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Monthly Recap - Kobe Bryant, DA's under fire, Arrest for Rough Sex

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Monthly Recap - Kobe Bryant, DA's under fire, Arrest for Rough Sex

"Hey hey everyone and welcome to another episode Captain Hunters podcast The podcast that is dedicated towards helping to bridge the divide between the police and the communities that they serve. Thank you so much for tuning in. Thank you so much for downloading these episodes for sharing liking and subscribing. Please make sure that you continue to do that. No matter what platform that you're listening to these episodes on beat I tuned. Google play spotify spreaker stitcher tune in iheartradio etc et Cetera et CETERA. Please make sure that you're hitting that like button. Don't be afraid to drop a comet. Hit me up. Let me know what to think about the show which you don't like about the show Burma to share with a friend CO worker. Sure with the parent which brother with your sister someone in law enforcement someone outside of law enforcement. Let them know that Captain Captain Hunter is trying to bridge that divide between the police and the communities that they serve. Got a great episode for today. We'll talk about the monthly. Wrap up and talk about some of the items that have been going on around the country that it will affect law enforcement now of course in clearly I cannot and will not attempt to talk about every single episode concerning law enforcement around the country but I think that there are some major stories and some major themes teams and we can take we can really learn about going forward right so no matter where you live at right. We can take these lessons that other people are doing in other parts of the country and tried to implement them within our own law enforcement with our own branch of government within our own As we'll learn about today district attorney's offices etc etc etc.. So just sit back. Relax take a listen and please make sure that you hit that. Like subscribing chair button and here we go so I would be remiss not to talk about the tragic death of Kobe Bryant. Now this is obviously not something that is law enforcement related but also also talk about community issues right and this Death to Kobe. Bryant has really touched a lot of people a lot of different ways in one of the the biggest ways that it has affected people particularly those when the L. A. Area is. Is that some people have been greatly saddened. Obviously right to them. Copy was a hero. Cobi wasn't mentor. Kobe was someone who helped build their own self esteem and and so many other things that people have said very kind words that people have said whether you like him or not. We watched Kobe. Brian grow up over the years right drafted into the NBA at the age of seventeen or eighteen and retired Garon about the age of thirty seven. Thirty eight something like that. So for twenty years we watched this man Grow into a an to an adult. His perspectives change. And all that kind of stuff but you know what has also been very frustrating. Ed At least according to my own opinion who has been very frustrating is the amount of negative attention that he has gotten yes. Kobe Bryant gotten some trouble back in two thousand three With a rape case sexual assault case allegations in in Colorado. He then later settled that case for a public apology. And probably some monetary damages back in two thousand five so in the wake week of his tragic death many people have been bringing that up. You know that he was nothing more than a rapist and Yada Yada Yada so the question that I that I would ask is win. When is someone's past really in their past the things that I've done a forty seven today or Xm forty six forty seven to March twenty twenty? The things are done when I was seventeen eighteen. When am I going to be forgiven for those days? How long am I still that same person? How long are you still that? Saint Person If you're thirty thirty five at thirty are you. That saint person that you were when you were twenty. Are you making those same mistakes Ray. We know that the human brain continues to develop up and doesn't stop developing until about the age twenty five twenty six or so. Kobe Bryant was on a journey just as the rest of us were and this is really tied into what a lot. The people want about criminal justice reform particularly prison reform. Right someone who gets arrested at the age of eighteen or twenty-one sentenced to thirty forty fifty years in jail or even twenty years jail prison ten years later there are twenty one when they get arrested another thirty one. They have the hot the benefit of hindsight in in their radio. They're not the same person that they were when they were twenty one. Now that thirty five and forty one right. You're not the same person you have matured mentally. The question has been asked. Are you that same person in as much of a threat to the public that you were when you were first incarcerated first arrested so this is the problem. This is the difficulty that many people are having and this is the conversation that many people are having when we talk about these types of for incident and so I would put Kobe Bryant into this category. Of course he made mistakes. I'm not going to excuse sexual assault. I'm not going to excuse the in fact people want things to change. In the interim years we've had the METOO movement in Time's up movement I and my own daughter I have a wife I have a mother You okay cousins who are females and I want them to be able to go to work and move about the society freely without the threat of sexual