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The Inside Story: Jojoba Oil

Allure: The Science of Beauty

01:27 min | 3 months ago

The Inside Story: Jojoba Oil

"Why does a hobo oil have a starring role in so many skin care products hughes dermatologist ritavi link ner jojoba oil does have a lot of stability to it. It doesn't degrade as much as a lot of these other oil so when it comes to formulate trying to pick plan based oils is one. That's going to be more commonly chosen in fact because it's so resilient. Researchers are even exploring how hobo oil might be used as an alternative energy source hobo oil itself or in a fifty fifty blend with petroleum was effective as diesel fuel under appropriate conditions. According to one study anyway. Here's dr link with more. On how hobo oil is used in skin care it also has been shown to enhance the absorption of other active ingredients and drugs that come with it so that added ability to drive active ingredients deeper into the skin and this is something that whole boyle's been shown to do that. Said you might see products that pair a hobo oil with heavy hitting ingredients like retinol or alpha hydroxy acids both because it helps those actives penetrate the skin even more deeply and because it's moisturizing benefits may help counteract the irritation those ingredients can cause but of course you can also use the straight stuff. Just be sure. It's the final step in your skin. care routine.

The Official Witch of Los Angeles

Ghost Town

02:00 min | 3 months ago

The Official Witch of Los Angeles

"In. Nineteen sixty eight. Los angeles had its own official. Witch lewis. Hubner was born in new york in nineteen thirty. She was a psychic by the age of ten. They always are. She learned witchcraft from her grandmother. And her mother who were also witches. She was a hereditary. Which i guess is what the people kind of get a lot of people see things early on and then a lot of people's generational practice. I think it was not so much that she was working at a pottery barn and then decided i think would be a witch. You know we will do that with like. I think i'm just gonna be life coach crystal and i'm unemployed. Young mean do this. Let's do this. Yeah she seemed to have a long history with that. She was a sixth generation. Which and a third generation astrologer. I mean that's a pretty nice pedigree. She moved to la with her illustrator husband. Mentor hubner Just weird name mentor mentor. sleep ner he's illustrator and he's pretty successful. I that you worked on king kong. The nineteen seventy six king kong blade runner like a successful illustrator and working in in movies. I thought his name he was going to be some kind of. I don't know some kind of like a cult leader. But now just a working louise hubner. She became the staff witch on l. a.'s k. l. a. c. amazingly to station in late nineteen sixties and. This is kind of a running theme but nine hundred sixty s late nineteen sixties early nineteen seventy s. Perfect for all your resume your witchcraft. Your your wiccan. You're satanic panic. It's a really really great type not not categorizing it like that but that was a time where like that ran really

Witch Lewis Hubner Mentor Hubner Los Angeles New York Louise Hubner King Kong LA
Private Florida School Won't Employ Vaccinated Teachers

WBZ Midday News

00:17 sec | 5 months ago

Private Florida School Won't Employ Vaccinated Teachers

"Its covert response. Miami's sent Ner Academy inform parents this week it will not allow teachers or staff Who have been vaccinated to be around students. The CEO says there's not enough information about the long term health effects of the cove in

Ner Academy Miami
Editor sidelined after medical journal racism podcast outcry

Dennis Prager

01:33 min | 6 months ago

Editor sidelined after medical journal racism podcast outcry

"The head of Jama, which is a big medical journal of the American Medical Association, did a podcast and in the podcast, he said he didn't believe In Systemic racism because he didn't think doctors were racist. They took the podcast down. His job is in jeopardy. They're investigating him. What role does he have? He's the head of Jama. He's the editor of JAMA as it were. Journal of the American Medical Association. He doesn't think most doctors are racist and he might be fired. He'll be cast down. Let's do that. Okay. Hey, guys, let's have a bet here. What do you say the he's loses the job. I say he loses his job. What? Wait, I have another question for you. What do you think the chances of this guy? I'll look up his name. Howard Bach ner B. A U C. H N E R is a conservative politically, I would say. That the chances that he was is a conservative politically are as great as the chances Of my having a Nancy Pelosi sticker on my car. Howard Bogner Jamas, editor in chief, since 2011 has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into a heavily criticized podcast about structural racism in medicine.

American Medical Association Jama Howard Bach Ner B. Howard Bogner Jamas Nancy Pelosi
Karen Hao on Hate, Lies, and AI at Facebook

Slate's If Then

06:04 min | 6 months ago

Karen Hao on Hate, Lies, and AI at Facebook

"Joaquin was really unique in that she was literally the person that turned facebook into an air. Power house Bring out this responsibility stuff. Tell me a little bit about walking wooded build that would show consequential for facebook. Joaquin came into the company in twenty twelve at the time. Facebook had very little happening end when watching game he arrived at facebook as one of the few people in industry at the time who was already sword of applying ai to products he'd made ad targeting models for microsoft and he did something similar facebook his machine learning models could take abc click data and learned that say women between surname ages would click on ads for yoga pants and then they could target them even more precisely the better. The targeting the higher the chances of click and so on and then other people the company that will rebound news feed were like hey the the machine learning algorithms that you built to target users had we could do that to target users with the posts that they like and the groups that they like and the pages that they like. Let's try to do that here. So then he liked didn't for newsday and that's when zuckerberg and the chief technology officer. Michael ner was like. Oh hey there's something happening here. We should invest in this technology. All of this started around two thousand thirteen and the more facebook invested the better. The algorithms got in newsfeed for example the models could be trained to predict who would lake or a particular pieces of content then intern users would be shown the kind of content they were more likely to engage with. The concept was wildly popular within the company. One thing that's pretty well known about facebook is it's focus on earth and that growth comes from engagement. How do those. Two things intersect both with each other and then with these machine learning models humidity. Really important distinction in your question. That engagement of growth are actually two separate. Things and people often conflict but I love was growth and if his second love was engagement because engagement helps foster that growth if they can very precisely figure out what. Each individual user is most likely to engage in personalized tailor. Their news feed their ads their recommendations to their preferences. They're just much more likely going to comment like share that stuff. What's interesting is this was happening. Before i was introduced to the organization. They were already using different design tactics to try amp up engagement end when machine learning in. They didn't just have designed tricks at their disposal anymore. The machine learning algorithms learned that you just feed it all the students say like here are all users here. All the pages they liked. Hear all the words that they've posted an image that they've liked in friends that they have. And now you machine learning our that figure out what the patterns are so that you can show this person the content that they will engage in or the ad that they will most likely to click on or the group that they will most likely join. And that's how it's sort of like cranked up engagement more and more and more of the years but there is a problem with this equation. The more controversial something is on facebook. The more people click on it simply put outrage drives engagement. It's something mark zuckerberg himself wrote about in a post in twenty eighteen. And he has this chart that very clearly shows that the more that particular content gets close to being violated content so content that facebook does not allow on its platform which includes misinformation but also includes hate speech nudity. All of these other things the closer it gets to that line the more engagement has it's not zip a facebook. It's more just like people like outrageous staff. They will see stuff they will click on. Share that outrageous so they admitted that there was this like pretty stark clear relationship between like if something is misinformation or if it's getting close to being misinformation people are going to just start like liking sharing way more at the same time they still tell these teams to maximize engagement. So there's this like very weird perverse incentives that happens where you can serve the engagement monster but you cannot at the same time then tamp down and get rid of all misinformation. All of this seems like the kind of thing. I would assume a team called responsible. Ai joaquin kinnear's team would be tackling. I think so too because the way that the responsible. Ai team was described to me early on in my interview process was this is the team that we created to be a centralized hub of expertise within facebook for understanding and studying the implications of our algorithms admitting any harmful unintended consequences that come out of those algorithms for me the way the algorithms amplify misinformation increased polarization. Amplify violence. Speech hate speech. That is a bullet point under that bigger mandate that they told me that the response i team was going after. But that's not what they were going after.

Facebook Michael Ner Joaquin Zuckerberg ABC Microsoft Mark Zuckerberg Joaquin Kinnear
Top 15 ideas for an equitable economy

