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Bud Light Trail | Jrod Pod Ep. 36 w/Nick Toupin


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Bud Light Trail | Jrod Pod Ep. 36 w/Nick Toupin

"Can this come out of there. I'm outta here and going to their I'm now now. What is all this like. This is like the little round. I don't know but it just doesn't look like some like. Hey can you talk into our ladies and gentlemen and we are back and welcome back to another exciting episode of rod. But today we have a very exciting guest and very dear old friend of mine. Mr nick toop and give it up nikki. Sometimes they call him. Mr mr nikki with the big d. e. john of course man so what's going on brother not much just living the dream yet. Msu right. i did in the spring this past spring and in the real world working for a company called belfour as a staff accountant. A finance major though so and the after quarantine for the whole summer kind of got back into the swing of things. I was able to land a job. So that's where i'm at. I don't because there's a lot of people right now. They're just fucking jobs. You know what i'm saying dude. Oh yeah and like no like. There's no question about that. So many people are struggling to find a job lost job. Yeah like how many places you apply to for your get back in march. When i was still in school. I did some applications for i want to say like eight to twelve i submitted when i had fifteen potential places i wanted to apply to But they weren't all necessarily places that i really wanted to work. It was more so. I just i needed to get my resume and name out there and see what i could get And one. I didn't even apply to bell for that time because i had international for the summer before so they told me to approach them after. I graduated which i did. But because of the Circumstances with the economy and the corona virus. They said they weren't gonna hire me. So i thought that was kind of maybe out of picture at least for the moment and then later on the summer they approached me and this side if i could start or if i wanted to start i could and i said how great as soon as possible so haram so i had to wait a while but i mean paid off so that's a great job great company great culture Happy to be there so hell yeah dude kind of weird just being in the world now you know always thinking as a kid growing up like what am i going to be doing. Obviously i don't plan do this for the rest of my life but it's a great star. Don't work here for at least a couple of years and be happy in michigan. And i mean that sounds fucking sick and the fact that you were able to even get a job like so. Many people are losing their jobs. You know who you know. It's funny you know You know roy. Spencer so for many people that don't know roy is very intelligent man super smart and did you know he speaks chinese. Yeah yeah you know the guys just insane. And so shallow to roy spencer shadow mr roy over sure. Be listening to this and So anyways knicks are really intelligent due to and so it's just like it's dope because these are probably the only you know aside from. I guess you know the few times. I've i have had guests. You know it's normally just me talking to the camera so it's just great to get these high quality guests on you know what i'm talking about the of course men so you know men nick. We've known each other since we were like you know how old i don't even young as i can feel like i can remember even though that's not probably true but i feel like that you've been a part of my life for my whole life. Basically it was probably. When were you know before elementary school. When we started to play soccer together a little bit novi how parks and rec danny booed it. Oh my god. I have this kid on our team. What was our team's name. I don't some silly name like probably like the thunder something or cowboy was. I think that could andrew was the coach. Yeah and then there is. Danny yes danny. If you guys have ever played like you know just any form of soccer yours know that there's that one parent that normally look exactly like what you'd expect them to look like you know in terms of like should burly like just super gross. Yeah what they're like their mannerisms toward the game. Hear them when you're playing you look over and they're exactly what you think they would look like arms crossed sunglasses like danny kind of chubby kid. He was really chubby actually and he was on our team and he used to boot the ball. I mean batch it. Yeah like toby and everything dude used to have a really hard kicked though like our shot like i remember thinking that didn't put it over wide dairy but we all we all fucking did that. You know we gotta remember less than a lot of people. Danny to- bash. Because he playing defense the bruiser on defense and just down the field go flying over overheads and at the time we were so young. Couldn't see a ball or you'd you'd never see ball like flying far faster i it was just funny. Boy is running around. So roy before he was a aristocrat you know he used to be pretty rough he used to be talking. He grinder her down yet and one time he kicks up. Kick the shit out of that kid on the at one time. Yeah many times. And oh my gosh man. We've talked about rajon here to mr roger. Mr roger is the opposite. I would say from the known. Mr roger from television show yet. So nick actually move next to me right. How how On galway their way. What like my dad moved into the house that was next year but there is a lot in between and the lot had basically a tiny forest in you would say and you're already traumatized from that forest traumatize absolutely traumatized the witch. His mom and dad one. Okay let me start over. I swear probably the first time. I was sleeping over your house as a kid in second grade. And like whitey tidies to bed and oh yeah like making a big camp on the ground nintendo. ds play pokemon. and all the good stuff so earlier. That day. Mr ed regis took john to the park at ford field downtown north and he was showing us these weird engravings on the wooden structure that it was basically just a bunch of like tally marks is how many times the witch of norville has grabbed a kid or whatever just messing that part and then later that night he said we're gonna go visit the witch in their backyard and we went out there and we're walking this little path there's multiple paths that went through the empty lot that was in between my how my future house and johnny's house now in this latter these paths and they mr is referred to these pass later on in life as the bud light trail but that night and second grade were walking up the path and miss rods got his big flashlight janis. I think i'm right next johnny. All snug in their behind minister and rigas and he were walking out walking up the bubble a trail. Skin thicker and denser. Dark really dark about how this time. Halloween exactly rate around this time and he was look at this moment. I look back janis. Dardenne back to the house on just gone. My mom screamed. And i look up. And that's the big lake evergreen trees that weren't like pokey pine trees there kind of other big hugh right and she most. It was switch costume. Mrs rodriguez john And screens and i was terrified and scared the fucking shit out of me and i'll never forget it. Yeah gosh. I remember running back at that point and team. Jani ardila in the house. And i'm sprinting. From when i was so scared. Mrs rodriguez a mystery felt so bad because i was actually like really afraid i mean i was young but it was crazy. It was like some. They tried to like surprised on like little like happy. Tv show called the pond to make me feel better. I just could not about so scared me home tonight. So yeah. That was the witch story in sleepover at my best friend's house. That's and that's how we do it at the rodriguez. We're not scaring the shit. What are you doing you know but yeah man so i think even those those my parents doing that and stuff like i can't believe your parents weren't like piss. I think like at that point like they're already close friends because of us playing soccer for awhile and just like weird little boy as it didn't that they thought i would be so afraid. Probably it's okay. I mean gosh man and the reason it was coined the bud light trail is because my dad and his dad used to like go. You know go back and forth. My dad would be having a bonfire or something and they're just get fucking toasted. Hey come on over. that'd be grab your beers will head on over to go one way or the other. Yeah that was fun. When i moved there i think as sophomores off maria we would get off the bus like back then to like. You know i as you go through life you start to realize weird personality traits that you had in the past or you have now and i feel like one of those personality traits that i you know realize i had in the past was most well. I what was that thing that you and they used to say like like i get super mad or something used to get super pissed off. Basically there was a me. Johnny and my older sister emily tuban would hang out all the time because she was. Yeah she i mean she was around and we're always hanging out and it was just as we would like a phase like i don't even know how long was two three six months where every night there is either argument between johnny or abberley. Emily johnny the stupidest shit or you or me or like literally it just this argument triangle. But we are all such good friends. we're always hanging out and doing stuff like over at our houses and whatever. Yeah that definitely brought us closer for sure. Like yeah like since he lives so close to me. I feel like brought us like like. I don't know because we already like best friends. Awesome any other but also things like that. That would happen. I shouldn't have to. I mean but yeah dude. I mean the. The pros outweigh the cons for sure. Oh yeah the kinds. Were me getting all upset but like did like when i was younger like even younger than that i used to like this is so weird and militias but with my sister. I used to like really young elementary school when my parents would leave the room. I'd look at her like this. This style and then i would just start attacking her because she would be laughing at first. But then i thought it was funny i thought like oh ha and so then like i started doing it more and then when she started getting mad it would make me mad that she was getting like really beating on. Yeah it was just. It was really weird really weird. Yeah that's definitely something that's funny. It's like that's how that's how it was. You know what you did. You really look. We're all weird. Yeah just sick dude. I'm sick faulk. I remember like coming over your house in high school when once. You got your dog morgan. We would hang out in your basement all the time. And when i would walk in the door i would be greeted by morgan running at me barking trying to attack me now if the sprint to the basement shut. The door laughed. That would have to get out the house before more could get me because she was coming for blood anyone that very good guard dog. Yeah aided me for some reason but the thing is there. She was like she you could. I mean i could get hurt nice and friendly like eventually but she did not like me out initial site but it put it. That does she. I think i don't know like whenever there's thunderstorms and shit. Show run downstairs hop because her back legs were paralyzed for a little bit And so we used to have to carry her around with a big. What do you call. Those things slain. Yeah back legs dragging her around hop like she run. This mom calls her. Miss hardly hobbes. Yeah but yet it so you know and then moving forward in our in our timeline of us being friends like in middle school. Were you part of the group that got detention for smith and then i was dumb now. June showed god in. The office is so funny that there's just the meeting of all of us sitting in there. And i just remember being like this is ridiculous. Yeah it was. It was. Sean smith sean. Smith was there. Oh man i hope. Sean smith listen to this for some reason. I think shawn's man's but the thing i always think about is i remember. He used to play for rush right But it wasn't on our team. And i remember seeing him at lake practices or like i remember friday. Berlin dragon brennan. Yup and he. And i remember sean houston state. Look like you just drink red kool but it wasn't. I think it was from chap lips. The norm talking about and this is the thing you notice like thing. I always noticed when i was younger and like in school when a kid would have dislike. It looked so weird. I remember thinking. Remember him off the top of my head from him being younger i what i remember most about him was being really close with him and like mike manic and mason williams and seventh grade. Mrs kelly's we're all. We had tana class middle. School knows blast. Hillside was a blast of a sofa. So fun and like. I don't mean that in a malicious way. Like when i say that i just mean like it's like that's not what i think of when i took a shot sooner but it's just like one of those things that you know how when you sometimes the there's one thing that you just associate with someone for some reason that is the one thing i always think of when i think of him. Which is weird. Do have that like life that feeling with anyone feeling but just memory something. Random like someone you know. It's on. I think of our june. Yeah like i obviously. I was like so close with like one of my best friends in high school like super close but like i've met him initially like through soccer concerns and i just remember he would always like like he wasn't the fastest on the field yet. Good foot skills and he would lefty and he's just kind of like hanging around and just kind of do some moves. And i just remember like like. It was almost like later on in highschool. I forgot that he played soccer but he had those injuries surgery in that messed up his leg injury from soccer right and yeah that was really really bad like really nasty knee injury which unfortunately i don't think he could play after that he's always had such a great sense of humor to that like even when it happened used to be. Oh of course yeah. It's hilarious yea dude and what you remember about him. What's the i remember. I mean nothing. Like weird trait wise about him. I mean i remember when we all had our flow or hair you ju- cbj connor johnston. Then we cut her hair on the same day. What the hell dude like. Never too short for high school is great. Yeah dude i mean there's definitely you know definitely high schools high school soccer west weapon a high school soccer practices and just high school in general and the dire and used to have drive me around because during this time in high school i had gotten a little bit of trouble but it was a nice reality check. You know earlier sophomore year. I have my dart. Yeah me too now. I had the fusion. Before that emily's car that i drove to screw do you remember johnny. Remember It was jada bray bandres senior year graydon last as their grades last day of school. And we mean you. Ian elliot all left when they got get called out early. You know how they get. Leave earlier go out and gotten that blue fusion and we bump music bump in tunes and we're almost to the or almost like out of the main parking lot close to like the light where you can tell. We're not where it's only line of cars like fifteen cars because everyone was trying to get out early and all seniors at the time. We were a little sophomores and used to have like. I remember one of the principles of women at the time. Who was still there when we graduated Brown hair was walk in like waving to everyone graduations and she gets rate up to our car notice and i saw. I thought we so i thought you were talking about the time you. Didn't you draw boston past one of those parking people Probably like that's because like you know. I'm talking about that one time in like we used leave school a lot high school. I mean we use like. I remember one time. I don't know who was my trunk. Because i was like signed out related. Yeah i mean we would all meet up and just do some stuff. Yeah you know. I mean i wonder if you can do that. I don't think. I mean i'm sure you can. I just think there are a lot more strict on like if you do. Yeah we definitely came out of a time in highschool for people in high school where like even a middle school like not every like when we were first six seventh grade. Everyone had iphones even eighth grade. I didn't having. That wasn't what you're what you're saying. I remember all they used to do is kind of like us radios and stuff normal high school to kinda radio in and out who was all down early Being able to leave at one point. I mean freshman and sophomore year. They didn't even have people guarding the exit. So the high school. You could just get in your car and leave for lunch on the doors. Were just on active so weird and it was. Mr watson was a principal and he was awesome. I mean mr kasich was obviously super awesome as well but they definitely when they came in the end forced more of a complex system to sign in and out of school. Cause i think it was when caskey was there mr shell that we that blu ray by someone. Yeah yeah i remember. I'll never forget them like running us just so life. Sorry man what car. I don't remember either. But how do. I missed the dark days. Dude back back. In the. W kyle jake darts i remember. We are driving out to rochester. For a preseason soccer scrimmage like the day. We'd go scrimmage like three teams in rochester rochester adams and stoney creek. And we're all women. Be jake and kyle just chain smoking just chain smoking. But we're all out on six ninety six tigra. You know that whole route to get out the rochester. We were just. Don't pretty fast us pretty far from us. Forty five minutes. What a great drive. Couldn't you see the silverdome from there. Yeah because you know. There's no easy way to get from like novi. Northville northolt out to rochester. No direct way getting back into the until like the palace early. Dt energy for concerts and high school. And we'd always ticket party bus and get out. There was always like it was nice for the party bus because it took a while. But yeah you know number. One of our buddies through dr a v out the window. Who's not one of our buddies. They were on a party bus when the older group bouquets. Yeah they did. And then they got socially and mid and palace. That's a mistake. That many kids make i would say because i not many kids. But you know if you're just being ignorant like i made it a driving with elliot wants to espn's through vitamin water bottle. Out of our idiot sucks but like you know that made me. Never let her do it again. Yeah i try not to let all that's like my fears like obviously i don't wanna litter littering but i never never want to get in trouble for it so i just i can win. Yeah for real. that's bullshit. I don't like peanut such an easy thing to. That's why my car became filled with junk. And you gotta keep up with yeah dude like and did you know that it's bad for you to drink water bottles. That have been your car for mel. I learned that to like within the past two years. Yeah definitely it didn't know that pre college which is pretty far. What do you think what happened. What do you think. I don't know might just be some something not to go to like. I don't know like that's the stuff like i don't know make you sick. Is it going to give you like a disease is going to give you cancer. Like i don't fucking now let me ask you. That's exactly where. I wanna go like make sure like i'm completely healthy from top to bottom you like you know what i mean like in the real world like i might as well do and it's like i feel fine completely normal. You know just like you just hear things and stories in running nonstop should fucking i know do especially now right now like there's so much shit going on you know the virus. Yeah like i have asthma like i. Don't i contracted the virus. I don't think unless. I mason dramatic and got lucky but i just can't imagine that being the case but i mean there was one time when i was kind of close. I wouldn't even say kind of close to getting camping. Daily mccarthy dan we he had been kind of exposed through through like when he might he might. I was camping with him and the week before he was with some people and may have there may have been an exposure. I think it just made us tweak and we had to get a task but we were both naked and find just like socks set like little things like that. Couldn't give it to you. But like who knows like i mean i. I didn't have an. I hope i don't get it because it's kind of surging again seriously. I don't know. I just feel like you know young people. Are there totally fine when they do get an but then you hear. The stories of people with asthma on people would like pre existing conditions really. Messes them up. And i don't know like. I almost want to get it so i can have really immune to it and be fine. I'm not sure if. I was super sick once and you know i was super sick and then after a week i felt fine but you know i never went to the doctor and i went to disneyworld for this past spring break and they closed down because of the coronavirus the following week after we were there and there was reported tons of cases. There and they're been their sheila felt kind of like kind of like not like what the total symptoms of corona virus. She didn't have like a fever or anything. Like a sore throat was waking up feeling like pretty shitty and she was taking ibuprofen like sticking through it and getting through which is super impressed with but who knows maybe that was it a little bit. I don't know. I never felt anything i never. I was super impressment lakes. Fuck and like thinking back on it now like right. That must've sucked and she was. You're lucky you didn't get it though. I mean i don't even like but yeah so she could. I don't. I don't know because i feel like if she did. Get it at disney. She wouldn't have felt sick for the next week and then she was signed the next week. I'd like we don't know what it was. How long it takes like a week. I think it takes. I don't know i. I've heard so many things i mean. There's there is a set number of days. I'm pretty sure if you get it. You might feel symptoms within like three to six days. Right right oh man. I think you're contagious. Within like four six. I could be totally fucking wrong. I don't know i can't yeah. Oh dude it'd be at a dash to fuck knicks the fuck up. Because i don't know why tap yeah. Do you know. It's something weird that i always think of that. I'm not sure like so okay. You know like being younger when you turn on the light in your car. Did you feel like you're going to get pulled over. Yeah i did at night it is. I mean it's not really. Yeah i only sightings i thought. Well it's okay. It's not illegal to turn the light on in your car right and have it on. If it's nighttime is you're looking for something at all even if you are driving but i feel like if there was a cop out there and you just driving had your lights out on your car like maybe maybe. Maybe it's all of them wrote. I'm saying all that that's a good point. I there would be a cop that would pull you over and say like why are you driving with all your interior lights on as in so what. You're right like it shouldn't be illegal. Light on yeah definitely makes it harder to see how your mir's exam and that's why i'm sorry to interrupt guys but we've got a quick moment for our sponsor anchor if you've ever thought about starting your own podcast. It's really simple as you can see i have my own and it's on a bunch of different listening platforms sue breezy. All right. you just gotta go with anchor. Anchor is a one stop shop for recording hosting and distributing your podcast. Best of all. It's one hundred percent three in ridiculously easy to use. You got the it's easy to use. 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So yeah man i mean we're we're we're talking about how we don't you don't think it should be illegal to turn on that light in the car and i totally agree to and for those of you. Who haven't noticed. This is halloween themed today. I just want to point this out. Pot is keeping up with the calendar lucile festival of lights. And you know that back in the day. Lord of the rings was the go-to movie for every sleep over like it. Was the thing at the rodriguez household and we were talking about this Before but the rodriguez camps you know what that is right Explain what is that. What is cozy cozy camp in laredo. Rigas house whether it was in the living room in the basement which just. That's a clanking sound blankets and pillows and it was layers. How dog style. Only gosh couldn't meet it exactly. I had adopt the technique at my house. When i would have people sleep over. Because it's an art is an art. And it just makes the sleepover that much better. I mean i've had been asleep. And i slept on the ground with a pillow and a little raggedy blanket like she appreciated. Ajay rod camp dubec. You know. I'm sure you can relate to this in back in the day if you had a big sleepover with some friends. And you know like a chris connelly's house for example like you know you're not sleeping somewhere like super cozy or anything probably gonna fall asleep on. Well he was a super. You know wealthy kids so he had movie theater movie theater seats. I guess not. Every kid can relate to this but get movie theater seats in his basement and an elevator going hundreds basement. And i remember just remember like the pure torment for some people that would go there like they would shoot you with. Bb guns in the middle of the night. You know chris. You've have if you had to fight. Chris chris paul he never fucked with me because i would fuck him up. Yeah dude and that was one of the things that i noticed about kris shit testing. Because like when i would go. There are the first time i go there. He's like he's like your fight me on them and say yeah then. You'll never fuck with you again. Literally i would wrestle a couple times and i mean he was big body strong group but you know when you gave it to him he would just like just take it out on the type of kid that would like shown no mercy on someone of he was like hurting them but like once you start to hurt him. He'd like plead for so true cry for help. Did you ever stick up for like a kid. Beating on. He used to always beat on. Like elliott no. No no no no not not like friends all. Yeah yeah no. He was just buckled elliott. Like you're right now. He would like those. Yeah i mean okay okay sure to stick up for the for the kids got quote unquote bullied right. Yeah yeah there was never like that. I would say it didn't. At least i didn't see it like a lot of bullying. It was more like verbal abuse. Yeah it was more like verbal abuse where we came from the physical. There was like sometimes. When i'd see kids getting like bashing lockers in we would do the the we'd run. What was it called the the the riots the riots but we were doing it was almost like the running of the bull for real. We would like we would run in from the hillside plateau in saverin kid. Yeah like all the guys like nikki. Lewis i mean. I didn't i couldn't believe how like how many people were partaking in this because we just start running. We'd get in those doors by mr burrell's classroom where you walk in from the buses in the morning yeah just sprint to like the seventh grade wing due to a sexual the absolutely checking people into the locker. I remember joan. I would kind of get get a little bit down the hallway turnaround and Bobby and all my gosh. I caught in kai was a big ass kid. Yeah yeah there are some and then like Just to give you guys some idea of like some of this shit that we went out we would one day we coordinated like literally everyone every guy in eighth grade was coordinated to wear white shirts and black shorts and and everyone did it. I actually forgot that day or something. But everyone got called down to the office auditorium auditorium and laura trump board got sent down there too because she sewing lucky to have been wearing a white shirt. Shorts ended up getting sent back. I mean my locker. Buddy shouts do one time. When i slept over at your house in eighth grade. We stayed up pretty late and eating a bunch of food and dude. I remember eating this dip that you had in your in your fridge like just chow down on it too way. Too much of the peaches. You'd always eat appeal over. Yeah this was. I wish i would have just been eating peaches. Because the next day i wake up i take the bus to school. I'm throwing i throw up in the bus. I remember that was reading like cheese. No wasn't shoes like this fish. There was like the same stuff really. I thought it was like a case oda. I'll never forget dude. Didn't we have nachos than before to nachos eating a bunch of stuff. Yes don't it was we were. It was like honestly. I think it was. Maybe one of the first times that i had smoked like a purple weed. I remember that it was purple and yet did not not the morning but like the night before and so i. I'm more as we're walking into school. I throw up again outside like in front of everyone. High school no middle school eighth grade and i walked to the gym locker room. Because i feel like. I smell like throw up and so i take. I don't have like spray. clones deodorant. Stick i'm just rubbing her on my clothes and like inside chest and stuff so stupid. I walk out. I go to my first hour and that day it just so happened that the hours were switched for some reason so like my my second to last hour. How many classes where there again wasn't there. Seven seven seven hour seven hours. Yeah seventy seven. Yeah yeah that's right and and yeah so. I had to go in the math class. That miss kingsbury ended up subbing for where i ended up getting in trouble later on in the year. But this kind of early and anyways. So i'm trying to think the math made donald mr mys. She was pregnant lady that one pregnant math teacher but yeah anyways and and dude so i ended up being in the class. I'm like okay. I don't feel so good. Or whatever. And i told the teacher like like tough out but i just felt so sick and then my teacher head. Madison is walk with me down to the office and i walking on the office. I hold on sorry style in the garbage. And i thought it was so funny that she was like and so like i remember i remember i threw up. I look up at her. I'm like smiling. Probably just throw rose and then when we get a little closer to the office i throw up again and so yeah man like you just gotta be careful with the stuff we if you're as confused man you probably eight so much of it and we're the next you ever done that. Yeah i feel like like actually. I haven't gotten sick in a while. i mean from drinking. Yes in college but having on like a long time but i remember in high school timing. We were waking up so early. Sometimes i'd feel sick from the night before i remember. Yeah i got sick a couple of times. I'd wake up before and like throw out. I don't know it was like random fish from what you ate. and gosh. that's the worst. I've ever thrown up so much that there's nothing left in your stomach surgery dry heaving y- i remember this one time when i was really on german. The movie good burger sounds familiar. Was it to black. Yeah welcome to burger. Great like fucking hilarious movie back in the day and it was on like nickelodeon i remember last night. Was like airing on nickelodeon. I was getting ready to watch it. And rate is like dinner and rate was starting my stomach hurts so bad remember had was curl up in a ball because it hurt so bad and i was like what the fuck and i just started throwing up like. It was almost like a sick or an illness came on like really quickly or just decided to like hit me them because i just remember puking more than i could cute. It was a little kid at sucked. Yeah that sounds horrible dude. Yeah when you're a little that's like the bad time of being young. And i don't know if we talked about. It was like the flu or who knows. Did you ever like being like a little sick. Like getting the class and then getting to stay. There is such a league of routine being sick. You know my mom will give me lecoq with. Yeah some chicken noodle straw. That's pretty cool. I used to drink sunny d. A lot as a kid. Yes and my dad would like poke a hole in the cap and stick a straw and there. I loved you so fucking. Good damn bro. How strong with these fucking straw like you would use a knife. A little hole shot yet. That's yeah i'd like the routine. I feel like like i used to set up a camp when i would get sick and i used to record myself falling back into the camp because it would be so fluffy so weird but yeah man used to put on the forest gump. The like you sister going in search forrest. Gump just turn on the forest gump. Movie and the title screen you Play the feather fawing and the music and you would always put it on. We would fall asleep. Oh do you don't wanna fall asleep on. the brightness. Contrast was great. dude. I mean play sky Basement dallas yeah dollars in middle school. Yeah that was. That was way. No so fun downloaded sky room like a month ago. Oh really really. The actual game or elder scrolls on a game. It's like they remained. I guess we'd better graphics. I don't think it's like you always have good video games. I remember that. I like not like like what do you call it. Like the series. Yeah the series of the game like didn't have played assassin's creed just always telling me like about and i've played. I've i've played a bunch of our cri- far cry played But also fall out. I didn't play. Fallout danny to danny please follow. Yeah danny a lot of the past like yeah. He did get a job. I think he's doing pretty cool. Something like sports betting or something like analytics. But i played a lot of far cry grown up. I remember those refunds. Assassin's creed was a lot of fun. so hilo on the xbox a little bit obviously did you play odyssey process now. Is that the new one last year's one so there's odyssey greece played it. It didn't beat so long. I could not beat everything that's awesome. Yeah i just like playing a lot of games at the time. That's kind of high wasn't college. I was always playing like v rocket league and fortnight. At the time a little bit and then apex kind of now but even that like i played madden bunch of different sports games that i've always playing. It was hard for me to really sit down and play through a whole assassin's creed game like i did as a kid. Because they're a little shorter to yes and the new one is so good like the combats so the fighting each like i got through like a whole region and did so much that it was like just one of the regions like holy. Fuck like i'm gonna be playing this for days. Oh dude yeah. Hannah's lost the desire but it was cool. I like to other like those kinda bound. Those bounties you could go do you think. Do you think that like when most people play that game. Do you think tend to finish it or don't finish from yes i. It's tough. Because i feel like at this point in time. I mean maybe there are people who like when i was a kid playing like assassins creed to there could be kids. That are that were like that. Are that age now. Getting the new ones and all the way through. Because it's like the first one. I've ever played in there already like a video games like that. And whatever and i don't know i would say no but maybe my guess would be like if someone's really buying that game like me with the desire to play they're going to like unlike ma'am saying yeah with the desired. I'll play it all the way through. They will you know. And like i feel like that's the target audience are crying to get nowadays with those games like rpg games as people who will buy to play all the one hundred attack at all in. It's like open world. That's kind of what the gaming has shift to. But what i've been experiencing games are trying to get bigger and bigger and bigger and it's like far was a pretty big map. Essence create a huge map like dreams and like sky. Rim is a pretty big map. But it's not that big. It's not that big league it is but it isn't. It seemed huge. Let's i think like grand theft auto is a pretty five is a pretty big map. But it's pretty fun And i think games will have been like competing lately. It's even like the biggest map like red dead redemption to. That's my favorite game of all time. Red dead two so fun. Great games such great sir. Onto the best game played with the map was fucking huge. Actually felt sad when arthur bad. Yeah it was a great game. I i liked the map in that game. I thought it was tolerable. Because i liked playing that game. I played that all the way through. That was a lot of fun. But i don't know i think like games could be better if they put more good content in into it on a smaller map lake. Have you played the new star. Wars the jeddah. The djeddai ray game. That was almost like puzzilli. Rpm it wasn't free roam but it wasn't. I thought it was going to be more of like a free role. I liked what it was. I think it was cool game. I loved like how it panned out with the fights. I just think like what my experience from this game and you not you know how it kinda. Do you know how it ends with like theater. Yeah i did not come. In and i was like. You've gotta be kidding me. I thought that was like halfway through halfway through the game. Yeah yeah it was quick. It was even played like i did. All the quests and shit on each side quest for that. Yeah lots of them. I did all of them. I got the map was pretty hard to interpret but once you figured it out you could get around and comes dawson mr butler. That's what they know. That was a great game. I it was a little little too short. Which your favorite game of all time if you had Under knife to throw a favorite game all time neck gonna give. I probably had some of the most fun playing the original star wars battlefront to the newer one that came out when we were in high school. might have been battlefront star wars battlefront and i. I just thought that that game was so fucking fun like playing it with like just the new making your nervous. No he's just the new. Like i love the original star wars battlefront. That was super fun to play with your friends. So find dude. I remember where i i played with you. I used to be so excited to go to your house play. So i mean if i had to choose like i don't know if i could say that's my favourite xbox like i really liked the fief games. Yeah i really like Currently like apex legends. I think that's a great battle royale game. Yeah that's really cool. Yeah that is yeah. That's also another thing. That games have shifted to like battle royale open world. It's like either or feel like yeah. Fortnight re earn what was the first one pub g. Yeah i think if. I never i didn't play too much. I'm sure a little bit but it's all right. I'm not a huge fan is only know it's an xbox playstation. I think so Like i honestly what had the most fun playing some of those assassin's creed games as a kid like assassins creed to yeah so fun. Like in my basement as a kid. And there's a lot of good games out there But like pokemon on the dias law was like i if i had to say what was my favorite growing up. It probably was playing the pokemon game. That was so fun. did you have an action replay. do that was a little bit does blast. Didn't you have Sapphire i did. I had a lot of fire. Though that was like the like the statement st mart- or the that was like my marker. I like game. That i like really like made a statement with like tried to be played at someone when i was younger but i think too young to like. I don't know no. I know what you mean. Yeah to young does over is when i like rematch. The last one. I remember like playing right playing all the way through like i think i played a couple of week. One of the earlier ones but was too young to really know. Did your i remember like my internet was super slow like back in the day and my house and so i and i. I don't know. I guess i'd never like when i was younger. I didn't really think about using it. Like i feel like now for any kid. But that's young. That would seem absurd. But at the time when i was younger like it. Just wasn't you know it wasn't like you could always just look something up. And so i remember going to the game. Stop store and buying a magazine for pok mon emerald sapphire and ruby. And dude the walk through like maybe so. What are the pokemon. They're like the question marks and letters and on known the unknowns. Yes oh i remember. I wanted to get this. You had to solve this thing to get to one of the regis's or something or maybe yeah and Anyway so i. I had sort like literally like you know. What's the word translate like these questions. Yeah i'm Yeah they had to use a book. I was writing it down. Pat just figure this out like for a video game but now you look it up and it would like you can watch a video on it. Yeah like it's just nuts. Man youtube crazy like what you can do with video games. The stories and stuff poggi mon games. I always had a lot of like little easter egg things and nothing better. I mean i've had like also like within terms like playing like duties. Zombies grown up with a lot of fun dude rocky league fun just playing games with my friends. I mean that soccer game with mario superstar. Yeah the game cube. That was a blast. Great game did okay. If you could have like you know if you got to choose at least right now one dream job that you can have. Would it be job. I always think of danny's as being like a designer. I don't know that's kind of tough. I feel like if i had a dream job so much to think of another suit. It'd be something like professional soccer or football or something. That i mean i can't i can't think of a position at the top of my head really but i love sports. I mean i do video games too. Yeah that'd be sector designed video games. Like but i don't know how to code things so i like to fish too. I think it'd be cool to like. Have a big bow can make a real dream. Job would be like probably like owning a business that sold will not because that's not like a dream job you're still a grinding like a dream job is something where really make money where you like sleeping money money makes itself you make you every time you speak. I guess like a dream job regardless of like your pay would be something that you could be like a cool place you know and i think a cool place to me. I would love to be like doing something. Like exploring like outdoors. You know like that'd be dog like not that. I want to be a photographer. Binding be cooled. Diene like really cool gorgeous. Place like like montana. I was just. I was there in may on a road trip and it was just unbelievable. Like i couldn't even fathom how beautiful it was there and it'd be cool to like explore and take pictures but and like go fishing like in different places and just used outside. But i also like would love to be able to like go to like sports like professional soccer games. You're you know on a consistent basis and like watch that and be a part of it because it's such a part of my life like playing a following real soccer real sports in general but like i've never been to europe. I've never been to one of these games. The real games. I went to real madrid. Verse mantis united house. Like that was pretty cool. I was back in the day. But that wasn't like of real season game like champions league game and i think it would just be like rinaldo austin little bit. Yeah so like to have a job you could be doing something and always be following like with like a team in the sport would be that would be really cool because then you go to the games and travel and stuff like what like who's almost taking care of. Yeah i just don't even know what kind of jobs out there that would be a journalist or you can be like like working like or you could work like four. The club being like. They're they have like finance and that those like they have that they need that stuff because they're huge deal with a lot of money a lot of people out of employees and imagine if you if you were doing what you were saying with the photography and everything and like traveling around and whatnot and you were bridges. Follow these you know these clubs because you know. Maybe that's what you decided to do that day. But you have a you know like an instagram account that you're posting all these photography photos and people you're starting to gain some traction and whatnot. That would be sick like there will be crazy how that's possible now. Like yeah i mean somebody who will do. And they're like living while they're young and old as well who cares and it'd be dope to make the money like like in that case like because i feel like doing that gonna take a while. 'cause you gotta build up a portfolio all the stuff you know just oppose but once that thing gains traction man like you could just travel and just like you know do what you said all these teams and just post stuff of you doing all this stuff. Yeah it's almost documenting your life literally. That's what i'm saying. Yeah but that's not necessarily my dream job either. Just be something cool to do. Like i don't know what it'd beam job is. Yeah i feel like a dream job would be like the first thing you said then like if someone always wanted to be a professional football player. It's like so that's so easy. You know my dream job would be like being like any sort of coal turning thing either you know. Yeah yeah i would want to have j. Pi bpi huge. So that'd be really cool. You guys gotta keep keep it up okay because part can only function with the help of others otherwise. It's just start crazy dude sitting in his closet with with a technology. That's always breaking down but yeah man so I know you gotta get going pretty soon. But you know man. I really appreciate you coming on. Giradi pie dude. It's been real and we'll definitely have you on again and come back and i wanna apologize to the viewers. And you've technical difficulty interfered with flo. Yeah so thank you doing man. I thought it was great. Great time thanks for having me on the show and then can we again absolutely and you know. What did we actually daniels. Yeah we be great. It would work really really very well. I think with Setup you got here this mic screen great. I think a couple of people in here as long as yeah okay. Well thanks guys i