assault or the threat of sexual harassment. I don't think that that's unreasonable. To ask of our society but continuing to hold something against someone for years. After turning two thousand three was seventeen years ago you know sixteen seventeen years ago. That was when this all occurred. So just think about that and not only that but you know we know that the there have been a lot of social media memes. Unfortunately I have not read or seen any of these memes. Maybe it's just the friends that I have on social media who have not who have not posted but I hear that there's a lot of people saying some very nasty very harsh things about Kobe Bryant and I do I I did come across a story about an La East La Teacher Band teacher at that. Who went on for four minute tirade which was recorded by one of his students and class Talking about what made Kobe Bryant. A great basketball player also made him a terrible basketball player. I mean Y.. Go on about that right as a band teacher. I don't know how this man was as a teacher. Could someone say about you that. What made you a great man? Teacher also made you a bad band teacher. What what's the point in the purpose of this? The kids in class are more likely morning. This is there in in high school more than likely. This is one of the heroes that they have grown up with right if you think about a high school student when they probably started watching basketball my generation we watched 'EM MJ. Right Michael Jordan kids. Today you know high school students will still remember Kobe. Bryant in his heyday in as they continue to watch Lebron James. What what what is gained by bashing these people? I talked about before giving people. They're flowers while they can smell them. I think that that's very very important. It makes no sense and maintenance does no good but to bash people in this time of need and I wish that we could all get this and I'm not saying we have to praise him and love him fawn all all over him people were Koby fans you weren't people were la the La Laker fans or you weren't But to Tabasco's man in his death I I think as I think very tack lesson and to do it in a classroom setting where the students are there for to learn about band. And they're they are to You know these kids morning in to step on his man's gray before he's actually even in the grave I think is very is very tactless. There was a Washington Post reporter suspended after she tweeted concerning the once again. Two thousand three rape case against Kobe Bryant. So just is not letting this man rest right. People are hurt by this in his into bring up the pass of bringing the pain and bringing the mistake. Somebody made as terrible well as it was We can even have a debate as to whether it was actually mistake or not but to bring it up you know to tweet about it really just says something more. I think. Think about you as an individual that I think that it says about Kobe Bryant so he apologized for it he went on to to try to do some really positive things helping being other young players and starting schools are or at least some type of preparatory schools and going on to write children's book like I said we're not the same person that any word that time so we've all made mistakes. We've all fallen short of some benchmark that we tried to reach and if we followed you and to the teacher to the Washington Post reporter to anyone anywhere throughout our whole life. Would we be proud of every single decision that we may. Would your parents be proud of every single decision that you made when you on college campuses just because we know about one person's dirt doesn't make our own under in our own backyard any less dirty any less filthy any less egregious so just think about that. So That's enough about that and I and I really hope that I gave you guys but something to really think about so. Let's get into some law enforcement news and what's going on around the country One of the biggest things that has gone on is is a is a step in the right direction. It's well actually call a half of step in the right direction. And that is that attorney. General William Bar Watches a presidential commission on law enforcement right. This is going to be from the Washington Post. He launched a sixteen panel group of individuals mostly from law. Unfortunately they're going to be given nine months to study law enforcement and they're going to study our array of topics that concern law enforcement Some of the topics that that they're going to discuss are the challenges to law enforcement associated with mental illness homelessness substance abuse and other social factors that influence crime and criminal justice justice resources the recruitment hiring training and retention of law enforcement officers including in rural tribal communities refusals by state and local prosecutors. Excuse to enforce laws and prosecute categories of crime. We're going to talk about this a little bit. We're GONNA stick a pin right there for a second gonNA come back to that. The need to promote public confidence and respect for law enforcement in law enforcement officers and the effects of technological innovations on law enforcement in the criminal justice system including the talent is not -tunities percentage by such innovations now. I certainly don't have a problem with most of that. Read the challenges of Mental Health Substance Abuse Homelessness and other social factors. I think that needs to be studied the recruitment hiring training retention and law enforcement officers including rural tribal communities. Obviously I think that's important. We need more officers particularly those color to to be reflective