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S5E9a - 7 Things to Do Before I'm 30 [Part 1] (Featuring Samee Junio)

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S5E9a - 7 Things to Do Before I'm 30 [Part 1] (Featuring Samee Junio)

"You're listening to season five as mother. May I sleep with podcast. I'm your host Molly Matthew All right so we are covering for this episode. Our guest is Sammy Hunia. Who's also so our producer you mind semi everywhere on the Internet? Shook the description of this episode. I mean like you guys now how it goes at this point but anyway anyway. We're doing seven things to do before I'm thirty. I wanted to do a little Rom com moment this is filed on IMDB under comedy drama and fantasy which sounds right. It's definitely a fantasy. Sure of someone. Yeah definitely But basically weekly the IMDB. Summary says. Laurie Madison is a young woman turning thirty returns to her Colorado hometown discovers childhood list of seven things to do before she turns earns thirty and finds that she has yet to achieve any of them. So Laurie sets on a frantic and humorous quest to accomplish some before thirtieth birthday. Just three weeks away away. All right great. This is what the movie is but it so much more than that. It's this is made in two thousand tate. Do you know what movie this reminds me of like the style of it or the entire movie. Just if you were to walk away away with the vibe of like this is a lifetime version of a certain movie Oh is it thirteen going on thirty. I honestly think it's five hundred as as of summer. Go on. I'll tell you why there's this weird quirky retro style that they're trying to work in for the lead in the whole time hi most notably though her I guess. I don't know the guy who wants to love her but that she can't love knows her Favorite Song because why she sang in an elevator. The first time they met Okay so I WANNA ask you five hundred days of summer what are you you have to tell me because I figured it out. Okay and I know who y'all are stealing from where it's coming from where it's going and that's because I put in the work so oh I will say that we do you understand what I'm saying though now I think your little bit. It's very lake. This is the beginning of Manic Pixie Dream Girl Central for America League or Don Garden State. Right you're not yet hit five hundred days of summer America's a real L. Boehner for a weird girl and this girl is weird in the way that like you know it's very read it like not that kind of girl all layoffs weird where it's like. Okay it's actually not that strange to not prefer you know what some fucking basic check reads Cozma Osmo actually half the female population university. Mian right. Yeah I get that. So it's very not that Kinda girl it's very you know this is like that. It's like the Anti lifetime movie where she's not that pretty but here's the thing? The lead is fucking stunning. If anything I mean not Michelle Trachtenberg is is that Oh my God. You're so right dude. I was like screaming. I was like this is not not Michelle Trachtenberg convert. She has someone else in her face too though. And I can't figure out who it is but you're so right now that I open it Amber Benson. Yes No. I don't affiliate Amber Benson should have this movie held against her and incapacity and it does seem like she works. It seems like her work has picked up over the last two thousand eighteen eighteen two thousand nineteen calendar year. But I. I don't know I mean I don't know. I think this is just an acting role that you need to say no to someone to do it. But it's very I'm quirky I don't I don't have anything about my life together but leg. She like I it just it. was that right. Mixture surprised lifetime caught that lightning in a bottle though. Oh sure that's like that's like that's like them coming out with like shade of get out. I see yeah they they need like Doug your hooks until they can emerging like sort of John Reid that would define a generation which is the whole eternal Sunshine Manic Pixie like five hundred days of Summer Garden State. Like you name it all I see. Yeah okay so I feel like this is their version of that but again this is sort of in the vein of like I me wed or Queen sized where. It's just sort of opens up a little Bob like an overly done Like credits which reminds me very much of a very brady movie or something like that. I like sort of seventies floral. Yeah it just I. I yelled like in the first two seconds when it started. I was like no. It was not having a but at the same time it was between this and the bad twin and I still am glad you picked this good you. It was really light. It was a romp billing the league. Also there's a lot to get mad at a very bad so it's Yeah it's basically like a like a little lifetime Rom Com like movie which I find to be the the most frustrating and I feel like I want to explore that in season six maybe season. Six's knee discovering. Why these make me so angry but yeah So we're GONNA just go into this I should say that all of the title is in lower case. Yeah that for the numbers very very upset and the I. What do you think that is? Is that Tumbler culture. What is that the only the I I am as I I? I don't know I think that somebody just like forgot how titles work I don't know I think when someone goes all lower case that's a that's always as a an aggression will maybe it's because this list of hers was written when she was a kid and she didn't know so her grammar sucked yeah. Maybe that's generous Chris. I honestly feel like it's much more insidious than that I feel like this is some sort of Internet troll on us but it is only also two thousand eight. I wish I wish I knew like the exact weekend this came out. I feel like this is capitalizing on an era that I was very much the victim of okay so I will also say now initiative then came to me and I was watching this short also I was watching some people and they like just the way it's shot made me feel like it was already washes just with people I had to. But it's shot like an alternative children's program like Beakman's world. Oh yeah that's a good call and somebody else knows Beakman's world but somebody else so good yeah belly somebody somebody else said that. It looked a little bit like but I'm a cheerleader. Just the way that the the colors are especially in the beginning. I don't think I've seen but I'm a cheerleader. Anyway let's play fifteen to eighteen and just sorta let you know this is going to be fun quirky She's going to be I. Guess what we don't know yet that I didn't know when I started my notes but will we will know. Is that like. She's on some sort of blurred out background now. In the more we get to know her. The more that background will sort of come into focus and we're GONNA learn about where she's at right now but she's speaking directly to camera in her voice overs usually and There used used lake writing. The voice over was necessary to set up the movie but throughout the rest of the movie. It's used as almost an afterthought oh good which is lazy writing. I okay but like no offence. Actually no truly no offense to Duane pool fool who will see what else green Wayne Wayne will while you're looking at that. Did this movie remind the beginning being remind you of the truth about Jane starts with the video starts with Jane talking directly to camera. Yeah I guess so bird like. Here's my life wait. Let's start with the beginning like all of that shift about James like this is the last movie you know what I forgot. I totally forgot brought about that. And you're exactly right. It's such like it's the tool. It's the tool if you need to tell a fucking story and get it done in one hundred twenty seven minutes that the way you tell the story crazy okay but yeah. No dwayne is written a lot. I will say he's written wedding at Graceland. Oh big hit a hallmark. It looks like he also was a staff writer on hotel. The love boat lottery the biscuits. What the fuck is the biscuit? Would the children's cartoon okay. So yeah I mean Oh Laverne and Shirley in the army. He wrote that in the eighties. Okay so our man's been around for a while I have to say I do love the idea of Duane. Poole deciding that he's going to write his own manic pixie dream girl like his. I Dunno I guess late forties early fifties. I would assume maybe mid fifties based on the timeline. That's a move. Who Do you think Dwayne is Dan? Ear Michael Oher. Think Duan's all of them. I think it's much darker than that. I think they might be Laurie. But also but also like lawry's mom. There's a little bit of jewel in there. WHO's The I'd only I've ever had in character more than Joel? I wrote down it like halfway. Maybe a third page it. Goes you jewel a bunch. Oh my whole thing is very the explicit about Joel Skidoo our first part fifteen seconds to to eighteen. I love happy endings. Fairytale Jerry tell kind ever after I mean when I see a movie and I know that it ends with a kiss or a wedding I can sit back and enjoy all the surprises leading up to it and the thing is life isn't always like a movie. Sometimes life is only well life. You just have to live is best. You can and relax even if the group can't his name is Dan Heart. We met in high school and I knew right from the start he was going to be my personal happy. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Maybe I better start the beginning. Our Little Girl Lori stop please. Could we just stop right there. And not only because because my mom gave away a middle name that I've never really cared for. This is way too far back. We need to fast forward about thirty years braces Summer Camp Past College. Mrs Erm Clarke from Twin Falls Idaho to inform you that you've been chosen receive the reunite nine one of our many five stars. You a good morning. Miss Bombed Garden Ms Baumgarten knock. Your rent is paid. It's not A. I'm sorry it's just been a really rough month boy. Where does the money go go? Well Scout Cookies rescue people. He tried to give to everybody. But you know how it is all. I know how it is now. Let me tell you how it is. There's a waiting list for these apartments long as my arm. People Willing to pay twice. What you do? I'm sure that's true. Well expect the check by Monday. Okay so Let's set it up. We've seen another lifetime movie. That has the exact same sort have call scenario at the kitchen table Brittany Murphy story do member Brittany. Murphy's mom she made rent The landlords are these. He's too I guess Eastern European twins that I think that's right right. They're supposed to Russian twins. Oh I thought they were Irish. No no yeah Irish Heo no. Maybe I mean I'll take it. But they're basically out of a Disney Sitcom yes absolutely absolutely She's not forget her job. As a customer service Rubbers representative which I will argue throughout this entire movie that she actually is perfect. Perfect for that job but he's wonderful. I think she's great at it but we we also need to set up that she's eating a plate of donuts and this girl's sake you know not to focus on it but because the movie focuses on she's has a very lake normal or below normal body very like an average bod very average below average. Like not an American way in a movie way. Yes Lake like slim if she