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"muhammad ali mickey mantle" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

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"muhammad ali mickey mantle" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Rick tittle things. There's a direct correlation between dogs and lightning. Thank you for that and welcome back to the show with you coast to coast around the world on af en. A book is brand new on the shelves just yesterday and it's called. Play an eyewitness account of great moments in American sports from WW Norton Publishing and the author is with US Longtime, national? Sportswriter. Palm. Callahan. When we say God's at play I mean this really kind of takes us back to the idea of Olympics and athletics and the Greeks. Going with this. I don't even know why called Gaza. Play. In retrospect you know John Updike wrote A. Piece many years ago on Ted. Williams who hit a homer. That at fenway and wouldn't come out to take a bow. and and up finishes piece by saying God Stone Answer Letters. Well oddly enough I I wasn't thinking that I knew that I wasn't thinking that when I thought of this, it's just I guess it's just most of the characters in the burke are are Are you know way lower case guts? Well and that's the thing too I mean, there are some who would. Grandiose. About you know going overboard about how sports really just give this. No false glory to our. Leisure, but then there are people like you and I and sports fans who think that it takes human endeavour to this. Highest level and in theory what we're doing is we're paying people. Play sports that we can't play very well, it's like you do it. So well, we will actually pay to watch you guys compete at it. because. We can't do it as well as you and I think that's automatically lifts people up on that pedestal. Elevating the guys we play pay to play for us against the guys they pay to play for them. You know it takes a little put spa but But Yeah I prize the the simplest elements of of great sport I excellence in any form is interesting I think but but looking back on fifty years of watching. You know people play I I find that I think of the little things not the not the. Moment of victory you know or not the the the great achievements. You know on the field but the little memories off feel that I was there for that. There's nothing in this book that I wasn't present for I'm I'm not writing about anything I heard of it's all things I would I saw and the Funny thing is when you spend your life on the finish line. You know. Secretaries big races in an Africa the big fight or all these many Olympic Games I went to you know all the things. I was just lucky enough to to do standard. Vertical many final locker, of course, neither one of us new as fine a locker but. When I collect all the memories together it's the it's the tiny ones that stay with me much more saving the scores. There's no doubt I. Mean I think about. You know it's like if you have kids the goals that they scorn soccer will mean more than world, Cup goals and sometimes it is those little things. But for you and you've seen Tiger Woods Muhammad Ali Mickey Mantle. What about the story of the young boy with Down Syndrome lying softball I was in. I went moved to the Washington started read a column. Almost, the first telephone call I got was from Ted Kennedy welcoming new town and I said do you Read all the newcomer Senator and he said just the ones I can use which I thought was pretty honest for a politician and he said I want I want you to come to lunch with me and my sister, another guy. I'm trying I'M GONNA try and PRY column of you. And so I, went to lunch with his sister Eunice. Kennedy. Shriver. And the other guy was the actor Christopher. Reeve. Never heard of. And He, he was coming out with Superman movie that was connected to Special Olympics, which was Shriver's. 'cause and up next Saturday I went to capitol. Center. and. there's A. Grant, Special Olympics tournament going on all around, and I don't know why homed in on A. Little ready face boy who was attached to his mother's hip. But he was His his his accomplishment was throwing softball throw it well enough to finish third he was totally an animated. No emotion. Trance really and But he he got up on the on the witness stand and he to receive his his bronze medal. And soon as the Little Ribbon Red White, and blue ribbon was. Put over his head. He he went right back to his mom and and they they is it happen exited my. Idol? Why was sitting about twenty rose up? And they walked up. When they got to me. To mice. Chair. But boy turned to me. And he put his thumb behind his his medal and he poked out at me and he said, look what I want. And I said could go. And That's the only time ever cried covering any. Not Feeling. Well, I, wanted to. Wow speaking of the Tom Callahan the new book God's at play. That's a great story You know the typical stories is this like this small I'll tell you that the seventy two. World, series, Openness Cincinnati. And.

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