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"muslim  global" Discussed on Serienweise - Der Serien Podcast

Serienweise - Der Serien Podcast

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"muslim global" Discussed on Serienweise - Der Serien Podcast

"Scars and to be on development or society famous against kenya cartoon. Musique too much. L. asong steve. If you can distancing hot doesn't pop hits does analysis look line. I mean mini at one finished house. Hong does he have involved from the perfect initial Music outs on cartoon. In on fairly inside-out paleo shabu okay. It's been phoenix on of kazakhstan and haida off the bench Official at bowling for soup deduct all management is obviously got its these ebbs off told him the will not toyo and fly seeking cds. But it's got to indus frenzy. Claude nature finish on zinc and always abe musical off this vons. India shop portfolio spy fiction expensive for despite in mutants Posing meant medicines einon song as the abadi dogar strict. We had muslims global view. Loss them enjoy. It remains constant showers subject to the mid fifty quits dolphin house. New food amezaga might on must've spicy snow fence of internet disney channel upstream italy blink songs. It good songs by mtv a pleasant he got on the but in absolute by us Dafa di meco minute ride will come across and slav ideas shafted and strong assistants. Who had seen indianness tonal absolute nucleus desert and fogo one rb funding spice skirts. North on papa was a rolling stone. Zoo the vitals and under affinity honda they. She goes usc spectrum and music up technologies so debt side as popular music. Zanan eddie houghton into center in santa classic carbon happens with jess. That said you hadn't done. In zero anger grundig and seeing how many diplomatic song for gazettes. If in the veronica maas mcdade's shelby steele divisions does Bass guitar seen in under nigam hadn't done in song. Ensues suzanne deflect now simply carney suits were among their seniors puzzled food darwich of annoying immutable oxford on fit. We wanted comas. Star in. Ezeiza fought songs guardiola. You who goes on. We want to come by muscle fought in wanna come us. Songs does for michelin busy industrial nicotine. But he's a cardio legal reason as hobby middle of the song the developed missile fought and adding lesson..

amezaga Dafa di meco haida kazakhstan kenya Claude Hong Zanan eddie houghton bowling steve phoenix veronica maas mcdade shelby steele mtv India disney italy grundig usc honda
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Radio Fajri 99.3FM

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"muslim global" Discussed on Radio Fajri 99.3FM

"The sweater the bug. Udon islam but It'll be lama. Mulamba would be In her monian therapa munich. Guba an hour off man excited when he domini is la. Lune daddy woody. Monday when posses supporter informasi informacion women. Five ban on Influences land. You read the national montana garate or can i book deduct. Ten and the islam put aside out to be a democrat. Mundus facebook on building. Can't up a anti-muslim young bharadia flower formula saratoga facebook mark zuckerberg mutual run young boy immediately delirious colombo advocacy muslim municipal mugabe. One virginia coban jan and the muslim global cans women but bless the democrat. Murugan up russa active campaign. The gun won't about play. Japan and the muslim convertible organisers forecast Appeal trauma soak muslim. Kinda forgets young released. La boron hulan luton button. I poop dalom anti-muslim muslim advocates. But hannah care. i'm monica. I booked the lump on your barron fanatic anti-muslim for heinemann lasca more facebook. The bring bring gun disappear the get. All individual limbaugh gave national then. Only barak obama got zillions or angelo beach. Our facebook yogi on demean commingle broza unbearable in india on talk menarini proposal. Then karna the young in cab facebook blah blah do buy done via do money in for mossy brick de la work on azerbaijan. Us come belly. Katana lulu harare. A company organizer obey journey. Do la la la la rosiere. Dicara occupied lucon. Armenia gave me. Somebody laghi the laura satellite. Beijing gone pope ranbir mingo tra hero host bouillon kota susa dicara many rather beijing. Maliki combating and symbolic rosarito anna. Maria coller armenian dachshunds million bless milan. Blue combine ya come movie. Chroma florida dot america. This little azerbaijan. Oregon's the lasagna. Las bernama hamlet mahara move hamlet harassment and gauguin ruma morocco. This summer is redone on our campus. Plus million pollute but he cup around molotov is also made it over. The country netted knocker healing on harapan to combat the amada woman. President ilham aliyev bridge on land. Oregon offered lemerre manitou to salama hurry. Hurry cetera. monday gorosito. Mamre edinburgh turkey azerbaijan. You've gun as a gentleman. We've gone over one hundred zero to spur mochi mondays. Armenia the lumber mingo heeren gurbuz republic soviet azerbaijan armenia gung subject the hoon's millan polo subtle. Saturday wer aluminium. Lewke gorno kara. Young deaconess acr-. I thought by the hell. No go are really young. Gabe again de gen- then to julia young. The cotton another dealer program organizer beijing and to combat katana arab. You love it. Do not ludd. Domino's law be dara dude. He nobody laporte gunpowder. Palmachim yehudi gumbiner on tokyo. Dekom khattab is you. Houdini servicable comfortable alabi. Dorothy gut as a co op. Also tyrod pia del and walk to swapo's gem bring along with you. Come into your decec- kota hebron saying be someone cut con- block on kim's yoenis designer associated came on of your mercy but what kim among moroccan guna can donate a civil maroma palestina because to have broad marie cocco member on block promo came on the era throwing alba's slama then passer are to gel jalen el-shuhada kimberly at money cut com jumbo america. The riddle wrapped pomo kim. Manja the number. Those komo came dakota tour so unkind balloon. After judy's duran record have long own young loudly. He could participate. See the campana donors on the team. Pin pootie benefits but the able and blah pot up a mukhin. Malkin donnas utah. Dollar onto cumberland lincoln on promo on determine slow l. Show had the began club. Can't put up a monkey. Mia hodie gung don.

facebook azerbaijan Beijing Armenia Oregon Maliki barak obama Dicara kota susa dicara julia young Mulamba soviet azerbaijan montana virginia munich russa Katana mark zuckerberg Mundus milan
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FinTech Insider

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"muslim global" Discussed on FinTech Insider