was a real person one hundred percent And so that always sucks. When you're watching a movie in the MOMS like your fat and like sobbing pastries stories out of her hand or they just like really like hang a lantern on the fact that she has some sort of eating addiction when reality she doesn't so it's like the fat version? I know putting glasses on an ugly like pretty girl. Yeah you know yeah but this whole movie is glasses on a pretty girl like the home movie is gas leading you into thinking. There's something really wrong with Laurie when she's actually a very pleasant average girl. Yeah definitely like we're supposed to be like no lorries. Laurie's behavior. Her problem is that she thinks she has a problem by as much as it's supposed to be inherited I don't think it is. Is I think. Laurie's just fucking batch. Shed like Lori needs a good therapist. It's actually scary when you think about this woman teetering on thirty and being unaware unaware about like her how her life has wound up this way. That's Fair Lake. It's okay to be thirty and unstable. It's not okay to be thirty and unstable and we like we like Q.. Like you should know some contributing factors I think instability does like low key. Which is maybe why she doesn't recognize it because you like even though it's so obnoxious the way that she breaks up with Michael or whatever is like kind of self-aware it is quote unquote of where even though it's really selfish and like stupid but then also at the same time? This is the woman who has made time and money money for the girl. Scouts Had adoption like this woman's out bank cookies from girl scouts and like five dollars to a pet adoption Russian agency. She can't pay her rent right and at at a certain point I will have to say. I don't think New York City is the city for you if that This is where you can San Francisco. Oh no no I said maybe. She belongs in San Francisco some. It's also very expensive there. Okay Portland wet but let I will say that I think the like. She's you know like this is how I was when I was twenty five. I think like just like this sort of lake What do you mean So we go to her at her real job now or I guess. It's like where she does her nine to five and it's the same job but she does it sometimes at home. which made me confused? Because I'm like girl. Just stay at home right. Why would you go into this place? She has a cubicle. That looks like a fucking garage. Sale like the whole thing is littered with posted and personal memorabilia. There's actually like a key chain a like a novelty key chain that she's tacked to the wall and like I don't know this. This is sort of the office that I say like when you set up an office that looks this nice. It means you're going to be fired like they always say like. Don't bring a plant in to work because like that means you're it's like you're comfortable. I see so she's very comfortable. Yeah she gets very caught up the customers on the phone and she sort of goes into their whole narrative. She finds out that the woman she's talking to as a baby. She has a friend who has a baby blah blah blah. which she's doing in the telemarketing industry is actually considered to be very effective? Because she's forming a relationship and the bosses overhearing all of this and I don't some of you guys have seen sorry to bother you. I think we should rank this against sorry to bother me scale. Have you seen it. Haven't okay. It's for me a former phone on fundraiser. It's like a total porno but also it's an amazing movie but it's all about like really like sort of establishing a connection over the phone and being able to follow up later later in which she's doing is selling vacation packages which seems like the perfect thing to be able to build a relationship with because her boss is watching her like make this phone call and he feels very frivolous and says that you know. She's been like offering Brownie recipes. A hiccup remedy a movie rack back to another woman in extended discourse on the pros and cons of vitamin B.. And I personally fail to see the problem with that because that is a very easy she recommended you a movie. Okay I call on Thursday and say hey get a chance to see the movie. I WANNA see if you're still interested in that vacation package is you have established established a level of trust with this person and not going to make the final sale. A cold call on a vacation. Package is fucking insane in this Bosch should be fired appeared but time is money molly it is but also he doesn't get it like the truth is is time is money. And she's putting it in by saying. Hey put too much much better in your brownies. We gotTa Bank it off in live a better life. So he said he's in review employment history. She's quit ten jobs in the last six years she was a pet groomer. Departments were employees. All these jobs in my mind are usually taken to quit later. Like pet. GROOMER departments were like even telemarketer. Like I don't think many people are going into that industry although there certainly are people that specialize in and are very good at that. I don't think anyone goes into their first telemarketing gig being like I'm going to do this for a career. Yeah but do you go into it like planning on getting fired because I think there is also like a culture of people who just continue just get fired from their jobs instead of just quit. No it's true and I think that part of me also is walking into that mentally with well she must be looking for something quote unquote bigger or more secure or or I'm also used to being in L. A.. Where people like will get a job with the sole purpose of eventually quitting? GotTa what's lorries deal. Because I actually think that that she could be a very successful salesperson itchy stuck with it because she does have that natural care but anyway The this whole scene is filmed a nineties. Music video the islands are off when she's talking to her boss like this scene where there. Oh you didn't. It's like when they're Aaron the cubicles. She's looking at her boss and our bosses again her but they're both sort of looking at the wrong direction and each other would just sort of like honesty reminded emme of almost like Bulworth. which is I think a perfect movie but it reminded me sort of those nineties? Movies were things were slightly disjointed right. Yeah Yeah Yeah and I wonder if it's in those not in this movie. I don't worry about that but in those movies I always wondered if it was more of like a stylistic choice or film trying to catch up up to lake where it needed to be. That's interesting idea I think about it. I will scored like a looney tunes. Oh yeah that's why like waited till the final music cue to play out on that one because like you need to hear it's like dude and that's actually the most enjoyable part about it is that Oh you know this was truly scored after the fact because like you know. There's this one scene where the MOM Lake Puts Cherry on top of lorries grapefruit and it. It goes Ding. And I'm just like bid you're too perfect. Get Out of here. I really want to know what they wanted us to think. In like what I would have thought in two thousand eight sure what I thought this was whimsical. I was pretty Basak in two thousand eight probably as might have held we into those eight was probably twenty four. No maybe when I moved out here I mean I had a closet full of early Pulitzer okay. It is interesting to think about like was made for people who already turned thirty or were on the cusp. Oh this was not made for people who are thirty. This is made for people who thought thirty he sounded old. Yeah okay you know like this seems like it was made for a twenty two year olds at Relig while they got a late. A fire under my ass going to be almost thirty fucking chic sort of vintage mailman. Although I will say all of her vintage clothes look like they came out of like a like a party city city mass mail box for like an entire theme of Austin Powers Party. She's wearing a lot of hatch. She's wearing a lot of the things that I like. The idea of you know like I'm like okay I can. That's definitely a nod like to a certain era. I don't know if the seventies were cool at this mailman at a big they were ever will. Will they've come back throughout time. But I think that what we're supposed to take away from. Ns is I mean maybe it was that perfected it with like the sort of fifties dresses but the seventies is very noncommittal. Sure okay so then we see a little head slowly rise over the side of the cubicle on her cube mate who we stand and we're going to hear a clip from him later but but he goes. I heard every word. Are you okay. And he goes how. `Bout we get drinks after work just the gang which like. Why didn't we ever forget to see? Who is the gang? I need it. I would have liked Laurie in the gang. I would like to scrap this movie and just make it. Laurie and the Guy I would love that so much and see where where exactly her co worker goes where he lives. Because if we didn't know how she wound up I would think maybe she goes back to the telemarketing job and then like lake. Laurie and the gang is a show. Like this is how it could be a good back door. Pilot is if we just wound up. Laurie back at the telemarketing thing with a renewed sense of yourself. And then we go into the series. Client lists of it So she goes to her boyfriend's photo shoot He is standard ROM COM hot. That's what I wrote my notes but when you guys should know is that he's Matt Oleander Mr L.. From Grassy. He fucked page. He was young long hot teacher that came to school and he's like a Ta from like University of Toronto and didn't know her brother or something. probably what was his brother's name. Luca was it Lucas. Or Luke Guy it was Marco and Luca Lucas yes I can hear his voice in my head. It's crazy yeah. I think he did know him. You play soccer rugby. That's more Canadian he was. I'm sorry why does heal in Senate page. Why does it come up one eight right when I fucking type in page which I am trying to work with you I am? DVD Dylan Michael. Chalk Yep Dylan. Now now I can picture Lauren Collins little face going my gay brother Dylan which is so wild. That Lake you know page was friends with the one gay guy at after school. He matched with her brother. Like that's wild Good for good for degrassi for keeping that circle type She goes to see Michael Chapman. Her boyfriend he's an art fashion and beauty photographer. When we go to this shoot every girl at the shoot is dressed? Dressed like a mixture of Jessica Simpson and Kim K.. And their two thousand eight worst with but like going out outfits like none. None of them were Mottley. They're all very lake. Hi I'm Jessica Simpson and I'm going out not to a nice event but I'm going to lay do and yes. I got my hair and makeup done and they all look very just sort of mean girl. The VIBE is that they're all very hungry Lori is like slamming ruffles at this in Hungary. Water Jokes I know me too and I stared into a mirror. Got celery instead. There you go. We'll know then you pass down your salary like these squirrels are there. She's like Oh a salary Not For me. So she's there and like we're all supposed to draw many conclusions from that and then he's like lorrimore take some pictures