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"mrs dancer" Discussed on Yesteryear Old Time Radio

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"mrs dancer" Discussed on Yesteryear Old Time Radio

"Pvc A pretty shrewd campaigner. I think I'll take his advice and play up to Mrs Dancer. I might even invite her over for. I pass football now. I WanNa Phone Mrs Stamps. You want to of course I wanted to come to dinner. You want to come to dinner. Yes been much too long says. Mr and Mrs Thompson had been to our house for pleasant evening. That's a pleasant evening. Leroy go outside and kick you football. I WanNa hear you invite Mrs Thompson what I can't get a good. I'll get over here and a little fried chicken flattery. Lottery winner over. You got to know how to handle women phone. I take I think I no off this morning. I've been thinking hit. I and I want to invite you over for dinner. Commodity Right Chicken. I don't know what to say Mr Gildersleeve. This is very nice of you around. Sevenish seventy thirty. Well I suppose you May. Yes yes you may thank you for the invitation. Mr Gildersleeve good Weather Misty Gildersleeve. You remember him he's Marjorie Dunkel or of course he's the one who's married to our son. Bronco yes Mr Gillis wants to come to dinner tomorrow night and I want to go you want to go and I think the new twins will be given names from us of the Family Times. I don't understand what you're talking about. We'll Mr Gildersleeve is such an egotistical man. I think a little Saturday will win him over. I thought we were going over there. We are Yes yes tomorrow night. Set a trap for that big water buffalo. My I thought we were going to kill this leads but then.

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