"Antimony as clients will be. Tossed because the also do enormous distress, we've been not rid of playing around here. You know this company slashing and the pressure on everybody really to spoil them. To keep them enough to go somewhere else. Or any other player for that matter it's not a biscuit that rabbi because if you have other entities in in the market like wheels, Vancouver can provide that infrastructure service then well, why should I stay with you? For those, we don't know a rail bank is really a bank is a service provider prototype build scale. For for financial use cases whether it's issuing bans or debit cards or bank transfer will collecting money cards an money college conversing many as though actually with BCS being prepaid card issue, it just fits into that suite two services where if you order to come along long build revenue clone than you could go to rails bank and say great Vanina called and this that and the way you go. So when A. While Recently. A rotor patron bankers service last growing rails could exams. And just one final thing because Bank CEO Nigel. Vernon. Commented own the on perhaps the need for greater regulation around companies like walkout or new rules guidance for companies as you say, maybe won't use the banking as a service provider You know more protection place because as we said, the fallout from this was huge particularly in the UK but across Europe as well. Does anybody have any thoughts on whether new rules are appropriate whether we perhaps need them? I mean Jason I know you've worked in this space but but do we think that's coming? I think. There's something very interesting about the platform vacation of banking. You know it used to be that you had a monolithic provider with the license and the customer relationship, and now we've got a number of layers of players. You all rely on each other WHO's alternative aws foles down or if a prepaid card provider collapses the if there's some kind of rule. Era Assay KYC fun. It's ASTA. Get quite Iki when you stay while. Celebrities. Infrastructure firms deep in the stack of providing services for wide variety is. And Big Bank clients and so west fault. Liability and regulate to go kick is the post with a license. But then how does that a work you know and I think so so I, think the m the ecosystem of providers come together to deliver customer solutions a gun to need looking at from a risk perspective a slightly different way to to traditional monuments is that makes sense the regulation has got to keep up with the technology is moved as a ways. Regulators now need to keep up with the technology and the way things are being done, but I suppose that's that's always the way. she finally did you have any concluding thoughts on that one? Not, just to add on the Regulation Pau can work with what they have and so united. You've mentioned Sarah, this investigation started in two thousand seventeen. So one would have hoped that someone was following it at the C. as well. I think safeguarding the moment I intensity complex in you E. I kind of wonder what what else they add to it if they do have to add to it because as it is, I, mean we we go to that regulation as well but. Having extra safeguarding. On e-money sort of e-money type products wanted to Cetera. I think it would be inevitable but I kind of wonder what possibly could add now that the already have. Yes, it will be interesting to see if it's an additional something different perhaps a third type of licensing regime coming in but I think we'll have to wait and see and I think it's not just the is looking fairly show both in Germany which is a little red face right now maybe having some folks doing some thinking as well. Right I'm going to move onto our next story today, which is JP. Morgan. Is To challenge U K banks with a digital launch in early twenty twenty one. So chases targeting the launch of its online UK challenged as I said in Q. and twenty twenty, one The idea is apparently, but it will able to take advantage of increased use of digital services that we've seen throughout the pandemic among. Muslim. Global the project is expected to be Chad by Clive Adamson is a former executive at forementioned essay, the UK regulator. On J., P. Morgan up supplies including aws also aforementioned. Antennas Future Technologies provided with cloud and digital king infrastructure. J. P. Malkin's can see what banking business operates predominantly in the US moment and its expansion to the UK is likely to in full offering savings. Current accounts a typical consumer banking services basically when the new bank will. If the new bank is launched, it would mean the two biggest names on Wall Street now operate consumer banks in the UK. Of course, we have my favorite. Bike Kiro radio that Goldman, Sachs Marcus Rachel, and you Berkshire about this for for the business idea. So would you like to take the the first taken it sure is so as it now i. have pretty mixed feelings about this news not completely sold on it on if it does launch in Q. One, twenty, twenty, one, it's coming at a really weird time I think Chase wanted to launch this capital on like you said on the shift to digital that's been happening as a result of pandemic, and it's definitely a valid. Saw It on by they're going to be launching this against a really challenging backdrop of low interest rate environment with a ton of existing competition in the challenger Banque Space as you know, the UK is home to some of the. Most Mature Challenge Your Bank snowbanks starling zone Reveluti- which all have millions of users on their own, and then on top of that, we just saw chase shudder their US digital, only bank thin within a year of launching it. So I think it's going to be interesting to see how they improve their strategy when they go for this product and how they adapted to fit the market. Yeah it's going to be really interesting because I. I don't mean to brag about this yet again, but I predicted fins demise six months before it happened. So as somebody who you kind of mostly focused in the US and you're based in the US, will do you think was the reason behind fins demise maybe is more than one but what you think is the. Reason behind that. He has. So there's definitely a number of reasons I think the main one is that it didn't chase him differentiate thin enough from its flagship chase mobile banking at on it was meant to be geared towards millennials but do anything that was you know so different that people couldn't get within the avid self and I think ultimately didn't differentiate itself from neo banks in the US on namely with competitive interest rates, it didn't have a high yield savings account So I think for those few reasons just did not work out. Yeah, no I totally see a point about differentiation. It's something that that we talk about here in the UK as what we do still have new players coming to market of hair and and and differentiation is. Is is something that. Kind of struggled with I guess Jason Obviously, you probably have many thoughts on the UK digital banking market, what you think about another challenger and and this particular a particular bank launching a chance of brand here. This in his details as Rachel this. But it does seem it does seem an interesting territory to pick the U. K. given. The does have the most mature at digital challenge markets also plays already. Hey. Obviously Goldman, Sachs's too well with Mockus predominantly great interest rate that was that was industry beating, and that will this interesting question as to what kind of banks gun debate because if they aim for a Monday starting rather than style thing like they can have to spend a Lotta money unappetizing advertising to to push this through with, you could be bullying customers a navy that's politics the plan. Otherwise? You're going against Goldman, Sachs around interest in order to pull in deposits or uranium, and you probably don't be mortgages might. Be Lending very much. So it's one thing to say that the launching event but will is the business model of a lender of trying to get deposits of trying to to merge some quasi credit card what the angle and I think until we see proposition is is is quite difficult to evaluate how one's going to before. I agree I is interesting thing as well is that if they couldn't make work in the US world can bleed J.. P. Morgan is a bigger consumer facing brand and they're all they're all fewer challenges established challenges. Let's say about where not changing now. But if you think about the big names over there, there all fewer of them, how do they make this work in the UK? It's interesting lose. shofar did you.

UK US Goldman P. Morgan Jason Big Bank Bank Marcus Rachel Vanina Vancouver twenty twenty Europe Vernon Chase Sarah CEO Germany chase Clive Adamson
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The Nicole Sandler Show

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"muslim global" Discussed on The Nicole Sandler Show