cheers of you. And she takes pictures and I can relate to the fact that she couldn't find a face like every picture was blurry 'cause she was is like trying to figure out what to do with yourself. Oh I didn't even realize that. Yeah 'cause they kinda like show is he shoots each person like they're still that came of it and all of these were like when I take pictures of wounds trying to get treats like just like fucking in motion van as I can relate to that like not knowing what to to do in front of like a photographer. Where do I put my hand? This heat man. Yeah but anyway listen. So Oh yeah I did want to know what did you think. They're modeling totaling for. I wrote Adam and Eve. I thought they were just modeling for the Shitty Art. Michael had an apartment like commercials. Shoot or like just like his own his own collection. Did you notice the pictures that are in his apartment now. You're all so bad but there are pictures that he took. I'm pretty sure that's like very very I don't think any photographer Redo that Michael. What's his face took real liberties when he wrote this Wayne Twain? Okay so back in her place or eating Chinese out of the Carton classic movie move. She doesn't know how to use chopsticks. Sound in the scene is so they like really really really leaned into the chopsticks. Noise is really bad. You probably listen a lot more carefully than your average person perhaps. Wow Wow what a hell you live in. She cheers up at the ROM com. They're watching he's like what's wrong. It's a happy ending. She's like I know. Oh do you want more winds. She goes to get wine. And she's GonNa get Kleenex and a fork and while this happening Michael takes ring from his pocket. He's going to pop the question Christian. What a romantic proposal? She's like hey. Are you still doing Owens baseball practice tomorrow. Are there cheerleaders you leaders for baseball. I could be a cheerleader. And he's like yeah. Owen loves you. which is like fucking bizarre dude like this whole? Think think once this. It's like bizarre in theory but then when it comes to fruition it's fucking insane so she comes in and he turns off the TV Even though a Meg Ryan movie is about to come on and just as he opens his mouth her landline starts to ring. And he's I don't worry about it just the the landline rings and rings and rings because lorries poor and should turn off her voice. Now which is a thing. That's a culturally sentenced on moment Her Mom Who's disappointed that she still dating Michael? He answered the phone and she scurries off to another room to talk to her mom. Her Mom had center a book about fifty fifty ways to use a rubella. And this is. We're going to learn that. Her mom spent most of lorries live trying to give her an eating disorder. Yeah So we seem Michael Coaching his nephew later in the park. It's literally the two of them softly tossing a baseball back and forth which makes it so absolutely unhinged embarrassing that Lori is there and assign which by the way if you ever gotten to a protest march whatever you you know the time it takes to color in a letter okay. She has go owing in all bubble thoughts okay. Black outline completely filled sold out inside each letter a different color each one that time come on you know. She saw their mismanaged her time with. Like a fucking one fat sharpy. She can go for late. This super thick know sharpy Crayola. She sat there and she did that all night for a non baseball game with one child. Yeah practice so she's hollering go owen. it's not cute. So Owen hits. The ball hits a little ball moment in the ball comes flying towards Ori all of a sudden. We're back into the voiceover but we can you like really also explained. There's no one there one of the her him her Michael in Owen. That's it three of them and she. There's a picnic basket assigned. She drew. I mean I would call the cops. Okay no I really would they get. I was owens mom I be like yeah. I don't feel safe like this is a lot Let's play eight thirty nine to ten forty four looking back also just baseball coming at me. It was my future. What happened is a game over? Yeah lost and I ruined our practice this. This is the only second fire on Michael. You'RE GONNA die. Well she's allergic to What is this great great? I Love Great. I'm sorry I would have been a home run if I didn't get in the way boy. You're you know much about baseball do you. No no no no. It's just a bump. I'm fine be fine I I can't Miss Work Tomorrow is Mondays and I need to prove that I'm serious about my job. One thing I know for sure I am sticking to job I quit imagine my surprise that man just lost his dog and he needed somebody to talk to. I cannot work someplace where common human decency he is. Not Part of the company policies. So just you know. Give me my severance pay and you will never have to see my face again. Severance is for those who've been severed take another thirty seconds and you would have been pinning so close. Madison close it. Hey girl. I'm so sorry It's Monday you have something for us about my rent. We'll miss you. I wish I could like bander snatched my way through this movie more than anything. I've Ever Seen Language Regina it'll I would love to tap on like her co worker and be like follow me on his journey early. She goes for drinks lake. You know I feel like I could easily. We sort the situation out if I was Laurie. I kinda just WanNa like solve it really quickly and be like Just streamline these things like you don't have to get so worked up up also there's questions here about do you think that she got from that baseball hitting her in the head. That's the thing that the football players have that like makes them no. She started up at okay because I have to say the only other thing besides that does look like a major concussion in in the works that she had which is also you know head injuries like literally while I just made light of it not to be made light of yes. I'm Simon Birch is. His friend's mom died because of the baseball to the temple. Remember then movie no but I am glad to know that Simon Burgess who I thought it was When you said that talk I think like Oh wait? Why shouldn't I should know Simon Birch like he must be a prestigious actor? No I know. He's the little kid who played baseball. Paul Ryan was he a kid. Yeah he was a little okay. I feel you Sam okay. It's Laurie recalls her friend Joel. After she's been a victim in Joel Lake. Mr Proposal quit her job. All this stuff. Jewel is a pretty suburban mom who's very over the top with her. DIY snacks overall mom nece as she reminds me a little bit of the sister in twelve men of Christmas just in that Lake. She's very financially resourceful. have no really no real idea. Why although the thing that she's missing? Is that amazing chemistry with a partner like Chris China with no chemistry with whoever this friend Lori says. There's nothing she can do her. Bank Account Hound is. Is that zero right now. She can ask her mom for any more money And Jewish like. Just come home. It's time we had a good catch up. Am I good for you like scum mom. Laurie doesn't want to give up. She tells her that she's not giving up. She just needs a break. It's important to step back and find out what's going on. So she's conflicted about moving home um says she doesn't want to be like your brother and Jules Lake. It's not like that needs to pack your bags and get your ass back here and like I. We don't know what's wrong with her brother at the time. I assumed it was very bad. Sure like her brother was a real loser as opposed to like the actually really acceptable guy that I would tell most of my friends to marry. I mean for like a fucking random guy. I think he's great but I think he kind of wants to murder his mother. Oh yeah that's true dating material. I guess a little bit but the mom. Tom Is honestly. If you've suffered the mother that long is is asking for. I just know I don't think she's asking for it. I just feel like he would have killed Sir if he was going to. Okay she's tough sure So joyful threatens our job by saying Anthony I mean neten kissed this watercress go by making little sandwiches So Michael Practices proposing the lorry in the mirror. She comes in and she's like I quit today and he's congratulations. They don't understand you anyway. long-term not agree reaction. have to your girlfriend getting fired from her job not great that she said the day before she will not quit no matter what like at least ask another question. We bends down or on one knee to propose post to her and she sits right down next to him and she says like this relationship it should be easy but it's not easy. I need to move home. And he's like you can't leave any like brings out the ring box and she's full of dread and she's like listen. Don't do that. I know what's going on. He's like what do you mean. And she's like a ring like that six months of a relationship. I see where this is going but I can't let you go through with it six months. Yeah Dude we're not support. We shouldn't be hold to lie. Wouldn't at all not okay. I would not assume if I was dating a guy for six months and I would not assume that was ever on the other side of that ring box is an engagement ring in. Mb Lake so confident about it. I'd squash it before the box could be opened opened right. You wouldn't be government. I would not be confident that there was an engagement ring in there. Oh Sherrie very sane and say to myself who the fuck is getting engaged after six months but I mean do y friends give rings just for funsies there could be earrings in there. Are there could be a promise ring. There could be a little pendant a broach like. Yeah sometimes you get jewelry comes in other exterior your exterior packaging than engagement ring box. which by the way is red and I think mental sort of Cartier but does not? It's like clearly I I. It's from Amazon. I have that box for shore. It's what my clattering ordered came in. I think six months is really early. It's it's way way too quickly and for how I don't know for how devoted he is like trying to get her to be his wife. He's a hard end New York fashion photographer. Refer who has lost his mind over this girl. Yeah which God bless him you know we love. We love that. He has loved and he's non-discriminatory discriminatory in the sense that lake. She's basically a homeless Weirdo. He's probably just not from New York shoutout to all my homeless beer does out there. I you can just see. No data's like I really truly feel. Laurie struggled a lot. I just find it. I don't know. I think that they will be shocking. If I mean I find it a little presumptuous of her honestly to assume that this man is proposing there which. I don't think it's presumptuous. But you don't know I don't think so at all. Oh I would be like well. He can't possibly be doing that. Yeah sure I don't know I just feel like if somebody's going to be pulling out a box. It's probably going to be something serious. I don't know I guess so. I guess so I mean you can stand your ground can differently. No I know we I mean we should think differently. I think that's important here but I also gas so she's like listen. I just lost my job my apartment. I can't lose you to the other shoe will drop and he goes. There's no shoe