Work In Progress

05:32 min | 6 months ago

Top 15 ideas for an equitable economy

"I'm pleased today to be joined by dr phil jackson of new profits. She's one of the managing partners. Enchila- thank you so much for being with us ramona. Thank you for having us especially on this exciting day where we're finally announcing the fifteen solutions for the grand challenge. I am so glad we could talk about this today. Because we've been we've talked about this in the past as you were taking in the applications for this so for those in the audience who don't know what the grand challenges when you tell us. Kind of broadly. What it is and then we can talk about. Who's some of the people have been selected to the future burton grand challenges partnered by new profit in partnership with x prize foundation. Mit solve and j f f. And what we're doing is we're giving finalist access to six million dollars. In funding to implement solutions that will rapidly reskill twenty five thousand workers into higher wage jobs and it quip influential workforce boards with vetted tools to help get americans back to work in why this is so important as that many times philanthropy. We actually give grants based on ideas. These grants are going to be given based on outcomes so it's really going to be down to how many people were trained and how many people were placed in jobs with living wages. What were you looking for as you're looking for the organizations the groups to go forward in this competition so yet so even before cova working on this initiative for two years and really what we senator around were were adults busy people who are in need of upskilling but who can't take the opportunity cost to take off a year or go back to get a four year degree so we know going into this that we were looking for accelerated learning programs and also programs that would allow a learner or a worker to earn while they learn. We know that you know people. We think. A lot about the fifty six million. Us residents who are are working minimum. Wage jobs you know less than living wage jobs that they need opportunities to to skill up in a fashion that works for their complex and busy lives and so we really wanted these entrepreneurs to be willing to center the experience of these learners right and to create solutions that will work alongside their busy lives. We talk a lot about trying to upskill four jobs now. Actually and jobs of the future are each of the program. Said are in your rapid reskilling. Are they ernest. You learn absolutely in the way that we're thinking about it. There's two things one is like you said ramona. The future of work has become the president of work right so a lot of things that we thought were going to happen. Happened in cove. It industries went away that we thought were recession proof. And so what we've tried to do with all of these trainings. Is that one is their offered free of charge to the job seekers. And we're asking about preneurs a train for jobs that will not be impacted in the future works of thinking in the next three to five years and where people can leave the short term training and actually get a job with a living wage in so those are the parameters that we looked at. And we want to make sure that these trainings were geared towards people. Don't have a bachelor's degree and have other barriers employment. There are fifteen different organizations. That will be part of the solution. They're a combination of rapid reskilling. An mit sauce. And so we're looking at the fifteen solutions of the cohort that. We're validating at workforce boards. They just came to us from different challenges. There's a couple that. I'm just really excited about the first. Is this company. That's called charger help. And what's so interesting about that. One is that they are training people to be technicians into service electric car charging stations. What's interesting to me about. The idea is one is who knew that that was a job. You know. I didn't in to who knew that you could do that type of job and not have a bachelors degree so in a sixteen week program. They're able to train someone to do this job and they can go and make upwards of hundred and fifty dollars an hour but the company itself charged for help actually pays their employees up to fifty dollars an hour but they're giving them this training. That has a great market potential. And so that's one example. Another example that we're really excited about is generations. Usa there are national nonprofit ner actually international in many ways but they're allowing people to on the job while they're like learning a new trade and they do everything from building trades to manufacturing to data to technology while they're getting the technical training they're also giving them the wraparound supports of that professional training. And what some might call soft skills but are you know really important professional skills if we're going to actually obtain a job. They're getting paid while they do it. They're tuning to like the wraparound supports. A worker might need so in terms of transportation and childcare and they are promised a job on the other end of it and so as a learner. When you're thinking about that opportunity cost of taking you know sixteen weeks or three months off to learn. You're getting some upside in the beginning. And also you've got this guarantee on the back end.

Dr Phil Jackson Ramona X Prize Foundation Cova Burton Ernest Cove USA
House approves gun control bills expanding background checks

All Things Considered

00:54 sec | 7 months ago

House approves gun control bills expanding background checks

"Move on Capitol Hill, members of the House have passed two bills today to expand background checks on all firearms sales. Eight Republicans joined nearly all Democrats to approve the measure. While a second bill would give the FBI additional time to do their background checks from three days up to 20. Democrats now hold the Senate as well, giving the party hope the bills will at least be considered here. Senator Chris Murphy Republicans, Democrats go Ners Non gun owners enter a member's non entering members. I agree. We should tighten our gun laws to make sure that criminals and people with histories of serious mental illness cannot buy guns. The renewed push comes after Congress repeatedly tried and failed to pass tougher gun control laws. Since the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut that killed 20 Children and six educators.

Senator Chris Murphy Capitol Hill FBI House Senate Sandy Hook Elementary School Congress Connecticut
COVID-19 Vaccination Site for Teachers to Open at Inglewood's SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles

Tim Conway Jr.

00:35 sec | 7 months ago

COVID-19 Vaccination Site for Teachers to Open at Inglewood's SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles

"L. A school district has started dozing up teachers and staff with covert 90 vaccine. Vaccinating school staffs critical piece of reopening school campuses in the safest way possible. This has been superintendent Austin Butte. Ners Drumbeat Is he targets of return to classrooms for elementary school students in April, And now the district has opened a vaccination site for teachers and staff at Hollywood Park as vaccine eligibility in L. A county has expanded the governor's dedicated access for 25,000 additional vaccine doses. School staff in Los Angeles Unified over the next two weeks, says Hollywood Park is the largest vaccination site in the country dedicated to teachers and

Austin Butte Hollywood Park Los Angeles
How stores are changing Black Friday for the pandemic

WSJ What's News

05:36 min | 10 months ago

How stores are changing Black Friday for the pandemic

"In normal times. There's a chance you'd be listening to this podcast while standing in line at the mall or at a store hoping to get a good deal on black friday but during the pandemic this annual retail tradition could look quite different from what we're used to for what to expect. Today let's bring in our retail reporter. Suzanne cap ner is suzanne. good morning. Hi mark how are you. I'm doing well. So i'm thinking about all of these friends and relatives. I know who in the past have gone up early for those early morning. Sales at the stores themselves. Is this even an option. This year will the malls and the big box stores. Even be open know. The stories will be opened friday. They're not going to be doing the typical early morning doorbusters in in the same way. They have done in past years mainly because they have been stringing. Those deals out through the month of october. Black friday. Shopping really started in october this year. With a lot of companies offering black. Friday type deals for the past few weeks. So you're gonna see fewer of those you know early morning you know have to get limited supply. Type deals for one thing. You know stores don't want they can't handle the crowds. They're not trying to get their stores stuff with shoppers. This year the way they have done in the past. They have to be careful about that. Well let's talk about crowd size and safety. This is going to be very important this year. Most retailers i talk to you. They're all adhering to the capacity limits set by local state and local governments. And as i've been out at the stores in recent weeks. I do see lines. you know. And and and stories being very careful. And how many people. They let in and that will hold true on friday as well. And you know. They're all adhering to this social distancing in the store and they're they're really trying to keep their store safe in part because they want to show government officials that they can. You know stay open. They don't want to be forced to close again the way they were in the spring. Let's talk about sales for a moment. Our retailers planning to offer in store bargains be sales. It's a very promotional time of year. But there may not be the deep deep discounts. We've seen in recent years so in heading into the season a lot of chains have actually scaling back. Promotions either offering fewer promotions or discounts. That are not as deep and one reason. They've been able to do that as they just have less inventory during the spring when everything was shut down. They were cancelling orders. And they just didn't restock were they. Were very careful about how they restocked. And so there's just less supply in the system. We're going to have less stuff to clear out meaning. Unfortunately for consumers there could be some higher prices as we've talked about on the podcast. We have seen this big shift to online sales amazon. Prime day in october will black friday then be taking on more of an online presence the sheer there's no doubt online is going to take a bigger share. The national retail federation expects online sales. This holiday season to a could be as much is a third of total holiday sales. So that's happening. Retailers are preparing for it. And they're actually you know they're trying to let consumers know if you're going to buy holiday gifts online do early because the cutoff for free shipping is going to be earlier this year. Because everybody's afraid of you know a bottleneck as we get closer to christmas. So that's something to keep in mind and you know in terms of online versus in store. Promotions they're not that different they a lot of companies. Try to keep them pretty similar and this leads perfectly to my next question. I'm curious about looking at things from the retailers perspective as we have seen in some places with some items supply chains have been stretched leading up to today. Have they made changes to how they're handling inventory or even deliveries. You know for a lot of the items that people tend to buy and black friday. You know apparel toys. Maybe like some items for your home. I'm being told that supply chains are moving freely. The factories are open in asia. There isn't really a backup or a major problem. Imports have been coming in at record levels at the us ports. Where you might see. Some problem is in items that are in super demand whether it's specifically stuff for the home types of like obviously peleton's hard to get athletic type equipment anything where there is like very high demand there could be shortages but for the the bulk of the items. There shouldn't be a problem and finally suzanne. What kind of expectations have retailers set for themselves. The retail trade group came out with numbers this week. They're expecting a holiday season somewhat in line with the past few years they say sales are going to rise somewhere between three point six percent and five point two percent that compares with four percent last year over the past five years sales have risen on average about three point five percent so they are expecting a pre good holiday and their thesis. Is that yes. It's true there. There are a lot of americans who are out of work and people are struggling but there are others who have not been traveling or spending on experiences. And they're they have more disposable income and the hope is they're going to get out and spend this holiday.

Suzanne Cap Ner Suzanne National Retail Federation Amazon Asia United States
Lil Wayne facing federal gun charge in Florida

Afternoon News with Tom Glasgow and Elisa Jaffe

00:31 sec | 11 months ago

Lil Wayne facing federal gun charge in Florida

"New gun charge could send rapper Lil Wayne to prison for years. More from ABC is Jason Nathan Seuin rapper Little Wayne hit with felony weapons charges at all dates back to December of last year, when his private plane was searched by federal agents in Miami. They said they found drugs, guns and ammo on board and that Wayne admitted that a gold plated pistol found in some luggage was hiss. Miss Wynn is on parole and not allowed to have guns, You know, faces 10 years in prison if convicted, his lawyer says. The rapper plans to fight the charges. Jason Nathan's an ABC Ners

Lil Wayne Jason Nathan Seuin ABC Miss Wynn Miami Wayne Jason Nathan
Arizona State game canceled after head coach tests positive

The Fullerton Financial Hour

00:25 sec | 11 months ago

Arizona State game canceled after head coach tests positive

"You're in Arizona State football fan today, and the reason is coronavirus. Multiple student athletes and coaches tested positive for covert 19, including head coach Herm Edwards. That left a S U under the minimum threshold of players required by the Pac 12. Those who tested positive are in isolation and received Medical care and ask you is still preparing for next week's game. Luke Force ner Katya Our news.

