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"mrs tiffany" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

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"mrs tiffany" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"And i will be right back. Alright muscle hearing that's really really triggering. I was worried that we would be here without h. Oh just wondering what would happen. And so no rob i. I imagine what they did is. They separated everyone and they had them whisper into their microphone. What number they wanted and then they got back. Okay you you. Don't you just tell us the number you want stand on. Yeah derrick ax. You need to pick a new number this person. You need to pick your number. And then they kept going until they had a everything Yeah should kyle and have pick thirty taryn for his thirtieth birthday Clearly not the one he picks was was was working. Yeah this was tense. Because it looked like we had elissa at fifteen hits the shot. Okay then brent at sixteen hits the shot okay. This is easy. Everybody's gonna hit their shot. Then all of a sudden hannah at seventeen mrs asa at eighteen. Mrs exhibitor nineteen mrs christian. That mrs tiffany. Twenty-one mrs whitney twenty two mrs clair's were there missed god brenston. Rent's gonna win this thing. And then thailand like basically takes like hockey shot and just Goes like right in boom. Julie says it was good there no shop and that's exactly what i mean to like. If you're one behind kyle and like a high twenty number a then you still the chances of just one other person also getting it in after you. You just made a difficult shot only to be outshot anyway. So i said go for the tough one but man was this beautiful i was. I was watching. This live. And i was i saw brent. Go get it in and the person after person..

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