and she goes. There's always a shoe Michael She says she's insecure and that she needs to work on herself. That's good we stand that Lori. That's great She's like look. I really really really really like you. Hardly Rage Aspen. First of all we know where you got your song secondly you were they not saying I love you. I mean probably not Laurie. If she's thing I don't know Louis Michel just on one on 'cause maybe this I used to be on an investigation into Michael. Probably I mean. Israel leander literally is never had great intentions spoiler but the note note that he left was just serial killer note that he left on her bed went at the end of the near the end of the show. Yeah so much. He's in he's not he's not I I don't like them. Yeah he's fixated on her. Yeah he's like. Oh you said no lake absolutely nobody says no to me. It is very lake. Stereotypical stereotypical role reversal. For what I feel in real life Lakewood happen lake with a stray girl in street guy. Like I feel like the guy I been GotTa fucking got a buggy man like. I'm not myself and the jokes like no. I'll fuck in fix you like that's sort of more. They tried to do a little role reversal here and in the process. It just comes off way too murderers. Yeah no yeah okay. So Michael Absolutely destroy this when she calls her mom her mom is working with an interior designer on her home. That's important to know. Just because she does say no animal prints Prince. He's a vegetarian in this scene. which is incredible? Let's wave fourteen fifty five to sixteen o three. It takes a lot to send a grown woman. b-actor mother what choice did I have. Obviously my life needed direction and right now that direction was west. My told me there was something back home I needed to resolve before I get on with my life. I didn't know how to break the news to my mom so I waited till like up to South Dakota. I should be there sometime tomorrow afternoon. I smack happens. Didn't I tell you you left home too soon. You weren't ready. No animal prints vegetarian. Twenty nine years old. If I waited too that I was old enough I'd be fifty. There's nothing wrong with fifty Lang. It's the new forty like orange. Is the new black. We're the trendsetters Oprah says thank you uh-huh you and just you learn to cook what you'd be surprised what I can do lately. I've become very domestic google recipe for roast. It's probably under made or some think. Think Seriously Laurie come for a month a year. Until you're ready whenever you eight after all. This is your home. ooh So lorries. Mom is basically like that mom that Mrs Bom Garden are the name of the Neighbors by the way German. So fuck IOS right Right I don't know if that's German Herald says if they're MEX- we don't know maybe they are half virus half German. I don't know But I will say that lake. We all had that friend in college or whatever that was like no though like you. Don't get it my mom is like she's on a real one like she's fucking crazy like this is when you go to their house and you're like oh she is fucking crazy. Yeah 'cause you always try to tell your friends like no come on about it ever. Everyone's is Mama neuner. No she really is that She reminds me of my high school. Boyfriend's mom actually very much like her so She drives home all the way home in this little car. I didn't figure out the model of it. It looks like a v. w. what is that looks like literally really like if I had to pick a year. Seventy seven. Seventy eight seventy seven. Yeah that looks about right And of course she's just in like a little. Isn't that weird that like. I know nothing about cars but I can always tell you when a car was probably made I love. It's one of my favorite things. I love a good lake. Eighties Mercedes it can early eighties Mercedes. That's my jam. It had false. I fall in that world for fifty. So Earl Yeah Lake and by the way they're cheap and you can convert them but that's still expensive so anyway. She drives home brothers hydro in the driveway. He's very happy to see her. The Great. That's nice right away. We know they have a good relationship. It's not like the brother in St is to triple X. And she noticed that he has a will skydiving. Hi Diving Printed on the side of his yellow Van. He now runs skydiving business which to me. Sounds like a pretty good business in Colorado. Ah like will is painted as an absolute loser throughout this entire movie but to me seems like nothing but just fine. He's a nice dude. Really sweet actually like game I in love with will I think so I think no I actually really do think I I'm nervous fucking call someone okay so so we're GONNA go inside and we're GonNa meet her crazy bat shit mother Seventeen nineteen thousand nine hundred thirty five a I should add that. She's holding a loose fishbowl throughout all of this as if she drove across the country with with leading uncovered fishbowl in her car. Bless you how do you suppress your sneezes like that. That is dark. Sami like you can't not sneeze like what the fuck was press everything well like clearly like literally the fact that I. I'll never seen a human do that twice in a row. Oh my God zine no no maybe like maybe we were recording. I was busy and I didn't like but no I've never seen someone like Tuck to sneezes. Where did that go in my heart? I got a massage you would ball. Yeah Yeah I would have have. Yeah I feel like bodywork is probably a nightmare for you. It's not great avoid. Would you rather go to talk. There appear boura massage. Oh ooh probably talk therapy holding those Niessen Hold onto these in. That is wild Sammy. Wow you guys. Can you hold a sneeze comment below. Ah I'm wearing my tampons pleasure. I love you guys know. I know we actually got a note from one of you guys that you wrote to me. After for the Jake fogleman's episode where he mentioned that I was wearing my tannock on and I do want to let you know yes I am Tanna but a to. I literally sent my friend Liz. I bought her the same day. Bought my own Tannock on sweatshirt which is well worn at this point I send her her tannock annacone sweatshirt two weeks ago. Boy I am tennakon. It's been three years. I send someone Tannock on Hoodie. Three years late. I mean like is that my daughter. I don't know okay I'm just kidding. She has boobs and I don't so it could never be my child but she's walking around on with this loose fish thing. Okay let's keep going seventeen nine thousand nine hundred and nine hundred thirty five. Oh Oh it must have been even worse than you sad Chad. Have you lost weight. No no think so. I'd almost forgotten what you look like. You what is the new color. The package said autumn something. I took a chance so small I promised you a roast remember. Mom Oh no apart. We'll do something about the Dan taking accident last month Everything to be right for you tonight really. I think all I need is a good night's rest I understand completely tomorrow's the first day of the rest of your life. Everything she knows you from a cocktail Such we'RE GONNA turn it into a craft room. Oh Darling I doubt do handicrafts. I have people for that. Besides how can I touch your room. It's just so twilight zone. What's that Oh that let's paint by number painting that you are so excited about back in summer camp? You framed it. It's not finished. There's a whole shelf of your stuff in the garage. Half dollhouse off a science project half of a stamp collection have a palm dress that you were so determined to me. Well let's face it. You love to start things but you weren't big on follow-through and that's what you had your mother and did I mention it's good to have you home if you WanNa talk. I'm still just down the hall. We can have half a conversation. Okay so the brothers and go all. Aw Matching White Adidas tracksuit but it is embroidered with a w which we stand she is wearing something. That's very anthropology of this Sara. It's like a little bit of like a white colored shirt moment underneath a over. Yeah underneath like this sort of you've I don't know it's like it's like Indian prince meet milkmaid. Oh Shit Yeah. Do you know what I'm saying when you absolutely. It's very anthropology in that sense by the way like I guess this is like her trying to be like them trying to show that she's haggard it but she has a side ponytail. That one might have after hours of driving your okay. Yeah she looks fucking normal like she looks like a child who's been driving across the country for threes lake. A really beautiful girl. That's been doing that. She's also well-maintained. Where the fuck is bitch been sleeping? It's not like a twenty four hour drive New York Colorado. So let's go through. MOM IS ZONA set afire. Page one of the newspaper. We do know that now will is very quick with a comeback. We stand that her childhood bedroom is I don't know. I thought the paint by numbers picture that she never finished was kind of Sheikh. Usually beautiful like I feel like in terms of that. That in the art and injured goes West Lake when the guy just like spray painted onto pictures he picked up at goodwill like that to me. A half half done paint by numbers is much more visually interesting. All right I would think about that forever. Yes so we know that. She's not that good on follow-through she's living in her teenage bedroom. It's really blown out bedroom. It's her cubicle. But it's ORIG- girl bedroom. Yeah we'll their houses huge. Yeah they seem to be doing well considering that her parents both big drug dealers when they had her in the seventies India's like her mom looked like she did cocaine off of her pinky. Now died lake was selling in the parking lot at red haired. Sharon Darren Osborne. Wow but now she's fancy interior designer. I would love to know they never really got into whether or not there was like a string of ex husbands or lovers like whatever omam's corneas buck. Though so when she's alone she goes through closet and finds a box and in it. There's an old candy necklace. She takes a bite VHS like a home movie memory moment An address adress addressed to her brother. That looks like a love letter. Yeah and then And then I wrote my notes here did she cock block him or catfish him. does does little like wind up chatter teeth toys and then she finds a list ambitious with the whole movies about okay so she takes a list and she reads it and this is very very important because this will shape the film and the rest of her life a twenty forty eight to twenty one thirty to the seven things they reformed thirty rockstar skinny dipping. Tell the truth get attached to my mother. Ten Sunday Danny Mom and well were right. Michael was right. Even Mr Webster was right. I hadn't been able to complete anything in my life but a job painting not one single thing that list so one of the things on the list is this is an acting choice. This is is dance under the moon. And when she says dance under the moon she kind of says where she like puts her tongue like just leg between her teeth. Sort of like almost as if she's reminiscing about other time she's dance under the moon whereas a pure person would have no reaction into that as they would have no associated feeling so I have to ask myself lawyer you a fucking liar or what also house even possible that you've done any of like haven't done any of those things right isn't hard slyke skinny dipping. Not Hard right apologizing to your brother not hard for giving your mother's that's something you can do on your own. You won't have to bring anyone else in some people's entire lives not giving their mother and right and like even in with forgiveness right. There's layers to that. You can forgive surface wise you you can do it face to face and just like half forgive you go deal with the rest of it later. It will be a lifetime of pain but like this is my question is what would inspire a character to be like. I should do more with this. I would look at that and be like not embarrassed embarrassed but maybe you have compassion for myself. Okay Yeah I did. She say like how old she wasn't you she never really get around to it. Probably Day reference like oh because of the stationary. I know how old you are. And they never say how old she was. I assume now probably between ten and thirteen. Maybe they don't say thirteen specifically because the thirteen going on thirty which came out two years prior to this really. Yeah wow so. I almost wonder if this guys out what they're pitching like. Here's like you know not like the other girls girl. She's about to be thirty. Oh she she has to go revisit this list but we're not GonNa do it screwed style. She's literally GonNa have like a major regression after getting hit by a baseball and move home home unable to pay her rent or maintain your human relationships. Then find this list and then go through it in real time. 