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"mrs glaive" Discussed on Design Matters with Debbie Millman

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"mrs glaive" Discussed on Design Matters with Debbie Millman

"Your mom had sketchbooks out to tell you what my very racy. So. Yeah, I don't know if she showed them to me or I just found them later, but she was really good at at drawing people drawing their faces which is actually quite difficult like sort of one of the I've always felt like one of the more difficult aspects of drawings capturing someone's face, and I don't know why. But I used to just like go in there, and you know, pull them out from under the bed and just kind of look at them. And I think also it was maybe it was interesting to me because it allowed me to see sort of a different side of her because she's from a different generation. And at that time, you know, there just wasn't. The all of the resources that we have now to build, you know, a career or a business around our creativity in some way, I think she had wanted to go to art school. But her my father got married fairly young not for that. But you know, I think she was like twenty one an end up pursuing a career in teaching instead. But it always kind of felt like there was a sort of artistic soul about her. And that was always something that she wanted to pursue. And you know, she's still does in her in her free time. And I think she she really past that kind of visual art, gene onto my brother. I got more of the more of the writing gene than the the hand eye coordination good hand eye coordination for sports, but not for number art. Meanwhile, you said that your dad nuclear engineer was extremely Taipei an overachiever intensely driven and motivated and giving these attributes of your parents, it seems like you're. A really good example of the perfect ven diagram of of Mr. and MRs Glaive and how Jocelyn popped out. Would you agree? Maybe. So I mean, yeah, I've never I've never thought about about why? But I think that's absolutely true. I think so much of the work that I do now is really sometimes I recall myself, like a recovering Taipei, you know, is about kind of recognizing that I have been in this very like over achieving ambitious perfectionist mindset and trying to figure out how to turn down the volume on that and be able to be a little bit more grounded and a little bit more present because all of that stuff, right? Kinda takes you out of the present moment and into the future right super future focused, and that's always a part of me. Like, you can't get you can't just get rid of it. But you know, trying to find the balance I want to stay in the past for a few more minutes in one interview. I read you describe to. Two key moments in your life that seemingly couldn't be more opposite seeing the stag in the rural woods of Lynchburg Virginia. And then the day your family got their first computer bring us back to that moment. I mean, it was I think I was about fifteen maybe one teenager for sure got our first computer. I don't remember exactly what happened on that day. But what I ended up doing was making Zine with it. And that was back when it was like really crappy clip, our, you know, type thing. Yeah. But I got really into it. And so I used to I design the Zine and on and on what it was like, what was the name of it..

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