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"ms carroll" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"ms carroll" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Well, you know, I open with her, and it's not exactly clear what her strategy is going to be beyond filing at some point soon, a brief That will I imagine substantially pushback against this argument and try to have the case moved back to State court. And it's possible that the judge in the case could simply they note. I don't accept this. It's likely that that decision could be appealed. But at any rate, Ms Carroll's lawyer try to get this tape back to state court on a fast track for discovery that's been sold for months because of President Trump. Various court maneuver. And, of course, what? They're really looking to get here. What Carol legal team really wants here. The DNA sample from the president. They made that clear months ago in court filings, state court that Miss Carol had saved the dress and the tune that she wore during this alleged attack all these years that they have DNA samples from the item. And they want to compare them to the president's DNA, so that's one thing that they're going to attempt to get. But that's what I think the big fight will be over and also the position of the president. And other people involved with the people that Carol told at the time, So they want all this to start moving forward as quickly as possible. And of course, the president would love to slow this all down and get it thrown out, especially with the election coming up. So tell us about Judge Lewis Kaplan, the federal judge who is going to be hearing this case. He is the chief judge there at the Southern District of New York. He was appointed to the bench in 1994 by Bill Clinton. Uh, he has worked on quite a few big cases there and FBN Why not? It's not a lot of huge political cases, but certainly big cases. I'm involving terrorists. White collar crime, things like that legal experts that you've talked to are they skeptical that the Justice Department will be able to intervene here and that, you know, the judge will say that the president was acting in his official capacity when he denied these personal statements. Yeah, there is skepticism here. I think that a lot of people were putting the pride president trouble come up with a lot of sort of novel, surprising legal argument in all the various cases. He's been involved in over the past several years. So surprising moves like this are not uncommon. But even so, that this particular one thing to surprise a lot of people because as much as attorney general bar might say otherwise. It does seem to be an unusual use of this. A law that would protect federal employees from litigation going back to the argument the analogy a maid earlier with IRS auditor being sued or something like that. Would the government with the IRS want to step in and be a defendant for that employ that employees had been accused of, uh, sexual assault and destination. You know, it's unclear. I don't I don't know for sure that there hasn't been a case like that. But But the legal experts seem to be pretty surprising a bit dubious about it, and I think that's probably the biggest sign that it's an unusual move. Is that Nick Carroll's lawyer, Robbie Kaplan, was so surprised by it and taken off guard because she would have unsure anticipated. You know any any move by the president that would have been A little bit more standard. And also, if this is the case, then why didn't the Justice Department's steppin Way back when the suit was filed? Why was his personal attorney defending it all this time? It doesn't really make much sense. Well, that's a very good point. I I don't know what to say on that position of defense suit. I just wanted to point out that it's it just seems odd. The timing seems odd that the timing is surprising. And, of course..

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