'cause wasn't the magic of thirteen going. Going on thirty was that she literally physically left her body and then came back Yak backup thirty see. That's the worst part is like if thirteen going on thirty was real real life then everyone would have seen her be a fucking mess for like all year while she figured it out. Yeah that's that's unseemly. Emily is so funny is it. I don't know so Mama's bussing the kitchen and she's like you know what I don't care what the client wants. I need to make this nice. I don't know what that I don't know why I wrote that. On my notes I guess. Oh her MOM's working on fabric samples so she's making breakfast right now. Things need to be familiar with the way that they are at home. So she gives Laurie half a grapefruit and she tells you used to live grapefruit. And she's like you thought. I loved grapefruit. Her brother who it is a very slender man. And I do want to point this out. Because maybe she's just trying to maintain both of their weights but for some reason he has a fucking late of pastries and bagels. So like I actually hadn't thought of that. Maybe it's also she's trying to control will's body as well beef up her son in sending mountain to the world like a real man oh maybe and make her daughter model thin. I don't know if DWAYNE got into that emotional homework but or will is rebelling against the thing and he's like mother. You can't control me. Can you Google dwayne pool is gay. Hey like I mean I'm A. I'm not asking you to do that. I'm asking if it's possible because I feel like that would explain a lot light probably because I feel like that would explain Wayne. Maybe some of his secret desires maybe some of his insight onto eating disorders. Yeah I mean that would make sense a although straight men do IBM DISORDERS SPE- real. Also you can and not Google is Duane poole gay. What about just Duane poole gay? I did start uh-huh and what I got is Palm Springs. Gay Friendly Hotels dwayne Johnson Dog. Brutus dies after. Oh come on I just US gay hotel women who could be his plan. Is Dwayne dwayne pool drained or drained. He drowned the rocks. Walks dog to get us off the trail. Oh Sh- because he's like what will take over you. Know is D. U. A. N. E. EH DU. Yeah it unlocks a new level level of Google but no truly that's sounds like a viable conspiracy that he writer of this movie drowned the rocks dog enough on sexuality. Um that is a definite qualification. So she tells her mom that she's almost thirty. Things shouldn't be the same. It's almost like the last ten years of her life didn't happen erm goes of course I they happened. How else would you have made such a mess of your life? God that mom I know. And then she hits the grapefruit with the little thing with that Sherry And I liked that this movie in particular commitment to an aesthetic because the cherry was something that they made room for in the budget right that was is written in like she tops. It with a cherry there were the score to it and they wrote like the scene to it. It's the moment and I do like that like there's also this this thing here for me. We're on Lake will forgiving. Your daughter agree fruit while you also starting your day with Cherry most sugary substances known to man right Garesh Garesh right and I think it's just because it's like everyone's stuck in time. This is also timer. We eat half a grapefruit with cherry on it like it's like the beverly. The Host Hotel poolside in nineteen seventy nine. So now we get to meet jewel. Who I am so thrilled about will also see a little bit of a flashback? Back the way she delivered her monologue in the beginning and see a flash of the list. So we're GONNA start to see like that's what you're hearing here. Twenty twenty three thirteen to twenty four nineteen. God it's so good to see you. I can't tell you missed you. Say hello to your Anti Laurie. Or I'm donating these cupcakes to charity. My safe thanks. Hey you go via what do you say. That's the best thing you ever. I really envy when Mark. These kids should have a couple of your own. What about Michael? He will from one again. Tell me the truth. This is because you're still on that one. Dan Heart okay. I believe coincidences happen. For a reason I mean I haven't thought of them in years years and then suddenly twice two days Dan please you know he never really took me seriously. Oh that's not what I remember. But if that's the way he wanted to play was anybody heard from him. As a matter of team was back last spring she took over the Carolina from willow. We should take a test drive. I'm not talking of up. Butter is not a toy. I want a peanut butter to be a Gerbil or something so bad. What did he have inside of it? It was like peanut butter with some pretzels. Sticking out of it it. It wasn't like I will see that the way she delivered. That line was one of the best. Comedic moments of this movie is very funny as That was good. Didn't stick with me so much second third time but the first time I was generally like I would like to see the punchline to that the best way to describe jewels kitchen is like she's just a bitch with a lot of stuff like it looks like she. Her place looks really lived in Lake. She has kids and I almost second. Did they film this like in someone one involved in the productions home because it did have that feel right. Yeah especially when they cut to. The kids is like really oddly dark happened it felt like a real family house and then you also realize maybe she. Her character just has like a lot of time at home goods because she's not making like cupcakes and just just making cupcakes. They're stacked out on like a cupcake tree. Yeah and that's not something you own unless you're either frivolous or you're making cupcakes. Oh case all the time to meet like once in a lifetime experience I think she makes all these things once and then laid the watercress sandwiches one time wanted one and done that was a She bought a cookie cutter that day and needed to like make it a part of her life. Everything looks like it was very which is interesting because jewel does not come back a lot throughout this movie. She only comes into ruin shed. Yes you just wreck shit. Jeans are a wasteful and I can rule google. There's a couple pieces of evidence for that one. Her terrible children that are going to leave a carbon footprint that will never recover from and to just like the random amount of like fucking baking crap. She thinks she needs this. Jewel does not want to bake. She derives no pleasure from this. This is jewel thing she needs to do right because yes yes she all she wants to do is just stir up some chick she's bored. She's got three kids and no time. Her horny nick for Dave Confuses me. And we'll talk about this a lot. So Danny Danny Iro Dave here wants him. I know it's not going to be one of those movies where I call the same y different names of the same letter the whole time so large is by in size Dan at the car lot but doesn't say hi And she recaps that to jewel later in her room. And there's a lot of shots in this movie. That seem very expensive and that they didn't need to do because what they do. is they go from jewel. And her being at Jewels House to her driving by in seeing him in the car lot. That's its own shot. And then they cut back. Act Two lorries. Mom's house where she enjoys standing in her childhood bedroom. Sort of recapping this. So that's like three setups ups just for this one minute of time in this movie and I don't know how they justified the budget in that because they also had to wardrope wardrope her lake reward roper for this that scene where she drove by Dan's rate. Yeah so I don't know uh but also lead to jewel babysitter like this all the stuff I want to know. It's there the car that's all so jones like lawry's mom comes in looking. I'm very goth like hot. vampy Old Lady Goff enjoys like looking good Mrs Madison. 'cause please call me Vanessa jewel. We'll should have never had that privilege unlocked. Because she's like. Oh have a nice night Vanessa. Though much she's very much that person you never wanNA give access or privilege to the at least startling abusing it And Vanessa's going on a first date. That night she says it's just dinner. Don't wait up so Vanessa's a slot. which the jury also renew come on? Yeah Yeah I think also I want to get into that more like we never talk about. Mom's dating life Life Lake. Sort of how. She's been able to sort of float this life as a sole provider for a family where she seems to be working nonstop but also also carrying her two adult children. Where's the money coming from from? A two income household is from wayland probably from well on also. Is it dead dead or as dead. Maybe it's a dead Hoti way past. Yes so the phone starts ringing in lower yells brother to get it like. I think that this is supposed to be in like she's a teenager again mode because she's like well get the fuck look at phone. Yeah he won't answer and I wrote probably because he's jerking off. During one of the moments of privacy he gets is a grown man living with his mom and sister Mr True like good call. Pass Molly she answers the phone. And it's Michael and he's like. Hey look. I got the big campaign with that Teen Fashion Magazine xena been working on. I just want to tell someone This is like such a sad moment because it just reminds me of Lake when you have good news news and like the only person you have to call his your ex and NYC. 