of their communities and environments and there is a national trend Around law enforcement where we can't get people to want to enter into law law enforcement. I think that that needs to be studied in need to be dealt with but We're GONNA come back to these next two points with a breakdown. These next two points in the second year refuses is by state and local prosecutors to enforce laws prosecute categories of crime and the need to promote public confidence in respectful law enforcement and law enforcement officers. I I think that law enforcement concerning that last point that I just read about the public confidence is really. The fault of law enforcement. Law Enforcement has to reach out. We have have to be the ones be the bigger people to reach out to people and be community oriented active in communities visiting churches visiting parks visiting social programs and shooting hoops with kids playing chess with kids going bowling with kids by kids pizzas ending our Halloween candy handing out Turkeys on Thanksgiving doing what we have to do. In order to be more visible within our communities. And until we do that until officers do that they will be seen as an occupying forces and mistrusted force within his world this from the Washington. Post this commission talking about commissioner. William Bar is starting is critical. This commission is critical. Bar said because of the challenges posed by technology as well as a wave of social problems such as homelessness drug addiction mental illness that the men solutions beyond the expertise of police. Why agree with that statement but as gonNA read the secondary? He's employed hardly any people other than police on this commission. If you thinking that substance abuse and mental health and all these social problems require the expertise beyond those of police officers and why the commission the only police officers officers further bar added there have there has been especially as of late a disturbing pattern of cynicism and disrespect shown toward law enforcement. All Americans should should agree that nobody wins when trust breaks down between the police and the communities they serve we need to address this divide totally totally agree. We need to address it. The attorney journal also noted declines in police hiring morale and said it was particularly alarming. The last year more officers died by suicide then any year previously recorded in fact more more officers died by suicide than in the line of duty last year. Something I talked previous episodes. Unfortunately those up so the audio was so bad when I I was in my beginning stages but may not be able to sit through and I know I can't anymore anyway but anyway. I think that it's important that we abbar is addressing. This and I think needs to be addressed this problem. That law enforcement is having right when they're suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and all type of other type of men mental problems It's seen as the frustration in officers are unfortunately coming of cells. The commission established from an executive order. President trump signed signed last year is required to submit a report and recommendations as attorney general by this coming October after that. The attorney general is going to Submit a report. The president within sixty days of him receiving a report from this commission Terry Cunningham more from the Washington Post Terry Cunningham Deputy Executive Director of the ACP ACP that the international associated police in a former police chief said that twenty-first-century task force only focused on policing while the new commission will examine all aspects so criminal justice system and how they interact. He said the fifteen working groups will hearing's panel presentations. Infield visits more from the article. I I don't think our justice system is broken said. Jonathan F Thomson Executive Director of National Sheriff's Association. Clearly Jonathan F Thompson is out of the loop a just a criminal. Justice system is broken. There's problems with it. Well you know what I'll take that maximum broken it's it's it's designed and doing exactly what it was intended to do and that is suppressed poor in mixture of the wealthier. Taking care of we'll get we'll talk a little bit more about this in the second year. But that's but that's exactly what the criminal justice is is designed to do. That's what it's doing and so it's not broken. So he's he's Jonathan Thompson is excellent. Absolutely right but there are certainly elements of it. That needs resuscitation. That's resuscitation right. We need to revive some things in review. This demonstrates that the trump administration's really trying to get its arms Rodney. The issues at a local level a number of observers expressed surprise of the commission is made up entirely of law enforcement members. Ryo talked about this a little a bit before Cedric Alexander. You'll remember him. I had him on the podcast before you have not listened to that episode. Please make sure you go back into listen to the episode with Cedric. Drink Alexander the former president of the National Association of Black Law enforcement executives and a member of the twenty first century taskforce said. He hoped going forward that they would consider incorporating those from the civil rights and human rights community into the platform because they would be able to add valuable insight insight into their mission. Alexander noted that trump's commission does not include any cheese from the nation's largest cities woods. He said often mm face unique policing challenges. It's in the major cities where communities are most challenged