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"mrs erm clarke" Discussed on Mother, May I Sleep With Podcast?

"All right so we are covering for this episode. Our guest is Sammy Hunia. Who's also so our producer you mind semi everywhere on the Internet? Shook the description of this episode. I mean like you guys now how it goes at this point but anyway anyway. We're doing seven things to do before I'm thirty. I wanted to do a little Rom com moment this is filed on IMDB under comedy drama and fantasy which sounds right. It's definitely a fantasy. Sure of someone. Yeah definitely But basically weekly the IMDB. Summary says. Laurie Madison is a young woman turning thirty returns to her Colorado hometown discovers childhood list of seven things to do before she turns earns thirty and finds that she has yet to achieve any of them. So Laurie sets on a frantic and humorous quest to accomplish some before thirtieth birthday. Just three weeks away away. All right great. This is what the movie is but it so much more than that. It's this is made in two thousand tate. Do you know what movie this reminds me of like the style of it or the entire movie. Just if you were to walk away away with the vibe of like this is a lifetime version of a certain movie Oh is it thirteen going on thirty. I honestly think it's five hundred as as of summer. Go on. I'll tell you why there's this weird quirky retro style that they're trying to work in for the lead in the whole time hi most notably though her I guess. I don't know the guy who wants to love her but that she can't love knows her Favorite Song because why she sang in an elevator. The first time they met Okay so I WANNA ask you five hundred days of summer what are you you have to tell me because I figured it out. Okay and I know who y'all are stealing from where it's coming from where it's going and that's because I put in the work so oh I will say that we do you understand what I'm saying though now I think your little bit. It's very lake. This is the beginning of Manic Pixie Dream Girl Central for America League or Don Garden State. Right you're not yet hit five hundred days of summer America's a real L. Boehner for a weird girl and this girl is weird in the way that like you know it's very read it like not that kind of girl all layoffs weird where it's like. Okay it's actually not that strange to not prefer you know what some fucking basic check reads Cozma Osmo actually half the female population university. Mian right. Yeah I get that. So it's very not that Kinda girl it's very you know this is like that. It's like the Anti lifetime movie where she's not that pretty but here's the thing? The lead is fucking stunning. If anything I mean not Michelle Trachtenberg is is that Oh my God. You're so right dude. I was like screaming. I was like this is not not Michelle Trachtenberg convert. She has someone else in her face too though. And I can't figure out who it is but you're so right now that I open it Amber Benson. Yes No. I don't affiliate Amber Benson should have this movie held against her and incapacity and it does seem like she works. It seems like her work has picked up over the last two thousand eighteen eighteen two thousand nineteen calendar year. But I. I don't know I mean I don't know. I think this is just an acting role that you need to say no to someone to do it. But it's very I'm quirky I don't I don't have anything about my life together but leg. She like I it just it. was that right. Mixture surprised lifetime caught that lightning in a bottle though. Oh sure that's like that's like that's like them coming out with like shade of get out. I see yeah they they need like Doug your hooks until they can emerging like sort of John Reid that would define a generation which is the whole eternal Sunshine Manic Pixie like five hundred days of Summer Garden State. Like you name it all I see. Yeah okay so I feel like this is their version of that but again this is sort of in the vein of like I me wed or Queen sized where. It's just sort of opens up a little Bob like an overly done Like credits which reminds me very much of a very brady movie or something like that. I like sort of seventies floral. Yeah it just I. I yelled like in the first two seconds when it started. I was like no. It was not having a but at the same time it was between this and the bad twin and I still am glad you picked this good you. It was really light. It was a romp billing the league. Also there's a lot to get mad at a very bad so it's Yeah it's basically like a like a little lifetime Rom Com like movie which I find to be the the most frustrating and I feel like I want to explore that in season six maybe season. Six's knee discovering. Why these make me so angry but yeah So we're GONNA just go into this I should say that all of the title is in lower case. Yeah that for the numbers very very upset and the I. What do you think that is? Is that Tumbler culture. What is that the only the I I am as I I? I don't know I think that somebody just like forgot how titles work I don't know I think when someone goes all lower case that's a that's always as a an aggression will maybe it's because this list of hers was written when she was a kid and she didn't know so her grammar sucked yeah. Maybe that's generous Chris. I honestly feel like it's much more insidious than that I feel like this is some sort of Internet troll on us but it is only also two thousand eight. I wish I wish I knew like the exact weekend this came out. I feel like this is capitalizing on an era that I was very much the victim of okay so I will also say now initiative then came to me and I was watching this short also I was watching some people and they like just the way it's shot made me feel like it was already washes just with people I had to. But it's shot like an alternative children's program like Beakman's world. Oh yeah that's a good call and somebody else knows Beakman's world but somebody else so good yeah belly somebody somebody else said that. It looked a little bit like but I'm a cheerleader. Just the way that the the colors are especially in the beginning. I don't think I've seen but I'm a cheerleader. Anyway let's play fifteen to eighteen and just sorta let you know this is going to be fun quirky She's going to be I. Guess what we don't know yet that I didn't know when I started my notes but will we will know. Is that like. She's on some sort of blurred out background now. In the more we get to know her. The more that background will sort of come into focus and we're GONNA learn about where she's at right now but she's speaking directly to camera in her voice overs usually and There used used lake writing. The voice over was necessary to set up the movie but throughout the rest of the movie. It's used as almost an afterthought oh good which is lazy writing. I okay but like no offence. Actually no truly no offense to Duane pool fool who will see what else green Wayne Wayne will while you're looking at that. Did this movie remind the beginning being remind you of the truth about Jane starts with the video starts with Jane talking directly to camera. Yeah I guess so bird like. Here's my life wait. Let's start with the beginning like all of that shift about James like this is the last movie you know what I forgot. I totally forgot brought about that. And you're exactly right. It's such like it's the tool. It's the tool if you need to tell a fucking story and get it done in one hundred twenty seven minutes that the way you tell the story crazy okay but yeah. No dwayne is written a lot. I will say he's written wedding at Graceland. Oh big hit a hallmark. It looks like he also was a staff writer on hotel. The love boat lottery the biscuits. What the fuck is the biscuit? Would the children's cartoon okay. So yeah I mean Oh Laverne and Shirley in the army. He wrote that in the eighties. Okay so our man's been around for a while I have to say I do love the idea of Duane. Poole deciding that he's going to write his own manic pixie dream girl like his. I Dunno I guess late forties early fifties. I would assume maybe mid fifties based on the timeline. That's a move. Who Do you think Dwayne is Dan? Ear Michael Oher. Think Duan's all of them. I think it's much darker than that. I think they might be Laurie. But also but also like lawry's mom. There's a little bit of jewel in there. WHO's The I'd only I've ever had in character more than Joel? I wrote down it like halfway. Maybe a third page it. Goes you jewel a bunch. Oh my whole thing is very the explicit about Joel Skidoo our first part fifteen seconds to to eighteen. I love happy endings. Fairytale Jerry tell kind ever after I mean when I see a movie and I know that it ends with a kiss or a wedding I can sit back and enjoy all the surprises leading up to it and the thing is life isn't always like a movie. Sometimes life is only well life. You just have to live is best. You can and relax even if the group can't his name is Dan Heart. We met in high school and I knew right from the start he was going to be my personal happy. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Maybe I better start the beginning. Our Little Girl Lori stop please. Could we just stop right there. And not only because because my mom gave away a middle name that I've never really cared for. This is way too far back. We need to fast forward about thirty years braces Summer Camp Past College. Mrs Erm Clarke from Twin Falls Idaho to inform you that you've been chosen receive the reunite nine one of our many five stars..

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