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Woman On Fire

"The you back the welcome back to the ross bowl and podcast otherwise known as ibp presented by bowling media. I'm your host bowl and back again as always with your co host. Chris kohls colson chris. What's good amen. Another day in the life. How you doing it. A freezing my tiny little nipples off christopher it's truly cozy season now nipples getting a little hard this morning. Winter is no longer coming. Is ned stark. Once said is here it is all over us. Bundle up folks mask on head high power through these last days at twenty twenty year the comeback closing time. Make sure you tab out. We've got a great show today chock full of fun for you. also let's dive into it. First thing is i are. Bp three fifty eight is brought to you by cuts clothing for better or worse. Twenty twenty s kicked off the work from home era and everyone is asking one big question. What the hell are we supposed to wear. Do i really need to wear a tie. 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Rvp for fifteen percent off the only shirt worth wearing now some announcements and shouts if you wanna watch our episodes and not just listen. We're on youtube dot com slash bowling media. Where every monday wednesday podcasts. That you listened to on apple podcasts. Spotify soundcloud etc is also available but with full video. So you can see. Christopher and ice faces are shining faces. But you can't see. My is most of the time. Because i wear sunglasses because i'm like that also if you would like a third ad free episode of our vp every single week. There's a place you can get that patriotic specifically patriot. Dot com slash. Ross bohlin podcast. Chris and i do a third additional add. Free premium exclusive episode every friday every friday on patriots dot com slash. Ross bohlin podcast. The ideas that we get you to come through support the show. We circumvent the advertising industry and get some financial support From our listenership directly at you think anybody that watches the show free episodes. Maybe that's new here or anything like that thinks that you're blind it's possible okay. I've seen some theories floated like the opposite of the stevie wonder theory. Yeah you know how that you're actually. He's not blind. yeah he's not for me. It's the that i'm actually blind. No a lot of people who think. That's why i haven't been driving. It's not a theory. They think i went blind like eight or nine months ago. I don't think you understand. Stevie wonder not blind. Yeah no i get into the y'all out there. I'm just kidding. There are a lot of went blind eight or nine months ago. And that's why don't you have been driving. It would make sense. That's why brought me on. I've just been in his eyes and the started wearing the sunglasses singer blindness developed superpowers from any of your other senses. Like can you like. Do you have superhuman hearing. Yeah i'm like chiappa cova. I've got double the smell now. Really yeah double. The sense of smell is like when a baby takes shit two houses over. I can smell it. He knows he. We walk into the neighborhood every morning. And he's like yep. That house is cooking eggs that houses having sex four year old three houses down had waffles for breakfast. That's where i'm doug that's incredible can smell what strains every a dispensary has ten miles away speaking of youtube this. This is an incredible jacket coat. Whatever this is. But i'm just like over bundled. I feel like the kid in a christmas story as actually wrap his ass up and send them to school and he's just out there. I was gonna complement your layering today. I mean i look good. Do i've feel good. Because i know i look good and i also can't move my arms or shoulders so you think it's also going to be worked out yesterday. Oh yeah arms are look dissolved. Just coming off as an enormously. Dushi humble bridges huge Your cannons right. Well awesome anyway. It's time i segment grabby like this is. Stop the wicked when ya love that. What better way to start the day. there isn't one that's isn't one today's stuff the wikipedia when you're high is the zone of death. Wow lighthearted the zone of death this is one. We saw go viral on twitter earlier this week or into last week. I'm not remembering doesn't really matter. The point is this. We were both shocked as were many listeners. Who sent this link to us in this tweet to his tag doesn't it That we had never heard of this. We had never spoken on it before that. This is not even that that this is not common knowledge right. It was so shocking. That i've and went to google typed in the ross bohlin podcast zone of debt. To make sure that we actually hadn't done this segment before and it wasn't just like my lack of long term memory or short term. Memory that perhaps would lead to believing we'd never spoken on this very subject but this zone of debt is the name given to the fifty square mile idaho section of the yellowstone national park in which as a result of purported a purported loophole in the constitution of the united states. A criminal could theoretically get away with any crime up to and including murder is murder like the max crime hashtag murder. Is there anything greater than murder. I feel like there's levels to that shit okay. There are with like baby murders like well. It's like one that's the worst survey. It's just like they said up to murder right implying. Something worse than murder. And i guess not and. I don't think legally that there is no i guess morally. There's really not either. You know. I guess taking a human life as kind of thing i think is is like is the furthest you can go away from the law from like you know like saving cats from trees. That's like the good. That's like the best thing that you can do. Yeah like murder is like then. There's murder The united states district court for the district of wyoming is currently the only united states district court to have jurisdiction over parts of multiple states. This is due to the fact that its jurisdiction includes all of yellowstone national park which extend slightly beyond wyoming's boundaries into i'd aho and montana in addition the federal government has exclusive jurisdiction over the park so crimes committed in the park cannot be prosecuted under any of the state's laws. Trials in the district court are normally held at the federal courthouse in cheyenne. Wyoming cheyenne wyoming. However the six minutes to the united states constitution decrees that juries in federal criminal cases must be made up of citizens who are both Who are from both the district and state where the crime was committed because of this charges for a crime. Alleged to have been committed in the area of the park in idaho would have to be tried before a jury consisting entirely of residents of that area and the trial would also have to take place in that area as the idaho. Portion of the park has no courthouse and is uninhabited. No such jury could be assembled thus the defendant would be unable to have a fair trial and could not receive legal punishment for alleged crimes. I love that it's not like there's act like a technical actual any crime that you commit here is going to be legal because there's no laws or something like that it's like we really just can't get people to come to jerry like we can't get labor day just systematically they failed the porsche this section of yo stone national park where now technically you could just go do a whole mess of murdering exactly you could or me personally. That's where i've decided i'm going to go. Start my egalitarian. Commune with no laws. Rajneesh probably without the rolls royce's but i'm definitely keeping the red uniforms because those are titus hell with the hell is egalitarian. Like for living for all. Yeah but also going first step though definitely rebranding zona. Death doesn't really have the right ring to it. Fun of death. If you're in on this emmy accused zeroual. You're trying to get down with what. Yeah yeah. I need about guys galaxy socialist comrades society will i. We have to start with like like. I need builders probably rb repeat construction gang. Hurry up. I know those guys are domiciles absolutely going to need domiciles going to need plumbing uninhabited area. And then the yeah. Kinda need solar panels yellowstone. You're gonna need not you're going to need some folks with guns yeah it is going to get messy hundred percent. You're not going to be the only psycho socialist trying to create a commune in the area. You know what i'm saying. So i don't think you're going to be the only one man. Well i mean. If nobody's done it yet. I feel like i can. I have a good head start on. Most he went viral though dude. You know there's gonna be multiple colts. China's did you read the the thing that talked about the guy that wrote the book in two thousand and five or whatever. What chris were about to me. Constitutional loophole in this area was discovered by michigan. State university law. Professor brian c kalt while he was planning to write an essay about technicalities of the sixth amendment which entitled citizens to a fair and quick trial. He's probably like holy sh- eureka. Baby occult wondered about a hypothetical place where there were not enough eligible citizens to form a jury and theorized that there could be no trial and therefore no punishment for major crimes in that area. He later realized that there was such a place. The idaho section of yellowstone national park horrified by his realization called shifted his focus to writing an essay about the area to persuade the government to fix the loophole. The essay which was called the perfect crime was published in two thousand and five in the georgetown law journal cult feared that criminals might read the essay and committed crime in the zone before the loophole was fixed. No no known. Felonies have been committed in his own death since he wrote his Essay made his discovery. However a poacher named michael beldarrain illegally shot an elk in the montana section of yellowstone. Unbe wild that section of the park does have enough residents to form a jury. It might be difficult to put together a standing in fair. One due to travel or unwillingness of members of the small population there to serve a federal judge ruled that beldarrain could be tried in the us district court for the district of wyoming despite the six amendment problem. Beldarrain cited cults paper. The perfect crime to explain why he believed it was illegal to have his trial with a jury from a state other than where the crime was committed. And the court dismissed this argument beldarrain took a plea deal condition on him. Not appealing zone of debt issued at the tenth circuit and the issue was left unresolved so in that particular case he came out of it having to face punishment. Making a plea deal but the larger issue of zone of death that exists remains unresolved and technically. This was in like a like half zone of death in montana. Not the hassle on zone autozone death so he was in the one where they could technically form a jury. I love how the do the wrote. The paper was really concerned about a bunch of people committing crimes in that area. If there's not enough people there even put a jury to get look what crimes they can commit like criminals going to go out there. Easy man doesn't get all right so let me let me tell you guys something like the date took over that damn if somebody asks you. Hey guys i'm thinking about taking y'all to the this really cool party yellowstone. It's an auto camp there for a couple of days. Beautiful looking up or anything. No rules rules. It's going to be a great time. Nobody's really going to bother us. Don't fucking go. It's twelve totally not called the zone of death your knock. I'm not going to go out there and murder you or anything like that like you might as well have named it like the zone of potential murder. The zone of horrific crimes zona horrific zone of death. Just makes it. It's how you go there and you die and now just go there and do murder or you could go there and like commit tax fraud. You know other cool crimes like that. That's true yeah. Can we technically establish any kind of business. We wanted in the c- on so now i'm saying it could be called the zona free business. Yeah thank you tax haven basically. It's like our own little cayman islands right inside the us. What can we not sell here that we could sell in zone of death crack. Let's let's become crack dealers. I think we opened up the first practice book this way when eventually a community does form zone of death we are already there to destroy it. That's very true. Just like throwing the implementing crack into the cities and it's just like israel. Yes yeah sure. According to some people according to the peoples in the internet's in the interwebs. What what i was going to say about yellowstone. The reason. I asked you if you've ever been there. Yeah it's one of those places that when you're out there you're like yo you could. You could get somebody real quick and nobody is ever gonna find it. Yeah like it is so vast dude and even dark like israel. We have around What's it called. The green belt is on a lady bird lake. The trail around labor sure is in the center of the city with massive sc. You know big ass buildings. Look down on it from redirection When you run that bitch at night you're like oh. I got about a fifty percent chance of being stabbed here. You feel it. You're like well nobody can see dick. This trees covering everything. If i was going if i was going to do murder. This is exactly what i would do. Actually routinely people have been attacked there like once a year. Basically give or take allegedly. I'm just. I don't know if there's like the city of austin consumer for being wrong about this stat allegedly every once in a while. I'll see a story about somebody getting attacked by homeless person there or whatever and that's in the middle of the city like yell do places like yellowstone like. Yeah that's the that's like the number one thing. I don't go out there and few the animals not. I'm not in my tent at night. Like man i really hope. It doesn't come. That's unrealistic is fucking heroes. Well i'm not gonna post up in a bear area. And i'm going to have the stuff that gets the bears away. I'm gonna tinkle around my tender. Whatever so that the bear smells it goes away. You're going to draw the bear circle. Spongebob tinkle though to keep the see bears out to keep yogi bear and boo boo specifically out. Because they're coming for my picnic basket. I think that's where did you. I think the peer on the tenth thing is actually great idea. let's go out to yellowstone. Give that a try. We'll see what happens and some witchcraft. I've got anti-bear witchcraft calls. I think that's the actual. That's the plot of the blair witch project. That was the whole thing is. They're trying to stop yogi and boo from their picnic basket diary by tinkling around their tents. The tent tinkle's who boo boo. Let's go get a picnic basket. Did you ever watch yogi bear. I mean i've seen episodes of it and stuff like that but it was never a common show it like one of those things that it was always on boomerang heart networks okay. Back cartoon was a little kid. It was already kind of older so by the time you were a little kid than ships. Were on nick at night or something probably boomerang boomerang was like the classic like the throwback cart. That's where the flintstones were the jetsons. Yogi bear like all the throwback old cartoons were all in. Boomerang see you'd watch your new cartoons in the morning then you would always get the ads for boomerang. You could watch those late at night or something like that. I've been watching a lot of curious. George real recently with the baby used to love. Like i was curious george guy right so like as an adult you kind of look at the man in the yellow hat in a different light sherry. 'cause you're like off jude. Why do you have a mock you wearing all okay. Good point at least weird thing about the man in the yellow hat is. He owns curious. George okay why the fuck are you wearing all yellow and a yellow hat. You look ridiculous like live in a city. How do you own multiple incredible properties. Yeah like ones in manhattan and one's in the country. What do you do for a living. Are you the tiger king of monkey king like are you what is happening here. And then and then that's it that's the end of my really like he did. Just a lotta shit. I'm sure now this is making me. Wanna watch yogi. Bear and see like about ranger rick as an adult. Yeah the like was ranger rick. Doing skeptical shit. Yeah the last. The last video essay i watched on youtube was actually the dark side of curious. George about how The man in the yellow hat made all of his money in the exotic animal trade slack. Market style just slaughtering tigers and selling their me. It was really terrifying. This man's out there in an aug vinci yellow suit with fucking yellow hat. And nobody's asking questions. He's got a pet monkey on top of the yellow. And nobody's asking questions and we're giving this to our children. He goes by the man in the yellow hat. he doesn't even have a name. He's clearly a russian agent clearly. Yeah what i'm saying. Is the man in. The yellow hat needs to go down. It's essentially ranger rick as well. Anyway that was your stuff to wikipedia. When you're high for today the zone of death where kohl's and i will be taking the man in the yellow hat to execute him so that we cannot be tried. We'll take care of george though. Rvp three fifty eight is also brought to you by quick makers of the greatest toothbrush oral care products and all the land longtime supporter of this podcast. You know quick the electric toothbrush. You hear about all the time. You've heard me talk about for years. I've been using it for years. It is awesome. My favorite feature being the built in. Timer that buzzes. Every thirty seconds. 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I've read in two thousand twenty if not ever period we have named the the The segment woman on fire and you will find out why but we're gonna get into some of this information that was provided by this incredible story in the new york times this week. Here's your headline. She stalked her daughter's killers mexico. One by one. And then you're sub header armed with a handgun a fake. Id card and disguises. Miriam rodriguez was a one woman. Detective squad defying a system were criminal impunity often prevails. So this is a story about. Miriam rodriguez it. Was written by azzam ahmed in the new york times and again the headline is she started her daughter's killers mexico. One by one you can read the full story on the new york times. Google it pull it up. Whatever widely available in redistributed. We're going to read a part of it here kohl's and then discuss your the and if people wanna read the full thing obviously i recommend they go and do that absolutely first of all let me just say that. Yes like a little movie synopsis. Yeah it's like it's we named the segment woman on fire because of the denzel washington movie man on fire which is one of my favorites. It's funny when i brought it up yesterday. Calls is like. Oh yeah. I think i know that one and then he was like wait a minute. I'm thinking of the Equalizer equalizers turns out which the same thing. Yeah he did like four five movies. It's not that they're the exact same movie. It said they all had the exact same vibe. Yes and the trailers were all the same vibe and like they get mixed up in my head to this is the only one at this point that stands out because men on fire is legitimately like in my top twenty and that was like the. Oh gee i believe there was. I'm not positive on the order. I don't wanna say it came out before the equalizer and be wrong definitely came before the equalizer equalised. I came out like twenty seventeen. I think the second one capable like real equalizer was more recent like much. Unless there's an. I thought that was earlier unless there was like an. Og was okay there might. This might have been okay but man on fire is one of my favorite movies ever and it's a movie about denzel washington. I'll just give you a general synopsis. He's washed up bodyguard. Okay an ex military washed up bodyguard. Who's a very struggling alcoholic. A serious drinking problem he's depressed. He's clearly struggling with depression and alcoholism his life is a mess and he gets this job to be a bodyguard for this little girl in mexico. long story short things. Don't go well and denzel ends up having to kill most of the mexican citizens And he does. And i may have seen this action. He's just goes completely ham kiko. Is there a scene that involves him on a bridge dude at one point where he has to like. Yes one man army. Well that's no but you. Yes you remembering seen bridge I'm not gonna say anything else. There's also a famous scene where he plays a tiny explosive charge up a gentleman's be whole his whole the to slot from the behind. You see from the back. He has an strapped to a car and bent over it and he caused him to be unconscious and when he wakes the gentleman he tells them he has an explosive charge in his two hole and that he's going to need to tell him everything he knows about this particular thing. He's investigating in the film or he's going to die like the boys translucent style. Yeah like pretty much exactly like that. And then he says. I wish you had more time and that dude explode spoiler alert. I heard this dude up with the but hoban. I heard that's a new call of duty. Finishing move when you go assassinate somebody just an explosive of there some really fucked up finishing moves like occupy a guy oh kill me in crowell compel my eyes or whatever. Oh that's apex legends. I'm thinking no no. You're thinking about call of duty. Oh is there is one zero. We'll come pick out your these video. Games are just sick and we wonder why the kids are the way they are. Let's get back to the store. Okay all right. I'm going to read some of it for your miriam again. By osama ahmed. Excuse me. Miriam rodriguez clutched a pistol in her purse as she ran past the morning. Crowds on the bridge to texas. She stopped every few minutes to catch your breath and study the photo her next target the florist already. Everyone listening is like make the move yup. She been hunting him a year. Stalking him online. Interrogating the criminals. He worked with even befriending unwitting relatives for tips on his whereabouts. Now she finally had won. A widow called her to tell her that she was pedaling that he was peddling flowers on the border. Ever since two thousand fourteen she had been tracking the people responsible for the kidnapping and murder of for twenty year. Old daughter karen not the name i expected half of them were already in prison. Not because the authorities would crack the case but because she had pursued them on her own with meticulous abandoned so i do everything by the way with meticulous abandoned. She cut her. She cut her hair dyed it and disguised herself as a pollster. A health worker in an election official to get their names and addresses. She invented excuses to meet their families unsuspecting grandmothers and cousins. Who gave her details however small. She wrote everything down and stepped into her black computer bag building her investigation and tracking them down one by one. She knew their habits. Friends hometowns childhoods. She knew the florist at sold flowers on the street. Before joining the zeta cartel and getting involved in her daughter's kidnapping. Now he was on the running back to what he knew selling roses to make ends meet without showering. She threw on a trenchcoat over her pajamas. A baseball cap over fire engine red hair which makes her even more bad ass honestly and a gun in her purse heading for the border to find the florist on the bridge. She scoured the vendors for flower carts. But that day he was selling sunglasses instead when she finally found him she got too excited and too close. He recognized her and ran. He sprinted along the narrow pedestrian pass hoping to get away. Mrs rodriguez fifty six at the time grabbed him by the shirt and wrestled him to the rails. She jammed her handgun into his back. If you move. I'll shoot you. She told him according to family members involved in her scrambled capture the florist that day. She held him there for nearly an hour. Awaiting the police to make the arrest. In three years. Mrs rodriguez captured nearly every living member of the crew that had abducted her daughter for ransom. A rogue's gallery of criminals who tried to start new lives as a born again christian. A taxi driver a car salesman in all she was instrumental in taking down. Ten people a mad campaign for justice that made her famous but vulnerable. No one challenged organized. Crime never mind put its members in prison. She asked the government for armed guards fearing the cartel had finally had enough on mother's day twenty seventeen weeks after she had chase down one of her last targets. She was shot in front of her home and killed her husband inside watching television. Found her face down on the street hand tucked inside her purse next to her pistol and this story proceeds to be much longer. get into a lot of the issues that mexico has with the cartel with its legal system with its justice system But the particular story of miriam rodriguez is is is is one of the craziest things i've ever heard because this is something you don't hear about often know their particular organizations in this world you don't hear about people going after there are two that stand out in my head in particular. It's basically a. I don't even know i don't want to throw a specific terrorism and then this shit the cartel you don't fuck with the cartel you know why because everybody has seen footage of headless people swinging from bridges and shit and mexico city because of the all along the border town people in texas. We don't we know you don't fuck with the cartel you may be by some of their we'd when you're in kabo and that's it and you don't tell anybody because it's it's weird unless you're mean you talk about it on the show. Which in hindsight was a mistake. You fuck with the cartel. Do there was a point in texas where you should just be able to go down to mexico. People do time families drive down across the mexican border. Hit the fucking flea markets by shit. Come back you know we'd white people stuff. You can't do that anymore one time when i was little down there. I've told the story on the show. We went inside one store for an hour and we came back out in. The fucking car was gone. Suburban had been stolen. You know who stole it. The police visited the cops stole any. Suv that they've found from america and got the opportunity to and they just strip the plates and utilize them as police vehicles on. The shop was like yes. You're not getting that one back and we were like the whole day worth of shit. We bought shopping in this fucking hell hole is now gone in that key now. Cop has it had a machete in their chris. What did you like rental car company. Or whatever wasn't a rental it was y'alls car knows my buddy jordan's mom's car down from their ranch to mexico and the car got stolen and we had to get a ride back across the border and then get picked up on the other side not by who the police no mexican citizen was like. Sorry fucking country is crazy man to cop stealing cars. We'll take you back across. We were like thanks pre that we didn't get any of the stuff we bought the painting the machete. None like all of the This is what happens if they have a guy that likes stands outside of the store to let the stupid americans know when they come back out like. Hey the cops still your car but hey if you pay me fifty bucks. I'll give you a ride back across the border. Then you give him fifty bucks. No no we didn't. We didn't painting didn't sure that was like twelve year old. Getting i'm just kidding But no this was not like the store. Owner set us up. This was literally like the police in mexico or that corrupt that they were jacking. Suv's regardless the point is the suv got stolen a mexico notoriously that issues with the cartel keeping them under control keeping them from gaining political power And then any type of justice in regard to the crimes that they commit has been difficult to come by. So miriam rodriguez Sought some out herself and had quite a freaking of success like full denzel washington levels of success chasing dudes down one by one assuming disguises like you. Utilizing their family members to find locations. That's literally the entire plot of men on fighting in real life. Imagine getting by like your memo. No shit dude. She was fifty six years old. No i'm saying like imagine like she's going up to your memo to ask for information about where you over meemaw better. She's bragging about how proud she is of a grandson and then tells you that he's now a florist in south texas and all the sudden. He's behind bars. Two weeks later the florist which reminds me of the town which is a really good movie. Great movie would just the worst people in its cast as in like the actors or the pm renters in there Yeah he's in there. Yeah ben affleck shit. I can't tell you. Sometimes i'm like this guy seems nice and sometimes i'm like oh you fuck you may suck for the most part. I seem to like ben affleck. I mean he's struggled with a lotta like Alcoholism stuff right. Yeah he said some substance abuse issues. I can't remember if like. I don't like speaking on so personal shit because you never know man. We'll get to that in a minute. Actually it's one of the next things we're gonna talk about but Yeah so if you want to read the rest of that new york times article go do it about. Miriam rodriguez by osama med. It's titled. She stalked her daughter's killers mexico. One by one again. it's widely published. You can find it all over the place. Read it on the new york times website. Pay them support them. Do whatever all the you know upstanding journalistic integrity stuff. You're supposed to do and we will move on from there are vp. Three fifty eight is also brought to you by one of our newest sponsors newcomb stress sleep recovery in the gym or at work. These things shape how we perform. I am never even close to my potential productivity without good sleep and enough sleep. I'm way more sharp in kohl's are hitting ross on schedule so like on the physical side of things. It's not that difficult for me to keep my shit where i need it mentally though mentally. I've needed more tools. So one thing. 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Back guarantee that's ross in u. c. a. l. dot com ross in u. c. a. l. dot com ross newcomb dot com fifty percent off your thirty day subscription of newcomb and their money back guarantee next segment. Howard stern hazing so christopher howard. Stern is somebody you and i have discussed before. He's one of the legendary shock. Jocks of the world. This guy that's been one of the more famous people on the planet pretty much my entire life. He's one of the more wealthy members of the media that you don't necessarily hear about is more if you gen z. You hear about rogin. You don't hear about stern. Stern is like the oji rogan. He made hundreds of millions of dollars. Before rogan. spotify deal was even a fucking blink in the eye of some random executive spotify. Well from what i can tell like. I did not grow up on howard stern or anything like that. He's just right. Probably slightly removed from my generation was almost removed from me. You're and at me be and thirty three now. So like he was he was like i feel like dudes five years older than me You know maybe they were listening to some stern here and there. But it wasn't so much my age group. We knew of him we we knew of his antics. We all caught his show on late night television and saw him making a panel anderson recipient and shit like that like that's how we knew howard stern. He was like the nasty radio guide that we were too young to play with but we knew was crushing it because he was constantly fucking everywhere. He put out movies and shit like i saw that he was crushing it on sirius. Xm in like two thousand s like one of the first multi hundred million dollar deal from serious which was like i would that was kind of the predecessor to podcasting in a sense where away exclusive paid for high quality like blocked out timed content and without advertised without advertisers. Because you're paying for this service. I don't know i've never had series service. They well they have add serious for like thirty days or some shit in his new car when it gets you. This guy l. yeah dude. I'm with twenty twenty with you. Fuckers is hurting so bad. If you like continuously like every single month that it renews like you call them and threatened until to cancel. Keep cut no the price every single month. My dad like the cable company dad. After like a year he started off paying twelve ninety nine a month for serious. After a year he was paying ninety eight cents a month. What the fuck yeah. That's yeah exactly work that system. He like bargain them all the way down. Because if you'd like they're hurting so bad they just need people to listen to the shows. Man i so stern is in the news. This morning For some some controversy revolving around reports of his tree employees chris. Do you wanna kinda give us the rundown so former employs a howard stern kind of similar to what's going on what was going on with the ellen degeneres situation within the last couple of weeks as well They're starting to speak to speak out about what it was like working for the shock jock so the story starts with a former stern employee. Scott salem and this is from fox news. By the way okay. They alleged that scott a longtime employee. The howard stern show had asked his bosses in two thousand. Eighteen started gofundme page for his wife. Who is battling cancer at the time. He's been working there for about thirty three years. His wife starts battling cancer and obviously in the society we live in. It's very expensive with medical bills to cancel battle cancer. I'm especially depending on the severity of the cancer where you're located absolute and what type of specified resources you need and you know working for somebody in the mainstream influence. Obviously if you can have a little help there it's not a bad thing to reach out and ask for that type of help you know because you're so stern. Ceo allegedly allowed the fundraising page to go up but told salem that he couldn't use stern's name or the name of the show in the fundraiser. Basically saying like you can do this but you gotta do this on your now. Let me stop you here for a sec. And tell you about a piece of this that i immediately call out as like i understand sure when we worked at grant when i worked at the former company i used to work at grand x. Where we had Several million social media followers. We got hit up every single day several times a day by kids asking us. Joe my buddy at this school needs this go fund me like had. This thing happened with this family. So you have to be careful with how you utilize your lattimore platform for the sake of charity because it really does become awkward. and and. here's the thing for stern. The part about this. That sounds awful is word from for thirty three years. Yeah that's a no brainer. Like you helped the dude however you can but it's an awkward position because look if you help that guy. I don't know how many employees stern had at this point. But i'm guessing several i'm guessing many many many people. Yeah and if then it's like look. I don't wanna be dick but this is the world if everybody gets cancer. Is he going to do this for every employee. So it just becomes this weird place where especially when you're howard stern and he's been the game for as long as he had has been and frankly has made as much money as he has It's probably pretty difficult for him to manage his Empathy for people when it comes to shit like this and i'm just i'm not defending but so much is trying to explain where i think. Some of the disconnect is for the public. Because you don't think about this but he's getting requests like this a lot anybody. In media every single celebrity. I follow on twitter constantly being barraged with a request for help. Can you re tweet this to try to help find my aunt. Who's missing in this city. Could you give money here to help my grandma who can't pay for her bills or whatever and you'll see some celebrities re tweet. These people help them out routinely Shea serrano working at the ringer is one of my favorites. Who routinely see giving money away on twitter to people trying to help people out but this is all day every day for celebrities right in for big media. It's all day every day for guys with huge outlets. We get him a lot like we get a lot of requests from people. Like i i. My friend needs help with this or that and like look. I want to do as much for as many people as i can. But we have to pick and choose. Our spots based on what strategically makes sense for us as a company to because we can't just spend all day every day hoping people or we won't make any money in the company won't exist in the. Nobody's here to help the people so from that perspective you have to just try to at least see it through. Howard stern's is it. It could sound way worse than it actually is. Just what i mean. Pre continue calls absolutely So regardless so. Salem starts this This go fund me first wife on his own not abiding by the outline that the co set form and not using the name does promote it through the outlets. Just has fun me. It's his own thing he's able to raise a bunch of money. He raises seventy three thousand dollars to help pay medical expenses but stern was reportedly upset over some pressure that he was receiving from people to contribute to the go fund. Me now. here's the thing like that literally could have been somebody going into his office. One day dan being like howard Were doing money for whatever. His name is go. Fund me Can you pitch in and like. I don't know bro. That's a stressful life. This man lips maybe he just found out some awful fucking shit was in a terrible mood or something like it or b that this is a former employee who now hates howard who's trying to smear him. That wasn't a dick. Maybe he was like look. I don't think it's fair. I don't know where the line is. And i don't know how i can contribute to that and then in fairness not contribute to every single campaign that springs up in terms of their company. I don't know but there's not enough detail in that circumstance for me to sit there and be like oh howard's a piece of shit. Sure like it's so circumstantial. It's so word of mouth you don't even name your source and all allegedly And this is the kind of thing that even with ellen. And i realized there were a lot of different kinds of accusations. And more in allen's case i feel like it was her lack of Taking care of the issues that were arising around her company through other people in leadership in the ellen degeneres show with the sexual harassment and the racism in the toxic work environment. Like i never read enough about ellen. Specifically that made me think like oh ellen's a total piece of shit but she clearly turned a blind eye to or was negligent in her management of her entire place and it led to some really fucked up stuff but what is just we as americans are obsessed with judging celebrities and judging these headlines that we see about them without really giving much thought to what those might mean and with the howard stern thing in particular this morning and i'm gonna let you continue to tell the rest of it because that's even more ridiculous to me. I was just like yo. This is very like before. I care at all about this. I'm going to need to hear dude side of the story absolutely for each of these circumstances so give it another one. Yeah absolutely so following that. The serious sources told the post that salem was then moved to another floor. Axe from appearing on air and then stern who sixty six allegedly didn't act with salem again and then when salems wife robin died in two thousand eighteen. He's his. He allegedly allegedly sent his condolences via email again to a thirty three years. Now being moved to another floor and so this is amazing. Looks even worse but again say this man As as a dude who now owns a company and runs a company. Like i can guarantee you at some point. You and i are going to employ somebody. We don't fucking lecture. It's going to happen. Sure just because he worked for thirty three years doesn't mean these dudes yeah. Would you rather have him. Not employed this gentleman at all because now we're getting like that's where my it's just like well and i know the circumstances. Maybe this guy was a dickhead. Yeah and i don't know if this guy was like had some sense of entitlement where he was like. Hey why i don't understand. Why are you not giving to me and my wife and my gofundme mandolin harassing him about it. On the nowadays creatives people that are that that have a ton of success in media they tend to be very ego driven. Sure for the most part light people get caught up in the famous celebrity of all this crap and then it gets really weird between people working within these shows and organizations of seen. It happen so again. I'm like i don't like it. Sounds bad yes. It sounds bad that he sent him a condolences email when his wife died of cancer. Like frankly i'd rather not send me fucking anything howard then an email saying i heard your wife. I'm sorry just stay on stanton my life if you don't want to be in it but it's like i'm just like i don't like smears. I don't like things that look just like they're just attempting to smear pierre like you're just attempting to make somebody look like if gimme the story man. Like what the fuck this quote fucked up though. This is really bothered me. It's really sad. His wife ends up dying. Howard doesn't even go downstairs and offer scott condolences and on air personality stuttering john melendez. Who worked with stern from nine. Hundred eighty eight to two thousand and four told page six everyone falls from grace with howard and maybe he is a super difficult due to work with but again. That's a choice and when you're at that level of success for that long had no what works for you and when things aren't working it's difficult you know you you let them go. You know what i mean. You're riding that rick when you ride that wave of success for that long you kinda have to be addict. Sometimes just to be like. Hey i know that this is gonna work for me and like if something doesn't fit that you got to cut it out. This is my favorite part artie. Lange reportedly tweeted in two thousand eighteen. They wait before you read this. I literally thought that you went in and changed my notes to a quote that you created because this is something that you would create like as parody. He said in to the tweeted in two thousand and eighteen artie lange. The dude who lost his nose from too much cocaine. For the record scott never bad mouth towered to me prob. Because he's afraid and classy. But i'm unafraid classes so i say shame on you howard ask yourself why. Why all your ex loyal servants hate you. just said Yes so now. We've gotten to the source artie. Lang and i'm out on the whole fucking story like if that's one of the people you went to for a quote. The dude who's knows collapsed. Because he couldn't stop snorting things. I'm out a show. Insider said stern is quote worse than ellen in quote while another said employs told not to look at him in quote at work. Like so. maybe unlikely motherfuckers. Do you still want to get paid. It's your job quit. If you don't like it. I don't get that like this. I get that people who are addicts. I've worked for a dick. Like but i stayed for the money and the opportunity and i knew what i was billed yet board right like all go work for one of the most if not the most successful personality in the history of the medium. What did you expect. I don't know. I just kind of assumed dude was an asshole. My whole life like his whole shtick was literally like exploiting women sexually for the entertainment of his male audience. For the most part that was a lot of the show. Dude i realized howard is seen by a lot of people as a progressive groundbreaking guy and he is in many many ways but there was a lot of his show that i was like. I'm fucking fourteen and this is weird and pornographic in strange doesn't really make kohl's it'd be like if we would just like iraq. Today i guest. He's a sedan jin from onlyfans. Bring susan in our in here. And then susan sat down and we were like your titties. They real this was howard show. How'd you get your tits done. Where'd you get them done. Tell us about your lips. How long will you give a man a blowjob. What's the biggest dick you'll suck. Here's a serbian. Sit on it and we're gonna watch you moan in writing like a symbian is a vibrating fake stool. That was the show. So like if this dude was just the fucking magazine. Rodgers of radio like pat people on the back and dancing down the hallway like shooting sunflowers out of his ass. Yeah fucking idiot. This is the best quote in the whole thing. No melinda added the hallway had to be cleared out before he walks down throw. The hallway has to be cleared out before. I walk down at two. That's how always work you. If i work at a company and i go into the hall in the halls filled with shit. Guess who's yelling at the company. Hey assholes come clean up the fucking hallway we were. We were were adults. We you know what it sounds like it. Sounds like he employed a bunch of pussies all got fed up with nbn like well. Like what a fucking the hallway had to be cleared out before we walked down it and also because wanted to do fucking flowed over the debris you messy shit if you're if you're that large of a celebrity. Do you think you'd want all of your employees just staring at you all day if i may. Oh hundred million dollars to talk into a microphone. Nobody's allowed to look me in the eye ever again. I won't even look myself in the. Yeah in mir's gone. Yeah no more. Mir's this then you're actually going blind just in your site. At that point. I over will need in italy. Ripped my eyeballs out of my head. you can just. We'll just plug you in. Wally style into your little chair with a microphone. Attorney for the rest of your life. And that's it that's ross bohlin forever and ever amen murrah producer mariah said. I think this means he didn't want people in the hall before he would walk down at. I still love that. Oh no that's most definitely. I was just going to throw the whole. I'm just no one else can be in the know. He cannot breathe the regular people air. No doubt they definitely just have a They have like a light that flashes. You know what. I mean where it's like howard's coming and everybody just like scatters and you know what it sounds like to me responsible social distancing honestly it out in the hallway. It's not more than six feet wide and howard's coming is howard stern. The most covid save company on the planet. Maybe that's this. This is a bunch of right wing. Anti massacres china. May howard look bad. Because they're sick of having to respect that social distancing rules in the hallway that they can't keep clean it is a fox news article that might actually have no debris in it at all this hallway. Now i just need to know more about this hallway. We need protas and videos of the hallway and the clear. Is it now. This next thing isn't really worth a segment. Chris but i wanna briefly. Bring it up. Because it's another weird thing about a ceo It's about peleton's eeo and it's a story that Actually defector which is one of our former guest juma gary famously worked at what gawker deadspin whatever he quit. They all the deadspin riders that bounced. They all made their own little site. It's called the defector. I don't really know much about it. But one of the dudes on their wrote about the ceo of peleton. You peleton the really overpriced expensive exercise bikes of which we have a much more affordable unrealistic and better sponsor for called echelon E- everybody's sort of fucking peleton though. I own stock in peleton for like six months. This year It's it's very famous especially for rich white people so there was a story in the new york times about how the ceo peleton who stock has had a ridiculous year as a result of people being home for the pandemic in all this shit John foley was talking about how he spends his sundays. How does he spend his sundays. One part in particular stood out. Okay here's a quote and this is from the peleton. Ceo john foley says twenty years ago. A colleague told me the key to your day is to hydrate as much as you can So the first thing i do is drink. Forty sips of water from my hand at the upstairs bathroom sink. It's efficient. i drink until. I feel like i'm going to throw up water every day. So the ceo of peleton one of the larger companies in the united states wakes up every morning he goes over to a sink and he drinks water from his fucking hand until he feels. He's going to vomit. And that's how he star that just sundays. I guess you're this dude. Had to why this dude had rich parents right like there's no way there's no way he just got the money to start peleton zone if he's drinking water on hand every fucking morning. I don't know i feel like poor. People don't even wouldn't even understand that concept of. I mean rich people wouldn't understand the cotton like okay look first things first. Are you a sink drinker. Yes absolutely. I'm all in on the sink. Yeah me too. I love the sink. I don't need a filter any of that with the stupid fluoride water into my body. I don't care shit. Try to keep myself all right. I'll be right ninety percent water. I drink is just straight out of the sink no ice nothing just room temperatures chug it down when you drink from the sink. Yeah do you cup no your hand and feed yourself like your fucking cat nuts. I'm drinking straight from the cats. Do this. They use their tongues. Smart animals yeah. If i'm drinking straight from the sink. I'm going straight like from the soils. Help yup straight into the fucking mouth man just like that. Yeah me too You know. I'll get several slips. Shut off the sink. Is it efficient now. And that's maybe where this guy's got me beat on our. But i don't know look what's he doing. Well see helpful. Hand thing where he's saving the watkin. I notice water. Inefficiency here is is. He's going like he's doing the double cup thing when you pull it still coming down. You still losing water. You're losing water shit. It's not efficient. You know this guy's a fucking liar. This y sold my peleton's stock out on peleton amount on john fully amount on freaks who drink from the sync with their fucking hand until you feel like you're going to throw up every morning. Do grab a cup. Also fly sips from your hand. Makes you feel like you're gonna puke. There's something wrong with your body. Sir go to a physician. Maybe yeah hop off the peleton and go get outside in the world. You have the stomach of a small cat. How does he own a fitness and wellness brand forty sips of water from my hand at the upstairs bathroom sink. It's efficient. i drink until. I feel like i'm going to throw up water every day. And like you and now everyone's gonna ask this for the rest of your career. Are you a serial killer sir. Are you an alien from mars. This is an alien thing. This is like if you had a roommate and you caught them doing this every day you'd be like i am slightly concerned dude as in a men in black suit and not actually a human being. I would no longer have a roommate. Because you'd feel fear for your life exactly. Yeah that's that's very serial killer behavior and frankly a ceo is gonna be a serial killer. I would expect it to be like the ceo of pelata. Yeah kind of falls in with like the ceo of like cross fit kinda that type of five. Yeah yeah yeah like. That's going to be an ego maniacal psycho who drinks water from his hand every sunday until he feels he's gonna puke as the first thing to do to start his day now. We'll say this was right on one front a lot of people that just wake up and they drink their cup of coffee and they go right. Well you need to hydrate. You should get a couple of water and really should do a liquid. iv from one of our sponsors. But you have to hydrate first in the morning. it's very important. That is a very important piece of the day. The only thing. John got wrong. Here is everything else after knowing that. Yeah so saddened like made it to the extreme version of it. That actually makes no sense is like when you get that cup of coffee like also. Just grab a water bottle like you know. Maybe you're a nice person. Maybe you're not either way. Just throw that thing up with water and then you know drink from that periodically throughout the course of the next couple of hours. Make sure you get finished before lunch or something like that. That'd be a normal human activity now. If you were in alien looking for maximum efficiency and are a total psychopath potentially a serial killer a skin suit. Then you'd go to your sink and literally slip water from your hand like a fucking weirdo into you. Felt like you were gonna puke. That's what you would. He's one of those lizard people that all the the the cuers thing about you know that. Have all the power the suits. he's a lizard. Would've fucking weirdo. That will do it for today's show. But before you head out to take on the world it's time for some very important announcement. First and foremost you've been saddled with three legal obligations as a result of having listened to this entire podcast. The first of which is you must rayton review just gives five stars and right good stuff about the show then. Check that box move onto number two which to share the show with one person this week. Anyone living breathing human being who can listen to and will listen to and should and would listen to this podcast. A friend a family member. A coworker a neighbor share the show with one person and check that box and we move on to number three your final legal obligation which is to use our sponsor codes support our sponsors who support us go to cuts clothing dot com slash rb. Bp for fifteen percent off the only shirt worth wearing go to get quick dot com slash rb dpd. Get yourself a quick right now. You'll get your first refill free. Go to newcomb. I'm sorry ross. Newcomb dot com and get fifty percent off your thirty day. Subscription of newcomb with their money back guarantee and That's your third and final legal ab- check that box and you're all done. Call it the dogs. We wanted to see each other in court. We can all live long and prosper. If you want to follow us on social media were on instagram at the ross bohlin podcast. We're on twitter at ross. Bohlin pod and we're also on facebook dot com slash. Ross bohlin podcast. My name is roz bowl and you can find me buluan. What do i sometimes sale bolan. It's ross bolan. Maybe you always just wish your bul. A muslim woman and you can find me on twitter. Instagram and snapchat at w. r. b. o. l. e. n. w. r. Bolan also live several times a week with kohl's at twitch dot tv slash boss role in christopher. Where can we follow you on social media. You can find me on instagram at chris. Sc nine nine. You can follow me on twitter at q zero you l. s. And you can follow me on snapchat. Chris underscore colson that c. o. u. l. s. o. In i would follow you into the gates of hell. Hell yeah brother checkout bullying media's television and film podcast oysters clams cockles available wherever you listen to rb p if you love. Tv and movies. You will love occ oysters clams and cockles on on apple. Podcast on youtube dot com slash bulletin media. Also right now. If you're part of the clamp fan as we call our listener ship on c. c. We are covering the sopranos episode by episode starting with season one episode one on our patriots rosie see at patriotair dot com slash. Clams cockles If you've never watched the sopranos. Or you love the show and want to watch it again into a rewatch barrett dudley. And i are doing a companion ca podcast for every single episode. He has never watched. I've watched several times. They are spoiler free and friendly to both re watchers and first timers the sopranos on. Occ's patriarch page patriot dot com slash. Oysters clams cockles. All twenty twenty one. We're very excited jumping today. We're only two episodes. Deep easy to get caught up episode three dropping this thursday that will do it for bp three fifty eight produced by mariah gossett and mike moody garcia permanent record studios in austin texas calls and i will be back on monday with our bp three fifty nine but first we will be back on friday. Just like every friday on patriots dot com slash podcast with another exclusive ad free episode of our vp for members of the vp gang pledging their monthly support to keep the podcast alive showing and growing. It's just five bucks a minimum of five patriot dot com slash. Ross bohlin podcast to get an ad free episode every friday. Come through support the show get more. Bp you are not alone. Potman get paid respect mr park. Strength and honor gang gang gang. Christopher peace be with you and also with you i go baby.