with issues of crime and relationship building with the police with social issues. He said it added a few major chiefs would expand Hansi effectiveness of the commission From the commission the largest department that has a representation of their from their chief polices Wichita Kansas. which is the fifty first largest city in nation? They do have police officers from Nashville in Dallas on this commission commission. Kristen Clark President of the Lawyers Committee for civil rights under law said it's unclear whether this group has commissioned who who bring to bear expertise and critical that civil rights issues such as racial disparities when it comes to use of excessive force excessive or deadly force stops and searches in racial profiling. This commission also rises shortly filing polarizing statement from Attorney General Bar suggesting the law enforcement need not protect communities that criticize police Clark said. The commission's agenda is clearly law enforcement driven in glaringly silent an issue that are front and center a community caller. This this kind of one-sided agenda is not likely to produce action items that will address systematic. Racial disparities impacting police. Today Clark noted Than Obama's eleven person taskforce had more diverse group of members with only three from law enforcement to an Obama. Did a twenty first century taskforce. They they had Eleven persons on it in three of them were from law enforcement. Other persons were from other professions. Six of those people where people of Color are trump's commission three of its sixteen members of people who cover. That's enough of that but it's a step in the right direction. I do agree with criticisms that that have been garnered and that is that. There's not enough people of Color. There's none of big city chiefs on the commission. There's only people from law enforcement on the commission so you need to have some mental health workers if you WanNa Address Mental Health and homelessness you gotTa have experts from those communities where willing to chip in and chime in and give their their their expertise. He's so is my hope that these people from those commission front from the Commission will reach out to other experts outside their field of expertise. He's reach out to those who are specializing homelessness and mental health and other social issues Communities of color and reach out to them and say how do we bridge this divide. How yeah we breakdown? This problem address the issues of all these racial disparities and all that kind of stuff. It is a step in the right direction so this is very shocking story and his ties highs in a lot to what has been talked about when attorney general bar talks about the lack of respect in we've talked about the lack of respect and we've talked about about local district attorney's refusing to enforce the laws. Here's exactly what we're GONNA talk about here right. Here's exactly the point of this. This is comes from. ABC News enough enough is enough Saint Louis Circuit Attorney Defense Lawsuit Accusing Racist Conspiracy. So just a little bit of background about this particular story Kim Garner. Who is is the saint? Louis Circuit Attorney filed a federal lawsuit against the city. Anna gets up its policing union stating that all of the She's been getting harassed in that. The Union in the police department is conspiring against her and they don't want her to do her job and they're they're upset about the reforms that she's trying to bring in as a result of that there has been an independent investigator who's been called to monitor her office. And digging through her files silence and this just general forms of Harare of harassment. Now Kim Gardner has been fighting back and she has actually filed this lawsuit claiming Going back to an eighteenth seventy-one law a ruling about the Ku Klux Klan. Act or law. Very very interesting so on this a little bit from ABC News Black elected prosecutors from across the country. Have come to the defense of Saint Louis Circuit Attorney. Kim Gardner saying her federal lawsuit suit against the city and its police using alleging a coordinated racist conspiracy to drive her from office reflects a national trend prosecuted from California. The -Fornia to Baltimore said that similar to garner they've endured smear campaigns by police unions inexperienced a status quo mindset pervasive in local court in government when attempts were made to push through criminal justice reforms. Right so these these elected officials right many's circuit district attorneys have been elected right the will of the people because they running on platforms of police and criminal justice reforms because they are going against the status quo. The police lease union has been fighting it back against them and this is not just something. That's going on in Saint Louis Missouri but this is a national trend in which many of these district attorney's as many of them black African American many of them female and this is the result that's going on Garner told. ABC News in an interview on Tuesday. That lawsuit isn't about her. It's about constituents who want to see criminal justice reform in Saint Louis that could level the playing field for minorities proportionately affected by The current system Garner a registered nurse form of funeral director has managed to implement a diversion program for nonviolent defendants caught up in the justice system due to drug addiction. Her office has also stopped prosecuting people for low level marijuana possession but other reforms propose had been styling including wanting independent dependent investigation. A police involved