"Your this question is advised. Nicole's Joe Questioning Authority daily. That could be the very reason why. Youtube is upset. Hey you do the music. Venue here beneath my voice is from a broadcast. Sound Library that I pay for and in Ham the receipt so I bet your copy right violation right here and now. Here's Nicole like that. Welcome to a Friday. Hi I'm so proud of us because we have made it to the end of another week. Most of US anyway and we are you know and this week was very similar to the week before which was very similar to the week before. Except when we see the numbers going up and we see the mad man at his you know to our commandeered infomercials. I don't know trying to rush things along while the the scientists are saying. Hold up buddy you know. Hold your horses as my mom used to say? We don't want to rush into anything because you open things up and we get a second wave. It's going to worse than the first so who knows what's going on. I think right now. What we need to do is take hold of. What's in our minds in our hearts and our souls and make sure where taken care of One of the casualties in this quarantine I really believe is not going to be evident for quite some time. And the casualty I'm talking about is our peace of mind We all to varying degrees struggle with some kind of mental health issues with me. It's depression has been for years with some people at the end. Zaidi some people you know. Everybody's got got our own ships and when we're stuck in a high stress situation the way we all. Are we all deal with it differently? One of the problems among many in our healthcare system is the lack of availability for good psychological help now thankfully the affordable care act made it so that mental health care was included in every insurance policy but since trump opened the door to these junk policies again you could be paying for insurance without those protections and not have no coverage or he could be like my kid. Who's you know? She turns twenty one in three weeks. Oh my God and this year bought her policy on the exchange which is way too expensive for what she gets high high deductible and copay and then premium cheap either and this is a kid a twenty year old with no medical problems but she wants to go see a therapist her copay per visit sixty five dollars. That's not affordable and that's just one of the major issues that we are going to need to deal with if and when we come out of this on the other side all right. I'm going to do things a little different today because we are so jam packed that I don't have time for a funny. I mean I guess I could but it means we'd be hitting Kelly Carlin a little later. Here's what we'll do perhaps at the end of this show We'll we'll we'll do an overtime progressive voices. Listeners won't get it but the podcast people will and people listening live. Well so we'll save the funny and the What's news for the end of the show? Today mobile fit it all in. We'll just run a little bit of over time If you listen to progress voices at five you'll get you'll get the meat of the program and the meat As I've been promoting for the week Kelly Carlin is GonNa join us at the tail end to do sort of a guided meditation. This is what she does. I mean she's got a issue was raised by her dad. George Carlin so she got the the comedy the sense of humor the irreverence. The you know the stuff that makes her like one of us and But she also studied for years and got her masters in Youngin psychology and takes very seriously and she does coaching sessions and she does seminars via zoom. We'll talk about all that but she's going to give her special assignment for today because we're all in this together so she's GonNa lead us on a guided meditation that hopefully you can use again and again. It's not just one time deal. Thankfully my show is not behind a paywall so you can share it. You can get it on Youtube. You can get it on the podcast however whatever works for you. Whatever floats your boat. Go for it but we're GONNA start with an interview that actually recorded a couple hours ago and we were recorded it mostly for logistic sake because alley they'll she and others at MSNBC and other news organizations are working pretty screwy Hours these days so he never knows when he's going to be on call there you know. Everything's all messed up so we figured we had a good chunk of time today at around noon so he hopped on skype from his home and I hopped on it from my home studio and we recorded this interview and the way it came about was just a little bit. I'm such a bitch sometimes on social media and I called out Allie for something and have long been a fan of his. I really do appreciate his work. And I think he's one of a very small handful of people at Msnbc who I truly truly respect and enjoy watching and listening to so. I felt badly when I sort of had a little tussle with him on twitter but He handled a beautifully and we became buds and we exchanged emails and I invited him on the show and well. Here's how it went joining me on the line. Now is Allie vel. She he somebody that well. We welcome into our homes all the time. I've become a big fan of Allie Bell. She's in fact. I started really following you. Allie when you joined Al Jazeera America because I was excited that for the first time in in in this era we had news channel. That was about news. It wasn't about one ideology over another the goal. There was to present news in an objective. Manner wasn't it. Yeah it was two goals. One is news in the absence of You know what we used to think of as news Being as objective as possible and we can discuss. What objectivity is because? I think we've learned over time that maybe it's not exactly what we think it is but that was one of the goals and the other goal that I thought was really important. I've been a journalist. Probably Twenty some odd years before I joined. Al Jazeera and we were really concentrated on telling stories from the perspective of the voiceless being voice for the voiceless and it occurred to me out while I had always thought about those things and I thought I was reporting about those things my life as journalist in New York City working for mainstream media. Don't expose mito whole lot of voiceless people as we go out of our way to find them. Even our most junior employees at a media organization are powerful right because they can call up anybody and tell them they're from the media So so I really. It caused me to get outside of a zone in which I had been operating. It wasn't a shift in ideology for me or the way I think about things but it really caused me to say. How do you tell stories from the perspective of the very people who don't have the voice whom you talk about whom analyze whom you characterize all the time and I have to say to call? That was a bigger challenge than I. A guy like me thought it was going to be I. I thought this was obvious right. I know who these voiceless people are. I know what their challenges are. What their lives are why didn't and and and it changed my perspective. It was. It was a remarkable experience for me for that reason and then has fortunately unfortunately. Is these things happen? Aljazeera didn't catch on here. I think it was more of a because I enjoyed watching them. I like the objectivity. I'm always looking for it because it helps me. Organize my thoughts so I can be more objective about what I cover and I'm deb. My show is not objective. News coverage it's opinion and commentary but always based in fact. That's gotta be the underlying basis otherwise it's worthless so I was. I was bummed when it went away and I wonder how much of that was Xenophobia was the fact that Al Jazeera was in Arabic network that was based in Qatar. Or an was that a big part of it. You know the other day somebody Tweeted me something that was meant to be criticism and said you know how that Aljazeera thing working for you and I I said Oh like did you watch it. They said no I never did. It was biased. So you've never watched anything on Al Jazeera America and he said no and I said would you mind looking for me and let me know what you thought was biased about that and that was the problem those people who watched even if they had political bias we had people watching us who were conservative or liberal but they felt that they could get the news And and those people who never did never didn't think so and part of that was that logo which was remarkable Arabic calligraphy. It was it was a competition. Somebody won many years ago to design the eldest logo which to the untrained eye including mine. Looks a whole lot lake Isis Lung? We don't we are not familiar with Arabic. Were certainly not familiar with Arabic calligraphy. And we're not familiar with Arabic anything right. In North American society there is car there is no chewing gum. There is no Soft drink Arabic to Americans for the last twenty. Five years has generally speaking associated with bad things. Terrorism al-Qaeda stuff like that and that was very difficult to overcome So I think that was a lot of. It's I don't think that people watched it an object to do it. I think the people who watch it actually came around to the idea. That was pretty good. We there are some people who would just never watch azan barriers would never carry. Yeah it's it's the it's the inbred bigotry. It's that institutional racism now you Allie vel. She have made no secret of your background. Your kenyan-born Muslim who grew up in Canada is now living and working here in the states and I'm guessing that you've gotten both you know. Kudos for that and some criticism because people are like that comes up every Every few weeks somebody will tweeted A as if it's criticism and like it's at my twitter bio I was actually just annoyed because for a long time. I was the most famous kenyan-born Muslim I knew until op showed up on the scene. I say tongue in cheek. I'm actually that guy. And he was never at any of the meetings so so yeah to me. I did grow up in a world. In which varied experience and diversity is of value and that can be from anywhere that could be economic where you are where you're from what you speak color. You are what gender you are what you identify with? So I've never ever ever thought of that as a negative right to me the list of stuff you are and let people make with it. A make what they will of it today The concept of being foreign immigrant Muslim Global Global in perspective Canada's some people associated with socialist. It's it's fascinating the People will quickly put you into I. I'm not actually that complex of being sorted out there to say. Hey this is this is if you wonder where my thinking comes from..

Allie vel Al Jazeera America Youtube Allie Kelly Carlin twitter MSNBC Nicole Canada Al Jazeera George Carlin Allie Bell US Aljazeera Muslim Global Global depression Youngin psychology Zaidi special assignment
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Bloomberg Radio New York