'cause they're the person you're like. Oh who tell something good to yeah and then like. They're not not there with you like they're not on that level with you and so they're just over it and they're kind of like he's like she's like that's great my gall. Congratulations congratulations here. He's like it's it made me so sad like because they just was like this is one of those few moments in life or your truly receiving leaving information. But it's like not showing up in any way that it's been given to you. Yeah like basically Michael Need to take a cue you here and be like she doesn't care anymore. Hang Up. Got Some friends. A to Rock break-up too. Yeah but it is rough. No I feel like it's really hard to find a new person like even if you had another person in your life at used to tell things to before that person they sometimes they just don't tell anyone anything. 'cause I'm like Whoa like whatever like I've told things to people and I've not told things to people Glenn either way it's the same. Yeah that's true So she hangs up on him. Basically she tells jewel that this is yet another unfinished first thing in her life the one great thing she really fucked up in jewels like okay give she goes. Okay give what's going on. And she says the Jewish should see Eagle is that she made so she reads it and she kind of roaster a little bit as she goes down. She's like Oh skinny dipping. She's like what I've never been in. She Goes Oh yeah. That's right. The whole body issue thing So jewel wasn't really attuned. Invest Friend I would say it's probably the same best friend she was years ago is no grew out of it happens a lot when people don't leave home. Oh for sure over shore. It is sad to see friends grow apart like that though. Yeah and it's also scary to think that Lori felt like this would be a retreat from her day to day. Life is going back to people. Well she technically has no connection to anymore because if you will already has three. It looks like they're above. Like five year olds. How long has she been a mom? What is lawry's family? Planning your journey right back probably plant. Yeah ritual got a planet if you want so we learn stuff with her mom and her brothers very personal then we cut to the end of the list. which is married Danny so This is super exciting for jewel. Because she it seems like wish that she had married Danny I don't understand why. She's so invest in Danny throughout throughout this movie He's basically Danny is this and I want to figure out a way to say this without it sounding incredibly shitty but basically like he is a townie. Yes never left home if he did. It was for a brief period of time right and now he runs the used car lot. And he's a very good looking guy ish like he's probably probably the best looking guy in town and at one point the two of them shared a romantic connection would sounded like their teenage years. Yes so in. What world is this like? Yeah go get Danny Big Fish Small Bowl but is is he really jewels husband. Because he's the provider clearly right at home goods every day. Yeah I wrote on my notes. I'm questioning whether or not actress US jewel originals. Like listen you came here to turn away Veron and you should use this list as a map jump. CUT The two lorries face laying on a tattoo beds screaming. She's finally going to go through with something wants in her life. Obviously this is supposed to be some sort of comedy like spikes seen but if you've ever had a tattoo I feel it's very distracting to watch this scene with any sort of purity because no the tattoo artist would take someone who when you put the Stencil on them is like yeah no absolutely not I feel like there's a misconception Shen that there's not etiquette that happens on a tattoo or piercing plays Very reckless for a place where permanent life decisions are being made. Did you feel like you see like people be like. Oh Man I'm going to get out to like. How do you say to your friend? You don't post on the Internet. You don't write a scene about like literally Schill out that could never this is. This is one of those things it's like literally like hot air ballooning like it just doesn't happen in real life. It's a movie thing. The Wayne Pool does not have pet. Two's enough for sure you agree. Yeah do you think he is as nipples pierced. No Me Youtube for that. Rain has up. DWAYNE is up if you've got your nips peers. If you don't please don't contact my lawyer so I was GonNa make a threat but I really don't way nothing. Love Year. Must be okay. So we're supposed to believe that our pain intolerances so low A.. which actually again makes me not like her? I will say that the Tattoo artists so is giving the major John Waters Vibes. He felt like his casting very real and organic or like he genuinely is like. This is where I start to wonder. Is Duane poole the ECLECTIC man I think he is because I feel like Duane poole maybe like a hot sexy theater company in the eighties that he didn't New York and like this is one of his friends that he's brought with him throughout the years. That'd be cool. Yeah so like then I see Dwayne. Yeah he's employing his friends we stand. That is that too much to look into into. I wonder who I am DB really quickly. I looked earlier. I think he's like he popped up in a documentary that we should probably look. I have to say though. Oh I mean if dwayne pool is one thing it's a survivor like he really is survivor. This man has done it. All this been writing this quirky comedy like moment for lifetime in thirty years after his career started started. We gotta give props. I mean also especially if he started out in children's television that might mean that his residuals residuals and stuff were not in shack because like children's television doesn't get the same residuals for writers as it does for like a regular prime time. Sick Shit really. Yeah so Dwayne was probably kind of like you know living lean can you. The pool was spent his entire life. Doing nothing. But fucking working and being a nice person probably like here I am you Dwayne us. Really Living. Lean like the years that he wrote on the smurfs like who knows what. WJ Okay scale was back then but no like you do not get you. Don't get the same residuals and then he sort of landed happily in TV movie land. It seems like but he pitched everything from I mean. It looks like he did a lot of what sound like hallmark movies. Oh man and also some of these links are leading to you know where yeah okay. Christmas memory like drained pool right. Oh that's sad. Oh wait no. You're alright though we Truman Capote road on. Oh okay okay. So he adapted something called a Christmas memory. Truman capote's as a Christmas memory so he worked with. I mean was he possibly alive now. Yeah he died in eighty four. Was this movie made. Oh it was made ninety seven so posthumously respect but I will say that Dwayne got his hustle on for short so so. We have ways over from Laurie as she takes the plastic wrap off of her new tattoo. Seeing the getting this done was the first step in her going the direction she always always wanted she was always afraid to be just anyone but just anyone doesn't have a butterfly ankle but I was I was was there irony in that. I hope so Dwayne. I don't think there was ever had wayne does not have a decade ago. It was dark time I mean I they have a butterfly to fuck you do. Oh I was thinking though the other day when I watched us it was like the way the league. Von Dutch is coming back. Doc and like all these things I would not be shocked if people start getting varies in butterflies. Are we GONNA GO BARBED-WIRE I hope not like. Are we going to see some tick tock boys with barbed wire tattoo. Oh God I hope not. So her mom comes into the room. Exporting pick up her laundry and spots or new tattoo and and her mom's not mad at she's like Good my daughter went out and got some last night got some tattoos but like truly though like I think pitch. I assumed that she was afraid of her. Mom Finding out about the Tattoo Mama's quite happy to see it. They they have a they have a weird relationship ship by this point is like look at me. Mom Take me all my fat body fat leg. Yeah Yeah Yeah I'll see you in hell bitch tangle with butterfly. He's not fat either way though. Lake the butterflies super unfortunately gets a blown like black and white butterfly. It's very like tribal adjacent. Is probably what they would have called the style at the time like. We're it's SORTA like we mashed up nine styles of tattoos from this era in came up with this We cut to. This is another scene that that was a complete waste of money We cut to Laurean jewel at the gym. Jewel has not changed out of her day to day. Close she's sort of like there to emotional support source for Laurie It was very soft. Comedy Oh I wrote that. This was almost like Remember member Audrey from Ellen. No she was like Ellen's wacky friend. Like go like what's going on. She was like Alan's dumb friend. Every character in this movie was Audrey Lake. visit whole movie was just. How do you not know who audrey from? Allen is I Only know of Ellen. I know Allen I know Allen because she is my godfather but no I only know episode of Ellen came out on. I don't think I was. I wasn't old enough to like really absorb it at all. Yeah I I take not to me. It's like kind of like the only other character one might now look a little bit league frazier like you know Niles. Yes right if you know frazier but like you don't whatever so okay Gills. All dressed up in a full outfit Narrative for the gym at all. And she's like how long to keep this up. I gotta go. Lorries is basically just like I'm I'm going. Then that's it. That's the last we see of the gym this entire movie. How much money do you think it costs to do is set up like that? That's half half a day Yeah probably probably have to create a gem or they went to a hotel gym wrestling eat. Maybe yeah maybe it's all very under the aesthetics of the film so everything's is very pink and like very you know it's it's all this this movie rape right but that Jim never took place at any other part. They had to do wardrobe for that whole scene. They had to do a setup for that whole scene they defined a location set addressing everything else. I thought most of this movie was GonNa take place in jam based on that scene. Just because I'm thinking like he must have had more money to do these back then probably I mean from the like driving in the car seat. Yeah there's a lot there are a lot out of an airplane Yeah a lot of this movie is a little bit like You had a lot of money. Okay like this. That's something not if it was is a multi cam which I feel like these are shot with the budget of a multi cam like. There's no way that that set would have existed So jewel and Laurie go. Go out to dinner Jewel seems horrified by this environment. That she's in. It's a Sushi restaurant it's sort of like I don't know a Sushi. Do she restaurant in Colorado like you probably wouldn't like bank on it being like the most amazing experience however is the best you can get for a beloved beloved meal okay. It's a beloved Sushi meal. This is where you go and she's so racist assed right when she gets in there. It's very these people. Okay those people okay. So let's play thirty twenty to thirty to forty to wait. I I should also say that. Of course this is also Karaoke restaurant slash. Whenever it's like an Asian anything in a movie also operates under like seven different business titles titles like loosely always so Thirty twenty to thirty