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"mrs thompson gale" Discussed on Yesteryear Old Time Radio

"Judge. I like good family. Names took her to look through the wreckage. You knows more about the family than anybody being my God by. I hope he's a have you if every I'll weighing my and he's in Good Morning Beautiful Day. What brings you to my legal layer. This fine morning's yeah I I want you to get out our family tree. Why can't you remember which rancher slinging from Brazil right now? I'm looking for suitable family. Names for my twin splendid idea. I had all the family records in the let me see if I can remember the combination written down someplace away. I turning with nine six to make read. It then opened the door. Ooh My goodness sounds. Like inner sanctum. I should be able to put my hand right what I say. I wouldn't put my hand in there for the love and money judge. Why do you have a shoebox in your yourself that contains my big bog from the house? Dog Yeah wrote hundred more and I get a folding Marie. Hush that's a lot of figs judge like him documents here. Something what jumped out a mouse. Now know that's my Kerr. They were cut off know golden mouse colored curls ARRIAGA seven generations of names for you to pick round. Thank you judge. I WanNa take this along the module at the hospital. We'll find a couple of suitable names for the twin. You mean you're naming both of them for your side of the family guilty not judge. What about the father's family Mr and Mrs Thompson Rooster tablets so absent minded? He can remember his own name and say what about Mrs Johnson. I know Mrs Thompson Gale. She won't stand idly by while you name her grandchildren. That's right judge but before she knows what's going on margin. I'll pick out to find. Nate easier said than done judge. You just lock your safe before. Somebody steals your curl..

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