shooting so this prosecutor wants an independent investigation when police shoot someone in the fighting cutting back on the police. Union has been stopped that they don't want independent investigators looking into when they shoot someone. Think about that. This is not about Kim Gardner. She added this is about certain individuals within these organizations that have gone beyond unprecedented amounts of coordination. To Stop the will of the people I had no choice but to act for the will of the people because they want me to fight for. What is right on Monday Gardner? The first black woman elected as chief prosecutor Saint Louis filed. Wow the federal rights lawsuit against the city in police union alleging she's endured racist and illegal efforts from opponents to block. Reforms meant to benefit minorities ladies. The suit accuses the city amd Police Union of violating the Ku Klux Klan Act of eighteen seventy one designed to combat white supremacy premacy organization. The suit also appears to mark the first time in elected local prosecutor has brought a federal case against police. You for racially motivated. Civil Rights rights violation. The suit claims to take aim at entrenched interests that Garner said had tried to prevent her reforms through a broad range of collusive conduct including the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate her office. The group of six black female prosecutors who and went to Saint Louis on Tuesday to rally support for Garner said that they can relate her struggles to buck the tide in implementing criminal. Justice reform quite candidly. Kim like others. Who stand before you? Today has challenged the status quo in the keepers of the status quo. Don't like that. which is why she's being personally and professionally attacked Baltimore City? State's attorney Maryland. Mosey set a news conference. Every prosecutor here has similar experiences to Kim. Moesby said she endured death threats and protests when our office prosecuted six Baltimore Police Officers after the twenty fifteen death of Freddie Gray. Rachel rollins the Suffolk County District Attorney in Massachusetts whose jurisdiction includes Boston said Garden's reputation is big brother spurts because she dares to try I build a system that is just for everyone not just those with wealth power and privilege remember. I talked about that a little bit before right. People don't want change because it's protecting a certain group the people in because it is exploitative of the minority and poorer class of people Ameris Iowa state's attorney for Orange and no scholar counties in Florida said she and other elected prosecutor supporting Garner in her legal fight represent diversity in the in the profession and we represent diversity. It's the of thought that is neutral criminal justice system despite unprecedented attacks we press on. I said Garda's lawsuit cites data data from the State Attorney General showing African Americans in Missouri are subject to to nearly twice as many traffic stops in arrest as white several races. Social media posts allegedly made Missouri. Police officers are also listened to complain in one. A former police division officer allegedly posted a photograph of of on facebook of an African American police officers standing with two African American demonstrators calling the officer. Captain Hug a thug in a disgrace to the a uniform. Not exactly sure what's racist inherently about that. But that's what they wrote in another lieutenant is is accused of posting. I'm not sure what the Hell is going on in our country. These days are Joe by in authentic Mexican restaurant in town and there are white guys putting on a new roof cutting the grass and doing landscaping manscaping. So I guess white people can't do can't put on roofs cut grass and do landscaping. I guess that's something that's only for Mexican people right. We regulate into certain industries. And that's all you can do for ticketless in another facebook post in Missouri USA wrote according to the lawsuit officer offered to sell L. T. shirt emblazoned with the word. Black lives splatter because blue lives matter. These police officers doing this allegedly the lawsuit also alleges that Saint Louis Police Officers Association has gone out of its way to support. White officers. Accused of perpetrating acts of violence in excessive force against African American citizens including the twenty fourteen shooting of Michael Brown. Additionally the Saint Louis a police officer association paid the bail. Jason Stockley await officer shot and killed African American Motorists Anthony Lamar Smith in twenty eleven according to the lawsuit now now if the that same S. L. P. O.. Egg Saint Saint. Louis Police Officers Association does not pay for the bail of a black officer who's accused of Of shooting someone then they Iran clearly. They are on Garner who sought to launch several police reforms a cooling improving investigations of policemen conduct in Saint Louis received threatening letters to our office that were filled was racial invective in some of the letters Garner was called racial. Slurs and various sexist expletives so that's a little bit what's going on you can read on that. ABC News So. I thought it was very interesting that she chose this eighteen. Seventy one and act. The Ku Klux Klan acknowledge not very familiar with that amount of a lawyer and attorney but just reading a little bit about you know Different various website. Apparently this was a law that was enacted to help to enforce the reconstruction efforts mostly in South Carolina but across the board after the civil war reconstruction goes on black. People