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"muslim global" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Daybreak Asia it is nine thirty AM in Hong Kong and here in Singapore on Juliet Szalay we have training under way across much of Asia of course ahead all of that tomorrow where markets will be closed for Christmas day you are seeing the hang sang index I've been pretty unchanged in fact to know move really happening day at Ole and of course as we know it Williams is very lucky because if this time of year which are the top story of the day and Boeing has surged in the U. S. after the company ousted CEO Dennis Muhlenberg Boeing has been in turmoil after two deadly crashes of its top selling seven three seven Max jet linum mailbox firing followed a rare public rebuke by the F. delay his Bloomberg's Julie Johnson it's just an incredibly complicated situation and unprecedented on a lot of levels so that the task has been daunting for Boeing but they've just been and by day I mean mall in Bergen particular justice come off his toned out repeatedly all year all right going HM and David Calhoun will replace bill in Vegas CEO and president on January thirteenth and sports betting company draftkings is going public the move is part of a three way transaction the company says will give it a market value of around three point three billion dollars draftkings in gaming technology provide SP tech will be sold to diamond eagle acquisition the combined group will trade under the name at draftkings ink will Tesla's shares rose three percent on reports that it's secured almost one and a half billion dollars in financing from China sources say the money is coming from local banks and a formal announcement may come this week this is Ted sleighs preparing to sell at Shanghai made model three his Bloomberg's Taylor readings that will really help deliver the model three sedans over there and then remember is just last week when has like came out and said that they wanted to cut the price of this model threes by about twenty percent or more that'll help sort of offset what is otherwise slowing auto sales over there a new car registrations in China climb to a five month high of five thousand in November compared with three hundred ninety three a year early well self banking Davida raising their bid to buy out the public shareholders of Japan's leading messaging service they're raising the offer by about three and a half percent valuing line at about twelve billion dollars that's the issue Saudis engineering a complex deal that would create a Japanese text champion that could compete with global giants such as Google Amazon and ten cents China is the largest agricultural dried make cakes specs to double its sales next year this is the government pushes for the creation of bigger femmes X. AJ full consummate stick sales volumes to rise to fifty thousand drive ins in twenty twenty from about twenty five thousand this year China's political leaders are encouraging small the FAMAS to consolidate and become part of large sized collective farms in a bid to improve efficiency and food production the drives a use for seeding fertilizing and spraying pesticides JD dot coms logistics unit she said to be exploring an overseas IPO with at least thirty billion dollars this according to a report from Croatia is the delivery arm of the Chinese ecommerce giant is an early discussions with banks about raising up to ten billion dollars in its bid to go public it's expected to select to land as a for the share sale in the second quarter of next year let's get to the markets now and Doug Chris now kind of a bit meted out there get a lackluster I guess that's the term that I would use to describe it we've got the end holding firm one oh nine forty the Nikkei's been fluctuating between gains and losses but Julie at these are mild I mean we're down less than a tenth of one percent if you look at what's happening in Hong Kong hang sang is weaker by just tenth of one percent on the mainland Shanghai composite is pushing higher by about two tenths of one percent in Sydney we've got the S. six two hundred essentially flat and sold the cost be down about three tenths of one percent so we're seeing a fluctuation but in a very narrow range of course all of this follows a record setting session here in the states but is Juliett pointed out earlier given this holiday shortened week it's not a surprise that you're going to see volume dry up just a bit trading in the S. and P. five hundred during your session was about twenty percent below that ten day average we had some economic news as well two reports actually one a little week unexpectedly so that being the number on durable goods orders a drop of two percent last month on the other side though sales of new homes here in the states increased in November with a gain of one point three percent so we had a bit of a move higher in long term interest rates with the ten year treasury lost quoted in New York at the yield of one ninety two that's roughly where things stand right now in the Tokyo session WTI crude oil sixty fifty five so in this week's trading we continue to hold above sixty dollars a barrel talking earlier about the news on Boeing we mentioned draftkings as well it was also this item on the electric truck maker really an automotive apparently the company's raised another one point three billion from investors led by T. Rowe price now review and is already backed by both Amazon and Ford and the company revision is planning to debut these new electric vehicles next year that would be twenty twenty you see review and has spent about seven years developing not only a pick up truck but a sports utility vehicle and they are built off a common infrastructure so maybe there's some cost savings on that front going to be very interesting to see how this plays out in the new year on deck prisoner the Bloomberg interactive brokers studio in New York Juliet all right well let's get to sports now with rob bush gonna and Robbie is leading with Monday for full we don't have rob because I forgot to do the news let me do that before we get to route all right fair enough sorry about that mark technical director marks in this culture kind of rolling his eyes at me that's my bad I'll take the hit holding pattern in the nation's capital with Congress on break until January the sixth house of representatives out left for the holiday without handing over the historic articles of impeachment against president trump that leaves Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's promise of a speedy trial on certain McConnell is waiting for word from house speaker Nancy Pelosi on the next step also uncertain the state of the U. S. Mexico China trade act the speaker is sitting on that one as well hopefully she'll send out over at some point that's Mr McConnell there by the way the U. S. M. C. A. as it has been known as one of president trump's signature issues the promise of a new trade deal to replace nafta in Australia the country's most populous state is being hit by catastrophic fire conditions nearly nine people most of whom include firefighters I should say at least nine some of whom include firefighters have been killed these fires come given soaring summer temperatures this is rob Rogers deputy commissioner of New South Wales rural fire service we shouldn't underestimate just how much of the natural environment is being and you know that's got seriously into you know ecological impacts as well as the fire in fact New South Wales is on a seven day state emergency with around two thousand firefighters battling about a hundred wildfires the deterioration in conditions forced a prime minister Scott Morrison to cancel his family holiday earlier they were in Hawaii he returned home and apologized for causing anxiety with that on an ounce trip and India the main opposition party today staged some protest against the country's new citizenship law critics say the legislation is discriminatory toward Muslims it provides a pathway for Hindus Christian and other religious minorities who are in India illegally to become citizens that's if they can show they were persecuted because of their religion in Muslim majority neighboring countries however this new law does not apply to Muslims global news twenty four hours a day on air and on quick take by Bloomberg I'm Doug Christian or in New York apologies to all the mall is really up to you Daggett a double shift now it's rob with his time to shine at the school and let's get tomorrow are you ready for some football most of America is and if you like a classic rivalry we have one for you it's the Packers taking on the Minnesota Vikings Green Bay comes into this game eleven and three Minnesota is ten and for the games played in Minneapolis with the Vikings are the only undefeated team in the National Football League at home they're a perfect six and their coach Mike Zimmer talks about having to go without their star running back Delvin cook making consumer can their goods and protection they can catch the ball just different guys I mean really the system doesn't change much just you know I mean you always have a place for guys and defenses for certain guys and things like that that can help soul wholesale changes despite the loss of cook the Viking still a five point favorite as the most agree bays been an underdog all season well a man who used to enjoy the game maybe he still doesn't Mrs is somewhat we're talking about beast mode Marshawn Lynch set to come back with the Seahawks they're down to the fourth string running back your Seahawks coach Pete Carroll will give a really good chance come back by force and then I'm fired up for you know and then he's got a few through some hoops to go jump to Houston their physical stuff like that but even working really hard he's really excited about that the chance to do something to help you out and I think it's great Lynch could be ready to go this Sunday when the Seahawks also forty Niners for the division on the I. secondary Columbus sleazy islanders to a one ranger's with a one million over the flyers also in the second NBA halftime next lead the wizards by appointments or NBC Bloomberg world sports update alright well thanks so much of course just looking at this market action which is pretty muted as you would expect it is a shortened trading week we have markets of course close pretty much globally on Christmas day the hang sang index is open to the day's trade a week at my round two tenths of one percent it's tracking at twenty seven thousand eight hundred and sixty point zero five three hundred it's just a little bit higher but remember yesterday Chinese she has had the first decline of more than one percent in six weeks and this was after a state backed fund said it would pair at stake in some tech companies and despite the fact that we learned yesterday that China will cut some import tariffs from the first of January labor ahead here on Bloomberg daybreak Asia going to check in with living opinion columnist Tim call pun next and team of course always writing about tech he's talking about Motorola back to the future this is Hey y'all let's say you just bought a house bad news is your one step closer to becoming your parents you'll probably most along and skip anybody noticed you mow the lawn tell people to stay off the lawn compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complain about having to mow the lawn again good news is it's easy to model home an auto through progressive and save on your car insurance which.