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How To Use Energy To Find Happiness, Health And Time For Fun - Barry Morguelan

The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani

55:15 min | 6 months ago

How To Use Energy To Find Happiness, Health And Time For Fun - Barry Morguelan

"This podcast is brought to you. Mind body if you're new to mind valley or if you are a big mind body fan check out. Mine valley all access. My molly provides the world's best human transformation programs in everything from mind to body to seoul to spirit to entrepreneurship and work productivity. Everything is unlocked but just two dollars a day get access to the world's most transformative education visit mine dali dot com forward slash. Now that's minded valley dot com forward slash. and o. W wouldn't it be great. If actually every day of your life you could get better and stronger without ever having to seek medical care or take anything extraneous and it was like within you you could get stronger. Emission the kiani founder of the school for human transformation. You're listening to the minor league podcast. We'll be bringing you. The greatest teachers and thought leaders on the planet discussed the world's most powerful ideas and personal growth of mind body spirit work. I'm dr barry morgan and almost everybody. Because i'm a gastroenterologist and an endoscopic surgeon trained to ucla. And i've had thirty years of practicing hard difficult surgeries and medicine both. Ucla and los angeles and teaching and multiple locations. Everybody knows me as dr be though. They don't know me as dr barry morgan because i traveled throughout the world and did a lot of pediatrics. The children could you know what i'd say. Oh hi i'm dr mortgage and they'd go then i would say okay kids. I'm dr barry morgan legal. Okay i'm dr beat and they bbc's until then the rest of my life in the world i guess we'd pass eighteen years. Everybody knows me as dr be so say. Hello dr be if you if you call or check our website and look for my name. Vic- be okay. So that's it all right so welcome. So how did i get even involved in this wonderful thing that we're gonna do today. Well i started out wonderfully excited with surgery. Having been able to help a lot of people and then i guess it was about three or four years. I'd already had wonderful research. I was walking in the room of one of my patients who i held yearly mrs rodriguez. Here's the elderly woman has about nine children. And i said okay. We're all this was discharged day. And so i was excited. The white coat walking here with a clipboard. You've seen this before at least on tv and i've seen you get to go home today. And i sat down with her. And i held her hand because i knew her and the family and i said you get to go home. How's it going. And she goes on so happy that tumors out thank you so much and so i said anything else and she said but she takes my arm. But i'm still in pain. And i said what kind of pain i said. You're incisions good. She says well you know all the weeks before they sent me to you all the time to find the diagnosis and all the discomfort and what was going on and all the anxiety and then taking care of all my children and then it was all this delay in pain about having to go back to all that and all that russia now i have to go back and try to fix all the things that i have been away from now. That have had this operation. Even though i'm really happy you fixed it. And i looked at her and i said wouldn't it be great. Think about this for a minute. I looked and there's almost like sunlight came in through the window. Ucla while i was talking to her and i said wouldn't it be great. Ms rodriguez if you never had to go through anything like this at all none. You didn't have to go through colonoscopy surgery pre op. None of that stuff. Wouldn't it be great. If actually every day of your life you could get better and stronger without ever having to seek medical care or any kind of take anything extraneous. And it was like within you that you could get stronger. What if you're really made that way. And she looked at me to reach out her hand and she said anybody can do it. You can do it and so it was like my charge at that moment that i'm going to do this. I'm going to find something that doesn't exist yet and it didn't exist. You have to understand twenty five years ago. What did we have what city you're from if everybody's here from the united states or other places but we had maybe donut shops and maybe a few vitamin shops. That was it. We didn't have croissants we didn't and we had no good coffee either. It was terrible. And so i went on a search one hundred sixty thousand miles and i went about every three months i went about sixty thousand one hundred sixty thousand miles and i traveled as many places as i thought there might be some type of medalla so when i went to england and into rome are in to paris or into asia and i would say listen. I'm gonna teach you all. we do. A trade endoscopic surgery from los angeles. And then we're going to talk and they'd say oh. Sure whatever you wanna talk about that. I'd say i really want to know something alternative something. Integrative something where you don't have to do what i'm doing for you and go. You're the top of your field. You're teaching us. You want something my great-grandmothers using so then i had to learn all about things which i'm sure you. All become very versed in over the years got a degree in or balaji got a degree in acupuncture studies. A lot of people with crystals crystal theory went to brazil and south america. Actually at one time. I didn't look like this. Can you imagine you can't robes and long hair and the whole shame and outfits so that you walked and talked to fund. But i don't do that anymore. I because my goal is to bring it back to ms rodriguez all of us. You know so that you'd never had to have this experience that life which is given to you from day one is something like well each day you sort of deal with life and then the next day and then there's your people older than you were dealing with a little less able and then those who are older dealing with a little. Let's say when you see. Life has a decline to it. And what i wanted you to have. What i was looking for was whether you could have life. Be something that you got stronger every day that everything you did whether it was in relationships was in your physical health whether is in your desire to have something created like write a book or have a great relationship or make a big deal with financial success. I wanted you to be able to do that on your own without having to see anybody else and so of course. How do you think the doctors at ucla said to me when i would come back from these studies because they say found it yet and go not yet. You're never gonna find you're looking for a fountain doesn't exist. You're the top. You're just give them surgery or drugs. And i said no i will keep looking so finally it took six and a half years finally ended up in china and one thing one research place one surgical place led to an article. Finally i actually got to work with their national treasure knowing americans ever worked with him ever and he's guarded all the time and he's the repository the source for all of chinese medicine and sunny chinese medicine. We can go through that with in you can read about it on the yellow emperor and the symbol but all that had to be sourced someplace and got source way way back and then pass down as an oral tradition but it never never had been passed out. Something you could read are better with a set of courses that you could use and you do it as a home run go today. I don't feel like doing a three mile. Runs this practice. I like you're going to be doing later. We're gonna get to this or the breathing exercise. It's all done for you and then all of a sudden feel eighteen again. And when i saw that that was possible. And you know that's possible because at times you've been in those circumstances were all of a sudden you degrade. Has anyone here ever liked kid. A good golf shot is he. Went here ever hit a good softball or baseball connected with a battle. Homerun is whenever got on the floor and really dance better than they ever thought. Possible here ever picked up the right tie or right shirt without effort and said hey. That really looks good so what it was. You got the access to being in the zone. D- being inflow right away and that is one of steps into the your power position. And that's what. I was able to translate over the years going back and forth grain grandmaster to learn these techniques to bring them back to you because they'd never been translated before so now we have them for you at energy for success forward slash breathes so that you can actually access those and i'm gonna lead you through those right now if you're interested are you so. This was my goal that i wanted you to stop being diverted from. What i said is your natural state who you really are who you are without having to take a bunch of pills or say. I'm happy i'm happy. I'm happy without having to wake out of bed and go. I'm ready to go on stage. Let's do it. let's do life. That's what i wanted you to have. And when you look at this the only reason i showed the surfer was. I wanted to remind you if you've ever watched anyone competing it's fascinating isn't it and you're mere neurons sort of connect to him and he's one of our clients but the point is why do we watch because we can almost sense that if we had the training or something we can have that access. What have all of life is. Open yourself up so that you naturally can perform at your highest level. Would you be interested. Okay so let's talk about. Terry terry is a lady who came to me one time and she was about this tall and she lived with her four sisters and which is her hover mother. Okay and she said that. It's like i really want to be successful. I want to be out on my own. what can i do. And i'm just starting out in sales. So i said just do these guided breathing. Visualizations like the one. We're going to be showing you off you some later. What she did what she started doing them. She called me and say i'm doing better. I'm doing better do now. And i said well. How's your anxieties is. It's almost under control. Every time i listened breathing exercise. I feel ready to go to work. And then she went to a what she called. Sorry guys but she called it. A male dominated salesforce in a big. It company and yet she was able this little tiny person to speak up over and over again. No train in speaking up. She wasn't even doing while they're sisters at home. So you have to see the officers. I said where do you think it's coming from. I'm in that zone. That's what i want you to get that you have it within you to be here and that's the point that you get to be there and it comes from within her. All you have to do is learn these physical and breathing techniques and you'll be able to tap into it so she kept progressing and progressing progressing till finally she's been raised the level where she's a top performer in her entire huge. It company which is on the new york stock exchange now and as one of the most successful companies and she's giving talks to two hundred people on how to do sales and her salary. You don't wanna hear about it. They don't wanna hear about it. That's why they put up their worried. She's going to leave and go to another company a division manager and do you don't want to take that stories because just like the grandmaster told me when we we're at the very end that he says you're ready to go back to the western world and give them these techniques and give them these abilities experience it because you know you have special special think about special powers inside of you whether you roll. It raised your hand earlier. Not think about it for a minute or close one eye from think about it or both is say there's been times you've had special powers maybe didn't lift the car off the baby but there was time all of a sudden. You just felt good that day and you really wanted to make sure that you could make it happen no matter what day what age who you were with so like terry. I'd like you to do today. A breathing visualization. And then. we're going to do physical exercise. But she's still crushing it and she and you and me are all the say we all have it within us. So i'd like for you to know that for today we're going to go through a guy breathing. Relation like she went through and of course. We have on an app for you if you're interested and we also have physical practices which i'm gonna show you about but let's start doing the guided breathing visuals so close your eyes and take everything off your lap. Okay close your eyes. Take everything off your lap. We're gonna be together for about. Oh fifteen twenty minutes. I'll let you know no one's going to touch you know what's gonna come up to you but i do need for you to take everything off and put your arms for your son. Now hold your eyes and take a deep breath. We don't need is open during this time. There's nothing actually to see except float along with me during the guided visualisation. And i want you to recognize that for this moment now. You don't take any notes. You don't need your camera. Nothing just this for you take this in. We're going to give you some like this later anyway. I want you to have this now. So just relax and let the chair hold you and recognize. It's not that difficult to just let your shoulders. Go back against the chair. Bit and let your waist sorta be held a little bit more comfortably. Move your waist little bit in the chair our show lying down on the floor either way and just allow yourself yes okay to yawn so okay let that out. It's okay to you and recognize that it's really interesting that your neck is you know. Give it a break. Relax select your neck to sort of fall back a little bit just a little bit just slightly or a little more or let it do. Its own thing and let it go back as far as you want and then bring it forward just a little bit slit rest like it's has a chance to just be floating there for a moment because as the time goes on less and less is needed from any kind of grit or effort and more and more where the power comes from. Is you're connecting without effort. This wonderful source energy so as you take a deep breath almost everybody can notice that the first part of your breath lands somewhere in the front of your chest. I'll take one with you now and you let it out slower than that and you can take it in deeper than that but one thing you'll notice is that as you take in that deep breath and let your next still stay relax and your shoulders comfortable against the chair that that breath actually can go down quite a bit deeper that the sides of your chest your you can allow that to expand to go ahead and take another breath which relief fund to notice. Is that as you start to breathe the spaces that occur between your nasal area mouth down through your those spaces actually began to give you more room to breathe so you can breathe right down through that hot space right down through the lung space. Go ahead and then you can breathe into the abdomen through all those spaces throughout all those different supportive organs. That are there. Go ahead and your abdomen can even inflate go ahead and even more spaces can open up as you take out the notice that you can breathe down through your hips through those sort of bones make a bowl. You sit on and it's sort of cool that there's so much room in there you're mostly air anyway so it's plenty of room to breathe into and it's okay yawn and as you relax back and breathe down into your fis also muscles can take a break to your low back. Your thighs breathe through each one of those and then down through the knees and then back up and then what starts to become apparent. If you'll just relax for a minute and look at screen where you're just above your eyebrows that there's actually sort of a dark space their front of your forehead. Keep your eyes closed. But it's there sometimes it's grayish sometimes. It's blackish sometimes it's motion. Sometimes it's static. Sometimes it's not smooth. Sometimes it's probably but you might notice. Just for flicker like a lightning bug that there might be with your eyes closed. A little light flicker off the left or off to the right and as you breathe it almost like you can start to see them even clearer as you had that breath cycle going down and those little lights can actually coalesce so that you're catching them in the center and they form a little ball gold. Silver platinum bobbin rotates. It doesn't really ever stop know. Keep rotating to the laughed for the ride or it'll stop in the back itself around. It's quite fascinating. Just watch that but for right. Now let's let's take a deep breath and as you see that gold silver sort of rough edge all if you see it great if you sense it great if you would like to experience going with this great just breathe as if you had a gold silver ball planet. Then it goes down a little tiny dot and as you breathe down this time breath where the breath went so breathe down through the nose down through the neck down through your heart space down through your chest and oh when it gets to your chest you can just let it divide into thousands of balls and go into all those alvie lie inside your long. Yeah it's okay and it'll keep rolling back as you breathe. It will follow your breath. Go ahead so breathe the down and like this brave little gold silver platinum dots go through there and they come back up through your throw back up into that spot your forehead and then take over send it down through the back of your neck so that that space that's holding your head can take further break and your shoulder blades. They can they can take it easy to so as you allow that gold silver platinum to go down each space through your spine down through one vertebra to the next to the next vertebra. Then all of a sudden we noticed that it can keep going straight down and defied and go through your legs and as it goes through your legs. What's really interesting is. It will circle back up just when he gets to the bones of your feet all those little tiny bones who knows how they hold you up. But there's all different shapes bones in their connected by lots and lots of space so watch that gold silver to sort of roll around there like a pinball in between each one of those spaces. You don't have to tell them to do anything. Just let it flow and you breathe it back up all the way back up through your legs up to your admiral through your chest and then back up through right through your head you can just let it go above your head so let it go up about six feet. Like a geyser way above your head and watch it up there through the inside and noticed that. It's sorta bubbles up. They don't stay there if you want. Take a deep breath and let's watch it as it starts to. Ascend starts to ascend up through the blue of the atmosphere up to the clouds. And it's safe. You can sort of hold onto that little pathway this leading from the bowl as safely taking you up in through these clouds that are so refreshing. You can like let the little spark. Let's the clouds of cleanse the back of your neck and under your arms around your pelvis so that you really feel refreshed and then you keep rising though because this balls taking somewhere really cool so as it comes up and keeps leading us it takes up to this wonderful blue space and the space is so blue but you can see through it. It's amazing you can stick your hand through it but it's still blue and you can look all the directions you want you to look forward as far as you want and backward as far as you want and you keep rising noticed in the distance. There's mountains to keep like being covered with all different types of foliage collars or snow. And then there's like um fall. Cain way out there that spewing up colors so that over your head you see these threads of red orange green yellow purple even periwinkle all these different threads that keep shooting way up in the sky from this volcano over your head so it forms almost like this huge net that you can use as the ball takes you up above this net. You can lay into the net. Now let it hold you as you go up higher like a hammock as you allow yourself to really go up higher you can start to recognize that on either side of your these beautiful beautiful wonderful mountains that have green and pathways all through these mountains as if you could well we we could step off for a second and just actually take one of these paths and that wonderful hammock will just wait for us in that ball. Will this lead us on. This well warns solved pathway. That's been worn down its derp. It's very very fine and you can walk on that and keep walking until finally you go around the back of this mountain and you see. There's this gorgeous lake where you can put your feet in. Take your shoes off. While you're in their experience. The call the wet the joy about wet surface of being in the water. And you can look in the water and see soul deep. Actually you can see what's feeding the lake which is gorgeous waterfall and you can get up and walk around under the waterfall and as you go under the waterfall and hands there and feel the water just makes all the spaces on the outside of your body and inside your body able to move in a way that you could stay under there and get the shower for as long as you want it. You can even put a checkmark here on one of the walls and say i think i wanna come back here. Check this out again. This could be a good space for me and it's okay to yawn and as you start to recognize that there's so many beautiful green areas around this lake and flowers that are extending up the hill. You can see. This is a place i need to explore but right now what would be great is to walk around the edge of the lake and as you come around the edge of the lake. You can start to see this big panorama up the huge mountain and then you can start to see that the hammock is here waiting for you with the gold silver ball and beckoning you to get on and just relax onto the hammock and start to enjoy taking a path going down down down around down down around and down until finally you land on this wonderful white sandy beach. That's really find sand. Almost like silk doesn't hold your fingers. There's an ocean feeding your feet back and forth and you can rely on this wonderful warm sand and look way up in the sky and say So lot more here for me every day to use and enjoy and you see that you look behind you and on the hill behind you. There's this huge tree with a branch. That has a leaf falling feminist. That leaf falls down to the grass and gently makes it to the grass. You know that's the time to lock all this end so that we can have a huge result for the rest of the day and tomorrow and the next day with your clothes which you want to do is to rub your hands. It's just get a little friction doesn't have to be hot can be cold. Just rub your hands. Nobody's looking. It's okay to yawn and the put your hands over your eyes either left-hand left die right hander. Right i you can put them at a distance you can put them right on top of him and just take that in but enjoy that it going to feed the salt guy of your brain. Let let the piney on the get a break that all that flow through to the back of your neck and disagree. Time to make a goal for the week. Just a simple goal. Just one goal. I'd like four to simply had like four have great success in my body being super strong all day today and tomorrow week never hands get some friction put over your chest and just let it in you but one hand on top of the other you can put them together. Okay to smile at this point with your icicles. Nobody's watching and then take that in deep breath gardens and that's slow back to your heart into that part of a thoracic spine in the middle cervical spine uppers line lower spine. Let it just go all all those areas can take it into. You don't have to guide. It'll go go for you. It's okay to make a goal here. It's a good time so you can make a goal for a really liked to have a great relationship in any form at home work with myself. Simple just let loose smile. Take it in no grit necessary. Then rub your hand scan at the last one of these three spots and you're gonna put your left hand right hand left either way or at a distance from your belly button. Just put them down to bellybutton area and take that all in whatever if you experience something. Sometimes you may experience cool. Sometimes you may experience heat. Sometimes you may experience a pulse. -ation all of those are part of the whole spectrum of all the vibrations that are here for you to support you to succeed so you don't want to monitor try to adjust and because it's a continuous up surging program here on this planet to gain more and more each day to be better and more able and more successful in an easier way than you ever thought possible. It's okay to smile. Some people have a buddhist smile disposition. And yes you do. Want to make a goal if you wish something has to do with your success in you pick. The energy itself is connected to source energies connected to eight. Specific areas can be financial could tremendous monetary success in something can creativity. You wanna create something so magical tomorrow. In terms of your writing scriptwriting you have so many writers and people that are painters and artists politician. People that want to create something for the good of mankind win win. Let that go then few your feet in the room and then come back and open your eyes and get ready for mark so who is mark. Well oh for we talk about mark. How was that anybody steal anything or enjoy any of that. Was it fun. What i welcome you a stay in touch because the results are going to be profound as it happens. It's going to be more and more. It's gonna be instantaneously that you have gold shoes. You're going to keep seeing it in your day because then it gives us something. Live forward to right if you enjoyed this. Podcast consider joining mind valley all access. Now you can sign up to mind valley all access and unlock every mind valley program instantly get access to transformation from all of the world's best minds in everything from parenting to biohacking body spirit entrepreneurship. What productivity learn from the likes of ben greenfield. Jim quick shefali sabari steven kotler and more all available to you but less than two dollars a day simply visit mine. Dot dot com forward slash. Now that's mine dot com forward slash n. o. w. and you'll be surprised to see that mine. All access now comes with advanced technologies to completely transform your learning your networks and your human connections including on new private social network for students connections by mind body and are altered state. Inducement app owned banner which complements our regular training with altered state methodologies to transform you at a subconscious level. Check it all out on mine. Daily dot com forward slash n. o. w. mine dot com forward slash. Now so what about mark mark is a guy who came to me and he looks like some of you who have already seen when i was watching yesterday as you're walking in and lot of the people here very robust and strong work out a lot i imagine or at least you're you're following some healthy program and i really liked that so marcus like really strong guy. And he says businessman. He really wanted to have success in his kung fu tai chi chico long training program that he was in for years and he never been able to get his black belt and then there was another guy named ryan same thing his was in a brazilian martial arts and then there was another gentleman. I'm just giving you three named arthur. And he's a writer in hollywood actually and they all said we're not getting our black belt and we really want to get the black belt. A we hear that these techniques allow us to find it within our cells without having a drink while they'd already tried taking all the power drinks. Have your heart rate. Go up or whatever all the strengthening things that on label off ladle drugs all those things and they said we're still not able to pass because the sense has to say you know you get your belt and they hadn't done. These are very successful men. And so i said okay. Okay i will definitely have you do some energy practices in each time. You do the practice plus the breathing exercises. You're going to open. And that's how this whole technique was source energy. Because that's what the grand grand master taught me as the only one of twelve only american speaking only western only doctor ever trained in this discipline to be able to give the people and translate it for your use. So i said you're gonna have to do these practices and there. Are you going to work with said no. You don't have to work. That's the whole beauty of this. You get to do it yourself at home home. Whatever you're going to go there when you're home we get to bed and then you do your other practices okay. This this is the tree trunk. This is source energy so it supports all the branches of what you've been doing. I told them that i'd been taichi. Mountain have been there from china. Are all the different places where all the different disciplines those this had to come from a trunk come from a tree trunk and it's just like white light you see here. White light doesn't exist really if you break. It has all these colors right so the tree trunk is the white light source energies. The white light. And i said just through the practice from the source energy. And then you're gonna have the access to any one of those branches that you want and yours is tai chi. The other gentleman had the brazilian and the third one had something that was his type of food but they all want a black belts. This course didn't happen all the same day. This is over a period of two years. But i've been doing this here for now over sixteen years in the us but it was always private. It was never open like this. That's why you're just hearing about. It was always behind big stars like vision and other big stars that you know. A senators governors presidents olympic stars. But i was always thinking. I would be the juice in the background and that they would spread it to you but i want you to have it now. So these gentlemen all these physical practices. And we're going to do one right now and you're gonna take it home and you're going to get to do it. And then they over time in less after going for years all three of them got their black belt. And i have photos that i think i've shown the guy who ever tasted that i ever show you that. Yes so they're the ones that have miraculous abilities that you didn't know inside. It's waiting for you and tell me the truth. Come on you know at least on one day al week at some point you felt. I really have special powers inside. I wish i could access come on can have a hand raise. Who am i talking to hear the rest of the people. Please look and see if that might be true or it would be something you want to uncover. Believe it or not that was obsession with my mother when she was eighty. And i said okay. Mom i'm thinking should be doing these practices. I don't need. I don't really come on. I don't wanna do anything and i said. Yeah but you're eighty now and come on. It's time to start practices practices for your benefit. And she did and she made two hundred. Nobody ever made it to one hundred. Nobody and you checked various. Never saw a doctor after eighty. No medicines either. All the ones went away. So i've never told her story in a big public thing. But i thought you guys are so heartfelt until you about my mother so let's do physical exercise so stand up second now physical exercisers many and they're all not difficult. Say not difficult. It's different than taichi kong. Almost things you don't have to microscopically get that just in the right place so that you can do laughing monkey. You don't have to do that. Okay because what's within you starts out almost like a tornado. Almost like that way their beliefs the wave in you are more related than you've ever realized and you know it when you go and sit and watch the ocean see what you're like to watch the ocean at all. Yeah it's captivating. Why because that's you you in another form and if you can connect to you and the other form an all the energy vibrations that are supporting this planet then your special powers you not tell anybody after this you can keep it secret but your special powers will manifest and then you're resulting riding the next grade book getting the next job or passing. Whatever you know personal tasks you have so this is just a simple exercise back from china. Five thousand exercise. He just make up above your head. Now watch the way. I'm doing in that i'm putting it behind my head. Okay if you put it in front of your head. It's not the same exercise and it won't work so i wanna to get this exercise. There's one in front but that's not it so that really behind their head it breath and tell me you're relaxed. You're doesn't bother to be easy now. Why you have your hand there. Notice as time goes on and you'll see in other people will have more of a square in. Mandarin actually has the name square. But the point is is behind your head and you're holding it up with this hand in the beginning and if you started with the other hand it's okay but i'm using my right and you're holding it up and you're holding it down with the other hand it's my left hand and there's formula square. And where are you feeling this in anywhere joss below your shoulders not in your shoulders your behind your head and you feel it here and now all you're gonna do. I know it seems easy. But you're gonna love it as you take a breath with me. We're gonna take three breath. We're going to go higher and higher and as you breath you're going to keep the resistance though here so i'll do the i watch you see my hands go up higher so you don't have to do anything but take a deep breath so now i'm gonna take the first depressed but you'll notice each time i breathe. The arms are going to go up higher. You don't have to stress about doing this right. You just have to deep breathe so watch you know some still talking breathing. You'll do that soon. But then take a second breath. If you can notice you can still go up. Higher are you were there. And it's just your arms going up your back is getting more relaxed and having taken a breath yet. Maybe you can. It's okay take a third breath and then you hold it there. Some of you may be able if you hold it to go up a little bit more and then slow. Is the practice one now. Did you notice how slow my hands went the experience you wanna have is that you're not moving your hands something who's your favorite helper since we're in march it'll be saint patrick or leprechaun okay or an angel or whatever angels inside of you but the point is now we're gonna do it for real okay so you got out of bed in the morning. Usually i wanted to do this three times. I went to this exercise. And we're gonna give you a breathing exercise like hearing here anyway. But i want you to have this ready so you ready now. This time. we're gonna do it both ways up and down so this way and then we'll do this got it. So do you understand. We're doing over there. You want me to walk over here. Can you see over there okay. So you notice that. I'm going to switch later and you don't hurt anything. It's all fun so we're going to do this. I three breasts and then bring her hands down. The will come up and do the other way. Okay let's start ready first breath and you can let your arms go as high as you want but keep that square. Okay okay to smile. Take second breath and go up higher. It should go as if you're on a flow state you're not cranking anything. You're flowing with us and then third breath hold it there and then for some you want to smile a little bit more little addition there on the fourth and then now down but remember. This is the key part so slow that you're going. Gosh i didn't know. I could go that slow. I mean really slower than you're doing really slow so we got one more. Don't worry so now we're going to do it with the armed switch so come back up. I remember i was like this. So now i'm going to do it like that. Can you see how. I switched hands. You got it you with me. I so you know. I'm holding the bar and the review in the bar to the breath is going up straight. These are five thousand years extras. They don't look like they're difficult in the art but after you do all of them. You're ready to go so now take a deep breath okay. You can go up higher on the next one whole bet bar feel it behind your head on front the third one in the after you're up there you're gonna go a little bit higher come on higher. That's good now the part that's medical slow slower than that slow. You can go slower. Stop helping stop helping. What's something else move you. You have no idea how many sensors in your body will help you. You have more time. There is no rush on this planet to succeed but it come and with a smile just putting the gratitude position but the key is guess. What the gradu- position came from anyway since exercise allows you to combine the in the end up and down all together. And yes if you wanna make a goal right now sequel leader self. please do because remember. There's eight specific areas ones and serendipity on command so it all of a sudden you're going to meet wonderful people today that are gonna be spectacular forwarding. Your life your mind valley. Okay now sit down for a second. Did anybody enjoy that. Was it easy. Would you promise me you'll do it at home and then write me right vision. How it works do it for do it for just thirty days and then watch out okay and we have more for you but i really want you to recognize you have no limits inside me no you who said but you could feel it now say i can feel it now asked to walk but the grand master to be able to all these different tests. I had to go through where. I almost died multiple times and unfortunately multiple people died in this program. Because that's the way it set up this five thousand euro program. When i had to walk through this huge lake where those these snakes. I was ready to go back home to la and do surgery. That was enough. I did not need to see if i could figure this out but the way it was set up was in every single case like when i was left on the mountain this it's beyond dark and they're not coming back to me and i'm in the middle of one of the sacred mountains there. I'm hanging there. No one's around. I'm going. They're not coming back to get me so have you felt like i'm involved in this situation this problem. Whatever i'm doing and no one's coming here to help me right now. I need some assistance. What if the assistance is your special powers inside that you know we're always there. You just always needed technique to tap into them right. So that's what source energy is all about. That's what these practices are all about for you and what i have for you. Today is one. I want the agreements that everybody believes would like to believe. come on. you don't have to tell anybody but that you do have really significant special powers inside at least in one area. You're in the right room with a right guide. Help you with that. So congratu don't ever let it go because that's your birthright and can only get better from here if you never let go so when i came back and talk to ms rodriguez about it and her whole families now. Doing energy practices people here from la. So easterly. it's not using the area would think people be in the backyard doing chinese extras. But it's they're all doing it. They're all right so why don't want you to have is to recognize that these practices you know. We have so many practices for you that you're probably thinking because so many people come up to me after i do these events and they say dr be you ever worked with people like me heard about terry and i heard about these other guys but well is it possible. Yes the whole company energy for success forward. Slash breeds is set up for you to get involved in a next step which we even have is a free gift for you. So it's a guided visualization like. You were involved in you. Don't wanna see me as a shame. Andy which one is me. I'm not gonna tell you there. I'm doing surgery though in china and if you remand him there is the english can translate it. And here's being lost in these mountains in china. But this is what i look at when i see you okay. So if you're interested in that then you're on the right planet. You're going to be interesting source but i see you having stability every day when you get out of bed in every single one of the great eight. In terms of serendipity dog command in terms of great money success all and win win right everything. If i get an ice cream cone you get one to not like you have to wait or the vice versa. How many martyrs are in here where they give iphones and they ended up waiting a week a month three months and never get what no win. Win this whole system. Set up for you to not be like henry david. Thoreau said which was people live. Lives of desparation. But they don't admit it so we have to have the experience that yeah that's right or can we just move on past that right now and have this wonderful experience every minute that were connecting to all of the two hundred fifty six five nations that are available for you to be as powerful as you want doesn't matter what your ages where you're going what you're doing so this is just a quick knowledge base for you. Just take a minute. I called this. And you've seen the matrix movie. I'm sure probably well. I call things sort of getting your way and distract you from getting to work on time. you know. Orange cones are people that say no. Have you ever been all excited. Hey mom i wanted to do this or hey family i wanted to this or hey employees. I want you to this and they go. No no i have something else to do. I can't do that or that's too much or you're being a no is not fun. What if all the nose sort of come from a place. What if you didn't have to deal with the knows if you've ever skis and when here ever skied an in skiing you know if there's no over here you don't skiing you find a better path and the energy gives you the path so with the energy. It's all mouth is that you're going to get the ability to have wondering body and one of the things i liked about the sweatshirt i saw yesterday. Who's wearing one. One of the old sweatshirts. The says wonder on it from mine valley. Nobody has one but anyway those are cool sweatshirts but that's guiding you toward wonder so the matrix is all about what keeps us worried and confused. Don't get wearing views. Jump over to the side of being in the zone being focused. Here's the hard part the matrix if you wake up tomorrow and say. I don't need to do anything. I'm just don't need to click onto my app from valley. I don't need to read any books that he recommend awake. I'm good that's not the best statistical way to make it if you wanted to make it if you could connect source energy which means you have to make the choice you have to reach. You know when you go someplace you have to put yourself in the game. You have to be an action. So we're going to have actress is for you to do that. So this is the courses. I've been doing all over the planet for all these years and you necessarily walking around this way next to the ocean. But i want you to know available. How often right now right now and all the practices that we have for you all of them are set up at this energy for success forward slash breeds and it doesn't matter because there's so many different practices we help you that whether it's your first experience in dealing with source energy or whether you're somewhat familiar with it or if you're like some clients of mine who live in shaolin monastery. This is material that even heavy duty stunt actors are working with everyday and actors and actresses and people in government to be able to do your best every day. So there's really something. I must tell you that i want you to know for getty breath. Remember this what. Would you say if i told you that. And i'm looking at the people in the back and the people here i'm feeling you actually be looking at you and feeling in you you you and you and you and you will and the ap but what if all of you all of us are really just for it for just a minute. You're really more wonderful than you even realize. And what if you are more wonder fall. Then you realize. And it's easy to access now. And what if you're more wonderful than you even could recognize. And it's available for you right now using source energy techniques. We have a free guide at breathing. Visualization for. You that you're gonna love and you can easily just take a picture of that link. There a will hand you out links later on a car. But we've got more for you to do at home so that you can actually amp up and become more and more who you are inside. Which is how wonderful. When i see you tomorrow or later today when i say how wonderful all this big smiles up on your face. 'cause you'll be feeling it and you'll be thinking it and you'll be going you know. It isn't a mental thing. It's mental you know this this part this part this your whole body and then when you learn that your body's even larger than that that what you occupies a set of operations that actually makes up this and makes up the space around you and then once you understand the whole power of what is the human bean that you can extend that in all directions towards your family. Your children for your future. So there isn't a limitation on anything you can do. It's only only gonna get better than you can imagine from here and your access a starting when now and remember now is not a declaration for now and therefore all day. It's going to be good. No now if you've noticed is now and then now and then now and then now and then now and then now and then you're in the flow and then you're on your riding the wave you see that he can't go the guy who was showed you on the board in the beginning he can go okay. I'm ready to servants fine. The wave doesn't know that he's going to be able to be in his world of his life. Like you're gonna be able to dance later. I think and when you're dancing please don't get too out of control. Nobody tate but the point is you're going to be pretty loose and you're going to be ready to go go with the flow that what you feel in your body go with all the experience you've had and when you talk to people today before you have an opinion about what they say. Take a breath and let them finish. You never know you may not have to finish their sentence they may actually have a contribution to you because remember the only world that's worth living in seoul. Glad promoting. this is a win win world because we've seen what happens. The planet with a win lose world right. It doesn't have anything good for people. And you don't wanna be around. Somebody doesn't want you to win to do you. So you'll want to be the same way with yourself so you don't have something inside your head or something that's communicating to you something off so you fall off. You're bored so to do that. I welcome you to your future with guided breathing visualizations and the physical practices and the app and so many other things. I'm so proud of you. Thank you for letting me have this. Correct ambition lucchini. And this is the mind valley podcasts. If you enjoyed this podcast sign up for mine. Valley all access simply visit dot com forward slash. Now every mine dollar program will then be unlocked. You learn from all the greatest minds in the world. Plus connect with students locally and globally using anew private social network where rapidly innovating our platform with new teachers. New subject matters new topics and new technology to create powerful transformations in yourself and your left once visit mine valley dot com forward slash now to see the latest additions to mine valley. All access and enroll for less than two dollars a day visit mine valley dot com forward slash and w.

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Emily Nussbaum  Pulitzer Prize Winning TV Critic at The New Yorker

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Emily Nussbaum Pulitzer Prize Winning TV Critic at The New Yorker

