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"Fee a mushy unique. Did buni avesta quarterback yan maybe Nana missile to the existing by people. Mama super alamo will be on a consent. You'll be on top. That miller Danny moss five africa muscle. Donosti denise Digital go ammends at opposite opposite on logon will be accurate bounded cup. Would you can say the new york. The end was on amazon. Did do numeric those on on mock. It does the Tash to donate also sick community Mom jennifer d'amato potash Other denise affect About degree exousia. Walk on cattle Gook pooled is the atticus that the other surveys that damage just you can on no concha if napa organic resort healy. Poofy donate on avon. At the compounded castillon newson confuence Unique donate liz sanctuary. Appropriate data do need Keyboard ressam Localities brisk Nyp what uh Forty tentative aujourd'hui mythic Fed bruce latin largest presume wa celtics fans diploid lapasset keep label a soviet lamesa disputed. Sean denisov attribute show gua- newsasia among noca- messiaen he feet at the community wet associated on sona sombre aquatic not You on cognizance john. L. twist on metal. The donors puplic by these jumping. On the valletta danny sonny due to kalani. Shoulder suv intimate. Sohar preschool a Proposed dave van fat occupies astros discussion De la look at The abadi soviet On dunk sat down as could they hope was shown squad. Fat cup spastic Donate on produced. Knock out of a mall Casey so festival cool as you. The potash dooney gujral dri lagaan measure donate modiin swamp on demand at dupage doc. Race technology fiberglass will seek dodgy police it though he a sheen. It is unique Moment aso so the northern attic don't magazine using digital leno's show the unido nipper nevada at fepblue Democracy unique numic nasi deja on dumi. Kant's some executive to love the semi's nano song in your gusts Stand up or your opiate ability. Chris could deceit Immediately the Point got assaulted. Be be good in your ban swap. Sassa gal get me out to mika. Sit in on put on black at what this Really theory redan. Amapa commission copy envious eleven leeann surplus. Don't he's tinkler up. Hope also that connected molder. It proposes Porsche In cost behalf he'd bungalow van office baton to double long delia. Being.

yan maybe Nana miller Danny moss jennifer d'amato castillon newson liz sanctuary Sean denisov Tash danny sonny Sohar dave van De la denise dupage doc amazon kalani africa celtics new york astros john
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"A while since I Colorado game on radio. So have to change that Soom. How about we swing over from the reds? To the Bengals Real Quick Dan hoard also mentioned on seven hundred that the bengals season starts in less than three weeks. Joe Boroughs era starts in less than three weeks. I don't know why there'd be depressed about that or excited about that. Depressed because. Didn't. We. Just. Start Baseball. And excited because yeah. It looks like Joe Borough is ready to go I mean all the reports saying that he's comfortable with the offense already yes it's training camp and yes, you're not going to have an game experience I. Hear You. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah but. Hey. If he's comfortable already. That's saying something that's part of the game and then game one carry that same swagger, the same confidence and Bam. I think the bengals will do much better and I'm really looking forward to see what they can do this year. Super Bowl bound. Uh, I don't know. Yeah. I mean. Joe Borough is a rookie. He's going to have his legs and things are GonNa happen with team apparently injuries or biting Cincinnati already. I believe it was trae Wayne's. Got Carted. Off and it looks like he's GonNa. Miss a good chunk of time. Yeah. But let's talk about the Cincinnati. So tonight the. Queen City crew will host the Chicago Fire FC. Man, I miss the old logo of the Chicago fire the new one just it doesn't look great. It just looks like. I don't know. I mean you could say the same about FC Cincinnati logo just the the shield. I think there was a lot of people when was debuted saying like a gas station logo I gotTA laugh out of that but it was like, no, it's not bad. So there you go enough about logos. So. Yeah. FC Cincinnati has since giving up four goals to the Columbus crew. looked. Pretty good defensively. Again, they lost to the eventual mls is back champions in the Portland Timbers via PK's. Given up one goal and play I mean that's That's a nice turnaround. So I like to think the. Sent Cincinnati squads turning around. The coming off four days. A scoreless draw against DC UNITED AT NYP stadium, and since Ni- is F. seasons. Excuse me is in Chicago tonight to take on the fire at soldier field it's really cool the fire gets play at soldier field. But Yeah scoreless draw. I mean, if you don't follow soccer scoreless. Scores not bad because you don't concede a goal as well. So that's that's a point..

Cincinnati Joe Borough bengals Joe Boroughs Chicago Depressed Chicago Fire FC Colorado Soom reds trae Wayne NYP stadium Ni soccer DC Baseball Portland Timbers Queen City Columbus
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"That's eight eight eight three seven six nine six nine two we've been talking a lot about community and what what really matters in public radio and how this is been really reaffirming for us at least for me in terms of why we do what we do and doing what we do one of the things is is raising the money to keep us on the air I it is really touching to hear people's comments when they send the men because it really again does re from the people are out there and responding to it I just wanna read one that just came in in the past hour so Leslie in Stroudsburg PA I guess Leslie is is is living in the city to to work at New York Presbyterian NYP hospital she says I listen to your broadcasts on my commute into New York City where I am a nurse at NYP hospital I appreciate your efforts to report the news and support the community with integrity thank you the facts the idea or the thought of of of of of of central workers medical workers listening to WNIC for vital information if I was going to get through reading that comment without tearing up a little bit thank you so much Leslie Leslie thank you thank you up for anybody who contributes W. NYC again this is the last day of our drive support your community radio station eight eight eight three seven six nine six nine two stay to morning edition is coming up in this hour Michigan will be sending voters application to vote by mail in the August and November elections the move is drawn criticism from president trump who is threatening to cut federal funding to the state also restaurants in Connecticut partially reopened yesterday we'll talk with someone who was there about how it went that's coming up on morning edition this hour again it's also day three of our three day pledge drive calling now it's seven o'clock this is WNYC FM H. D. N. A. M. New York.

New York Presbyterian NYP hosp New York City Leslie Leslie W. NYC Michigan Connecticut H. D. N. A. M. New York Stroudsburg president
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The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast

