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"Off any decker fence. They'll come to your house and find out exactly what you want and get a free estimate. Well, enjoy your great deck. You're leaving the party. Oh, call long fence, get 20% off any deck or fence at long fence dot com w t o p at 2 35 A Ukrainian airforce plane has crashed. The plane went down on Friday, killing almost everyone on board is Kai Ming area of the cross on two more bodies the day after the crash. The plane was carrying a crew of seven and 20 students from a military aviation school when it crashed the best into flames. What coming in for landing at the local airport about 200? 50 miles east of the capital, Kiev, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelinski declared a day of mourning for the crash victims. Sedensky harvested the crash area the following day called for a full assessment of the condition of the country's military equipment on said he wanted an official reports on the crashed by the 25th of October. I'm Karyn Shamus, Lebanon's prime minister designate, has stepped down after failing to form a new government. Mustafa Deba had the support of much of parliament but not among Shia parties, including a mall and Hezbollah, which have strongholds in the government. Move deals a blow to French President Emmanuel Macron's push fora Cabinet made up of independent specialist that could work on enacting urgent reforms to extract Lebanon from a devastating economic crisis worsened by the August 4th explosion at a Beirut port. Lebanon needs financial help. France and other national powers say they won't provide it until reforms are made in the country. Just ahead after traffic and weather we're going to the dentist has to do with preventing dementia. I'm Christi King to 37 get a credit card that gives you what you need now a low interest rate on everyday purchases and a place to transfer high interest rate balances. Penn Fed's gold contactless card is our lowest interest rate.

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