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"mrs osher" Discussed on Fame is a Bitch

"To work with any type of numerology. I get it instead of using model and bam ball. You mighty used fucking take that take that and Georgia. I don't know. But you can make the numbers work. I get I get. I'm just kidding. You should have. Foam with. But I'll tell you a few things that bugged me out regarding Kim Portas funeral first of all I saw so many people there who looked it looked like the showing up as a way to let people know they were a available for work and be doing well. Mean a lot of them. Didn't look like mourners, especially Missy Elliott Jesus Christ. She showed up with more hand and fucking troll doll. She looked like my ass in reverse. I mean, this is a funeral. A time. Time to mourn. It's not a time to glue eleven pounds of secretary. It's air on your fucking head. And not only that go there and smile and eight for the cameras and don't get me in trouble. 'cause I said eight preventing a black girl. And just what I thought this motherfucker understood his place usher showed up a guy who by the way has always been a source of rumors for puppies alleged bisexuality since Usher's mom, let her little son stay with puffy when he was a fucking teenager 'cause puffy making star. So MRs Osher say yes, you will. Kinda disgusting. People got a smells like Michael Jackson shift on it. And I saw pictures of ussia smiling. Why I know they're a moments that funeral when people smile my sister. Just dial fucking laughed at the funeral. I get it. But my sister was getting older and she suffered for years, and you know, it was kind of a relief when she went. It's not what having a Kim. Poor the beautiful Kim porter forty seven. My sister was twenty years older. You know, you don't do that for the beautiful mother of three kids who dies at forty six assholes. You don't do it. Try frowning tried crying. Your actors actresses fake, it you do videos where you cry. I see DJ Colette was at the fucking funeral. I'm sure it was hard for him not to shout out and another one, you know, what? The fuck is heat doing there. Also video of puffy sitting shotgun in a truck as they left the funeral proceedings. And a lot of the people in Georgia had nothing to do when somebody dies they show up and mass, and there's all these funds would cameras chasing, Trump, puffy Trump and shit and he's wave into them. I know he's gotta wait. But he he could've shut the window and done nothing. They would have understood. But here's the clincher. So Kim porter was buried in that beautiful brass casket that's line with twenty four karat gold. You've seen this casket. It's it's called the premier Fenian. Probably one of the. It probably is the world's most famous casket. It's been seen at the funerals of Michael Jackson, James Brown. Retha franklin. It's often referred to as the golden sendoff. The premier fee, and I looked this up is a custom-made casket manufactured by Batesville casket company. It's handmade and Batesville casket company custom shop where technicians hand polish. It's forty eight ounce square foot solid Browns to a mirror finish spit shined. It's got a plush velvet interior and the hardware is twenty four karat gold plated. Only get this going to set you back twenty four thousand dollars. That's no problem. Puffy got that his back pocket, but it takes two weeks to get custom-made. Let me repeat that it takes two weeks to get custom-made. So what I wanna know is this. How are the people who needed two weeks to make the premier the casket able to get one off to Georgia a few days after Kim Portas funeral get anybody knows? She was going to die two weeks before. Did puffy know that shit was going to happen is that why he was back with his ex girlfriend Cassie Ventura the next day after Kim porter die and the headline said he reunited with his ex girlfriend Cassie Ventura people at the folks going on. All I know if my ex wife for my wife died, you would not see me hooking up with the next two days later. Something fucked and stinky. By the way, once in a while, we're talking about politics before and. No, I just want. I wanna say this and get this off my chest. Because once in a while, I get an idiot who gives me shit. They write me on Instagram or on Twitter, and I accept the message. You know? Because I don't wanna shut anybody out. They may be telling me something need to know. So I accept people on Instagram because I want to hear what they have to say. And of course, there's always that person is used to listen to your show, but I have to drop it because of all EU politics, you do it makes me sick. First of all, I all the people right debt or not Trump fans. I don't give a fuck if you hate Trump. I really don't care. I hate him half the time to. But let me tell you some you so full of shit. If you write me being say, all I talk about his politics. The last time I talked politics was the midterms and that was one fucking day. But anyhow. I'm sure these people didn't like when I spoke about the White House reporter, Jim Kosta and how he's got so bad at what he does. And how he's an instigator and how I'm glad he got tossed from the White House because there's a former reporter, I know that decorum you need to maintain and his mother fucker never does as a CNN White House. Correspondent he grabs the Mike and sits on ceremony and acts like the whole world's got to hear what his question is. Meanwhile, they're a papers over America that can't get past to talk to the president. But this Cox holds them. Mike like you Sammy Davis junior? He's a liberal mascot at the White House. And everybody knows it. Any other point is? I haven't spoken about him since that day when he said to Trump this is back on November seventh. I want to challenge you on one of the statements that you made that this caravan is an invasion, as you know, Mr President, the caravan is not an invasion. It's a group of migrants moving from Central America towards the border. Your campaign had an ad showing migrants climbing over walls and so forth. They're not going to be doing that. They're hundreds of miles away their hundreds and hundreds of miles away. That's not invasion. That was on November seventh. Did you see what this fucking weekend? The click. And as we know everything Jim Kosta said wouldn't

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