Herm Edwards Arizona Football PAC Luke Force Ner Katya
Arizona State game canceled after head coach tests positive

Dave Ramsey

00:22 sec | 11 months ago

Arizona State game canceled after head coach tests positive

"Student athletes and coaches tested positive for covert 19, including head coach Herm Edwards. That left a S U under the minimum threshold of players required by the Pac 12. Those who tested positive are in isolation and receiving medical care and sus still preparing for next week's game. Force ner Katya. Our news. Well, the latest song coronavirus in Arizona. Go to Katie Jr dot com

Herm Edwards PAC Force Ner Katya Katie Jr Arizona
Must Have Shrubs With Ken Druse

A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach

05:59 min | 11 months ago

Must Have Shrubs With Ken Druse

"This time to try to narrow down our list of must have shrubs to the real standouts and tell us why i can margaret. I know you'll never get it to three. It's funny you said that because when we first started talking about it you said one and both of us that we can't pick one. Can we even pick three right So which of your books. We always give copy of what looks only talk on the show at with the transcript of the show. What do you think i mean. Is this one for shade gardeners this one for. What's this one for a cheat garden shade garden would be a good a good one. That's always a huge hit so good good. Good good So we're at you. And i in our lives are at what a another expert friend says is the shrub season of our lives which is sort of rather than crawling around dealing with lots of fussy high maintenance perennials. It's kinda great to have some big fillers like mature shrubs to do a lot of showing off and yet not ask a lot of us. So where do we begin. What's a shroud. i guess. Well a strobe is a multi stemmed plant of woody plant and i guess that's sort of describes a tree would have one trunk one stem herbaceous plants die down to the ground soft tissues and shrub is a woody plant. That is bushy bush. I don't like that word for describing his trip but it's rub can be bushy. Okay okay and we should say before we start naming our desert island trump's that we didn't include khanna first because really that can that's a whole other conversation So many shapes and colors and textures among those so Do you remember your first. Trump been is still there and is it a favourite or it didn't make the list. Well i get. I get to pick three right okay. You want me to tell you. My first well you said conifers. And i'm not going to talk about converse but my one of my favorites shrubs is. Evergreen is a what is called a broad lead evergreen and it's a bucks it's a kind of boxwood. I have too many of them. And it's a box with semper barons. Graham blondie yes and it is one of the most colome ner plants i've ever seen really but It's a shrub and it's minor. There's probably i have some. That are like seven feet tall and fifteen inches. Wanted if you can imagine that. They're they're like punctuation marks. You know they're like exclamation marks in the garden. And as i said. I have too many because when i first got i always wanted them and then a nursery not too far from here a lot of them. Nobody bought them and the price kept going lower and lower and lower. I think i have made. I may have twentieth them when they were eight dollars a piece. Wow that's a lot of exclamations. A long time. I know and i i also keep moving them. I just moved three boy Son they want son you know. I'm sure they would love son. But i have all my box with. I don't have any full sun. But i have some of my boxwoods in quite a bit of shade and they stay calendar. Sometimes i tie them up because the snow might split them a little bit or you know splayed them. They don't break. But i do. I do tai the ones that are floppy up for the winter. And i love it if you says boxwood called graham. Landy columbia okay. I don't actually have any evergreen things at all on my list whether broadleaf or coniferous And i was thinking when we started this conversation today on the phone that my first trump passion was the genus vibe burnham. In back in the day we had a lot of divi burnham's like the double file and so forth that turned out to be kind of invasive and a lot of areas of the country. So i don't grow those anymore. But lately i've been cultivating more and more native ones like the maple leaf a full liam then tatum the arrow would and so forth So that was kind of where my shrub journey began. But the thing. I have the most of you said you have a lot of grand. Blondie is winter. Barry holly speaking of things. And i don't know what came over me. I mean it was the birds that came over me early on here in this rural place having been grown up in the city. You know coming here meeting all the birds and knowing that learning that they liked some of them liked fruit and that the native hollies were one of the ways to fuel the migration in the wintertime. And i planted about forty five or fifty of them in three very large groups in different directions toward the perimeter of the property but in different directions where i can see them from key windows in the house at a distance in the winter and all different varieties and Big ones small ones. I got a lot of fruit and birds a like very much. And yeah so waxwings and robins like in you know hunt flocks at one hundred or whatever at a time will come in right around now november ish and again to pick over at At the first snowfall and so forth and they'll strip them all pretty early on but one trick with winterbourne. Hollies if you want some that will last longer for your visual interest. The non red varieties they. The birds leave them longer. They're not as interested in them. So many yellowish orange ones and so the lighter colored ones and the winter

Khanna Margaret Donald Trump Evergreen Barry Holly Bush Graham Boxwood Blondie Winterbourne Hollies
Vernon Lockhart: Art On the Loose

Revision Path

05:57 min | 1 year ago

Vernon Lockhart: Art On the Loose

"All right. So tell us who you are and what you do. My name is Vernon Lockhart. I am a designer. I call myself a creative therapist. I am a exhibit designer, a brand developer interactive designer. Artist. and. I. Am the executive. Director of a program project called project as Moses out of Chicago. Now. One thing that I've been doing for everyone kind of just the start of these interviews during this pandemic kind of just doing a check in to see how folks are doing. So how are you holding up? You know we're given the space in times we're in we're I'm holding up pretty well I think one of the saving grace for me in a lot of this is. When you grow up on from the lane of saying boo as I grew up in a very rough area in Saint Louis and you know we faced adversity every day so. You know you have the coronavirus in things like that now. But for me growing up, you had to face all kinds of threats, potential adversaries so Well given the circumstances, I I commute back and forth caring for my mother who affectionately call a baby girl just can't for. So that's probably one of the key challenges but as far as. Things go we still have a lot of clients that we work with online and for project ASS? Moses alive things virtually with the students given the circumstances I'm I'm very grateful and feel very blessed to will be functioning at full capacity. What does a regular day look like for you now? So for me, a regular day would be getting up one thing that I don't have to do as much in. Okay. With this is not commuting back and forth so much. But getting up saying my prayers getting some breakfast getting on my laptop, looking at emails checking the circumference of the day clients. Immediate needs doing those usually that takes me up until about mid day I usually try to schedule any meetings I have around thirty two noon referee and then any errands I have to run out of usually do air early evening I'm a southern boy living in a city. CHICAGO. So I still have a yard and in a house and things like that. So you I'm out cutting. And things like that towards the evening. So I would call it a pretty normal southern boy day usually my average day but I'm a businessman at the same time. So you know it's a balance between the two but that's an advocate from. So speaking up about business you have a design firm called art on the loose is that right? That's correct. Tell me about it. When did you first start that? So are Donna loose very interesting. We been in operation. Now for about twenty three years I started in the late nineteen I'd say about ninety six and tonight six roughly. And we I was actually working at northwestern university in their at their center for Public Safety Division and we will working on a lot of. Copro shears and things like that in. So it was kind of mundane just no adventure knitted all in myself in one of. Colleagues that I work with addicts Ner we had conversation as I wonder do more I want to be free. I would have some creative freedom here in we started talking about doing our own design work. And in our conversation start playing with name ideas in that I mentioned you know I wanna be free I want to be loose in a good way right as a heart let's let's and so we kinda because we were both artist and he says so let's just call the artem loose in. That's how the name was born in banding Hannah came from this whole Superhero Ultra N-. Staying that I was called as a key going up still combat to this day and so we use kind of empowering. The word artem lose but also with the whole color Palettes, we used our background is how we grew up to create the the business name and I have to just this quick story about ultraman lousy key kids were were calling me ultra because my it was pointed they call me the football hero Alterman. I was like you know and I came home from school I'm I'm one of ten kids, right so I came home from school that I was upset and I start crying to my mother baby girl and I told her what the key is will call him the main she say at wait a minute isn't all tremendous food bureau SABA come home from school to watch ultraman every. Day, and she said I thought he was a superhero say he is. He says we'll take that negative and make it a positive and so I literally went up to my room and start designing year Alterman on and I, went back to school they pop my collar and was like they were like ultimate success right on alternate and so at three sixty beds. So it started all Japan. And took that negative in Medan deposited but also is one of my personal experiences and Brandy. In power of branding, and so I took that icon and symbol. Even. If you look on our business site, you'll see that iconic symbol for for ultra mass I knew. To this day in and I got my design in artistry from my mother, my mother went to design marks. So that's how artem loose in the name came in existence with the story behind it to

Alterman Moses Chicago Copro Artem Vernon Lockhart Medan Saint Louis Developer Interactive Designer Northwestern University Japan Director Executive Donna Hannah Public Safety Division
Manhunt intensifies for gunman who shot two deputies in LA

Erin Burnett OutFront

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Manhunt intensifies for gunman who shot two deputies in LA

