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"myron kirstein" Discussed on The Big Picture

"Editing centric, don't look up from the editing God Hank corwin, like I loves a cut. Joe walker for dune, Pamela Martin, for king Richard, Peter sebastis for The Power of the Dog, and Myron kirstein and Andrew Weiss Blum for tick tick boom. Interesting set here, this is a category that is widely considered very indicative of the strength of a film if the film does not have a best film editing nomination. It's believed that it's going to be a tough road to best picture. You'll notice that there is no coda in this category. I find that fascinating. I don't have a super strong feel for this one, Joe, because king Richard won the ace Eddie award a few weeks ago and I didn't see that coming. And so now to The Power of the Dog is the ostensible best picture favorite does it have editing really its strength in its story? I think there's a strong case to make for it and I might make it right here, but I'm a little bit stumped on this one. What are you thinking? I think king Richard was an interesting win of these. I think when you think about dramatizing a game of tennis, which shouldn't be hard, you know, plenty of people tune in to watch high stakes tennis, but I think there's something to be said for that between sports and war movies. I feel like those two things tend to feel like flashy, interesting. I think tick tick boom. I mean, I don't think it's a FrontRunner, but I think editing wise tick to boom is actually pretty interesting. I think a power of the dog has some precursors in its favor, but again, I think dune deserves to run these craft categories. I think it deserves this Mad Max glory in that regard if it's not going to get best picture. So I will go with my heart and I'm saying dune to win and that dune should win. Do you mind if we just look at some previous best film editing winners? Yeah. Because this is a, it's an unusually important category, like I said. So the winner last year was Sound of Metal. The winner of the year before that was Ford.

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