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"mrs george hill" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Kevin George you inside of grain studios. Mike holders bucks worth historically, good. When coming off a loss this year, they've been able to channel that in a way that the next game more often, we've come back and found ways to, to be better to be more competitive to find a way to win a game. And certainly, we're hoping for that tonight at twenty two to one the regular season and postseason go back to game three Milwaukee starters combined for thirteen points in the opening quarter tonight, they'd got twelve point two fifty one back to Toronto. But the hall of Famer Jimmy Brown deer smart Custos share yacht as Kevin coming out with a purpose and out of the time out, George hill comes in not, Eric Bledsoe for the Milwaukee Bucks, but an impressive start for Janas. Absolutely. They have clicked. He has six quick points into painted area. You say, well, where is the double team because of the spacing and where he's getting the ball. The double team cannot make up the ground. So he's late. And it's easy for the Greek to split them bell yada, is in the four games. He scored fourteen points or fewer this year is doubts back in all of them in the first round of the series had forty one off of fourteen point performance against Detroit ears Toronto. Kyle Lowry doubled on the baseline gives it up to Casale back to lower on the corner. George hill jumps into goes to his left, three bangel three and not sit home. Now you, you like the fact that our he's off because when he does this, he plays hard every night at both guns before, but you want to see it because he's a team twelve eight no walkie assault try to how Lopez knocked it away and it went off. Marcus soul. Nice defensive play in the corner brook Lopez hopping mad he thought he was fouled San game three day closed out, Milwaukee. Really, well, there's Lopez driving rather Lowry driving in the Lopez at a foul called Brooks going to be really upset a turnover and then a foul against the driving. Kyle lowry. Lopez's upset the coaching staff is upset and it seals story of the angle. The guy who made the call right now coach but is giving an ear to the man who made the call Dame, FitzGerald. He's trying to be diplomatic. He's the youngest official of the three as far as experiences Lowery. It's the first two games papers. Twenty four season eighteen postseason. Kenny Mauer very veteran, thirty three years, twenty six postseasons and Mr. frisk Gerald has ten years in the league. This fifth postseason is Lowery. It's both in Toronto with into the big thing right now for Milwaukee. Keep the spacing hope to Greek. It's off the good start. And then once the transition gang sets in, you want to make the high percentage of threes. Larry's got the last eight four Toronto. There were they to joy hill. Left-wing standing dribble picks up the dribble goes to us up high with five shoots driving green cuts them off with four gets into the line passes with one here. The corner hill for three exit data is no reason to leave hill wide open corner, mainly because they had the trap inside into painted area. There's good soil for three top. That's the answer three Martin soul. Raptors back with him too. Will be over now will be because Lopez is in the middle trying to help out, Danny green body yada, says he was making his way just outside the paint on the left side. And it'll be a foul on greenside out coming up for Milwaukee now in nearly going. Yana says been able to get the ball at the top of the circle at ease that did not happen in game three and then also with the clock down. He has the ability to go stale. Data off the. Leaking tied at fifteen and we told you now the energy that trapping desk, breaking snails in blocked shots. They jour- in game three Toronto Saudi Ilyasova checked in for Lopez before that last inbound skill merit with the top driving green to the mid post fades from twelve all net for Nikola to that's, that's a slice shot, right there. Danny gave about four inches. And we all know other mirrored since when he gets it, though assists, forget about that. He's getting a shot. Seventeen fifteen hour against the bigger merit ticks takes them to the elbow. Step back shot is good from fifteen for Kyle Lowry. I like Larry's reading now he's every time he gets a mismatch. He's going. He's got twelve points in this first quarter. Five minutes in his yacht. It's how did by double gives it up. Here's Middleton stepping inside the arc it. He drains the medium range, j good passing out looking for the man for the three and then also the clear out on the close out. The soldiers ran. Right by the shooter's nineteen seventeen Milwaukee Colli Leonard yet to take a shot ball in his hands pass to the rolling Kosolin traffic into the opposite corner, Siaka up top Lowery Szucs for three missed. It's short Yata says the rebound good. Excellent ball, move very unselfish play. Here's the Greek freak going all the way down. The lane gets by green and lays it in right at the rim t saying more in the middle of the floor now. So it makes it difficult for the guys on the wings the double team without giving up easy. Three point ten Janas has eight bucks lead by four letter rises. Fires out and back in again. I bucket for Colli letter while you remember now in gained three day, he did not get enough looks in that first twenty one nineteen bucks up to in possession from the corner. Dr Middleton