"Tonight the manhunt intensifying for the gunman who ambushed to La County Sheriff's deputies, shooting them as they sat in their SUV, critically injuring both the sheriff's department releasing surveillance video of the shooting. We're about to show you in a moment. There's a warning that it is disturbing. Sarah. Ner. Is Out Front. This is the moment to Los Angeles County. Sheriff's deputies are ambushed. The shooter walks up to their parked squad car and Fires Multiple Times. Both are hit at point blank range outside of metro station in Compton. act. the two deputies were doing their job minding their own business watching out for the safety of the people on the train and. Seen some just walk up and just start shooting on them it. It pisses me off. A thirty one year, old mother and her twenty four year old partner a rushed to the hospital. Both have only been on the force fourteen months. The Sheriff says both were shot in the head. The female deputy was able to apply attorney came to her partner who was also bleeding from his arm recklessly they both survived. Outside the hospital, a small practice of just five people are so appears screaming at police. When says he hopes for the death of the deputies? iphone. The protester holding the phone identifies himself as a member of La's African town coalition a group not nationally known before he set out, he took to facebook I've been depressed, but this right here lightens my heart right because you know share department has murdered too many of our brothers and sisters matter of fact, law enforcement throughout the country has murdered too many of our brothers and says, this is the start of retribution. Then I think this is a very good. Starr's office the Mayor of Los Angeles. Reacting Strongly to his palace comments there's no place in civilized. Society for anybody to draw arm to shoot our law enforcement officers that put their lives on the line and I won't ever let a couple of voices that not only are uncalled for but it's important to say something like that both president trump and democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden weighing in on the shooting trump express his outrage to supporters in Nevada on Sunday you. So video of that animal that went up to the car did everybody see that There's animal this animal goes up to the car to unsuspecting fine people there was fine people. I mean they're in very grave condition as you know, Biden responded with this statement acts of lawlessness and violence directed against police officers are unacceptable outrageous and entirely counterproductive to the pursuit of greater peace and justice in America as are the actions of those who cheer such attacks on those who perpetrate these crimes must be brought to justice and if convicted face the full brunt of the law. And we spoke to a member of the community here who's lived here his whole life and he said as as a black business owner here he says, he absolutely is disgusted with hearing people say they hope that the deputies die he says absolutely no in this community truly believes that and they are praying for the deputies as for what is happening. But they are still in a major manhunt scenario looking for the person responsible for shooting these two deputies have they have just now up to the reward from one hundred, thousand to one, hundred, seventy, five, thousand to anyone with information that leads to an arrest. All. Right Sarah thank you a horrific.

Sarah Partner Joe Biden Los Angeles La County Los Angeles County Facebook Business Owner Starr Compton. Attorney America President Trump Nevada
UK plans to break Brexit law 'hugely problematic'

Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal

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UK plans to break Brexit law 'hugely problematic'

"A furious row has erupted between the UK and the European Union Prime Minister Boris Johnson is trying to change part of the brexit agreement after the much fought over deeply argued about seemingly interminable brexit debate billions of dollars worth of British, trade with the EU and potentially with the United States hangs in the balance here is Steven with the update Brexit is a two stage affair the first age last year was the exit deal on the which if no trade agreement was reached with the EU A Hog Boorda would be imposed between northern, Ireland and the rest of the UK. This was meant to avoid a hard border with the Irish Republic, which remains part of the e you many Brits were unhappy with it, but the deal was agreed and turned into a treaty under the second stage. Britain's had a transition period of the year in which to negotiate a new trade deal with the block that period is drawing to a close negotiations of gone well, and the British government. This week tried to change its commitment on Northern Ireland in parliament, the Northern Ireland, Secretary Brandon Lewis made a startling. Yes does break intellectual law in a very specific limited white. Yes. That was British cabinet minister admitting that his government's planning to break the law provoking outrage in both houses of parliament former Justice Secretary Lord Charlie. Folk ner didn't mince his words. This stinking hypocrisy chokes our country's reputation and destroys our government's ability to lead at home and make agreements abroad and with the E. U threatening to. Sue The agreement that now looks in deadly peril his that free trade deal the UK's negotiating with the EU its largest trading partner Fiona sing. Carter. Of Forex trading firm city index says it's not surprising. The pound has fallen sharply. What's he doing here is adding to this picture of uncertainty I think it's just adding to the sense of does anyone actually know what's going to be happening? In what's going to be happening in just a few months at the end of this year without a new deal forty-three percent of UK exports could face European tariffs and other barriers. Charles Grant of the Centre for European reform says, it's not a pretty picture. The huge prospect chaos at the borders lack of ability to travel easily from one part of Europe to another the impact on financial. Markets which react very nicely. The European Union is demanding. The Brits stopped trying to renege on the exit deal and it has a powerful ally Washington, which brokered the peace deal in Northern Ireland in the nineteen ninety s Nancy. Pelosi Speaker of the House of Representatives says, if the Brits continue on this course, they can kiss goodbye to any hope of a trade deal with the US as well.

Ireland Northern Ireland European Union Justice Secretary Lord Charlie United States European Union Prime Secretary Brandon Lewis Boris Johnson British Government Centre For European Reform Irish Republic UK Britain House Of Representatives Steven Europe Carter Pelosi
Show 31  Audio TV Show "Laughs" from 1988 - burst 1

Standup Comedy "Your Host and MC"

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Show 31 Audio TV Show "Laughs" from 1988 - burst 1

"We hope you've been enjoying the podcast right now I'm going back to something I did a little over a month ago, and that is taking. One of the TV shows I, produced and bringing it straight over to the podcast in audio format. Now, it's been mentioned a couple times that at a short TV series on a local network television in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, one, ninety, two, called almost live at laughs unlimited and then in the late eighties eighty, eight, eighty, nine, I had a full twenty-six show series again on a local affiliate and it was called laughs and it. was a live taping of the shows and then presented on television. This was before the evening at the Improv in some the other shows that came bit later it was kind of breaking new ground but since it was only local holy local people thought. So it didn't really take off but we sure had a lot of fun producing it in the entertainer seemed to enjoy doing the television productions. So let me tell you about this week show it was originally aired in nineteen, eighty eight. It was part of the laughs TV series and this is a terrific one it features headliner. Timber. Door closing the show and there's a video presentation put together by partner Bob Stober ner and Carlos Allah's rocky. You may know that name he's the voice on several television cartoon characters was also one of the stars of Reno Nine, one one where he does the voice over and then the character Tony King is played by my partner Bob Stove. And I'll tell you a little bit more about that. We also have comedy and rap entertainment, a Phil Baumann something a little different and opening up the show one of our favorite regulars at the club. This guy came in all the time started off as a featured act ended up headlining are shows I, know you'll enjoy him. Let's hear it for Frank Prince.

Reno Nine Carlos Allah Partner Frank Prince Bob Stober Phil Baumann Bob Stove Tony King
James Montgomery Boice

5 Minutes in Church History

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James Montgomery Boice

"Welcome back to another episode of five minutes in Church history on this episode we will be in the twentieth century visiting with James Montgomery Boyce. Doctor Boyce was born on July seven, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, eight. He lived in a bedroom community of Pittsburgh. was quite a high school athlete. His Dad was a doctor and position voice for a fine education as a high school student voice was sent to the Stony Brook School and New York. He was mentored by Frank E. Gabe line, Biblical, scholar and theologian in his own right. Well after Stony Brook Voice went to Harvard for his undergraduate, and then he went to Princeton for his give. After that he was on his way to Basel for a PhD in theology while he was in Basel all there were a group of people who pressured him to start a Bible study, and he started a Bible study that became a church and to this day there is an evangelical church there in Basel that great, reformation city. And there's a church there founded by doctor. Boyce well. He graduated from Basel and Nineteen. Sixty six and two years later in nineteen, sixty eight, he was installed as the Minister of Philadelphia's Tenth Presbyterian Church near Rittenhouse Square on Spruce Street and Philadelphia Historic Church its. Spire went way into the sky, and its organ and its pipes could be heard throughout the city on a Sunday morning. Well in the nineteen seventies and nineteen, seventy, four to be exact Boyce started the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology. And in those early years people would gather there and intense church to hear John, Gersh ner and a young RC sprawl and J I packer and others, this constellation of reformed theologians in Nineteen, seventy, eight, a number of them joined together informed. The International Council for Biblical and A boy served as the chairman Dr. Scroll served as the President and see put out the Chicago statement on an errand see. They established themselves for a ten year run, and that was the life they had a voice also helped establish the Alliance for confessing evangelicals and nineteen ninety-four. That group stood strong against the evangelicals and Catholics together document, and took a stand for justification by faith alone well, in addition to those organizations. We have the books that doctor. Boyce wrote one of them. Foundations of the Christian faith is his systematic theology. It's billed as a comprehensive and readable theology. He also wrote renewing your mind in a mindless age, and another one of his books to cities to loves is subtitled Christian responsibility and a crumbling culture in addition to those books. He was known for his. Commentaries these of course grew out of his many sermons preached from Nineteen Sixty eight to the year two thousand from the pulpit of Tenth Presbyterian Church. She did a five volume series on John that was published a four volume series on Romans, two volumes on the minor prophets, three volumes on genesis and three volumes on the psalms. They're also commentaries on acts flippy in Nehemiah, Joshua Equations and Philippians and a few more books well Dr Voice was married to Linda. They had three daughters, nineteen, eighty, eighty-two Linda and Dr, Boyce. The city. Centre Academy School there in Philadelphia. On the morning of Good Friday, April twenty, one, two thousand Doctor Boyce was diagnosed with cancer. He died eight weeks later on June fifteen, two thousand. During those eight weeks he had one more thing to write in. There were hymns. He wrote thirteen in all. One of them is entitled Hallelujah. The other come to the waters, an invitation for all who have no money, but are thirsty, and those who have no funds about are hungry to come to the waters to come to the fountain to drink freely of Christ.