are being voted into office. Black people are allowed to vote to becoming normalized naturalized citizens in able to express all of their rights right so they had to pass these laws thirteenth Fourteenth Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution and. What are the laws that helped to enforce? This was this Ku Klux Klan Act which helped to break up the Ku Klux Klan? In any the group that would seek as a group of people with interest in supporting and maintaining white supremacy. So that is essentially what Miss Gardner is a sewing them under. Is that this group right. The Saint Louis Police Association and the city. Her allegations are is that they are seeking in banded together under the white supremacy in order to thwart the efforts of This one black citizen who has the right to WHO's essentially going to impact lies and many other black citizens right every person who under color of statue ordinance regulation custom or usage of any state of territory district of Columbia subjects subjects or causes to be subjected any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to be to the deprivation of any rights privileges or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws. Saab you're liable to the party injured in an action a law suit in equity or any other proper proceeding for redress right so a lot of that is a lot of legal ease. I don't really understand a lot of it. But this is what Miss Connor seeking to do. So I hope the justice prevails and if if it is true that the Right this is only one side door will getting one side of the story and show that the facts will be born out in court but if this is true than You know I hope that. Justice comes for Miss Gardner in for all these other states attorneys district attorney's across the nation who are feeling the brunt of this right. They're from California to Baltimore Down to Florida from two Massachusetts many of these states attorneys feel as if their their efforts towards criminal justice reform of being ordered By those who have a vested interest in keeping the status quo a sad part an sad reality about law enforcement is is that what is it is an institution is a system and unfortunately that system needs to feed upon people. What I what I mean by that prison systems as the union had been supportive of the continued criminalization of marijuana and other drugs? Now you have to think about why these unions would stand behind some kind of policy. He liked that while the more people would because obviously more people need to be arrested so that these people can be housing and car serrated as so therefore the prison officials can continue to have their jobs. Same thing with law enforcement right if you if you stop criminalizing and decriminalize marijuana and other drugs stop prosecuting people for simple possession. Then the arrests go now and therefore what are the police going to do right so this is a this is unfortunately a vicious cycle that that Ms Garner is this is seeking to stop this over criminals. Ation of people minority communities poor people and so a lot of police as officers are fighting back against that because okay if not arresting people for drugs than what are we doing all day right. Why how can we justify numbers? How can we justify our salary? So you want in someone. I hope. That justice prevailed and hope that the truth comes out for her. And how did it sets a precedent for all those prosecutors and other counties talked talked about traffic stops. Some of the things that Miss Gardner was looking into in Saint Louis nother story the cubs from Chicago is the ACLU is asking why minorities are still pull roll over much more than whites right so something that the ACLU is looking into from. The Chicago. Tribune The American Civil Liberties Liberties Union is asking why minorities still pull over much more often than whites. Despite court order reform by City Hall driver's color continued to be stopped at higher percentages. Tis Vander estimated local driving population and they are asked to consent to search more frequently with less. Contraband found Dan. Dan White drivers they were roughly. There were roughly four hundred. Ninety thousand traffic stops Chicago streets last year. More than two hundred thousand Isan than the previous year. According to the data from Illinois Department transportation it was the third consecutive year sharp increases about eighty six percent four hundred twenty one thousand involved minority motorists of those three hundred thousand. Were black that sixty one percent of the total number of people stopped in Chicago Twenty eighteen and even though African Americans are about thirty one percent of the city's two point seven million population near sixty eight thousand and stops involved the white motorists. There is a story. Worry here. Let me give the other side of the of the equations we can understand this Many times in we had to look at this. Are African Americans committing more traffic violations nations. That question has to be asked are recommending more traffic violations. I know that when we had a study in Connecticut concerning the same think I think in my own home city we were found to be stopping. African Americans more unfortunately a lot of times. Here's what's happened Take this for what it's worth and it's the honest to goodness truth. I think that you know by not going to give you some. Bs is that officers are often targeting targeting areas in neighborhoods. Where crime is is happening? It's just a fact it's just the fact that we want that right if there's shootings and gang activity in certain neighborhoods we need to target those