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"mrs kankkunen" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"We stop. i'll be thinking about you tonight from a minute. I sit down and that nightclub and pick up my noisemaker. Thanks mystifying. i'll be thinking of you to tonight. Soon as i sit down by the window and blow my tin horn running along. Now get cleaned up the big night. Yes you do that. Mr bar and i've got to help davis with the dishes. Forgive me if i don't chase you walk you through the door. Certainly well see you next year like they say. Don't take any wooden biologists. Now that's just dandy. Let's yes dandy. Connie boynton go home to rest. We've got a big night ahead of a. We've got a big night ahead of him. Mr bean is going to the biologist party alone. Mrs davis alone but the play. Connie he just can't afford to take me with him. The tickets are five dollars a copy. If i had five dollars i could. Mrs davis i'd be happy to connie you would of course but i haven't got a quarter. I spent my entire budget for this week on. Tonight's party oh well thanks. Just the same davis no sense in worrying about it. i guess. New year's eve is just another night. Maybe that's mr boynton again. Finish up in the kitchen. Come on in. The door is still open. Good morning. Miss brooks mr conklin. What fortuitous circumstance brings madison's esteemed principle to the mba loboda lowly faculty member. You've seen your sheriff. Charlie and movies heaven you if you give me miss brooks i shall skirt. The preliminary isn't right to the point. Firstly mrs kankkunen is visiting her sister. Who has touchy rheumatism in philadelphia. Bad place to get it. Let's dispense with the referees shalwar. Secondly her sister has sent their little boy aged six to spend the holidays with my daughter. Harriet myself. I've promised harriet she can go to a new year's eve party tonight and falsely..

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