hands it off to Yod by letter. Jaanus gets it back out of the league. We tend to shoot. They'll send the double assault coming over working on the grid. Five issue freon against Gusau inside the art shoots. Mr. 20-footer Silva offensive rebound. And we've got a foul call against Toronto, just happened. Much Siaka insight physician. He never even jumped to get that rebound. And the player Ilyasova gets the rebound over his back that has got to stop because in the first three games we all know that Milwaukee is dominating second chance points by lot. That'll say Saudi Ilyasova to the free throw line, five forty five to go first quarter, Milwaukee Twenty-one Toronto, nineteen Ilyasova. Outstanding getting to seventeen points as he hits the first free. Throw struggled a little bit in game. Number three is Chris Middleton will get his first rest, Malcolm brogden starter. All season long had the foot injury missed a monk came back, and he's been a spark plug off that they were trying to keep them around twenty six twenty seven minutes and plant anyways doing shooting outstanding from every area what the game the other night, he went over for thirty some odd minutes and gave them twenty plus points, though, I let her play the first seven, he's on the bench right now, free throw MS by Ilyasova rebounded by Siaca down, three PASCAL into the front court guarded by Ilyasova out in the right corner. Norm Powell is in the game for the first time with Serge Ibaka. There's PASCAL into the mid post assault straight out straight in twenty two see laying back off at the saw once again, go try to help out on a double team. He's going to be open again this evening by twenty to go here in this first quarter tied at twenty two Gonzales six points, brogden toes on the three point line. We're gonna pass Whiteside. It goes to Lopez Lopez. A dribble opposite left side. It's Bledsoe, driving heart of the lane hangs and hits a tough shot very quick. So I'll heal up over the top a lower. He has a couple of inches, but the big key is why not spin movie gets him on his back to point lead four Milwaukee. Under five minutes to go in the first the come on the cleared out left side facing up against Brockton takes do baseline now picks it up passes free. Phil of Baka driving. Strip got a whistle and a foul called from the opposite side. I guess her son Ilyasova that'll be his first two free throws coming for Ivanka men going didn't foul right now has got to have a good game. We know the guy can score double figure points. Get double figure rebounds blocked to three shots in a game like this in the series right now. He's not getting the time less than twenty minutes. He's not getting a shot at temps. He's only averaging five six points. He is almost non existent. And this is the lineup. He has struggled with, if he hits the first free throw that bigger lineup that Nick nurse wants to play with Siaka magnet. This whole story comes down to do find me when you're playing dribble handoff. Curable drive. Can you find it? Well, are you moving without the wall? Or are you just standing still in being easy to guard Baka? It's the second as well or. Ties the game at twenty four four forty six to go first quarter. Kawhi Leonard sits on the bench after that, fifteenth, two minute output and gain three there's Bledsoe a fouls gonna go against norm Powell is defending on the pass on the wing. Eric Alexa, was the intended receiver. That is the third team foul beside in for Milwaukee games. All three previous bills have all been on streaks seem will run a little on the other guys. I think are going to get buried. They'll come back. Real strong. Didn't even it out. Inbound the Bledsoe gets right to the free throw line and backs off. We tend to shoot guarded by the seven footer you saw those two brogden on the right with seven eight of the big post with five out, they go to Bledsoe. Drives kicks Ilyasova left-wing three. No good. Because all the rebound defense was excellent. Double team strong force shooter, shoot who is not shooting well in the three games previous Siaka, that's inside passes out, an open Consol. Three pointer missed all Siaka. Don the baseline pass. Intercepted Ilyasova got bad decision. Bad blood? So three point line to the free throw line, getting by vodka blocked by Bach on a lamp attempt Toronto coming the other way with Lori ahead of steam hill, peel to the left wing Ilyasova covering inside to a Bacha flips it up miss look as the rebate. You gotta go strong. It can't chew baby book with your back to the baseline. All you had to do is take one step and go strong and you had a vantage. Here's Ilyasova catching two three hits. It Ilyasova from the wing bucks back in front twenty seven to twenty four number we tell you about the three goals that team that shoots over thirty five percent during the year struggling at twenty nine if they make them tonight going to be in trouble. Correct myself that was brook Lopez on the wing for the three he gives Milwaukee, the lead twenty seven twenty four. There's Powell running through a screen out to a pocket, he shoots a trickle that MRs George hill, the rebound ill will bring it over half court. Three. Tend to go in the first clips to brogden for three tried missed it off the front rim. Baca runs into a but Baca grabs the rebound Esau got hit in the head that time. So he's shaking wrong three minutes to go in the first Lowery drives, under the basket, and is fouled..

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