"<music> <music> from campus of yale university university. This is to live and dialogue in l._a. I'm erin tracy another big episode of the pod today. We're doing it live in front of a sold out packed room. We'll be joined by our very special guests tv critic for the new yorker winner of the two thousand sixteen pulitzer prize in criticism emily nussbaum emily's been with the magazine zine since two thousand eleven before that she wrote for the new york times new york magazine. We've had a lot of great show runners and t._v. Craters on the spot but emily maybe our first tv critic. She's about the smartest most incisive writer on the changing tv landscape working today. One of the great things about emily's criticism is that it's all inclusive she'll write about ambitious cable dramas like game of thrones as well as much smaller character center comedies like jane the virgin she's unapologetic about left for t._v. While continuing to point out important social critiques embedded in shows we might otherwise miss look no further than her great profile ryan murphy in the new yorker last year for proof or piece about the survivor story underlying unbreakable kimmy schmidt on game of thrones mad men in downton abbey emily wrote what about their insight into what it means to be excluded from power to be a woman or a bastard or a half man like any great criticism she makes a c._d. Shows shows from a different perspective and adds a richness to the experience and she's always grappling with what it means to take t._v. Seriously she's the furthest thing from a snob up for the clip to play on our show today. Emily didn't use the scene from the wire or handmaid's tale. She picked up from thirty rock. It's one. That's always been a favorite of mine. It makes let me laugh so hard. I can't wait to hear emily explain what she sees in it so i can appreciate it even more. That's what emily does because there's so much amazing t._v. Reading today some of my favorites like patriot on amazon or lovesick on netflix. You've likely never even heard of which is astonishing. We need critics like emily more than never a huge thanks to derek webster and the office of career strategy for hosting this event and to the common good and creative center initiative which is sponsoring sorry. There's always a giant. Thanks to our producer here at the l. Broadcast center ryan mcevoy who's in the field recording the event in addition to everything else. He does for the show uh-huh and all right. We're going to take you now to the center for collaborative arts and media on the corner of york and chapel streets here in new haven for in-depth condo with degree emily nussbaum owned by the way thanks to our friends windscreen craft for their help getting the word out about this week's episode checkout screen craft dot org for top screenplay competitions educational events and much more mm-hmm so lose kind enough to join us at our class to talk a little bit to the students you know in class. We talk a lot about whether t._v. Writers still thinking episodes or whether they now thinking seasons a lot of creators and show runners talk about their shows jose ten hour moves as a reviewer or do you miss you miss the episode for the podcast that i'm making a tortured express again people talking ten hour movies yeah yeah so. Do you feel like how is it change your job or how does it change the way you look at television well. There are two problems. One of them is that every show runner says that they're trying to make ten movies every every television critic goes crazy because it's so frustrating as a concept for a couple of different reasons. One of them is that we're all trying trying to get away from constant comparisons to movies into actually celebrate television is television and talk about television's distinctive qualities and so the notion that people making television as us as is true for some people who make tv really aspire to make movies in an order to grant more status to the stuff. They're making have to describe it as is a movie. That's a t._v. Critics of seeing that phrase as as a as an expression of status anxiety about the medium. That's one thing the other thing thing. Is that even if they're making a movie arrives in episode so i do think it is a significant structural change in terms of what t._v. is and it's it's something that certainly people who write about t._v. Or wrestling with all the time because it's not just the the length of the show or how it's chopped up but the fact that all all of the episodes come out at once i mean that doesn't make ten hour movie but does make it a little bit like a ten chapter book and that's different feeling so yeah me personally i wrestle with that for a specific reason that doesn't have so much to do with the episodes as the span of time that they come out in because for for a long time i've thought of t._v.'s distinctive quality as the fact that it has this relationship with the audience over time that episode episode used to come out every week and and then every year and you have a relationship with the show for years and the people making the show would keep making it behind the scenes responding to how the audience responded. That's it's not true so i don't know whether it's a ten hour movie but if definitely something different than a three season t._v. Show yeah. I mean you throw her five-year t._v. Show would would you feel comfortable. Reviewing one of these kinds of prestige drama ten hour movie kinda shows having only watched the first three months that they can do that all the time. Sometimes they only give us a few episodes. It's it's weird. There's for critics all of these odd insider agonizing changes that have to do with <hes> the relationship with the industry in criticism and a big breakthrough and i don't think i was i was writing t._v. Criticism at the time but at one point h._b._o. Put out the whole fourth season of the wire at once and it radically affected the way that show is perceived because the critics were able to watch the entire brilliant fourth season of the wire fire at once and i think a lot of people who who produced tv we're like okay we broke through our inability to get people to write about the wire and now everybody's reading met and it wasn't just because the foreseen was good it actually was because they did and at a certain point tv critics do get picky and i i mean i have little wolf else for myself like i at one point vow never to write about the first six in the first six episodes of network sitcom. I won't don't write about them. I went through with this piece about it. I said well you know there are a little bit like the burnt pancake first pancake thing because even a great show often the first six episodes aren't representative in and i i i think i wrote that it was like reviewing a baby because it couldn't lift its neck in neck strength but you know that's a particular hitler kinds of tv ad network sitcom and i don't feel that way about certain kinds of cable and streaming shows really varies but i will say that the more episodes that i get the better. It feels good. I mean some of these craters. We talk about a novelist. You would never review chapter one of a book but that's that's head ahead fight with an invisible showrunner. Stop talking like that. That is true and there are specific show runners who knew tori originally. We're always talking like that. One of them actually being david simon from wire because he was constantly being driven crazy by people reviewing things episodically but there is is this level which to me the television audience. The way that people experience t._v. is a conversation and you want to have a conversation as the show is going on. I'm i'm in the history of a certain kind of criticism that i don't write anymore and i hate writing but he's meaningful is the recap and the recap is about one episode of the time time and people who watch t._v. Want to read recaps because they wanna read about a particular episode but i've had i've had this problem less oh now because so many shows for streaming and come out all at once but i remember i sort of made this rule for myself. At the new yorker were it was less because of doing due diligence to the art form than just pragmatic sense of when i could write the best review is i would often review a drama three quarters of the way through the season which is a risky thing to do but but at least you know enough about what's going on that you can weigh in and trigger and be part of a conversation if you write about it after the finale airs. It's a different kind of review review two different kinds of essay and i would do that as well and i like doing both things but yeah. I have no problem with reading something before it's done of course you're not just talking about plot in your reviews. You're talking about voice. You're talking about characters yeah bush melody and arcs which you can certainly use it beginnings of at least in the first episodes and it is it's different with different francis shows. It's different with high. Maintenance is a very different show than thirty rock. You know like you review things. In different ways depending. I will say i once once wrote a review. A column about madman that i personally feel is a very good column but it was very critical of the show at a point it was sort of about how greet the show was but how weighty and kind of highly symbolic the character don draper was to the point that it was starting to weigh down the whole show with the sense that he represented presented all of masculinity in america this monstrously complex traumatic backstory so i wrote this piece. It's not a pan of the show. I obviously loved the show but it was critical of this particular kind of like gloomy weightiness that hit a creature his character and literally the episode after i published it was the one with i think the lawnmower running running somebody over with hilarious or something great. You know something. That completely reminded me. This shows hysterical funny and then i looked at my review and i was like well. Maybe if i'd into more episode i remember that half the critics were saying. This is so incredibly funny. Critics were saying this is a symbol for vietnam yeah well somewhere you want winer the somewhere he is smiling as it seems like that was the intention of create that i'm curious about writing heaven. Certainly we've a lot of people who are critics addicts and the audience <hes>. I think it's incredibly helpful for people to hear when you reviewing a show. How many times do you watch it before. You put pen to paper. Do you watch gotcha with notes. Do you just watch it as grant money. It's member without notes. I do this different ways for different shows. It's changed over time and a lot of tv. Critics job at this point is triage rush because there's so much to watch that there are shows that i watch multiple times. They're shows that i just love so much that i watched the multiple times for no good reason wasting time. I'm watching things that i like but a lot of times i will watch something up and watch something once and sometimes i want you to my my big screen and sometimes i watch it on my computer where they send a screaming screaming streaming screeners and i used to watch things on d._v._d. And then they started sending me some drives. I mean just like the technology that changes and i do watch things on my phone. That's angering my colleague richard brodie whose and other movie could changes the way we buy things from the new york times tv critic was when he talked about how people who binge breaking bad over a short period of time saw the evil residing inside walter always people who watch it over a period of four years. There's five years slowly saw external forces acting and i could actually name the exact shows that i benched because i had i actually wrote wrote. A piece called my breaking bad binge because i didn't catch up on the show until fairly late so i watched all three episodes in three seasons in one week which is really good show to binge. Actually actually it works. I also binge watched on because my editor insisted. I review it. The walking dead which is not make a very good. I didn't watched and i watched always sunny. Both of which i wanted to catch up with all the episodes i haven't seen both of which were wonderful experiences and i also this was. I don't think i was reading criticism at the time but we have newborn babies. It's a really good time to binge watch t._v. Because your hours or so weird you're not sleeping and you take it all win without any critical judgment whatsoever and i watched the season of lost while i was on maternity leave. That was the one that everybody in real. Life was very critical. I love and thought that it had flown off that binge-watching it while having no sleep. It seemed like a perfectly good season and i was completely. There was something very nice about being detached from the you know the rage of fan hood right so what's the process for the new yorker chooses which shows to review not quite your had asked this but i think a lot about how book critics magazine might not be so willing to review commercial fiction writer a dime store novel something that you buy at c._v._s. a little different. I beg to review t._v. Banda pump vendor pepperoni so different kind of thing. The thing is when i started this job again. I'm gonna use the word triage on this whole thing. The way i decide what to review is i decide what to review. I mean very few times have has my editor will occasionally suggest something but he doesn't watch that much television and he occasionally they'll be something that he thinks might be interesting but by and large i suggest things and sometimes i suggest three do things and tell him why. I thought they'd be interesting and he picks one but often. I just say i want to review something but the more t._v. There is the harder this is to do and when i started the job i had a mental rule for myself where i said what i'm going to try to do. My column comes out every two weeks and then generally now i'm writing more features and sometimes i write the longer essay but by and large you know every two weeks. I have to have a subject so i was thinking i'll go. I'll try to alternate from comedy to drama cable to network small thing. That is a gem that i want to draw attention to enormous thing that everybody's talking about an every four or five weeks. I'll throw in a mixed to negative review because i really don't think it's great as a critic to only review things that you were like this is good. This is good. This is good so i was like but i have sort sort of rules for what it's worth haning because you don't want to just pick some random mediocre new sitcom. That's coming out in the fall and spent a whole column weighing on it. That was my plan. That sounds good. Raoult's very rigorous and like has some kind of sense of variety. I don't do that anymore. At this point i really am just an and actually it gets frustrating because i do want to write about things that i think are <hes> in one of several categories you fascinating and worth talking about regardless regardless of whether they're good or not wonderful and not enough people are watching them so i do feel some sort of strong sense of wanting to draw people's attention to things that are off off the beaten track and particularly good highly original and therefore we're talking about because they changed the medium i mean i'm most interested theoretically in reviewing things that have have something to say not just about the show itself but about television. That's very grand thing to say though in reality i i'm just trying to find something. I'd like to write about but in the case of andhra from paroles. I was getting really frustrated because i'm very interested in reality television and i rarely write about it because i don't have time. It's hard to find things like anyway i i. I realized i'd never written about the real housewives and i decided they would do. Is i would pick a show that was like a humble show in the real housewives franchise that i could kind of sneak in through the servants' entrance inspite writing about the show that is anyway that one i watched by <hes> downloading three seasons onto my phone putting in my headphones and like walking in all over brooklyn watching the show because i wanted to watch enough of it that i not only. I didn't want to watch just a few episodes. I wanted to get a sense of the larger patterns in the characters characters and this is really fun. Show vander any pushback from revenue encouragement to do that. Actually i think if anything i'm david and my editor would like me to do more and i kind of wish that i could do more other kinds of tv. I read a lot about scripted television which i do happen to be personally deeply interested in but t._v. is so many more things and i have occasionally. I wrote a piece about late night. Talk show staff. I've written a few hot show things. I've once wrote a piece of fox news but i don't usually write about the news. You know there's a million different kinds of there's a lot of reality shows. I went through a piece of cooking shows. It was very i'm a terrible cook so very outside my so it was like having some sort of very unimportant anthropologist. It's called salt. Everyone's talking about the show and this is a classic example. I won't say when reviewing but reviewing another show that is interesting and i'm catching up on the the whole time. I've been catching up on it. I've been seeing people tweet that the salt fat show. Why didn't i gotcha sounds really good. I wouldn't have known what to say about it. Yes uh i'm sure you would i. I haven't watched it. I don't know i'm curious about your relationship with the people who are making t._v. When you're ryan murphy or if you profile that we read in class you mentioned that he gave you a copy of his new show and then he wrote to you later asking where you would rank it on a scale from one to ten. It's the thing you have to understand what ryan murphy is. He ranks everything from one to ten and he's obsessed with awards and oscars and like he this is his thing i am a person who every year in december writes a piece as for the website about how i refuse to rank shows one to ten so we were in a natural showdown about this. I mean do you often hear show runners. Now i mean basically never hear from show runners good but occasionally profile people so i do know some people but not but in a professional way like i know i'm trying to think his anyone one written to me. I once had a conversation with somebody who was upset about something i'd written because they thought it was unfair and i was like i'm open to have a conversation station about it because i don't like it's not that i wanted to to change that person's mind or have them change my mind but i actually did sort of feel like in a human way i i felt like and it was it was a small issue but it was it was illuminating and help but other than that now and what about before you rated how important is it to you to know sort of who the show redder crater is to know what their vision is for the show before you review something. What can you just review it sort of in a bubble. Just what's on the screen. I'm torn because i think that there's something valuable about writing about the show as a show because that's the way most people experience it but the truth is i think my reviews are better. When i'm more informed i mean i think i can offer something to the reader that i can't offer them <hes> did i can't offer them otherwise so there's a limit to what i can do. I mean i you know i reviewed games than i did not read the game of thrones book zero sum game of thrones turns people who get really mad if you review them and don't read the books i can't read nc every single thing but i actually do read a lot of interviews show runners and and i mean i find it. I find it helpful. It's helpful to new mike sure thinking about these shows in the morality of shows is i love reading gossip about what's going on behind the sad i mean i mean. I think it's different than saying. They're show is good or not. It's not like if i read about a joyous said i'm like therefore it's a good show or if i read about and then god happening but yeah i do try to worthless yeah you. You told me that you've started your career writing poetry. Was it more or less important or maybe the same to know who the power one what their intention komo news or even just sorta. I can't even remember because i've locked out that entire period. I was in graduate school and i wrote i. I've been talking about this. I wrote a few. I wrote reviews views of poetry for the new york times book review and then. I decided that i couldn't do it because i felt i wasn't trying to have a career as a critic per se and it felt cruel to review poetry in the new york times book review because i felt like writing even a mixed review little negative review had this impact in this huge way because very few people read poetry. One person writes it. It's highly personal they make no money and he didn't know poetry is considered an elevated are formed people look up to it's actually a very small niche thing thing and then. This is the sticky story. Tell but it's true when i discovered t._v. Is something i wanted to write about. Which is a whole story in itself but i was like this is the opposite poetry. People look down on it. It's made collaboratively for enormous amounts of money and when you write a pan you're praising the medium by saying that you expect that it could do something great. I've said this before but like that's that was where i was coming from was not wanting to rate arts criticism but wanting to engage in conversation about television brent which felt like could take it right. I think we can take tons of. I've a few more questions for you. I'm going to open it up to the audience but i i just want to play a clip so i asked you sort of what's seen from the t._v. Show that you would maybe want to talk about from craft perspective and <hes> <hes> very happily. You chose the scene from thirty rock so we're gonna watch that scene which is one of my favorites and then talk about it for a second. Hey trish this is sir. Suzanne hawker the n._b._c. therapist crazy meal and carbon. Hello tracy jack and for me the talk you had earlier if you don't mind i'd like to hop right in and start with some role role play like my wife and i do kuh ubt me. I want you to scream die yeat. You played a matador. No tracy what i want you to do is talk to that that empty chair as if your father were sitting there. This is stupid. Come on tracy. We're here to help you tracy. Maybe it will help eject sits in a chair and pretends to be your father. I wanna talk to you son. You sound nothing. Nothing like my dad well. Where's he from or knows. He's from funky north philly. He worked at can't soup factory and he had a droopy live due to unintended root canal. I think i can do this. Go mad at you dad. Hey dummy. I met you to why you gotta act out that way. That's not exactly as you left me. He dead. I was young and confused and your mom's in around them. All the best condemn collard greens chew. He gambled away within chick woman. I got a smack you up sunday. <hes> this is not helpful the only act out because i want your love as doing good times now do do moms left my dad four now see here tracy. It's impolite to slurp one soup. Oh no need to resort to ugly stereotypes so is no be my son tracy just because stop letting in your dad doesn't mean we stop loving you. Stop putting words in my mouth woman pappy kaya sleepy mijo dan business. Mrs rodriguez this ridiculous ridiculous because i'm ignorant black man. You paid a nickel the bus schiffer who doesn't get you to come ridiculous proud of my son you don't you sound me. I i love you. I don't wanna dogfight tracy. That's that's gets that you for showing me. It really is loving my family after all and i need to stay the hell away from donigi. You're the only family i need jackie d. You got to beijing to know howard howard consumer o._j. Why do you like that same. Well first of all. I like this episode so just one of my favorite episodes of t._v. I'm big thirty rock fan and i like comedy a lot and i like sitcoms. A lot and i like a lot of meta comedy and the episode that this is in is called. Rosemary's rosemary's baby and i don't know if you've watched it but it's the one where carrie fisher plays her hero who is who's female l. television comedy writer from the nineteen seventies who's become incredibly <hes> like just rundown important. She's living in a neighborhood hang. Remember what it's called like a little bosnia or something like just like his made no money and had to leave tv because she could not get her stuff me and and engages <music> ongoing meta debate about what kind of comedy is political comedy an edgy comedy and meaningful comedy on tv because she keeps encouraging her basically basically to quit quit by saying. You're a sellout you're working for n._b._c. You're making this kind of schlocky comedy show and so. She is quitting so in the middle of this episode where there's this ongoing. I'm going to date that. They're having including debate about racial humor and what kind of humor is offensive. What kind of humor not offensive. It's like it's sort of about laughing and all of these old t._v. Shows they have the scene which is literally a demonstration in seen form of the kind of comedy that at thirty rock does it engages in all of these racial limitations that he's doing but it's crazy way where they're all actually about t._v. E invitations so that he's doing an imitation of good times and j._j. And good times and stuff like that and also it's just a tour of course performance but every every time i look at the episode liberty look at that scene newness new things and this time i've actually forgotten that when he starts to the do the imitation of tracy family he doesn't doesn't do a racial imitation. He actually just tries to do it as himself. Then tracy's like that's not like my dad. You should do my dad and the other thing is i once had this long conversation with somebody about the role of the sort of very earnest wait therapist women wearing her beige. She's like very perfectly style l._t._v. the sort of like the way in which this completely hilarious towards thing that just keeps expanding and including new characters and then in depth and everything keeps being broken up by other comments from the other character through she's like that's just jason's like reminding the audience. That's j._j. From dynamite she's like this is not what you're supposed to be doing and then tracy says when he does the white imitation he says now you're just engaging hurtful racial stereotypes anyway. It's just it's just my jam. I'm like i like a lot of different kinds of comedy on and a lot of comedy on t._v. Isn't very funny lately because most comedy shows are sad and upsetting and about sex and relationships in they're on cable and they're dromedaries until somebody comes up with a better name and i like a lot of those shows that there's something about a certain kind of hard joke writing that they did on this show. Oh that i think is very beautiful and kind of mathematical and this is a well filmed scene but it's a network sitcom. It's not doing anything thing particularly film mick but i still think it has unbelievable potency because it's just the close ups of these performances that are especially his performance alex. Alex will do a lot of bad things and make a lot of annoying comments and all of this kind of stuff and they'll still kind of be like that was still a good seen right. Stop making terrible comments alec. I would like to appreciate your senior. Are you able to divorce yourself that would just see jack donahue rather than just a general the issue in life right now but anyway but but you know we talked about how <hes> in class studied tv writer scripts because that's just sort of the pure distillation of the writers vision whereas you look at the produce show and millions of other decisions have been made from everyone from the line producer to director someone yeah disagreed example of well into the strive if thirty rock they're writing for the talents of their cats. You would not right absolutely any other sitcoms. We don't have our entry is great in the scene like it really doesn't work without his. He's completely ernest shifts from one one thing to another things like this is not working then and it's right it's also there's a real sweet yeah. That's the other thing the show is. You said it was very much about mentor. Protege relationship alleged perfect. What we're seeing here betrays the job. Although it's interesting because at the end he's part of the theme of the scene is i don't need my family. This is my family my work family and many shows. That's a very warm thing on parks and recreation. That's a very warm thing. One thing i always appreciated about thirty rock is he's not really a warm show. In that way i mean the people do care for one another but they're they're incredibly damaged characters who also sort of waver between being people being archetypes and and their their relationship with work is completely screwed up but celebrated but if i have this obsession with how many workplace shows there are on tv which i'm convinced her about about the fact that t._v. is so frequently written in writers rooms so t._v. Creators keep creating shows that are either in this case a direct portrayal of a writer's room or in the case of a metaphorical. You know like there's a lot of shows that have a crazy boss and a bunch of eccentric people that they're trying to get to work together. Those are all shows about writers rooms on back to talking about mad men and breaking. I think are both just sort of metaphors for writing eaters. They're fighting with the people who work with them very strong very clear visions like show others have and they're very dictate to'real and it's like shows that are a little often. I lagaan sit-coms. There's a whole stream of shows that are all meta shows about tv. You know dick van dyke and going back to your show of shows being then replicated on dick van dyke in sort of get traumatized in a writer's room and you create a narrative about gang that works together and they yeah so for anybody. That doesn't follow a million twitter. You make mistakes. She's a great follow on twitter but you recently tweeted something. This is my worst nightmare. This is where it all goes off genuine. What did i tell them very curious. How sort of what the decision processes and this there is one and you tweeted shows. You just watch maniac. You didn't like it. You watched forever on amazon loved. Many many people i wanted to love forever. Forever was made by a bunch of people whose work i really like. I'm i had reviewed those shows. So it wasn't like i wasn't i wasn't i do. I do do what you're asking about which is educationally tweeden opinions that is not actually a tethered to a review that i wrote in the case of that. I was trying to get people to recommend shows to me that i would like better than those shows because i know because i was frustrated. I didn't want to write a series of sort of you know not. They're they're not full on pans but like the maniac one was but like the mixed reviews of shows that i found disappointing i i don't that's not to me an enjoyable joyful thing to do. I mean frankly. I would rather have a show that i actively disliked but i thought was very powerful interesting and worth talking about so i tweeted that because i wanted people not to recommend forever. I tweeted it. I tweeted a summary of a few shows and i was saying fine me something off the beaten track. I was using twitter the way i often do as kind of a global fishing expedition for people to mention too and it's been very effective like all right to come in with a recommendation well actually i ended up then going to two other television critics and because we all have to work together a little bit because there are so many screeners that like like <hes> i reviewed you which is a lifetime which i really like and i would never i would never found you if if if like i chat chat with other critics and say what screeners have you looked at that good because two way of there there is a level which it's not about mimicking other people's opinions about group like a mind like a hive minding what's promising check in with someone somebody recommended maniac maniac and like it's not as though people are just repeating each other's opinions but it's useful. It's useful to find out what what's if you watch something that people are buzzing about and you hate it. You might you chad some critically lichens. It's ju- watches my missing something. That's not it's. It's not exactly athenian. Occasionally i mean i'm friendly with ellen seven wall and he like statler and waldorf and like we really disagree about a lot of things there are other shows we agree on to do occasionally. You talk like that but i feel like people actually yet once in a while. If you really baffled by people's responses the things you might just ask a friend. What did you think of this but i do find that helpful just because there are so many shows that shows get lost and if i have i have one one friend who likes. She watches a lot of things that are on lifetime in the c._w. That i've missed and like she watches a lot more reality. Even i do so. I actually find her a very reliable person to go to and say what am i missing. I particularly want to find things that are not on the five channels. That just happened to be watching watching out. Completely and netflix is impossible because it's like a university of shows are so how many i'm just sitting spending his whole panel just complaining about how much t._v. There isn't so boring but i mean a lot of people complain about that these days. It's a great thing though the t._v.'s leash right. I mean it's sort of for a complete. Is you know i spent years praising t._d. Having any audiences because i felt like vastly improved t._v. Not to have to appeal to everyone. People could do experimental. Little things. Take risks at this point. It's actually gone past the point where there are great niche things that i can point to and things like fleabag in you know like trying to think of what little cool things clause which i like but high maintenance is tiny show on but i i watched lovesick when it was called recommended your reds heads. This is my one that i was cooling. Country wasn't quite i reviewed it was called skurdal refund and i did it because my wonderful friend who watches shows like that recommended into lovely show but but i do think that the problem is that a this isn't a problem insofar as it's obviously good for there to be many different kinds of television shows but it does become harder to draw attention to any particular show as the crowd kind of moves from one thing to june other. I mean people do want something shared talk about so and i have to say there's been this year has been weirdly disappointing year for tv. There haven't linden many things that i've watched this year that have been for the way that i would. I know we can conversation about forever. I forever had some termi elements. Eh one element my wonderful <hes> okay so us when we're questioning of up to you guys in new york times uh-huh rainer of james poniewozik was hired as a tv critic but now you know this presidency has essentially turned him into a pundit. Have that is not true. That's all the time also rates about in the context of politics so much to the point that he's really writing a book about trump now right now. You feel like nick having a t._v. President has changed t._v. Criticism well. It's the least the tiniest issue of having trump is president is like how's it very good but that is actually the most important thing i would have to say james reviews consistently. I think he's one of the absolute best critics end he he while there are things that you unavoidably right about trump when you right about like roseanne i wrote a review of roseanne that touched on the relationship with trump but but jay goes i mean he reviews other t._v. Shows he just happens is to be one of the best people at writing about trump on tv. I say why i haven't done that. I wrote one essay that i have. I don't think it's tabatha it. I wrote it about trump in the and the apprentice in order to do it. I watched most of the apprentice <hes> <hes> which is not available to people by the way so i had to use magical powers to access it for political reasons or it's not available for i assume mark burnett based razors seles like it's not available you can you can go online and you can get the first season on d._v._d. But you cannot watch the other seasons seven seasons of fat and the seven seasons lean or whatever they have of the apprentice in the celebrity apprentice so when i did write that but the the he said i really wrote was about trump i wrote about jokes in the election action and i'm happy with that piece but it wasn't put together a bunch of different t._v. shows and how they dealt with politics and trump's presence this within the shows but i don't think people want i don't know but i have not written as much directly about trump is james says he works for newspaper though it's a little bit different like it would be weird use my column which comes out in a different schedule and everything. I mean i'm trying to think in it. It's it's hard to write about in a way that doesn't feel poisonous or simple minded you know but i mean if you read my column on the original roseanne and that's a political calm. I definitely write about politics. I mean i wrote about. I wrote about sambi like you. That's a that's a show about in all the news or leaning t._v. or anything that yes and i wrote a very funny column about fox but it was before i guess before trump won so anything thing that was written in the time before and now has a very different feel okay so when open it up and i'm going to have the annoying habit rid of repeating the question. I'll repeat it out because she was she was asking me about what was the first thing did you say the the social politics i thought you said the sexual politics the social politics of of criticism and i had said that i was uncomfortable with with writing about poetry. Was there other stuff that i was hesitant to review because of my identity or who i am as assume what you mean right yeah well first of all a much older and meaner than when i was reviewing poetry and so i no longer have that i think i was feeling i mean there are reasons. Why didn't wanna do it but i'm a slightly different a person. That was a long time ago on a but but you know this is particularly been an issue for me this year a bit and actually at one point wesley morris wrote a really wonderful essay that you all should read the new york times. That was about something a little bit different. It was about it visit about the question of whether criticism the notion of criticism as a moral force or the idea of with people criticizing television shows immoral ends rather than an aesthetic lens and writing about whether shows had sufficient representation or were healthy enough were better for the culture and stuff like that and wesley willing was wesley who himself is black and he was writing about primarily the lead to the pieces about how how a friend at brench told him that he shouldn't write negative things about insecure or he should like insecure the show h._b._o. Because it was that woman story black women's stories aren't told that often on television and it wasn't really his place not to like it essentially if i am not sure if i'm representing the lead of this correctly but isn't that's essentially what piece was wrestling with. Was this idea of whether people were you know. Some people took issue with the i thought it was great but actually i was talking about it. It on twitter and i said this is the only show i can think of where this is true but i had mixed feelings a bit insecure and i thought about writing about it this year and honestly honestly i thought to myself. I don't think there's a real desire to read a white woman's ambivalent feelings about insecure right now the third season like i i have to choose which things to criticize and frankly. I have mixed feelings about that decision. Do you know what i mean. I think that's reasonable and pragmatically accurate but it wasn't really i mean it sounds a little chicken hearted like i don't want to be criticized for reading but also like what is my is my perspective on this valuable in this conversation right now especially because it was. I don't have extremely strong feelings about the show. I'm more like some things and don't like other things. I'm interested. I've watched it all interested in mali story and i think she's a great actress but i found the flow of the show frustrating and i was thinking any of it in the context of other shows like that that are like friendship shows in city so how'd he thought they weren't very connected but i will say i do feel like one of the things was i was thinking. It's a it's a charge show for people as far as representation and i i sort of decided not to anyway so that's the only example that i can think of where the most of the time. I don't really care like i sort of feel like i am who i am. I have my opinions people will like or dislike them and what's more important than my opinions is just having a broad range of people criticizing things so that we can have rich conversations. One of the best periods of my life was after i panned the first season of true detective and at one point somebody was saying to me i mean wasn't great period because i was constantly attacked and getting a lot of patrol nasty nail and seven page handwritten letters from prison literally like because people were big fans of that show and there were certain shows certain kinds of antequera shows that if you wrote negative reviews of them you got very strong responses from their fans but one of the things was there were enough. I'd written sort of a feminist critique of the show but i new several female critics who really liked the show so the main debates i was having were all with female critics so to me that was just a it was a it was a good example example of how like a more varied and diverse critical body enables people to disagree and not just have to represent who they are so that one person doesn't have to be you like just a set of labels like ideally the criticism that you right should be self aware of where you come from your position in but at the same time you know like personal and determined by a whole set of different experiences and values and ideas. I don't know whether i said that very clearly but like i think think it's a very complicated question. Is that what you were asking because. I want to make sure i understand what's the perfect sort of. What's your perfect sort of outcome of review with getting people talking and debating the show beating review. You're hoping to get a conversation started. It really depends on the review like i mean a lot of time. I just want to feel good about the review personally like having nothing to do with the people reading it like i wanna feel like i contributed something original to the conversation that that it's well written that it is honest. Maybe that it's woody or that. It's moving somewhere like in that it. Did it served the art. Even if i was writing something negative about it that i was writing something that actually treated it with some kind of. I don't even know how to describe this like that. You know they took it as it was like really russell and then occasionally make fun of it because sometimes things that's <hes> valuable and fun thing to do as well so it's not like coming to it with gravitas treating it as art. I'm just saying a piece of criticism that did its work well and then the idea early i mean sometimes i do want to draw attention to something that i think is really like i wrote about. There's this amazing movie the tale so that came out earlier this year. I was very frustrated. The people weren't seeing it and it was on h._b._o. I think and i mean it was hard to write about because it's about a woman remembering being sexually abused as a child and it's this very interesting beautifully filmed experimental movie where there's this girl playing herself as a younger self. I think people were hesitant just because it seems so wrenching but it's not only a very amazingly made and thought through movie but it related to a t._v. Show that she did earlier earlier that i that i had seen in almost nobody had seen that i thought was interesting and it had obvious relevance to the current conversation about the metoo movement and stuff like that but i didn't want to stick it in a particular political place. I wanted to be able to bring it to life for people so that's a particularly satisfying thing is to be able to bring to life a piece of art for people that i want. I do want people to break because they're so shout out and it's hard to though yeah i i mean i think that is my favorite kind of thing but sometimes but sometimes honestly it's good if there's just an interesting show that people are having a conversation about an i can provide a like a good idea like an interesting idea like a new men's new way to see it. It's not that people have to agree with me about it but if i can do something original then. I think that that's good other people in the audience who want to kill chris. Very wise is almost no hanbury's. We've got some a lot of her. So have you guys any questions vow sort of the current the state of the profession you're right. It's like i have this slightly rambling story. I graduated from college. I i mean i'm you. You know we might fifty so sometimes people ask me. Did you want to become a tv critic in college. I'm like it was the late. Eighties really wasn't the thing i was thinking about and t._v. Was different very different but i didn't actually get into journalism until i was around thirty so i didn't have a path that went through journalism. I didn't have a desire to become a critic per se but i went to graduate school. In my late twenty s i got a master's in poetry and i was in the doctoral literature program ram and i was working for a small womens vegetarian health magazine rewriting everybody stuff and also writing pieces for a magazine using called lingua franca. That was a wonderful magazine. That doesn't exist anymore. Zoo smart small magazine about academia. It was not an academic journal. It was a gossipy not magazine about what academics do much better than an academic journal. There were a lot of really smart people who work there and i was teaching so i had too many jobs and then i fortuitously mandated for a week for a mild infection in a hospital that allowed me to drop out of graduate school so my whole career is really due to the fact that i got sick during finals and then didn't pursue academic career which is very lucky for me because as far as i'm concerned i'm a and i'm a dilettante with short attention span and was not well suited for academia at that point. I was doing a lot of journalistic mystic. Things and i had a whole series of jobs that i can tell you i wrote for nerve. I wrote for slate. I wrote for the new york times. I wrote. I did a lot of different unkind journalism and then. I was offered this great job. I thought i'd done a lot of work as a as a freelance writer and had written profiles and reporting pieces and adama's took over new york magazine and he brought me in for an interview and he hired me as the editor of the culture section so then i did the most important thing i've ever done which is created the approval matrix with a great proud of so. I have to mention it everywhere. It's a charter cable that goes from highbrow lowbrow and brilliant to despicable. I i edited that section for a couple of years and then i edited john leonard who was the wonderful television critic there and during the time i was working there i with more and more interested in tv. Although i would trace my interest in tv specific night in one thousand nine hundred seven when i saw the episode of buffy the vampire slayer called the pack which is not even a great episode that like it's like that that is the reason that i'm gonna tell us about that. That wasn't the silent. Oh no. I didn't take like the emphasis is the best effort. I just happened to array of. It's the hyena episode episode we're all of the all their kids turned into genus but anyway i was getting more interested interested in tv and then john who was old and ill he died and at that point i was working at new york and i said to adam i would like to t._v. Criticism awesome and he said are you crazy because going to arts. Criticism is not actually the greatest idea for career path for anybody who was about to ask me for advice but but <hes> and then and that's what i've been doing since then like i actually really feel like this is a wonderful dream job like i'm very passionate about t._v. And i've been doing this for years and i'm i'm currently feeling very overwhelmed by the changes in t._v. But i do feel really grateful for it but that's that's a short. I mean that's not i have. I'd like to offer people like a really clear ear. Resume thing but it's it's. It's messier than of thank you very much. Take <music>.

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The Episode Where Richard Encounters The Vietnam Rock Ape