to forty two little advice in Colorado who knew right Meco two beers now that makes six six of you singing so far but which one of you is tonight. razzing install who is going to be our lucky number seven some this. This is your chance you said you wanted to be a rockstar right. It's number one on your list. Maybe this is as close as you're going to get now or never pick never anybody you want a shot at this genuine plastic VM. Writing Rights for the next life. Do we have a volunteer. Just can't there couldn't really know you right over here. We have no chance uh-huh the he's a new face in the crowd and your knees. Laurie Madison how about a little encouragement for Lory Madison number and in the stages all yours. Okay while while. We're and how would a big round of applause for our chef Bob Making Sushi. I all night. Because that's how he rolls ladies and gentlemen this stylings of Laurie Madison nine. Nice now sir. The hottest guy breaking if. It's only one time owner Dr knowing that I really the juice Newton Jews Nudie dwayne pool is gay gay just locked. A secret unlocked a secret clip on the Internet. I don't know like where Juice Newton. Okay that's his jam. Oh Wow wow. I feel like ashamed for not knowing this. Oh she's saying it for real. That's juice Newton as well. It's a different version. No no no I mean in the movie. Good Khawla okay so. Dan is incredibly seduced By this absolutely when he sees us he's like Oh my God where is she ben. All these years I won't point. She crawls across the table a little bit like a leopard. We're the sexy leopard moment. She winds up winning the talent contest. this is the hottest thing he has ever seen. He can't believe someone would sing like this to him. He's blown away is simple man. He is a simple man and they're sitting to appreciate about that until you can't appreciate anymore Lake like who wouldn't be like just like sort of thrilled with someone who thinks your low level best is like incredible. That's like a really sweet thing. We all want a husband that support of yeah with the novelty of that gets wears out. Then you're just like they're stupid So he's like. What are you doing back in town? And she's just having dinner with jewel jewel is in the booth and she's waving arm like Hey dan like she wants to to fuck. Yeah she like jewel in Mom Hornets so She thought he was of seeing the world. This whole time. He's been there done that. We never learn more about that. He points you're trophy and he's like a like the Blang This man cannot get off the subject of what he's been doing with his life. Fast enough warning sign. She asked him about the car lot. Needs like the old lot is really the old lot. It's still has the SHAG carpeting in it. You should come by so a girl comes up to them. She looks like my accent sister-in-law Lake. She looks like a very. I would like kind of not wasp wasp adjacent. She is like a just like a blonde girl with a fucking Michael. Kors bag bag in some curly hair and a pretty clean. Makeup look like pulled together in professional. Looks like she is had her bills on auto pay and peyser taxes for a while Probably from money but nothing crazy Just as sort of paint you a picture. So she's married at Vargas S.. Meredith is heard of Laurie before she says of course she's heard of her. She was dance. I crush news to us. We didn't even know basically the way that she wrote Mary Redan on that list. Dan could have never known he existed. Yeah definitely not. The case is someone that she had a relationship with could easily reached out to at any point up until until this moment. So let me go back into the monologue set. We pull back a bit and we now see that. She's in a grade school classroom when we hear the sound of the charm. Arm that we're going to hear in this clip it's like little chime moment That's her looking at her list. So it's about time to apologize. Ought to well. Let's thirty five twenty to thirty seven. Fifty five okay. So for five minutes I was Rockstar. I face my fears saying like nobody was listening and it was actually fun. But who cares about that when Dan is engaged to a woman who was being diapers. I presume you were dating. She's barely twenty a younger woman shocking seriously she's like way too for him to say then young too young and and you should see the way she looks at him. Oh my God like a piece of meat. This is wrong and you think that lie. Aides still living with mom. I'm the last person to judge these colors were for you. Do you remember Caracul. The first grade love of my life like Carol. I bring her if after all these years she and her family moved back East a few years ago right and you wrote her a letter or something. Yeah Yeah poured my heart out. told her she didn't write back. I never bothered her again and then right back she wrote back along mushy letter better about how much she loved you. And you're the only one lots of hearts and flowers. Frankly it was a little embarrassing and you know this because because I read it I was young and stupid. And you're right. I didn't like her. I thought you could do a lot better. Show you what you threw it out. No that would be very wrong. I just didn't deliver it. She wanted to marry me. She was just trying to get your attention. She always knew how to play you. And you didn't trust me with my own life if I didn't want you to get hurt. Look inmate sense of the time but I was wrong and I'm so sorry so so so sorry it it's three so's fourth can't person out typical one stupid letter. How does that rate a typical? It's not only the stupid letter. You've never trusted me to make my own decisions not to drive your car not even defeat your dumb goldfish when you're at summer camp. Look I'm just trying to apologize here. If there's anything I can do to make up for hiding your letter and to prove to you that I trust you just telling me I put myself in your hands. I'll do anything anything anyway. Okay so I agree. Why very fucked up that? She caught blocked her brother for over a decade. Okay Ah for someone who talks about will. She doesn't care about him at all like he's the family Weirdos she sure got in the way of the rest of his life she she. derailed his life bigtime. I Lake in and it'll turn out that maybe not so much blake. She definitely league carried on this secret in went about her life in a way. That makes me question. I mean I wrote on my nose. Lorries grows rose. She deserves jewel. Like that's how I felt like she like and when you leave this you're like she broke him as a human being in the moved off to New York lamb if we're supposed to believe that she was a once popular girl which will find out throughout this movie. Warm more that she was actually relatively popular popular What a bitch? Yeah now I have a couple of questions here gone. I've had a couple of realizations over the week that are well one realization and then also this movie and they are not connected but they are so Do you remember when Jessica Simpson wore for a very unflattering pair of denim jeans like looking back. They're not as unflattering as they could have been there were like quote unquote mom jeans and she looked looked quote unquote fat. And like this was it was two thousand eight and it was this moment where everyone was like the hot girl that we once knew in loved on newlyweds Ed's is now like a big Fatso. I think I do remember in and there was a backlash from it. And she went around the world and did like a series called Lake. AAC The truth is beauty where she went to like every different parts of the country or part of the world and figured out with beauty means to them now in those pictures. which if I were to show you them today which I will? She looks like a normal person like literally just like very average she was as a size eight which is also not particularly big and also we have to remember her just. It's not big at all but we have to remember Jessica. Simpson is a chesty girl. All right. Isn't she told to or no I think she's she sure. But like sometimes that can almost be worse right. Okay so many show you these these pictures now by other question to you. Just a p break was I said. Let's talk about casting because I noticing that they have put her here. You're in this so this is her and by the way. The Denim is atrocious. But like they're actually some pictures in this photo thing where she's very much reaching our average American standard of beauty. Like you know she's got like fucking while in. That picture is a non on existing Aspen fucking killing it. She had fine. She just is wearing denim. If anything. This looks like a result of over shopping to me. Were someone's like we just have to were you in this so we have to figure out a way to make the Jean's work. The belt was a mistake. The belt was ascend this woman was not nor has she ever been in fact now by any means in America only completely persecuted or for us. Now we look at this movie where this whole characters like bit is is about how. She's borderline obese. Apparently Yeah and how Meredith is so skinny. And she's not in like. I think that I don't know what they did in the casting of this movie. But it's actually almost scary to think that this is the on new. They settled upon he was also supposedly. You like hippy. Or big I think Kate winslet also suffered a huge curve ball with that and yet Hanoch worships not a heavier woman really at all. Yeah but but she's not a typical ingenue. This girl is like fucking flawlessly beautiful. Put her in a covergirl Ad Lake. She has total covergirl model phase rate of where the fuck does her body come in so I think they might have done some dressing here. He's if you notice she wears a lot of Like very like empire waste talks which were also of the style back then where you'd have a tighter fitting bodice and then just like a flow e top might imply then the layering with her as well Blake. I really have to ask myself. I know truly that the two thousand body standard like body image standards things was very fucked up. Yes because for when you look at that picture of what looks to be a very healthy Jessica Simpson a Jessica Simpson. That will be celebrated in our time for being like a very beautiful woman man. That was her falling-off back then right and so granted the I I don't know I think like one is an indication of how talks in the early. Two thousands were with weight. Sure unlike that was very much like it was a pleasure and pain that America took like seeing someone they couldn't Ecole Ritchie or a Lindsay Lohan on the beach like looking skeletal rate but also just sort of the other extreme that we've gone to body standards standards now where it's like. We got high value fat now quote unquote. I'm doing quotes are now. So it's like you WanNa fat ass in you want and you want big big boobs or whatever else you want nice size however we if we go back into early two thousand standards which we he probably will based on the curve of time or how the fuck is one's human bodies supposed to come back from that not it's not not unlike it almost makes me feel hopeful that will come to a happy medium somewhere and that unfortunately it might be the Kardashians have helped get us there. Yeah well is there Dave set of very American standard of beauty. Yeah and