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"mrs j b hutto" Discussed on Pass It On

"List shared by The Hague's face. A vacation hosts husband of Scotland in the pages of The Sunday. Pool in the nineteen fifties will be today. Hello and welcome to the next episode of Positon podcast with Chris. And Steve and I are joining us from a very sunny Scotland. This week aren't my guys. I'm literally in my garden. I'm like thrones are bird seeing arraignment though. There might be on more some point. I'm not sure or some the arguing over of a neighborhood famous gardens Leslie. D- What we did this week. Steve we have Because we're stolen. Look I'm going to talk about things of the we. The children with amused up in the Nineteen Fifties Vegas undying hope we might Grandparents today might get a notion of to amuse the children. Are we convinced this will definitely work? You can try transcend last no. Yeah the three of us has four and a half year old home so I'll get more to report bag right but let's not. Yep Yeah Jingle me Chris Safety First. There's no crying over spilt ink if you put the incremental insight deep dish or bowl when the children are writing the table V. Stapleton Goblins law school. Does Ada have a fountain pen. Ought to quell. She does know it might. It might be the painting if you put into port and so it might help. I think it's a good idea. Actually and even though Dashi ruined me I remember when I was in high school. I paint with inks Give deep vibrant colors gorgeous very expensive thing to do because those inconven- expensive But it did remind me and it didn't me think maybe I should do some similar with Asia but was something not quite so staining. We didn't say you via kind of pain called a polska pain with which you can write on glass so our living room windows currently covered with the original Ada. Our did once in this little thing. We've had My in-laws visit to drop-off some stuff and oversee all precautions were observed. I'm increment is we didn't meet the ADA and her grandma of a window. And the reclaiming lots and crosses to the window with a muscle utterly utterly tragic. I don't feel like that's the worst tip you've ever given. Steve needs a little going. A little bit of bending perhaps will have again painful to use an old flame foss as a pen pencil holder. Then there's no difficulty for the children to find a pencil. Mrs J B Hutto Will Ellen go and tell us the enj- NBA. I think this has been superseded by inventions. You do not get pinhole. Psych heavily for threes might. My son made several take school. Used to be my favorite thing at the star if each year to go and get like your skill back and your pencil cases like your news station may never quite took the sting of the did. It never quite not was enough to make up the fight by just mom and dad were both teachers on the used to get increasingly irate people to buy Christmas stuff opinion shops tober these furious because the schools broke up for summer pretty much she start to see 'em back to school promotions in. Cna VHS and these kids on the just just gone on holiday some during the back to school so either of you old enough to have gone and bought a metal ten. The contained a truck tunnel. Yeah I had one of them they're selling. Compasses encompasses doctors and like but Fulton half. Yeah Cody's thing as if somehow geometry drop tighter fashion and again up to sixty degrees in a circle. I think that's a good tip. I mean in fairness Most you why it had to be invented particularly like surely is putting pains in in a jar. When I was a small child I do not remember ever seeing any real one of these pinhole those types things that just for children a-plus sort of because thing is difficult to get your Hadrian. These exist another one up the cuteness Thought a South a boiled egg too young child and adult teacup instead of an only child can then hold the Hongo as Not so likely to button his fingers Mrs Muddle Seven Ogilvy. Tata'S ED.

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