The Foxhole Podcast

2:03:50 hr | 9 months ago

The Episode Where Richard Encounters The Vietnam Rock Ape

"All right. Welcome to the Foxhole podcast. How you doing Matt. I'm doing pretty good. It's yeah. Carmel. Doesn't have A. I. Know I know and I know it's a route but. You have to understand that when it gets to. When it comes to Carmel. Most people by the he? Most people. In. Yeah. They don't have in house units they don't have AC inside. Well, because in east. Coming in. I noticed that like here degrees right now. Right and that's a big part of today like a will will will bring in today we have Richard. And he's Kinda close to our our circle our our family circle here but the heat, and there's one instance when he arrived to Vietnam that like the sweltering heat when he talked about it, it kind of just took your breath away when you're when you're thinking about it. But I notice that too and I moved out here. You know years ago and just recently actually during one of their earlier sorta he waves a couple of weeks ago the houses by the beach none of them none of them have while units or anything like that. Some of them don't even have fans like wall fans and stuff. So yeah. The. Right yeah. It's One hundred percent a waste of it's a waste of space because. If it only gets hot for five days a year. Why do you need an AC unit? You can just open the windows but even then. I mean, we we put a lot of. Energy into heat during the during the winter because it can get a little cold but being in Carmel, I have to say. Probably the lowest it gets is like forty and the highest against right now for like these few days is I think it was like a hundred and five in the valley, which is incredibly hot for Carmel but. I. Lived in. Santa Clarita a little use. that. Yeah Friday. But like you know hundred two, hundred yards away, you can plunge yourself in the. I bet the I mean I'm not that. One hundred spread I'm probably. Two miles a mile. Okay. Ju Miles away from the beach. It's. There by biking or driving, but walking would probably take me an hour. It's just how it is. Right on. But? Still. It's still it's still close enough. It's still. You could from my high school, we run down to the water, but that's still. Downhill. Cropper me about a half, mile? I don't know I'm estimating in my head right now. So. And I don't know I. Don't know that area. Is. Proper. Be Treating just like jump into the ZAND enroll right in or. Oh my friend you've never been to Carmel. Have you. Now never know. So there is at least four beaches. Within. Carmel is nutty. So we have pebble beach we have Carmel Beach. Cut like the main Carmel Beach on What's known as scenic And then there's Carmel River Beach. And then there's There's. Ribera of beach, my favorite beach, and then there's also Woods called Monastery beach the locals call it mortuary beach because it's will I don't know if this is a little too. Morbid. Where No, no no, it's. It's mortuary beach because it's where the tourists go to die. How? There's. Really bad. There's. So there's a hundred percent, this riptide that will pull people under just drown them and it's happened all the time. So the locals aptly named it mortuary beach because it's Really, really high chance of death of you swim. Damn. Lot of people that don't know the area. We'll just go in there and never come back and through that riptide out there too. That's that's insanity. Well, I know we talk about we get into. A lot of what we talk about the beginning is like whether and heat but honestly, we broke records the other day we broke a record here it was a hundred and fifteen degrees it was oppressive. But that is nothing it's nothing compared to what Richard. experienced. In country and a lot of Vietnam veterans experienced on a daily basis. I Know Matt Sometimes, Dominica talks about a well what it was like in Afghanistan and this sort of dynamics sort of environment where it's hot. But at night it gets freezing. It does a lot to you're just. To it. One hundred percent coming place like yeah, I imagine being a local. Or living these countries might be a little bit more. Tolerable because you you you're used to it or you've grown up in it. It's Kinda like. Okay so we talked to my dad, obviously he's a history buff and he goes on all the time about how? What happened in Russia during World War Two when the Germans were coming in and couldn't survive in the Russian Colt but the Russians were completely we were completely ready for the Germans and knew how to fight in the cold and just stopped them. So. It's I I mean if you think about Vietnam a away, it makes sense that a bunch of these guys had no. Kind. Of Concept of what the here are the the humidity was going to be like so. The economy added a clear advantage, absolutely and much like in World War Two with Japan. You AGENA. We'd opportunity to go to Jima and operate there in like again just super oppressive. But then you kinda see like how are these guys how they survived the tunnel system was was built like that because a were you know obviously like probably trying to stay covert but also you know staying cool and you know what? Somewhat dry from an an and building on that that surprise but. At said this is going to be a I'm pretty stoked for this interview again, close to home for us, but I just based on what we spoke about briefly before this has been a long time coming and I were pretty stoked to bring in Richard Right now pretty excited. He's. he's got the knowledge and I think our listeners are really going to be surprised by by what's kind of unveiled. I know. I know just just from those brief moments guides. It's IT'S GONNA. Be Fun so. Yeah let's bring him in showy I'm ready for him if you are in. Do Axel. All. Right. Welcome to the Foxhole. Yes there it is We have somebody close to the family again pretty. Family. I know it's it's we like close to home here Richard Volume. More Valdemar. Who happens to be the ankle of Matthew Dominicos? Just explain on what site is is this your related to Paulo right? We're really related We became acquainted many years ago, and we just kind of adopted UH Matthew and his sister. Had Become, right? Oh. So it's kind of like It's like an uncle that. You know like a good friend of the family. You're you become an uncle kind of like Italian families gas might make sense. Yes. Yes. Very much. Perfectly fitting and I know I've been I've had the chance to to meet you of a couple of times and You know just get to pick your brain and ever since the first time we had interaction I. It was fascinating. I. Felt like we. Talked for you know hours. You know. Here we go and this is this is that opportunity and it's It's it's pretty amazing just based on on speaking you prior and with with Matt as well. Let's go through just some of the basics here you served Vietnam Vietnam veteran, your service dates were nineteen, sixty, six to sixty nine Can you just talk a little bit about what led up to that and Yeah. Why? Why the army? Okay. I grew up in the fine city of Compton California. And I grew up in one of the poorest districts, a competent called the Willowbrook area. I was. a student activist I guess you might call myself I ran a team owner or the Catholic Uber's organization in the war on. Poverty. In willowbrook I was doing doing that during the one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, five watched riots dry experienced those riots in the center of riots. And in. Nineteen sixty six I got my draft notice. But instead of a viewing from the army I got a draft notice from department of the Navy. Everybody in my neighborhood was either marine or airborne infantry. tend. To go to the navy or Air Force you wanted to be a warrior that's what it was all about But my dad who had been in the Pacific in. May. Seventeen beach landings. had a very negative view of the way the Marines conductor their war. Though he begged me please not doing the Marine Corps and so I wound up Joining the army, but I had to join within twenty four hours after being inducted. So I joined the army and the only schools were open were airborne infantry and military police So I opted for the marriage military police. I wound up Ben for Ord California and they had away. Yeah for. I live in Monterey that you're right around the corner. Well only for a second, they had judges a break. So we couldn't go to four door Dave immediately shipped to benning only the airborne in. Georgia. And so that's where I wound up for my basic training. So they basically had a west coast west coast, the depot free guys because obviously this time there I mean the effort was to get people out there as fast as possible. Get them trained get them. There's fastest possible. So you kind of had to pivot and you got sent to to to Georgia What was What was Georgia, what was what was boot camp like your mentality going from southern California to to The. You know the south they're. Kinda funny. Because I wound up in basic training put with a bunch of Hawaiians. And I didn't know that there was I didn't know that there was such a diversity in the Wyans you know their Portuguese alliance, FRY Chinese, Japanese Korean, Hawaiian Filipino, and and I didn't know that and they basically thought I was Hawaiian I remember when they finally found out I was from California they go. Ritchie you holy boy. Hollywood. Boy Hollywood. Way, boy. So it's funny. You know it was a cultural shock for them. They never wore shoes. Always they were booed right and. And me as well getting used to the Georgia. Southern. Culture, it was shocking. After basic I went to a Fort Gordon Georgia Georgia, which would that the time was the military police academy and I went to Miller Kademi and graduated from that Kademi is a tough academy. I would say that that Military Police Academy was even tougher my basic training, which is pretty tough. And everybody who was in the military police at that time, we were basically a support. Versus a combat arms arm of the army. So we all expected to go to Germany in fact, all our classes before US had gone to. Germany. So we even German things like that. But my class, the first first class in total go to Vietnam half of us went his dog handlers and the other half of us when his combat. Military. Police. Now I always knew that there were military police in the army infantry units There's actually a motor please. Imbedded in every combat infantry unit, but you don't see them very often mostly you see them as. Convoy escorts or guarding important installations, and then that kind of policing of the villages and that kind of thing. So we went over there. am I wound up? Kept going? North. is divided into four sections by Roman numerals the first one being up at the DMZ in that courses call I corps. I. Was in two core just below I corps and wound up in the city of the Trang and then eventually and the detachment with the hundred I in a place called to. Just, north of there. And we ran confident I, corps and reported. And I and several of the units. In that section between the first and Second Corps. Now as I know you had a choice between, you know, obviously, you you Kinda weren't giving many options there. But was there a kind of back here from prior and I know this did Dell's ride into what he did post post military with that military police. Did you have any interest in in the law side of things before joining? I, know you did a lot of activism in La and you're you're part of a lot of organizations there. But was your interest ever sparked by by that kind of stuff especially during like the watts riots and all this sort of dissension that was happening in our country especially our area. Yeah with not a fan of the police we were policed by the firestone sheriffs probably the toughest show station in in Los Angeles and so I was not a fan of the police but my father had been a military policeman and a short time while he was in service so I felt. I could do that I'll be military policeman. Keeps me. Out of some other like airborne fairy which I wound up in that way. Right. So you're a were you military police the entire time that you were in the like in serving in the military or was it kind of like a I? Do people rotate out ever? Is it like you start as one and then? Yeah initiatives one. I think the Marines use of you know you get assigned as a military policeman as part of your duty but ninety five bravo was our Mos and it was permanent with us unless we changed MOS is. but it will were to my father had been assigned to it. Just like in the marine, corps they do it temporarily. So I want I wound up in a company, a viable fourth military, police? Eighteenth Brigade. And the two one attachment with one hundred first airborne. Do you have any. Fun Stories of a May I don't know if they're fun but arresting either someone in the military or doing something that you actually had to police work in the military. That was a I. I don't know a crazy story or something like that like non combat related yeah. Yeah. Well. I learned very from a from the hundred and first. MP's not to ever let the is out, get the drop on me. because. They hated the military policemen that were assigned to their unit. We actually went out and we never wore the insignia in the field So that was you know we were just acted as a regular infantry guy. But every once in a while like somebody take a prisoner or or somebody would do something really bad and The. would. Call on an MP to take him back to the rear area under arrests were one time. There was a big card game Acey Ducey was the game that that was the favourite among Vietnamese. ERA soldiers and they're playing Acey Ducey nut out money because we didn't have any places spent we were in the feel we weren't near any cities or villages so the money would build off to thousands of dollars in one hand. and. I get woken get woken up by Lieutenant and he tells me a We're we need you to go arrest this guy he hit with his fellow soldiers in the head and and we're evacuating him and You go arrest them. Own the night looking through the people ever sleeping on the ground in the end in makeshift tents. I find the guy. He's a huge black soldier, I mean. A and I'm thinking Oh. God and. Armed Right. He's got his M16 and. I'm going on. This is GonNa be a confrontation he yeah, he gave up. took him prisoner took his weapon away from. And I told him, what did you do? He said, well, we're playing a game and this guy was cheating. So I hit him in the head with a board. Is Will. Come. Take take me. Where you did this? And, he shows me where this happened. And the board used was four by four of ten. In. The center. Your Lord. Hit Him and ahead crutch is and have so so it was really really bad. So I got to accompany him back in a helicopter back to the rear area and then people who were arrested like that wound up in what we called LBJ. Long. Been Jail. That's near Saigon. Bubbler city was a nickname for it. Why were they? Were they long long been? Long Been was the only real Gee I prison that we had? The prisoners of wars went went to. US. Shortly. After like Vietnamese. then. We turn them over to the Vietnamese who held them in camps. Years later killed him once in a while they held him camps. Yeah. I was going to ask you about that to. You had to deal with not only were you utilized in combat. You know combat effectiveness to to support that area, but you had you had to deal with prisoner transport. So POW's you had to deal with. The North, the North via via. Kong. So you actually took prisoners on. Yes whenever will prisoners were taken? It'd be brought back to the L Z landing zone where the helicopter. Medevac wounded and also take prisoners back almost all the pictures we took were wounded. So. Wasn't mechanic struggle. Right right. What was absorbent? So take us back to We're all experiencing this this Here. I know you're in the the zone air in, Phoenix correct. No I'm in bullhead city Arizona. All had since okay Room. Colorado River right across. Nevada. Got It, it will area This this heatwave we're kind of experiencing right now and the heat you experienced in Georgia I know I was stationed down briefly in Mississippi and Pensacola before. I. Went Out to Japan and and kind of felt the a different level of humidity in heat or when you landed landed in February nineteen sixty seven in Vietnam you said it was one hundred, thirty, seven degrees on the tarmac. What was life when you took that first breath and realized like this is where I am with the foreseeable future. Well, you know we were in one of those aircraft that had the tailed at drop down. So they dropped a tail down and hate in humidity. It is almost one hundred percent humidity and it was a hundred thirty, seven degrees in the tarmac when I took my first breath the first thing is that. Vietnam stinks. It's staked and then my lungs heard from. Ingesting this hundred thirty degree. Temperature and humidity and I said to myself I've never gonNA make it three hundred, sixty, five days. I'm not going to be able to do it but. You know you get used to anything and we got climatized for a couple of weeks before they sent us north. So right around called Camp Alpha, which is near to new airbase. And that's where you I come in and dead they said you north. So. You. Your your deployment was going to be a three, hundred, sixty, five days a year. Is that like usual for the time because we had one of Matthew's uncles on here previously and he talked about how there was a thirteen month. It, there's a thirteen month deployment and then there was a six month deployments. So what was it? Like you know knowing that you're GONNA be there for however long you're going to be there and was that kind of like. Did, you ever weigh on you to know that. It might. Be The last place you live. That makes sense. Oh No. I was full of pissing vinegar for my base. Center for any. And all them John Locke Ready to rock. Maybe. And that they was gonNA kill me. But the three, hundred, sixty, five was our normal reployment in the in in fact, we actually would make a calendar with three, hundred, sixty, five days on it and check them off one at a time. Now, the guys who came by ship they they gotta a benefit of losing thirty days. Across the Pacific deployments. Took thirty days off their their time in Vietnam. I would wind up I would wind up being there more than three, hundred, sixty, five days because of the Ted offense. So. You're actually you'RE IN I. Forgive me if I butcher it. Not, Trang is correct Our headquarters for the company was in the Trang but I, was at I assign to a D- a small detachment which was attached to the hundred and I would eventually my first sergeant started shires we call Papa because we loved him. He pulled me out of the field and brought me back to the train. And I got to be a palace guard we call guys regarded the palace. Guards they weren't in combat. Palace. Did. You ever get to see any like Royalty I guess there's Know but we call that because they had these choices assignments they had barracks is in. Our barracks was a temp wooden frame, but that was better than. In the field, right? And we finally built a mess hall as we lived on C. Rash we didn't have a mess. All we would do is put on other units coach. And go into their mess hall to eat. Because that's fantastic, can't eat C rations for three hundred, sixty five days now now, that would be especially in that sweltering heat there's no way you're gonNA survive outside. I learnt to eat Vietnamese food in fact, FAW Vietnamese soup is one of my favorite foods. But that's. So. I I have I have a note here. I am obviously I wasn't there for our first conversation. But you mentioned something about one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, eight being the year of the Monkey. could you a little bit about that and like what that significant significance was for you? I think something about Absolutely. He's called a ceasefire something. Yes every year the the Chinese New Year celebrated in China and in Vietnam most of the Asian countries and they they named the year after one of the twelve Shambles Astrological signs right. So there's a year of horse. There's a year of the the ram you know. So this particular year nineteen, sixty eight is a year of the Monkey. And A. It was significant because monkey in there tradition than the time of deceit. you know and trickster Kinda things. So when they called a ceasefire. An, every half of the Vietnamese army would Go, Awol, and at that time. desert military posts. So we begin to see that they're all leaving even the people in some of the cities were leaving. And From our own sources, one of the things you get to do as a military policeman as you, I was a the army's pip. because. In the city of New Drang they assign me a street. They said this street here all the bars on this street, all the be girls belong to you. And and you make sure that the G. is don't abuse them, and then you make sure that the girls don't abuse it. Gi's okay. So. So that was one of my jobs, well, the best informants. Police work as well or who Prostitutes. Inside Scoop that's right. Yeah. They started telling me. Hey Big V C Com. Big. DC come. You you go. You go and they knew we were travelling north. They said you go north. What would happen is one of the reasons I got back out of the field is because my first sergeant knew that I, could draw. And not only did he bring me back because he loved me as my Papa. The proper. Yeah. He brought me back because I could draw. got me a top secret clearance and I was in a little trailer drawing invasion plans for for a and Sylvia's assault. Why and we actually on based on what you remembered I'll based on what you remembered from what these these girls would tell you right or this information that you get from both sides. I think we were going to attack them. They figured it out and so they attack i. So anyway I knew we were going to do this when first of all in the army of kind of like rains. You get as an MP get leftovers. They all had the regular army unit. All had M16's we still had him fourteens gay. And I have forty one which is the heavy full automatic one. And I also machine. So. All of a sudden they brought all our weapons in clean them all up and issued as new ammunition crates. They brought us the full strength and they brought to other imputation to take our place. They issued a clothing underwear in plastic bags. Okay all new stuff. Well that never happens in the army. So, right. I figured out very quickly and those girls sit out to we're going north. You knew right away. Something was up. But before that happened the course. We got hit. Was this when you the triangle not trying, right? Right the trank and one of the reasons that. Brought me back was because I had some combat experience which he felt that the MP's trying had no combat experience. So I became a fire team leader. And Back Thank. God, that they did all that stuff because when we got hit, we had reinforced company and other companies helping us because when dividing happened, it was a military least. The primarily did all the fighting the infantry units had deployed into the field because they had suffered You know contact on the field outside the cities and that was the the NBA North Vietnamese regulars moving in. towards the cities, all the capitals of provincial capitals. And at the same time case on. It was like the diversion you know fake the left Hook like hit you with the right. So all our troops were being sent towards case on up there away from the cities and then they had the cities. Right. was there any indication that they were? They were coming in full force like that because you guys were prepared for something but you guys ended up in a ninety battle. Correct. Yeah we we thought it was going to be another Vietnamese Viet Cong Kinda tack. We had no idea until we actually saw them in their full uniforms. Fifth. Hats. tan-colored close even had batches underarms They came to die to they not like the Viet Cong who would hit us and run These guys came. A weren't going nowhere. So was this. I mean was this the the battle of Saigon was this before like before it rapture it where? We actually occurred ours occurred Dave before. Saigon and the other cities got hit and the reason for that is the confusion about new, Year's you know whoever? The no feed me's commander was. whether you hit on hit on young on. December thirty first thirty a hit on January first, right? So they hit us. January thirtieth, which was the day before officially tet. Get hit a clock in the morning we took mortaring rocketfire on the Kamba combine with Dermot. And Know. It was a big airbase and we had expelled hospital there. And but the city was under the primary attacked came in from the north. Are Empty Station. Was Overrun almost they held out like the Alamo they had. You know furniture stacked against the wall and they were fighting. So we had isolated pockets within the city that were holding out Max v compound the know various places within the city that we're holding out against the main attack. Though as we loud we can numbers. Wise. Sorry. Richard to cut you in a numbers. Wise. Do you have any idea about the force that was coming at you right there you know an in what was that like Sir I mean obviously, you're kind of responding reacting in the in the the minute when it happens but did you have any idea of the type of forces sounded like they were pretty formidable? Yeah, I'd I'd I forgot how big it was a it was a I don't know how they. They number the brigade. Riot talents but they there was a significant number we were certainly up. And and I think I looked at a site and I, I saw him a an estimate. And I forgot what it was now but that there was a lot of them. And it was stop fighting beginning to end right like. For that nine days No. Within a few are the city was rubble You know you hear about Saigon because it's where all the American. News media people were. Bright. Every provincial. Attacked, worst than side on. And and and of course, way city you hear about that because that was the last holdout. Where the Marines you know had to take it back. So, but metron June You Know Camera Bay took a little bit but almost almost all the capital cities. Provincial capitals. Were under siege. Could you possibly talk about during that? The time on the beach. You're what you called your first real contact. Yeah. When I was in to walk, I've been in a couple of firefights but I was usually shooting at us you know smoke or or or at night tracer fire coming from a wooded area tree line or berm. That's what I was shooting at I really and a out of people. I know we hit people but. We did see exactly that. But as they come out of the camp McDermott and we started going down highway one which parallels the beach. We get a little ways out of the compound and we'd take tremendous green tracer. Fire. And right away which all the green tracer fire you know. This is not the Viet Cong. This. NBA. They're they're using, you know Chinese and Russian weapons and. Traces. So, he had to get out of the vehicles because we had come in armored vehicles but couldn't get that way and I wound up going along the beach paralleling highway one. And moving up the beach. With my live team. The ticket tremendous fire from the from the city and the city is a French villa type city walls whitewalled. A Beautiful City and Those. A Spanish tile roofs and all that kind of stuff. and therein, the Window Zor in every window there along every wall down every street. So we're coming along the beach and I'm running towards. The center of town and. There's the waves of the ocean are kinda luminous and I see a silhouette moving towards me. and. It's obviously NBA soldier. And there had been elections recently. So there was these little wooden booths where they register. For the election. And I saw this Guy Dart into the booth. And so I. I put my In fourteen a full auto. And I, fired at the boost and a blow out the back of the booth with this guy fall out. I hit him. I must have had them all twenty times I mean. Right I called I called the twenty one jerk. And then we ran on a little bit. We took some fire. So we all went down to the sand in the sand and by team thirty yelling at me go take a look. Sorry go take a look. I said I don't have to take a look at second day now. Right. Now. We started moving up the edge and. Engage said when you're in the sand when you're in the sand there, your you said something very profound like your body kind of makes a natural. You kinda digs into a natural little foxhole You got rounds literally flying over you're trying to move from one point to another You know what was that like and kind of you know seeing some of your guys drop I mean you're just in you're in combat mode so you're you're thinking. Okay let's get to the next point. Let's get to the next. You know sector so that we can clear sow it's yards a few yards at a time and we're leapfrog I'm you know odd even odd even two guys forward to guys forward you know cover fire for each one but they held the higher ground they were on the second story windows and rooftops firing down into the sand at us at one point they pin me down and. I was at the front is of the heavy weapon. And I got pinned down. And my guys, my team later told me. They saw this machine in the second story open up on me and they saw the sand jump up and they saw me get hit back. and. I actually did get hit a back. But I had a flak jacket on and a diverted the round. So made a big hole in my back, but it didn't hit me. Bob An and from being afraid actually we my body into like Lidgerwood do and just the sand. Making on Fogle I'm not the only one. To the same thing. Yeah this guy on with machine-gun was concentrating on me and he kept firing and firing, and there was a little. Like A. Cement. Block that. Like a little maybe bibs offense at one time or or a just a marker something in. An behind that cement. Block it's only like one foot high by. Four inches wide. And he's hitting nothing and pieces of of the bullets and pieces of the sand and pieces of the cement. Blocks. Hitting me in the. Face. And at one point I remember I could taste blood. So, I know that they were penetrating. I might cheek book like cheek into my mouth. And I close my eyes so tight because it could the San hitting me the face and I'm thinking Oh. Man I'm dead I'm dead. Then I said if if I can remind if I can open my eyes, I'm not dead I opened my heart. Oh. But my guys also thought I was dead 'cause. Strict straightly so accurately. I tried to roll out of the whole in and fire my fourteen up at the window, and all that differs draw more firearm myself. I rolled back into the whole. My friend Jackson he was in an armored vehicle. You heard about me being pinned down he drew armored vehicle between the just a jeep. Steel Plate on it. That's all it is. And he drove that vehicle between me and the machine gunner and took a lot of the rounds but the rounds were skipping off Arbor and hitting the pavement and flattening out and they wound up to be like frisbees. Going everywhere right. So there's really no no. At least when it was directly random. I can see where they're coming but after that I IDEA Yeah. Finally at that point we all I stood up and I ran towards machine-gun because if you ran. For Wall, he would lose his angle of fire on you. Because he's elevated on the second floor. So he lost he lost me. In, his sights and we really eventually get him out of there and kill. Them. Then, we but we still have to proceed down the I weigh one and the safest place on highway one was in. A beachside. You didn't want to be on the road side because that's where they were. And We fought our way up. And we're we're losing we were losing. Time still at this at this time, still you still had no artillery no support you guys were pretty much overrun. So you pretty much were hen between the beach and a hard place essential here. The Fifth Special Forces, Special Forces was our our northern perimeter guards at the on the compound and they got overrun. got over run and and they were very tillerson destroyed a helicopters on the pants got overrun. So we had no helicopter support and special forces guys were busy trying to stay alive on their own render. So. So. Yeah. We had no air support and a one point. when we were fighting in the streets. We had these birds you know observation planes and they were these call they call him the push pull Cessnas. They have an engine in the front and have an engine and a back they look like a P thirty, but they're tiny I. then. And these guys mounted rockets under observation planes. And they drove down streets between telephone poles. In their planes and fired rockets at at the positions that the. North Vietnamese had taken in some of the buildings. On the ground, but that's insane. So they just literally made a makeshift like makeshift armored Cessna just roll a down. That's unbelievable. I've never they and they took it. From the front, they took fire from the rooftops and you know. That those not super brave man's talk about heroes those get. Right. But they didn't give us enough. Wasn't. Enough. To. Stop By. Fighting and we were getting pushed to the see. I mean, literally our feet in ocean. And One night were out there and you know that the mates all run together to me I know we rapper long-time. Never slept. Number eight never drink water. Never went to the bathroom. While The fighting just to show intense you just can't do those things and anyway the radio man was on a frequency trying to get air support. To get anybody artillery air support anything. But but all Travolta by twenty provincial capitals are all under attack at the same time. So everything's being used that we had. So finally, he hears radio call. That we don't recognize and it turns out to be the navy. And I think it was New Jersey because I find out later that the New Jersey was off our coast. But it was supposed to be top secret anyway. We called into. Coordinates and we told the fire. And But we didn't know his New Jersey we had Hit a year they're trying to take over the railroad yard at the time. So all of a sudden the horizon lit up. And they sixteen inch guns. Shelves Pass overhead and like being under A. Freight. Train. Right and then they impacted way further out than we wanted to but they had to do that cause explosions were so huge. And I always tell everyone I never been in a nuclear explosion that's as close neighbor WANNA get. those exploitative for huge railroad cars were flying up in the sky like toys. as you could see, not on the horizon, right in front of you just like taking not just making mincemeat of it. Yes. And in the beginning, we were not allowed to attack to position the. Position I think we weren't allowed to attack the Catholic Church which was made of ballast from Spanish ships. We're not allowed to attack the Buddha like a five storey Buddha on this hill. And we're not allowed to a railroad. But at that point, we were losing and everything went. Out The window. We fought away into the into the city. and. Then then everybody envied my in fourteen. Because we think how we were taking sniper fire that sixteen would not penetrate the walls of the buildings. With my fourteen would. so They would point out to the smacker woes. And I'd look at a window. To the right down a few feet. On fire in that corner. Almost, always kill him. So that gun was that the gun that the airport had a hard time getting away from you when you were done with this well that was the third, the third gun that they took away from me. the first one, the first one I melted a barrel and the front of the. Flash address. The second one I took around in the stock broke. And the third one is the one that they took away from. So that was around the time you were sent back. Did. You ever feel that? Your time wasn't. Cut. I maybe it's not a thing that you would feel that your your time was cut short but you had plans to do other things in Vietnam at least with your unit and then you were kind of told to go back to. The state side. was that a strange moment be. Sent. Somewhere else yeah. My my unit. After, we secure the city of Matang. We got in convoys and got ready to go to waste city. 'CAUSE marines were still fighting way and. Would wind relieving them. At the flu by bridge. But. My feel captain he knew that I asked my data rotation. Well, he found me among the convoy people. That he told me, I don't know how you're going to do it. With hitchhiker, get back to the Trang and get on an airplane and go to Cameron Bay, which was our our headquarters for the Eighteenth Brigade. And Get, Outta? Here. So I I literally walked in Hitchhike back to the city. and. got on a plane some. I got say some specialist clerk. Bump officer off. So I could get on the plane. and. They took me to cameron be when I went into camera bay. Most my uniform shot away see God God is with me because. I should have been dead. Pin Pinned on the beach that another incident got ambushed in. TRAFFIC CIRCLE WITH NO ESCAPE. They shot my clothes way and. I was covered in blood and when I walked in there and they took my. My weapon from me. And then Yeah, they sent me into the shower and I walked into the shower with always dried caked on blood on me. And everybody in the shower just got away from me and blood down. I was an okay. I should never been sent back like that. Shirt how? I needed. was s what was good about Madeira told me those good about going home in a boat. Yeah. You had that all those guys who had experienced the same thing as you and for thirty days aging you got to just unloaded compress decompress. Little bit yeah. I mean. Not. You at all. But me in a plane admit brought me back in it was not okay. Was that your blood on you or? Was it others I? I actually don't know. Yeah lots of. Bodies around we were fighting in bodies basically at one point I gotTA. Tell you this and nobody believes this. I one point they stop fighting and stop fighting. And we picked up our dead. And, most of the buddies were so because of the stench. most of the bodies were unrecognisable as GI NBA Vietnam Vietnamese Billion Bright All. Just covered blood. So we'd just body-bag them and they throw them in refrigerated trucks. Then like. Like somebody. Blew the whistle. It all started again. Ah But they. I gotTa tell you I, don't have a lot of respect for too many other Vietnamese soldiers I I love them out yard, I love the Mung. we've had some Chinese. Mercenaries it. They're all good. Very good. but an NBA. Like I said they never surrendered. Never. gave up they out to the death the end. God He said a lot of the Vietnamese. Vietnamese who get wounded. would. Get help from you guys, but then be killed by the by the NBA Right? So they were just ruthless. Ruthless adversary. The other way around. Your the NBA, the NBA via congregate wounded we'd take them to our hospitals. We'd save their lives and fixing up never turned the brings over to the South Vietnamese who kill. Wow because he an aussie was just that. Yeah I might mention why went there by the way. When I was a young, a young activists reported joined the military I read a Reader's digest article about the partition of North and South Vietnam. Do know that there was a religious thing. That the North was communist in atheist. And South was largely Catholic. So, all the Catholics left North, Vietnam and went to South Vietnam. To avoid persecution and the communist war that they would not invade off the enough. And of course, he lied. show being a good strong athlete. She Way. Oh boy. I. I volunteered to go to Vietnam current beat Catholics were in trouble. Right. So on on your site from your perspective, you know it was you know you were convicted in a way that a lot of people maybe didn't get Nike said a lot of the the news crews at at the time and you know the the popular spots. So to speak not that there was a popular spot but you know you got Saigon and you got these other big cities you're kind of on the outskirts where there wasn't a lot of news coverage and you got to see. Some things that the people back home just could never really fathom and Just talk about how what that was like. I know you said you were in a good place and and I know we anybody we talked to you. That is you know that seeing combat that that state or that time of decompression and and sitting away from everything was Very necessary for you. Did you like he said it was tough. What What did you do when you're sitting in that shower and I can't even imagine coming back and these other guys seeing you fresh off the boat fresh off the tarmac and seeing You know with a blood caked on you and your your your your uniform. All torn to shreds what was that like knowing what you just been through what you've just seen. I was pretty angry. Angry at everybody. You know in Vietnam, we had this thing about don't make friends. Because you make friends with somebody they're going to get killed you know but. You Wind Up. Making friends with your like my fired team. Only got one of them heard. On took around to the knee. And he was a boxer. That kinda ended his life career. But got killed for my fire team anyway. They were loyal to me would have done anything I asked him. There's like I would have done anything I i. asked me to do you know. Right. And that's who you're actually fighting for those guys around you. You know it's Ri- saying. I'm no hero but I heard them. How you hear that a lot. Now, one of the things that we had the pleasure of we had the pleasure of of kind of at and reviewing The you sent. To Matt. And I imagine this is part of how it was therapeutic for you. I don't know when you wrote this but you wrote some poetry and I cut out one a little bit that was really profound. Me it says quote Hernandez died his rifle beside. His rifle beside still hot from spitting lead, and now my fear had disappeared replaced by hot hatred as we moved on. I thought it was wrong that Jones should take the front where he was young his life but begun it ended very blunt and this this poem is is quite long extensive and I gotta say it was pretty moving to read that When did you write that and and when did you think that it was That was a good way to express. You know what you've seen what you had felt during that time. I guess my own. Therapy. First of all I go back I drank like a fish. Okay sure self-medication. but eventually do. Man. Eventually get to live with monster you know and. Help me what helped me was art. Doing, artwork might faith. And poetry. But this when the venoms split the morning guy has Buki Circle Round and puff slowly Hubbard to read the story on the ground. For men upon a nameless in his God for God land among the brush and Banana Bush their blood D-. Pay To san and on the hill and every side the story for the red in charge shell hold empty guns and twisted enemy dead. Now only one remains whisper that fight the immortal in that whistle by on that awful night. But crumpled in the cold Phil Hanson before brave dead a pencil on paper scrap these words wrong. Red For men will die upon this hill to white to black. We fight as one to don does come we die here actor back. Wow. Confused. Could you send that Matthew Dominica at some point because I want to have a copy of that was I was showing. Yeah it was. So. I kind of want to. I feel like that's a really good spot to kind of move on from the your experience in Vietnam and move more towards what was it was like after because you're mentioning that. You drank like a fish and had those experiences of trying to drown the feelings of. What was going on but I also know that you joined. LAPD. Right. Around that time is that is that corrector? was there kind of a little bit of time in between the military and the police force or what kind of their like? First of all LAPD archrivals. Oh, I'm sorry. happened. What happened is when I came back from Vietnam was assigned to Fort. What you as a military policeman by this time was a sergeant in. Out of patrol sergeant for in Fort, what Yuka for a year. That was very interesting, very different and. Prepared me for some police work so We had heard about a program where you could get out of the military early a few months early if you joined a one of the police departments, so one of my friend was going to. Sign up for it night signed up with him and we went took the test for LAPD N. La County Sheriff's, and I was picked up by the sheriffs. In fact, I joined apartment on November tenth. Record Birthday, which I never forget and all my Marine Corps I, always remind image. And went to the academy. And while I still in the academy, they pulled me out because I was an activist when I was young. And they put me undercover in the Communist Revolutionary Communist Party. Brown berets and I worked the moratorium riots undercover in Los Angeles. Nasty people in. Your service rioting. I guess people today think this is new but you know. I saw it in to watch riots. I saw it in the in moratorium rights against the war and I saw it. In the Rodney King Riots and I saw the you know now I mean it's the same people saying the same things. and. People who hate? America. Richard what I'm sorry to cut you events are. Good. But I was really good at it. Yeah when I was. In and the Brown berets they actually try to make one of their leaders because. They don't even know their loss of they never read their own manifesto the. Thugs who've been led by some charismatic leader. And spout bought this therapist same stuff but they never been anywhere. Never Been Third World country. They never seen communism in an action of repression and persecution they never seen that. So of course, we're the enemy. How terrible we are. You know like they talk about us in the indigenous people? Well, you know when I served with an indigenous people nobody's more patriotic than American native American are. The HAWAIIANS right. Nobody. More patriotic and so if we're so bad to them, why why do they fight for us? You got another exactly got another perspective and I was GonNa ask you to what was that like though because you you got pulled very quickly and that's something that that is so different and I was got Kinda. Try to fathom and talk about to veterans that are a little bit closer to our age. You know we had when I got out was two, thousand eight. We had the housing crisis. There is a lot of unemployment. There's a lot of like, but the Vietnam era, you guys go majority you got out. You have the self medicating you have the you know therapy is not what it is today. So you're you're trying to go through things as best you can but you guys went right back to work into the police academies into the fire you know into the Fire Fort Louis, whatever it may be. But what was that like though knowing what you just seen, you adjust done you got out your sergeant and you get pushed the police ca academy, and then you get put undercover with literally the people that are speaking this sort of uneducated spout about what's going on in Vietnam and what was that like being undercover having like Grit your teeth and bear through all that. All that bullshit because let's just be honest like like you said, a lot of it is just an educated like how did you keep your composure from not just like lighting these dudes up. What you do is you get into a character you know. act. Is. I'm supposed I'm supposed to be this guy and I want these guys the believe me. That I'm that guy and so I mean spout out this rhetoric that I know and then I was taught to use. Use the tactics I was taught. As Saul Alinsky no activists and try to do what they think. I'm supposed to do. That's why they wanted to to make me one of their leaders. But it was hard. One time when I was in patrol in east La there was a big parade. And and Jane. Fonda was the guest of honor at the arrayed. And my captain told me that I had to be her body. My. You don't want me to be your bodyguard. I'm a Vietnam veteran and I got a gun and I hate her. So bad from the things she did I consider her traders, the United States you don't want me to do this. Then he said, yes, I do Richard. Go, do it, and he just told me to do and that's a pill to swallow. So I had to grit my teeth and sit next to her. It was hard. Can you explain why Vietnam Vets Kinda hated her what was? What was that like? I went to a funeral one time at American Legion. at American Legion Hall and in the Urinals, they had a picture of Jane Fonda and each one of the urinals. I would. Say Hater. I wish people knew that. You know to hear her. Be Glorified now these. Left wing nuts. She's no hero. She's an enemy of the people. And She did everything even set inside a antiaircraft nine in Vietnam in all. You approve wars secret. That good I. Know I was unaware of well, I got a note here I. I don't know what like if I got to ask. So it says you were you spent four years in county jail. Did you did you work in the jail or was this kind of light? Service. Yes, I. Every. Deputy Sheriff in Los Angeles has to serve a period in the county jail I. Think it's a good thing. Okay. Because especially for me, you know you take away my gun by stick. My radio and you put me in a situation with hundreds. Of prisoners. Many of whom are murderers 'cause people don't go to jail anymore for passing a bad check. Let me tie that. Yeah or drunk driving I mean they might go for a couple of days but the majority of those people are career criminals. And learning to deal with them and. Having them do follow the rules without using violence or force is all about dealing with people on talking to people and Respecting People you get those things done. So when you compare us from Sheriff's department tally, PD LAPD, censor people right of the academy. Straight into the street that's Kinda like me coming out of the the basic training and going straight the Vietnam. Yeah. Tempering time in need some time to actually deal with the fact that you're a policeman and you have to deal with people and that for years was good for me. Now. That sounds like I mean, it's it really sounds like a good education so. You ended patrol after the UCLA, jail. And I I have. I have a question about this with says, two years with gangs. So did you kind of like you got reputation with them was this good reputation or bad reputation? Did they know who you were for? You know as well as a? Positive thing. Yeah. I. Think it was a positive thing while working to jail you get to meet. Kind, of the leadership of a lot of these groups. And The the street gangs are controlled by prison gangs. There's four major prison game. the Hispanics are all controlled either by the Mexican mafia or the. Media All blacks are controlled by the black guerrilla family and all whites are controlled by the Aryan Brotherhood. They set the tone in jail. They make the rules that everything from what you can dress like You know how you talk everything. So it learning those things when I when I dealt with these people, they remembered that I was a fair cop. So when I go to the street. I would run into these same people especially the gang members and. They have a weird that they don't have. No rules they have their own federal. If you understand their rules, it's easier to work with them. So so I got a good reputation I wound up even in uniform working gangs. Plus I had a wonderful training officer. Dunkin Jeffries. was probably a saint in heaven. Now. The man was tough. But the most honest and Fair Person I ever met. even the gang members Mexican mafia actually said that they had A. Order not to attack Duncan Jeffrey because he had done so much good for so many people. when I heard when I heard that a recorded it and I took it to him after he retired, let played it for him. Go. He would know. You made a difference. What an impact he made. Yeah Yeah What type of things what type of things did you learn from him that he become better undercover I mean to be an and this is a topic of conversation all over right now and I have my own theories about it and how you said you know training is everything training and having a good a good mentor to show you the way and not cover your tracks. Not Say. You know cover my ass cover yours in a negative connotation. But but really like in a positive way like, Hey, let's you know we're trying to snuff out these. These bad things were trying to eradicate as much as we can these things. What did you learn from him that that you the helped prolong your career and that you took in your own career later on. Okay the statute of limitations are probably over for these so I can tell you. One. Day as a rookie of writing with the. Jeffries and were. Go down the street nicely a car coming in the other direction. And he tells me. She that car. I said. Yeah He said you know who? That carbon I said. No he said that belongs to say Mrs Gonzalez that Carbon Business Gonzales and it's This. Is Kid driving. Turn, around we pull the car over. Get out on the passenger side, I approached a car and I look into bad drivers. I. Mean. The passenger window and I could see the wires hanging down this guy's obviously hot wired to car, and this is an old car. so He's busted out the window to reach down there to open the door. So the wing windows busted. And jeffries is on the other side of the car talking to this kid. And all of a sudden he tells them. Get OUTTA. Here. And the kid. With his head down goes running down the street. Then he tells me, Hey, you're from Compton outwear car. I said. Yes. Put. Me Fruit driving a car and we drive it to Mrs Gonzalez House right. We, pull up in the driveway needed to out of the car watch knocks on the door and. Michigan Solace. The Rodriguez Kid with driving your car and we pulled it over. We know how much it costs to get it out of toe. And? So we brought it home to you and. The wind of broken and admissions been tapped with So I think that's about fifty dollars. was the damage omit sure the Mr Rodriguez page you on payday the fifty dollars. And husbands goes. Thank you, Mr Jeffreys thank you. Then he goes no problem. Then we drive to Mrs Rodriguez House We get out car walk up in in the living room. You can see Ms Rodriguez already took care the problem with again. He's crying they're sitting there. And Mrs Rodriguez, thank you Mr Jeffrey for arresting my son for doing this stupid thing. Then Jeffrey, tells whether it's by fifty dollars worth of damage on the car she says don't worry. MR, Jeffreys, I will pay that. She goes he goes. Thank you. That kid. Every time we pass that neighborhood which step out onto the sidewalk and banners. That's what made people love him. Probably when you let the kid go I thought to myself. Well here goes my career. I just released a felon. Out arresting. But that's what he did. Then the second thing I'm tell you about is the other side of it. We went to. had been burglarized that it was an apartment upstairs and. When we go in a Jeffries and asked me who did this and how did they do? It was the point of. On what is taking? Somebody Channel Pliers in and forced the door open on the would day that this lady was mounted home she was at the doctor's office she was almost invalid and she only thing she had was any value was her television and of course, someone had stolen her television. So I'm taking you information down in his I'm taking information on. Is Walking around the room and he sees on the mantle. A picture of the pope, a picture of. Of. John Kennedy Jack Kennedy, right. Every you still is house had that. and. Then in addition there's a picture of a man. Jeffrey goes. Is this your son? She goes yes that's Miekel. Yeah. He just got Outta you. He just got out of jail and he came to visit me. So. Jeffrey stops me before even finish taking a report grabs me we drags me down to the car. And we go on what's what's going on what's going on? He said, don't worry about it. We get we drive few blocks and we see a guy under the influence heroin walking down the street. And we jumped out of the car he grabs him because handcuffs on him. And throws him in the backseat of the car is as you know why you're going to jail. Because? No why? Because Pablo just stole his mother TV. So he had he had figured out. That the the ladies own son had stolen her TV she the only one who while man that that he was not she was not going to be there that day and his married of operation with Chandola Pliers, which is what they used over the door. So. Right. We started arresting hypes up and down street. We just go arrest all these types and every one of them. He told him you know why you're interested because Pablo stoll. TV from his mother's own mother. And even hype will tell us no, you can't even sit jeffries. He's told us on TV. Yeah. I. Finally Wound Call A. Get a call into the station. And somebody's called up an anonymous message for for Jeffries and says, Pablo's at the at the we're hotel room number six. So we go up to the Whittier Hotel and we get out of the car and I said Mr Jeffreys, are we going to write a warrant? Excess fucking butcher. A warrant. Happy. What he wants to go dead watch the six, a room number six kicks open the door disguise in bed. And he's high. On heroin. So Jerry's grabs a pulled him out of beds. If you piece of Shit, he stole your mother, your own mother's TV. The only thing she. Man He goes on. Sorry Mr. Difference. I'm sorry you put them all strong album and getting sick and every says, okay here's where Mattel bottle you got twenty four hours to return a TV your mother to return Eddie I can't Mr. Jeffreys already hawked it. You know that's what I used to get high is this I don't care how you get it. You're going to get a TV for your mom. than. Than we leaving. Them Twenty. Four hours later we go visit the victim the burglar victim guess. What? TV that Review Hey. Heard me. Okay bigger hopefully. That's the kind of thing that caused him to be famous in East Los. Angeles. Doing the right thing to help people out. Spirit of the law not the letter of the law. Yes he said sometimes working around working around certain. Protocols and certain quote rules to make sure that everything was level a level playing field again, right? Like doing the right thing like you said. Yeah and everybody loved him. I got a question because obviously there's some really juicy information and for our listeners out there I this is probably going to be one of my. My favorite sections because you know, I'm a little. Geeking out here, but you were kind of the basis for. A very, very famous character if I'm not mistaken. And that's moulder from the X. Files. Now. I gotta ask you about how you know your time as detective and your Expert Opinion on the occult and everything going on with that because that is just the I'm honestly fan blowing a little bit here over here. So can you talk about your time you know working possibly with the FBI and those those being in a detective investigator what that was like During during the eighties during that time. 'cause that's just. Get out sweat sweating right here and obviously became very good at your job. You became very good because you had a good mentor one. When you've got promoted to sergeant you became a detective investigator. Yeah. So it's just the explain for our listeners what that was like in where it went. At Work Patrol in both East Los Angeles in my own neighborhood willow. I specialized in gangs so in. Nineteen. Seventy eight of the sheriff's Department began a new gang program call operations Safe Streets Oh assess. And I was one of the original twelve selected for that. Eventually get promoted and get sent to East Los Angeles and I head the gang team in east La. In East la at the time, this is like the mid. Eighties. Wasn't the chills it wasn't a traditional gang members that were the problem. It was the heavy metal kids we call them storeowners. these kids were the big problem. There are more of them in jail than than our traditional gang members and they all whether real or or just as part of their. Repertoire Worship Satan. Know they listen to all the hard metal bands and they they imitated their satanic worship. So of actually though we're true believers. As a result I wound up being the detective that was the expert on their activities, the occult activities We also had an east la a bunch of Bull Donnie cosmo Tanaka's or folk medicine and and. Religious centers that sell all these which craft stuff and statues and things like that. So they're operating and we also had an influx of Cubans the. Mara Lethal. FAMOUR yell and and they worshipped You know various deities from African a belief system and they're dark. They're dark cul stuff was follow my own bed and Voodoo. Had All these things going on and he still at the same time. And so I won't. Becoming the unofficial expert. and eventually became. The official expert when. Ramirez and the night stalker happened in several other cases actually testified in court as an expert in the occult. I don't think anybody else. Has Ever done that. Now. So So I had the dual thing gangs. Prison Gangs, and the occult belief systems of all these different weird groups. So. When Richard Ramirez began his murder spree my friend. Guilt. Korea was the one of the. handling. Officers and we had no idea at the time he was so prolific of murder. But. He brought to be some cases that when I looked at them I said, they had your markings of an occult serial killer. And a guy who's actually done some homework in the calls. And not just a Dabbler. And so I had recently come out of the FBI's psychological profiling unit class and so had their contact information and Gil correal would not call them what I call them on my own and as he passed by my desk, I headed up the phone and so he had no choice but to talk to the psychological profiling unit again so he tells them about a couple of his murders and they put it all together. Eventually, we formed the the Task Force on the night stalker murders and I was Adviser on the occult aspects of this case. Scary stuff really scary stuff. When I first became involved in this stuff I knew I needed some protection. So we had a chat with their the chaplain took to Father John Hampsh-. And Father John Hampshire. Bless me. gave me a bunch of salt and oil and told me Richard. You don't choose this job. The job chooses view. And stepped me set me out. So you had a calling. Yeah. I don't know if you want that. Right I Wanda Juror equipped for somebody else. It put me into. It, I wound up being called all these Voodoo follow me on bed. And just regular cult white magic and black magic and all this kind of thing. when a homicide bureau would have a murder and had these strange implements there they call me up. Can you as blame win Richard Ramirez got caught. They caught him in nineteen eighty five correct me if I'm wrong in L. A. Like a bus stop or something how were you part of that of that bring him in or were you in like how how how were you involved in in capture Richard? Ramirez? The scary part is that we didn't know who Richard Ramirez was at first we had five. Using, the psychological profiling system, we had five people that all match the psychological profile. So, we have a twenty four hour surveillance on all five people in my team. Okay On this particular day because we rotate to the people. LAPD had the had the surveillance of Richard Amerian. While, at the same time, the newspapers, they released the information as to who he actually was. One of friends. Identified flying. Garozzo the detective identified who Richard Ramirez was. So they put out a picture and richer Amir's his name and he came out all headlines Anyway. They're following Richard Ramirez and he jumps on a bus in a LAPD VERSION OF EAST LA. And on the one of the hardest people if you ever get followed by the FBI, jump Bush. Because art is very hard as Vale bus okay. Somewhere allies that why is that? What is it because it stops and people get in and people got To I got to him who got out of locate, and so it's confusing and Richard. Amir's made it off the bus while LAPD was falling. He crosses the boundary between PD jurisdiction and the La County sheriff's drew diction. He walked into a liquor store and I think he felt like he was being followed. And he walked on the liquor store and we looked down all the newspapers have pictures. Face right there. Yeah. So he knows he's made. So he runs out of the liquor store and runs further into the sheriff jurisdiction. And he sees a woman and she's warming up her car and she's GonNa get in it and go to work. She's talking to her husband who just in the doorway. Though he comes up behind her and tries to grab. The car and. Grabs her to. To, do, an East La. Mess with somebody's girl and tried to Steal Dr. Jump side of the House and he starts fighting with this guy Richard repairs knocks him down to the ground and they recognize who he is. So all his neighbors come out and they're all beating, they pulled a steel rod that held it. The Gates to the driveway open. They pull a steel rod and they're beating Richard remarkable steel rod and he else get the gun get a gun. So somebody runs in the house to get the gun they're going to execute him and awhile, and unfortunately a sheriff's deputy passes by the crowd beating on this guy the driveway but he loves going on he just comes up there and he gets them away from Richard Mirrors and when he picked Richard Ramirez Up Richard Ramirez I'm the night. Stalker. All my God. Of some puts him in the car and guess what happens LAPD shows up. And they've served. Radio Traffic. So they go. So there's a struggle put lapd over who's going to take the body. Man, because this is a this is a prime suspect here. Yeah, and and there bears lost. That's how they wound up. Man. So Bangor I was working. So does that day but had been working him earlier and you know like I say we rotated through and it was kind of scary that there were so many of them. that fit the profile you know. At his that's terrifying. Yeah. So. Winded? So this was obviously you know your was this your first time working with the FBI or was it a? Were you working with them more? So before that? Off, and on, we would occasionally work with the FBI mostly I work with the ATF Da US marshals once in a while at the FBI on bank robberies and things like that work with the FBI. Because they have primary jurisdiction on that those kind of cases. but in nineteen ninety-five. My Unit. was able to get cooperation from Mexican mafia, high ranking member and We needed a witness protection for him. If he was gonNA cooperate, and so we shopped around and we found a a task force I was working to Mexican Mafia. Made up of F., B. I. financed by the FBI they the money and their federal witness protection program has to be sponsored by Federal Group. So that's when I joined the FBI task force I had been crossed designated the US. Marshal. I've been cross as native Ta and and ATF agent. So this is just another federal. Cross designation my wife Victoria. Earned her own expertise in cults and the occult Shepherd for me and. When we got married we wound up a couple of things together like. meeting the producer that eventually would pitch the idea of. X. Files. To, the movies. So my wife is red head and I'm the other guy, the believer, right? So. Only have to do is change twenty percent of the original. IDEA FREEZER? Right. And then it's there. So they did and they exaggerated. But if you look at the first few extra X. Files, they're all about the occult Satanism. Child abductions and that kind of thing that's kind of what my wife and I did even without the. Department. Working with people. About that, she's a victims advocate to. A lot of that stuff with the victims. and. But there's another one. I did all the characters for. The characters for heat. And the surveillance team that's in the movie heat is based on my surveillance thing. And then serious Robert De Niro, Al Pacino I mean Val kilmer. That's like honestly that's one of the biggest shoot up movies I think it holds a record for most for longest. Firefight seen within a city yeah right guy. except. dente thieves as a very long I'll yapping jacquards. Correctly, they actually got paid for that one because that character is based on me and my surveillance team. GENEVIEVE's. Why just saw that on the plane recently, I just saw that on the plane recently and it blew my mind how good it was it blew my mind Heff Rick and get. It was a that's well Ellie. Belly County Sheriff surveillance team that's made. So was the Gerard Butler based off of was that Zero Butler Off Me. That's insane. Now, I'm fan buoying I'm freaking out Richard got you've got. So, Okay Moses those most of those I didn't make any money else did Amanda. He's Oh. Yeah. Well he was way ahead of his time and apart because he talks about the drugs are those Mexico and the effect them street gangs in La. So that was fun hanging around these like him a lot. Wow. Hanging out with VIN diesel. So I gotta ask have you seen like I? Mean there's so many characters apparently based off of you. Have you seen like the X. files are all these movies and would you feel that any of them got your story like really closed or any of them kind of not know well. A Hollywood, you know there's A. That that is really out out there called power. The first power would What's his name Phillix Anyway, it's got read head only to make her a psychic as Vicky. and. It'd be I run the surveillance team and were chasing the night stalker, but they call him something else and in the movie is. He has the power to come back from the bit which, of course you didn't try. But but the UNDERGRAD. The underground tunnels the fact that one of my wanted to my surveillance team members fell in love. The black is afraid of the called all those things from my team. Wow. So. I I know this is kind of a shot in the dark here but have you ever heard of The conjuring fills with ED and Lorraine Warren 'cause I really kind of from hearing this. It feels like you're actually. A real realistic version of that where it's you know you're dealing with real world situations rather than this kind of. Hollywood Mumbo Jumbo. So I I'm surprised that you're not. Out there in these stories like that, they actually used your name. In any of the stories of Sorry I'm. Said Fan boy a little bit because I love the X. Files and so it's What was that like when? Sharing game. To. Expel. Thing there are things that we don't know and don't understand and I learned that from work in these people I'm herb some of the things that happened. You can't explain. That in a normal way when you had experience in Combat Bat, you've seen some some things that probably hard to believe for us in Vietnam. In the jungles, we had the rock apes every year the Rock Apes. Now it's like it's like the Yeti is like the Yeti of Vietnam and he would throw rocks at rump patrol. Okay Never figuring out what it is, but you can look it up rock apes, Vietnam you. You'll see. These theories about. Yeah because they would throw rocks and you're on patrol and a rockets, the jungle floor it everybody says grenade right and they all die cover because they think it's a grenade and it turns out that these somebody's throwing rocks at us. Via Com. Now, they know there'd be passing accounts of people seeing apes in there they're not indigenous. Right. So. There's things I. Don't know there's Shelved mysteries you know the truth is out there. Absolutely, always now you I I you mentioned. Briefly, your wife Vicky and how she was involved in a lot of these things I know she was a pivotal. Point. Such important up I know part of of coming back in and being able to bounce things off of and. And recovery for yourself not not not just therapeutic wise from everything you've seen, but also she's dealing with these things as well. You know victim's advocacy and. what was that kind of like to share that with her and then Kinda. Bring us to what's a what retirement retirement and has brought you. The satisfaction is brought you And we'll get into a a really awesome story that I I. WE touched on briefly but just as just talk about that and what family like our family life is Lake for you and what that means to you. Yeah Vicki. when I first heard of IMBED, Vicky she was confronting the La County Coroner. And Try to get him go outside the parking lots of she could beat him up. Because He had recovered from human remains. And and my department didn't like her. And they wanted to say that the human remains were pig bone. and. She had already taken them to a person who identified them as human balls. Somebody. Highly qualified. So we knew that the corner was lying. So when the corner toler. You know the. Human. Remains there pig Bohm's just will give back to me. He says, I'm not going to get back to you and if they're not human remains in why are you hanging onto them and then they got into an argument I had following her might have been following her and we had seen that she had gone to the person I forget what they call him. The bones of human and we knew him and he's reputable and all this kind of stuff. So we knew the corners lying, right? The. So anyway when she's in this confrontation I, walk up to her night Taylor. He's not worth it. We know you don't let your Ruth. Wire you follow me I said because my department you were planning evidence. And she should what are you gonNa go tell him I'm GonNa tell them that you're a better detective than they are. Though man. So she would call me what you do. Crazy things. So somebody would know. where she was what she was doing in case she wound up dead. And these people. Of all the people you know I worked Mexican mafia work very brotherhood. I were A. Horrible. And all that but I'm telling you most of my. Credible threats against my life have been with the pupil or the occult belief systems. Yeah Now you got. Sorry go format no no. No. I was GonNa say I was just GONNA ask. So you're now considered national expert for you know when you're working with private investigators so. I have a note here that you helped with the investigation with biggie smalls in the pack two-pack. Pack murderers. Did What was that like? You know that's such a culturally significant thing. Do. You do you have any like stories from that in that investigation? Absolutely that was all about corrupt policemen. What happened is these Rap Rap artists. Originally used their own gang member friends to be their security or should natured night with one of their security people. But when eventually he got his own label. which got from Harrow finance the the original. Death. Row Records. On any, he recruited these guys from different other labels and kind of. Imprisoned them in his system so that they he made all the money and they had very little Say he still actually owned most of to pock and You know some the early end W A people's music. A lot of money anyway but eventually he needed armed guards and his gang member friends could be armed legally. So he wound up hiring competent police officers. Especially Reggie right. men wait security and wrightwood higher cops including Peres, and MAC from. LAPD. Crash unit. who were the real bad guys from from that's famous crashing. crash scandal. Of course, everybody got implement. Dated but it was actually Perez and MAC that we're the bad guy. Anyway Sergio rule better was a private investigator Who was working for the Wallace family biggest malls. Parent. Mother. And they they want to. Hire me and I produced to informants that implicated. Dress, MAC and. Reggie right. Those guys. In the. In the killing of biggest small. That's that's another dangerous. Thing and then I wasn't even a policeman that. I had retired by. You were you were like, you said you pretty much an expert like if I was a listener taking this in for the first time, I would be like managed really a a movie written about your life. But you know there's like four or five of them written out here. So you've you've lived I mean it's just it's just fascinating. To hear all this I'm Albina take it back to. you know the military, but also your your your post. This is after you've been you retired for a little while and you got an opportunity correct me if I'm wrong to go to Camp Pendleton and talk to. Some of the MP's there and you this was a a moment that you got. That was pretty special to you You got to go talk to some peas that were coming through Win was that in House that experience? Can you kind of explain that of my friends who worked on my team. As a reserve with the army military police. And There's a military police. Cam for. A. In near Barstool It's actually us. Thing. They trained for Afghanistan because it looks so much like Afghanistan. Anyway after after the offensive Vietnam MP's became more of a combat arms unit unless of a police unit. And So these policemen motor policeman who had been come back from from combat arms duty. Afghanistan. Needed refresher courses on how to be a a COP. and. So my friend talk me Ed Godfrey topping into going there and given a class, an series of classes for these. These MP's So, he gets to for Irwin. And we We get interviewed before before we do the class. They're kicking out my credentials right. So the kernel asked me you know. or You with I said I was with company bubble four, th Military Police Brigade. And he just stood there and the first charge in all these people have their mouths open. And I go what? What what did I say? They said, have your your your unit is legendary. For combat arms in Vietnam. and. I didn't know that. Anyway. So we did the class. And while we're I'm pontificating in in the class but how we deserted our allies in Vietnam I mentioned the Mount Yard and the monk people. Who are the greatest people like indigenous people Vietnam. And I met them and during the break. They brought a soldier up. was in the class. And he was among. Parents had escaped bid NAM the boatlift. And he was us, army. soldier. and. He saw me in. Walked up to me and he hugged me. While a very emotional moment. But. They were great fighters and and we we told them. We were coming back. We lied them and for years after they fought. Against Communist. That's occurred. Luckily, a lot of them came to the United States after that and. Veterans. Finance their their. Relocation in the United States so Thank God for them. And and significantly enough a lot of these a lot of them you know in in the Greater Los Angeles area we have large populations of refugees pocketed in long. Beach Long. Beach in Garden Grove and Westminster, and you have all these areas where you have A. Concentration of generations of of these families who were escaping. not just oppression but being massacred wiped off the. Map and that's genital. Be something to Bohol genocide literal genocide. Yeah and what what was what were the monk people like like what made them so? What was it out to you? A warrior culture that I would compare to the native Americans in the West and lived there they they they lived in these touch that that shorts that were on. Poles above the swampy land You know that they just had a warrior culture they weren't afraid to fight anybody then they had sought Japanese that. He's have fought everybody. So they were. They were very good with us. They were very loyal to us in. I just ashamed that our country. This abandoned them imagine we're going to do the same thing to those Ghanistan. Pizza. Yeah. So, I? Feel like we've kind of hit a point in the interview that feels a little good to. Start to wrap it up. And I have to thank you Richard. This has been a fantastic interview. You've given us so much information about your time in both with the sheriff's department and with a in Vietnam, and so I I have to ask you which is this is one of my favorite questions for wrap up. If. You could go back and give advice to yourself before you join the military before you. Or, about. To be shipped off. What would you say? and. If you had the choice to go back and you know. Change change anything would you would you do that or would you decide that? This is the the right path for you again. would you go into the military police? Would you is that? Would you do the same path again? I guess? Yeah I. Assert would you mentioned before that jobs were hard to find when you know you got other military of jerk jog your hard to find when I got military and You know I did a bunch of different. Useless jobs before I completed, my background checking went into the to the sheriff's department and. I. I became a policeman and. My wife at the time. Hey, I'm just going to take this job for a couple years until I can find something better. Can That was a lie. I. Love It right and I love actually being. In a job that meant something that actually produce results right? I felt like I was actually. Making a difference, they call it I. Haven't made some corny but I thought I. could make a difference in people's lives and it really did. I wouldn't change. I wouldn't change too much I might be more thankful to the people that shoulders I'm standing on you know I I should've told my turning off. So many more times what a great man he was I should've Dr. Publisher tell him. Thank you for writing my father and telling him you were going to take care of me. Those. Wonderful things that I I just passed over because I'm young stupid. Kid. In the moment in the moment more dancing and and and so. Focused on on fighting for your brothers next to you and and the people. Beside you and the the one thing I gathered from the so much. So as is at that self sacrifice the little the self sacrifice in the little moments like you said, like you're like Papa, sending that letter home little moments that stand out to you in your mind My kind of final question you know is an ano actually Matt dimicco Malaysia has has something bring up too. So I'll let him jump in as well but Veteran veteran we know that the the VA system and how specifically Vietnam veterans were were treated when they came back there's a lot of holes in the system. There's a lot of things that could be improved. There's a lot of things that. They do right and there's a lot of things that they kind of overlook But what one thing and it could be a positive thing. It could be a negative thing. But what one thing stood out to you at if you're a veteran speaking to another veteran who was dealing with, you know that depression that isolation that self Self sort of you know captivity where you're you're you know. You just isolated in your you're dealing with it. The best way you can, what would you say to that veteran? Who needs a lifeline? WHO NEEDS A help blind? What was the one thing that helped you? Get Out of that and kind of triumph and work through it. Course, I will tell him. Nobody's experiences the same the somebody telling you. Hey, I've been there bullshit you haven't been or I was. But and I wouldn't gone through the VA hospital to save my life are are gone to any self help you know Vietnam Viet. NAM or or. The a program renting I got on seventy. I didn't go in to speak help till nineteen ninety, right. While Castro. So when I finally go inter. I get a counselor and he tells me I need to I need to go to group therapy and I think, Hey, I'm a cop palliative. Therapy I know what I'm doing. The best thing I ever did. Is Sitting in a room you know. Dinner Twelve guys who've been there done that. And it can tell when your bullshit. You start talking. Right away without who the fake and whose real. A But. I said to one man. You know I'm not like you. You know you you got a great job and a wife and kids and and you know what you said rich. You didn't see me when I was in custody in jail. You didn't see me what helmets old deed. For drug use you know you didn't see airport? You see what come out of and become. You know, but we all we all war. The first victim of war is innocence. And and you know I I have this hardened shell the. When I see a dead body I. Don't see a dead body I see a mannequin. Guess what that doesn't work for children. Now it doesn't work for children doesn't work for women. Women and children dead. I don't care how tough. Yar. You. Know and and Vietnam though gray some of the toughest guys I thought were so tough in heartless. They volunteered worked be A. Catholic orphanage near Odra. Heart every time we stop the Vietnamese kid circle us because they knew the GI's would food. Yeah Tough. But we're not hard. Yeah Right. Right. At the core of it, you're still a human being and at that that goes out more in and at the core of its you and we heard from previous interviews to like. There's still when you get back, you're still left with the resonant though the remnants of. That hard warrior Shell that you just spoke of still left with. You know those those feelings of of Am I the only person in my loan here or is. It change oppor. You just hit on the nose. When I finally went to group therapy I finally realized I'm, not, alone. Alone exactly not by myself is has had other people before they know Wichita amazing. While before Matt Matt, we want to bring you in I. I just I know from both of us Thank you for your service you are. Not. Yeah and we don't say now. Thank you for all that you've done. Truthfully, it's been. And also your time here. Being willing willing to tell us these things that obviously not everyone wants to hear that or or maybe not might not be willing to but. I hope you've felt that this has been a place where you could. Talk freely until sell it in tell it's really on your mind. Really. happened. So yeah. Absolutely we have a fellow on the belt. That's right and that lifeline you just throughout. The past the past couple of hours here that lifeline you threw out to another vet who may be hearing this for the first time of maybe Vietnam vet you know it's Kinda fascinating. My uncle. Richard I have an uncle Richard who are going to be interviewing You know probably in the next month or so. But he he was a Marine Corps pilot got shot down a couple times in Vietnam You know it's just fascinating to hear all. He said all different every experienced it in different ways but we hope that by you opening up and telling us and being so free with. Your memories and going there though it may be hard at some times were so appreciative of that because your story might help some vet who is who is debating that in their head and going through those things of. Of You know who I talk to who I reach out to you and that there's always a lifeline you know there's always a way out there's always an escape route. So again you Yourselves sacrifice means a lot. And what you're doing is the new history book. Nobody's GonNa ride it in Brooklyn I. When my kids who come back from Sarah School, I would open up their history book and look Vietnam. And it was always a gap up the protests against the war is never above the issues Vietnam. So you by recording these veterans stories. Are More of a history than these history books. Always, thank you for that. Thank. You I really enjoyed that I can. Matt can you click that for time? I. knew pro. That's. Yeah exactly right. Yeah. Absolutely I will I'll totally go ahead and clip that Uncle Richard you're. I mean I'm definitely gonNA come back on again because. You have told me so many stories growing up and these are not even. All of them are just I mean the training stories. The voodoo murders. Spooky Richard. How How how moulder met scully. Awake. Waco and some of we didn't even cover and it's just like some of is just so fascinated but but I really just wanted to ask you I i. never heard you talk before you about the rock apes and it's so true about being on patrol there is like. Even, when I was in the mountains of Gulistan, not to say that this happened, but you can tell the difference the difference between rocks falling in Iraq being thrown at you he. As like a grunt like you you would know the difference you're out on patrol every single day but I, I really wanted to ask you did you ever have a rock thrown at you? Control. I heard a rock were up patrol I? Don't know if it was thrown at me or or or what but that's what happened. Everybody else grenade and we all went to the ground and then that started be I asked him what what was that? I. What would that? I, don't see. No Rock. Rock centers. So then that's what. You know and like you guys I want to know those stories i. Did you get this. They've tell me and if you look it up now and you'll see Vietnam version of Yeti. Yeah. and. It's so true like they're definitely been moments in Afghanistan where I was like. Okay. No. One's ever GONNA. Believe me when I told the story back on. This rock just smell from this guy. I just want to personally thank you. Being on the show uncle richer I love you. Thank you for your service and just that ending part. Thank you so much. Thank you. Hey and today we would be over at SERC doing the security Right right we were we were. It's funny because I'm in the security I might just got a job recently in I work for a security firm now and as the operations coordinator and you came to by the other day when what I was thinking about Serc and you know running security from all the crazy. s some good times I. Hope we get the opportunity to see each other again soon and. hopefully, you can come see ninth door that'd be fun when when we are able to. Finally, yeah, that'd be amazing but it's been It's been an absolute pleasure in an honor to listen to you today. And when we meet again, we'll have a drink for those who didn't come back. Amen Thank you guys for being in the Foxhole with US please follow us on. Instagram at Vauxhall stories and for our listeners out there who are veterans and are compelled to tell their story. Please visit us at Fox hole stories dot com slash contact.

