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"Hate to tell you this I've been social distancing for all you guys down there at the station for years you have to you don't have to try to get rid of I can run routes for that he what was it Tony because you're on the road so much with your offer you are I believe it was only like two or three times hold with us again this entire box only see that was me being responsible and employing social good thing before it was ordered by the government and popular Selena into a visionary if you're if you're Tony whites you know they say you know arms like like if you walk by somebody you can't touch fingertips that's enough I mean you're like eight feet away from most people if you do the online thing that's true and now I've got to multiply that the twelve so you pretty much you pretty much can you put ocular see me if you want to talk well into you know as you talk you're sneezing whatever if that stuff comes out and then drops to the ground your head is above everything you should be almost impervious to this are pretty much Superman when it comes to go because you guys are down there at the regular level I'm up there with my head in the clouds I love it okay so order business and it's kind of like last year because of size understand that Caleb kind of tested the NBA waters last year as well I mean when you look at his metamorphosis from two years ago to this year I mean do drop a lot of weight got a little better at the outside shot his defense was a little bit better so the question is Tony and Matt is this guy ready to go to the NBA well obviously this you know we have seen this movie before I think I know how it ends but I think it's going to be yeah you drop weight and he you know I thought it helped his college game but he had a very good cold season but Caleb Wesson doesn't look like an NBA post guy he doesn't have the athleticism that you would expect of an MBA post he struggles with other big guys around him to score in the post because he can't elevate can't athletically get up in the air and vertically create some space between people and you know the NBA is all about beacon counted athletic guys playing in the polls so I really think that you know he's likely to get a good find out from the NBA that yet you make yourself a good call the better college player but you haven't really change your pro prospects some somebody talk to me a little bit about what you think is in store for him but at the professional level can he develop if you were to come back next year can you develop into an NBA player what does he need to do more all of you to possibly get there or do you see him whether you choose a to go pro this year or not as a guy that's probably not going to play in the NBA but can make a good living overseas now I think I think laughter we seen a killed now for a while it looks like he's feeling it is being a very good proclivity a good amount of money overseas playing in Europe or someplace else because you know I think you know the athletic demands for a big guy in those and those leaks it's a lot less now the the Europe created if the overseas craziness probably precludes that option for him right now you know there I'm not sure how much basketball can be played coming up here in Europe and other other countries so you know if it's if it's not the NBA draft then it might not you might not have a pro option right there on his table this year which means we by default you might see Caleb west and having to come back because he there's no access to him to go to a pro league that I think would actually pay the money looking for yeah I mean his dad basically said that his dad's Keith Wesson and he said you know with everything going on with the corona virus it definitely increases the chances of Caleb coming back he says the you know the agents are talking to nobody really knows anything so you're kind of up in the air we're talking to sports director Matt McCoy in basketball analyst Tony white Kayla wasn't testing the waters for the NBA I guess it for me Tony I mean if if you can back you've got one more year under his belt you know physically when you just look at the physical plant of Caleb Wesson is the guy big enough tough enough strong enough gun of wingspan and all that to to make it in the big are not in the NBA in my opinion I do I just don't see him project in the NBA I don't I don't think we're gonna see a great deal of of of of getting better from him from a physical perspective athleticism physicality I think you become a better player and I think that would help him in his pro career venture because you have a good pro career but I don't think it's gonna be in the NBA I think it's going to be overseas eventually when the chaos and and all this for what one thing you know what if the NCAA really does what they should do and that is give every player who was impacted all last year every senior or every factory every player who's impacted by not being resiliency term annex yourselves bill how what how great would it be if you could actually have killed wasn't for two more years because you know he's not in a situation to go to the NBA and there's some K. also going over in Europe so I look I think I think we're going to get killed wasn't for at least one more year at Ohio state which makes this team I think a lot better next year well Tony there already shot down the extra year of eligibility for winter athletes so you can that ship sailed Andres down but I would rationality somebody raises that backups will be once we all get out of our holes on the drum beat that says book that's just ridiculous these kids got robbed of a championship was given something in return well I want to ask you this in terms of the decision you know Keith Weston you you played with them Caleb's dad I am too Joel was talk about what you mention in the dispatch if you were advising him label was one of your songs what what's going on with the current climate would it make you say you gotta come back I mean even if you want let's say that Caleb is looking at a situation where yeah I realize I'm may not make in the NBA but I still I can still make a good living and I want to start doing that now playing overseas which a lot of kids do and and more power to him if they want to do that but because of this would you say I don't think you should do that right now yeah I would be going to come back right now because of the back to Ohio state because the with the sour because nobody knows what even if they play basketball in Europe how many people going to show up you know what's the revenue gonna be drove driven from those from those events right now that's all open in the air and sold the of the of the salary that you can demand a contract you can demand from of European pro league right now is way in flocks a year from now everybody's gonna know a lot more and you're probably gonna have a lot better prospects to drive that that contract to a higher number so I'll be going looking your best bet to come back to Ohio state makes up even that much more better so you can be even that much higher demand for European pro league or some other overseas country okay so let's say Tony he does come back what does that mean to the Buckeyes next year I mean you got a guy with a lot of experience big guys worked on his outside shot as defense is a little better if he improves as much in the next year as he did from sophomore to junior year I mean you got a legit collegiate player they can really move the needle denture I think you do I think you know we Salwa Caleb Wesley could do when he plays well I mean he could really take over basketball games when he's playing well he's could succeed to improve but he's got the a college level ability to be a very very good college basketball player I think Ohio state right now the big question is who's gonna play the post killed Wes is gone who's your post got you what's their sites like this cow you own it six six going to be there you know their center is you know the deal dealt six six each going to be there Saturday I see looks undersized without killed Wes and you put it back in there now they're not undersized and they look to be more you difficult team regarding the post going forward for this coming year yeah you think about it to Tony you've got the transfer from cal Justin suing who averaged double figures as a freshman at cal he's a winning player Seth towns is transferred a grad transfer from Harvard who was a really good player there are seventeen points a game he's going to be there you know this past year Musa Jallow had to sit out because of the injury he's gonna be there it feels like you know even though they lost DJ cart even though Alonzo Gaffney's left there they might have the makings of a really good team next year especially if Kate was backed by a group that I think it's a veteran team to look at all the players on this roster who have played in big games who are upper classmen or played in two games and performed well in big games this is not a young team anymore I mean it's you know in there may be some juniors and there may be some sophomores but this is a this is a team that is upper class dominated guys with experience dominated and I think you know when you look at that on paper I think it killed Wesley comes back Ohio state is one of the two or three teams that are favored to be and that.