neighborhoods in if we can stop op people if we can perform these type of motor vehicle stops and Get people to understand that there is a police presence then that that only worsened in in the favor right and it helps to bring on shootings and everything like that. It's only one of the tactics that can that is used to address a crime in certain neighborhoods and. That's one of the tactics tactic so we had to be very careful about when we asking law enforcement not to stop certain people because they are black and many times. And I'm going to ask you to do this as as you listen to this. Drive down the street and tried to tell What the race is of the person in front of you right Many times you can't you cannot tell many times you cannot tell the race. The person WHO's driving in front of you then people have tend to Windows nowadays and you cannot see into the windows In so many times you don't know but a person who's in front of you. Who runs a stop sign? Who Refuses to who speeds up at the Yellow Line tries to beat that light? That red light Many times you don't know what that rid the races. So that person in so the first thing I'm going to ask is what is the race. What is who is committing more of these types of infractions? Right first thing black I people have to do is stop committing more infraction. I don't know the numbers and Statistics Chicago. But I do know that when we were. We were approached a concerning turning these types of measures that we were able to justify the fact. That what we're doing when we gave the information as to where the crimes were happening where shootings were happening. Where are street-level robberies? Were happening and then we showed that our our enforcement actions and activities were geared towards those particular neighborhoods in those particular areas and so therefore for once again. We were stopping people who are committing infractions. motor-vehicle stops in those areas. And that's what we were doing so that may be exactly. Actually what Chicago was doing. If that is what's going on then I give them my whole heart in full support in what they're doing in that needs to be understood by people right so just because you gotta be very careful when you look at numbers and statistics because there may be reasons behind this. I'm not saying not to look into I'm not saying that the ACLU and other watch groups now look into these matters but there may be a justification for it right there may be a justification for what's going on so you can read more about that and the a Chicago Tribune namely articles as traffic stops by Chicago. POLICE SPIKE ACU ask. Why minorities are still pulled all over much more than whites sticking with Chicago just for a minute here? This was a story I think from December but I'll mention it again here again is that they the new interim police chief that they have has decreased the or eliminated the merit system for promotions things. And I think that that's very key when we talk about police corruption when we talk about why police officers playing drugs on people while they are selling drugs and trying to boost up their numbers burson trying to increase their arrests. What the question is why a lot of times they doing that? Well the merit system is essentially. Someone's going up for promotion if Chicago has some type of A testing process I e a written test in on maybe some type of oral board presentation Then maybe another component of the testing process is merit test right. So how many arrests do you get. How many drugs are you getting off the street? How many guns are you able to find? How many arrests how? How many tickets? How many citations and so therefore officers are judged by that? Maybe you want a promotion. Maybe obser- once a promotion. Maybe they're they want a special assignment to work with the DA or joint some type of narcotics or gun task force and so they have they want to show that they have that ability to find drugs to get drugs off the street To make these arrests and things like that by taking away this merit system you take away the incentive for officers to Plant ain't drugs on people because they're not trying to boost numbers you take away the officers and center for arresting people because you take away the incentive to do that right so maybe they've implemented something. More strict is now more of a academics right. So now it's how well you perform on these tests right written and oral Zo. So so I think that's a very important very very important and very good on their part. So that's just finish up here. California polices another store. That's going around and country where many people I think. Even Chicago had a problem with this one time as well. California police are false. Labeling people as gang members it's part of a bigger crisis if they label people as gang members right and most of them obviously minority people labeling them as gang members get harsher sentencing guidelines mostly mostly the consequences of this this are harsher sentencing guidelines. But once you get labeled as a gang member right it's hard to get your name off of this list right. You're labeled as a young kid and if you're caught in the wrong place at the wrong take time to unranked. Probably doing the wrong thing. Then a you got this label on you as a gang member right urine database. And now they're going to treat you a different way right and so it's easy to get on. This is gang member less right. Maybe if you're seen hanging with these people or weren't certain color walking on the street You know the the getting onto this list can be very easy getting your name offer. This list is incredibly incredibly