savage to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain dame products is a woman and founded company making toys for sex developed and tested by real people with Volvos engineered to bring your Solo and couple play to new heights visit dame products dot com slash savage to see how they're making the world a better place one volt at a time he dan and the tech savvy at risk youth I am twenty nine year old old lady on the West Coast and I'm very creative and Kinky and looking to date at the moment and I'm on all the ASS and I have it in my my profile. I have kinky on there because it's very important to me because in the past I had not great like sexual chemistry long-term because of just a lack of creativity on my partner's side so it just feels the need to advertise this and be like. Yeah this is something that's really important to me. I'm looking for him. NAGAS relationship but can't is important. And Oh my God every man lists just a just a wild list of their fantasies. As soon as they seeking they go. Oh what are you into. What are you into Sh? Should I take this as a disclaimer. Like oh so is. This guy doesn't understand what that means to have kink in my profile like king positive or whatever if he can't take that seriously and instead of like let me tell you a huge list the all my fantasies. Now 'cause that's what I keep running into it's just like men giving me crazy long lists of their fetishes immediately. There's there's no spice there be careful what you wish for. You don't want to date any vanilla guys you put kink in your profile and then you're overwhelmed by responses Mrs from guys who have kings probably sexually frustrated guys who've only ever dated Vanilla women have never been able to act on their tanks with laundry lists of things that they'd like to do and try and experience and what. These guys are demonstrating in that poem. It is just poor judgment. Low motion like Hugh who are getting out over their skis. But they're the guys that you want. Bear the guys that you're seeking out. Non Vanilla guys. Is that a lot of those. Non Vanilla guys out there again have probably never been able to act on their fantasies. And then there's that supply and demand King problem where there's a lot more men into whatever for Kink you might cite them women and yeah you are going to be overwhelmed by these kinds of responses. So what do you do. Well you can take kink ink out of your profile and then have to go on dates with guys who are vanilla. But you know every once in a while he'd gone on a date with somebody where kink wasn't discussed in advance and you get delaying knowing your king cards on the table and you find out that they have kinks to maybe kinks that align with yours and a lid pot sorta way or for you leave Kink in your profile and you draft a standard response when somebody overwhelms you with their laundry list or fantasies scenarios and you just is tell the guy. Hey I'm glad you're Kinky to this is just one thing that I'm looking for and I'd like to see if we connect as human beings I if there's some sort sort of emotional social romantic connection and then we can move onto exploring all these crazy kings together after that's established and some guys who get that email are gonNA react badly block those guys but other guys perhaps a small percentage but significant percentage of those guys are going to react by emailing emailing you back or DM back to say. Oh yeah sorry about that. It was late. I was a little excited. You don't see many women who lists kink in their profile and I kind of got ahead of myself. Let's go get a copy. Go have a coffee with one of those guys. The Guy who can if not at the outset not in the first contact demonstrate high emotional like you at least in the walking back of that first message to you demonstrate better emotional. IQ Hi Dan. I'm a twenty twenty one year old gay male tax to in my boyfriend about six months just started being open and How Big Three some tastefully thing guys on our own? We made a deal to go a couple of older couple in the city. From by the on the way so I like after talking for a little bit whatever exchanging information and stuff you. My friend had to go meet these guys at their apartment and they were a little older and definitely very awhile off. Those are really nice apartment. weird South team for instruction on my couch park and stuff and get out there and they're already being a little like Kinda rude about got it like. Okay just park in the middle of downtown like a little difficult. And like I don't know they're the dossier and there'd be cutter is already kind of like okay. But then raftery arise they tell us they're living boyfriends. Is there too and Mike. Send US pictures of other guy. He was like attractive. It was just like really weird but they didn't tell us that there was going to be another person before so we're comfortable we're like okay Went through with it so we on the way up there. Go there My boyfriend uses the bathroom. The bathroom like talking to the other guys They're already like in their underwear. Take out and older guy in a couple Like off the kitchen or something my voice in the room. So it's and dressing and the older guy comes He's like Oh hey also by the way another guy is coming and he's eleven inches though. You don't have to take that one too and my boyfriend was planning on bombing and of course as an upset me to take advantage of and kind of like we're dropping to like Emoji that we didn't consent to that my avoided obviously is like an me. Get up and we're like no like this is like sorry like thing and the older Guy Robson the head and is like don't fucking talk to me in my house like that and my boyfriend started going off and I'm nervous because there's three guys wearing unknown unknown like unfamiliar apartment. Okay let's go. We end up getting fined and safe and everything but definitely shook and we both had interactions with older Damon like this but then the scene like Rudi like trying to take advantage of us and I guess my question is like why is that a thing like why you I'm older days feel about their titles to take advantage of like younger days like submit. Be around so they'd be like helping out the younger guys the D. Like I just felt like it was so rude and like like they were trying to use us very very good situation. But I just wanted to when you were parking. The car her and you found out that there was going to be a surprise other person there and they retreating you rudely Whoever is on the phone was treating rudely about finding a place to park? And you had that okay. Hey I don't know feeling in your gut that was when you should have not found a parking spot and driven home and hooked up with someone else that okay. Hey feeling was the first red flag in many many red lights and good on Youtube for pull your pants up and getting out of their fuck. Fuck those guys. There are lots of Shitty people in the world. Some of them happened to be shitty older people and while it would be wonderful to lift world where everybody was looking out for everybody and older people in the gay community older gay men felt a certain responsibility even in sexual interactions even in transactional sexual interactions to be kind. Not assholes and engaging physical violence manipulate people or lie there are a lot of shitty people out there and there's there's something about seeking sacks from anonymous partners that can bring out the shittiest shit in the Shittier people because they don't know oh you they're never going to see you again. They're interested in you for one thing and one thing only and obviously they were willing to manipulate. We'll be live pressure even threaten violence to get what they wanted from you. I don't think that that's an indictment of older gay men everywhere. There were probably tens tens of thousands of older gay men in the city where you live. who weren't slapping around twenty one year old kids who'd come over for a hookup that night the night that happened to you and there? We're probably lots and lots of hookups intergenerational hookups that went well where people were respectful of each other's needs and feelings and we're honest west and open and didn't try to manipulate anyone into an orgy that they didn't consent to my advice to you would be again to trust your gut that moment summit and when you're looking for parking that was the first sign that maybe these guys weren't good guys and not to go into interactions with anyone who's gay and has a hard on and asked her pants around their ankles expecting them to be looking out for your best interest now. Some people are capable of doing that. Some people are capable of having anonymous sex sued or quasi or nearly anonymous sex or this kind of sudden hookup sex without treating that other person like an object but there are some people out there who treat other people like shut and often they get away with it because while either powerful or they manipulate someone into believing that the less risky option at that moment is to just to give the person pressuring you what they want. And that's the easiest fastest way. Some people think to extract yourself from that kind of dicey situation. I'm glad that's not what you and your boyfriend did you got dressed you left. You had a bad experience. People do people have bad experiences. Not just with a couple of bad experiences with one night stands with hookups with younger. People lacy the Peterson a very bad experience. With Scott Peterson of a man that she married their shitty people everywhere. The trick is to be self-critical self-critical enough and self scrutinizing enough to not be a shitty person yourself or no when you're being shitty and try to course correct for your shadiness because all of us are shitty sometimes and recognizing when someone is being shitty to you or is shitty and getting away from that. Should he person as quickly as you possibly can. Sounds like. That's what you and your boyfriend ended. Good on you in the future may be vet a little bit more carefully not that you should have to but in your own self interests have a little bit longer interaction with someone and be clear. You can say we've done this sort of thing and there were more people there than we were told. People were more people who are invited than we were told and Jesse now like. We're down for what we've discussed nothing more and if it's there any surprises were out of there. We expect kindness mogo kindness in return throwing rolling that out there. Should he person off during that kind of demand out there. Somebody's plotting planning to lure a couple of twenty two year old. All the twenty one year olds into their apartment and then invite all of their should he friends over just hearing. You assert that in advance. Those people ghost you. They will go silent because they know they can't can't take advantage of you in the way that they want to take advantage of someone really sorry this happened to you really. Sorry this happened to you and your boyfriend. restuffed is the best but free. Stop that will ignite. Your Valentine's Day is even better when you go to Adam and Eve dot com and select almost any one item you will get at fifty percent off. That's amazing by itself itself but here's where they load on the free stuff when you enter my exclusive code at checkout savage. Not only do you get fifty percent off that one item. You also get ten tantalizing leising three items I for your viewing pleasure. Six free movies next a free mystery. Pack that includes an item for men a special toy for women and something for anyone. Anyone plus free shipping. That's a lot of free Valentine's Day stuff so head on over to Adam and Eve dot com and be sure to use offer code savage average again. That's S. A. V. A. G. Savage for fifty percent off nearly any item and a whole pile of free Valentine's Day stuff that savage at Adam and Eve dot com. Hey Dan and the tech savvy at risk. Use this Late thirties guy calling from the west coast. I'm calling today's for some advice regarding a good friend of mine and I M dealing with bisexuality or kind of repressed homosexuality it seems was like While in a marriage we've had multiple conversations over the years about his attraction to men hookups. And things like that that he's done usually on the sly things have happened while he was dating his current wife that ended up in some big arguments with him and his wife and recently a couple of weeks ago I got a traumatic phone call. He was crying and saying he totally messed up. And evidently had hooked up with A gentleman that he's see in the past on craigslist definitely not being very open with his with his now wife. Who is the GAL that I I guess? Forgave him. In the past she does not want an open relationship. It does not really support him be kind of on the spectrum and he calls me when he has these these these hit rock bottom experiences where he just can't get out of his head and did always revolves around hooking up with a guy and feeling like he contracted did a sickness or disease and sometimes std. I'm in the medical field. Tell him obviously needs to go. Get checked symptoms. Don't sound to be. STD CD related. It's usually in his head always is then. He has conversations with his wife but doesn't really know how to have those and I just think he's in a bad had space just wondering what your advice would be him. I think he needs either A straight conversation with his wife to have an open relationship to make that compatible with with their goals as a couple or heats to get worse I remember years ago someone telling me they didn't accept my homosexuality and I told them it wasn't a package on their fucking porch. They needed to sign for through the accepted. My homosexuality or not was entirely irrelevant to my life. And my almost. Your friend's wife doesn't accept his bisexuality. Stow the Fuck Wad. His bisexuality isn't a package on her porch. George that is going to disappear or be returned to sender or operators. I think if she doesn't accept it. Your friend is doing a terrible thing. He's he's lying to this woman about who he is or who is trying to be an cheating on her and if they have a sex life he's putting her health at risk none. None of that is okay and you should scream that into the phone the next time your friend calls you looking for comfort. Because he might have contracted could an sti in his last interaction with the dude but what she's done to him is also not okay telling him knowing that he's bisexual and marrying him anyway on the condition that he stop being bisexual. That's just not rational. Not Loving it's not kind. It's also not good self care. She has to know that he's still exactly who he's always been sexually that. He's just willing to deny it to her face and struggle goal against his same sex attractions to keep the peace at home. What she's doing is kind of Shitty and manipulative? What he's doing his deceitful and Shitty you want to say? Oh here's two people doing deceitful shitty things in manipulative shipping. Or maybe they deserve each other and they don't deserve deserve to be freed from each other so yes yes yes yes to telling your friend that he needs to ask for an honest open relationship which is unlikely to get get what we know about his relationship with the wife or get had a divorce a divorce. I think would be the better plan here. And you know I've been in your position years ago a college where people would confide in me that that they were gay and they would do this. Big Lake closeted and gay in so tortured routine and expect me to sit there through every performance of how tortured they were. And eventually I would lose my patience and tell them to fucking come the fuck out already and that this bullshit. Hamlet routine swabbing around the stage age. These really self inflicted wounds was tedious. That after a while as an openly gay person listening to this bullshit is just boring. And that's what you should tell him. I WanNa talk about this anymore. Go to the STI clinic. When you're worried that you might have contracted an STI? Don't call me I don't WanNa hear about it anymore. When you're ready ready to come out and live with some integrity and honesty? I am in your corner I will be there for you. I'm still there for you as a friend. Want to go to the movies and not tell me about all the cock hockey sucked in the last two weeks great. Let's go to the movies but I'm not here for this anymore. I am not here for this bullshit because in a way you you are enabling this that he's running out in second day but then at least he thinks on some level he has the decency to feel terrible about it and guilty about it and paranoid about it and those feelings guilt. Tara Paranoia are more real to him and feel perhaps perhaps a bit more like penance if he can share them with somebody obviously can't share them with the wife and the nurse at the STI clinic isn't GonNA listen to all this bullshit. So He's abusing in your friendship health and that stops now and it should stop abusing his wife to stop abusing him and they should get a fucking doors. This episode is brought to you by squarespace. They make it simple and intuitive to create your website blog or online store. And if you're like me. It has to be simple and intuitive because I know precious little about coding or web design. It's quite hopeless but you can create a beautiful website yourself with square spaces all in one platform. There's nothing thing to install patch or upgrade ever. They have templates that were created by clever designers. That you can just drop in and it looks good right away. Thank God squarespace is used by a wide variety of creative types businesses musicians designers freaks musicians artists klezmer bands restaurants musicians and more if you plan to create a website for your project. Whatever it is squarespace has all the tools you need to get it up and running quickly head on over to squarespace dot com slash savage for a free trial and when you're ready to launch usually offer code savage to get ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain that squarespace dot com slash savage and use the offer for code savage? Hi Dan late thirties heterosexual female here. I have a question about parents and my dad is the host of a right wing. Conservative Christian Hate Talk Radio Show in that span a source of great sorrow for me and great tension between us for many years. I don't WanNa be in a relationship with someone who proclaims such tate in proud ignorance. Much less someone who does it so publicly end for income and it's not just his us about others. He actually treated me really terribly before for my wedding. My husband is an atheist and he's never apologized for his behavior or tried to make that right. But we live thousands of miles apart so the strong boundaries kind kind of set themselves and I've been really content with the relationship surface though it is that we have together recently. My father was diagnosed with a terminal illness rest and was given only a couple years to live. So don't you say that a relationship is the best bargaining chip. We have with hateful family but does the premises of death. Change anything thing. Do I need to set aside my absolute disgust and horror at what he claims about gay people saying the Holocaust and horrors of the Nazi regime could only only have been started and carried out by people in his completely hypocritical. Empathetic support for trump shows. That side. All of that I mean do I owed him just as as a human being compassionate grace in his final years my boundaries of always seemed to be framed by the question of how my dad and I live in this world together. I really just kind of at a loss to know what to do now. That he's dying the other element. Is that my brother has strongly hinted that he thinks I'm being selfish or stubborn. And I know that my brother really wants us to be reconciled as a family and so I feel pressuring guilt there to enroll concern. 