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"In Canton. You will you would have heard his voice if you've watched. Nfl films over the last thirty or forty years during the Great Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Ryan up when they went to four straight super bowls in the early nineties. He was the guy making all those great calls. Jim Kelly and Andre Reid firm and Thomas Etcetera but he was more than the voice of the bills he was a local TV sportscaster on the CBS station. So you would see him on the six and eleven o'clock news every night. He was the voice of the Buffalo Braves which was an NBA franchise in the Nineteen Seventies. They eventually moved to the West Coast and became the clippers But we had NBA basketball. When I was a kid growing up in the seventies in buffalo and he did those games so basically any sporting event that you turned on other than the sabers and Miller was associated with it and he was tremendous so he was sportscaster of my youth. The Voice of Buffalo to. That's a lot of sports territory to cover. That's that's outstanding. So and he was great he even did a weekly high school quiz bowl show. It was called. It's academic where there would be three local high schools that would come in and compete on academic quiz basically. I tried to be on that show just in hopes of meeting. Van Miller so that was his impact on my childhood. That's really cool. And I miss our academic show that we had in Dayton. I don't think it's on anymore. When did you get from South? West New York to Cincinnati well attended Syracuse University. Which has a well known communications school the Newhouse School of Public Communications? And it's got unofficially known as sportscaster you. Because of all of the famous sports announcers that went to Syracuse. So after I went to school I worked in Syracuse. For a few years I started out working at a local radio station where I met my then girlfriend now wife pag she also attended Syracuse and got into broadcasting When her college days were over so after we dated for a few years she got a job. Working for channel twelve in Cincinnati. I was working in Syracuse. She was working in Cincinnati and I started looking for jobs in Cincinnati as a result and eventually got hired at Fox nineteen To be on their ten o'clock news and broadcast the UC sporting events that they had at that time so it was really My Wife's fault or credit depending on how you look at it that I wound up in Cincinnati was the first go round instance. Natty like for you with Fox. Nineteen well I was lucky to join Fox. Nineteen when I did because they had the contract to broadcast any. Ucla BASKETBALL GAME. That was not on national TV. The rules were a little bit different back then. So that meant a lot of local telecasts on Fox. Nineteen we would do anywhere from twelve to fifteen games a year and while we didn't get the very best games. They were on national. Tv We did get some really really good games both home and away and when I got there. Cincinnati was ranked number one in the country and I did the games on Fox nineteen Kenyon Martin senior year when they would have won the national championship in my opinion if he didn't break his leg in the conference tournament so my timing for doing those games on Fox. Nineteen was extremely fortunate. I got to see some great bear basketball and eventually led to me becoming radio voice. If it's it's a little bit sad nowadays that there's not as many or any local televised games like that. 'cause I know in the Dayton area we used to have Dayton flyers on channel seven and nowadays. That's really no such thing. Yeah I think it's sad for a couple of reasons number one. That was an over the Air TV package so for people that didn't have cable which back then was probably a significant number They were able to see a lot of the basketball games on over the AIR TV. I think access to cable whether you have it at home or can get it on your computer or go to a local sports bar. That's Pretty Universal now but I. I do think there's something to be said for a local. Tv package because the announcers get to know the team so well. And and I think you don't get the same stories over and over again like you might from different national broadcasters because the local announcers tell a story and then the next game they tell a different story and the game after that they tell a different story so I think you probably get a variety of information if you have the same announcer for multiple games than you do by having a different crew every single game that are more likely to tell the same stories over and over again although one nice thing is with so many platforms going online. You don't have to be locked in the Cincinnati area to be able to watch bearcats basketball. Yeah that's true and a bear cats fan. Living anywhere in the country over world now can see a significant portion of the schedule if not all of it on TV or on their computer so that part definitely is good from nineteen ninety. Five onwards to now what's changed in Cincinnati and at UC. Well it you see the campus itself. You wouldn't recognize it from when I first got there to what it looks like now. They've done an unbelievable job both on the academic side and f and the athletic side. But just looking in terms of athletics they pumped eighty five million dollars into different stadium then turned around and pumped eighty six into fifth third arena. And they have and they needed to do that. You need to have top notch facilities to compete in college sports and They were willing to do what it took the keeps into Natty as competitive as can possibly be being outside of one of the power five conference and I don't think anyone backing day would think. Hey you know what goo-good and Nipper stadium a pro soccer team. Yeah I thrived at NYP stadium and that was a big reason why Fc Cincinnati was able to move into the MLS. Attendance was so great and the Fan. Experience is so great at Newport stadium. That really helps elevate that franchise and when FC Cincinnati announced plans to to build. Its own stadium. I was a little reluctant at first. We've been season ticket holders from the beginning For FC Cincinnati Stadium. And I think it's a great experience but the more I looked into Iraq. The more I talk to people the more I realized that they would have never been able to get into the MLS if they didn't commit to building their own facility. I think Western Stadium's going to be beautiful but just the way nipper stadium filled up for FC. Cincinnati it's south sanding. It's really a great venue for soccer as it turned out and the fact that you already had the infrastructure of a college campus with plenty of places nearby to go for a bite to eat or a beer a before or after the match. I think really made it. A great fit for a franchise trying to get off the ground and tried to appeal to as many people as possible and also nipper pretty good venue for college football too especially the bearcats on the up and up especially the renovated nipper stadium. I think it's a really special place and the more people that I talked to that. Come in and see it for the first time. Whether it's broadcasters from other schools or fans from other schools they are stunned by just how special it is sunk in right to the middle of the campus with a very small footprint. So it's very intimate environments. It's been compared to Wrigley field kind of the Wrigley Field of college football. And I think that's an an apt. Comparison and Fifth Third Arena is beautiful and yet still holds the historic. Feel that it's always had Bob. Ucla basketball at. I was lucky. Enough to get to announce a UC volleyball match. And I got see some changes. It's it's quite a beautiful than you. I think it's unbelievable. I knew and they announced plans to renovate that it was going to be great but I had no idea it would turn out as well as it did Eighty six million dollars goes a long way as it turns out who knew. I really think it's one of the nicest civilities and the country and it's perfectly sized twelve thousand big enough but not too big where you feel like. You're you're too far away to really enjoy the action. I just think it's a tremendous Environment for Barrack basketball. Now you call football and men's basketball. See any other sports that you like to have a shot at broadcasting on campus Well I I wouldn't necessarily say on campus I have done a lot of baseball broadcasting in the past and I missed doing baseball if I could get the opportunity to do a little bit of baseball somewhere I would welcome that But I'm not complaining with the schedule I have now. It's really busy in the fall. Which is Great? I love doing basketball in the winter. And I suppose it's not bad to have a little bit of time off when my son is out of school and so I've got it pretty good and I'm really grateful to have the jobs that I have. What's your thoughts about men's soccer being discontinued? Well I'm sad. I'm sad for the students that were already at Cincinnati and participating having a full college career playing for the bearcats in that sport I'm sad for the along. So much to build a great program and build a legacy of some outstanding teams and individuals over the years at the University of Cincinnati. But I also understand the realities. Unfortunately right. Now you've got a big divide in college. Athletics between the so called power five schools and everybody else and look upon or five really is is the money five. It's not that they are more powerful. It's not that their teams are better. It's their TV. Contracts are better so they get so much more money annually from TV then. The schools outside of those conferences that it's hard to compete. You have to spend as much a particularly in football and men's basketball in terms of what you pay your coaches how you travel. How you recruit So those are very hefty bills to pay. But you don't have the TV money coming in. That makes it easy to pay those bills. So unfortunately you have to a really hard. Look at what you're doing with your entire Athletic Department and at Cincinnati. Unfortunately they had to make the difficult decision to no longer field. A team in men's soccer. It is a sad situation of at Wright state you see in the raiders will always a great series to announce an. I'll miss that but I understand that. It's it's sad. It's it's but it's business too so it is and our remained hopeful that Cincinnati at some point. We'll be money conferences. I think the next time that there's alignment out to be think. Cincinnati stands a very expensive being plucked by the leaks that is pulling in those huge TV dollars and if and when that happens maybe they will have the financial or with all. Bring back. Men's soccer I would out if you were in charge of getting you see two. Why the big conferences? Which one would you pick. Well ideally the big ten. But that's I don't think that's realistic. Because I don't think Ohio state would never allow it. You can't be too picky when you're on the outside looking in you can see where every wanted. I think the ACC would be a tremendous fit because you have natural rival badly. Like Louisville Pittsburgh The big twelve is the one. That's probably the most realistic because they have ten schools in a team in the league. That's named the big twelve that maybe impact having twelve or even more than that but again if there's an opening at any point in any of the league's you jump just to have the opportunity to bring in those huge eighty dollars. Let's swing back over to football men's basketball. What were your takes on. Two very successful seasons well in terms of football they won eleven games each of the last two years which I didn't see coming That the program had really dipped toward the end of the Tommy..

