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"music collectors magazine" Discussed on Pantheon

"Podcasts the platform of music podcasts. And this is editor patrick prince. We're honored to have as our guest might go kart. Alani and michael is the drummer for leonard skinner. Currently he has also been the drummer for damn yankees and except as well as other bands. Now michael is also fantastic fine artist painter and he has been since he was a child really and he has recently teamed up a gold mine and his favorite charity. The cancer support community cancer. Support community dot org to auction off aversion a reproduction of one of his paintings. It's a painting of the late. Ronnie van zandt the vocalist of leonard skinner. D- and as most of you know as many fans know ronnie died in the bands from his plane crash in nineteen seventy seven. Now you could go to goldmine mag dot com slash collector dash resources and see right there underneath an interview with michael about the painting and where to go to bid on the painting. And actually you could bid on the painting right now. The auction is set up. But it doesn't go officially live until march first and a runs from march first to march seventh. And as i said the money will go to the cancer support community but michael is going to fill us in on everything about the painting also talked to him about his past with painting how it got started and all the other different painting styles themes that. He's he's painted over the years and of course we're going to talk about his drumming to and we'll be right back with michael after this short message ronald with and this is patrick prints and together. We host the gold mine. Radio our the show that features the latest issue of gold mine the music collectors magazine tune in sunday at seven pm eastern time on radio dot com. We'll welcome michael to the podcast. How are you doing. I'm doing great. How are you. I said in the intro. How you teamed up go mine and your favorite charity. The cancer support community to auction off this version of your painting painting of the late ronnie van zandt and now maybe could tell us a few things why you chose the cancer support community as your charity of choice and why you decided to back when you start this painting why you decided to do a portrait of ronnie. Besides the obvious that you're the drummer. Leonard scared well..

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