'cause I really WanNa have a good relationship with my brother and his family long after this whole thing is over so I would just love any advice you have for what I should do with my right wing hate Christian talk radio host father who. He's trying here's a fun fact before he gets your dilemma not only to the Nazis persecute gay. People not only did they bake them wear pink triangles and send them to concentration camps. Were many were brutally murdered the gay men concentration camps who survived the war survived the Holocaust. We're reimprisoned after liberation. Because they were still guilty of their crimes many of them been convicted victims of acts of homosexuality and the courts then nineteen late forties. Fifties didn't recognize a concentration camp as a legitimate penal institutions so many of these game and went right from concentration camps to prisons where they served their full sentence. No time served for the years they'd spent in Darko. So Fuck Your father I would in your shoes have a similarly distant relationship for my hateful eight full father. You say that you've had sort of surface relationship and you've been content with that and you have interacted with him intermittently from a distance and kept kept civil and kept it surface. I don't see why that has to change just because your father is dying. You're not going to do a deep dive with dad on politics politics on his deathbed and if he attempts to bring it up if he wants to talk about gay people perpetrating. The Holocaust wants to talk about immigration. Wants to say hateful antisemitic things. Tell him you don't WanNa hear it and that you don't agree with him and never will you can also have deathbed conversations with someone who has disappointed you where you forgive them if it's in you for the ways as in which they wronged you. Sometimes people need to do that not for the person dying but for themselves to let go of it to let the the anger die with the person that you're angry at I would urge you to consider that obligation. Just think about it and I do think you need to take your brother's feelings feelings into account not in going overboard nod in managing your father's care not being there every moment but just engaging with your father a bit for your brothers Emotional Comfort so that you can come together as a family once or twice more before your father dies where you can forgive him and you can walk out of the room if he starts popping off about gave them all Gaza or whatever you can still come together as a family. Not If you can't get to a place where you can forgive your father for your father's author's sake but for your brothers not for the sake of your relationship with your dying shitty hateful father but for the sake of your relationship with your brother who still going to be there and and you would like to be able to be there for him and have him be there for you. After your shitty father show is cancelled. You're not betraying yourself or your beliefs. If you go through the motions with your dad a little bit out of consideration for your brother's feelings it's not ottaway honoring your father who he was what he stood for the shitty horrible things he said it's a way of honoring your brother and your relationship with your brother. Fake it till you make it to the funeral home as we've talked about on the show a lot we should seek out what's right for us. What works for us and not compromise on what's most important? Our relationship should add value to our lives especially in the bedroom. So why don't we think the same way about our sex toys. Dame products is a woman owned sex toy company making the next generation of all the tested Volva approved vibrators. Their first toy EVA is the couple's vibrator that broke the Internet delivering hands-free clitoral Taurel stimulation during penetrative sex. Their line of vibrators and accessories are made with medical grade silicone smart design principles and lots of love. Earning glowing praise grass from the New York. Times W magazine and many more. Whether you're a couple looking for an extra boost were matters or on a journey itself exploration. Were sure they'll earn a spot on on your nightstand. And the Best Part Dame offers hassle free returns within sixty days so your satisfaction in every sense is literally guaranteed go to dame same products dot com slash savage today for ten dollars off. Hey Dan Twenty eight year old guy from Ontario calling calling about an ex girlfriend girlfriend of nine I was dating wonderful girl for two and a half years She was truly everything I could ask for. Great sex really amazing person but let's The problem arose when I moved away to go to law. School is about four hours away from where I'm from and within a couple of months ago in a school I got super overwhelmed with the workload. Didn't really see how I was going to be able to do. The long distance for three years and balance at all thought I was doing everyone a favor um domino broke up with her as she was totally crushed in. Didn't see it coming and we just kind of we didn't. We didn't talk for a while but I soon enough realized that I'd made it Thought I'd realized that made a huge mistake a really came to regret it anyway. about two months later maybe a little less try to reach out And see her when I was back in town And she had no interest in seeing me made that pretty clear before and after that it was radio silence At the prompting of my therapist I then wrote her a letter later a couple months later And she actually sent me back the letter With edits pointing out how I basically only talked about myself in it which was totally totally valid. Anyway it's now been a year or just over a year and I really can't get over it and it's two fold the first thing is you know I. I do think I made a mistake. I think I got overwhelmed and jumped ship way too early and I think it could have been something really incredible for years to come And the second thing hanging is even. If I made a permanent mistake I would love to sit down with her and just really apologize and make clear. 'cause it's it's just you and me up inside still How much I made her hurt? And so I'm just wondering is that you know. Where do I go from here? She's made it pretty clear she doesn't WanNa see me so I certainly don't want to intrude. I don't want it to come off. I'm just looking for my own closure but at the same time. I'm really struggling to move on. I'm having a really hard time with it. try to new relationships and chips just not working Holding everything contrast to this and I just can't seem to get over it so I'd love to know what you what you think about that. You know how you sometimes uh-huh how to take no for an answer. You always have to take fuck off. Go Away leave me alone for an answer. That's not the opening gambit not in the debate or someone's demented ROM com. She is not interested in any further contact with you. You say you're up inside by how much you hurt her. You need need to consider that. Obviously given her reaction contact hearing from you hurts her makes whatever hurt she still walks with with worse so closure. We've talked about this. A lot of my show closure isn't something that somebody else gives you. It's fucking birthday present. It's not a Christmas present on a gold. Watch pawn your retirement closure almost always something we do for ourselves. You have to do it for yourself. This relationship hip is over. You ended the relationship for reasons not for crazy reasons. Lots of people have ended relationships because they were overwhelmed by schoolwork. Lots of people ended relationships. Because they didn't I think they could do the long distance thing for three years. But what your girlfriend or ex girlfriend likely took away from that was you could take her leave her. Obviously you just left her and that you weren't willing able capable of working around whatever difficult typical circumstances you might be an at this time to save or preserve the relationship even if that meant stepping back from the relationship in in a significant way you just blew it the fuck up and blew the fuck up. It sounds like in a unilateral way. Doesn't sound like this conversation that you had with her about a M- overwhelmed warmed school. I don't WanNa do the long distance thing. Let's take a break. Let's end this and see where we both are in a few years time but I need to focus on myself myself. It doesn't sound like you handled this. Well sounds like bolt from the blue. It was over no negotiation. No hand holding no compassion. You screwed the Pooch sometimes. The Pooch cannot be unscrewed. And you're just GonNa have to live with that walk with that process it grieve brevet morning. Obviously the whole time you were in law school and until the bom you contacted her a year ago you were harboring some hope that maybe you could get back together again so you didn't grieve the relationship three or four years ago when you actually ended it you've only been grieving it since you found out and she let you know that it it was over forever. You've only been grieving that board six months twelve months and in that time you had one relationship that didn't work out and you were comparing the person you were dating to her. Yeah that's all normal immediately. After the break-up stuff and I think the last year for you really has been the immediate aftermath of the break-up and so you're you're reeling now in a way you weren't for years ago she's been reeling for four fucking years. She doesn't want to hear from you again. Don't contact her again. told another caller today. Fake it till you make it get out there in date meet other people the best way to get over someone is under someone else us as the saying goes and eventually you will work through this grief but there's no getting her back. There's your closure for you. Hi Dan Nancy. Tech Savvy at risk youth. I'm a thirty something male calling from California. I have a question about wedding etiquette as an efficient. My sister went through a really terrible divorce a few years ago with the man who was cheating and abusing drugs and alcohol it was an unhappy marriage for many years and she finally got safely out her. That's forward and she's met another guy. He's great everything that her ex wasn't. He has one kid and she has two. They moved in together in blended their families. They didn't scramble their DNA. They got engaged about a year ago and asked me to officiate the wedding. I've officiated many weddings and my sister's always been wanting me to officiate hers. I if she ever got remarried. I was thrilled here. She was happier than I'd seen her in years with a great guy however about three months ago he went on a month. Long Coke hoke bender and ended up in Inpatient Rehab. The wedding was put on hold indefinitely and during the thirty days. He was in Rehab. My sister discovered that he had been sleeping with his ex in hiring sex workers throughout their entire relationship. He was even sexting with the woman in her nineteen year old daughter the night before he went into Rehab as he put it to save him. My sister's relationship. He's out of Rehab now and within a month he was drinking again. He's back living with my sister and all signs point to the wedding being back on. If this does come to pass which it looks like it will what should my answer be when she asks me to officiate her wedding. I don't think okay can do it in good conscience because frankly his lies were so great and so well hidden from everyone in his life that I don't trust him and I don't trust him not to cause my sister even and more pain down the line. It doesn't feel right to me as an efficient. If I don't believe the two people should get married to get up and bless their union. Am I being too dramatic. Nick shy just do it or do I have to have a difficult conversation and risk damaging my sisters and my relationship by telling her. I can't officiate so your sister. Got Out of one terrible relationship with allying asshole who had substance abuse problems and finds herself in what appeared at first even to outsiders to be a wonderful relationship but turned out to be another relationship with a lying asa with a drug and alcohol. Problem your sister after he got out of Rehab. Should've you've had his bags packed and sitting on the porch waiting for him gotTa Ache for his poor kid in this recently blended family. But she shouldn't marry this this guy and if she goes ahead with this wedding and marries this guy you're under no obligation to officiate and you should. I mean you're going to have to tell your sister you're not GonNa do it but you should risk having that conversation with your sister that is often the price we pay is siblings. Often the price we pay his friends friends to level with someone to level with assembling to level with a really close friend. When they're about to do something really dumb? I'm Mary somebody really dumb scramble their DNA together with somebody really dumb. You have to take that risk of speaking your piece one time you speak your peace you you tell them what you think and how you feel you ask them what they're thinking you ask them what they're feeling you let them know that you'll be in their corner that you'd love and support number you don't support this and then you let the chips fall where they may and they might be mad at you they might blow up but you might cast you out. But they'll I know that when things go south because you have told her when things go south that she can rely on you that she can call you. It helps that those moments to tell that person you're going with that if and when they do call you you will not. I told you so them that you will just pitch in and help. You will not let alone the guilt because people will stay terrible relationships for fear of admitting to family or friends if they were right for fear of being told you so. D- people will will remain in marriages that they're already ready to end. They're just so terrified of losing face so when you have these sorts of conversations with someone be sure to tell them that if and when they need out and they need help. It won't be losing face to call you because you will not I told you so. M Good luck all right before Righetti response calls. Let's read your tweets such in pence tweets. Someday I hope to give people advice as gently and humorously as Dan savage does on the savage love Kost cost but in my case without the ads for me on these or talk space which is not to understand the importance of therapy and comfortable underwear at fest. Hold hold tweeted. I love my wife and she loves me BUT REFUSES TO HAVE SACS suggested counseling but she refuses because she's just gone off socks. I don't want to divorce her because I still still lover but do I cheat. She's against opening the relationship to to which Rosa eaten responded on twitter. Listen to Dan Savage's savage love cast. He would tell you that she is holding. You Hostage Esther Parole would say that the victim of the affair is not always the victim of the marriage her podcast. Where should we begin? Would help you to Tom. ESTERS books enter podcast. I recommend them all the time. So I am definitely seconding batted by his. I would add of course that the original tweeter fessel should should do it. He needs to do to stay married. Stay Sane and since his wife isn't interested in sacks he's not cheating her out of anything she wants which means it's not really cheating and and finally at Cave dweller tweets. Hey at fake Dan savage wondering if you knew your lingo was featured prominently in necklaces. You season two episode sex Hashtag Hashtag Hnn Hashtag good giving and game. I've heard that people have sent me clips and I have tried to get through enough of you to actually see the scene. The not only features. G- pen Badgley bondage. But I just can't watch shows fictional documentaries anything about serial killers instead. I'm watching season three of the crown right now which also features some marital advice Queen Elizabeth to Princess Margaret. About how you got to do what you need to do to stay. Married and stay sane. People have told me about that looking forward to seeing that moment myself. All right. If you want me to read your tweet about the savage webcast on an upcoming episode be sure to use the HASHTAG. Savage love cost and now your response calls. Hi guys response. Call just wanted to say that I've been listening to. The savage average. Love costs for a long time. Now and out of all the calls I've heard and all the Kinky Shit and all the weed and horrible things that people do to each other. The most most disturbing thing I have ever heard was the man who's go friend had a threesome with his door to and boyfriend and the guy thought it was fine. What what the fuck I mean what the fuck I thought? Fuck Hi Dan. I'm calling about the fin. DM Question in Episode Sixteen Six Ninety two. I think everything that you said was really fantastic. It all definitely applies But I think I got the impression that this caller may not have ever had a negotiation conversation with her king partner or if they did maybe it was too early for her to know where some of her limits were. So if I might suggest that they sit down and have a negotiation conversation outside of the world of the kink but just in kind of vanilla setting between the two of them and have a real head to head on what he wants where her limits are and how they can achieve this together they might find a little more harmony in their kink life. Hi Dan Nancy Andy. The Tech Savvy at risk youth. I was just calling the comment about the opening rant on episode six nine to you know if I had a dollar for every time I read a common online or hear someone say that they're tired of having the gay agenda or gay stuff. Whatever shoved shoved down their throats? I'd have a lot of dollars all right. We're going to leave it there. Two six three zero to two. Oh six or is the number to call your questions or comments. Please do try to keep it under three minutes. Or you can record it yourself on your phone using voicemail apple and then send it to voicemail. Male at savage love Casper Dot com by dirty. Little Porn Film. Festival is coming to a town near you soon. Next Up Hump Miami Oakland Los Angeles had to trump built best dot com to get your tickets. Now follow me on twitter at fake. Dan Savage follow. Peggy Ornstein on twitter at pigging Ornstein and Valentine's sometimes day is coming up and if you are dating or fucking friends with benefiting savage love cast listener whose only got the micro not the magnum you can gift them. The Magnum at savage love cast dot Com for instance. The savage love cast is produced every week by Nancy. Her Tunisian and me and the Tech Savvy at risk youth and Nancy I'll be back next sweetman installment of the savage love cast. Thanks for down AH