Cincinnati basketball soccer football Syracuse FC Cincinnati Stadium sportscaster Nineteen Seventies Dayton Van Miller Buffalo Natty Fox Ucla Newport stadium Canton Nipper stadium University of Cincinnati Nfl Newhouse School of Public Comm
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"Generation of tissues and organs was maximum eight pop doses are changing the tissue organ structure of a fetus that's why Battles surgery is performed. There is no scar taking a two to three capsules price today with Uncle Mason Michael to provides an amazing support for regeneration any tissue in the body and even advance stem cell therapy support treatment do get neutra medicals red deer Velvet Dr from Dr Bill illegal at NYP dramatical dot com and you tear medical dot com triple agent to unto eight so new one stay well and stay on with neutral medical Hi I'm Dr Bill. MD A EM ACM a forum of neutral medical dot com and consultants providing email advice free it's protocols for your demise wellness and advanced technologies to healer regenerate you contact us at neutral medical dot com that's tier I medical dot com or eight eight eight two onto eight seventy one you get free email starter protocols of our top medical grade nutro-ceuticals initial testing and the recommendations your own primary doctor to do as well as recommendations to give you an idea of consultation and a full protocol to try to help regenerate tissues heal naturally without the use of Oxygen Poly Pharmacy I contest get us well anywhere in the world and provide you recommendations referral of specialty clinics worldwide so contact me Dr Bill Bagel at neutral medical dot com that's N. Tier I medical dot com or eight to eight hundred seventy one an intro medical dot com we held the most amazing drinks would best most feel highest by a nutrient exposure to your body to heal regenerate and the those powerful persistence of nutrients to heal your body dramatically we have ageless which makes you age less which repair your DNA extend your telomeres etc we have life support the detox is face to detox pathways glue Purana Dacian Salvation and methylation pathway support we have glycemic some blocks of carbohydrate option health with diabetes for weight loss and as well helps with people they're trying to bill apostle using things like our special formulas from Dr Walter called mega muscles between meals along with sports energy light we have the amazing neutral complete the most complete read and re greened drink in the world the best most feel and flavor you can often mix it to with better mineral mix.

Dr Bill Dr Bill Bagel Dr Walter Uncle Mason Michael
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"And W. A. B. C. radio dot com president trump is just announced a permanent cease fire in Syria the government of Turkey informed by administration that they would be stopping combat and their offensive in Syria and making the ceasefire permanent and it will indeed be permanent trump's recent decision to withdraw US troops from northern Syria prompted fierce bi partisan criticism in Congress the president also said he's lifting US sanctions against Turkey Facebook founder and CEO mark Zuckerberg is defending Facebook's controversial plan for digital currency also known as we brought the idea behind the bar is that sending money should be as easy and secure is sending a message during a house hearing on Capitol Hill today's soccer Berg argued that libra will help a lot of people who were shot out of the global financial system he said it's about putting power in people's hands police are looking for a man who sucker punched a sixty eight year old woman who was walking with a cane earlier this month outside her Harlem apartment building a hundred thirty seventh street and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard the NYP DS released surveillance video hoping someone turns a man I don't know why people do stuff like that without any instigation after Cuba Gooding junior is due in a Manhattan courtroom next week to face another sexual misconduct indictment right now the Dow is of forty four points the nasdaq up six in the S. and P. up four point sports game two of the World Series tonight the nationals leading one game.

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"To be in a break from it will read back and we'll hear bolt ryan can fix your hormones are you still looking for that i am that you can really trust a medical doctor endorsed product that is backed by honest research and true integrity then search no further go to neutral medical medical dot com for dr build eagles triumph proven time and time again to be the very best iodine available for you newsradio nine is the only tesla activated waited plasma in the world optimizes might okon drill function and generation of new mitochondria from totally neutralizing the venom from the desert berkeley's spider bite in southern california to eliminating malaria parasites reported by medical missionaries in central india doctor bills new try a dine is simply the most powerful oh healing formula other is tri dine clears the body of all known pathogens restores it to an alkaline state and even promote stem cell regeneration order doctor your bills new today triple eight to one to eight hundred seventy one or visit us online at neutral medical dot com red deer velvet of it DR is an amazing new product with a patent to preserves reenter bio-molecules i'm six hormones same as fetal life where you don't age at all the state of feel life allows the three hundred bio-molecules insects hormones produced by the placenta to be supportive of the the generation of tissues and organs was maximum eight pop toasties changing the tissue and organ structure of a fetus that's why fetal surgery is performed there is no scar taking two three capsules twice a day with uncle mason michael d to provides an amazing support for regeneration any tissue official organ on the body and even advance stem cell therapy support treatment do get neutral medicals red velvet DR from dr bill deal at nyp dramatic dot com medical dot com triple agent to unto eight hundred seventy one stay well and stay with me for medical i hi i'm dr bill degan MD a. m. a. c. a. m a forum of neutral medical dot com and a consultant providing male vice free an advanced protocols for your optimize the mayes wellness and advanced technologies to heal and regenerate you even contact us at neutral medical dot com that's tier i medical dot com or eight to onto eight hundred seventy one you get free email starter protocols of our top medical grade nutraceutical initial testing and the recommendations for your own primary doctor to do you as well as recommendations to view an idea of consultation and a full protocol to try to help you regenerate tissues heal naturally without the use of toxic poly pharmacy i can send tests gets to you.