difficult. So so that's something we can keep an eye on but but this comes from the intelligence or in Y MAG DOT COM California. Police are falsely lamey people's gang members. It's part of a bigger crisis this right so again you have to watch out for people who have their own vested interest at this do other incentives for officers to find more gang members. Numbers right if you if you got to go out there and get us more gang members and do your job and get more drugs off the street if you can't find them legally right or now. You can't find people actually doing what they're doing doing so now you just. I saw you know a well. Known Gang member He's eating lunch with his nephew. And I'm GonNa Label that nephew as a gang member. Well that's unfair to the nephew. afew right is he actually been seen committing gang crimes. I'm putting up quotations there right Zeke's been seeing committing gang crimes and all that kind of stuff so you have to be very very very cautious about who is being placed on this. We understand that. There's been some GonNa be some reforms concerning going on in Mississippi. Mississippi's had some riots. At least ten people at last report that I heard had been killed one of them has died by suicide. The new incoming governor down there Mississippi has promised reforms. Apparently he's taken a tour of the prisons down there and called the conditions that the people down they're living in terrible So there he's promised to crack down on a corrupt. CEO's right corrections officers cut down on the cell phones. How these inmates are getting cell phones? As most obviously through the corrections Wrexham's officers bringing them in they made the crutches officers may have gang ties themselves have been given kickbacks and things like that this is a story that's going to be going on and growing on So fortunately people like Jay Z and others filing lawsuits on their behalf. And just trying to bring some some some sense to this insanity because it's crazy that this is going on right in. I think one of the reasons that I'm GONNA say cynically is one of the reasons that they don't want the cellphones in there because Some of the videos videos and pictures were getting out and they obviously they don't want the pictures and videos getting out but let's take a more positive respect and say that one of the reasons that the governor's governor is giving for one of the crackdown on the cell phones. Of course I threw that they're about about the pictures getting out of the public but one of the reasons is that there's there's the governor's claiming that this is how they're the prison inmates are coordinating attacks and things like that. So which is why which is value which is Completely possible. But you know I don't. I don't doubt that also you got to make sure that the officers in the good. CEO's corrected officers and inmates in whatever are safe so that's fine so the last story I want to talk about today is the story. The comes from rare in the name of the story is a man calls cops and grow phone for being too rough during sex on believable. If you go to that story right you can read it You you can look at a mugshot out of this Lady just in hears it from the article. Just look at this Mugshot I love it. Does this really look like a person who could do damage. No it doesn't but apparently apparently this evil evil woman did so much show. She was arrested twenty four year old. Kristen Paris was booked in Davidson County. Jail after her boyfriend Taylor. Hayes called police when he when she got too rough with him during sex believable. Can you imagine how the call your mom from jail singer arrested. We're having a wild night of passionate sex. According to authorities Metro Nashville police were dispatched to Hayes apartment on January first for domestic assault call. Hey told police that. His girlfriend began to bite scratching during sex and there was way beyond the scope of their normal intimacy. Hey show police to bite marks one in his arm and one along is back with several scratch marks to his back. DOC UNREAL UNREAL. I'm not even GonNa read the rest of that story just ridiculous. You got to call the police over. That and a police arrested her. Jeez I get domestic violence. In many cases in circumstances many states have taken leave the authority away from the complainant and from the police right. We we no longer have discretion to make arrests. You have to make an arrest. And so here's here's what we here's what we're left with. This guy calls the cops on his girlfriend because he scratched up his back and was biting him during sex In so the police found owned by laws handcuffed can make any kind of discretionary Decisions to have the party separate from the night or anything like that to go their own ways as has to make an arrest. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying and I actually agree. With much of the case case laws Much of the decisions by the courts that in court and the legislature who have said that the police should not be able to have discretion in actual domestic violence cases. Right one one person is mad at the other one in you making an you're doing threatening behavior and physical violence but here's a case of sacks so cooler heads have to prevail in all's Consta- but so I just audrey leave you with a little bit of Levity the Anat thank you very much for tuning into capital hunters podcast. If you have any stories make sure that she's send them to me so I can read them through the month. Still got a lot of great episode coming up a lot of great interviews bets it much love and much peace.

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