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"muslim global" Discussed on NutriMedical Report

"And welcome back and we how how old Bundy here of course it's nine eleven and your article is pretty prescient. kind of covers a lot of groundwork of you know where where does American going for example. We'll America's soon fall like ancient. Rome like you to go through your analysis. We're going to start looking into perspective of how this ties into things like the AETNA eighteen years ago today nine eleven and now ten years to the earlier by George Bush Senior George Bush's brother Marvin Bush was handling these security for the building which by the way was an it was a not done by Muslims but by an internal demolition contracts with Sanders special activities division of the CIA the US contract so-called pilots pretend that actually could fly these by jets at very very accurate speeches the side of the building without the idea of drones in the building d-actually homes devices tell out home but even simulation of a building like the World Trade Center they stimulate when they were building the original builder but the billing wouldn't fall it would only break down the outside you'd WanNa call a net of the building because inside inside support was from the inside core of the building so the World Trade Center more than forty five percent of the debris was not even three pilot fellow free fall speed speed. I have the US geological data which indicated isotopes like fifty five times higher level of tritium building six. I tried to do radiation talks. Ecology was Neutron Spectrometer because back on nuclear physics and chemistry at three and a half years ago the last lamp I've tried to Western world was Tokyo and the US State Department told eleven Tokyo. You're not even allowed to talk to Dr Diga. Let alone to the lab test. I've tried lives and Germany Britain. You're all play South Africa. All of them have turned me down over the last number for years. I did my presentation. I resented thesis in two thousand seven and Vancouver nine eleven conference so I was actually commercial building which was demolished as well with advanced high explosives including micro nukes. RDX Explosive Coordinator for Pineapples and the fact is that nine eleven was an inside job done by Muslims as much as people. WanNa have this Muslims global threat. The fact is that we don't deal with Islam correctly directly in therefore we we create a disaster we even founded al Qaeda and the chief agent was operating and setting up al Qaeda enough gas Tim Osman. It's been otherwise AKA Osama bin Laden who is also the senior engineer on the Saudi Arabian largest military base airbase outside the United States at a cost of fifty. I five billion the chief engineer was Osama bin. Laden people don't know that he had an engineering degree so things are pretty bizarre but even more bizarre and reality the aren't they they are indeed and from my point of view when you look at how the left in particular is trying to hurt people. The objective seems to be to move people into larger and larger cities threat. I mean if he if he had said to someone a few thousand years ago. We're going me to have one building and in theory. If that building is hit at the rate hour of the day it can kill ten thousand people but hitting one building they they would scratch their heads and say how in the world why in the world would you put ten thousand people into one place. Doesn't that make a tempting target for terrorist. Orissa especially by poison gas explosives. Whatever and of course it does. I mean at this moment in time when we see the potential until of little people handling very large weapons the rational thing today with the to create as much decent for us in this possible so that people blur working all across the country they have their own autonomous power supplies their own Atanas suit. I mean if terrorists had tried to hit America back back in its revolutionary era. It would have been quite a challenge because the average American live on a farm. He grew his own food. He had his own on wealth supplying his own water. He shot his own game. He was autonomous in weaponry. he was quite self sufficient at almost everything and as a result if terrorists tried to take down the society like that they would have to take them down almost one family at a time they they couldn't just hit a few key targets. They couldn't hit one city and destroy the entire thing my goodness. I remember back when I did think tank work one one of the working scenarios we studied where the Nest Scenarios The national entity survival scenarios the point being if he were to give Eh twenty five or thirty people who were even modestly trained as terrorists. I could shut down the city of Los Angeles for you. It would be as simple as pie. I mean that that city is so vulnerable so open to attack so easily shut down and you have in that city populous of people who have never known water not to be there may flush the toilet or when they turned on the tap tap to get a drink never slept a night without a night light on so they're still afraid of the dark never had more than four days supply of food in in their house at any one time and who knows. I don't know the neighbor who lives four doors away from them. All they know about him is he probably got a gun and and I mean a perfect picture of a destabilized society has to do is turn turn off the electricity which is easy as Pie Los Angeles four Major Water Akwa ducks and shut down the city a couple of ways in took power and this is not to give terrorists ideas just by the way yeah you can just basically along with shotguns to yeah you can do an MP from say Bulgaria the power grid we can just go along with shotgun to knock down a couple of distribution networks which sock guns just get out your trucking boom boom boom if you hit it with an emp from space. Let's say near space you only need something like fishing trainer miles off the coast and fire one hundred thousand thousand feet above the three she not Megaton Kelantan. EMP weapon and you wouldn't hear a pop and all of a sudden your cell phone wouldn't work the power to go down. Jeff transformers are blown coming back. They're done and we have ten thousand in America but there's only two hundred production for year and most productions now in China is don here in America so the Chinese want cells were tough locked now the human population. I have simulation wargames in relation documents from Australia Australia candidate in the United States over twenty years ago and they calculated out that was six months ninety percent of the population be dead from starvation he hydration diarrhea violence including even cannibalism and people's Ohno Dr Data. We've actually setup society to fail. We purposely set it up up and all you need is a coronal mass ejection this on which will ask for hours just a couple of seconds like me from a emp weaponry cyberattack and Society Eddie dies now if you hit a military base was a hypersonic cruise missile or a military site like leveling Virginia if you had a main site laker navy or Nuclear Navy's always in Norfolk Virginia and they moved it up by the way because it's not that storm during was gonna hit there but our society is purposely set up actually fail even if society's Communist Society Russia. They actually have underground. You know a bomb shelters for me. Em from nuclear nuclear followed an explosion and the line in Soviet Russia that you actually can't have more apartment without a bomb shelter. It's also the same thing that Switzerland you have to have a home bombshell rich white. Their homes are expensive but our society is not designed. We had our food supply for the nation up to the nineteen nineteen eighty s and then food supply was discontinued. I'm not sure which president was prison at the time but they discontinued it so it wouldn't have gruel to distribute people were starving to death for example something happened. That's the only went Pouf and all of a sudden all the crops worldwide or in great section of the world died just one hour a day one hour of ozone destruction career constance from one PM after twelve noon destruction all your crops fail all fields turn white and hasn't been fried with ozone relative out light from some space Jason Airspace and guess what you get masturbation because you and people are not even our distribution network so dependent on the Internet I mean I don't know how they just take stupid to new level doesn't it well and and the levels are very complex when you get into the for example all we did store vast amounts of food and we gave away vast amounts of food. I remember as a little kid going to factor who my father was a division head and they had entire a warehouses full to the roof with Greens like millet just being stored there. They'd store them for a few years then they take them out to sea and dump them fill them up again with point is look what happened if you're talking about the third world what are the most cruel vicious cynical things we did. In the Third World was we gave away food. We had all these programs like care in in which we would sail into the ports of Egypt and we would just give away all the food people wanted truckload or boatloads and boatloads of grain career for instance now. You might think that's a wonderfully humane thing to do right but of course what is giving away food do it immediately puts the farmers farmers in the country out of business because they can't compete with somebody giving away free food. They can't sell their food for enough to justify. That's why the work of growing it and so what you do is you leave. These countries utterly dependent on the next shipment of free. US FOOD SO in other words you're creating welfare dependence the same way that in California for example they have gathered one third of all the welfare recipients in the United States. What happens to them. They're incapable of work effectively. They're incapable of supporting themselves. What happens to them. If suddenly the welfare check isn't there on Monday or their welfare credit card impair on Monday then you have a society of a whole lot out of people who are just helpless greedy and believe they're entitled to whatever they want including the food that you may have stored in your house next store but one thing they know they're not going to work for it. They're not going to buy it. They don't have the means to spy it so they're just going to take whatever food they can from anyone they can and if you look at the average supermarket in say southern. California I'm just using that as an example. They have at most four day supply by normal purchase pattern. What happens happened. There was a moment which Johnny Carson was still doing the tonight. Show one night just for fun. He made a joke about how they were going to be a shortage of toilet paper in the country and as a result for the next four months there was a shortage because everyone ran to the store or bought all the toilet paper they could find took it home leaving leaving. No I mean toilet paper would get in and fifteen minutes later. All all be gone in the store waiting for the next shipment. Now imagine that happening to every kind of food in the store everything everything was gone in a matter of minute you would have as you say a relatively unstable society and I call them though so it was not about nine eleven nine eleven was in many ways consequential kind of society we have been building society of high dependence. Indi- of people who really are not doing anything that is directly related to survival right putting aside medical goods sort of foodstuffs things they might actually need it emergency. They just assume everything will always be there and so they go ahead and make some kind of junk for act as merchandisers for Chinese junk in the United States. Whatever but the point is they're not doing anything that really really advances the survival potential of the country? They're just creating a kind of artificial often financialised economy that has is a lot of juggle paperwork and so a lot of people getting a lot of dollars but what is the dollar worth if there's nothing there for it to buy and that's the kind of society Eddie.