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Breaking Down the NFL Week 1 Card (Ft. John Murray)

Behind the Bets

56:43 min | 7 months ago

Breaking Down the NFL Week 1 Card (Ft. John Murray)

"Baby. Into the game you kind of your money. That's how you find. It was bad for my pets were safe that wouldn't be any juice. Juice. POINT SPREADS Pets but teasers the parlays. From Vegas to you. These these behind the bat. Welcome. Back another episode of behind the best way doug, his Irian resented by thrashings America's top rated sports for APP, and we obviously did the season preview the NFL coming up I'm going up on this pod. He's back folks, John Murray, Mr. Executive Director of the West Gate. Las Vegas, Super Buckle, join me. We're GonNa talk a little college and NFL for the week one in the NFL We'd you in college obviously condensed schedule for college and? Mike Clay will not be on this week it'll be on in following weeks, but this week maybe just go check out his place for ESPN DOT COM, Chock, section, we host a lot. Throughout the season in that regard and Spicer always there. So go check it out week one didn't want to jam up too much. We did that lengthy pot the other day but exciting stuff we relaunch daily wager we're often running here in the desert and Mr. Murray. Coming up momentarily eighty bankrolled bonanza returns as well. Read little little surprise to the ends will will tease you there but let's Mr Executive Director. But before we do want to remind everyone that the NFL starts tomorrow, many of us have already drafted. Or Fantasy football teams make sure you're staying up to date on all your fantasy football news or ESPN fantasy experts at Berry field. Yates to find your Bell Mike. Clay and Daniel. DOPP. On the fantasy focus football podcast, you'll get a daily strategy previews injury reports to ensure you have all the information you'll need for your fantasy football team we sure to download and subscribe the fantasy focus football and behind the best on apple spotify or wherever you get your five S. P. started as a ticket writer will handle has gotten a lot higher here in the last hour. Now he's a racing sports book director I have the guys at work. You're calling me Mr Director and not looking directly into my eyes where people brought in a whole new staff. This year kind of Seinfeld esque move where we rotate the guys to the material doesn't get Stale Doug. Happened in between. Hot Tub and ESPN. Kicking is for losers? Yes. Kicking is for losers and he is the man who is the executive director good to have you back my friend. Good to be back I'm excited to show with you again after you kind of blew me off all summer but a little disappointed. I. Figured the production values at ESPN. It'll be a little higher i. mean you guys are using the same lead in that we had like two thousand seventeen what's going on? Wow just coming out blazing. Gloomy off your on every network, every high cast everywhere, and I can't people can't get a hold of your people. Know you know I've been limiting it really this summer but I do have like time wall to wall interviews today honestly just it's nonstop all day long football's back and everybody wants to talk about it even though we actually have a lot of other sports going on but football seems to be the only sport that People WanNa have me on their shows to talk about nobody cares to talk to me about NBA or NHL apparently. With that. But the silver silverline is that probably means you're done with all the zoom meetings work, right? Oh. Yeah. Right No, we're we're GONNA Wedge in the interviews among I just got off of a Microsoft teams meeting isn't that the hard part is like you got ones on Microsoft teams ones on zoom. I got invited to a meeting on blue jeans. The other day I'm like what the Hell is that. So I got download this APP jumping in that thing the new normal I'm not a fan I'd rather, I'd rather just walk upstairs to the meetings upstairs then doing this dialing meetings. Ridiculous. Let's bring in our producer. Christina Christina last time you've been to the Bristol campus. I haven't been to Bristol since the beginning of March. Okay. So six months. I was going a little bit Nagas I. Just did a sportscenter heads and then I ozzy relocated but. Worry. That's just the new new. All right now It is what it is, and I don't like it but I don't have to like it Doug I. I know that it is what it is, but I don't have to doesn't mean I have to enjoy it. I don't have to like it. I don't off but I am excited to get back to doing this show and I am I'm actually excited at the NFL's back I. Really Am it's it's GonNa be good how back it's good for business man it's good for business I know complain about the NFL this is this is. Well, we don't have. We don't really have real college football this week I know you WanNa Talk About College football that'll on this show there's really not that much to talk about very abbreviated card this week there's not a lot of college football future beds to speak to. It's really going to be all about the NFL except we do have the NBA. NHL. Saturday you've got a Golden Knights Anna Lakers playoff games. So I think Saturday is really going to be more about college or not about college football and more about hockey and basketball, and then obviously Sunday everything will be about the NFL them and so there's so much going on we obviously relaunched daily wager yesterday my I I i. Best from the city of Las Vegas wasn't holding night's game the under but I look man it was you know I was GonNa say grumpy even though I wanted to transition that word but it's a little sad when I first got here is excited as I was about new beginnings and returning to Las Vegas a city I lauded friends and I was sad to leave my life in Connecticut but I'll tell you Manley third night we got dinner you and I and another mutual friend. After dinner like I, I'm feeling good. Now it was good. It was good to see you man in person and good to be back and I'm excited. Start this next chapter, it's all the way back door I. mean you know we really need to get back to the real Las Vegas where everything's open and we can go to Golden Games and have some actual fun on the. Strip. Like that. That'll be awesome. But I I do think that having football back this weekend will get us back to somewhat of normalcy at least in my industry in your industry sportsbook industry continues to boom even with all this other stuff going on. The Sports Book Industry Industries booming really as much as ever right now. So we're very fortunate I. Think No, it's true and Odyssey there are several industries that are not booming right now and our hearts go out to all those people united top off air dislike. We are counting our blessings. So we're going to continue to do our job so to speak and deliver on this. But you know let's we're all hoping everything turns around. So let's do a quick gloss over of college this as I mentioned the top this podcast before you got on, we're GONNA have a little different odd this week just because. The. NFL. With the three. Mass Mail Model IRS. The other day. So I just want to focus on. You know we're gonNA Combined Collagen Is a reduced college football season. This year, it'll be on a separate college football arts up any sharp lays for this conference games right off the bat we weren't talking about week. One is a little bit dirt to report on here. We did see some money. Coming on the under in the army game, they're playing Louisiana, Monroe numbers from fifty nine and a half all the way to fifty four. We're wiseguys here betting fifty nine and a half, fifty, nine, Fifty, eight, Fifty, eight, really come down a lot. So be careful careful going under fifty, five, fifty, four and a half or whatever is that yearbook when the wise guys were betting it. Three four points higher than that. Another one we saw money on North, Carolina they laid twenty one and twenty, two on North Carolina. They're twenty two and a half point favorite against Syracuse ACC opener there. Now, go back to the army game again, army they laid sixteen and a half they laid seventeen and a half the numbers all the way up to army minus twenty against the. And but like I said, there's not there's just not that much to talk about yet for college football whatever this week to. College football. There's just not that many games and there really hasn't been a ton handle on it. Clemson. Will be very popular public side. We had one one of our public players laid thirty two with Clemson there now at thirty three point favorite there at. Wake. Forest. But I don't I. Don't see that game getting a ton of handle just because the spread is so high, but it comes to be thrown in a Lotta parlays just because. People like to parlay favorites Doug, even even during a pandemic, they still do that. Certain things you can't put you can't put a mask or a muzzle on the light betters right now. Definitely not no, it's still it's the same thing. Every night in baseball is just I always get these texts like who do we need tonight and baseball's well, we need one of the underdog to win break up all the eighteen parlays just like just like it was back before covid nineteen th. Kinda. The same thing it's always been in baseball and college football is like that too. You always need one of these favorites to lose outright in college football because the public loves to parlay all the money lines together in college football maybe more than any other sport. It's just it's just a way to get action on all the games I wouldn't advise doing that I I'm not. I. Wouldn't advise parlaying all the money lines in any sport, but people like it people love to do it. I don't know I i. go back and forth. I look. I know the ADS is not fair. You could argue that like you should buy alcohol strip i. Eight dollars what are you doing know? There's always a smarter way to do things at some point. It's where do you draw the line for convenience? Implying that compared to some of the vices, I have college football money on parlays pretty innocuous I would agree with that. You know like we should all eat broccoli every day and not east. You know it's like there's just like where do you to line if some people draw the line on parlays like I don't I mostly do sometimes I'm like you know what I'd like to watch these two games have. I could see that. It does work out sometimes sometimes are big losses. As a book or when a Guy Parlays to favorites together, we said we had yesterday a guy hit on a big two team parlay too big baseball favorites. He won a lot of money on that. So who might a judge him for that? Yeah, and especially, if you know the result of the video games two am and they're still on the board that's. no comment. Let's see if we can pitted quickly to something. This. Story I'm source is not create I. Am the author was able to mention that okay you I will ask you this the army game five points on the total is that nor do I call it unusual but early in the season totals are a little bit more volatile. We see that in college basketball to or the total move a little bit more early in the year it's it's not like I've never seen that before and there are some totals. There are some other totals on the board that have moved two and a half three points but yeah. I it's certainly somewhere unusual. Usually, the books don't a lot of the books won't hang the totals until the market is a little bit more settled. That's why you'll see less movement in not You're right if to go down from I think it was as high as fifty nine and a half to get it all the way down to what is that right now? Yeah. Fifty nine and a half. So it's moved five points or at the super. Bowl. So that's a pretty decent move but no doubt about that. Yeah. Okay. Good. That's excellent when I think people. Should realize a lot of the models a lot of the I think it's a softer market in the first month like more I'd say, let's see you X. Amount of games rob the college football season like a better I say about Hafer usually in the first month. So let's eight two, hundred games. I'd say two hundred plays through September and then maybe maybe sorry if you'd be like a hundred eighty like seventy plays in September and then the x eighty over the next two and a half. Yeah. When when I was a teller here back at oh seven. Oh seven there was a guy making bets for a let's call him a very well known better and I swear every time he better college basketball total that first month at one I I can't even remember one time it got lost and then, and then the more that was a very sharp better, very well known better. But then the market gets better unfortunately using that word again but the market gets sharper as the season goes on. So you'll see more movement in this totals market and in the side market here the first few weeks plus everybody is kind of. To an extent and guessing right now in college football guys maybe not able to play this weekend for all we know. So the the information is GonNa be more valuable than ever this season. I'm actually very curious to get your take on like C. which guys you notice we're playing later in the weekend things like that because it's something we talked about on the shown it's valid. I'M GONNA, trust my numbers on making my bets and I think. I get sort of the wrong movement on because of Kobe test or whatever I'm assuming in the long run the breaks go my way and also against and I. Think he's doing the right thing because you've got to think that sometimes yeah you're gonNA get a covert. Testing, go against you gotta think it's also going to go your way sometimes you're also going to bet on a team and have their opponent pull guys out of a game. So you just got trust your numbers and assume that that sort of thing is going to balance out over the course of the year. Yeah. So I I'm curious to see what you're seeing behind the counter as the first couple of weeks of the NFL, like Oh, you know this guy always used to open on Thursday. And then now he's coming in Sunday morning like I'm fascinated. How that all? Fires, see lifting for a lot better because it's the like hard. But now we go to the NFL which Mr Murray is excited about and I am too for that are the opener. Here's some fun facts. We get a lot of now I'm GonNa try to weave them into the weekly odds but this was nine at last check it still might. So this is the. So basically, it's like you're paying a high price for the chiefs. So their season win total, well, most shops there's only been one other teams. So there's only been four since the year two thousand have been twelve or higher, the two, thousand, seventeen patriots twelve and a half, but everyone else is. Just Kinda Zoe. The fourth team to win total this high going into the season mahomes is the highest passing yards as the most over under passing touchdowns and in terms of the point spread in week one nine, it's tied right believed the third largest underdog. That was went to the playoffs the year before is an underdog in week one. So the basically peanut Zine and there's a third largest over the last thirty years of spread of nine. And Houston's a team that was. Up Twenty four nothing in the divisional round in Kansas City last year the Shawn Watson is one of the best quarterbacks in the league I don't think much of Houston's coach. We don't need to talk about that too much. I don't think much of Bill O'Brien, but he used a talented team solid players on both sides of the ball. It speaks to how loaded Kansas City is that they are this big of a favorite. We opened this game higher. We open this game ten and a half it's down to nine right now every teaser and money line parlay that you're gonna see this weekend and the NFL is going to start with Kansas City the Kansas City chiefs. If Houston could somehow win the game outright I'm sure it'd be a huge win for us. Kinda reminds me I think it was three years ago. The roles were reversed was Kansas City in this spot the dog at New England in the Thursday night, open her and Kansas. City. Won that game and that that actually ended up being our biggest win of that entire regular season in the NFL because every moneyline parlay at every teaser that we have started with the New England Patriots and week one is usually your highest volume week of the regular season. This'll be a big volume game books are gonNA. Need Houston. Did. See some sharp money on Monday group went over fifty three and a half and a scam right now, fifty four now on the total. So some sharp money there and then. The side is going to be very skewed to the favorite already seeing tons of money line parlays with Kansas City, very lopsided take account there. For sure. Yeah. No that's that's you can see that coming a mile away is getting warmed up tag into the weekend. That's fun. Okay. So understandable there let's just ripped through the games because we're not going to do a lot of other stuff. So we'll go to Monday excuse me Sunday Miami new, England sharks or I am repatriates here. It's six and a half. What was this line of forward you on this line like in May or June posted, I can remember what did the market had lead. I think we were at six are we got as high as seven it's always kind of been in this neighborhood so sick about surata seven. Yeah. But keep mine too I'm sorry interrupted with new. England had a lot of guys drop out of the season two. There are a lot of guys opt out of the twenty twenty season. A little bit of an upgrade they're going from stem to Cam Newton but New England downgraded back a little bit because they've had a lot of players say that they didn't WanNa play this season. Right, great point and use that out. So it's not one variable that was moving a few variables. So the net on a half point, but really maybe it would have been one and a half around that number. One guy this morning came in and bed New England win the super. Bowl forty-one, he'd been ten, thousand, four, hundred thousand on that. So certainly never in my career of I've Seen New England at forty two one to win the Super Bowl, I've been out here since two, thousand seven. The. Famous team that went eighteen and lost in the Super Bowl is strange to see the Patriots at odds like that. We'll need Miami in this game but I don't think it's going to be a huge decision I think the public is GonNa take a wait and see approach with the Patriots. They're not just going to rush to throw money in on them like they did during the the heyday with Tom Brady. With a grand is he sharp or whatever? He's the guy that we know pretty well, he he also had ten thousand on the Celtics to win the NBA title nine to maybe New England fan I'm not really sure but he's a guy that has played futures with us here for for years and I can see where he's coming from at forty two one pretty high but my concern with the Patriots would be. Obviously the new quarterback, not that Brady really played well last year but the bigger concern me how many guys they've had opt out of the season. Yeah. So the Monday podcast we posted was the NFL season preview with three math guys Aaron shots of football outsiders just talking about how how severe that was, and you know we forget that last year's NFL last year like the. First half of the season they caught like every team. Monica we're back. It was like it was it was an all time defense statistically, but it really wasn't that good. It was good but it wasn't like an all time like the statistics indicate it. So when you lose dramatically but I still I still Bella I think you guys haven't been eighteen to one of the West. I think if he wins the division, maybe it's an wins eleven I think he wins coach the year I really do Mike. You know my concern with that would be bell check. He's one of these guys where everybody expects greatness from him and assumes greatness from him and he might not get enough credit for job like if you were to go eleven and five and win. The Division that would be a phenomenal job but don't wouldn't you be a little worried that everybody just assumes he's GonNa do great and kind of takes for granted. Well, I see what you're saying but everyone's talking buffalo and so he's not guessing and I think this is year they might get his do or can like amazing wins. MVP. I think if you do tender remember. In the spring opened as the favourite at least at Caesar's he did in my wrote back east. So they lose brady or knows after they get they get cam instead of stood on. And then he goes from the favorite to eighteen to one. I just feel like it's a little strange now. We've seen some money on Bella check. We were as low as fourteen to one. We are at eighteen to one right now couple tickets on him but. He hasn't. He's not one of our bigger liabilities in that pool. Who is liability them? Actually it's cliff Kingsbury the cardinals second year head coach, several bets decent size bats one guy that five hundred autumn at forty two one, win twenty grand. Believe he is our biggest liability right now Brian Flora's Miami Dolphins head coach. Also on that list, he's at twenty five to one those who have both been hit. yeah we do lose on Bella check I should say that, but he's not one of our bigger liabilities. It's more Kingsbury Flora's also fans new browns coach I don't know how you could do worse than Freddie Kitchens. He's kind of he's really kind of moving too fancy. I means moving into a pretty good situation there I, know it sounds funny. We're talking about the browns but talented roster and he's taking over for a coach that almost could not have done a worse job last year so that that could potentially be a good spot for him. Interesting. That's that's decent. A liability on that front. Let's speak speaking of those browns at the next game on the card a rematch in the game I call it outright leave going to Baltimore and winning. Outright I sniff this went out that her eight twenty dogs and at the Ravens and we see Baltimore Place this year at some point maybe the Lamar Jackson slows things down and some of the shine is off but I mean they're expected to be loaded this year and they should be the best kicker in the game and We'll see about Cleveland with this rookie couch. Baltimore is going to be very popular moneyline parlay option, very popular teaser option six point tease or taking you from eight to minus two on the Ravens. A lot of players are going to do that. I think we'll need. Cleveland win that game. But right now, not a ton of handle and the Cleveland Baltimore. Game. Released a recording us on Wednesday morning did any line move with the with the news of Ob bj this week. not that I've heard of it. I'm I'm not sure what news you're referring to Doug I try to stay clear of such things, right? Right. Right. So just just checking in on that next game on the car jets Buffalo speaking of a very popular teaser are the jets as big of a mess as we think they are or you know you hit on the head of the bills are that's our most lopsided. Take account of the week NFL week one everybody's on Buffalo. You're looking at about a almost a eight nine to one take account right now on the bills, we've got the bills minus six and a half minus one twenty I. think the perception is after the jets traded Jamal Adams to the seahawks that they're waving a white flag on the season I don't know that I agree with that necessarily, but the perception is the jets. GonNa be rebuilding yet again, and Buffalo is a very trendy team in the AFC. East. A lot of people picking them to win the AFC east to season. We're only the jets pretty big in this game. Yeah. There's a lot of height on his bills I don't know man. Very well coached. Governor is very, very good coach. They got a lot of pieces on defense they bring in Steph on digs they traded first round, pick the Vikings for digs. It's all going to kind of fall on Josh Allen. Allen was unfairly criticized a lot has I two years because it was his first two years in the league and he didn't have ton of weapons. But now he's entering year three. He's got a good team around him you've. Top receiver and digs. There's really no excuses for al and he he he needs to take a big step forward this year the does and that's that's the center of all this the people who are fading as it's all about and. We'll see how it transpires. It's also easier being sneaking up on teams and being the main the hunted so I think there's there's the later that I really did and. I'm mentioned in. SEATTLE. This all pans out I really am but I would say that's teaser play money like barley and I like the nine to one that is that six hundred a lot lately with a total of thirty, thirty nine and a half. It is a lot and and you know that I you know I'm a fan of Sam Darnold I really like Sam Darnold I don't know that there's much around him I'll put it nicely and say I don't think much of Adam gays and move on from that conversation, but I do like. Darnold and I think he has a chance to be very good in the right situation I. don't know if he's in that situation right now with with that coaching staff and that team around him. Yeah. I just don't know enough I. I played a little when everyone's thinking. One thing is that the jets are that we'll see this is a dare. I. Say Must Win Game For the Las Vegas Raiders. Their schedule is so brutal. We're talking about under set at. Got To be the only way you can play that, and then the division ozzy got a little worse with the von Miller News, the divisions more competent this year. So I'm I'm worried about my raiders, but this line opened pick them. They're now links three at the mat lead airline of him. I didn't think anybody was going to drop a must win on Wednesday of week one. So cheer I was going to drop some must wins next week after for teams own one, we got the raiders minus three minus one twenty lopsided tic account. You know this is the first year they're actually going to be playing in town. You're going to be very one sided take accounts on the raiders. Unless they fall apart, if the raiders are not playing well, then the public will quickly abandoned them and they'll bet against them. But as of right now, very one-sided almost four one get count on the raiders. We're GONNA Need Carolina for sure Sunday morning. now is all public on the raiders. Yeah, this is just this is just public players and then we've been moving with the market you mentioned we had this game at Peckham, we moved it to minus three. Another was one group that did lay minus three minus one ten on. It seems like they got in there a little bit late but maybe the number will be even higher by kickoff on Sunday morning right now we. Are Three twenty on the raiders really closes you might see some three and a half out there from books to get a little nervous I mean right now I'm looking at the board everybody's either at three ten or three twenty I guess it wouldn't shock me of some of the books some of the local books to get a little nervous with their liabilities go to three and a half. And we might even see you know maybe for all. I. Know We might have a big house Blair come in early early. Sunday or Saturday make a big bet on the raiders. The raiders are going to be very popular here early in the Season Carolina with a new quarterback new coaching staff. The perception is definitely that there are rebuilding team this year. So it's not a big surprise that the raiders are a trendy week. One pick. Golden, Knights situation like the inaugural, well, they'll go the goal. The Goal Knights also ran to Stanley Cup final in their inaugural season. So I think people need to remember why go the night so popular in that twenty, seventeen, eighteen year, it wasn't just because they were the local teams because they were winning almost every game people people thought they. Were stealing money and when the nights were playing at T. mobile that year they practically were they almost never lost a home game and that season if the raiders have a season like that. Yeah, I mean, we'll. We'll be stuck big on the raiders every week right? Right. But I, don't think allows the advantage of the vegas flu like they did. In Eighty two games even if you're not gonNA have that short season. To. Professional release that's my gaspar. You never know we did a piece with. Ed Salmon's interviewed Hamid. Some other oddsmakers about homefield advantage posted day. Obviously it's book baking starts with the key numbers but let us line of Seattle will now it's two and a half I was thinking that was a good example when it was like to maybe if Atlanta had folk crowd that might be like. Know economical want something like that. You're. Not GonNA move off three. So this'll. You're always wearing to move on and off three like going from two and a half to three is a bigger move and going from one to two and a half, which is what we did in this game we went we we opened Seattle one right now we've got Seattle minus two and a half about a two to one take account on the seahawks here in this game we'll need. Will need Atlanta in this game, I wouldn't be surprised to see some people. At Lanta as well. Teasing Atlanta, through three and three seven up into the eight and a half range high total might steer some sharp guys away from teasing this game but. I will definitely be rooting for the Falcons by the time this one