tesla california consultant india uncle mason michael d official nyp dr bill degan
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"Do you have difficulty taking supplements. Are you searching for a high quality. Complete nutritional drink as your whole family will love neutral. Medical license has arrived all of your daily nutritional requirements in one quick. Wake delicious drink and talk through eagles. Support is a proprietary blend of megan protein activated vitamins minerals probiotics green tea digestive events times anti-inflammatories cancer prevention detoxification and much more. Your body will high five you for this. One is the best complete nutritious meal replacement on the market whether you are an elite athlete have post operative challenges chronic illness elderly or a family. They just wants a quick delicious. Drink dr bill eagles life support for a compromise nutrition attrition one great tasting smoothie just and cold water all cruise or anything else you like neutral medical life support. Try our great tasting chocolate or vanilla today. Eh cultural eight two one two eight seventy one or visit us online at neutral medical dot com neutral medical dot com for the whole family legacy emerges merges foods is the top recommendation dr bill for the los auction concentration the largest entrees to heist about a protein the most very entrees as well the log food storage shed light nothing like legacy merged -mergency foods and if you place a regular muscular you get twenty percent off and free shipping do get mercy foods for your supply for preparation and get it for legacy foods contact dr bill diggle for the link at nyp dramatical dot com go to the shop byproducts link and dropdown message had neutral medical dot com and then place your orders for regular emergency food for yourself and your family. Nothing like doc emergency food if the power goes out and you can't go to grocery stores pork. There's an emergency national prices so neutral medical dot com top recommendation legacy food's nutritional dot com going to shop byproducts dropdown menu and stay well with nutraceutical every day of your life looming photon john therapy infrared light far aired tread is extremely important for pain control summation nitric oxide in group profusion of stem cell activation and reduction side sidecars dr bill use it for pain control for regeneration techniques for organ regeneration and forced to mutation of your stem cell activity studied this amazing limit photon therapy this year. We'll probably have an additional device frequency therapy during.

dr bill diggle twenty percent
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"And that he never woke up after passing out xampp aronie the head chef at chip Brianti dolci in Grand Central Terminal had been missing for nearly a week when his body was found last week in a seedy hotel in elm Hurst Marini is charged with distributing drugs containing fentanyl Newark is speeding up the process of replacing lead pipes Essex County executive joke Deven chains says the county will Lentini work one hundred and twenty million dollars this will allow them to ramp up the program and reduce the time it takes to change every place to twenty four to thirty months residents were originally on the hook for part of the cost but now officials say they will get their pipes are placed for free meanwhile bottled water continues to be handed out as testing continues on lead filters to determine if they're working on Kristin marks for seventy seven W. A. B. C. news the NYP DS topic for trio who rob to Manhattan diamond district store that's a favorite of well known rappers brazen bandits waving guns held up off the only in company on west forty seventh street at noon Sunday tying up for employees and dumping four million dollars worth of diamond encrusted jewellery into a duffel bag Wall Street the Dow up two hundred seventy three points the nasdaq up ninety two and the S. and P. of twenty nine sports the Yankees play the mariners in Seattle tonight and then your forecast for the ram sea monster weather center going up to seventy for tonight's low sixty two same thing tomorrow on Wednesday a return into the low eighties from the red sea monster weather center currently sixty nine in New York seventy in Millburn from the seventy seven W. A. B. C. news desk I'm Sara Lee Kessler next updated two twenty four seven coverage of the all new W. A. B. C. radio dot com W. A. B. C. traffic.