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"This feels like something that calls for cooling rhetoric from political leaders. There was an interesting sort of political kerfuffle in the US over statements from Democrats about this relaunch attack that seemed reluctant to use the phrase that had been an anti-christian attack. And I think part of the impulse. There was basically to avoid feeding into this narrative of a Christian versus Muslim global struggle that can encourage tax like this on both sides. Well, what I'm most disturbed by is just the possible analogous dynamic. We have here going to school shootings where you had this horror in Columbine, and it became an obsession of of violent fringe of people online, and then they would try to act it out on their own and repeat it, and then they're act would would become part of this iconography of scoop mass shootings at schools and on it went, and this guy who committed this this act at the synagogue was inspired by the Christ Church shooting was inspired by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. And it's notable that both the Christ Church shooter. And and this guy were active on this eight Chen message board where people encourage one another to not just spew them online. But actually, go out out in the real world and do harm to people. So. Oh, I'm I'm just fearful that we'll see a recurring copycat phenomenon here with a guard, his theology. I don't think it'd be recognizable to any mainstream Christian in this country. Liz is right. There have been great calls on on Christmas to denounce him. But actually, the Presbyterian denomination that his his family went to did denounce this act, and there's nothing in his theology that is recognizably a Christian or within shouting distance of the Christian mainstream. Liz, how effective do you think? Denunciations like that are I mean, I I this is something I struggle with all the time with these sorts of fringe figures that you have mainstream politicians and media figures and religious figures. But when you have these these these communities online that have basically chosen to separate from a lot of those establishment authority, figures and communities. I wonder how I if there's an effective way to reach the sort of people who would you know post about these attacks on h. Yeah. It's a little despairing. Right. I mean because on one hand you wanna think, well, if this person was really what he says he was which was a radicalized Christian, then you should be able to appeal to his interest and the interest of other people like him in understanding what the religion actually says about the kind of behavior. He carried out Jesus says if you're only good to those who are good to you to your own, Ken, how good are you? Anybody can do that. Christians have to be good to everybody, even their enemies. If someone slakes strikes, you turn the other cheek etcetera etcetera, you would hope they would be interested in understanding the truth about the religion on the other hand. I think that a lot of these guys these shooters they're not particularly ideologically committed to much of anything rather than being radicalized Christians. They're kind of Christian is radicals right there. People who got on each hand who were already looking for something to be furious and incensed about and they find some sort of reason to carry out their violence sort of like, we see an ISIS. Fighters. None of them are experts in the actual religion. They have famously of these people by guidebooks to Islam before they run off and join ISIS. Right. And I think this is probably a similar case. But if there's anything that we can do the Christian community to prevent future violence or ideas like this. I think we're still obligated to do it this week. I have been watching the first round of presidential polling since Joe Biden officially entered the race for the democratic presidential nomination. And it looks very good for him. CNN has Biden thirty nine percent with Bernie Sanders far behind fifteen Quinnipiac has Biden at thirty eight percent and Sanders at just eleven which actually puts him in third place a point behind Elizabeth Warren, who's twelve and you know, when you look at these polls people tend to say, well, it's early and early polls don't mean that much, and that's kind of what people said about Donald Trump for a long time who just proceeded to lead the polls all the way through the contest in two thousand sixteen. Most commonly the person who leads the polls the beginning ends up winning the nomination on. So liz. I'm wondering what you make of watching that in particular Sanders give or take out about forty percent of the support last time around in two thousand sixteen. What does it say that he's polling so low right now other candidates can point to low name ID and say, well, I, you know, I'm I'm comma Harrison, I'm known in California, and I'm gonna get my message out nationally over the next several months shouldn't Bernie Sanders already be a known quantity and already have more than eleven to fifteen percent of the national support. I think part of what you're seeing with the Biden announcement polling bump is that a lot of Democrats are very very scarred. By what happened in two thousand sixteen. There's a huge amount of like political PTSD that came out of Clinton losing in that kind of stunning fashion. And even though we all look back now and say like, oh, it was inevitable. If you remember the actual election night people were extraordinarily shocked. I think that part of that has led Democrats to a more conservative position where they feel like maybe Hillary Clinton was too radical or it was too radical of a proposition to run a woman, and that's why she lost. And so they're reverting. Back to who's the most conservative Republican esque democrat, we could possibly run that way we can cut off this tail risk of losing voters because the candidate is to radical. So I suspect that has a lot to do with people being a little bit Bernie shy at this point. But I think I hope as a as a partisan of the left, as you know, that close review of Biden's record will show that these Democrats, it's not just a Biden isn't a radical candidates that he's an extraordinarily conservative democrat and not a good choice. Rich. Do you buy the idea that Biden is an extraordinarily conservative democrat, Peter sermon had an interesting piece for reason this week are arguing essentially that his politics are similar to Walter Mondale, or John Kerry, and that we would have thought of him as being a solidly, you know, a person who is solidly not in the centrist wing and the more left wing of the Democratic Party ten or twenty or thirty years ago, and that this reflects a shift in what's considered left. Yeah. Definitely two or three years ago. I mean, no one is really thought of Biden. A moderate before is just that the left is far surpassed them to his left. And I think these poll numbers are notable of Senator show before I go back and forth on Biden, whether he's a jab or real serious front runner who has has a lock on the non non woke non Twitter element of the party, which is larger than than many of us realize on a daily basis, given the voices that are most prominent in these really eye-popping numbers. So it is early. But there their front runner numbers Bernie has is now back with the rest of the pack of five five or six people kind of bunched up, and then they're all the also rans in one percent and zero percent. So I imagine it'll be a lot of complicated, it'll be complicated robe and road, and there'll be a lot of surprises to come. But this the first week couldn't have gone better for Biden because a lot of Commissioner. Wisdom was his first day is going to be as best day as her stay wasn't as best day. He. He rose in the pulse. Liz, I think another thing that has driven a little bit of softening. And Bernie Sanders poll numbers as the uptick in Elizabeth Warren poll numbers, the two of them have very different messaging about what I think are in a lot of ways similar policy platforms and a few weeks ago. We'd been asking, you know, why is Warren's platform not connecting with more voters. It seems like maybe it is now, and maybe it's drawing away some people who otherwise would have supported Sanders. Yeah. I think that's possible. I think there's going to be split there until one of them drops out. And then they can unify the progressive base. You know, from my point of view still a preference for Sanders over Warren, I've been very heartened by her policies. She's been submitting policies pretty regularly that are very well thought out and interesting at the same time. I still just have my doubts about some of them one of the recent policy. She suggested would attempt to lower maternal mortality rates by withholding monies from hospitals that had bad records on maternal mortality. But this would mean withholding money from hospitals that are really struggling often hospitals in poor areas that served poor people that kind of incentivizing and disincentivising that doesn't really fit with a single payer model as I conceive of it is a little bit disturbing to me. And I've seen some other instances in her policies that are sort of means tested in that way and seem like they could have some real downsides. And I see less of. That on the Sanders side. So I'm still leaning towards Sanders, but wouldn't be disappointed by any means if it were Warren,.