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The Church of Satan & Ghost/UFO Stories

"Hello and welcome back everybody. You see we had a problem before but I think we've fixed, and now we're GONNA. If you haven't heard about anchor, it's the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain first off it's free. There's creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer. Anchor will distribute your podcast for you. So it can be heard on spotify apple podcast and many more. You can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. It's how I started. So trust me when I say. Anchor. The way to go if you're making a podcast. Download the free APP or go to Anchor Dot FM to get started. And so Okay Yeah. Let's try again. So here we go. Everybody this is around three by the way folks, I mean. and. I don't know if this has anything to do with the topic gentlemen but. It's crazy but I'm Anne Hill also like to welcome other host Rick Warren and James. Toops we appreciate you guys being on here for the third time and next to who gave you the welcome back is our very special guest Gabriella. Gabriella, it's great to have you on the show Rick's great to have you on the show. And James, always a pleasure along with your better half. Sit next to you. We appreciate that Daniel that you're here with us. What what? I asked Louis. Thank you for having me. So we are looking forward to some great stories once again, and so we're going to try and do this apparently. We've been having some issues with the Internet and we've never had him this bet, have we rick? Never like telling Jane's logo. I said this as long as we've been doing this. This is the first time I've ever seen this happen I mean it's it's really bad and I and I can't say if it's because of our topic. Or what but if you haven't seen what our topic is, please check it out. It's Going to be an interesting show and by the way if you hear any weird moaning sounds in the background, it is holly my dog. My little monkey scratching her back on the chair making all these moaning noises. So she's pretty to I. Wish you guys can see her oh, they've seen her. You've seen her. For some reason I don't know why we've been having these glitches in our show, but I hope this this last time that it will happen. You know what I hope so too, gibbs this is just crazy. So anyway, I went into control of my own Internet and put it on a hot spot on my phone. So it's going to be kind of A. Not. Quite as good as I normally have a better than what we've had tonight I hope at least I'm really hoping. So gentlemen should we continue with Gabriel? It's topic. and. Then we'll get into hours in just a little bit. Definitely Guess Third Times journalist. Gaby the floors years once again. So let's see. What you got to tell us. There's a few wilders about like start at the beginning of. The Year Fo. About the UFL I guys, this is the third time. I hope this is the less than because. She's over here. So Ville your stress and. So. Your. About three years ago. When I was. Four years old on the Fulton Street on our Old House me and my dad once again on the porch looking up into the night sky. We saw this light it was. A bright blue collar. Real like the light as course. Of course, the light is blue. So that's how the color was the light current looking up my blue light up in the ceiling. So. Like that was like that. So my dad was booked Gabriella. Ananias like. I was like daddy what is that and it was like I know the like Blue Pyramid, the shape of. Egypt pyramid. Triangle. So like the pyramid was really really. Small and it was blue. It was like like, right there's just standing right? There is so. I showed my mom and I was like Mommy and then he was like, what did I shoulder choose like? Oh my God. and. Then before Dan. Right there I wanNA came back out and was just gone. He was like right there then. To the night sky in this thing took off really fast. It was like what stained still and then it took off. Yeah, it took. took off the really really fast by then when I went inside and he came back with us on. Well and how fast did it take off like you know like? a race car racecar. That's fast. It went. It would standing still and then just shut off real quick. Wow. So I think she saw one of the triangles. You. Didn't make any noise. It was like. Like A siren nor is that a the needle knowing split louder almost home neighborhood could hear it. And then you had a ghost story that you're telling me. Go story will be included in five four. Three. Two. One. So Me and my mom wants to go eat somewhere. and. We decided to go to the steakhouse. So we went there and we got off the car and went site. We sat down at the table on the lady this Li Like A. Come out with their hair like this in a big pointy till you know how those ladies at the Bun because you know she was GonNa Service and she didn't want to give her hair dirty. So. She left left us off with a warning. She said excuse me folks come. This steakhouses very haunted. I just wanted to warn you because there's been a lot of paranormal activity going on here and You know there's it's just really haunted I just wanted to live you off with a warning and. Gabby I think have we heard this story before Phillips No. I haven't heard. This were making a funny because you know this is the third time you've had to tell. Mike. Maybe. She's doing a good job is. So after that or just lady. Her she had like Lug dripping on her is like hard hard. I don't like software. They like tears tears of blood hard crying a card blood tears coming down. and. Her her head. Out of nowhere her head on like this turned around, her body was not even moving just helical her her head turned around all the way. Al Yeah I am not kidding. So after that was like Mommy Mommy Mommy. What now I told her about the leading. All, my God Gabriella, we need to leave right now that lady was rights stone we left and she said we're never going to go back to one hundred steakhouse again. That's crazy. And did you have any other encounters with? Spirits or ghosts there's actually one more than I had on my newest house. It's my grandma's how she's. She's at my grandma's my grandma is actually here. How can Eighty my grandma, she's eighty years old and she's here at this house right now in Floresville. She and I think she's asleep right now. Oh yeah, she's asleep. So she her name is. Mrs. Rodriguez and. She's Asleep right now, I just wanted to include her on this because she has. She she's very sick and I'm just hoping that she gets better. So. About. Like One stay yeah. Wednesday always at my grandma's house. Me and my mom were sitting down watching a scary movie was called Trigger Tree I. Think you guys have seen that movie it was a trick or treat like this boy like little boys. He was like a demon I don't think he was a human I think I think you've heard it if you have you heard of just A comment on there about the movie you know. So let's get started with this four. Okay, let's get started as well. We we have been sitting down on the couch and we were watching a movie called trick or treat. So. I was there her House walking moving. Begging on the Wallich really hard. And I was like I was like that I was like. An. The, there is something. Something like that. I was it was like hard banging on the on the table or wherever it was coming from. I decided it sound like it was coming from all around you. It sound like it's electoral stuff in my head but unfortunately I don't think there was. So I went and to the bathroom I took the whole house. But I'M NOT GONNA I'm not GonNa say the whole house because it's GonNa blow my how my grandma's house is very big. So I'M NOT GONNA I'M GONNA skip that part. And I'm just GONNA. I'M GONNA go to the part about the ghost. So there was like this ghost little girl she was like. Staring at me staring at me and then she was like this. Just. Giving you some like A. A giving you the eye and waving. She's she didn't even know how to wages like this. kind of like limp-wristed kind of half wave half not yes. So we're wasn't agent. Were about the bath will was skipping that part about the house. So. I went upstairs to my room. And my room was all pink like all pink and I wouldn't say I'm a room and there was it was coming for my wrong. It was coming from my room. What did you see? grouse house was not even haunted book I saw like this little grocers like this. And what did you do? So you. So. You kind of freaked out for a little bit. A WHO's running upstairs super fast and What's wrong and she thought that I was hers something knows like. There was a there was a girl and she's like what girl smell even haunted now she's like. DIARRHEOA. What's going on and you said there is there's actually Like this and We were like running downstairs and she called the police usually hello sir, we got a girl's ghost girl in my daughter's room. Can you please come on very, very scared? Out that sounds creepy. It's like so bad. It does it sounds creepy everybody this. Gabriella da she's my niece. He's eight years old and she wanted to tell us some of her go stories and ufo counters Gabriella. Thank you so much for being on the show and we actually made it through without you having to repeat it for the fourth type. Okay everybody. Adult time. So I'm not I'm with you guys and I'm going to step out. By. Gabriele Gabrielle. Real good job. Job. My All right. So. You did him phenomenal job talking about her huntings in her UFO's and this was her first time on radio and live broadcasts which? I think she did pretty good. Not Camera shy much phone. Did she's She's good years old eight years old. Wow. She's good. Yeah. I think she's going to be having. Time on radio. Catcher. Rick said I was cleaning mud when I was eight years old. And stuff on cable. Is, one of the best. Case so back. On their. Regular topic which we were actually discussing today Rick I'm GonNa let you bring this in because this was all your idea and probably the reason why we're having such Internet problem tonight and having to Redo this thing so much. That myself I really was when everything started. No doubt. But our topic tonight Starting out as colts and what they are in who they are and why they are and everything else like that. I called James Not called Eddie earlier this week and I was going through my topic story and I, come up on this one topic that just blew my mind. Here, in bold print and and full color wasn't ad for the Satanic Temple in San Antonio Texas and they are offering senior high school students scholarships at the amount of six, thousand, six, hundred and sixty dollars. Wow. Now, this is coming into this is coming in. Live and real all across America now there I started doing some studying on this temple and I contacted one the gentleman down there and He said Yeah come on by. There will be free. We'd be glad to talk with you and and he wanted if I wanted if I. Was In school and all of a sudden good stuff and I told them now but be that is may it just flabbergasted me? That this is so prevalent in this time and age because I never thought everything like that. When I was growing up was taboo. I mean you didn't talk about it. You did knew it was a whispered conversation with the adults even if it was brought up. And I. Have you know? I have I don't know what say you know except that I hope we can get some. Feedback on this and see exactly where we can go and what we WANNA do this subject. What do you think about that James? I mean is this is Something everybody's I'll I wouldn't say. Scared of but it's something that. Raises Questions and It'd be a great topic and a great. Interaction. You know You just have to protect and totally not unbiased. You can't go into a place like that and with your beliefs that are so strong and and. Ultimately condemned somebody else's dried. So you'd have to go with an open mind but also protected you know. What it is something that says, Taboo. Very awkward like people don't like to talk about this kind of stuff. You know it's really awkward in as they go and make for a great content You know is better for sit on the couch and watch this stuff on TV versus go out and do this themselves right in a spurious at first hand, you know You know all failed video. You know I think it'd be real interesting change rates. I'm sorry. Go ahead. It's GonNa. Be One of the sins it's really gonna be hard to be unbiased especially being brought up in a Christian while in our case Catholic. Homes or even Christian homes and to step into something that's completely out of the normal and not. I mean it's heard of, but it's not heard of like any kind of Christianity or anything like that. You know it's something completely unknown. You know being brought up Catholic and something that you kind of. We even though you're taught not to judge your, you know at something Bonnin trying to go and completely unbiased it's going to be absolutely hard today. The thing is is is completely unknown, but it's also completely taboo. It's not something we reach out and wants to know right is something in the back of your mind that you know is there right? Man You, know these these people are out here. But let me think about something else. You don't really think about that right and then once it's presented to you in your face, you're Kinda like. Shit here it is. Though now will you know and? It's it's something to talk about this subject. You know I think it's a great subject to talk about you know and it's A. You gotTA. Remember I'm like you guys I come from a Catholic background Catholic family. But at the same time I mean, we have to understand that this is. Not something out of the ordinary considering all the crazy stuff that's going on nowadays this is actually probably one of the most sane parts. And? Extreme saying that. But this is one of the most sane things that's taking place considering everything else that's going on nowadays I think it'd be a great idea if we can somehow secure a date and time to get out there and and go do an interview and talk about their scholarships and what they're offering and more or less learn a little bit about what they do. They're more than anything else and we we'll have to keep an open mind. We can't let any prejudice or anything like that of this type of topic get in the way what we're actually trying to accomplish and. Not. Only that but I mean, these are their beliefs. You know we have to respect it no matter what we may think of it personally. You don't just. An atheist just because you don't just become a Christian just because you don't just become a Catholic just because the Protestant baptist Muslim or whatever else. You know these are things. You know? People. You know truly believe in. Half eighth in. And we need to keep that in mind when we're interviewing and we're talking to these people because this is not for us to judge this is for them to give the information so that you know whatever they WanNa talk about whatever they'd like to spread. It's hard as their church their belief system. The. You know the scholarships and whatnot. and. We can take that information and put it on the show and get it out. There may be people out there who are interested in this may want that scholarship you never know, and if it helps them get an education and learn why not. What I did learn so. What what I did learn about this you guys is the fact that they are under. This is a very, very, well oiled machine. So to speak, they are in twenty one different locations throughout the United States and they are abroad to. The there in Australia there in England they're all over the place. You know so it it doesn't. It doesn't take too much of a stretch of the mind to realize that these people are very organized. I notice I put down colt tonight as part of a subject. We could look at this as a cult because we're looking at. It says definition of a cold as a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object. Well, that could be that could actually be Christianity. Catholicism you know Buddhism. Whatever the case maybe. Now we do. A religion though. Thing. So religion cult is two different things. Yeah we do have. On And Travis welcome to the show man I'm glad you made it on. He says you guys are coming in great in Dallas. Texas Mr. Eddie Mr Rick and Mr James and your beautiful lady beside you Sir Eddie. Your niece was good to love yells topic God. Bless all of you y'all and hey, travis man we appreciate it and we love it that you're on the show we love that you jump in here and make comments. Thank you so much for being with us. We appreciate it so much. All we ask is if you could just share it out to your pages and just you know that way we can be known even more the more the Merrier in the more people in the conversation and in the chat room the better. So if you don't mind shared out to your pay shared out to your friends pages. Just get us out there so that we can have more people on and we can all have great conversation and listen to different. Different thoughts on different subjects I mean, it's always great. We're always open minded and ready to learn. So we appreciate you being here with US sir. Thank you so much. Yeah in you know it's you know. So any type of religious deal like Buddhism or what have you could all be? Occult. If you want to get technical with that. That is true. Yes. Yes. I also found interesting that. This organization the Satanic Temple. Is under the hospice of what's called a five Oh one C. three meaning that they do not pay taxes. They are treated just like any other religious organization and act upon such things as donations and everything else just like a regular church. That the people that I talked to I talked to them. It wasn't something flippant wasn't something. They were serious. They wanted to know where I was from what I was interested in. We're glad that you're here with us. We if you WANNA come and visit the temple you're welcome almost at any time. and. It's just like any other church only it it. James was talking about and what you said He. Is, a taboo subject in the end them. It's something that we have to look at because it is in our face right now as far as being real and something we at the look at as far as. What's happening to our young people and where we can go with this as far as it being a religious aspect. I agree. And I never know learn something me and me and Rick it's. Me and Ray talked earlier about this. I think they're past the point of cult. So call is your branch Davidian type people you know that Wacko in Waco. That's a call right you got. You got a solidified of people. You know whether it's one hundred, two hundred people in a localized location, right? So that's a call when you have. This this is the deal. These people are serious and their branched out there all over the place they're nationwide they're pretty much worldwide it is. Is Religion and you know these folks don't pay taxes. Just like you know Catholic Church and stuff like that. So in new drive you to do in any prophecy from they don't they don't pay taxes on this stuff anything they purchase they won't see taxes off of it. So they are solidify add religion And said. To Act really questioned. So you go up to do an interview with these folks You'd have to approach it just like you would go into a Baptist church just like you would go into a Catholic establishment anything like that. You cannot discriminate against these folks because their beliefs in this thing absolutely guardless with their beliefs are right and but you ought to be wary of what you're stepping into because you know us being paranormal investigators in doing this type of stuff the one thing that always in the back of our mind during an investigation. We always think it says it will also it We always say. You know Sultan on tape it'd be pretty cool. You know well, this we are stepping into around of evil and. Ricky off we get in there and we're like man something flies across the room and makes a dirty noise with it. You know Nick Kinda cool to catch it on tape, but we are stepping into the realm of evil and as something to. Contend with is something to put your mind frame into. These folks are serious about what they do is they are I. I've done research on the groups out here. There is one in San Antonio this one out here in in Houston They don't they don't pose as of their locations and stuff like that. UNDERSTAND WHY? Because probably they don't want you know haters and people coming in firebomb replace. I get it but you know then they're kinda secretive in their you know there about what they do and they're serious about it is this does nobody bulls is no joke. These people are serious about what they do and are they helping out the community? According to to the website yeah. They actually have a drive coming up is called ministration for Satan. and. That yesterday his. It's there get a they're donating you know feminine products. Tampons Shit like that pads, things like that. So there don't unused. Of course, they're donating these things out to the community. So they do some kind of a grasp on the you know. They're they're reaching out and trying to get involved with the community I get that. But what is the? What. Is the secrecy box? So any kind of it to me it kind of has the same amount of. Curiosity as the the masons. You. Know I'm just curious as the masons as of this because I have friends in the masons. And we don't discuss the batteries back I'll won't plus was a secret. I have the same. You know curiosity of the Masons as I do this. So it s one from one spectrum to the other beneficial Wednesday three organization they have to do some kind of good. Or some kind of they have to contribute some thing. ooh. Today area to the community. That's out there. By that's five. Oh, one C. three in be able to have their tax deductions and tax free as they not admits. Real take law this right here would be to go out get a feel for these folks interview them, and then get them to come on this. And then put their paw front of everybody else to see what they're all about in Enron on this show I, think that would be I think it'd be awesome and I also think it'd be awesome. A James. If we took a some camera equipment, we went over there and we did. A complete recording while we're there. Maybe. Take a walk through. Look around and then and then posted on here and I think that would I think that would Shed a little light onto what's going on and you never know we might be able to get in on some of their other dealings where we could get in and film and kind of show what they're all about I mean it it's the same with a like if you're dealing with Voodoo. You know and and that kind of a deal jumping into that realm and you have to go in with a open mind without any prejudice toward it and you know talk to him about what it is that they do and enter and you know and be genuine. You know we're not going to embellish or. Up Talk it or down talk you know we're just GONNA. You know this is what happened. This is what we saw. This is what what they told us and you know and you can see for yourself. Here's video. Here's audio on everything that took place I think that would be pretty cool. Guys. Here's what so. This is what he sent. Me back as far as what what they call the seven tenths of Satanic Temple and I read these and It's just like joining. You think you're signing up for the PTA. Let's. Let's come back. Come back on that. Let's go to take the. Let's take a quick little break real fast because I need to have that little intermittent in there for a podcast type stuff and we'll be right back folks and stand by. We're going to play a little tune for you. On. Non. Normal. Law. Nine. Five. Nine. Hello, and welcome back everybody. I'm your host Eddie Hill along with my other host, Rick Warren and James Tubes who is not at his desk. So. Sorry to. Cut You off there rick I to get this out there on halftime. But Yeah. Man continue on with what you were saying on on the application. I am like I said I was we're looking at a lot of things that was going on as far as what they subscribed to and everything. I'm just going to read a little bit of what was sent to me as part of the. Essay. So to speak as far as them speaking says, the organization participation in public affairs as manifested itself said several public political actions and efforts at lobbying with a focus on the separation of church and state and using satire against Christian privileges. It goes on to say that they because group regards the envelope. Whatever that word is the body is a key doctrine. They are against anything that might have an infringement on the rights of Satan is to practice their religion. And like I said, this is a very, well old machine as far as I mean, they had the attorneys they have the legalistic jargon they have everything they have the mission statement and everything else like that and I said it's like you are actually volunteering for the team to go in and talk these people that says the mission the mission Satanic Temple is to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people reject tyrannical authority advocate practical common sense oppose injustice, and undertake noble pursuits. Wow. So what does that sound like to you guys? Yeah Yeah. I mean, that is very the semantics on that is beautiful and I mean I it sounds like they had an attorney right all up of course but I mean I. It's I. Mean it sounds political. It's very well written and. There, you can tell right away that they're basically covering their their basis when they're whoever wrote, you know making sure everything was covered in there. which is what any business would do. Exactly yeah. They have seven tenants that they sent me and I'm sure you could probably go on the site and pick them up yourself but. I found it very interesting that they're seven tenths and like I said, if you read. The tenants themselves. Like I, say it's like. Or putting application out for the PTA or something like that and I don't know if you want to call it. You know subliminal as far as some of the words and what you're reading or if you WANNA call it a suggestive in the essence of how does it Line up with your own spiritual beliefs. Or what you want to call it as far as being a group or a cult or I mean to me, it's just like the church scientology. Or any other group like that that brings a format. Of. Exact exasperating. Measures to. For to become forward to your imagination or your mind, and from there they you're under the hospice of who their leaders are and who their teachers are at that time. Wow. I mean. You know in Scientology I've heard a lot about stuff about scientology. It's really strange as you hear more bad about scientology than you do about the Church of Satan, which is kind of crazy. Yeah, I was in Portland Oregon and I went to the Church of Scientology and went inside and talked to those people and actually held cones that they test you with as far as how you begin your appearance as a scientologist and how they. Actually look at you and test you to start your schooling and and you're basically it's a religion by Ron L. Hubbard. I ran from their says I could. Wow. Well, Tom Cruise is part of that. Oh Yeah. Yeah they are bid. Lear-. Leonora. She's in there too as it was she was she backed out and she exposed a lot of. I mean, that's crazy stuff. James, are you on that Satanic. Website because you turn red every once in awhile. I wondered. You do. Human I. AM So. Yeah, I just. Yeah. I. Did a water about that and You're looking pretty area. There is something it's something look at. I'm feeling kind of. You know. Um I presented this. Opportunity I was like shit since. Should I do this or what Kenny L. or? Read it let ten minutes or like yeah. Yeah you know I. Think it would be a bad ass opportunity to kind of dive into the taboo and. You know really out there with with this group because I mean, it's not like it's one or two places. It's everywhere they're all over the place in. The last thing I WANNA do is promote anything like does but you know like I said stay on bias in and I don't want. Roy. Today. would it be beneficial to do this kind of thing in go out and talk to these folks and maybe push money to the Bringing the edge to where they fall over and say, I was on offense and now I, think we should do this. You know I don't want to do this. So I'm thinking. What Put the information out but you know what? Jane suggest anything and this year Lee opinions to the to the people. You know what? James here's the thing you know. It's not like you're promoting people to go to this I. Mean people are adults, they make their own choices. All you're doing is putting out information as far as what's going on what they're doing, and it's a person's decision. What they do with themselves from that point forward. Exactly. You know we're not promoting. We're not saying it's bad. We're not saying it's good. We're saying look here's information that we found. You know if and and not only that, but you gotta remember this is A. Information into and into a world that a lot of people are terrified of. Air Literally terrified. Of this world are terrified of what could go on. You know you see so much Hollywood where you have people being sacrificed. You know you've got a Pentagram in you know evil spirits and demonic spirits and demons and what have you? Coming around. But is that necessarily the case? You know. Is that something that will this? Day displays. Or is. The whole point. Is. This more of yeah. I mean it's like a regular religion where like you go to church and you go home. You know it's something that you know your Belief Elsa just drives a strives around. This is adult. this was. Worried. About The. About is is You know putting out a broadcast or putting out a interview in kids not so much kids that that. Kamala Harris said she's like Oh kids between eighteen twenty or stupid. But these kids that are you know fifteen stuff like that on the fence these rebellious type you know kids you know, what are they cheat on say all hey, manish, it looks bad as. Demo the thing for me. You know that's the thing I'm concerned about adults you know twenty, five, thirty on up can go. Kind of weird I'm not now fuck that I ain't doing this. You know desk, the kind of thing. So you gotta kind of you know get in there and do a good clean interview non-bias. Put the facts out and disclaimer things i. think is a great opportunity to get in and if if we're allowed to to get in there and and really. Kinda dig in on what these people are about in a you know I mean it's a religion just like anything else according to them. It's a religion right and according to the law. So, we can't go in there and be like oh you guys are weird. We WanNa see what's about you guys we. Let me go in there and say, Hey. What are you about? Let me. Let me ask you this James Are you willing to put your name in a book when you sign in. What do you mean on a book? You have a dine in our. Guest No, not so so no I'm not. So if I go there and the entry fee is twenty, four dollars, I'll give them a twenty five dollar back. They can keep it for a tip I'm not accepting anything from these folks not at all the only thing. Is Footage. But what? You. have to sign a guestbook to get your foot in the door. That's what I'm asking. What happened assigned. Joe. Biden. My name is. In, does the name I'm going to sign right there. I can. Nancy Pelosi. You know. Joe Biden what do you think? Get an object. Subject too much. But one day I took sophie the pro bell when you go and you place an offer, they ask your name. Youngest one you seven. This guy gave his name as Hillary Clinton. Larry. Laugh time he did it and. Before we laughed us that Okay Ms Clinton have a good day. Not to get to deliver. A number four corruption side of collusion. We'll see them for the. Unie but here's what concerns me about doing this. We have four teenage than in our house you know as. We have more now we have four. Six kids. Four teenagers. Love everywhere man it's like clowns coming out of a Volkswagen beetles turned on a light of the crack house and all the roaches. But here. We go and we do this. We get this information and the kids know that were going to do this. See this post on Youtube Visit GonNa make family curious. Is it gonNA break them of their face that we've instilled. Good point in I think if we do a good complete thorough investigation and interview, then the any curiosity all the questions that they should have. We should ask in a thing that would put a period the end of all that stuff right there I think you know that would end all be all right there. If we we come correct when we do the right interview in the right investigation, I think. That'll that'll solve a lot of questions. But you realize. You know like I said, I'm sure there's a guestbook that's GONNA be signed. They're going to know where we're. Posting this. They're gonNA come over in they're going to see it and they're gonNa know who you are. You know they're I don't think there's really a way around it. As far as that goes yeah I don't think you're going to be any. That goes. Yeah, you know. I'm not. I'm not looking join up their their communication is hey, Well, we need you to join up with US and Blah. Blah Blah in order to do this then out. Out I'm not joining this place you know to do an interview and joining us. Take you broke up a little bit said, not not join but what if it's a guestbook? Just a guestbook. I think he froze on us. Who Else? Can you hear me now? You're you're they're kinda barely. Okay. So what do you think Eddie? Would you? Would you sign Agus Booker? You know we'll. Would you do? I would probably sign the guest book you know. Really but I think I would probably sign it while I was saying a prayer. A Cross sprinkle. SPRINKLE holy water on on my name while I'm signing me. Exactly. To give me some give me some more information on this group guys. This powerful and litigating these people are as far as with the state of Oklahoma and Arkansas okay they. Had The statue of I guess this is called by a human. HBO. Call. BECCA. Right. The statue has figured prominently in the challenges regarding the display of the Ten Commandments. They want their statue and they got their statue right beside the ten commandments in Oklahoma and Arkansas. In two, thousand, fourteen, they initiated a program called to protect children project. Now this is what these people are going after as far as on state litigation and everything else like that. They're into planned parenthood they're into. A Muslim refugee. Activities. Activities. and. Then they go into what they do as far as on the Pentagram ritual an after school for Satan as far as kids at want to study this after school. And that's what gets like. Summer School. Yes aiden school remaining you can. You can get online and literally. Tag. And they will start teaching your children after school while and this goes right along. This goes right along with what they're doing as far as on the six thousand, six, hundred, sixty dollar scholarship for whoever the senior T- teenagers. can qualify for it. So this is a powerful powerful entity in itself as far as what what we're looking at it as a group. That's insane. Interesting. Yeah Well. Objective I mean isn't in a into us saying to you know. Like you said normal it's a taboo is a taboo issue I mean this is stuff that. We. Are Not used to her accustomed to. So therefore, it's insane. It doesn't mean that. RIOTS INSANE TO EVERYBODY You know it's just like these guys that married their dolls. You know and have their sex dollars wife I mean. I mean, how? How insane is that? A. On comprehensible to us. As for him weird. It's just weird. Weird to them it's just on darcom. Goals. I'm aware that. It's not. It's beyond our comprehension but I mean, you know little becker anything you know they. They can't do. This is our you cook anything either but hey, don't talk back. Get your audience Rick what I was telling you about today about this. She's GonNa kill me with this cross trade here rig You're talking about this today Yeah Yeah Yeah. This is the cross I was telling you about and it's really hard to see but it all right here. This is difficult to hold new song from here to here is that black residue I was telling you about. So ahead, this cross came from my grandma in she passed away last year in This is across it's made in Italy it's got a metal outside to end just the inside would the dark area you see right? There is the dark stuff that's would. laying counter among bar in the house in a log, pass it, and there was a puddle about. Probably. That hard. It's hard put. But about that big around of black stuff bleeding out of this cross there was nothing around there on the hell out of it. The only thing the only thing I didn't do take a picture of the actual puddle From this cross in the style on the side is this is the residue from winona backwards from here to here is residue that dark spot right there. New from this cross, it was bleeding and it was really strange to me in a up in wiped it all down stuff like that in a put this thing on the bed on my nightstand and I didn't think anything of it. Until they. Several minutes later, I should've took a picture that shit. Black puddle. It will a little thicker than water but it was it was thicker than water. But not as bad as syrup you should have had that analyzed. It was really. I should've been probably still can because there's residue aside I'm looking at it right now there's still residue in a this thing at the time when that happened, my son was in the hospital, he had just had a seizure I know that you guys don't know this must has. In Atlanta's malformation in the west side of his brain. In December last year, he had gamma knife radiation to treat a avium. So, he had just had a seizure he was in the hospital when this happened and I was at the hospital with him while I came home for a night and. Smears on the counter. We have. Granite countertops. NASA, smear on the counter I asked him what was in the told me what was going on with it I, finished cleaning and even on the Lysol white it was really. A thing. Dark round almost. Like A. Weird like a resin from. I don't even know from what like like a resident than and. But it was. Sticky not not liking. Not Quite as not quite. Theresa, but it was just In Dark Brown and I asked him what it was about and he told me and then like meat. So when we told Kristen about it. that. A bleeding cross is a sign that God is in your head that you have good spirits in your house because signal. The only thing is maybe it was a sign that my son was going to be okay and thankfully he is you know he has had any stages so I don't know fucking show you much detail on this thing but looking at this crossman is down here that right there. That's. right there. Well, you know there there's other things on the back. This crosses over one hundred years old. And middle on the outside, this is all metal. The inside is would. Probably all. It's probably. Kathleen. Yeah, and this is the one sort of bleeding on the counter in its heaviest. It's probably a half a pound and it's really small. I mean just you can see it I'd like to. I'd like to get really Dr Analyzed James. I probably should in the skull and crossbones saying kind of throws me off. You know it's right here on the bottom, right it's hard to take. But still get that analyzed. That would say that would say a lot I. think we I think we should try and get that analyze because that is something that I feel is very important that we do to to make that happen to to get it down life so that we know exactly what it was that was coming out of that cross and. I know to big along in our show with the back and forth with the Internet problems, but the hour has gone by. And we are done. Yep It went quick once once the Internet started working. So the final March I can. I can tell you about this thing. I'm sorry try again, Rick. I say they're so much more that information that I've got on this church and on the practices of this church and it's just interesting you wouldn't believe it. Well we'll. Go. into the final thought earning do we? And we'll we'll. Well on time to hang up or what? Well we're a little bit on a timeframe right now and we're like way over because this is the third time that we've gone over it. But. We can go a little bit longer. You WanNa. Go a little bit longer rick and finished getting out got. Sure. Okay. Sure. This. Church has been compared to Anton Levay I wonder if you guys I'm James I'm sure you know who he is and this is a French ron or Yes? Exactly. And they're button heads as Moore's what's going on with the principles of WHO and want the churches to be and what it represents and Tom says that they are miles away from being the exact. Mess. This church is masquerading satanist and do not represent satanism. But yet they're under the same hospice of his church. And operating under the same five. Oh, one C. Three. Chapter. Of being religion. So there's a lot. There's a little infighting there as to who has control of this. It's a big big conglomerate of people and legalistic everything is going on with this church and everything. So. It is something that I mean I find intriguing because I've studied. Religion when I was in college all the way from mormonism to Catholicism to Hinduism Zane. Buddha. and. This was one topic that I steered clear because like what you guys say it was new I could get anybody to talk to me about it. I couldn't get any information back Ma'am bucket martyr we had the card library and that was about it. You know you went to the library you looked up and that was my Yeah that was my google. Right. I remember those days same way. Yeah Yeah but. I think Anton Levay I. Think He. Okay. So I think he bible the Satanic Bible it's not nearly as thick as the actual Bible but he got a lot of his information and he correlated with Kotik which was the is the Satanic. The medieval. Day needle where I don't know if. You heard the story of the was traced. That was condemned to die and he by the hand of say. The Bible in one night. And they studied this thing in the Bible is literally around eight inches thick and it's a huge big piece of. booknotes a big thing is covered in skin and when when they open it in look at it, all of the lines in it in all of the texts me lined out. Everything. IS PERFECTLY LINE IN A. Hands on Sandra Bates took a lot of his scripture is from the from the gang coded from back then in transferred it into that because it's the devils Bible, this original Devil's Bible in. Check it out. Man I. can't remember the actual link to this thing. It's it's really interesting. The the day did on this and and I call it art because. The brought the broadcast in the the production they did on this thing was art because they showed the priests he gets condemned. He's in his dungeon. He's the next day. They'RE GONNA put him to death any rice in higher frigging Bible in one night and it's just it's it's amazing. You know the said. In the the Devil's Bible you could still get this thing. It's it's a book. It's like I don't know it's probably about that said. You know just like just black book. It's got a big. Pentagram. In front of it. If you look the invocation to Satan. Still remember what that is because a study time in nominated traits Tennessee valley excessively in that's the that's the invocation to Satan right there in the beginning of this thing. So when you open the for. This thing. That's the presidency is the invocation to Satan while and I still remember that to this day. Betty have you ever done any studying on exactly who we are talking about as far as the figure called Satan or Lucifer not in it? Is that you know I have studied deem analogy and we have. use a lot of the knowledge that I've picked up on that on certain cases where we have dealt with demonic entities in homes and let me tell you it's a that's a totally different animal when you're dealing with something like that and it's A. It really it broke up an entire team that I was in. When? We're doing an investigation in place and. One of the girls that was reading Out of scripture as far as doing a an X.'s of the house. Passed out and I had to wake her up and carry her while she continued reading because I told her not to quit. She started she had to keep going she had to finish it. And we went through the whole house and and it actually quite things down. But we found out later that the the owner of the House Lady kept invoking whatever was there to come back after we would leave. and. The whole reason that we were there was. A thirteen year old girl. who was having issues with the black shadow figure that was terrorizing her And? Dan It was a it was a really really bad case and we didn't realize this lady was invoking distinct to come back and on. VP's. Hours picking up BVP's thing was saying my name. On VP's. And this was before we realized exactly what we were dealing with it. Will you know we didn't find out what we're dealing with until later? And A. On one of our investigation, it was the first one. Actually I was sitting on the foot of the bed that belong to the little girl like you like scaring little girls come scare me. You. Know you're so big that. You know come scare me you know I'm here. You, know and nothing happened. But when we played the video back. From that room while I was sitting there. You. Can hear a voice right after I said you know you're scare a little girls come scare me you hear a voice and it says. So scared. Come across the videotape F-, well at the same time that that took place. There was a video camera on the bottom floor which was living room. There was no win no windows no doors that. A completely sealed off room other, but it was a living room. All. These. French doors that went into the kitchen on one end and a solid door shut on the other. And so there was no shadow or light or anything that come through. Well. The camera was on one end facing towards the French doors. going. into the. Kitchen. And On the at the same time, this was going on upstairs. You see a dark shadow figure come up out of the floor and it rises up. And it. Literally, it blocks a lazy boy chair that was there where you couldn't see the chairs it came up. The chair was totally blocked and it went right up through the ceiling. Where I was at in the little girl's room upstairs. And that happened at the same time we got that. and. When we played that back. To show the owner and to show the little girl I asked the little girl I says this what you saw. And when you see the shadow for your, you could see the head, you could see the shoulders. And you could see the Cape Showman. Couldn't see any is or anything like that. But you you look like a a body with the Cape on it as it went through, we measured from the floor. To where the top of the head was, the thing was approximately eight feet tall. And the room that we were in was probably well foot ceiling. And it went straight up through the ceiling. and. Up into the through the floor where I was sitting upstairs at the little girl's bed. And it's the MANEK. So check this out. It gets better. It gets better. I contacted Johns Office Who is the nephew of editor Lorraine worn? Up in Connecticut exactly and I and I sent him the recordings, the videos. Everything that I had. And he called me and I was on patrol that day I was in my patrol car my phone rang and I answered it and he goes Eddie this John's F. A. KS it. How's it going I said it's great to hear from me. And he goes look he goes I just got done review and everything that you sent me he goes in I gotta say he goes you are dealing with the demonic entity. You need to be very, very careful. And he goes you'RE GONNA need to get the church involved but I was like, oh, piece of cake there's rights you know right across the street from this house it's a Baptist Church. and He Kinda giggled and he says look. He said it's not GonNa be as easy as you think. And I and I asked him I said, what do you mean by that? He said well. Because I'm going to be honest with you. He said by the time you're done with this case you're GonNa have a very different outlook on religion. And I said how so? You said they're not going to be is interested to help. As you think they are number one and number two you're going to it's going to increase your faith by along by by a long way, and so went over to this baptist preacher that lived or nowhere the church across the street from that house. And I told him, I said look I'd like you to come over here and give the house a blessing and he looked at me flat out and said, nope. Not. Doing it. And I said why not? He said, there's no way you're getting me in that house. He's it. I know what goes on in there and I'm not going in. And I looked at him I said you know that's pretty shitty attitude. To have. When you're leading a church side you know I said. You're you're really a piece of shit if you don't go over here and help these people. And he said I ain't doing it. And he goes I'm sorry I just can't. And I looked at him. I. Said, obviously, you don't have the faith that you thought. You did us because anybody who cares about people and has an faith that's it would step foot in there. and. So I went I spoke to Monsignor. At one of the Churches over here in San Antonio. And it's a monsignor that I real well. And told them what was happening he knows what I, what I, what I do, and I went in uniform. I said Hey. Can I borrow your computer because? Yes, I'm GonNa plug something in I'm GonNa play some of this stuff for you. And I plugged it in and play them the audio played them to videos. All that stuff and he sat back in his chair and he looked at me, he said. It goes honestly and he has his serious. Irish. Accent he was goes off. Tell you honestly goes it's tough. Scares the shit out of me. And as I said, well, it's like, what do you think about it? He goes. Well. He goes I have approval from the Bishop he goes but we have no bishop over here at this time he goes all I can do egos is to give you some relics to take with you and some water if he goes in just Go with God. And he loaded me up with holy water and some rosaries and crosses and All kinds of stuff and told me he goes just be careful egos and and. So we did the best we could and I told her I said was kind of sending the boy scouts out to do the job of the marine. Corps. You know when you're dealing with this kind of stuff but we did the best we could. But. To get back to the story of the house in the little girl. We kept going back even after we had one of our investigators pass out. And we made our keep reading and everything quite down. We had to go back. We went back three different times We were unaware that this lady kept calling it back. And I got a call one day from the thirteen year old and she told me she goes she goes you don't need to bother coming back. and. I. Was like why not I said? Is it gone? She Goes No. She goes but. She goes my grandmother. Keeps calling this thing back. And I was like, why would she do that? And she said she likes the attention. and. I was like, where's your parents? And she says she's as well. I'm not sure I have their number, but they've left me here with my grandma. So her grandma's been raising her. So I got a hold of her parents and I, I told him who I was and I told him look I said if you don't go back and you don't go get your daughter and get her out of that situation. I'M GONNA CPS show up a second. We're taking her that's it. Take your pick. I said I'm not playing with you I'm joking around as you go back and you get your daughter from your the grandma. Or I'm going to show up with CPS. I said we're going to remove her from the house. And Story. Hell Yeah and they were they were very adamant about going and they did they went the very next day and picked her up got her out of there but that just goes to show. That you never really know what you're dealing with in an investigation when something like that I starts. But That was the. Thing the right way you know yeah I mean this stuff right here it's it's it's nothing to play with. No I wish. I'd be right there with you. Know I know you would do think about it. You know. A Hell Ya you know recommended that has become the dude think about it. You know we're not walking into an abandoned hospital. You know not knowing what's what's in there you know. Something on third or something on the first floor you don't. It's not that we're walking into something that we know to be evil. Something no is you know. fucked up. For lack of better words we is evil. We know that this is what they stand for. Saints I. Think a lot of it is political. I. Think they have a strong political stance to and so. We know it a little bit of you know we don't know much but a little bit about political stuff. And So I think that would be okay to you know we can talk that but you know go in their guards up but open minded open totally open-minded. You know and just get a feel for these guys to see what's up yup in Make a great great content in You know see what happens i. mean you know like that. So Reagan like so if I Want, to sacrifice a virgin look dude I've been in broadband you can't even spell virgin. So. Sorry wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait wait. Hey. Jay Your dreams it's a version from which end user. All in. Four weeks. You're good to go. Look out radio wriggle. Expect. Rick Look already turned. Not You. Know Man. Jesus glowing. You. Know I'm looking forward to I WANNA stay in you guys and find out what you what the progress is and where you're at on this investigation and if we can get Miguel and Rene to go with you as far as equipment and suit up everybody and get over there. and. Find Out. You know see what they're all about and see what kind of invitation give you guys. Absolutely. Rick final thoughts, man let's go to college tonight. Okay The with this being Halloween were seeing a lot of what they call thinning of the veil This is what transpires usually during this time and I would I would urge caution. And Be well, aware of what's going on around your surroundings from here on out because they know we're talking about him I can guarantee you. They know we're talking about you always know. They always know. James. Man. I. Say we oh, go in with an open mind. with this thing like before. But like for example, with this, this the veil is shrinking in it's getting center and If there's anything we can do from today. Always Pretty I as far as investigations go whether as get out of the House and go to the cemetery go do that because you know what man Oh you know what? To think about that. You know what? Eddie Whigham pass up the fifteen on the Yeah, but he does thirteen. We haven't. We haven't received anything from anybody so we have nothing to show yet so. Yeah, we didn't pass it Adalat self are totally Okay Oh. We have to reassemble Chad in maybe that'll be a halloween special I mean s on a Saturday right Halloween's. Yeah? Yeah. So maybe they'll get but Yeah I. Think you know between now and Halloween go out and do some just investing on anything you know hell if you got free time it nine seven o'clock at night go out in a graveyard somewheres or Muslim or something like that, and just do warnings even by yourself. You know anything just get out there and do something and You know we'll make it a point. Do that tomorrow. And WE'RE GONNA do in find. metairie. We're going to go to. Work and and I've got an event coming up with. One of an old theater we're going to call booze and brews and tell ghost stories and talk about the paranormal. Go like. GimMe a time and a place. Twenty Fifth Wellington Kansas. ME. Think. That's a law brother. A. Cool little small cemetery a few miles from here. L. It's brown I think is the name of it. So I pass by the other day that may be something that we can go and check out really old and really it's small community say. You know it looked cool. Sorry Sounds good? Seven named followers and we have seven new followers on paranormal analytical and. To the people that are wanting to comment on our show. So we're doing good. Awesome. Well. Everybody take care. It's been a pleasure tonight. Thank you so much for joining US I. Know We had a lot of internet issues at the beginning, but we were finally able to get through the entire show in a little extra we apologize for all the the. cutouts that we had. But for whatever reason I have a feeling, it has to do with our topic tonight I don't know why but. We've got into. Yeah exactly. James is still red and the cheek. So he's still. Think blush. Comment we had. And Bruce Edge with night James and rick thank you so much brother. It's always a pleasure to have you on here in new out trying get some EDP's check out some of the different areas. But be very careful like Rick said village than in because of Halloween use caution and do a quick little cleansing before he's at home golden nothing follow you because that's always ends up. Bad. But take care everybody. Tonight's be safe. We love you guys and see next week. James. Own.