New York Manhattan NYP W. A. B. C. Kristin executive Essex County Sara Lee Kessler Millburn chip Brianti Seattle mariners Yankees Newark fentanyl elm Hurst Marini Grand Central Terminal seventy seven W twenty million dollars
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"MIT. Can we just talk briefly about our state of preparedness for this thing? We decided boy single. Monolithic power over there controls everything it could be bad for us. We need to deal, how prepared where we too, well at the beginning of the war, US had, basically no poker chips. Play the US military was tiny compared to all the European ones, and that's one reason why the Europeans didn't care what the Americans think thought, and if the US had tried to prevent the war at that point, we wouldn't have been able to because we didn't have any standing military that we could've put on the table when I was saying earlier, that we could have prevented the war, the US at that time, had by far, the largest economy, in the world are GDP was two and a half times that of number two, which was Germany. So in the end we had, if you will more latent military power, if you want to judge, how much military power of country generating a year or two, that's the number to us which the GDP, and that's what happened. So we had this huge late and power, and if we'd threaten to use it and looked like we were capable of using it, and maybe had some of it already generated into military par the Germans never. Would have made them. So the United States, you could have prevented what could've prevented World War One. If we'd had a policy of announcing to the world. Hey, we're not gonna let any single state takeover. Your asia. And let's just have enough military power in, you know, standing power to look a little scary. Amass economic might simply because we were big or did we have something else going on? Let's great question. But, you know, we were just blessed as from Sunday, you know, this incredible country with all these resources the natural resource that we just have a lot of lottery estate, and that's good stuff in that really. We had a democracy, which is crucial to having good social order. We had, we made some good decisions about education land grant education system. Right. Eighteen ninety turn of the century with a lot of inventing going on things were changing wildly that way that must have helped. Well, of course, we were in the middle of it, because we were kind of part of the cutting edge knowledge revolution. We invested in education. You know, people forget those land grant schools that were all, you know, big part of growing our brains. And immigration. We have, you know, immigration, late eighteen hundreds from from Germany, and airland. And so on grew the population that okay. Let's dig into the war. What was your plan German war? Plan was basically, it was a kind of crazy plan that the Shiffling plan in place Lincoln. Yes. Sleep had this. Plan was okay. H our balloon goes up. You invade Belgium, and sweep through Belgium into France and knocked the French conquer the whole place in forty days. So they don't get involved. So I don't help Russia. Well, you assume that Russia and France are both gonna fight you because they're allies? So you're really going after your real goals, not the Russians off. Okay. But you figure out the French off, too, because they're allies, do you could do French first and then deal with Russia plan. Okay. So they don't have to watch their back when they turn around and go Russia. Okay. Exactly. Now this was a change from the older plan. They had a previous plan under this older guy up until the eighteen ninety s which was to stand on the defense in the west and then attack on the east, which I think was a much better plan. But sleeping had this new idea, which was basically. This wild and crazy. Quick offensive in the west which had to go perfectly. Okay. And then move the whole army on trains, to the east before the Russians get to the frontier because the freshest Russia's mobilize slowly. So it's like we'll nail France while Russians are still waking up getting out of the bed, and then nail the Russians and the whole plan didn't. Here's what's wrong with the plan by invading Belgium. They brought the British the war because Belgians had the British this you, hey, we don't want any, any country knocking off the low countries and also by invading, France. They made the whole French public of very mobilized. The French government would've had a hard time riling up the French people for a war of aggression against Germany to save Russia. Nobody like Russia was horrible country. Run by these horrible, people horrible people risk rats very ugly place. And so the Germans did this huge favor. So the allies, they brought the British in by invading. Belgium, they've riled, the French public up by invading, France, by invading Britain. They eventually brought in the US the US kind of got involved because they were friendly with the British, and it was really the US decided the war. Okay. The Germans might still have won this war if the US had not come in, if you look if you replay the game in nineteen eighteen they might have knocked everybody out, but the US came in and put the W up for the for the time is not a test, but something interesting say the Germans had the US did not get involved, the Germans at one they became. Is that the word they were getting things. Yeah. What would have happened then that's a great question. Would they have been nipped at nyp debt with their and some coalition that came and took them down? What, what do you think would have happened? My own view is it would have been way better than what did happen. In other words, in a funny way would be better if the Germans won the War, I think they would have conquered. They had huge goals. They were going to try to establish, basically informal rule over France and expel gym and create a huge empire in Russia, which they already did, I think, though, that they were coming to the end of the age of empire and controlling societies, getting harder and harder because of small arms and spreading literacy. So governing people really don't want being governed was getting to be much tougher job in nineteen than it was before. So I imagine they would have just basically find themselves facing constant social unrest and rebellion. And they would've gotten sick of it, and they. Wouldn't gained a whole lot of strength from the areas. They conquered. And so you would have had I mean they were particularly nasty country. Let's not pretend they're empire would have been sort of a benign typical average, empire their military had a sort of murderous nece to that other militaries didn't have at that time. You can see that in the way they treated the Belgians and in the genocide of the Herero, another little episode in this history that they were Africa that time, and they there were four genocide the twentieth century, people forget the fourth one, which was the massacre of the Herero people in South West Africa, by the Germans, but I still think that in the end they would have contracted twenty difficult. Yes, they'd be sitting down there in the French Riviera drinking wine and, and, you know, trying to get along with people, and then they'd go home. And things went badly. Yes. Instead things went terribly another one of the great disasters in world history. Is that the verse IP's which was supposed to be the piece that would end all wars was badly designed and led to World War, Two and for that, the US gets the blame because really Woodrow Wilson was in the kit captured seat, he designed the verse peace, and, you know, I'm a political scientist. So it's kind of UK's sorry about that thing for us because he was a political scientist, and he was harvested, all the social science that was known of the and key mistake, key mistakes, the single worst mistake, he made was not dealing with German bad ideas. He didn't focus on the core problem, Germany. Which is these people are drinking, a lot of bad bathwater. Their their, their schools are full allies. Their media's full allies, their universities are full allies. You have to seize control of their whole national information system, and, and drain into the bad stuff, and, and, and get it more truth oriented, and the Americans didn't do. That we never even occupied Germany. There was no ocupation at Germany since they didn't. It was easy for Hitler, does spark that. Exactly. Well, what happened was in the twenties, because the, the sort of German miss machine miss making machine wasn't dealt with instead, the German government and those years set up this myth, making organization for two years. It was called the creeks, you'll out the war guild, office was a secret office devoted to spreading lies about World, War One, and especially about who started, we're one and they had this whole kind of constant PR message sent through schools school books history books. You name it saying, we didn't start this war. The Russians started the Russian the British started, we've been treated terribly cruelly, we with our neighbors are a bunch of nasty vicious people who started the war blame us for it, and then drain us of, of reparations, and what a nasty bunch of neighbors we have, and Hitler, if you wanna understand how he rose to power a key way, he rose to power was, was exploiting, this victim narrative, if you believe. That narrative you being raised. Right. And the Germans did believe it, and my point about Wilson and the and the piece is the allies. Let the Germans continue to tell that lie. They didn't attend to this key prom of ideas key difference with World War Two is that after World War Two the allies did deal with the problem of German, bad at is they did occupy the country. They did reform the school books. They did reform the history system. They didn't sort of herky-jerky way wasn't very efficiently done. But the Germans, you know, got a big show. We say reform, a good dose of the truth after forty five and then the Germans took the ball themselves in the seventies and developed this really quite beautiful culture of truth telling about history, the country in the world today that takes most seriously duty to tell the truth about their own past crimes. Wrongs is the Germans. They get the gold star for it. So when you go, visit a Saxon housing or a Auschwitz you'll walk from the train station through neighborhoods and. When I do that I get angry at the people that live in the houses because they had to know what was going on and be people that say, well, it wasn't a German people's fault. They couldn't have done anything, but it feels like an also sounds like what you're saying. They kind of wanted it and they wanted to because they'd been fed, and believe, victim narrative seems like they were kind of on board and that they have some a lot of Cup ability that not really off the hook. It really was. Yes, we're not innocent civilians, I would blame them for basically electing a demagogic leader, who hated or who you know advised conflict of against Germany's neighbors. The holocaust is I separate what we're two into two wars the wars against the country's Hitler's war against the states and the war against the Jewish people. The holocaust, and I tend to think of them in separate boxes, the holocaust responsibility for that goes way back, it has a lot to do with the Christian church and. Christian teachings against the Jews, which in my view kind of put the, the Tinder on the floor of the forest and made it possible for any demagogue to, to sort of sell this thing, but Hitler, never really did sell the holocaust well to the German people, it was not a popular idea on the Germans and key really set up the death camps was to hide the holocaust from the German public because he feared there would be public opposition to it. If it were known originally, the holocaust was conducted kind of in the open, the German army had these hindsight's group in these killing units that followed along behind the army who and they murdered Jews and other Slavs with firing squads and gas. But then Hitler said, hey, I'm nervous about too many people finding out about this, including the German people who I would have said they were sort of big. It's the they were sort of mildly cruelly anti semitic. But the if you put the idea of a holocaust of a referendum in Germany in nineteen thirty nine it would have been voted down. It's interesting. You divide it up. Do you think that? That the holocaust was drain on the war effort. Yes. And they might have had a better chance to win the war if they hadn't engaged in the holocaust. Absolutely one thing about Hitler is, you know, he just couldn't restrain himself from killing people if he'd just delayed, his, his wonderful dream of mass killing the people wanted to kill for about a year. He might have won. The war was the did he hate them, genuinely or was more political. Sort of playing his base. My version of Hitler's, anti Jewish madness, is that he was a true believer in this vicious horrible document the protocols of the elders of Zion, which was this forgery that came out of the Russian secret police in nineteen zero three and it basically accused the Jewish community in some crazy way of having a, a gang of conspirators, who were taking over the world and going to destroy the whole world and the elders of and this, this forgery of hit Germany, only after World, War One and among the first groups to grab onto it where the Nazi leaders sky, Rosenberg, who was Hitler's chief ideologist. Brought it right away to Berlin. Put it in the hands of the Nazi lead, and it seems like Hitler believed it all. He actually believed that the Jewish people were a threat to Germany. Is this something in his childhood or early days that made him likely to believe such a thing? Well, he grew up in Vienna. Which was sort of in infused with anti-semitist. Awesome. But I think that the, the protocols, it seems strange the same as one document could have had such an impact, but it really put his both hatred and fear on steroids. And I might add, there's a lesson here about hate, and people think hateful messages. Don't lead to bad consequences. They do they do everyone should be concerned about the preventive hateful thought and speech. Yes. Hateful speech. The whole problem that we face with social media being used as vehicle for it. This is not a not a joke that Hitler had social media..

