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"mrs. johnson miss johnson" Discussed on Five four two and the Blue

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"mrs. johnson miss johnson" Discussed on Five four two and the Blue

"She told her friend after the argument that she would find her own way home. A faded gray vehicle of some sort had followed them. Or was behind them and investigators said that Johnson either. Voluntarily got into the vehicle or was forced inside by driver. The girlfriend continued and somehow was able to drive home on that flat tire. But. That was the last time that Johnson was seen alive. Now after investigation. A suspect was developed. Daniel Wilson was taken into custody Anna DNA collection was completed with a search warrant. Akron police submitted the sample with a DNA sample collected from the victim from the autopsy. Now this was the beginning of the wait for lab results in this particular homicide. DNA test on suspects at that time could typically. Could typically take up to a year to get the results back? And I can attest to that as having worked in the early nineties in sexual assault investigations. Most of the state labs including state on North Carolina would not take a DNA test unless you had both suspect and victim to compare to. The main reason for that. I'm sure was because the. Developing database of DNA suspects the DNA of suspects hadn't really been done yet. Now results the DNA. Comparison tests were the key to whether Akron detectives. Mr Daniel Wilson with killing. AKRONS chief of detectives told the newspapers in Nineteen ninety-one that investigators. Won't have any good suspects in the killing. If. The DNA test does not link Wilson to the case. To quote? A major in detective unit our case win rise or false with this DNA test. Wilson is our only good suspect. If it is not him, we are back to square one. Now, what brought their attention to? Wilson was the fact that the crime was similar to a killing that Wilson was accused of committing previously. Wilson had been accused of murdering a woman. There's body was found in her burning car. Wilson at the age of twenty, one was arrested by the police in Ohio on May nine for the killing of a Carol Lutts. Twenty four years old, he was charged with aggravated murder and that investigation. In an attempt to link Wilson to Johnson's death. While he awaited trial for the killing of Lutts, semen was taken from Johnson's body during the autopsy was compared with a blood sample taken from Wilson to see whether the DNA genetic material matched. Now this request in nineteen, ninety one was just one over. Thousand, requests, for DNA test to be done in over a thousand rooms, such request police agencies in the United States with the FBI scientific analysis section in Washington DC. Now at that time because of the test complexity. And the fact that only ten analysts were trained and certified. To, testify in court to DNA comparisons, it can take up to six months before the F., B. I. Sends a final report to local police on on this was according to the FBI in a media interview at the time. Let's was found in the trunk of her burning car. Wilson admitted killing her. But. Did Deny any involvement in any other deaths including Mrs. Johnson Miss Johnson's death. Wilson's attorney denied that the Stan statements made by his client were actually confessions in the Lutts homocide, but simply a misunderstanding between the investigators and his client..

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