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566 - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Your Mom's House

2:07:45 hr | 10 months ago

566 - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

"This episode of Your Mom's house is brought to you by SAT Vaa. The good people at sought the essay a TV dot com slash the shit. That's right. They allowed us to send in the url the Shit and the reason why is because I slept on where we slept on their new mattress the so layer which sits up and lays down for you. It has a zero gravity setting it has electric firmness setting it's brations it's amazing the best bed I've ever slept automated I talked to the marketing guy and things shit he was like I'll see. If I could make that your url I was like I like it. So he did they have incredible customer support, which is I. Think one of the most important things or something online they walk you through the delivery of it. They do mattress takeaway service they absolutely kill it environmentally friendly products and look you deserve to sleep on something. Amazing. Go to dot com slash shit start with two hundred, twenty, five dollars off your order. You can get a Solaire you can get illumine leave memory foam just deserve to sleep on a great mattress head there now. I'm your mom. You're my son. I'm your mom asked him will you ask? Date. Your mom. BS. I would. You're my son. I'm your mom took the gaze. Just like. Just. Like the gate. And she looked at me. Like the gate. More. Wife calls me mom. Consenting adult. Has Some when you? Look at me. Here my son. I'm your mom. The Gate. Just just. Ask Them. Will you ask past? Like the. Yeah Yeah. That was a real. Boy. One of the all time classics just like the gays I forget the what was his logic linking incest to the gate his Logic was as long as it's two consenting adults. Like the game, zoos. Date my mom. The gays do things. is but but gay gayness. Biological. Now it's you can't. Really. We were watching last night the ninety day fiance and that guy who was dated Colty he's still lives with his mom he loves thirty four. And we were so infuriated with this he is. So it's so disgusting on sexual now. Yeah. Yeah. It's pretty gross and they like he's like A. When he was. Married to or GONNA marry Larussa right on the at the last season. He she was like I want to get this couch. He's talked mom. He goes well, we share a bank account. So you're a grown man being like I gotta get talked to Mommy. Mommy's clearance to buy a couch. Absurd. So there he is in this season now and he's dating another Brazilian check. Good for him. I like to be like some. Brazilian I have to say he looks a lot better colty is now working out in his mom's garage in becoming more. It's thank God is he looks a lot better now colty needs he got the. Yeah Yeah. He just like. Just like just like the gays. I'm your mom. Hear my son. I like when he goes Rookus. Yeah just focus on onto kizer. Lucas. gave his mother a passionate kissing. Anyway, anyways, I am still so reeling from excitement from the live show we did. Yeah it was. Just a you know if you're you're listening now you realize that. It seems you know like we had. We had come out after it, but that episode was recorded before the live show, right so you have to understand that when we said that we were like Oh. Hope that went will we hadn't done it or anything and I have to tell you I. mean. I. Could get emotional talking about this because I realized that. You know I really miss doing stand up and I really miss the thrill of performing and like just like an excitement that I'm addicted to that I don't kind of. I'm not like consciously addicted to it, but I am I love doing standup I love going on the road performing and. I realized that I got a big dose of that excitement from the live show because there was. A built in exciting aspect to putting on something live. Oh Yeah, and I don't know it. It's so changed everything for us. I can't even explain to you guys that. Not only are we going to doing it again? We're we're we already booked multiple ones because we had so much fun doing it and the response was so overwhelmingly positive. But. We're going to like really up the stakes up the ante on every. It was for a first time. You do it and then you're like, Oh, I realized afterwards what the possibilities are. Yes like it's it's direct to you. Like content and it's allowing us like once I saw people sending in of their TV's like watching on the. There's so much. We can do in those live shows the next one which I won't give you the date just yet but the next one. Is is going to have like more guests more original content that we shoot. It's IT'S A it's a bump up in the level of show that you're GonNa see right and I think the biggest part for me I. think it was two full. It's that one. It gave us all something to look forward to. And I think in this time, we're not nobody can do anything to have an event that like you and all the other people who love the show in tune into at the same time the world it was that excitement like you said of a live show where we're all here for one reason at the same time was really exciting and also the uncensored parts like even playing my allowed to say this the Intro Song, there's a riot there's danger in it right on youtube because of the content. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No. So they're having no restrictions. It wasn't just about like being disgusting it. Let us do music it can place them. Or just say we can talk about you know incest the gays and not be. Potentially yeah. We played the band's BBC clip. All things that like you you get flagged for it was a permission kind of to just do whatever to make a show that we really really wanted to do. So they very special in that way and and I don't know it seems like you guys really enjoyed it. We got so many emails and tweets and comments flooding in here. Do you want me to read some? This is from Daniel. Dear Mommy's the recent life show left me and my fiance horrified I could never imagine the darkness that is human animal. The entire show was watched with an arm's reach of a trash can. We turn away multiple times and cried for these people and their despair I threw up and cursor names. This is without a doubt the best show on earth. Top Dog, and Mommy Ted or fantastically drunk and STOIC in your attempt to have them hate you. We love the show and will always support your sick fucking humor sincerely soon to be Mr and Mrs Rodriguez. That's awesome. This one's from Jordan Hitler's I just wanted to say this live show is the most proto thing to happen since the moose soup lady cleaned Potter's House with the help of her astral children in all seriousness I'm about to embark on my fifth deployment I've been in a few ideas as well as drop bombs here and there, but I've never been so shocked or taken aback. As I was watching market his bare fuck on McDonald's piece or our friend Pierce be fucking hero in the beginning. You guys really helped me get through my last deployment and bring about endless laughter inside jokes. Only the Mommy's get really appreciate everything you and the team do thank you guys keep keep glassman. Love you Chomo. That's from Jordan. Alan. Let's not forget peers Paris who in the beginning is Christ. Huge shoutout. and to be totally transparent for this was his idea. We didn't say like. He was like, Hey, I got a couple of things. You can do my asshole for the. Opening of the show and we were like what and he goes, you can play cornhole with it. You can You know we could put a bring in a horseshoe. Well, can I show you? This is behind me yeah. He constructed this himself is still there. It's there this red. Thank. He built that and he attached a butt plug to that wooden stick and that's what we could throw the horseshoe onto that went into his rectum I mean you really clever guy. Pearce. Yeah. A message to him Special Guy and really sweet really guy. He I said Thank you. It goes without saying. Thank you so much people flip for the entry goes you're very welcome you and Christina can use my butthole for shock value anytime you want and I said that's the nicest thing. Anyone's ever said to me he wrote laughing my ass off. And I was also shocked when he got naked in front of us like I haven't seen another guy's dangle. Like in real life like that. So close very close like. I. Turned into like a real mom. I was like Oh. My Gosh. Yes. You're looking lips I was looking at my job I was really shocked. Genuinely. I was more like, is this okay my allowed to Actually I was like, ooh, until he was in position. Did you notice how hairless he was in real life. Oh my God. Yeah. Smooth like a dolphin that one. Okay. This is Joe Hi Hi Hitler I WANNA. Let you know that I just finished watching live episode and I really wanted to give Tommy Todd, and crystal and the rest of the crew a big. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. There's literally no form of entertainment that gives me the excitement in glee that why a major provides never have I vomited well, crying tears of joy except for that one time when I tried heroin. Thanks again everyone involved for making this very special moment happen it could be nothing. It might be nothing more than a podcast, but it really means the world to me. An issue helps me keeping an extremely high in Taipei it'd be Johan. And then migrates I've never been more fucked up in my life from what I saw on Friday I knew how fucked up the show already was but seeing the video of the gentleman who pumped his balls to a grotesquely a grotesquely size. Hard to I'm ready to come to the man who pull the giants snot out of in knows I have to say. Of. The nose was horrendous was pretty gross both fucked me up and made me absolutely sick to my stomach into Mommy Tina who was an advocate for good mental health? No amount of therapy can help me on see what I saw with that being said I love the podcast and hope you have another life soon Mike so People really really into it I mean we have a live show clip I can show you a I don't think you're gonNA. Like this month. US showing showing them. Grow Shit. Think looks like. He's clearing to see if my mom can watch it. Swine. Fly. Like You can you can stand up? She lay on the ground. She was so drunk ripped she was. By the. Way. Mom. is almost that drunk with one glass of wine so she must glass and a half in. It always been like that. They could last one you see her being. And she she puts ice cubes her red wine, which is really neat. Very special. Lady. There are some gross stuff in the didn't like this one. Oh, look look. You got see this one. So. fucking up. Here My God I, feel like my hernias going to reopen. So. Thanks for planning. I finally have forgotten about it like Oh, take it off. No we haven't played the opening clip yet how we? Love we got excited too excited about there's a lot to get into. Let's listen to the opening clips. We can take this down ready. All right. Here we go. Let's go guys. These people will. Not Real. If you got a fucking. Dr. To Your Mom's house. With Tom. And Christina Zits. At the lane. Mad Dad. It's my favorite lane of the it's not real. Yeah that's an interesting theory. Why? I'm always amazed at how skilled our government is in pulling the wool over is you know what I mean like they orchestrated this whole fake pandemic. There's so many people to why so alarming but. Surprising anymore you. When you if you jump into the Internet to be like WHAT ARE PEOPLE'S PERSPECTIVE On things it's like it's never that's you'll find somebody that doesn't believe in I don't know anything fact evidence based and they just. Don't know they just go into the grocery store and the L. About it. Now because it is a time where people are like science isn't real sizes chain all the time. Unbelievable. I mean, they find out new shit every means there's different levels you can be like insanely cautious about things. About the pandemic. Can go overboard. Work that people have gone crazy but the whole idea of your like none of it's real. Okay. Sure Dad's yeah. This guy is a real. He's a Mad Dad I down here. I'll give you the whole thing. was there son come on? If you're you got a fucking. retards arts. You can walk your mom's parents. Child. Matt. You're. At that. FUCKING Retard. Retard door is pretty great. Picking up his to the ground. Up like a kid up dad. I can't Straw. Jeez also really seemed like he's done that before like he's like. With my dad when he gets fired up as I pick him up and carry place. But. They've got to know the DAD is getting explosive in public now too. Yeah maybe. And I like. Kelly's looks like fucking doyle leave push a pussy. Faggot. Guy. We know what I mean. He also has to emasculate him. The Mask Right? It's like it's also girly girl, which is so weird. DORKIEST fucking giant. Let's see. That's like as my as your child is carrying you out. Put. My fifteen year old son is carrying me. Yeah. Yeah. That's an embarrassing but why are we puffy? That's an interesting like you should be able to just get the Rona right right now I would like to send guys like that. Right into fucking. Like the outbreak point me to go to go ahead you fucking get it. You've got take your showers in wash your hands you asshole. Take care of your body. Cool your ass off. How many times I've one, I'd rather see that. At the grocery store and then the guy. I don't want that combative energy around me when I'm trying to shop. And that looked like a whole foods e type of resin. To wrestle it's hot. It's August she's wearing her jeans shorts and his hottest shit. She's arrogant harass whole right and her Kuch I've wanted I think they should have stations that you can air out your Kuch. When it's hot when that be awesome if they just did provide refrigerated areas. Year for for your balls. Underwear. Is what else does she do here knows that? That's enough I. Guess. It's red. Speaking of balls you cranked out your first nut Oh, my God after you recycle me and everybody is waiting patiently to hear. So. I've been a lot of people were I'm surprised you know when you get into. Anything whether it's a show, a product also. Into the same thing will engage you rightly, I'm watching the show. Whatever I bought this watch. Then everyone's like I got to say you know it was. So once I put it out there I, got up a sec to me. I started getting hit up like I just got one yesterday. I got one last week last like hundreds of people started messaging me about it and some people had you know weird stories of the surp- giving you anxiety about it like what just like some people were like jerked off that day some people and. As I waited two weeks day people were like it could go badly this and that I see my doctor and he was like. He was like, no, you can do it now he goes it probably won't feel good and I go why he's like because you're all black and blue down there and brutality bruised. I go. Yeah and he goes down with the Hernia There's going to be more pain because obviously like. The Pubic Pad area is where your hernia scar is. It's fresh. Yeah. So like any of that skin moving is GonNa hurt and I was like, Oh yeah that's true. So I haven't busted and not now in like I don't know. Ten days or something like Oh but we didn't bust nuts before you. Say what I'm saying leading up to it Gosh. That's what I'm saying. So it's all backed up and I'm like starting to get like fired up you know waking up with like raging Boehner's but then you'd wake up and you you know you reach down there and it hurts like things still hurt the area hurts. So it's black and blue anyways keeps and then I realized one morning I'm like I got try to get this one out because I'm a I'm really. uncomfortable. So I do this thing I use a very advanced technique and A. Check. 'cause we usually things that we woke up that morning and you're like today's Day I'm going to crank out my first load. I was like good luck locked the door so that the kids don't come in and so I went downstairs and I made breakfast and I was like he's jerking off right now like I knew the downstairs, you were upstairs get your first load out. Yeah and I felt like Ed Asner because I wanted to hear a play by play and I WANNA. Know the whole is is that where it spits out of? A big load I'm going to swallow so I started. Doing my thing, did you do it in their bed or shower late? I just laid lay down in bed I put. On my stomach smart, I could like try to just aim for the towel. Yeah and So I'm I'm getting worked up doing what are you looking at pornography? which which clips do we choose? Did you take a long time to choose a clip or? No? You just got it I. got it. I was like what they're boom. I didn't do any searching. A woman and a man. Desperate. Yeah. So I just saw them doing it. I don't think I even liked her I just was like This this'll do or so. I started to. Say that. Are you like do you put her down mentally? This fucking. Not because I wanted to mean her I just find that to be a turn on. Yeah I know. So then I Yeah. Here's the thing I. couldn't really go like this. Because I feel like that would pool too much of the you know. So I had to like stay right near the head the top. Yes. So I became like kind of good at giving handy's I. Think I could probably. If you WANNA find out. Hit me up. Give. Really, you. Mean Your risk technically I had to go to the top of the. Whole. Did you listen to Ed asner clips. Had Him on another Device. That's where it spits. You know what's great is that what we were thinking like when it'd be funny to watch pornography on the TV people used to people used to watch it because we have a TV right in front of our bed. Yeah. That'd be great if I walked in on you and you had it like Oh, it could've happened here. So so anyways, one guy told me he was like it was terrifying the first time I did and I go why he goes because you just don't know what's going to happen and here's the thing. I intellectually understood he meant. The when I was doing it is when it hit me right because as it was building building up to your orgasm, you're like you start to go like, oh my God. Oh, my God because I don't like party goes. Could this come out incorrectly like an and also you're waking up everything that's been dormant. For. Two weeks you know. So it's like it's coming. It's coming up and I was like Oh and so. As I started to Jackie late. Like it felt like an orgasm but I started laughing because I was I was scared. So, I started orgasm and I was. Like, that is probably like what I imagine. Like, your first homicide feels like I'm really. I'm really fucking like. Leap. So it felt like that. I was really like. Yeah and then I looked down, I was like, oh, because I was like is it going to be a bloody? Are discolored or it was still regular. Perfect. Delicious. With the taste of the same same Yup, we hold on. Was the quantity last. It was the same quantity. Wow nothing is changing your seminal fluid and did it hurt? No no pain. No it was a little like. If felt a little bit different but I was just like reviving things. Then I did it again the next day he didn't even tell me about that same kind of thing though because like I started to do like a little more. Regular technique and it hurts the base. Yes. Because I want to give a loving assist but I feel like you're still so tender Roni that I might. Be Better for you to this week I, think he could probably. But just the top your mouth go the whole distance babe I know just go. Around. The tip. Just. Like that. We can get one out together. You Ready. To do that he's right now not right now I think it's more of like the the live show. Yeah. Dr. Drew. And I were talking to the this personal device male and he was like I had the same girlfriend for years and I hate going down on her leaks she I don't like going down on her Andrew, and at the same time we're like she said at the same time one to three you're gay right because anything. I. Think Your Guy. If you're a guy when you don't like going down girl I, think you're. Yeah, that's kind of. Outrageous to say and if you're like, no. No I do because she she wasn't like. You know she has an abnormal smell or whatever different different story but you've been together for years. You figure if she did have a smell, you would just be like, hey, some are okay. I. Think you're at least three quarters guy three-quarters yeah. Yeah. Because the smell wouldn't even deter you really not me down. Yeah. Okay. Not Me and a lot of other cool guys out there. We don't mind. Don't mind at all club yeah. Nine. Women don't need to be so uptight. Stinky box. Yeah. So nasty strew. Very true. 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Who Your German Nazi Google like this Shit's going to happen they vestige strip the whole fucking economy we can't get out of our houses until fucking Tamba. fucking float and fudge figures and all you care bad is fucking look at these counties. fucking cooked fact him cope faulk and smack is in a talking head coming out passing fucking seeks wakes Thakin Peer Song can't Talks. Vague thing go God. He's got prison vibes for sure. Quarantine can really fuck with somebody staying indoors is not good. It's not good for you. You stupid fucking straight up, you think the government's the comments testing a fucking strong you on if you're going to stand up your fucking, idiots don't come back at US K. You want something that Oman Yeah you. WanNa benefactor. Kate drinking your fucking tans water and you'll get fucking sclerosis senior Brian. Came fucking drinking all a pestilence in society and you'll start losing your fucking Bryan have your fucking hit math and you'll end up like money Hitler's Meth. That's a new kind dude that would be such a dope marketing tactic for a drug dealer I think to label your Hitler's math. And I mean if you're like if you're in the game if you like I'm trying to move wait. Like what are you got like I got Hitler's Meth. If I'm a math guy, I'd be like. That's pretty bad right like it's a bad, ass. This. and. Then you go. What do you mean they're like? Hitler level met. Yeah. Well, that's true because I used to smoke weed that was called heroin right and I was like, oh, that's like a bad ass string because it's so bad that it's called hair I'm just saying if you're out there and you're dealing meth. Won't you throw a little fucking label on it? Could Stingy I. Got Good Meth. What kind Hitler was Hitler's math. It's a bad asmat. Let me get a couple of bags. I got a lot of homework tonight get put on fucking. Because you get your throat nearly step off faulk in Pentonville. Facts you Brian as well at full of facts and fluorides fired up man you Tom Fox in Australia you think constructed why? Until they just stopped by coming your? fucking contract pricing because you're not getting a vaccine because you're not fucking tone the new world on. The blithe Brenner twenty, fourteen orange coming your. Your all fucking. Just. A bunch of fucking cousins. They're all related to many chance and you're all. Of talking pictures. Up. Wonder if mad and him, we'd get. I. Wonder if that is actually a match made in. Yes. Also, where are we Brisbane? Adelaide Sydney Melbourne I really wonder where this gentleman's from. Backed up. Thakin. You just wear the fucking. Crazy you. fucking counts. I like his look I. I kind of do I kind of feel like this is kind of a fantasy look for me. You know what? I mean like the chess just like that big fat gold chain Joe I, like it I like it too I. Think I could do it. Thank you. Could you know what? I really like is The hardest to get that fired up just talking into a phone like the. Loss alone. Yeah I. Mean if you've ever made a video, it's actually really hard to connect this guy. He's so fired up. He's doing this shit alone in room. This was so much a uncomfortably intense direction. That I feel like I need to cleanse the palate in the other way. Really. Yeah. Everybody. I'll keep it brief but Yeah, I kinda got involved with. Gasoline fumes again. Trying so hard. to Go ahead and prevent. Put an end to. US Shit. What happens is it makes it hard for me to breath. Is He. Hardly move. Yeah so I'm asking again please. Let's not happen to anybody else was. Put an end. To gasoline talk to you later. Is He laying in gasoline? Well, it is this around his head. He's what's really blackpool interesting and cool about him is that he's on the gasoline fumes. Yeah, and clearly he kind of enjoys it. But he still has the wherewithal to be giving issue a warning. Like I'm fucking ripped. The what I'm doing even though it's all. Breathe. Right now but what is he laying in like alchemists? So black around. Underwater is it hard for me to breath? Dizzy Put an end. Gasoline. Also, his intro. This at. His followers? No he has a gasoline problem because he's like. Teams again again. I'm back on it. Off The wagon, but it probably is one of the easier habits to have like because you can just go and buy your gas. The smell guess. When you put it in like that red. Canister and just husband. I mean, how long can that supply last? I would do it. Mine My last Great. He's like. Don't. Breathe. A GREAT PSA Jesus Christ debt by the way. Let's just throw in. Additional PSA. Don't have gasoline So that's not good for you. Feel like I have to let people know. Also shouldn't. Jump off a bridge Oh. Yeah. On. Who just by chance he landed in that? Just by chance if he had jumped Dan one second before he may have landed on the rim the front they're just cracked everything. Two seconds earlier just straight in the water and the boat just hits him. Oh my God could have been cooler did but this and. This is definitely one of those times we're being drunk is to your advantage and limp. Saved, his life right you when you get into a car accident, he did almost million dollar baby himself. By the way. Did you see that? was. The top comment a few episodes ago and it was like. I don't know why but I think it'd be pretty cool to see a domino wheelchair. That's interesting I didn't see that you didn't. It was like the it was the thumbed up I don't know a couple of thousands of the top couple thousand. Yeah that's neat. So you. End Up in the wheelchair think it had to do with the chiropractic adjustment that we're GONNA do yeah we're going to do. On the live would be great if we had a chiropractor here walking through a yes. No A chiropractor doing it may think I'd be okay with that. Just giving him coaching just come on dude. Let them coach through it? Through you paralyzing me yeah man. To happen nothing battle happen if he's here. I don't understand how you're saying that. So confidently because yeah, here it is I. Don't know why but I think that would look pretty cool in a wheelchair that was the top comment. One point two thousand thumbs up. That's a lot. And then it says I like him but I like him better in a wheelchair. Give the people what they want. Right. Dude. Let's do it. All right. I'll buy a wheelchair ahead of time so. When I go like okay I'm sorry you were right I don't know how to do this. I'M GONNA drive. They make adapters everything. Now you can modify your car. Cool Man. You've got that new sought bed. Did you know by the way if you WANNA take a vacation. Hedonism is open in Jamaica now, missing to he him to there's. Those crazy. Crazy. Hedonism to proudly opened its doors Recently, if you guys are to, it's a clothing optional resort and Negril, and I've actually visited one when I was on a road rules real world challenge Hornet Up Horn and it is wild because will be like nate naked and bonds. Grow up nobody there looks like that. You know what? Just the thumbs up nobody heads up nobody looks like that and I got to walk around and marketing looks like that. It's the guest. Nobody looks like that at Hedonism fucking tell you and like you will go, there's a buffet and everybody's away kit at the buffet on you hear what I'm saying. And there was like a Master and servant like a chain caller. Leash and they're like you go get your buffet and sit down, eat your chicken next to naked people. It's fucking so unsanitary. So I don't know how these people are GonNa, Fight Cove it well. Here's the other thing to make that bigger the texture. So we can read it what to expect you because if when you do see every once in a while there's going to be like a really good looking couple but guess what they're. Yeah, they are. Right but they're not fucking ugly. No. My point is that they're going to be disappointed. They're going to be like everyone here's gross were so hot, and so they're not gonNA be like down to fuck you know they're just they're like, oh, it's just us. So you can explore, enjoy all your hedonistic desires place. It feels like a second home complete with a friendly helpful staff ready to assist you. As you discover all the sensual pleasures, he doesn't to has to offer as master of your own domain are free to be as mild or as wild as you wish. All, the allure life has to offer wild king tantalize all your senses from the scent of Crisp Ocean breeze the taste of your favorite top-shelf cocktail indulge. The decadence of Gourmet meals crafted by award winning chefs feel the pillow soft sand beneath your toes. The brilliant son is it envelopes warms you with glow taken the panoramic vistas known as a world renown seven Mile Beach okay. Expect to have unrestricted funding your way. people from all over the world, their fantasies sexually sexual essentially charged environment whether you. Pick up the pace with games and entertainment man. So people are they just they fuck every really it's literally I. Remember walking like, Yeah. There's people fucking in hot tubs and then they have used fucked by the pool right. By any we're all you can fuck on the dance floor. You can fuck at the at the dinner table, you can fuck and there's rooms that are just. Juliana bar naked person fucking. It's so unsanitary in gross. It's. It's. It's so grow is enjoyable in the fantasy aspect where you like your mind goes no, that's cool. But the reality is like you're just sitting by the pool and like you see this dog getting rail. You hear noises and you smelling it and you get the fuck exactly. There's a million at atvs and like one hot couple. It's people that are. Yeah. It's all types of people aren't that it really is yeah and it's people like us that are like regular body. Yeah it's not hot bod studes. Big Load I'm going to swallow your hearing that and you're like Oh Jesus Christ. It is so grody and they're like, yeah, you're not gonNA get covert everyone's GonNa. Wear. A everyone's could use hand sanitizers. For they go down on each other and like fuck each other I. Mean it's a fuck club. There's no way you're going to prevent it from spreading. REALLY CRAZY CRAZY You want to hear bike. And I didn't I saw you posted on the ground yesterday and I did not ask you on purpose just like. Find out with on the show with everyone else. Okay. Fight. Saga continues. By Scotty, such a fucking horrible guy. We're doing the live show when we're doing the live show. that was on Friday. Friday. Yeah. I'd message him on. Friday. I said, Hey, you never checked in or send someone. Friday during the live show. And he writes back at six PM we're doing the live show. I know I'm trying to get this evening. I won't leave you hanging. I'll get there ASEP so you can ride this weekend. Six o'clock on a frightening when are you gonNA come by ten o'clock at night Talking about. Crazy. So guess what he didn't come by. Didn't call okay. Yeah he So Saturday morning I, just send him a question mark. and. He goes. Sorry couldn't get their last night. I should be there once beach traffic dies down a little your my word, we'll get there ace APP. Thanks. That's one thirty on Saturday he just he didn't. I mean like the normal thing would have been like heckling last night you prompt you write it in the morning. This is one thirty on Saturday and there's no beach traffic at one thirty. So I wrote. Okay that's done. So guess what three hours later at four, thirty, I just right. Now. I mean. And then he writes. He waits three hours he wakes cowers and he writes sorry three and a half hours Abram trying to get there and you're my first priority on the schedule. But we're still on a skeleton crew. So I appreciate your patience. So I'm meeting another customer in Santa Monica Tomorrow Morning. Now, we're pushing it another. So I can come by before that for my first appointment of the day. Be there between eleven eleven am and twelve thirty I'll text you. Thirty to sixty minutes before arrival thanks I. Just Right. Okay. Thanks. I'm just taking this as like a game now you know. He writes no problem. We need some open the garage. We can check the bikes and I go. Okay. Let me know when you'll be here. That's he's like we'll be in and out in less than fifteen minutes figured while there will just check over all the bikes. Let me know if you need anything else. Okay. So. It's Sunday right. I'm supposed to be the first appointment Friday night he was supposed to come. You know that's the past and. Now it's Sunday. Okay. We texted him Friday. Come by tonight for the weekend. Now it's Sunday we about to over so. Sunday at noon, which is like the window that he told me he would be here by. and He. He he he prompted he starts it. Hey there. I'll be there by one PM depending on traffic traffic Sunday traffic, Sunday traffic. He Goes Saul Tech. I'll text you when I get close and I go. Okay. Great. I ride them some stuff about the different bikes and like the issues. And then I just decided to hit them up at one. Oh seven. What's Your Way And he responds running a little. Pines. Weird all that Sunday. Be there about in about thirty five, forty minutes. I'm getting close and I'm like Nah. Okay, and he goes please confirm your address. So I do he goes okay. See you then. And he goes I arrived. Can you open the garage and I go it's open and then I walked and he comes down into the garage he's like, Hey, man, how was as well as he does he tweaking he had a mask on. As these insanely. Piercing like light blue sky blue is like and like you see them and you're like Jesus like they they don't. They're like unnaturally clear you know. But. Yes. Skin's a little grant if he yeah. Yeah. this wedding because he was really gray and sweaty when I met him, he wasn't sweaty. He. You Know He. He he he he he really knows bikes was like going through some of the mechanisms about this and that and a rotor and this and the brakes and. He's really breaking the stuff down and I'm like all right man. When I When I was leaving, he was like, do you want to get like a different bike seat and I'm like this is hilarious. Right. Because I go oh yeah I'd like to get different bikes he goes. Yeah opposite I go. Okay. Sure. So he texts me. Like he texts me. We see what time he this is before his Sunday visit your. So this is after after after. Three hours. Yeah. He fixes everything three hours later he sends me a text he goes. Here's the seat options living not like. A lot for him to. Also. I write back. I go these to look the best I wrote that Six PM what like twenty minutes after texted them to me. And that was it. I never heard anything back. Yeah. And then he also. He also was like Hey Clyde mentioned a bike that I like. He's like, do you want to get one? And I go. Yeah, I. WanNa get one from you. So I told him. The one I liked and he was like, okay, well, we'll set that up for you and I just WanNa know what kind of. You know. What kind of experience here's the thing. Okay. Here's I. Realize Christmas you'll get the. This is what I realized. I am attracted to. Abnormal behavior and being around it you can't get away from it if you're like really. Look at this year podcast. This shows you because people ask me in. They're like, why would you follow up with him? Why would I go because I wanna see what happens. Moore, my Jesus Trainer Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I. Think it's mostly stories right and if you go back to that, that's twenty sixteen if you go back to that special. And even the podcast in that time I'm talking about him and one thing that everybody you and my friends were like. Why are you still working out with this guy tell people stories about it? Yeah because I can't. Stop feels good. I can't stop being around it because it's abnormal and I have a an there's something in me. That is really drawn to it like. To this behavior and so this dude until he does something agreed. where I go like that's too much of a red flag. It's like I want to observe him and be around his his. It's really funny and it's really thrilling and it's amusing. It's still here's the thing I liked I think that it justifiably frustrates me. I don't WanNa. Feel frustrated all day but I think every once in awhile I want to have a legitimate gripe of this fucking guy think that guy provides he's kind of he's your he's your whipping boy but he's a legitimate whipping boy. So now you don't take it out on me or anyone else or the kids or your dog or whoever Because now, this guy takes the fall. It's actually a really healthy supplementation. I would say think so it's a healthy way for you to get your anger out of frustration everybody way to channel these things but also I remember it very vividly having Dr drew on I think the first or the second time and I go I like studying human behavior because he asked me like, why do you like these clubs? I go I like setting him behavior and he goes no, you don't. Know what do you mean? He goes you'd like studying abnormal. Oh that's a good point. Yeah. Around I wonder why? What? My because I I'm also drawn to it as well which is why I love Tiktok. I love the dark side of the forest I'm fascinated endlessly. Abnormal behavior but I don't know what the deal is with me why? Why do you think I like it so much? I find it. It provides a different thing but I don't like I don't like being in real contact with it like that. That guy I was like Boop I'm done Tom you deal with this guy I, don't like it in my real life, but I love watching it and like it makes me really laugh. Yeah, it's amusing. Lately. I think for you. It makes you go like. Part of Mexico. Like. It re- verifies for you that your normal I was just GonNa. Say That yeah. I think so too because go. That's something else that I can check that box off and be like, Oh, at least I may be wacky. Wacky. Yeah. Let's so trailing anger like this. Secrecy talking. Except I've got. With. That would be the guy. Videoing right now, that'd be me I'd be like. Eleven to ears but see I'm judging him in going. Thank God. I'm not. Crazy. And medium iced coffee going back to your order after that. All right. What I wanted a medium coffee. All right dude threatened to kill everybody. Yeah. It's like when you're doing stand up and you're in the middle of a joke and then a heckler. So. Then you have to fuck on the heckler and then you go back to the can't can't. Yeah. That's the worst the worst. The worst thing about those hecklers they derail. Now you're doing you're like you just fucked up the momentum of this. Big Deal fuckers. Shit conce God it eat shit and die. Yeah I hate hecklers they should it can I read you this one email? APROPOS OUR DOG racism. Conversation, off if you could pull up the gutter oh you have it. My Name Is Jeff from Illinois and I recently listened to your podcast where you discuss dog racism and which. US You breathe US way he's not racist. I'm brightest. which kind of dogs are worthy to be pet by Tom I? Think you would get a kick out of my girlfriend's dog GIZMO. Since she's pug slash Brussels mix and there she is. We're very excited when you guys said, you had to Brussels on the show also when Tom approved pugs as her family has had pugs most of her life don't worry we are not dog racist at a pit bull named dodge. Thank you guys I mean look how cute this one. You'RE WELCOME IN MY HOUSE I'm a breed is to I. Love Brussels and Pug triple. Not Interested Oh. My goodness. I'm amrried Est. it's super, cute. Doggies. Live with a pit bull for a summer you did. Where in DC we really and did you like that pit bull? Was A trixie. And she was All Muscle Holy Shit and she would run up jump into my bed every morning when I got up and just I could just like and like taking my loop-attack grown man strength and just go. Back and throw her into just jump back on. It was unbelievably strong dog. Yes he was adorable and then she bite your throat and then now. But like she also you know like play toys like a like a rope, you know what I mean like Cherry. And you pull. You'd be blown away at how strong the so bad. When she walked she was you could see definition just. I've never actually I've never had a pit bull or really had much time with one. So I don't know but they fucked one he did a pit ML burt fucked a pit bull. Oh did he like it? Coursey, liked it. Yeah. Yeah. He said they really throw their asses back into. Muscular. We let me see the first picture of again of the. Tricks. GIZMO. On. Way Doug. Those kinds Do. Look at that. I, like the coloring on there too. It's got pug color but a Brussels. Shape through the cute. Really Cute. I can't wait to get like five more Brussels when our kids leave. For College I'm the five of them I'm going to name them. Those names though I remember he wanted to name when tiffany because we at tiffany. Rick Karen Show. All People's People's. First Bobby. Stephen or Stephen Steve took a shit in the kitchen today. Brandy or what have we named them all trashy girl names. You know crystal crystal she, Andy. fucking a little slug dogs shelly yeah shelby. cinnamon I'll tell you this is like a clip in here. Before. We we stopped down for a moment. Um, we have the Great Josh Potter back. to talk with us, but this clip is like. You can. Like one of those moments that you realize. The fact that this guy was able to capture this kind of derail it and then the feelings that you'll feel I think. Just like I can't even let me see now. Pumped can't articulate how I feel about this. What are you doing? What are you doing? You're taking my tire. Is that what you doing? Is that right? Why is that? Your tires gone so you just take other people's tire. Taken I'll tell you that right now. Oh, my God I just found a guy stealing his tire but wait it gets better. I'll tell you not gonNA take it. Yeah. Yeah You don't do you don't do that the people's car. Right. I just WanNa let you know that I have police come in on the way. People don't do that going to other people's Card just take it. Only God He's like, why? What are you GonNa? Do you gonNA carry your tires? Unbelievable, I'm just telling you. I'm just telling you that right now. See this. Yeah. I got cops coming right out. Don't. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, I just tried that though, right? Now, he's like if I was going to steal your tire, I wouldn't have brought might like so he Keeps talking keeps. Steal my tire. Remote. Put It on your curves survivor. Bring it back? Ok what it is. What it is. Okay. That's right Laura. We'll see. trickier yeah. Oh, my you don't think I work my ass off for my. Yeah. So why are you take my tires? Yeah Yeah. So this Is that right has perfect I see that because you jack and everything else so good I'm not trying to be up again just be. Really because I work my ass off with his truck man. I'm selling because you don't know my line. You don't know that I mean bunny. Ears on your yeah. Yeah. He. That's what I was going to do. He was going to take. Take your tire put my rim on your truck. Then drive away and then later come back and swap it back when I'm done. You dip shit you fucking. So upset right now plus. Your truck is for sale. So why can't I take shit from it if we're going to sell it, you don't even like your track. You're not using it all the time. It's amazing. Perfect logic. Guys Yeah. No Way. No Way I don't believe that for many buddy. Truck. Giving you. Like. Okay about about it okay. Take about it. Earlier. think about it now man it's out of here. Today. that. Would have been able to make a phone call. Cool. Man. Really. Is Unreal just the audacity of a human being to be like this. But the fact that I love that the guy saw him literally finishing up taking the time. Taking, this tired. Anti For Sale the lie to of like and then I was going to give the ram and then you're gonNA. Feel it. The only thing that would have made the sweeter as if we saw the police pool up. I would love to know that that guy went to jail like those are people who are like police tell me they're in that doesn't feed inmates or something ever in the Middle East somewhere. Or even it's like when you're let me know this guy has been getting like when you are on the freeway and you see somebody zooming past everybody in speeding in cop is fucking there i. wish there was one day it is I know. But I I wish there was an app where I could see who just got pulled over an email with that person. So it's like satisfying. Yeah this guy. So down, why need just be like he's Asari. Piece Shit don't want your rim back. Is Your think for sale? Okay. Have you ever had your room stolen I have on my old eighty, seven Chevy Nova. They fucking took my rams. Yeah he's really a dumb guy that thinks he's intelligent. Yeah. But this is the kind of guy to that. You could see like he would. He would issue the same explanation to the cops. Yeah, and then the. Okay and then just arrest them and he'd be like. I mean cops are just out to get me man. Yeah it's. Totally reasonable explanation. Yeah. It's never their fault guys such an Asshole Okay. WHAT ARE WE Take a quick break and we'll be back in a moment. You know everybody's adjusting to this new normal and I was really excited when I talked to stamps dot com because who wants to go you know do the hassle of the post office we've used APPS, dot com for years and years, and now I'm so excited that they have added U. P. S. service. So there's no reason. To step foot in a post office and listen to this, they give you discounts up to sixty two percent and no residential surcharges. When you use those ups services, stamps, Dot com brings all the mailing and shipping services you need right to your computer in the comfort of your own home or office whether you're small business sending invoices or an online seller. 