James Montgomery Boyce Tenth Presbyterian Church Philadelphia Stony Brook School Basel Stony Brook Voice Philadelphia Historic Church John Frank E. Gabe Line New York Harvard Spire Pittsburgh. Dr Voice International Council Rittenhouse Square Centre Academy School Princeton Gersh Ner Joshua Equations
"ner  j." Discussed on Biters: The Walking Dead Podcast with Dianne

Biters: The Walking Dead Podcast with Dianne

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"ner j." Discussed on Biters: The Walking Dead Podcast with Dianne

"Yeah <hes> another other ratings low. That's that doesn't bode well but we are going to have a season six so late. What point do the ratings have to get where they're like us. Is it worth it to be in the feudal watson then business. You know diane i think i think we talked about this last episode where it's still leading number four show on a._m._c. right after walking dead better call saul and something l. reaches her no preacher was number five zero yeah yeah five or six actually <hes> so i mean the number four show on your networks i i oh you know yeah warm guest. Yes shoot is a._m._c. so i'm guessing if he can keep like one number four slot. That's yeah but honestly i think they're they're gonna have to do something soon. They're going to have to make good on ander sham blesses promise to completely turn the world upside down or they're. They're kind of have to integrate it with one of the other shows at some point 'cause i just don't see this. One surviving in its current incarnation will get. I mean you said you know. He said they are going to turn things upside down. It's like you said we haven't even lost anyone this season yet so it's like how wild and crazy can get no one's died. We can kill everyone right at the end like luciana dies infection. Grace dies of her radiation exposure. Charlie dies of stupidity in fact. All of the kids die of stupidity. <hes> june refuses to marry john and he defuser. I dunno trying to kill thomas right now well. It seems like she's putting it off. She keeps saying not the right time not the right time i know but i was thinking about this the one day it's like well how fish oil or any of these marriages freight i oh i guess they have a rabbi. Why now you know that's very very true. A faithless rabbi well still paperwork but no you know it's gonna going to get to a point at some point where it's just gonna be like there. Never really is the right time with us do it. Now and logan's gonna attack. Logan huggins started on that well like i said the cats away. The mice will play <hes>. Let's see our writer for the episode of somebody. We have talked about nausea who david johnson. This is his twelfth credit writing credits <hes> previously his only other writing credit was for the following and our director was mike gross michael sach's nima so not much going on there. We should probably just get into our goods bads ugly so do you have <unk> uglies. It's been awhile since you've done this format. Yeah yeah <hes> all right heavy. <hes> trying to decide actually had to woke the i two goods both characters <hes> my first good. I liked the rabbi. Yes like with also my good yeah when i first saw him in the beginning of episode. I'm like oh. This is gonna maybe like the you know from the regular series. We're going to have on the holy man who clocked his congregation ida the you know they're placing worship. We i mean they did it as they did a twist on it but i was like get over a first run. Are we gonna do this again and we kind of did because i looked at diane dan after he did the whole he winning talking to charlie about the whole ritual of everything and the thing that he spoke to his congregation about <hes> that one one day their souls would rise up and rejoin their bodies and he's like well have right. I did like that one and i was like oh god. He's waiting for their souls to rejoin their bodies. That's why he's got them all trapped in there and why he won't like shoot them like he'll stab them in the head for some reason but he won't shoot shoot them and so i looked at diana's that's exactly why is he's waiting for the souls to rejoin the bodies and he's we're going through the whole herschel thing where they're secure we can help them and then we're also going through the whole gabriel thing where it's like. I walked out my congregation and a yeah. I think we've seen seen this recycled plotline a couple of times yeah like i said we're they're working with gimmicks or like recycling stuff. You know the holy man or even like a few episodes back. You know solbes in a mall. We have seen that before right but yes. I absolutely loved jacob cass rabbi jacob kastner yeah yeah he was also my god i hope he sticks around and my other good was a pretty much anything sarasota <hes> what baby faced this she calls <hes> dwight baby out deducted he did he take off your <hes> what taste buds when he shaved your beer face cubes off percents right dan the man nick your shaved your facial pew at i love what is it towards the so. What did she say <hes>. We're <hes> when there's only thinking about the encampment. It's tighter than <hes> firemen. After the fourth of july yeah tired of in a fireman thinks around the fourth the jalopy yes yeah. I didn't even write that one down and not just rolls right off the tongue today. I was like survey down like now. I'm sure for more know or remember that one that is seared into my brain now yes sir. It was great this episode and we found out that she he is also jewish. Just sarah rabinowitz. Yes that's amazing. I love it. Oh yeah oh <hes> <hes> so yeah. Rabbi jacob jacob kezner was actually a peter jacobsen. He is our feature cast member this week <hes> and you said you know him from law and order as a rights and <hes> he was also in the regular law and order order he was an n._c._i._s. His very very first credit is actually n._y._p._d. Blue oh yeah that was way back there <hes> <hes> i think a lot of people know him from house. <hes> did you ever watch house. No i haven't finished. I'm like two or three seasons away from finishing but he played dr chris chow tell you go back <hes> but yeah he has just been in a ton of stuff over the years like i mentioned before colony the americans <hes> he's got a lot in post production and completed so he's got a lot of stuff breath coming up but it looks like we are going to see him next episode so i think he's going to be a reoccurring character. <hes> let's hope sow breathes new life into the show yeah cousins ceo me really haven't gotten anyone news and saw last season. <hes> morgan and everyone came as you know and there has been. I think it was was on comic book dot com. There's been an article <hes> floating around about the new additions this season and i think we're actually going to get the second new edition next episode because we see some people on horseback or we're gonna have to do it soon. This was episode twelve so i really like what four episodes or something mike that <hes> breakside yaks other month because our episodes the prime seriously that wow the time's going by so peter jacobsen was educated at brown university the and then went to juilliard. He is married with one child and like i said he has a very long illustrious career air and i think most of us know him from at least something oh yeah yeah. I definitely recognize him from house. He must be like a big character gezira. Do what you said n._y._p._d. Blue he's been around for a while but our nobody yet. I don't know about the rest but i know from off that s few episode like he was. I mean he was a criminal well there but he's also playing a jewish man nope. He's typecast as like hey. We need a jewish man ole. Let's give let's get peter but hey. I guess it gets a lot of work. There's actually a really good interview my interview with the actor peter jacobsen and it's by paula corbin and he talks about being type casted and he's like they get to play a lot of doctors and lawyers so okay. He's like <hes> he was. He was actually <hes> <hes> when he grew up in chicago and he wasn't they. His family wasn't baked into the jewish community and he said since moving to new york. He's he's <hes> found himself more and more involved in the jewish community so he actually doesn't quite minded except for the fact that he feels that he can't really spread his rings as an actor allots so but it gets them work and it gets instead. He works so he's doing what he loves. The there could be worse things uh-huh typecast as oh yeah. I was gonna say i'm sure he gets a lot of work but probably the only downside. Is you know if you play a lot of doctors and lawyers. Yep memorize legal taught legal jargon and medical charge which there are worse things to have to memorize true. That's true. I mean every everything has its downside. I mean probably look lookin'. <unk> was like oh i have to learn more about guns again could be worse right. It could be worse so ah rabbi. Jake was also my good. So what was your bad just charlie recall. Oh god he was my she was. My ugly says she was an ugly bad so you and i are really on the same page this episode. I mean just i understand. I'm father i have i have a six year old son. I get that children get scared at times and the zombie apocalypse would be a scary time but i'm just like. Why is she running away. Why i don't know why young inviting herself to stay with this random dude while she was ready. Invite them all to stay with him. Shall invite the whole group and i'm just like why. Do you think you're so much safer here. I know there's like a fence. There's like four walls and a roof but it's like you're. It's really not that much safer. I guess i guess it's the view of the zombie apocalypse through a child's eyes but any you know june. Actually she made a really good point when she pointed out that yod. There's a fence that there's no fresh water source and you know all the all the other things june pointed out <hes> psyche. I guess you know a kid would see just the safety of the fence and not take into consideration anything else <hes> and it made me think how do you thanks charlie is supposed to be like thirteen fourteen. I don't know because that's what i was gonna. Say how much longer we players are child. 'cause it just mere. Does it seemed like she. I i saw her standing manure once he knows like the chila spurts last season. She sees a lot taller. Okay there is a there is a scene <hes> they think it was when she and rabbi were at the fence that for the first time fighting off and she took this kind of fighter stamps pose and diana was like oh my god that looks like a leash yeah yeah oh yeah yeah totally cycle we shah mris pretty much looking <hes> genitals mnay you know right right light but god <hes> alicia was probably what sixteen seventeen when all this started so should should we kinda seen her grow up into a young woman and so i think charlie is right there. I mean i imagine her character to be thirteen fourteen fifteen somewhere like that so it's not going to be a couple of years that she's going to be at least to point out the true but think of how frustrated we were with lisa when she was like kind of this age where she was like running off and talking to people on the radio doing stupid teenage staff and so i had to take that into consideration but definitely charlie running away was like really may i know it's. I just love that june's asking her. You know why you're underway in this. I was just waiting for her to give her the whole. I learned it from you mob. I learned it by watching you exactly. I was like jews last person against the order for running away right exactly and i think malaysia are natalie. Lou charlie charlie actually credits through that back in her face to where she was like yeah but look how the last cowboy turned out how you know it's not going to be that way. Charlie's like i thought that from the beginning to do but then we were mentioned it you know about charleena everything. Do you think i mean may alicia might still be radioactive or we could. We maybe lose a leash. Could they be grooming charlie to be the next leisure. I really hope not because the leash which is really really keeps me off the edge..