there's no going back from what they've done to their bodies. I don't think they've all I mean that's it I mean it's not the elephant in the room like we all know it but no one really says their bodies are all surgically modified to another degree. Yeah totally we'll begin. Do Because Jessica Simpson. What she was working with in? That picture is closer or to a car dash embody then the the girl in this movie that they're calling fat. WHO's probably a size six layered? Yeah I I think I mean I'd like to that that I wouldn't swing back to the crazy thousands standards. I think that they're like I. Don't I think there is room for. I mean I'd like to think that there isn't any room for a backswing of that. His body positively move is so oh like hard that if someone were to show up looking quote unquote heroin chic. Like to like dude. A modeling stopping. Yeah maybe like the fashion designers will like the people will not know. The people won't at all but yeah because like I mean looking at the generations that are coming up now. I don't think that they have it in their hearts to like be like the two thousand. I tweeted about this yesterday literally in my instagram. Instagram explore page came across this lake. I don't know I think they're like teen influencers. I've never seen them. But one girls like literally a size zero Eero Double Zero Rail. Thin blasts repressed knee is pray for Sammy is upsetting away. So she's like very tiny and she has a little bit of like a pooch like just like that's where her body is and people people were like is she like the caption was is so in so pregnant and people were like it's her womb. Like let her be. It's that's where her womb is and and like I was like that is so that like first of all and I end like two guys in my comments. Were like no like that's like natural fat knows No-no no-no on a man that's where a womb wouldn't be. You know what I mean. Yeah like is that that girl's womb popping through the body Congress. No but it's a nice margin of error. You just gave right right leg by the way why are wearing body cons with fucks up with that okay day so this will seen as like really messed up. We find out now that the Laurie is willing to do is jump out of a plane with her brother and the juxtaposition opposition of this man being a financial loser and also running a skydiving company in Colorado. And also being someone who's a fucking pussy is so wild to me 'cause because like he has he all of these things at once I feel like they should have cast will and then rewritten a little bit to him I think so. Yeah because he can't be a loser financially running a skydiving company one of the most beautiful like states in the world and a complete bitch boy. Is He a loser financially. Did they say that or is he on about will being a flop up throughout the moment we hear of him until you kind of get that. He's a loser but maybe just maybe he is. Wealthy interest lives with his mom or maybe just one of those people that like start businesses and they fail but and this is the one that we end up knowing will as see that would would be interesting because then it implies a parental issue. It's like you've raised two kids. That can't finish it. They're too afraid I would've loved to see remnants of wills I mean. They had the budget. They could have cut the gym scene and shown that will had like a bunch of projects in the garage. Yeah So she tries to put the out as she jumps out of the plane but wills like relax and then right before they jump out of the plane goes Oh and after she didn't here for me. Carol called me and we broke up. Anyway and Laurie's fury. She's like you knew the whole time. And he throws him out of the plane. I literally like if I was Lorieux Ryobi so humbled by the experience of forgiveness for my brother. After I held a secret that could have changed his life above his head for twelve years. I mean if she's twenty nine. I assume she left home at eighteen. This could have been a fourteen year secret depending on when this came in so you basically her business is a little bit of a flop because from what I know of skydiving having you have two very intentionally land somewhere and were Laurie and her brother. Land is Dan's used car salesman. Lot Right Fun. Yeah for the story also just like so dangerous and he goes what the hell and she goes. Well you did say to drop in. If I was ever in the Area I love that lorries guy like her scudder humored arrest on she's very quote unquote. Quick I love it when someone writes a Quick Care Journal movie but they're also lake. It's just it's a movie of this pace so it's like medium quick. I said it in we as a user a user. He has a viewer supposed to be like. Okay I guess that's she's sharp witted. So the Laura Talk in the park. She asked about his engagement in years. Like while a lobster the next logical step why not so they stopping to get ice cream. He's like Oh don't forget the nuts and for a moment we're supposed to be like oh she is is he talking about meredith nuts his not. WHO's nuts is he talking about but no he just remembers from twenty years ago? That Lori doesn't like nuts and so that means they're supposed to together forever. They talk about skydiving. She was an unexpected complication. She's trying to check off your list. Seven things to do before she's thirty. Dan asked what's next on or listen. She says she won't He says he won't give up until she tells them so. We go on a talking head and she says she's embarrassed who hasn't gone on skinny dipping besides her so she's never been comfortable with her body. There was so much of it in her mom reminded her of of it all the time. But now it's time for her to get comfortable. She calls around to public pools in schedules time for her to go skinny dipping. So which. I'm pretty sure it is illegal. Definitely illegal but also she makes the time to call so yeah you know I mean yes it takes the sting off the spontaneity of it the whole act of skinny dipping. fug It yet scheduled IDA. Yeah this is the break the rules and you can't imagine calling like if you to call a pool right now to be like I would like to rent an hour. Where would you start to pick a pool? Yeah that might be if you were. Take your reading sudafed. They might look the other way. Oh there's a public pool in Glendale that would probably try. You would try the Glendale public pool. Totally they would. Have you arrested Glendale one of the safest cities in America. No adults way. We have a public ball. Well I think our people and we can rent it out. Well no I don't mean like right now I just mean like generally is it a populated pool. I haven't gone to it since I decided to go to it. 'cause I might sell my Disney frozen flipflops Sarah you guys by the way. I have a lot of if Disney's frozen football aloft ones all sizes dance. He's our car outside of the school where she skinny dipping saying he decides to let himself into C.. which is up to just as she's taking off her top? He calls to her house the water. So he's like in there. I don't know how Oh this one highschool crush should happen to find her but he's like how's the water in there. She's all embarrassed she decides the CC act of taking off her top and then she finally commits to him. Why she's there? She's there to go skinny dipping. Okay get over it Dan. And then in response this man fully strips nude on the side of the pool and gets in the balls on that guy really truly. I wish I honestly wish that I had known how big his deck was a kind of just wanted to. But I think it's medium I I this guy I'm not getting beady from in any capacity which is a real science by the no upset. Yeah no I definitely agree. He doesn't have VDI but he definitely has high high school energy. Yeah I think he's working with like a medium a medium sized Dick Dick actually probably rivals. Michael's perfectly Mr L. also does not have a bay deck. No you were not a hot teacher fucking a student with a big Dick. You're just not you don't think so you wouldn't know Nali outside of porn like I feel like if you're a teacher of the big decor look at a child and you're like oh peace lake. I don't care that you're seventeen minutes Canada peace lake. Yeah I could literally go get a fucking mature aspach. You're right okay Mr Oh could have gotten Naomi. AOL Campbell now. They're both naked now. We swim so he says he hasn't done this in years. Maybe he should get a list of his own and she asked them if they were dating in highschool if if not all of that was in her head and he's like yeah it was real and she's like you could have had any thin girl back then then and he's like I didn't WanNa thin girl I only wanted you would. What a what a romantic late? This is the worst conversation I've ever heard. Because it's it's like it's like a night. It's feeling trapped in nightmare conversation with a girl that you don't WanNa talk to at a party but in high a school. Yeah where it's like complement me but like also acknowledge that I- sucked but like if you do like you're gonNA fucking burn but also like I hate myself so you you probably can slur me in some way that I'm not even going to pick up on like it's very it's very fucked up. And so he's like I just wanted hugh girl and so lorries very surprised to learn that she was actually the one who dumped him back in highschool advantage. Damn thing I think. She has. C. T. E.. Like I don't think that this was her first experience with or I don't know see ts generous. I think she's a severe memory loss or something something is fragmented in her brain and maybe she just a good at compartmentalizing potentially yeah I mean yeah. I think that I would also remember if I had like a list of names names of people that I left buried in another town. My memory does overwrite itself every six to ten years. There's like a complete restart on the hard drive. Yeah but I would remember if one of my seven things was to forgive my brother to apologize apologize to my brother. I'd have a pretty clear idea on why it would come to my mind pretty quickly but she didn't she didn't see that entry in the on the listen like Oh what did what I need to tell. Will okay already know when she saw Mary Dan. Why didn't she remember? Oh I dumped him in high school. Oh that's just like one of the things where she reframed the narrative. After she left town she changed. What happened was that a revisionist history where she thought it was him? But it wasn't. That actually does sound like something. I would do. Highschool bullshit like you just. You don't remember it. The reality reality is not what high schoolers remember no. We're all being traumatized literally like high school. All is trauma. I look at like these like kids like when kids are having like public meltdowns or whatever just like yeah I get get it. Yeah totally like I get it not just in the sense that like I would do the same thing I get it in the way that I remember thinking everything meant everything among my life was like a period like it was not like it wasn't like Oh like there was no lip says like everything was it's GonNa the happened this way and we're all going to die and it happened that way and it's my fault or whatever. Yeah your phone.

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