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"mrs pettibone mr gildersleeve" Discussed on Yesteryear Old Time Radio

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"mrs pettibone mr gildersleeve" Discussed on Yesteryear Old Time Radio

"UNDERGRAD ROOM PDA's. Auditory, I guess. That? Must be recess. And kind of. Grafton see pretty principle for moment. When does she's in era? Hello busy well I. Have the papers correct all right? Sit Down, thank you. Can only stay minute. Meetings. PTA Needy. Nine ever saw you at one of those before. No reason why I shouldn't go. A member. It's my duty as a citizen. If. More parents came to these meetings. Big meetings. What are you up to who? You're sudden. Interest in the PTA wouldn't have anything to do with the school board election tonight. What election now? Allies did think might just talked to Mrs Pettibone Mill. Harmon that I see. I figured with your vote Dr Pettibone. I didn't say I was going to vote for you. Or your pity. No, I'm not I couldn't vote for a man who thinks a job like this in terms of politics. Being Chairman of the school board is a real responsibility. Position of trust the welfare of all our school children depend upon his judgment and understanding. I don't think that's the thing to be taken lightly course not I i. just want to know how I feel about the South Morton. You're writing. I want you to know that if I'm lucky enough to be elected, I'll try to be all the things you want me to be. You mean. Well I think you can count on my vote I can. Thank you. And I promise not to send the kids down at floyds for the haircuts. What? Nothing. Nice think the meeting will be starting. We'd better. Yes now that you promised me. About sealing the bargain with the kiss now throckmorton. Not being silly, we have to go to that meeting time one little kiss. Now Lack Morton. How would that look for a principal of a school? You can take your glasses off. No now. Now you stay over there for me I have to do is lean across the desk this. Oh. Hello Mrs Pettibone. Even Well. I was looking inkwell. See if there was an economic. I. Yeah! Yes, I can fill my pen some other. Good man, it's time for the Nikkei Mrs Pettibone Mr Gildersleeve would like to attend the meeting to Oh heath a running for chairman of the board. You know. Yes, I know. John, hookers writing also I believe is. Yes yes. Mr Gildersleeve very interested in our parent teacher problems. I'm sure we'd be glad to hear his ideas on the subject so i. do our program for speech together this. A. Take No. And another thing missing here this leave. I! Don't like the way you wear your sideburns then much to love..

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