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"muhammed canedo" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"That we are beginning to see is the return of this equilibrium in the market as a result of this rise in applies over person demand that may lead into resurgence. If you like. Buildup in inventories, which is not in the interests of anyone. That was the OPEC secretary general Muhammed Canedo now some European politics to take into account this morning. Italy faces the deadline to resubmit its twenty thousand nineteen budget plans to the European Union. Bloomberg's Kevin Castelo reports Italy's populist coalition has been defiant say will stick with it's expensive program and the controversial budget deficit of two point four percent for next year deputy premier Luigi Demayo says following EU rules could trigger a recession. But the EU says Italy must follow those rules, otherwise the country may be facing a disciplinary proceeding in Rome. Kevin Castelo, Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Let's talk about Brexit negotiators are working through the night in an effort to reach deal. But you get Prime Minister Theresa may says the final stage of talks is proving quoted mentally difficult in an evening speech in the city of London may negotiations are now in the end game. But that's significant. Problems remain. And of course, it includes the new relationship, we will forge with our European allies. As we leave the European Union negotiations for our departure are now in the end game. And we're working extremely hard through the night to make you focus on the remaining issues in the withdrawal agreement which are significant sides want to reach an agreement. The what we are negotiating is immense, mentally difficult, and I do not shy away from that. Both the UK European Union believe they only have until tomorrow to secure a deal if it's to be signed off by a special EU summit this month. Now we were talking about apple an apple supplies coming under pressure a little bit earlier. Goldman Sachs shares tumbled the most since twenty eleven last night after Malaysia's government said it wants a full refund of fees paid for one MD, be fundraising. Prosecutors have implicated three of its staff in a multibillion dollar fraud sent on the state investment fund in Malaysia the prime. Minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim said a short time ago that Malaysia must be more aggressive in pursuing its claims against Goldman. And Vodafone and Telecom Italia are said to be in talks to jointly built a next generation wireless network in Italy. According to people familiar, the two companies have signed a nondisclosure agreement about potential collaboration on a five G network. The aim is to reach the first quarter of two thousand nineteen that could include sharing wireless towers and granting each other access to four point eight billion euros at five t spectrum representatives for Telecom Italia and Vodafone have declined to comment. Let's get you some more headlines now from around the world here backs Leon guarantee. Good morning. Good morning, Markus. Thirteen undeclared North Korean missile operating bases have been identified. That's according to a new report. It's believed the secret sites could be used to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles, Bloomberg's Peter pay reports research group, which is commercially available satellite. Images. Identified thirteen sites believed to have underground facilities. Attaining mobile entrees report comes to nuclear toffee, the US. North Korea hit another snag last week with a New York meeting between secretary of state by COPA peyot, North Korea. Stop negotiator was abruptly castle in so appear pay Bloomberg daybreak Europe violence continues in southern Israel and Gaza after militants fired rockets over the border and the army attacked military sites in this strip. Bloomberg's Jonathan funds got reports Palestinians launched more than three hundred rockets mortars at Israel. It was the worst one day barrage. In four years is really air. Force jets struck at least seventy targets across the territory, which is ruled by the militant Islamic group HAMAs. It was just a day before that both sides said they were trying to work out a ceasefire Jonathan I Bloomberg daybreak Europe emergency services in California now dealing with what has become the deadliest wildfires in US history and east forty two people are known to have been killed five. Chief Mark Lorenzen says more problems are ahead. We had to brand new starts in. Obviously it just hit. It's home on the fact that we are still in significant fire weather and the existing fire is not our only concern an Anglo America will address the European parliament later today, the German Chancellor will use his speech to lay out gender for the twenty eight member block Berg's, Patrick Donohue has more. You leaders will meet in a month in Brussels to thrash out a new plan to integrate the euro area will also talk about Europe defending itself. Better is the global order is shaken a question hanging over the German Chancellor will be how much forty she can preserve after she gives up the leadership of her Christian Democratic Union next month and Berlin, Patrick Donahue. Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Global news twenty four hours a day on Aaron at tick tock on Twitter, powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm Yan guarantees. This is being beg Yussef. Thank you for that ten. Let's get you. A bit of a preview of what's coming up on Bloomberg daybreak Europe. We're going to be.

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