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"mys pittsburgh" Discussed on Spittin' Chiclets

"I think genome Alkan Tanga both hurt a pretty much a good chunk of the season. They're important guys who missed. A lot of time. So you want to keep an eye on those two if they're not one hundred percent, obviously, the penguins aren't going to be one hundred percent. And I typically say home-ice doesn't matter. It's on the playoffs. Maybe a game seven. Yeah. But typically, it's the percentages in his high thing. But I do think it's going to matter in this series. The Coliseum is that type of bond that does have an impact and is not going to be the island is move on the not playing the second round there either. So these are the last games at the Colleen no matter what I think that's gonna make a difference. I think that's going to be a huge factor in this series in the island seven. Wow, you're going against the pet. Fucking awesome. About that too. Is you're not just doing it to go against the grain to spice it up on this. You genuinely think that the islanders are gonna win that series. And so you've met series aria seriously. I'll walk on it. I thought it would be bigger odds. Yeah. The series. I mean, they're only like I said, Pittsburgh's minus one forty to make one hundred you get back a buck twenty on one hundred the island is that's really not a big favorite at all. I mean, it's it's really not a pick em because they don't have home. Mys- pittsburgh. But yeah, the line was suspiciously low, but I'm gonna have someone the island is I think Barry trots made a huge deal. They're going to be very low scoring games the island. This had the second few goals scored among staff amongst playoff team to the only other team west was Dallas, so RA. I like that analysis in the sense, you think it's going to be a lower scoring series. And sorta why the reason I think Pittsburgh takes it takes it is because early and Crosby's career I could see him maybe getting frustrated with a lack of offense of production games where he gets a little horny where he's gonna cheat to the offensive side of the puck. But he so battle-tested now. And so as Gino where they know when they're going to have to pick their spots against team. These guys have seen it all and I respect your your islanders and game seven. I don't gamble in. I would like to bet you in that series like a little friendly. One like off off off camera are off podcast. Sorry. Don't expect a blue light. I think we can arrange that I think we can arrange that no problem. And before we send it over to Barron drag. We didn't get this one of the previous episode, but we did want to congratulate Onzia COPA tougher claim as one thousand game last Monday versus Calgary. It was on Monday. The first he's the three hundred thirty seven th guy to play a thousand games. He's been a stud basic LA since day one. He's got at least twenty goals and ten of his thirteen seasons. Time Selke lady Ben wena, Roma has biz who had to contribute to one hundred eighty five of those three hundred thirty seven plays to play a thousand games, but don't bump..

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