kicks off. When you do that and you say the That's mostly sharps dot like. Dis dogs through the numbers of three. They know. The guys are always looking at tease three through seven and they WANNA do it in a game with a lower total? Were the were each point has more value This is a this is one of the higher total games of the weekend forty-nine that might. Might keep some people off of it but those are the most the key numbers they're looking for three and seven. So Atlanta will be teased somewhat this week, but it'll be completely overpowered by public money on Seattle for sure right. So but I wanted to clarify you don't normally see the the public those teasers rights under. Public person did that it would probably just be a coincidence. They probably wouldn't even really know that they were doing it. But yeah. No, it's more of a that was a sharper back in the day to before pretty much every book Nevada raised their teaser juice because of those teasers. So it'd be careful when you're we're talking about doing that you make sure you're laying the appropriate amount of juice wherever it is that you're making your wagers these NFL teasers. But yeah, the sharp guys they want to go through three, they want to go through seven and they wanna do it when there's a low total in the game. Right. Because the value is the value is much more significant if it's lower expected, total points scored. All right. Next up is your Washington football club speaking of teaser popular teaser, their phone it. It's in the nation's capital. But philly lying about five and a half year shop six, a mother's. how do you think about? What's it's GonNa look like this year. I it might be better for Washington that they're not allowing fans because if they were I'd be like what? Sixty, five, seventy, percent Philadelphia fans anyway I know that that that hurts The Washington team at all we we put this game up. So long ago that Washington actually I didn't nickname. When we put this game, we had to close the betting on that and then reopen it. With The Washington football team name in there right now the eagles are five and a half point favorite and other public the eagles pretty lopsided almost six to one. But we have seen a number come down a little bit. Got US highest six and a half. Was it six most of the way and right now Philadelphia five and a half point favorite will need Washington in this game but it doesn't appear as if it's going to be one of the bigger decisions in the morning not right now at least. Yeah I. I watched a little frisky. I really did very good defensively they they've got a lot of talent actor. Yeah we and chase young the second overall pick in the draft out of Ohio State. We had a guy come in the other day he ten thousand on chase young at plus two and a quarter to be the defensive rookie year. He's the favourite in that pool right now he's plus one fifty. Some really good players up front on that Washington defense. No question they're. All right. Next game on the board I'm. GonNa cash ticket trubisky being the starter or Detroit Chicago the opener. Now Detroit minus three. Lions be expecting big things from them. Yeah. The lines are trendy team. You want to talk about a team and a lot of sharp guys are pointing to surprise and twenty. Twenty I would definitely look at the lions they a lot of guys get her last year Matthew Stafford of course, missed a lot of last season. They were off to a decent start before all those players got injured. This number has gone from one and a half to Detroit minus three even money. Against MVP. Mitch Trubisky and the Chicago Bears Pretty Split Action here to tell you the truth nothing really noteworthy in terms of ticket accounts on this game. I think the public would bet chicago maybe Chicago money line. We've got the money line a plus one thirty but right now no decision on this game very even money next game is fascinating if you're into betting, don't want to watch it. Jacksonville. The allegations of tanking Guy Gardner do right he's you know he's proven people, wrong? Wilson. Now through the number seven minus eight and. Reminds me of reminds me of that week one game last year Baltimore at Miami. Where everybody had written Miami off my emmy was gonNA throw the season they were trying to lose everybody loaded up on Baltimore and Baltimore won like thousands and nothing in that game. certainly, everybody's betting the colts. In this game, we had a sharp group laid seven and a half on Monday morning we're at colts minus eight right now don't be surprised if that line goes up coastal being every teaser, they'll be in everyone wants parlay the books on the Jacksonville big maybe even the biggest decision of the morning on Sunday by the time everything kicks off. Wow and you do you think it could hit him I. Don't know about ten ten is pretty high I'm seeing some of the prominent offshore books are still dealing at seven and a half. I would be surprised if it got that high since it is in the morning timeslot. If it was a later game, maybe like like if it was a Monday night game, maybe you'd see more parlay action rolling into the colts but because the ten am Sunday. I don't think there's enough time for the number to move that much. A couple of stats if you're if you're thinking about going to the bank and betting on the colts since the nineteen seventy merger. There's only been four teams that missed the playoffs, the season previously. And were laying at least a touchdown week one, the next year and all four failed to cover. Now I don't know how many change quarterbacks like the by the goals we think upgraded Philip rivers but of the mind and India's one ten in one ats in the last twelve season open. That's not good. Team Colts team. I like personally not that anybody should listen to my opinions but that that's a team that I like it really to surprise this season like Philip rivers I like Frank Reich like that offensive line. I liked that defense. I think that was clearly the best team in the AFC south I think that's the team that it could be. Poised for a pretty big year and half say as long as they keep rivers healthy it's a competitive division. The top three teams say what you want about Houston. The AB one this division for the last five years the year they did not return Shawn Watson got hurt on Montana Hill Guy in terms of I think they're out in a playoff with him and versus. Mario. A three-horse race, all things considered I do like to call to do it. I didn't like it. A BRYCE But audience can be like an under team I like rivers passing yards under I. Just think they're gonNA grind the clock under defense lean on their own line by do they can obviously cover aiding. It's bad Jacksonville. Mocking WanNa, lay a lotta lumber throughout season talking about an eight point favorite in what is quasi road game with no fans. The numbers already pretty pretty thick, but we did it like I and we had a group that we respect laid seven and a half. Maybe. It'll go up to maybe it'll go up to nine range by Sunday morning. All right. Next game fascinating because I'm big on the Vikings this year I I really think they can be a one or two seat I now that the division is very tough because the floor is higher with the Lions and bears being the quote, the worst teams but. Should come back to earth thirteen three last year was really just ridiculous. But that's not thirty eight wins. Soto, so. Little Bit. The Vikings are going to be solid like I really like this Minnesota team and they're laying three here to Green Bay we've got it Minnesota three even because we agree with you. Now, a lot of books in town are dealing this game two and a half right now. I see some other books that are at three, even one book at three flat. But for the most part, a lot of a lot of three evens or a lot of two and a half especially in the offshore market. Take accounts or pretty one sided green bay. But don't read too much into that because we are dealing the game a little high here at the Super Bowl because we like Minnesota and that's Interesting. So you're trying to encourage green bay at least for now. Yes. So you gotta be careful when you hear these ticket count numbers that that the bookmakers will spit out during the during the season. Make sure that it's not because they're just dealing higher line to induce action and that's kind of the situation we're in his Green Bay Minnesota game. We ever take account that slants the Green Bay, but that's because we're kind of positioning ourselves to need that. Now we go to the four o'clock games we like to stay in Las Vegas, the o'clock teams. L. A. C. Z. WE'RE NOT GONNA make the mistake. La chargers. At the Bengals who the other number one overall pick Joe Borough. chargers lance three or three and a half. This is an intriguing game as far as quarterback placed suspect, not a lot of people in the chargers bandwagon the opposed last handful of seasons in the bengals incompetent overnight. Yeah. The chargers just lost maybe their best player for the season to their safety Derwin, James Out for the year question market quarterback I'm not a big Justin Herbert fan the rookie out of Oregon I guess they're gonNa go with tyrod Taylor to start the season. Not a big fan of Anthony. Win. The charges are very talented for sure but there's some big question marks. They're not a lot of handle in that game so far right now we've got. San Diego we've got the chargers minus three minus one twenty down a little bit from three and a half. Will need the Bengals in that game but I think this. There's another game at one, twenty, five on Sunday that's going to get all the money. So I don't. I, don't know that this is going to be a big decision for us. Debt I'm assuming it's not the next game Arizona's San Fran. Niners lane the full seven and up we talk about super bowl hangover citing the scenes of still really good. Now, are they going to go to the Super Bowl that now that usually doesn't happen with you lose the super bowl the steam was up double digits Super Bowl us not forget that they could very easily be any chance, but they're not. In Kingsbury, in the cardinals come to town with a new toy for their quarterback and that is d Andre Hopkins Yeah and I saw they just signed on Hopkins to a two year extension yesterday he should be happy I like cuyler Murray Kingsbury Trendy pick for coach of the year a lot of talent in Arizona on that team. I don't really see why the forty niners wouldn't be very good again again, this season they've got all those good young players on Defense Nick Bosa. Maybe the best defensive player in the League. Right now, actually the players here at the Super Booker Betting Arizona. Zona plus seven minus one twenty. Sure. By the time this game starts double need the cardinals because you'll have a lot of surviving moneyline parlays from a morning going into San Francisco in the afternoon. In the players, the sharps or the recreational players. It's mostly I would call them recreational players just looking at the dollar amounts being that here it's a lot of three, hundred, four, hundred, dollar fifty, five dollar bets on. Arizona. Okay the next game I would imagine is the one you were alluding to, and it is fascinating to me cruelly early facet it's the saints. Hosting the Tampa Bay box with Tom Brady at helm what are this touch six and a half or one point the summer Yeah and I I think you're gonNA like this. What I have to say about this game, we never got that we were more like in the four or maybe four and a half range because we always knew that everybody was going to bet Tampa Bay and this is the game that I believe sets up to be the square dog of the week in the NFL the public. Is GonNa come in on the buccaneers. The straight bed count here is three to one on the buccaneers, and this is GonNa be a very, very high volume game my guest, the second highest volume game of the weekend and the NFL Sunday night game being number one. The books are probably GONNA end up needing the saints I think the public is going to definitely looked about Brady. We've made some other big name signings. I don't know how much Leonard Fournette or Sean McCoy really does for you. But the bucks the books of the team that are getting all the all the love and the media this off season, and the public's going to be betting on the bucks pretty hard on Sunday. So the numbers come down. It may be not your shop, but it was it was higher. At six or so. But so there's we remember it anybody who's been survivor pools knows familiar with US remember the saints of loan options driver full last like a few within the last year's of. Last year, they did escape Monday night against the Texans barely breathe this year before that they lost the James. In the box either week one or week two may lost other years. So how about this they failed to cover six straight season openers one in five straight up. So they've lost five of their last six season openers and keep saying quarterbacks vaccine code. So the last ten years there one, eight, one, eight s openers. Last six years weeks one and two. One in eleven eighty. S to ten straight up. I mean, this is a team that's been the gold standard, right the ship, the Super Bowl. Few years right with the Rams boggle last year with the Vikings up. They've been right there. They're the gold standard breezes and the MVP discussing couple years ago and they are losing openers can't cover a single game start here. Well, they should go to the super bowl two years ago I mean they got totally robbed in that. NFC. Championship game against the Rams in New Orleans. But yeah, they've got some slow starts I can remember I. Think it was that. Same Year they lost opening opening week to this Tampa Bay team with the Great Jameis Winston a quarterback, and then he should have lost in week two to the Cleveland Browns but the Browns missed an extra point to keep them in the game. So the saints have been known to get off the very slow starts. There's no doubt about that tumultuous off season in new, Orleans as well. So I I do think books will need the saints to show up here and it's going to be a monster handle game in the afternoon, a lot of money coming in on Tampa Bay. Could you your rg three performance for Washington based on the saints? Two. Thousand Twelve. Back. Back you WANNA go. Thousand Twelve. Yeah. Yeah good point. Okay. So yeah that's be a big handle game and then Sunday night as well. Got America's team against L. A.'s team Dallas Lane three on the road in the new new stadium in. La. Yeah. Everything's GonNa Roll to Dallas in this game. Don't don't be surprised at this number goes even higher we were to about a week ago or earlier this week we went to three even right now in Dallas I think you're gonNA see three flat on this game. A lot of the parlays all. Survival said I'm not gonNA say Oh, we're going to go to the Dallas cowboys on Sunday night. Dallas very trendy pick this year a lot of people like them. They finally got rid. Jason Garrett. I'm not a big Mike McCarthy fan personally, but I anybody's an upgrade from Garrett. Cobb was very trendy pick. Yeah. So I think the cowboys are GonNa be really good this year and like you said, I'm not big on McCarthy, but he's an upgrade over Gary. Even if Garrett what was it like bumbling stuff this things at some point you need like a clean slate like Andy Reid, I'd go get out of Philly. At some point, he kind of needed like turn things over because in college the players turnovers, you don't get stale like you do in the. NFL. So I think at some point just as they as time adjacent gear with to go especially when you're eight eight with a team that back. So I'm I'm big on Dallas, gallimore returns. So there's some continuity with the offense which just rate last year and add CD lamb so they're going to be even more phone. I'm just not believing like the rams are that good I don't believe in Jags off I don't believe now he's he's going to be okay at home with buffet and all this. But I think you have to lay before you do anything this line closes I. Don't know that it'll close higher than three and a half. I mean three and a half is very high for the spot. The rams are still very talented team. They'RE GONNA they're gonNA have their day where they're going to have to answer at some point in the future because they've traded all their first round picks the last few years. So a couple of years from now. The well's going to dry out for this team and they're and they're just going to be awful. But for now, they've still got a lot of top players Aaron Donald Jalen Ramsey, guys that are in the prime of their career. They've got a very good coach. I don't WanNA completely right off the rams. I I don't see this number really being higher than three and a half. Go Dallas very, trendy pick this year and a lot of money is GonNa Roll Dallas. On Sunday night I will say when we first opened these numbers, we did have a respected player took three with the rams. I thought. He should've waited I 'cause I believe it will go higher than three. But he's a guy that we really respect and he knows what he's doing. Well, I usually know what I'm doing with some of these line especially like the week one number IDA huge like three point is actually rams years ago. I knew this line with the steelers would go up I even texted Ed I. Already Line Closes and touches. These said five and a half Michael Higher and it is already higher. Pittsburgh now, laying six at the giants I'm so mad I'm not sitting here like a monster middle. But I'm not. So that's my six. Now that I think the giants are going to be competent on offense in at least if not the start, they will eventually get their schedules. Awful. Just awful. This could be a four or five win team but obviously, they could be much better than what respect might indicate but I think it's a tough spot in the steelers ready for this year they finally get big Ben back they're focused its patrick a whole year. I think this is a good spot back the steelers now whether they cover six I'm not sure. Well this was as low as three and a half. I'm not trying to rub salt in your wound here. But yeah, right now it's at six. We're at five on Monday. We had a respected group laid five with the steelers. You know that the parlays are going to run to the steelers Monday night football on the spot. Pittsburgh's a team really overachieved last year if you look at the just God. Awful quarterback play, they had between those two stiffs, Mason Rudolph and duck hodges neither one of those guys could play a lick Mike Tomlin deserves a lot of credit. They almost made the playoffs last year. So now if you think that they're going to get back a healthy version of Ben Rothlisberger TJ water merged defensive player of the year type guy for them. Last season Meka Fitzpatrick came over from the dolphins really solidified their secondary lot of talent on defense if they can keep. Big. Ben Upright. There's really no reason why the steelers can't be a super bowl contender. You know it's hard to argue that I mean they're division is tough. That would be the reason the. Ravens are the favourite and the browns in the mix too Not sure the Bengals, but they could be never know you're in there. So I- total now wants forty seven and a half the Monday night. The second game is where our new team Steve Levy and Bryan Greasy Louis Riddick re is I really really enjoy listening to you. We'll be calling their first game in Denver know von Miller likely out to the season Tennessee laying under free months soon after. Game here. We actually opened Denver minus two and a half. We've liked Denver coming into the season I still like Denver even though they lost on. Miller. And when we opened it to or not right when we opened it, but we had it at two and a half we actually had a guy come in about five thousand on the Broncos laid the two and a half that number is completely flipped Tennessee now two and a half point two and a half point favorite on the road they bring in Geneva and cloudy the broncos lose von Miller. Don't look at it as that big of a line move though I think it's important to note that all these numbers between zero and two and a half or not as important as many other numbers. When you move across three across seven, etc. But big line moved here the books are going to need Denver. especially. After the news von Miller being out for the season. And today, we actually had a guy come in he. He went under seven and a half wins on the broncos He bet twenty, seven, thousand, five, hundred, twenty, five, thousand on that. So the perception right now is a down. Arrow on the Broncos von Miller being done for the season Bradley Chubb Maybe, not being one hundred percent of the start of the year people looking at the Broncos for sure the best red zone defense in the NFL last year. I know that were your colleague at another sportsbook Alan Berg told me that or my peace and hopefully vantage and it was true and they said, sometimes, crowd noise is actually more about defense in anything mean the small chance for the vikings their top three in red zone defense for three straight years. Denver could be good teaser option here Doug, you got plus two and a half you can go up to eight and a half total, forty one and a half. Depending on what price you get on your teaser remember that it's very important but the broncos could be a good teaser option for you. If you've got favorable pricing at the shop, you play it. For you could. Definitely be at the minus one. That's. Enticing all right good stuff Mr, executive director got one more thing to take care of. Time far baby bankrolled. That time of the show, my friends you need I need like a long skinny microphones. Here is another season, a baby banker, all bonanza, and it's another season of not knowing exactly the rules going, what what baby are we playing for this year I I know a couple years ago. We did it for for Kyw and his lovely family, but even have a baby in mind this year my you know my sister, my sister Jessica is having a baby in December. Oh Baby. Maybe we should do this one for her little girl who will be born supposed to be born about a week before Christmas. So maybe this year it's all for Adam and Jessica's baby girl. Alonzo's this is breaking news or have you discussed this on oh? No No. PODCAST I don't think subsidies. On another podcast, but it's it's something that all of our family and friends are aware of. There wasn't like a destructive baby reveal for that US. No I won't know we we decided. Just. Get Adam. decided that they were going to do a baby gender reveal without starting any forest fires which I thought it was very nice of a very responsible congratulations to the Murray family wonderful and Adam yes. Yes they will be the beneficiary of our gambling so I'm concerned. About the kind of stuff. Right. Well, you already bought two baby a ton of stuff, but I guess I could buy more Sure. Yeah. Let's do it. Or maybe next year the loser of our. Of our contests has to become the provide great the. procreate or something like that. Real elbow out I really don't have to pay attention this season, the NFL. Kids, right. It'd be high stakes man it'd be pretty it'd be a lot more high stakes to get these guys to get a tattoo. I finished in last place. Okay. Well, we have a bankroll. We'll figure it out. I'll talk off off air and beard out for next week is GONNA be around like five or something like maybe revised. figure out but it sounds like both of us are going to start slow you one last year I will let. T box I. Not Not, like this year, I will like I, mentioned earlier in the show that a lot of our guys here like Minnesota Week one there at home against the Green Bay. Packers. All Lay all Minnesota minus two and a half for eleven hundred to win a thousand. And and that's all I'm GONNA do for for week one here. I'm going to dip my toe in the water. I think you gotta be careful this year in the NFL. because. You don't know what's going to happen with the testing guys potentially being ruled out at the last minute. If you're an NFL contest this year, I would really recommend even more. So than ever putting your picks in at the last minute, we are taping the show on Wednesday morning in Las Vegas. So hold on and it's interesting because earlier when I told you how Preston was this approach numbers are GonNa Plants with shakes out. Well, you are saying, let me let me stop you right Derek. If you're in a contest, you've got frozen numbers to play with oppressed in might think his numbers are better than the market and he's going to beat the market. That's why he can make his about on a Monday. Whereas if you're in a contest, we're putting out super contest week one lines here in about two and a half hours at the West. Gate I'm GonNa jump on visa and with our friend Matt humans talk about those be careful putting in your contests picks early there's no reason to do that this year. Yes. All right. So you. Kind of like I took it as too. So obviously, contests, you should always wait all the time. There's injuries I mean what happens if this von Miller News Service? Friday rally just don't I always say that but I thought you were saying that got to be careful the NFL just in general well I could be saying both I think we're both right I. Mean you always gotta be careful this year all these sports you don't know what's going to happen with the Cova testing but I I think I was just mentioning more. It was Kinda just a super contest plug I tried to wedge it in their clumsily. Better. Very Clumsy Wedge there. But yeah, I do think if you're in a contest, you should be waiting till the end and twenty twenty. What is the premier contest? So I encourage everyone do even eye on things participate. If you are able to get down here in time get a proxy now I have one play as well I'm going to take. You know the Golden Knights was by first ever Best Bet Las Vegas. My first ever podcast bet is GonNa be on the Las Vegas Professional, sports team, and that's the Raiders Carolina over re seven and a half for a nickel nickel. I can't believe that I'm putting out more than you are week one that's very off brand for both of us. I'd say that she and I do alive betting middle and just come out of the gates scorching with the chiefs minus nine, I can't. I can't tell you what to do, but I would be more that would be more on brand I think that's what the listeners are expecting you to do the. Lawyer Week one was like minus three and a half at Houston or something like that I just. To do the Middle Lane, at not around the tens and eleven's Ferris like that. It's not what I think you actually the night we I hit it with my got got. We'd back-door tend to be honest it might have been seven. But yeah. It was a cool. Was it was it? New. England Miami or New England Indianapolis Excuse me Yeah I do remember that down grab the tight end. And then blow up. Blow Up. By my standard UH. But. Away away maybe we'll have to get involved that Monday night I mean the steelers would be a good one to be honest sick. Actually like a lot of that game to May I know what you're saying though that they could theoretically get out to lead. But some of our guys here do think the giants are going to be an improved team this season and I do sixty six is a pretty, pretty big number to lay I thought in that game. But like I said, we saw a sharp group lay five. So maybe I'm wrong while the market mood to six or five looking good. But six is sort of the key number the last five years the most common outcome margin of victory was three. It's fourteen point four percent of them going up memory second most is seven. Thank third-most six and then fourth most fourteen that was instincts like. or not even among the top five. Margins of victory in the last five years why not five is not a key number at all I guess look I. Mean Six six could be considered a key number and you might be able to like you said you might be able to play out of that at some point if you do lay six. I think you're GONNA you're gonNA find better spots than. This season and I think one, these numbers have been out for. So long he's numbers about for months they've been hammered into shape for months. I think you're GONNA have better opportunities here over the next sixteen weeks in the NFL I would agree with that my friend great to connect Mr Murray congratulations to your sister Jessica and Atom Wonderful News on that front what a way to start the new season good to have you back. To see you in person from time to time and. It luck to both of US everybody good luck. This week kicking is for losers. All right. That is in the books week one for the NFL with Mr Murray obviously big news with his family. That's great. Now, we know we're paying for. The wrist to give the gift to the at that time the season's over the new parents. So that'd be wonderful. All right. So thanks to everyone like I said content on ESPN, dot com chuck section, lot of plays. They're lot of Info my column that I wrote about NFL home advantage is up and able to be read, and then also we the other podcast this week obviously shelf life for the you know for awhile. Go check that out. That's with Press Johnson Mike Clay and also Aaron shots of outsiders, and we will actually back there we.