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It's still good. Yeah it's going great. Wow I've kept it pretty orderly. It's just It's ready to rock. You know for Saks and stuff whenever has your sex life been? It's been all right. Yeah. Yeah. Here, and there you know quarantine put a bit of a hamper on things but how does most of the hooking up happened now if you're not really. Straightforward. You know like online it's an online thing. No, it's like. Well, I mean if you know somebody or whatever you have, it's just kinda like we're going to have sex. You know what I'm saying because it's like there's no place to go. There's no pomp and circumstance or rituals or anything anymore there's no bars you can't just like maybe we'll get a drink. There's no putting up airs its we're just GONNA fuck now it's like Zoom Zoom. straightaways getting right into it. It's better than zoom. It's pretty hands on yeah parison. Zoom meetings verses in person meetings, people like just get to the point. Now, we're cutting the fat on the process just like the workforce's are out there was we don't have to go to offices anymore just like we don't have to go to bars and we're going GONNA fuck. Yeah. Yes. Awesome. Yeah. Speaking of Fuck we received your Dick Cage in the mail left goodness as something else we're both. Wrong I thought you were GonNa say I received Your Dick Pic? No. Tax something that we got your cage. So the whole idea though is to have you where the decades and then bring in somebody that you find very attractive can't wait to see who you got and then have them try to make your Pecker so that you end up paying that's the whole I. I can't wake up. I'm down I want the pain parliament like you know obviously not looking forward to, but the rest of it sounds fun. What if the dictators room I haven't seen it yet? Yeah. What did you really like it? So heavy what if I like it I don't know about that. It's heavy. Hawk, it's. Anchor itself to my actual isn't just a hang on my dick maybe to stretch it out. Just hangs on there. Okay. Yeah. So way all in a weighted. Hangs Down Yeah. So Am I gonNA Longer Dick out you might. That's a really That's a glass half full outlet A. Little stretch going. Have you used a tit cup since we've last seen Nope I've got my same tip still that God gave me have not put them back on I did use them actually to film that video when I was one of the actors who was appalled the racism and all that. Right, I will not be silenced or whatever. By the way we should mention this because it's just so fresh. So, when we stop down, we just had like a crazy call where on location the. People. That hosted our live show called we cannot host. This is one hundred. US troops century. Give you the back story on this. This was brought to our attention as a possibility. And we said you know what we definitely want to do is do our show at some elements and we want to go completely uncensored is that okay the immediate response was, of course like it's totally fine. Then we were like, no no no. I don't think he's GonNa say fuck right yeah. You, know what we're talking about. So I'm just giving you the full story so. I had a DAV and the boys put together a dropbox that showed all the stuff that was in the live show and I'm talking pussy punching mostly punch in McDonald. All kinds of crazy shit. We sent that. To my agency who sent to location who gave us the approval the thumbs up they cleared it and they were like, yes, you can do this. So at that point, we were super excited then. We put together the show we do the show we find out. The night of the show that we broke all their records as far as like people buying and John Jumping on the service. So it's like huge success for everyone a huge success in that this is a new thing we can do. It's uncensored content which is exciting to us. It's obviously it's beneficial to the people that are hosting it for us. Then, you go through the weekend, people are still checking it out. and. Then I post this thing moments ago about like you do to about like, Hey, you can still watch the show for a few more days at this thing and I get a mess this. Urgent. What's so what happened while they're just called and said, we have to get this down. What are you talking about? So. That is to tell you a couple things one. We're definitely going to keep doing the live show. But we're just working on different. Hosting services for it. So yeah, it's just kind of blew. My mind is like Oh so you'll let it slide for five days and then now you're like, they just watched it. Yeah. Well. It's very frustrated because our on location during the show almost vomited and he told him that during the show. So it's like, yeah, this is frustrating but well, I mean Gosh? You guys can't handle handle a pussy punch or a little shitting on mcnuggets. I mean big fucking deal what are we? Amish. Sheraton's I don't think they liked that argument. Well. This is crazy. I mean like this is really crazy because now we have to find another way to make a live show air like this nutty to me. So we gotta get moving to. We actually what we had booked. The next one. So now we have to see if there's another person that will host it. You know oh my gosh but also makes us go like we should host our own thing but we have to that. That's the thing is we need technology to do this live anyways other thing as the whole thing. Is Crazy. That anybody cares I mean who knew too dangerous for the West Caution. Team. They said, you couldn't put it online. Back. Not, all kinds of. That was the whole point of starting the podcast was like you don't want to be on TV they censor you on. TV now are on the show and let's like it's this constant layers of trying to just do the show you do be proud of it. Do you think that that guy, the rep, the the person that called from the company just started the show and saw pierce laying there with the thing that he was like, Hey. So we we get this right like he just watched the I. Probably. Like his boss the REP was all about. He's like smoking cigars like I just made shit money and then his bosses like let's see what this is here and he's like fucking are. My God. I shouldn't his pants making some McDonalds. So we're going to be doing it somewhere else. Now, as always, I'm always excited when you come back because I, feel like you not only entertain you educate the fans. Yeah. This ore. It's multi-layered. Talked about perhaps Christina's two favorite things sports and public masturbation. Yes. I like one of the. Courts. But Yes. So I the first gentleman we have here. Is One that we could maybe sympathize with his name is reese McGuire. Man is only twenty five years old when this young man young men when this incident happened, he was twenty four years old and. I've already kind of alluded to what the theme of the topic is. But let's hear a little are we have a tape of reskilling pulled over by police officer? In the folder they're. into some of. The Stuart. Carpool up, there. Watching you. Doing what you? Know. And When did you realize that that people were here other than? I didn't I. was I was in the car and I won't point I was I was taking sure no one was looking like was rooms internet more. than. Realized A. So reese was in a parking lot nearby his apartment that he was in for spring training and he decided to pull on over and start cranking his car. In a parking lot the parking lot ago. Store parking lot like a strip mall. Yeah. You know it's reasonable nine it was daytime. Kind of early in the morning, oh but here's my question. Have you ever publicly masturbated by publicly I mean like in a dangerous situation like he wasn't necessarily beaten it in public, but he tried to do it driving on the freeway before, but it's been a long time. Yeah I mean as a comic feel every comic has. Jerked off in a rest stop or something right along the way right all right I. I'm not gonNa out anyone in the room over there but I pulled the room before the show today. Yeah. Two people said they did not publicly masturbate in one said that they did. Where'd you publicly masturbate? While I was much younger person at that time. The drive home from high school I did it one time then? And then you pull over or as you were as, I was driving shuttered all over yourself. I forget where it went but I remember not carrying. Oh Did the drive thing like you youtube, and then I thought like high crash might Dixon my hand in Massa. They're going to be like well, we know why he fucking drove off the cliff. Hanser on his ankles and his Dixon his hand they're gonNA find you that way plus the cleanup I would worry to. Clean up driving and throw out the window. I think it's a car and someone's like man that was a big bug. was. One time in a car and then and then the other time. I was in a flight. The, forty five second one. Flight to Israel. And my mom and sister were we're in the thing and I, was like I'm going to go to the bathroom for. Five to forty five minutes at least he wants to be A. Jerk off in there I did on the flight I did to Israel to Israel. into some toilet paper but I remember coming out of the of the bathroom and there was a line. And all these Orthodox people I think heard me doing what I was doing 'cause they were very ups. Are you allowed masturbaters we are but now for forty five minutes when there's a line wait what do you mean though? How did they hear? You would hear like they heard that they were waiting for forty five minutes like I was just in there I have been shitting shitting. Shit you. Heard you like all like you were making noise? that. I am. So. In A and I'm I'm assuming economy class. meaning. Like just to remind you that I'm Jewish Christie. which is saying that it gets way more use than the first class cabins restaurant so. Filthy yet, but I was in high school like. I don't give a shit where I am I'm. GonNa get. Crank out. Yeah. Well, that's why I feel bad for. ME. Day play the next one. Well, yeah there's there's you can hear more of the exchange with the cop you can skip to the third clip I was recording this exchange. This is on the body Cam, the body. On this. At. The stadium, why would you come to a parking lot? With other people in the apartment or De has the. talker. Policemen have to know why he's cranking think it's just get in his head and find out if he's a fucking Darrell actor, he's just a kid making a mistake. What are you thinking? What kind of crime are we going to charge you with here? I thought it was more like for his arousal like, why did you maybe a little of that? Telling ME HE'S Always wanted to pull someone over like. Why do you want it her? Ours. I've realized that. Pants down. Literally Really learn. Armed and. How did they like to the people all the cops that was song because he was like he didn't do a good enough In the fucking front-seat jerk and he's like outside the dollar store. Maybe looking at porn on his you know. But now I mean, again, he's a young kid. He made a mistake. He's the Catcher of the Toronto Blue Jays. He's having a rough year. It's a little. It's fucking with them. You know he's charged with a misdemeanor could be good. Become a sex. Predator, for this she's. Also now he's getting trolled like the other day he was playing for the break. You just shit talk is one thing right? Like other players he was playing against the braves and the organist for Atlanta played beat it. into the play. Oh Dan. Staff. Yeah. So it's like he's got mental. So this gentleman I feel bad why do feel for it? I mean it's a stupid thing to do but I feel bad if. He's a dumb young kid cudi's dumb young in full. More. He emptied it out. Guy Nodded do you think he noted? The cop he was like I just finished. Already, in? Trouble. I just wonder if he gets he had very like that sounded all of that sounded like post clarity coming on idiot all that stuff. So. You could look at his pants though, but here's a deal. Don't you think at least he could have covered with a blanket you know what I mean like at least have through. What you need you need one of those Sun reflectors in the windshield and throw that up jerk off and then take it him well. Nineteen Tom Good Thinking I mean there's plenty of ways you could have. Got added or like I just denied out of my asset I was masturbating unless I was like Bob then I heard. Yeah same. On the window as like Oh, like he literally caught Mu with my Dick in my hand. I would ally. Changing I I just I peed in my are whatever. Kanner would yeah I your. Filming an episode of Spa. Don't watch his spots dude. So that is him on the last one, the six. Oh. Yeah. That's a video of him in the of. Me As a it for sure going to court kind of thing or. Some magazines. Misdemeanor. Bless on. WHETHER IT I. Don Jail and I. Say. Personal reputable. Uncoordinated went to be. Oh my God because see the fortunate thing about an incident like this is it just be a young guy jerking off in a car? Yes or it could lead to other things could be a sign of other bad things that could go on from that person. So the cops have to figure out is this person just to fuck in eight or they fuck in like right degenerate. Society like these next two folk that we have here. Yeah. The first one I was educated by you. So sort of Charles Haley story I never read that cowboys book until recently amazing. This fucking stories about this guy I mean this one is very much more aggressive the way more and I mean sure it involves crank and quite a bit and public. But this one he wants people to see and be like jerk in the in the locker room and meetings putting on a team meetings he'd go up to Joe Montana be like you know you want suck this. Sweet asked Joe Montana Cheese so you're saying that he would. suet aggressively walk up to people. On his team and be like stick right and then sometimes he would come he would. Jerk completion incidents where they'd walk into a meeting room and he'd be on the floor just being like you know you wish you had this and he'd be cranking his Dick on on the fucking thing you know he'd do it in the in the locker room to like female reporters Shit. So what kind of disorder is that is that? A fetish they say that this is I had these quotes totally stable. Go ahead I wanted to work these particular quotes because he was described as socially awkward in unflinchingly vicious. Great Way to describe him and also quite imbalanced. So those are two ways. Since his playing days he's been diagnosed as bipolar or something. Yeah. I mean. But this is before his what would have been probably his brain damage that he had actual personality disorder definitely. Definitely yeah. Yeah. So he was also excellent player. He would murder quarterbacks and then he'd be like suck this fucking Dick Yeah. Some people say, suck my Dick as just like a demean figuratively yes. You would actually pose dick out showed people that want you suck, which takes it to another level completely also. Respect? Yeah. It helps to it. Makes it even more like vicious and and humanizing that it's it really big Dick from what people are saying. fucking firehose. Really yes and that's what he was. So proud of it well, and also the football such a Homo phobic sport. It's probably very powerful intimidation well. And it worked because he would be like you looking at my Dick Faggot and he like well, I can't help it. You're putting it in my face trial as the guy's trying to like go about his day. You know could you imagine just like being in? You show up in the meeting room like all right guys. We're going to take a look at the seahawks spread formation here Charles what Team wasn't good to like. He would have been like cut. Yeah. But he's a star player at the time and they're like our best players always jacking off in front of everyone and he's doing it in a menacing way they was just but it's not just joking that's menacing. No. Yeah. That's like enticement. It's totally there is the fun guy who shows his dog to people. You know what? I mean like. There's always like the comic that's like chicken skin and shows you. The bird. It's the Burqa Berga sticks out. Bird Shows Dick. Hello Bert, exposes himself to be fair I. Haven't seen it in a long time, but he was like, you know he's a naked fat dude. Yeah. But this is like imagine if Bert was like, no, fucking look at it. And then he was like the watch me come. Why we? Watch. Watch me come is the wrong level when he say watch just. God guys would laugh it off like he was Frat boy Over here but then he would Jisr and they'd be like, okay, that's a little. That's what that's what happened that. Contact with. While he was the nineties. This was right now is. Because that's what happened when my friends little brother was jerking off today. Show jerk out in front of us you just don't expect people doing it for real and then you see the ges. Oh, you weren't joking like that's a real. That's crazy Charles. Haley did that I mean most of his offenses are against other men. So you can kind of be like ha ha you know you don't know that that's all you know about. Well, sure probably is doing that to women in his life but I just like the idea of telling Joe Montana to suck is the qualities that makes me smile. I don't know why. Joe Montana Joe. He's to be like Charlie's in his personality. Yeah. Usually quiet Joe Joe Montana's Charles Crazy. came. In front of me today, which was weird and won the Super Bowl. This next fellow Oh. Yeah. This was about this this the most alarming story especially because. I'm closer, in age. Followed him like in college and into the NFL came from that family. It's like all those elements. This becomes the most outrageous story. Well, yeah I mean this one is legit. Ethic levels of like there were the early signs like he had moments like our boy reese and the beginning where in for instance like this is Colin. Junior, for the record for those who don't know, he was a tight end, his father legendary hall of Famer Tight End Kellen winslow senior both played for the browns used drafted by the browns. talen being a Miami. Yeah, he was on the wasn't he on the O-on like the greatest team of all time oh? Yeah. That was like the air drafted in the first round I mean he was yeah. Big Time. That'd be a superstar in his father's alleged. So introductory season right after he's drafted, his father comes to Cleveland they're supposed to do a photo shoot and stuff for like a video promo to be like the father and son the legacy of a block, and so they show up at the team facility in Berea the fathers there the browns people are there. Kellen winslow's juniors not there, and they're like, where is he and they notice his hummers across the street at a guest parking lot like that's weird. So they sent one of the team people over to go check it out to see like onerous car here. We haven't seen him. You know and he was in the backseat looking at porn crank and it. was supposed to be, at an appointment. Time. To really get one out. Just like some lackey that had to come back, oh, the poll, the ball boy, the equipment until the president of personalities like I. Say. This was in the backseat in the backseat taking a nap. Well, not not yet. But do you think that had to knock on the glass and you know I think he think he peaked in and was like I Think he's jerking often. Kellyn Kellen try not to make them notice over here. That story came to light very late in life. To when it happened because time went on and the man was still on the team for a couple of seasons and notoriously his teammates would request not to be as roommates. On the road. And also to not sit with them on the plane because this man, he was known to like Nov jerk off on flights only he wouldn't go to the bathroom. That's true. That is a nice thing that you did 'cause I, know a lot of people jerk off on. A Lot. Of People. In the. Club. Drinking that's not how you do. Does having sex in the bathroom. Yeah. That's the mile. High. Club. People that work off. Her male comics talking about Jerky notch under the blankets and stuff I mean I think the person next to you? Yeah. I'm sure I've heard this before. I feel like I've heard someone telling me well I, mean, then Kellen winslow is not gonNa Shock I know I know a one story of a guy. Getting a handy from a stranger on a flight like on a late flight from a Guy Yeah is that You actually know the guy yeah. He got a handy from. A woman he met on the floor woman, you said it was. The store. We know the guy okay and he he got it from a stranger. Okay well. This isn't the case with Kellen winslow junior as he was going on business trips to other areas too. You know with his teammates to compete in the professional game, he would sit down he played, hey, what's up Joe Thomas, and he would like pull out his DVD player in play hardcore pornography, August in front of everybody. And then Jerko. Jerk off sometimes you just watch it though like it was a marvel movie, they're like Hey. We're all here. Yeah So those are just some of the tales that you hear about Kellen, winslow junior on the road like Greece. These things are like, well, that's a little weird wall Cowan's Oh junior. The reason he's being taken in handcuffs here. Is because he was convicted of a multitude of rapes. A. Many of them, all involving women above the age of sixty five years old. Oh wow eighty. I. WanNa get the charges correct with. So I'M GONNA look at my phone here you know Josh. Mood. Geriatric Rape Yeah and you think like I had a curious like this fetish was this. What he's into turns out. This is just a classic case of preying on the vulnerable shore. He was just raped whoever he could really and they don't breaking into homes. It is. Yes. That's all well, let's let's go through the charges here. There's an array of them and they again, they all have the same sort of bent to it being elderly women. So he will spend several years in prison. For Raping Fifty eight year old homeless woman exposing himself to a fifty nine year old woman in the middle of a Spring Day while she was in garden, can you play the crying? We can go through. Also he was making lewd gestures toward a seventy seven year old woman while she worked out. A jury remained helplessly deadlock on eight other charges. Also He was charged with breaking into the homes of two other women ages eighty, six, hundred, seventy, one where he was believed intending to rape those women. So yeah. Wasn't convicted the of the rapes or just lose convicted on. EXP- well, heroes exposing himself to the fifty nine year old woman in the middle of the spring. Day Blah. Blah Blah. The lewd gestures so I guess He's in part convicted. So some of the charges look up and down. So I don't know that I guess maybe he didn't. He didn't get charged for the rape or can you look that up like can you pull I'm I'm looking at it here? It says though the jury splits were said to be in favor of guilt on all eight charges of actual rape he's been charged with raping two more women. The incidents taking place fifteen years apart. So yes, he was at least two stuck and a long career fifteen years at least. Yeah. so He's been doing for I mean this could have gone back to his college days. Night could have gone back to just be simple pro days. He also just like was an such an idiot. He like bought I remember the first time. I. Ever heard of the sky other than the draft was he bought a high busa and just like never took lessons on it and just wrote it on a highway. Crash into parking lot and stuff like I abuse. You saw it says he pled guilty to the rape of an unconscious teen, right? Oh. No I did not see that in this article I says on November four, th two, thousand nineteen. That's very recent. Pled guilty to the rape of unconscious and sexual battery on a fifty four year old hitchhiker as part of a plea deal in exchange for his guilty plea at San Diego County Superior Court. The court agreed to send him to between twelve and eighteen years in prison rather than life imprisonment. If he was convicted in retrial as part of the agreement, he will automatically be. On Lifetime Parole immediately upon release, he waves his right to ever appeal any conviction or verdict either trial vegetarian said his client suffered from frontal lobe damage and possible CT. LCD could not be used as the defense in the trial. Brain trauma was cited by his attorneys requesting the minimum twelve year sentence clinical psychologist stated that Wednesday had symptoms that were consistent with C. T.. Yet you can't use CT inner core because every football player over designing CD man well, especially because it was fifteen years ago he's rape but he was also charged with felony first degree burglary boy skies a real three he's got he was arrested on kidnapping and rape charges is really. Tremendous it's bizarre how long he got like the fact that it all rolled out could. We saw the spectrum. That's all we got. We go from reese we should've started with. Winslow junior maybe Donna. Mata the way and then ended on a happy note like reese. McGuire who's the poor guy trying to get a nut off when he's got three roommates? Yes. There ing Spring Training that is very different. Actually it is so different Josh Yeah they throw them in together By the way with you know. What you're thinking about having plugs obviously on the right said, there was a man with the public I saw. That posted, his boss isn't. What would you? Is there a dollar amount you would do like a chill not so hard or hardcore gazing. Racing, like so as you and a couple of guys and you're. Just watching a buffalo bills game. Okay. That's the scene. And then like. One of the guys a reaches over and he's like. Man. You seem real tense. You're like well, this is my favorite team. You get to keep watching the game and these two guys blow you. Okay. You know I'm not like homophobic or anything like that. I just don't know that I would get would be able to perform in an. Arena but how saying that they blow you? Yeah. Saying you would have to get erect for. That's the thing I. Don't I would I will here's the thing they give you a Viagra and your that would help. Okay. But there a dollar amount. You would need to do that and think really think about it and don't be like when million now I wouldn't I mean, I. Like I'm the other way around you have to be like, really that's the. Twenty grand come on dude. Little Pride. Yeah I I'm trying to think maybe like a six figure mount. Oh Yeah it's a lot of money that's a good amount of money. It's women make for doing that kind of thing or gay porn. I say the going rate for something like that would be like four. Jeeze. For he's for like a regular. Performer what about to do at Pierce did for the opening of our live show where we put that plug in you well, that's fun I would do that for. Fun. I mean I don't think we just found our next cold. I've done a lot of fucked up shit like that. Pegged. I mean, would I get pegged it depends on the size of the thing and small small. Yeah. I wouldn't. I would entertain a small apparatus I mean thing is I thank you don't forget you have to clean yourself out pierce had to clean himself. I. Recently experimented with the young lady who had the desire to do those types of things we never got around to it, but we've we what's the word like breached the area you know like went through the steps. So you know I'm not adverse to it. I suppose guy, you breach the. So what are you talking about? You know like a finger and like a teensy little toy she put a finger in your home and a little tiny toy. Were you nervous about that I mean? Very I mean, this was all plotted out so I made very like. Extraordinary plans to like make sure that that wouldn't happen. How is that I just didn't eat the day before. I had a surprise finger last time happened to me was twenty years ago and it was a surprise finger and it was very chocolate when it came up. That's why. I. Did that too Old Lady one time. Who is it was a surprise finger on my part. Sorry, toots. came out a little chocolate he as well and I was like Yeah. Yeah. I, actually I return the favor to I've told the story I returned the favor and gave her the finger and then just remember going to bed waking up and I saw chocolate dried on my finger. List tonight before. I. was like, oh Nah I just ran to the bathroom and Washed it off. Slept with that. Talking, you have to be aware of that because you don't to put it up in her in her that's right China after. Well, my deck was in China so it wasn't really a concert. which this? No. She was nasty so. All right Yeah. So you're doing cameos oh. Yeah. You know we got the cameo going got the twitch go on. You know anything to stay alive during the time of most standup. Yup. I don't maybe this is my life forever. I'm starting to. Feel that way I don't know what do stand up ever again. Yeah but do you think you'll do it again I really want to I really want to meet this at a lot It's what sucks is I got these phone calls about by the way I haven't cancelled dates if you like some people like you can't sleep, I didn't cancel any me neither. From people who bought tickets, they tell media. Canceling. So I had was supposed to do shows I think next week and that got cancelled. All my dates have been. I had things that were going to happen in August. September, they moved to November December and cases January. February. Then I had like A. A big tour planned for. January. Initially. It was moved to April I found out last week. I got call they're like, hey, you're April dates. You're April a stuff that we had moved from beginning of the year we moved into July because that's like a big place. I like. Yeah. Big A big venue in there now that touring starts in July. So a year from now. Yes, everything I'm doing everything I have is pushed also have November, but who knows and so we'll see but yet which and cameo hit me up on those things. Let's rock and roll all right detrick owned by thanks for having me. Sorry about the Kellen winslow. We'll be right back. Jean did you know that I used to speak German in college? What's from high? ye-ye-yeah. Donka you're now all I can say is fob to, Nixel Schnell which is please don't drive so fast. I would like to brush up on my German and I do now using babble. It's fantastic. 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P., Dot Com, enter the code word your mom at checkout to save fifteen percent sleep better recover faster and trained smarter optimize your performance with whoop. And we're back. That was really uplifting. Segment with Josh, it's nice to hear about people raping. Get to hear about it very Alberto and when you do, you usually put it out of your mind. Now, it's right there in the front. Thank. You really. Nice. Yeah. So one of the things we wanted to do is call top dog to get his feedback on because he was really he was like I could tell he was in his element he was the star of the show. Let's be real people really enjoyed seeing him for the first time and also getting to know him a little bit. It was really cool. He's the he's the hidden gem here. We're GONNA have to. Talk to. Him. Hello Dad. Anybody, how you doing good. How's it going, man? Just the. Other day and Groundhog Day you know, I, actually went to the hospital for. Medium rare blood work was really good. Oh, great. Great. That's good to hear men. We were just talking about how much fun we had on the live show and. How? What's that? Was Fun. Yeah. So I was calling you. To see like if you had a good time doing it. I had a great time doing it. Yeah. Because without the fans really enjoyed you they also noticed that mom was pretty lit for that. Let. A barn fire. Okay. Lit On. How much did she drink? Well, you know there's Couple of secrets in life how much gold arisen Fort Knox and how much she had to drink that night. Okay. I, think she hit. Two and a half classes holes that's for her is is like it's like saying two and a half bottles. Yes it is I mean. This is a person I've seen Kinda get. goofy on a half a glass. Okay. It's crazy. Yeah. Yeah it's crazy. It's just tolerance. How much? Yeah it is. It's. It's always been like that. Every number always been like that. I saw her one time just completely hammered and it was off of I think two glasses of wine and I mean hammered yeah yeah. Yeah. I don't know what goes on. A little body, your hers, but wow. Top Dog I had a question a follow up question from the live show. Charles attitude towards the male genitalia seemed little less than positive. How does that? Make you feel? You notice that I notice that honey okay and. You're like this is one of this going to be a problem. I noticed that? Yes, I said, yeah. Yeah. She describes it as a monstrosity she thinks it's disgusting. That those are those are She didn't quite use those words personally but. She more is in the. Comedy Category Right. But all women you know ultimately save by Orgasm? You know and If they can get there. Okay. Okay. So anyway. What was your favorite clip that we showed you? Well, you know I have seen I. Haven't seen stuff like that as I said in the show since the Shelby County Fair when I was sixteen years old. That's awesome. Things in the Philippines wants to. Salta Filipino community but. I think you could you tell me what you saw in the ladies The Lady Banger her PUSS? Yeah. That was that was I needed. Do a double take on that one. That one traumatized me too. Yeah Yeah I mean. First thing. I saw when I saw that I said you know. She's probably not a virgin yeah. I. Do you want me to send you the video I can text it to you. Know. That's okay. That's okay. It's it's commonly ingrained in my mind you know. There are certain things. You know there's certain things in life that that you just don't forget. Yeah. That's one. That's one of them. Wait. What did you see in the Philippines? It's not I. Mean You just happen to be there. It's not. I don't think it's insulting to the Filipino people. Okay well, we were in in a bar in Lago. and which is outside of Civic Bay. And this. This Filipina girl Conventis- guy that if you blow. On someone's asshole blow. Air. Keeps it keeps them from Shitty okay on top of him. Okay and He's He solved for that one. Okay. So way what happens then how does this? How does this play out she should? She should be. Okay. I. Talk. You. Down there and he's blowing on so. Much, as you can in the whole light, it would that would keep your your asshole for open up. And people pay to watch this. Okay and you guys saw. Oh Yeah. I saw that and so easily. So he sits under her and blows air like Oh. Yeah. He's laying down. She's laid down. He's laying down here under so she's not laying down she's seated. She see yes. Kinda. Squatting over in like that he's laying down on the stage. And then he's blowing air up at our astle. Blowing up glowing air up wrestle thinking that that's going to keep from share the man that's the gag, and then she just shits right in his mouth. And it's wells on his face. Yeah. Able to close his mouth fairly quickly but. was that a friend of yours? No No. It was not a friend of mine but You know I was. In those days I was an officer so not supposed to do those kinds of things just back there and watched it. But we you get when you get a bunch of sailors and Marines who on ship. Where there is no alcohol. Yeah. For like weeks. Yeah. They're all skinny. They have no tolerance for alcohol at all. Right in suddenly and they haven't seen the woman women on ships in those days. So two things are at play here haven't seen the woman for months. Haven't had dropped the alcohol for months Oh, my God. All of a sudden now, make certain the bar where lots of alcohol and you know and. I definitely would have been that. Would have been that guy I would've been like I get to blow airing your asshole. And then I won't shit and I'm like Let's see. But the. You Know Shelby County Fair of course. It's the first time I ever saw moments. The giants shelby. County. Fair. And My opening round is you know ping pong balls be shot. And? Then, they put the cigarette in there and they smoke cigarette I mean this is kind of wild at the Shelby County Fair has only because in my mind we're going back to a different time. This had to be like late fifties, early sixties and I just don't imagine this. This was. Nineteen sixty three in. September at about five, fifty, seven PM. and You I mean it was it was it all those the old on. Yeah. How was this derelict? Nearly all aunt toothless rednecks what Know what there was. Well they had just Shelby County is. A lot of country people you know there's a lot of. Bunch of us from lawless city, we went out there because. I made the other things fair besides. That but I don't never would. But I mean, you're there was a ferris wheel. Like there was a normal fair where you could win prizes and then a ferris wheel, and then there's a tent and the woman is shooting a pink Paul. There's ten T. Well Look court the. Cops shut this down years ago but at that time this. Is. Going back to the good old boy days. Okay. So look I would love to do. Another live video thing probably with you and I think we'll get. We'll get your headphones in a an a better Mike and everything just to enhance the production of it, but we'll definitely do that again. Okay. Okay be a lot of fun. Yeah, and we'll show you more cool clipped and everything. Okay. All right. I love you. Thank. God stammering when people? Jesus. Christ. Spit it the fuck out. Thank you need to crack another one. Well I think you're just he's your dad so it's probably annoying for you to. Hear him talk you. Know. And their parents. Get how that was annoying or no. Pretty normal okay. I liked. How you and all your siblings are towards your parents in general like what seems like a tolerable tax check? Would get you guys piping at the top of your lungs because my sister flipped out right she flipped out exactly the same way I've seen you flip out on your parents. It's like, oh. Okay. So this is just like how the this is the family dining. Yeah. My younger sister says the craziest. Shit, to my parents but it's Super I mean really insultingly she'll be like, no I didn't know you guys. We've so fucking stupid. I wouldn't even be like she'll say crazy. Oh, my God, the one thing I do. He just takes it the the one thing I did see that really made me laugh was on a cruise one time and your little sister and your Dad Your Dad was going into kiss your little sister on the cheek and she's like God Dad your breath, and then like shoved a piece of Gum. Prank. You He doesn't even flinch got bad mouth serious dad mouth. Yeah. But he is. He's a true dad in that. He has dad mouth. He likes the news which Real Dad's love knowing what's going on in the world. That's what you do every morning you wake up and you need to know the news what's going on? A Dad does Reads Markle's get my day. Can you believe what they're doing? And then you do your dad farts the morning you farted Ellis was like Dad farted. Dad Farts Dad News Dad chairs. There's a whole dad culture. I farted so good. The other day I almost choked off to that too. because. It was such A. It was such a relief. To be so loud and it was so powerful and base that could feel it like stretching out my asshole with such a strong fart and it was such a relief that I was like I almost want to jerk off the how good. Can you jerk off to a good fart definitely can't I've talked to people you can. But it was pretty amazing. What I feel is a bit of a waste in the world I get upset when I sit down to pee. And then because I'm pushing the P the FART sneak out. I. Feel like you lose credit on those P. Farts you know what I'm saying 'cause I could have entertained you or the children with them and no one. Well. That's why men are at an advantage from ready urinal. Sometimes, we'll be at a urinal and we'll be someone Fart, and then sometimes you have to sometimes thought of as rude but sometimes, people will be like pretty good one. Time I was peeing old next me. At the urine Oh, he goes that one snuck out. Old Guy. Do you. I would kind of secretly really enjoy that though. Yeah. No. Yeah. I was like, yes. Cool. It's like a bonus when a guy farts at a urinal, right? That's pretty cool. Yeah. I mean. But you Kinda hold it to right like in some situations if you're at a urinal. Push this far out. kind of sneaks out so but you're saying you always go. Dude I'm in a urinal full dudes, you'll just fart. Okay. Yeah. What I mean no I'm not all do. I bet you million dollars Chris does not do the same Chris. Kusch our hearts at a urinal to let the other guys. Now I'm certainly do that. I'm in the bathroom I mean, it's the one place you should be party. Wow. Wow Shame at all not the same absolutely. No Shit. Wow. I'm a little I'm a little hesitant at times I mean like I just still Fart I'm saying, I, won't just be like I. Don't give a shit like you know, Oh yeah. Be Embarrassed and women do not women don't really like to Fart while there Browning in public either like we we get nervous and shy around each other it's not common to let it Louis So has anyone ever genuinely complimented. You're far like a stranger while you're peeing what an any situation. Me No either of you. Oh, I don't think know happens in the bathroom and if you WANNA get one of those really good I mean like I I wrote on that good feeling for at least what happened you farted and like I farted just for me I wasn't doing it for anyone. Yeah, and then you far out and then the guy liked to urinals over for me because it was there was the buffer urine Oh. Yeah. It's like Dude Nice. Fuck Yeah. It was nice. Yeah. That's pretty cool. It was great I'm GonNa Start going for it more I think you should. Use. Awkward Remember when you gave up, it was the year of farts like two, thousand seventeen. At many a urinal. I'm making the point that I put a little thought into some of those farts professor come out. That's all my greatest part is everybody knows who's a fan of the show was the Cincinnati farts that happened when I was five months pregnant with in two thousand eighteen during your cousin Janette S- wedding. Yeah. Yeah we're in Cincinnati Hotel. Room. And I stood up to get out of the room and stops in the doorway and I ripped the longest nasty as part of my life was so nasty and that was really cool. That was the coolest part I ever had. What's your coolest fire mentally I don't know you don't have looking for me. I'm ready. This is this is what I wait for all episodes. Okay. Here we go. yet. Here we go. Wake up people. We're fighting a war. Good and evil. I will die standing before I kneel. I will only Neil for my creator. The rest of you can kiss my natural American us. And before you say anything, the Supreme Court has made it to where. Need allies. To I had someone telling me this earlier and I figured I'd pass it out there to all of you're on suspension. He Looks Supreme Court has made it totally legal to you to drive for commerce like food groceries whatever. And with your local governments permission to be a driver here working. The. Supreme. Court did. God bless America pray for our president stop falling for the bullshit. Yep. At everybody with this perspective. Looks like this. Like people who think like this, have a look one, hundred units usually shitty wrap around shades no neck and talking in circles that was complete nonsense and red bleeding gums. I've noticed they don't very well as I'd like to say great talk. Got It. Created the fucking earth and worked to my fucking s off and have had happened been through fucking done shit bucket. I could fucking prove it and I can a lot fucking more than that. and My fucking kids get taken and I told the live under a fucking bridge. Wow. Spoiled rotten little fucking bitches dude. Every last one of you you should see what the fuck I can do. Oh this video in my words just probably just fucking saint you through the fucking Ruth Duh? No Shit. That's why everything is through the fucking roof because you're fucking using and run around and do shit you fucking. Nick. He's a really intense talks this week. Thank you Tom Yeah as usual I have my finger on the pulse of the world. People are angrier and angrier these days. I'll tell you this really makes me uncomfortable. Well seems like he's a real problem, a real problem. All of his talks are in this vein of anger rage. Oh the last one was he invented the remote controls and he's being controlled. trolls mind. Okay he has kids. And not anymore as you can tell. I need to shake this went off Schumer forward. Birthday to my brother Thomas Happy Birthday Thomas. And russes in the pool. And I'm Nepal. Just hang out I guys. And Hello. and. How will you today? He's in case you didn't know they're in the pool he's in the pool and he saying happy birthday yet. This is the this is a continuation of pool mom where she gave them kisses last week and now this week they're saying happy birthday we'll move on. How y'all don't mind me in. Twenty twenty. The. There you go. Endorsement. Another pro-trump he. Lots like you said all very similar love. Really Cool. Look the yeah. Politic- politics on talk has a real look Yeah. There's no confederate flag behind. You would think he looks really cool. Great Talk. Girls like me all girls find me all the girls lightning 'cause around. Yeah. All girls lightning 'cause otherwise row. I'll the girls love me 'cause away I failed the girls love me and like all the girls could. What don't be a hater Tom all the girls liking him. Maybe. You could take a little page out of his book and be Romantic and write me a song every now and then. Homegrown. Yeah. This is all Song Teddy. Bear Teddy bear he so right. So right he's teddy bear yeah yeah. Bear and there's this homegrown 'cause he's standing bear. Is. There Song. Is this like a real song that he's just saying I. Don't know I, don't know music countries. Don't look at me like that is this last one the fucking same thing I don't know. What is it? Bringing me. Okay. This was a piece of my heart from when I was building. Mars in my heart was chiseled with a pickaxe. And it was turned in, this was turned into a necklace was wore around by somebody and it was broke off and lost. And it washed up in the creek and my brother founded. Recent. That'd be that'd be. Neat that he found a rock from Mars I, mean most people don't do that. He's space traveler Tom. Okay. I mean by the way I wanNA make this point real quick. A roller coaster with this live show thing. If. Between now, when we record this and when this is posted, we have new home for it will put it here on the show. You know what I mean if you figure this out after we recorded this so. Anybody wants to. Find, the new home of it we'll try to throw it right here. So funny is that we just keep getting fired. Like member, we got fire by McDonald's we had to give back two point, five, million dollars we got fired from Morton's, and now we're getting fired from this. Yes people to what are called yeah and checked description. In the link for the link. Of wherever we hope. It ends. Up. Yeah. They fucking fired us they told. Friday. that. Broken, their records and today they're like we can't have. We can't work with you. Even, though we approve of what you did this crazy, it's not fair at all and look McDonald's to. I mean, they should have done their vetting. Yeah. But we do. We got them back with that with that with those nuggets we got them. And it was uncle Terry that pushed them over the limits. Yep. Well. Anyway, we're going to figure it out. We're going to get back on the air uncensored figure out a way we keep getting there, but we're going to figure out. I should send those people my My. My soundboard is this the problem and it's just. It's just like guys coming is one of my page. Book. Play it. As ner, we haven't heard him come today. How many times? Many many times. That's where it spits. Okay. All right we got to wrap it up guys. There's a lot of fun. Thank you as always for listening for watching We cleaned up some of the store at merch methods go to merge method dot com slash time to grow. There's new stuff there and Yeah. We'll try to solve this live thing we're definitely doing more of them. So we will be back. With you soon, have a great night day week goodbye. God. Bird. Bird. That Digging. Today. You motherfucker. Sir. Experience. You will blow up. Can't. Talk Fast. PAT Post. Okay.

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