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"muslim global" Discussed on 760 KFMB Radio

"Was fun. I don't think I pressed the button. The turn the mic on before. I said, hey bagging. Did it? Congress start. Actually record. I think just putter through the next three hours. Tumbles. There were right here. They esther. Always good to hear from Bill morning. He was fine for I really I probably one of his best best calls the last ten years. On the tenth anniversary was especially specials. Really exciting about it. Because we're just call it potential. He's called. That was when I shared with him my memory of going to their house for thanksgiving. Thirteen years ago. And before I was a Christian and the family got around the living room, and they passed out him books, and they just saying Gaza songs. Goes. Oh, yeah. These thanksgiving's a great time to sing gospel songs. Like, so matter of fact, your family doesn't do that. With that kind. Of course, we did that what are you? What's your point? Great bill. Sri Lanka for a little bit. Because I don't think we really got much of it yesterday. We did touch about touch on this. And I'm sure you've heard it already. This term Easter worshippers as if there are people who worship Easter. Right. We don't worship Easter. Brock Obama said the attacks on tourists and Easter worshippers and Sri Lanka are an attack on humanity. Hillary Clinton on this holy weekend for many faiths to. To faith. Shoes and Passover Christians and Easter that's it. We must stand United against hatred violence. I'm praying for everybody affected today's horrific acts on Easter worshippers and Sri Lanka never heard that term in my whole life. Easter worshiper. Does anyone celebrate Easter other than Christians? Does anyone celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead other than Christians perjure now? So where did this come from? And just to compare Hillary with this. Then what happened in New Zealand? So this what you said a New Zealand, my heart breaks for New Zealand and the global Muslim community. We must continue to fight the perpetuation normalization of his lava, phobia, and racism and all of its forms. White supremacist terrorists. Must be condemned by leaders everywhere. They're murderous hatred. Must be stopped. So there is a new name names here for naming the victims global Muslim global Muslim community. Eilly my heart breaks for the people in you know, drive the global Muslim community. And then is it got fight against Islam. Phobia racism rights were calling white supremacist terrace or being very specific. Here. Must be condemned by leaders everywhere, they're murderous hatred. Must be so we're putting a moral label on it immoral right there murderous hatred. So it's all very clear and then again on this holy weekend for many faiths, where already generalizing all we must stand United against hatred and violence. Just in general, not Islamaphobia racism, just hatred violence. I'm praying for everyone surprise, she praying in there as opposed to my thoughts are praying for everyone affected by today's horrific tax on Easter worshippers and travelers Shushi lock. Right. So the difference. Right. They're worth remembering that the most persecuted religion in the world. Quite the right way to worry that Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world. A couple of voice a measure that. But point is because Christians are fine here in America. Especially now because we can say merry Christmas. Well, it's been nice. You know, it was touchy go for a while. Yeah. Christian persecution in America, the color, you know, the the reds and the greens and the stores were all doing it. But they just wouldn't say say what are back even that. I'd go into stores, and there was a lot of like blue and white tile. Like just winter. A lot of red green certainly though no merry Christmas merry Christmas. But Trump is like the president. And now, it's everywhere. Christmas had falls off. In june. That's right. During halloween. It's a little too much with the merry Christmas now, but I'd rather have that than what it was three years ago. So we because things are good here in America. We can't wrap our heads around. Christians named persecuted around the world. More spoiled. By our western society. The very one that the far left says it says so evil and terrible. But here you can practice all different religions, and it's fine. No, one cares and many countries you will be killed. Or blown up or arrested. And it's sad to me here because there are people risking their lives. To follow Jesus risking their less truly deeply in a way that we can't comprehend. There's a friend of mine who's deployed in some Middle Eastern country. And you went to an underground church. There's a couple of people in the group they met at different places every single week that one bible between them all. And they would be killed. If they got caught. And they do all that. To follow Jesus. And so many Americans don't go to church because it's football season. Or whatever season or I'm tired or my favorite. I don't like organized religion. That's very get over yourself. Do you ever do anything that risks getting your head cut off? Do. Tired? These people do and it's worth it for them. What do they know that we're missing out on? We do the. Trod is just too far. Churches. It's twenty two minutes away. I'm only willing to drive twenty minutes. So liken doll. I can muster on Sunday. The ultimate one is you know, the church just doesn't. Feeling it does it doesn't serve my needs. Do you think a Christian in China? Whose church was just bulldoze to the ground by the government? Some churches bombed by Muslims in Sri Lanka. But in China. You have the government itself tearing down your church. You think anyone there saying, you know, it's just doesn't really serve my knees. Stunt. Screw tape letters one of the greatest works of art ever. So it's the devil talking to his nephew wormwood. And giving him advice on how to keep his patient from becoming a Christian, and he has become a Christian, but just try to keep him from living a proper Christian life, and I love this. This is from screw tape. Provided that any of those neighbors in church sing out of tune or have boots that sweet or double chins on clothes than the patient. The Christian will quite easily believe that their religion must therefore be somehow ridiculous. I love that. Right. That's the Pasha that we have when we go to church. Well, person's kind of dressed kind of. We're the things not really great. I really like the music to be exactly like I like it to be and the preachings, but it's not exactly how I prefer which is listing complaints first of all taking your eyes off really matters. And then also never offering to make any positive changes our cells in the church plane. Meanwhile, people are getting blown up three Lanka for showing up. This from the Washington Post, Sri Lanka church bombings stoke far. Right. Anger in the west. True, lack a church bombings stoke far. Right. Anger. The west. Hey, I suppose angers promotion it three hundred people getting bombed. Okay to get angry at that. But but only far right people feel anger at this. You're not. On the far. Right. We're gonna headline that. Stokes far, right. Anger. In the what if you don't feel anger or sadness, or whatever. Proper emotions, you would want should feel after this. If you don't feel what is wrong with you. Locally here. The news yesterday. The woman showed up to a church and Clermont ten month old in one arm and a gun in the other threatening to kill everyone from the from the holy cow. That's that's scary. Heard too much. Details of how that was stopped. But I do know there was a man who stepped up and approached the woman and tackle there and the baby way at the gun away risking their lives to de-escalate that situation. How right someone gets up there in front of any church or wherever and threatening to kill everyone. All that. People run and a lot of people approach some people these. So I bring that up just as a friendly reminder. To make sure that your church has a security team. And you yourself think through what you would do in a situation like that. Because I guarantee you that church and Clermont did not expect that app. You ask them last week? Have you ever think some woman's come with a gun? Brennan, kill everyone in not. What are you talking about here? Always. One hundred hundred sixty under seven sixty five three six two. There was a story that I read a while back. I haven't found the meaning to find it. I couldn't find finally did. And it's about and I I really really don't want to talk about rush I've done with it. But I mean to read this find this for a while now. So I gotta get it off my chest. Now that I've found it. And it's about where it all came from. It's where this whole lie came from. I think it's important to know that Genesis of it. So that we can fully completely take it off our plate one hundred seven sixty K F M B one hundred seven sixty five three six to Dan beer of the beer home team XP realty. So if you go to his website, he outlines the one hundred twenty nine step VIP seller program one hundred twenty nine steps. Now. Here's the thing. Dan, beer, you don't have to do any of them. That's what that's what you'd pay him for why hire him. Why you call Dan beer? He does all those very different than the. Normal model which is put a yard sign up and put on MLS and just fingers. That would be a three step program. This is one hundred twenty nine steps. So you get all the details. If you want you call Dan, but I trust them. If when I saw my house absolutely calling beer question about that. If another reason I don't like risks. And he guarantees sell the house at one hundred percent of your asking price within twenty nine days or pay the difference. So. There's no risk. He takes it. All fun. How that works and find out about.