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The Complete Guide to Everything

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"This is a head gum podcast. Hello and welcome to the guy to everything a podcast about everything I am with your host. Tom And I'm Tim Tim. How're you doing this week Tom? I'm full of PEP. Because it's it's cold outside so walk briskly when the weather's brisk and it gives me an overall peppy demeanor I asked you before for we start if yet Sunday a dog about this is what you had leading just that it's cold outside C walk with a pep in your step. Yeah but then that that kind of carries over to the rest of my life. It's it's kind of like fake it till you make time. If you walk around all peppy you start to feel peppy now. You're peppy just because you're trying to stay warm. Well it cold outside so I get that part. I've actually been a little warmer warmer the past few days when when a moving from place to place outside go I try to. I try to keep things moving. Your likes being the things my whole body. I walk with more than just my legs. Tom Horse Girls. That walks gall force worse girl. These girls that walk like horses. You've seen this online having you something perverted bitches. It's just like there's a thing it's like an online thing where girls like young girls like walk on all fours like horses like oh I don't want I don't want you know what horse girls are like. Girls are really into horses. Some some girls are really into. I can't have a horse is a horse is very expensive. So they run around by courses videos of it on the watch videos of it. They come up on twitter and stuff like just little short things. He's Aren't feature length documentaries geometries so eclipse people running around like later on twitter twitter dot com. What twitter account Sir are you following that he blur rebe repos repos young girls walking around like horses like an interesting thing? It's a slice of life. Sometimes people re tweet that they got. It is an interesting thing. Here's a slice of life. I haven't I haven't seen four a horse girl now. Different horse girls are just girls. They're really into horses. Purses you know these young girls are really. I mean you know any of them personally probably but you remember from when we were kids. There'd be girls that were dislike really not like courses is like no everything is horses. All story folders at school right. Everybody has a horse folder too. But this is like you know somebody who An eight year old girl. WHO finds a way to steer the conversation back to horses no matter the subject? Yeah I mean I guess yeah. I don't walk around like horse girls that I didn't see you. Did you asked if I walked around like horse girl. That's how you started on the whole horse girl. Oh because he he said Forget why have no knowledge of horse girls and At your whole body. That's what it was. Yeah Yeah like like a horse girl. Now that's another lear. The Not every horse girl walks like a horse in now. I guess every girl that walks horses missile horse girl. I would assume I'm a I'M A crabby boy. A crab walk everywhere. Oh that'd be I remember when I was a kid. I get crab block for days. I hope the cafeteria for five feet. Now there was a yeah. Your arms are Like twigs Tom. Yeah nothing my thighs. Yes yeah and they can't support your head Gra. Head would just flip over backwards the whole time. There is a kid in my neighborhood head and he was kind of. He lived a couple blocks over. He was kind of a dirtbag family. Remember these dirtbag big families back. He's kind of a bad kid. His older brother was more of a bad kid but he was kind of a bad to usually the way and and then one summer. Yeah because we'd all hang out into the play in the neighborhood he couldn't be like. Hey Bad kid you can hang out with us. Yeah so we'd play Nice sometimes. The bad kids like firecrackers or something. Yeah but you always kept your distance from the bed kids. They always be like. Hey do you wanna come over and watch. Some videos is that we shouldn't be watching over. Watch married with children. Yes something like that or like or something like poltergeist. I feel like we're always watching poltergeist race Friday the thirteenth. Yeah nightmare on ELM street or horse girl videos those back then and So this kid He'd come and eat play and it'd be like keep your distance from him he's got he's kind of a dirt bag and then When we were done This this one summer he decided he did research and he's just like a walking or running anywhere skipping. I'm going to skip everywhere and like I got to see you later at. He probably like R. A.. S. words. See you later right. That's word shift. Let's say all right shit seal as word heads later. Then he just skip off like John up very intimidating the next ever like. I thought you were against us. China reform himself in the percent of hey skipping skipping it's faster than walking and not as tiring is running and there are some wisdom there. I don't I know if there's any wisdom there I think it's still proportional to like. Yeah I mean he's got a point. It is faster than walking cooking and it is less tiring than running. I guess you're probably expending like still proportionate amount of energy lays more energy than than walking though. Yeah but not as much as running point tonight you have to get somewhere pretty soon but not originally yeah. You don't WanNA show up panting and out of breath right. It's just skipping. Yeah seemed like It didn't last more than a few weeks. That's ever because it's like. Oh we can turn the table on the dirtbag family now concerned mocking them openly. The whole family did it no to the whole family. Like your youngest is brought. Shame upon your clan Skips wherever you go. Yeah that's not cool. Yeah I like to walk around hunched over with my backpack on one shoulder We're we're getting me back problems for the rest of my life. There is a time in fifth grade where I remember. It was cool to In this Goddamn nineties these towns grunge era where it was cool to just walk around looking at the floor. Third Time in cool to look up. Oh that's what. Tim Got bad sources on air. Tom I was there to my peers. You know you were told you time. Oh I'll I'll name names off might but even if it wasn't just me everybody was doing it He was what the cool kids did that. And when you're playing basketball stick your tongue out like Michael Jordan. Well that's still cool. Yeah he couldn't help uh-huh Michael Jordan. I don't know I think it was a I. Guess because if if it was a if it an affect nation I I feel like they would have merchandise. Yeah why didn't they have like tongue stuff where they free agent Gene Simmons would would. That's mired the rolling stones. Yeah I mean they use it in commercials like they like I remember. There was like a gatorade commercial that showed set him. Doing a bunch of Slam dunks his dog bowl but he had his tongue hanging out in every one and it was like I don't now I don't think they made a point about it like Lee. That thirsty tongue thing was just look at this. It was just this. Is You know be like Mike Right. That was the thing be like Mike. Stick your tongue out. So there may be like Mike slamming aid slam. Dunk a basketball But I think he yeah. I think he didn't merchandise it because it was like now they probably I'm sure it's probably pitched him. He's like now I'm GonNa go with a slam dunking a basketball man. Who can fly? Yeah Yeah I think that's a cooler marketing. The man who sticks his tongue out. Well Yeah but I feel certainly a lot more impressed. All parts of the Buffalo is when I say if not relatable certainly is relatable. What the flying I? I've never been able to fly. He have never been able to fly either Worst Slam dunk a basketball. On a regulation can slam Dunk non-regulation. Originally no you can't you can't him. You can't slam dunk a basket Tom. If it and I've seen it you don't have ups. I've always just wanted ups. Yeah do you think those those surgeries. Were the one that AH jumping surgery. Yeah that's the thing there. I know there are calf implants. Now they take what. What is that? the tendons in your in your calf or behind. Find Your Calf Tim. Are you thinking of a little big league again. What's a little bit bigly? What's the name of the of the year the year available on Disney plus? Is that what you're thinking of. No they a different surgery. Take your tenants or something. Yeah that are in your leg. uh-huh tighten them up. They sniff out part of it and reattach the bulk and then it's like spring loaded. Yeah but then can you like probably he not straight new legs out all the way or something who cares. There isn't one of those things that are afterwards you find out like well you won't be walking anymore or you'll be skipping everywhere. Tom Big big news this week. Big News it was last week out of the Mouse House. The House of the House of mouse if you work for for publication. And you're like I'm writing this hard hitting business article news article And it's going to be about this corporation corporation in a new product launch much. Should I refer to them. As the house of mouse receives appropriate. Well it would be weird if wait ever called them that before. But that's a nickname. Everybody if you called you know New York City the Big Apple People like what the hell are you talking about giant Apple. But they also don't write in like two articles like Oh this week. Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in the Big Apple Apple. Say they say in New York City reporting on death. They're reporting on a new product law. It's fine but it's a serious serious. It's not that serious but if it's a business publication Thomas about finances and stuff. Yeah see what you think. Some businessmen sitting in first class in the new well L. dollars to the point. Yeah time is money when you when you read an article about The biggest biggest towers the most profitable tourists are not like the material. MOM does it again. Yeah they do. Actually there they'll say Mick Jagger in the boys are at it again that's Mick Jagger and his sons the rolling stones L. is son of God I hope not. They look like hell if they are your sake. Six Hundred Years Old. Yeah do you think Students Dad's Or six hundred years old. They come to the concert very proud of their boys. Yeah Keith Richards hurry pro or con Keith. Richards on the podcast fine with them. I'm not pro or a neutral Detroit Easter. We need to start taking more our unequivocal stances on this show but Keith Richards isn't where we'll start. I remember that story where he got hit with a coconut. I thought that was pretty funny. Yeah Yeah I anybody. Getting -actly one time. Hitler got hitting the head with a coconut hundred percent. Disney plus the house of Mouse. The mouse house the mouse in chief. The house mouse built is Mickey still the CEO I think so. Yeah no it's The the dude that wrote a book. Todd Eiger Bagger Our Pride Todd Haggar. Did you really think it was todd. No. It's very informative show. We're doing today Bob. EIGER The mouse in chief. Is he a mouse or is he a human man. He's a human man but he knows he knows the company in the family. Now that he's he's boards stacked with my his My my board is stacked with mice. Might baseboards in my apartment. I board stacked packed with cheese is a cheese boy. Sport is where that the the mouse hole tim is you can't see it. But he's doing the universal science. I will sign of a mouse archway yes. They launched Disney. Plus it's a streaming Tom It's it's the the house of mouses entrance into the streaming wars. Yeah I mean it's a big it's like when You know the United States joined World War Two. It's that level have live now. Another big guns coming in that begun as Disney is. I feel like they're talking about live streaming war stuff and ally. These are like. Yeah okay. That's like another competitor in the streaming wars. Or whatever but like that. That's not gonNa Work Qube. I don't sleep on in Quebec Tom. What is quickly? Can you explain Qube to me. Since we're talking streaming quimby was started by the Gaskin even jeff in and Katzenberg hats and Berg. Yeah allies. Did you ever read the book. Disney war Tom. I really WANNA do Disney month. On the complete guide to everything have a lot of knowledge about the boardroom. Machinations at the House of mouse that I'd like to talk. Oh unfortunately he spent the first time. It's about having a pep in your step with cold outside so we simply don't have time this month. Okay well Yeah Katzenberg. He's like I know what kids want. They WANNA watch content. We'll call it content It's only going to be on mobile devices. You Watches on TV gramps Smith. Hey why don't you go ahead right now take a Ball Ping Hammer smash smash the crap out of your television. We're GONNA need did that thing. And then once you're done with that turn it on yourself yeah if you're not gonNA subscribe to Qube Bash Your skull hidden it's like a streaming service is going to be like a mobile like it sounds like one of the streaming services lost Moebius odes to me. Well I was going to say it sounds. It's like one of those mobile services like Verizon's go ninety where it's like end with your subscription you'll get exclusive access to our our premium subscription option video where it's like oh it's an APP that you can't uninstall from your phone that don't want and that you're never going to look at. It's it's not fair short-form. They're only going to be a few minutes long and insane. That's such old thinking is like ten years ago people thought People like biathlon is GONNA be watching snack quids on their qube devices in twenty twenty. And you're GONNA eat your words and it's just not true people like longer things that one of the bane of people's existence in modern day is finding something else to watch said if he got something. That's long than that amount of time ever along. That is ten minutes twenty minutes. That's twenty minutes. You can go without having to think about what you WANNA to watch Tom. I think you're wrong. I think you you're out of touch with Gen Z.. And Young millennials. And they don't want to you. Send me a twenty minute youtube video video. I'm not watching that. Not all of us are like you sitting around hours a day watching Joe Rogan videos watching zero now to learn more about the intellectual dark web. Just there's highlights videos and even those tend to fifth lemme my stack vitamins kamins and various protein shakes tinctures. Yeah and sit back learn about the the intellectual Darko while I'm Gonna I sit back and wait until my muscles growing them. beat the shit out of you. So that's qube but we're talking about Disney plus Tom and there's five pillars the Disney plus There's a legislative Tom. You know that's not true okay. Disney is one one. Well it's Disney plus other stuff. It's Disney plus four other things. What plus means? Yeah she kind of makes sense. Yeah I know that sounds like everything's plus nowadays. Everything's extra right. What the kids say? Oh you're paying extra you're being extra. What and then they say how quickly it's going to say okay? Okay boomer but I think that's already dead right. I absolutely human learn about okay. Bu This how old I am I didn't learn about okay boomer until they wrote about better than the New York Times and I was like will surely I missed this by eight months. Yes no young has said this in the past calendar year. Yeah Yeah there is. There is no way that any any teen worth their salt is still out there The old gray lady found out about it. Yeah once the gray lady says all that old gray lady. Hey kids at the next meeting. Let's retire that. Let's take that out of her nacuer looking being forward Their their piece next month on How kids nowadays are saying less? I like that. They're big big her kids. They love those budweiser frogs. They're the screen savors on their computers and everything so Disney plus Disney plus were the number one number two Disney plus Disney. No Oh I think he squared UH Pixar. Right computer movies The Marvel Marvel Marvel Star Wars And what I like to call Nat. Go do not grabbing. But you dumb ass. Okay boomers may know as National G National Geographic Geographic. We called IT National Geographic. We appreciate things in cool ways you young folk. Yeah and my day you would. You would read National Geographic. And they'd be the doctor Livingston. I presume zoom tell the story of the man finding Doctor Livingston in the jungle. Yeah every month I. It's still what the National Geographic magazine is. I'll probably yeah and sometimes there's a picture of a naked person in there. Yeah it was the only thing besides the pinups. They loved their Pinup SPEC. In the day they have You know the Internet horses. The horse girls worse. Girls is not that Tim. And you're you're showing your age. No at horse girls are in their years. Think Everything's disgusting. Gusting think everything I don't understand is disgusting and I realized that doesn't bode well being a functional member of society. I I am willing to just miss everything it's fine. He's not for me horse girls now for me rap music disgusting more like Crap Music Nick. Hey they are not even call it music. They also have Tom. I'm Disney plus two things that don't get their own vertical okay the simpsons yes and the muppets right. I get the muppets or part of Disney the simpsons though they were acquired when Disney bought Fox. Yeah which I will say though that I've seen At Lisa like bosses and the city them using the simpsons to advertise Disney course vertical nat. Go gets a vertical that the simpsons don't get a vertical. I think the simpsons doesn't get a vertical because the simpsons is still one. TV Show and and one movie. You know what I learned you bet the Simpsons and the muppets where everything else is movies and TV shows which I'll give him up. It's will be but I think muppets right now. Aren't you know. Tell tell me what you learn about the muppets. I'll say what I think had loved the simpsons. I love the muppets. They both actually have a great deal of content homies. Sliver of it really any good at all Oh for both of those properties. Yeah and where the hell are Dang- muppet show Joe Seasons. They probably don't have their the rights back or something. Yeah they were releasing. DVD Disney release some DVD's the first couple the seasons back in the day to day might seventy. Some of these rights are very complicated though. Yeah we're like they might not have the streaming rights. They might have sold. This is somebody else five years ago. Not Thinking about Disney plus it also seems to me like he disney. Just take that stuff. Nobody's going to prosecute you. Ah The court in the world. No the Disney change their constantly changing. US Copyright Law To accommodate Disney. So that that Disney's characters can't fall into the public domain that something. That's just ongoing. You're you're saying some German holding company that owns the streaming rights to seasons three. And four of the muppet show are gonNA come in and and Ed Courts are going to be like. Yeah we sided with you not the conglomerate that spends a billion dollars lobbying me every year I mean I think they would still have to have some if there's a contract then it's hard for them to add. I think and I also think that there's there. There aren't enough if people out there holding off on subscribing Disney plus. Because they don't have the muppet show that it's worth them opening themselves up to a loss scoff often the muppet show. I was GonNa say I think one of the reasons of frog to talk at a picked dance. I think one of the reasons why they don't have them up in their own vertical. A if they don't have much of a bunch of stuff that's one but I think also in in making a muppet Vertical they would have to make some tough choices on what they consider. Muppets and what they don't consider. muppets what do you mean. You're so sesame street sesame street muppets. Sesame Street is not muppets. Sesame Street is owned by the Children's Television Workshop Disney has Did Not buy that in the muppets deal. So there you go so no there. That's that's that decision has been made is dark crystal muppets. It's Hanson. See I that's why I think you would need to make a Hinson. It's in vertical more than a muppets. Vertical Okay Hinson vertical. I can see but again. I don't think it would drive their nerd. They're not GonNa do it because it's talking to Dr. I mean National Geographic is in either but I'm sure they put that up there because it's like us the vegetables with your delicious ice cream and you know get some parents to Bela. There's educational content. I'll I'll give them the money. That's my thoughts on the verticals. I was supposed to get a free subscription. Listen this is the first section okay. Let's hear our gripes about Disney plus two men who subscribed to the free trial week. I'm not sure if you'll continue your savary cancelled it price signed backup. Yeah same with me but Disney gripes. Gripes gripes. Yeah I was led to believe that I was get free subscription because I subscribed to Verizon Fios for my home Internet then everything lodges on my great. Let me go to the page to get my free Disney plus no. It's if you have verizon wireless you get a free subscription and if you sign up for file they'll give you a subscription immune. Not If you already have it. Who's the CEO Verizon? I don't know but he's a or she is a real jerk This is somebody that we can take a very clear stand on Hans Vest Berg. Well Yeah. He's probably holding onto those muppet streaming rights to Hans Westberg. AG- you'll never get them. We're against you. Yes we're starting to take a stand on people and guess what you're on the wrong side of complete guide guide. Yeah you better not cross us. POW GEAR in the complete guide Poon Yard unless you've got You know like a Promo Code again semi for for a free year of Disney plus. That's the only way you're getting off the list Colin on you do some good in the world. Sin Tom Promo Code for Disney plus. That's the only way you're getting off the list. Otherwise you'll die on that list POW. Yeah Hell never come off have. Oh wait hold on I know. The chairman is a lull C.. mcq Adam LULL CMEC ADAM boy. No lull is slow from wing. Okay signature let me see a picture. Now it's a little from waste Hayden Church. All right well Erick character in the boardroom. Yeah he's he's a very versatile actor people don't realize he plays more than just a dumb guy using sideways for Christ's sake strew Yeah that's actually do you like my only gripe. I didn't have any pro. I signed up on the first day. I didn't have any problems signing up. I know other people did. But even that people were like flipping out and it's is literally ten million people. Were trying to sign up and I saw you know follow techniques oracles like oh they got own because this the The head of the streaming taecker whatever said Nagas that they were ready and groups. Total fail looks like you weren't ready and saying what they you got ten million people signing up on one day it's fine that D- things just are built for the and also your if you're getting miss angry eh that you're not able to give up or do whatever like you're gonna be back in a week or in two days when it's all. Yeah I mean. I didn't see any problems but that was probably because you know I I wasn't trying to sign up at midnight. I when I got home later the day it launched i. We'll let me sign in. Let me get that free trial and Free Trog and let me watch a show in everything worked because now the Because the sun shines on Tom. God's favorite boy Tommy Renos if God was if I was God save boy. We've gotten a free year a year. Whatever of Disney plus? I don't think he was even a year. Might have been a year. Thought it was just forever. Na For year okay. I don't think it's forever because they're going to Jack up the price at some point. Yeah my one gripe Tom they have a lot of content. A lot of it aired on on television years ago when we had Four by three the aspect ratio and other a lot of complaints and Hey listen to hiker specifically with the simpsons because essentially just zoomed in so would fill the screen every and then a thousand articles were written showing how that one Duff B Hersh wrote aww But Hey if you're listening Bob Eiger one that the the one of Big Butts skinner dinner. Also kinda got ruined the Like hot air balloon because he can economy couldn't tell it was his. But yeah you kind of Eh You could anybody watching that. No jokes like well. I signed up for this and I'm immediately going to watch the first just six seasons of Simpson's it's like. Yeah you know all the jokes in six seasons of the simpsons. I predicted like I was on Reddit. The the other day and somebody posted this amazing video of Aurora Borealis. And I knew before I clicked on the first time the first guy has Aurora borealis. Because at this time of year in this location it happens but Tom Local to your kitchen. Plow Bagger fix the simpsons when you get around to it now but he give me the code and after you fix the goof troop aspect. They did the same thing to goof troop troupe who cares groovy his son Max there. Max's skateboard sometimes. You can't even see Maxa skateboard when he skateboard down the street. Do you think wants Max goes through puberty. His voice will change to goofy like he sounds normal but do you think he goes through periods of gold through puberty. Hey He's like a dad. How's it going and yeah and that's why next door took the girls that's strange feelings? exuma this episode is brought to you by dash a dash any makes everything you do online easier fill forms fast. Remember all your passwords and keep your online data accessible and safe with are all in one APP Dash Lane safely remembers auto fills all. 