US Hitler Russia Germany France Plan Belgium asia Woodrow Wilson war guild MIT. French Riviera Berlin Vienna Africa UK
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"Welcome to the show alley. So do you have a question. I will first of all, how wold you, okay? And do you have any kids or anything like that? What you have a kid. Wow. Okay, what's his name, or her name? Mason. Okay. Now Allie, what question do you have for us here at nyp talk after having my baby. I noticed that my breasts have slight droop to them. And I was just wondering what procedures you guys offer that could help that. Okay. Now, are you happy with the size of your breasts? Or is it just a droop? You're unhappy with well even the shape of my breasts are just weird, the whole the whole anatomy of just weird. They don't look as good as they used to before having this kit. Okay. Before having Mason. I should say that was his name. Okay. So we can help you here at Greenberg, cosmetic surgery. And there's a lot of things that we can do one of the things as simple. We put a breast implant in and you know how long that takes Maria, no okay twenty to thirty was Maria. No Allie move. Okay, Maria Miller question. Actually Maria was the last car. Okay. Alliott the way we take care of a simple breast augmentation in office procedure. It takes twenty to thirty minutes. That's it. With the Greenberg, rapid recovery system that Dr Nick and ideal at Greenberg, cosmetic surgery, you're back to normal activities, then next day, so it's pretty simple. Awesome, as far as a lift, though. What is the recovery for that? So the lift usually a day or two as well. So it's really not so bad. And I sometimes we do a lift along with an implant, and sometimes we do it just by itself. Yeah. And I think you asked a really good question. Because peep, women who've usually breastfed or undergone a pregnancy. There are there's going to be drooping to their breasts. So sometimes I'd say most of the time, just bringing implant in is not going to be enough now. Everyone's different. That's why we have to individualize for everybody. We do consultations proper exam. We have to make sure that we designed an operation, that's perfect for you and your body. You're not a network. You said, so is a combination of playing an implant, then putting an implant with the lift or just doing lift depends on what side. Is you want to be it depends on, on having the right symmetry and getting you back to where you where you were and it's all about being natural being natural is our goal. We don't want you to be the, you know, the focus of your town. We want you to, to sort of get out there, get back to being a mom, get your body back and look really nice. Yes. So there's tons of stuff. We can do alley, and we can definitely fix you back up very common breast augmentation, breast lift surgery are the most common types of surgery done in states about two hundred fifty thousand people in the United States had a breast augmentation last year. So super combo we love to.

Maria Miller Greenberg Allie Mason United States nyp Maria Dr Nick thirty minutes
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"Need an August. Hamilton opened here. There. It is the ARGUS Hamilton report from the comedian ARGUS Hamilton with a little help this week from jober debt our old buddy from five oh five attorney general William bar looked to house committee in the eye Tuesday and testified the US government spied on GOP candidate trumps campaign in twenty sixteen. That's bad news for Barack Obama. The good news is the Ecuadorian embassy in London has the spare bed now. The Alabama state legislature passed a Bill that would require all Alabama students to recite the pledge of allegiance in classrooms, LA kids have improvised their own version and to the Reebok's on which we stand at one Porsche. Oh my God. Unbelievable with puberty and nachos for all. Resident Trump set out tweets during the master Sunday's? He rooted for his buddy Tiger Woods to win an afterward. I got a nice tweet from Trump. He never let his marriage wrecking businesses interfere with his golf game, whereas rise to the top and neither did Tiger Woods. Sanders admitted he's a millionaire and tried to assure socialists that his wealth is dude was book sales last week a fan went into an I will bookstore and ask the owner for Bernie's book. And the owner said he sold out the fan said that's the book even paperback. Los Angeles street gangs declared a temporary truce in honor of slain forever, Nici hustle to honor. The peacemaking hip hop artist. They gave him a respectful sendoff at nyp cease funeral procession in downtown LA Saturday. He was given a twenty one gun salute resulting in four people being wounded. Rogin forcement administration reported Friday that meth manufacturing has become a major problem in New Jersey in the past year the age in DA agents warn the public that meth labs smell like burning. Plastic cat urine and rotten eggs. And it's why meth labs tend to go unnoticed in New Jersey. The White House put off photos of Tiger Woods and President Trump playing golf in Trump's National Golf Club in Jupiter. The president woods play golf together an annual charity fundraising tournament. All proceeds go to the boys will be boys club of America. The Boston marathon was run Monday before a million spectators watching the race fill out of a three story high dorm window but landed safely in large pile of leaves that day Kenyan fill out of the same window and beat his time to the ground by three fifths of a second winner. Bernie Sanders hosted a town hall meeting on the Fox News channel on Monday where he urged young people to embrace socialism at CVS studios in Hollywood last week, congresswoman Alexandria Cossio. Cortes was a contestant on the prices. Right..

President Trump Tiger Woods Bernie Sanders ARGUS Hamilton LA Trump Barack Obama Alabama US New Jersey GOP Reebok Boston Fox News Cortes nyp London Rogin forcement Alexandria Cossio
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"Scam seminar. She said what? Are you down or you? It's an Email six dot com slash the crew show on our one zero six number one. No. Digits bay rose. Ministers. The money. Never. Checked. She want arrive. And. Yes. Every time. Oh boy. Candy. Trust back down. Nice. Yesterday, nipsy celebration of life at Staples Center with thousands and attendance thousands watching as well what a special special day said this before earlier this morning man, whose parents are so great staff beautiful public viewing. And you know, they were so strong. They were strong for the entire city, man. Thank you. Karen, civil to not only us, but you could see her down their work in their help. Everything's shutout caring. That's you. She is men in any situation that I've seen her and she he meet leeches takes over with like what can I do? Okay. And then she starts looking for things to get done. And she gets them done. You know, what I mean carrying civil the homie. Man. Hey, if you were there yesterday like we were at nyp sees celebration of life, eight one eight five one zero five nine favorite moment. If you watched title BT, everybody was shown right everybody had it on all day. Is that right like seventy eight. Oh. So y'all man she, oh, if you watched a few there, let's talk about some of your favorite moments one eight five to one zero five nine long live crew shell power one. Oh, six good morning. My breath last. Quarter male. No sweat. Boy, south west. Let's backtrack president respect in the balan-. Compact self made from the trouble I was saying McCallum. Plus, which lays on you. Taught you out of charge more to what they say. Reinvest double noth- that he's fine. The city because. Four. God before. Tripled out what? Triple.

Karen Staples Center nyp McCallum president
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"Mont Toyota, Mason couple and their ten year old daughter have been killed in head on crash on. I seventy five Kerr came across the media and on the interstate last night hit their vehicle head on about five miles outside Dayton, the victims have been identified. Now is fifty one year old Tim Thompson, his wife, Karen and ten year old daughter Tessa, no information yet on the driver who was going the wrong way. How to handle hoarders living in the city of Cincinnati councils law and public safety committee takes up the issue today gets a report from the buildings inspections department also on the agenda for that meeting this morning. The release of the report of an independent review vol perations in the city's emergency call center, he says he had to see it to believe it Nick Hagglund who grew up playing soccer in Cincinnati says he would have never imagined a scene like it yesterday at nyp Nipper stadium. FC Cincinnati celebrating his first MLS win. In its first home game. Former Lakota west stars on the team that shut out Portland three. Oh, he says if you would've told him five years ago that there would be a crowd here cheering that loud. At a soccer match. You would have called you crazy field set now for the NC double a basketball tournament. You see opens play Friday twelve fifteen in. Columbus will end KU plays the same day at one thirty in Tulsa Xavier missed field of sixty eight this year, but has been invited to the NIT has a game at cintos Wednesday night. More coming up on the NCAA tournament at seven forty. Odds are you'll spend some time today pouring over a bracket sheet. What's the best strategy for winning that office pool? Like Frankel lectures on statistics Kennesaw state university. There are sixty three games that you have to get right in order to get a perfect bracket. He feels in his brackets based pretty much on the teams past record in the NCAA tournament. And it makes no secret of the fact that he generally goes with the top seeds that obviously will skew the odds a little more in your favor. So he wins big with this system. Right. Well, I have not had great results. Back to the drawing board. Professor Pete combs ABC news, Atlanta, you could find a downloadable brag sheet if you go to seven hundred w w dot com. If you're looking for a really big payday Powerball jackpot for this week across the tri-state's up to five hundred and fifty million dollars forecast is next seven have a WW news time seven thirty lately, it seems like everything we use everyday is getting an upgrade from the bed. We sleep in to the razor we use when we wake up, but we've neglected one of the more impulsive products in a daily routine that old worn out toothbrush..