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"muslim  global" Discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder

The Majority Report with Sam Seder

03:34 min | 2 years ago

"muslim global" Discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder

"The most salient sort of metric of knowledge, it is sort of fascinating to me that identity politics is. I mean, we see it wielded, obviously by by, you know, white supremacists. Right. I mean, that's a fairly obvious calculation. Yeah. But to see it leveraged by someone like Sam Harris says he did in that exchange, and we see this all the time. You know, I'm not you guys are caught up in identity politics. You're so worried. I mean we in a political field. You're so. Caught up in this idea of identity politics. But look here, I have a black friend. And so I mean that type of dynamic is sort of. It's fascinating to sort of see how much it's being utilized as in many respects justification for some type of of either discriminative discriminatory actions or beliefs. No, definitely I think for me who, you know, somebody who thinks about these issues really closely. I think the most unfortunate sort of development in the political discourses. There's really no more nuance. Right. There's no more sort of, you know, careful criticism. Look, there's we weaken carefully. Critique specific segments of the broader Muslim global mill. You that dangerous that is vile and mess UP considered, you know, an element that we have to confront, you know, whether it's the Saudi regime, whether it's terror networks, whether it's specific interpretations of Islamic doctrine that is problematic that is crew. But there's only a sliver of the broader population reality that we have in this discourse right now with people are talking in terms of hyperbole. People are flattening entire experiences, and people are discussing entire groups as model is in the sad reality is that it's not only happening be sort of bottom of the political discourse. The individuals that are sort of being real did out thinkers of the day in our most influential pundits also engaging in that, you know, very flat in you know, vapid sort of conversations. Well, and it's not just simply a question of of of the of the quantity. Even in the context of something like Saudi Arabia. We're talking about the interplay of Islam with a whole host of historical and economic contextual issues and empower dynamics, and it's really I mean to examine that stuff is really to examine how these various factors I guess into relate with each other. And and play off each other. Exactly, I think that we definitely see that. With the present sort of discussion on this land, globally, speaking. We see domestically with the wave on the phobias framed. I would just, you know, somebody who wrote this book, I think what what I'm trying to do with this book, specifically is to counter what people like Sam Harris Gaffney doing on the Islamaphobia side and bring some care bring some, you know, you know, against some careful analysis to what's going on in a way to hope, you know, hopefully, bring some thoughtfulness back to the conversation if that's an impossible sort of objective. Well, it's it's I mean, I think it's I guess I guess hope springs eternal, right? But lastly, so let me ask you that. I mean, that's that's the to some extent the private room..

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European banks continue to transform to meet standards

Good Day USA

01:50 min | 3 years ago

European banks continue to transform to meet standards

"Recommend inspections cfm international had already urged carries to check some older fan blades bought a draft circulated among some airlines would have expanded that list to include the engine on the fatal flight and it's a showdown over the limits of a president's power to control who can enter the united states the supreme court has arguments today on president trump's travel ban the latest version restricts entry by people from seven countries five of them predominantly muslim global news twenty four hours a day on an arctic talk on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm markus karlsson this is bloomberg guy thanks marcus big focus on the banks in europe this week we've already had ubs you've already had santander this one we got credit suisse which is being taken very well by the markets in terms of the numbers delivered lloyd's missing estimates because it had some of the nordic banks reporting numbers tomorrow we get to hey from jet staley over a barclays were sick it'd be hearing from deutsche bank what kind of a business does that want to be going forward let's bring in charleston tie senior banking analyst at bloomberg intelligence joins us now in the studio let's start off with cs teacher ntm's pivots to wealth management's really paying off definitely i mean i think if you look at ubs versus credit suisse one of the k differences is net new money flows and on the call just now omelettes for very clearly trying to understand how they done such a gang buster quarter when ubs was the lower end of is two to four percent no entirely clear they fully but they did talk about the fact that they have rehabilitated they're selling of the internal ib products to wealth management clients so the jv between the investment banking wealth management very well and i think frankly legislating pushing a little harder they also say this morning.

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"muslim  global" Discussed on Monocle 24: The Monocle Daily

Monocle 24: The Monocle Daily

02:25 min | 3 years ago

"muslim global" Discussed on Monocle 24: The Monocle Daily

"Now returning to the topic of nato this time volume turkey where the dutch ambassador has been officially withdrawn the netherlands says no new turkish ambassador will be accepted in the hague it's the latest escalation of a diplomatic spat between the nations off the turkish ministers were banned by the netherlands from campaigning amongst the turkish diaspora in 2017 but as far as nato is concerned how damaging is it the two countries are theoretically of course both members of the alliance monaco's tom edwards spoke to for breese party a senior associate at political consultancy russ muslim global and former head of policy planning at nato is obviously damaging especially when it's not the first but mold a long series between turkey and saw the allies the netherlands is one turkey you also as has recently some difficult relations we've german so it is of his lee difficult formed alliance off twenty nine members to claim it easy he went one of the members visa by not trung lugar ahead beef we some off the other members however you have to know that generally e members of nato tried to compatible ted ice and tried to avoid eat away getting the binat to a dispute to flare up into multilateral at one end and brie lead to to a standstill but these all of the question of you're not have followed by a to a disputed going it seems not with cross to cut off a line we've the hague's decision too busy keep withdrew their ambassadors who was not actually based in turkey but the official restoring during of that investor there is a very strong signal that any country can send to another up so i will simply have gone up into the escalation in the bilateral disputes the question is whether it could contaminate the rest of for lead to his business while jahn i want to ask you about the obviously you have a deep understanding of this how much i guess if the fokker so you concerned by how much of the focus when it comes to nato when its efficiencies is being may be wasted on exactly these sorts of discussions main every people talking about existential questions even regarding nato in recent years for one reason or another do we waste time and do we risk nato been compromised.

netherlands nato monaco tom edwards breese party senior associate ted ice trung lugar brie official jahn