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It doesn't make a sound when you turn it on. No I'm wasting time National Geographic I yield my time to marvel full. You can't do that. I have well when I'm done saying my piece about National Geographic Nat. Go maybe Then the floor we're open to you okay The world according to Jeff Goldblum Tom. That's the flagship Program that they have. Have you watched any of this. I haven't watched it The other Big thing thing. Jeff Cobham's lull over exposed right. Now agreed Gordon Gordon Ramsay uncharted. But that's an old show right but it's it's kind of the two things that come up. I yeah 'cause I did see that I was like oh they got a new two thousand eighteen also. Look they seem like okay. National Geographic has has a long storied history in their leading on the family friendly streaming platforms. Because that's that's the whole thing about Disney plus that's right now right above PG thirteen. Yeah No r rated things are going beyond Disney. Plus they got the two people in the public eye who who were most likely to get accused of some sort of sexual impropriety within the next. Both these guys are just waiting to get cancelled. Yeah yeah they're just they're just like okay. Let's let's put them front and center there at all of our chips in the past I don't think that's a great idea. They too to have tom lots of Doug content. Oh okay they got The Dog whisperer Cesar Milan. Talk about another guy that might get had Mike it cancelled for something. Y- world's greatest dogs. That sounds like how how dogs got their shapes. We think it's like an exercise show. I don't know it sounds perverted me And I think that's probably like his. You know dogs are in all shapes and sizes and they were bred that way intentionally for different purposes. That's probably what it's about. It's probably pretty interesting. Yeah like I know some of that stuff about my dog ginger and like I had a Westie grown up and I knew like some of those things do you. Do you do the same type of research into a two horse girls. And they've gotten their shape no because the thing about a horse girls and now he's talking to horace girls or the girls who run Mike Horse. I could have got to start separating the two well I'm going on on what you said. The girls who run like horses Tim. Their shape works against them. Because is there not meant to run on all fours right. But they've found a way gas S. National Geographic. I'm sorry but I don't think I think this is boring. I think they should replace it with a muppets pitch vertical. They should do special on how the hulk got his powers on National Geographic. That science. No Tom About Gamma radiation nation. And how it affects the the human body. I gotta I gotTa remind you. This is the National Geographic portion of the show. Yeah they get also do it on The super soldier serum that Steve Rogers was given to become captain. What about Dr Oakley Yukon? Vet What about doctor strange His power arts sorcerer supreme. How do we feel and we should say this? Oh wait how do we feel where. Where do we come down on? Gordon Ramsay we mean we're taking a stand. Oh I like him. I mean I wouldn't ever WanNa like deal with him anyway but By like initially it's fun to watch. Okay that's That's the end of the National Geographic. Portion okay what a magical sounding alarm thank you. There's no good on Commu you. This is pretty good okay. Tim Cook on the line. Get them to have like madman. They have a buzzer used to indicate. That time is up for segment on podcasts. Yeah Okay National Geographic geographic done. What's next time Let's talk about Pixar Pixar computer movies starting now. Why are you doing this? I don't like the the the timer segue because it's it'll keep us focused. It'll give us enough time to solve a problem at the end. Okay Pixar the only thing I've watched Pixar and I recommend to you very highly I know Yasser enjoyed. It is There are only as far as I'm aware original Pixar series on Disney plus forty. Ask a question. Yeah Yeah here okay. It's time for a Disney plus Pixar gripe great. Great all right. They don't have them on like a series page. Each one is listed the series. No it doesn't even have It's four worke asks a question What is money right? And then if you click on that you can watch that one and then you can't see another one. That's only one. There's another hour Alexandra. And that's in it's like they're two separate movies or something I would like to know what is a friend it's it's not as good. It's very clear. Clear that they just got Tony Hale and cliff klavan either Nand. Yeah bright for an hour. Yeah it's Nice Cliff Cleveland. I think he'll do anything you want. Yeah is that guy just loves to talk people see hers off. They probably had to do a lot of work. Editing it down at them just telling Random anecdotes about historical trivia and stuff. man one of my goals in in life. And I'll tell you I don't think I'm gonNA reach it is to become like a famous movie star. That can do voices in like a an animated rated movie you become a famous like get an acting career really well so you get a lot of money for not become a household name which is going to take a Lotta work. Yeah a lot of luck and just so that I can have the kind of career where when you know some dumb like Madagascar four whatever gets announced it's like Tom Reynolds as the the COCKATIEL. Yeah and I come in for you know an afternoon. I'm just like what now you can't do that. This is great eight and then they put me in the trailer and then I just I get points on the back end. Tom Reynolds and Tom Reynolds. That's how I WANNA I wanna I wanNA have a movie career. Get Big enough that I can play multiple roles. Well it's twice as much work but other than that. I realized that like I. I don't I have not seen a pixar movie in years. I I gotTA catch up yet. This made me question whether or not I. Yeah you know what toy story four great movie. I never dreamed movie. Yeah I never saw coco never saw toy story three or four inside at great movie never saw. Well you're missing. Oh I think the last one I saw was wreck it Ralph and I liked us. It sounded Pixar Movie Disney move. I'd like to see record Ralph to Ralph breaks. The Internet is that on Disney plus. I'll ably Maybe not maybe the newer stuff. Yeah it might be on Netflix or something still. Yeah do you think It sucks that. John lasseter is such a creep. Yeah and They have to pretend like he. He didn't really do much at Pixar even though it was pretty much all him. Yeah he got fired right. Korea laughter whatever resigned. A bunch of rich guys Just nodded at each other and relocate. We have an understanding. We're still going to pay you you lots and lots of money but we have everything But yeah you gotta just go be a rich guy somewhere now. Yeah well Tom. I was reading a book about movies recently. And I think your plan is not gonNA work out. Oh my plan to become a what people can't see at home is that you're pretty the phone like right up to your face so it can be said the microphone phone kicking up the lake full two minutes before it starts going off his my. My screen keeps going to sleep going to sleep and So I can't see what it's going to go off reading this book about Movies in Nineteen Ninety Ninety nine as the worst book title ever So I'M NOT GONNA say Paul that's what it's called best movie year ear ever but with a periods between everything. Yeah but you know it's it's it's getting but all of the stars even even the ones that seemed older when we were kids like how do you think Brad Pitt was in fight club. I mean I guess he was thirty thirty four thirty three but Ed Norton was like twenty eight really. I could see that. He looked pretty young in that but at the time I thought he was. Okay guys are so old. They're probably going to die. What's next time we got Disney Marvel or star wars? You thought they were GonNa die here for all that fighting. Oh I see Disney Disney star. I don't have to hold it up to the start but the God damn phone down. Yeah put the alarm because they all the time is up but how will people know where you can wait until it starts ringing and then put it up to the microphone. Yeah I didn't know if it's Extra half a second. He'll be fine Disney. Let's start with the. Og steamboat Willie. They've opened the vault. Yeah and take no more stable. All your favorite sir. There steamboat Willie the Little Mermaid to return to the C.. They have all those like VHS sequels that they put out Halloween town to gala bars revenge. What the hell was Halloween town? One one you can find out. I remember even as a kid when things like Little Mermaid two came out of Washington. Like this isn't as good. Yeah like this has half the frame rate of the last movie silky. Like Pencil marks and stuff. Yeah those movies were bad. Yeah they took out some of the racist stuff in the old stuff but not all of it. Yeah and they. They have this disclaimer that it's hidden away Kinda and I saw Dumbo Pretty Front and center there. Oh Yeah I think that's like one of the rare ex. Maybe not rare exceptions but like it's actually in the video right like you start the video and it says something. Yeah and it says like it's Outdated depictions thinking right so you're worse on the like some of these. Stereotypes outdated there are new stereotypes. And we'll using Disney magic. We'll edit back we'll head into these These older films. How would that work? They were just cats. Yeah Song Right in lady and the TRAMP And they put in I Dunno suddenly putting you on the spot to this question all right Tom. What's your favorite Disney movie would you? Let's keep it to animated films and would you ever sit down and watch it now. I mean that's what I'm thinking. It would probably be Peter Pan and I don't think I'd like I mean maybe if I was like watching it with like a like a little kid or something you can teach them how to ah lie staple there Shadow back onto them in case it comes out. I think that's only in the play that they staple it. He added musical Yeah that was probably my favorite growing up. I like his health and native American stuff. No just because he it was like you know kids flying. I want to fly like Mike. Yeah Peter Pan kept his tongue in his mouth. Yeah I mean when you're a kid you know I me and that's what's bad about the those things because it's like you don't know what racial stereotypes aren't up your alley. This talks funny. It's like yeah. Yeah there's Li- history wise guy talk funny you know what I hope Disney plus makes people realize you know how people are all like concerned about their childhoods and stuff and there are things that they liked. I was raving to my wife. About how great The Movie Pete's Dragon. Though the seventies version regime is watch I put on like Iran. They had like clips of it. Boy Tom that's not good at all the things that I liked it. A child were stupid. They were made for children. Yeah I had that experience with something on Disney plus. I can't remember what it is now but yeah summarizing. I can't believe they have with this. Let me settle in. I made it like five minutes before is like saying. Oh I should watch steph. GROWNUPS now new things. Nothing else I can say you can pull it away from the microphone. I get the point. I stopped talking. What have we got left wars Star Wars and marvel at Sea Star Wars? Okay so we leave enough time to talk about marvel. Time starts now so star wars the big thing. Everybody's talking about is the mad delorean and as a man him delorean. I'm saying as one word. The man delorean Have you watching the mandatory in. Yeah I like to the first twenty minutes of the first episode and you got to board in more like the man to Borey Roy. Mandatory and I've watched the first few episodes now that I'm coming. Mutual friend of ours tweeted that okay. I forget Dan don't steal. I know that's why stop saying I watch only steel jokes from people I don't know I watched the first two episodes and I thought they were great. I really liked it. I didn't find it boring at all. I know you said it was like to slow no southern to slow it I realized I don't care for that universe. See I don't either like I think what it is. I've never been into star wars. I by voice kind of want it to be into Star Wars. I feel a little bit hard but I feel like the man delorean is made for me. I just I like it on all right. This is finally star. Wars thing that I'm into because it's kind of like a Western. It's kind of like what other western do you like. I hi like the searchers I like Which McCall it another John Wayne Movie? True Grit I like like true. True True Grit that will allow you the day that my now that was a searchers like the John Ford Moving. Okay all right. I don't think anybody like something. Inevitably people cannot. I don't think that you don't have the capacity to like them. I don't I I didn't think that you ever saw them. I've seen them. But you're lying so just being you. Here you're lying Ed Siegel this western Westerns And and the mandatory like the loneliness. I do I need to. They get into Western. No Oh now that you know it's cool to be into Western. I know that it's Confirmed is about loneliness yes And that's you know the man delorean is basically just space like a space western so far and I kinda like that to say nothing of the fact that spoiler alert if you haven't seen the entire first episode. It's a baby iota on the show and it's the most adorable thing you've ever seen in your lifetime Tom. I just told you I haven't seen the whole episodes of baby yoga and Tim get this. It's a muppet. It's a real is a Jim Henson Chretien puppet. It's not Hanson made it. It's is that special effects. I mean sometimes is price special effects. Actually help it is a special effects. computer effect But even when it's like a computer pewter effect even when it's like oh well it's in a pod flying after this thing I still think it's like the puppets composite onto it and the public looks great like that. You're making a hand motion for puppet sock puppet. It's not I mean it's like remote controlled But he looked so realistic. It looks so cool and like I was watching some of the clips of Yoda in the prequel movies when they see g item. It looks like dog shit. It looks so bad now And the puppet like you see it even old star wars hats puppet but you forget that like three seconds after and you know it's a thing thing it's a Oh he's talking to Guy Walker not talking to Ralph. That'd be amazing if Ralph just showed up in the Vienna. Yeah it was like way in the back. Only True Star Wars fans knew about it. I watched star wars episode seven. I'm Tom can't talk about it. Yeah Disney plus I did I had to watch. Watch it Over two nights. 'cause I got bored the first night and turned it off but I finished it. Wow what a what an accomplishment GITA. I am determined to see episode nine in the theater. Well Tim I want to go to an event movie for once in my life. Yeah will you missed out on forgotten mission impossible. I told I told you as she goes. See mission impossible in forty x nearly. No no I said yes and it. They took took it out of the forty X.. Theater gotTA look man. Forty X isn't around forever. I know around for like one weekend. Yeah then they you got the next thing in there. The next the next hot property all right we can either talk about marvel or Dan in real life. We'll talk about marvel. Dan In real life is not a vertical. But it's on Disney plus. Hey who's the star. Here Steve Carell. The pancakes aches. Is My question. Great start the timer for Dan in real life or moreover mark. Kay for Marvel Marvelous. You might have already started not all all right. Yeah I did started already told you but we're down to three minutes and five seconds so marvel first thing they Disney but the marvel cinematic universe back in two thousand nine if I recall correctly. No that's when the marvel movie started but thou when they bought the movies. I believe Now I believe iron man came out in two thousand. Yeah but they weren't a Disney property. A yet marvel was in a Disney property. No that's what I'm saying. Disney but the marvel property in two thousand nine now marvel studios started Arctic but Marvel Studios was not owned by Disney at the time and it was a few years later. I think the flu is twenty twenty. I think the first avengers movie which I think was twenty twelve was The first Disney his knee. Okay distributed one So they pulled off a surprise like he was like the day. 'cause originally there were only at launch with like a handful like a random marvel the movies and then like the day before or like we got them all. They'll all be there tomorrow. Don't ask what we had to do it. Humiliating and disgusting time. I just WANNA say MS Disney bought marvel for four billion dollars in two thousand nine. Okay why it. It took a while for them to for Disney to distribute the movies. I'm just saying right again. So they two minutes and thirty five seconds and They I think our main came out in two thousand eight actually the first Ironman so they got all the moves back. They had to put a sign signed up for epochs subscription service on the Disney log in page. Was it an yeah okay in order ours or stars it. It is in order to get the movies but they did it. Yeah when I was signing up for Disney plus does Disney owned stars. Thank so he was because it was the way they got the rights back to those movies. Stream them yeah But there are no Disney show is coming to Disney plus until twenty twenty one. So it's GonNa be a while. They're playing the long game town. Yeah but Falcon and winter soldiers coming down. That stirs the Falcon and the Winter Seoul. The Winter Soldier Hawkeye but a remains to be seen of Jeremy Renner will be cancelled in if he'll be in their John. We generally don't know that this is a real messy divorce And some very bad allegations of come out about him. How are we for some reason? We're anti Jeremy Renner runoff. For some reason he stinks does he. I mean he's like too ugly need to be He's like a lab not a good looking. Man Yeah I think he's trying said he's somehow succeeding. Yeah he's just one one of those guys where it's like. This guy just have blackmail and everybody like I guess. Somebody has to be Jeremy Renner somebody has to just be like a somewhat generic looking guy. Hi Who's in things that nobody's really into but like he's harmless enough. I guess I remember the first time I learned that Jeremy Renner was Jeremy Me Renner in the movie as like. Oh that's Jeremy Renner. I don't like that guy. I've seen him in other things. I am a big fan of marvel movies. I don't think I learned what his name was. Until last last year What if remember? What if comics yes? They're making a TV show. An animated TV show which sounds great. 'cause they're going to do an episode episode per movie and it's GonNa be a what if x happened so for example. What if Peggy Carter took the super soldier serum and says Steve Rogers and she became aimed? Captain Carter so it's going to be every like one alternate history iron man one and one for iron man two in one for iron man three. Yes you bet. IRONMAN for. There isn't one quick question. There isn't what well you went over on star wars stuff you went over on Star Wars Loki Juan on division. She Hulk Wonka Vision Wanda Vision. Wanda Vision it's Stars Wanda Maxima the scarlet witch envision. Thank yous vision or the Vision Anna Vision She Hulk Moon Knight and Miss Marvel. Those are the ones that have been announced so far. How many shows president total wine two three four five six seven a date? I might be missing one or two. which which one are you most excited for? I think Falcon and winter soldier. Okay and WanNa Vision when not what if what if. It's the only one that I'm saved for that. You know what our show is good good. I've mccreavy man I like things shorter uh-huh and and it's animated. I mean it's going to be great. I'm very excited about it's shorter. It's animated and it doesn't have anything to do with the Emmy. It does have something to do with them. Mc You but it's like non Canon stories. I'm all that Canon Baby. Yeah tell me what happened. Tell me that this counts. Were something but nothing counts. But it remains to be seen how I mean how integral like these are all going to be Canon. These shows. But it'll be interesting interesting to see if it's like will if you go in to see Dr Strange to if you aren't a Disney plus subscriber and watching the shows or you may be completely really fucking lost which out thing Disney wants to do but I think Disney's solution is like will will get around that by getting everyone on earth to sign up for tizzy plus. Yeah so that way. Nobody will have to worry about that. I mean they you know they put out a movie this summer that That was the culmination of twenty three movies. And people you know were able to go see without seeing all twenty-three movies fine that's my prediction will be fine. I think Disney will be fine. Great a few like the show. You can be your friend. On facebook. I think facebook dot com slash complete. Guide you can follow us on twitter at complete guide. You can follow me on twitter instagram at Tom Reynolds found me at your pal Tim. Hey why not check out our sub read it at our slash. TC GTE also. Why not support worth the show? Your old pal stemming Tom by checking out our sponsors thank you to our sponsors also checking out t g t dot com slash Amazon earlier Amazon shopping especially during the holidays is a great way to support the show without taking money. Out of your wallet except for the things you're buying and patriots dot com Tom Slash complete guide. I would argue the funnest way to support the show. Because you get a weekly other podcast books podcast this week We're finishing up our series on interview with the Vampire. I I have scary and it is. I've watched interview with the Vampire starring Bradley Pit and Thomas Cruise. And I'm gonNA tell. Tam May author until Tell Tim. All about it Patriots dot com slash. Complete Guide is where he can find that. Yeah Tom in terms of streaming wars. Yeah everybody's talking about All all right if you had up all these streaming platforms is GonNa cost you ninety dollars a month. Yeah and it pisses me off. Because it's like both the differences is cable when everybody was court cutting. It was because you had to pay ninety dollars a month to get anything he wanted right. Yeah if you sign up for all these things can be ninety dollars a month but guess what you have to sign up for but there's one show on this one zero one so fucking spend five ninety nine one month in watch it then and then turn it off again. Yeah I mean that's the big. That's a huge thing about all these things is. You could just cancel. Remember like Oh we're ordering like we're getting HBO so a man has to come to the house and do things man. That's the house and we have to sign a contract saying will will pay for. HBO for the next five years or whatever. Yeah and then. He's going to work at our house about. It is going to solve the wall or equipment that we need to get this other channel CERVITTI just come down. Yeah or why not make friends with people see you can trade passwords. Yeah that's what I mean you do for some. Are these services only reason this show still going on. Yeah Hey why don't you password laundering. Why don't I if horizon doesn't come through for your old pal Tom with a code? Why don't you? DM On twitter with your Disney plus account email and password and your credit card number in case expires in. You need to renew it case. You need to upgrade to that stars offers then you want stars too and it seems like a pretty good deal deal and and your pal Tom that you've given all your log information to you know he's like wow there's nothing I can do. I don't have this person's credit card number. That's a good idea. Yeah I endorse this. Dm Time your personal information. Yup I mean all these I forget what the that that breakdown of like ninety dollars a month include a bunch of dumb shit. That's like urine eighty-six Shudder. Yeah it's like. I need shudder sure. I need peacock the NBC streaming service and eat epics. I need showtime. I need stars. I need Disney plus. I need apple plus I I need Hulu. I need now the Hulu Bondo Tom. Yeah Oh brother. Was it thirteen dollars a month to get Hulu. ESPN plus lost. which doesn't have anything ever WANNA watch extra badminton coverage? Yeah Yeah I feel like they're stupid to include. ESPN plus in that bundle because people are going to be like well. Where's the sport? Where's the stuff I like? Yeah and they're just GONNA get angry and they're gonNA Feel like it was a bait and switch. Yeah they would have been better off saying Yeah ten dollars a month or wherever you get Hulu and I think they want a juice. The numbers for ESPN plus get some advertisers on that or something apparently That makes a Lotta Sense. Yeah although is that one of those channels where it goes to commercial break into shows a black screen. That's like take that black screen and sell their own now it's over it different streaming ads. I think it'll be interesting to see because now Disney owns Hulu Lou outright at sounds like they're gonNA shuffling that up where who is going to be where are rated things. Yeah yeah and like stuff. That doesn't fit into that Those five categories yeah. They've already said Dan in real life over there will they. They've already said for example. That like the deadpool movies will be on Hulu. They already don't want anyone who knows her in a movie on Disney plus this kid could break the whole burnt down the servers But because those are all rated they're going to be on Hulu and all of FX is stuff is going to be on Hulu. Yeah it's almost going to be like. FX is going to be the right to commandeer the FX Cable Channel for something else way mean and just put everything on who. Yeah I think they're going to be like hey was. Was John Landgraf. That's his name John Lennon. No we're we're we're happy for him I think there'd be like yeah you run like at this Hulu Channel Now and This cable channel that goes into you know two hundred million homes. We're GONNA make that Disney something I don't think so I think they're all about like in five or ten years saying We're not going to be on cable at all anymore. We we don't care about that we just want. Because that's what I to sell that. Maybe they're just like a viacom or something. 'cause I was amazed is that I was reading an analysis of you know it's something to house of Mouse. Know something crazy where it's like on average American American see. It's like one point one four movies a year and they were just saying how even You know all these marvel and star wars and everything else movies even if you go and see all of these Disney will make so much more money just getting you to sign up and giving them seven dollars a month because they get all of that for the most part seven they get all that seven dollars they have their own costs. Obviously but you know you buy a movie ticket. That's being split Ed. And that's the split with the theater and then split with other people and stuff where these e plus get everything and I think that's why they're putting so much marvel Roland Star Wars stuff that they would be happy if people don't go to those don't care about them putting out movies anymore and just sign up for Disney plus yeah You could also see both versions of the parent trap on Disney plus and fucked is either a horrible Hayley mills and Lizzy low hand version yet and and sometimes they bleed into each other. I don't want that. We'll see you next week. Yeah that was a hit gum podcast.

