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"muhammad center" Discussed on The Moth

"Our next story of the unexpected comes to not from lewisville nat from louisville but from louisville kentucky and muhammad center. It involves a car breaking down a writer getting picked up an unforeseen turn of events. And it's all told to you by john. Good wait a minute. That's me part of being a host with a mock live. Shows is sometimes having to tell a story yourself. So here i am live at. Do you mind if i tell you a quick story for my life so in this life of mine i am hired mainly a lot to go out on the road and performed poetry at colleges. It seems like a crazy thing for someone to do. But they do. They hired me to do it. And so i was hired by the school in west virginia. Anybody here from west virginia fantastic. This is gonna work out just you. Don't listen all right. I'm just kidding it's gonna work out. Trust me so i was hired by the school in west virginia and if you're unfamiliar west virginia i would just let you know that west virginia is not entirely known for his people have kala. Isn't that what they lead with. Then that like west. Virginia also west condos not how to do it. Not out and spoiler alert. I'm a black guy. So i know shocking right so. They wanted me to come out to west virginia. Do this show at this college. They sent the check cashed. The check figure. That's just show up so jump in my car. And i'm driving to west virginia and all is going well across the west virginia state line softly in the back of my mind. The tune dueling. Banjos begins to play. I keep on driving in about ten fifteen miles later. My engine in the car south of lay down the most wonderful hip hoppy is like wonderful to visit drake song but not good so i pulled over to the side by pulled over to the side. I mean i read over to the side. Because i lost powell and then i did what you're supposed to do as a may pop the hood. I pop the hood. Because there's a man just supposed to pop the hood now. I don't know anything that's going on. Under the hood of as far as i know they're hamsters on wheels. Making this thing go. I don't know but they say you're supposed to pop pop so i walked around. I lifted the hood. And i'm not a mechanical genius of any store but the sparkplug wyatt was on fire and i said that's the problem right there. It is so. I got a fire extinguisher. Put it out. I looked up. The sun was getting low in the sky. Doing bangles was getting loud right around then. A truck driver who's pulling by. He pulled by import over. You hopped out classic truckdriver trucker hat flannel shirts. Some jeans and boots. he came over. He said hey buddy necessary. Hey buddy. he's what seems to be the problem. I said car broke down on the hood. I said i think you have to. I think these are the rooms so we looked the he saw that smoldering sparkplug wire and he said that's your problem right there. Look at the both of us mechanical genius. He's headed to buddy. So i told him the school i was going to. He says i know that school. I'm driving right past that school if you like to give iraq now. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the genre of film known as horror but so many horror movie star with benevolent trucker office stranded. Train ride up the road. Someone's getting lower dueling bangles getting louder nasty and take my chances so how many truck headed up the road and all good for like twenty thirty forty miles then you look over and he says hey buddy said hey buddy i don't mean to sound racist or nothing as you know if someone starts with. I don't mean now raises another next thing you're going to hear is the most racist thing you've ever like when someone says i'm now calling you stupid. They are. they're going so he said. Hey buddy i don't mean as how racist or not. But i also watch this documentary on. Cnn called black in america and there was this black eye on their hosted. A nice swear. Look just like that blogger. Let me tell you two things. I know to be true. Number one is all black. People do not look alike. But the second thing i know to be true is as it was so happened. I am the guy.

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