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"mudcats toe" Discussed on 106.1 FM WTKK

"I don't think it is, But what's he going to do? Well, you know, orgy boats. Yeah, we mentioned that. That's sitting here. Is quite well. This is not a boat. Where was this? This was just outside of Paris. He owns a ton of houses. I think he owns one in Paris. So I don't know. The party, which featured booze, sound systems and even light installations. Wow! Got kicking around 9 P.m.. Three hours after Francis curfew, France still has a 6 p.m. curfew. Yeah. Responding. Officers say that they found 81 people participating in the Event. And we're able to do and issued each of them a curfew violation but also were able to figure out the three who the three organizer's were Who claimed they did not know that that was breaking. Protocol. I mean, I haven't seen what their laws are surrounding this if it doesn't Means probably not illegal in France to be inside the house and have sex right? So let's it puts a number on it. I don't know, man. See you take that one to court. The judge Judy see what she thinks. All right. So yeah, That's the thing. They're, um so anyway, I just Said. Several people sent me this story. I don't know what I'm supposed to do with that. Because I'm not full. I guess Maybe people don't like the new name. They think it's dumb. But I also understand why the baseball team was renaming themselves because they were named the Burlington Royals. And that was because they had a An agreement with Major league and specifically the Kansas City Royals. So they've ended the team's affiliation. The Kansas City Royals, so the baseball team in Burlington needed a new name. So what is the new name? They went with the Burlington sock puppets. But why? Why? Why the sock puppets? Well, first of all, what do you think? Considering that there's there's minor league teams called the trash pandas. I mean, there's what did I down in? Savannah, Savannah's bananas, Savannah Bananas. What? It's great. Yeah. What evidence? There is finally baseball team. I don't expect much as far as the naming goes. So if they want to do something weird, whatever. Look, some names their stupid I'll give you example One team I know of that literally named their team after the thing you least want to find in your mailbox. Bills. Who would do that? Right? That's dumb. So Savannah bananas versus the things that haunt you financially in your mailbox. The bills. Not taking the bait. No, okay. That's right. I'm hearing they're named after something else. Some guy named Bill. And another guy named Bill, So that's two of them. That's Bill's okay. All right. So anyway, Um, let's see. What are some of the other names here. Richmond flying squirrels. You got a bunch? Yeah. Rocket city trash pandas. That's That's down in a sweat. Huntsville. I think that's what Huntsville Alabama is The rocket city trash pandas. So it makes sense. So if you're gonna go with Burlington Sock puppets Okay? The team colors will be red, white and blue with logos featuring throwback athletic socks. Sure. Try to figure out if there's somewhere in here. How did they come up with it? First game of the season. June 5th Berlin's an athletic stadium hurt doctor. All right, so well. Here's the quote from Dan Simon of Studio Simon, who came up with the organization's new identity. Pain, a midge to the rich textile tradition of the local area. Okay, well, that's the thing. As we explore all possible identities for the team and engaged locally. With so many different people. The stories and responses revolved around the uniqueness. Of what makes Burlington so special, and ultimately it's the people. Said Rank your owner and president of cloth don't know if I'm pronouncing that right. The people here in Burlington, both with those new to the area, and those who have been here for so long have this desire to be great. It is a community that works well together and his transition from industry to industry over the past 100 years. All right, so somebody e. I guess we have one of you has got a beef with this wants to explain why I just think it's funny. No. People are sending me all the different pine early teams from where they used to live. Biscuits way there's team called the Biscuits. It's not about the team name you know, with with a good minor league baseball team and entertaining a minor league baseball team. Sure it's kind of about the branding. But you know that when you get into the popular ones at the end of the day, it's that they Put in, you know, they put on a good show. They do a lot of community events. Obviously, um, you know, you go to the game. It's rather inexpensive thing to do. But you're still gonna go watch. You know a lot of times you go watch Major league baseball players, and some of these That a rehab in or just, you know, are needing to figure out how to get there, Swing back or whatever it may be. So I love going to minor league games. And obviously we are, you know, we got A ton a ton of minor league teams all across the board to try it in the triangle where we broadcast And even out on the you know the furthest reaches of some communities and across North Carolina. From Mudcats Toe bulls to grass are Toe grasshoppers, Um Try to think. They They had a minor league team up in Well, that track that Astros thing that I got Ross in there that is a trash can with a grouch in it. That basically is mocking the Houston Astros. Liar. Yeah. I mean, it's great. That was from ST Paul Saints, which is my leave. My buddy actually works there up in ST Paul, Minnesota. They really were doing those took only took like 12 months to get the damn thing. We got it, and now it's in the toy collection in in Ross's studio there, so Awesome. What is this? All right, so now I'm allowed to make fun of the bill's not you. Boston, Paul. All right. You know what? Boston Paul. Good for you. I have a story my stack just for you. Sending me email..

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