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200 BM Daily Vocabulary #73 | nevertheless

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200 BM Daily Vocabulary #73 | nevertheless

"B M English speaking radio channel presents beaming list word of the day, my name is property, and I'm your host for this episode. You're listening to episode number seventy three of season. Three today's word is nevertheless, the meaning of nevertheless, is in spite of that, or not withstanding that orcs regardless off or any way with B M English speaking radio channel Sloan money would every day and impressed, the world in this English work Abadi lesson. You will learn how to use the word nevertheless, via sure that this ESL lesson will help you to enhance to English vocabulary and speak English fluently and confidently. Nevertheless, is spelt as in e v. D. R. T. H. E L, E S, as Mr. Edwards, what in the social welfare department of the government, he retired at the age of sixty nevertheless means despite his retirement, he continued to serve the society in his individual capacity till his death. Listen carefully how we can use the word nevertheless, in eight different situations in eight different sentences. Example, number one of eight Nagas was an actor who did small butts in place. One day he requested the director for a lead role. The director was not convinced nevertheless, he asked Nagas to understand for the role. Example, number two of eight Jagat Singh was the goalkeeper for job. Hockey teams just a day before the finals. He's sprained his ankle, nevertheless. He played the match and proved to be a star in the victory while his endeavour paid off doing to agree. Moving onto example, number three or feet. Meghna lost her husband when her daughter was very young nevertheless. She did not lose hope. She started giving tuitions and saved money for her daughter's education, examples number four of it EM Medicare systems launch a mobile app to offer medical advice. The initial response was not very good. Nevertheless, the company continued its efforts and slowly, the business picked up. Do you know venue, speak English fluently and confidently? It opens new career opportunities and hands is your confidence build your socializing skills and held to become a global citizen to know more about English fluency courses log onto our web site. WWW dot VM consultants India dot com. Example, number five, eight Kamara was a well known single last week, he performed in Kolkata just before the show, he noticed that the lighting in the hall was not satisfactory, nevertheless, he sang with great energy and people loved it moving onto example, number six eight cheval was selling local delicacies at his food, stall in gore. The colorful display attracted, lots of foreign tourists Shiva could not communicate an Inc. English language nevertheless, he managed to own a good revenue example, number seven eight initially when academic software was introduced in schools and colleges. Many Dita's was cynical. We know what's the nickel means isn't it some even opposed the idea. Nevertheless, it gained popularity and is widely us at present. Example, number h of eight today, the full got sisters from Haruna in India, unknown to the world. As successful wrestlers, however, during the initial years, they faced a lot of criticism. Nevertheless, they pursued the goal and became champions to David land the word nevertheless, which means in spite of that, or not withstanding that regardless of or any way, can you frame three sentences with nevertheless, and type in the comments box. We are waiting reassure that this lesson has helped to boost your English vocabulary and speak, fluent English. You can download the script of this episode and all our episodes, strong, WWW dot B. M English speaking radio dot in stay tuned for new English vocabulary lessons via. We're on a mission to train one crowed Indians in English fluency. This was bizarre number seventy three off two hundred billion vocabulary episodes that we have planned kindly note that we will be sharing one vocabulary episode daily at six AM Indian standard tines, so me tomorrow at six o'clock with the new word, Tilden, take care.

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Little Atoms 557 - Georgina Harding's Land of the Living

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Little Atoms 557 - Georgina Harding's Land of the Living

