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"mrs sarah huckabee sanders" Discussed on WDRC

"Want to email it's talk at Lars Larson dot com. One of the one of the jobs that I have the most admiration for is the person who has to represent or gets the pleasure of representing, depending on how the day is going that day. The president of the United States and over the years I've known a few of them, but one of them That I've never met in person, but I really admired the way she handled the job is Sarah Huckabee Sanders Mrs Sarah Huckabee. Sanders, formerly of the White House, and her new book is called speaking for myself, Faith, Freedom and the Fight of our Lives Inside the Trump, White House, Mrs Sanders or Sarah, Welcome back. Welcome to the program. Thank you so much for having me. It's great to be with you. And I appreciate you taking the time for us to have a little visit. Well, before we talk about the book, What was it like doing this from 17 2017 to 2019 and being on the hot seat or hot podium every single day. You know, there were certainly difficult days and days that had some pretty big challenges in front of them. But all in all, I actually love my job I loved Working for President Trump. I liked the colleagues and the people that I got to work with, and I think we were able to accomplish a lot both in my 2.5 years at the White House and watching the president continued to build on that. His full four years and some really proud to have served in the administration and the work that we did. Now let me ask you this so in previous administrations, and I've watched a lot of presidential briefings those briefings Only became. I think, with the advent of cable television, they became something that got actually covered and transmitted out the American public Before that period of time, reporters would go there. Ask questions. It wasn't live on television on a routine basis, but it but it became live and maybe a couple of decades ago. And you have to stand up behind that podium and be prepared to answer just about anything that may come up and you have a kind of a hostile room full of reporters unless you want to describe them otherwise. No, I think that's a pretty accurate description of some other words, but if I used those would probably get me in trouble with Well, what was that, like knowing that you have to be able to stand up there and whatever they bring up and probably some uncomfortable subjects, even subjects where when you sat down with the president, you said, Mr President, they're going to want to know your answer on X wires, E and he you would have to be capable of of accurately describing his position because then if he says something different, the press these days will have a field day with that well, Sarah said this, but Donald Trump said this two hours later at a public event. That has to be a tough a tough spot to be in it. I think the best way T describe. It is kind of like walking a tight rope is high as you can get it with no net underneath you. So you know that your words are being picked apart at every turn. You have to be extremely careful. You also want to make sure you're providing good information to the American people getting the president's message out there while at the same time, you know, not crashing the economy or starting a war with another country or losing your job because you missed So there's always a life on the line when you step into the ribs, and that's why it was such an honor to have that position that the president had confidence in me to carry his message to the world for the better part of two years and again. I love doing it, but it was certainly came with a lot of stress. Onda lot of challenges to live up to the expectation of delivering for the president of the United States. I'm talking to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, whose Ah book most recent book, The Brand, New One is speaking for myself, Faith, Freedom and the Fight of our Lives Inside the Trump White House. Well, let me ask you about that, but I know you can't probably talk about some conversations you've had with the president. But was there ever a single day where you came off the podium, went back into your office and then got a call into the Oval. Some other part of the White House to be told by the president. You didn't accurately characterized what I was what I was trying to get across I occasionally there There may be an answer that the president Prefered me say it a different way or answer differently. That of course happened because when you're speaking on someone else's behalf, you're never going to be perfectly in sync. As much as I've spent time with the president was very close. There were gonna be moments where he would have said it in a different way. But by and large, the president was very happy with the job that I did regularly praised me for those moments. And I write about quite a few of those times in the book of the president, loving the back and for loving when I was tough and fought back on his behalf, so Good certainly far outweighed the moments where I think you would have preferred if I said something a little bit differently. A CZ you left the White House. The president described Sarah Huckabee Sanders, as irreplaceable. A warrior and a very special person with extraordinary talents has done an incredible job. Now we're used to politicians saying polite things even when they might choose to say otherwise. But I think the president there This president has been very honest with the American public, and I've always told my audience I support Donald Trump did when he was one of the I think he was down to 12. By the time I did my endorsement of him as a number for the nomination, and then I endorsed him for election and I also always told my audience I would tell them if I disagreed with him and I have disagreed with him from time to time. Were there times where you had to say to the president. Mr President. I'm your professional communicator. I think we should say it this way. Absolutely. And there were moments where he listened in moments where he didn't. But at the end of the day, you know, And one thing I remind people is that in that role as the press secretary, no one had elected me to anything. They had elected Donald Trump because they believed in him and his message in his agenda, and my job was to communicate. His message in his agenda to the rest of the country..

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