Lou charlie charlie peter jacobsen diane dan diana Rabbi jacob jacob kezner Logan huggins david johnson saul alicia Grace brown university thomas john chicago new york writer sarah rabinowitz dr chris chow sarasota director
"ner  j." Discussed on KGO 810

KGO 810

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"ner j." Discussed on KGO 810

"Good evening, I'm Nikki medoro. A sixteen year old boy is expected of shooting and killing teenage girl outside a Bart station last night. Police arrested the teen in his home today following the shooting outside the west Oakland station. Officers say the suspect new has seventeen year old victim, they had a dispute on the streets of Oakland that ended in the transit district's parking lot. And it was a great day for left as a public company the stock opened at eighty seven dollars well above its offering price of seventy two dollars left co founder John Zimmer says the company has come a long way in those early days. We were told we were crazy to think people would ride in each other's personal vehicles. And now after more than one billion rides or able to look forward to a world. We've long imagined design less for cars and more for people San Francisco supervisor Gordon, Mark congratulated left on its big day. But his urging company leaders about being good neighbours. He notes San Francisco has the highest income. Gap in the country that will only be made worse by all the companies new millionaires. And a Los Angeles man's been sentenced to twenty years in prison for a hoax. Call that led police to shoot and kill an unarmed. Kansas man, the case involving Tyler bears drew attention to the practice of swatting to four over taliation used by people to get police to descend on an address US attorney. Stephen McAllister says swatting is not a prank sending police and emergency responders out on completely false information. As this tragic case shows is not only wasteful and senseless. But can be tragic. It's not a joke to swat other people is in the victim. We're in a dispute over one dollars fifty cents bet on a video game. He apologized to the victim's family in court today, and publishers are lining up to publish a redacted version of the Muller reports Melville house sky, horse publishing and ner in conjunction with the Washington Post are among. Those with additions planned. The attorney general says he plans to release the nearly four hundred page report by mid April..

San Francisco west Oakland station Mark Nikki medoro Oakland Stephen McAllister Los Angeles Washington Post John Zimmer Muller attorney co founder US attorney supervisor Kansas Tyler Gordon eighty seven dollars seventy two dollars seventeen year
"ner  j." Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

News Talk 1130 WISN

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"ner j." Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

"Good afternoon, I'm certified financial planner professional Aaron Spitzer with their closing business report. US stocks fell on disappointing economic data from the Commerce Department which reported that business investment fell for the fourth time in five months and the national association of realtors reported that sales of previously owned homes in the US fell for the third consecutive month. In January if the markets and lower this week, it would end an impressive run of eight consecutive weeks of gains. So far this year. The Dow SNP and NASDAQ are all up over ten percent on the day. The Dow was down one hundred three points to twenty five thousand eight hundred fifty the s&p was down nine and the NASDAQ finished down twenty nine points from the investment group. I'm Aaron spits ner. Our three of the Mark Belling this late afternoon show here on news talk eleven thirty w I s and Jerry bond in for Mark. I got news for those of you just tuning in the first piece of news is that.

Aaron Spitzer US Mark Belling Dow national association of realto Commerce Department Jerry bond Mark eleven thirty w five months ten percent
"ner  j." Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

News Talk 1130 WISN

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"ner j." Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

"US stocks are trading lower disappointing economic data. The Commerce Department reported that business investment fell for the fourth time in five months and the national association of realtors reported that sales of previously owned homes in the US fell for their third month in January if the markets and lower this week, it would end an impressive run of eight consecutive weeks of gains. So far this year. The Dow s&p NASDAQ are all up over ten percent just before the close. The Dow is down one hundred three points to twenty five thousand eight fifty one the S and P is often. And the NASDAQ is down twenty nine points from the coal investment group. I'm Erin spits ner. Good afternoon, Milwaukee. This is the Mark Belling lists late afternoon show here on NewsTalk eleven thirty WINS and Jerry bought in for Mark. I have news about Mark. Stay tuned for a minute or to get to that. I do that. I don't want to comment a little bit. I wonder how many other? Late baby-boomer.

Mark Belling US national association of realto Commerce Department Mark Milwaukee Erin Jerry five months ten percent
"ner  j." Discussed on The Tennis.com Podcast

The Tennis.com Podcast

03:07 min | 3 years ago

"ner j." Discussed on The Tennis.com Podcast

"Talked about this before you can go back, and there's always those third fourth round matches on the women's side of the tournament that end up just being electrifying that you you really look back, and you're like, wow, the competition on the women's side of the game is from arquebuses. And I think that is great for the game. I think the men's side still has, you know, the the big four at the top which is kind of maybe not allowing for that as much, but I I enjoy those those matches where the Lauren Davis match or those kind of things where people who may not always pay attention all of a sudden are tuning in. I think the fact that I mean, the fact that I think is revealing there wasn't really I guess you could for sheer length of Kevin Anderson is ner, but I I don't think that including the players themselves. I don't think anyone surly sees that as a classic Nidal. Dominic team at the US open was terrific. Of course, it ended in the in the infomercial hours. So I don't know how many people at least in the US saw the end of that. But no, I think back to your other point. I kind of got the feeling that this was the year that things turned a little in terms of perception. And there was a sense of boy joke of dollar fetter are terrific. We're lucky to watch all three of them at once either three titans of the sport. But I do feel like the gallery got a little impatient. In the sort of where's the competition? And we love these guys. But really at ages thirty seven in the case of the doll thirty two, but probably far older. In in terms of body and mileage years, and then in joke with this comeback that we've talked about shouldn't someone whether it's very who continues to struggle in Beth to five matches or whether it's Dominic team Grigor Dmitrov who really had a dismal year after a very nice end to twenty seventeen. I I got the feeling that twenty eighteen year. This was the year of the big three are amazing. Don't get us wrong. But boy where is that some class that are pushing these guys we're is barren chilling. Whereas whereas Dmitrov Nishikori, I feel like there was a certain restlessness of great great for the big three. But the competition really you wish it were a bit stronger. And I think the women's side had sort of I keep calling it a sneaky good year that Serena's comeback or two major finals, and obviously the the regrettable US open. Final are the story lies to to the casual fan. But I think people that follow tennis recognized that this was really. A strong year with some really nice performances and Asaka was a big revelation. But was the Aki in hell of winning their first major helps as well Sloan Stevens coming back and having unbalanced quite a strong year Koerber as you mentioned, I think women's tennis is in a deceptively strong position going forward. Certainly looking to to twenty nineteen. Let's let's sort of end there..

US Dominic Lauren Davis Dmitrov Nishikori Sloan Stevens Kevin Anderson Asaka Grigor Dmitrov Serena Beth twenty eighteen year
"ner  j." Discussed on Beyond the Baseline

Beyond the Baseline

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"ner j." Discussed on Beyond the Baseline

"Talked about this before you can go back, and there's always those third fourth round matches on the women's side of the tournament that end up just being electrifying that you you really look back, and you're like, wow, the competition on the women's side of the game is from arquebuses. And I think that is great for the game. I think the men's side still has, you know, the the big four at the top which is kind of maybe not allowing for that as much, but I I enjoy those those matches where the Lauren Davis match or those kind of things where people who may not always pay attention all of a sudden are tuning in. I think the fact that I mean, the fact that I think is revealing there wasn't really I guess you could for sheer length of Kevin Anderson is ner, but I I don't think that including the players themselves. I don't think anyone surly sees that as a classic Nidal. Dominic team at the US open was terrific. Of course, it ended in the in the infomercial hours. So I don't know how many people at least in the US saw the end of that. But no, I think back to your other point. I kind of got the feeling that this was the year that things turned a little in terms of perception. And there was a sense of boy joke of dollar fetter are terrific. We're lucky to watch all three of them at once either three titans of the sport. But I do feel like the gallery got a little impatient. In the sort of where's the competition? And we love these guys. But really at ages thirty seven in the case of the doll thirty two, but probably far older. In in terms of body and mileage years, and then in joke with this comeback that we've talked about shouldn't someone whether it's very who continues to struggle in Beth to five matches or whether it's Dominic team Grigor Dmitrov who really had a dismal year after a very nice end to twenty seventeen. I I got the feeling that twenty eighteen year. This was the year of the big three are amazing. Don't get us wrong. But boy where is that some class that are pushing these guys we're is barren chilling. Whereas whereas Dmitrov Nishikori, I feel like there was a certain restlessness of great great for the big three. But the competition really you wish it were a bit stronger. And I think the women's side had sort of I keep calling it a sneaky good year that Serena's comeback or two major finals, and obviously the the regrettable US open. Final are the story lies to to the casual fan. But I think people that follow tennis recognized that this was really. A strong year with some really nice performances and Asaka was a big revelation. But was the Aki in hell of winning their first major helps as well Sloan Stevens coming back and having unbalanced quite a strong year Koerber as you mentioned, I think women's tennis is in a deceptively strong position going forward. Certainly looking to to twenty nineteen. Let's let's sort of end there..