Cincinnati Nick Hagglund Frankel NCAA soccer Mont Toyota Tim Thompson nyp Nipper stadium Kerr Professor Pete combs Tessa Mason Dayton Portland NIT Karen Columbus independent review Tulsa MLS
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"Really? He's gonna bring fluffy. Does he have to be a judge who just hosting it? That's a lot of pressure. People. Get crazy. Dog owners be crazy if they don't win it'd be irate. All right. So speaking of dogs. If you are daily listener, you know, that my wife, and I we recently adopted from rescue this little mixed breed. Poppy hippo. Well, it's it's bit bull. It's Shitsu is great Pyrenees. It's dachshund. I mean, it's all over the place. So this happens, obviously, you know, little puppies. They're still teething stage. I mean this little guys only four months old and he's already chewed apart. A number of things in the house, and I'm just curious whatever kind of pet you've ever had what did your pet destroy one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five florins in mount Holly, you're on New Jersey one at one point five. I just find fell I Florence Florence Howard. Good. How are you? We're good. Okay. So I have a little dachshund miniature dachshund. And when we first got her, I have bamboo kitchen set in the kitchen, and she used to stand up there and start chewing on that. So we went to the pet store and the lady gave us this stuff called sour apple and you spray it on everything. Jeff. We sprayed it on the kitchen. We sprayed it on the TV cabinet. We sprayed it on our shoes we sprayed it on the road. We sprayed on everything. She has not you anything. You know, I've heard of that I've never really known for. Sure does that did the lady say does it work for almost all dogs or is it kind of hit and miss? Nope. It works. It works. I gave it to my son because she don't show anything anymore. So I gave it to my son because you have a German shepherd, and we had Herman shepper for two years, and that dog still choose now does it make everything does it make everything smell. No, no, you won't smell it at all really you sprayed on there. You won't see it. It'll be clear, but when that dog goes to get get something to chew on it could I could I take my now could I take my two year old and spray him with it. So that he worked at nyp. No, I don't know about not not recommended. IBM make him a sour apple dip. Yeah. Fowler. Apple is called sour apple and you spray that on everything. Even the baby's shoes it won't even bother baby shoes. Boy, you must go through a lot of sour apple then though too big tank. Big drums. He just spray it on a little bit. You know? Rolling in a fifty gallon drum. Exactly, that's what I'm picturing what it was like fifty five gallon jobs. The rolling it on its edge. I mean, there's a lot you could chew on house. Foreign thanks for your call. And by the way, if anybody's thinking something incorrect in no way, am I upset with dog? It's not the dogs fault. This is a natural thing that puppies. Do I'm upset that I was so dominant that I forgot the dog was there that he could have reached that charger court to buy things and boy your just love and the pit bull angle aren't ya? Yeah. Well, you know, he's strong already. I'll tell you that. Oh, man, dude is playing like he's got like this like not rope tug of war. Yes. Exactly. The tug of war hall. And he went to the vet already for a checkup, and he's really healthy and the vet even said, oh, this puppy is like extraordinarily strong. And like maybe it's led pit bull part. He's a sweetie though. So far other than you know, destroying everything Sherry on the AC expressway your on New Jersey one zero one point five. Hello. How are you guys? Ok. I am like a huge fan. I listen all the time. Well, thank you have. I have three bucks which are Boston terrier mixes. And they have managed to climb up on the cat. Go behind the cat's like a cat and two from one corner to the next. Like the back of like, the top of the couch or get behind them. Chew the back of the couch the top no like they climb on the sofa. Then they climb up on the back of the show. And then they start knowing across from corner to corner. They've destroyed you owe more than one right and the lousy. Oh, no. Then I accidentally left. And a remote control on my bed. When I went to take a shower, and the puppy managed to to the back of remote and to my phone to the point that I couldn't use the in and cracked the entire stream. Oh my God. That's a lot of damage. Have you tried sour out? Sour apples. I bought. I they have sour apple sour cherries. And they liked it. Yeah. Apples is a green and white bottle with yellow writing and it smells like alcohol. But I mean once you spray down smell anything that weren't you have to move on the poison up. No. No it actually works because he wanted this Christmas. He wants it to one of the lights, and I was like, okay, hold on. Wait, wait, wait. And I was like I'll do the treats I sprayed it and he wants to get and as you went to get his face like plating into Lebanon. Maybe I'll have to look into that. That's two endorsement right there. I mean, it's not like, you know, critical mass or anything it's only been a couple of things. But I don't want him to do anything where he's going to get hurt. Either dogs like shoes like a spray all your shoes. Oh, yeah. We can't leave shoes out the shoes of all. Yeah. We had had one of those little bins outside. But now that whole Ben has to be in the closet because got to be behind the shut door. Otherwise, it's just a buffet for him. It is Jeff in Bloomfield, you're on New Jersey one zero one point five. Hey, how you guys doing Jeff? Well, I had a. My English dog very much. I set this thing up an hour to get this thing better curve introvert. Everything was perfect next morning. We have this big function Goto galloping. That's. Oh, that's why you were setting it out. Yeah. And it was up on a hanger jump to knock it off. I think something in his mouth. Always sticking out. Anyway. Thank you. My heart started being like, no, no, no, no. It was on the four all his hair. Apart? So like a good soldier. I always had an old uniform. Prepare route twenty pounds heavier. So I had a mismatch uniform and went there, and I remember my sergeants like you're getting a little fat. I couldn't say my my dog ate my uniform. You couldn't go that route. Uniform. That's great. I think I would have told them Jeff, thanks for your call. Or is. I don't know my military protocol, man. All right. We're responding stories. Hear about things that your pets destroyed one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five it's two thirty..