"This is little atoms radio show about ideas and coacher with me nail. Denny. Joe Gino Houghton on her latest novel land of the living. Choji in Harding is the author of four previous novels, the solitude of Thomas cave, the spy game, which was a BBC book at bedtime and shortlisted the core award painter of silence, which was shortlisted the orange prize for fiction in two thousand twelve and the gunnery and latest novel land of the living. We're gonna be talking about today. Georgina welcome to collateral. So how would you describe land of the living? It's a story about a man returning from war people, some people call it wound oval, but I think in a way, it's a piece noble. It's about what you can say about the war when you come home to the peace, and how the two things don't under the peace doesn't understand the war on the war doesn't fit into the peace. And that's what that's the idea that I really started from. So what it's about is it Charlie returning from the Burma campaign during the second World War, but he's actually lost in the jungle. So he's observed the wars, and it was an individual rather than in the army, and he's come home, and he's married and he's living on the farm in Norfolk and all four of your previous novels. So where the deal with memory or go. The legacy of war violence in some sort of way. And this does as well. What is about that theme? The interesting, I think one tends to lead to another because the preoccupations that you have inviting lead on into the next book, even though they make may take on a completely different character in a different place, or whatever it's obviously a very fascinating essential subject. So interesting to write about the very structure of this book also deals with ideas of memory and remembering tell us something about the way the book is written because it's written in. Did it starts off at sale carries out in very short passages and it flips backwards and forwards in time about the war into the presence. Something me about the structure. I think the structure came to me intuitively, really as my interest in what's going on in Charlie's mind when he's come home. And it's also moving between Charlie and Claire his wife and it's moving between thus memories of of the jungle in inaugural. Landa the borders of India and Burma and his everyday experience of farming in Norfolk, and I feel that it's just following the rhythm of thought of memory and memory is not a corner logical thing. So us something more about Charlie Ashton. Who is Charlie ask goes to the war. I suppose in his twenties as a young man, he's got a Gulf right at home. He finds himself in one of the kind of least known, but actually most horrific battles of the second World War co Hema, which was where the the Japanese advance across Asia was finally turned back just just on the very borders of India. And there's been a terrible siege. And he's in the relief force relieving the siege. And the Japanese flee into the jungle and the Japanese then have to work their way all the way back through the jungle to Singapore and the procedure fighting them right away who Burma, but he actually only experiences the very beginning of that Japanese retreat, and he's actually becomes separated. From his comrades on is lost in the jungle. And he comes from I suppose a steady middle class upper middle class English rural background and when he gets back from the war he inherits his uncle's farm. So he's put in a position. A very very steady peacetime job. And actually after the second World War when food resources in Britain, the farmers were supposed to be the heroes. So he's got to deal with with farming, obviously is incredibly hard work. But he's going into a winter farming. Also gives a lot of time for contemplation. Yeah. I know that very much because my husband's now, a former he didn't used to be a farm, but we actually he's been farming for the last five years or so and learning something of it alongside him though. I don't drive a tractor now. Claire something about class Charlie Clinton met before he went away in the war where. About that meeting. Clay is I think very typical young women of her generation, and she's grown up into the war. And she's heads probably a lot of fun in London. As people did in those days. I think my own parents did in those days, and she's a sociable city girl who's fallen of which only she's not big enough yet to take on his story. She's read about wars people read about war in the times in England during it and she's moved away. So she's got in a difficult position herself in that she's moved to the countryside to the isolation of the countryside to possibly dreary Norfolk winter with a man who's got lots of difficult memories in data. It would be easy to think that, you know, this is a story about themes of trying to deal with the aftermath of war at indeed the war features heavily in story. But as you said, he's also told from class perspective, and she is this. Person out of her own conference own trying to cut we've lived on a farm in the first place. But also with this man who's I mean, he's a ghost. He's he's often belly there. Yes. I think he's there. He's there some time. He's he seems to be when I say he's not there. I mean, he's basically his mind is into places his mind is in possibly three plays in a way. He apiece of his mind really wants to be with her. A piece of his mind is learning the falling which is a heavy man's job that he's an he's outdoors in the day doing his plowing learning his job there. And then a very powerful piece of his mind is still back in in the war. What he experienced in the war. This is a story. I guess what? Now, we would call PD as well. And obviously in those days that was just not something that was not understood, but also not discussed these people come. From the war. The war was over people just want to get on with it now. And it's almost unseemly for people who have experienced that to come back in not just with that. I think I know that a lot of people talk about my book and in order to describe my book in a kind of shorthand and some of the reviews of done that will talk about PTSD, but I actually sort of find that a limitation, and I have a problem with that in in various ways firstly if you look at the second World War you look at a time when a whole nation has been at war. They can't come home and be treated for PTSD. The whole society has to deal with it somehow on what people did do off to the second ball whispered it away, and yet I had a conversation with an old uncle of mine who's in his nineties the other day who said they were actually talking about a family drama in the mall, our own family history in somebody had said, oh, the Harding's were difficult lot. And he said that shortly the hardy. Hostal wasn't nearly as difficult and lots of other households new at that time because the men were were recovering from the war. And he didn't say that about my book. I just want. It was fascinating that this comes out of a ninety year old. And you realize how rule that generation there was a weight of memory. And there was a weight of suppression of a story that they weren't going to going to tell, but there are other problems with this label in a way of PTSD is that I feel that what I was wanting to focus folks, the distant post traumatic stress disorder. It's called the disorder. I wanted to focus on was moves real disorder with the war. Then that underlies the disorder with the man. And I think if we too glib about PTSD where almost in a danger of normalizing the consequences of war. And that for this me, I feel PTSD should be applied to. More carefully to people who suffer from it whose life is incapacitated buys into the people who who treat them. I mean. There's a passage in the book where you describe Charlie talking about the people who Stade's back in join the wall, and she said everybody had been through this wall was the competence at Charlotte in a big burden. But he talks about them. You know, they want to they want to talk about it. But basically, they want to know the story not the trees tell me what you mean by that. I think people at home want to believe in heroes. They also want to believe Bush won the wall. They want to believe that the men who've come back heroes. They want to believe that the men they've known who've died and haven't come back also hero. So you need you need a myth, and people have always been we've been writing myths about war since we started to write and the truths. I think very different we're going to the second into talk more about India and. We'll talk about the landscape when we before we do that. I wanna talk about Norfolk landscape and the farm to figure out the farm in describing that writing that Norfolk landscape I actually live on a farm in Essex in the sort of Essex Suffolk border, which is much gentler than the Norfolk landscape, I chose landscape because it is so much flatter. And it's more abstract. I was interested in order and skate because it's that much further away from my home, and I find it very difficult. Right. I was so close to me, and the Essex landscape where I live is softer tamer more little undulations more hedges north at landscape has some big best stretches. And that's where I wanted to put Charlie. So he's facing what's in his head. Rather than details of landscape around him. The contrast couldn't be harder from Nagaland from from that the mountains of Assam. Yes. You're listening to little atoms. I'm nailed any stems, Dr Georgina Harding, and we took it about her latest novel land of the living within after afternoon just end just mentioning Naga land, which is whether the battle of co Hema takes place. I guess really something of now lesser known incident of the second World War though. Absolutely. Shouldn't be is this one of these to write about it. I found myself writing about Hema and going to chemo to research the book really because this book grew out of as well, as I say, all my tent evolve from the one before this book glided might previous book the gun room, which had a a man who's a photographer a wolf toga in the seventies in Vietnam who's a witness of war and who's kind of a witness by his nature or fate because he's witnessed his father's disservices farthest depression following and tumor falling. In the second World War in Burma. And I went seeking his father in a way. So I went to Cleveland to seek something about the Burma campaign. What I discovered when I got there. It's the most extraordinary place, and it was his been closed to travelers for most of my lifetime. And I've known about nog land wanted to go though, but there's been a long-term insurgency for independence from India. And only in the last half dozen years has possible to go though, the truest freely, and I got there, and it's the most wonderful remote place, you stand on the hilltop. And look over endless jagged jungle, mountainous ridges. And and it seems amazing that such a critical battle in the washer been fought there. And extraordinary the army should come from Britain, and Japan and had a show done there. And what then really interested me was as I realize it isn't just a a remote piece of land where the British war machine met, the Japanese war machine. But it was a piece of land that was inhabited by. Ancient tribes of head hunters and the British in the really quite brief period of administration. There have been trying to dissuade the head hunters from head hunting. And instead had this huge war left ten thousand bodies scattered across the place. So I find this this whole meeting of different warrior cultures. Really interesting. And that was obviously where I was going to write my book, tell us more about what actually happens in the in the seed, what sounds like the parochially named the battle of the tennis coal. This was the Japanese in circled, a small British detachment in this hilly landscape of Cohiba, and they actually the British would retract into very small area, which was basically the grounds of the district Commissioner's bungalow and his tennis court and at some point in the battle. They were lines on across the width of the tennis court. So you can imagine how much hand-to-hand fighting. There was going on there. And it was also at the beginning of the reins of the monsoons. It was like a tiny little piece of the song. And what's fascinating is that the man who was district Commissioner who was a rather fine. Character Posey had actually fought the psalm and he finds himself in the in in in a repeat battle. And I did meet an old soldier who lived in the next village to me in Essex who was there during the siege. And said that this district. Commissioner would come every morning and say Hello to the mall, which was fine. Let's talk a bit more about about researching. Yeah. So obviously if she said, you visited he might use out we can talk about talionis second. But to let some of the something else about about the research into the battle is I was searched the sort of standard military volumes about the battle. But I actually got waylaid distracted by two things by the Nagas themselves. Who was so interesting and also but only little bit of that comes out in the book by the stories of the of the British colonial officials there some of whom who were actually rather sympathetic locker colonial officials who were really interested in the Naga who spent their free time doing a lot of f Noga Fyvie studying Naga art and writing a lot of letters to each other, which I could go and find in the Bishop museum suit. So I got I got distracted by them. There's a character in the book Causey billions based on that he sort of derived from from all of them. Yeah. And he did he sort of embodies towards the end of the. Oh, we're not gonna talk too much about what what happened in the book in terms of in times of the plot. But in the end of the book visits, Charlie on the farm, and he's represents this sort of colonial guilds of the futility of what those functionaries all little Cadeau, basically, as as ministers, I think it was very strange moment that moment of the the the end of the empire and also the winning the wall, and I don't think Britain's quite used to deal with that yet. Versions of that is taking place as we as we speak in Brexit ethic. It is I mean, I hate to think about it. But I feel that Hus that my character that the return colonial administrator with this huge sensitive utility of his work. I think the would whoever's going to be returning from Brussels next year. We'll see the Naga people tell us something or about them. And coach Charlie is basically he's injured and rescued would be the word and spend some time months living in a Naga village recuperating, I guess really sort of have mixed feelings about whether he wants to leave in some respects, tell us something about those people in that coach at this time. The Nagas Charlie meets that. I think they offer him really a haven from the war. And yet, they're warriors. There were like people. So those are some interesting contradictions there that he has to work at he meets them as individuals, not as a particular tribe. Always an anthropologist would be studying them working at what tribe. They were. I have spent spent a little bit of time with two different dog traits. But there are dozens of them and really the people my book, I think of behaving as individuals rather than according to particular tribal customs the area where they live is so extraordinarily remote. And so so top graphically impenetrable that is never been conquered by anybody. It's never been was never ruled by India. It was never ruled by Burma the tribes with quite independent of each other. Speaking different dialects, I'm rather like people in the Amazon or pappy NEW GUINEA and actually have a lot of a lot in common with some of the tribes in pappy, New Guinean Milanesi. So nobody really knows. Where they would you from and they were culture of head hunting since as far as we know. And during the period of British administration, though is a number of Baptist missionaries have been conversant. Christianity. The British were trying to civilize them at the politics was studying them. But as yet some chives have been entirely on contacted by white people at that point. And as you said you've been there, and you spend time with some of those people. What's it like now for them? It's in a sort of difficult state of militant Nakal and really the tribes who are most urbanized most educated close to a Hema those really beautiful villages, like going stay in a guest house for week and take lovely walks and witness a really rather fine way of life and other fine traditional sustainable form of agriculture on tears of rice terraces, and they're Christian, and they talked about the. Old head-hunting days like some hazy distant with mythical past their other tribes. I went to see close to the Burmese border who are in a much more difficult stage of development and practice. Lash burn for a long time. So the landscape around is is eroded, and and they bad and among them, you'll find a lot of old men who still wear the tattoos that show. They were they took a head or they were part of a clan that took ahead at some point in their career. And they were extremely headdresses made with wild boars tasks Tigers teeth and feathers, and what have you, and they still keep onto degree a lot of the old traditions. I realized that the most recent head-hunting instance, actually recent as nineteen ninety and nine hundred eighty three so there were still feuds between tribes we talked about. Oh, I mean in the book is is concerned the few. Utility of the British administration in that part of the world. And indeed when you look nog land on a map now where it is in relation to. Says a pair of India whilst relationship between the Indian government and the British administrators who will on the grand Naga land at the end and the second World War in the beginning of independence, really felt that the Naga should be given some kind of autonomy and the Nagas had helped the British through the siege. And through the wall, and it's possible that the Japanese defeat would not have been achieved without them. So they felt it had a responsibility to give to the Nagas and partition happened independence partition happened. So quickly and messages were sent up to the govern- assign daily Il London, and nobody really paid any attention to the fate of the Nagas and so Naro gallon was incorporated into India, and the Nagas were classified as Sedgwick tribes long with other very other indigenous groups of people in India, and they were not given a positions a separate state, and they started their warlike people anyway. So it's. Agency began in nineteen forty seven. The still was at some points, really quite bloody and is still continuing in a small way today, and there were rebels actually just outside the borders of India in the in the hills in Burma who will come in and terrorist instance, still inaugural now as they fight for independence. Writing about the Jungo, and we talked in the vast about is the contrast between the flattened bleak north Norfolk landscape, which is where this book is set. And the contrast of the vertical jungle running joke through the book that, you know, people when they talk about the jungle of India -posibly, it's hot and steamy and their Tigers. And yeah, this is a mountainous cold region despite being heavily forested, tell me something about how you approved writing about the jungle in contrast to the north at landscape because the two sanctions they read very definitely the description in the jungles really pops off the page where it's it's more restrained is to me in the in the Norfolk section. I found this jungle landscapes total exciting to travel through. I love heighten. It's very it's it's high altitude, which is white can be so cold. And you can sit on on a peak on you just conduct fought endless distances in any direction and just see Japon ridge upon ridge of mountains and the clouds moving between them. I mean, I could spend days just watching cloud moving between mountains. So I was excited about that. And what's interesting when you walk there, you'll be going up and down ties into feet. So you're moving from one zone to another and from one form of vegetation to another. So you get down the bottom, and they'll be some rushing streams and lush green things and colorful butterflies on high off will be of different world together. So I think it's it's just my interest in all that that landscape that comes through. But there is one factor that I felt really United the two landscapes in my book, which was missed, and I know I know particularly in the winter if you add on the plow, the, you know, the miss then and those missed particularly the period that Charlie is inaugural which is through the reigns. The mist has the most extraordinary tactile quality there. So I think that runs all the way through. Just one more thing for me to before you to read the book, if he words at normally ask what of the books were at influence on this particular book and behave in this case there is both the postwar rural English novel and the colonial novel the worn oval. There's lots of different things going on hair. Where does this all sort of? When does this come from? I didn't think it comes many identing. I have any literary inspirational source for it, it just it sort of its own. I find I right though, much images. And I'm almost feel that particular the book like this where I moving from one thing to another that, I'm almost writing film. I'm putting it in words in a book. I've chosen the section because it moves while there was the book dies between the British and the Nagas and the battle in the peace. And it's where Charlie is. Is what he on the beach in Norfolk with his wife Claire feeling the need to tell her things that perhaps he might be able to tell perhaps he can't. But though his memories are coming back to him on the beach his hands in his pockets. His is on the edge of the waves. He began again to speak after the battle. There was a Naga boy who came out of the forest the fighting was over the Japs were gone. The whole time was destroyed up to the first age even parts of the forest around it destroyed broken trees beyond the broken huts. This boy came like an apparition from where the devastation ended a thick green jungle wool from which you might have thought only some scavenging animal might emerge out between the leaves and creepers. I saw him from a distance just happened to glance over that way, a small moving figure where everything had seemed either wild dead. He walked straight out from that jungle into the battlefield as if he was going somewhere self possessed deliberate like a child walking to school or walking back home after school. And he didn't stop until he came close to where we were working. I have the sense that he knew precisely where he was perhaps that was what he was doing. He was going home. Perhaps this is ways house being we school. He must have been about the age of that. Boy, we just met seven or eight I should think or perhaps little older he was inaugur as the Nagas tend to be small. They've been living in the jungle through the battle. They'd fled there right at the beginning. They'd been there for months and slowly neither were coming out to find what was left of their homes and their land. I don't know why this boy was alone. I kept looking back to where he had come expecting some others expec. His family to follow. He was a skinny little chapters. I don't think they'd have much to eat through time with very black hair in pudding basin cut. They have very shiny black hair the Nagas wearing nothing, but a pair of two big cocky shorts in the necklace of red and yellow beads. She was tentative as if you have the whole story plant 'til her. He paused fell back a step turn to look for the dog. It was a bit of Warren didn't mention or mentioned battlefields. But one didn't explain what was there. What was there already when they arrived? What it mass? They're all through the siege. What the burial details were doing the army begun to grind on the head but cleared waited for him. She wanted him to go on with whatever he'd been saying. The boy had bare feet the Naga boy was trading. So neatly barefoot between the bodies. He remembered looking down at the boy's feet in the mud. As the dog came to them. He picked up piece of driftwood automatically Intuit aware head it landed where wave came in and lifted and just caught it as the way seated her tail wagging in the phone small feet living feet, mud squeeze between the toes batters of modern his legs the softness of steps in the mud. The quiet of him. Knowing that all this wasn't right that they were here that they done this to his world. So I took it to Georgina Harding with be talking about her latest novel land of the living, which is out now from Bloomsbury Gina. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. This episode of little atoms was produced and presented by me. Nail Denning was first broadcast on resonance one. I four point four Latin to supported by eight nine. The podcast by find design. And if you like do you can find old interviews new journalists, but more on our website, little atoms dot com. Thanks for listening.

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hors-srie en temps de pandmie : Regent Seven Seas

Pour le plaisir de partir

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hors-srie en temps de pandmie : Regent Seven Seas

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NPR News: 09-06-2020 12PM ET

NPR News Now

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NPR News: 09-06-2020 12PM ET

"Live from NPR news I'm Barbara Klein thousands of demonstrators turned out in Rochester New York last night demanding the city's mayor and police chief resigned as NPR's Brian man reports they're demanding justice over the death of Daniel prude in police custody marchers gathered on the street were Daniel proved a black man lay in march naked with the hood over his head surrounded by officers Christopher. Coles told the crowd people want justice. This is the first time that the world is standing up for black lives being the first time when the crowd turned toward Rochester's main police station large force of officers used tear gas in a military style vehicle to scatter the protest. New York's Attorney General the Tissue James and now she's convening a grand jury is part of the investigation into proves death seven officers have been suspended. Brian. Man NPR News Rochester New York. A federal judge is ordering the trump administration to stop detaining migrant children in hotels before they expel them from the US NPR's Joel rose reports. The administration argues the practice is necessary to protect public health federal judge. Dolly. G ruled that using hotels to detain migrant children violates a decades old legal settlement governing the treatment of minors in immigration custody. The trump administration has placed more than five hundred unaccompanied children in hotels near the border since. March where they are typically held until they can be flown back home that's instead of sending the migrants special government funded shelters where they would have a chance to be placed with relatives in the US. The administration says it's trying to prevent the spread of Corona virus in detention facilities but immigrant advocates argue the administration is using the pandemic as a pretext to sidestep legal protections for children, Joel rose NPR news, the US Census Bureau says it's. Trying to figure out how to comply with a new court order that blocks the bureau from winding down counting operations for the twenty two thousand census NPR's Hans Lo. Wong reports the temporary orders part of an ongoing lawsuit against the trump administration's decision to cut census counting short be nationwide order by US district judge. Lucy Koh in northern California is expected to last until September seventeenth when there was a schedule court hearing in a lawsuit led by. The National Urban League Census Bureau has been pushing forward to deliver the first set of results to president trump as federal law requires by the end of this year but it's challengers argue ending counting early on September thirtieth goes against the constitutional mandate to count every person living in the US round four and ten households have not yet fill out a census form on their own endure Nagas have been trying to interview households prevent an undercount of. undercount groups including people of Color and rural residents. Ozzy Lung NPR. News. New York. This is NPR. In Belarus tens of thousands of people are marching in the capital. Mints Day. Again. Demanding President Alexander Lukashenko stepped down declaring his reelection fraudulent and neighboring Lithuania is now adding to the pressure is Teri Schultz reports Lithuania's foreign minister is urging the European Union. To take a stronger stance to uphold democratic values and counter Russian influence. Lithuanian Foreign Minister Lena's linkages says the E. US credibility in foreign policy is being undermined by the lack of decisive actions against the flawed August Ninth And on going violence against opposition protesters and Belarus linkages tells the Financial Times newspaper The e you must provide concrete help for the pro democracy movement Lithuania Latvia and Estonia imposed sanctions on Belarusian president, Alexander Lukashenko, and twenty nine other officials in August expressing impatience with Brussels. The rejects the election results and has warned Minsk those responsible for the fraud and the crackdown will be penalized but that hasn't happened yet in Lukashenko himself is Unlikely to be targeted for NPR news. I'm Teri Schultz in Brussels France says with only two months left for the European Union and Britain to come up with the brexit deal it's not going well, the UK formally split from the block in January but EU rules apply until the end of this year the French foreign minister says, the whole package must be discussed to avoid annot deal. Britain's top negotiator responds no deal is no problem. I'm. Barbara. Klein NPR news.

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