US Dominic Lauren Davis Dmitrov Nishikori Sloan Stevens Kevin Anderson Asaka Grigor Dmitrov Serena Beth twenty eighteen year
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"It's lift. Hi, I'm t- food ner. And what brought me to the show tonight is that I live here. But I guess I guess rule here custody like referral STA lot. Yeah, we're literally yes, we all have strong feelings about Emma frost. In fact, I feel like I have in this room, three of the greatest longest running Emma frost fans apologised to ever met. We do not need to apologize. Holidays. Emma does not require Appalachia. I am not required, but that doesn't mean that isn't isn't occasionally worth engaging in fair. And two of you. Sean Lee are both x men, comics writers, Leah is I, I think it's gonna be out by the time this airs but wrote the excellent black Emma frost one shot. Sean wrote several of the Exxon black dresses. Only one I've only went took my, I don't know. I only did exit last Steve, which frankly is like doing six different one shots. I was gonna say. That's probably where that came from. Yes, no. Thinking that at the same time as the gold kitty Pryde annual. Yes. And also currently writing, ghosts spider and both of them have unannounced secret projects which we are not going to tell you about on this show because we're discrete, you'd lower drinking Walson drinking Rawson, drinking tears. When you talk about on the show, I'm not sure if you've ever actually your voices on the shape in on the video reviews s. so t is amazing, and I really like were married of, but she is also a long longtime across the Dan and Ross Koss player yet, and probably the person best qualified to answer some of the eternal Emma frost costume questions of like, how does that work outside of a drawing. With enough glue anything works outside of drawing. So I guess starting going in the the kind of the first question we usually ask anyone everyone is what brought you to the accident wondering in particular, what brought you to Emma frost as a character? What made you go? Yes, her. I connected with her. Once I was older, I was familiar with her. As a teenager, but it wasn't until I, you know, was in my twenties, and now that I understood her more. I had gone through enough life experiences that point too. Identify with her rage and compassion and her brutal heart. And it's it's just developed into a prolific obsession. I have always liked 'em up, but I didn't really love 'em until generation x. because that was when I realized that she was the first actual responsible adult that it ever been in charge of the kids like the Hellenes had died by that point. And if that's a spoiler than we have thirty years, we've already covered good already covered that on the show we are. I mean, we sway, are we talk about spoilers spoil anything super recent, but if it's been covered on the show, we're going to go there under the if it's if it's, I'd say under like two years old when the hell years died, I was way younger than they were. So I didn't quite understand what was going on. But when we lost Blake in generation x. when you saw an actually confronting again, the loss of her students, I didn't want to be hurt that point. I wanted her to be in charge of my field trip, but it was. I thought that suddenly there was someone actually cared and not just because maybe you'll be bankable later, which is the era is off the air yet Kristie. She's kind of the first. I guess magneto try is with the new, but she's the one of the first people who teaching the executive who actually teaches the kids and treats the kids light kids. She's also the only one who's actually qualified to teach is educated for this. She specializes in it and not even like exe- deer has a million PHD's nausea. One of them is in education. He like Emma frost is more qualified.

Emma frost Sean Lee Kristie Leah Appalachia Rawson Steve executive Blake Ross Koss Dan thirty years two years
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"I was like, yeah, you got like three different people that you know department. It may be wanna you know, apply for this. She straight Amax ner. You're gonna play. Which least me like when a manager comes to ask you, if you're going to apply for a position, I think they kind of want you to apply and get a every right. Do you think. That filling about that Addison's on sometimes I and I've tried to build that that report people, heart me were like, I will talk them all even say things like is completely off the record. So I let them know just be honest with me. I'd rather you just tell me straight up because I understand how things have to work, but you just tell me and I'll be like. Would you. Recommend that I apply for this job. You know? 'cause 'cause a lot of times they have somebody in mind already that they want, but they can't say that because they got any of you. Everybody that's qualified so and I've gotten ones I. Years ago, I had a guy that was couples above me, but he oversaw some things and I went to him and I was like, would you recommend like he had a position? Would you recommend? I apply for that, and he goes, I would highly recommend that you apply for this position. Very cool interview and I got offered the job. I didn't take it because I got offered another job at the same time, but but I was like, yeah, no, he was being honest with me, like he want, you know, he liked me. He wanted me for that position and I and I fit for it so, but. I've had to go the other way where I've gone to somebody and I said, would you recommend I applied and they go, you know what? At this time. I don't think it would be the best fit. I think you might wanna wait a bit and then you could go for the next time. It comes. All right, cool. I get what you're saying. I'll I'll back off of that one. 'cause I zoom. They had somebody that they wanted more, but yeah. Yeah. If somebody comes you and says, you should apply for this job. I mean, it's I would. I would assume that I'm among two or at most three people that they have in mind, but that I, I would take it as a pretty good feeling right until you allies that I have a final. Yeah. No, I'm yeah, I'm aware of that. Yeah. So did they not. No, she didn't know. And they're not willing to overlook it for this? No, no? Is it not willing to or can't get? Yeah. So you just have to win that out again. I don't know. I, I don't know if I have an hone of the year waiting in me now. I don't even know if I have a whole year of waiting to get off this. Finally. You should just come to California at this point, I just lost my second job. I can't afford to wait for another job popping of newspaper, though. That second job, you can't afford California. Yeah, that moves not going to be an easy adjustment. So you know. That's my life. Yeah. Yeah. Everday worst week now can't be the worst week ever. Nigga I got fired. My kid got kicked out. I can't go for a job that waiting on pretty much the worse. I. I think you're I, I think you'll be fine. You're gonna float on this. Everything's everything's gonna float. You. You'll come out ahead. You'll be fine. It's going to suck for now. But I think I think everything will work itself. Yeah, it's funny because I don't. Deebo look at it this way. At least a porn star didn't describe to the world exactly what European is looks like..

California Addison
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"The way we're riding with john is ner he showed us something against ctp's it's a different is ner different john is we have to get his ner on do not from wimbledon wins today you got him on the phone voice is going to sound different because this is a different john is ner he's probably like a bad boy now john is there i'm telling you jumps off the screen totally different guy he looks there's something he's got a glow about him he really does here's the the best part of what we're doing today we have the over an aces we don't know what the number the number number of of it be right i asked my don't air i asked my entertainment bookie i want the over in aces i don't want to know the number don't wanna know the number it could be it could be a million he could be over million aces in this meal ohs john match and i'm taking the over in that because they're going to be out there smashing so we have the over an aces over three and a half cents so easy for is ner just serve and no one returns that we could call him during that match and talked to him while he plays because it's just served always serving yes yeah the match is going to last eight months anyways meals round inches one of those guys for meals we'll stay out there man he'll stay out there are not many peoples they add there for a month with is ner but this is one of those guys there they're very few and he's wanted when those two meet you go to your dame's and matches and you go over because they'll play for months there tennis bags are huge because they pack a tent they're there for the long home does that's right it's not a gatorade water bottle at the canteen something made for a trip with here's here's the cool thing about it they'll be a tiebreaker for ever but it's going to get to the tiebreaker and about eight minutes because no one's breaking sir what's going to happen to you have a prop bet on is there's just gonna hit the other guy in the forehead where the rockets so here's the greatest in the odds on this for ten is pretty astronomical i set goes to tiebreaker minus two fifty we're on es we on yeah correct could serve in order to take about eight minutes to get to that tiebreaker right let me stop tiebreaker could take forever hold hybrid or could take a few days yes all of that was excellent conversation excellent radio i appreciate you when i ask you what are we doing today assuming that i was asking you gambling him poor for the core question concerts up soon soup sorry about that when i was asking what are we doing today is because i know the shipping containers headed out to jay wakefield to be a part of one of the soccer events and i want to explain to south florida what it is that our team or is doing now in the next stage of our career because this right here where we're sitting right now is the highest we've ever been i know many of you think that for many years many years ago we jumped the shark but this is the peak right here looking at your face right now i can confirm it's the highest sees ever we're looking down directly at the shark rates well no no i'm just saying we're at the peak of everything we've done this might be jumping the shark right here right now with some of the things that we're going to do going forward but espn has now invested in this thing that is certified and what this thing that is certified that is you can make the argument.

john ctp eight minutes eight months
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"ner j." Discussed on The South Jersey Beer Scene Podcast

"Surrounding hawks at various intervals this also good opportunity to add other flavors like say a belgian wit going to add maybe some coriander or some dried citrus peel fresh orange zest or maybe some grains of paradise yes limited to what you can think of or your sugars at some point during here like the quad that we have from the ocean county homebrew club and we we did candy sugar's a little earlier boy apple feel towards the end to help with the color we ended a bunch of brown sugar okay near the end of the end of the whole book because if you add up too early in the boy you lose the flavor bright burns the flavor boil so how so typically how long things boil i'm you know sixty minutes even pills ner mall to us to be rolls on that you're gonna get dive metal sulfate co corn if you don't boil it for ninety minutes but i think that's pretty much been disproven so you're so so if i'm going to add sugar it's it's been boiling for how long before i start to add these adjuncts or whatever you're doing i know like i i think the last ten minutes boil that's when i put mine and that goes for like honey yeah pretty case so now we have all of whatever flavors we're going to do and then the boils done it's all boil it's all done what you wanna do now you want to cool at as fast as possible crash because you you want to know young not as crash you wanna cool that is quicker called crash into something new something later on in the process so you want to cool that as fast as possible for rioting ways to do that.