apple Jeff New Jersey Apple Florence Florence Howard Herman shepper Sherry Boston war hall mount Holly Fowler IBM Lebanon Bloomfield Ben fifty five gallon twenty pounds
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"Mahajan, you give them the old Benny head. Go ahead. Ask what what is the Benny? Benny hinn. Russell. That's why you grabbing forehead and Christ compels you right to the ground. All the power of Christ ELS, you the power of Christ compels you power Christ compels, you another very less. What he just he's worn out. He goes it can bells you. Exorcists reference. I didn't think we'd get a cappelli in there. But we did I like it when we get an asset. You're all Tony Dwyer. What's up? I'm a maintenance say this. But I think some of these male entertainers wearing athletic Neil protection. If you get my drift. An eleven year old. Can twist you into all kinds of pain without you even expecting it and heard punch in the face. She added done something pretty bra and mean him, I'm not condoning beaten women. But you know, when you're in that kind of a situation and you need to get away. Well, I'm sorry. I think the guy should beat the rat. Because it's not his fault that some fan would do that and possibly can toward him into pain. There you go. It is a again this happened in Asheville North Carolina. And the this story about this guy. Why he was involved was he saw this pack of girls harassing a woman. And he went in the pack and got the woman out and escorted her outside the mall. That's why he was standing outside the mall. The woman got away got in her car and left, but that left the guy standing there, and they were sort of, you know, how wolves kinda start nipping, and then you turn around, and then you nip at nyp again at your heels and you turn around and so he was sorta. Hello, I'm listening. Okay. You're reading your phone. No. I'm not that's ridiculous. So you kind of circling around and they're cutting nipple not. That's what the video shows. But he boy he turns around, and he Wallops that girl the face man, she goes down. But he's got PTSD on top of it starts agree. I I don't know if he'll beat the wrapping up a Bob you're all with Tony Dwight go ahead. Good for him. That's all I gotta say about that. And I'll tell you why real quick. This generation of kids believes that it's okay for you to go out and act in a certain way and a mob mentality. And then when someone slapped she so hard, go can't find you you go run behind your, mommy and daddy. And then the law comes down on the person who's defending themselves. Whether it be a man woman child who does not matter you still as a as a human have the right to defend yourself. And it's a very are teaching kids weekdays that people will do that kind of thing to them if they act the way that warrants it, I'm not going to be anybody's punching back. I don't care whether it's a man or woman a woman fought for equal rights if she starts pounding on me, I'm gonna do everything I can to get away from the situation. But if it comes down to it, I will do the same thing. But that gentleman did thank you, Bob. Appreciate the call. I will say this. It seems like the lack of respect for the older generation and police in general seems to get worse and worse and worse each year. Well. Hey, look, I don't think that the pack mentality is anything new especially in our day because there was nothing to do. So you kinda ran in packs and things will get out of control a of years. Go went out to one of the summer picnics. I think it was Saint Michael's? And that is in between j town in Taylorsville. Right. So great school, whatever. But there's there's a big huge parking lot at Kroger. They're connected to right over by the school, and we were leaving and the kids were a little younger at this point. And there was a pack of about a hundred kids traveling across the parking lot, and these high school kids girls there, and I got on Mark. I was like John's go to the left go on the left sodomy, and I pulled Maggie over. And I was like I was glad we relieving. Like, I was like. Oh, okay. Eight hundred kids easy, one hundred kids all rolling I knew some of my coach some of them. And I knew some of them from Janis wrestling, and I was just kind of like, I know half those kids, I was like man that's a big group of kids. And they were all looking for another kid called the warriors. Yeah. Yeah. That's what I didn't have had one of them had silence. Had a little Miller bottles girl scout cookie season is here. They're on for sale. And I have a daughter asked me can you take him to work and sell them. And I said, Nope, I'm not doing it. I said I'm not doing it. I said because people like Dwight complain complain. And he said, she said, my godfather. And I said, yes, you're godfather, keep your stupid cookies to yourself. I guess you don't remember what I agree to? I am going to pick a day. Okay. And me and my God daughter, Maggie Bonetti or go outside of an up and smoke location done and sell. Let's do outside of an up and smoke. Let's do it. Because that that's okay. A costing me as I walk in the Kroger store, saying, Mr. Mr. Mr. that's, okay. Because there's just strangers. I say, no. But when I contact guy contact with one of them. But then when my boss comes to me says, hey little Kathleen wants to go to camp. Do you wanna buy fifteen dollar bucket of popcorn? What are we going to tell my boss? No. Yeah. Hey, JJ, you're on with Tony Dwyer. Go ahead, buddy. Hey, I got a quick question. Have you guys seen the actual video of this? Yes. He pushes her away. I it doesn't just add the blue pop her. He pushed her backwards. I and then she charged at him. Also, if he had not done this if he had left that woman to herself her own defence, what was done to this woman. Had no kidding, right? Yeah. Exactly what he did it. But the point I wanted to make was simply if no one has seen the video he pushes this girl away first. And then she comes at him. Yeah. Do you think you'll beat the rap? I hope I certainly hope. So I'll be praying that he does. Okay. Jay good, call there. We we did not get one person defending the girls. So we did. Okay. Lots of pasta, lots of possible oval dot com. Folks. Stop on by tomorrow morning. They open at nine AM. It's a grocery store, but I'm encouraging you for the basketball games tomorrow. UK plays Auburn and Louisville plays Georgia Tech. That sounds right. That's all right. Sure. Don't do sports anymore. I don't have to keep up with that stuff. But, but if you go by and get the pretzel bread, you can pull that apart and then drag it through some beer cheese that they sell. They have a big bucket. A beer cheese. You to you Mike it up a little bit. You put it in the microwave, and then you just drag Brazzi there. But you gotta get there early because lots of pastas sells out of their pretzel bread early in the day. All right back with Joey Fatone. He's come back. You got this. Yeah. Your wife, are you? Sure. And I'll have choice after what you told your wife you're going to leave early. Joey Fatone, Jim Fedor next. Hang out with me. Joy fatone. How's your arm? Bruise..

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"nyp d." Discussed on WTVN

"Newsradio six ten WTVN. News Radio six hundred ten WTVN Allison Wyatt in Ohio police officer died today days after he was struck by a pickup truck Coleraine township police officer, Dale woods was forty six years old and a fourteen year veteran of the police department and a former firefighter in Cincinnati, a brand new upgraded nine one one is now running and pick away county after a nearly six hundred thousand dollar renovation dispatchers will now spend the next thirty days learning how to use the new equipment and the Columbus Crew have released their schedule for twenty nineteen. It begins with the twenty fourth MLS season opening at home as they face the New York red bulls name time as it four thirty. It'll be on March second and they also will face their interstate rival and MLS newcomer FC Cincinnati I on the road on August tenth and then at nyp stadium in Cincinnati on August twenty fifth for your first warning weather a win. Advisory remains in effect tonight as we see cloudy skies and some scattered rain low of twenty nine am Alison Wyant more news at the top of the hour. Non demand at six ten WTVN dot com. Hey, Dan, when we started Z quiet ten years ago. Did you ever believe we would help so many couples kicked snoring out of bed? The response has been fantastic. Like this story from Mark and Lynette. It had gotten to the point where my wife, and I weren't able to sleep in the same bedroom consistently. I had to keep pushing or kicking waking and map and after he would wake up, you know, maybe there were ten minutes or fifteen minutes before he would start snoring again. I would hope I fall asleep during that time. But if I didn't it just made for a long one time. I remember my wife brought in a recording listen to this. And he was like. No. It's you your snoring. And.

Cincinnati Columbus Crew officer MLS Allison Wyatt Alison Wyant nyp stadium Dale woods Coleraine Ohio New York Dan Lynette Mark six hundred thousand dollar fifteen minutes forty six years fourteen year twenty fifth ten minutes