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Mother Orca Spotted Carrying Dead Calf For 17th Day

News and Perspective with Taylor Van Cise

00:59 min | 5 years ago

Mother Orca Spotted Carrying Dead Calf For 17th Day

"Of our resident killer whale group j. pod were spotted this morning in the. Strait, of Juan too few Komatsu Romero tells us, fisheries experts, from, both the US and Canada are closely, watching the health of two of the female orcas their top priority is three. And a half year old Jay fifty who, was seen swimming with. Her. Mother and socializing with the. Rest of j. pod however Sheila Thornton with fisheries, and oceans, Canada says certainly that no. I have gathered have indicated her condition Deteriorated over the last They need to get close enough to Jay fifty for another health assessment before deciding whether or not to try. And give her medication they're also watching Jay thirty-five who's been carrying her dead calf for more than two weeks for any sign that she might not be taking good enough care of herself I certainly think that link Situation of. Carrying the. Campus is unprecedented, Noah's female orcas in general can go up to four weeks without, food before health may deteriorate.

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