apple ninety minutes sixty minutes ten minutes
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"That's my only my whole and that amazing eyebrows he does and you know i love dues with eyebrows sounds weird with good eyebrows just something again if the thick of yeah he's such like a you know what i am not i'm gonna we're just gonna let that life or so he mentioned that he's you know geeky he plays a lot of video games he's he's a total star wars ner all the kind of stuff so a lot of his stuff on social media is talking about gaming and nurture defa whatever and every now and then he'll hit you with this kind of thirst trap picture of his face like he's from the cy his profile profile yes and he's arching that eyebrow bitch yes i'm a geek yes i'm an actor would you get the smolder look at this i love it you know how he is he makes me not hate that he plays guitar yes because he does play guitar but i know i didn't have time for many when he's showing that he's playing guitar on his instagram or whatever and snapchat it's always something like fucking wonder why or something that's like cheese no mantra play guitar unless you're like in a fucking huge rock band yeah ever done pick it up recreationally just put the guitar guitar now put it down just behold and be small and be talented in other ways don't play any fucking no anyway his wonderful i don't to.

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"Through he says every time someone calls animation genre i'm going to punch him in the face i think you will i think it's out side of the enemy same wall it's also it's recorded the morning after either frank or ollie has died his two mentors yeah at the end there before the most concert they keep on making jokes about like fuck i hope this isn't pictures i flop they don't say fuck but they keep on joking about like yeah but they said it's clearly it sounds like it's about is ner that they went in and pitched it is ner whoever it was these top disney executives were like this is not animated movie and proceed to explain to brad bird what is or isn't an animated movie they were like you can't do intimate films about humans an action movie they're better in live accurate you're a lot of the animals right they were just like this is not what does well an animation right it's not a musical and brad bird just sat there silently and his producer john walker he had brought in had been his lake giant guy was like i was genuinely afraid the brad was going to lose his mind and getting stole at mike eisner right and in the greatest moment of restraint i've ever seen him use he just turned a lassiter and went john she kind of knew he had the lassiter bubble at that point was so insane because they said the same thing to lassiter like you can do a future length computer generated movies are like he's mad right kick them out on the street but now four years later they were like we had to keep on fighting for fucking everything on this movie and i think they were all a little worried about it and the marketing was like very goofy fun based very fat superhero base.

brad bird john walker mike eisner lassiter frank ollie disney producer four years
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"Have you ever heard of club platinum have you ever frequented this establish ner i can't do they have and i did i mean like i i've been a number of times actually turned twenty one there i also had had a bachelor party there so i've done like kind of the most like basic bitch stuff that you can do in vegas i will i have been to some adult entertainment establishments in in that see but never this one in particular it's a pretty pretty pretty bleak looking place i gotta say how would you compare this to the other gentleman's clubs in las vegas definitely this thing looks like i don't know i haven't like we will wear exactly it's located but i'm guessing like way way off the strip i mean we're talking like it's in like new mexico like that far away from the strip it's the the places like i don't know if this was because they were shooting the episode there or not but it was like really brightly lit the whole time and it's like i don't really like i i don't i don't frequent circles very often anything but but when i when i've gone to them in the past i can't say it's a place where i wanna like be aware of all of my surroundings all the time you know what i mean if there's a reason why strip clubs are kind of tend to be dark i think it should be that way because like man there's like a really like horrific shot in the beginning of where they it's one of like the vip booze or something and blurted out because that's how gross it once they had two ticks away the the.

las vegas mexico
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"Ended fooled by a rather obvious bit of code but since it's a binary choice we can do really nice to typical measurements about it we know the baseline chance at fifty fifty and i think it's fair to say that the best algorithm is going to reliably win whereas today and things like the lobe ner contest we see the same botts entering again and again and ranking highly but ranking in different positions perhaps due to incremental improvements in the year in between but there's no doubt in my mind that if we ran several parallel lobo competitions or during tests of any kind otherwise there wouldn't be a dominant winner across the board at least not amongst today's competitors my personal opinion is that the wine agred schema challenges are important but not a replacement for the turing test if anything they're an important tool for a clever interrogator to be using just to scott opened his discussion that i read earlier with some rather pointed and seemingly discriminating questions if a judge is serious about fulfilling their task of identifying which conversation partner is a human which is only pretending to be human than questions like this are probably the best use of one's five minutes but if you're not one of the interrogators i've got a recommendation for how you can spend your five minutes head over to data skeptic dot com we've got a lot going on there these days every monday the feature of the week comes out that's a fun simple easy thing that is data skeptic related get on our mailing list so you hear i about the feature of the week check out our store we've got some great t shirts and stickers and stuff and if you really love the show sign up for a membership four dollars a month or powers of two after that your support helps us greatly and putting the show out every weekend making it better data skeptic is a listener supported program to support the show visit dana skeptic dot com and never shit tab.

botts partner scott five minutes four dollars
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"Feel it in the moment i don't think that's actually true but i'm looking at this pyramid and i'll make sure it's linked to in the show notes but you're talking about things like their posture and their stimulus system in their visual auditory senses so i'd like a little bit deeper on that you also mentioned the word the vegas nerve so can you give a definition of that for anyone who is familiar actually the fish ner is an important branch of the pierce thank nervous system it emerges from the brain as the tenth cranial nerve and curious seventy five percents of all activities the calling relaxing effect in decreased stress response of the sympathetic nervous system are mediated by stimulation of a branch of this nerve as it emerges onto the anterior surface of the your drum in ear canal virtually all children who have learning attention or behavioral problem are under considerable stress in intern they often lack resume seeing and have little ability to comment cells when stressed the flood of chemicals streaming throughout the body inhibits one's ability to take in assimilate and learn new information for children at school this has compounding effect as they fell further further behind creating even more stress as they begins our protocols the pair sympathetic system puts the brakes on the over reactive sympathetic response resulting in what could be a profound calming effect we have a case study that i forwarded to you that has to do with a young boy who came in for fine motor these in he was not doing well in kindergarten it was affecting everything from his behavior to his self confidence mom and dad did not have any idea which to to help so they run into from sears and with him we were able to take a.

sympathetic nervous system intern sears
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"ner j." Discussed on Heartland Radio: Presented by The Pat McAfee Show

"Yeah aaron hotch ner from csi taught me that all mine investigator now yeah you should take some fixers no we should have the minimum credible witness murderer they like to put themselves in the investigation yes yes always photograph in video the crowd jordan were you big did you not yeah hold on csi nope not csi criminal minds did you or you'd he'd be be a a criminal colonel mind mind never watch criminal minds dude you would love it he'd fucking love it it's like mastermind or wherever fuck the shows that we watch was called mastermind mind hunter hi thank you so it's it's like that but modern day really it's fucking like it then there's like eleven years i've watched every single i just watched i tanya good harding story oh yeah it's really good like it's fucking pretty funny actually just because she such a hillbilly you know just a fucking funny ass hillbilly story how long how long did you take watching the movie wondering if you'd have sex with or not thank you i said did you do still have sex margot robbie or no i wanted to have sex with tiny harding back when that was she came out really yeah yes she does what she's doing who she wear the guy guli yeah stay with the pipe now well the guy that hired the guy with the pipe yeah that was the name it was actually a collapsible police baton like an asp.

investigator jordan aaron hotch harding eleven years
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"ner j." Discussed on NPR News Now

"News of federal reserve bank president expressing concern about using monetary policy to affect financial markets at a time of soaring stock prices steve beckoned reports on her remarks at the annual meeting of the american economic association philadelphia financial troubles force the fed to slash interest rates than by huge amounts of bonds to counter the ensuing recession last decade tougher capital and liquidity rules have since been imposed and the fed is normalizing monetary policy going forward cleveland fed chief loretta mestre says the fed should rely mostly on macroprudential supervision of banks to guard the financial system when the fed changes rates it affects financial conditions and in turn the economy but mestre says it should only move rates to affect asset prices as a last resort she says the fed might be compelled to act if financial instability threatens economic stability for npr news i'm steve back ner and this is npr news us olympic longtrack speedskating trials wind up in milwaukee this evening with men's and women's math start events featuring several skaters competing at one time to acquire embark of wisconsin public radio reports said last night immense twotime gold medal winner shani davis qualified for a second race at next month's olympics in south korea davis had already secured a spot in his fifth straight olympics by finishing second in the one thousand meter race on wednesday saturday night in the 1500meter whose davis finished third behind men's winner joy mantilla and runnerup brian hanson davis says he's honored to be racing in two events next month in south korea i still enjoy it a state of my roots are trying to meet a bus i can be and beat a fast speedskater i can a dog i'm going to continue to flood aware when i get there are all on on him when i've had enough in the women's 1500 brittany bowen heather burgsmuller qualified for their third event in pyong shown me amend.

joy mantilla gold medal wisconsin npr philadelphia american economic association steve heather burgsmuller south korea brian hanson davis president shani davis milwaukee financial system loretta mestre cleveland fed interest rates stock prices financial markets one thousand meter 1500meter